The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-28T10:17:30Z ii4change Provides Medical Device & Healthcare Innovation Solution 2017-04-28T10:17:30Z ii4change-provides-medical-device-amp-healthcare-innovation-solution In this ever-changing world, they are just focused on innovations to discover the new ways of serving the worldwide people with an improved medical system. They ensure that innovative organizations would serve more efficiently as they always keep in mind the upcoming challenges. They provide assistance in funding any innovative idea and assist in developing a healthcare innovation across the country. The Innovation Institute supports the medical device innovation and healthcare innovation development through their Innovation Lab. They have been encouraging the common people to submit their unique ideas for the betterment of health and improved lifestyle. They are also backed by the well-equipped lab where they can easily develop the submitted ideas for making it useful for everyone. They are not yet worried for the funding as they are well-connected to the manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. With their combined efforts and feasible funding, they have a capability to bring forth the medical invention to improve the world healthcare system. They are backed by the healthcare innovation experts to provide the total support to their team for ensuring the right development of their invention ideas. Keeping in mind the global healthcare challenges, they well-equip their lab to serve as facilitators of world medical innovation. They are emphasizing on advancing innovation and sustaining growth so that they can allow you to make efforts in improving the latest concepts in healthcare as well as driving a return despite a good medical innovation. However, from gathering the innovative ideas to delivering the medical inventions, they believe in putting efforts for drawing the desired results and following the essential steps towards an effective medical invention. WA Country Health Service’s Erin Gandy and LGIS WA’s Candy Choo Awarded Scholarship for Aspiring Female Leaders 2017-04-27T22:31:23Z wa-country-health-service-s-erin-gandy-and-lgis-wa-s-candy-choo-awarded-scholarship-for-aspiring-female-leaders WA Country Health Service’s, Erin Gandy and LGIS WA’s Candy Choo have been announced recipients of behind closed doors’ (BCD) coveted Luminaries Scholarship for 2017. Announcing the winner at a networking event for women last night, BCD Founder and Managing Director, Donny Walford, said the 12-month scholarship is awarded to a successful woman seeking access to insights, knowledge, support and high level networks in their journey to Executive and Board positions. “I extend my congratulations to our winners, Erin Gandy and Candy Choo, as well as our worthy runners up, Luisa Wing, CEO at Community West and Sarah Fairweather, Head of HR at Virgin Australia.” Ms Walford said. Erin has been working in the health sector for many years having significantly contributed to the growth and innovation of her organisation. Candy, who started her career as a psychologist, has developed a successful career driving change in the insurance sector. “Both recipients will take every opportunity made available to them through the Luminaries Scholarship.” Ms Walford said. BCD, who offers an annual Luminaries Scholarship, was this year able to provide two fully funded scholarships to aspiring female leaders. The second because of funding received under the Supporting Businesswomen to Success Scholarship provided by the Australian Government. The Office for Women, Women’s Leadership and Development Strategy, provides funding towards promoting and supporting greater representation of Australian women in leadership and decision making roles – BCD has used this grant funding to offer a second Perth Luminaries Scholarship. Ms Gandy, Business Services Consultant - Medical, applied for the Luminaries Scholarship to gain further insight into the skills required to take on an executive role as well as guidance to achieving a Board position. Ms Choo, Manager WorkCare Services, LGIS WA, is looking forward to the valuable networking opportunities with other professional women that the scholarship will offer. “Seeking constructive feedback and solutions from my peers will be invaluable,” Ms Choo said.  The BCD Luminaries Scholarship offers businesswomen aspiring to executive roles the opportunity to further expand their leadership and management skills through a year-long membership to BCD Luminaries, valued at more than $5,500. BCD Luminaries was created in response to an identified need for motivated businesswomen to have a professional sounding board and support network where they can discuss professional and personal issues, challenges and strategies in a totally confidential environment while, at the same time, encouraging each other to extend themselves to achieve and succeed in new environments. Members meet for three hours, ten times a year, for peer to peer mentoring, professional development and networking with like-minded businesswomen. Outside of this further professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities are provided to members amongst the wider BCD community at a national level.  “One of its major aims,” concluded Ms Walford, “is to increase women’s representation on Boards, committees and in executive management roles and BCD has an enviable track record in successfully supporting our members to achieve these types of roles.” Issued by: Penny Reidy, Marketing Manager, Behind Closed Doors on 8333 4303 or 0401 349 791 Executive Coaching Case Study: How Peter turned tension into teamwork 2017-04-27T09:20:30Z executive-coaching-case-study-how-peter-turned-tension-into-teamwork When Peter*, a senior executive at a large financial organisation, began the coaching program with me, our conversations ranged from subjects as concrete as board relations to less tangible areas such as the emotional drivers for success. Taking the challenge It was a challenge for both of us to identify and relate emotions and business success and to explore the relationships between them. As Peter’s 360 review progressed an unexpected focus developed and we spent the remainder of the session discussing and unraveling the reasons for tension amongst the executive team, most of it originating from Peter himself. Peter, though aware that he was personally challenged by periods of tension, had no idea of the affect it had on his other team members.   This was Peter’s most difficult leadership experience in his time as a senior executive, he needed someone to help identify his blind spots and be a sounding board.  Honesty can be difficult Candid feedback is always difficult to hear and digest, but I had to help Peter to change his behavior, to manage his tensions for the benefit of his team and company. The coaching process provided analysis and feedback on Peter’s actions, comparing what he thought he was doing with what he was actually doing.  Through coaching we worked towards a systemic personal inquiry, identifying what roles and responsibilities could be delegated and those he should focus on so that he could turn his full attention to leading his business. An essential part of the executive coaching process, 360 reviews help participants evaluate their positions, action and goals, providing information that can help shape their leadership and can provide reference points in their personal journey.  The insights of an outsider In this instance, Peter learnt that he could become overly involved in his teams’ work, be too optimistic and consequently very tense when his expectations were not realised. Often this tension caused him to launch into attack mode, especially if he didn’t have full visibility of projects. Through the 360 review process, Peter realised that his behavior just transferred the pressure to others and made them feel uncomfortable speaking with him.  Consequently, his team members thought he didn’t appreciate how difficult their tasks were to accomplish, and that he undervalued their efforts. Spreading the power of change After such honest critical feedback, it would have been easy for Peter to simply change his leadership style and to bury the new information about himself, but instead he chose to lead by example and share it with the rest of the company.   The result was a wave of change that created a more open and supportive environment for his leadership team. One that recognised that both emotional and business perspectives have important roles in a happy and productive workplace. Peter himself, now makes a point of going out of his way to recognise people and their efforts, sharing the learning he gained from the coaching process. If you would like to discuss how executive coaching can drive positive change for you, your team members or your organisation, please contact Melinda Fell email: or *his name has been changed at his request My name is Melinda Fell – Director - MFC Consulting I’m an executive coach and talent management consultant. I’ve been working in coaching and recruitment in the retail banking sector – across Australia and Asia Pacific – working with major banks and mortgage brokers (peer2peer lenders) – for the last 13 years and I specialise in coaching very busy time poor, corporate executives on how to design, recruit, and then build, manage and fine tune a totally aligned, high performing team.   I’ve observed over the last 13 years in working with over 12,000 C suite corporate executives, that the higher an executive climbs the corporate ladder, the less day-to-day direct engagement, management and control they have over their team and we often discover – misalignment. Inevitably a high percentage of corporate executives I work with have either delegated this function or simply dropped the talent management ball altogether.  Australian Government Grant To Expand behind closed doors’ Membership of Businesswomen and Board Ready Women 2017-04-26T04:44:44Z australian-government-grant-to-expand-behind-closed-doors-membership-of-businesswomen-and-board-ready-women Behind closed doors (BCD), a leading national membership for businesswomen and board-ready women, will this year expand its membership after receiving a $102,300 grant from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women under the Women’s Leadership and Development Strategy(WLDS). The Supporting Businesswomen to Success Scholarship provides opportunities for female managers aspiring to leadership roles to further expand their leadership, business and networking skills. BCD will utilise the Australian Government funding to provide 14 full scholarships to female leaders in SA, WA, NSW and VIC to join a BCD membership for 12-months of professional development, networking and peer to peer mentoring to prepare them to accept greater professional challenges. Scholarships will be offered to female executive not-for-profit and Indigenous leaders into BCD Executive memberships, female leaders into BCD Luminaries (managers), female business owners/entrepreneurs into BCD Entrepreneurs. BCD Founder and Managing Director, Donny Walford, said the initiative will allow successful women seeking access to insights, knowledge, support and high level networks in their journey to Executive and Board positions to join the national community of businesswomen that the BCD membership provides. “The WLDS priority of promoting and supporting greater representation of Australian women in leadership and decision making roles is the exact reason BCD was formed almost a decade ago.” Ms Walford said. “We have an enviable record of success with 57% of our Executive members having attained one or more Board Directorship positions, 56% of these women have also received promotions.” The first of the scholarship recipients’ will be announced on April 27 in Perth when a scholarship is awarded to two businesswomen at Manager level aspiring to executive roles.  The recipients will be provided the opportunity to further their leadership and management skills through a yearlong membership to BCD Luminaries, valued at more than $5,500 each. BCD Luminaries was created in response to an identified need for motivated businesswomen to have a professional sounding board and support network where they can discuss professional and personal issues, challenges and strategies in a totally confidential environment while, at the same time, encouraging each other to extend themselves to achieve and succeed in new environments. Members meet for three hours, ten times a year, for peer to peer mentoring, professional development and networking with like-minded businesswomen. Outside of this further professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities are provided to members amongst the wider BCD community at a national level. Scholarship applications and nominations will roll out across the country in the coming months with all 14 recipients placed into a memberships by August. BCD has been providing scholarship opportunities for women to enter their memberships since 2012. To date BCD has offered 21 scholarships and will continue in 2017 to match the Australian Government funding. For further details about BCD scholarship opportunities visit To apply for the Adelaide Luminaries Scholarship Now Open visit To apply for the Adelaide Not For Profit Executive Scholarship Now Open visit To find out how your business can offer your own successful Internal scholarships to your female leaders visit For further details of the Australian Government WLDS visit Issued by: Penny Reidy, Marketing Manager, Behind Closed Doors on 8333 4303 or 0401 349 791 Project Laneways Focuses on Best Practice to Measure Cultural Change 2017-04-24T00:07:46Z project-laneways-focuses-on-best-practice-to-measure-cultural-change Project Laneways, the change management experts, is focusing on cultural change. As part of their change management programme the company is discussing why cultural change is necessary and practical tools to measure it. With real life Australian examples, the programme provides businesses ways to identify change and measure the impact of organisational change.   The company offers highly accredited change management training, agile project management courses and PRINCE2 certification programmes to Australian business professionals. These courses outline the theoretical background to change management and provide further explanation of these steps along with examples and templates of the tools and strategies. Project Laneways believes a good change management plan ensures that the new system will be used effectively and enthusiastically.   Leaders often ask questions such as ‘How does one measure success in cultural change?’ ‘Are there practical tools to do this?’ This requires measuring pre-defined patterns of behaviour and assessing their impact on the business. There are various ways to measure change. They include self-assessment, opinion of others, business indicators and financial metrics.        Self-assessment forms the first level of metrics. It includes the use of employee surveys that ask them to evaluate their own behaviour. Self-assessment as a tool helps individual employees gain insight into their personal growth, their work style and promotes an understanding of how to work productively in an organisation.   The second level of metrics concerns getting the opinion of others. An employee opinion survey is one of the tools that can be used to measure the impact of the cultural change in an organisation. Similarly there can be surveys of customers, members of the community or other stakeholders. These surveys help measure how the values and behaviour of the organisation is perceived by them.   The third level of metrics to measure cultural change is the use of business indicators. Business indicators such as quality metric and repeat business are also linked to an organisation’s target culture.   The fourth level of metrics is financial metrics. There are many factors that impact this and it can be harder to isolate the direct culture link.   Measuring change in culture programmes looks at its outputs, its impacts and the outcomes. This addresses questions like, “Is the programme on track? Is it achieving what it set out to do? What is the impact of the change culture on the business?   The Project Laneways office at Melbourne can be reached for clarifications or queries by calling 03 9038 9236. The office in Sydney can be contacted by calling 02 8212 3978.   To check out the change management courses of Project Laneways: Never underestimate the power of being understood. 2017-04-22T01:47:28Z never-underestimate-the-power-of-being-understood From time to time in corporate environments it all becomes too much – and we need someone to talk to. You find yourself exiting the office desperately pacing the streets with a lack of any faith, or possible resolution to the problem. There is nothing worse than that sense of complete overwhelm at work, grappling with the same internal issues over and over.  It’s extremely frustrating and challenging for executives when a certain situation gets on top of you at work. You find yourself wondering, who you can actually rely on or trust, who will give you a clear perspective and can help you to unpack the issue.  You can feel like your manager is not on the same page, facing condescending behavior at the boardroom table, disrespect, lack of accountability with your team members, and negative energy in general amongst the senior leadership team. All these things slowly build up, resulting in low morale – and sometimes it all just overpowers even the best of us. Where do you go to when you don’t know where to put those feelings?   Is it a case of distancing yourself from others at work due to lack of support? Do you go home and take your frustrations out on your family? Or do you have a confidant in the team who helps you download? Given the right circumstances, would you consider having a one-on-one interaction with an objective third party, who is not tied to the organisation; someone who can provide a focus that other forms of organisational support cannot? Sometimes in these situations, the real payoff can come from discovering what you need to interpret or revisit. We all know nothing will ultimately happen until you gain laser-like clarity on an issue and it opens the door to identify next steps. We all need to take time out to reflect at times, to delve inward and discover our internal conflicts. On occasions the onus may fall back on you to clarify personal responsibility, and work out where to go next.  I am often called by senior executives working in the financial services industry who just need someone to talk through these issues with. They seek an independent party who has no ties to the organisation, but an understanding of the professional issues, frustrations and challenges faced at this executive level.  Melinda Fell Consulting provides a Detangling Session where individuals can arrange a confidential, independent discussion with an expert who is there to focus on what the critical issue is and help executives gain clarity. She utilises a process to enable you to self-discover, learn and determine your own “answers”. Melinda Fell writes regular blogs and articles on the issues facing busy senior executives. More articles can be found here on linkedin and Detangling Sessions can be booked directly through Melinda by emailing today or ISACA Launches Real-time, Real-world Cyber Security Training Platform and Assessment Tool 2017-04-19T11:22:17Z isaca-launches-real-time-real-world-cyber-security-training-platform-and-assessment-tool Sydney, Australia (19 April 2017) – ISACA is changing how cyber security training is delivered with the latest additions to its Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) portfolio of resources—the CSX Training Platform and Assessment Tool. The CSX Training Platform offers learners an easily accessible, constantly updated education environment that gives administrators clear insights into employee performance so organisations can ensure that they hire and retain the best talent on the front lines of cyber security defenses. The on-demand, performance-based training and assessment tool, conducted in live environments using real-world threat scenarios, is the first of its kind. Historically, organisations have had to rely on training mechanisms that are costly, inaccessible and quickly out-of-date due to the ever-changing threat environment. According to a recent ISACA survey, 52 per cent of respondents said they believe traditional cyber security training options leave staff only moderately to not-at-all prepared. With the growing skills gap, cyber security team leaders are looking to formally diagnose specific areas where they need to bolster skills, according to 62% of respondents. Real-time Skills Assessment The CSX Training Platform addresses those pain points with the first-of-its kind cloud-hosted assessment feature, which lets HR professionals evaluate the hands-on skills of cyber security job candidates and enables cyber security team leaders to assess the skills of their current staff. The CSX Assessment Tool gives hiring managers a critical resource when it comes to evaluating candidates and ultimately filling positions. Human resource departments and supervisors can use the tool to determine if applicants, or current employees, have the necessary hands-on skills for positions or promotions. Candidates respond to real-world threats in a live lab environment, and HR professionals will receive an immediate assessment of their skills, giving them a clear picture of what the candidate can and can’t do. “With its hands-on approach to cyber defense, the CSX Training Platform is an important learning solution for enterprises that want their front-line IT teams to be cyber-hardened, cyber-prepared and cyber-tested,” said Christos Dimitriadis, ISACA board chair and group director of information security at INTRALOT, “The ability to test and build skills will help enterprises address the significant skills gap problem they’re facing.” Performance-Based Training in a Live Network Environment The CSX Training Platform currently includes up to 100 hours of performance-based learning, divided among beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It also features virtual versions of ISACA’s three CSX Practitioner courses, the CSX Practitioner Bootcamp, and the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course. The CSX Labs and courses will be updated continuously, and new ones will be added in response to evolving needs of cyber security teams and the threat landscape. “We consistently hear from CISOs around the world that cost and accessibility are significant barriers to getting their employees the hands-on training they need to be effective and advance their capabilities,” said Matt Loeb, ISACA CEO. “As part of our mission to narrow the skills gap and help enterprises develop their cyber workforce, ISACA developed the CSX Training Platform as an affordable solution that gives cyber security professionals complex scenarios to handle and live incidents to detect and mitigate.” The CSX Training Platform isn’t built as a one-size-fits-all for learners. With modules for all levels of practitioners, learners can be sure they are receiving flexible training that is appropriate for their skill level and helps them advance their capabilities in the areas that are most relevant to their work. Enterprises of all sizes can choose to have full access or modify the options to fit their needs. Additionally, with its cloud-based model, training can be accessed by employees on demand and without the expense of travel. Organisations are no longer forced to pull their IT staff away from their job to participate in off-site training. “Each organisation faces a unique set of threats, and the CSX Training Platform is designed to address those threats and test related skills. Our experts will constantly add to the platform, so we are able to build a training curriculum that supports the immediate and future needs of cyber security teams,” said Frank Schettini, Chief Innovation Officer for ISACA. “A cybercriminal builds an attack based on his or her domain of expertise. So why wouldn’t organisations enable security professionals to build defenses the same way?” Why Today? Though cyber security threats are growing in number and complexity, the professionals on the front lines of defense are not keeping pace, according to ISACA’s State of Cyber Security 2017 report. Hiring managers are having a hard time finding the right talent, citing issues such as: Nearly 1 in 3 organisations say it takes six months or more to fill open cyber security positions 37% of organisations say fewer than 1 in 4 candidates are qualified 1 in 5 organisations gets fewer than five applicants for open cyber security positions Additionally, cyber security leaders have a critical need to build the skills of their existing staff. The same survey found that fewer than half are confident in their team’s skills to detect and respond to complex cyber incidents. The CSX Training Platform is currently available for enterprise use. An individual version will be available later in 2017. For more information, visit About ISACA ISACA® ( helps professionals around the globe realise the positive potential of technology in an evolving digital world. By offering industry-leading knowledge, standards, credentialing and education, ISACA enables professionals to apply technology in ways that instill confidence, address threats, drive innovation and create positive momentum for their organisations. Established in 1969, ISACA is a global association serving more than 500,000 engaged professionals in 188 countries. ISACA is the creator of the COBIT® framework, which helps organisations effectively govern and manage their information and technology. Through its Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX), ISACA helps organisations develop skilled cyber workforces and enables individuals to grow and advance their cyber careers. Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Contacts: Julie Fenwick, 0468 901 655, ACS Releases New Course- Script Writing Course out now 2017-04-03T00:34:44Z acs-releases-new-course-script-writing-course-out-now ACS Distance Education have recently written and released a new 100- hour course aimed at helping students improve their script writing skills. Our Script Writing course can be helpful for a variety of professions and enhancing writing skills by teaching students how to construct well-planned and well written scripts for a variety of audiences. Scriptwriting is a specialist form of writing that focuses on producing content for performance. Scripts are essential to developing video and audio content for a variety of audiences. In this course, you'll learn how to develop characters for fiction and non-fiction purposes, how to write tight dialogue, how to develop well-rounded characters, and the principles of scriptwriting for online markets. You'll also learn how to get started with your own business producing scripts for yourself and others. Scripts are essential to developing: - television shows - films/ cinema - teaching in a classroom or online environment - training - radio plays - podcasts - advertising Students can enrol into our course at any time and courses are self paced with tutor support available when needed. For more information on the Script Writing course, please visit our website:   SumTotal delivers an industry first by unifying talent, learning, recruitment, and workforce management into one suite 2017-03-29T21:55:05Z sumtotal-delivers-an-industry-first-by-unifying-talent-learning-recruitment-and-workforce-management-into-one-suite Sydney– March 30, 2017 – SumTotal, the leading provider of talent management solutions, unveiled a range of new features and additions to the SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite. The Talent Expansion Suite is the first in the industry to bring talent, learning, recruitment, and workforce management into one platform. This release includes expanded access to learning content, enhancements to the visually engaging user interface, improved browsing and search capabilities, and deployment flexibility to meet the complex technical requirements of modern organisations, both in the cloud and on premise.   The SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite simplifies and streamlines talent management for organisations and engages employees with innovative solutions to know, mobilise, develop, promote, reward, and incentivise global organisations of all sizes.   “Since the acquisition of SumTotal we have invested significantly in bringing a platform that delivers rich functionality on a beautiful consumer-led experience to market. Last year, we brought learning and talent together in our Talent Expansion Suite and with this release, we have a unique proposition in the market - delivering talent, learning, recruitment and  workforce management on a single, unified data SaaS platform," said Bill Donoghue, chairman and CEO, Skillsoft. “By bringing all the HCM components into one suite, we are addressing our clients and the market challenges of attracting, retaining, developing, and engaging this multi-generational workforce – delivering a state of the market digital technology experience with cutting edge functionality."   This release of the SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite features a number of new capabilities specifically created to allow organisations of all sizes to measure, understand, and maximise the performance of their global workforce, including:   ·         Career Planning and Job Matching o   Career Planning – Advanced algorithms to support internal mobility, which recommends internal open jobs to employees that best fit their profile and career goals. o   Job and Competency Matching - New competency metrics provide an at-a-glance dashboard, highlighting areas for development in both current jobs and jobs targeted as part of their career plans.   ·         SumTotal Mobile o   Smartphone-optimised access – Provides complete employee profile and resume information, including metrics and details for performance, goals, compensation, learning and development. o   Seamless user experience for mobile learning – Users can now seamlessly download courses on the app and launch them offline, regardless of location.   o   Continuous performance feedback enhancements – With the new SumTotal Mobile App, managers and employees can provide and view feedback, anywhere, at any time. o   Windows 10 and Windows Surface integration – Employees can now access content using Windows 10 on their laptop and Windows Surface devices – online and offline.   ·         Next Generation of Performance Management o   New single dashboard – Now allows employees to easily review, search, and filter all feedback. o   Connect feedback to development plans – Managers can provide feedback to selected individuals, and can link users back to specific goals and competencies.   ·         Optimising the Learning Process o   Streamlined, form-based approvals – Allows organisations to optimise their learning management processes by supporting new forms based approval workflows that comply with the SF182 and EHRI federal government standards.  o   Powerful content management tools – Administrative users can now easily publish, manage, and replace content without having to create a new version from scratch.   ·         Workforce Management o   New appearance – Unified look and feel with single sign-on capabilities. o   Workforce management enhancements – Simple streamlining of daily schedule and shift changes. o   New single timeline for managing and completing tasks – New enterprise-search allows a single point for users to search.   About SumTotal SystemsSumTotal Systems, LLC, a Skillsoft Company, is the world’s most popular Talent Management Solution. SumTotal’s award winning Talent Management Suite enables companies to attract, know, mobilise, develop, progress and reward their workforce. With over 150 million users, SumTotal is continuously investing to allow for the changing demands of customers and their users. The Talent Expansion Suite includes four key components –Talent, Learn, and Work.   Follow us on Twitter @SumTotalSystems and on Facebook Is Coaching Right for You and Your Organisation? 5 Questions Can Give You the Answer 2017-03-28T07:27:54Z is-coaching-right-for-you-and-your-organisation-5-questions-can-give-you-the-answer Executive coaching is increasing in popularity as more senior people and organisations realise the benefits it can deliver. However, like any single diet program, it’s not the right fit for everyone. In this article, Melinda Fell, of Melinda Fell Consulting, a boutique C-Level executive coaching and placement firm explains why. Please note that these are necessarily very general observations – if you have specific questions, Melinda will be happy to answer them.  The first thing to understand is that executive coaching is not just about the executive. It generally involves coaching an individual to better perform their role within their organisation – and typically this process involves buy in from their stakeholders – upstream and downstream. Stakeholder feedback is often a critical part of assessing the progress of a coaching program. Question One: Is your organisation ready to commit to a team approach to coaching? Executive coaching is not a quick fix – it’s not an organisational aspirin that can disappear problems in 20 minutes. It’s a process that typically takes around 18 months to generate and consolidate enduring results.  Question Two: Are you ready to commit to a 12-18 month process? This may seem obvious, but are you and your organisation willing to accept change? Doing things better can mean doing them differently, and while that’s an easy thing to say yes to in theory, in practice the results can be different. Question Three: Are you and your organisation willing to change? Executive coaching is informed behavioural modification designed to increase the leadership skills, productivity and happiness of an individual. It is not a substitute for therapy, the answer to immoral or illegal actions or a corporate ‘get out of jail free’ card.  Question Four: Do you understand the role of executive coaching? Are you prepared to be realistic and honest? Executive coaching is a process informed by evidence and feedback from the individual and their stakeholders. Sometimes the assessments and judgements will be comfortable, at other times they may be less welcome. It is a not a ‘religion’ or a belief system which on its own creates positive outcomes for participants. Question Five: Are you prepared to be honest and accept honest feedback? If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to all the questions above, you’ve probably read about executive coaching and understand the personal and corporate benefits it can deliver. If you have one or more ‘No’, answers you could still benefit from a coaching program – but be realistic! New Course- Turf Grasses Course out now 2017-03-22T06:55:18Z new-course-turf-grasses-course-out-now ACS Distance Education have recently written and released a new 100- hour course called Turf Grasses. Another addition to our expanding turf course offering, this course is ideal for any existing or student greenkeepers, turf suppliers, landscapers or groundskeepers. Having an understanding of the different grass species, the cultivars and physiology of grass is pertinent to working with turf. This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of grass physiology so that the student can observe subtle differences between grasses being able to identify different cultivars and species much quicker.  This course demonstrates the characteristics of the vast majority of species and sub species of grasses that are used for lawns and turf around the world. This course covers grass cultivars that are commonly used for sporting, commercial and residential turf throughout the world including Australasia, the UK, Europe and North America.  The ten lessons that are covered within this course include: Introduction - Biology, terminology and classification of turf grasses. Fescues - The “Festuca rubra complex”, “Festuca ovina complex” and others Bentgrasses - Creeping, Colonial, Velvet, Redtop, Highland and Idaho Bentgrass Ryegrasses - Perennial, Italian, Annual Ryegrass etc. Bluegrasses - Kentucky, Texas, Rough, Canada, Upland and other bluegrass species including winter grass. Couchgrasses -Bermuda, South African, Hybrid, Queensland Blue and Salt Water couches. Buffalo and Zoysia Grasses - Stenotaphrum, Buchloe, Bouteloua and Zoysia. Other Warm Condition Grasses -Centipedegrass, Kikuyu, Paspalums, Bahia grass and others Other Cool Condition Grasses -Hairgrasses, Timothy, Brome, Phalaris, Wheatgrass, Crested Dogtail, etc Turf grass Mixes -Growing two or more varieties together in the same turf.  Students can enrol into our course at any time and courses are self paced with tutor support available when needed. For more information on the Turf Grasses course, please visit our website: New Course- Agronomy II Growing Grains Course out now 2017-03-21T04:26:02Z new-course-agronomy-ii-growing-grains-course-out-now ACS Distance Education have recently written and released a new 100- hour course called Agronomy II, which focusses on growing grains. This course has been written by ACS Academics who have many years experience and knowledge in the agronomy and crops industry. This course covers not only cereals but also pulses (eg. beans) and pseudo grains (eg. Quinoa), which makes this course attractive for those wishing to get into growing newer crops and different markets. Grains are a major part of farming world-wide and are a very significant food for both human and animal consumption. This is a very large industry, that encompasses not only the most common grains such as wheat and rice, but also many dozens of other grain crops such as Amaranth and Soybeans. This course covers the following topics: Introduction to grains Cereal/grain infrastructure and machinery requirements Wheat, triticale, spelt, barley, oats, rye. Maize, Sorghum, millet Rice Pulse crops Pseudo cereals Processing grains for human consumption Grains for livestock consumption Students can enrol into our course at any time and courses are self paced with tutor support available when needed. For more information on the Agronomy II course, please visit our website: Project Laneways Gears Up for PRINCE2 2017 Update 2017-03-20T02:20:26Z project-laneways-gears-up-for-prince2-2017-update Axelos, the publisher of PRINCE2 guidance has announced that they are all set to update both their Foundation and Practitioner PRINCE2 examinations. These updates will be launched by mid-2017. Training provider Project Laneways will offer the new version of PRINCE2 as soon as it is available. This is the first major revision since 2009.   PRINCE2 has an unrivalled reputation for being the best practice in project management. The focus is always on what makes a successful project. This update is a result of the wealth of expert feedback from PRINCE2 practitioners, especially those who have successfully applied the method in today’s dynamic working environment.      The new version of PRINCE2 affirms the method’s established approach to project management, with its overall structure of seven principles, themes and processes. The main changes to the guidance includes an emphasis on tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organisations and project environments, the principles that underpin PRINCE2, the restructuring of the ‘Themes’ guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring and the practical application of the method and guidance.   Axelos has taken this big step forward to enable anyone managing a project to get the best out of PRINCE2 and to achieve success for their organisation. The PRINCE2 2017 update consolidates a wealth of knowledge gained in the workplace and can be trusted to provide practical, authoritative and relevant guidance to anyone managing a project.   The update of PRINCE2 is evolutionary in nature. Candidates who have already acquired the Prince2 certification may lay their fears to rest, the changes are small. Existing candidates will not require recertification to the new version. However, Axelos has highly recommended that PRINCE2 practitioners familiarise themselves with the new material. Project Laneways is committed to bring the best available guidance to all their customers and clients. In keeping with this commitment, the company will assist both existing and new candidates who are interested in getting themselves updated with the new version. New candidates are encouraged to enrol for the updated new version at the earliest. For more information or to make enquiries about the new version of PRINCE2 those interested can call Project Laneways Melbourne office at +61390389236 and the Sydney office at +61282123978. They can also send an email to To know more about the courses offered by Project Laneways, visit their website: Search is on for a global CEO 2017-03-15T06:14:30Z search-is-on-for-a-global-ceo-1 Media Release Melbourne, 15th March 2017 - For immediate release   Search is on for a global CEO Token remuneration, dysfunctional industry   The search is on for a global CEO to head up Aidhub International, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to transforming the way the three trillion aid and development industry conducts business.   The remuneration being offered is $1 per annum.   Aidhub is the brainchild of Australian businessman, Alan Morgan. Formerly a mergers and acquisitions advisor, Mr. Morgan retired to Indonesia in 2010 at the age of 44 to focus on philanthropic work. He first established Mentor Foundation which has since worked with over 1,000 people to help them prosper on limited resources and in 2014 he began working on the development of Aidhub, a global technology platform to support all aid and not-for-profit organisations achieve their goals.   Aidhub’s free technology will deliver increased transparency, better and standardised outcomes measurements and more effective knowledge transfer. It will enable every not-for-profit organisation globally to more easily and effectively plan, implement, manage, monitor, analyse and report on the outcomes and impacts of their initiatives. When launched, Aidhub will be available to the global not-for-profit industry at no cost.    “We’re seeking a world class leader who is willing to transition from a commercially driven career to a greater good mission,” said Mr. Morgan.  “In many ways the not-for-profit industry is a brutal and dysfunctional one. Aidhub is a world-first and it stands to change the way not-for-profits operate worldwide. The CEO will need enormous vision to work with us in driving this project to the next stage.”   Interested parties can make a confidential inquiry at   See more about Aidhub at   Media only: Alan Morgan is available for interview.  To arrange an interview or for further information, please contact Margot Gorski at PR Matters on +61 3 9533 6783 or +61 412 393 394, or at   Investing in Australia’s Food Future with Agriculture 2017-03-15T04:31:58Z investing-in-australia-s-food-future-with-agriculture Agriculture has a rich history in Australia and is responsible for producing 90% of food for Australians. It also makes an important contribution to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product. There are certain barriers to entry into the agricultural industry such as distance to training facilities and cost. This not only impacts on the number of adequately trained employees available to the industry but can limit innovation. In addition to finding and attracting suitable employees and accessing training, there are other issues facing the agriculture sector. These include an aging workforce, succession planning, market instability and restrictions, climate change, drought, floods, proximity to markets and potential threats to export and trade agreements. It’s not all bad news though. With new technological advances, changes in consumer trends and new trade prospects, there are opportunities for savvy new entrants and existing farmers. Staying informed and conducting research to identify and capitalise on emerging opportunities is key. Understanding the industry, keeping your finger on the pulse, being creative and identifying new and relevant opportunities can be difficult when you are busy working and doing all the things it takes to operate your business while making ends meet. Gaining this knowledge may involve upskilling or training to obtain new skills to keep your business profitable and futureproof. ACS Distance Education offer courses that are ideal for those looking to enter the industry, for people who are already working in the industry and would like to gain a different perspective or diversify within their business or even for those who are interested in starting their own small self-sufficient farm. Courses are written by ACS academic staff who know the industry. They are designed for the busy person who can’t attend traditional classes with self-paced and flexible learning options allowing the student to select the subjects that best suit their needs. With topics from crops, livestock and animal management, land management and environmental to business and farm development and management, ACS course offerings include short to long courses. Visit our site today for more information: