The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-07T02:08:11Z SBS Arabic24 marks first anniversary with the launch of 24/7 digital TV 2017-03-07T02:08:11Z sbs-arabic24-marks-first-anniversary-with-the-launch-of-24-7-digital-tv To celebrate the one year anniversary of SBS Arabic24, SBS today announces that the service will be available on digital TV from 3 April 2017.   Since its launch on 7 March 2016, SBS Arabic24 has drawn significant audience growth on radio and online, offering Arabic speaking Australians and communities an impartial destination focusing on life in Australia, with global and local perspectives on world news.    SBS Director of Audio and Language Content, Mandi Wicks, said: “SBS Radio continues to play a vital role for Australia’s multicultural communities and we’re thrilled with SBS Arabic24’s growth and achievements across the last twelve months.   “We continue to explore new ways to connect diverse audiences with our distinctive multiplatform services and look forward to reaching more Arabic speaking Australians through the digital TV platform from April.”   To mark today’s anniversary, SBS Arabic24 is bringing audiences a special day of programming in the community and in studio and kicked off the celebrations at 6am with breakfast show hosts Ghassan Nakhoul and Sylva Mezher live from Centenary Square in Parramatta in Sydney.   Throughout the day presenters are taking a nostalgic trip, revisiting the launch of the service and also some of the biggest news stories from across the year. Coverage of the Yazidi refugees’ arrival in Wagga Wagga, an interview with MP Ann Ali and many other memorable interviews also feature as part of the anniversary programming.   Today from 5pm, the evening show welcomes a live session from the strumming harmonious melodies of the Mesopotamian Trio, three Iraqi musicians who shed light on the musical essence of their homeland.   Stay tuned to SBS Arabic24 via live streaming or catch up:; On Digital Radio: simply search for the station name SBS Arabic24; via the SBS Radio App available on App Store or Google Play.   Join the conversation with #SBSA24turns1   ENDS Final selection criteria for SBS Radio Services Review now available 2017-03-02T23:04:19Z final-selection-criteria-for-sbs-radio-services-review-now-available SBS has announced the final selection criteria it will apply to a review of its radio services to ensure SBS Radio continues to reflect the needs of communities in Australia today. SBS received more than 600 submissions, representing 85 languages, during a period of public consultation from 14 November to 11 December 2016 which gave people and organisations the opportunity to provide feedback on the criteria that was being proposed. The submissions received were taken into consideration in finalising the criteria published today. The criteria will now be used, in conjunction with the 2016 Census data, to determine which languages will be provided by SBS Radio services. SBS will determine how the languages will be delivered across AM and FM radio, digital radio and digital television, online and podcast services, taking  into account factors including audience listening habits, the need to support audience demands for anytime, anywhere news and information via digital platforms, and the changing demographics of Australia’s diverse communities. SBS Director of Audio and Language Content, Mandi Wicks said: “We are committed to ensuring the language services we deliver reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of Australia today. We are also committed to ensuring the SBS Radio Services Review is a robust and transparent process. We have listened to the many people who have provided valuable feedback, and today we have released the clear criteria that will help inform which languages SBS will need to deliver to meet the needs of contemporary multicultural Australia – from the largest communities, to high needs and emerging communities – with a revised schedule to be announced later this year.” The last review of SBS Radio was conducted during 2012-2013, and it was the first major review of the radio services SBS provided to communities that had been undertaken in 18 years. At the time, SBS committed to reviewing its schedule in line with the release of each Census. The result from this review will serve audiences from late 2017 until the next Australian Census in 2021 prompts the next review in 2022.  Changes that have been made to the criteria after the public consultation include: Reflecting the growing number of high needs communities by allowing SBS flexibility to increase the number of high needs languages to more than 15 if funding permits; Taking into greater consideration the English language proficiency of new arrivals and older migrants; and Reducing the weighting of household income as a secondary indicator in the review process.    ENDS For more information, visit   Notes to Editors:   Final language Selection Criteria for SBS Radio Services Review 2017   Large Languages Criteria: population of approximately 25,000* or greater. High Needs Languages Criteria: (a minimum of 15 languages subject to SBS funding) Threshold requirement – population must be greater than 1,000* English language proficiency (weight = 45%) Recentness of arrival (weight = 30%) Ageing (weight = 15%) Household resources (weight = 10%) SBS may also include a sizeable ethnic community if its needs are significant but not adequately captured in the Large Language or High Needs Selection Criteria. Factors which SBS may take into account include: Discrimination/Vilification: where a group is subject to frequent discrimination or vilification in Australia based on race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin. Immediate need: a significant increase in the population of a language group through Australia’s Humanitarian Program.   * Population size based on 2016 Census data – Language Spoken at Home other than English (LANP)   The final Selection Criteria and Census 2016 data will determine which languages are serviced by SBS. Subject to funding, SBS will determine when and how the language services will be delivered – e.g. via AM/FM, digital radio, digital television, online and/or podcast. WINGS PUBLIC RELATIONS CLIENT PORTFOLIO EXPANDS 2017-02-23T11:36:41Z wings-public-relations-client-portfolio-expands Gold Coast-based Wings Public Relations is relishing the opportunity to work within the legal, beauty and home services industries after recent client wins. National franchise organisation James’ Home Services, award-winning beauty face mask company Lonvitalite, family and commercial law experts Fedorov Lawyers and mediation service Family Mediation Station have selected Wings Public Relations to support them in 2017. Wings Public Relations Director Deanna Nott, who started her firm in June after working in senior government communication roles for more than 20 years, said Wings PR was experiencing rapid growth. “It is clear that clients want an experienced team that can undertake a full suite of public relations activities in support of their businesses,” she said. “We are being selected not only for our media relations and pitching expertise, but also because we have strength in the social media and image management areas. “Developing and implementing communication strategies for our clients that help them achieve their goals is always our number one priority and we are delivering results.” Nott said that all of Wings’ clients have come via referrals. “We pride ourselves on providing a top level service, with regular progress updates on campaigns in development and those in the process of being rolled out. “Our genuine interest in our clients and attention to detail is holding us in good stead as we move forward.” For further information, please contact Deanna Nott, Wings Public Relations, on 0422 504540 or visit Aussie app DoTalk breaks down language barriers instantly: First FREE messaging app provides real-time and accurate translation of up to 90 languages 2017-02-09T22:25:43Z aussie-app-dotalk-breaks-down-language-barriers-instantly-first-free-messaging-app-provides-real-time-and-accurate-translation-of-up-to-90-languages Aussie app DoTalk breaks down language barriers instantly  First FREE messaging app provides real-time and accurate translation of up to 90 languages  Sydney, Australia – February 10, 2017 – DoTalk, the first free, instant, voice- activated translation chat app has officially launched today. Invented locally in Cairns, Australia, DoTalk breaks down all barriers to communication, with the ability to rapidly translate chats in words and voice, in up to 90 different languages. Created with accessibility in mind, DoTalk is available across all iOS and Android Smartphones and any Internet connected devices.   DoTalk’s proprietary technology enables users to simultaneously engage in cross-language communications easily and more accurately than any other messaging app available, with six different translation APIs and speech recognition tools combining to provide the most accurate translations possible.   Users have the option to message either via text or a ‘hold & talk’ microphone, and can also conduct group chat with up to 10 people in multiple languages in real time. The interface is intuitive, with inviting contacts and adding language and accent being a simple process.   “Our goal with DoTalk was to create a free, fun and easy-to-use app which provides an open forum for people to easily connect and communicate, regardless of language barriers or location and without delay,” says Aussie founder, Reno Nicastro.   “With applications across everyday life, from business to travel, dating and everything in between, now nothing will be lost in translation. We live in a truly global economy so DoTalk has benefits for absolutely everyone.”   “Whether you are travelling, booking a cab or hotel overseas, want to communicate with international relatives, someone exotic you’ve met online, as the modern-day pen pal, or you just want to learn another language – DoTalk is the tool to connect you to people regardless of where they are or what language they speak.”   The language industry is big business, with the worldwide language services market growing at an annual rate of 5.52% according to The Common Sense Advisory, 2016 Report. The size of the overall global language industry in 2016 was estimated at $40 Billion (USD), with estimates of up to $45 Billion by 2020.    Already trialled extensively in beta testing, DoTalk has registered users from a wide range of countries and languages, with English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French and Indonesian proving the most commonly used in the app.   Nicastro and his team are focused on continuous development within the app, and will utilise user feedback to add more features and functionality over time that will further enable broader industry applications including regional/global conference calls, customer service, education, media and customer engagement.   “As the market continues on a growth trajectory, we believe we have assembled an exceptional team and that we have the best messaging app platform in the market. We are currently working on DoTalk Premium applications that will run with the current DoTalk Realtime Translation Technology Engine, and "DoTalk Team" for Business. DoTalk Premium will break down language barriers by providing real-time communications tools to get the job done.”   “As a nation of travellers and world-beaters in business, it is only appropriate then that this app was conceived in Australia, and believe DoTalk will only further facilitate our ability to take on the world!”, Nicastro added.  Features DoTalk provides a fully integrated chat app service that includes the following features:   Real time translation of 90 different languages through the app or Internet enabled device Instant voice translation for 50+ languages Voice to text dictation Group chat including simultaneous translation in conference Private messaging Send and receive files Search and add friends 256 Bit encryption/MP4 file storage Instant sync across devices  Images and availability Please download images from the following link: DoTalk images. DoTalk can be accessed via web at DoTalk or downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.   For more information and interview opportunities, please contact:   Rebecca Blasina                                                     David Wolf Closer Communications                                          Closer                                0420 805 567                                                          0411 111 787  About DoTalk One world. One Language. Chat to anyone, anytime, anywhere, in 90 languages. DoTalk changes communication around the globe by removing the language barrier and allowing you to chat and translate your messages in real-time. DoTalk can also be used as an ordinary chat between friends in the same language. Gurindji People Unveil Their Stories in New Book 2016-11-28T01:46:36Z gurindji-people-unveil-their-stories-in-new-book The latest release from Batchelor Press tells the story of the Gurindji people of Northern Australia.  Their iconic Wave Hill Walk Off that marked the birth of the Aboriginal Land Rights movement is well-known, but until now little of their traditional culture and history has been published for a wider audience. The book, titled Mayarni-kari Yurrk (literally, ‘More Stories’), was produced by the same collaborative team that compiled Yijarni: True Stories from Gurindji country (Aboriginal Studies Press, 2016). This volume contains stories from the early station days, Puwarraja (Dreamtime) stories, local accounts of regional legends, personal tales about Walk Off identities, and a series of anecdotes from a police tracker at Wave Hill (Kalkaringi) Police Station. Historical accounts from Dandy Danbayarri, Ronnie Wavehill, Blanche Bulngari, Pincher Nyurrmiari, Banjo Ryan, Violet Wadrill, Biddy Wavehill Yamawurr, Connie Ngarmeiye and Topsy Dodd Ngarnjal are illustrated with historical and modern photos as well as artwork from one story-teller. Gurindji culture has a strong oral storytelling tradition that fulfils many purposes: ceremonial, entertainment and the transmission of knowledge vital to survival. Mayarni-kari Yurrk details ancient and modern tales. It provides a captivating insight into the Gurindji perspective on history and some very personal stories of Aboriginal life in the Victoria River region before the modern era. You can order a copy of the book here. Batchelor Press is the publishing arm of Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education and produces teaching and learning resources primarily for Indigenous Australian students living in remote communities, the majority of whom have English as a second or third language. Crowd-funding campaign to supply sanitary pads to women in South Sudan launches 2016-11-03T11:15:04Z crowd-funding-campaign-to-supply-sanitary-pads-to-women-in-south-sudan-launches 3 November 2016 South Sudanese Australian author, Majok Tulba, is leading a crowd-funding campaign via to raise $60,000 to help more than 400 women and children struggling for survival in Juba Central Prison in South Sudan. These women and children don’t have access to basic needs: safe drinking water, a nutritious daily meal, washing facilities and most importantly – these girls and women do not have access to sanitary items. Severe lack of health care and basic items such as sanitary pads forces female prisoners to use dirty rags during their menstrual cycle. These practices not only cause infection and disease but are also a source of humiliation and emotional distress. The crowd-funding campaign would tackle all of these issues – with solutions such as re-usable sanitary pads that are made of cloth material and last up to three years. Provision of these alone would restore a sense of dignity to women and girls coming of age, some of whom are being held indefinitely for petty crimes arising from poverty. In addition to the lack of basic items, inmates at Juba Central Prison are suffering serious overcrowding – the prison is now ten times beyond its carrying capacity. Constructed to hold 400 prisoners, records show that in September 2015 the prison population was more than 1,317. This cause is close to Majok Tulba, who escaped the life of a child soldier, and came to Australia as a refugee in 2001. Today, Tulba is most well-known for his novel ‘Beneath the Darkening Sky’ which examines the situation in South Sudan and tells a story of how life may have been, had he not been given the opportunity to live in a peaceful country. “Simple changes can make a huge difference to the women and children living in Juba Central Women’s Prison. Items and facilities such as sanitary pads, showers with doors, hand-washing facilities and nutritious foods are not just basic human needs, but basic human rights. “Providing women and girls with better meals, safe drinking water, and better hygienic facilities and education regarding how to use them is the first step to empowering girls and women in prison to create a better future for themselves and others when they get out of prison,” Majok said. This campaign is aiming to raise $60,000 which would be distributed in these ways:   o   $3,500 will buy reusable sanitary pads for 400 women and girls; o   $6,750 to build a roof, doors and plastering for the existing bathing facilities; o   $4700 for clean water and rehabilitation of hand-washing facilitates; o   $11,050 for sewage clean up and rehabilitation. o   $30,000 will pay for four-month food supply to all prisoners, men and women in Juba Central Prison. o   $4,000 will cover transport. Those who donate and support the crowd-funding campaign will receive beautiful handmade items created by local female artisans in South Sudan. Visit to find out how you can help the women and children in Juba Central Prison. For interviews or further information, contact: Majok Tulba     EXPERIENCE THE ICONIC BLAK MARKETS AT BARANGAROO RESERVE 2016-11-03T05:16:23Z experience-the-iconic-blak-markets-at-barangaroo-reserve Sydney’s spectacular new harbour foreshore park, Barangaroo Reserve, will host the renowned Blak Markets on Sunday, 4 December, featuring outdoor market stalls, free entertainment and tours of the iconic site from 9:30am to 3:00pm. The Blak Markets will take place at Barangaroo Reserve for one day only, transforming Nawi Cove into a lively marketplace showcasing Australia’s rich Aboriginal culture. The open-air markets are organised by First Hand Solutions and hosted by Barangaroo. They will feature bush tucker stalls, weaving workshops, a live performance by Sydney singer-songwriter Marcus Corowa, traditional storytelling with Tucky Cooley, traditional Aboriginal dance performances, shell workshops and markets showcasing Aboriginal arts and crafts. A live outdoor cooking demonstration by renowned Aboriginal chef Mark Olive of The Black Olive, will be encouraging visitors to try bush tucker and learn about traditional cooking methods. More than 25 stallholders will sell bushfoods, arts, crafts, skincare products and accessories. Stallholders include Fred’s Bush Tucker, Lemon Myrtle Harvest, Cleonie Quayle Aboriginal Jewellery, John Odgen photography and books, contemporary Aboriginal artist Dennis Pitt and more. First Hand Solutions is an Aboriginal charity providing cultural reconnection programs for urban Aboriginal young people, and all profits from the Blak Markets are reinvested into these programs. Barangaroo Delivery Authority Chief Executive Craig van der Laan said: “We are delighted to welcome Blak Markets back to Barangaroo Reserve following the hugely successful event held during NAIDOC Week in July. “It will be a fabulous day with something for everyone – and all in a very good cause. Come along and join us for plenty of family fun and the chance to learn more about the world’s oldest living culture.” First Hand Solutions’ CEO Peter Cooley said: “We’re excited to bring the Blak Markets back to Barangaroo to highlight the extraordinary art, craft and creativity of the country’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities, while providing training and casual employment opportunities to young Aboriginal people through food and beverage preparation, retail and event management.” Visitors to Barangaroo Reserve on 4 December can also learn more about Aboriginal history and culture by booking a cultural tour with Barangaroo’s Visitor Services Guides, available on the hour between 11:00am and 2:00pm. Barangaroo Reserve is easily accessible by public transport and on foot from Walsh Bay, Millers Point and The Rocks. The closest stations are Wynyard and Circular Quay. For more information about the Blak Markets at Barangaroo Reserve, and booking a cultural tour, please visit EVENT DETAILS Event:             Blak Markets at Barangaroo Reserve Date:               Sunday, 4 December 2016 Time:              9:30am to 3:00pm Location:        Nawi Cove, Barangaroo Reserve, Barangaroo, NSW URL:      - ENDS-   For media inquiries, please contact: Sarah Shields, Access PR, 02 9292 7007 | 0408 283 091 | Emma Reyes, Access PR, 02 9292 7006 | 0424 425 813 | Indoni Australian Tour 2016 2016-10-24T00:17:00Z indoni-australian-tour-2016-1 A group of 14 amazing dancers is travelling to Australia for one-off performances in Perth and Sydney, representing the Indoni Dance, Arts and Leadership Academy. Coming from severely disadvantaged backgrounds, this trip to Australia will be a life changing experience for these young black South Africans, giving them the opportunity to tell their stories through dance and music. Indoni is headlining the Out of Africa festival in Perth, before travelling to Sydney to perform at the Seymour Centre on Thursday, 3 November and will visit NAISDA Dance College, participate in a cultural exchange with local indigenous groups, as well as being part of the Aboriginal cruise, Tribal Warrior.  Indoni arrives in Sydney on 31 October, staying for six days. To help fund the Australian tour, Indoni is also looking for individual and corporate contributions, through its GoFundMe page at To date, the campaign has raised almost half of its goal of $20,000. This will help cover the costs of flights, accommodation, travel, meals and venue hire for the team of 14 performers and three supervisors during Indoni’s stay in Sydney.Tickets for the Seymour Centre performance are available at“We hope to see everyone at the Seymour Centre on the 3rd of November,” said one of Indoni’s co-founders Balu Nivison. “If you can’t make it on the night, we would love for you to support our trip with a contribution through our GoFundMe page.”Most of Indoni’s dancers grew up in South African ‘townships’, like Gugulethu in Cape Town, where Indoni is based.  The view from a shack in a Cape Town township doesn’t go very far. Outside one pieced together shelter, assembled from off cuts of wood and corrugated iron is another shack, and another and another. In winter a shack is cold, damp and dark. In summer, iron roof sheets bake under a harsh African sun. For most, an outside-shared tap is the only source of water, and a paraffin lamp the sole provider of light. All of Indoni’s dancers come from impoverished, disadvantaged families, and have been exposed to hardships and trauma that no young people should experience. The performers’ individual stories are compelling, filled with overwhelming courage and beauty of the human spirit, and this comes through in their live performances.Twenty-one year-old Olwethu Sotiya and his six brothers and sisters were raised by their grandmother in Gugulethu. He never knew his mother, and had an absent father who was abusive and violent whenever he saw him.  The family often went to bed hungry, and Olwethu had to start supporting the family when he was just 13. Over the years, a lot of people close to Olwethu have died, including a sister, and the pain of loss is ever-present. For Olwethu, being part of the Indoni Academy and performing with the dance group is an empowering and uplifting experience. Indoni Dance, Arts and Leadership Academy was established in 2014 to provide professional training to youth who lack financial support and guidance, and wish to pursue careers in dance and integrated arts. Founded by Sbonakaliso Ndaba, Balu Nivison,  Dr Mamphela Ramphele,  and Jenny Papendorp as a pathway to youth development and upliftment,  Indoni transforms the lives of its young students through a dance and leadership program led by creative director Sbonakaliso Ndaba. Inspired by the late Steve Biko’s philosophy of ‘freeing the mind’, Indoni’s holistic approach trains body, mind and spirit, creating a space in which self-development and confidence are made possible. Indoni honours the heritage of South Africa, with a contemporary African-centred approach. A vital component of the trainees’ education is the rekindling of hope, and the building of dignity and life skills. The Academy seeks to promote the arts as a channel for economic, personal and professional development. In just two years Indoni has established a company of talented, passionate dancers dreaming a new future into being. A dedicated team of mentors and investors add their support to Indoni offering its young students and graduates the support, guidance and affirmation needed to redirect the course of their lives. Indoni performances have captured the imagination of the South African public. Rousing dance narratives express the pain and struggle that is the legacy of apartheid, as well as the overwhelming courage and beauty of the human spirit. The recognition of both their intrinsic human value and their talent as dancers has proved powerful and transformational. The trip to Australia is the troupe’s first outside its homeland, which Indoni hopes will be just the first of many international tours in the future.Links:Indoni’s Facebook pageIndoni’s GoFundMe campaignIndoni performing at the 2015 Baxter Dance Festival - link for photography and video - Seymour Centre event information and ticket booking Media Contact: Merle SingerCurve of the +61 419 636 230 TrainUP Program helps Yetsedaw secure his future 2016-10-12T02:19:24Z trainup-program-helps-yetsedaw-secure-his-future The former Ethiopian migrant who is working towards gaining permanent residency status hasn’t looked back after completing his Certificate II in Hospitality at the Hotel Jen, in Brisbane. BUSY At Work Project Coordinator/Mentor, Valerie Osburn said despite facing numerous barriers to gaining employment, Yetsedaw had shown great application and determination to gain work in a field he is well suited to. Valerie said Yetsedaw had initially linked with BUSY as a participant in the Queensland Government’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative called TrainUP. BUSY At Work along with Registered Training Organisation, Smart Skill is delivering the 12 week program which is designed to help 15-24 year olds, mature aged jobseekers over 45 years, disadvantaged jobseekers and culturally and linguistically diverse people gain a qualification and get a job in the hospitality industry. “After completing the TrainUP program we assisted Yetsedaw by helping him with his resume and contacting prospective employers. We also helped him with transportation and clothing for the interview with Australian Hospitality Services (AHS).” “Yetsedaw was always very reliable and welcoming throughout the program and he now has the confidence to succeed in his chosen career.” “We are delighted that he has been able to secure a permanent job with AHS and is still employed four months later,” Mrs Osburn said. Valerie said the third intake for the TrainUP Program was now underway and the next intake in January next year already has a waiting list. “The program has been a great success with around 65% of those completing the Certificate II in Hospitality gaining employment in the field,” Mrs Osburn added. Since joining AHS, Yetsedaw has been kept busy learning about the health and safety standards required for good housekeeping as well as how to clean and maintain guest rooms and furnishings. “It’s a physical job and the other staff are always very helpful,” Mr Dessie said.  Yetsedaw said he and his wife, who is expecting a child soon were thankful for the support provided by BUSY At Work and Smart Skill. “Getting a permanent job has changed my life. I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to complete a Certificate II in Hospitality and my wife and I can now look forward to a wonderful future here in Australia,” Mr Dessie added. BUSY At Work, CEO Paul Miles said that BUSY was pleased to be delivering the TrainUP program and providing support for disadvantaged job seekers and those from culturally diverse backgrounds. “It’s great to see Yetsedaw progressing so well with his qualification.  We really wish him every success and happiness as he progresses throughout his career,” Mr Miles said. Skilling Queenslanders for Work provides skills development, training and job opportunities to unemployed, disengaged or disadvantaged Queenslanders through a suite of targeted skills and training programs.  Virtual Reality Church Psalms Experience Released 2016-09-26T02:16:21Z virtual-reality-church-psalms-experience-released Immersive Gaming have just released the amazing virtual reality Psalms experience for the Samsung Gear VR headset and for Android with the Cardboard headset, with Oculus Rift and Vive versions to follow. Join thousands of existing downloaders in a tranquil and wonderful spiritual experience. The application is free to download and use, and this initial version contains 5 Psalms including Psalm 23 ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’. You can download the application here: The Psalms are a set of songs in the bible filled with encouraging, empowering verses that impart the confidence of King David and the reason for his confidence onto it’s readers. People read the Psalms for hope, encouragement and because of the beauty of the wisdom inside them. The virtual reality Psalms experience presents the Psalms in a unique environment design to be both immersive and enjoyable; but also a number of design choices have been taken to help improve memorisation of the verses. Verses are presented around the user to take advantage of locational associations which are powerful techniques used in memorisation. The educational aspect of the experience is based on using a selection of 9 different learning approaches and memorisation techniques in order to give you the most memorable and enlightening experience. The Psalms experience is not just an educational tool though: it allows you to sit in green pastures, beside still waters, listening to a choice of 3 different ambient worship music tracks to re-enforce the feeling that you are actually there inside a whole new world experiencing the beauty and the wisdom of the Psalms in a completely new and unique way. Every feature can be accessed by gazing at objects, so you can gaze at guitars and the music will change, gaze at books and the biblical texts will appear, and gaze at stone markers to move around the Garden of Esperanza where the experience takes place. You can use the experience however you like, as an educational tool: or as a place to have a devotional or spiritual experience and connect with God. Many users like to find a space on the floor and lie down, looking up at the skies through the tree branches to just relax, mediate and experience God in a whole new medium. Whatever your preference the Psalms experience is there as a resource help you live encouraged, relaxed and spiritually filled. Immersive Gaming are a small Sydney / UK company, based on the current success of the Virtual Reality Church Psalms experience we are looking for any partnerships and investments that can bring a whole new range of Christian resources to people. Find the Virtual Reality Church on Facebook at: Sydney Olympic Football Club announces John Boulous as CEO 2016-09-23T02:34:30Z sydney-olympic-football-club-announces-john-boulous-as-ceo The Board of the Sydney Olympic Football Club today announced the appointment of John Boulous to the role of Chief Executive Officer. With over 15 years experience in management and executive roles across Cricket, Football and Rugby League, John's appointment to the role at Sydney Olympic is a further demonstration of the winds of change that are taking the Club into a new era. "The Board and I came to the conclusion that in order to achieve the goals and aspirations we have for the Club, we needed an individual with demonstrated experience and vision to lead the Club on that journey" said Bill Papas, President, Sydney Olympic FC". "Fortunately for us, we were able to attract someone of the calibre of John into the role and we're most excited at the prospects of what the future holds with John at the helm". "In particular, his experience at Football Federation Tasmania, FIFA and Football Federation Australia will be invaluable in the development of the Club's program" said Papas. The announcement of Boulous's appointment coincides with Sydney Olympics celebratory End of Season Event at Belmore Park this Sunday. "There's much to celebrate this Sunday. The official launch of our new brand, the announcement of our program for 2017, the sharing of our vision for the future of the Club, the Legends V NSL All Stars game, and now, the welcoming of a highly experienced professional into the role of CEO means that there's never been a more exciting time to be a Sydney Olympic FC supporter" said Papas. Boubous's appointment as CEO is effective of Monday 26th September. ENDS About Sydney Olympic Football Club Sydney Olympic Football Club is based in Belmore, Sydney, New South Wales and plays in the PS4 National Premier League (NSW). Founded as Pan-Hellenic Soccer Club in 1957 by Greek immigrants, the Club changed its name to Sydney Olympic in 1977. Sydney Olympic FC have won many trophies in Australian football, including two National Soccer League Championships, two National Soccer League Cups, the National Soccer League Minor Premiership and two NSW Premier League Championships. The Club has also won the Johnny Warren Cup, the Brett Emerton Cup, the National Youth League Championship, the National Youth League Minor Premiership and the NSW Premier League Club Championship. About John Boulous John Boulous has over 15 years experience in Management and Executive roles across Cricket, Football and Rugby League. John's roles have included: CEO and COO of Parramatta National Rugby League Club; CEO of Football Federation Tasmania; Regional Presenter - FIFA Futuro III; National Participation and Game Development Manager, Football Federation Australia and Community Cricket Officer, Cricket NSW. Celebration of the new era of Sydney Olympic FC and must see Legends Game 25 September! 2016-09-14T00:41:26Z celebration-of-the-new-era-of-sydney-olympic-fc-and-must-see-legends-game-25-september Sydney, Australia 14 September 2016. After a spate of bad weather postponed the original date, the Sydney Olympic FC’s End of Season function and Legends versus NSL All Stars game will be held on Sunday 25th September, 2pm kick off, Belmore Sports Ground.   “We’re so excited to be staging this significant event to celebrate the new era of Sydney Olympic FC, including our new brand” said Bill Papas, President, Sydney Olympic FC. “Unfortunately, bad weather meant we had to postpone the original event – but I’m pleased to say that now it will be even better and a fitting end to the season we’ve had” “The event will be filled with entertainment for the whole family” said Papas. With the Legends game, great food, fun atmosphere -  it’s certainly a date that no Sydney Olympic FC supporter, past or present, would want to miss”   Supporters will get to see past greats such as Marshall Soper, Gary Meier, Mark Kousas, Peter Katholos, Ken Wilson, Derek Laing, Danny Moulis, Jim Ziras, Terry Patalis, Abbas Saad, Robert Hooker, David Barett, Ztlako Nastevski, Jim Patikas, Pablo Cardozo, Scott Baillie, Angelo Petratos, Steve Chilas, Blago Milicevic, Vince Savoca, Peter Tsekenis, Eric Hristodolou, Joe Rizoto, Claudio Canosa , Nelio Borges, Dez Marton, Gus Cerro, just to name a few. And of course the legend Andreas Megale is looking to make a cameo appearance. Former national coaches Rale Rasic and Raul Blanco will be there on the bench calling the shots,. Con Diomis  ex NSL referee will be refereeing the game with fellow referees from the NSL days Andy Paschalidis will do the live commentary and interviews one of the best in the business. “We’d also like to thank Paul Kougias and our sponsor Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club for providing the kits for the day” said Papas. “This is a once in a lifetime event so I encourage all fans to come along, see our past greats and other football personalities and relive some great memories”. All roads for families, friend and supporters of Sydney Olympic Fc lead to Belmore Sports Ground on Sunday 25th September for a 2 pm kick off . The social event for the re-launch of Sydney Olympic will follow the game with many VIPs and special guests  -        ENDS - LEADING GOLD COAST SCHOOL JOINS WINGS PR CLIENT PORTFOLIO 2016-09-01T01:56:57Z leading-gold-coast-school-joins-wings-pr-client-portfolio Wings Public Relations is set to pursue wide-spread awareness and understanding of Queensland Independent College’s unique education offering amongst the Gold Coast community. Queensland Independent College, a co-educational private school founded in 2009 and based at Merrimac, aims to create an environment of connection and growth where every student is an individual. “We are making significant improvements at the school and want to clearly communicate progress to our parents, teachers and local community so they feel high levels of comfort and understanding,” said QIC’s Founder and Acting Principal Karen Williams. “While there are many public relations agencies on the Gold Coast, there are few led by directors with Deanna Nott’s breadth of experience. “We are eager for the local community to know that we are working to create individuals that make a difference and felt that Deanna and her team at Wings Public Relations would be able to help us spread understanding about what we offer at QIC and where we are heading.” QIC has a unique academic environment with small class sizes that give children specialised educational attention in a relaxed, supportive environment. Wings Public Relations Director Deanna Nott said her team would be re-developing the school’s website and improving QIC’s online presence. “We are also keen to work with local media to ensure the community knows QIC is a school focused on making a positive difference in children’s and parents’ lives. “QIC has had some leadership changes recently and is looking to reposition itself in the education market. Given it has so many unique qualities, the stories will be abundant. “The school has an integrated curriculum that transcends the boundaries imposed by traditional subject boundaries. “It offers progressive education which is based on the interests of the child and the team at Wings Public Relations find that fascinating.” For further information, please contact Deanna Nott, Wings Public Relations, on 0422 504540. Rediscover the Origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival at Singapore's Chinatown 2016-08-31T19:44:00Z rediscover-the-origins-of-the-mid-autumn-festival-at-singapore-s-chinatown SINGAPORE, Aug 31, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - An annual affair not to be missed, the Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival returns this year with a retelling of the most traditional folklore behind the festival to let visitors, and especially our younger generation, to rediscover its origins and history.During the month-long celebrations from 2 to 30 September 2016, locals and overseas visitors to Chinatown will not only be able to admire the impressive lantern display that brings to life the traditional folklore of Chang'e and Hou Yi, the legend will also be told through spectacular stage performances such as acrobatic acts and dances, combined with special lighting and high-tech visual effects, at the Official Light-Up and Opening Ceremony on 3 September 2016. The opening ceremony will be graced by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Teo Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security.Visitors can also learn about the meaning and heritage behind the Mid-Autumn Festival through the line-up of special programmes and activities such as the Heritage Walking Trail and Mass Lantern Walk.This Mid-Autumn Festival also marks the very first time that the streets of Chinatown will be lit up with LED light lanterns, employed by organiser, Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens' Consultative Committee (KA-KS CCC) to make the Street Light-Up more environmentally-friendly. About 900 lanterns have been fitted with LED lights, which will help to reduce the total amount of electricity used by up to 70%. The LED lights, which also shine brighter, will enhance the overall visual effect of the street decorations for the annual festival, themed "A Sparkling Mid-Autumn Festival @ Chinatown".Dr Lily Neo, Adviser to Jalan Besar GRC GRO (KRETA AYER - KIM SENG) said: "The Chinatown Festivals play an important role in keeping the cultural traditions and heritage of Chinese festivals alive. This year places emphasis on rediscovering the origins and history of the Mid-Autumn Festival by retelling the traditional story behind the occasion, which today's generation, especially the younger audience, may have forgotten or lost touch with. From the Street Light-Up to various activities, we are delighted to be able to use this platform to meaningfully engage Singaporeans and tourists alike in the festivities and nurture an appreciation of Chinese cultural heritage."Traditional tale meets modern technology at this year's Mid-Autumn FestivalAbout 900 handcrafted lanterns will paint the skies in a myriad of colours in the highly-anticipated Street Light-Up. Inspired by the traditional Mid-Autumn folklore, the various lantern displays depict scenes of Hou Yi shooting down the nine suns but one, Chang'e ascending to the moon and the Jade Rabbit pounding the elixir of life using a pestle as it accompanies Chang'e at the Moon Palace.Fitted with LED lights, this marks the very first time that the streets of Chinatown will be lit with LED light lanterns in a move to be more environmentally-friendly. The brighter LED lights will also enhance the overall visual effect, dazzling onlookers. Stretching from Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road to South Bridge Road, this year's Street Light-Up includes a 12-metre tall Chang'e sculptured lantern as the centerpiece, and was conceptualised and designed in collaboration with eight Year Two students from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Working with expert lantern craftsmen from China, the partnership is one of the ways KA-KS CCC engages the youth in its cultural festivals.Inaugural Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Learning JourneyThis year, KA-KS CCC will be organising the first-ever Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Learning Journey for primary and secondary school students from local and international schools in Singapore. About 200 students are expected to join the learning journey, where they get to visit Chinatown to learn about the festival as well the precinct's history from volunteer guides. They will also be making a stop at the Chinatown Heritage Centre to visit its galleries and enjoy the series of Mid-Autumn festivities taking place there. Take part in various cultural activities till 30 SepA line-up of exciting festive activities awaits both young and old. Besides the lantern display decorating the streets of Chinatown, visitors can also admire the creative artworks of 430 children and students who took part in the Lantern Painting Competition, an annual pre-opening ceremony event on 28 August 2016. The public can view these beautiful lanterns on display at Pagoda Street from 3 to 15 September 2016.Take a trip down memory lane on the Heritage Walking Trail, a special complimentary guided tour on 4, 10 and 11 September led by friendly volunteers as participants explore the historical Chinatown precinct and learn about the rich Chinese heritage. Or soak in the sights and sounds of the Mid-Autumn Festival at the ever-buzzing Mid-Autumn Festival Festive Bazaar, where visitors can satisfy their shopping needs with the wide variety of traditional and modern mooncakes, decorative ornaments and more on offer.For a dose of cultural entertainment, the Nightly Stage Shows at Kreta Ayer Square will have talented local entertainers and performing troupes from China wowing visitors with lively cultural songs, music and dance performances.The Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival will culminate with the Mass Lantern Walk on 11 September 2016, as the streets of Chinatown will be further lit up by lanterns of all shapes and sizes as an expected 3,000 participants take part in this annual activity. Take a leisurely stroll while eating to your heart's content as local food trucks and push carts sell a delectable menu of yummy goodies. There will also be live performances along the 1.2 km route, featuring local lion and dragon dance troupes, dancers and artistes. For more information, please visit us at:Website: http://www.chinatownfestivals.sgFacebook:     VIBRANT GUJARAT 2017 DELEGATION VISITS MELBOURNE 2016-07-28T01:41:42Z vibrant-gujarat-2017-delegation-visits-melbourne The Australia-India Women Entrepreneurs Forum (AIWEF), along with TaxPlanners, is organising a Networking Luncheon with the Vibrant Gujarat 2017 Delegation, which aims to foster closer trade and business relationships between Australia and India.  The event will take place on Sunday, July 31, 2016, at Tandoori Flames (15, Vernon Street, South Kingsville, VIC 3015), from 11:30am to 03:00pm. Tickets, priced at $50 per person, can be purchased at The main objective of this platform is to showcase the growing investment potential of India to Australia-based business owners, sole traders and entrepreneurs through the Government of India’s Vibrant Gujarat endeavour. Participants can meet and engage with a 15-strong delegation from Vibrant Gujarat, including Mr Pankaj Kumar, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation; Ms Manjula Pooja Shroff, Chairperson, Karolex Foundation; Mr Mahendra Patel, Chairman, Mamta Group; and, Mr Palak Sheth, Director of Planning and Development, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, and discover, first-hand, the numerous prospects and benefits of doing business on the Indian soil. There will also be a panel discussion on “India-Australia: The Relationship of Mutual Benefit”, featuring Ms Rohini Kappadath, Director of Cross-Border Business, Pitcher Partners, Australia, among others. The Founder of AIWEF, Ms Nildhara Gadani, says: “At present, India offers numerous growth opportunities for businesses around the world that want to invest in the nation. I am confident that this networking event in Melbourne will enable Australian businesses to better understand India’s business environment. They can also find out the many advantages of participating in the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017, often touted as the Davos of the East.” Among supporters of the event include the Australia India Business Council. About the AIWEF The Australia-India Women Entrepreneurs Forum (AIWEF) is an international voluntary and not-for-profit organisation that focuses on nurturing business relationships between women entrepreneurs and independent sole traders from Australia and India. To learn more, visit: About Tax Planners Tax Planners is a leading Melbourne-based group of registered tax agents, accountants and business advisors experienced in Australian and worldwide taxation. The agency offers value-added services to both individual and business clients. For more information, visit: About the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017 The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is a biennial investors’ summit organised by the Government of Gujarat. Its eight edition is set to take place from January 10 to 13, 2017, at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, under the theme of “Sustainable Economic and Social Development”. For more information, visit: