The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-28T03:50:23Z Massive Outdoor Furniture Clearance at Outdoor Living Direct 2017-04-28T03:50:23Z massive-outdoor-furniture-clearance-at-outdoor-living-direct Outdoor Living Direct started by John Strahan in 2011 is a family owned Australia business that sells the widest range of outdoor furniture in Australia today. The company has two huge air-conditioned superstores located in Cheltenham and Hoppers Crossing, Victoria. Outdoor Living Direct also sells products through their online store.From time to time the company announces huge discounts on a range of furniture products and currently too the company has a huge clearance sale that is live on their website. Customers can also walk-in into their superstores and benefit from the massive clearance sale that assures customer of the best low prices.They are clearing the end of season lines and floor stock, so once it is gone – it’s gone! With these massive savings on outdoor furniture you are guaranteed to get a bargain so make sure you bring your pickup or trailer so you don’t miss out. If you intend to order online then visit , Outdoor Living Direct ships to every major town & city in Australia at lowest shipping prices guaranteed.Speaking to the media, Mr. John Strahan, Owner of Outdoor Living Direct said, “It’s always been an endeavor for us at Outdoor Living Direct to offer high quality outdoor furniture to the people of Australia. This massive clearance sale is the best time to buy furniture; shoppers are guaranteed to find a lot of outdoor furniture to shop for and at amazingly low prices.”Taneha, a resident of Melbourne had this to say about her experience shopping at the Outdoor Living Direct showroom in Hoppers Crossing, “Absolutely Fantastic this place, the shop in Hoppers Crossing is brilliant staff are friendly and helpful recommend 100% 5 stars. Our outdoor table and chairs along with outdoor lounge was delivered with absolutely nothing wrong with it no damage at all. Thank you Outdoor Living Direct.”Contact Details:Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd337 Warrigal Rd, Cheltenham,Victoria, 3192Phone - (03) 9583 3060Email - Patioland Offers Beautiful Pergolas Using Hunter Douglas Shademaster Products 2017-04-28T02:41:58Z patioland-offers-beautiful-pergolas-using-hunter-douglas-shademaster-products Decks and patios specialist Patioland offers flexible pergola design options from Hunter Douglas Shademaster roofing systems. This now makes it possible for customers to be creative and plan their own custom awnings, patio enclosures and pergolas for pitched, flat, opening and domed roofs. Besides their promise of style and flexibility, comes the assurance of high quality insulated roofing, which provides greater protection from the elements. Patioland is known for their excellent service and superior quality of materials used in their builds. Sydney-based Patioland has 30 years of expertise. They deal with awnings, insulated roofing, carports, timber decking, opening roof, aluminium patios, Apollo patios, pergolas and gazebos. The company also supplies and installs install single skin roofs as well as insulated roofing systems. These special roofing systems are designed to suit all decks and patios, patio enclosures, pergolas and gazebos. Hunter Douglas Shademaster’s wide range of roofing materials and systems includes various kinds of roofing such as flat, gable, pitched or combination roofing. When a customer’s dream plan meets Patioland’s expertise, it can transform any deck or patio space with custom-designed pergolas and gazebos into the perfect extension of their home.  The benefits offered by the custom awnings and pergolas also come with the Hunter Douglas Shademaster Guarantee. Patioland uses only Hunter Douglas Color-Cote system to enhance patio awnings, pergolas and gazebos. Other benefits include nature light panels that block out 100 per cent of UV rays, double sided 80 per cent gloss for heat reduction to keep the area cool and one degree of roof fall for added head height. With the potential for a large span of up to 5.4m, it also minimises unsightly underframes giving it a more seamless look. Customers of Patioland are guaranteed to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year thanks to the efficient, beautiful and long lasting custom awnings, pergolas and gazebos designed by them. Those interested in knowing more about the Hunter Douglas Color-Cote System and Patioland’s various offers may call (02) 9831 3899 or send an email to To check out the options available and know more about Patioland’s flexible designs: Lens World Promotes High Quality Lenses from CooperVision 2017-04-28T02:37:58Z lens-world-promotes-high-quality-lenses-from-coopervision Lens World, the company that supplies high quality contact lenses at highly affordable prices, is promoting CooperVision contact lenses this month. CooperVision is the world’s fourth largest contact lens supplier and the world’s largest manufacturer of toric contact lenses for individuals with astigmatism. These products are sold in over 100 countries around the world. Lens World is always committed to selling only the best brands and products. The irresistible offers from CooperVision available at Lens World include the Proclear 6 Pack at $31.15, Proclear 1 Day Multifocal - 30 pack at $45.00, Avaira Vitality/ cAir - 6 Pack at $38.50 and BioMedics 1-Day Extra - 30 Pack at $26.00. Other offers include Biofinity MultiFocal - 6 Pack at $91.50, Proclear MultiFocal - 6 Pack at $89.50, Proclear Multifocal Toric - 6 Pack at $156.00 and Proclear Toric XR - 6 Pack at $150.80 among others. Lens World is a one stop place for lenses such as Toric Lenses, Multifocal Lenses, Astigmatism Lenses, Bifocal Lenses, General Lenses and Coloured Lenses. These contact lenses can be worn monthly, fortnightly, or daily. There are lenses for those who have a hectic and busy lifestyle and prefer only monthly lenses, as these are able to be worn for long periods of time. There are daily contact lenses that are easily disposable and do not require cleaning or maintenance. CooperVision has built a reputation as they are constantly improving their product range benefits through its in-house research and development team. This drive to innovate has made CooperVision one of the leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and a number of other related services and products. Their aim is to improve the experience that people have when wearing their contact lenses. CooperVision credits its constant growth and global acceptance to their ability to absorb feedback and then use it to improve their products as well as introduce new ones. Their current product line reflects what almost everybody requires in a high quality pair of contact lenses. Customers can check the catalogue to place their orders. Those interested in finding out more about CooperVision's brand of contact lenses can send an email to or call 1300 724 534.   To check the offers on CooperVision lenses available at Lens World: The Pole House Makeover - Keystone Provides Amazing Acoustics and Looks 2017-04-28T02:29:22Z the-pole-house-makeover-keystone-provides-amazing-acoustics-and-looks Keystone, the company with 40 years of service providing one of the best quality ceiling, lining and wall panels, recently helped Kathi and Ray Adams renovate their iconic Seventies home into a modern abode. The company provided them Key Board Perforated Plasterboard to incorporate acoustic treatments and optimise the sound at their property Pole House, which is situated on the Great Ocean Road on Victoria’s Surf Coast. Keystone has a reputation for precision and product consistency. Their extensive list of eco-friendly and fully customisable fire rated options are excellent for construction of beautiful, functional and totally unique spaces. Key-Board perforated plasterboard panels offer superior sound insulation with excellent design flexibility. They are lightweight and easy to install. These acoustic panels can be integrated seamlessly with other plaster features. They are used in interior acoustic wall and ceiling systems for lecture theatres, cinemas and auditoriums, ceiling and wall feature panels. Kathi Adams said, “Updating a 70’s icon into the 21st century is not an easy task, so when we decided to renovate our beach place, The Pole House, on the Great Ocean Road on Victoria’s Surf Coast, we were keen to keep it’s iconic profile but to exploit the advantages that modern steel and glass technologies have to offer to enhance both internal ambience and the spectacular views along the coast, which stretch from the Aireys Inlet Split Point Light House to well beyond Lorne.” Ray Adams said, “Adding a large, three bedroom home (also primarily made of steel and glass with a polished concrete floor throughout) on the cliff overlooking the Pole House, with a large, open plan living environment only added to the challenge.” “The trouble with glass, concrete, steel and wide open space is that they are not kind to internal acoustics and being tragic audiophiles, with a range of ultra-high end stereo and home theatre equipment we knew we needed to incorporate acoustic treatments into both houses to optimise the sound,” Ray added.  Kathy said, “We engaged an acoustic consultant who specified the use of a variety of ceiling and wall treatments, all supplied by Keystone Acoustics which delivered not only amazing sound, but also gave us a finished look that is stunning.” “Catherine Pomiecko, Project Manager at Keystone Acoustics worked with us from the beginning and provided exceptional service and advice, which resulted in a look and quality of sound that has not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Thank you Catherine and Keystone for adding your special magic to our home,” Kathy said.  Keystone can be contacted for information on their products and meeting specific acoustic requirements by calling (02) 9604 8813. Email queries can be addressed to Catherine Pomiecko, Project Manager & Specifications at  To know more about Keystone - Key Board Perforated Plasterboard:   Conroy Removals – New Customs Clearance Process for Moving Goods to UK 2017-04-28T02:23:50Z conroy-removals-new-customs-clearance-process-for-moving-goods-to-uk Conroy Removals, the experts in removal services, have helped thousands of people to relocate locally, nationally and around the world. The company is constantly updating information relevant to their customers so that they can benefit from it. Recently the company reported that there have been changes in the United Kingdom customs border control. A new customs clearance process has been introduced by the UK government.  People who are planning on moving to the UK have to get their goods cleared for entry by the customs service. A transfer of residence application will need to be completed. This used to be a manual process that was carried out by the shipper but now it will have to be done electronically by the person who is relocating. Under certain conditions, a person can import used personal effects and household goods into the country without having to pay any customs duty and tax. These conditions are applicable if they are moving their household to the UK and have lived outside the EU for at least the last 12 consecutive months and have used and had possession of the goods for at least the last 6 consecutive months. The conditions also include if they are moving used goods and are going to continue using them in the new place of residence in the UK for at least the next 12 months or will be importing the goods within 12 months of coming to live in the UK. The said goods cannot be lent out, pledged, given away, hired out or transferred within the first 12 months after the date of import. Inherited goods can also be imported without paying duty and tax if there is proof that the goods have been willed or given to the person as part of the estate. If goods of a commercial nature such as alcohol and tobacco products are included in the shipment, the person moving it will have to pay import duty and tax on them. Controls are very tight in matters concerning banned and restricted goods such as drugs, firearms, weapons, food and articles manufactured from wildlife. Some of these goods are completely banned while others may require special permits or licences for importation. Banned and restricted goods include illegal drugs, offensive weapons, self-defence sprays, endangered animal and plant species, rough diamonds, indecent and obscene materials and personal imports of meat and dairy products from most non-EU countries. Restricted goods such as firearms, explosives and ammunition need a special licence to bring them in to the UK. All those who are planning to move to UK should ensure that they get updated about the latest requirements so that there are no disappointments or problems while making the move. Conroy Removals provides their clients with all the directions and advice not only in such matters but also all other aspects of the move. Conroy Removals is a trust worthy company that provides a safe, secure, friendly and professional moving service. Their services include specialised packing by trained professionals, easy insurance for peace of mind, convenient storage in secure facilities, care of motor vehicle shipping, foreign exchange, pet transportation, house cleaning and valet unpacking. Questions and concerns regarding moving to the UK can be addressed by calling Conroy Removals at 0800 802 376.  To visit Conroy Removals website for more information on moving to UK: Buro Seating – Instructional Videos to Simplify Assembly of Chairs 2017-04-28T02:19:28Z buro-seating-instructional-videos-to-simplify-assembly-of-chairs  Buro Seating is always looking at ways to add value to their present and potential customers. To this end, they have put up a set of instructional videos on their website to help customers who buy un-assembled chairs to put it together easily.  Some customers love buying un-assembled products. The thrill of DIY is something they wouldn’t like to miss. A lot of Buro Seating ergonomic chairs are sold un-assembled. In order to make it easier for their new customers, the company went one step further than the usual written manual that accompanies the product within the package. Knowing that today’s customers are tech-savvy, Buro Seating took the plunge and invested in making instructional videos to help them.  The company is also sharing these instructional videos to help customers to decide which of their ergonomic chairs from among office chairs, executive chairs, commercial seating, desk chairs and computer chairs are just perfect for their requirements. This also helps to make the decision-making process less stressful.  A video is a very good tool for practical learning. It can be paused at any time and the instructions can be carried out one step at a time until the whole product is assembled to the customer’s satisfaction. These videos can be accessed online from anywhere through a desktop or a mobile, thus making it possible for Buro Seating to serve their customers at any time and any place.  Besides this, knowing how these products can be assembled, dis-assembled and re-assembled at will, assures the customers they are making a good purchase. Buro Seating is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are satisfied.  Buro Seating, the expert in designing, manufacturing and wholesaling commercial seating and ergonomic office seating in Australia, has a history of 20 years of service. They have established a reputation for quality products and a very efficient and customer friendly service.  The Buro Seating range is on display at any Dal Brands’ showroom. Dal Brands is the exclusive Australian Distributor for Buro Seating. Enquiries regarding Buro Seating products can be directed to the Dal Brands’ office by calling 1300 559 985.  For more information on the instructional videos of Buro Seating products visit Master Building Inspectors upgrades Website 2017-04-26T07:45:13Z master-building-inspectors-upgrades-website The team at Master Building Inspectors are very excited to announce the launch of their new website. The new site is more responsive with a faster load time and better mobile capabilities.  If you are currently building a new home or buying an existing property, it is always advised to enlist the services of an independent building inspector. They can detect defects that the average homeowner could easily miss, possibly resulting in expensive rectification works.  In Western Australia, the contract of sale is typically signed subject to a structural building inspection. This inspection details the structural elements of a property: internal/external walls, floors, roof frame and rising or lateral damp that may be evident. The structural inspection is a basic assessment of the property to determine any structural faults that may be evident.  It is highly advised that the buyer only use the services of a building inspector who is a registered builder, architect, surveyor or structural engineer to undertake these inspections. Crazily, the market is unregulated in W.A, and many of the building inspectors are unqualified and inexperienced and should not be determining the structural soundness of a building. There is no current qualification defined as a " qualified building inspector" as many companies state.  Would you take your car for a service to an unqualified mechanic? Probably not, so why would you have your house inspected by an unqualified inspector.Their new site is full of useful information, which you can view at How to Use BookaSkip in the UK 2017-04-24T03:09:10Z how-to-use-bookaskip-in-the-uk If you are moving in or out of your home, or renovating, or even clearing out your garden, wherever you are in the United Kingdom, BookaSkip will make sure your next project is achieved with the minimum of inconvenience. Hiring means that you will benefit from the global experience of our US, UK, AU & NZ operations, combined with local knowledge available to you at an affordable price. Their prices are very competitive, with a network of skip hire companies available, delivering a range of bins to your residential property or commercial premises, seven days a week. BookaSkip’s easy-to-use website and state-of-the-art booking engine provide their consumers with value for money and their aim is to provide customers with the highest standard of service and excellent value. BookaSkip’s services include next day service, mini, builders and maxi skips from 2-16 cubic yard containers delivered to your specified location, roll-on and off 20 and 40 cubic yard containers, and a delivery service to residential or commercial and other sites. Wherever you are in the country, they can provide a skip to hire, specific to your explicit needs. If you are unsure as to how to clear and remove non-recyclable waste from your home or business you can hire a BookaSkip, and whatever your waste disposal needs, their online search tool provides the best price available from their network of bin suppliers, in every part of the United Kingdom. To find out more about BookaSkip UK and their bin hire services, please visit the website at . SleepMaker’s Sleep Guide Gives Tips for Buying a Bed for the Perfect Sleep 2017-04-20T03:02:51Z sleepmaker-s-sleep-guide-gives-tips-for-buying-a-bed-for-the-perfect-sleep SleepMaker is one of Australia’s largest bedding companies with a reputation for developing superior quality, technologically advanced bedding solutions. The company has prepared a 'Sleep Guide' to provide customers with all the information they need to help them choose the best bed for themselves.   Everyone needs good sleep. It is one of the most essential ingredients for excellent health and the overall wellbeing of a person. The Sleep Guide provides expert advice for better sleep and a healthier, happier and holistic lifestyle. There are special needs to think about when a bed has to be purchased for those who suffer from back pain, sore hips and shoulders. Having the right mattress will do a lot to enhance comfort, reduce aches and pains.   The guide puts forward various aspects of a bed for consideration before a customer makes the final choice. These aspects include the body-type of the person and their specific needs in keeping with it. Everyone has a different sleep posture. They could be a side, back or tummy sleeper and the bed needs to be comfortable for them when they sleep in their favorite position.     The size of the bed and mattress is very important as those who are very tall need a bed that fits them and is adequate for them. A king size or queen size bed and mattress would be right for them. When a bed is used by a couple, there needs to be adequate space for both to sleep to have undisturbed sleep. Besides this when one person moves, it should cause the least partner disturbance to the other. Pillows too make a big difference to good sleep. They provide support for the head and neck. A good pillow, when used with the right bed, is the best as it helps with correct body alignment.   SleepMaker has a history that spans over 80 years. They have 10 manufacturing sites and over 1,200 employees across Australia and New Zealand. The company belongs to the Comfort Group which has a reputation as a business that combines leading edge innovation, expertise and world-class operating processes to produce the highest quality of bedding products.   SleepMaker is constantly working towards developing advanced bedding solutions for a range of industries. The development of continuous coil systems, pocket spring and technologies is a reflection of their complete commitment to developing superior products. SleepMaker has its head office in Brisbane. They can be contacted by calling 1800 633 358 or by sending an email to     To visit SleepMaker’s website and check the Sleep Guide:   Mister Mover Become a Best Budget Removalists in Melbourne 2017-04-15T00:31:48Z mister-mover-become-a-best-budget-removalists-in-melbourne Mister Mover is a budget removalist company based in the western suburb of Truganina, Melbourne. Having been in the business for the past 7 years means this is a company that understands what the customers want and delivers it precisely. Mister Mover provides a wide range of high quality removalist’s services at affordable price so customers can enjoy their big move without any stress or worry. Whether you are moving to a new place in the same neighbourhood or moving interstate to start a new life, Mister Movers will gladly handle your packing and moving needs. Whilst they are predominantly based in Melbourne, they offer best moving services all across the country. Customer service is their topmost priority and they take extreme pride in being known as one of Melbourne’s cheapest removalists without the compromise on the quality of services being offered. Over their time in the industry, they have gained a lot of trust and respect for their honest services. The company offers a variety of services ranging from packing all your valuables and antiques to things like office removals, House moving, furniture removal, residential property removals, Packing services, Antique removals, hard waste collection and even help with interstate moving. If you are after budget House Removalists in Melbourne, Australia, your search ends with Mister Mover as they have ample experience in this field and have their finger on the pulse.  Get in touch If you would like more information about their services or would like to chat to one of their friendly representatives about a specific service in further detail, you could contact them by filling out the online form available on their website or via email Alternately you could call them on 1300 559 171. Custom Built Doors and Windows Help Perth Residents Modernise their Homes 2017-04-07T02:13:05Z custom-built-doors-and-windows-help-perth-residents-modernise-their-homes Perth, WA, 07 April 2017 - Much to their surprise, homeowners in the Perth area are finding out that they can modernise their homes solely by installing custom built doors and windows. Many are surprised because home renovations usually cost a lot of money and involve a lot of structural work, but custom built doors and windows can be installed with no structural work and for less money than the cost of a full renovation.How Custom Built Doors and Windows Modernise HomesA majority of people live in homes that were built by volume builders off of plans that are used for many such homes. To increase profits, builders try to provide quality homes but try to spend as little money as possible doing so. This results in the same ordinary doors and windows that most people have.The doors will usually be made of hollow, laminated timber unless they are made of aluminium and glass. Windows are usually made of aluminum and the cheapest glass the builder can find. Some homes have sliding patio doors, but they are usually made with the least expensive materials possible. While these doors and windows are safe and reasonably weatherproof, they still let a lot of heat and cold in and out of a home. They also tend to look the same as everyone else’s doors and windows. If a home was built 20 years ago in a neighbourhood where most or all of the homes were built 20 years ago, it will look like everyone else’s: ordinary and in need of a modernisation or upgrade.Michaela Ashord is the office administrator for Fremantle Door and Window, a creator and installer of custom build doors and windows. They offer a variety of modern and traditional door and window designs, custom built with solid timber and thick, weatherproof glass. According to Ms Ashord:“A lot of people don’t realise it, but the doors and windows have a lot to say about how your home looks. Walls are just that: walls. They can’t really determine home design except by placement. But the doors and windows can totally change the design of a home without any expensive structural work.”Ms Ashord continued: “The doors and windows determine whether your home looks dated and ordinary or fresh and modern. When you replace your ordinary aluminum windows with timber and glass designs or your patio door with timber and glass bifold doors, it totally changes how your home looks from the inside and outside. Bifold doors and an open floor plan can make your home look new on the inside.”Ms Ashord concluded: “Custom built doors and windows are the most cost-effective and quickest way to modernise your home. Second place isn’t even close.”Fremantle Door and Window create and install custom built doors and windows for homeowners in the Perth area. They build all of their doors and windows by hand with solid timber, weatherproof glass and old world craftsmanship. They offer a variety of modern options, including bifold doors and windows, sliding doors and windows, servery windows and more. To learn more, call (08) 6500 6888 or visit their website: Inspiration abounds at the 2017 HIA Home Show 2017-04-04T06:51:45Z inspiration-abounds-at-the-2017-hia-home-show Thousands of Melbourne home owners, renovators and local trade are set to flock to the Melbourne HIA Home Show this April at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Southbank.  Held over four days from Thursday 20 - Sunday 23 April, over 300 exhibitors will showcase the latest products for kitchens, bathrooms, interiors and outdoor living.  Visitors can get inspiration for their interiors at the HOME Living Hub Seminar Series. Leading experts including landscape designer Inge Jabara, Tiny House expert Darren Hughes, Houzz’s Olivia Tuivaga and more will present informative seminars to inspire and educate.  For visitors seeking expert advice, the HIA Ask an Expert area will feature free 20-minute consultations with leading experts in Kitchens, Bathrooms and much more. Make an appointment online or at the Show.  Home Show attendance across the country is up by an average of 5%, so the Show is set to be a popular destination for renovators and builders looking to find expert advice, new products, Show specials and inspiration all under one roof. “The HIA Home Show is a great place to start when turning your house into a home”, Marketing Manager, Nicole McGovern says.  “The Show gives visitors and trade the opportunity to source the latest products and services for their  project, get great Show specials and see the best companies in Melbourne, all under the one roof”, McGovern explains.  Getting around the Show in 2017 is easy thanks to our comprehensive Show website, featuring a  searchable exhibitor list, stage timetable, exclusive savings and prizes.  Find new products, great savings and the biggest names in renovating and building including Snooze,  Telstra, Real Flame, Jetmaster, Bourne, Kresta and more.  The HIA Home Show is Australia’s leading and most trusted building and home improvement event and a great day out for the whole family.  Tickets available to purchase at the door or online at Kids under 14 are free.   - ENDS - GOLD COAST CLEANING ENTREPRENEUR TAKES REINS OF NATIONAL FRANCHISE 2017-03-31T05:44:05Z gold-coast-cleaning-entrepreneur-takes-reins-of-national-franchise Mike Dowling has been in the cleaning business for almost three decades and has now taken on his biggest challenge to date – making his recently acquired franchise organisation James’ Home Services number one. Dowling, who founded Just 1 Call, known for cleaning and polishing major supermarkets including Australia’s blue-chip premium retailers, decided to expand his business interests in late 2015 when approached to take over James’. “The previous owner did have some issues and they have been well publicised but we have moved on from there,” said Dowling, who calls the Gold Coast home. “When I looked at James’ Home Services, I could see the business model itself was sound. I also knew that if I worked on the infrastructure and management processes, I could really turn things around – and I have!” In fact, it took Dowling and his team six months to convince the Franchise Council of Australia to accept James’ Home Services back into the fold. “Let’s be honest. If I hadn’t come in with the right team behind me, the entire company would have collapsed,” he said. “At the time there were 114 franchisees and I felt I needed to save their livelihoods and their families’ livelihood. By reinvesting in the business, I know I have helped those people. They are thriving and I know this because I hear about the success stories every day.” Since taking over the company, five regional franchisors and 47 individual franchisees have joined James’ Home Services, but the team still can’t meet the high demand. “The issue we have is that we need more franchisees around the country to meet the needs of the community. At the moment, almost half of our customer enquiries go ‘unserviceable’, meaning we just don’t have franchisees in the local area able to undertake the work being asked of us. I need people around me to drive the business with me to make it number one in the nation.” Going forward, Dowling has plans to further expand James’ Home Services. “We have already added two services to our offering – pool and spa care and test and tag safety services. We are now looking to establish a commercial arm to service Australia’s larger companies. I want us to be recognised as pioneers and innovators of the industry. We are constantly pumping time and money into ensuring we have state of the art infrastructure to support our franchisees.” Dowling is also a dedicated philanthropist, husband and father. “I love to give back to the community and this job is giving me that opportunity,” said Dowling, who has donated more than $200,000 to charity in recent times. We all know that there is a gap between what the government can provide and what is actually needed. I like the way giving makes me feel. My wife feels the same and we know our children are watching and learning. As they get older, we hope they will follow my lead in helping others whenever they can.” MEDIA NOTE: For further information or to interview Mr Dowling, please contact Wings Public Relations Director Deanna Nott on 0422 504 540.  CCC Window Cleaning Becomes Trusted Cleaner's First Approved Window Cleaning Company In Perth 2017-03-31T04:05:16Z ccc-window-cleaning-becomes-trustedcleaner-s-first-approved-window-cleaning-company-in-perth Perth, AU – CCC Window Cleaning, a Perth-based full-service professional window cleaning business with special focuses in commercial, high-rise and residential homes and buildings, this week announced they have been recognized as TrustedCleaner’s first and only Perth-approved window cleaning business. Borne from a passion for providing unmatched customer service and expanded service options to individuals from any kind of location or dwelling, CCC Window Cleaning ensures no matter the task, they are up to the challenge for making sure every window is looking top notch. “CCC Window Cleaning have been selected as our Perth window cleaning provider due to their professionalism, experience, skills and commitment to customer satisfaction”. Tom White - Founder of TrustedCleaner. “We are incredibly honored to be the only Perth window cleaning company to have been recognized by Trusted Cleaner and we look forward to serving even more individuals in this beautiful city”. Jared Stewart - Owner and Operator of CCC Window Cleaning. CCC Window Cleaning takes their profession seriously, boasting an operation with high-risk work licensing, working at heights certifications, IRATA certified rope access specialists, complete WHS protocols & documentation, full insurance for all heights, EWP/Boom-lift licensing, police clearances, and more. CCC’s three focal areas cover commercial locations like shops, signs, offices, solar panels, full building wash-downs, and rope access window cleaning for high-rises along with pure water-fed systems for mid-rise and low-rise buildings, and residential window cleaning for multi-level apartments and houses anywhere in Perth. For more information, visit: Home Renovations Professionals Reveal Pitfalls of DIY Home Improvements 2017-03-30T06:24:08Z home-renovations-professionals-reveal-pitfalls-of-diy-home-improvements Perth, WA 30 March 2017 - Australians are famous worldwide for our enthusiasm and willingness to do home renovations themselves. A look at the typical cable TV offerings for a week illustrate perfectly just how popular DIY home renovations are in Perth and across Australia.However, home renovations aren’t always as easy as TV shows make them look. And while there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained by performing small projects one’s self, many DIY home renovations end up creating more problems than they ever “solved.”One of the biggest pitfalls to DIY home renovation is the failure to obtain proper licensure and permission to do the work. One of the worst feelings in the world is putting time, money and effort into a completed project, only to be told it has to be torn down because it is against regulations. At the very least, those who fail to obtain the correct permits are often fined afterwards and the fine costs a lot more than the permit would have.Home Renovations are a Lot of WorkAlso, those who begin large scale home renovations often have no idea how much work they have to do. They have to obtain licenses, permits, insurance and then make sure all of their contractors have licences and insurance. They have to make sure there are no hazardous materials such as lead paint or asbestos. If hazardous materials are present, they have to dispose of them safely.They also have to hire licensed professionals for electrical work, plumbing and other speciality jobs. It can also be difficult for DIY homeowners to properly budget their jobs. They often leave out crucial materials or jobs that they later have to “add on.” It is recommended that homeowners planning to renovate add at least 10% onto their budgets to make sure they have the actual costs of the job covered.What Home Renovations Professionals Have to SayCraig Johns is the owner of Next Level Extensions, a home renovations firm in Perth. According to Mr Johns:“We know how much people love to do home renovations themselves. And in many cases, they do great jobs. But there is a time when a home renovation becomes too large for the typical DIY homeowner to handle. That is when we always recommend having a professional home renovator do the job.”Mr Johns continued: “At our firm, Next Level Extensions, we have more than 70 years’ combined experience in the field. We specialise in home renovations. We have longstanding relationships with numerous tradies who are among the best in the field of home renovations. We have seen every pitfall that can happen, from DIY homeowners having to tear down a job due to a lack of permits to having a project derailed by structural issues.”Mr Johns concluded: “People working full time jobs in other fields don’t have the time or the expertise to renovate their homes in a way that it will make them proud for years and provide value, both in the present and when it’s time to sell the home. It always makes more sense to call a professional.”Next Level Extensions provide home renovations to homeowners in the Perth area. Featuring more than 70 years combined industry experience and an award-winning home renovations designer, they have amassed a perfect 100% customer satisfaction rating. To learn more or to enquire about having your home renovated, call 1300 048 094 or visit their website today: