The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-30T03:24:40Z RAIN CHECK. READERS' HOPES OF MEETING YA AUTHOR LYNETTE NONI DAMPENED BY WILD WEATHER. EX-CYCLONE DEBBIE DISAPPOINTS 100 YOUNG BRISBANE BOOK LOVERS AS TONIGHT'S #ReadLikeAGirl EVENT IS CANCELLED 2017-03-30T03:24:40Z rain-check-readers-hopes-of-meeting-ya-author-lynette-noni-dampened-by-wild-weather-ex-cyclone-debbie-disappoints-100-young-brisbane-book-lovers-as-tonight-s-readlikeagirl-event-is-cancelled Over 100 Young Adult fiction devotees from across SEQ, eagerly looking forward to meeting the engaging Lynette Noni, the author of The Medoran Chronicles, have been left disappointed as ex-cyclone Debbie has forced the cancellation of this evening's event at Mt Alvernia College.Lynette was due to visit Brisbane this afternoon, where a committee of girls from two local schools - Mt Alvernia College (Kedron) and St Rita's College (Clayfield) - were planning a #ReadLikeAGirl event in which they were going to officially launch Lynette's third book DRAEKORA.The students and staff at the schools are devastated. The event will be re-scheduled to a new date in Term 2, 2017.DRAEKORA will be officially released by Pantera Press on Saturday 1 April 2017 with a number of events in Sydney.  It will be available from all good bookstores throughout Australia and New Zealand - plus globally as an eBook from online retailers.  Book one in the series, Akarnae, is currently available at a special "start the series" price of just $9.99.While it may be wild, wet and windy outside - it is the perfect weather to embrace the wonder of this delightful series, full of fun, fantasy and friendship! Download the media release to discover more.Luckily, there are still places left at a number of free writing workshops across Brisbane next week as part of Brisbane Libraries School Holiday and Youth Week activities.  Four different workshops throughout Brisbane are on offer over two days, plus an in-store signing: Monday 3 AprilWynnum library 10:00am Indooroopilly library 1:00pmThursday 6 AprilIn-store signing from 12:30pmQBD The Bookstore, Maroochydore  Sunshine PlazaSaturday 8 AprilMt Ommaney Library 11:00am Bracken Ridge Library 2:30pm   New Business Book Released – Experience My Brand 2017-03-29T07:45:32Z new-business-book-released-experience-my-brand Kinetic Consulting Australia, the leading consulting company for branded customer experience announces the worldwide release of a new business book Experience My Brand. Experience My Brand author and CEO Joe Tawfik, shows the reader how to analyze, design, and implement a branded customer experience program. The book overcomes the largest challenge facing organizations by providing a detailed guide that will achieve an increase in bottom-line profits and the number of loyal customers. Heralded as the last battleground for competition, customer experience management has become a core strategic imperative for many organizations. Building unique emotional ties with customers that are stronger and difficult for competitors to imitate is considered the cornerstone for organizations to achieve an unbeatable competitive edge in today’s market. Known as “branded customer experience” the association of experiences specific to a brand has created mega organisations such as Apple, Zappos and Amazon. To deliver a great branded experience to customers, an organization must embrace customer experience management as their highest priority if they are to prosper in the future.  Tawfik wrote the book because the large majority of companies are failing to achieve any sustainable value from their customer experience programs, and were wasting their investments on changes that delivered mediocre results. Research undertaken by Accenture in 2015 identified that 77% of firms were not achieving any increases in bottom-line profits from their customer experience programs. With clear data to complement the text, Experience My Brand puts theory into practice in a way that is practical and easily understood. Readers are provided the tools to effectively implement transformational change and create a unique and sustainable experience for their customers. Experience My Brand is a must-have guide for those who want to learn about this increasingly important field and seek to strengthen this critical aspect of their businesses.  The book can be purchased from Amazon or from leading book retailers.  Reimagining Environmental Public Policy in Australia 2017-03-02T01:07:10Z reimagining-environmental-public-policy-in-australia Throughout From Terra Nullius to Beloved Companion: Reimagining Land in Australia author Chris Dalton discusses viewing Land in Australia in terms of relationships, instead of utility. He also develops the case for environmental legislation in Australia to address the rights of the land, rather than treating it as an object to be utilised. Land is an increasingly important part of the Australian psyche and this needs to be reflected in environmental protection legislation. Our Land is no longer just a “Magic Pudding”. Chris has twenty years of experience at senior level public policy development in both the public and private sectors. Research for the book took him five years, and it changed his view of the public policy process. Where previously he placed his reliance on objectivity, science, reason, logic and neutrality he now also relies on the humanities, imagination, and experience to inform that process. The book launch for From Terra Nullius to Beloved Companion: Reimagining Land in Australia will be held at 4pm on the 26th of March at the Brookfield Centre for Christian Spirituality (139 Brookfield Road, Kenmore Hills, Queensland). The book will be launched by Reverend Miriam Nyrene, Chairperson of the Queensland Churches Environmental Network. 5% of sales from From Terra Nullius to Beloved Companion: Reimagining Land in Australia will be donated to Queensland Churches Environmental Network. More information about the book and endorsements that it has received can be found on Chris’ website. “Chris Dalton’s work is a unique and important contribution to the ongoing debates about environmental decision making in Australian society. He offers a rich analysis to help us create a more effective and meaningful process.” – Dr Michelle Maloney, Convenor, Australian Earth Laws Alliance. ISBN: 9781925530049 Price: $29.95 Format: Paperback Dimensions: 152mm x 228mm Contact author: Contact publisher: Website: Choose to take back control of your life and body 2017-03-02T01:03:30Z choose-to-take-back-control-of-your-life-and-body Dare to Choose chronicles author Marie Chronopoulos’ story as a cancer survivor, recounting the moments following the devastating news and the incredible life transformation that she underwent to take back control of her body and her fate. She turned her disease into an opportunity to become the best version of herself she could possibly be. Life is about choices, believing in yourself, and having the courage to face all of your fears. No matter what we are facing it’s up to you how you react, what you accept, and what you believe. Marie wrote Dare to Choose with the belief that someday she would have a success story to tell, an inspirational story to cheer people on and help them bear witness to their own journey. She wants readers to understand that no matter what they are facing or going through in life they have the power to make changes and create new miracles in their lives by choosing to change the story they are believing and telling themselves. Marie will be doing an interview on Logan’s 101FM and is planning to partake in as many opportunities as she can to spread her words of change and positivity to as many people as possible. This may include speaking at seminars and corporate or community events. A book launch for Dare to Choose is being held at InHouse Publishing on Kingston Road at the end of March 2017. ISBN: 978-1-925530-26-1 (Paperback) 978-1-925530-27-8 (eBook) Price: $29.99 Format: Paperback Dimensions: 152mm x 228mm Contact author: Contact publisher: Website: Forget Everything You Know About Multiple Personality Disorder 2017-02-27T04:53:05Z forget-everything-you-know-about-multiple-personality-disorder Alternatives to a Frozen Mouse is based on a true story of a woman living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder). Writing under a pseudonym to protect her identity, A. J. Mouse decided to publish her personal struggle with DID in order to impart the truth about living with this condition. For over twenty years there had been no more splitting, no one new. Then Anne came along, making alter number ten. This book was created to record Anne’s journey as she learns to coexist with Jade, Peter, Neil, Jane, Zen, Nancy, Ray, Lucy, and of course Mouse—the author of them all. DID/MPD has been explored many times in film and television, but what is it really like living with this condition and what causes it? Author A. J. Mouse rejects the dangerous myths and misconceptions created by the mainstream media. She asserts: We do not change clothes every ten minutes. We are not dangerous serial killers. We are real—all of us. I am. We are. In the book, A. J. Mouse explores the origins of her DID and speculates on how the ‘splitting’ first began. When faced with unbearable trauma, the brain splinters to protect itself so that it can survive. Each alter has their own reason for being and their own story. But all lives stem from Mouse—the original. Anne’s mission is to uncover the reason the alters were brought into being by Mouse, and to finally bring resolution to their life. This book aims to give readers an insight into the reality of this condition and open up the discussion about mental health in our communities. Head to for more information. ISBN: 9781925530247 Price: $24.95 Format: Paperback Dimensions: 152 mm x 228 mm Contact author: Contact publisher: Website: www. Tech21 brings parents unlimited fun family time with Evo Play 2017-02-21T01:20:13Z tech21-brings-parents-unlimited-fun-family-time-with-evo-play SYDNEY, 21 February, 2017 – Tech21, the leader in impact protection for mobile devices has launched its new range of cases for the iPad in Australia: Evo Play. “Kids + iPads” isn’t always the safest pairing if your iPad isn’t protected, but it can certainly be one of the most fun for inquisitive minds. Whether it’s watching the latest episode of Peppa Pig or navigating through the back garden jungle discovering new wildlife, iPads can open up a world of exploration, but more often than not, a small chip here or a little crack there means that fun can be cut short. Prolong the play time and keep that shiny new look and feel to your iPad even when little fingers have put it through its paces thanks to tech21’s new iPad case, Evo Play. This comfortable and lightweight case has been designed to offer unbeatable drop protection from up to two metres, and with its iconic design, vibrant colours and handy multi-use handle, this case will remove any glimmer of fear you had in handing over your iPad to your children. This case is constructed almost entirely from tech21’s unique material, FlexShock™ Foam, meaning all sides and surfaces are protected from drops as the material moulds snugly to your iPad. Better still, the case is entirely dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean, and when it’s on your iPad, its sealed outer shell is abrasion/bite resistant, preventing any bacteria from getting in under the surface. “We’ve designed the all-new Evo Play with kids in mind. We know children love to learn, play and explore, and we recognise iPads are a great way for them to do this. However, they may not love your precious iPad back, so Evo Play is there for you,” comments Jason Roberts, CEO, tech21. “Evo Play is lightweight and comfortable for little hands to hold, yet strong enough to keep your iPad safe from tumbles and drops.” Evo Play is available in pink/purple and blue/green colours from, RRP $79.95 for Apple iPad mini, mini 2, mini 3 & mini 4, and RRP $109.95 for Apple iPad Air 2. Much like all of tech21’s products, Evo Play comes with a simple promise: it’s rigorously tested to work harmoniously with your iPad. Like the technology it’s designed to protect, it uses the latest science, ingenious design and unbeatable user-friendliness to make advanced impact protection possible. Tech21 calls it ‘Protection Made Intelligent’. ### For further information, questions, or cases for review, please contact: Jim Barker, tech21/Poem Phone: +61 418 163 770 Email: High-res images: Download here About tech21 Since 2005, tech21 has been developing the most advanced, scientifically proven cases and screen shields for mobile, tablet and laptop devices worldwide. Tech21 combines science, engineering and British design to create products that address three core consumer benefits: style, protection and performance. As the brand evolves to continue meeting the needs of its consumers, tech21 has developed the most advanced impact protection material on the market – FlexShock™. The ultra-thin and lightweight material absorbs and dissipates force and can withstand drops up to 4 metres. In addition tech21 puts all its products through a rigorous testing program, and in an industry first has partnered with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to develop its testing methodology. This ensures that the tests tech21 products have to pass are overseen by independent experts. Tech21 is the number one case brand in the UK. For more information, visit What Would You Do to be Free? 2017-02-14T06:11:00Z what-would-you-do-to-be-free There is something hidden on Earth. A secret so immense it's worth killing for. In a race against time, five travelers arrive, hunting a key that will change the balance of power in their world. Suffrage is an immersive and highly imaginative sci-fi/fantasy story following Jay and the rebels as they fight against the control of the royals. Author Julian St Aubyn Green, has always been interested in stories. Working in finance offered him a unique perspective of the world after the shock of the 9/11 attack. He started considering the ideas of freedom vs. control and the choices we make. Finally, after being pushed by a ‘wondevil’ muse, as well as many supportive friends and fellow writers, he has written his first book, and is hard at work on the second, of what could be a five part series (he knows the ending but is still working his way there!). Julian is highly engaged with social media and has a blog on his website which includes reviews of books, as well as his experience of writing and publishing a novel – all written in his distinct style and including his unique wit. Multiple book launches are planned with one upcoming at the InHouse Publishing building on Kingston Road, Underwood, Queensland on the 4th of March. Other launches around this time include Gold Coast and Brisbane. These will be advertised on his Facebook page. Suffrage is currently available on kindle eBook and will be sold at markets across Queensland as well as online. “Suffrage hooked me to every one of its interweaving narratives, guiding me through new science, inter-world conflict, love, and so many other emotional ties that bind. Jay, as the mysteriouslypowerful protagonist, is a heroine to rival the fiercest of young women. “ – K.R.E ISBN: 9781925497991 Price: $25 Format: Paperback Dimensions: 152mm x 228mm Contact author: Contact publisher: Website: New book revitalises learning English as an additional language 2017-02-09T02:40:30Z new-book-revitalises-learning-english-as-an-additional-language Real Grammar is written by Carl Eldridge and is based on his experience teaching English in Japan. The book focuses on the ‘why’ we use grammar the way we do instead of the ‘what’ or rule. By properly understanding, instead of just memorising, students gain a conceptual understanding, facilitating transferable knowledge that can be applied in a wide range of situations. Carl wrote Real Grammar because he was dissatisfied with the way current text books on the subject teach grammar, having students read and memorise lists of grammar rules and exceptions to those rules did not seem like the best way to be teaching students whose goal was to be able to communicate their thoughts clearly in English. While researching for Real Grammar Carl found many excellent books, though they were filled with complex terminology and would not be suitable for students studying English as an additional language. Carl also wanted to spark the students' interest and motivate them to continue their learning. Carl will be promoting his book through speaking events at universities and English schools for those teaching English and those learning English as an additional language. "Rather than learning a set of rules and having things explained to you as structures that are isolated, this approach enables the learner to be more active, for the task to be more learner directed and allows the learner to build awareness of one feature but by contrasting it and comparing it to other features that they come across." – Dr Michael Carey, Senior Lecturer in Education (TESOL) ISBN: 978-1-925497-67-0 (Paperback) 978-1-925497-72-4 (eBook) Price: $49.95 Format: Paperback Dimensions: 200mm x 265mm Contact author: Contact publisher:  Website: Australia Day Children's Book 2017-01-24T03:13:29Z australia-day-children-s-book Say G’Day to the Do-Its is a children’s picture book about a family of tradesman who save the town’s Australia Day celebrations by fixing the town hall in time for the Australia Day ball. The family is full of tradies with varying specialities, including builders, plumbers, and electricians. Author Johnno Flanagan is a trade qualified carpenter and pool builder who currently works at a Reece plumbing supplies trade centre. He was inspired to write Say G’Day to the Do-Its after he struggled to find suitable books for his sons when they were young. Johnno created Say G’Day to the Do-Its by discussing characters and ideas with his mate while driving twelve hours to and from Dysart in Queensland. The name Do-Its came from his time working with his mate on renovations at mining sites. They were referred to as the Do-Its because they got in and did what was necessary. Johnno's aim in writing this book was to have more 'blokes' reading to their kids. The book is currently available at some Mitre 10 outlets, and Childcare centres. It will initially be sold and promoted through industry trade stores, and local community retailers. Johnno is also happy to engage in speaking events at stores, schools, and libraries as well as childcare centres. Young readers can contact Les Do-It via email to take part in competitions, such as the current colouring competition, or ask questions about trade and construction. ISBN: 9780994556202 Price: $14.95 Format: Paperback Dimensions: 203mm x 254mm Contact author:  Contact publisher: Website: Get Healthy by Walking Around Australia with Gerry Couzens 2017-01-19T04:52:33Z get-healthy-by-walking-around-australia-with-gerry-couzens Destination – Better Health is the account of author Gerry Couzens as he finds a way to make exercise interesting again. Faced with health issues at 71 years of age, Gerry was told by doctors he needed to eat healthier and exercise more. Gerry started by walking around his one-acre block, but found he sometimes lost count of how many times he’d walked around. He moved on to using a treadmill, so he could keep track of how far he had travelled. He soon became bored with the lack of scenery and stimulus that the treadmill offered. He changed to walking in the streets around his home, but after a while this also bored him, even with the changing of the seasons. Gerry was looking at the Google Street View of an address on Google Maps when the realisation dawned on him that he could use Google Maps to walk around Australia. Entering in the distance walked and using Street View, Gerry walked from Brisbane to Darwin without ever being further than two kilometres from his home. No accommodation costs and no risk of being run over by road-trains. The challenge of this walk gave Gerry the motivation he needed to continue exercising. He decided to share this idea with others, with the goal of motivating them to start or continue their own regular exercise regime. Gerry includes in his book: tips to get started, examples of Destination – Better Health walks around Australia, and a page to record your very own Destination – Better Health walk. You can purchase your copy of Destination – Better Health from or through the InHouse Publishing bookstore. Wholesale orders can be made via the contact emails below. The eBook version is also available through Amazon Kindle (head to for the link). A True Survival Story: Overcoming Abuse and Bullying with Resilience, Strength, and Transformation 2017-01-17T04:44:49Z a-true-survival-story-overcoming-abuse-and-bullying-with-resilience-strength-and-transformation Set in the 1960s, In the Life of Another Day and Time follows the story of ‘Beryl’, a young child taken from her home by the government, only to be abused and bullied. This shocking story is actually a true account of author Cheryl Brealey’s childhood. At age nine, Beryl was taken from her grandfather’s home by the Welfare Department and placed in the government’s care. She was to become one of the white Forgotten Australians. Beryl and her siblings were moved through various children’s homes, including The Salvation Army, Bidura Girls Detention Centre, and finally, the Burnside Presbyterian Homes for Children. Beryl had little contact with her mother during this time. Finally, it was decided that if Beryl’s mother did not make contact with her children, they would become wards of the state and would become available for adoption into a new family, where they would stay permanently. The rest of this emotional journey unfolds in the pages of Cheryl’s memoir. About the Author Cheryl has written this book as a legacy to the resilience and strength she developed throughout her childhood and the transformation she made as she entered adulthood. The original manuscript was handwritten, and the entire publishing process took Cheryl three years to complete. The journey of writing her memoir was a long one, but one Cheryl undertook in order to make her voice heard and to help others:  “It’s been quite an achievement for me, especially at my age (sixty-three), going through PTSD. It took me over fifty years to break my silence; to have a clear voice to be heard; to now be able to help others along their way, by teaching them they can too can overcome abuse, with hope and kindness from within. So, if you have the drive and determination, don’t stop until you have succeeded in what you are trying to achieve.” Promotional Book Events In the Life of Another Day and Time was first launched at Mannelli’s Café at Burnside, Sydney, in October 2016. Cheryl has promoted her book at other events, including a fundraising event at Mindful Origins 88 Gallery, Redcliffe, in November 2016, where $10 from each book sale was donated to the White Ribbon Australia campaign. Other local book signing events have been promoted through The Redcliffe & Bayside Herald newspaper. Cheryl endeavours to continue to promote her book to bookshops, libraries, and charity organisations. For future event information or book signing opportunities, please contact Cheryl Brealey via post.   Community Engagement Opportunities Cheryl has also presented her book and film, based on her memoir, at libraries in New South Wales and Queensland. Her biggest dream would be to have her story on the big screen, to create awareness and to give a voice to others who have also been affected by abuse and bullying. Cheryl has adapted a screenplay from her memoir and is currently in discussions to develop it into a musical. Anyone looking to audition can send their expression of interest via post, with resume and profile. Roles are available for men, women, and children (boys and girls).   Future Books Cheryl is currently writing the sequel to In the Life of Another Day and Time and aims to have it published by late 2017.  Ancient Norwegian and Irish Mythology in a Contemporary World 2017-01-10T00:00:13Z ancient-norwegian-and-irish-mythology-in-a-contemporary-world Author Kathryn Berryman found herself returning to one particular book. Drawn by its primal beauty, the illuminated work was fascinating, worthy of admiration and respect. The book was the Book of Kells and Kathryn had no idea that this experience would eventually lead her to write the fantasy novel, Erinland. Ready for a new direction in life, Kathryn left work and began the inspiring and challenging experience of parenthood. Amidst busy family life and studying to become a teacher Erinland receded into the mist, waiting in the wings and biding its time. Once her children had finished school and began their adult lives she delved back into the world of Erinland. Kathryn worked hard nurturing her ‘first child’ to maturity, twenty-four years after its conception. Kathryn merged the history and mythology of ancient Norway and Ireland with the contemporary world, threading them into a rich tapestry of believable characters. Her mother’s Irish heritage, and the remembered stories from her childhood prompted the visit to Ireland where her own quest to bring Erinland to life began. Searching for acceptance and self-belief, the central characters of Erinland find themselves on a voyage of personal development. In keeping with this theme, Kathryn is donating 10% of every copy sold to support Father Chris Riley’s ‘Youth Off the Streets.’ The book launch for Erinland will be held at Mahratta in New South Wales on the 29th of January 2017. Kathryn will be promoting Erinland at various bookshops and libraries by engaging with readers through speaking events and book signings etc. ISBN: 9781925530001  Price $25 Format: Paperback Dimensions: 135mm x 215mm Contact author: Contact publisher: Website: Have you ever seen your Narnee’s knees? 2017-01-05T03:37:28Z have-you-ever-seen-your-narnee-s-knees Narnee’s Knees is a funny, quirky rhyming picture book, written by Gold Coast author Wendy Butler. It is written from the innocent perspective of young children who love their grandmother "Narnee"and are oblivious to her flaws -in particular her knees, which are a little special. Narnee’s Knees captivates the imagination of adults and children alike. Whilst providing enjoyment and entertainment, this fun and colourful story along with the intriguing mixed media illustrations, can’t help but encourage parents and grandparents to become involved and in turn supporting the language and literacy of their young children. Wendy, a ‘kiwi’ with a Welsh and Scottish heritage, is the youngest of four children. Her ‘most fortunate, idyllic and carefree childhood’ was spent outdoors, playing, exploring and camping. These amazing life experiences definitely moulded Wendy’s carefree nature and her love of the beach. Sustaining a vivid imagination since childhood, Wendy has maintained her irresistible love for children’s books. For many years, Wendy has had a ‘phobia’ around her own ‘wrinkly’ knees and on entering a new phase in her life, she has been blessed with grandchildren who call her ‘Narnee’. And so her inspiration for Narnee’s Knees was derived. The vision for Narnee’s Knees was further supported, when Wendy met Jo-Anne, a graphic designer, whom Wendy later found out had had a lifelong interest in children’s books and aspired to illustrating a book herself. They just connected, having similar tastes and ideas, and worked closely together to create the amazingly inviting illustrations. Wendy has worked in various roles in early childhood education throughout her working life. She began as a Preschool Teacher in New Zealand and then moved to Australia, working in similar roles in NSW and QLD. Branching out into TAFE, teaching part time, she then moved into working in Inclusion Support, assisting childcare educators, with the inclusion of children with additional needs into mainstream education environments. Currently she works with City Libraries, Gold Coast in an Early Literacy Program. Wendy is working on promoting her book through venues such as Early Childhood Centres as well as specialist book and children’s stores. BOOK INDUSTRY CALLS ON GOVERNMENT TO WRITE OFF PRODUCTIVITY COMMISSION REPORT 2016-12-20T02:06:40Z book-industry-calls-on-government-to-write-off-productivity-commission-report Authors, publishers, booksellers, literary agents and book printers, united as the #BooksCreate Australia alliance, call on the Government to reject recommendations on copyright in the Productivity Commission’s Report on Australia’s Intellectual Property Arrangements that offer no tangible consumer benefits yet risk a $2 billion creative industry. Internationally bestselling and acclaimed Australian author, Richard Flanagan described the report as ‘predictable: an 80s ideology in search of a victim. The Productivity Commission is like a deranged hairdresser insisting their client wears a mullet wig. “At this time of economic difficulty I hope the government rejects the report and seeks to help the book industry, its 20,000 strong work force, and the creators who bring Australia global good will, pay taxes, and effectively receive no direct taxpayer subsidy.” The Australian book industry invests in new printing technology, new Australian writers, creates culture and enhances national literacy. It employs 20,000 fellow Australians, contributing $2 billion to our economy per annum. Distinguished Professor of Economics at Macquarie University, David Throsby AO said, “when it comes to books and copyright, the government should leave things as they are.” President of the Australian Publishers Association, Louise Adler AM said, “The Productivity Commission has ignored more than 400 expert submissions in response to a draft report that was widely criticised as biased, based on narrow analysis and out-of-date data. “Look at the Christmas bestseller lists that star Australian books up there alongside international blockbusters. Australians love reading great writing by Australian authors,” said Ms Adler. “Back in 1998, New Zealand used this exact proposal suggested by the Commission to undermine territorial copyright and remove Parallel Importation Rules (PIRs). New Zealand book prices have dropped by 14% while Australian book prices have dropped by 25% since then. The range of books available to Australians has expanded while in New Zealand the range has shrunk by 34%. In New Zealand the proposals decimated an industry and their nation’s ability to tell the range of their own stories. “The US, UK and Europe have no plans to remove their versions of PIRs and territorial copyright. Why would we?” asked Ms Adler. “These proposals risk Australia’s ability to publish great Australian stories by the next generation of talent. Imagine an Australian childhood without books like Diary of a Wombat, Possum Magic, the Treehouse series; or great Australian writing like Cloudstreet and True History of the Kelly Gang,” said Ms Adler. Leading author, Thomas Keneally AO said, “I would like to invite my old friend, Malcolm Turnbull, to make this a bipartisan matter. Comparison with New Zealand, which has done away with PIR, shows the book prices there are no cheaper. But the range, oh the range! ­— it is gone.” CEO of Australia’s leading independent publisher, Allen and Unwin, Robert Gorman said, “Local publishers directly invest $120 million in Australian writers and the promotion of Australian stories each year. The Commission's recommendations would jeopardise that investment and risk returning Australian writing to the days when London and New York publishers decided what Australians read.” Australians enjoy access to the largest network of independent bookshops in the English-language market, including winner of the Best International Bookshop - Readings Group of Melbourne (London Book Fair 2016). Co-owner of Sydney’s Gleebooks, David Gaunt said, “local publishers produce around half of the books we sell to our 200,000 customers each year in store and online. There is no way that the abolition of PIRs will benefit the Australian consumer interested in sustaining the health of Australian writing and the industry underpinning it. “Across more than 40 years in bookselling, the most significant and positive change in our industry has been the phenomenal growth in the Australian publication of Australian writers. We have seen a substantial increase in Australian published books, produced to the highest international standards, increasingly efficient pricing and industry commitment to fast supply of international books within 14 days,” said Mr Gaunt. CEO of the Australian Booksellers Association, Joel Becker said, "The recommendations of the Productivity Commission report make no economic sense. To characterise PIRs as inhibiting price and speed of availability is not true, and we have the comparative data to prove it.” CEO of the Australian Society of Authors, Juliet Rogers said, “20,000 fellow Australians signed our petition in support of Australian authors and the contribution they make to our cultural life. The Productivity Commission apparently wants to squeeze their incomes and devalue their work, without being able to demonstrate any tangible benefits from the changes that they are proposing. We hope that the PM and his Government will show more understanding and ignore this damaging and ill-considered report.” CEO of the Print Industry Association of Australia, Andrew Macaulay noted “the local print industry has invested in jobs and cutting edge technology to become highly efficient and responsive in the fast-moving contemporary book market. Any government that cares about jobs or growth in Australia will not adopt recommendations that would threaten that investment and have no benefit for consumers.” CEO of the Australian Publishers Association, Michael Gordon-Smith said, “The #BooksCreate Australia alliance is also concerned about the Commission’s recommendations to import US legal frameworks around Fair Use. This is akin to importing American Toads to eat cane beetles and assumes that American ideas about fairness are better than ours.” National Print Secretary, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, Lorraine Cassin asked, “why would the Productivity Commission want to bet against the Australian economy and an Australian industry that employs over 20,000 people? Its recommendations would negatively impact up to 66,000 jobs, many in regional Australia, and damage Australia’s chances to build a knowledge-based economy. There is nothing to recommend them.” The Labor Party, Australian Greens, Nick Xenophon Team and independent federal politicians including Jacqui Lambie all declared their support for our local book industry, and the importance of copyright in response to this report. The #BooksCreate Australia alliance now calls on the Government to confirm its support of Australia’s book industry and its intention to uphold internationally recognised standards for all copyright holders. For interviews with authors and industry leaders, photo opps and more information please contact: Emma Rusher, Books Create Australia T 0423 213 626 | E ABOUT #BOOKSCREATE AUSTRALIA #bookscreate Twitter, Facebook, Instagram The peak national associations of the book industry are strategic partners of #BooksCreate Australia and include the Australian Booksellers Association, Australian Literary Agents Association, Australian Publishers Association, Australian Society of Authors, The Children’s Book Council of Australia and Printing Industries Association of Australia. The alliance advocates industry-led initiatives to respond to consumer needs and the changing demands of today’s digital world. We’re for great Australian writing, our local book industry and all the wonderful things #bookscreate. Work Club wants to help bring side projects to life, launching after hours memberships 2016-12-19T21:10:00Z work-club-wants-to-help-bring-side-projects-to-life-launching-after-hours-memberships 20 December 2016 - Melbourne. Work Club Melbourne today launches its ‘side project’ membership, catering for anyone who wants to bring their side project to life. The membership provides access to Work Club on weekends and after 5.00pm on weekdays. Including all the benefits of Work Club after hours, the space is the ideal environment to grow a startup or develop a new career. Work Club member, ex Managing Director of Artesian Venture Partners and now founder and CEO of a new startup Xchange, Caitlin Iles, said “When I was working full-time and trying to develop Xchange I spent hours sitting in café or hotel lobbies feeding off the energy of its patrons. I was looking for a space like Work Club that I could access before and after work and on weekends where I could focus and incubate my ideas. I only wish I had found Work Club earlier in my journey of being a founder, I am sure I would have been months ahead of where I am now.” “My new business Xchange is currently in its infancy - we are preparing to launch in 2017. Without a doubt the quality of the interiors, the team and caliber of my colleagues at Work Club in Melbourne and Sydney have brought a level of credibility to my business that has given us a head start. In many ways it feels like an unfair advantage.” Founder of Work Club, Soren Trampedach, who has also designed workplaces for Google and Microsoft, said, “Being a Work Club member gives you so much more than just access to the highest quality workspace. Members also have access to our entertainment and hospitality lounges, concierge services, and member relationships so those starting their side project journey can meet people who are further along and can provide advice and inspiration to help with new ideas and information.” “We know that there are many people currently working in a corporate job that are either starting their own business on the side, or planning to become an independent consultant. This creates a need for energizing and inspiring environments where these corporate escapees can safely begin their transition to life outside of traditional employment. This side project membership provides a soft landing.” Ten side project memberships are available at Work Club Melbourne. Work Club Sydney plan to introduce this membership category in early 2017. More information: