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Adding Value To Your Order Of Service Booklet

At Farewell Services, Our Team Aims To Provide Friendly And High Quality Service To The Clients

An Order of Service Booklet has many names such as 'Memorial Booklet', Funeral Booklet or a Funeral Order Of Service Booklet. Names might be different but the purpose is the same - to highlight the achievements and memories of the deceased and to give an outline of the rituals and customs that would take place at the ceremony.

The booklet would also include the location and the time of service for the guests. At Farewell Services, our team aims to provide friendly and high-quality service to the clients by developing a customised Funeral Booklet. Every individual is different, which means every booklet would be different.

Let us look at some of the ways through which we can add value to the booklet and make it unique.


Choose photographs of the deceased that truly reflect their character. A happy photograph would make your loved one’s final memories to be of the same nature. A Funeral Booklet doesn’t have to be dull and gloomy. In fact, it should be a way to emphasise the celebration of the life of your loved one and also making you smile when reading it later.

Font Type and Size

Too often, people choose a font type that is too fancy and unique but difficult to read at the same time. Times New Roman and Arial is the most common type of fonts that are not only visually appealing but also easy to read and understand.

The same condition applies to the font size. Too big or too small font would again not be suitable for the booklet. The ideal font size should be between 14 and 18 which would make the text easy to read. Different type of fonts can somehow be used on different pages to add life to the booklet.

Few Additional Points

Timeline- We can add value to the "Funeral Booklet" by outlining the important events of the deceased. For example, the time when he/she graduated or when he/she got his first job, got married or had the first child, so on and so forth. A timeline of important events would emphasize the achievements of your loved ones in a precise and effective manner.

Theme- The ideal scenario would be to stick to one particular theme only rather than different colored theme on each page. This would make the booklet less cluttered and more focused towards the content.

Extra photographs- Adding a section in the middle or at the end can be a nice way of adding a personal touch. Adding photos of life events can be interesting and can be talked upon even after years.

We at https://www.farewellservices.com.au understand the sentimental value attached to a booklet. Our team extends our support to clients to create an elegant and value added booklet to make the last journey of their loved one a special and memorable one.

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