The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-27T03:37:52Z The Benefits Of Working With A Professional And Reputable Car Wrecker In Melbourne 2017-03-27T03:37:52Z the-benefits-of-working-with-a-professional-and-reputable-car-wrecker-in-melbourne-1 Not all Car Wreckers in Melbourne will grant you a smooth experience. Recently, the number of fraud cases involving unprofessional car wrecking companies has increased and thus it pays to be extra vigilant when dealing with the Car Wrecking companies so that you avoid any nasty experience. You have to take time to do your research and be absolutely certain that the car wrecking company you want to engage in the same region is a professional and a reputable one. Here are some of the benefits you will reap when you work with the best Car Wreckers in Melbourne. Reliable Services Working with professional and reputable Car Wrecker will put you in the best hands in the industry, where you will be guaranteed of a smooth process when "Selling your Old Car". Right from the point you send a request for online quote to the point when the car is delivered to their yards, you will be treated with utmost professionalism and you will find the entire process to be simpler than what you have been hearing in the news about deals gone south. Great Deals for your Wrecked Car Professional Car Wreckers in Melbourne have wide networks on how to dispose your car once you sell to them. They are affiliated to garages, body shops, scrap metal companies and dealerships which could be interested in your car as a whole or in some of its parts. They are thus in a position to offer you better rates since they are certain of making good profits using the various avenues they have at their disposal. This is unlike amateur companies that might have one or two ways of disposing your car, and are thus limited in terms of market reach. Help with the Paperwork There is some amount of paperwork involved when you are selling your wrecked car, and you can find this to be overwhelming if it is going to be your first time. But one thing you will enjoy when working with a professional car wrecking company is the assistance with the paperwork. They know all the documents needed to complete the transfer of the title and they will also help with other errands such as taking back the plates to the authorities to cancel the insurance once they assume the ownership of the title. Offer a Variety of Services Finally, professional Car Wrecking companies can undertake to do more than just tow away your old or wrecked car. For instance, if you didn’t want to sell your car, but was keen on its safe disposal in manner that it won’t cause any detrimental effects to the environment, professionals wreckers are the most suited to help you out. Contact Car 4 Cash Melbourne today at 0420 550 811 if you want to enjoy these and other benefits when disposing your wrecked car in Melbourne. PRESS RELEASE - IWORLD AUSTRALIA INKS EXCLUSIVE ANZ DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT FOR ZOMETOOL 2017-03-27T03:08:18Z press-release-iworld-australia-inks-exclusive-anz-distribution-agreement-for-zometool WATCH VIDEO - SEE HOW IT WORKS _________________________________________________________________ IWORLD AUSTRALIA INKS EXCLUSIVE ANZ DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT FOR ZOMETOOL MARCH 27, 2017 Zometool is a modern, simple and extremely versatile construction system that children, teachers and Nobel Prize winners all love, because it links nature, science, mathematics, art and architecture in a light and easy manner. HOW IT WORKS The sophisticated key to the whole system is the ball with its 62 openings in three different shapes. Color-coded struts, set into the correspondingly shaped openings in the ball, make it easy to build even complex structures. The Zometool system is easy to use and suitable both children (5+) and Adults alike. I'ts an open-ended creation system that's fun for the whole family. Building with Zometool means thinking in 4 dimensions: from a line (1-D), to a surface (2-D), to a solid (3-D) and on to hyperspace (4-D). The Zometool assortment is divided into three sections: Zometool system kits - lots of parts for lots of models Zometool project kits - theme-based products Zometool design series - the beauty of symmetries All kits are compatible and include comprehensive colour illustrations and easy to follow instructions. The project kits always contain interesting background information concerning the relevant theme. MULTI AWARD WINNER Zometool products have been proudly earning kudos and awards for decades. Parenting Magazine Best Toys of the Year 1995, Child Magazine "The Year's Top Toys" 1999, Dr. Toy 10 Best Toys 2002, Popular Science "Best of Toyfair" 2013  just to name a few. You can see full list  Zometools is available for Pre-order and stock will be landing in 4-6 weeks _________________________________________________________________   ABOUT ZOMETOOL The essential key to the whole Zometool System is the Zometool ball. The first of these remarkable connecting “nodes” was produced in April 1992; the result of almost 30 years of intense and dedicated work. Inspired by the geodesic domes of Buckminster Fuller, the architect Steve Baer developed the forerunner of today’s Zometool in the 1970’s. Paul Hildebrandt and Marc Pelletier took over the challenge of enhancing and transforming this ingenious system. The success of their work is to be seen in the color-coded struts with their matching profiles and in the astonishing ball, which makes it easy for 5 year olds and adults alike to build beautiful and elegant models. Linking the geometry of the ancient Greeks to quantum physics, from inner space to outer space, Zometool is positioned to be the basis of spatial interpretation for the new millennium. Zometool is, and has always been, proudly manufactured in the USA. Zometool components are produced to medical tolerances using wind-generated electricity and the highest quality, child-safe materials. We recycle 100% of our pre-consumer and post-consumer waste (i.e., runners and sprues from our process as well as broken parts returned under warranty), and try to be contributing members of our local and global community. The Zometool Mission : To inspire the generation of multi-dimensional thinkers who will build a better world.     GET ZOMETOOL CATALOGUE > For all High-Res images & Marketing assets [CLICK HERE] For any further enquiries please email   New Golf Training Centre for Gold Coast 2017-03-27T02:58:28Z new-golf-training-centre-for-gold-coast A new indoor golf training and learning centre is set to open up on the Gold Coast in early May 2017. Managing Director of Perfectstroke Pty Ltd Mark Officer has announced that the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre will open in Molendinar in the Central Gold Coast area and will have a number of technologies not seen before in Queensland. The centre will feature an indoor hitting bay equipped with what is regarded as the best launch monitor system available, Foresight Sports GC Quad. Having just been released at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show this camera based launch monitor is used and trusted by top players, coaches and club fitters alike. “The Quad system provides the highest level of accuracy currently available for ball and club data in both indoor and outdoor environments. The accompanying FSX software provides both a realistic and inspiring learning and practice environment”. Officer stated.  “To compliment the use of the launch monitor we also have our own proprietary controlled hitting platform that can be electrically adjusted to replicate sloping lies found on a golf course”. The Perfectstroke Adjustable Hitting Platform is a hydraulically actuated system that can be adjusted to all planar angles as well as combinations such as downhill as well as ball above feet. “Being able to practice golf course situations that you can’t otherwise do is invaluable. But also to be able to make swing changes and permanent ball flight corrections from practicing off say a ball above feet lie is very possible”. The hitting bay area will also utilise technologies such as BodiTrak for measurement and training of weight transfer and pressure movements, a video analysis software system, K-Vest and Focus Band for mental training and conditioning. Mark Officer has been a PGA Member for over 30 years and has had experience in playing on various tours professionally for over ten years as well as being an instructor for more than 20 years. He was based on the Gold Coast for more than 12 years at clubs including Royal Pines, Lakelands and Robina Woods. Recently he was the head coach at the Sydney campus of the Australian College of Elite Golf where aspiring professional players undertook a two year course in golf improvement and development. He was also included in the Australian Golf Digest 50 Great Teachers list for 2016. “Our aim at the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre is to provide a practice and training environment for all players who are highly motivated to improve their games, whether that be a 16 year old scratch marker who wants to turn pro or a 55 year old 16 handicapper who wants to win their senior club championship”.  The Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre will provide individual and shared  lessons as well as education seminars on use of golf technologies for professional instructors. The golf centre will also have a dedicated putting studio set up with a SAM Puttlab analysis system, an electrically controlled adjustable putting platform to simulate most types of putts on the golf course up to 12 feet and video analysis. Mark Officer is also a representative of Science and Motion Sports having worked with the company since 2009 and being a dedicated user and Level 2 Certified operator. Perfectstroke has manufactured golf putting training aids since 2003 which are used by top coaches and player worldwide. More information about the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre can be found by visiting the Perfectstroke website at or emailing Historic Victorian property sale gives pen and paper the flick 2017-03-27T02:45:15Z historic-victorian-property-sale-gives-pen-and-paper-the-flick A paperless Greensborough home sale has captured a place in digital history. Regan Baines bought her new three-bedroom house at auction and sold her former Box Hill South property on the same day, becoming the first Victorian to digitally sign a contract of sale that was also completed electronically using InfoTrack’s e-Conveyancing platform. Her lawyer then logged onto a computer to finalise settlement through Property Exchange Australia's (PEXA) national e-Conveyancing network marking another online milestone. Why should buying and selling a house be any different to my internet banking? “This new way was quick and easy,” said Regan. “Straight after the auction I signed the contract on an iPad. It involved just a few sign-and-go steps. I liked the convenience of knowing that the contract of sale was actioned straight away. Not like the old school pen and paper way. I pay all my household expenses and bills online with internet banking. It’s secure and convenient and the ‘way of the world’ now. Why should buying and selling a house be any different? The technology is there. I banked my property sale funds on settlement day “This is the third time that I’ve bought and sold property. On settlement day my lawyer also managed the sale of my Box Hill property. Both my sale and purchase were simultaneous. I also loved that I had access to my sale funds on the same day. I didn’t think twice about finalising my property sale online “I work in the property industry and I can tell you that electronic transactions are the only way to go. I see all the paperwork and lease documents when property is exchanged the old way. It’s not unusual for our lawyers to courier over up to four boxes of paper documents related to a sale for signing. So I didn’t think twice about finalising my property sale online.” The process was just as easy for the vendors Matt Cullinan and Peter Gargan who said: “It couldn’t have been any easier. We signed the contract electronically at the auction and got the money from the sale on the same day as settlement. Everything was done online so it was fast and simple.” Going paperless is more secure – First Class Legal Law firm, First Class Legal, used InfoTrack's eSigning technology to sign Regan’s contract cutting out excessive printing and manual hand-offs explained Principal and Solicitor, Leonie Jarrett.  “Instead of the usual five hard copy contracts there was just one digital version,” she said. “The buyer, seller, and real estate agent Hocking Stuart received the fully signed contract within seconds of all parties e-signing. Going electronic is quicker, more efficient and less likely to result in errors – a common occurrence with paper contracts. There’s an entire electronic audit trail that's more secure than the old way of signing using pen and paper. Dumb mistakes delay the last stage of property settlement “By doing away with paper conveyancing we banish the dumb mistakes that often delay the last stage of property settlement. All it takes is the wrong spelling of a name on a settlement cheque to derail and delay a buyer moving into a home when the removalist truck has been booked yet they are unable to move into their new property due to the error. Mistakes don’t happen when property is exchanged using PEXA because all parties to the transaction have agreed that the final details are correct before settlement occurs. Electronic checks and balances automatically call out inconsistencies in advance of settlement. Removing consumer pain points by taking property transactions online “PEXA is working with the banking and legal industries to clear roadblocks so that the network really takes off and transforms the property market. Above all we need to see more banks make their systems electronic to benefit property consumers. Digital processes are better. It's that simple. Conveyancers and banks need to join forces to remove consumer pain points that still accompany pen and paper property settlements." 110 financial institutions and 3,781 conveyancers have joined PEXA The push to take property transactions online is now gaining traction with 110 financial institutions and more than 3,781 legal and conveyancing firms joining the PEXA network. Over 74,000 eContracts were compiled via InfoTrack’s e-Conveyancing platform in 2016 with an average of over 8,000 currently ordered per month. PEXA was born out of a successfully implemented Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) reform to bring property exchange into the digital economy. Property transactions are one of the last major financial dealings to be transformed by technology. Ready to settle your clients' properties online in Victoria but need a bit of help to get started? PEXA has dedicated specialists trained to guide your practice to a digital future. Even better, it's a free service. Get started by emailing Host Geek rescues Webcity outage victims 2017-03-27T02:13:02Z host-geek-rescues-webcity-outage-victims Host Geek is reaching out to all Webcity customers offering them 25% off all their services to save them from the outage from the company in trouble. It is devastating for customers to experience outage for an extended period of time and it is necessary to get the trust back up again. This Webcity outage even saw long periods of non-existent communication from the company left customers feeling completely helpless, angry and were screaming out for help in all directions and have laid their dissatisfaction on all social media platforms available. Host Geek calls out to all Webcity customers to turn their attention to a more reliable service like Host Geek and is willing to extend their hand to pull these customers out from this web hosting disaster. “We are certain that Webcity’s customers will not be able to put their trust in the company even after this crisis has averted.” Says Cameron Sutherland, Director of Host Geek, “We will be happy to take on any Webcity customers who would want peace of mind. Migration from Webcity to Host Geek is free and we take the stress out of it by handling the process from beginning to end.” This offer is valid until 30 June 2017 for Webcity customers only. The offer must be claimed via our customer support team on 1300 722 504 or via     New guide arms government and business leaders with cybersecurity tactics 2017-03-27T02:04:24Z new-guide-arms-government-and-business-leaders-with-cybersecurity-tactics-1 The huge economic risk posed by cybercrime has prompted an industry expert to pen a jargon-free guide to help leaders understand the growing problem. To be launched tomorrow (Tuesday, March 28) by the Hon Dan Tehan MP, Australia’s Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber Security, in the presence of leading Australian cybersecurity experts from industry and government, the book explains the complex threat in straight-forward terms. Author Craig McDonald, CEO and founder of Australian cybersecurity pioneer MailGuard, wrote the guide with the aim of empowering time-poor, non-tech executives in under an hour. Cybercrime is a rapidly-growing industry. Last year, 594 million people were victims of online crime. It is now the number one economic crime in Australia, according to PwC, having been deemed “statistically insignificant” just six years ago. It’s alarmingly easy for cybercriminals to get a foot in the door, with 91% of cyber attacks arriving via email, usually via phishing. Every day, 205 billion emails are sent around the world – and everyone with an email address is a potential target. It means sorting the legitimate senders from criminal impersonators is growing increasingly difficult. McDonald says he wrote Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime to help executives navigate an ever-changing threat landscape. “Every day I talk to successful business leaders who are charged with the responsibility of steering their organisations to success. To many, cybersecurity is new and unfamiliar territory,” McDonald said. “In cybersecurity, the human factor is the greatest vulnerability for any organisation, and a large part of the challenge is generating awareness and educating those who are in harm's way. This is particularly the case with executives who are time-poor and often feel that there’s too much to consider. “Some executives take the view that it’s somebody else’s problem – most commonly a member of their IT team. In today's climate such attitudes are outdated and plain dangerous.” The cost of cybercrime to business and government Cybercrime costs the Australian economy between $1 billion and $17 billion annually, or roughly 1 per cent of GDP. The average attack costs SMBs $276,000. Australian Government departments and agencies are not immune, with international cyber attacks reportedly targeting Austrade, the Defence Science Technology Group and the Bureau of Meteorology. The Australian Cyber Security Centre says between January 2015 and June 2016 the Australian Signals Directorate responded to 1,095 cybersecurity incidents against government systems. The Prime Minister's cyber security adviser, Alastair MacGibbon, who will attend the book launch, has stated that the Australian Government is "attacked on a daily basis". Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime covers: Identifying threats to a business Why cybercriminals target particular businesses and staff Why IT teams struggle to prevent these rising threats The role leaders and executives need to play in cybersecurity How to educate managers and teams as the frontline of your company’s cyber defence. For a copy of the ebook version of Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime, please visit: What executives say about the book “Outstanding. This book is a must-read for every executive. Cybercrime poses a serious threat to every business, large and small. No longer just an IT problem; all executives must comprehend the risks. Cyber attacks lead to serious business disruption, reputational damage and financial loss. It’s the responsibility of every executive, and this book provides a thorough foundation for understanding the cybersecurity landscape.” – Pip Marlow, former managing director, Microsoft Australia and newly-appointed CEO strategic innovation, Suncorp. “Knowledge of cybersecurity issues is essential for all executives irrespective of the business they are in. This guide puts the current state of cybersecurity into perspective with deep insights from visionaries in government and commerce, and offers practical advice on defining and protecting critical assets.” – Bradley Bastow Chief Technology Officer, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. “Gone are the days when cybercrime was simply a matter for IT professionals. In today’s world, cybersecurity is an important issue for all leaders and managers at all levels of all organisations. If you value business continuity and strategic growth for your organisation, then Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime is a must-read for all executives.” – Professor Gary Martin FAIM FACE Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Management, Western Australia.   About MailGuard: MailGuard is an Australian tech innovator and the world’s foremost cloud email and web security service, with customers in 27 countries. MailGuard provides real-time protection against malicious email such as whaling, ransomware, phishing and spear phishing, 2-48 hours ahead of the market.   For more information contact: Jaclyn McRae MailGuard media liaison 0438921019 GPSengine partners up with Jointech 2017-03-27T02:04:23Z gpsengine-partners-up-with-jointech GPSengine a leading hosted platform service provider in GNSS, Telematics, IoT and Tracking announced today that Jointech is an official Platform Connect partner. With support built into Platform Connect for Jointech's tracking devices, customers have the opportunity to take advantage of these combined offerings to meet their fleet tracking solution needs. With a focus on personal tracking, vehicle and fleet tracking, combined with almost nine years of research, design and tracking device manufacturer, Jointech have a device for a majority of customer and industry needs. About Platform Connect Platform Connect is a hosted platform service that receives, processes and stores information from GNSS, IoT’s, devices, sensors, applications and third party services. About GPSengine Based in Brisbane, Australia, GPSengine specialises in tracking, GNSS, and IoT platforms.  Recognised globally for innovation and quality, the GPSengine platforms are the result of more than 10 years working in the telematics space. With platforms catering to enterprise, GNSS, fleets, tracking, business, consumer, IoT and with support for an easy-to-skin, customisable white label solution, coupled with an extensive and growing range of supported devices, GPSengine caters to a growing global market. About Jointech Shenzhen Joint Technology was established in 2006, focusing on vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, and cargo and container tracking.  With a strong R&D team delivering unique products and with partnerships in over 55 countries and regions, Jointech have the engineering and production capabilities needed for large scale tracking and fleet requirements. The Pemulwuy Project set to open opportunities for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community 2017-03-27T01:35:28Z the-pemulwuy-project-set-to-open-opportunities-for-the-aboriginal-and-torres-strait-islander-community Sydney, 27th March 2017 – The Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) unveiled its funding model for the Pemulwuy Project at the community consultation event on 9th March 2017. The AHC has emphasized that this model will enable it to fully fund the development of Precincts 1 and 2, and deliver the 62 affordable housing dwellings first for the community. The AHC’s ambition is to create a positive future for the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Lani Tuitavake, the AHC’s General Manager, believes future generations will have a chance to live and grow up at Pemulwuy, in a vibrant, safe environment that is sustainable over the long term. “It’s about giving our future generation a hand up, not a hand out,” she said. “We want to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the opportunity to live at Pemulwuy with modern housing that is culturally appropriate in a safe, community minded environment". Every resident that lives at Pemulwuy will be an ambassador for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. With the Pemulwuy Project, the AHC will provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through employment, training, education, and scholarships. The community will be able to access significantly increased social and economic benefits as a result of the project. There will be new jobs and training opportunities across construction, childcare, administration and retail. The AHC plan to implement long-term contracts and apprenticeships during and after the construction of the Pemulwuy Project. Lani Tuitavake stated that often long-term employment opportunities are difficult to secure, with many contracts lasting between three to six months. During construction the AHC is determined to help tradespeople secure longer-term work and obtain certification and apprenticeships through the construction process of The Pemulwuy Project. In addition to employment opportunities the AHC have set their sights on solving a growing demand for purpose built student accommodation. There is an ever-increasing number of University and TAFE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates in Sydney, which of course creates demand for accommodation, especially in an inner city hub like Redfern. We are surrounded by educational institutions, including the University of Sydney, UTS and Ultimo TAFE, and are located right next to Redfern station. The AHC will be offering scholarships in the student accommodation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The student accommodation in Precinct 3 of The Pemulwuy Project will be another avenue for these students to enjoy a local community, safe haven and support system. Students will also experience the cultural aspects of an urban, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. For further enquiries or interview opportunities please contact or 02 8279 7878. -ENDS- About the Aboriginal Housing Company The Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) is an independent non-profit charity and the first community housing provider in Australia, incorporated in 1973 as a company limited by guarantee. It is an all Aboriginal governed organisation, located in the heart of Redfern, which lies in the traditional lands of the Gadigal People, part of the Eora Nation. The company was formed in direct response to the widespread discrimination Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and families experienced in the private rental market. The AHC is self-funded and operates on income derived from rental properties. Affordable housing is located across Sydney and country regions in NSW. A current focus is the redevelopment known as Pemulwuy Project. The redevelopment will breathe new life into Redfern and restore a strong and healthy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community with an emphasis on cultural values, spirituality and employment. Pemulwuy Project will make Redfern the best urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in Australia and in doing so, set the benchmark for all other communities. Smart Skyscrapers Summit Drives Innovation 2017-03-27T01:08:56Z smart-skyscrapers-summit-drives-innovation-1 The Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit will explore exciting new developments and technological advancements in high-rise design and construction. Launching in Melbourne on the 28th and 29th of March at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Summit profiles a vast range of innovative tall tower projects across Australia and the world. Local and international speakers will share their expertise among industry professionals and stakeholders. Presentations, panel discussions and exhibitions will provide delegates with the perfect platform for learning from and networking with architectural, urban planning, construction, supply, engineering, government, institute and academic bodies. A cocktail reception will cap off the first day of the Summit, allowing delegates to reflect on presentations and make acquaintances across the board.   Topics on the agenda reflect new ways of conceptualising and building high-rise towers. Smart design is a prominent concern in the new age of skyscrapers as architects and developers look to increasingly more green, environmentally friendly and efficient ways of creating tall towers through building design, building materials and building systems. Prefabricated construction is delivering stunning new high-rise structures, forging a new modular mode of building. Vertical schools are reimagining traditional ideas of educational environments, now taking off in Australia. Innovations in vertical transportation will also revolutionise skyscraper design and architectural flexibility. Most importantly, creating inhabitable, liveable and humanised high-rises that interact with the local environment is a dominant concern that will be addressed from different perspectives at the Summit. This leading industry event will set the scene for a new age of skyscraper design and construction practice around the country and abroad. Opportunities to interview speakers will be available on the day. Any media wishing to attend on the day, please contact Expotrade Media Contact.   About Expotrade  Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events in the areas of infrastructure, major projects, sustainability, technology & architecture. For almost 10 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronised in the calendar. For more information, visit Media Contact: Goldie Yang | Marketing Coordinator | Dir: 03 8581 3713 Autumn Property Trends with Cameron Nicholls 2017-03-27T01:03:22Z autumn-property-trends-with-cameron-nicholls From record-breaking temperatures to all time high rainfalls, the shift from summer to autumn has certainly been quick! With a new season brings a change in the property market as well as an opportunity to maximise the cooler weather and end of day light savings. In order to make the most of what autumn has to offer, Cameron suggests: Clean your windows: With the recent downfalls Sydney has experienced this is even more important. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make! Introduce autumn colours and hues: Throws, cushions and even lightweight curtains are a great way to give a home an instant lift and won’t break the budget. Twilight opens: The autumn sky sets the scene for ambient twilight property showings. Turn the end of daylight savings into a positive. Update the exterior: Trim all trees back, clear the leaves out of the gutters and make sure your property looks low maintenance, even if that isn’t the case! Create an outdoor dinning room: Use pavers to create a dedicated outdoor dining space, this time of year it’s slightly cooler and there are less insects to battle. Present an outdoor room to potential buyers before winter hits. About Nicholls & Co Estate Agents: Nicholls & Co is a boutique modern agency focused on the person first and foremost and then the property. They do not work with clients, they work with people. Through personal attention and connecting with people on a deeper level they are able to comprehensively understand how best to deliver the results desired. For further information go to: HRL signed by O-I, World-Leading Glass Manufacturer, in three-year contract worth $1m 2017-03-27T01:00:03Z hrl-signed-by-o-i-world-leading-glass-manufacturer-in-three-year-contract-worth-1m Most of us will come across glass manufactured by O-I every day. They are the world's leading glass container manufacturer and provide glass packaging for beer, wine, spirits, food and non-alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. O-I has signed HRL to do the analysis and spot testing of their glass products to ensure their quality levels remain uncompromised. O-I have very high quality standards, recycling and re-melting any containers that fail to meet those standards based on HRL's testing. David Abela, Vice-President Supply Chain, Asia Pacific, says, "During the tender process we considered a number of suppliers. Continuing our relationship with HRL was the clear choice for two reasons. Firstly, HRL was the only supplier who was able to implement our preferred testing methodology. They offer a complexity and breadth of testing capabilities and expertise unmatched by any other suppliers. Secondly, HRL was able to offer a very cost-effective pricing structure over a three-year period, enabling O-I to meet its commercial objectives and broader strategic ambitions. As a result, HRL are the right partners for O-I for the next three years." Ken Jefferd, Managing Director of HRL, says, "We've been working together with O-I for over three years now as a laboratory service outsourcing partner.  After undergoing a rigorous laboratory investigation, we're very proud O-I decided to choose HRL as their partner for three more years. HRL provide chemical composition analysis on both the raw material used in the glass production, as well as the final container glass product. When needed, HRL also provide assistance in investigation of production problems, like stones and cords. O-I have been relying on HRL to ensure smooth production for years, and we're looking forward to another three years of partnership." ABOUT HRLWith a rich history that begun with the provision of science and engineering firepower to start Australia's brown coal power station industry back in the 1950s, we're trusted by the biggest businesses in Australia and Asia for good reason. Our proven track record includes being a part of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria, and then working with the Victorian State electricity sector privatization in the mid-90s. Over the years, there's not much we haven't seen if it's exploded, fallen down, fallen apart, or just worn out, our expert engineers have fixed it! In 2017, under new ownership, we've reinvented HRL with big growth aspirations designed to make a difference in critical industries like thermal power, mining and minerals, renewables, manufacturing, legal and insurance. Today, our expert engineers work with the likes of AGL, Engie, Rio Tinto, Coles, IXOM, Origin, Lion Nathan, and other blue chip businesses. Acting as their trusted technical partner, we willingly collaborate with likeminded engineers, general managers, quality control, asset managers, and procurement teams to meet and exceed their goals. Media inquiries: Dan MacInnis on 0400 507 037 or   Kärcher attends the Transport & Heavy Equipment Expo 2017-03-27T00:24:13Z -342 The Transport & Heavy Equipment Expo was held on the 2nd to the 4th of March at Mystery Creek Event Center, and is New Zealand’s only all-encompassing transport and heavy equipment showcase. Since its inception 12 years ago, this event has continued to grow and is now the only nationally recognised heavy vehicle tradeshow in the country. Held over three days in the first weekend of March, the Expo attracts industry professionals from the transport, logistics and heavy equipment sectors throughout New Zealand, providing the opportunity for collaboration, industry specific information on best health and safety practices and the latest innovations.  Kärcher displayed a 126 m² outdoor site showcasing everything from hot and cold water blasters, scrubber driers, ride on and walk behind sweepers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners and even a stationary water blaster unit. The show is only held every four years so it’s a great way to connect with customers and also see the latest innovation pieces on offer. A key focus for Kärcher was showcasing their vehicle wash systems, particularly truck washes. Kärcher have a large range of vehicle wash systems for washing trucks, trucks with trailers, buses, commercial vehicles or vans, and their dedicated team also provide nationwide after sales service and support. Alongside this, they had a large display of water blasters, both petrol and electric options and hot and cold units available. Kärcher is the world’s leading provider of cleaning equipment, systems and solutions for both domestic and commercial industries. The name Kärcher is synonymous with ongoing innovation and excellent customer satisfaction, and their products enable customers to solve their cleaning tasks in an economic and environmentally friendly manner. With 80 years of experience, Kärcher continue to be a family owned company producing world class German designed and engineered products that make a difference. To find out more about Kärcher products, please visit . Fusion5 Awarded Netsuite's ‘Partner Of Excellence' For 2016 2017-03-27T00:13:56Z fusion5-awarded-netsuite-s-partner-of-excellence-for-2016 Following another year of significant growth for Fusion5’s NetSuite business in both Australia and New Zealand, the business solutions company was delighted to receive NetSuite’s Partner of Excellence award for 2016. Regarded as the #1 cloud business management suite, NetSuite is used by over 40,000 customers globally. Fusion5 is the largest, most experienced 5 Star NetSuite partner across Australia and New Zealand, as well as being a top Presidential partner and leader for successful enterprise implementations and support services.   The NetSuite Partner of Excellence Award recognises Fusion5 as a solution provider who demonstrated excellence and alignment across all aspects of their partnership. These include (but are not limited to) investment into partner programmes, headcount growth, acquisition to accelerate growth, certification growth, and account management practice. During last year, Fusion5 also invested in regular business alignment, business reviews and business engagement, which not only delivered results for 2016, but also set up Fusion5 for accelerated growth into the future. Fusion5’s Chief Executive, Rebecca Tohill, says, “NetSuite is a major part of our business and we enjoy working with the NetSuite organisation. Their solutions are a great fit for local and multinational organisations and deliver exceptional value for money.  We see opportunities to double the size of our NetSuite revenues over the next two years.”   Grant Robertson, Fusion5’s Director for NetSuite APAC, was pleased to accept the award at the NetSuite Partner Kickoff in Sydney. He commented, “We take our NetSuite partnership very seriously and understand that our full commitment not only benefits Fusion5, but more importantly our customers, who understand we are striving to do the right thing by them. The support we receive from the NetSuite Channel is second to none, and we would like to take the opportunity to thank them for this.” Fusion5 finished in NetSuite’s top 5 for sales worldwide in 2016 and had a record-breaking year in terms of new customers, contracts and annual committed revenue. For the third year in a row Fusion5 has been confirmed as a NetSuite 5 Star partner and is looking forward to another year of exponential growth. Fusion5 is a business solutions company delivering world-class solutions across the key functional areas of organisations including Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience, HR / Payroll and IT Service Management. They also develop best of breed solutions across a range of key industries. Fusion5 has nine offices in Australia and New Zealand, and their key partners include Oracle, Microsoft, Aptean and Ivanti Software. To find out more please go to .   NDIS gives families the ultimate gift: time 2017-03-27T00:02:46Z ndis-gives-families-the-ultimate-gift-time Sydney, 27 March 2017 – The NDIS has given a young Western Sydney family the gift of more valuable family time, thanks to the extended funding and services provided through the scheme. Local family, the Cook’s have joined disability services provider Sunshine, placing their young son Liam into Vacation Care, where he has flourished, making new friends and is enjoying activities that his family wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide for him. Sunshine has been able to take the pressure off the family and instead allowed them to spend quality time together as a unit. Liam, who suffers from autism, has been enjoying Sunshine’s vacation care. Since joining, his mother has noticed a more calmer and happier son. “The NDIS has given me the ability to send Liam to a group where he can access the support he needs instead of a generic group, and he is a lot happier than he has ever been,” said his mother Kylie Cook. “They build a better relationship in the smaller groups than what they would with 30 other children and the staff are much more accessible than previously.” One such staff member is Dalena Pangna, who runs the group activities and vacation care. “These groups have been highly successful because the kids are always engaged. I could tell that Liam was picking up some really good skills which have helped him interact with other people,” said Dalena. The NDIS has allowed Sunshine to extend their service offering, particularly in Western Sydney, where their focus is on providing a service where clients can spend time in the community. For Liam, Sunshine has provided an environment where he can be more active, enjoying activities such as fishing and playing football. “The NDIS has most definitely been a huge benefit to the family. Sunshine is able to take Liam out to activities that I couldn’t afford to do,” said his mum. “Having a child with autism, it is a lot harder to take the entire family out and focus on everyone, when there are four other children to entertain. It’s been a great outcome for Liam.” Direct Support Professional Dalena said, it’s the kids who drive the activities, “every week we like to encourage the kids to try new things. Sometimes we’ll take them bowling and sometimes to the aquarium or the park. It’s all dependant on their needs and wants” she said. Quality staff such as Dalena are vital in ensuring kids like Liam reach their goals according to Sunshine CEO Rebecca Fletcher. “Families want quality staff, that is why they come and that is why they stay. We focus heavily on recruiting the right support worker for each individual because we understand each client has different goals and expectations,” said Ms Fletcher. “The additional NDIS funding has allowed us to extend our offering to more people like Liam and his family. The funding has allowed us to invest in more staff, and more personalised time with our clients, helping them in every way possible to lead a happier and more independent life to pursue the things they love”. -ENDS- About Sunshine Since 1924, Sunshine has been supporting people with disability to live a great life. We are proud to say we are one of NSW’s leading NDIS service providers, providing support to people across Sydney, Nepean, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Hunter regions. We are passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of those we support and believe in realising our vision of a world where every person is welcomed. For more information, visit or call 1300 266 222. Australian Home Brew Survey Launches 2017-03-26T23:30:26Z australian-home-brew-survey-launches A study to better understand home brewing practices within Australia has just been launched. The 2017 Australian Home Brew Survey is created by craft beer retailer Beer Cartel. The aim of the survey is to produce the most comprehensive, publicly available research study that investigates home brewing trends within Australia. Richard Kelsey, Director of Beer Cartel said that the study was one way for their business to give back to the home brewing industry. “When we look at the success of the craft beer sector in Australia it has been established and grown by home brewers who have had the passion to take something they love to a commercial level,” said Mr Kelsey. “Thinking about how we could give back to the home brewing industry, using the skills we have, it makes sense to do it in the form of a research study. The aim of this study is to create talking points around home brewing and to assist those businesses that operate within the industry”. The research will aim to better understand a wide range of Australian home brewing trends including brewing practices, beer styles being brewed and attitudes towards home brewing. The results of the survey will be made publicly available, while businesses that operate within the industry are eligible to receive a free copy of the results specific to their own customer base. As part of the study there will be a $500 prize for one lucky home brewer to spend with their favourite home brew store, plus one person in each state will get the opportunity to be a brewer for the day at a brewery in their state. Featured breweries include Newstead Brewing in Queensland; Akasha Brewing in New South Wales; Mountain Goat in Victoria; Big Shed Brewing in South Australia; with a Tasmanian and Western Australian brewery to be announced. To take the survey home brewers can go to: To learn more about the 2017 Australian Home Brewer Survey visit or contact Richard Kelsey 0405 251 864.