The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-06-26T05:28:57Z Japanese voice actor Daisuke Sakaguchi to attend SMASH! 2017 2017-06-26T05:28:57Z japanese-voice-actor-daisuke-sakaguchi-to-attend-smash-2017 Sydney, NSW, May 2nd, 2017 — Sydney’s #1 anime convention, SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show, is highly acclaimed for bringing prolific guests to the Australian pop-culture scene. Following the guest announcement of international cosplayers BAOZI and HANA, SMASH! is delighted to reveal the second guest for SMASH! 2017: Japanese voice actor DAISUKE SAKAGUCHI. With a career that spans over twenty years, Daisuke Sakaguchi is a Japanese voice actor who has worked on numerous titles across the anime, dubbing, and gaming industry. Sakaguchi is best known for his roles as Shinpachi Shimura (Gintama), Leonardo Watch (Blood Blockade Battlefront), Satoshi Fukube (Hyouka), Youhei Sunohara (Clannad), and Uso Ewin (Mobile Suit Victory Gundam). Besides his voice-acting work in anime, Sakaguchi has worked in the video gaming industry as well. Some of his recent titles include Gnome (Tales of Symphonia), Yuki Mishima (Persona 5), and Tatsu (Xenoblade Chronicles X). SMASH! President Andrew Qiu says there is a “significant demand” to bring Japanese voice talent to the convention every year. “It is a great honour to have Mr Sakaguchi as one of our special guests for SMASH! 2017,” Qiu said. “Australian fans are always eager to learn about the Japanese animation industry. This is a great chance for fans to learn more about Sakaguchi’s journey, and his experiences as a voice actor in the industry.” Fans will have the opportunity to meet Daisuke Sakaguchi at the convention and attend exclusive Q&A panels. SMASH! 2017 is a Japanese pop-culture convention to be held at Rosehill Gardens (NSW) on August 19th and 20th. For more event and ticketing information, visit ***ENDS*** “Closing The Gap” In Kempsey 2017-06-26T04:55:09Z closing-the-gap-in-kempsey The Girls Academy, an initiative to support and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls, is launching at two sites in Kempsey, New South Wales this week in a bid to close achievement gaps and boost academic performance.   The Kempsey Girls Academy will be officially opened by Member for Oxley and Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight The Hon. Melinda Pavey, MP on 27 June at Kempsey High School, and Kempsey Shire Council Mayor Liz Campbell will officially open the Melville Girls Academy at Melville High School on 29 June.   The Girls Academy works within local school systems to provide high school age Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls with support to prosper in school and pursue their goals. The Girls Academy program has the ‘Big 4’ objectives - increase school attendance, advance academic and personal achievement, improve year 12 graduation rates and facilitate post-school transition planning. The Girls Academy is the flagship program for Role Models and Leaders Australia Ltd, a not for profit charitable organisation founded in 2004 by Olympian and champion basketballer Ricky Grace (MEdL, BPolSc) to addresses the inequity in investment in educational support programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls.   "The Girls Academy supports young women to engage in their education, achieve their goals and strengthen their communities,” said Ricky Grace, CEO and Founder of the Girls Academy. "Our program aims to increases the skills, employability, health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls throughout Australia.”   Mr Grace said, “With support from both Federal and State Governments along with backing from major corporate and philanthropic organisations the Girls Academy aims to expand the Girls Academy to 2,500 girls enrolled nationwide by the end of the year, with 800 girls enrolled in New South Wales alone.”   "Support from the NSW Government and Department of Education has been crucial to the Academy's successful expansion in New South Wales. We also thank each school for their commitment to the program," continued Mr Grace.   Minister Pavey said "This is a very valuable opportunity for the girls of the Macleay - at both Kempsey and Melville High Schools. I encourage all to embrace it truly; occasions such as this can - and should - be used to make a real and lasting difference in life. Girls, go for it!.”   Mayor Liz Campbell said "It is wonderful to have the Girls Academy established in Kempsey. This is another step in developing our young Aboriginal people through education, mentoring and activities that will make them the leaders of the future. This Academy compliments other work being undertaken at both Kempsey and Melville High Schools through the Clontarf Foundation for young males. We welcome the Girls Academy to the Macleay Valley."   Kempsey High School Principal, Mr Mick Eller said, "The opening of the Kempsey High School Girls Academy is a significant step in enabling our Aboriginal Girls to achieve improvements in their attendance and engagement. Our wish for them is that they will go on to meaningful further education and careers. I sincerely thank Role Models and Leaders Australia, the Federal and State governments and generous donors for their assistance in making the Girls Academy a reality at Kempsey High School".   Melville High School Principal, Mr Jeff Hollingsworth said, “Melville High School has welcomed the initiative from Role Models and Leaders Australia, to establish a Girls Academy at this school. The potential improvement in the lives and outcomes of our students will be immense, and I congratulate and thank all those who have supported us in this process. It has been demonstrated in a short time that the program and staff can have an impact on our girls and their families which was difficult to achieve without such support."   About the Events   The Kempsey Girls Academy Official Opening will take place on Tuesday 27 June 5 pm – 7 pm at Kempsey High School, 13 Broughton Street, Kempsey NSW 2440.   The Melville Girls Academy Official Opening will take place on Thursday 29 June 5 pm – 7 pm at Melville High School, 44-50 Nicholson Street, South Kempsey NSW 2440.     About the Girls Academy   The Girls Academy program is the leading provider of school-based programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls in Australia. The program works within the local school system to support high school girls to engage in education and pursue their goals through mentoring, sport, cultural and empowerment programs. The program is centred around an Academy room in each school where a minimum of two mentors deliver a program to achieve the ‘Big 4' objectives - increase school attendance; advance academic and personal achievement; improve year 12 graduation rates and facilitate post-school transition planning. The program is community driven and tailored to the needs of each community. The Girls Academy Program is the flagship program of Role Models and Leaders Australia Ltd, a not for profit charitable organisation founded in 2004 by Olympian and champion basketballer Ricky Grace (MEdL, BPolSc) to addresses the inequity in investment in educational support programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls.   Further information at  STUDENTS SHOWCASE HEAVEN-SENT TALENT 2017-06-19T03:54:37Z students-showcase-heaven-sent-talent Australia’s next generation of stage and screen stars will be shining at the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA) mid-year showcase from 21-23 June 2017, at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art in Brisbane. Over three nights, ACPA students will perform various works under the banner of ‘Heaven & Earth’, exploring what happens when the earth moves us to passion and makes promises of heavenly rewards - who will hold our hand and what will hold us back? ACPA CEO, Dr Dimitri Kopanakis, said the showcase will allow students to experience performing for an audience in a professional venue. “We provide an excellent vocational education that is industry-relevant, with a strong emphasis on public performances to build confidence,” Dr Kopanakis said. "Our mid-year showcase is not only an opportunity for students’ families to watch their progress, but also for ACPA’s corporate and community supporters to see how they’re helping our students to shine. “The showcase is open to the general public too, and we hope Brisbane theatre goers will come to all three shows and enjoy a unique performance experience,” he said. ACPA is Australia’s only training centre offering courses that incorporate all performing arts genres, including classes dedicated to Indigenous cultural fusion. Each night a different genre will be featured. Wednesday 21 June – Melodies from Heaven II Australia’s most talented First Nations performers will sing acapella, solo and ensemble interpretations of African American gospel music. Thursday 22 June – Lovers Anonymous A hilarious and poignant portrayal of young lovers as they break up, make up, and give up on the L word.  Friday 23 June – The Clutch and Fur & Feathers Loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Ugly Duckling’, The Clutch explores the fragile struggle between independent identity and group power. Fur and Feathers is a journey back through time, dancing with the energies of the land through the spirits of the Kangaroo and the Emu. All performances commence at 7.30 pm. Tickets are available from Qtix - $15 for adults and $10 concession.   Event details What:   Heaven & Earth mid-year student showcase When:  Wed-Fri 21-23 June 2017, 7.30 pm Where: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art, 420 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley Tickets: $15 adults; $10 concession. International Surrealism Now and the New World Order at PO.RO.S Museum 2017-06-13T21:17:29Z international-surrealism-now-and-the-new-world-order-at-po-ro-s-museum Coimbra, Portugal, 13/06/2017 - September 17th of 2017 will host a new edition of the International Surrealism Now at the Multimedia P.O.R.O.S. Museum, in the village of Condeixa-a-Nova, in Portugal.  The "International Surrealism Now" began in 2010 in Coimbra, when Santiago Ribeiro conceived a major exhibition organized by Bissaya Barreto Foundation. International Surrealism Now is a project by Santiago Ribeiro, Portuguese surrealist painter, who has been dedicated to promoting the Surrealism of the 21st century, through exhibitions held in various parts of the world: Berlin, Moscow, Dallas, Los Angeles, Mississippi, Warsaw, Nantes, Paris, Florence, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Lisbon, Belgrade, Monte Negro, Romania, Japan and Brazil. Surrealism now is the union of visionary, surrealist, abstract, fantastic realism art movements. The exhibition is composed of works of drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and digital art. Currently, participating in the International Surrealism Now 105 artists from 48 countries: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam. Artists: Achraf Baznani, Morocco / Agim Meta, Spain / Aissa Mammasse, Algeria / Alvaro Mejias, Venezuela /Ana Araújo, Portugal / Ana Neamu, Romania / Ana Pilar Morales, Spain / Anna Plavinskaya, Russian / US / Andrew Baines, Australia / Asier Guerrero Rico (Dio), Spain / Brigid Marlin, UK / Bien Banez, Philippines / Can Emed, Turkey / Cătălin Precup, Romania / Cristian Townsend, Australia / Conor Walton, Ireland / Cynthia Tom, China-USA / Dag Samsund, Denmark / Daila Lupo, Italy / Dan Neamu, Romania / Daniel Chirac, Romania / Daniel Hanequand, Canada / Daniele Gori, Italy / Delphine Cencig, France / Dean Fleming, USA / Domen Lo, Slovenia / Edgar Invoker, Russia / Efrat Cybulkiewicz, Venezuela / Egill Eibsen, Iceland / Erik Heyninck, Belgium / Ettore Aldo Del Vigo, Italy / Farhad Jafari, Iran / France Garrido, USA / Francisco Urbano, Portugal / Graça Bordalo Pinheiro, Portugal / Graszka Paulska, Poland / Gromyko Semper, Philippines / Gyuri Lohmuller, Romania / Hector Pineda, Mexico / Hector Toro, Colombia / Henrietta Kozica, Sweden / Hugues Gillet, France / Isabel Meyrelles, Portugal / Iwasaki Nagi, Japan / James Skelton, UK / Jay Garfinkle, USA / Jay Paul Vonkoffler, American-Argentine / Jimah St, Nigeria / João Duarte, Portugal / Joe MacGown, USA / Keith Wigdor, USA / Leo Wijnhoven, Netherlands / Leo Plaw, Germany / Liba WS, France / Lubomír Štícha, Republic Czech / Ludgero Rolo, Portugal / Lv Shang, China / Maciej Hoffman, Poland / Magi Calhoun, USA / Marnie Pitts, UK / Maria Aristova, Russia / Mario Devcic, Croatia / Martina Hoffman, Germany / Mathias Böhm, Germany / Mehriban Efendi, Azerbaijan / Naiker Roman, Cuba-Spain / Nazareno Stanislau, Brazil / Nikolina Petolas, Croatia / Nipon Jungkina, Thailand / Octavian Florescu, Canada / Oleg Korolev, Russia / Olesya Novik, Russia / Olga Caldas, France / Olga Spiegel, USA / Oshi Rabin, American-Israeli / Otto Rapp, Austria / Paula Rosa, Portugal / Paulo Cunha, Canada / Pedro Diaz Cartes, Chile / Penny Golledge, UK / Philippe Pelletier, France / Ruben Cukier, Argentine-Israeli / Rudolf Boelee, New Zealand / Sabina Nore, Austria / Saim Ghazi, Pakistan / Sampo Kaikkonen, Finland / Santiago Ribeiro, Portugal / Sergey Tyukanov, Russia / Shahla Rosa, USA / Shoji Tanaka, Japan / Shan Zhulan, China / Sio Shisio, Indonesia / Slavko Krunic, Serbia / Snežana Petrović, Serbia / Sônia Menna Barreto , Brazil / Steve Smith, USA / Stuart Griggs, UK / Svetlana Kislyachenko, Ukraine / Tatomir Pitariu, USA / Ton Haring, Netherlands / Victor Lages, Portugal / Vu Huyen Thuong, Vietnam / Yamal Din, Morocco-Spain / Yuri Tsvetaev, Russia / Zoltan Ducsai, Hungary / Zoran Velimanovic, Serbia. More information can be found here: SOURCE: International Surrealism Now  YAL Indigenous Girls Academy in Cairns secures $1 Million Federal Government grant 2017-06-02T06:32:24Z yal-indigenous-girls-academy-in-cairns-secures-1-million-federal-government-grant The Young Australia League has welcomed today’s news that the Coalition Government will provide $1 million to establish the Kaziew Rangath Academy (“A Child’s Journey”) for young Indigenous women in Far North Queensland. The investment forms part of the $138 million education package announced by the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, last week, and aligns with this week’s National Reconciliation Week which is a time to recognise the value of partnerships that are working to Close the Gap. YAL Chairman Frank Schaper said the academy will focus on students' physical, mental, academic and spiritual growth, with a strong support network and academic team so that each student will achieve their potential.     “YAL is grateful for the support of the Federal Government, and in particular Minister Scullion and Warren Entsch, who have helped ensure the Kaziew Rangath academy will help to change lives and give the indigenous girls from Far North Queensland a chance to shine,” Mr Schaper said.      The Kaziew Rangath Academy will open in January 2018 and give girls who live in Far North Queensland an opportunity to live on site at Tropicana Lodge and attend local schools while also pursuing other sporting and social opportunities.   The Academy will be a home away from home with support services being brought in to help the students adjust to their new environment without losing their cultural roots and connection to country.   Funds from the Federal Government to the program will allow for a total upgrade of the current facilities at Tropicana Lodge and ensure the first intake of students has access to first-class programs and facilities.   The Academy will see YAL partner with Cairns Hockey Association. Julie McNeil, Operations Manager at Cairns Hockey Association, said “Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly is excited to partner with YAL and Tropicana Lodge to develop further sporting opportunities for indigenous young women and girls across Far North Queensland. The Aspire Sporting Academy will offer world class mentoring and pathways support to these young women on and off the field to support their education and pathway in life. Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly is confident that the partnership with YAL and Tropicana Lodge will increase opportunities and provide a positive future for indigenous young women and girls in the region and beyond.”   Kaziew Rangath has been developed over the last 3 years by YAL Tropicana Lodge management team lead by Aaron and Jenine Keatley. “Throughout the last 10 years at Tropicana Lodge we have had a number of indigenous clients stay with us who have expressed a need for the development of the young women living in the Far North. Kaziew Rangath Academy has been created with careful consulting with a number of different organisations and Indigenous Elders. The young women from the Far North deserve to have a world class facility to help them reach their potential. Kaziew Rangath will fill that role.”      END   Media Contact:       Tammy-Rae Schaper (YAL) – 0412386612                                     Julie McNeil (CHA) 0418880147 Fire & Rescue NSW bake, shake and educate with Knafeh Bakery to promote kitchen fire safety 2017-05-24T04:00:32Z fire-amp-rescue-nsw-bake-shake-and-educate-with-knafeh-bakery-to-promote-kitchen-fire-safety Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW), together with the bearded bakers from Knafeh Bakery, will shake and bake their popular Middle-Eastern dessert at Campbelltown Arts Centre this coming week to educate the public about the importance of FRNSW’s ‘Keep Looking When Cooking’ message.  The Knafeh Bakery is a popular pop-up bakery, housed in an old shipping container, which travels to different locations across NSW. This week, the boys from the bakery will be sharing their love for cooking with FRNSW to highlight the dangers of leaving cooking unattended. The community will have the opportunity to meet with local firefighters, who will be conducting live cooking demonstrations in an effort to educate the public about what to do in the case of a kitchen fire.  Members of the community will also receive a specially-designed wooden spatula to serve as a constant reminder to ‘Keep Looking When Cooking’ in the kitchen.  Kitchen fires have the highest incidence rates in homes. On average, FRNSW firefighters respond to around 3,865 house fires a year. There are on average 21 house fire fatalities each year and around 502 people injured. Already this year five people have died as a result of an accidental fire in their home in NSW and FRNSW does not want to see this number increase. FRNSW urges the public to call Triple Zero in case of a fire and once you get out, stay out. What: FRNSW and Knafeh Bakery shake and bake their popular Middle-Eastern dessert to educate the                  public about the importance of FRNSW’s ‘Keep Looking When Cooking’ message.  When: Thursday, 25 May and Sunday, 28 May 8.00pm – 9.00pm Where: Campbelltown Arts Centre 1 Art Gallery Road Campbelltown For more information on kitchen fire safety, visit FRNSW’S ‘Keep Looking When Cooking’ website.  MISS MULTIVERSE AU MODELS AT VIVID SYDNEY 2017-05-19T13:00:49Z miss-multiverse-models-at-vivid-sydney Miss Multiverse – ‘I Am Multiverse’ - Australia MISS MULTIVERSE AUSTRALIA MODELS AT VIVID SYDNEY Model-contest style Reality TV Show, “I Am Multiverse – AU” will be teaming up with dLux at this year’s edition of sARTorial – VIVID SYDNEY on the 10th of June 2017. Regional Finalists of this year’s ‘I Am Multiverse AU’ will work with the fashion designers and technology experts on a show like none other. dLux is presenting sARTorial on 10 June as part of Vivid Ideas 2017 at The Connection, Rhodes in partnership with City of Canada Bay Council. This exciting initiative explores the relationship between fashion, art and technology in a part run-way, part performance-art exhibition. There will be interactive elements to explore and the opportunity to get up close with the futuristic garments and accessories that have been designed by collaborative teams of artists, designers, and technophiles. With a live DJ and a bar this is the most original party Sydney has ever seen!" “We are so excited about having our models part of such a fantastic initiative. Miss Multiverse girls are modern and multifaceted with good education and an interest in technology. When we discovered sARTorial we could not believe how perfectly they represent what we stand for”, says Producer and National Director, Yolandi Franken. dLux MediaArts is one of Australia's key screen and media arts organisations, committed to supporting the development, engagement and experience of contemporary screen and digital media culture. dLux aims to develop partnerships which contribute to new opportunities for digital media practitioners in their local contexts through linking technologies and communities especially in remote and disadvantaged communities.   ‘I Am Multiverse – AU’ is the TV Show of the model contest ‘Miss Multiverse – AU’ of which the international version has been going to air for the past few years in America and South America. The show follows girls from across Australia on their journey to the crown.  Through mental, physical and emotional challenges girls will be eliminated until only one winner is selected to represent Australia at the world finals. This is not a contest for the faint hearted and to be selected as a Regional or National Finalist girls must have qualities that demonstrate their ability to be multifaceted. Contestants are not only beautiful and fit but also educated, business minded and with great emotional and social intelligence. Challenges and tests are not revealed to the finalists until they arrive at each challenge. To find out more, please visit Contact: Yolandi Franken, 0404 385 988, Winner Of Best Mandala Leg Piece - Singapore Ink Show 2017-05-13T17:15:38Z winner-of-best-mandala-leg-piece-singapore-ink-show 100% Aussie owned Mayhem Ink has had their inaugural debut at the Singapore Ink Show and walked away with the award for best leg Mandala completed on the day. Owner/operator Dazza Cumberpatch put it's down to his crews dedication and hard work which they invest into their craft, based out of the Aussie Bar in Bangla Road. Thailands well known tattoo artist Tue represented Mayhem and was the artist behind the winning Mandala piece.  For more info about Mayhem Ink, please contact PR representative below or visit Photo Opp | Aussie hopefuls line the streets of North Sydney for their shot at fame | Saturday 13 May @10am 2017-05-12T00:04:51Z photo-opp-aussie-hopefuls-line-the-streets-of-north-sydney-for-their-shot-at-fame-saturday-13-may-10am   **PHOTO/VIDEO OPPORTUNITY**  Aussie Kids Line the Streets of North Sydney for Your Shot Registration Day     Check out the line from last year here:   Great visuals - expecting more than 4,500 young Aussies to be lining up on the streets of North Sydney   Interview opportunity -  young adults waiting in line across the Pacific Hwy overpass for their shot at becoming the next Aussie sensation    Event Details:  WHAT: Your Shot NSW Registration Day  WHEN: Saturday, 12 May, 2017 – 10:15am (doors open 11am)  WHERE: The Greenwood, North Sydney   Background info:  Tomorrow - Saturday 13 May, 2017 - YOUR SHOT presented by Alcatel, the grassroots initiative that has launched the careers of world-famous DJs such as Tigerlilly, J-Trick and New World Sound, has returned in 2017 for its eighth consecutive year. The local DJ competition provides a unique opportunity for Aussies to transform their passion for music into a career, and has so far helped more than 5,000 aspiring DJ’s realise their dreams in the Australian music industry. Last year saw a jaw-dropping 9,000 registrants and 700 contestants, with 2017 promising to be even bigger and better!  WHAT IS YOUR SHOT? The brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Steve Pillemer, Your Shot has grown from humble beginnings to a highly a successful annual presence on the Australian music calendar. It now attracts more registrations than leading reality TV talent shows, enjoys long-term, well-known sponsors and has led to global expansion as it looks beyond Australia and USA to launch in China this year. Now in its 8th consecutive year, Your Shot will continue to change the lives of aspiring DJs across Australia, and will unearth the next generation of the country’s most exciting upcoming DJ talent. Taking the east coast by storm, 2017 will see 800 contestants with little or no DJ experience provided with an amazing opportunity. All participants receive a superior experience as they are trained by some of Australia’s best DJ talent over six weeks at The Academy, where they learn the basics and put together and perform their first ever DJ set.   The final YOUR SHOT event in each state will see the contestants performing alongside some top headline DJs from Australia as well as the best up-and-coming talent. Every contestant will perform in the hopes of taking home the title of YOUR SHOT champion along with life-changing prizes, with the winners fast-tracked to perform at some of the best music festivals around the world.  AMAZING PRIZES! Returning bigger and better than ever in 2017, the competition will see the State Contestant and Wild Card winner for each state fly overseas on an all-expenses paid trip to perform their first international set at one of the world’s hottest party destinations around the globe.    To highlight the excitement and share the journey, presenting sponsor Alcatel followed Sydney Your Shot winner, Natalie Dekker (A.K.A. Dekkadence) and documented her journey from winning in Sydney to performing on stage at ZoukOut in Singapore. The never before seen footage as she embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure can be viewed and shared from the following link:   The 2017 winner’s will get the opportunity to perform at one of the following popular festivals:   Snowbombing in Austria Creamfields in the U.K. ZoukOut in Singapore CRSSD Festival in the U.S.A. The BPM Festival (Surprise Location) Your Paradise in Fiji  WHO IS BACKING IT? Your Shot receives support from some well-known global brands, many of them returning year-on-year, recognising the value of the initiative and keen to support aspiring DJs realise their dreams. For the third consecutive year, Alcatel has returned as naming rights sponsor for Your Shot along with long-standing sponsors included AGWA, Pioneer DJ, Red Bull and Zanerobe. This year will also see BATI Spiced Rum (a Coca-Cola Amatil brand) and MTV join as key category and media partners.  “Your Shot provides the perfect platform to create an affinity with a brand so valuable, it extends well beyond brand recognition. Your Shot creates an unbreakable bond between its brands and a tough to reach age group through the medium that they covet most – music”, said David Vieira, Product and Marketing Director, Alcatel Mobile.  We are thrilled to extend our relationship with Your Shot and continue supporting up-and-coming local talent. Such grassroots initiatives like YourShot encapsulate the creativity, fun and individuality that Alcatel stands for”, he added.  “The Your Shot brand provides Red Bull with a direct link to the future tastemakers of the music industry, furthermore sharing our core value giving wings to people and ideas. The quality of talent and professional manner in which the Your Shot approach the yearly event is vital to our link to the future of our industry and Red Bull and thankful to be part of this journey,” said Dwayne Thompson, Red Bull Australia.  VIDEO and IMAGERY: Access the promo video for YOUR SHOT 2017 here: Download imagery for Your Shot 2017 here: Access Dekkadence journey to perform at ZoukOut here:  SOCIAL HANDLES:Facebook: @yourshotInstagram: @yourshotauTwitter: @yourshotauYouTube: @YourShotAustralia  For all media enquiries or interview opportunities, please contact: Rebecca Blasina Closer Communications M: +61 (0) 420 805 567 E:   Rachael Blasina Closer Communications M: +61 (0) 428 073 703 E: MEGASTAR AUDIENCE REACH HITS 25M 2017-05-09T07:30:20Z megastar-audience-reach-hits-25m HIGHLIGHTS +       Olympic Gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson East and Frisbee Trick Shot Performer Brodie Smith to enter and promote Megastar as part of the Social influencer campaigns +       Shawn and Brodie have a combined total audience reach of over 7 million +       This signing brings Megastar’s total audience reach to over 25 million through Social Influencers and Sponsored Performers – with more engagements imminent MSM Corporation International Limited (“MSM” or “the Company”) (ASX: MSM), a leading digital technology and entertainment company, is pleased to announce the addition of Brodie Smith and Shawn Johnson East as the latest high profile performers to enter and expand the total audience reach of the first worldwide Megastar competition. Professional Frisbee player and trick shot master, Brodie Smith and Olympic Gold medal gymnast, Shawn Johnson East will both be entering the competition as Performers as well as promoting Megastar across their social media audience to encourage Fans and Performers to download the App and join the competition. Shawn Johnson East, 2.7 million followers Shawn Johnson East is a retired artistic gymnast and Olympic Gold medalist. Additionally, she is a Dancing with the Stars champion, Celebrity Apprentice, ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) award-winner and New York Times Best-selling author. Across her social media channels, which include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube she has approximately 2.7 million followers. Shawn said, “Megastar is such a cool platform because it’s a new way for people around the globe to compete against each other and have the same global audience choose the content they like best!”  Olympic Gold medalist Shawn Johnson East, 2.7 million followers Brodie Smith, 4.3 million followers Brodie Smith is a professional Frisbee player and trick shot master with over 4 million followers across his social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Reflecting the world-wide nature of the Megastar competition, he reaches a global audience with followers from across the globe. Brodie’s YouTube channel features trick shots and Frisbee highlights and many globally renowned brands, including Red Bull, NASCAR, Jeep and ESPN have featured Brodie as part of their campaigns. Brodie has made multiple television appearances, including finishing fifth on the 28th instalment of the American reality competition show The Amazing Race where contestants race around the world to win a US$1 million grand prize. Professional Frisbee player Brodie Smith, 4.3 million social media followers Brodie said, “The Megastar competition is going to be a phenomenal platform for Performers around the globe. For me, it’s going to be an incredible outlet to demonstrate my tricks and I am looking forward to playing a part in promoting the competition.” Managing Director, Dion Sullivan commented; “Engaging amazing Performers and popular Social Influencers is the cornerstone of Megastar’s strategy to reach a massive global audience. We are very pleased to welcome Brodie Smith and Shawn Johnson East to the Megastar competition. They are exciting to watch, significantly increase our total audience reach and they are a great addition to our first worldwide competition. We look forward to announcing additional Performers and Influencers in the very near future, ahead of the June 30 launch.” Executive Director Asia-Pacific, Sophie McGill commented; “Shawn and Brodie exemplify the diversity of talents that can be showcased in the Megastar competition. We look forward to seeing a range of talents from extreme sports, to comedy and dance, participating in our competition as Performers.” “We are pleased that so many of the Social Influencers who will be raising awareness of the Megastar competition will also be participating as Performers. This is an exciting time for the Company, our marketing initiatives are gaining momentum and we are moving rapidly towards the imminent launch of our first competition.” For further information, contact: Sophie McGillExecutive Director APACT: +61 415 656 953E: Media queries:Melissa Mack Media & Capital PartnersT: +61 430 119 951E: ABOUT MSMCI MSM Corporation International Limited (“MSMCI”) is a leading digital technology and global entertainment company focused on developing digital products that turn creativity into capital. Its flagship product is Megastar, a global, all-digital, mobile platform-based talent contest, featuring performers of any talent competing against each other for prizes, a role in a film and more. Winners are chosen by fans voting in the contest through the Megastar app. The Megastar contest will available in six countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain, and the United States, and can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. MSMCI was founded by CEO Dion Sullivan and Chairman of the Board Adam Wellisch, and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and Oakland, California, USA. It is a Limited Corporation, publicly traded on the Australian exchange (ASX:MSM). Visit to learn more or to sign up for the investor newsletter. DR. IAN DEITCH (Chiropractor) AND 35 OTHER CHIROPRACTORS PROVIDED 12,000 ADJUSTMENTS AT MUMBAI FESTIVAL 2017-05-09T00:02:17Z dr-ian-deitch-chiropractor-and-35-other-chiropractors-provided-12-000-adjustments-at-mumbai-festival For Immediate Release: May 10, 2017 Mumbai, India – Dr. Ian Deitch (Chiropractor), a licensed, experienced chiropractor at Chirolife Family Chiropractic Centre with over 25-years in practice to date, this past February, joined with 35 other esteemed chiropractors to administer over 12,000 chiropractic adjustments to the attendees at the 2017 Indian festival Samagam in Mumbai.   Passionate about providing his services to individuals who don’t normally have access to chiropractic support, Dr. Deitch (Chiro) and fellow chiropractors volunteered for 4-days at the festival to introduce the healing power and importance of chiropractic care.   “In many places around the world, like Mumbai, individuals don’t have access to different forms of healthcare, including chiropractic,” said Dr. Deitch (Chiro). “Being a chiropractor is so much more than just getting people out of pain. It’s about helping everyone to understand the full potential of life through pain alleviation.”   The festival witnessed over 1 million attendees this past February. Each day, a festival bus would drop off patients at the festival chiropractic tent, where Dr. Deitch (Chiro) and others saw their patients. The patients received an educational care class before seeing the doctor. On certain days of the festival, there was a 3-hour waiting line to get a chance to be adjusted.   Samagam, the Sikh term for union, close association or fellowship, is a kind of extended program that focuses on fellowship of sangat, or spiritual companions in a gathering of small people.   “Needless to say, after contributing to helping over 12,000 people, I can look back and smile,” said Dr. Deitch (Chiro). “The journey has been fantastic with absolutely no regrets. Helping others achieve better health and healing is the best job in the world.” For more information on the Mumbai Samagam, visit:   For more information on Dr. Deitch, visit: Is Deadpanning the Next Mannequin Challenge? 2017-04-26T13:06:52Z is-deadpanning-the-next-mannequin-challenge A viral Facebook video of a man bungee jumping, sky diving, and rally car driving has sparked a flurry of social media activity centered around “deadpanning” which involves nothing more than keeping a straight, expressionless face. The video at the centre of it all (, produced by REIZE co-founders Marty Spargo and Steve Macdonald has notched up over 1.5 million views already. Steve explains “The success of the Deadpan Guy videos has far exceeded what we could have expected. People are sending us pictures of themselves deadpanning in day to day life, creating Deadpan Guy memes. It’s gone crazy.” Marty adds “The most amazing thing for me is how overwhelmingly positive the response has been. People who have been hassled about not smiling in photos their whole life are coming out of the woodwork. I guess it’s their time to shine.” The video itself is pretty amazing. It seems impossible to imagine being able to keep a perfectly straight face while bungee jumping. The comments on the video are worth reading in their own right, and this is where the craze was spawned. Viewers were posting photos of themselves and their friends and challenging each other to post the best “Deadpan” shot and it went from there. “What’s so great about Deadpanning is that anyone can do it. It is probably the most accessible viral craze since planking,” Steve said. It appears that REIZE has tapped into a social phenomenon that has everyone talking… but not smiling. Media enquiries including interviews please contact Steve Macdonald (REIZE co-founder) directly on 0497 585 064 or email Notes to Editors About REIZE Energy Drink Co-Founders Marty Spargo and Steve Macdonald Lifelong friends and childhood surfing buddies, Marty is a former Qantas airline pilot and derivatives trader and Steve was an accountant before they left their jobs and redesigned their life, launching an innovative start-up to take on the global brands. Deadpan Guy was scripted and produced by Steve and Marty, with no input from a marketing agency. They have no marketing experience, which is perhaps why it resonates so well with the average person. Facebook: REIZE Energy Drink Instagram @reizeenergydrink Twitter @reizeenergy Snapchat @reizeenergy Youtube REIZE Energy Drink Worlds Largest Secondary School Culture Brand Launches In Australia 2018 2017-04-21T22:32:19Z worlds-largest-secondary-school-culture-brand-launches-in-australia-2018 22 April 2017. 9:00 am AEDT  Fomuda Pty Ltd are proud to be the marketing company associated with Polyfest Australia.  The Polyfest brand was established in New Zealand in 1976 and is the largest cultural festival of its kind, attracting over 100,000 spectators over a 4 day period.  ASB Polyfest based in Auckland initially started in 1976 the hall of a local High School.  Each year it increased in size, and more stages were added as the categories grew with popularity.  The most recent being the addition of the Asian category.  As Polyfest continued to grow, the capacity of over 9000 performers could not be managed by a single school.  Various stages are set up at Host schools for each category leading up to the finals.  The Polyfest finals now take place at the Manukau Velodrome which was designed for the 1990 Commonwealth Games.  This is a more suitable venue as over 100,000 spectators attend this remarkable event annually. Polyfest Australia will be held in NSW in February 2018 and an estimated turnout of more than 20,000 spectators are expected.  For continuity purposes, Polyfest Australia will showcase its inaugural event in the same venue as Pacfest 2017, until such time as crowd capacity demands a change. Sy Lagaaia, CEO of Fomuda Pty Ltd said “Polyfest is synonymous with multiculturalism, and in Auckland, the City with the largest contingency of Pacific Islanders in the world, everyone knows the name Polyfest, and everyone respects the high standard of excellence the brand represents.  In NSW we have a few festivals, and they have served us in the past, however the Polyfest brand is here now, and it will no doubt be the preference that serious performing arts students will choose.  Fun will still be on the cards, but the goal posts have shifted, professional judges will be in attendance, New Zealand and the World will be watching, and every performer must now step up their game.” Invitations are being crafted to invite all eligible schools in the New South Wales area. We will also be keeping an eye on multicultural festivals in other states, and may invite the best of the best to showcase at Polyfest Australia 2018 as special guests.  This will be an exciting surprise for all those participating. Polyfest Australia will strive to uphold the positive messages the brand has always delivered since its inception 42 years ago, and that is harmony and unity within the school communities and the general public.  In the past, Indigenous people have lost their culture and language, and Polyfest prides itself on being the single biggest community venture where the culture, dance, and song are learned, and are once again brought to life. Polyfest sponsorship in New Zealand is sought after by many Corporate and Government institutions.  Polyfest sponsors include 1 major banking institution, 5 Radio stations, 4 major community groups, 7 nationwide Universities and Technical colleges, 4 Government Departments, Auckland Airport, Auckland City Council and the New Zealand Fire Service. Polyfest Australia are inviting Corporate and Government sponsorship to come forward and offer expressions of interest.  Please email Join Australia’s largest women’s expo in the West. 2017-04-19T23:29:26Z join-australia-s-largest-women-s-expo-in-the-west Across three days, the Mundella EveryWoman Expo is set to enrich over 10,000 Perth women as they shop, indulge and enjoy from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 June at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Find 250+ exhibitors showcasing the latest fashion, beauty, health & wellbeing, food & wine, travel and more! It’s sure to be a perfect girls day out - which is now FREE entry with love from Mundella. Featuring non stop entertainment including the latest fashion retailers on The Catwalk, empowering workshops at The Podium, cooking classes at the Bodhi Bakehouse Celebrity Kitchen, mini beauty makeovers at the Angove beauty bar, psychic readings and more! Launching the weekend into full swing is the annual Friday Night Bubbles. From 5:00pm the first 500 lucky ladies who enter the expo for the first time will receive a FREE goodie bag and a glass of bubbles from Angove. Pamper yourself at the Angove beauty bar and choose from a range of beauty and hair makeovers. From makeup touch ups, eye lash extensions and hair styling at the braid bar. All treatments include a free sample of Angove Rose so you’ll walk away looking and feeling like the queen that you are.   Once you are looking fresh, relax and work on your stress levels with a free 15 minute massage from world-class therapists at the Endota Massage Lounge. All mini make overs and massages are free and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. The 2017 Podium will feature an inspiring line-up of guest speakers who will share their expertise on self-development, spiritual matters, health and nutrition. Speakers include Akec “Susan” Chuot from AFLW Fremantle Dockers, Kylie Wolfig from The Thyroid School and Kiero Raphael from Kireiki.  Bring your inner fashionista to life at The Catwalk with ongoing parades daily, including an exclusive display of Indigenous fashion and models from the team at the Dreamtime Project. Visitors can also bring their workout gear for live fitness demonstrations and dance routines. ‘This event is my passion, I get the opportunity to create a forum for every woman of every nationality, class, shape and colour to come together and find something new and exciting, whether it is something that empowers or just provides pure pleasure.' Sandra Giannone, EveryWoman Expo. Health foodies will love, The Bodhi’s Bakehouse Celebrity Kitchen where celebrities will join Chef Dale Sniffen to cook up their favourite recipes live. A great motivation behind this feature is to raise awareness and donations for the Heart Foundation of WA. Running annually since 1998, the Mundella EveryWoman Expo is looking forward to another successful year. The 2017 Expo will be held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Doors open 10am daily - register online now at for your FREE ticket. CELEBRATING WORKPLACE DIVERSITY & EQUALITY BY GIVING A DAY BACK TO EMPLOYEES 2017-03-06T06:39:21Z celebrating-workplace-diversity-amp-equality-by-giving-a-day-back-to-employees Sydney, 6th March 2017: Digivizer, Australia’s leading social analytics and activations company, has made a commitment to workplace equality and diversity to recognize International Women’s Day. The company is introducing an additional day of paid leave for all employees. CEO Emma Lo Russo explains her reasons for the decision: “I want to make the sentiments behind International Women’s Day around equality and diversity tangible for all our employees. Granting an extra day of paid leave to all employees, to be taken whenever it suits them each year, helps put the focus on work flexibility, and allows them  to acknowledge and celebrate the commitment they make, and the support they receive from their partners and families. “One way to support every employee is to provide a flexible workplace that helps them find balance across all aspects of their life, including family, health and wellbeing.   If we define success by what outcomes we create, who we are, and the value we deliver, rather than defining how, when and where it is done, businesses and people will flourish. It should always be about results, not effort. “If we recruit the best talent we can afford, true workplace diversity will follow. “To  make the workplace of the future meaningful and real, we have to change now. Some of those changes will be large in scope, others simple to make. Our responsibilities as leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners remain clear: make decisions that empower all employees to be the best they can, in workplace environments that allow them to succeed. “Thank you to all of Digivizer’s employees, for their contribution and  commitment! As International Women’s day reminds us all, Be Bold for Change!” ENDS For more information:                                              Alan Smith                                                                           Head of Strategic Business Communications, Digivizer                    0404 432 700                                                                        Twitter: @alansmithoz      @digivizer @emmalorusso