The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-24T04:48:26Z Try Ecostore’s new kids range for safer bath time fun 2017-03-24T04:48:26Z try-ecostore-s-new-kids-range-for-safer-bath-time-fun With foam to the max, and bubbles for a bit of trouble making, Ecostore’s new kids range makes bath time more fun than ever! The range includes a three in one conditioning shampoo and body wash for convenience and value, with over 500 pumps that kids can dispense themselves. There is also a bubble bath and a foaming handwash. The company has already had some great feedback from early product users: “It was fun for the kids to use, they even decided to wash themselves for the first time. Definitely made bath time easier!” “My kids love dispensing products themselves and found the packaging easy to use, with the right amount of product being dispensed at any one time.” Ecostore’s kids range is a great follow on from its well known baby range for newborns to two-plus, which has been in supermarkets for many years. Both ranges are kind to young skin because they use carefully chosen plant and mineral based ingredients. Kids will also love the fruity zing and pear pop fragrances in the kids range, and the cool characters that steal the show on the front and back of the bottle. Among the characters are Nabi the narwhal, the star of the bubble bath, and Moss the moa, who’s on the pear pop three in one. Check out the new range at Tiger Turf – Easy to Maintain Synthetic Turf Lawns 2017-03-24T03:10:12Z tiger-turf-easy-to-maintain-synthetic-turf-lawns TigerTurf, the world’s largest synthetic turf manufacturer, has a record of accomplishment of over 35 years. Their synthetic turf lawns are low maintenance and easy to take care of. Users of these synthetic turf lawns can save plenty of time and money by not having to mow, fertilise, or heavily water their lawn. With little attention, they can still enjoy a soft green lawn that looks fabulous all year round.   Tiger Turf landscape lawns are versatile products that can be used at home, school, and work areas. They are perfect for places where natural grass does not grow well. They can also be used for heavy foot traffic areas and where a soft green lawn is needed all year round but without much maintenance.   Artificial lawns by TigerTurf are low in maintenance. These lawns stay lush green all the time. Cleaning is easy, simple, effective and fast. There are no weeds to pull out and no trimming of overgrown grass from time to time.   The only maintenance required for synthetic turf lawns depends on the kind of situation it is being used in. Families with pets and children will require more cleaning up than those without them. A few steps of care will ensure that their lawns are clean, looking great and last a long time.    Carrying out a few maintenance steps will ensure that these synthetic turf lawns serve their owners a long time. These include keeping them clear off fallen leaves, branches, and other rotting debris that fly and land over them. Using a rake or leaf blower will help keep this patch clean and clear off debris and give a maintained, clean and groomed look.    Spraying water over the synthetic lawn once a week with a hose helps remove dust, dirt, or pollen. For homes with pets, clearing their solid waste using plastic bags and pooper-scoopers helps keep the area clean. In case there are unpleasant odours, using white vinegar diluted in equal parts of lukewarm water mixed in a bucket and poured over that area helps neutralise any odours.   The lawn should be regularly inspected for moss or algae, especially in damp weather and in shaded areas. Sprays with chemicals need to be used with caution; the owners should ensure that the correct rates and application method recommended by the company are followed.   TigerTurf’s product TurfGuard is the most effective and safe product to use on these artificial landscape lawns. Customers can order for them by calling 1800 802 570 or sending an email to   For more information on TigerTurf’s synthetic turf lawns, visit this link   Alcon Building Group Are Considered Best Builders in Melbourne – A FACT 2017-03-23T12:22:28Z alcon-building-group-are-considered-best-builders-in-melbourne-a-fact To build a perfect home is what we all dream off all the time and that is why, we have been working very hard since a long time to make sure that everything is in order. If you are looking for such, then online can be a good medium to go and look for the right services that will cater end to end needs and that too at the right price. Alcon Building Group – A Name of Trust The name have been floating around in the market since long and they have been able to offer some of the best looking designs for the home compared to all the generic ones. They will work closely with the clients to offer the best outcome and they will also let you choose your own design.  They very highly understand the need and the desire to own a home also what a family home actually mens to the clients. That is why, they go out of the way to make sure that all your needs are catered and the customer can built a dream home by the professional services offered by them. Such approach makes them the best builders in Melbourne and surrounding areas. COMMUNICATION is what they bring on table and they are very good listeners. Normally, the services are more interested in telling the clients what they are offering and do not listen to the needs of the customer. Here, it is completely opposite; as once the requirement of the owner is taken into account, they will work around and then offer the necessary suggestions. Such process will help develop the best possible home in the area.  They also offer building extensions in Melbourne at the right price and they will develop the right looking design and make sure the home will suit your style and that too in the budget and it also suits your lifestyle and help you make a statement. For any old house renovation, they will offer huge entertainment areas, a roomy kitchen or sensibly sized rooms for the kids, you can make the right changes and get the things, exactly as per you have visualized them to be.  With, Alcon Building Group, you are investing in the right property in a very sensible manner. Speak to the right professionals associated with them and let them offer the best design TODAY.  Give them a call or complete the online form for further details. About Company Alcon Building Group is the name to be taken into account when it comes to any sort of needs related new building or renovation or extension. We offer the best outcome and design and make sure that you get full value of money. Call us today to book a consulting session. Contact Details Alcon Building Group Rowville, VIC 3178 Phone: 1300 425 266 Outdoor Living Direct Add a New Colourful Range of Outdoor Furniture to their Existing Product Line 2017-03-23T03:54:49Z outdoor-living-direct-add-a-new-colourful-range-of-outdoor-furniture-to-their-existing-product-line Is your current outdoor furniture outdated and are you thinking of replacing it but cannot find right products? Outdoor Living Direct is a 100% Australian owned family business that started selling outdoor furniture in the year 2011. During the past 6 years in business the company has grown from strength to strength and has outpaced many of its peers in terms of sales and product range.John Strahan, the owner of Outdoor Living Direct has always endeavoured to offer the best quality products to the Australian customers. And this time they have introduced a range of colourful outdoor furniture that is tempting enough to entice anyone looking outdoor furniture to go and place an order.It’s now time to replace your existing unfashionable and boring furniture with colourful, stylish and bold outdoor furniture Brisbane that you will want to not just use again and again but even show off to anyone visiting your place. Speaking to the media, John said, “Being an Australian company and having been in the market for the time we have we have come to understand that outdoor furniture has to be fun. People do want durability and comfort but they also want their outdoor furniture to be practical, fun and match their outdoor moods. With this new range of colourful outdoor furniture we aim to give customers just what they want for their backyard and outdoor area.”If you have a swimming pool in the backyard then you will want furniture that suits your playful moods, either a coffee table with relaxing chairs or pop colour hanging seat would be ideal.The company offers free delivery on orders in all the major metropolis cities in Australia and charges nominal shipping fee to other places. The major reason to choose Outdoor Living Direct for outdoor furniture shopping is because the company offers the best prices on product ranges at most times around the year which means shoppers like you and me are going to save big when shopping on their website - Jim's Trees Partners with Digital Squad to boost customer acquisition strategy 2017-03-22T08:30:28Z jim-s-trees-partners-with-digital-squad-to-boost-customer-acquisition-strategy New Zealand's leading arborist company, Jim's Trees, has partnered with specialist digital marketing and seo company to boost its customer acquisition strategy across the country. Jim's Trees is part of the Jim's Franchise Group which began in 1989 which now has over 27 different divisions and 3000 franchises. Jim's Trees is New Zealand's largest network of qualified arborists servicing Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Hawkes Bay. Some of its services include tree removal, tree pruning and stump grinding. Tree tree and stump grinding has a number of significant risks involved which require experienced and qualified arborists who carry public liability insurance in the event of damage to property or injury. Jim's Trees has decades of tree care experience servicing both residential and commercial clients. They also collaborate with local council to arrange permits and undertake specialist high risk projects together with reputable crane operators. Specialist insurance advisors Tony Gill also work closely with clients in high value /risk projects to ensure risk mitigation. Digital Squad is one of New Zealand's fastest growing ROI driven digital marketing with a specialisation in in-house white, hat SEO back up with in-depth research and testing.  Contact Details below for media enquiries or more information about our SEO services. Chinaclay Clovelly 2017-03-22T00:56:05Z chinaclay-clovelly Chinaclay – The home of handmade Australian ceramics and bespoke flowers  Sydney, NSW Chinaclay is a dedicated space for handmade Australian ceramics and bespoke floristry in Sydney’s beachside suburb, Clovelly. Relaunched in July 2016, Chinaclay offers a wide range of locally produced ceramics, as well as bespoke floral arrangements.  Operating as both a ceramics gallery and full service floral studio, Chinaclay is one of a kind. Owner, Celia Crawford, has worked across all facets of floristry for over a decade. Whether on weddings, private events or instore, Celia has amassed a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail and nuance.  Chinaclay supports and celebrates the notion of an artist’s indelible sensibility in the work they produce. No two pieces are identical, whether floral or ceramic. Please come and visit this unique venture.  Contact: Celia Crawford  27 Burnie Street Clovelly NSW 2031  P: 02 96653238  M: 0404 447 971  E:  I: TradesNework-Algebra Tutor 2017-03-21T10:13:02Z tradesnework-algebra-tutor We were looking for a Pre-Algebra tutor. Is very hard to find a good one, We found Mary and it has been a great experience for my Daughter. She is very professional and flexible and has a lot of patience. My daughter really likes her and always says positive things about her tutorial class, she makes the lessons fun and the most important she found ways to explain difficult issues in a clear and simple way, We made a great choice. She is very talented as well and we will use her tutorial services again!  TradesNetwork-pool services 2017-03-21T10:00:51Z tradesnetwork-pool-services We went though a ton of pool companies then we found pool services from TradesNetwork.This company was so honest and saves us so much money. Finally a company I can trust. Thanks  TradesNetwork-builder 2017-03-21T09:57:52Z tradesnetwork-builder I was looking for a builder to renovate my daughters room. To knock out a wall and to put a bathroom there. I tried several services and i received multiple quotes.Finally i tried Tradesnetwork and i received a quote from Andrew. He did the job on time and base on my requirements. TradesNetwork-Plumber 2017-03-21T09:52:48Z tradesnetwork-plumber I needed a plumber immediately for a serious leak in my bathtub. I contacted TradesNetwork and received a call from Mel. I told Mel the problem. He quoted me a price and amazingly the cost was not increased when he saw the job. Mel was courteous and professional and I will definitely be using his service again. This is a review from one of our happy customers. TradesNetwork-Electrician 2017-03-21T09:48:43Z tradesnetwork-electrician Malcolm was very professional and very honest. He was on time. I would recommend to anyone who need Electrical work. He fixed two outside sensors, put fan in bathroom , fixed fan in front room, changed 5 plugs,and fixed light in dinning room. He and his assistant were awesome. Would hire him again.   TradesNetwork-Personal Trainer 2017-03-21T09:43:32Z tradesnetwork-personal-trainer Mike who is a Personal Trainer I found on your website is outstanding. I was looking for several things in the selection process.First, I needed to find someone that could not only get me in shape but deal with a long term injury that I have had. Second, I needed someone that I could trust in developing a program that would help me meet my goals and third, a good personality. Working out is hard but if you can do it with someone that has a good sense of humor, it helps take the edge off. I would recommend Mike to anyone who wants to get back in shape or is currently working out but wants to achieve a higher of fitness. TradesNetwork-Are you looking for a cleaner? 2017-03-21T09:40:27Z tradesnetwork-are-you-looking-for-a-cleaner I was looking for a  house cleaner. I found Amanda on TradesNetwork. She arrived on time and brought her own cleaning supplies. She spent more than 5 hours cleaning my entire house. Vaccuming, dusting, mopping floors, wiping down the walls and my house smells great. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Are you looking for a cleaner? Visit TradesNetwork TradesNetwork-Carpet cleaner 2017-03-21T09:36:36Z tradesnetwork-carpet-cleaner We had several estimates for carpet cleaning.George was very impressive and had a very reasonable rate.We made an appointment and he came out. Very pleasant and he actually did more than he had bid but kept price the same.Would highly recommend. Are you looking for a carpet cleaner? Visit and book a cleaner easy and simple! Online auction platform plugs hole in property owners' pockets 2017-03-20T06:22:32Z online-auction-platform-plugs-hole-in-property-owners-pockets Monday, 20 March 2017: On average, more than 500,000 properties exchange hands in Australia every year, according to the Reserve Bank. With a median price well above half a million dollars, and agent commission rates higher than 2%, Australia's real estate agencies stand to make more than $6 billion in commission off Australia's property owners this year alone. Or at least they would have. Sale Ezy is Australia's newest online property auction platform, and from just $1,500 until sold, the website gives property owners the option to sell their property themselves, with the help of a fully-automated system and experienced support team. "Sale Ezy was an idea we initially brought to life ten years ago," says founder and Director, Allan McDonald. "We launched in 2007, as the very first online auction platform for properties. We enabled Australian real estate agents to use the system to reach more buyers who could bid from anywhere in the world." The 2007 launch was a big success and the agent-based Sale Ezy facilitated the sale of millions-of-dollars worth of property. "Agents used it, but more than anything, agents offered to buy it. They wanted to keep it for exclusive use within their brand, or remove it from the market completely, foreseeing its eventual transition into a platform that could be used directly by the public — something that would change the face of real estate in Australia ." After several years under construction and testing, the new and improved Sale Ezy launched in early 2017 — and not surprisingly, it gives Australian property owners the option to cut out agents, avoid commission and sell their home, land or farm themselves. "As a regional real estate agent myself, obviously I see the implications of a platform like Sale Ezy. But with your average commission in the city bringing in around $20,000 for an agency — and often much, much more, it just seems time people are given a choice as to whether they want to use an agent, or sell their property themselves and save money to invest in their next place, their kids' education or something equally important," says Allan. "Real estate is changing and Australia can really lead the way if we want to. Sure, we've seen a few so-called disruptors enter the market, but so far they are all just another real estate service that put money back in agent's coffers, or sites that say they sell, but actually just advertise — and consumers really need to be careful and look out for that. Sale Ezy is your first true disruptor, it's providing an option to take some of that cash out of the agent's hand and put it back in the pocket of the owner." Sale Ezy offers property owners the opportunity to list their own property, once they have a contract of sale from their solicitor. They can schedule an automated auction, control reserve and base price, or promote the property on the Best Offer platform so interested people can make binding offers before the auction begins. With multi-layered ID checking, a built-in open home RSVP system and a support team who can help with everything from pricing and copyrighting to organising photographers; the platform allows the property owner to customise and control their sales experience. "Having started my career as a stock and station agent, working on Australia's first online auction platform, and now in real estate for more than 30 years, I honestly believe this is the next step for our industry. It introduces new options and more capacity for fairness — sure some people will still want to use an agent (which they can also choose to do with the platform), but those who really want to make the most of the sale of their biggest investment will give Sale Ezy a try." Sale Ezy's latest release is new to the market and looking for property owners who would like to sell. Visit or call 1300 662 013 for more information. --ENDS--