The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-23T00:30:20Z Top tips to prepare for the hay and silage season 2017-03-23T00:30:20Z top-tips-to-prepare-for-the-hay-and-silage-season Regular annual hay and silage making is now common-place on many farms in Australia and while sticking to a suitable rotation throughout winter will see you through there are still some important things to consider. Pasture selection and preparation for one, is an important consideration to maximise the production potential of silage and while there is a number of factors that influence the pasture including climate, agronomic constraints and the silage system that will be used, farmers should firstly consider what best suits their whole farm program. “Harvesting high quality fodder is one of the key focus areas for KUHN Farm Machinery innovation,” says Mr Bruno Fetiveau, Managing Director KUHN Farm Machinery. “Low quality forage is unlikely to become good quality silage, so it is important that farmers consider the management of their pasture, the growth stage at harvest, as well as wrapping the bales sufficiently for storage.” Because application of fertiliser can have major implications on the quality and quantity of silage, another key consideration is the soil and plant fertiliser requirements. Nitrogen and potassium levels need to be managed to maximise yield as well and feed quality. Hay and silage production absorbs a lot of potassium from the soil, so an application in early spring may be required. Nitrogen levels also need to be monitored closely, and topdress to individual yield requirements. To address this Mr Fetiveau says that farmers are encouraged to soil test their pastures before sowing and during the growth stages to ascertain the fertility of their paddocks. For paddock preparation and throughout the pasture growth stages, weed and pest management is also an important consideration. Hay and silage making can be used as a highly effective weed control strategy, however established weeds in silage or hay pastures can reduce the feed quality and in some cases be toxic to livestock. Weeds should be controlled early-on to avoid infestations. The main weeds to consider include Capeweed, Fireweed and Patersons Curse. The same applies to in managing disease or insect damage. Common pets such as aphids and diseases such as rust can dramatically impact yield and feed quality. Finally, it is also important to take a look at machinery needs and plan for any servicing, maintenance or repairs, so you’re not let down in the middle of harvest. Growers will need to weigh up investing in machinery or utilising the services of a contractor. Machinery innovation, technology improvements and the latest precision agriculture software applications make hay and silage production much more productive and profitable. Mr Fetiveau says: “KUHN offers a large range of reliable products for hay and silage production. Our wide choice of agricultural machinery including vertical tillage systems and power harrows, fertiliser spreaders, sprayers, mowers, rakes, balers and wrappers, are all designed and manufactured using cutting edge technology.” To ensure farmers have the best machines for the next silage season, KUHN have a special finance offer until 15 April 2017 with 0.99% interest on any two machines purchased for three years with 1/3 deposit. For hay tools 1.99% interest over three years with 1/3 deposit and balers and wrappers 1.99% for four years with 1/3 deposit. For more information and to learn more about the KUHN difference visit Ends. Media Contact: C7EVEN Communications Pty Ltd Adam Arndell Luci Smith P: 02 6766 4513/ 0403 372 889 P: 02 6766 4513 E: E: How can women still be earning less than men in the 21st century? 2017-03-07T05:20:08Z how-can-women-still-be-earning-less-than-men-in-the-21st-century Founder of Create A Wealthy Life, Melbourne’s Deb Smith wants to know why despite all the information saying it is so, women still earn less than men and it is taking so long for big business to act with more haste. “Australian women face so many financial challenges men do not,” she said. “It boggles the mind that in the 21st century with all we have witnessed about the capabilities of women, that we are still paid less and financially hindered by having a family.” “Our country has such a long way to go until this is no longer an issue. “Let’s explore some more stats … yes they are out but I think we need reminding - an Australian woman’s full-time average weekly earnings are 16.2 per cent less than a man’s and her super is 52.8 per cent lower (Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)). That is mind blowing given women still live longer than men). “Almost half of women work part-time around family obligations, whereas only one in six Aussie men work part time (Australian Securities and Investments Commission).  The Australian Institute of Family Studies found the incomes of women post-divorce or separation are impacted more significantly than those of men.” Where does that leave women? According to Deb, while it looks dire financially for women, it is not all doom and gloom. “First things first – take responsibility for your financial literacy. Understand your mortgage works, how to budget and save, find out tools that can help you learn about money management. Everyone is scared of a budget but if done right it is not going without everything, it is modifying the way you spend your pennies. I review my clients Home Loans every 12 months on their behalf and sometimes they are amazed at how we can negotiate better rates and this can save thousands of dollars in interest,” Deb said. “Then you need to address your belief systems around money. Look at why you say “I’m scared of money”, or “I never touched money, I don’t know what to do with it.”  Or” Money is the root of all evil.”. There are emotional reasons why you think that way. I love money and I think this is a healthy attitude, it allows it to flow my way. “Connect with successful women through networking groups or MeetUps; find out what they do to grow their wealth and financial security. “Seek out expert advice from professionals who can help you set up a savings strategy (while still leaving some money to have fun). If you are in business, understand your cash flow and numbers.  It is not enough to leave it up to someone else; you must keep your finger on the pulse. “Finally, get rid of your bad debt.  Credit cards, Personal loans. Buy now, pay later. All of these eat into your savings and affect your borrowing capacity.” Deb said as women, we do face additional challenges. “It may be some time before all of the reasons many struggles financially are resolved.  Blaming others is the easy way out. To be truly wealthy in life, you have to take responsibility for what happens to you,” she said. KUHN Expo showcases the best in farm machinery innovation 2017-02-23T23:30:46Z kuhn-expo-showcases-the-best-in-farm-machinery-innovation Over the last two days, KUHN Farm Machinery has welcomed more than 300 dealers and customers to the KUHN Farm Machinery Expo in Cowra, NSW. The event was a unique opportunity to meet global product experts from the United States and Europe as well as get hands on experience with KUHN’s innovative farm machinery. 30 machines were showcased, across both days, demonstrating the KUHN difference through the company’s strength and technology in design and manufacturing including, for the first time in Australia, the KUHN AGT 6036 Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader; KUHN Axent Fertiliser Spreader; KUHN HR 8040R Power Harrow and the KUHN Excelerator Vertical Tillage System. Tillage expert Wade Oman from the KUHN factory in North America was on hand to demonstrate the impressive features and innovations of the Excelerator Vertical Tillage System. Wade says with exclusive Excalibur blades to capture and slice through residue, the Excelerator Vertical Tillage System provides exceptional residue cutting, soil and residue mixing and seedbed preparation in one pass. Danny Tranter, Integrated Solutions, KUHN Australia said: “when it comes to spreaders KUHN’s AGT 6036 Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader, with a daily output of 400ha, is perfect for fine and irregularly sized or prilled fertilisers.” “The AGT 6036 ensures precise spreading over the entire 36m working width regardless of wind, terrain inclination and fertiliser quality.” Danny added that: “As a leader in farm machinery, KUHN offers farmers the best products right around the world and the Axent Fertiliser Spreader is no exception. It is the first trailed spreader with continuous adjustment during spreading and has two spreading modules for spreading different products – granule or powder type fertiliser.” Throughout the Expo, dealers and customers were given access to live demonstrations and presentations on the full range of KUHN Farm Machinery. Mr Bruno Fetiveau, Managing Director, KUHN Farm Machinery said the Expo was a huge success with dealers and customers leaving with new knowledge and information about the impressive range of KUHN Farm Machinery and the amazing technologies that make up the KUHN difference. Vision and photographs from the Expo are available at: For more information and to learn more about the KUHN difference visit Ends. Media Contact: C7EVEN Communications, Adam Arndell P: 02 6766 4513/ 0403 372 889 E: Local Business Saving Melbournians Thousands In Renovation Costs 2017-02-21T20:08:36Z thinking-of-renovating One of the hardest aspects of renovating is being comfortable with a design before seeing the finished product. Our 3D Renders allow you to see exactly how your finished kitchen or bathroom will look. A standard kitchen renovation will cost homeowners between $20,000 & $40,000 with the average kitchen company paying their designers 10% of that price. Russell and Jordan, founders of 3D Plans Online, have years of experience in creating stunning bathroom and kitchen designs. Having worked in the renovation business for over 13 years, they saw an opportunity to help homeowners feel confident in their projects by designing a process that lets customers visualise designs before any building begins. “It’s really helpful if you’re not sure what you can do with your space, or if you have trouble visualising your ideas. We can create a 3D rendering so realistic that you won’t have any trouble trying to picture the design. This way you can make sure you’re 100% happy with the design before going ahead with anything”, says Russell Jones, CEO of High Level Group and founder of 3D Plans Online. 3D Plans Online create 3D renders of kitchens and bathrooms, enabling renovators to visualise their dream space. Saving hours in time, and potentially thousands of dollars, the simple online platform gives renovators the ability to visualise their kitchen or bathroom before even speaking to a builder. Builders and cabinet makers are also sharing in the rewards. 3D Plans Online not only provide 3D renders but they also provided 2D plans which builders and cabinet makers can price and quote from, without even leaving their office. With 3D Plans Online you are three easy steps from the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. 1.      Head to and select a package that suits your needs. 2.      Complete our simple design brief. 3.      Choose a time that suits you for a one-on-one phone consultation. 3D Plans Online work exclusively online and over the phone. This not only saves you money but also means you don’t have to drive around to 10 different showrooms. Every design comes complete with everything you need, including a list of recommended suppliers in your area. Tech21 brings parents unlimited fun family time with Evo Play 2017-02-21T01:20:13Z tech21-brings-parents-unlimited-fun-family-time-with-evo-play SYDNEY, 21 February, 2017 – Tech21, the leader in impact protection for mobile devices has launched its new range of cases for the iPad in Australia: Evo Play. “Kids + iPads” isn’t always the safest pairing if your iPad isn’t protected, but it can certainly be one of the most fun for inquisitive minds. Whether it’s watching the latest episode of Peppa Pig or navigating through the back garden jungle discovering new wildlife, iPads can open up a world of exploration, but more often than not, a small chip here or a little crack there means that fun can be cut short. Prolong the play time and keep that shiny new look and feel to your iPad even when little fingers have put it through its paces thanks to tech21’s new iPad case, Evo Play. This comfortable and lightweight case has been designed to offer unbeatable drop protection from up to two metres, and with its iconic design, vibrant colours and handy multi-use handle, this case will remove any glimmer of fear you had in handing over your iPad to your children. This case is constructed almost entirely from tech21’s unique material, FlexShock™ Foam, meaning all sides and surfaces are protected from drops as the material moulds snugly to your iPad. Better still, the case is entirely dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean, and when it’s on your iPad, its sealed outer shell is abrasion/bite resistant, preventing any bacteria from getting in under the surface. “We’ve designed the all-new Evo Play with kids in mind. We know children love to learn, play and explore, and we recognise iPads are a great way for them to do this. However, they may not love your precious iPad back, so Evo Play is there for you,” comments Jason Roberts, CEO, tech21. “Evo Play is lightweight and comfortable for little hands to hold, yet strong enough to keep your iPad safe from tumbles and drops.” Evo Play is available in pink/purple and blue/green colours from, RRP $79.95 for Apple iPad mini, mini 2, mini 3 & mini 4, and RRP $109.95 for Apple iPad Air 2. Much like all of tech21’s products, Evo Play comes with a simple promise: it’s rigorously tested to work harmoniously with your iPad. Like the technology it’s designed to protect, it uses the latest science, ingenious design and unbeatable user-friendliness to make advanced impact protection possible. Tech21 calls it ‘Protection Made Intelligent’. ### For further information, questions, or cases for review, please contact: Jim Barker, tech21/Poem Phone: +61 418 163 770 Email: High-res images: Download here About tech21 Since 2005, tech21 has been developing the most advanced, scientifically proven cases and screen shields for mobile, tablet and laptop devices worldwide. Tech21 combines science, engineering and British design to create products that address three core consumer benefits: style, protection and performance. As the brand evolves to continue meeting the needs of its consumers, tech21 has developed the most advanced impact protection material on the market – FlexShock™. The ultra-thin and lightweight material absorbs and dissipates force and can withstand drops up to 4 metres. In addition tech21 puts all its products through a rigorous testing program, and in an industry first has partnered with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to develop its testing methodology. This ensures that the tests tech21 products have to pass are overseen by independent experts. Tech21 is the number one case brand in the UK. For more information, visit Aussie app DoTalk breaks down language barriers instantly: First FREE messaging app provides real-time and accurate translation of up to 90 languages 2017-02-09T22:25:43Z aussie-app-dotalk-breaks-down-language-barriers-instantly-first-free-messaging-app-provides-real-time-and-accurate-translation-of-up-to-90-languages Aussie app DoTalk breaks down language barriers instantly  First FREE messaging app provides real-time and accurate translation of up to 90 languages  Sydney, Australia – February 10, 2017 – DoTalk, the first free, instant, voice- activated translation chat app has officially launched today. Invented locally in Cairns, Australia, DoTalk breaks down all barriers to communication, with the ability to rapidly translate chats in words and voice, in up to 90 different languages. Created with accessibility in mind, DoTalk is available across all iOS and Android Smartphones and any Internet connected devices.   DoTalk’s proprietary technology enables users to simultaneously engage in cross-language communications easily and more accurately than any other messaging app available, with six different translation APIs and speech recognition tools combining to provide the most accurate translations possible.   Users have the option to message either via text or a ‘hold & talk’ microphone, and can also conduct group chat with up to 10 people in multiple languages in real time. The interface is intuitive, with inviting contacts and adding language and accent being a simple process.   “Our goal with DoTalk was to create a free, fun and easy-to-use app which provides an open forum for people to easily connect and communicate, regardless of language barriers or location and without delay,” says Aussie founder, Reno Nicastro.   “With applications across everyday life, from business to travel, dating and everything in between, now nothing will be lost in translation. We live in a truly global economy so DoTalk has benefits for absolutely everyone.”   “Whether you are travelling, booking a cab or hotel overseas, want to communicate with international relatives, someone exotic you’ve met online, as the modern-day pen pal, or you just want to learn another language – DoTalk is the tool to connect you to people regardless of where they are or what language they speak.”   The language industry is big business, with the worldwide language services market growing at an annual rate of 5.52% according to The Common Sense Advisory, 2016 Report. The size of the overall global language industry in 2016 was estimated at $40 Billion (USD), with estimates of up to $45 Billion by 2020.    Already trialled extensively in beta testing, DoTalk has registered users from a wide range of countries and languages, with English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French and Indonesian proving the most commonly used in the app.   Nicastro and his team are focused on continuous development within the app, and will utilise user feedback to add more features and functionality over time that will further enable broader industry applications including regional/global conference calls, customer service, education, media and customer engagement.   “As the market continues on a growth trajectory, we believe we have assembled an exceptional team and that we have the best messaging app platform in the market. We are currently working on DoTalk Premium applications that will run with the current DoTalk Realtime Translation Technology Engine, and "DoTalk Team" for Business. DoTalk Premium will break down language barriers by providing real-time communications tools to get the job done.”   “As a nation of travellers and world-beaters in business, it is only appropriate then that this app was conceived in Australia, and believe DoTalk will only further facilitate our ability to take on the world!”, Nicastro added.  Features DoTalk provides a fully integrated chat app service that includes the following features:   Real time translation of 90 different languages through the app or Internet enabled device Instant voice translation for 50+ languages Voice to text dictation Group chat including simultaneous translation in conference Private messaging Send and receive files Search and add friends 256 Bit encryption/MP4 file storage Instant sync across devices  Images and availability Please download images from the following link: DoTalk images. DoTalk can be accessed via web at DoTalk or downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.   For more information and interview opportunities, please contact:   Rebecca Blasina                                                     David Wolf Closer Communications                                          Closer                                0420 805 567                                                          0411 111 787  About DoTalk One world. One Language. Chat to anyone, anytime, anywhere, in 90 languages. DoTalk changes communication around the globe by removing the language barrier and allowing you to chat and translate your messages in real-time. DoTalk can also be used as an ordinary chat between friends in the same language. KUHN FARM MACHINERY EXPO 2017 2017-02-07T01:30:19Z kuhn-farm-machinery-expo-2017 This February, KUHN Farm Machinery will, for the first time in Australia, be showcasing its KUHN AGT 6036 Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader; KUHN Axent Fertiliser Spreader; KUHN HR 8040R Power Harrow and the KUHN Excelerator Vertical Tillage System at the KUHN Farm Machinery Expo. The Expo will be held in the central west NSW town of Cowra over two days (22 – 23) in February providing an opportunity for both dealers and customers alike to meet product experts from the United States and Europe as well as get hands on experience with KUHN’s innovative farm machinery. Across both days, the KUHN difference will be on display demonstrating the company’s strength and technology in design and manufacturing. Wednesday 22 February attendance is restricted to KUHN dealers and Thursday 23 February KUHN will open up the gates to customers and members of the public for the day. Those wishing to attend are required to register at prior to the event. As a leader in farm machinery, KUHN offers farmers the best farm machinery products right around the world and welcomes the opportunity to speak with media about this event prior to the day as well as invites media to come out on the day. A full range of images and B-roll will be available to media after the event. WHAT: KUHN FARM MACHINERY EXPO WHEN: Wednesday 22 February 2017 from 8.30am – 4.00pm (Dealer Expo) Thursday 23 February 2017 from 8.30am – 4.00pm (Customer Expo) WHERE: Cowra, NSW N.B – As the Expo is held on private property KUHN have arranged transportation to and from the site. The meeting point for transport is the Cowra Saleyards, Young Road Cowra. Media Opportunity: Interviews with KUHN product experts from North America and Europe Interviews with KUHN Managing Director, Bruno Fetiveau and KUHN Marketing Manager & Product Sales Support Australia, Sarah Govier On-site interviews with KUHN dealers and customers Photo and vision opportunities of KUHN Farm Machinery in action First look at the KUHN 2017 machinery range including balers; sprayers; tillage; fertiliser spreaders; mixer wagons; and hay making machines. <ENDS> Media Contact: Adam Arndell C7EVEN Communications 02 6766 4513 0403 372 889 E: Luci Smith C7EVEN Communications 02 6766 4513 E: About KUHN Farm Machinery: Since 1828, innovation and quality have been the basis of our commitment to our customers, the farmers. They are the inspiration behind our trademark. In concrete terms, this means 2,000 patents filed and the service ensured by more than 4,540 KUHN staff worldwide. Products and services are marketed with a single trademark. 180 years of experience in manufacturing farm machinery helps us offer products and services ensured to perform to our customers’ requirements. As a leader in farm machinery, we want to offer farmers the best products, every day and right round the world. We want to satisfy increasing numbers of customers. Today 4,540 employees are proud to serve the exacting demands of farmers. Their skill and commitment also help meet these demands. The Dark Web (or 'Darknet'​) - It's a small dot, just about to expand 2017-01-21T12:55:05Z the-dark-web-or-darknet-it-s-a-small-dot-just-about-to-expand This Press Release is in prompted by an article raising interesting news from, which the Author Mr. Smith expected was well and truly bound to happen. A link is attached at the bottom of the page to the article. After reading the article today, Mr. Smith knew it was coming. He said, "As one of the very few court Expert Witness individuals that can be called upon independently to give expert evidence in Dark Web cases, I must state that the following article is somewhat not surprising to me. In complete anonymity, through sheer misunderstanding of a court, its prosecutors', and the lack of any evidence 'beyond reasonable doubt', I have seen too many people remanded for months and months waiting for the Police to 'find' evidence and even understand it." "My personal view is, that in the contrary, until somebody is found guilty with evidence, they should have the right to freedom of movement. As a programmer of a variant iOS TOR Browser myself, I know that my users expect anonymity because they are sick of large companies spying on them. How many companies have 'lost' sensitive information recently? People have to do something to protect their information. I have nothing to hide, and so does 99% of the population, but when you have seen what I have seen, and met the eye of injustice - you must insist on your right to privacy." "I have only recently seen what authorities can do without you even being aware, in relation to monitoring, bugging, and tracing. One misconception is that many people mistakenly confuse the Dark Web with the Deep Web. Let me explain the difference very clearly, because even experts get this wrong. The Deep Web is everything we cannot search for, naturally, our emails, our items we would expect to be under lock and key. We access it every day." Therefore, it is obvious, the internet as we know of is made up of three segments. The Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web. The Surface Web is everything else intended to be public. The Dark Web is a tiny dot of the Deep Web. People may not know that the Dark Web is not intended to be a 'bad dangerous place', and should not be if you don't seek the wrong sites. It was never intended to be a black market or to be used in that way. Mr. Smith stated, "Some of you may have heard of TOR, or 'The Onion Router'. This is software which does the connections. It is one of the limited ways to access the Dark Web mostly (.onion) websites. As mentioned there are variants out there, but run the same open source code that have been upgraded. Essentially TOR is a service that runs on top of the internet (very securely playing hop, skip, and jump)". "Many do not know, but it was actually developed by the United States Navy for the purposes of creating intelligent and untraceable secure communications. It was used to gather intelligence from people anonymously who needed to get a message out without fear in other countries, say for example, who need help but have the internet monitored as such they would be killed if they leaked out information. The United States military used this as a way to communicate through the public internet with intelligence agents, as well as Americans that were stationed abroad without being detected as it has a highly secure handshaking cryptic mechanism that albeit slow, is practically untraceable. Eventually the United States Navy released "The Onion Router" code to the public in 2004, and in 2006 a group of developers formed the "The Onion Router" as an open source project and it has since been ported to different platforms, like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac etc. It is known to most of us via the media for its' use for illegal activity, but this only makes up a tiny percentage of the sites it serves." "What the below article means is that essentially the technology that we use to browse the Dark Web (the secure onion sites, that's if you even use the browser for that) is going to be easier opened up to the public in reverse. It is going to now be easier for common people to host content (like web servers) that are secret, and not discoverable, via normal DNS lookups and allow people to essentially become more involved in the 'hidden internet'. It does not necessarily mean illegal or dangerous activity. I caution people though, that since the Government and judiciary do not appear to be fully understand the Dark Web (apparent in their sudden ban on the Pirate Bay which clearly does not fix the problem), this will mostly be taken as a negative. From a cybercrime perspective, I see no change", he said. "Cybercriminals will still be criminals. They should be caught and charged, this is not going to change anything for them. As an ethical hacker, I will be the first to say that there is no benefit to the sudden blockage of 'The Pirate Bay' and there will be no benefit to any kind of similar restrictions to the Internet in general. In fact, I fear Cybergeddon is here, and that the human element lack of education, misunderstanding of what is hacking compared to negligence, and rushed decisions or attempts to censor the internet will actually cause chaos and raise cybercrime beyond control." The moral of this story and others Mr. Smith has written about is that there is always a smart way to catch somebody involved in cybercrime, even in the most difficult cryptographic situations, and it is not always about the technology. The article on is available here:  Impression DJs and Orso celebrate prestigious ABIA 2016 wins 2017-01-17T03:44:55Z impression-djs-and-orso-celebrate-prestigious-abia-2016-wins Sydney, Australia, 17th January 2017, The Australian Bridal Industry Academy hosted the 20th New South Wales Annual Bridal Industry Awards at the exquisite Dockside Cockle Bay on the 6th of December. The awards determine the best wedding crews in New South Wales. A total of 37 categories were acknowledged for the contribution, which they make to the wedding industry. A grand total of 6,416 New South Wales couples selected 423 nominees, 290 finalists and 37 winners. Representing location venues, camera people, beauty stylists, fashion designers, musicians and entertainers, transport, jewellery, set designers and stylists, food and catering, hire and special services for what was a spectacular showcase of New South Wales’ Best V.O.W.S. (Vendors Of Wedding Services). Impressions DJs won the Disc Jockey award at the prestigious event. They ranked in 99.91% out of all the finalists. Impression DJs also placed as a finalist in the Master of Ceremonies category. Impression DJs has won prominent awards in the Disc Jockey category a total of nine times! Trent Cooper, Director, Impression DJs states: “We are thrilled to be recognised for our “best in the industry” services by ABIA. We are grateful to our past brides and grooms who helped us to win this prestigious award. We strive to offer the very best service and to be awarded a 99.91% satisfaction rating is a true reflection of the dedication of all of our staff and DJs.” Orso Bayside Reception won the award for best reception venue with ranking of 99.72%. They also acquired the award for best function coordinator at a ranking of 99.76%. Orso has been involved with ABIA for 3 years. Orso has previously won Best Venue in NSW. Amy Stagnitta, Sales Manager, Orso, says: “We are so humbled to have won these very prestigious awards. We are grateful to be nominated by our past brides and grooms. We are so blessed to have the dedicated staff we do who have been with us since the beginning.” “Julie and I are privileged to be in this business, we aim to make our weddings extremely personalised and unique and strive for perfection each time.” Both businesses are proudly local Northern Beaches and Mosman businesses. The Chairman of ABIA, Mr John O’ Meara congratulated Impression DJs and Orso as winners of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy Award. Mr O’ Meara went onto say that it was businesses like Impression DJs and Orso which enhanced and enriched the industry, through their tireless pursuit of excellence in Designing the Dream for each and every one of their unique wedding couples. On behalf of all the New South Wales couples who tied the knot over 2015/2016, we say thank you Impression DJs and Orso for the passion, pride and professionalism which you bring to the wedding industry and the assistance, advice and support which you bestow upon the future brides and grooms of New South Wales. -ENDS- If you would like to request photos or interviews, please contact: Candice Meisels About Impression DJs: Winner of the ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Academy) award for a total of 9 years. Impression DJs is the only DJ Company in NSW inducted into the ABIA Hall of Fame. Awarded numerous Wedding Certificates as the best supplier at their wedding by brides in NSW .Rated as the preferred company by many premium function venues. - Highly experienced professionals providing a personal service at your wedding and behind the scenes. Our DJ's have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the wedding industry, many having upwards of 10 years providing entertainment at weddings. Our DJs dress in accordance with the dress code on the invitations. About Orso: Orso is superbly positioned on Sydney’s Middle Harbour adjacent to the Spit Bridge in Mosman. It is modern elegantly appointed and has a spectacular marine panorama of Middle Harbour scenery, sailing boats, pleasure craft and cruisers. Orso boasts an abundance of natural light through clear floor-to-ceiling glass expanses and can cater for functions of up to 250 guests. Orso is an absolute waterfront, it has its own beach, jetty and deck, and a resident family of photogenic pelicans can be seen paddling outside at most times.In keeping with its origins as a boatshed, guests can arrive by boat and tie up at Orso’s private jetty, or utilize ample car parking on either side of Spit Road. Our rectangle tables allows a flexible number of guests per table who can enjoy intimate conversation whilst not missing out on our spectacular water view overlooking middle harbour. utine is just about one of the most important things you do as a parent of a young baby. CoziGo helps you achieve this allowing you to maintain your lifestyle and still get out and about with your baby on board. This cosy sleep cover is universal to all prams and strollers and fits on airline bassinets too. CoziGo can be used every day from birth to toddlerhood. We’ve got your baby covered for flying, airport Keeping your baby in their sleep routine is just about one of the most important things you do as a parent of a young baby. CoziGo helps you achieve this allowing you to maintain your lifestyle and still get out and about with your baby on board. This cosy sleep cover is universal to all prams and strollers and fits on airline bassinets too. CoziGo can be used every day from birth to toddlerhood. We’ve got your baby covered for flying, airport transfers, relaxing dinners, walks along the beach and every-day tasks as simple as grocery shopping. With CoziGo you never need to feel housebound because you’re keeping to your baby’s routine - Sleep and Sun Protection on the go, means your lifestyle doesn’t have to change when baby comes along. It’s packed with features – 100% breathable and air permeable, UVP 50+, extremely lightweight and compact and blocks 97% of light! A sleeping baby is a happy baby and a happy baby is a happy parent – so trust in CoziGo… Sleep on The Go!, relaxing dinners, walks along the beach and every-day tasks as simple as grocery shopping. With CoziGo you never need to feel housebound because you’re keeping to your baby’s routine - Sleep and Sun Protection on the go, means your lifestyle doesn’t have to change when baby comes along. It’s packed with features – 100% breathable and air permeable, UVP 50+, extremely lightweight and compact and blocks 97% of light! A sleeping baby is a happy baby and a happy baby is a happy parent – so trust in CoziGo… Sleep on The Go!by in their sleep routine is just about one of the most important things you do as a parent of a young baby. CoziGo helps you achieve this allowing you to maintain your lifestyle and still get out and about with your baby on board. This cosy sleep cover is universal to all prams and strollers and fits on airline bassinets too. CoziGo can be used every day from birth to toddlerhood. We’ve got your baby covered for flying, airport transfers, relaxing dinners, walks along the beach and every-day tasks as simple as grocery shopping. With CoziGo you never need to feel housebound because you’re keeping to your baby’s routine - Sleep and Sun Protection on the go, means your lifestyle doesn’t have to change when baby comes along. It’s packed with features – 100% breathable and air permeable, UVP 50+, extremely lightweight and compact and blocks 97% of light! A sleeping baby is a happy baby and a happy baby is a happy parent – so trust in CoziGo… Sleep on The Go! Mumsomnia: New Facebook group for Mums that encourages face to face connections 2017-01-10T03:31:26Z mumsomnia-new-facebook-group-for-mums-that-encourages-face-to-face-connections Emma Lovell is a Sydney Mum of two. The public know her from Shark Tank where she won over one of the sharks with her innovative sleep, sun and travel product CoziGo (formerly known as Fly Babee). She has also won various awards such as the AusMumpreneur Emerging Business for 2016 and the Optus My Business Award for Wholesaler of 2016. Emma set up Mumsomnia to provide a judgement free zone for Mums. This social media group encourages mothers to meet up face to face. Emma Lovell states: "For me, being a new mum was the most vulnerable I’ve ever been and I think there are so many women out there that need support outside of their immediate family and friends. I set up Mumsomnia to provide a judgement free space for women to connect and make a plan to meet up face to face. Social Media is making us all anti-social and we all spend far too much time attached to our phones." We’re hoping 2017 will see Mumsomnia connect more mums face to face and forge some lifelong memories and friendships. All we ask, is if you have nothing nice to say when in this space, don’t say anything at all! Emma adds: "You don’t have to be a “billy no mates” to come and join Mumsomnia, you may feel disconnected from your current friends at this new stage of your life, have moved to a new area or just fancy meeting a fresh face and make a new connection. Once there, in order to make it happen, you must make the effort to give a shout out to other members and make time for a coffee date with the kids or throw caution to the wind and make a plan to have a kid free dinner with a cocktail or two!!" *** Media Contact: Candice Meisels Finally, a solution for January birthdays! No more receiving re-gifted Xmas gifts! 2017-01-05T03:01:54Z finally-a-solution-for-january-birthdays-no-more-receiving-re-gifted-xmas-gifts Over the last ten days, bins around Australia have been full to capacity with rubbish, packaging, gift tags and wrapping paper. Sydney Mums, Julie Tylman and Ali Linz, created Group Together to avoid waste from unwanted gifts, packaging and wrapping paper. Julie Tylman, co-founder of GroupTogether, explains: “Ali and I have seven children combined. We met for coffee one day after a weekend of ferrying kids to and from birthday parties. We were exhausted from the driving, parking, buying, wrapping gifts, drop offs and pick-ups involved in attending kid’s parties. We were also gob-smacked at the amount of money we had spent (7 kids’ x 2 parties’ x $20ish gifts + wrapping & card) only to find out that the birthday kids either already had the gifts, were given multiple copies of the gifts or didn’t love them.” They created GroupTogether, an easy online tool that makes it easy to pool funds to give one gift that’s really wanted without the waste. Friends can also add a photo and message to the group card. For those who want to “give back”, there’s the option to donate a portion of the gift pool to your favourite charity. The business has grown and now has 20 000 users who have organized group gift collections through GroupTogether. One of the most popular types of collections at the end of 2016, was end of year teacher’s gifts. Ali Linz, co-founder GroupTogether, continues: “As well as cutting out the waste, we also felt that there was an opportunity to create a culture of mindful giving. That’s why we made it easy to donate a bit of the group gift to charity so kids can learn the joy of giving back.” Julie Tylman, co-founder, GroupTogether concludes: “I really feel for the January babies, they struggle. No need to give the sad, re-gifted Chrissie present, instead friends can keep their new year's resolution and stay on budget by pooling their money together and giving one great gift.” Media Contact: Candice Meisels Group Homes Australia and Heathley celebrate business growth by donating to Orange Sky Laundry 2017-01-05T01:01:16Z group-homes-australia-and-heathley-celebrate-business-growth-by-donating-to-orange-sky-laundry Sydney, Australia, 5th January 2017, Group Homes Australia, who offers a unique model of dementia care in a luxurious, friendly and safe, home environment, celebrates a successful 2016 by giving back to the community. Group Homes Australia and Heathley have donated to the innovative charity, Orange Sky Laundry. Group Homes Australia and Heathley recently entered into a property partnership. The partnership, which is designed to drive future growth, has Heathley agreeing to fund the purchase and development of Group Homes Australia (GHA) residences through its existing Heathley Aged Care Property Fund No.1 (Fund). GHA and Heathley have chosen to support Orange Sky Laundry because they are keen to support a charity that works with the homeless. The teams at GHA and Heathley love the Orange Sky Laundry concept. Jonathan Gavshon, General Manager at GHA says: “At GHA we are able to offer people living with dementia a beautiful home environment, with round the clock, best in class care. As the business grows and more people are able to benefit from living in a Group Home Australia environment, we wanted to acknowledge people living without a home. We are enormously impressed by the innovation, vision and revolutionary care that Orange Sky Laundry offers and are delighted to be able to demonstrate our support with a monetary donation to ensure they can continue the amazing work that they are doing.” Lucas Patchett, Co-founder of Orange Sky Laundry says: “Orange Sky Laundry believes in treating others how they want to be treated and providing a platform for positive and non-judgmental conversations. Donations such as this allow us to continue operating our 12 vans around Australia, run by more than 700 amazing volunteers who facilitate over 7.2 tonnes of free laundry and 1,200 hours of conversations.” Group Homes Australia and Heathley are passionate about the community and giving back to those who require support. In 2017, Group Homes Australia will run a series of local community events to allow locals to see the homes and engage with the residents and staff at Group Homes Australia. -ENDS- About Group Homes Australia: Group Homes Australia offers a unique model of care in a luxurious, friendly and safe, home environment. Our mission is to ensure that people living with dementia also live with dignity. We have homes located across Sydney, including in Waverley, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, St Ives and Warriewood, and were recently independently benchmarked by Alzheimer's Australia as best in class in every area of dementia care against over 80 competitors. Our model is the first of its kind in Australia and focuses on creating a non-institutional way of living that emphasises a resident’s abilities rather than their disabilities. Our homes are traditional houses in traditional streets and are an integral part of the community, with a maximum of 10 residents living together in private rooms. Each home has trained staff on site 24/7 and approximately 1 member of staff for every 3 residents. Our caring team members are homemakers, and they support and assist residents with their daily needs and activities. They encourage residents to be engaged in shopping, cooking, gardening… The full range of daily tasks that bring a sense of purpose in a home. We have no call bells or nursing trolleys, no rigid routines around waking, personal care or singalongs. We actively welcome friends and family to come and visit and stay for a cup of tea and sample our latest freshly baked treats. or 1300 015 406 About Heathley Limited: Since incorporation in 1977, Heathley has had a proud history of finding, structuring and managing property investment portfolios for wealthy individuals, families, and institutions. The principal operations of Heathley is property funds management - having successfully established 40 property funds throughout its 40-year history. The Board and Management of Heathley Limited have a diverse mix of experience and skills and currently manage nine property funds with total funds under management of approximately $550 million. Website: The Women’s Business School is offering $180,000 in scholarships for women starting a business 2017-01-04T23:12:36Z the-women-s-business-school-is-offering-180-000-in-scholarships-for-women-starting-a-business Melbourne, Australia, 5th January 2016, The Women’s Business School is offering $180,000 in full and matched funding scholarships to deserving women starting a business this year. The Women’s Business School is offering 2 Full Scholarships and 5 Matched Scholarships for each city (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Cairns, Townsville and Perth). The total of $180 000 in scholarships is being broken down into 16 Full Scholarships valued at $5000 each and 40 matched funding scholarships of $2500 each. The Women’s Business School IGNITE program is a 6-month online course designed to give new and aspiring business owners the business acumen, financial literacy, strategies and support they need to create a successful and profitable business. The Women’s Business School co-founder Peace Mitchell states, “We are committed to inspiring women to reach their full potential by connecting them with the support they need and the education and skills required to build and grow a successful business.” “This is the program we wish existed when we were starting out. It contains everything new business owners need to succeed including, a one day workshop in each capital city nationally, monthly group calls, weekly video masterclasses, inspirational interviews, local meetups and an online mastermind group. The teachers and mentors are all accomplished businesswomen from a range of industries.” Two of the most challenging things in life are having a baby and starting a business. Australian women in their thousands are doing just that. Women are starting new businesses at around three times the rate of men. The Women's Business School Scholarship Program provides real support for women in business. This program provides opportunities for women around Australia to be able to develop their business skills, connect with fellow business owners and gain advice and inspiration from business experts.The program contains everything new business owners need to succeed with a one-day workshop in Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, monthly group calls, video masterclasses, inspirational interviews and an online mastermind group. The Women’s Business School is now accepting applications for scholarships and enrolment. The 2017 intake commences in February. For more information go to ### Media Contact: Peace Mitchell Director The Women’s Business School 0431 615 107 About The Women’s Business School: The Women's Business School is a world first Global Business School designed especially for women. The teachers and mentors are successful business women and entrepreneurs, sharing their knowledge and advice. The Women’s Business School IGNITE program is a one-day masterclass followed by a 6-month online course designed to give new and aspiring business owners the business acumen, financial literacy, strategies and support they need to create a successful and profitable business. Get Set Everybody this Australia Day at Treasury 2017-01-03T00:33:28Z get-set-everybody-this-australia-day-at-treasury Taxiride are well and truly back - with the original line-up once again joining forces at Treasury Brisbane this Australia Day. Get set everybody, to enjoy this free live performance from 8.30pm on Thursday, 26 January in the LiveWire Bar. The four Melbourne musicians, who have dominated the Australian music scene, are travelling north to perform the best of their chart topping hits such as ‘Get Set’, ‘Everywhere You Go’, ‘Can You Feel’ and ‘Nothing In This World’. QLD Managing Director, Geoff Hogg is excited to welcome such an energetic and iconic Australian band to Treasury. 'Taxiride has had huge success in Australia and overseas. Their unique sound is still there and the hit songs they have penned have stood the test of time. There is no doubt that their performance on Australia Day will provide our guests with a thrilling entertainment experience and we look forward to welcoming them here at Treasury' said Geoff. Performance Details Date: Thursday, 26 January 2017 Venue: LiveWire Bar at Treasury Brisbane Time: From 8.30pm No bookings required. ENDS Media Contact Luana Latham Communications Manager Treasury Brisbane T: 0427 904 284 E: Experience Treasury Summer Nights 2016-12-30T01:02:51Z experience-treasury-summer-nights Treasury’s hotel courtyard will be transformed this January when we serve up all the summer vibes with a half-size tennis court, lawn games and live music. To be held every Friday in January, (plus a special BBQ and surprise band on Australia Day), guests can sit back and enjoy the tennis on the big screen or relax whilst listening to smooth tunes and acoustic live music. QLD Managing Director, Geoff Hogg says Treasury Summer Nights is going to be one of the best places to spend a Friday night during January. “Treasury’s hotel courtyard will be the perfect place for the after-work crowd to congregate, relax and revel in the thrill of the tennis, and on Australia Day, what better way to celebrate than with a great Aussie band and barbeque,” said Geoff. We’ll be celebrating Pimms O’Clock at the end of the working week each Friday at 5pm, together with our official beer partner, Coopers, who will be pouring the best Australian made beer at their pop up bar. The Frosé Rosé wine bar will be equipped and serving up the summer’s drink of choice, care of our friends at Jacobs Creek. Opening Hours (from 5pm) Friday, 6 January 2017 Friday, 13 January 2017 Friday, 20 January 2017 Thursday, 26 January 2017 (Australia Day special) Friday, 27 January 2017 No bookings required. ENDS Media Contact Luana Latham Communications Manager Treasury Brisbane T: 0427 904 284 E: