The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-28T02:19:28Z Buro Seating – Instructional Videos to Simplify Assembly of Chairs 2017-04-28T02:19:28Z buro-seating-instructional-videos-to-simplify-assembly-of-chairs  Buro Seating is always looking at ways to add value to their present and potential customers. To this end, they have put up a set of instructional videos on their website to help customers who buy un-assembled chairs to put it together easily.  Some customers love buying un-assembled products. The thrill of DIY is something they wouldn’t like to miss. A lot of Buro Seating ergonomic chairs are sold un-assembled. In order to make it easier for their new customers, the company went one step further than the usual written manual that accompanies the product within the package. Knowing that today’s customers are tech-savvy, Buro Seating took the plunge and invested in making instructional videos to help them.  The company is also sharing these instructional videos to help customers to decide which of their ergonomic chairs from among office chairs, executive chairs, commercial seating, desk chairs and computer chairs are just perfect for their requirements. This also helps to make the decision-making process less stressful.  A video is a very good tool for practical learning. It can be paused at any time and the instructions can be carried out one step at a time until the whole product is assembled to the customer’s satisfaction. These videos can be accessed online from anywhere through a desktop or a mobile, thus making it possible for Buro Seating to serve their customers at any time and any place.  Besides this, knowing how these products can be assembled, dis-assembled and re-assembled at will, assures the customers they are making a good purchase. Buro Seating is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are satisfied.  Buro Seating, the expert in designing, manufacturing and wholesaling commercial seating and ergonomic office seating in Australia, has a history of 20 years of service. They have established a reputation for quality products and a very efficient and customer friendly service.  The Buro Seating range is on display at any Dal Brands’ showroom. Dal Brands is the exclusive Australian Distributor for Buro Seating. Enquiries regarding Buro Seating products can be directed to the Dal Brands’ office by calling 1300 559 985.  For more information on the instructional videos of Buro Seating products visit Your Latest Specification Resource is Finally Here! 2017-03-20T04:05:30Z your-latest-specification-resource-is-finally-here-1 Krost Business Furniture has its earliest beginnings in South Africa in the 1920s. Launched by three brothers to create and manufacture lasting steel products, the company’s philosophy and focus on providing their clientele with complete furniture solutions has carried through to today – more than 95 years later. From these early beginnings, the team at Krost established their major pillars of service: incomparable delivery, highest quality of product and the fairest of prices for the end-user. And while these key principles date back to the brand’s foundations many, many years ago, they remain today as a key touchstone. For generations, however, the annual Krost catalogue has sat at the core of their approach to market. Each year, the team publish a catalogue of the latest commercial design innovations – always with a focus to servicing the ever-increasing need for wellbeing and optimum ergonomy in the professional environment. Having taken home the gold for Best B2C Office Supplies Catalogue at the Australian Catalogue Association Awards last year, for 2017 their offering is bound to be a big contender this year as well. Inevitably, the Krost signature style is represented exquisitely throughout their 2017 Catalogue. Everywhere, that is, are those clean sweeping vital lines, integrated illustrations and technical etchings – all presented with a high degree of intelligence that technical information is a pleasure to digest, and certainly not a chore. Celebrating the need for infusing health into the commercial space, each item is carefully curated to display how heights or angles in the design can be modified by any end-user – a democratic nod to the sheer scope of diversity in the commercial sector’s workforce. But while many will continue to question the veracity of such traditional marketing activities in today’s increasingly digital world, Krost understand the inherent value of the printed artefact. You see, their catalogue serves as a pointed reminder for the Australian A+D community that while a majority will remain dedicated to the strength of the digital world, there's also a lot to be said for those same generations' desire to interact with more material marketing collateral. In a remarkable 2013 study conducted by ADMA and APost, Australian consumers falling between the ages of 18 to 40-years old displayed a pointed preference for engaging with print marketing collateral over its digital, audio or televisual counterparts. An incredible 72% of surveyed individuals stated that they were more than likely to retain the print collateral in their possession after initial reading to refer to again later. Meanwhile, that same group were tested for the duration of time they spent with print collateral as opposed to other marketing platforms. On average, the median length of time that focus group spent on digital/televisual/audio marketing options was less than 15 seconds in total – print, however, garnered a 48% engagement increase by comparison. Geared precisely towards addressing these consumers’ desires for more trust-worthy, non-aggressive and informative needs, the 2017 Krost Business Furniture Catalogue aims to provide an intimate one-on-one conversation between the commercial sector and the Krost brand. Through an admixture of crisp photography with a rich depth of field and the tactility of glossy stock, their catalogue appeals to the intellectual and emotional connectors of the reader. And while this catalogue's predecessor last year knocked out some pretty heavy competition, once again, the team at Krost have approached supporting the market for design with stunning creative, informative material and prose in their 2017 catalogue. In their own words, "we want to make it easy for you". Where "it" might mean work, decision making, or peace of mind, in any case (or indeed, all cases) Krost have once again demonstrated remarkable foresight and ingenuity in their space. Aboriginal Housing Company to host Community Consultation evening on the Pemulwuy Project 2017-03-07T00:39:12Z aboriginal-housing-company-to-host-community-consultation-evening-on-the-pemulwuy-project Sydney, Tuesday 7 March 2017 – The Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) will host a community consultation evening on Thursday 9th March 2017 to discuss the Pemulwuy Project. The community consultation evening is an opportunity for the community to learn more about the Pemulwuy Project, including the proposed increase in student accommodation, and to ask questions. Key representatives from the AHC, Architects Turner & Associates, and student accommodation company, Atira, will present at the community consultation evening. AHC Chairperson Alisi Tutuila said the community consultation evening would provide a forum for the community to gain a better understanding of the Pemulwuy Project “We are looking forward to sharing AHC’s vision and plans for the Pemulwuy Project at the community consultation evening. We are committed to providing the community with a clear understanding of the project and why the model we have proposed enables the AHC to continue to deliver on its core business objective of delivering affordable housing to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community,” she said. Please note that due to cultural sensitivities, there will be no broadcast or recording equipment permitted on premises. Please find below an agenda of the evening’s proceedings. Should you wish to attend the public consultation event, or arrange an interview opportunity immediately following the event, please contact or (02) 8279 7878. Please note, only pre-arranged interviews will be granted on the evening. -ENDS- About the Aboriginal Housing Company The Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) is an independent non-profit charity and the first community housing provider in Australia, incorporated in 1973 as a company limited by guarantee. It is an all Aboriginal governed organisation, located in the heart of Redfern, which lies in the traditional lands of the Gadigal People, part of the Eora Nation. The company was formed in direct response to the widespread discrimination Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and families experienced in the private rental market. The AHC is self-funded and operates on income derived from rental properties. Affordable housing is located across Sydney and country regions in NSW. A current focus is the redevelopment known as Pemulwuy Project. The redevelopment will breathe new life into Redfern and restore a strong and healthy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community with an emphasis on cultural values, spirituality and employment. The Pemulwuy Project will make Redfern the best urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in Australia and in doing so, set the benchmark for all other communities. 5 essentials for a summer-ready home 2016-12-27T22:30:00Z 5-essentials-for-a-summer-ready-home Australians are encouraged to think twice when it comes to preparing their home for the extreme weather conditions that lie ahead[i]. Air conditioners remain a household essential, particularly during the peak of the heat. While reverse cycle air conditioning can be one of the most efficient ways of enjoying year-round comfort, it’s important to remember there are multiple features that enable homeowners to use their air conditioners to maximise comfort whilst minimising their energy consumption. According to Fujitsu General Assist, Fujitsu’s customer service team, the most commonly asked questions revolve around usage and maintenance. A well maintained air conditioner will deliver optimum performance and efficiency. Whilst a poorly maintained air conditioning system is likely to produce inferior airflow and force the unit to work harder than it needs to. The Fujitsu General Assist team recommends the following tips to ensure Australian air conditioners are summer-ready and perform at their best: Clean the filters - Filters and indoor unit grilles collect dust over time, restricting airflow. Clean the filter using a vacuum cleaner or wash with mild detergent and warm water. Let the filter dry completely before replacing. Dust along the indoor unit grilles can also be vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth. Have the air conditioner serviced periodically by a licensed air conditioning technician. A professional service every one to two years, depending on usage, ensures the air conditioner operates as efficiently as possible. Don’t set the temperature too low - In summer, set the temperature around 23 degrees Celsius to create a comfortable environment whilst minimising energy consumption. Use built in timers - When the mercury soars above average, use program timers to start the air conditioner on a low setting before the temperature gets too hot. Switching the air conditioner on during the hottest part of the day means it needs to exert more energy and takes longer to cool down the home. Close doors and windows whilst the unit is on - Fill small gaps and cracks around windows with sealant, and seal draughts under doors with weather strips or draft stoppers This ensures cool air remains indoors. Whether it is a whole home solution or cooling comfort for a small room, Fujitsu General has a wide range of reverse cycle air conditioning systems designed to meet the needs of any space. Enquiries: 1300 882 201, Media enquiries – for further information please contact: Roberta Marcroft, Write Away Communication + Events T: 02 9978 1400 | E: [i] Work Club wants to help bring side projects to life, launching after hours memberships 2016-12-19T22:10:00Z work-club-wants-to-help-bring-side-projects-to-life-launching-after-hours-memberships 20 December 2016 - Melbourne. Work Club Melbourne today launches its ‘side project’ membership, catering for anyone who wants to bring their side project to life. The membership provides access to Work Club on weekends and after 5.00pm on weekdays. Including all the benefits of Work Club after hours, the space is the ideal environment to grow a startup or develop a new career. Work Club member, ex Managing Director of Artesian Venture Partners and now founder and CEO of a new startup Xchange, Caitlin Iles, said “When I was working full-time and trying to develop Xchange I spent hours sitting in café or hotel lobbies feeding off the energy of its patrons. I was looking for a space like Work Club that I could access before and after work and on weekends where I could focus and incubate my ideas. I only wish I had found Work Club earlier in my journey of being a founder, I am sure I would have been months ahead of where I am now.” “My new business Xchange is currently in its infancy - we are preparing to launch in 2017. Without a doubt the quality of the interiors, the team and caliber of my colleagues at Work Club in Melbourne and Sydney have brought a level of credibility to my business that has given us a head start. In many ways it feels like an unfair advantage.” Founder of Work Club, Soren Trampedach, who has also designed workplaces for Google and Microsoft, said, “Being a Work Club member gives you so much more than just access to the highest quality workspace. Members also have access to our entertainment and hospitality lounges, concierge services, and member relationships so those starting their side project journey can meet people who are further along and can provide advice and inspiration to help with new ideas and information.” “We know that there are many people currently working in a corporate job that are either starting their own business on the side, or planning to become an independent consultant. This creates a need for energizing and inspiring environments where these corporate escapees can safely begin their transition to life outside of traditional employment. This side project membership provides a soft landing.” Ten side project memberships are available at Work Club Melbourne. Work Club Sydney plan to introduce this membership category in early 2017. More information: Middle East Smart Lighting And Design Summit Shifts To Dubai 2016-11-21T08:45:37Z middle-east-smart-lighting-and-design-summit-shifts-to-dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 21, 2016: Continuing the success of the summit in Abu Dhabi this year, organizers Expotrade today announced the 6th edition of the Middle East Smart Lighting and Design Summit 2017 will be held in Dubai. Bringing together lighting consultants, designers, architects, engineers, developers and government officials from across the GCC, the sixth edition of the summit will be held on 26-27 April 2017 at The Oberoi, Dubai. The event will lay a strong emphasis on public lighting, urban lighting and street lighting along with smart controls & automation. The summit will see experts speaking on topics pertaining to connected lighting - the future of lighting industry for smart living; importance of lighting in sustainable design; the essence of new age lighting controls; enhancing led street light performance with smart control systems and planning your led retrofits to achieve maximum energy savings. Industry reports indicate that in 2015, GCC region’s LED market was worth US$900 million and over the next five years, the demand for LED technology is expected to grow by 16-17 per cent annually. The demand is fueled by government’s smart lighting initiatives undertaken across all emirates. It is expected that by the year 2018, RTA will replace all street lights in Dubai with LED lights. Mr. Brad Hariharan, Regional Director, Expotrade Middle East said, “UAE leads the way in implementing smart public lighting initiatives that offer its residents an enhanced experienced of the city at night. The summit presents a platform to discuss all aspects pertaining to public, urban, street lighting and lighting controls and automation. At the 6th Annual Middle East Smart Lighting and Design Summit, leading regional and international speakers will present case studies on integrated urban lighting strategy implemented in other regions.” Experts including Tanas Khoury, CEO, Light Concept; Faraz Izhar, Senior Lighting Designer, KEO International Consultants; Martin Valentine, Lighting Expert, Executive Director Office, Abu Dhabi City Municipality and Gerald Strickland, Director, Middle East Lighting Association (MELA) are some of the speakers who have confirmed their participation at the summit in advance. The summit will also have leading lighting manufacturers showcase some of their most prominent products and applications to senior lighting consultants, designers and architects at the Smart Lighting lounge. The previous edition of the summit saw Bajaj Electricals, Philips, Façade Lighting, LCT-light stone, Telensa, ACS Wireless and Valmont to name a few, participate at the summit. At the close of the summit, Vyasan Bhaskar, Deputy Manager - International Sales, Bajaj Electricals Ltd, said, "It is a very well-coordinated event. It gave us an opportunity to interact on a one-on-one basis with several key personalities from the industry as well as from the Abu Dhabi City Municipality. Additionally, the topics covered at the event were very informative." More information on the summit is available now at Follow the Summit on social media with the hashtag #MESLDS2017. About Expotrade  Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia and a regional office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events. For almost 15 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronized in the calendar. For more information, visit MODE Leads Multimillion Dollar Design Development 2016-11-04T06:44:24Z mode-leads-multimillion-dollar-design-development MODE is the lead architecture and design firm, for the $300 million ‘K Point’ three-tower development proposed for the corner of Main and Vulture Street, Woolloongabba. The prominent design being developed by the Zenonos Group will include 325 new apartments to this popular precinct, as well as shops, restaurants and bars, offices, an indoor sport and recreation space and a 190-bed hotel. Director, Steve Mastrodomenico said with increasing development of riverfront high rise apartments on former industrial sites, the precinct of Kangaroo Point has undergone a major resurgence in recent times. “Within the sub-precinct of Vulture Street and the Gabba Cricket grounds, the construction of the Clem7 Tunnel (and planned cross river rail tunnel) there has been a shift in focus from traffic thoroughfare to transport hub with a greater emphasis on pedestrian traffic”, said Steve Mastrodomenico. The vision for the ground plane is to create a public space in keeping with the traditional and emerging character of Woolloongabba and reinforce the distinctive identity of the neighbourhood. Pedestrian movement is promoted to contribute to an active and vibrant street life. A permeable building footprint is proposed with connected human scale spaces and priority given to active usage and outdoor living. A common language referencing the development’s location in Kangaroo Point is used to acknowledge local heritage whilst providing new and active uses for an evolving community. An inverted podium opens sightlines to neighbouring heritage buildings and frees the ground plane for occupation and activation by pedestrians. An open and inviting public street frontage creates and reinforces and active urban edge to Vulture Street. An accessible and engaging public realm responds to emerging lifestyle uses within the precinct. Located diagonally across from the Gabba Stadium and forming a gateway to Kangaroo Point, the provision of such active public spaces will provide improved amenity to local residents and to stadium visitors. K Point will also showcase Brisbane's largest and highest rooftop sky garden/bar, with uninterrupted city and river views and will offer one of the best seats at Riverfire. It will be an exciting, innovative additional to Brisbane’s skyline. Construction is planned to commence next year and take three years to complete. --ENDS About MODE MODE is a business of ten design studios throughout Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam employing talented designers and technicians in architecture, urban design, master planning, interior design, landscape architecture and graphic design. With global capabilities through our strong international alliances, MODE has a proven track record of successfully delivering projects across a range of specialist sectors. Innovation Capitalisation™ by MODE is a pivotal tool developed to consider a project from the outset before any design has occurred. It aligns specialist providers, groups, businesses and government with the sole purpose of creating better communities through unique and innovative design. The four key pillars (social, economic, environmental and educative) act as the drivers for Innovation Capitalisation™ and is how MODE unlock the ‘Capital in Reserve’ on each project. Fujitsu General awarded CHOICE Recommended on its split system air conditioners 2016-10-25T04:02:18Z fujitsu-general-awarded-choice-recommended-on-its-split-system-air-conditioners Australia’s favourite air, Fujitsu General, has earned the CHOICE Recommended badge on a range of its flagship reverse cycle split system air conditioners. Products are rigorously tested by the leading Australian consumer advocacy group, and are considered as Recommended by CHOICE when they achieve an overall score of 80 per cent or above. The qualifying Fujitsu General models and their overall scores are: The medium capacity ASTG18KMCA Lifestyle series system with an 82 per cent rating, The large capacity ASTG24KMCA Lifestyle series system with an 84 per cent rating, The large capacity ASTG30KMTA Lifestyle series system with an 84 per cent rating, and, The large capacity ASTG34KMTA Lifestyle series system with an 81 per cent rating. Dave Smith, general manager - sales and marketing, Fujitsu General, commented: “Fujitsu General is proud to receive this endorsement across a selection of reverse cycle split systems. It’s a reflection of a compelling offering in the market and our ongoing commitment to research and development, with products and features that perform as consumers expect them to. “The CHOICE Recommended products will be identified on our website and via point of sale material for all Fujitsu General retailers and dealers,” continued Dave Smith. The overall scores were based on ratings from four key areas: cooling efficiency, heating efficiency, airflow and yearly running cost. Enquiries: 1300 882 201, About Fujitsu General Australia Fujitsu General Australia is part of Fujitsu General Limited - a leading, global manufacturer of air conditioners. Proud to be ‘Australia’s favourite air’, Fujitsu General Australia has a product portfolio to suit residential and commercial applications. Rigorous research and development has resulted in an extensive range of world-class, stylish and energy efficient systems. Fujitsu reintroduces popular interest-free promotion and extended warranty ahead of summer 2016-10-17T01:40:28Z fujitsu-reintroduces-popular-interest-free-promotion-and-extended-warranty-ahead-of-summer Fujitsu General has reintroduced its popular Fujitsu Cool Finance interest-free promotion in time for summer. Available through eligible and finance accredited Fujitsu Authorised Partner specialists, Fujitsu Cool Finance lets homeowners enjoy the ultimate in comfort and control. The industry-leading finance initiative offers consumers no deposit and an interest-free period of five years on Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems*. Eligible consumers must purchase their Fujitsu ducted system before 31 December 2016, and have it installed by 31 January 2017. Consumers can also enjoy a bonus two year extended warranty in addition to Fujitsu’s standard five year full parts and labour warranty. This offer is available across the full Fujitsu dealer and specialist network. Consumers must register for their extended warranty via the Fujitsu General website by 31 March 2017. “Introduced to market only last year, Fujitsu Cool Finance proved to be one of our most successful consumer promotions,” commented Dave Smith, general manager - sales and marketing, Fujitsu General. “With five years’ finance, no deposit and no interest, homeowners can enjoy greater comfort throughout the year while holding onto their cash over the festive season. “We anticipate this financial incentive combined with an extended warranty offer will be highly attractive to consumers and drive enquiries to our accredited Fujitsu Authorised Partner network,” continued Dave Smith. Point of sale materials and a multimillion dollar advertising campaign featuring long-term ambassador and former Australian cricket captain, Mark Taylor, will support the summer promotion across traditional and digital media platforms. Enquiries: 1300 882 201, *The purchase of a Fujitsu ducted air conditioning system must be purchased in an individual’s name for their own domestic residence and excludes non-residential applications. See for full terms and conditions. Media enquiries – for further information or images please contact: Roberta Marcroft or Belinda Truong, Write Away Communication + Events Ph: 02 9978 1400, Email:, About Fujitsu General Australia Fujitsu General Australia is part of Fujitsu General Limited - a leading, global manufacturer of air conditioners. Proud to be ‘Australia’s favourite air’, Fujitsu General Australia has a product portfolio to suit residential and commercial applications. Rigorous research and development has resulted in an extensive range of world-class, stylish and energy efficient systems. AIIA undertaking significant survey on analytics and data usage by Australian businesses, government and NGOs 2016-09-12T02:46:08Z aiia-undertaking-significant-survey-on-analytics-and-data-usage-by-australian-businesses-government-and-ngos FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12 SEPTEMBER 2016 Encourages new and established organisations in all sectors to participate in order to develop the most comprehensive report possible The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the peak member body for the ICT industry, today announced it is undertaking a major survey of Australian organisations on analytics and data usage. The purpose of the survey is to find out what differentiates those business, government and NGO organisations that effectively use data and analytics for senior decision making. The survey is open to individual respondents via the AIIA website until 31 September 2016. It is anticipated that a whitepaper will be published towards the end of the year incorporating an analysis of the results and providing a body of knowledge that will help guide business leaders on ways to incorporate data and analytics into their organisation in order to remain competitive. Rob Fitzpatrick, CEO of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), says, "On a global scale, we see those organisations that know how to use data effectively are usually the strongest performers. If Australia is serious about driving an ideas boom and creating new employment opportunities, we need to ensure that we help local organisations better understand and then take advantage of data to be competitive. “This is not just a survey for tech companies. The information generated will benefit all industries and we encourage participants across all sectors whether they be in education, retail, finance, or others, as well as established and newer companies to participate,” added Fitzpatrick. This initiative is being led by the AIIA’s Data and Analytics Special Interest Group, which is chaired by Dr Roger Kermode, director of business consulting firm Alimua Pty Ltd and former practice principal for analytics and data management for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Graeme Wood, general manager of marketing for Semantic Software Asia Pacific. “There is mounting evidence that data-driven organisations tend to require fewer assets, execute with greater insight and less risk, and ultimately generate higher returns. We believe incorporating these practices is an important part of creating a sustainable and growing economy in Australia and is crucial to seeing our standing in world innovation and growth rankings improve,” says Dr Kermode. The data collected will be analysed by data scientists at the University of Technology Sydney. Professor Michael Blumenstein of UTS Sydney says, “Much has been published on big data, automation and the use of analytics at an organizational level. However, despite the recognition of data increasing in importance, the use of data between and within organisations varies widely. The AIIA survey has been constructed to find out why. It’s designed to enable deep diagnostics and analysis of what actually take place inside organisations across different functions and different levels, not just what is visible externally.” Numerous leading Australian organisations are encouraging their members to complete the survey, including: Data61, The Knowledge Economy Institute; NSW State Government; Advance Australia; FINSIA; CPA Australia; StartupMuster; UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT; and, the UTS Business School. # # # About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 the AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favourable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. MEDIA CONTACT For more information, please contact Joanna Stevens Kramer at 0408 466 410 or email For more information about the AIIA please visit AVANI Riverside Bangkok Launches as the First Purpose-Designed AVANI Hotel 2016-09-08T23:45:36Z avani-riverside-bangkok-launches-as-the-first-purpose-designed-avani-hotel Bangkok, September 2016: AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel has opened its doors as the first purpose-designed AVANI property, bringing the upscale brand’s contemporary style and modern hospitality to Bangkok’s Chao Phraya riverside. The 248-key hotel speaks to the spirit of the millennial minded traveller, both in its product delivery and design elements. From the top of the 26-storey hotel at the rooftop bar and pool, to the lobby, AVANI Riverside Bangkok gives guests a place to relax and unwind, and a base to start exploring nearby neighbourhoods along the river. Walking into the vast 11th floor lobby, guests are greeted by an arresting view of the River of Kings. The open plan design blends reception, lounge, meeting, chill out and restaurant spaces. The interiors are spatial, the driving ethos is modernity, fused with comfort and great craftsmanship. The Long Bar serves a variety of refreshments, guests can enjoy sunrise breakfast or sunset dinner at Skyline, and The Pantry offers a mix of comfort food and artisanal deli snacks around the clock. ATTITUDE, on the 26th floor, is Bangkok’s newest rooftop hot spot to see and be seen. The stylish restaurant and bar features different areas for socialising and dining, including an indoor dinner lounge with a DJ booth, an open show kitchen, a wine wall and an outdoor restaurant and bar where molecular cocktails are crafted by a team of mixologists. During the day, the rooftop terrace is the ideal place to enjoy uninterrupted views of the city while relaxing at the impressive infinity pool, enjoying light bites from the pool menu. A multipurpose sunken lounge located in the middle of the terrace has a retractable roof which provides sunlight or shade, depending on the weather. All of the property’s guest rooms and suites are river facing, with expansive views of the Thai capital. The neutral décor is a blend of comfort and modernity, natural materials and high-tech equipment, with black out curtains, rain shower, dedicated work station with free WiFi and a media hub docking station as standard. AVANI River View Junior Suites offer nearly twice the space as the AVANI River View Rooms and include a freestanding bathtub set beside a full length river view window. AVANI River View Two Bedroom Suites offer an open plan lounge and dining room, along with a kitchen and laundry area. The AVANI River View Three Bedroom Suite is the optimum choice for families and friends. AVANIFIT focuses on lifestyle elements that promote a healthy body and healthy mind, and the gym, with a scenic view of the river, features the latest cardio equipment enabling guests to maintain their usual workout routines. Contemporary, pure and relaxed, AVANISPA offers a tailored experience focusing on guest’s individual needs. These include the signature touch treatment – a soothing oil massage coupled with stretching techniques, and the naturally youthful facial, an uplifting anti-aging treatment that energises, balances and refreshes the skin. The hotel is also home to one of the most versatile offerings in all of Asia for meetings and events. The new multi-purpose events complex on the 10th floor offers over 4,500 square metres of flexible space including the Grand Riverside Ballroom which can accommodate 900 guests banquet style, 1,200 guests for a staged performance and 1,500 guests theatre style. These impressive ballroom capacities are further accentuated by an open showcase kitchen, an 11-metre high ceiling and natural light. In addition to the ballroom, the complex also offers 11 state-of-the-art meeting rooms, generous pre-function space and an outdoor terrace, with much of the additional meeting space offering a river view. The hotel’s riverside location makes all of Bangkok’s attractions easily accessible. Shuttle boat services link to the Asiatique night market and entertainment complex, and also the BTS Skytrain at the central Saphan Taksin boat pier for swift connections to major commercial, shopping and entertainment districts. For those who prefer not to venture too far, Riverside Plaza adjoins the Hotel offering a selection of retail outlets, coffee shops and restaurants. Dillip Rajakarier, Chief Executive Officer Minor Hotels said, "We are excited to add the first purpose-designed AVANI hotel to the brand’s portfolio. AVANI appeals to millennial minded travellers and AVANI Riverside Bangkok effortlessly taps into their needs by offering affordability, a good night’s sleep, free WiFi, communal social spaces and imaginative F&B experiences.” Launched in 2011, AVANI offers all the details that matter, blending genuine hospitality and modern lifestyle features with a passion for design. The addition of AVANI Riverside Bangkok brings the brand’s portfolio to 16 properties in 11 countries across Asia, the Indian Ocean, Africa and the Middle East. -Ends- Editor’s Notes: About AVANI Hotels & Resorts AVANI Hotels & Resorts is the vibrant upscale brand from Minor Hotels. Offering relaxed comfort and contemporary style in city and resort destinations, AVANI was launched in response to an increasingly influential group of discerning travellers who appreciate stylish design and excellent service, but also demand great value. The brand currently has 16 properties in operation in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Seychelles, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Zambia and the United Arab Emirates, with a pipeline of further openings in Asia and the Indian Ocean. MHG has plans to grow the brand across Asia, the Indian Ocean and the Middle East. W: About Minor Hotels: Minor Hotels (MH) is an international hotel owner, operator and investor currently with 152 hotels in operation. MH passionately explores new possibilities in hospitality with a diverse portfolio of properties designed intelligently to appeal to different kinds of travellers, serving new passions as well as personal needs. Through our Anantara, AVANI, PER AQUUM, Oaks, Elewana, Tivoli, Four Seasons, St. Regis, Marriott and Minor International properties, MH operates in 22 countries across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Europe and South America. With dynamic plans to expand existing brands and explore strategic acquisitions throughout opportunistic markets, MH pursues a vision of a more passionate and interconnected world. For more information, please visit For media enquiries, please contact: Jane Warburton Natasha Rhymes PR Director Director PR & Corporate Communications AVANI Hotels & Resorts Minor Hotels T: +66 (0) 2 431 9231 E: E: Avail The Exceptional Services For The Rugs By Behruz Studio 2016-07-21T10:36:57Z avail-the-exceptional-services-for-the-rugs-by-behruz-studio Behruz Studio was founded in 1984 in Melbourne and has been serving since then to its customers. They are one of the leading Australia’s online rug store and offers a diverse collection for everyone. They offer an array of options from traditional rugs, kilims and sukams, tribal, modern to village rugs. Every customer will find something to suit their taste and budget and scroll through the categories to see an aesthetic range of rugs. Behruz Studio keeps updated with the latest trends and offers a beautiful and diverse range. They offer an array of quality services such as: ● In Home Trial Behruz Studio with their extensive knowledge assists their clients at every step to decorating their home. They offer the best advice to choose the right rug for your home that matches the interior and style. The customer can bring the pictures of the room and their professionals will suggest you to pick the rug. They will offer you designs that will complete your space and add an elegance touch.  ● Valuation Behruz has over 30 years of experience and you can avail endless benefits from their knowledge. You can make an appointment and get your rugs or carpets to be evaluated and valued. They provide a valuation certificate and damage reports. You can use this important information for insurance or for your awareness.  ● Events And Styling Behruz Studio offers an exceptional and unique opportunity to its clients as they give their customers the chance to hire rugs for photo shoots, film and television, exhibitions, and display their beautiful home. A rug expert of Behruz Studio says, "Behruz and his team share a flair for design and unparalleled industry knowledge. They place a great deal of importance on building strong relationships with designers, decorators, architects, collectors and retail clientele." About Behruz Studio: Behruz Studio ( ) was founded in 1984 in Melbourne and have an experience of over thirty years. They offer unparalleled designs of rugs that can a touch of elegance to your home. It is the ideal place to buy rugs as they offer an array of options to choose from. Behruz Studio: Add Aesthetic Beauty To Your Home 2016-07-14T09:55:13Z behruz-studio-add-aesthetic-beauty-to-your-home Behruz Studio( ) is one of the prime Australia’s online rug store and has a wide range of collection from sukams to tribal and village rugs, decorative carpets, kilims to traditional and decorative rugs. Their collection has an array of beautiful rugs to suit any budget and taste. They follow the latest trends in their collection and keep updated with the latest designs.  They offer an array of quality services and you can check the exclusive collection on their online portal and see a diverse range of aesthetic rugs.  ●In Home Trial Their specially designed team members have extensive experience and they advise you to select the right rug for your home decoration. They give you the best advice and assist you in decorating your home like a professional.  ●Valuation Behruz Studio is one of the leading Australia’s online rug store and has over 30 years of extensive experience. You can make an appointment and take their valuable assistance from their specialist. ●Events And Styling Behruz Studio is the right platform for all those people who wants to have photo shoots and display their home decoration. ●Rug Restoration Professionals at Behruz Studio can assist you at every step and help you repair your damaged rugs. Their technicians have been trained in Turkey and are highly trained in restoring. ●Rug Cleaning Service Behruz Studio offers various valuable services and they also offer cleaning services to their clients and can help you save your rugs from any structural damage. You can get your valuable pieces in a good condition by their expert restorers. A rug expert of Behruz Studio says, "Behruz Studio and our team share a flair for design and unparalleled industry knowledge. We place a great deal of importance on building strong relationships with designers, decorators, architects, collectors and retail clientele. Services include rug, kilim and related textile sourcing, custom rug and carpet design, carpet repairs and restoration, conservation, cleaning and insurance valuations." About Behruz Studio: Behruz Studio was established in 1984 in Melbourne, they offer unparalleled designs of rugs and helps you add warmth and aesthetic beauty to your home decoration. They have an array of beautiful collection of rugs to suit any taste and budget. Behruz Studio is the right place, if you are planning to buy a rug that fits with your home decoration. LOCALS VOTE TO MAKE UNION PLACE THEIR HOME 2016-06-23T00:49:48Z locals-vote-to-make-union-place-their-home Sydney – 23 June 2016 - A strong sales result was recorded by developer, White and Partners, at the launch of Union Place, the residential development on the site of the Jannali Inn. Over $30 million of real estate was sold during the opening weekend, predominantly to owner-occupiers and first homebuyers from the local area.   The majority of sales were one and two bedroom apartments, but one lucky buyer hit the jackpot by snapping up the top floor penthouse. The three-bedroom prestige home, with sweeping views across Woronora River and north towards the Sydney CBD, went for in excess of $1.3 million, setting a new price record for apartments in Jannali.   George Ajaka, Partner & Head of Investments at White & Partners said Union Place appealed to local buyers for a number of reasons.   “Locals feel a strong connection with the site, which has been at the heart of the Jannali community for over 60 years. We were very pleased with the feedback from locals that they were happy to see the pub redeveloped into a new family friendly bistro with quality apartments. Our buyers like the idea of living at the heart of a strong community,” he said.   “It’s a great location, close to the train station with exciting growth potential – the planned station refurbishment and the potential for new retail will further contribute to the uplift of the area. This, combined with the high quality design from Mijollo Architects and extensive community areas on offer at Union Place caused a lot of excitement.”   Ray White Projects Managing Director Eddie Mansour said he expects the remaining apartments to sell quickly.   “It was great to see so many interested purchasers turn out for the sales weekend, especially in such bad weather. We anticipated a strong result but this exceeded expectations. With this level of interest buyers should move quickly if they want to secure one of the remaining apartments, as they won’t be available for long,” he said.   Union Place apartments feature high quality fixtures and fittings, including Caesarstone bench tops and European appliances in the kitchen, as well as Parisi tapware in the bathrooms and kitchen. Remaining one bedrooms are priced from $569,000, two bedrooms from $719,000 and three bedrooms from $969,000.   Construction of Union Place is expected to begin in October 2016 with completion due in first quarter 2018.   For more information on Union Place please call 1300 419 345 or visit The display suite is open from Wednesday – Sunday 10am-2pm at 557 Box Road, Jannali.   – ENDS –  Media enquiries: Natalie Cameron or Josephine George, DEC PR Telephone: (02) 8014 5033/0458 755  About White & Partners White & Partners is a specialist Australian real estate investment firm with a commitment to enriching the communities in which they operate. With expertise across development in commercial, retail, industrial, residential and hospitality, White and Partners has participated in excess of $3.1 billion of developments since 2001.  About Mijollo Mijollo International is an architectural office with significant experience designing residential apartment projects. Their creativity is grounded in rigorous analysis, which results in exceptional design that is not only aesthetically striking, but also highly functional and sustainable.  About 360 Degrees Landscaping 360 Degrees Landscape Architects are committed to outstanding design with sustainable social, cultural and environmental outcomes. Their previous works are broad in scale and genre. 360 Degrees have designed and delivered a number of successful healing, leisure, learning, cultural, commercial, residential and public realm landscapes, as well as exclusive urban, regional and outback gardens.  Behruz Studio Features Timeless Decorative Pieces for Your Home 2016-06-08T06:49:26Z behruz-studio-features-timeless-decorative-pieces-for-your-home Behruz Studio is one of the leading Australia’s online rug store and was founded in 1984 in Melbourne. Their collection has something for everyone from modern to traditional rugs, decorative carpets, kilims and sukams to tribal and village rugs, there is surely something to suit any taste and budget. They always keep updated with the latest trends and designs, so you can scroll through the categories and see a diverse range of beautiful rugs.  They offer an array of quality services such as: ●In Home Trial With their extensive experience, their specialized team members can advise you to choose the perfect rug for your home. They can assist you in decorating your room with their aesthetic rugs. ●Valuation You can make an appointment and get a valuation certificate for your rugs. Behruz has over 30 years of experience and you can take any valuable information on the rugs from their specialist. ●Events And Styling Behruz Studio offers an excellent opportunity to its clients and you can hire rugs for photo shoots, film and television, exhibitions, events and display home styling/decoration. ●Rug Restoration The specialized team at Behruz Studio can help you repair or restore your damaged rugs.  Their restorers have been trained in Turkey and are highly skilled in restoration. ●Rug Cleaning Service Behruz Studio offers cleaning services for your beautiful rugs and can help you save it from structural damage. You can get your highly valuable pieces by their expert restorers. A rug expert of Behruz Studio says," Behruz Studio offers a comprehensive range of timeless rugs to give you unmatched choice in luxury floor rugs. They bring you high-quality rugs from around the world including, Heriz, Sultanabad, Farahan, Isfahan, Kashan, Qashqai, Kudish, Shahsavan, Ushak, Kazak, Shirvan, and Karabagh and make your rug purchase a pleasant experience." About Behruz Studio: Founded in 1984 in Melbourne, Behruz Studio offers an unmatched designs of rugs and helps you add beauty to your home. They have an extensive experience of over thirty years in this industry. If you are planning to purchase a new rug, then Behruz Studio is just the right place for you! Contact here for any query at or call (03) 9824 8156!