The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-02-23T23:30:46Z KUHN Expo showcases the best in farm machinery innovation 2017-02-23T23:30:46Z kuhn-expo-showcases-the-best-in-farm-machinery-innovation Over the last two days, KUHN Farm Machinery has welcomed more than 300 dealers and customers to the KUHN Farm Machinery Expo in Cowra, NSW. The event was a unique opportunity to meet global product experts from the United States and Europe as well as get hands on experience with KUHN’s innovative farm machinery. 30 machines were showcased, across both days, demonstrating the KUHN difference through the company’s strength and technology in design and manufacturing including, for the first time in Australia, the KUHN AGT 6036 Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader; KUHN Axent Fertiliser Spreader; KUHN HR 8040R Power Harrow and the KUHN Excelerator Vertical Tillage System. Tillage expert Wade Oman from the KUHN factory in North America was on hand to demonstrate the impressive features and innovations of the Excelerator Vertical Tillage System. Wade says with exclusive Excalibur blades to capture and slice through residue, the Excelerator Vertical Tillage System provides exceptional residue cutting, soil and residue mixing and seedbed preparation in one pass. Danny Tranter, Integrated Solutions, KUHN Australia said: “when it comes to spreaders KUHN’s AGT 6036 Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader, with a daily output of 400ha, is perfect for fine and irregularly sized or prilled fertilisers.” “The AGT 6036 ensures precise spreading over the entire 36m working width regardless of wind, terrain inclination and fertiliser quality.” Danny added that: “As a leader in farm machinery, KUHN offers farmers the best products right around the world and the Axent Fertiliser Spreader is no exception. It is the first trailed spreader with continuous adjustment during spreading and has two spreading modules for spreading different products – granule or powder type fertiliser.” Throughout the Expo, dealers and customers were given access to live demonstrations and presentations on the full range of KUHN Farm Machinery. Mr Bruno Fetiveau, Managing Director, KUHN Farm Machinery said the Expo was a huge success with dealers and customers leaving with new knowledge and information about the impressive range of KUHN Farm Machinery and the amazing technologies that make up the KUHN difference. Vision and photographs from the Expo are available at: For more information and to learn more about the KUHN difference visit Ends. Media Contact: C7EVEN Communications, Adam Arndell P: 02 6766 4513/ 0403 372 889 E: Andatech Launches 100% Self-Sustaining Smart Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 2017-02-20T07:05:23Z andatech-enters-green-market-with-solarcam-100-self-sustaining-smart-outdoor-wireless-security-camera Andatech Launches New 100% Self-Sustaining Smart Outdoor Wireless Security Camera An easy-to-install solar-powered security camera that streams live to your Android or iOS device. Melbourne, Australia – February 20, 2017 – Andatech is taking new strides to penetrate the wireless technology market by introducing the SolarCam - a solar-powered outdoor wireless security camera - to bridge the gap between consumers who want complete control over their security needs without the hassle and hefty price tag of CCTV systems. Mr. Irwandy Tan, Director of Andatech, the double Australian Business Awards (ABA100) winner for Business Excellence and Business Technology 2016, said that the Solarcam is entering the market at an opportune time where increasing security concerns are pushing discerning consumers to seek out convenient and affordable solutions. “The SolarCam works as a seamless, self-sustaining security system without the need for wiring,” he said. “As such, it is excellent for places where normal wiring installation is difficult or challenging, such as car yards, outdoor parking lots, marina bays, and even farmyards for livestock monitoring.” Even with HD 720P video recording, wireless capabilities, motion recording, and instant alert capabilities, the Solarcam consumes less power with a charge that lasts up to a month and a standby time of up to 6 months. With the modern consumer in mind, Solarcam smart wireless security camera provides live feed to a connected Android or iOS device and consumers can monitor multiple cameras from different locations all in the palm of their hand. For night or low-light incidents, the Solarcam comes with IR Night Vision capabilities of up to 5 metres and can withstand different weather conditions with its IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating. Solarcam aims to be the security solution for both owned and rented properties as it comes consumer-ready and can be installed hassle-free and wire-free by consumers without needing to hire an electrician or handyman; increasing convenience and cost-savings for the household. The Solarcam outdoor wireless security camera is now available from Andatech and authorised resellers. Visit Andatech to find out more or call the Australian toll-free number at 1300 800 200 or (+613) 8899 6900 for more details. About Andatech Andatech was founded in 2003 as a distributor of Australian Standards certified breathalysers for Australians, and over the past decade has established a reputation as a leader in reliable wellness and occupational health & safety technologies throughout the Asia Pacific. Its range of quality products and services focus on its vision of a safe and healthy environment, at home and at work. For further information visit: Download high res images here. ACS Releases Ungulates ebook 2017-02-15T04:35:23Z acs-releases-ungulates-ebook   Ungulates ebook ISBN: 978-0-9954356-0-5 Author: John Mason & Staff of ACS Distance Education   ACS Distance Education have released a new ebook on Ungulates. Ungulates are animals with hooves. A hoof is simply an enlarged toenail. This ebook has been written as a reference for those studying animals and animal related subjects especially those studying wildlife, veterinary studies and zoology. Non-ungulate mammals may have claws or fingernails instead of hoofs. The primary difference between ungulates and non-ungulates is whether or not the unguis is used in walking. In ungulates, the unguis is the primary point of contact with the ground. In non-ungulates, other tissues, such as the pads of the feet, provide the primary contact point when walking. The hoof is basically modified epidermis and this consists of keratin, which thickens and hardens the hoof. There are a variety of ungulate ‘hoofed’ animals, and each has different hoofs. Hoofs continue to grow; in wild, hoofed ungulates length is managed by daily foraging and walking. Domesticated animals tend to stand around longer, and do not have access to enough room to be able to keep their hoofs down naturally, so may require hoof maintenance which their wild counterparts do not. This ebook covers different descriptions and pictures of many of the different ungulate animals. Here’s the topics and the Chapters covered in this ebook: CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION – OVERVIEW OF UNGULATES CHAPTER 2 ARTIODACTYLS: EVEN-TOED UNGULATES CHAPTER 3 PERISSODACTYLS CHAPTER 4 AQUATIC UNGULATES CHAPTER 5 OTHER UNGULATES This ebook is now available for purchase for $32.95 including GST from our online bookshop and there is also a free sample available to have a look at: If you would like a review copy of this ebook, please contact . Animal Health 2nd Edition ebook Released 2017-02-15T03:39:55Z animal-health-2nd-edition-ebook-released Animal Health 2nd Edition ebook ISBN: 978-0-9943737-7-9 Author: John Mason & Staff of ACS Distance Education ACS Distance Education have recently released the revised edition of the Animal Health ebook to include an additional 64 pages and 3 chapters as well as an update of much of the content that was included within the original ebook. The Animal Health ebook is an ideal reference companion for anyone who works, studies or owns animals, livestock or wildlife. As an animal owner or carer for animals, it is your responsibility to monitor and maintain the health and wellbeing of your animal. This ebook is a great ‘go to’ when you have concerns about any illnesses or health issues in the animal. Suggested treatments for illnesses are also provided. Here’s the topics and the Chapters covered in this ebook: CHAPTER 1-  INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 2- PREVENTING DISEASE AND INJURY CHAPTER 3- UNDERSTANDING & INSPECTING HEALTH ISSUES CHAPTER 4- ANIMAL FIRST AID CHAPTER 5- SOME COMMON ILLNESSES IN ANIMALS This ebook is now available for purchase for $29.95 including GST from our online bookshop and there is also a free sample available to have a look at:   If you would like a review copy of this ebook, please contact . MERV HUGHES & CROWDFUNDING HELP BRING BACK FISH HABITATS 2017-02-10T03:35:59Z merv-hughes-amp-crowdfunding-help-bring-back-fish-habitats In an innovative move, three catchment management authorities (CMAs) in Victoria including Corangamite, Glenelg Hopkins and Goulburn Broken will band together with the Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC) to launch their first crowdfunding campaign on Pozible aptly named ‘Funds for Fish’, with full support from Aussie cricket legend, Merv Hughes.   With the 30 day campaign set to launch on 13 February 2017, communities in Victoria, fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers are being called on to support local river projects which will restore native fish habitats and waterways. The Victorian Government has also chipped in with some funding to help kick off the program.   “There are a number of reasons why fish habitat needs to be improved and why we need some extra support,” says Adam Bester, Funds for Fish Project Manager.   “Whilst we work hard to monitor and improve the health of our waterways, we’ve realised this is something we cannot do alone. We’re undertaking our Pozible campaign because we understand how effective local communities can be to achieve big changes. Using crowdfunding, social media and other channels, we want to empower the community to get involved and help make a positive transformation to our waterways. We chose crowdfunding as it enables the community to directly invest in causes and projects that they care about.”       People supporting the crowdfunding campaign will be able to donate as little as $2, and funds raised will be matched dollar for dollar by the CMAs using funding from the Victorian Government’s Regional Riparian Action Plan and other government initiatives to improve the health of regional waterways. These funds will be used to provide works such as installing ‘fish hotels’ or increasing vegetation along riverbanks. Fish habitats that include logs, rocks, native trees and good water quality are really important to help fish survive, grow and breed. The CMAs involved have outlined how funds raised will be used specifically in their catchment areas.   As an avid fisherman and with his own angling television show ‘Merv Hughes Fishing’, Aussie cricketing legend Merv Hughes says it was a no brainer to lend his support to the program.   “Funds For Fish is a great way to increase angler awareness of the importance of habitat for fish.  More habitat in our rivers means more fish to catch” says Merv.   Each CMA has set a funding goal to carry out specific projects they seek to roll out in their catchment area. Glenelg Hopkins CMA is working with local community and angling groups to raise $12,000 to put towards in stream habitat such as rock and fish hotels, weed control and tree planting for Estuary Perch. Corangamite CMA is seeking $10,000 to put towards re-snagging Spring Creek and revegetating key parts of the waterway to provide critical habitat for Estuary Perch. Finally, Goulburn Broken CMA aim to raise a total of $15,000 to accelerate habitat restoration to improve the outlook for the endangered Macquarie Perch.   Funds for Fish already has strong involvement from organisations such as VRFish, Fisheries, OzFish, Merv Hughes Fishing and Native Fish Australia. Fundamental to the project’s success will be community support.  The CMAs hope anglers, local farmers, conservation groups, schools, businesses and the general community will all become involved - either by purchasing a ‘perk’ or making a donation through the crowdfunding campaign.  Perks may include experiences, accommodation, business promotion and other goods produced for the campaign, or kindly donated by local businesses. All donations are fully tax deductible through the Australian River Restoration Centre.   Once the funding campaign is complete, the CMAs will get straight to work to provide the additional fish habitat and hope to see fish numbers increasing, which will be available for current and future generations to enjoy.     To be the first to hear when the campaign goes live or to offer support for the campaign, go to and join the database or follow the project on any of the CMA social networks. KUHN FARM MACHINERY EXPO 2017 2017-02-07T01:30:19Z kuhn-farm-machinery-expo-2017 This February, KUHN Farm Machinery will, for the first time in Australia, be showcasing its KUHN AGT 6036 Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader; KUHN Axent Fertiliser Spreader; KUHN HR 8040R Power Harrow and the KUHN Excelerator Vertical Tillage System at the KUHN Farm Machinery Expo. The Expo will be held in the central west NSW town of Cowra over two days (22 – 23) in February providing an opportunity for both dealers and customers alike to meet product experts from the United States and Europe as well as get hands on experience with KUHN’s innovative farm machinery. Across both days, the KUHN difference will be on display demonstrating the company’s strength and technology in design and manufacturing. Wednesday 22 February attendance is restricted to KUHN dealers and Thursday 23 February KUHN will open up the gates to customers and members of the public for the day. Those wishing to attend are required to register at prior to the event. As a leader in farm machinery, KUHN offers farmers the best farm machinery products right around the world and welcomes the opportunity to speak with media about this event prior to the day as well as invites media to come out on the day. A full range of images and B-roll will be available to media after the event. WHAT: KUHN FARM MACHINERY EXPO WHEN: Wednesday 22 February 2017 from 8.30am – 4.00pm (Dealer Expo) Thursday 23 February 2017 from 8.30am – 4.00pm (Customer Expo) WHERE: Cowra, NSW N.B – As the Expo is held on private property KUHN have arranged transportation to and from the site. The meeting point for transport is the Cowra Saleyards, Young Road Cowra. Media Opportunity: Interviews with KUHN product experts from North America and Europe Interviews with KUHN Managing Director, Bruno Fetiveau and KUHN Marketing Manager & Product Sales Support Australia, Sarah Govier On-site interviews with KUHN dealers and customers Photo and vision opportunities of KUHN Farm Machinery in action First look at the KUHN 2017 machinery range including balers; sprayers; tillage; fertiliser spreaders; mixer wagons; and hay making machines. <ENDS> Media Contact: Adam Arndell C7EVEN Communications 02 6766 4513 0403 372 889 E: Luci Smith C7EVEN Communications 02 6766 4513 E: About KUHN Farm Machinery: Since 1828, innovation and quality have been the basis of our commitment to our customers, the farmers. They are the inspiration behind our trademark. In concrete terms, this means 2,000 patents filed and the service ensured by more than 4,540 KUHN staff worldwide. Products and services are marketed with a single trademark. 180 years of experience in manufacturing farm machinery helps us offer products and services ensured to perform to our customers’ requirements. As a leader in farm machinery, we want to offer farmers the best products, every day and right round the world. We want to satisfy increasing numbers of customers. Today 4,540 employees are proud to serve the exacting demands of farmers. Their skill and commitment also help meet these demands. CHEP Introduces Solutions Portfolio to Provide More Value Throughout Supply Chains 2017-02-01T05:43:57Z chep-introduces-solutions-portfolio-to-provide-more-value-throughout-supply-chains SYDNEY – 1 February, 2017 – CHEP Australia today announced a new range of solutions designed to help customers transform their supply chains for sustainable, long-term change.   These solutions, available immediately, build on the company’s extensive 60-year experience in supporting the supply chains of local, national and global businesses, and recognise a broader movement in the world today to transform supply chains for positive change.   CHEP Australia’s director of strategy and marketing, Justin Frank said, “Our role within the supply chain is to empower customers with the tools and resources to create efficiencies and eliminate waste, improving the environment and the bottom line,” and added, “This is the Supply Change™ together we can make it happen.”   CHEP has designed and launched a new range of solutions to help companies in the consumer goods, manufacturing, fresh food, grocery and retail industries optimise their supply chains. The first of the new solutions on offer are:   Platform Solutions - providing a consistent supply of standardised and reusable Platform Solutions locally and globally – including various pallets and Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) – helps eliminate waste and allows customers to significantly reduce their environmental footprint and cost of goods.   Value Chain Analysis - working collaboratively, CHEP will look at movements throughout supply chains, identifying any causes of inefficiency, mapping out opportunities for improvement and helping create value.   International Solutions - help to optimise sourcing and receiving processes, reducing handling and manual labour costs as product is moved through international supply chains more efficiently - from production sites around the world to store shelves.    Store Solutions - streamline merchandising and replenishment to improve consumer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. These solutions are designed to facilitate efficient store fulfillment, reduce packaging materials, and ultimately increase on shelf availability, brand presence and sales volumes.   Phillip Austin, President of CHEP Asia Pacific, said “Each of our new solutions help to identify efficiencies, eliminate waste and can improve the performance of our customers’ supply chains. They were developed by CHEP’s innovative, pragmatic engineers and logistics professionals to help partners move product from the farm or processing facility to the store shelf faster and more efficiently.   “By enabling customers to outsource, share and reuse platforms, we encourage supply chains to use higher quality platforms, connect seamlessly with more trading partners, reduce transportation, generate less waste, use fewer natural resources, lower platform inventories and attain the many efficiencies of standardisation,” said Mr Austin.   The results of working together have already been proven. Every year, thousands of the world’s supply chains choose to share and reuse our platforms. Globally, by deciding to partner with CHEP and share resources during the 2016 financial year 2.3 million tonnes of CO2 were taken out of the atmosphere, 1.4 million trees were left on the planet, 1.3 million tonnes of waste never made it to landfills, and 3,920 less tonnes of food were damaged during transport.*   Note to editors: Additional information and a library of images depicting CHEPs new solutions are available digitally.   *Source: Brambles Sustainability Review 2016. International Symposium on Digital Earth & Locate17 Showcases Geospatial’s Enabling Role in Digital Transformation 2017-02-01T04:50:00Z international-symposium-on-digital-earth-locate17-showcases-geospatial-s-enabling-role-in-digital-transformation Sydney, Australia – 1 February 2017 – Geospatial data’s enabling role in digital transformation will be on show at the International Symposium on Digital Earth & Locate17 in Sydney in April, combining one of the world’s most prestigious symposiums with Australia’s premier geospatial conference.   Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse, chair & convenor of the Locate17 and Digital Earth Symposium Organising Committee, says attendees will come away with the knowledge to transform business practices in industries as diverse as agriculture, transport, construction and medicine.   “Both government and the private sector will be able to identify opportunities based on what is happening around the world,” he says. “Geospatial data underpins many disruptive and innovative organisations. Without it, companies like Uber would not be in business.”   According to Dr Mohamed-Ghouse, who is also director for NSW & International Relations of the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI), the event comes as governments around Australia open up access to geospatial data to promote innovation.   Australia’s now freely available Geo-coded National Address File is used online to validate people’s addresses. The biggest Australian subscriber group for the Global Navigation Satellite System is not transport or surveyors, but the agricultural industry.   With a program featuring more than 130 international and Australian speakers, Digital Earth & Locate17 provides a unique opportunity to understand digital transformation practices from around the world, and to develop and leverage geospatial data.   The two main conference days will be split into eight separate streams with topics including smart cities, virtual globes, intelligent transport, agriculture, engineering/utilities, smart sensors for natural resource management, water & climate, disaster & emergency management, and the geospatial economy.   Some of the symposium’s highlights include: Susan Moran from NASA’s Soil Moisture Active Passive Science Team presents a special session on remote sensing and applications of global soil moisture monitoring Trisha Moriarty, Geological Survey of NSW delivers a keynote on the application of open data policy in the Earth Sciences across government, scientific and industry Singapore Land Authority & AAM presents, ‘Singapore Smart Nation: Measuring from the ground up’ David Wortley, Gamification and Enabling Technologies Strategic Solutions, delivers, ‘The role of Digital Earth technologies in digital medicine’.  The joint conference will be held 03-06 April 2017 at the new International Conference Centre Sydney.  About the International Symposium on Digital Earth The International Symposium on Digital Earth is a flagship event of the International Society for Digital Earth. Founded in Beijing in 2006, ISDE is a non-political, non-governmental and not-for-profit international organisation principally promoting academic exchange, science and technology innovation, education, and international collaboration towards Digital Earth.   ISDE also explores Digital Earth as an enabling technology to play key roles in economic and social sustainable development, environmental protection, disaster mitigation, natural resources conservation and improvement of living standards.  About Locate17 The Locate Conference (Locate17) is the national conference of the spatial and surveying industries of Australia and New Zealand. The event is an initiative of the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) and Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA). Barber’s pole a risk for southern sheep graziers this summer 2016-12-12T05:02:04Z barber-s-pole-a-risk-for-southern-sheep-graziers-this-summer A leading Victorian Veterinarian is warning southern sheep producers to act early on worms this summer, or risk poor animal health and pasture contamination in 2017. Hamilton-based Consultant, Dr Graham Lean of Agrivet Business Consulting, says high subsoil moisture and prolonged cool weather in southern Victoria and Tasmania has created prime conditions for worm production. “Worms are a major risk this summer, because of continual worm pick up and heavy worm burden that have accumulated due to the prolonged wet and cool conditions. So, it’s a very dangerous time for sheep to be grazing from a worm point-of-view,” Dr Lean said. “Roughly 40 percent of worms dropped on pasture now will turn into infected larvae being picked up by sheep next year in southern Victoria. That’s a high survival rate, so it is critical that it is stopped now.” Dr Lean says the conditions are reminiscent of the 2010 / 2011 season at this point in time, and it is imperative that producers drench their livestock as soon as possible if they haven’t recently done it already, so they are protected if the summer continues to be wet. “It’s a big risk this season, so I think it’s good to warn people. There is a potential to open yourself up for barber’s pole worm and small brown stomach worm and that certainly happened in 2011. It’s not a high risk, but it is certainly there,” Dr Lean said. “So, from a health and productivity perspective, it is very important not to delay that drench – the earlier, the better.” Dr Lean recommends producers use Cydectin Long Acting injection for sheep, which provides 91-day protection against barber’s pole worm and small brown stomach worm and up to 49-day persistent activity against black scour worm. “In a season like this, you will generally get worm pick-up after the first summer drench in November or December,” Dr Lean explained. “That is where Cydectin Long Acting injection for sheep is brilliant, because the alternative is to drench more frequently throughout the summer which increases the chance of worm resistance. So, you are better giving Cydectin Long Acting injection for sheep and having persistent control with less drenching.” Sheep Product Manager for Virbac Australia, Terrance Loughlin, agrees that an early long acting treatment is critical this year. “Because the season is late, some producers might delay their first summer drench, however this will mean that pastures stay contaminated for longer. Pasture contamination creates a significant risk of infection for vulnerable sheep such as weaners and hoggets. Obviously, the best way to minimise risk is to minimise contamination,” said Loughlin. Loughlin says a Cydectin Long Acting injection can negate the need for a second summer drench in the southern regions, which is particularly valuable following a wet winter. “Sheep producers in predominantly summer rainfall areas are quite familiar with the use of Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Sheep as a summer drench. Barber’s pole worm is of particular concern in northern NSW and southern Queensland sheep producers and they find that because Cydectin Long Acting is especially potent it is an important asset for combating barber’s pole worm,” said Loughlin. Dr Lean said drenching sheep for worms is a good investment. An MLA study looking at the costs of internal parasites showed that 80% of the costs of worms is in lost production most of which is not readily identifiable[1]. “Sheep aren’t worth $1.50 anymore – they are worth at least $150 a head and any reduction in productivity or increase in mortality risk is costly. So it is very profitable to keep sheep alive and healthy. Any delay of the first summer drench is really dicing with death,” Dr Lean said. “Clearly the game has changed a bit and it’s probably worth reminding people that livestock is worth a lot of money and they are grossing a lot of money. So the stakes are a lot bigger to do the job right.” Ends. For more information contact: Adam Arndell C7EVEN COMMUNICATIONS (02) 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 [1] NSW Wine welcomes WET rebate reform 2016-12-02T03:20:02Z nsw-wine-welcomes-wet-rebate-reform The Government, in consultation with a cross section of industry, has amended its decision in the May budget to reduce the WET rebate cap in two stages from $500,000 to $290,000. Today, it announces it will reposition the cap at $350,000 and couple this with a $100,000 grant scheme focusing on investment at the cellar door.  These changes will take effect from 1 July 2018.   President of the NSW Wine Industry Association Tom Ward said that the WET rebate is critical to rural and regional communities and jobs.    “The changes announced are a very positive outcome for small and medium winemakers and reflects industry calls for a re-focus of investment at the local level.” Mr Ward said.  “Critically, the deferral of the rebate reduction to 1 July 2018 will allow the industry more time to adjust.  The announcement of a grant scheme focusing on cellar doors is also seen as a positive step and we look forward to working with Government to ensure industry continues to benefit.”   Mr Ward also praised the role played by Senator Anne Ruston in driving the consultation process.    “This is a complex issue with the potential to harm the industry.” Mr Ward said.  “The announcement today is a good compromise and mitigates the overall impact of the changes on those wineries with investment in cellar Door.  Wineries can now go into the 2017 vintage with a higher degree of certainty and confidence.”   Mr Tony Battaglene, CEO of the Winemakers Federation of Australia which has coordinated the national negotiations, said the wine industry throughout Australia has fought long and hard for reform of the WET rebate eligibility criteria.      “Today’s decision will put an end to uncertainty and put the industry in a stronger long-term position,” Tony Battaglene, WFA CEO said.  “The return of integrity to the WET rebate was the main consideration for WFA. The measures announced today deliver on that need.”   “An outcome of a cap at $350,000, combined with the acceptance of industry’s eligibility definitions, and the $100,000 grant scheme, is significantly better than the Budget 2016 outcomes and provides a platform for future growth. The revised eligibility criteria also strengthens the industry by recognising alternative business models including emerging winemakers who are making their start.”   The WET imposes a 29 per cent tax on wine products, separate to the GST, and the capped rebate is used by the industry to reinvest in their businesses to create growth and jobs in rural and regional Australia.  Best in Show: 2016-11-28T04:35:14Z best-in-show Media release                                                                                           Monday 28 November 2016 Tanunda, South Australia (for immediate release) The annual Adelaide Hills Wine Show hosted its awards ceremony at Mount Lofty House on Friday and the panel of judges, chaired by Nick Stock, awarded Best Wine in Show to Michael Hall Wines Adelaide Hills Syrah 2015. This is the most recent release in Michael Hall’s triptych of shirazes, each with a very distinct personality. In a region better known for its whites, this is the second time in consecutive years that the Best Wine in Show has gone to a Shiraz, speaking to the depth and diversity of this elevated GI that links McLaren Vale in the south to the Barossa in the north. It also acknowledges the changing cultural climate towards Shiraz that displays a nuanced palate of spice, flowers and red berries and away from the rich and heady dark-fruited concentration of more traditional South Australian styles. The Adelaide Hills wine is a first release and joins Michael’s duo of single vineyard Shiraz from Eden Valley and Barossa Valley. Michael explained, “I grew up in the UK and my first experiences of wine were the French classics that my dad put on the table for Sunday lunch. The northern Rhone Valley reds commonly displayed loads of nasal pepper, alongside herbal aromatics and drying tannin. Later, the imports from Australia provided a vivid contrast with their rich black, Christmas pudding generosity. As an amateur consumer, I loved the two contrasting styles and that I could shut my eyes and identify which came from France and which from Australia! “More recently, living in the Barossa Valley, I realised that much of this stylistic diversity could be achieved across the vineyards of the Mount Lofty Ranges. Working with Kym Teusner in 2006, he introduced me to Leon and Christa Deans’ Flaxman’s Valley vineyard high in Eden Valley and a wine showing pepper and lavender that transported me to St Joseph and Hermitage. I am ever grateful to Kym for introducing me the first pillar of my Shiraz trio. This wine, often brimming with violets and lavender alongside baker’s spice, achieved the top score of 98/100 in James Suckling and Nick Stock’s 2014 tasting of Barossa Shiraz. “I called the Eden Valley wine ‘Syrah’ and wanted to make a contrasting Barossa Valley Shiraz. While never a fan of the heroic, high-octane styles of Barossa Shiraz that our warm climate can produce, I had not forgotten the delicious, voluptuous black fruit and liquorice characters of my first impressions. So, I sought out John Shobbrook, growing Shiraz on the edge of Stone Well and Seppeltsfield, conscious of sustainability and knowing that he had recently converted to biodynamic management. I’d worked vintages with Vanya Cullen and Anne-Claude Leflaive and felt that their biodynamic approach leant itself to earlier picking and more vibrant fruit. This Shiraz from the Triangle Block in Stone Well became my second pillar and typically shows a palate of fresh blackberry, plum, peach and chalky liquorice.” This year, the 2014 Michael Hall Shiraz, Stone Well won the Shiraz trophy at Marananga and a gold medal at the Barossa Wine Show. Michael Hall’s Adelaide Hills Shiraz owes its conception to Tom Munro, who had been making a fantastic Shiraz under his Boovability label called ‘Lady at Dawn’. It came from a tiny Mount Torrens vineyard managed by Tom’s friend Mark Whisson. Tom recently relocated to Sydney to develop his import business The Other Bordeaux and felt he couldn’t give this vineyard the time it deserved. In 2013, Michael enthusiastically followed up on Tom’s introduction and worked with Mark to produce a first harvest was in 2014. But with just two acres and a topsoil that is little more than a dusting over the bedrock, the crop is vanishingly small. No single vineyard wine was produced in 2014 and just 90 cases in 2015. Despite the intensive efforts for such small returns the wine is a gem, delivering a tapestry of sweet red fruit, cinnamon and dried herbs. Best Wine in Show is a terrific endorsement of the quality of this vineyard and of Mark’s viticultural work, and the wine adds a third dimension to Michael’s showcase of South Australian Shiraz terroir. Michael Hall ‘Mount Torrens’ Syrah, Adelaide Hills 2015 (14% Alc./Vol., 1170 bottles, RRP $50, Trade release, January 2017) Michael Hall ‘Triangle Block’ Barossa Valley Shiraz 2014, Stone Well (14.4% Alc./Vol., 3770 bottles, RRP $47) Michael Hall ‘Flaxman’s Valley’ Syrah, Eden Valley 2014 (13.9% Alc./Vol., 1920 bottles, RRP $50) For detailed winemaker’s notes, bottle shots and tasting samples of any of these three wines, please contact Kimberley Pearce at Wine Brain,, 0413 120 385. Michael Hall looks forward to sharing his latest shirazes with the wine interested public. The wines are available online (, (Michael Hall Adelaide Hills Syrah 2015 will go on trade release in January 2017) and at a collection discerning of restaurants and retailers.   Michael Hall Wines retail stockists include: Annandale Cellars, Australian Wine Centre, Bests Cellars, Blackhearts & Sparrows, City Wine Shop, Cloud Wine, Cru Bar, East End Cellars, Edinburgh Cellars, Harry and Frankie, Malt Cellars, Prince Wine Store, Rathdowne Cellars, Spiro’s, Vintage Blue, Wine Emporium and Wine Experience. MICHAEL HALL | Adelaide Hills Eden Valley Barossa Valley | A 10 George Street, Tanunda, South Australia 5352 Australia | M +61 (0) 419 126 290 | E | W | T @michaelhallwine Ends--- Smart new look for farming community 2016-11-21T01:54:52Z smart-new-look-for-farming-community The new website can be found at the same address only with a bright new look and clearer organisation to make searching for your favourite topics quicker and easier. The website is now organised into new categories that can be found across the top of the website on a blue bar, including Machinery, Livestock, Cropping, Business, Workshop and Technology to showcase the latest news and information from the Australian agricultural industry. The Kondinin Group Research Reports give an in-depth look at a range of topics, including farming technology, business, cropping, tractors, farm equipment and livestock. Our experienced and educated researchers independently test equipment and processes giving you valuable and instructive information. Much like Choice magazine, only for farmers. Our new Machinery section covers the latest news and real road tests from our on-farm researchers on tractors and motoring as well as tillage, seeding, spraying and harvesting equipment. Look out for our Insight section to get the latest opinion from Bushwhacker, see our On Farm section for the latest developments in politics and visit our Ideas & Innovations sections to see the latest farm inventions straight from Kondinin Group members. Be sure to visit our Weather section that, in partnership with Weatherzone, allows you to customise the results for your area and view real-time satellite and synoptic weather charts. The new website also allows you buy print and digital books from our Bookstore.  With titles such as the Field Crop Herbicide Guide and the Workshop and Workboot series, there is something for every aspect of learning about agriculture and farming processes. See our Awards section to view past and present winners of the national Farmer of the Year Awards and when nominations open, nominate deserving farmers for the awards next year online. Farming Ahead editor and head of research Ben White said he hoped new and existing members enjoy the new site. “Our new site represents the kind of value we want to add to being a Kondinin Group member. It’s an exciting time for agriculture in Australia and we want to be on the forefront of providing the farming community the most up to date information relating to every aspect of the industry,” Mr White said. Sign up for a 30 day trial to the new and send all feedback to For membership opportunities, click here to find out more. Product Launch – Petface Parlour Shampoos and Spritzers 2016-11-18T12:59:20Z product-launch-petface-parlour-shampoos-and-spritzers More than just the best dog toys in Australia... We are please to launch a great new range of dog shampoos and spritzers from the Petface Parlour range. Washing and grooming your dog should always be an exciting time to engage with your pet. This luxurious range ensures that the experience is fun and will leave your pet with a long lasting beautiful scent.   So what makes this range so good and why are we so excited? Using a unique formula, pet odours are targeted and the skin is cleansed with all natural extracts including silk, pro vitamin B5 and oatmeal. We believe this combination of ingredients makes this the best dog shampoo on the market in Australia, whether you are in the hot climate of Queensland or the cool of Melbourne and Sydney.   Formulated in collaboration with leading British perfume developers and manufactured by Byotrol in the United Kingdom, this range will keep your pets feeling fresh and smelling great. Their coats will be shining and they’ll have the ‘just washed’ scent for longer. Byotrol is a leading antimicrobial technology company based in England. They have a reputation for formulating and supplying many leading retailers around the world. This range, 100% made in the UK, is no exception.    Each shampoo and spritzer is available in four amazingly fresh scents starting at $9.99: -          Grapefruit & Elderflower -          Gardenia & Mint -          Wild Fig & Nectarine Blossom -          Raspberry & Almond   Order your shampoo and spritzer now from PetsDepartment Australia, curators of the world’s best pet products. All orders over $50 will be shipped free, so be sure to stock up on your favourite pet supplies.   Water has never been easier to buy 2016-11-10T03:08:24Z water-has-never-been-easier-to-buy For generations of Australia’s farmers, the greatest challenge facing livelihood has always been the unpredictability of the future. For many irrigators and farmers, income is highly seasonal. There are key planting and harvesting milestones throughout a season that require significant investment which has a direct impact on cashflow. Water is central to a successful future but until now, managing the inflexible purchase process has been challenging. Irrigators have longed for a product that frees up cash flow but secures their water resources for the current season. Waterfind have been working with their customers to develop a product that does exactly that – Deferred Delivery. Available exclusively through Waterfind, Deferred Delivery, enables irrigators to secure temporary water parcels with a deposit rather than funding the full amount upfront. Full payment is due upon delivery of the parcel, which is set at an agreed future date in the current water season. CEO Alister Walsh remarked that this marked another step forward for Australia’s water markets, “Today we are excited to announce a further innovation, bringing greater flexibility to irrigators and water users alike across the Murray Darling Basin and Southern Connected Systems.” The tool has been well received by those who have been trialling the product. “Through discussions and experience with our customers, many irrigators plan ahead and purchase some or all of their water requirements early, to avoid peak season pricing. Deferred Delivery provides low cost access to secure the supply they need throughout the season at a price that they’re comfortable with. The feedback we have had suggests that this will become a key resource for irrigators in future seasons,” Alister said. Recognised as a leader in the Australian water market, Waterfind has been at the forefront of new technology, products and services since its inception in 2003. Currently facilitating the largest water market in Australia, servicing over 14,000 customers across all water markets, tools and services developed and released by Waterfind have helped grow, mature and educate the Australian water market. All these elements and first-to-market products that have advanced the Australian water market to lay the foundations for the Deferred Delivery tool, another essential product in an already extensive kit available to market participants. Deferred Delivery will be rolled-out through a staged process. Entitlement holders in the Southern Connected System, which encompasses the River Murray in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales as well as Murrumbidgee, and northern Victorian rivers of Goulburn, Loddon and Campaspe will be the first to access the new product. Waterfind hope to offer Deferred Delivery to all water markets in the near future. Land Management and Rehabilitation ebook out now 2016-11-07T03:05:53Z land-management-and-rehabilitation-ebook-out-now The Land Management and Rehabilitation ebook has just been released by ACS Distance Education. This ebook has been written by John Mason and the staff of ACS Distance Education. Recent impact of human activity on land has increased immensely. Activities such as land clearing for agriculture, forestry and urban development, as well as mining activity and pollution has resulted in more infertile soil and land degradation. The world we live in has never been in greater need of better land management decisions and rehabilitation. Degraded land can always be rehabilitated and this book shows you how to improve land that is in serious decline.  If vulnerability is identified early, it is always better to avoid decline in land quality ever getting to the point where rehabilitation is ever needed. The Land Management and Rehabilitation ebook is a great way to discover ways in which you can manage land and avoid land degradation. This ebook works through various chapters that will help you acquire the skills that you will need to manage your land responsibly as well as understand how to rehabilitate land that has already suffered damage. This ebook covers the following chapters: Chapter 1- Scope and Nature of Land Management Chapter 2- Land Degradation & Rehabilitation Chapter 3- Managing Soils Chapter 4- Managing Water Chapter 5- Managing Plants Chapter 6- Managing Animal Populations This ebook is now available for purchase for $34.95 including GST from our online bookshop and there is also a free sample available to have a look at:   If you would like a review copy of this ebook, please contact