The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-06-26T23:51:59Z WRECKY WITH AN EDGE OVER ITS COMPETITORS WHEN IT COMES TO CAR WRECKING SERVICES 2017-06-26T23:51:59Z wrecky-with-an-edge-over-its-competitors-when-it-comes-to-car-wrecking-services Dandenong, Victoria (June 19, 2017) – Wrecky is pleased to announce that it has scaled new heights with higher profits and bigger market share in comparison to other car wreckers in Victoria. With a total of 4 locations in sight, the company has made a significant improvement in its car wrecking services. Apart from car wrecking services it sells car parts that are second hand in nature and are available at affordable prices. No other car wrecker company has such a quicker turnaround time. The company also promises car parts that are cheaper in comparison to other car parts that may not be otherwise available in other branded retail auto outlets. We offer services like no other. Wrecky offers three services in total to each individual customer. They do cash for car, car wrecking and car removal services. Also you can find best and quality second hand spare parts. You will also find body parts and mechanical parts including tires, batteries, and other parts are lowest prices. Finally, ‘Wrecky’ also buys old, damaged, and unwanted cars, trucks, vans and Ute like no other. Wrecky provides the maximum amount of cash. Whereas other companies average just a paltry total of $8,999, ‘Wrecky’ is able to provide $13,999 in cash. there is absolutely no competition when it comes to providing cash for car, as Wrecky seems to have surged way ahead in terms of providing cash money to customers for letting wreck their car. With a great customer service available 24/7, we have the manpower and the capacity to handle more customers at one point of time. No other car wrecker company has a 24/7 customer support service and thus we are able to capture a larger share of the market and customers. We will wreck your car for free. Yes- that’s correct! We won’t charge you a dime. Our evaluation is done by top notch quality expert analysts with years of experience in the auto or car wrecking industry. No other car wrecker companies in Victoria can claim to have the best evaluation experts. Once the evaluation is done, we remove the car and pay you heaps of cash that no other car wrecker company is willing to pay you. We can also help you arrange a same day pick up from your location to our junkyard. Our staff is friendly and loyal to their customers. Finally, we have the maximum number of years of experience in wrecking cars and also providing ca parts at cheaper rates. Our car parts are the cheapest in the whole Victoria area as we have any and all kinds of car parts that your car may need. We have a large base of happy customers dying to thank us and more than willing to come back for a better car wrecking experience the second time. Teletrac Navman partners to offer consolidated Fuel Tax Credit solution 2017-06-26T01:16:19Z teletrac-navman-partners-to-offer-consolidated-fuel-tax-credit-solution-2 SYDNEY, Australia –  21 June, 2017 – Today, Teletrac Navman announced FTC Manager, an innovative solution for automatically calculating and claiming monthly Fuel Tax Credits (FTC). Created in collaboration with PPM Tax & Legal, FTC Manager enables businesses to streamline claims, saving valuable money and time. “This comprehensive solution is the first of its kind, revolutionising the way fuel tax credits are claimed. We’re excited by this capability and look forward to helping businesses claim all the money they’re entitled to,” said Ian Daniel, Vice President Asia Pacific at Teletrac Navman. FTC claims typically require businesses to provide detailed spreadsheets of fleet data, with final rebates broken-down by accountants. This practice is time-consuming, costly and often inaccurate, based on sample data or estimates and leaving substantial claimable money on the table every month. Using real-time monthly GPS location data, FTC Manager accurately and automatically calculates off-road fuel consumption, off-road idle time and auxiliary fuel usage to help businesses claim high-value fuel tax rebates, delivering measurable return on investment. The system provides unparalleled accuracy by automatically classifying the entire Australian road network as either on- or off-road. “We’ve always manually calculated the sums for each account, with our accountants relying on the safest percentages. Working with PPM has helped a tremendous amount, and all we had to do was supply our information and the process was improved significantly,” said Danny Forbes, General Manager at Roma Transport. “We feel FTC Manager will make this process even more efficient, using real data to streamline the way we claim rebates and helping to put more money back in our pocket,” said Forbes. Customers using Teletrac Navman’s unique solution will have access to three service tiers, with Silver and Gold users supported by PPM’s extensive knowledge and expertise in obtaining maximum fuel tax refunds for its clients. Gold users will also have the added benefit of PPM preparing a retrospective 4-year claim on their behalf using data generated by FTC Manager. Even if you have done a retrospective claim before, this could yield a substantial additional windfall and ongoing benefits. This flexibility and support will enable businesses to maximise their claim potential with full transparency and audibility. FTC Manager is the most comprehensive automated FTC solution available on the Australian market, and is supported by an ATO Class Ruling, reducing audit risk and allowing businesses across a range of industries including transport, construction, mining and gas, government and agriculture to fully maximise heavy vehicles Fuel Tax Credits on an ongoing basis. *** About Teletrac Navman Teletrac Navman is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider leveraging location-based technology and services for managing mobile assets. With specialised solutions that deliver greater visibility into real-time insights and analytics, Teletrac Navman helps companies make better business decisions that enhance productivity and profitability. Its fleet and asset management technology uncovers information that would otherwise go unseen, helping customers reduce risk and confidently move their business forward with certainty. It tracks and manages more than 500,000 vehicles and assets for more than 40,000 companies around the world. The company is headquartered in Glenview, IL, with additional offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. For more information visit Should You Tell Your Employer If You Have a Mental Health Disorder? 2017-06-22T14:42:08Z should-you-tell-your-employer-if-you-have-a-mental-health-disorder What do Buzz Aldrin, Bon Jovi, Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton, and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? The answer is that they have all suffered from mental illness. Winston Churchill even named this disorder “black dog”, indicating that it was his lifelong companion.  According to the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 6 New Zealand adults have been diagnosed with a common mental disorder at some time in their lives and it is the third-leading cause of health problems for New Zealanders. That means, one in 6 employees are likely to be suffering from a mental illness. The big question is?  Should you have to tell your employer if you have a mental health disorder? And, does your employer have the right to ask?    The Health and Safety in Employment Act promotes the health and safety of everyone at work. Employers are required to have systems in place to monitor workplace health and safety and, in terms of mental illness, employers are compelled to: ·       identify workplace practices, actions or incidents which may cause or contribute to the mental illness. ·       Identify issues that may affect the health and safety of workers. ·       take actions to eliminate or minimise these risks. While employers have several legal obligations in relation to privacy, they do have the right to ask certain questions about an employee or potential employee’s mental health status, if obtaining more information about a condition is legitimate, necessary and desirable. This additional information may be: ·       to determine whether the person can perform the inherent requirements of the job. ·       to identify if any reasonable adjustments may be needed, either in the selection and recruitment process or in the work environment. ·       to establish facts for entitlements such as sick leave, superannuation, workers’ compensation and other insurance. If you do ask your employee for information, you must maintain confidentiality and protect his or her right to privacy. This means protecting the information against improper access and disclosure. In turn, all employees (including those with mental illness) are legally obliged to: ·       take reasonable care for their own health and safety. ·       take reasonable care that their acts and/or omissions do not adversely affect the health or safety of others. ·       cooperate with any reasonable instructions to ensure workplace health and safety. The Act defines hazards and harm comprehensively, including harm caused by work-related stress and hazardous behaviour caused by certain temporary conditions, such as mental fatigue or traumatic shock. Employers who ignore the potential for non-physical harms will find themselves facing penalties for not providing a safe workplace, including imprisonment (of up to 5 years) and fines (of potentially up to $3 million). Organisations should also heed the Human Rights Act and Employment Relations Act 2000 that states that it is unlawful to discriminate against someone on the basis of disability, which includes mental illness.  Ie; It is unlawful for an employer to ask for information about a job applicant’s disability, including their mental health. The Privacy Act 1993 also outlines the collection, storage, use and disclosure of information. If an employer has reason to believe that there is a risk to worker health and safety, then they should have a policy that includes consultation with employees and that consultation should be conducted  formally and confidentially and sensitively.  The law also places an onus on the Employee that they may not endanger themselves or fellow employees. Statistics from Australia have determined that Mental Health Issues cost Australian Business 10.9 Billion Dollars a year and is one of the leading causes of sickness, absence and long term work incapacity in Australia.  However, research from a Price Waterhouse Coopers study reported that for every dollar spent on successfully implementing an appropriate action in terms of workpace mental health, there is on average, $2.3 in benefits to be gained.  Benefits include: ·       Improved Productivity. ·       Less absenteeism and presenteeism. ·       Reduction in claims and litigation risk. myosh is a global provider of cloud based Health and Safety software.  In consultation with experts and clients, myosh have developed a simple yet powerful platform that helps organisations to quickly identify issues that may impact the mental or physical health and safety of employees. The mywellbeing Platform enables organisations to manage and improve workplace mental health with simple yet powerful tools to obtain confidential feedback and acknowledgement from employees regarding: ·       Employee Mental Health ·       Bullying ·       Harassment ·       Job Satisfaction ·       Management and Culture Importantly, the platform provides a documented secure record of issues and acknowledgment.  It also provides: ·       A checklist for management. ·       Reporting tools for urgent alerts. ·       A huge library of Mental Health Resources for guidance. ·       Action based notifications and reminders The platform is an identification and documentation tool. Management are not required to ‘fix’ mental health issues but they must demonstrate due diligence. Organisations are not obliged to treat disorders but the can encourage employees to seek professional help.  The platform facilitates communication, helps to reduce stigma and alerts management to issues. Request a personal online demonstration here: myosh will also be presenting a free seminar on this topic at the New Zealand Safety Show, Tuesday 27TH June, 2017.  Register to attend here :   References Working Women’s Resource Centre - The Privacy Act: NZ Law Society -   WorkSafe New Zealand -   Mental Health Foundation - IN THE SPIRIT OF SUITS’ HARVEY SPECTRE & MIKE ROSS, ATTICUS FINCH, PERRY MASON & SAUL GOODMAN MEET AUSTRALIA’S FAVOURITE LEGAL EAGLE MICHAEL KUZILNY! 2017-06-22T02:19:01Z in-the-spirit-of-suits-harvey-spectre-amp-mike-ross-atticus-finch-perry-mason-amp-saul-goodman-meet-australia-s-favourite-legal-eagle-michael-kuzilny IN THE SPIRIT OF SUITS’ HARVEY SPECTRE & MIKE ROSS, ATTICUS FINCH, PERRY MASON & SAUL GOODMAN MEET AUSTRALIA’S FAVOURITE LEGAL EAGLE MICHAEL KUZILNY!   Barrister, solicitor and legal commentator Michael Kuzilny is one of Australia’s top legal minds. He has had an outstanding career, spanning over three decades. Kuzilny started his career in 1986  and is the owner of successful law firm MK LAW, which specialises in the criminal justice system. Michael Kuzilny doesn’t just know the law; he knows the system. With more than 300 five star client reviews Michael Kuzilny is dedicated to providing each client with the highest calibre of legal representation and service available. As a “go to “ lawyer Michael has appeared on A Current Affair, Sunrise, Today Show, ABC, 2UE,3AW and many more. Kuzilny is also recognised for his work with his television show Tough Times, which is currently airing on Channel 31 each Sunday night at 8.30pm in Melbourne.   TO INTERVIEW MICHAEL KUZILNY or use him for legal commentary email or call Max Markson 0412501601 “I don’t just know the law, I know the system’ - Michael Kuzilny     Nominate a deserving AusMumpreneur and show your support for Australian mums in business 2017-06-22T02:00:12Z nominate-a-deserving-ausmumpreneur-and-show-your-support-for-australian-mums-in-business The AusMumpreneur Conference and AusMumpreneur Awards are all about supporting Australian mums in business. This event provides a unique opportunity for women from all over Australia to come together to gain new skills, promote their business, connect with fellow mums in business, learn from leading business experts and celebrate the success of the best and brightest in the industry. Proudly presented by AusMumpreneur and The Women’s Business School, the AusMumpreneur Awards recognise the best and brightest in the Australian mumpreneur industry. The categories that will be judged are: AusMumpreneur of the Year Rising Star AusMumpreneur of the Year Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year Regional Business Award Product Innovation Award Digital Innovation Award Sustainability Award Business Excellence Award AusMumpreneur Network Excellence Award Women’s Business School Excellence Award Global Brand Award Big Idea Award Making A Difference Award Retail Business Award Service Business Award Handmade Business Award The People's Choice Awards: Influencer Award Customer Service Award Making a Difference Award (Business) Making a Difference Award (Non-profit) Business owners or those who wish to nominate a mumpreneur, can go to: Nominations close on Friday the 30th of June 2017. Media Contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 484 The Optical Co announces the launch of innovative new optical retail brand: Level 28 2017-06-20T04:39:59Z the-optical-co-announces-the-launch-of-innovative-new-optical-retail-brand-level-28 Press Release For Immediate Release Sydney, Australia, 20th June 2017, The Optical Co is proud to announce the launch of an innovative new optical retail brand, Level 28. The rollout is expected to begin in the last quarter of 2017. Level 28 is a bespoke dedicated retail brand where every aspect of the frame and sunglass design process will be exclusively designed for the novel Level 28 brand. The brand will be supported by an online presence to ensure a truly Omni channel shopping experience. In addition eye examinations using state of the art equipment will be offered at the stores. Level 28 is a sophisticated brand which will appeal to all areas of the optical landscape. The Level 28 product ranges have been designed to hold innovative and modern designer appeal, whilst still remaining cost effective. It will be targeted at the growing millennial customer base; however will have a large enough range to appeal to a wide range of demographics. Colin Kangisser, CEO and shareholder of The Optical Co proudly states: “The Optical Company has and will continue to develop as a leading optical provider in Australia, with its unique vertically integrated retail brand strategy including comprehensive optometry services. In order to complement our existing brand portfolio and to reach out to a diversified customer base including the growing millennial market, we recognize Level 28 as another part of our business. Level 28 is the one and only concept store which we believe appeals to a wide demographic by offering a wide range of eyewear. Level 28 has been developed from our studies of optical trends both internationally and locally and we are confident that with our experience in the optical industry, in both private and listed businesses, we will make Level 28 a great success in Australia as with our other brands.” Level 28 is a studio, gallery environment, where stunning high quality eyewear will be on show from fashion forward collection to everyday sleek styles designed exclusively for Level 28 by international designers. The materials and finishes palette has been crafted to form the perfect staging area for Level 28 products and services and gives Level 28 a whole new shopping experience. The exceptional contemporary environment, coupled together with crisp brand collateral and exquisite lighting will bring the Level 28 brand and retail space to life. Media Contact: Colin Kangisser | Chief Executive Officer Suite 202 418A Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW Australia 2010 T +61 2 9212 4871 | F +61 2 9212 3545 | M +61411759995 About The Optical Co: Founded in 2006, The Optical Co ‘TOC’ is a leading independent optical group in Australia. TOC management has a successful history in building optical businesses to the benefit of all stakeholders. TOC has a vertically integrated retail network of optical stores, including wholesale distribution, eye safety divisions and multiple e-commerce sites. Across the store network, TOC operates a number of different brands, which function independently of each other in their own respective markets. Across all brands, TOC offers premium quality eyewear and eyecare through the provision of international brands and the latest in optometry equipment. TOC’s retail brands include nib Eye Care Centre, Prevue Eyewear, The Optical Co, Stacey & Stacey Optometrists and Kevin Paisley Fashion Eyewear. This gives TOC a strong local brand presence with ability to utilise significantly sized internal and third party databases. TOC harnesses the advantages of being a larger group, whilst encouraging the independent character of each respective business culture and staff. The management team consists of a group with a wealth of optical and retail experience. These experiences extend to the management, administrative, marketing, supply chain and legal aspects of running and growing an optical business in Australia. myosh Contractor Management Simplifies Contractor Engagement and Compliance 2017-06-19T10:18:10Z myosh-contractor-management-simplifies-contractor-engagement-and-compliance Organisations who engage contractors need to ensure that contractors and their employees are not exposed to health and safety risks.  Organisations or PCBU's have the same duty of care towards contractors, as they do to their own employees. Contractor are also required to be pro-active in recognizing and reporting potential hazards in the workplace. It is important that the contractor is familiar with workplace procedures.  Induction training which stipulates safe work procedures, is essential before any work commences. The myosh Contractor Management Module simplifies the process of contractor engagement. In myosh Classic Contractor Management for medium sized enterprises, the following features apply: Create a preferred supplier list and capture all the details of a specific contractor Capture details of contractor employees Upload all relevant contractor documents such as insurances, JSA’s, agreements and licenses Receive internal alerts when Insurances expire Record contractor employee qualifications and training. Receive notifications for qualification expiry Upload contractor equipment testing records and calibration certificates. Receive alerts when these are due for renewal Monitor contractors HSEQ performance record Access to inspection checklists and registers for tasks and equipment myosh Custom Contractor Management for large Enterprises, is a fully customisable software solution that also allows you to: Invite your contractors onto your HSEQ system, giving them access to the Contractor Management Module and allowing them to populate it with all necessary records and documents for a specific job, for e.g.  Training and Qualification records, Licenses, Insurance and employee details, JSA’s/SWMS. Contractor Compliance Checklists Receive internal and external alerts when Insurances expire Record contractor employee qualifications and training. Receive notifications for qualification and training expiry Track Contractor Training Link Contractor Training to Online Learning myosh also offers the myosh365 software program designed specifically for small businesses. Contractors should be encouraged to use myosh365 to manage their HSEQ issues and provide them with a verifiable system to satisfy their clients’ requirements. This webinar will highlight the differences between myosh Classic and Custom Contractor Management with the focus being on Custom Functionality. Join our free Webinar on Tuesday 4th July to learn more. Security One 2 One Now Offers Pest Control Solutions To All Its Clients In Australia 2017-06-19T00:15:09Z security-one-2-one-now-offers-pest-control-solutions-to-all-its-clients-in-australia Security One 2 One is a physical security service provider in Sydney - one of the few security service providers that are fully compliant with the Security Industry Legislation and Standards. Expanding its services, the One Group is now also offering several other services, including the pest control services and solutions. Having a pest problem can cause a multitude of issues, not to forget the health problems it brings with itself as a gift. Security One 2 One Group in Australia is now offering exclusive pest control services that can help you get rid of the issue in almost an instant! Our experienced and dedicated Pest Control Team will be able to identify the different species that have decided to attack your beautiful home or commercial or industrial property. "One 2 One Group Pest Control Team" will then provide the most appropriate solution depending on its preliminary analysis. With the safe use of controlled pesticides, this will send your unwanted critters on their way to their own homes. But what’s most important is the face that we will prevent any damage to your property and health issues to your family, neighbours, employees, or even the general public. At One 2 One Group we are offering the following pest control programs in Australia. Residential pest control Sydney: Houses, units, villas, townhouses, strata properties Commercial pest control Australia: We treat all commercial premises regardless of their size of type of business. Industrial pest control issues: We treat any industrial site – call us and see miracles happening! Office equipment: We provide efficient treatments for computer safety, document storage, along with any other similar causes of concerns. Food Processing: Security One 2 One Group offers a full range of Pest Control Services as defined in the Food Act, ISO 9000 and HACCP required treatments for food manufacturing or processing areas, warehouses, etc. We also provide pest control solutions to SCHOOLS, PRE-SCHOOLS, and CHILD CARE FACILITIES using only the non-toxic approved treatments. Our professional pest control solution includes: ·         Bait boxes ·         Flea and mite spray ·         Infestation control ·         Pigeon and bird control ·         Rodent control ·         Fly unit installation ·         Pest prevention Have had enough of the pest issue? Call at 1300 732 121 or visit us at today and talk to us to get rid of the problem in the most convenient and non-toxic way. Epson Launches Revolutionary TM-T88VI Series POS Printers 2017-06-15T21:55:48Z epson-launches-revolutionary-tm-t88vi-series-pos-printers Epson Australia has significantly raised the bar in the POS industry with the introduction of its flagship TM-T88VI series, the latest addition to Epson’s growing family of intelligent POS printers. Offering a rich feature set for mobile POS and cloud services, the new TM-T88VI is ideal for merchants in high volume retail, hospitality, and financial institutions where advanced connectivity and speed of check out is critical. It maximises customers’ flexibility to deliver a high quality transaction experience. The company has also added the TM-T88VI-i printers, which extend connectivity to POS peripherals in mobile POS environments and improve storage capacity for local apps and web server support. The TM-T88VI is designed to work with both traditional PC-based POS systems and increasingly popular web and mobile setups. This makes it ideal for shop, bar and restaurant owners who want to develop new ways of interacting with customers, and also for those who just want to run a combined or traditional setup. As well as versatility, the TM-T88VI offers outstanding performance, with print speeds of up to 350 mm/s, and Epson’s proven reliability. A backward paper-feeding function helps save paper without affecting performance, reducing running costs and paper waste. Epson Australia general manager Craig Heckenberg said, “The TM-T88VI gives businesses the ability to add web and mobile POS services in stages, or run systems alone or in parallel if they choose. Many businesses, especially in the retail and restaurant sectors, are keen to leverage web and mobile POS solutions to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, but they don’t want to commit to an entirely new system straight away. The TM-T88VI can be implemented with existing infrastructure.” Server Direct Print functionality allows the TM-T88VI to print direct from a web server. It also supports beacons, to help mobile devices identify the nearest printer, making it ideal for POS environments with multiple printer installations, while NFC support makes it easy to pair tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. The TM-T88VI has exactly the same footprint as the TM-T88V, allowing you to upgrade to a brand new system without having to rearrange your counter space, and is available in both black and white to suit any shop, bar or restaurant decor.  TM-T88VI Key Features • Multi-interface connectivity allows for the printer to be dynamically shared between legacy PC-POS terminals, tablet and mobile devices as well as the ability to print from cloud servers • Standard triple interfaces—TM T88VI includes built-in USB & Ethernet, along with the Connect-It module port to ensure maximum flexibility and future-proofing of the customer's business • Incorporates Epson's ePOS™ Print technology to support printing from web-based applications • Designed for the cloud—it incorporates built-in functionality to leverage leading POS applications or to perform remote firmware upgrades via Epson’s OMS. It also utilizes Server Direct printing for online ordering applications and printing from cloud servers. • Beacon support provides distributed proximity-based printing with Apple devices using Bluetooth Low Energy • NFC —Near Field Communication technology for easy pairing with mobile devices in distributed printing environments • Ultra fast transaction time —achieved with print speeds of up to 350 mm/sec plus a high-speed autocutter • Advanced paper saving functions—reduces paper usage by up to 49% • Improved reliability with print head life of 200 km and extended autocutter life of 3 million cuts • The TM-T88VI-i supports all of the TM-T88VI features as well as the added support of up to 4 USB POS peripherals, improved network security and more storage capacity for web applications  The TM-T88VI is available now from and selected Epson resellers and retailers.  Arbor Networks Further Automates DDoS Attack Mitigation for MSSPs and Enterprise Customers 2017-06-15T03:44:20Z arbor-networks-further-automates-ddos-attack-mitigation-for-mssps-and-enterprise-customers Arbor Networks Inc., the security division of NETSCOUT (NASDAQ: NTCT), announced a new version of its on-premise, always-on, inline distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) detection and mitigation platform for enterprise customers, Arbor Networks APS™. Arbor APS v5.11 includes new features designed to ease the management of multiple APS devices and reduce the time to attack mitigation via improvements to its powerful and unique Cloud Signalling capability.  “Cloud Signalling has been a key innovation in enabling the industry-wide adoption of hybrid, or multi-layer DDoS defence as a best practice. Arbor understands the threat landscape and created an elegant way of linking on-premise and cloud-based mitigation. This tight connection is key to delivering protection from today's advanced DDoS attacks,” said Rob Ayoub, research director in IDC's Security Products program. As DDoS attacks continue to dramatically rise in size, frequency and complexity, automation has become increasingly critical to protecting the network against these attacks. Arbor’s Cloud Signalling capability automates key aspects of DDoS defence, tightly integrating on-premise and cloud-based mitigation. The fidelity of Arbor Cloud Signaling has been further enhanced as locally configured blacklists/whitelists on the Arbor APS are now embedded in the Cloud Signalling communication. “Automation is a top priority for most organisations today. From a security perspective, that means they’re stretched thin, using too many tools, chasing too many threats, with too little context. Arbor is really focused on being an operational asset for our customers by delivering solutions that help scale teams, enable faster time to mitigation, and automate as many processes as possible without sacrificing effectiveness,” said Tom Lyons, Arbor’s vice president of product management. The Arbor DDoS attack protection solution delivers intelligent integration between on-premises and in-cloud DDoS attack protection, backed by threat intelligence via the ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF). Developed by Arbor’s Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT), the AIF includes geolocation data and automates the identification of attacks against infrastructure and services from known botnets and malware while ensuring that updates for new threats are automatically delivered without software upgrades. Easier Management of Multi-APS Environments This new management functionality benefits enterprises that manage the APS devices, as well as MSSPs that offer multi-layer or hybrid DDoS managed services to their customers. Arbor APS v5.11 includes a new console that greatly eases the management of multi-APS environments by providing centralised configuration and aggregated views of all DDoS attack activity. Each console can manage up to 50 APS devices. Automating Key and Certificate Operations with Venafi Arbor Networks has partnered with Venafi, the leader in machine identity protection, to make it easy to setup and maintain large scale SSL/TLS inspection required to stop sophisticated Layer 7 DDoS attacks hiding in encrypted traffic. Now the Arbor APS is continuously fed the most current SSL/TLS keys and certificates used across an enterprise to enable complete inspection and the ability to more quickly mitigate even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks. “Sophisticated DDoS attacks are using the cloak of encryption to go undetected,” said Kevin Bocek, VP security strategy at Venafi. “With Arbor Networks integration now available for the Venafi Platform, customers can maximise visibility into encrypted traffic and protect themselves faster from DDoS attacks quickly becoming the norm. Protection is maintained with the help of Venafi continuously automating the entire SSL/TLS key and certificate lifecycle so Arbor Networks systems have the most current set of machine identities to perform an inspection.” Supporting Resources IHS Technology Report: IHS Technology DDoS Prevention Appliances Biannual Market Tracker: Regional, H1 2017 Press Release: Arbor Networks Extends Global Leadership Position in On-Premise DDoS Protection, According to IHS Technology DDoS Threat Landscape: Arbor’s 12th annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report Video: Arbor’s DDoS protection portfolio works for all types of businesses, learn how. About Venafi Venafi is the cybersecurity market leader in machine identity protection, securing all machine-to-machine connections and communications. Venafi protects all machine identity types by orchestrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates for SSL/TLS, IoT, mobile, code-signing, and SSH. Venafi provides global visibility of machine identities and the risks associated with them for the extended enterprise—on-premise, mobile, virtual, cloud and IoT — at machine speed and scale. Venafi puts this intelligence into action with automated remediation that reduces the security and availability risks connected with weak or compromised machine identities while safeguarding the flow of information to trusted machines and preventing communication with machines that are not trusted. With over 30 patents, Venafi delivers innovative solutions for the world's most demanding, security-conscious Global 2000 organisations, including the top five U.S. health insurers, the top five U.S. airlines, four of the top five U.S., U.K. and South African banks and four of the top five U.S. retailers. Venafi is backed by top-tier investors, including Foundation Capital, Intel Capital, Origin Partners, Pelion Venture Partners, QuestMark Partners, and Silver Lake Partners. For more information, visit About Arbor Networks Arbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT, is driven to protect the infrastructure and ecosystem of the internet. It is the principle upon which we were founded in 2000 and remains the common thread that runs through all that we do today. Arbor’s approach is rooted in the study of network traffic. Arbor’s suite of visibility, DDoS protection and advanced threat solutions provide customers with a micro view of their network enhanced by a macro view of global internet traffic and emerging threats through our ATLAS infrastructure. Sourced from more than 300 service provider customers, ATLAS delivers intelligence based on insight into approximately 1/3 of global internet traffic. Supported by Arbor’s Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT), smart workflows and rich user context, Arbor’s network insights help customers see, understand and solve the most complex and consequential security challenges facing their organisations.  To learn more about Arbor products and services, please visit our website at or follow on Twitter @ArborNetworks. Arbor’s research, analysis and insight is shared via the ASERT blog. For a global data visualisation of DDoS attacks that leverages our ATLAS intelligence, visit the Digital Attack Map, a collaboration with Jigsaw, an incubator within Alphabet, Google’s parent company (NASDAQ: GOOGL). Safe Harbour Forward-looking statements in this release are made pursuant to the safe harbour provisions of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and other federal securities laws. Investors are cautioned that statements in this press release, which are not strictly historical statements, including without limitation, the statements related to Arbor’s portfolio of solutions, constitute forward-looking statements which involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results could differ materially from the forward-looking statements due to known and unknown risk, uncertainties, assumptions and other factors. For a more detailed description of the risk factors associated with NETSCOUT, please refer to NETSCOUT’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, and NETSCOUT’s subsequent Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, which are on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. NETSCOUT assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking information contained in this press release or with respect to the announcements described herein. Trademark Notice: Arbor Networks, the Arbor Networks logo and ATLAS are all trademarks of Arbor Networks, Inc. All other brands may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Lencrow Materials Handling Announces 5 Year Total Care Warranty Program 2017-06-14T11:36:25Z lencrow-materials-handling-announces-5-year-total-care-warranty-program Lencrow Materials Handling – new forklift sales & service provider is excited to introduce 5 Year Total Care Warranty Program available across the range. The new Total Care Forklift Warranty plan is applied on all the models of Forklifts sold and delivered in Australia. The 5 Year Total Care Forklift Warranty Program delivers: ->  Plus and Premium Options ->  Product Faults ->  Transparent Warranty Contract ->  Up to 8,000 Hours ->  Manufacturer Faults Lencrow Materials Handling challenges you to search a better forklift warranty that delivers more responsibility than ours. It presents the clients a complete range of services for all makes and models and stocks a range of spare parts in the warehouse instantly available. Nowadays, top quality forklifts and powerful after sale services are what the customers focus on. The total care warranty of Lencrow Materials Handling goes beyond the manufacturers so can deliver a great level of care. Lencrow Materials Handling includes a varied range of new forklifts, used forklifts, rental forklifts, and forklift spare parts, which the customers can trust on! Customers will certainly benefit from this new warranty program. Company spokesperson: We are taking a very strong initiative to customer receptiveness, satisfaction, and services. Taking from the list of new, old and used forklifts, option to hire forklifts to the services rendered, Lencrow Materials Handling is intending to improve and offer exceptional services to the valued customers. We have today grown our roots and successfully established offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, New Castle and Brisbane. Most recently we established in South Australia as well!   “We are pleased to avail the warranty program to our customer. It offers a different level of customer assurance and further confirms Lencrow Materials handling’s commitment to customer service, so lacking in our industry today” For further information on 5 Year Total Care Forklift Warranty Program, please visit - Hills Self Storage Launches Its New Truck Hire Services 2017-06-14T11:15:16Z hills-self-storage-launches-its-new-truck-hire-services Corresponding to a latest IBISWorld report, there is no dearth of us paying for extra space, with Australia’s $1.1 billion self-storage industry estimated to grow 3.3 percent by 2017. The self-storage industry has grown tremendously and benefited as well due to several factors. Counting the facts, more Australians are transposing to metropolitan cities into smaller apartment and houses. It increased the demand of hiring self-storages from people relocating their home as well the demand from businesses to store their stock! While the major players of self-storage lead the Australia’s storage industry, Hills Self Storage completely matches the spare space in your home or businesses to store your valuable essentials. Hills Self Storage majorly focuses on offering the availability of business, personal, boats & caravans, wine, and car storage solutions. A customer looking to store their household goods, leisure vehicles or business supplies, Hills Self Storage is a perfect match to make such storage requirements easy. Whatever your storage requirements are, you can always rely on Hills Self Storage. We assure it! We are prominently proving to meet the level of our customer satisfaction by increasing the scope of working. Hills Self Storage is up with the added facility of Truck Hire Services for customers to rely on us completely. We are here to make your moving even easier by providing new fully equipped truck for hire. Facilities like Ropes free of charges, Blankets, Fridge Trolley and Tail Lift are added to the hiring trucks. Tail Lifts are fitted to the trucks to deal with the lifting of heavy items with ease. Company Spokesperson   We have proved in maintaining the integrity towards our customers. We provide assurance in preserving the quality of our facilities and cleanliness that makes it relevant that a lot of business is our repeat business. No matter, whether you’re seeking a long term or a short term storage requirement, Hills Self Storage will always have a storage quick-fix that’s ideal for your needs and budget. “We are extremely proud of the high reputation we have earned and you can rest assured your assets are being stored in the finest possible environment.” Our Truck Hire Services is available in Galston, Castle Hill, Kings Park and surrounding suburbs. To book your truck hire or to know more visit - ACS Releases New Course- Food Processing & Technology 2017-06-14T05:30:57Z acs-releases-new-course-food-processing-amp-technology ACS Releases New Course- Food Processing & Technology ACS Distance Education have recently written and released a new course- Food Processing and Technology. The food industry is a vital part of the world’s economy. Food products are necessary to life, and advancements in food technology can improve nutrient density and delivery, lower cost, and provide nourishment to communities all over the world. Food is generally divided into two categories – processed or preserved, and fresh. While there are development processes for fresh food, such as the development of new fruit strains, a significant amount of new food development is in the processed and packaged space. Sometimes, this is as simple as repackaging a fresh food, such as offering green beans in a ready-to-cook format. More often, though, it’s developing a more complex processed or packaged product that meets a consumer need. New product development is an important part of any food business, from a small family business through to large corporations. Without products – and new products – to bring to market, business growth is more likely to stagnate. Most companies use a staged approach to product development. Being informed and knowledgeable about how to produce new products is just as crucial as is creating products that have market value. This course provides a foundation for developing those new products better, and minimising all types of risks along the way from product quality risks to health and business risks. This course covers the following lessons: Overview -Scope and Nature of Food Processing Industry The Role of Nutrition in New Product Development Chemical Processing, Preservatives and Additives Thermal Food Processing, Pasteurisation and Microwave Cooking Managing Health Claims and Other Statements Developing New Food Products (including Marketing) Packaging, Labelling and Storage Legal, Policy and Management Developing a New Product - Problem Based Learning (PBL) Project For more information on the Food Processing and Technology course, please visit our website: Australian Repair Company Strides Ahead As New Tax Year Approaches 2017-06-14T04:36:56Z australian-repair-company-strides-ahead-as-new-tax-year-approaches Australia: An Australian repair company reports that residents are using their services en masse before the tax year begins. The experts behind the firm advise others to follow the trend. Ever since the business first launched, it has gone from strength to strength. That is down to a friendly a reliable approach to all residential and commercial repair jobs. Indeed, people only have to read online reviews to see how satisfied others are with their experience. That indicates the service will continue to expand and provide support for more locations in the near future.  Service Today currently helps clients living in the following areas: ●   Sydney ●   Wollongong ●   Central Coast ●   Melbourne  ●   Geelong ●   Adelaide Residents in those locations know who to trust with their repairs, and that is why they return to this brand time and time again. The specialists employed by this company have decades of combined experience with all manner of different jobs. They can assist with everything from plumbing to electrics, heating and cooling. They always aim to keep prices as low as possible for their customers. That is why they have remained the go-to experts homeowners call when they face issues.  New clients will be happy to learn they can get a $40 discount on any service before July 1st 2017, simply by mentioning this discount. The company also makes promises that people can’t ignore. For example, they guarantee to send a professional on the same day if customers make their booking before midday.  It’s easy to book an appointment online and get things sorted in a matter of hours. Customer service representatives are on hand to take calls and respond to any queries. All employees at Service Today understand the importance of providing accurate information and up to date. Service Today places emphasis on customer satisfaction. So, they will do everything possible to meet and exceed expectations.  Anyone who wants to know more about Service Today electrical services or plumbing services should visit the website or contact these experts today. There is often no time to waste when it comes to essential home repairs. The last thing anyone needs is for a plumbing issue to damage their property. That is why it’s imperative to act fast and find a solution. Getting things done before the end of the current tax year could also help some homeowners to save money. To get in touch with the Service Today, call 1300 725 760 or send an email to For more information, visit:  MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL Database Platform Is Now Available for Microsoft Azure 2017-06-14T02:04:11Z marklogic-s-enterprise-nosql-database-platform-is-now-available-for-microsoft-azure Sydney, Australia – June 14, 2017 – MarkLogic Corporation, an operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, today announced the availability of the MarkLogic® Enterprise NoSQL database platform on Microsoft Azure. In today’s rapidly changing, data-driven business environment, enterprises need an agile database platform that can quickly and securely move to the cloud to drive innovation. MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database platform on Azure gives customers the flexibility they need by providing a single, actionable 360-degree view of their data in the cloud, whether on Azure or in a hybrid cloud environment, allowing them to seamlessly build and deploy applications, drive digital transformation projects, or set up short-term cloud deployments. The MarkLogic platform on Azure also enables customers to easily scale apps and projects up or down without downtime and with optimal deployment and transactional consistency, giving customers maximum operational efficiency. “We are seeing unprecedented levels of change in the marketplace today, requiring enterprises to move their database platform to the cloud to leverage its potential financial and operational advantages in order to effectively compete. But when enterprises migrate to the cloud, they are discovering that relational database solutions are not flexible enough to manage and integrate the complex data types required for business-critical applications and projects—costing them valuable time and money,” said Joe Pasqua, executive vice president of products, MarkLogic. “Our customers also know that in an era of constant data breaches, they can’t compromise on security. This is one of the key reasons why we chose Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is the most trusted, compliant cloud services provider, and the fact that they have a wide range of global security certifications is an important one,” added Pasqua. “Combined with MarkLogic’s industry-leading data security features—like advanced encryption and element-level security—our customers can be confident that their data is not only highly available, consistent, and manageable, but secure.” “We’re pleased to see MarkLogic make its NoSQL database platform available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace,” said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Azure, Microsoft Corp. “In today’s on-demand economy where data agility and digital innovation are paramount, customers can now take advantage of MarkLogic’s platform to help them accelerate their digital transformation strategies in the cloud.” Currently, more than a thousand organisations around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, rely on MarkLogic to drive business outcomes and power mission-critical applications and projects through an actionable, 360-degree view of their data. Availability MarkLogic is available today on Microsoft Azure. For access to the MarkLogic licenses for Microsoft Azure, including the free Developer Edition, please send an email to About MarkLogic For over a decade, organisations around the world have come to rely on MarkLogic to power their innovative information applications. As the world’s experts at integrating data from silos, MarkLogic’s operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database platform empowers our customers to build next generation applications on a unified, 360-degree view of their data. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, MarkLogic has offices throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. For more information, please visit   © 2017 MarkLogic Corporation. MarkLogic and the MarkLogic logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of MarkLogic Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.   # # # Media Contact:   Dana O’Neill Public Relations for MarkLogic Mobile: 0478 149 110 Email: