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The mother-daughter bond can be so powerful it affects the woman’s health, self-esteem, and all her other relationships; this bond can be further strengthened through a shared love of fitness.
announced by Health and Fitness Travel about 1 month , category: Travel, Luxury, Travel
The Hunt is Over: Healthy Easter Breaks for Everyone   Ditch the Easter eggs in favour of one of these luxury wellness breaks, as Health and Fitness Travel, the leading experts in tailor-made wellness holidays worldwide, round up this year’s best Easter
announced by Health and Fitness Travel 2 months , category: Lifestyle
Every year on Valentine's Day, our thought turn to relationships and so the longtime debate lives on—is it better to be married or single?
announced by Health and Fitness Travel 3 months , category: Hospitality & Tourism
‘Couples who sweat together, stay together’
Our New Year’s resolutions would not be complete without goals to better our health.
Welcome the summer heat and kick-start the New Year right as Health and Fitness Travel, experts in wellness holidays worldwide shares a selection of new and exciting offers across their wellness holiday collections.
If you need a luxurious break and don’t know where to begin, Health and Fitness Travel, the leading specialists in healthy holidays worldwide, have launched their new Lifestyle Retreats ideal for the holiday-deprived looking for wellness in five-star hote

November 18, 2016—Recent Global Wellness Institute (GWI) statistics reveal that Australia leads the charge amongst nations for percentage increase in wellness related trips with over 85% growth.
May 17, 2016 – Health and Fitness Travel “Says Yes” to Global Wellness Day, a one-day event celebrating health and well-being, taking place 11th of June.
Multi-tasking mums around the world will know that juggling the demands of motherhood, work, home life and family is extremely hard.
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