The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-06-27T01:00:25Z New 1000 Hour Root Cover Up 2017-06-27T01:00:25Z new-1000-hour-root-cover-up Now you can say goodbye to dark regrowth and pesky grey hairs, with another quick and easy solution… 1000 Hour is excited to announce the launch of their new brush-on tinted powder for hair, 1000 Hour Root Cover-Up. Tegan Martin, 1000 Hour ambassador, recent contestant on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ and qualified hairdresser, says that 1000 Hour Root Cover-Up “is the perfect hair product to use, between salon visits”. With today’s busy lifestyle, visits to the hair salon are becoming less frequent. Not by choice. 1000 Hour Root Cover-Up can offer a quick, affordable and effective solution, to re-growth, between visits. 1000 Hour Root Cover-Up is the latest hair essential. Quick and easy to use, the powder conceals and camouflages regrowth and grey hairs, instantly, allowing extended time between hair colouring, and minimising any unwarranted stress, from those dreaded, emerging grey hairs. The powder palette comes with an applicator brush, for buildable colour, ensuring natural and even coverage, and a no mess solution. “You’ll look fresh out of the salon, in an instant” adds Tegan. 1000 Hour Root Cover-Up is free from waxes and dyes, and formulated with reflective pigments that adhere to the hair, without leaving it sticky, oily or dry. 1000 Hour Root Cover-Up is water resistant and easily washes out with shampoo. Each pack contains 60 applications and is available in four beautiful shades: black, dark brown, medium brown and light brown/blonde. 1000 Hour Root Cover-Up is available now for a RRP of $14.99 at Priceline and online at Logico Learning System: It's now available from School Products Australia 2017-06-22T08:02:55Z logico-learning-system-it-s-now-available-from-school-products-australia School Products Australia is now supplying Schools and Early Learning Centres across Australia with the Logico learning system. Logico is a powerful self-checking learning tool for children aged from 3 years to 10 years. Logico is a learning game designed for children to use independently. Consisiting of a compact and durable plastic board with moveable coloured buttons. Learning cards slide into the slot in the board and the coloured buttons are moved from the bottom of the board to beside the correct answers on the right hand side of the board. Then simply remove the card and reverse the card and slide it in to show where the buttons should be if the questions have been answered correctly. If the coloured dots on the card are showing beside the corresponding coloured buttons then you have answered all of the questions correctly! If the coloured buttons and the coloured dots aren’t matched up then this shows the questions that have been incorrectly answered. The beauty of this is that children are able to play the game and self-check their answers promoting self-esteem which motivates them and makes them look for further challenges. Even though it is self-checking, cheating is difficult as the entire card needs to be removed and re-inserted for the child to be able to view the answers. Besides being fun to move, the sliding buttons provide the added bonus of enhancing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The buttons are also non-removable which eliminates the chance of losing small parts. Logico has been a great success in many countries around the globe for over 2 decades and is now available through School Products Australia to schools and early learning centres right throughout Australia. No matter where you are located in Australia, Logico can be delivered to your home, school or centre for your children or students to learn from and enjoy. To find out more about Logico or to order Logico for your school or centre check out the School Products Australia website at today. Nominate a deserving AusMumpreneur and show your support for Australian mums in business 2017-06-22T02:00:12Z nominate-a-deserving-ausmumpreneur-and-show-your-support-for-australian-mums-in-business The AusMumpreneur Conference and AusMumpreneur Awards are all about supporting Australian mums in business. This event provides a unique opportunity for women from all over Australia to come together to gain new skills, promote their business, connect with fellow mums in business, learn from leading business experts and celebrate the success of the best and brightest in the industry. Proudly presented by AusMumpreneur and The Women’s Business School, the AusMumpreneur Awards recognise the best and brightest in the Australian mumpreneur industry. The categories that will be judged are: AusMumpreneur of the Year Rising Star AusMumpreneur of the Year Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year Regional Business Award Product Innovation Award Digital Innovation Award Sustainability Award Business Excellence Award AusMumpreneur Network Excellence Award Women’s Business School Excellence Award Global Brand Award Big Idea Award Making A Difference Award Retail Business Award Service Business Award Handmade Business Award The People's Choice Awards: Influencer Award Customer Service Award Making a Difference Award (Business) Making a Difference Award (Non-profit) Business owners or those who wish to nominate a mumpreneur, can go to: Nominations close on Friday the 30th of June 2017. Media Contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 484 Winter Window Appeal - How to create an inviting home in the cooler months 2017-06-21T04:29:04Z winter-window-appeal-how-to-create-an-inviting-home-in-the-cooler-months As winter truly kicks in and the market cools, Cameron Nicholls from Nicholls & Co Estate Agents in Abbotsford shares his tips on how to make a home inviting and warm. “With clearance rates dropping and stock availability at an all time low. Many properties owners tend to fear a winter sale campaign. However, we believe it’s a great opportunity to present new listings in a competitive buyer market,” said Cameron. Cameron’s top five tips for enticing potential buyers in the winter market are all focused around the street front windows. His tips include: Bring the outside in: Place indoor plants near the window so when I buyer drives past or looks in the greenery is visible. Double glaze windows: This is a must for insulation and creating a cosy home even on the coldest winter day. Install curtains: Even if they are just for show, the long draping lines of curtains can create a sense of warmth. Invest in a lamp: This can either be a floor lamp or place on a table near the front windows. Make sure you use a soft glow light bulb though. Rugs and throws: Position a throw over the side corner of the lounge and place a rug under the coffee table to give that homely feel. About Nicholls & Co Nicholls & Co is a boutique modern agency focused on the person first and foremost and then the property. They do not work with clients, they work with people. Through personal attention and connecting with people on a deeper level they are able to comprehensively understand how best to deliver the results desired. Anthony Walsh joins Shark Shield as a Brand Ambassador 2017-06-20T23:14:54Z anthony-walsh-joins-shark-shield-as-a-brand-ambassador Anthony Walsh joins Shark Shield as a Brand Ambassador The world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent Media Release - June 2017 Professional surfer, a regular at Pipeline, drone enthusiast and one of the world’s biggest GoPro surf video contributors, Anthony Walsh, has joined Shark Shield as their newest Brand Ambassador. Anthony is always on the hunt for some tube time and you’ll usually find him filming in a barrel in some exotic location somewhere on the planet, having Shark Shield on hand makes for a safer adventure. Anthony Walsh says, “I’m excited to represent the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. I’ve tested out the devices for myself in Hawaii and yes without doubt Shark Shield does deter sharks without hindering surfing performance. Shark Shield launched their new Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf in 2016. The FREEDOM+ designed in partnership with two-time World Surfing Champion Tom Carroll and iconic surf hardware brand Ocean & Earth. Lindsay Lyon, Shark Shield’s Managing Director says, “We have created our products to enable ocean lovers to have the ability to enjoy their time in the water, personally protecting yourself from unwanted shark encounters is the only solution to enjoying the ocean without harming the environment. “We’re pleased to take on such a talented and professional surf legend as Anthony to be an ambassador of our proven technology. We look forward to sharing some of Anthony’s fantastic tube action and ocean footage ahead as he continues to travel around the globe with his Shark Shield. Stay tuned!” said Lyon. About the FREEDOM+ Surf The new FREEDOM+ Surf features a removable power module housed in a custom designed Ocean & Earth tail pad kicker, which can easily be transferred from board to board. All surfers need to do is install the new Ocean & Earth tail pad/decal antenna on each board in their quiver. The new tail pad houses the removable power module and includes a sticker-thin, adhesive decal that’s simply applied to the underside of the board. Light in weight, the solution offers nearly zero drag so there is little to no impact on surfing performance. The FREEDOM+ Surf is available now at an RRP of $599 and can be purchased from The Ocean & Earth tail pad/decal antenna is available for an RRP of $169. About Shark Shield Shark Shield is for professional adventurers. It is the worlds only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Sharks have small short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for locating food. Shark Shield’s unique three-dimensional electrical waveform turns sharks away by causing unbearable spasms in these sensitive receptors. Used by professionals, such as navies around the world, Shark Shield is a safety device providing peace of mind, while supporting the conservation of sharks. If you’re serious about adventure, you wear a Shark Shield. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ For further information or to set up and interview with Lindsay Lyon or Anthony Walsh please contact: Rachel King @ 360 PR – 02 9571 4448 – 0423 833 814 – Did you know that independent authors produce amazing, beautiful and creative children’s books? 2017-06-09T01:45:20Z did-you-know-that-independent-authors-produce-amazing-beautiful-and-creative-children-s-books Old Mate Media and Sanderson Stories, two children’s book publishers, have partnered with a number of talented independent authors to create this survey, so they can learn more about the books in families around the world and continue to create and publish the best children’s books. You can find the survey at: Kate Stead from Old Mate Media commented “One of the great things about independent publishing is our flexibility and freedom. We are very excited to learn more about what’s most important to our readers, so we can shape our books to provide the best experience for them.” As part of this, anyone that completes the short survey will go into the draw to win an amazing prize pack of children’s books in both print and digital format, valued at over $111US. The Prize Pack includes: - Seven print picture books - One colouring book - Seven digital picture books The full list of prizes can be seen at and is entirely composed of independent books. Kate from Old Mate Media said this was a deliberate choice: “how better to reward survey entrants than by sharing some fabulous independent books. It felt like a perfect match, to give a family a bounty of book goodness, with the flexibility to take their favourite print versions with them on the go, in digital format.” The survey competition will run from 1st June to the 15th June 2017 (AEST) with the winner of the prize pack announced on Friday 16th June 2017. The books in the prize pack are: Book 1: The Little Green Boat by Chris Stead Book 2: The Fairy Garden: A Discovery of Birth Flowers by Tara Sanderson Book 3: Lulu and Lainey…..a French Yarn by Lois Petren Book 4: Bean Takes a Walk by Ann Bevans & Matthew Ethan Gray Book 5: Puppy's Bubble by Erica Graham Book 6: Stunno’s Surf Adventure by Mark Reside Book 7: The Very Loving Caterpillar by Sean Browne Bonus Colouring Book: Coloring in the Fairy Garden by Tara Sanderson Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Old Mate Media via if you would like any further information. WordStorm PR is proud to be representing Project Everest 2017-06-08T02:55:47Z wordstorm-pr-is-proud-to-be-representing-project-everest WordStorm PR is proud to be representing Project Everest, a social enterprise that aims to solve the world’s most complex development problems by building financially sustainable solutions. Managed by former army officer Wade Tink, Project Everest partners with universities all over Australia to create projects in developing countries to help solve local community problems. It is currently operating in Cambodia, Fiji, Timor-Leste, Malawi and Vietnam with plans to expand to the Philippines. The company has been operating for four years with 450 students particpating in the projects. There are currently nine projects being undertaken with enrolments for trips in December closing in November 2017. WordStorm PR Managing Director Monica Rosenfeld said, “We’re thrilled to be spreading the word about Project Everest. This is such an inspiring venture and something we at WordStorm PR strongly believe in. We look forward to promoting the importance of looking outside the box and highlighting the benefits of a less traditional approach to teaching and learning.” WordStorm PR will be working with Project Everest on an ongoing basis to increase awareness and understanding of social enterprise and unconventional teaching methods. For all media inquiries please contact Rochelle on 02 8272 3208 or 5 Reasons To Sell Your Home In Winter 2017-06-07T23:02:04Z 5-reasons-to-sell-your-home-in-winter While many vendors hold off selling their homes until the peak spring selling season, what many don’t know is that winter is actually a prime time to sell. With less competition from other vendors, you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits and you could secure a real win! Justin Ferguson, Founder and Principal of Ferguson Property Agents, says, “Over the years, there has always been a big misconception that selling your property in winter is a bad decision, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! In my experience, there are actually so many benefits to selling now, rather than waiting until spring. It’s time vendors finally realise the true potential of winter sales.” Justin explains 5 key reasons why winter is a great season to sell your home: Attract Genuine Buyers: With low supply and therefore minimal competition, you will be able to attract real, genuine buyers. As there are fewer options for buyers out there, your property will appear more desirable. You’ll be able to capture the full attention of serious buyers who mean real business – cutting the nonsense and timewasters out of the equation for good! Psychology of Home: Buyers are attracted to a cosy, comforting haven, so take advantage of the chilly days and dress your home to show it off as warm and welcoming. This can be a very powerful time to sell and to sell quickly and everyone wants to feel comfortable, warm and safe in their own home; winter draws on these psychological underpinnings of the meaning of home. Sell For More: You can actually list your property at a slightly higher price point during winter. Reduced inventory, typically lower mortgage rates and being tired of the property hunt through the cold winter days acts as a strong motivator for winter buyers to take the leap and “impulse buy” if they have positive feelings about your property. Unveil True Potential: Buyers can see the true potential of your property, despite the gloom of winter! If they like your property when the weather is not so pleasant, they’re bound to fall in love when the sunshine and warmth returns. Get Ahead: Take a step ahead of the crowd by getting in early and placing your property on the market before spring selling season. This way, buyers will notice your home first and your property will stand out before the market becomes more crowded. There is no reason to change your plans and force yourself to wait! For more information about Ferguson Property Agents: For further information or to speak with Justin Ferguson, please contact 360 PR: Rachel King – – 02 9571 4448 – 0423 833 814 My Cubby – Inviting Children to Discover and Learn through Play 2017-06-06T07:27:16Z my-cubby-inviting-children-to-discover-and-learn-through-play My Cubby, Australia’s cubby house specialist, has filled the lives of many children with dreams, stimulated their imagination and inspired them to learn new things through play since 2011. This company has a cubby house that suits every budget and fits every child’s dream. They also give parents the assurance that the cubby house will be personalised to their specification and will not break the bank. Learning has become a bad word for many children as many schools do not have sufficient space to let children play within their premises. Focus on didactic learning has led to children being given more of theoretical knowledge and less of experiential learning. While didactic learning has its place since it is necessary to teach children the basic skills of reading and writing, they also need to learn other life skills to prepare them for a good future. Play is also a method of learning where the child learns through discovery. Playing in the open outdoors gives children the stimulus they need to develop a healthy imagination. Experts have affirmed that play is essential to the development of children because it contributes to their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. When parents get involved with children during play it has several advantages. It makes the bond between them stronger and more lasting. Parents have lost the touch and specialness of their bonding with children due to the busyness of life and other engagements. Parents are often guilty of getting their children involved in watching television, playing games on devices and other distractions to keep them out of their way. Children who are constantly involved as passive recipients of visual and auditory stimulation very rarely use their imagination and this can impair their creative abilities. Children who live in lower economic settings and are deprived of expensive toys are often found to have better imagination and highly developed kinaesthetic sensibilities. They are able to move freely and use their entire body without shyness or hesitation. Creative and imaginative play helps children learn and know more about the world they live in. They manipulate and touch various materials during the process of play. They also relate to other children and communicate with them verbally and non-verbally. This helps them become better at social interaction. Running and moving around causes them to use their large and small muscles which in turn helps develop healthy, strong, and complete neurological connections in their brains. Playing outdoors in wooden playhouses is a great way to develop the intellectual abilities and fine motor skills of a child. Moreover, play is very essential for children to have balance in their life. While many schools do not have the luxury of a playground for children to engage in outdoor play, it is essential that parents ensure that they are able to play in their home environment to ensure their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being.  My Cubby has a whole range of clubhouses to help fill in the play needs of a child. They can be contacted by calling 1800 121513 or sending an email to    For more information on My Cubby and ideas to help children play outdoors: One step closer to marriage equality - The Evermore Pledge confirm first ‘Marriage’ 2017-06-01T02:37:10Z one-step-closer-to-marriage-equality-the-evermore-pledge-confirm-first-marriage The Australian Marriage Service officially introduces the 'Evermore Pledge', a groundbreaking social enterprise, providing an independent and legal alternative for same-sex couples who wish to wed. The first ‘Marriage’ conducted using the Evermore Pledge will be held in 1 July 2017 on the Gold Coast. Michelle Anderson, Founder and Celebrant from The Australian Marriage Service says, “We are thrilled to offer a legal alternative to traditional ‘marriage’. The Evermore Pledge consolidates an array of legal and financial components which, when affirmed at a ‘wedding’ ceremony, provides couples with a love contract that replicates traditional marriage as closely as possible. “Until marriage equality is embraced by the Australian Government, this is THE way for couples to gain equal rights,” said Michelle. The Evermore Pledge was established with three main objectives: To provide an interim solution for LGBTIQ couples that wish to marry but cannot, by giving them a legal, educated and ethical alternative. To expediate the government to amend the Marriage Act 1961, encompassing equal marriage for all; an overdue social change needed to grant basic human rights that are currently denied to a significant number of Australians. Profits generated by the Evermore Pledge will be donated to associated charities and organisations with aligned goals. The ‘Evermore Pledge’ blends romance with a legally binding contract that addresses the components that fall under the Australian Marriage Act 1961 such as wills, beneficiaries, power of attorney, next of kin, superannuation, finances, estate planning etc. Michelle, a leading Queensland civil marriage celebrant, is already an innovator in the industry, with her no-frills express wedding business, run like the registry office, but at a beach side location. The Evermore Pledge initiative, however, stands aside from her core business as a social enterprise with profits going to associated charities. Alee Fogarty and Carly Naughton are set to be the first couple to be ‘Married’ under the Evermore Pledge on 1 July 2017. Alee says, “We are beyond excited and already know of many couples like us who have registered their interest to finally be able to demonstrate our love for each other as a couple in a legally binding way!” About The Evermore Pledge: The M2.1 Independent Legal Evermore Pledge has been formed with the cooperation of Melbourne-based law firm Nevile and Co., and will become available Australia wide as celebrants from around the country become familiar with the concept and incorporate it into their existing commitment ceremonies. For futher information go to: Turn your home into a winter haven! 2017-05-31T22:51:11Z turn-your-home-into-a-winter-haven With the colder, shorter and darker days under way, making sure your home is well prepped can truly make or break your winter happiness. Whether you like it or not, winter is here to stay for the next few months, so it’s important to make some little changes to your home now and create your own cosy haven before hibernating for winter. Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors shares her top winter styling tips, “Since we tend to spend a lot more time curled up indoors than any other season, your home needs to feel extra inviting and comforting. Making a few changes around the home can also help with your energy bill, so try bringing in large rugs, runner rugs for cold floor hallways, introduce thick curtains and bring out the winter doonas to feel warmer without turning up the air con. 1. Bring the outside in Fight off the housebound feeling by bringing in fresh flowers, succulents or floor standing plants that will breathe life into your home, can assist in filtrating the air, and they look amazing! By bringing the outdoors in, you are also less likely to open windows so less likely to feel the cold chill. 2. Layer to create a cocoon-like space Winter is all about comfort, so choose a variety of different textures and fabrics to trap heat inside. Heavy thick curtains will also help contain warmth. Layering throws, blankets and cushions on your bed and sofa will instantly warm up your rooms and help you get cosy. For a plush looking sofa, mix fabrics such as wool, faux fur and velvet for a really glam winter look. Ensure you have enough storage solutions (such as baskets) to store extra throws and blankets, it’s good to have them at the ready in your bedroom or living room and they can still present well if placed in the right basket. 3. Add warmth to your interiors Adding warm coloured tones to your décor is a great way to bring warmth to your interior. Select rich tones, which are also on trend and lux, such as copper, burnt orange and mustard, and maroon. These deep tones are great for winter styling and in contract to summer months; these changes alone can completely freshen up your interiors! This is also a good time to introduce the depth of colour to feature walls to make your home feel more intimate and dramatic. Having a visually warm palette will enrich all the senses. 4. Accessorising with colour pops If you prefer not to paint or wallpaper something permanent, you can introduce colour through accessories, blinds, cushions and rugs. Metallic pops like gold, copper and brass will also add a hint of drama and a feeling of richness. Think about accessories, vessels, candles or small occasional furniture like side tables. 5. Brighten up your mood with lighting and beautiful scents Soft lighting will help to make your home feel brighter in the cooler months and in turn, lift your mood too! Table lamps and floor lamps are essential as the light is murkier and darker in winter, so you will need the warm glow of a statement table lamp. Candles are also essential to resist the urge to turn on every light in the house. Candles also assist in masking damp or unpleasant smells that come with having a house shut up tight during the gloomy weather. 6. Rearrange your layout for a fresh mind Orient items in a way that maximises the heat from fireplaces or heaters. As you won’t be opening doors or windows as much, you can place sofas, armchairs or consoles in front of these otherwise dead spaces. This may double your feeling of space as you wouldn’t normally opt for blocking access, but in winter is not such an issue. It will allow you to get creative and refresh your living and bedroom spaces. A fresh mind and a happier, warmer home! For more information, please visit: Child Care Centre in Perth Promotes Healthy Eating 2017-05-31T08:50:13Z child-care-centre-in-perth-promotes-healthy-eating Perth, WA, 31 May 2017 - Parents who have to drop a child off at a child care centre in the Perth area know how difficult it can be to juggle the responsibilities of work and parenthood. One of those responsibilities is to fill a healthy lunchbox for their child every day. This can be more difficult than it seems. It is so difficult that many child care centres in Perth and across the country have to call parents and ask them to provide healthier lunches for their children.Michelle Coleski, Operations Manager for Cuddles Childcare Centres in the Perth area, knows how difficult it can be. To help parents, she recently provided a basic guide on the company blog to help parents make the right food choices for their children. According to Ms Coleski:“We know how hard it can be to provide your child with a healthy lunch every day, especially when it seems like the definition of healthy changes every couple of years. However, we can follow a few basic guidelines to make sure children are eating healthy meals that provide them with enough energy and focus to thrive in a preschool environment. And the best part is that every lunch doesn’t have to be a Rembrandt. You just need to pack them a simple, healthy lunch.”Healthy Lunchboxes for Child CareWhen sending a child off to a child care centre, there are a few basics that can be helpful for building healthy lunchboxes. Parents are recommended to use a variety of breads, such as whole-grain, flatbread and high fibre bread. Sandwiches can include a variety of fillings such as tuna, salmon, lean meat, cheese or eggs. A little bit of lettuce, tomato, carrots or celery helps provide some vegetables. Cream cheese and vegemite are healthy options for spreads. Children like desserts, but it is recommended to keep them healthy with choices such as pikelets, rice cakes, dried fruits, fresh fruits or yoghurt.There are a variety of sandwich fillings that can provide a child with proper nutrition. These include the following:Chicken and pesto.Tuna, mayo and cucumber.Tomato and avocado.Chicken, mayo and chopped celery.Cheese and chutney.Cheese and grated carrots.Cottage cheese and chives.Unhealthy ChoicesWhat doesn’t go in the lunchbox can be as important as what does go in the lunchbox. Children are drawn towards unhealthy food, but it is the parent’s responsibility to steer them towards healthy choices. It is recommended to avoid sweet treats or lollies and save them for special occasions. It is also recommended to avoid packaged and processed foods, even if they are easier to “pack.” Meats that contain a lot of salt and/or fat such as salami and pastrami are not recommended. Biscuits, Muesli bars and fruit roll-ups are also not recommended.According to Ms Coleski: “It can be hard to provide your child with the best choices for lunch, but it is worth it in the long run.”Cuddles Childcare Centres provide child care in a number of Perth suburbs. Each child care centre they own is centrally located to ensure that parents in many Perth suburbs can easily drop their children off before work. Cuddles Childcare Centres pride themselves in providing the best in child care. They hire and train only the most professional and dedicated carers. To learn more, call the Cuddles Childcare Centre nearest you or visit their website: Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour School Holiday Program - July 2017 2017-05-30T06:29:37Z cockatoo-island-sydney-harbour-school-holiday-program-july-2017 Not only is Cockatoo Island one of the best tourist destinations in Sydney, it also has a great program of activities on offer for the kids during the July School holidays.   The UNESCO World-Heritage listed island provides a wealth of history to engage and excite children of all ages.  These five school holiday activities are sure to keep the kids busy:  Haunted History Night Tours 6pm & 6.30 pm - 5, 7, 8, 12 & 14 July Cost: Adults $25, Children $15 A special spooky night tour of Cockatoo Island’s hidden histories and mysteries.  This 90-minute nocturnal exploration is the perfect way to discover the history of Cockatoo Island from its early colonial beginnings as a prison, to a reformatory for orphans and wayward children, to a working shipyard. Crooked Characters of Cockatoo Island 2pm & 4pm - 1, 5, 8, & 15 July Cost: Free Crooked Characters of Cockatoo Island and other Colonial Escapades is an hour-long family friendly journey into the hilarious and fascinating underbelly of Australia’s colonial and recent history. The two guides will take you on an entertaining romp through the Australian Penal System that thrived on Cockatoo Island.   Convict History Guided Tours 11am, 1.30pm and 3pm, 1, 6, 8, 13 & 15 July Cost: Adults $10, children free Learn about the fascinating history of Cockatoo Island which was a convict prison between 1839 and 1869.  At its peak it was home to 550 men who built their barracks, forged their own prison bars and constructed the Fitzroy Dock.  Camping On Cockatoo Available every night Cost: Visit our website for rates With the tent, mattresses and camping chairs already set up for you, this option is perfect if you crave a camping adventure without the hard work. Tents are ideal for up to two adults and two small children.  Vacation Care  3 - 15 July Cost: $12 per child. (Price does not include ferry travel)  Bring your Vacation Care group to Cockatoo Island, Sydney’s largest and most fascinating urban island.  A short ferry trip from Circular Quay turns a journey into an adventure.  Cockatoo Island is just a short ferry ride from Circular Quay.  Lunch options are available.   For more information, visit MEDIA ENQUIRIES: tel 0415290023 Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour is open to the public daily, offering major events, exhibitions, venue hire, accommodation, tours and business tenancy. It is one of the ten magnificent sites managed by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, a self-funding agency created by the Australian Government to be responsible for the vision planning and management of former defence and Commonwealth sites around Sydney Harbour. The other public spaces and parklands managed by the Harbour Trust are North Head Sanctuary in Manly, Georges Heights, Middle Head and Chowder Bay in Mosman, Woolwich Dock and Parklands, Macquarie Lightstation in Vaucluse, the Platypus site in Neutral Bay, Marine Biological Station in Watsons Bay and Snapper Island in Sydney Harbour.     Wavelength International listed in the Best SMEs to Work Asia 2017 2017-05-30T05:21:58Z wavelength-international-listed-in-the-best-smes-to-work-asia-2017 Wavelength International has made the prestigious Best Places to Work Asia 2017, one of only 3 Australian businesses to make the top 10 of the small and medium workplaces list. The Best Places to Work Australia Study is one of the world’s most comprehensive independent studies of workplace culture by global research and consulting firm Great Place to Work – More than 1,400 companies participated in national list studies in the 9 Asia-region countries where Great Place to Work® is represented. Wavelength shot into the top 10 this year, placing 9th in the top 25 Best Places to Work (20-500) employees. It is an impressive achievement, especially in an industry renowned for its high pressure work environments and high staff turnover. “It just goes to show you can be a successful high performance business by embracing a generous and supportive culture,” says Chris Riley, Wavelength’s CEO. “Just by walking through the door, you immediately sense Wavelength is a happy, motivated and engaged place to work. In my experience in this industry our workplace culture is quite unique: everyone cares passionately about the business and working collaboratively as a team." With over 75 employees, Wavelength is Australia’s largest and most successful medical recruitment agency. The company offers a range of employee benefits including: Flexible and family friendly working hours, Free breakfast Fitness classes A creative, casual and fun working environment i Monetary incentives linked with productivity and performance against key goals. Additional information Specific highlights that have made Wavelength a great place to work include: · A generous remuneration and commission scheme renowned for being extremely market competitive. Wavelength is also committed to making salary packages consistent and fair across the organisation. Employees in all roles are recognised and rewarded for outstanding performance. Individual goals created for all employees quarterly which are part of their performance criteria. Managers regularly meet with team members to provide feedback and coach them to be even better in their role. An internal mentoring program which enable employees to discover and develop their talents. · A real commitment to work life balance with a broad range of flexible full-time, part-time and job share work patterns in place. Employees can work flexibly between 7am and 7pm and have the opportunity to work from home one day a week. Wavelength also offers an additional five days of annual leave once an employee has completed four years’ continuous employment. A generous paid parental leave program and flexibility when it comes to extended leave for weddings and overseas trips. · Inspiring values of excellence, ingenuity, integrity and heart incorporated into all business processes, policies and communications. · A bright, fresh, modern and open workspace to encourage a positive working environment and work life balance. There are showers, great training facilities and plenty of room for regular health and fitness sessions. Breakfast, drinks and healthy snacks are all provided daily for all employees. · A love for celebrations – birthdays, anniversaries, individual and company achievements. · An internal social networking platform to foster a modern culture of openness and transparency. · Quarterly employee briefings to share information, business goals, successes, challenges and new initiatives. A commitment to the health sector both in Australia and overseas. Wavelength actively donates and fundraises for the Fred Hollows Foundation and Médecins Sans Frontières. The company also sponsors indigenous medical students and encourages employees to participate in other charitable events throughout the year. ### About Wavelength International Wavelength International
is Australia’s largest medical recruitment company, offering local and international candidate resourcing, medical registration and immigration services for medical professionals and healthcare employers. Based in Sydney, we work with over 300 hospitals, clinics and general practices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. About Great Place to Work Inc Great Place to Work Inc, is a global research and consulting firm specialising in workplace excellence and development of high-trust and high-engagement workplace cultures. Our proprietary research tool, the Trust Index Employee Engagement Survey, is taken annually by over 10 million employees worldwide. Leading companies worldwide use our model to increase the levels of trust across their organisations and drive business results. For further information, please contact: Deanna Daly Marketing Executive, Wavelength International Tel: 02 8353 9032 Email: Living vs Fake Greenwalls 2017-05-29T18:45:00Z living-vs-fake-greenwalls There is no doubt that the popularity of greenwalls has significantly grown over the past few years. However, Mark Paul, horticulturist and Australian greenwall pioneer warns the hidden dangers of going fake versus living.   Mark Paul, founder of The Greenwall Company says, “Although the aesthetic of a fake greenwall can be appealing and the faux plant choice has expanded over the years, there are a number of things to consider.   “Aside from the lack of health benefits, they are a fire hazard due to the chemicals they are treated with and the dust they collect. The same dust can cause an increase in allergies, especially when placed in closed office spaces. After a number of media reported “greenwall fires”, all in fake greenwalls, many commercial property managers have banned them and had existing ones removed,” said Mark.   The benefits of a living greenwall include: Improved air quality in urban environments – Living walls will actually filter out harmful pollutants [VOCs] and dust rather than attracting them. Aesthetically appealing – Greenwalls can be designed as a standout feature or blend into the natural environment. Lower power bills – Living greenwalls help to regulate the temperature of the building they are installed on. Sound insulation – Living greenwalls can absorb up to 10 decibels of sound, which is why they are a great option for office environments. Lower maintenance – Living greenwalls are fitted with an automated irrigation system enabling them to essentially look after themselves. About The Greenwall Company: The Greenwall Company are the pioneers of greenwalls and green roofs in Australia. Founded by Mark Paul, a horticulturist, designer and advocate for greening cities, The Greenwall Company use award winning design techniques across both residential and commercial projects, bringing greenwalls to a new level of integration within the urban environment. Their vision is to reclaim the urban environment, wrapping facades of buildings with epiphytic and lithophytic plants creating living, breathing architectural function.