The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-24T11:33:21Z Loss of a loved one is a very difficult time for most people 2017-03-24T11:33:21Z loss-of-a-loved-one-is-a-very-difficult-time-for-most-people She was only in her early 50's and had 3 children.  She had been sick for a few years, but still managed to soldier on and cope with life, between hospital visits.  Anyway unfortunately after Christmas she passed. It had been particularly hard for all her children, but her youngest daughter was completing VCE.  She was really struggling to get through with her mum being so unwell and the huge pressure of SACS and VCE exams. We did photo engraved necklaces for her family to help them with their grief.  Initially we did one for her husband and he showed other family members and they all wanted one.   I recently spoke to the youngest daughter who said to me she totally adored her piece.  She said she wore it daily in December as that was a particularly hard month for her, with her mum being so unwell, and the final loss of her mother.  She explained to me that it provided her with the comfort and love she needed.  She was also involved in Grief groups and had given many of my cards out, as many people had commented and admired  her piece. We were truly happy to hear her story of how our photo engraved necklace helps her regularly, but in particular times of need.  The loss of a loved one is difficult for most people and just knowing the comfort it provides her and her family with was truly inspiring. See More My Cubby Helps Dreams Come True with Layby 2017-03-24T04:58:58Z my-cubby-helps-dreams-come-true-with-layby My Cubby knows how hard it is for parents to say ‘No’ to their children’s fondest dreams and desires. It is difficult when money is not at hand to make purchases that they know will make a world of difference to their beloved children. My Cubby has come out with the best layby plan to help such parents’ gift their children the cubby houses they dream of. Layby purchases are far wiser options compared to using credit cards to buy a gift during the holiday season and then incur interest charges.   By the time the entire amount spent is paid back, the amount escalates to much more than what was originally paid for the gift. My Cubby’s Layby plan is very convenient as the customer pays a minimum deposit of $100 and then makes the repayments as they like. The payments of the cubby have to be completed within 12 months from the date the first deposit. Parents who want to gift their children a cubby for Christmas 2017 will need to plan to complete their payments by the 10th of November so that the ordered cubby can be dispatched and installed in time for Christmas. Layby is excellent for families that want to pool their resources together to give their little ones a cubby. Extended family members can also contribute money towards the layby of the cubby. Children are overjoyed to learn that their grandparents, uncles and aunts contributed to purchase their favourite cubby house for them. Children are always overjoyed to see cubby houses with freestanding swings, kid’s rope ladders and dolls house furniture. It helps make beautiful memories that families can cherish for generations to come. Customers can also plan a layby in advance with a preferred dispatch date such as a birthday or any special family event besides Christmas. Payments have to be completed before the planned date of installation of the cubby. My Cubby wants to see happy children all around Australia. Layby is one of the ways in which My Cubby is helping parents to fulfil the desire of playing in their own favourite cubby. Those who have queries regarding the layby and cubby houses of My Cubby may call 1800121513. To check out the various cubby houses available at My Cubby visit this link  Try Ecostore’s new kids range for safer bath time fun 2017-03-24T04:48:26Z try-ecostore-s-new-kids-range-for-safer-bath-time-fun With foam to the max, and bubbles for a bit of trouble making, Ecostore’s new kids range makes bath time more fun than ever! The range includes a three in one conditioning shampoo and body wash for convenience and value, with over 500 pumps that kids can dispense themselves. There is also a bubble bath and a foaming handwash. The company has already had some great feedback from early product users: “It was fun for the kids to use, they even decided to wash themselves for the first time. Definitely made bath time easier!” “My kids love dispensing products themselves and found the packaging easy to use, with the right amount of product being dispensed at any one time.” Ecostore’s kids range is a great follow on from its well known baby range for newborns to two-plus, which has been in supermarkets for many years. Both ranges are kind to young skin because they use carefully chosen plant and mineral based ingredients. Kids will also love the fruity zing and pear pop fragrances in the kids range, and the cool characters that steal the show on the front and back of the bottle. Among the characters are Nabi the narwhal, the star of the bubble bath, and Moss the moa, who’s on the pear pop three in one. Check out the new range at Year 10 Students set to battle it out 2017-03-22T07:00:26Z year-10-students-set-to-battle-it-out The Science & Engineering Challenge is a fun day of hands on activities designed to show year 10 students that science is actually fun and to help influence their subject choices in their final years of high school, allowing them entry into technical tertiary level study and a future career in Science & Engineering.  Held over 5 days in the old Midland Railway Workshops from March 27th to 31st and being managed by the Rotary Club of Midland. 40 Schools from all over the Perth metropolitan area are set to take part in this 5 day challenge. Each day will see teams of 4 students do battle. Each team has 8 tasks to overcome and think their way through.  Constructing an earthquake-proof tower,  building a catapult,  designing & building a 'Bionic Hand' are just some of the activities they need to master. The teams will be judged on the successful outcome of the projects.  Each task is set to test the teams on; constructive thinking, innovative design, teamwork using basic materials, sound engineering principals and ingenuity. The highlight of the day is the testing of the Balsa Wood Bridge for its load bearing capabilities to the point of  its  dramatic destruction.  The event is strongly supported by local sponsors and West Australian universities. Edith Cowan, Murdoch, Curtin and the University of WA will all have staff and students present as well as making presentations to the winning teams.  Other major sponsors include St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospital, Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, The City of Swan,  and The Steffanelli Group Pty Ltd in Midland. Without these generous sponsors this event would not be possible.  Ensure your school registers in time for next years fun filled challenge.  7 Ways to Create Quirky and Fun Kids’ Rooms 2017-03-20T01:18:17Z 7-ways-to-create-quirky-and-fun-kids-rooms These days there is no end to the cool, quirky and fun style parents can inject into their kids’ rooms. Designer and DIY parents alike are keen to add magic to their little ones’ special spaces and these hot trends are sure to inspire. To stay on trend with the latest kids’ room trends, Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors shares her top tips: 1. Neon Colour Pops – Neon is back! We love the fun way in which neon accents can add zing to any kids’ space. But beware! Use in moderation to avoid overpowering the room. 2. Shared Spaces – Space is at a premium these days and whether you have decided your little ones should share for that reason, or merely for the fun that sharing with your sibling can offer, shared spaces don’t have to be rigid in design. 3. Geometric Patterns – The geometric trend isn’t going anywhere! We love how these bold graphic prints and patterns are becoming a classic look but also add a playful but ordered style to the space. They can easily be adapted to any gender and also suit-shared spaces. Removable wallpaper is a great way to add some geometrics! 4. Monochrome – Monochrome is the new neutral! This palette is cool and edgy while also remaining classic in style. Using bold prints, beloved icons, like our friend Miffy or Nordic/wilderness influences, make this trend perfect for nurseries to teen rooms. 5. Outside In – The spirit of adventure is strong for little people, so it is only natural they love spaces that reflect this. The use of versatile wallpapers makes it easy to create a magical space. Bold wallpapers can be limited to one wall so it doesn’t overwhelm the room. 6. Playhouse Beds – Forget dollhouses! We love playhouses and cubby beds almost as much as kids do! No matter if it’s for sleeping or as a reading nook, playhouse beds are fun for any child. We love the DIY version of this teepee bed by blogger and mummy Sarah of Hello Bowsers. 7. Designer Furniture – When it comes to selecting furniture for any part of your home, well designed and functional is a must, so buying for your child’s room is no exception. For a long time kids’ bedroom furniture was limited to one or the other. Pioneers like Lilly and Lolly changed that and Incy Interiors has both beautiful and long-lasting pieces. For further information please go to: Celebrating Global Money Week with Free Financial Education 2017-03-16T06:14:49Z celebrating-global-money-week-with-free-financial-education Empowering young people with sound financial literacy is a powerful way to shape the way their life turns out. And every parent wants to do what they can to help their kids get off to the right start financially, but they might not have the knowledge or resources to make that happen. Global Money Week (27 March – 2 April) is an international week of awareness and education events put on by Child & Youth Finance International in partnership with the OECD. It’s all about raising awareness and improving the capabilities of young people when it comes to financial matters. This year’s theme is ‘Learn. Save. Earn.’ To help celebrate, Money101 has created four fun, fast and free online education units. They’ve been designed and developed specifically to promote the #GMW2017 values of educating children about their financial rights, responsibilities and opportunities. These units are free and anonymous to access. What you (or your little ones) learn could change your financial outlook for the better. The units are: Save More Money, Buy Cool Stuff: Do you always spend your money too fast, and have to ask Mum or Dad for more? This unit will show you how to stop wasting your money on random crap, and start saving more money for the stuff you really care about. (Suggested ages: 10+) Your first ever super account: Super is kinda annoying to think about when you’re just starting your first job, and all you want is cash for now. But it’s important to think about it, unless you don’t mind having a lame fun-free lifestyle when you’re older. This unit will show you what super’s all about, how it works, and why you should give a stuff. (Suggested ages: 12-18) Starting your first job: Eventually, you have to stop relying on the bank of Mum and Dad – you’ve got to get a job if you want your own money! This unit shows you what happens after you’ve landed your first job, from signing your contract to getting paid for the first time. (Suggested ages: 12-18) Teaching kids about money: When it comes to getting little kids smarter about money, parents are the first (and biggest) influence. This handy simple guide helps mums and dads get started on teaching kids those essential money-related skills and values. From today onwards, you can access these four units at They’ll be available until the 9th of April, giving you a bit more time to try them out and share them around. On the 12th, we’ll be reporting back on the feedback we receive from parents, kids, educators, service providers, and other stakeholders. Tags: #GMW2017, Global Money Week, OECD, Child & Youth Finance International, financial education, kids and money, #LearnSaveEarn Reference: Our CEO, Catherine Birchall, is available for further comment. For more information on this project, please contact: Jana Joy Marketing Eva Mellors QA & Communications (03) 8612 3100 NUBO – A FIRST OF ITS KIND KIDS’ PLAY CENTRE WHERE PURE PLAY RULES 2017-03-15T10:44:59Z nubo-a-first-of-its-kind-kids-play-centre-where-pure-play-rules 15 March, Sydney: Working in collaboration with Joey Ho and Patrick Leung of PalDesign Architects, Frost*collective was commissioned to work on a new concept in children’s play spaces that is understood to be the first of its kind in Australia. Built around best practices for early childhood education through the lense of play, NUBO supports play and educational growth through exploration and connection. The new centre, located in Sydney’s Alexandria, is suitable for children 0-10 years and officially launches today. NUBO tapped into brand and design expertise across the Collective. Frost* Design created the strategy, identity, branded collateral and promotional items; Urbanite was asked to deliver signage and environmental design across the 768sqm floor space, and The Nest designed and developed the NUBO website. Commenting on the idea and build of the new play centre, NUBO’s Chief Imagination Officer said, “The aim of NUBO is to steer away from the typical play centre clichés of bright colours, plastic toys and computer screens. We are promoting a sense of ‘pure play’ through a beautiful, clean and considered space where parents and children can interact during the entire play process.” To articulate the notion of ‘pure play’ in a way that could resonate with both parents and children, the concept needed to be anchored by a core creative idea. Imagined by Frost*Design, the word Nubo translates as ‘cloud’ in Esperanto, a language invented in the late 1870’s to foster harmony between people from different countries. The creative idea itself was inspired by the brand name. “We then came up with the idea of cloud gazing that conjures up unique and different things for different people,” said Ant Donovan, Group Creative Director, Frost*collective. “This singular idea – of exercising the imagination - informed the architectural design concept, while also steering the direction of our brand identity and feeding into Urbanite’s branded environment signage strategy.” The logo utilises the ‘B’ as a cloud device, and this is carried across all brand touch points and integrated into the illustration style. The outcome is a childlike, stunningly simple and versatile brand expression that speaks directly to the audience and is unquestionably consistent with the brand’s intent. NUBO’s environment offers a range of elements and tools to nurture healthy minds, bodies and spirits. Features include a stunning library weaved around a giant hot air balloon where kids can curl up to read their favourite book; a building room full of Big Blue Blocks, MagFormers and Kaleido Gears; a zone for active play including a giant climbing frame where little ones can slide, climb and hide; the Nubo Café with an emphasis on healthy, wholesome food made fresh to order; a range of children’s master classes including cooking, art, music and coding; and facilitated play sessions. “We know that play nourishes children’s early development and we want NUBO to be part of that journey,” Nubo’s Chief Imagination Officer continued."Working with Joey Ho and the Frost*collective team has been an exciting and enriching experience. The outcome is quite stunning and we have already received incredibly positive feedback from parents and children who have visited.” Concluded Donovan, “Watching kids interact in an environment offers real insights into the learning process. Seeing kids play at NUBO, I witnessed a genuine and honest delight indicating that if children have the opportunity to interact with quality spaces their interactions can be incredibly valuable.” -ends-  Credits Group Creative Director: Anthony Donovan, Frost*collective Senior Designer: Alex Dalmau, Frost*DesignJunior Designer: Kieran Mistry, Frost*Design Strategy Director: Catriona Burgess, Frost*collectiveStrategist: Jeanne Ogilvie, Frost*collective Client Services Director: Emma Stone, Frost*Design Account Director: Max Delplanque, Frost*DesignSenior Digital Producer: Kate West, The NestSenior Digital Designer: Zion Wu, The Nest Developers: Minh Hoang & Isaac Martin, The NestDesign Manager: Hannah Radford, UrbaniteEnvironments Design Director: Maria Briganti, UrbaniteDesigner: Yvonne Tong, Urbanite  About Frost*collective We are a collective of strategists, built-environment specialists, digital innovators and highly creative designers who are dedicated to designing a better world with every project. We offer the benefits of collaboration across Frost*collective which is at the intersection of digital, physical and visual experiences. We work with businesses to create products and solutions, tailored to our client needs, that transcend technologies, channels and media with a focus on the overall experience.  For all media enquiries Chantal OmodiagbeCommunications Manager0420 542 451  New Real Techniques Diamond Sponge 2017-03-13T22:50:46Z new-real-techniques-diamond-sponge The hugely popular Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection™ adds its first sponge to the collection – introducing the Miracle Diamond Sponge. Designed by internationally renowned professional makeup artists and beauty vloggers, Sam and Nic Chapman, the new sponge offers precision application when blending shadow. Erica Galea, Marketing Manager of Chemcorp International, says, “We’re pleased to announce this gorgeous new sponge is now available in Australia! The Bold Metals Collection has been popular since launching in July 2015, and we expect this sponge will be loved just as much! The marble swirl pattern is very on-trend, too.” The multi-faceted Miracle Diamond Sponge is designed to work with multiple products on different areas of your face. No two sponges are alike – each has its own unique swirl design. How to use the new Miracle Diamond Sponge: TOP: Buff and blend out makeup for a flawless finish LARGER FLAT SIDES: Function as a wedge to apply makeup to larger areas like the forehead and cheeks SMALLER FLAT SIDES: Great for precision contouring around the eyes, mouth and brow bone POINTED TIP: Covers small imperfections Use the sponge damp for dewy application and dry for full coverage powders. For best results and hygiene, it is recommended to replace the sponge every 1 – 3 months. The new Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection™ Miracle Diamond Sponge is available now for an RRP of $24.99 at Priceline and online at New 1000 Hour Instant Brows: Eyebrow Mascara 2017-03-13T05:10:41Z new-1000-hour-instant-brows-eyebrow-mascara 1000 Hour is excited to announce the launch of their brush-on tinted eyebrow mascara. Now you can create beautiful brows in an instant! Enhance your beauty with brows that frame your face and define your eyes. 1000 Hour Instant Brows provides buildable, long-wearing colour. The coloured gel tints the brows to provide a natural, even and comfortable hold, whilst the buildable colour boosts brow depth. The light gel base tames and sets eyebrows for naturally full and defined arches. It is easily applied with the mascara wand without the clumping and flaking. Erica Galea, Marketing Manager at Chemcorp International says, “Brows can make or break an entire makeup look. Bold brows are very on-trend right now; and I don’t think we’re going to see them disappear anytime soon! Brow products are now an essential for beauty enthusiasts right through to the professional makeup artist. “There was so much demand for this product to be developed. It’s so convenient to be able to pull the wand out of your bag for a quick and easy application. Plus, the Clear is fantastic to groom and set even if you already tint your brows.” adds Erica. 1000 Hour Instant Brows application steps: Choose the 1000 Hour Eyebrow Mascara that best matches your natural brow/hair colour Apply using light upward and outward strokes to define the shape Gently blend with the tip to the outer edge to form an arch To remove simply use cleanser or makeup remover 1000 Hour Instant Brows is available in four shades: black/dark brown, medium brown, light brown/blonde and clear. 1000 Hour Instant Brows is available now for a RRP of $9.99 at Priceline and online at Child Care Centre Asks: “What Constitutes High Quality of Child Care in Perth?” 2017-03-10T02:44:46Z child-care-centre-asks-what-constitutes-high-quality-of-child-care-in-perth Perth, WA, 13 February 2017 - Recently, the management of a child care centre in Perth provided an informative post about what constitutes high quality child care on their company blog. Michelle Coleski, Operations Manager of Cuddles Child Care, who have three locations in the Perth area, is dedicated to providing the highest quality child care possible. She took a look at what constitutes high quality child care and how to tell if a child care centre is performing as well as it should.According to Ms Coleski: “There are a lot of variables that go into providing high quality child care. Some think all you have to do is buy the newest equipment. Others go out of their way to provide the best opportunities for children to learn through play. Some have staffs that have served their local communities for years and years.”Ms Coleski continued: “Ultimately, all of these qualities help provide high quality child care. The best child care centres combine all three to varying degrees, but some do a great job just because they are so dedicated. There really isn’t any one solution that works for every child and every child care centre.”Measuring Child Care Centre PerformanceThe Australian Government has a set of standards in place to help ensure that all child care centres are adhering to what they see as an acceptable set of standards. These are called the National Quality Standards and the National Quality Framework. However, just because a child care centre adheres to these standards doesn’t mean they are providing high quality child care.Ms Coleski recommends that parents visit any child care centre they are considering for their children numerous times before making a decision. There are certain minimal standards she recommends that parents pay close attention to. She believes child care centre should be kept clean and the equipment should be properly maintained and in a good state of repair.Ms Coleski also believes any child care centre should have a lot of room for children to play and run around, with plenty of equipment and toys to help keep the children engaged and entertained.Ultimately, though, Ms Coleski sees three standards as essential to high quality child care. According to Ms Coleski:“A child care centre staff must be caring and attentive at all times. This is often called being ‘tuned in.’ Carers and teachers should always be paying attention to the children instead of talking to other adults. The best child care personnel can multi-task but make each child feel like they are the only child in the room.”Ms Coleski concluded: “The best child care workers provide an environment of trust, respect and safety for your children. We really don’t think you should ever accept anything less.”Cuddles Child Care has three child care centres in the Perth area. They are known for their dedicated and attentive staff, their stringent vetting of new hires and their ample offerings of opportunities for children to learn through play. Their creative offerings, such as Jessie’s Arti Time and Shake ‘n’ Bake, help children have fun while their parents are at work, even as they learn. To learn more or to enquire about child care, contact them through their website: How to find the right property stylist for your home 2017-03-08T03:59:04Z how-to-find-the-right-property-stylist-for-your-home Not all property stylists are the same. Cameron Nicholls, Founder and Principal of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents provides his tips to match-make the right property to the stylist. Engage more than one – It’s better to have at least two or more who have different styles and looks. Let them work their magic – You don’t need to be there, they are the experts so let them do what they do best. Remember you can use existing items – Stylists can work with existing furniture and simply add some sparkle, colour and freshen up. Make sure there is and extension option – Just incase the auction or campaign doesn’t run to plan you need a buffer. Have options – Budget and premium stylists and or packages. “You wouldn’t wear Dior to the rugby so make sure you find the appropriate match when it comes to presenting a property,” says Nicholls. Decadent Bathrooms – DIY tips that won’t break the bank! 2017-03-06T02:49:26Z decadent-bathrooms-diy-tips-that-won-t-break-the-bank Bathrooms are no longer merely functional spaces lacking personality! Introducing the new 2017 bathroom, where we are spending more and more time on beauty application, personal care, detoxing and de-stressing. To stay on trend with the latest bathroom trends, Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors shares her top tips. Justine’s top 9 DIY tips for decadent bathrooms that won’t break the bank: Tap Ware Feature – Make a statement! Consider matt black, gold or rose gold tap ware for an on-trend statement feature. Upsized Tiles – Use large floor tiles and repeat the floor tiling as a feature wall to create a modern and glamorous look bathroom. Gloss Away – Choose a darker colour or gloss finish for your floor or feature tile to create a luxurious feeling. Neutral Palette – Opt for a neutral palette so your bathroom won’t date quickly. Floating Design – The “floating” design element is popular with vanities now and it a great way to create the illusion of space. Oversized Mirror – An easy and affordable way to enhance the sense of scale and space in the bathroom. Natural Material – Introducing natural material like marble will always give your bathroom and upmarket and glamorous feeling. Metallic Accessories – Scented candles, gold bowls for soaps and beautiful hanging feature lighting pendants give a glam pop. Accent Colours – Introduce accent colours with bath towels and flowers to help add decadence to the bathroom. For further tips and information go to: Can sharks be taught not to attack humans? 2017-03-05T19:00:59Z can-sharks-be-taught-not-to-attack-humans Shark Attack Training Can sharks be taught not to attack humans? Shark Shield, the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology, is challenging the status quo by posting the question ‘Can sharks be taught not to attack humans?’ at the upcoming International Surfing Symposium. Held on Monday, 13th and Tuesday 14th March on the Gold Coast Australia, Shark Shield Managing Director Lindsay Lyon will pose the question as part of a panel discussion with some of the world’s leading shark experts. “In psychology, classical conditioning is best known from the experiments by Ivan Pavlov where a stimulus was presented and then the dog was given food, after a few repetitions when the stimulus was presented the dog would salivate without food,” Lindsay says. “CSRIO scientists have noted that tracked sharks often follow the same route annually stopping at the same beaches along the way, literally to the day. Could the longer-term use of proven electrical deterrents on surfboards over time generate a conditional response in sharks? “If a shark’s electrical receptors spasm uncontrollably from the FREEDOM+ Surf electrical deterrent every time it swims by a surf break, will it stop swimming by that particular break. Can electrical deterrents be used to teach sharks to avoid humans?” Lyon hypothesizes. In 2016 the UWA Ocean’s Institute released the third independent scientific research paper proving Shark Shield as the only device that effectively turns sharks away. This peer-reviewed paper showed adventure sport participants can significantly remove risk in activities like diving, spearfishing, kayaking and surfing. In reviewing the UWA research, The Australian Geographic magazine wrote “Great White Shark deterrent almost 100% effective.” In 2012, Dr Charlie Huveneers from the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) and Flinders University tested the effectiveness of Shark Shield. Part of this independent scientific testing used a seal decoy off the coast of South Africa, with white sharks consistently aborting shark attack charges on a seal decoy with the Shark Shield device turned on. Dr Vic Peddemors, a renowned shark scientist who has been working with sharks since 1987, was also involved in statistical testing of Shark Shield’s effectiveness back in 2003 in South Africa on white sharks. During this testing it was shown that by using a Shark Shield the probability of an attack was reduced from 0.70 to 0.08 with no sharks taking the bait during testing. Choice Magazine, an independent leading Australian Consumer Research organization, published their own review of shark deterrents in January 2016 confirming Shark Shield as the only deterrent with scientific evidence of its effectiveness. “Shark Shield’s effectiveness is as proven as Pavlovian theory, the theory of teaching sharks has significant merit and it’s now a case of working with the scientific community and governments to test it, and in the process make a difference to improving local economies and tourism without sacrificing human or marine life,” added Lyon. Click here to see an animated video demonstrating how the FREEDOM+ Surf creates a protective electrical field which is proven to turn sharks away. About Shark Shield Shark Shield is for professional adventurers. It is the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Sharks have small short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for locating food. Shark Shield’s unique three-dimensional electrical waveform turns sharks away by causing unbearable spasms in these sensitive receptors. Used by professionals, such as navies around the world, Shark Shield is a safety device providing peace of mind, while supporting the conservation of sharks. If you’re serious about adventure, you wear a Shark Shield. For further information or to set up and interview with Lindsay Lyon from Shark Shield, please contact: Rachel King @ 360 PR: +61 2 9571 4448 / +61 423 833 814 or Vashti Perera Brings Harmony And Musical Nuance To Stinky Ninja 2017-03-02T00:21:28Z vashti-perera-brings-harmony-and-musical-nuance-to-stinky-ninja Stinky Ninja announced today that Vashti Perera has begun composition on a diverse range of tracks for the Stinky Ninja children’s album. With Vashti’s guidance the Stinky Ninja album will incorporate a plethora of ingredients from a range of the most important historical Popular Musical styles. In addition to composing and playing music for Stinky Ninja, Vashti Perera is ensuring a focus on educational elements, including research into the ongoing transformation of music in modern times and developing consumable focused outcomes such as teaching guides and lesson plans. “Stinky Ninja offers a very unique package that combines education, technology and entertainment through the lens of comedy and storytelling. The concepts contain many levels of possible engagement making it appealing to diverse audiences in a variety of ways. The Stinky Ninja brand incorporates key areas that I feel most crucial about; education through creativity, connecting social communities and being able to celebrate life’s amusing quirks. Personally, it is a way I can bring my diverse experience in teaching, composing and performing together to create high quality musical productions presented in an educational format that is both fun and innovative”, explained Vashti Perera. “From industry veterans to the youngest of children Stinky Ninja’s animated musical journey is an opportunity for a wide variety of audiences to learn something about music”, observed Adam Sivell, founder of Stinky Ninja. “For children it might be a fun first introduction to different styles, and for the more well-travelled an insight into the history of music, instrumentation, and the connection and evolution of genres. One of the really exciting things about Vashti is that she is able to incorporate layers of hidden complexity. At first glance Stinky appears as a simple cartoon. Then you realize that the music is actually very high quality. As you keep listening you begin to notice that the lyrics are telling a funny classic story, and that each song represents a different musical style. And underpinning all of this is the connection between the musical styles, instrumentation, and the educational elements.” About Vashti Perera Vashti Perera is an Australian Pianist, Composer, Producer and Music Teacher who started her music studies in Classical Piano the age of 7. Vashti has toured internationally and performed as a member of diverse bands in styles from Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Pop, Soul and Blues. In 2005 she recorded her first original music EP for a Latin Jazz project, which was met with high acclaim, becoming the national winner of the ‘Oz Music Awards’ World Music Category and runner up in the Jazz Category. She produced an album of original Latin music in Melbourne/Colombia in 2009 for project KIMBAYA and then was based in NYC for 5 years performing, teaching and working with artists as a producer and composer. Vashti’s website is About Stinky Ninja Stinky Ninja is based in Cheltenham, Australia. Stinky Ninja creates children's music and funny cartoons that entertain and educate the whole family. Learn and laugh with high quality music across a wide variety of genres including Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, Country, Latin, Funk, and much more. Stinky Ninja has twelve children's songs in production with a release targeted towards the end of 2017. Stinky Ninja's website is New Lifefactory Baby Collection 2017-02-28T02:52:43Z new-lifefactory-baby-collection VGM International is pleased to announce a beautiful new range of colours to join the Lifefactory Baby Collection. Loved globally by celebrities, bloggers and social influencers, Lifefactory glass bottles are responsibly made with healthy materials, authentic heritage and durability by design – perfect for infant feeding. Mikaela Barratt, Marketing Manager at VGM International says, “Lifefactory baby bottles have been designed to take your baby from cradle to table, with interchangeable lids that will accompany your baby’s growth every step of the way! In fact, Lifefactory was founded as a baby bottle company by a Pediatric Feeding Specialist with over 17 years of hospital experience and an award- winning integrative designer. Both of them combined smart design, years of pediatric experience and quality materials to deliver products that not only beautiful but safe and practical too. “Lifefactory products are made from the finest materials available: virgin glass (no impurities) and teats are all made in France and the medical-grade silicone sleeves are made in the U.S.” adds Mikaela. Environmentally friendly and easy to clean (you can see inside and know your bottle is clean!) Lifefactory bottles have been designed to be dishwasher safe with no narrow openings. The best part is that glass requires no liner (aluminum), uses no harmful chemicals (plastic) and has no taste transfer (stainless steel). Each piece is BPA/BPS-free, phthalate-free and FDA approved! Lifefactory’s bottles don’t only offer a beautiful array of colours, but they also provide a comfortable, non-slip gripping surface to improve durability and protection from life’s occasional bumps. As they are made from medical-grade silicone, they are absolutely safe to gnaw on! Baby Bottles available in the Lifefactory Baby Collection: 120ml Baby Bottle with Stage 1 Teat (0-3 months) – RRP $34.95 250ml Baby Bottle with Stage 2 Teat (3-6 months) – RRP $39.95 Teethers (2 pack) - $34.95 Available in a range of colours: Blanket, Cantalope, Lavender, Mint, Pink, Blueberry, Papaya, Royal Purple, Kale and Raspberry Baby Accessories are also available separately: Flat Cap (2 pack) – RRP $7.95 Teats (2 pack) – RRP $12.95 Sippy Lids (2 pack) – RRP $19.95 The Lifefactory Baby Collection is available now at as well as local independent kitchenware and gift retailers. For further information, images or product requests, please contact the 360 PR team: Rachel King – P: 02 9571 4448 or 0423 833 814 E: