The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-05-11T00:23:32Z First Of Its Kind Epsom Salt Soap Bar 2017-05-11T00:23:32Z first-of-its-kind-epsom-salt-soap-bar Chemcorp International is pleased to announce their first Bathefex Epsom Salt Soap Bar. Joining the wonderful at-home, do-it-yourself Bathefex range, this soap bar is the first of its kind in Australia. Marketing Manager of Chemcorp International, Erica Galea, says, “Formulated with the perfect combination of ingredients, these new products bring a little relaxation to every day cleansing. Epsom Salts are continuing to become more popular as everyone is learning the benefits are limitless. This new soap bar is soothing, cleansing and smells amazing with the inclusion of Lavender Oil and Shea Butter.” The luxurious Epsom Salt Soap Bar has been formulated for daily cleansing, or to complement a Bathefex™ Epsom Salt Bath. A daily cleansing bar with luxurious body benefits: • Epsom Salt to soothe muscles • Lavender Oil to relax & calm • Vitamin E & Shea Butter to nourish Bathefex Epsom Salt Soap Bar – RRP $3.49 Pamper your body, mind and spirit with our unique combination of Epsom Salt, Essential Oils and nourishing ingredients chosen to effectively cleanse, remove dead skin cells and retain skin moisture to leave skin glowing and lightly scented. Bathefex is available in now at How To Integrate Your Pets Stylishly 2017-05-09T23:36:09Z how-to-integrate-your-pets-stylishly Whether you like it or not, your furry family member’s water bowl you kick over every day is there to stay, so why not incorporate your pets needs into your home styling, making you both happy. Stylish and sophisticated, and most importantly… practical! “As a pet lover and owner, I know how important it is to make sure your pet feels comfortable and part of the family home. Just because your place needs to be pet friendly, there is absolutely no need to compromise on style or quality! There are so many options for integrating your pets into your home and trends show pet owners are now being bolder than ever before to make a big statement when it comes to pet styling,” says Justine. Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors shares her top tips: 1. Designer Accessories Beauty Sleep: We know that no matter how much you spend on your pet’s bed, they will always choose your lap, face or your bed over their own. However, it’s worth a try to get them to find their sleeping spot, and when they do it may as well be a stylish one. Custom Made Furniture: With interesting designs can act as décor and not just a paw-printed bed to kick out the way. Cabinets holding food bowls, cat litter trays or all their accessories from leads to collars and brushes are essential! Jonathan Adler: Vault Interiors love his pet designs, which show that practical pet design can definitely be stylish too, putting pet accessories on display as part of your home. 2. Pet-Friendly Furniture Patterns: Fabrics with patterns are a good option to consider for hiding evidence of pet fur. It can help to camouflage the fur as well as marks and stains. Leather: Pet owners love leather. It is somewhat resistant to odour and it doesn’t attract pet fur. Stains, spills and fur wipe off easily with a cloth. If your dog does happen to leave a scratch, you can usually buff it out. Vault interiors suggest hardwearing leather over a soft and delicate one. Go for distressed leather; it will draw less attention to scratches and scuffs. Furniture Protection: If your furniture came before your pet and it isn’t quite pet-friendly, it is best to protect what you can and scotch guard the upholstery. Slipcovers for couches and throw blankets will also help if your pets won’t stay off the couch… or if you can’t resist the cuddles! Fabrics: Avoid chenille, velvet, wool, linen, silk, and tweed. 3. The Right Pet For Your Home Flooring: Hardwood and carpet floors call for smaller pets, which won’t scratch or dirty it. If you have stone, tile or laminate flooring, you could be coming home with a big furry friend and not have to worry about scratches or damage. Pet Choice: If you are looking into getting a pet but don’t have any specifications, you will want to look at your home design to see what best suits. If you have light lounge sofa set, a black cat probably won’t be the best idea. A fish tank or aquarium is a great low maintenance option as it acts as a design focal point and animal companion. AUSSIES TO SAVE $270M ON FLIGHTS TO ASIA PACIFIC 2017-05-04T03:07:06Z aussies-to-save-270m-on-flights-to-asia-pacific More Australians than ever are searching for getaways according to the Cheapflights Compass 2017 report, which revealed the most popular and affordable hot spots for local travel lovers, along with the best ways to save this year. Conducted by, this, the second annual Cheapflights Compass, analysed over 13.5 million searches – almost eight years’ collective search time per month (that’s two more years than in 2016 and a 42 per cent increase in total searches!) – to uncover how Aussies can save time and money when booking their next trip to Asia Pacific, and new for 2017, favourite long haul destinations in Europe, the US and beyond.    The leading global flight search and travel deals platform found fares to the Asia Pacific region are 12 per cent cheaper year-on-year, with Indonesia retaining its #1 ranking across both popularity and cost. Here, an average return airfare is just $528 (a decrease of approximately $60 from last year) and one in ten (14 per cent) Aussie flight searches in the region were to Bali. While India (13 per cent of searches), Thailand (11 per cent) and China (10 per cent) are hot on Indonesia’s heels for the popularity prize, Malaysia ($550), Singapore ($556) and Fiji ($634) are the next most affordable countries – knocking last year’s place-getters, Thailand and Philippines, out to fifth and eleventh respectively. Nathan Graham, Regional Sales Manager at Cheapflights ANZ, said that while affordable flights to new cities in already beloved destinations will lure locals over the year ahead, China is a destination to watch. “Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing all feature in the top 30 most popular and cheapest Asian destinations (under $729), and the country is already Sydney’s number one most searched country in Asia Pacific. With increasing business and trade deals encouraging reciprocal travel with more flights and cheaper airfares, the number of Aussies visiting this Asian giant will take off,” he said. “Our research also revealed some amazing opportunities for savvy locals to save while exploring both easy-to-reach and culturally rich destinations. For example, flying to Ho Chi Minh City instead of Hanoi in Vietnam can save $132 on average, and skipping French Polynesia ($2,316) to head to New Caledonia could mean an extra $1,500 in spending money – that’s a lot of baguettes. “With flights around 12 per cent cheaper on average this year, we estimate that Aussies could save up to a quarter of a billion dollars on their travels in 2017 if they search smartly,” said Mr Graham. Beyond Asia Pacific, the Cheapflights Compass also examined top long haul ports and found: ·       London keeps calling and with direct flights available from Perth early next year, it could be the new Dubai, as Aussies combine a Perth stop-over with a European holiday. ·       Vancouver put Canada on the map, coming in at number five on the most popular long haul destination list (after London, Los Angeles, New York and Paris), possibly fueled by the positive media coverage around Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. ·       Berlin retains its European hipster haven crown, being the seventh most searched for long haul destination. Unfortunately, it was also the continent’s most expensive place to fly to in Europe, along with Barcelona ($1,529 and $1,536 respectively).  ·       Aussies are driving a December and January peak for long haul travel, with secondary spikes in June and July as locals head to the Northern Hemisphere to escape winter. Searching closer to home, the report also revealed: ·       Crossing the Tasman remains one of the most travelled routes with the major cities being both popular and affordable – average return airfares costing less than $430. ·       Melbourne is the most popular domestic destination, ahead of Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, confirming that Aussies love good food, coffee and culture. ·       Melbourne and Sydney are also the most affordable cities (both under $260), but swapping Brisbane for the Gold Coast could save $44 per person. Nathan Graham said that along with smart city swaps, the Cheapflights Compass revealed key tips for searchers. “Whether you’re looking for a getaway in Oz, Asia Pacific, or far flung countries, the day of the week you choose to search increasingly has very little effect on airfares (prices vary by less than one per cent across the week). However, the day you choose to depart and how far in advance you book both have a much bigger impact on price. “Travelling on a Tuesday is up to eight per cent cheaper than departing on a Friday – and gone are the days of cheap last-minute deals, as booking less than a week in advance could cost you up to 13 per cent more for a domestic flight, eight per cent to cross the ditch, and 17 per cent more on international airfares. Generally speaking, three months in advance is the sweet spot for finding the best price.” To find out more, see the full Cheapflights Compass report, or visit to search your next holiday. ENDS *NOTES TO EDITORS: The Cheapflights Compass is a research series from Cheapflights, a global flight comparison and deals publishing platform. It taps into search, price and travel trends to uncover insights that help consumers make informed, savvy holiday decisions. The Cheapflights Compass explored the most popular destinations, search trends and the most affordable airports based on the average round-trip airfares for domestic, Trans-Tasman, APAC and select long-haul flights from key airports nationwide. The insights are based on information gathered from almost 13.5 million searches via or the app between March 2016 and February 2017, and analysed by an independent data scientist.  Childhood friends put the personal back into booking luxury travel accommodation 2017-05-03T09:46:11Z childhood-friends-put-the-personal-back-into-booking-luxury-travel-accommodation Two Australian school friends are on a mission to buck the trend of huge travel booking companies by providing a specialised concierge service for holidays in Asia. At a time when interacting with fully automated booking sites are the norm, Asia Holiday Retreats aims to keep their booking services very personal.Launched by Sydney natives Mark Tulloch and Nathan Ryan, who have a combined 40 years of experience in the hospitality and travel industries, Asia Holiday Retreats has more than 500 hand-picked luxury villas and accommodations across Asia including Bali, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Unlike many online booking companies, Asia Holiday Retreats has staff on hand to talk person-to-person on the phone and arrange far more than just accommodation.Mr Tulloch said: “We saw a gap in the market for true attention to detail for people booking luxury holidays in Asia and wanted to provide a full concierge service that our customers can trust. We have high customer return because our services are guaranteed. “Not only do we have amazing accommodations to suit mid to high end budgets but we also have local travels tips and booking services for each location and can recommend restaurants, activities and tours. For those looking for something more specific, we can arrange tailor-made surf, golf and health retreats or whatever the customer desires. Mr Ryan added: “Having travelled extensively ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be trying to book a holiday and you can’t get all the answers on a web page; that’s why we provide one-to-one care to take stress out of the whole process.”The men’s career paths have given them a rich understanding of the industry with Mr Ryan having an established a real estate and villa management company in Bali while Mr Tulloch started at the bottom in the hospitality trade in Australia and ending up turning around 5 star boutique hotels in London to become top performing businesses.Since Asia Holiday Retreats was started in 2014, they’ve expanded considerably and are looking to go global in the near future. And with the luxury villa rental market already estimated to be worth over AU$25billion, and Airbnb recently acquiring Luxury Retreats for AU$265million, the vision of Mark and Nathan is clear.“We believe it’s important to grow the business at a steady rate and that’s why we began by focusing on the emerging Asian market,” said Mr Ryan. "We aim to build on that in the future. We aren’t trying to compete with the likes of Expedia or Airbnb because what we provide is a totally different service that isn’t suited to luxury travelers, but we do aim to overtake them because we believe this is what the customer wants. The days of booking a holiday in an actual travel shop are long gone but this is the perfect solution between a travel agency and a completely impersonal booking site." Chemcorp International enter the world of wellbeing 2017-05-01T05:54:08Z chemcorp-international-enter-the-world-of-wellbeing Leading Australian beauty distributor Chemcorp International has today announced the acquisition of the Natural Health Company. The move into the health and wellbeing category will see them take over the Natural Health Company’s already successful range of natural and organic weight loss products. John Fisher, Chemcorp International CEO says, “We’re thrilled to announce this move into the health and wellbeing category. When we started the business 25 years ago the focus was looking good on the outside. Today we’re very aware that our customers now want to look good from the inside out. For us, Natural Health Company was a perfect fit within our current portfolio of brands.” Chemcorp International is an Australian owned and operated company with over 25 years’ experience across various industries, including beauty, hair and wellbeing, as both a manufacturer and distributor. Every Natural Health Company product is made with the best quality natural or organic ingredients. The protein used in the natural range, is a Whey Protein Isolate, which come from grass-fed cows, therefore is lower in lactose, and easier to digest. The organic protein range contains a combination of pea and bio fermented brown rice protein, flavoured with locally sourced organic dried fruits. The fat burning coffee range, Skinny Bean, uses the finest instant Brazilian coffee. The Natural Health Company product range currently includes: Protein Range: Organic Fusion, Diet Slim, Body Shape Natural Fat Burning Coffee: Skinny Bean – Mocha, Espresso & Chino Superfood Detox: Skinny Detox, Greens & Berries Natural Health Company products are Australian made, gluten free, sweetened naturally and contain a range of weight loss ingredients, antioxidants and essentials. They are designed to help consumers reach their weight loss goals faster and keep them feeling naturally energised all day. “We have some exciting new product developments already in the pipeline that we’re looking forward to releasing very soon – so stay tuned,” said John. The Concealed Reality of Short-Stay Rentals 2017-05-01T03:40:48Z the-concealed-reality-of-short-stay-rentals The Australian property market is always a hot topic up for debate in the media, but what is not usually brought to light is the effects of short-stay rentals, specifically Airbnb. Justin Ferguson, Founder and Principal of Ferguson Property Agents, raises the issues that have developed as a result of the burgeoning popularity of new age, short-stay renting services. Justin Ferguson says, “As the sharing economy of Airbnb continues to boom, there are increasing issues that come with the management and legality of these properties. “Currently, local councils and governments are struggling to keep up with the growth of short- stay rentals and are increasingly put under pressure to implement laws to make this sharing economy explosion fair for everyone.“ he continues. Some key factors that are raised when it comes to Airbnb rentals: As per The Tenants Union, sub-letting must be approved in writing, by the property manager or landlord, which is a step that is largely being skipped by the majority of Airbnb rentals – this breaks the terms of the lease and brings issues of insurance coverage and security. If you are a host of property on Airbnb and you have not declared participation in the sharing economy, then you may be subject to hefty fines from not just the council but the Australian Taxation Office and State Revenue Offices. There is currently a severe lack of understanding between local governments in each state. The NSW government is yet to enforce legislation for short-stay rentals with only six councils within Sydney stating they allow short-term rentals with some requiring permission to be given. 60.8%* of properties available in Sydney are now whole residential properties with body corporates and property managers concerned that the vast expansion of properties are being rented out illegally and disturbing traditional rentals. Justin adds, “The main issue I see with Airbnb in the rental market is that it is unregulated and confusing. Increasingly, we are seeing hosts being fined for not declaring their extra income from their Airbnb rental, as it is technically ‘unauthorised’. “On top of that, the housing market is already in very high demand and challenging to break into without properties being acquired for the purpose Airbnb rentals,” he states. For more information about Ferguson Property Agents, please visit: * For further information or to speak with Justin Ferguson, contact 360 PR: Rachel King – – 02 9571 4448 – 0423 833 814 Shark Shield Announces Breakthrough Long Range Shark Deterrent 2017-04-30T20:00:00Z shark-shield-announces-breakthrough-long-range-shark-deterrent Media Release - 1 May 2017 Following their presentation at the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures last week, Shark Shield, manufacturers of the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent, has today announced the pre-production release of a long-range version of its technology. The new Shark Shield Ocean Guardian is based on 20 years of research and utilizes a patented Metamaterial Electromagnetic Transducer, with expectations of repelling sharks within a 100-meter diameter of each unit installed. Lindsay Lyon, Shark Shield CEO says, “The Ocean Guardian has been many years in the making and has come about through a partnership with leading physicists and biologists. We have been able to produce a long-range shark deterrent solution to not only protect beach goers but significantly reduce the environmental impacts caused by using shark nets, drum lines and culling.” The new transducer form is based on technology used to treat patients in the medical field including, oncology, urology and other chronic diseases, with clinical studies demonstrating that the electromagnetic field does not affect the health of humans or ocean life, such as sharks or dolphins. “Sharks have small short range electrical receptors in their snouts used for finding food. Shark Shield’s electromagnetic field causes unbearable spasms in these sensitive sensors, which turn sharks away, this has been well proven over the past twenty years. The Ocean Guardian leverages this weakness in sharks to not only deter them, but in the long run we hope to teach them to stay away from beaches protected by Shark Shield,” says Lyon. “Classical conditioning, also known as Pavlovianor respondent conditioning, refers to a learning procedure in which a biologically potent stimulus, such as food, is paired with a previously neutral stimulus, such as long term use of Shark Shield Ocean Guardian. With our Ocean Guardian in place, over time sharks will learn to not enter the area and over time will avoid the area due to the unpleasant effects of the electromagnetic field,” adds Lyon. Facts about the Shark Shield Ocean Guardian: The Ocean Guardian transducer utilizes Metamaterials, or sometimes also known as Artificial Electromagnetic Materials, these are new materials, which have anomalous interaction with electromagnetic fields. The engineering of these unique materials results in physical properties not otherwise obtainable with natural materials enabling advanced improvements in the performance of conventional electromagnetic devices. Starting from these concepts and theoretical background of artificial electromagnetic materials and metamaterials, Shark Shield has developed a transducer with significantly improved losses. The creation of this negative index material has resulted in a reduction of transducer losses in producing electromagnetic fields, this innovation has led to the new long range technology in the new Shark Shield Ocean Guardian Shark Shield is seeking a $1M in investment capital to complete the commercialization of the Ocean Guardian, which will also be targeted at the global luxury yacht market, and will be partnering with independent scientists to further validate the company’s own extensive testing. About Shark Shield Shark Shield is the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Sharks have small short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for locating food. Shark Shield’s unique three-dimensional electrical waveform turns sharks away by causing unbearable spasms in these sensitive receptors. Used by professionals, such as navies around the world, Shark Shield is a safety device providing peace of mind, while supporting the conservation of sharks. If you’re serious about adventure, you wear a Shark Shield. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ For further information or to set up and interview with Lindsay Lyon from Shark Shield, please contact: Rachel King @ 360 PR: 0423 833 814 or Inner West Trends from Q1 with Cameron Nicholls 2017-04-27T03:07:32Z inner-west-trends-from-q1-with-cameron-nicholls Abbotsford based property expert and founder of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents, Cameron Nicholls, recaps the results from the first quarter of 2017 and shares his predictions for the inner west in the run to the end of financial year. Cameron Nicholls, Founder and Principal of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents, says of the next quarter (Q2), “With Easter and Anzac Day at the start of the quarter, the market will start off quite unsettled as with the holidays usually comes a slower start in the housing market than normal.” No need to fret, Cameron reassures, “I expect that there will be a flurry of new listings in the form of one and two bedroom apartments hitting the market at the beginning of the second quarter. So, it’s looking up for people looking to enter the property market or downsizing from the family home to apartment living.” Abbotsford Property Statistics for Q1: Total properties sold - 21 Highest sale price - $2,060,000 Median sale price - $1,317,083.33 Percentage of houses vs units: 90.5/9.5 The most recent sales from Nicholls & Co include: 27/16 Orchards Avenue, Breakfast Point - $990,000 101/4 Lewis Ave, Rhodes - $1,530,000 11/33 Peninsula Drive, Breakfast Point - $2,700,000 13/22 Harrow Road, Stanmore - $425,000 368 Georges River Road, Croydon Park - $1,251,000 203/12 Orchards Avenue, Breakfast Point - $990,000 For more information go to EcoTools Unveils New Modern Eco Collection 2017-04-27T01:30:00Z ecotools-unveils-new-modern-eco-collection EcoTools®, a leader in authentic beauty, celebrates its 10th anniversary milestone with the unveiling of the New Modern Eco Collection, featuring gorgeous rebranding and new product innovation. With a bold, fresh and contemporary look, the brand advances its makeup brush collection, including pioneering the first-ever makeup sponge made from plant based materials. As part of the 10 year milestone, the entire collection has evolved based on the wants and needs of today’s women and features a refreshed logo and packaging with clean colours and modern metallic accents. Highlight updates include: Redesigned makeup brushes, featuring tapered light-weight brush handles still made from renewable bamboo, for improved comfort and performance, in a brighter wood colour, with contemporary gunmetal ferrules and beautiful ombre bristles. On-package education that takes the intimidation out of the makeup brush aisle. Each product directly links to a recommended colour cosmetic pairing, showcases the end benefit, features a face chart for application and identifies the level of coverage to help simplifying her beauty routine. Continuing to be eco-minded, the entire 2017 collection is comprised of renewable and recyclable materials including tree-free paper, vegetable based inks and RPET clamshell packaging, to help remove materials from the waste stream. 100% vegan and PETA certified, with all EcoTools makeup brushes and sponges you can be assured your beauty routine is as good for the environment as it is for your makeup finish! For more information, please contact Rachel King @ 360 PR: / (02) 9571 4448 How to Bust Stopover Boredom 2017-04-19T07:42:58Z how-to-bust-stopover-boredom Stopovers can be taxing and an energy sponge often putting travellers on edge, but they are a necessity for long haul flights.  Nathan Graham, Regional Sales Manager of Cheapflights ANZ said: “With the majority (82 per cent) of Aussies selecting long haul over short haul destinations, local travellers are spending hours in airports during stopovers – so having a plan to make the most of the journey can help start your holiday on the right foot.”  To help get the clock ticking faster on your next stopover, has compiled seven boredom-busting tips. 1. Get moving – If you find yourself with a few hours or more to kill between flights, one of the best things you can do to keep busy is to get moving – so hit the gym or take a brisk walk through the terminal. You’ll also burn calories, feel less sluggish and you release some of the frustration of being stuck at an airport.  2. Get a spa treatment – In addition to fitness centres, many airports offer spa services that can make for a relaxing and indulgent way to beat the monotony during a stopover, and start your holiday early. With treatments such as massages, manicures, oxygen and aromatherapy, skincare and waxing available, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 3. Go sightseeing – Depending on how long your stopover is and transfer times from and to the airport, it might be worth leaving to do some sightseeing. Grab a map from an information kiosk and take a shuttle bus or public transport into the town to explore. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get back so you don’t miss your flight. 4. Pay for lounge access – Particularly long stopovers can be tough to handle when you’re tired or just need a break from the throngs of people around you. If that’s the case, you can pay for day use at many of the airport lounges. Perks at each vary, but you can expect comfortable seating, showers, free Wi-Fi, snacks, drinks and newspapers. 5. Window shop – According to research from Cheapflights, 71 per cent of Aussies make duty free purchases. The bigger the airport, the better the array of shops, so depending on where you are, you might be able to spend a good chunk of time browsing and shopping.  6. People watch – Airports are one of the best places to people watch since there are so many travellers at any given time. Find a comfortable spot and spend some time observing the different types of people who pass you. If you’re feeling creative, play a game guessing where they’re going. 7. Have a drink – It’s never a good idea to drink too much before a flight, but 60 per cent of Aussies will have a cheeky tipple before boarding. And it’s no wonder, as many major airports now have wine bars, cafes and restaurants offering the ideal setting to sit back and relax with travel companions or a good book.   For more information about your next holiday adventure, visit  ENDS CHEAPFLIGHTS – Founded in 1996, Cheapflights is a leading global flight comparison and deals publishing platform dedicated to taking the complexity out of finding the best value flights through the application of innovative, intuitive technologies: Smart search. Made simple. It is now a market leader in the UK, US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand generating over AU $4 billion (£2 billion) in global downstream revenue for its partners as it expands in to numerous other territories. Over 120 million users visit its websites and apps each year, receiving more than two billion search results a month from across 900,000 routes. The 10 million strong opt-in subscribers to the Cheapflights newsletter received over 1.25 billion targeted emails during 2015, offering the best deals from over 120 travel businesses – for whom it has driven more than AU $80 million (£40 million) in revenue this year. Together, the Cheapflights platforms generate enough bookings for its partners to fill a Boeing 747 every five minutes.  In 2011, Cheapflights became part of the privately‐owned online travel search and inspiration network, Momondo Group.  Follow us on Twitter: @Cheapflights  Join us on Facebook: Smart Space Saving Ideas! 2017-04-19T00:12:06Z smart-space-saving-ideas Smart Space Saving Ideas Design & Styling Tips by Justine Wilson Media Release - April 2017 With more and more of us compromising space for a vibrant inner city lifestyle, it’s hard to imagine that with a few small changes to our living quarters we can not only create more space, but also a more organised way of living. “There are so many wonderful DIY space saving options out there now! Every home is different and so are your needs and wants, so it’s important to work out which options are within your budget and what solutions are the smartest for your home,” says Justine. Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors shares her top space saving tips: 1. Seasonal Storage – Who doesn’t want a streamline immaculate wardrobe? If yours is bursting at the seams, divide your clothing and accessories into seasons. Just pack away and rotate when required. Space bags, shoe storage boxes and under bed storage boxes are all quick, easy and affordable ways to do this. 2. Multifunctional Furniture – Investing in multifunctional furniture is one of the smartest ways to free up more space. Beds and ottomans with storage are the most common and easiest to find. The IKEA Malm bed offers four drawers of storage and an optional bedhead with shelving for books or accessories. 3. Dual Purpose Spaces – Try converting a spare bedroom into both a study area and guest room by using a sofa bed instead of a traditional bed is one great idea. In the past, finding a sofa bed was limiting, however you no longer have to compromise on style as there are many well designed sofa bed options available. 4. Smart Storage – Joinery is a significant way to change the way you live and has endless possibilities when it comes to storage. Unused areas can be transformed into functional storage spaces with only a small amount of work, e.g. bench seating built under windows or storage under the staircase. Something like these stairs (below) require a little more time and money but we think the result is definitely worthwhile! 5. Think Vertical – Why not use walls to create space? Pegboards are flexible and fun and can be used for both practical and display purposes. Regardless of whether you’re hanging cleaning essentials or an ornament arrangement, you can add colour and life to your walls with only a small amount of effort. 6. Floating Furniture – Floating shelves are a light, open and seamless way to display items. We love to utilise perspex or glass box shelving to create a sophisticated and interesting way to showcase items you may not have room to display. These can be stagnant or can act as changing artworks within your home. For more information, please visit Zeal launches new Classic colour palette 2017-04-18T00:16:44Z zeal-launches-new-classic-colour-palette Proving that kitchenware can be fashionable as well as functional Zeal is pleased to announce their new Classic Silicone Range now available in Australia. This new range exudes style with no compromise on quality and radiates a fabulous cool, calming palette of pale blue, grey, green and cream which has taken direction from the latest trends in interiors. With over 35 years experience in the field, UK silicone experts Zeal manufacture their products to the highest possible standards with EEC quality approved silicone which remains odourless and will not absorb flavours or stain during use. All Zeal products are BPA free, heat resistant to at least 250°C, dishwasher safe, non-scratch and suitable for non-stick pans and come with a 10 Year Warranty. The new Zeal Classic Silicone Range includes: Zeal Silicone Slotted Turner RRP $16.95 – Steel strengthened, hard nylon core to provide flexibility and durability, 300mm (L). Zeal Silicone Spatula Spoon 20cm RRP $12.95 & 26cm RRP $16.95 – Steel strengthened, provides a unique and flexible square ended kitchen spoon. Zeal Silicone Ergo Spatula RRP $13.95 – Steel strengthened with an ergonomically designed spatula head – perfect for getting the last drop out of jars. Zeal Silicone Tongs RRP $12.95/$21.95 – Grooved ergonomic, anti pinch handles, perfect grip silicone heads, easy to handle dimensions & mechanism. Available in 7 inches and 12 inches. Zeal Silicone Cooks Spoon 30cm RRP $19.95 – Unique reinforced steel construction throughout, perfect for use on non-stick pans. Zeal Silicone Whisk RRP $19.95 – Silicone-coated wires protect your ceramic bowls & non-stick pans, silicone handle with ball end for comfortable hold while whisking. Available in green & cream. 260mm (L) x 60mm (W). Zeal Silicone Measuring Spoon Set RRP $16.95 – Tablespoon (beechwood), Teaspoon, 1⁄2 Teaspoon, 1⁄4 Teaspoon & 1/8 Teaspoon. Zeal Silicone Large Hot Mat 22cm RRP $14.95 – Heat resistant multi-use silicone surface protector, features non-slip grooves and hanging loop. Zeal Silicone Baking Mat RRP $24.95 – Non-stick preparation, baking and freezing sheet withstands high temperatures up to 300°C. Suitable for the oven, dishwasher, freezer and microwave. Much more environmentally friendly than baking paper! 420mm (L) x 295mm (W). The new Zeal Classic Range is available now at Forget the books. Give mum an experience to remember this Mother's Day with DreamTrips 2017-03-29T23:25:56Z forget-the-books-give-mum-an-experience-to-remember-this-mother-s-day-with-a-dreamtrip Many of the best-selling books such as Eat, Pray, Love, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Wild all have one thing in common - transformational travel.   With Mother's Day fast approaching and the price of flights more attractive than ever before, rather than giving mum a book to read - gift her an experience of a lifetime.   WorldVentures is a travel membership company that offers thousands of Aussie travellers the chance to experience fun, freedom and life fulfilment on specially designed and curated DreamTrips holidays.   There are a range of Australian and international DreamTrips holidays available to satisfy mum's wanderlust this year. Whether it turns into a family holiday, or a mum-only getaway, DreamTrips holidays offer the perfect blend of sightseeing, relaxation and cultural appreciation.  Australian Mother's Day Getaways  Australia is renowned for its furry wildlife, but many Australians haven't taken the time to see their own backyard and get up close and personal with a koala or kangaroo. Get mum to tick these iconic experiences off her bucket list on these amazing Aussie DreamTrips.  Melbourne14-17 May 20173 Nights Tour Phillip Island Nature Park and take in all the beauty of the island. Enjoy an unforgettable experience at the Koala Conservation Centre where you will wander the treetop boardwalks and come face to face with charming koalas in their natural habitat. You will also visit the Churchill Island Heritage Farm where you can appreciate the restoration of the farm and cottages of early Australian settlers. The Phillip Island Penguin Parade is the world’s only commercial venue where you can see penguins in their natural habitat and you will have the opportunity to see these tiny, flightless fowls waddle home at sunset. You will have plenty of free time to enjoy the local sights and attractions. Take the time to visit the amazing Fitzory Gardens or the Queen Victoria Market which is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere.  Gold Coast, Queensland16-21 May 20175 Nights Sun, surf and sand is what you can expect from this DreamTrips holiday. Give mum the thrill of a jet boat ride along the scenic Broadwater estuary before heading to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary where you can wander through open animal enclosures, feed kangaroos and get up close to koalas. Within the Sanctuary you can also experience the bird show that features an Australian pelican and colourful parrots, or tour the sanctuary on a miniature train. To top off an already amazing holiday, enjoy a full-day visit to Wet'n'Wild and Warner Bros. Movie World® to entertain the whole family.  Spend Mother's Day Abroad  Make the most of cheap airfares and enjoy some truly unique experiences and some time for R&R this Mother's Day on these international DreamTrips holidays.  Brazil13-21 May 20178 Nights The dream destination for many mothers, this DreamTrip will have you revelling in the tropical charms of the Bahia coast in Porto Seguro. Sail to the 12,000-square-meter coral platform Recife de Fora, a marine sanctuary where you can observe a wide variety of tropical sea life at low tide. Then head down the coast to Trancoso to lounge in the surf and sand at one of its pristine beaches or live like a local as you stroll through the local village. You can tour the historical city of Porto Seguro to see popular sites like the full-size replica of the ship led by Pedro Álvares Cabral, the discoverer of Brazil before getting a taste of adventure as you trek down forest trails to Taipe Beach on an ATV. Leave land behind again for a relaxing boat trip that takes you to a natural coral formation for a scuba diving excursion and take advantage of your full-day pass to Arraial d’Ajuda Eco Park, where you can enjoy the waterpark’s thrilling rides or just relax by the water. Santorini, Greece15-18 May 20173 Nights Ranked as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, mum will love this island getaway to Santorini for Mother's Day. On this DreamTrip, marvel at the Santorini landmarks as you enjoy a sunset catamaran cruise and even have the chance to enjoy an evening dip in the Aegean Sea. While cruising, feast on a traditional buffet dinner, including Greek salad, grilled chicken, pork skewers, roasted vegetables, pasta with red sauce, stuffed vine leaves, local fruits, Santorinian wine and more! You will have ample leisure time to browse local shopping strips  to find some handmade souvenirs, or simply relax and take some time out to yourself.Gift Mum the holiday of a lifetime  If you plan to spend Mother's Day at home with family and friends, then gift mum - and the family - an amazing holiday experience later in the month when there is more time to kick back, relax and enjoy. Koh Samui, Thailand21-24 May 20173 Nights One of the most picturesque and awe-inspiring holiday destinations that features on many people's bucket lists, this is a DreamTrip to remember. For the thrill seekers, this DreamTrip holiday starts with action packed adventure with a full day Koh Tao trip by speedboat. You will visit Ao Muang and spend the morning on this bay’s tranquil, uncrowded beaches and snorkel among colourful coral beds. You will then hop on over to the neighbouring island of Koh Nang Yuan where you can also enjoy some snorkelling and water fun or take a short hike to the top of a peak for a view of unimaginable vistas.Fiji22-28 May 20176 Nights Mum won't mind taking the entire family along to enjoy this DreamTrip to Denarau Island, Fiji. A sightseers delight, this DreamTrip will have you exploring the exquisite Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Viseisei (widely believed to be the 1st-ever Fijian village), and the Hindu temple Sri Siva Subramaniya. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Nadi's fresh fruit and vegetable markets and immerse yourself in the Fijian culture and experience the authentic tastes of the region. You will then set sail to Tivua Island for a full day of activities highlighting Fiji’s unique culture and natural surroundings. On the island, take a medicine nature walk, learn to husk and weave coconut fibres and participate in a traditional kava ceremony. You can also snorkel around the island and drift through 500 acres of vibrant coral beds and marvel at the diverse marine life. The whole family will be entertained with activities such as volleyball, building sandcastles and joining a treasure hunt all on the itinerary for young family members. As with all DreamTrips holidays, you will have ample leisure time to explore on your own or sit back and relax.Bali, Indonesia24-28 May 20174 Nights A favourite holiday destination for many Australian travellers, this post-Mother's Day getaway to Bali will have you savouring stunning sights and indulging in the fragrantly spiced cuisines. . Enjoy a visit to Tanah Lot, the home of an iconic temple set on a rock close to shore. Built in the 16th century, the temple is an important site for religious pilgrimages. You will have plenty of time to explore on your own during this DreamTrip. Take in more of the Balinese culture and sights, or make the most of resort facilities such as enjoying a massage or remembering your experience with a picture of you in traditional Balinese costume.Cairns, Queensland23-28 May 20175 Nights Rated the top holiday hotspot for DreamTrips Australian members, you must take mum on this DreamTrip to Cairns to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery and spectacular sights of her own backyard. Discover one of Australia’s ecological marvels, the ancient Daintree Rainforest, with a cruise of the Daintree River and a full-day tour of Mossman Gorge Centre, including a Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk (a private tour along easy-graded tracks). Equally breathtaking is the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s biggest coral kingdom and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Spanning more than 2,092 kilometres in the Coral Sea off north-eastern Australia’s Queensland coast, the Great Barrier Reef is the only one of the world’s 7 natural wonders that can be recognised from space. You will have the chance to snorkel and sail the Great Barrier Reef's life-rich waters on an Ocean Spirit cruise — an exciting daylong getaway that also includes informative presentations by marine biologists, snorkelling demonstrations, and more. Finally, you’ll visit Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, located within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, where you’ll learn about the relationship between Australia’s animals and their natural habitat. Within this sanctuary there are paths and boardwalks for you to explore and become completely immersed in the surroundings among dense flora and protected wildlife.For more information, please contact: Maria Crema Closer Communications E: Rachael Blasina Closer Communications M: 0428 073 703 E:   Justin Ferguson Property Specialists rebrands to Ferguson Property Agents in 2017 2017-03-29T00:44:28Z justin-ferguson-property-specialists-rebrands-to-ferguson-property-agents-in-2017 Cammeray property experts, Justin Ferguson Property Specialists are proud to unveil their new name and look for 2017. The agency founded by Justin Ferguson in 1998 will now be know as Ferguson Property Agents. The rebrand will see the team grow in their soon to be renovated premises at 514 Miller Street, Cammeray. The new company logo is modern and precise, just like the service the agency offers. In addition to the new name and new look, Ferguson Property Agents will continue to grow their I Love Cammeray community social media pages and will also be one of the sponsors of Norths Rugby Club Juniors. About Ferguson Property Agents: Ferguson Property Agents pride themselves on achieving outstanding results. Their proven history of delivering record prices for residential and commercial properties ranges from individual vendors to government authorities and project developers. Justin Ferguson established the high profile office in 1998. It is strategically located in Cammeray Village. Today, it is the dominating agency in Cammeray, with a large sales team and a substantial property management portfolio. Their longevity in the market means they have strong support throughout our neighbouring suburbs: Northbridge, Crows Nest and North Sydney. For further information go to: LASER celebrates 30 years as home-grown consumer electronics success story 2017-03-28T23:35:00Z laser-celebrates-30-years-as-home-grown-consumer-electronics-success-story Sydney, Australia, March 2017 – LASER, the Australian-owned electronics company with a focus on affordable, innovative technology for all, has this month celebrated its 30th Anniversary celebrations with the unveiling of a range of new products set to take the company into its next decade.   Launching a new $50 selfie drone and extensive range of power banks, USB-C accessories and Navig8r dashcams, it is a long way from the small shopfront in Sydney’s Surry Hills that opened in 1987 to sell floppy disks, computer keyboards and mice.   With more than 300 product lines and 50 local employees, LASER puts its commitment to continuously evolving its product range at the centre of its longevity.   “From a very early stage we instituted an internal challenge to turnover our range by at least one-third every year, sourcing new products based on market needs and feedback from our retail partners. This is a huge number by any measure, and constantly forces us out of our comfort zone both in terms of new technologies and evolutions of existing ones.” said Chris Lau, Managing Director of LASER.    “Without having control of our manufacturing and being able to swiftly react to opportunities, this wouldn’t be achievable, yet we continue to see our range constantly and quickly evolving.”   Over the course of three decades, LASER has built its reputation among retailers and consumers alike as the value brand of choice, with long-standing relationships with Harvey Norman and Big W to name a few who look to LASER as enabling consumers to access technology at an affordable price point.   “We know exactly who we are and what our benefit is to consumers, and play an important role in helping many Aussies enter the market for new technologies, while providing affordable, reliable and quality options across the board for both new and ongoing technologies. We proudly wear the moniker ‘value brand you can trust’,” continued Lau.   LASER took its name from the optical media it sold as it commenced trading and has continued to evolve over the years. Today, LASER has market-leading positions, including dashcams via its Navig8r brand, powerbanks, and affordable AV.   “Our Navig8r sub-brand, itself 10 years old this year, is the best-selling dashcam brand in the country. Consumers can enter the market for just $60, while we also deliver on innovation with the 818 Pro X, which offers Australian State-specific school zone data, something unique to the market as it was built specifically to order for Australian consumers.”   “Looking ahead, we also see Affordable AV and USB-C as key drivers, and are also launching Wi-Fi wireless speakers, premium certified UHD HDMI cables and Ultra HD streaming box media centres.”   “We are proud to have proven longevity in the market, especially as many brands and technologies have come and gone in this industry over the 30 years we have been in business, and thank our partners, employees and broader industry stakeholders for their support. While we celebrate today, our focus remains firmly on the future, and the next 30 years.” concluded Lau.   LASER are celebrating 30 years by reveling in the success of products from key categories including:  Navig8r Selfie Drone Lightweight and portable, this four-propeller Wi-Fi enabled Selfie Drone is accessed and controlled by an easy-to-use smartphone app (iOS/Android). Boasting a one-button take off, land and 360-degree flip, users can adjust the drone’s speed and altitude all from their smartphone. With the ability to take photos and videos as it follows you around, the Navig8r Selfie Drone offers 8-minutes of flight time within a 30m control range.RRP $50 from Big W  Navig8r 818 Pro X Crashcam A cutting-edge dash camera that takes in-vehicle incident recording to the next level, the Navig8r 818 Pro X Crashcam features Super Full HD image quality that delivers meticulously detailed footage. Built exclusively for the Australian market, the 818 displays the vehicle’s actual speed (as measured by GPS) as well as speed cameras, red light cameras and school zones which are preloaded with correct Australian state school zone times to warn drivers of an impending change in speed (and possible infringement). The Navig8r Crash Cam Pro X also features journey review with Google maps, automatic event recording and park mode which activates camera recording even when your car is unattended. Using the included software, drivers are able to review video footage, speed, time, date and location information on Google Maps, making it easy to prove at fault incidents.RRP $299 from Harvey Norman and  LASER PB-CJ6000 Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter | RRP $79.95 | Harvey Norman As the latest addition to LASER’s extensive portable power range, the PB-CJ6000 is compact and portable enough to fit almost anywhere, from the glovebox to your satchel or your back pocket. A handy gadget that can charge all USB-enabled devices, this multi-purpose accessory also connects with the supplied car jump cables to kick-start a fully flat battery. With 6,000mAh of power, a 4-in-1 USB charging cable (Mini and Micro USB, 30pin and 9pin Apple to USB) for smartphones, tablets and cameras, the PB-CJ6000 also offers security benefits thanks to a high intensity LED light with strobe function for attracting attention. Built-in safety features that protect the consumer, their car and the power bank, a high efficiency cell from the quality Lithium battery boasts 75% retention after 12 months, making this a durable companion in the glove box or in your bag.RRP $79.95 from Harvey Norman and  ImageryLASER 30th Anniversary Image Library  About LASER In 1987 LASER started out in a Surry Hills garage, importing and selling 5.25” floppy disks and storage cases. Today, we’re one of Australia’s fastest growing and most trusted consumer IT and consumer electronics solutions providers. Specialising in bespoke solutions, our product range now spans more than 13 categories and 500+ products.