The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-28T02:29:22Z The Pole House Makeover - Keystone Provides Amazing Acoustics and Looks 2017-04-28T02:29:22Z the-pole-house-makeover-keystone-provides-amazing-acoustics-and-looks Keystone, the company with 40 years of service providing one of the best quality ceiling, lining and wall panels, recently helped Kathi and Ray Adams renovate their iconic Seventies home into a modern abode. The company provided them Key Board Perforated Plasterboard to incorporate acoustic treatments and optimise the sound at their property Pole House, which is situated on the Great Ocean Road on Victoria’s Surf Coast. Keystone has a reputation for precision and product consistency. Their extensive list of eco-friendly and fully customisable fire rated options are excellent for construction of beautiful, functional and totally unique spaces. Key-Board perforated plasterboard panels offer superior sound insulation with excellent design flexibility. They are lightweight and easy to install. These acoustic panels can be integrated seamlessly with other plaster features. They are used in interior acoustic wall and ceiling systems for lecture theatres, cinemas and auditoriums, ceiling and wall feature panels. Kathi Adams said, “Updating a 70’s icon into the 21st century is not an easy task, so when we decided to renovate our beach place, The Pole House, on the Great Ocean Road on Victoria’s Surf Coast, we were keen to keep it’s iconic profile but to exploit the advantages that modern steel and glass technologies have to offer to enhance both internal ambience and the spectacular views along the coast, which stretch from the Aireys Inlet Split Point Light House to well beyond Lorne.” Ray Adams said, “Adding a large, three bedroom home (also primarily made of steel and glass with a polished concrete floor throughout) on the cliff overlooking the Pole House, with a large, open plan living environment only added to the challenge.” “The trouble with glass, concrete, steel and wide open space is that they are not kind to internal acoustics and being tragic audiophiles, with a range of ultra-high end stereo and home theatre equipment we knew we needed to incorporate acoustic treatments into both houses to optimise the sound,” Ray added.  Kathy said, “We engaged an acoustic consultant who specified the use of a variety of ceiling and wall treatments, all supplied by Keystone Acoustics which delivered not only amazing sound, but also gave us a finished look that is stunning.” “Catherine Pomiecko, Project Manager at Keystone Acoustics worked with us from the beginning and provided exceptional service and advice, which resulted in a look and quality of sound that has not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Thank you Catherine and Keystone for adding your special magic to our home,” Kathy said.  Keystone can be contacted for information on their products and meeting specific acoustic requirements by calling (02) 9604 8813. Email queries can be addressed to Catherine Pomiecko, Project Manager & Specifications at  To know more about Keystone - Key Board Perforated Plasterboard:   $2b trade deficit in wood products a source of national shame 2017-04-24T05:07:13Z 2b-trade-deficit-in-wood-products-a-source-of-national-shame Australia is the seventh most forested country in the world[1] and Australians have more forest per person than most other countries except for the Canadians and the Russians.  Rob de Fégely, National President of the Australian Institute of Foresters presented a grim picture of Australia’s contribution to managing renewable forest and plantation resources to the 19th  Commonwealth Forestry Conference in India this month. Rob said, ‘It is a source of some national shame that Australia has a significant trade deficit in forest products of more than $2 billion each year. This is not an economic argument but a moral and social one.  We have the space, skills, wealth and knowledge to do more. ‘Using wood is good – it is a carbon-positive, renewable resource - and it is almost impossible to live a day without using wood products in some form. Wood is a timeless product and we should encourage its use. ‘Most of Australia’s 125 million hectares of forest are either privately owned or on leasehold land yet the bulk of the production from natural forests come from public multiple use forests.  In addition, most of our planted forest estate was either established by public forest agencies or with some form of government assistance. ‘Private forest owners and Indigenous Australians, particularly in natural forests are conspicuous by their absence in the long-term supply of wood products.  We can change this if we have the community support and political will to do so! ‘Indigenous Australians own, manage or have an interest in around 30 per cent of Australia’s forests and many are wanting greater autonomy in the management of their land and forests.  ‘Effectively managing forests for environmental outcomes is also not the pretty picture we are often led to believe. Australia has considerable areas of conservation forests which have no effective monitoring making it challenging to make informed decisions about forest management particularly in a landscape context.  Are these forests achieving what we think they are? ‘We need to investigate whether there is market failure in the domestic forest products market and whether incentives are needed to continue to develop new forest resources. Although I am often reminded that one of the best incentives is a simple one called profit! ‘Australia has a proud history of forest management and has the ability to improve conservation outcomes from its forests while meeting demand for renewable resources like wood,’ said Rob. Media contact: Rob De Fégely 02 6153 3044 [1] Growing appetite for risk and compliance solutions fuels SAI Global’s investment in Singapore 2017-04-19T09:39:37Z growing-appetite-for-risk-and-compliance-solutions-fuels-sai-global-s-investment-in-singapore SAI Global is one of the world’s leading assurance, compliance and learning businesses and is owned by Hong Kong-based Baring Asia Private Equity Fund VI (Baring Asia).    The opening of SAI Global’s Singapore office coincides with what has been identified as a renewed commitment from government and regulatory bodies and signals an increased focus on ensuring companies improve cybersecurity management, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programmes and operational excellence.   SAI Global’s suite of market-leading risk management solutions ideally positions the company to support this focus; particularly given the addition of five-star IT Risk Manager (formerly Modulo International) which significantly bolsters the cybersecurity capability they offer.    Tasked with driving the company’s Asian market expansion, Steve Thurley is looking forward to the opportunity the new Singapore office provides.  Steve has spent the last 24 years working across the Asian Pacific region for a number of GRC and environment, health and safety vendor companies.    “I’m excited to join SAI Global at this stage of the company’s journey.  During my time in the industry, expansion into Asia has been a growing focus for many international businesses.  With expansion comes increased risk and, to be successful companies must manage this risk intelligently.  I believe SAI Global’s suite of risk management products are far superior to others in the market, empowering companies to take an intelligent approach, mitigating any downside and optimising the upside of risk for growth” said Steve Thurley, SAI Global’s Head of Risk Sales for Asia.   Mr Thurley predicts that demand from the region will be highest for SAI Global’s GRC software Compliance 360 and IT risk software IT Risk Manager.   “Increased pressure to improve corporate behaviour from both customers and regulators coupled with the rising value of intangible assets is causing enterprise risk to skyrocket. The flow on effect of this is an increased amount of interest in GRC solutions.  SAI Global’s suite of market-leading risk and compliance software will help service Singapore’s growing demand for GRC solutions” said Mr Thurley.   “Prime Minister Lee’s launch of the Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy last year signals the country’s strong commitment to improving cybersecurity for all which bodes well for uptake of SAI Global’s IT Risk Manager software which is recognised as one of the best available products on the market.” Geelong Brush Company Invests Heavily in Local manufacturing and Australian made 2017-04-12T22:07:42Z geelong-brush-company-invests-heavily-in-local-manufacturing-and-australian-made-3 PRESS RELEASE Founded in 1936 by Victor C. Durran, the Geelong Brush Co. began as a quality manufacturer for small and specialised industrial markets. During the early years, the company took advantage of improving technologies and gained entry into a wider and larger sector of the Australian brushware market. By 1975, Victor’s two sons Jim and Ken rapidly expanded its operations into every state of Australia to become the largest volume manufacturer of brushware products in Australia. Today, the family owned business continues to manufacture high quality brushware products in Australia led by Jim’s son, Ross. The Geelong Brush Co. remains committed to local manufacture by taking advantage of world’s best practice technology and production processes. It stands as the last bastion of local manufacturing capability for many brushware product lines in the Australian marketplace. The Geelong Brush Co. is constantly updating and improving its product range and have expanded greatly over recent years. Their extensive range is sold in major supermarkets, hardware chains and other retail outlets nationwide. The investment in local manufacturing and Jobs in Australia and Geelong Continues today. On the 21st of April 2017 Sarah Henderson MP, the member of parliament for Corangamite will commission our newest machinery.  A significant investment designed to increase manufacturing capability and skills in in the Geelong region. This machinery will reintroduce manufacturing skills and craftmanship lost to Australian production facilities. The Machinery will be commissioned on the 21st of April at 11am at a public ceremony For all media enquiries please contact Kelvin Murray Mobile: 0416 556 485  Email: The Geelong Brush Company Pty. Ltd. 40 Leather Street, Breakwater,  Victoria, 3219 Australia Phone: +61 3 5229 7663 Fax: +61 3 5229 7690 . Epson chooses Planet Ark 100% recycled paper 2017-04-11T01:52:44Z epson-chooses-planet-ark-100-recycled-paper Epson Australia is the first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in Australia to use Planet Ark’s 100% recycled paper for its own printing. Planet Ark Paper is 100% recycled, FSC certified, carbon neutral and Australian made. Epson Australia Human Resources & Environment Manager Garry Pearce said, “One of the issues in the past with recycled paper manufactured overseas has been the amount of paper dust generated from the paper as it passes through your printer. We did a lot of testing before deciding to go with the Planet Ark paper and our tests found virtually no paper dust.” The Planet Ark Environmental Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit organisation with a vision of a world where people live in balance with nature. Established in 1992, Planet Ark is one of Australia’s leading environmental behaviour change organisations with a focus on working collaboratively and positively. Pearce continued, “As a printer manufacturer with an extremely strong emphasis on being as kind to the environment as possible it is very important to Epson that people get the most out of their Epson products and can still use recycled paper thus contributing to a good environmental outcome. From our viewpoint using Planet Ark paper does all of the above.” Planet Ark’s recycling processMuch like Epson, Planet Ark achieves its goals without compromising on quality to get the best environmental office paper available. Garry Pearce concluded, “With Planet Ark you can get bright white copy paper that’s100% recycled, Australian made, carbon neutral and made with local FSC certified material. At Epson, we know that planning for the future requires a strong commitment to the environment. That is why we strive to create innovative products that are reliable, recyclable and energy efficient. Better products that use fewer resources help ensure a better future for us all.” For more information about Epson’s environmental policies go to:  A People-Centric High-Rise Future 2017-04-06T04:48:53Z a-people-centric-high-rise-future High-rise experts and delegates ranging from architects, designers, urban planners, structural engineers, suppliers and developers gathered at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre last week to spotlight new trends in high-rise construction and design at the premiere event of the Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit 2017. The Summit commenced with an address from Platinum Sponsor Schindler noting the remarkable and profitable nature of the Australian tall building market which is already home to 325 towers that are 100 metres or taller with almost the same number proposed or under construction. The Summit proved a platform for conceptualising new ways of designing and building high-rise towers. For Dr Philip Oldfield, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales, Sydney, creating vertical communities and incorporating generous public amenities at the ground floor level are two essential aspects of tall building design that could be enhanced in future skyscraper typologies. An inspiring event with an international assembly of experts at the cutting-edge of projects, the Summit brought together speakers offering new insight into the industry, as high-rises change dramatically. One such example is Zaha Hadid Architects’ Michele Pasca di Magliano, Project Director of 600 Collins Street. Magliano’s work looks at bringing in new design ideas that could revolutionise the market. Innovative design principles such as internal atriums and internal communication between floors as well as new structural systems such as exoskeletons and external façade systems are at the forefront of the firm’s latest designs. Ground-breaking elevator innovations such as Thyssenkrupp’s MULTI, ushers in a new age of vertical transportation for high-rises, with horizontal movement offering greater architectural flexibility. High-rise vertical transport will incorporate smart technology to predict and analyse traffic flow. Representatives from ThyssenKrupp revealed that this technology could be made available in the Australian market within a few months. According to Claude Godfrey, Partner and Design Director of the Hong Kong branch of Henning Larsen Architects, the Australian skyscraper industry is still in its infancy. However, Australia has a unique personality and a great potential for more particularity in building and design. While learning from major cities with high density urban grids, Australia should aim to construct skyscrapers based around its own identity rather than reproduce typical faceless glass façades, says Godfrey. Skyscrapers in Australia should strive to forge their own relationship with the city and its people. A consensus was reached that what takes place between the skyscrapers on the ground floor is almost more important that the buildings themselves. Multiple speakers emphasised this human scale and demonstrated a dedication to the wellbeing of citizens in designing and constructing skyscrapers. Director of Supertall Buildings at Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architects from Chicago, Peter Weismantle, spoke of the multiple systems which interact with each other in order to produce functional tall buildings. Smart skyscrapers encompass smart infrastructure, both the fabric and physicality of a building, including practical elements such as elevators, exterior walls and fire safety. Weismantle also highlighted the importance of the ground plane and the challenge of designing high-rise buildings that are able to facilitate human connections rather than alienate and dehumanise. Social interaction and features of the urban habitat emerged as the strongest upcoming trends in polling conducted among Summit delegates. Alistair Guthrie, Director of Arup, pointed to new trends to watch in high-rise construction, namely skyscrapers with more social spaces, the advent of the green, vegetated skyscraper and timber construction. The Summit was an invaluable knowledge sharing event and platform for collaborative opportunities between industry professionals working towards the better design of tall towers across the board in the Australian context. The event brought into sharp focus that creating inhabitable, liveable and humanised high-rises which interact with the local environment will be a leading focus for future projects.    About Expotrade  Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events in the areas of infrastructure, major projects, sustainability, technology & architecture. For almost 10 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronised in the calendar. For more information, visit Media Contact: Goldie Yang | Marketing Coordinator Expotrade Global Tel: 03 9545 0360 Empowering Third World Artisans With Careful Consumption and Thoughtful Design 2017-04-05T11:02:14Z empowering-third-world-artisans-with-careful-consumption-and-thoughtful-design Thoughtful Design and Careful Consumption In the highly competitive world of design, is there really room to foster artistic appreciation and support empowerment? Tarsha Burn thinks there is. The powerhouse behind the Organic Bed Threads brand, Tarsha says the empowerment of third-world artisans is as important as using certified organic cotton. Organic Bed Threads supports chemical-free, certified organic cotton plantations in the Rajasthan region of India. It’s here that the company employs a team of hand embroiderers, master wood block printers, and tailors to produce truly artisan bed linen. It’s handmade, socially responsible, ethically sourced, and free trade. These talented craftspeople interpret Tarsha’s designs using handmade artisan techniques. Tailors, spinners, weavers, dye colour masters, hand and machine embroiderers, screen printers, wood block carvers, and a master wood block printer hail from a long line of artisans. Tarsha’s socially motivated determination had shown her that ‘ethical’ and ‘organic’ are often NOT. So she asked her manufacturer to undertake the rigorous process of gaining accreditation of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). “Organic Bed Threads is a socially responsible company that ensures the farming process is certified organic and that the manufacturing practices are safe fair,” says Tarsha. “The biggest challenge now is to educate consumers that not only are certified organic cotton products more durable and luxurious, but that being fair trade and ethically produced is worth supporting.” End of Release… For further information on the life of a textile designer, sustainable practices or organic products, hi-res images, and interview opportunities please contact… Tarsha Burn on 0401 525 201 or Organic Bed Threads is Australian owned and operated. Bed linen is available in Single, Queen, and King sizes in a variety of unique and handmade designs. About Organic Bed Threads Organic bed linen where every thread of the production story counts. Organic bed linen - from seed to shelf, the Organic Bed Threads range is stunningly beautiful, made from certified organic cotton and ethically produced to fair trade standards. Organic Bed Threads is good for the planet, good for business and great for you. Stunning, handmade artisan organic bed linen Our sleep is a vital part of our daily and health cycle. It's so important that we rest well. We spend one third of our life sleeping. Our quality of rejuvenation impacts our whole day. We want to be cocooned in stunning duvet, doona covers. Especially exquisite hand-made, artisan bed linen that we can admire when we wake up and for how it was created. Only a pinkie toe print on the planet Designer Tarsha Burn has created Organic Bed Threads range of organic bed linen to work with fair trade and sustainable business practices. From seed to shelf, Organic Bed Threads leaves only a pinkie toe, not a whole footprint, on the planet. With eye-catching designs, Organic Bed Threads gives you the bedroom beauty you've been looking for. And peace inside yourself, knowing that you're not feeding the voracious sweatshop culture machine that keeps less educated and skilled people poor, overworked and exploited. Geoscape Offers World-First Decision Making Capabilities to Australian Organisations 2017-04-04T22:57:33Z geoscape-offers-world-first-decision-making-capabilities-to-australian-organisations Locate17 – Sydney, Australia – 5th April, 2017: PSMA Australia, a provider of the nation’s location datasets, today officially launched its award-winning innovation in location intelligence, Geoscape. In a world-first, Geoscape enables Australian organisations to make better decisions using location-based insights that were previously too costly or time consuming for most businesses to access. This is the first time location information and data analytics have been combined and made available in this way, on a national level. PSMA also confirmed the much-anticipated Sydney dataset will be released on 5th April, 2017, with the national rollout due for completion by early 2018. To download a sample of Geoscape, visit: “Geoscape is a breakthrough in location-based intelligence that provides essential infrastructure for Australia’s digital economy, and puts Australia on the world map as a leader in this technology,” said Dan Paull, PSMA’s Chief Executive Officer. “As a business intelligence tool, Geoscape gives organisations the opportunity to improve services and increase revenue through evidence-based decision making. It will be used by governments to improve Australia’s future planning, development and management, including everything from building smarter cities to keeping people safe during fires, floods and other natural disasters. There’s also a vast range of applications in the private sector, with particular interest coming from the telecommunications, insurance and utilities sectors.” DigitalGlobe, Inc. (NYSE: DGI), the global leader in Earth imagery and information about our changing planet, uses a range of geospatial technologies to deliver core components of the Geoscape dataset. By connecting the world's highest quality commercial satellite imagery and an ecosystem of analytics partners on the Geospatial Big Data platform (GBDX), DigitalGlobe is able to automatically and accurately extract many types of features about the built environment at continental scale. "The convergence of high-resolution satellite imagery, cloud computing, and machine learning technologies has created some incredibly exciting opportunities for organisations to analyse man-made and natural environments at country and continent scales more quickly and efficiently than ever before,” said Dr. Walter Scott, DigitalGlobe Founder, CTO, and EVP. “We are proud to partner with PSMA Australia to harness these innovations and create a digital index of Australia’s built environment that will benefit a wide range of industries, including business intelligence, insurance, and telecommunications.” How Geoscape works PSMA has collaborated with DigitalGlobe to create the Geoscape dataset, which uses a combination of satellite imagery, crowdsourcing and machine learning to capture attributes of the built environment and link each building to a geocoded address. Organisations can see and analyse this data to gain new insights and improve the way they plan and operate. The data includes building footprints and heights, roof construction, land cover, tree heights, the presence of solar panel installations and swimming pools, and more. The data can be visualised using mapping platforms and 3D modelling tools. New opportunities for enhanced service delivery As Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems evolve and smart cities become a reality, Geoscape can underpin them by linking a wide range of information generated about the lifecycle of the built environment. Data from a rich mesh of sensors can be tied to a location, an address, a legal land parcel and an area, ranging from a single building, to a few streets, to a planning zone or a region. Geoscape creates a wide range of opportunities for improved service delivery including in: Risk management (flood modelling, fire risk modelling, wind impact assessment) Geoscape provides information about the size and roof construction of buildings, their proximity to vegetation and other buildings and a model of terrain to support the assessment of risk. Market assessment For businesses providing property related services Geoscape provides information about buildings, solar panel installations, swimming pools, roofing material, surfaces and vegetation. Telecommunications Geoscape supports the rollout of wi-fi and 5G networks by providing a model of the terrain and information on the shape and heights of buildings and tree cover to support blackspot analysis. Natural disaster impact assessment Preliminary post-event assessment of the likely impact of natural disasters on building infrastructure and vegetation. Valuations Provides building sizes, number, roofing information, vegetation location, heights and basic land use for the valuation process. How Pitney Bowes uses Geoscape Pitney Bowes has been a partner of PSMA Australia for over 15 years. Geoscape is the main dataset used by Pitney Bowes to create its GeoVision product. The data captured in Geoscape is taken and combined with Pitney Bowes location intelligence platforms to create unique and leading edge solutions, which are capturing world-wide recognition. For more information, please see a case study Australia's ground-breaking Geoscape is rolling out, region by region, across Australia. For progress on the national rollout of Geoscape, view the release schedule at Download your free trial To download a sample of Geoscape to see how it could be used in your organisation, visit Want to know more? If you’re interested in speaking with PSMA to learn more about Geoscape, you may visit them at Booth 110 and 112 at Locate17 or contact For more information: About PSMA Australia PSMA Australia’s goal is to facilitate broad and sustainable access to high-quality location data by offering foundational national spatial information derived from the authoritative data sources of Australia’s federal, state and territory governments and private sector partners. PSMA was formed by the governments of Australia in 1993 to collate, transform and deliver their location data as national datasets. An unlisted company limited by shares, PSMA is owned by all the governments of Australia. As an independent and self-funded business, PSMA is able to collaborate beyond government to drive innovation and provide fundamental infrastructure for a digital world. For more information visit: About DigitalGlobe DigitalGlobe is a leading provider of commercial high-resolution earth observation and advanced geospatial solutions that help decision makers better understand our changing planet to save lives, resources and time. Sourced from the world's leading constellation, DigitalGlobe’s imagery solutions deliver unmatched coverage and capacity to meet its customers' most demanding mission requirements. Each day customers in defence and intelligence, public safety, civil agencies, map making and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management and navigation technology, and providers of location-based services depend on DigitalGlobe data, information, technology and expertise to gain actionable insight. For more information visit: Media Contact: Kate Donnelly Spectrum Group +61 2 9469 5700 Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd. Announces Appointment of Atsushi Konishi as Managing Director 2017-04-03T23:52:44Z hitachi-australia-pty-ltd-announces-appointment-of-atsushi-konishi-as-managing-director-1 Sydney, April 4, 2017 – Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd. has announced the appointment of Mr. Atsushi Konishi as Managing Director. Mr. Konishi succeeds Mr. Hitoshi Ishihara, who has served as Managing Director since March 1, 2010. Mr. Ishihara will assume an advisory role for Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan, where he will focus on the APAC region. Both appointments are effective April 1, 2017. Mr. Konishi started his career at Hitachi in 1981 in the company’s International Sales Division. Most recently, he served as General Manager of the company’s Global Sales Operations Division, Hitachi, Ltd. Power Business. “We are delighted that Mr. Konishi will join the Australian business. Over the course of his 36 year career with the Hitachi Group, Mr. Konishi has held various managerial positions, and has accumulated extensive experience in the areas of power and infrastructure systems,” said Deputy Managing Director of Hitachi Australia, Mr. Anand Singh. “Mr. Konishi has undertaken assignments in Singapore and the Middle East, and he also led the International Strategy Division where he was responsible for Asia, China and Australia’s business strategies,” said Mr. Singh. In serving as Managing Director of Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd, the regional headquarters of Hitachi Ltd., Mr. Konishi will oversee all of Hitachi’s initiatives in the region including its Social Innovation Business — which the company is committing $1.25 billion AUD towards by FY2020. “I am honoured to assume the position of Managing Director in Australia and lead my team in achieving growth for the company’s businesses within key Australian industries,including mining, transportation, healthcare, public safety, and agriculture,” said Mr. Konishi.    “The opportunity to expand Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business by leveraging the company’s vast and unique OT and IT expertise is enormous. It is a very exciting time for the company, particularly with the advent of our R&D activities in the region coupled with our efforts in the primary sector.” “I am also looking forward to working with Hitachi Australia’s talented team in what is a mature market,” said Mr. Konishi. - ends - About Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges. The company’s consolidated revenues for fiscal 2015 (ended March 31, 2016) totalled 10,034.3 billion yen ($88.8 billion). The Hitachi Group is a global leader in the Social Innovation Business, and it has approximately 335,000 employees worldwide. Through collaborative creation, Hitachi is providing solutions to customers in a broad range of sectors, including Power / Energy, Industry / Distribution / Water, Urban Development, and Finance / Government & Public / Healthcare. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's website at  NCH Offers Live Workplace Demos of Revolutionary Parts Cleaner, Torrent 2017-03-31T00:54:20Z nch-offers-live-workplace-demos-of-revolutionary-parts-cleaner-torrent Launching in 2016, the Torrent Parts Cleaner by NCH has revolutionised machine cleaning. Introducing a water-based detergent solution with the power to clean up to ten times faster than oil-based methods. The closed system has the power to degrease most parts in under 60 seconds, creating significant savings in productivity.   The torrent system is a win for employee health and safety as a water-based system reduces exposure to harmful chemicals and eliminates fire hazards. It’s also a solution that has less impact on the environment.      As part of the product launch, NCH is offering free workplace demonstrations. You can see for yourself how the closed unit uses water, heat, pressure and detergent – along with corrosion inhibitors – to efficiently clean parts without the need for direct contact.   During a workplace demonstration, NCH technicians will provide a full explanation of the system, and calculate any potential savings that could be made through its implementation.   There is also the potential to acquire the Torrent on a lease basis, with NCH taking care of all servicing and maintenance. This presents a great opportunity to install cutting edge equipment without the need for upfront costs.   For more information about the Torrent system and to book your free demonstration, contact NCH by clicking here.     NCH CONTACT INFORMATION   EMAIL   FACEBOOK   WEBSITE Eaton’s annual Blackout Tracker Report shows 3 million people affected by more than 240 power outages in 2016 2017-03-30T23:11:00Z eaton-s-annual-blackout-tracker-report-shows-3-million-people-affected-by-more-than-240-power-outages-in-2016 Sydney, Australia: Power management company Eaton has today announced the launch of its annual Blackout Tracker Report for Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), which has revealed 3 million people were affected by more than 240 power outages in 2016.   While widespread power failures in South Australia had the largest impact on individuals and businesses, New South Wales topped the list of Australian states for the third year in a row with 33 power outages - while the North Island topped New Zealand with 80 power outages.   “Every state or region in ANZ recorded a rise in power outages, highlighting an increasing need for businesses and consumers to look at the power management strategies and disaster recovery plans they have in place to deal with interruptions,” said Gordon Makryllos, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand at Eaton Industries.   The costs associated with power failures has continued to rise for businesses across the globe. The 2016 Cost of Data Centre Outages report by the Ponemon Institute has found the average cost of a data centre outage in 2015 was a staggering $740,357, up 38 per cent from 2010.    While summer heat waves dominated discussion about power supply, it was the spring season that produced the most power outages in both Australia and New Zealand with more than one third occurring between September and November.   “Australia and New Zealand is a diverse, unique climate where almost 1 in 3 power outages is caused by bad weather and trees, so businesses and individuals need to plan for the unexpected. Uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), generators and power management software solutions can help deliver reliable power during outages – reducing the risk of data loss and costs associated with downtime or IT damage.”   This World Backup Day, Eaton is offering a complimentary consultation and Critical Power Site Audit to all Australian and New Zealand businesses that will assess the business’ vulnerability to power disruption. The consultation will provide businesses with recommendations on the steps that can be taken to minimise business downtime. To register for this complimentary service, click here.   Among the most unusual causes of power outages in 2016 included: Hayes Creek, NT: On 21 October, an olive python snake with a magpie goose in its mouth was found looped over a power line following a 30 minute blackout to the area. Eurobodalla NSW: On 15 April, a flying fox plague caused a large number of safety equipment activations resulting in several blackouts over a period of weeks. Canning Vale WA: On 16 November, the maximum-security Hakea Prison and surrounding areas lost power after an earthing wire was stolen. Bathurst NSW: On 31 November, a flock of birds was blamed for leaving 1,573 customers in the dark after they hit a power line which sparked the outage. Ashburton NZ: On 23 November, a cat was lucky to walk away with its life after a fault man tried to rescue it from a power pole. Instead of climbing down the ladder, the cat climbed higher. The power was cut to help it down safely.    Blackout Tracker Annual Report data is based on a full year of reported power outages across Australia. To view and download the entire report click here. To learn about Eaton’s power management products and services, visit: or -  END -   About Eaton Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; backup power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and wiring devices; solutions for harsh and hazardous environments; and engineering services. Eaton is positioned through its global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges.   Eaton is a power management company with 2016 sales of $19.7 billion. We provide energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. Eaton has approximately 95,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit     Smart Skyscrapers Summit Drives Innovation 2017-03-27T02:08:56Z smart-skyscrapers-summit-drives-innovation-1 The Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit will explore exciting new developments and technological advancements in high-rise design and construction. Launching in Melbourne on the 28th and 29th of March at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Summit profiles a vast range of innovative tall tower projects across Australia and the world. Local and international speakers will share their expertise among industry professionals and stakeholders. Presentations, panel discussions and exhibitions will provide delegates with the perfect platform for learning from and networking with architectural, urban planning, construction, supply, engineering, government, institute and academic bodies. A cocktail reception will cap off the first day of the Summit, allowing delegates to reflect on presentations and make acquaintances across the board.   Topics on the agenda reflect new ways of conceptualising and building high-rise towers. Smart design is a prominent concern in the new age of skyscrapers as architects and developers look to increasingly more green, environmentally friendly and efficient ways of creating tall towers through building design, building materials and building systems. Prefabricated construction is delivering stunning new high-rise structures, forging a new modular mode of building. Vertical schools are reimagining traditional ideas of educational environments, now taking off in Australia. Innovations in vertical transportation will also revolutionise skyscraper design and architectural flexibility. Most importantly, creating inhabitable, liveable and humanised high-rises that interact with the local environment is a dominant concern that will be addressed from different perspectives at the Summit. This leading industry event will set the scene for a new age of skyscraper design and construction practice around the country and abroad. Opportunities to interview speakers will be available on the day. Any media wishing to attend on the day, please contact Expotrade Media Contact.   About Expotrade  Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events in the areas of infrastructure, major projects, sustainability, technology & architecture. For almost 10 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronised in the calendar. For more information, visit Media Contact: Goldie Yang | Marketing Coordinator | Dir: 03 8581 3713 Advances in Digital Agriculture to Take Centre Stage at International Symposium on Digital Earth & Locate17 in Sydney 2017-03-22T23:59:02Z advances-in-digital-agriculture-to-take-centre-stage-at-international-symposium-on-digital-earth-locate17-in-sydney Sydney, Australia – 23 March 2017 – Advances in spatial technology that enable digital agriculture, including a next-generation national positioning system and real-time monitoring of soil moisture levels from space, will take centre stage at the International Symposium on Digital Earth & Locate17 in Sydney in April. A new national positioning system accurate to between 2cm and 10cm – as opposed to 5 metres with today’s satellite-based GPS – will boost Australia’s economy by $73 billion or more over the next 20 years, much of it in agriculture, says Dr Peter Woodgate, CEO of the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI). “To adopt techniques like precision agriculture and controlled traffic farming, farmers need to be able to position equipment and sensors with about 5cm accuracy. The conference will showcase space-based augmentation systems – including Australia and New Zealand’s joint initiative – which, subject to testing, are well on the way to achieving that,” said Woodgate. “Leveraging other regional efforts, such as a Japanese satellite-based system recently trialled in Queensland, it will even be possible to remotely control unmanned autonomous vehicles like driverless tractors from space.” Australia’s investments in positioning systems will not only pay off in higher agricultural exports but will create export business opportunities and new jobs in digital agriculture to aid the transition from sectors of the economy impacted by digital disruption. Woodgate and fellow Working Group Co-Chair, Glenn Cockerton, Managing Director of Spatial Vision, will make the first public presentation of the 2026 Spatial Industry Transformation and Growth Agenda at Digital Earth & Locate17, outlining 30 transformative initiatives for Australia. In another highlight of the event, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will hold a special session to promote capacity building and use of data from its Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Observatory. SMAP products, which provide frequent global measurements of soil moisture from space at high spatial resolution, are freely available (, with one of the first validation experiments carried out in Yanco, NSW. According to Phil Tickle, Program and Business Development Manager (Ag, NRM & Climate Change) at CRCSI, NASA’s SMAP data will complement data from a range of sensors used in digital agriculture, including soil moisture probes, weather stations, and animal tracking devices. Tickle is presenting the benefits of an online farm monitoring solution for the grazing industry at Digital Earth & Locate17. Called the NRM Spatial Hub, this provides access to 30 years of 30 metre resolution satellite data and tools for mapping, assessing and monitoring property infrastructure, land resources and ground cover. It is currently being commercialised by the CRCSI in conjunction with Meat & Livestock Australia. Tickle said the conference was an opportunity for farmers and land managers to learn about the spatial technologies transforming their industry, as well as to discuss potential issues, such as the ownership of agricultural big data. “We are seeing enormous development in digital agriculture capabilities and often farmers don’t have control of their own data,” said Tickle. “When you have sensors on farms feeding into data warehouses and generating broader benefits, why shouldn’t the farmer get a cut? And what does a farmer do if they want to change providers and their data is locked up in a proprietary system?” With a program featuring more than 130 international and Australian speakers, Digital Earth & Locate17 provides a unique opportunity to understand digital transformation practices from around the world, and to develop and leverage geospatial data. The two main conference days will be split into eight separate streams with topics including smart cities, virtual globes, intelligent transport, agriculture, engineering/utilities, smart sensors for natural resource management, water & climate, disaster & emergency management, and the geospatial economy. The joint conference will be held 03-06 April 2017 at the new International Conference Centre Sydney. The Digital Earth & Locate17 Conference’s Market Day on Tuesday 4th April opens the exhibition to everyone and is an opportunity for private, government and start-up organisations to come together and explore collaborative and business opportunities. About the International Symposium on Digital Earth The International Symposium on Digital Earth is a flagship event of the International Society for Digital Earth. Founded in Beijing in 2006, ISDE is a non-political, non-governmental and not-for-profit international organisation principally promoting academic exchange, science and technology innovation, education, and international collaboration towards Digital Earth. ISDE also explores Digital Earth as an enabling technology to play key roles in economic and social sustainable development, environmental protection, disaster mitigation, natural resources conservation and improvement of living standards. About Locate17 The Locate Conference (Locate17) is the national conference of the spatial and surveying industries of Australia and New Zealand. The event is an initiative of the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) and Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA). ARDILL PAYNE & PARTNERS RISE TO NEW HEIGHTS FOR THE AMRUN PROJECT. 2017-03-22T23:30:53Z ardill-payne-amp-partners-rise-to-new-heights-for-the-amrun-project Ardill Payne & Partners (APP) of Ballina have been hard at work designing five 70meter-high communication towers for Rio Tinto’s new bauxite project site, named the Amrun Project. The project is located 2500km from the APP Head office in Ballina.   Bill Payne, Partner at APP commented, “We were excited to win a huge project like this, and after working so hard on these towers it’s great to see the first now up.”   Rio Tinto has mined bauxite at Weipa on Western Cape York for more than 50 years. Almost ten years ago, they began investigating the possibility of building a new mine on part of their existing lease south of the Embley River, between Weipa and Aurukun.   Amrun sits on Wik-Waya traditional lands. At the request of Traditional Owners, the South of Embley project is known as Amrun, the Wik‑Waya name for the area.   Rio Tinto has agreements with 12 Traditional Owner groups in total, across three agreements, which underpin all Weipa operations and activities.   The Amrun project includes the construction of a range of infrastructure required to support mining including a processing plant and port near Boyd Bay, a dam, tailings storage facility, roads and a ferry terminal on the Hey River to transport workers from Weipa to the mine.   “With a construction team of 1400 people, the Amrun project will provide jobs and strengthen the economy for the people of Cape York and Queensland for many decades,” said Bill.    “This is a cultural win in the area, with a wonderful story of Original Land Owner involvement. Rio Tinto have worked closely with Wik-Waya people to develop a Communities, Heritage and Environment Management Plan to guide construction and operation of the project. It’s been a great experience.”   Ardill Payne & Partners have been assisting with the communications for the Port and Mine – through design, surveying and engineering for the communications towers and masts over the vast mine area from Amrun to Weipa.   Operations in Weipa provide jobs for a diverse workforce of 1,400 people. Close to one in four employees are Indigenous and one in four are women.   US$1.9 billion is being invested into the Amrun Project.   ENDS ABOUT ARDILL PAYNE & PARTNERS   Ardill Payne & Partners is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm of Engineers, Town Planners and Surveyors. They are proudly based in beautiful Ballina, and have been practising for 35 years. With five principals and employing twenty highly skilled professionals and technicians, APP are confident in their professional expertise, and the diligence of their management and staff is unequalled in the Northern Rivers.   The Professional Services they practice in include:   Civil Engineering Structural Engineering Environmental Engineering Maritime Engineering Bridge Design Town Planning Surveying Traffic Studies Masts & Towers Project Management Mining & Quarries Join Citygreen and WT Burden at the Middle East Smart Landscape Summit 2017-03-14T02:27:09Z join-citygreen-and-wt-burden-at-the-middle-east-smart-landscape-summit-1 Release: March 14, 2017 WHEN: May 15, 2017 to May 16, 2017 WHERE: Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa Citygreen is proud to be exhibiting at the Middle East Smart Landscape Summit, partnering with WT Burden. The summit is the first dedicated landscape-focused conference in Dubai – emphasising the region’s commitment to the sustainable growth of green spaces. As the region’s leading landscaping event, the summit will outline innovative approaches to green transformation, promote investment in green infrastructure, and present the diverse opportunities and obstacles faced in increasing green landscapes in the city. The summit will feature a combination of individual and joint presentations, case studies, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions, covering a diverse range of topics including: - Sustainable landscaping for the region of Dubai - Opportunities for green walls and vertical landscapes - New and innovative technologies in landscape architecture - Innovative strategies for improving public wellbeing and outdoor environments - Sustainable planting schemes for smart cities -  Soil preservation, restoration, and maintenance Citygreen will exhibit its leading range of innovative urban landscape technology, including Stratavault (which has featured in Dubai’s innovative Butterfly Building and a high-density apartment complex in Muhaisnah), Stratacell, and its latest innovation Strataflow – which combines tree pit technology with water sensitive urban design (WSUD) for a complete urban tree solution. Registrations for the summit are now open here.