The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-05-26T04:55:55Z Survey shows preference for casual employment 2017-05-26T04:55:55Z survey-shows-preference-for-casual-employment Numerous opponents to the increase in part-time jobs voiced their concerns last week when the unemployment figures were released showing that while the overall jobs market is running stronger, most of the gains in April were driven by part-time jobs, which rose by 49,000 for the month.  However, following a survey among its 2,500 workforce, Australia’s premier sales, merchandising and marketing solutions provider to the retail industry, the Blueprint Group, has found that 83 per cent of its employees is happy with casual or part-time work. The company has a casualised workforce of 84 per cent with the survey also finding that 70 per cent of employees find their position suitable for maintaining a work/life balance and providing the flexibility they desire around their working hours. Caroline Trenfield, Blueprint Group’s new General Manager of Human Resources, said casual and part-time employees are also provided with a promotional path offering long term careers for those who seek it.   “As evidence of the experience of our workforce, more than two in every three employees have been involved in the FMCG environment for more than 10 years.   “While most of the positions we offer in retail are casual, it’s clear that there is a huge cohort who recognise the many benefits of being casual and actively seek this type of employment to suit their lifestyle needs.   “I believe our environment contributes to Blueprint Group having an engaged workforce when working in the field representing our clients.”   Ms Trenfield attributes a 78 per cent field retention rate of Blueprint’s workforce to the extensive sales and merchandising skills training provided, both online and via 30 dedicated trainers around Australia.   “We have developed an online portal for field teams to allow the sharing of field-to-field best practice where everyone can learn from each other.   “The results from our latest survey, when combined with an employee satisfaction rating that is 20 per cent above the industry average, demonstrate that staff are enjoying their work, they feel valued, understand end-user customers and are engaged with their client portfolios.   “All this leads to quality in the field and success for our clients,” she added.   Blueprint Group has a commitment to their employees of being a ‘Great Place to Work’ and invests heavily in the training and coaching of its large team. The company conducts regular surveys of employee satisfaction and has achieved outstanding levels of engagement, which reflects the success of the many programs that make up its Great Place to Work agenda.   Ends  Note to Editor: 550 respondents completed the online survey in March 2017.   About Blueprint Group: The Blueprint Group is Australia's premier sales, merchandising and marketing solutions provider to the retail industry. The Group’s five companies deliver a comprehensive range of services that are all designed to help its clients convert shoppers into buyers. Clients comprise manufacturers, food producers, FMCG brands and retailers in numerous industries including grocery, hardware, consumer electronics and liquor. The market-leading Blueprint Group companies are: Ausrep, CCS, Extravert, Powerforce and Retail Insight. Each company has strong retailer and supplier relationships and unmatched national coverage of experienced staff. Key services include: in and out of store sampling and demonstrations; experiential events; sales and merchandising; auditing; relays/planograms; vendor replenishment planning; point of sale production and data insights. Our mission is to ‘unlock value for our clients through our integrated range of big data, sales and marketing solutions’.   Site Inductions are Easier with myosh Online Learning 2017-05-25T07:39:20Z site-inductions-are-easier-with-myosh-online-learning myosh Online Learning enables you to create learning solutions for your organisation providing a quick and convenient way for you to share, test and verify knowledge.  This module automates the running of courses and allows you to test for understanding by building in questions.  When training is successfully completed, a personalised certificate is generated, records are updated and notifications issued. Courses are web based and can be completed anywhere with internet access, even on your smart phone. Online Learning provides an efficient way to manage Site Inductions for visitors or new employees.  Send courses or inductions to site visitors before they arrive and save time.  Reinforce and test knowledge with your own predefined questions and answers.  You can include your unique Course link on your website or email a personal invite. myosh Online Learning is available as a standalone cloud based solution, or as an optional myosh module that can integrate with myosh Training Management.  Pricing is based on Course Attendances.  It is also possible to charge a fee per course for your attendees if required. Courses are easy to create with the myosh online learning editor or by importing existing SCORM Content. The myosh Online Learning Editor allows you to create your own rich content including images, rich text, html links, embedded video files and your own customised questions and answers. myosh Online Learning is SCORM Compliant. SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based electronic educational technology (also called e-learning).  Your organisation may have existing courses that you can import and host within the myosh Online Learning platform. Learn more about myosh Online Learning at our Free Webinar Demonstration on Tuesday 30th May at 12pm AEST  Click Here to Join. For more information and pricing, email Global SCADA Market Trends, Survey, Growth and Forecast for Six Years!!! 2017-05-25T07:36:25Z global-scada-market-trends-survey-growth-and-forecast-for-six-years SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is an automated real time monitoring tool which can supervise, collect data, analyze and generate reports. SCADA displays the status of the remote machinery(s) and acquires information about the same over coded signal (control system combined with data acquisition system) and are usually used for large distance multiple sites. SCADA being comprehensive, is utilized in various industries such as infrastructure (pipeline, power transmission, etc.), industrial (refining, power generation, etc.), and facility-based environments (airport, ships, etc.). The enormous growth in big data along with analytics has increased the expected efficiency of SCADA to the customers. This will lead to higher profitability for the companies.   Ask Sample Report @: The SCADA market is driven mainly by factors such as implementation of SCADA to support high requirements of safety and to reduce distribution & transmission losses. Also, demand for SCADA has increased due to its integration with corporate IT and due to its flexibility with usage of WSN. Further, the deployment of SCADA on private cloud has gained momentum which has boosted the bandwidth requirement and is shifting towards IP based market. SCADA market is estimated to have significant growth during the forecast period. However, some factors that are restraining growth in the market include apprehensions of cyber-attacks, social engineering and physical security of the system. The report segments the SCADA market on the basis of components, application, architecture, and geography. On the basis of components, the market is segmented as HMI, PLC, RTU, communication system, and others. Based on application, the market is segmented as oil & gas, power, chemicals, transportation, and others. Further, the sub-segments under architecture are software, hardware, and services. Lastly, the market is segmented on the basis of geography into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East, & Africa). Request Customization @  POTENTIAL BENEFITS FOR STAKEHOLDERS: The report gives a broad examination of the present and developing business sector patterns and progression in the global SCADA market The SCADA market is analyzed for different geographical region such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA In this report region and country wise SCADA industry conditions are analyzed. The market opportunities are highlighted in this report and provide estimations through quantitative analysis 2014-2020 The report gives out the necessary in-depth information about the drivers, restraints and opportunities MARKET SEGMENTATION The SCADA market is segmented on the basis of components, application, architecture, and geography. GLOBAL SCADA MARKET, BY COMPONENTS Human Machine Interface (HMI) Programmable Logic Unit (PLC) Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Communication Others COMPANIES MENTIONED IN THE REPORT Movilizer Ignify Inc. Bosch Rexroth AG CGM Group      Read Complete Report with TOC @ Tasmania to become Australia’s first IoT-ready state 2017-05-25T00:59:06Z tasmania-to-become-australia-s-first-iot-ready-state HOBART, May 25, 2017.  Tasmania is about to become Australia’s first state to be Internet of Things (IoT) ready. This was announced today by TasmaNet and Thinxtra who are building a dedicated IoT network that will cover 95 per cent of the population before year’s end. The network will enable the use of devices such as smart meters, temperature probes for aquaculture, GPS trackers for agriculture assets, complete development kits with free connectivity for most schools and much more. Thinxtra is deploying a nationwide wireless network dedicated to IoT using Sigfox technology. The agreement with TasmaNet is committed to rolling out up to 55 communications towers across Tasmania by Q3 2017. Hobart-based TasmaNet is providing access to its towers, its network for backhaul, and engineers for ongoing maintenance and support of the sensory network. IoT devices work optimally and inexpensively on low bandwidth for short messages such as meter index readings, GPS position, temperature, movement, door open/close, vibration level and battery life status. Most IoT use cases require wireless sensors to send small messages, and many companies deploying connected objects over traditional networks are struggling with issues including steep pricing, high energy consumption and complexity of deployment and maintenance. TasmaNet Managing Director, Joel Harris, said: “We approached Thinxtra as many of our customers in the aquaculture, farming and education spaces want to deliver solutions via sensory networks, but the lack of a suitable network has been holding back their projects. “We invited Thinxtra to work with us to approach these markets, and the results are spectacular.” Sam Sharief, Network Deployment Director for Thinxtra Pty Ltd, said: “Thanks to TasmaNet, Thinxtra will deploy a Sigfox-based network to cover over 95 per cent of Tasmania’s population, including all major cities, from Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, to Burnie and Ulverstone, making it the first Australian State to become fully IoT-ready. Thinxtra will also support TasmaNet for additional coverage in regional projects throughout the state.” “Our low cost, low power, long range IoT network is perfect for deploying simple solutions to make cities smarter, agriculture more sustainable and industry more cost efficient. It can also be used for better monitoring of the exceptional Tasmanian environment, and provide solutions to reduce bush fires or control the quality of water in lakes and rivers. TasmaNet’s Harris explains that information from countless IoT devices around the island state will turn up in the company’s Hobart data centre, ready for use by customers.  “I cannot understate how big this is for Tasmania – it’s going to be huge,” he says. The technology will facilitate the use of automated power meters. Harris also sees devices working with community support establishments, where care givers can wear devices to pick up information about patients’ whereabouts, wellbeing and distress. And alongside, he foresees TasmaNet putting in free or low cost equipment in schools, so they can do coding and develop their own sensors for whatever purpose they choose.  About Thinxtra Thinxtra is empowering the Internet of Things in Asia Pacific by deploying the world-leading Sigfox LPWA network as well as building a full eco-system of IoT solutions and services to enable the non-connected to connect, to increase productivity, accelerate decision making, improve quality of service and quality of life, and find more economical solutions to common problems. Sigfox is the world’s leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company has built a global network to connect billions of devices to the Internet while consuming as little energy as possible, as simply as possible. Sigfox’s unique approach to device-to-cloud communications addresses the three greatest barriers to global IoT adoption: cost, energy consumption, and global scalability. Thinxtra’s Sigfox network currently covers 71% of the population in Australia and 89% of the population in New Zealand and will start deployment in Hong Kong by June 2017. It will cover 95% of the population of those countries by the end of 2017. Thinxtra was founded by IoT and network experts who share a common passion for connecting things to improve business processes and people lives. It is backed by NZX-listed high-tech company Rakon Limited, which has a history of innovation in communications technology going back some 50 years.About TasmaNet TasmaNet is a Tasmanian owned and operated digital services provider, specialising in licensed telecommunications and cloud services provision, focused on providing innovative and integrated telecommunications and ICT infrastructure solutions. Since 2004, TasmaNet has provided a range of premium data communication and data centre services to businesses, communities and consumers across Tasmania and mainland Australia. TasmaNet’s local data centre and cloud services and facilities are key components of its five-year investment strategy. Leveraging TasmaNet’s sophisticated and integrated facilities, the company has created a Centre of Excellence for ICT organisations to test and pilot technology innovations in Tasmania and beyond. For more information Joel Harris, Managing Director, TasmaNet 0435 145   Renald Gallis – VP Marketing and Ecosystem +61 404 894   David Frost, PR Deadlines, for TasmaNet +61.2.4341             Survey Reveals Australian Workers Waste Significant Time Setting Up Meeting Technology 2017-05-24T23:18:40Z survey-reveals-australian-workers-waste-significant-time-setting-up-meeting-technology ShoreTel® (NASDAQ: SHOR), a leading provider of communication solutions that make interactions simple, today shared the results of a new survey which uncovered challenges with remote meeting technology are impacting the productivity of Australian workers.   ShoreTel’s Build a Better Meeting survey canvassed the meeting habits and productivity preferences of nearly 500 respondents in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. The survey found that, when setting up meeting technologies such as video or audio conferencing, a significant proportion of Australians find it to be a challenge, with 25% stating that it takes them more than 11 minutes on average to set up a meeting.   “We looked at the Australian workers who spend more than 10 hours a week in meetings, and the productivity impact is even more alarming,” said Frédéric Gillant, vice president and managing director, Asia Pacific for ShoreTel. “Of this group, 37% stated that it takes more than 11 minutes on average to get their meeting technologies set up. And this is in spite of the fact that this group is more prepared - with 70% saying that they always plan an agenda – and spends enough time in meetings to have ample experience engaging with meeting software. This dichotomy points to usability issues with the technology.”   Bandwidth issues and Internet problems were cited as the biggest challenges to set up meeting technology (40%), followed by old or outdated technology (22%), unclear or missing details on local dial-ins or access points (19%), and human error (18%).   ShoreTel also asked survey respondents how many days per month they work remotely, with the majority (75%) spending at least one day outside the office and 14% working remotely more than 15 days a month.   “A significant proportion of Australians regularly work outside the traditional office space, and that figure is likely to increase over time as the way we work continues to evolve,” said Gillant. “That means a greater reliance on meeting technologies is needed to ensure these employees can stay connected and that the time wasted on inefficient technology will become increasingly detrimental to productivity.”   While communication technologies are transforming the workplace and the ways in which workers interact with each other, Gillant notes that not every solution is simple to implement or easy for people to use. What’s more, trying to use a host of standalone communication tools presents additional problems for IT teams and users.   “A good unified communications (UC) system takes the best features of each technology – IP phones, conferencing, video, digital document sharing, chat and mobility – and combines them in a single solution that enables individuals to collaborate seamlessly wherever they are and using whichever channel is the most convenient and effective,” said Gillant. “This makes meetings easier to set up and virtual interactions more natural, which increases productivity and greatly streamlines workflows.”  Remote Workers vs Remote ‘Meeters’   The Australian survey results found an interesting distinction in attitudes between people who attend the majority of their meetings from their desks or remotely (‘remote meeters’), and those who spend more than eight days a month working remotely (‘remote workers’). When asked what they really do in meetings, 73% of remote workers say they fully participate and take notes, while only 53% of remote meeters say they do.   “It’s likely that people who are choosing to join a meeting remotely are often doing so deliberately so they can get other things done at the same time,” said Gillant. “However, remote workers are more conscious of their need to connect and contribute given that they don’t have the option to attend the meeting in person.”   Gillant believes that there are some simple steps a meeting organiser can take to ensure greater focus from participants.   “While it’s far easier to ensure engagement and attention in face-to-face meetings, there are strategies you can employ for remote participants. First, make sure that the people you invite are essential to the meeting, and give them an active role to play. Video conferencing tools can help to discourage multi-tasking by making participants feel more visible, as well as increasing their sense of ‘presence’ in the meeting.”  Preparation Improves Productivity   The survey also found that the average Australian worker prepares well for meetings, generally finds meetings to be productive, and is diligent in their participation during meetings. The survey found that 66% of Australian workers say they fully participate in discussions or by taking notes, 54% always prepare an agenda prior to meetings and rate the productivity of their meetings overall at 2.98 (where 4=very productive, 1=not productive).   Given this positive attitude about the effectiveness of meetings, Australian workers on average spend more time per week in meetings than their counterparts in Singapore and Hong Kong. Sixteen percent (16%) of Australians surveyed estimate that they spend more than 15 hours a week in meetings, compared to 7% in Hong Kong and only 4% in Singapore.   “While we tend to think of Australian workplace culture as more casual and laid-back, it’s pleasing to see that Australian workers are quite diligent when it comes to meetings. The majority of Australians always prepare a meeting agenda, which is important to ensuring a productive discussion,” said Gillant.   According to Gillant, laying out an agenda and distributing it ahead of time is one of the simplest ways to boost meeting productivity. Even more effective is to use productivity tools, such as agenda planners, that are built into leading unified communications (UC) solutions.   “Understanding the meeting habits of Australian workers puts a spotlight on opportunities to improve employee productivity as well as the strategic importance of providing easy, modern technologies that enable workers to conduct better, more productive meetings,” concluded Gillant.  About ShoreTel, Inc. ShoreTel (NASDAQ: SHOR) provides businesses worldwide with communications solutions that make interactions simple. ShoreTel offers business phone systems, unified communications and contact center solutions that deliver unmatched flexibility and ease for companies looking to increase productivity and drive innovation. ShoreTel offers solutions in the cloud, onsite or a hybrid of both, giving customers the freedom to choose the best fit for their business needs now and in the future. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., ShoreTel has offices and partners worldwide. For more information, visit   # # #Media contacts:        Linda Motherwell ShoreTel Tel: +61 2 9959 8020 Mob: +61 414 397 797 Email:   OR   Martin Aungle Explore Communications Tel: +61 2 4872 4981 Mob: +61 415 917 381 Email:    About the Build a Better Meeting Survey ShoreTel and Explore Communications surveyed a total of 243 Australian workers for the survey which covered Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. The survey was conducted online and also via a street survey in the Sydney CBD during March and April 2017. Survey demographics (company size and industries, respondents’ generation and gender), comparative country results and other data is available on request.   How to protect your organisation from WannaCry ransomware 2017-05-24T23:03:16Z how-to-protect-your-organisation-from-wannacry-ransomware-1 While organisations have been under threat from ransomware for years, the attack landscape has been very narrowly focused. Victims tended to have to manually enabled the attack through some method, such as opening email attachments or downloading unverified software. Much of that has changed with the current global-scale WannaCry ransomware campaign.  Tens of thousands of systems have been compromised, and the attack is ongoing. Along with peers in the industry, Carbon Black’s Threat Research Team has been actively analysing the malware and its threats. We found that the ransomware does not have any truly novel tricks up its sleeve. It is standard ransomware that, upon execution, creates dozens of files in its current location and starts infecting the system. It targets a specific set of file extensions, more than 150 of them, beginning with known MS Office documents, which is also in line with many other known ransomware families. What is truly unique about it is its method of delivery, which is believed to be through the now-known ETERNALBLUE exploit. While the number of incidents are extremely high, many are believed to be a result of poor security posture. Protection against the ETERNALBLUE exploit is fairly basic. The exploit targets servers with SMB network sharing exposed to the Internet, a feature that should be immediately considered for deactivation. Servers are targeted over the standard network ports for the SMB service, all of which can be actively disabled in an organisation’s firewalls. More importantly, these exploits have been actively resolved by current, and ongoing, patches released by Microsoft. Patches should be considered for immediate testing and release within an environment. These suggestions follow the established SMB Security Best Practices. Ransomware is on track to be an $US1 billion crime in 2017, according to FBI data. That’s a substantial increase from 2015, when ransomware was a ‘mere’ $24 million crime. Additionally, ransomware emerged as the fastest-growing malware across all industries in 2016. It appears that healthcare is now in the cross-hairs. An organisation can take immediate steps to protect against WannaCry and other ransomware variants.1. Back up data regularly. Verify the integrity of those backups and test the restoration process to ensure it’s working.2. Secure offline backups. Backups are essential: if you’re infected, a backup may be the only way to recover your data. Ensure backups are not connected permanently to the computers and networks they are backing up.3. Configure firewalls to block access to known malicious IP addresses.4. Logically separate networks. This will help prevent the spread of malware. If every user and server is on the same network newer variants can spread.5. Patch operating systems, software, and firmware on devices. Consider using a centralized patch-management system.6. Implement an awareness and training program. End users are targets, so everyone in your organisation needs to be aware of the threat of ransomware and how it’s delivered.7. Scan all incoming and outgoing emails to detect threats and filter executable files from reaching end users.8. Enable strong spam filters to prevent phishing emails from reaching end users and authenticate inbound email using technologies such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to prevent spoofing.9. Block ads. Ransomware is often distributed through malicious ads served when visiting certain sites. Blocking ads or preventing users from accessing certain sites can reduce that risk.10. Use the principle of ‘least privilege’ to manage accounts: No users should be assigned administrative access unless absolutely needed. If a user only needs to read specific files, the user should not have write access to them.11. Leverage next-generation antivirus (NGAV) technology to inspect files and identify malicious behaviour to block malware and non-malware attacks that exploit memory and scripting languages like PowerShell.12. Use application whitelisting, which only allows systems to execute programs known and permitted by security policy.13. Categorise data based on organisational value and implement physical and logical separation of networks and data for different organisational units.14. Conduct an annual penetration test and vulnerability assessment. Stopping ransomware requires a defence-in-depth approach; there is no silver bullet to security. Software alone is not the answer. IT and SecOps teams must build a strategy that combines user training, next-generation endpoint security, and backup operations. Every strategy should start with the simplest, most immediate risk-mitigation techniques available in order to limit the attack surface. Concurrently, user training and backup infrastructures should be evaluated, implemented, and practised. And please, patch, patch, patch!   OnBase by Hyland supports Melbourne Health in clinical and administrative applications 2017-05-24T00:07:57Z onbase-by-hyland-supports-melbourne-health-in-clinical-and-administrative-applications Melbourne-based Melbourne Health has implemented OnBase by Hyland hosted in the Hyland Cloud to digitise its health records and data in advance of a future electronic medical record (EMR) system tender and anticipated integration. Additionally, OnBase will be deployed in the Finance department to support back-office functions, such as payroll.   OnBase technology is currently leveraged to scan and capture patient information from third-party clinical repositories and present critical data in a single, secure location for Melbourne Health users to immediately access from anywhere across the hospital system. Clinicians securely view patient records through the OnBase Patient Window directly or via integration with the Parkville Precinct clinical viewer, which unites patient electronic records generated by Melbourne Health, The Royal Women’s Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.   “The flexibility of OnBase was central to our decision to select and implement the technology in both clinical and administrative applications, enabling our users to have immediate and secure access to critical information,” said Rhonda Carroll, Director of Information and Performance at Melbourne Health. “OnBase is crucial to our current scanning operations and workflow functionalities, and it will be a critical component to our future integration with an EMR.”   In addition to digitising health records, OnBase was recently selected to help optimise some payroll functionality in the Finance department at Melbourne Health.   “Melbourne Health is a stellar example for healthcare organisations striving to streamline processes and improve patient care,” said Susan deCathelineau, Vice President, global healthcare sales and services at Hyland. “The smart ways in which they have deployed OnBase now and plans for the future applications will pave the way for successful integrations, which ultimately equal cost savings and benefits to all Melbourne Health stakeholders – most importantly, the patients.”   To learn why more than 1,800 organisations across the globe are leveraging OnBase technology across the enterprise to digitise health records, streamline back-office functions and provide exemplary patient care, visit Endace Appoints New Head of HR 2017-05-24T00:01:40Z endace-appoints-new-head-of-hr Auckland, New Zealand — May 24, 2017 — Endace, a world leader in high-speed network recording and network history playback, announced today that it has appointed Sasha Blair as the company’s new Vice President of HR and Administration. This is a return to Endace for Blair, who previously held the role of HR Manager from 2014 to 2015, and most recently held the role of Manager, People and Capability at Compac. She has held HR roles at several high-profile New Zealand organizations including Waikato University, NIWA, Constellation New Zealand, and Foster Moore. Blair says when she was invited to rejoin the Endace team she jumped at the opportunity. “I have been associated with Endace since the early days at Waikato University. I’ve watched the company grow since its very inception, and I was there shortly after Endace was acquired by Emulex,” she says. “Now we’re back in private hands again, I’m really looking forward to helping drive the growth Endace is experiencing, and building on the fantastic team we have.” Endace CEO, Stuart Wilson, says when the decision was made to hire a new head of HR, Blair was top of his list of candidates. “Sasha is fantastic. She really gets HR and culture and she totally understands our business. To get her back again was fantastic and I’m really looking forward to calling on her expertise as we continue to grow the team around the world.” Wilson says he’s heartened that several Endace employees have returned to the business since the management buyout. “We also welcomed back Sander Lommertzen, who returned from his role at Wynyard to be our Director of Business Operations. It’s a real vote of confidence to have such experienced people eager to come back and be part of the Endace team.” Australia’s top franchise mortgage brokerages revealed 2017-05-23T22:51:12Z australia-s-top-franchise-mortgage-brokerages-revealed-1 Mortgage Professional Australia has just released its annual Top Franchise Brokerages report, naming the top 10 businesses that have stood out among the rest in the industry with their unique branding and well-managed marketing strategies.  MPA's annual Top 10 report is all about celebrating high performers and in this latest edition, MPA gets the scoop on how exactly Australia’s top franchise brokerages beat other brokerages with identical brands year after year. “Most brokers continue to see their competitors as the local bank branches, but they should be looking at other brokers instead,” said Sam Richardson, MPA editor. “Although banks are appearing set on major broker remuneration, brokers are entering markets faster than those markets are growing and the brokerages that emerge from such changes will need to be different—better from their competitors; just like the top ten brokerages on this list are.” To learn more see Mortgage Professional Australia issue 17.06 out now, or view the list online at ### Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA), published by Key Media, is the key resource that mortgage brokers and industry professionals turn to for in-depth industry issues, market trends, business analysis and intelligence. Each issue is packed with updated relevant information including: latest mortgage products; diversification strategies; sales and marketing tools; career education and training; regulation and legislation updates. MPA is also known for its annual survey report which not only recognises key individuals and their accomplishments but also provides a snapshot of a continually evolving industry. inTechnology Distribution signs A/NZ distribution agreement with WinMagic 2017-05-23T10:05:58Z intechnology-distribution-signs-a-nz-distribution-agreement-with-winmagic SYDNEY – MAY 24, 2017 — inTechnology Distribution, a specialist value added IT distributor driving new technologies into the Australian and New Zealand IT channel, today announced a distribution agreement with WinMagic, the Canadian based award-winning encryption and intelligent key management security solution provider.   This strategic partnership further defines WinMagic’s commitment to expanding its business in the Asia Pacific region and is vital to form a better partner system and provide companies with services that can help them keep their vulnerable data safe and avert information breaches on the cloud.   Thousands of the most security conscious global enterprises and government organisations depend on WinMagic’s SecureDoc to minimise their business risks, meet privacy and regulatory compliance requirements, and protect valuable information assets against unauthorized access. With a full complement of professional and customer services, WinMagic supports over eight million active licenses in more than 85 countries.   “We’re are extremely pleased to offer WinMagic’s full line of encryption solutions for business, and support its channel growth with our targeted marketing programs, technical support and services,” said Mark Winter, CEO of inTechnology Distribution.   “The requirement and demand for a sharing of information via secure channels is growing rapidly, along with the need to keep data safe, no matter where it resides,” said Mark. “Encrypting data is one of the strongest recommendations for safe cloud computing and with the recent announcement to enforce the new Data Breach Notification laws here in Australia in 2018, we believe there will be a higher demand for comprehensive encryption solutions like WinMagic”, Mark concluded.   “This partnership opens up a wide variety of bundle opportunities with the other vendors we represent so the channel can expect to see some great offerings coming from us over the coming few months and beyond,” said Charlie Creegan, Chief Channel Officer, inTechnology Distribution. “We are delighted to have inTechnology Distribution as our Value Added Distributor for this region,” commented Mark Hickman, WinMagic’s COO. “We value inTechnology’s marketplace knowledge to help extend the reach of our data protection capabilities to more resellers and end users in the Asia Pacific region. inTechnology delivers technology expertise and support to its reseller channel partners. As the industry leader in launching emerging products, inTechnology provides highly responsive service levels—investing heavily in training and development, as well as expertise in sales and marketing.   About inTechnology Distribution inTechnology Distribution is a specialist value-add distributor that brings "best of breed', quality technology products, both hardware and software to the Asia Pacific markets through its extensive network of reseller and channel partners. inTechnology Distribution, a private company, has been in operation since June 1999. Its value-add distributor channel model targets those areas within IT that impact on business and show a justifiable return on investment. The company is effective in building market awareness to introduce products and supports this with specialist technology teams.  Contact: Charlie Creegan – Chief Channel Officer, Asia Pacific inTechnology Distribution Pty Ltd Ph: 0423 226 444 Email:   About WinMagic Inc. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, WinMagic provides key management for all encryption needs. With the leading SecureDoc product line, WinMagic continues to provide easy-to-use and robust data security solutions for wherever data is stored, providing enterprise grade encryption and key management policies for all operating systems.  Contact: Kimi Guglani | Manager – Marketing & PR, INDIA & APAC WinMagic Inc. Ph: +919990710012  Email: Inaugural Cloudera E-Sessions 2017 in APAC to showcase best practices for Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics 2017-05-23T02:40:32Z inaugural-cloudera-e-sessions-2017-in-apac-to-showcase-best-practices-for-machine-learning-and-advanced-analytics Cloudera, Inc. (NYSE: CLDR), provider of the leading modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics built on the latest open source technologies, announced its fifth annual Sessions roadshow including dates and locations for the complimentary one day event. The roadshow, aimed at helping organisations determine an intelligent path toward data platform modernisation, has expanded to include more than 20 cities globally. 2017 will also see the launch of the inaugural Cloudera E-Sessions (CES) in the Asia Pacific region on 23 May 2017, with the Sessions content made available on-demand in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The virtual sessions will explore topics such as Data Science and Machine Learning.   Both the Sessions events and CES will feature real-life examples of organisations and how they are using data to improve business critical decision-making. Alongside, the CES will provide organisations in the Asia Pacific region with a platform to discuss the use of big data across industries with Cloudera’s subject matter experts. Among several subjects, the CES will discuss the real purpose of data science and how organizations can utilise Cloudera’s solutions, such as Apache Spark MLlib, to better leverage distributed systems and broaden the possibilities of Machine Learning implementations, while lowering costs.   “Cloudera is helping organizations use data to make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow,” said Daniel Ng, Senior Marketing Director, APAC for Cloudera. ““The launch of CES in Asia Pacific will allow us to reach more markets, and provide accessibility and availability to everyone anywhere, anytime.”   Each event will also feature Cloudera partners and end-users who will share production use cases, best practices and lessons learned in the field. Attendees will also have the opportunity to:   ●        Learn how to transform vast amounts of complex data into clear and actionable insights for their businesses through a mix of presentations, demos and hands on sessions. ●        Gain firsthand insight into how many of the leading minds in IT are using data-driven insights to grow businesses, improve efficiencies and manage risk. ●        Delve into new use cases for Machine Learning which are emerging every day – ranging from predictive maintenance and fraud detection, to product recommendation engines and proactive customer support and more. ●        Network with the who’s who of local and like-minded data innovators. ●        Hear from local companies who are deriving real value from their data and sharing their real-life experiences.   Cloudera Sessions 2017 in Asia Pacific are scheduled as below:   May 2017                    Launch of CES across Asia Pacific - Australia, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Japan   June 2017   Sydney, Australia Melbourne, Australia   July 2017   Seoul, Korea   August 2017   Canberra, Australia   November 2017   Beijing, China Shanghai, China Shenzhen, China Melbourne, Australia   December 2017   Brisbane, Australia   For more information, registration or updates on the 2017 Cloudera Sessions, visit Accru Tax Guide app - quicker, more beautiful tax than ever 2017-05-23T02:11:51Z accru-tax-guide-app-quicker-more-beautiful-tax-than-ever Accru’s popular tax app is a mileage calculator, tax calculator, tax rates guide and tax news source – all in one. One of Australia’s original tax apps, it is still among the most downloaded tax apps in Australia.  This app focuses on giving entrepreneurs and their advisors essential tax data, news and calculators quickly and easily (rather than trying to be all things to everyone like some apps in this space). Want to calculate weekly net salary? Check superannuation caps and tax rate bands? Track business car journey mileage? Get an estimate of CGT payable on an asset sale? This is the app for you. See how easy it is to use in this video: Accru Tax Guide app video May 2017 The Accru Tax Guide app was chosen to be featured by Sydney Film Festival TV – If you’re in Sydney, watch out for it on the video billboard in Pitt Street Mall from 7-18 June 2017.  With benefits proven over six years by thousands of users, new 2017 features for iPhones and iPads include: • New interface – exceptionally user-friendly and attractive • Mileage calculator – with iCloud storage • Capital gains calculator – estimates CGT payable based on asset price, purchase and sale dates, and your current taxable income • Tax news – live feed from Accru’s website. Updated tax rates & calculators include: • Personal Tax Rates  • Personal tax rate calculator  • Company Tax Rates • Superannuation Contributions • Fringe Benefits Tax • Motor Vehicles • Capital Gains Tax • Tax Due Dates • New Zealand Personal Tax Rates. Download the Accru Tax Guide App 2016/17 for Apple devices from the App Store and a base model for Android via Google Play today. It is updated annually with tax rate changes.  ###### About Accru Chartered Accountants Accru group is a network of independent chartered accountants in Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. We provide audit, tax and business consulting services to individuals and organisations of all sizes.  Our depth of talent and expertise, both collectively and as individual chartered accountants, means that we provide a broad range of services to our clients – from superannuation and wealth management to business performance enhancement, mergers, acquisitions and international commerce.  Our local knowledge and international resources mean that we can offer clients the best of both worlds: the personal service of a small boutique accountancy firm, with the economies of scale of a major international network. Find out more at MEDIA CONTACT: Sue McLean Marketing Manager Accru Chartered Accountants + Business Advisors Email Phone    61 + (2) 8226 1655 App design by Cyberdesign Works  ##### NetValue Partners with Leading CRM Provider, SugarCRM 2017-05-23T00:53:55Z netvalue-partners-with-leading-crm-provider-sugarcrm HAMILTON, New Zealand. – May 23, 2017 – New Zealand-based software development and integration company,  NetValue has today announced a new partnership with SugarCRM Inc., the company that enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships, with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market. Servicing New Zealand’s agricultural sector, this new partnership will enable NetValue to provide additional systems and services to the country’s regional agricultural and related businesses. The integration of CRM software with core business systems enables the industry to better understand and service their customers and deliver the products and services they really need.   The strategic collaboration comes as a result of New Zealand businesses in the agricultural sector seeking to leverage new technologies to streamline processes and stay competitive, in a market that is primarily driven by the dairy industry.   “As New Zealand’s sole reseller that services the agricultural industry, our partnership with SugarCRM aims to bring digital maturity and efficiencies to this sector,” said Graham Gaylard, CEO, NetValue.   “We chose to partner with SugarCRM because its products offer so much openness and flexibility. Integration with SugarCRM will help agricultural businesses to invoice and provide customer support as well as enabling online orders, helping this sector reap the benefits of digital transformation.”    The alliance between NetValue and SugarCRM combines the core skills and capabilities of both organisations to provide best-of-breed CRM capabilities and effective software-integration to the New Zealand agricultural sector. NetValue will be running live seminars on integrating with SugarCRM for customers and prospects in the coming months.   ENDS  About NetValue NetValue specialises in creating, building and providing high value products with an array of services including Systems Integration, Software Development, Web Design, Hosting, On-line Marketing and SEO. Netvalue is committed to supporting your business in the drive to toward On-line Excellence. From integrating your mission critical business systems into a complete digital marketing strategy to a simple website, Netvalue will help you be noticed in today’s busy online world while protecting your investment in your existing business systems. About SugarCRMSugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most empowering, adaptable and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) solution on the market. Unlike traditional CRM solutions that focus primarily on management and reporting, Sugar empowers the individual, coordinating the actions of customer-facing employees and equipping them with the right information at the right time to transform the customer experience. Based in Silicon Valley, SugarCRM is backed by Goldman Sachs, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, NEA and Walden International. More than 2 million individuals in over 120 countries rely on SugarCRM. To learn more visit or follow @SugarCRM.  Media Contacts: Peter Fletcher NetValue Ltd Ph:+64 21 903 866 Email: Micron 21 challenges all-comers: can you commit cyber terrorism? 2017-05-21T23:47:50Z micron-21-challenges-all-comers-can-you-commit-cyber-terrorism MELBOURNE, May 22, 2017.  Cloud and data centre services provider Micron 21 has issued a challenge to IT professionals – can you breach our multi-level security with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack? Managing Director James Braunegg invites participants at AusCERT, Australia’s premier data security event, to design and launch a DDoS attack against Micron21 in real time. They will be invited to do so during Micron 21’s live demonstrations. Braunegg says: “While DDoS attack methods are constantly evolving, the business risks involved remain the same. To stay ahead of these increasingly complex challenges, companies must invest in DDoS protection. Micron21 continually improves the way we guard against such attacks. We stop them from hindering network performance by acting quickly and diligently to rectify any security issues, regardless of the size or scope of the challenge involved.” He adds: “We are so confident in our abilities in providing DDoS protection for online services that we are inviting all-comers at AusCERT to test our DDoS mitigation capabilities, in real time. IT professionals may select their attack target within either a Micron21 protected or unprotected network, to see the mayhem is created, along with seamless mitigation. Participants can choose the duration, size and other attack configurations before launching  their attacks and committing ‘çyber terrorism’. In real time, they will see how Micron 21’s systems identify, monitor and mitigate each attack. The AusCERT conference takes place in Queensland on May 25-26. Micron 21’s demonstration takes place at booth B25-B26. James Braunegg and key members of the Micron21 and NSFOCUS teams will be available to answer questions. Micron21 protects businesses with industry-leading DDoS solutions. The company takes a comprehensive approach to mitigating such attacks. DDoS/mitigation protection employs multiple layers of physical hardware to inspect, scan and filter traffic at the packet layer. There are four protective barricades to the company’s protection (see image). Brocade Edge Routers identify and sustain legitimate traffic. NSFOCUS DDoS Mitigation inspects the metadata of packets for known attack patterns against a zero day database, while instructing A10 load balancers to distribute clean traffic. Juniper Firewalls provide a final layer of defence at the client.About Micron21 Established in August 2009, Micron21 provides and operates state-of-the-art cloud and data centre services certified to an ISO 27001 standard, within an Uptime Institute Certified Tier IV environment. Micron21 delivers mission critical services by owning and operating its own world class, fully redundant data centre. The data centre provides continuous power, cooling, physical and electronic security and highly redundant data transmission services. The core business products include: Server Co-location, DDoS Protection as-a-Service, virtual and physical dedicated servers, cloud services, domain names, high performance web hosting, disaster recovery (DR) solutions, load balancing, IP transit, fixed wireless network services, point to point fibre services, security services, Backup and Infrastructure as-a-Service, managed services and solution architecture. Its customers include global medium and enterprise-level corporations, government departments, Internet Service Providers, and wholesale resellers.For more information James 03. 9751 7690   David Frost PR Deadlines, for Micron 02.7903 9567       Assured Success through Performance Analytics & Reporting 2017-05-21T23:06:45Z assured-success-through-performance-analytics-amp-reporting Incredo Solutions is committed to providing their clients with software solutions that solve business problems. Their range of services include eCommerce Strategy, Social Media Strategy and Content Strategy among others. They also provide performance, analytics and reporting and high-quality dashboard and design development services. Incredo Solutions’ other services include Project Scoping and Functional Specifications, Digital Audits, Information Architecture and Stakeholder Interviews and Workshops. The company’s focus is always on the clients’ needs, they custom-design and implement competitive, sustainable solutions to help their clients achieve their goals. Incredo Solutions has a successful and skilled team with experience and commitment to assist all organisations across Australia - small, medium and large. Their services are scalable and suit every budget. Performance monitoring of websites and applications is important since it assists businesses to know where they stand and find areas for improvement. The Incredo team helps client’s websites stand out, be searched quickly thus eliminating frustration. They also help them create new opportunities for growth. Regardless of the analytics platform used by the client, the Incredo team provides clear and effective reporting with usable insights to sharpen their performance. Analytics and reporting helps clients to get to know their website’s visitors better and helps improve the way they interact with the client’s site. Incredo’s clients are able to take informed decisions based on facts and trends. Incredo helps them understand their visitor’s behaviour and target them better. They are also able to identify new or missed opportunities of engagement. The team works across various analytics platforms and delivers standardised and customised reports based on them. Incredo’s dashboard development ensures that the clients receive their web analytics reports in a format that is easy to understand. The team develops and delivers reports that are as per the client’s needs, they gain insights that are based on the most important metrics and also effectively monitor data through a visually clear and attractive dashboard.  To contact Incredo Solutions, call 1300 356 750 or email to      To know more about Incredo Solutions and their services of performance, analytics and reporting: