The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-06-26T01:34:06Z Skillsoft partners with Australian law firm Jackson McDonald to expand global compliance coverage to meet the needs of Australian employees 2017-06-26T01:34:06Z skillsoft-partners-with-australian-law-firm-jackson-mcdonald-to-expand-global-compliance-coverage-to-meet-the-needs-of-australian-employees-5 Sydney, June 26th, 2017 Skillsoft, the global leader in eLearning, has partnered with Australian law firm Jackson McDonald to release a series of workplace compliance courses designed to address systemic problems employees and organisations continue to face with regards to workplace harassment. In a recent Safe Work Australia report[1], harassment and bullying claims represent 29 percent of mental stress claims in the workplace. According to another report on The Psychosocial Safety Climate and Better Productivity in Australian Workplaces[2], productivity losses associated with low levels of management commitment to psychological health and safety in the workplace cost employers around $6 billion per annum. “Workplace discrimination and misconduct continue to be a prevalent problem which must be addressed in the Australian workforce. We are pleased to partner with Skillsoft on this project to improve compliance within Australian workplaces,” said Renae Harding, Special Counsel at Jackson McDonald. The series of five short courses, which expands Skillsoft’s existing compliance training offering, cover key business risks around harassment and bullying, equal employment opportunity, and privacy. “We see a growing need for effective compliance training to address these critical issues and help reduce the employee strain, cultural deficit and financial burdens placed on these organisations. The lack of understanding around compliance-related issues, coupled with weak reference and training materials for companies to use, has led to a growing trend around workplace compliance claims,” said Melissa Ries, VP & GM Regional Sales, Australia at Skillsoft.   The courses, now available to Australian businesses, offer two distinct versions - one for managers and one for non-managers—ensuring materials apply to all levels of staff within an organisation. The material plays to Skillsoft’s fresh, modern take on key risk topics and newly designed compliance courseware to include appealing video, role play scenarios and material attestation and questionnaires, all of which provide greater engagement with the end user. The release of this new content further reinforces Skillsoft’s market leading position and commitment to deliver best-in-class learning experiences, while addressing the need for proper workplace compliance training. For more information on Skillsoft’s offerings, visit   About Skillsoft Skillsoft is the global leader in eLearning, providing the most engaging learner experience and high-quality content.  We are trusted by the world's leading organisations, including 65 percent of the Fortune 500. Our mission is to build beautiful technology and engaging content that drives business impact for today’s modern enterprise. Our 150,000+ multi-modal courses, videos, books and micro-learning modules are accessed more than 130 million times every month, in 160 countries and 29 languages. With 100% secure cloud access, from any device, whenever, wherever. About Jackson McDonald Jackson McDonald is a large independent law firm with over 200 staff and 27 Partners, offering the full range of commercial legal services.  For nearly a century, we have provided our clients with clear, concise legal advice that is tailored to their commercial and operational needs.  We have eminent legal expertise in workplace relations, work health and safety, real estate, planning and construction, commercial litigation, commercial taxation, corporate advisory, mergers and acquisitions, mining and resources, energy, insurance, reconstruction and insolvency and private client services.  A number of our practices and partners are recognised as leaders in their field and feature regularly in Best Lawyers, Who’s Who Legal, Chambers Guide, and Doyle's Guide – meaning that our clients are in safe hands at all times. [1] Psychological Health and Safety and Bullying in the Australian Workplaces (3rd Edition) [2] The Psychosocial Safety Climate and Better Productivity in Australian Workplaces: Cost, Productivity, Presenteeism, Absenteeism Visa Complications Plague Young Kiwis Planning Their Big OE 2017-06-21T04:24:06Z visa-complications-plague-young-kiwis-planning-their-big-oe The tit for tat spat over visas between New Zealand and South Africa means that many young Kiwis are finding it almost impossible to navigate the new regulations for travellers according to Vicki Kenny, founder of International Working Holidays, the specialist overseas employment agency.   She says: `The requirement that travellers from New Zealand now have to get a visa to visit South Africa has affected our volunteers but worse is the haphazard way the new regulations are being applied.   `Three of our volunteers have been declined visas - and not been given a specific reason as to why. One reapplied and got the visa. The process is outsourced by the South African government to VFS Global, but it is very difficult to find anyone to talk to about any problems. Our volunteer may have applied for a volunteer visa or they processed it as one - or she wrote the wrong day as her passport expiry date. We don’t know. The fact is they just decline under Section 11 of the Immigration Act and don’t give any further detail. - you can’t talk to anyone about it - VFS manage the visa applications - and they don’t know.    `We just had two girls declined last week. One has managed to change her flights to August in the hope she will get the visa the second time around. Again we don’t know why she was declined. Because they need a stupid number of documents to apply there is such a lot of possibility for error in the system. Her friend was also declined (they were both due to fly early June). She has taken a semester off uni to volunteer in Africa and worked two jobs all summer to afford the flights and cost of the trip - over $6000 and she had to cancel and not transfer. So she has lost everything.  She phoned us in tears last week.’    The difficulties with South Africa are mirrored by problems in Britain for New Zealanders wishing to work there. The British Government, is having some serious issues processing visas at the moment too.   Vicki Kenny explains: `We had a participant apply in May (11th) for a 7 day priority visa processing (which they offer at a fee of £120 extra) and she didn’t get her visa for 4 weeks. This meant she missed her US Visa appointment for her J1 Camp America visa. Again we get no explanation of delay and it appears to be affecting all types of UK visas. It used to be simple to get a UK visa, but these days if you make just one mistake the application will get sent back and you will have to reapply and pay another application fee. Since they don’t tell you what you have got wrong you might end up doing it all again and still have the application rejected. It’s a big risk if your flights are already booked and you get it wrong. A lot of kids choose bargain flights, which don’t allow refunds or date changes.’   Luckily we have access to the British High Commission Liaison Officers so those that use our visa service for the UK get the follow up and calls (at £1.99 per minute) included in the service.     Further information: Vicki Kenny, IWH: 027 670 9968 Peter Boyes, BPR: 0275 540 500     Project Laneways – Meeting Increasing Demand for Change Management Specialists 2017-06-16T06:32:50Z project-laneways-meeting-increasing-demand-for-change-management-specialists Project Laneways is a highly-accredited and internationally acclaimed training provider specialising in PRINCE2, AgilePM, Change Management, Better Business Cases and Programme Management training courses. Change Management has developed into an essential area causing large organisations to hire personnel on a permanent basis. In June Project Laneways is focusing on Change Management training courses. Project Laneways’ courses are recognised and accredited by the International Change Management Institute. These courses provide both theoretical and practical skills which are suitable in both individual and organisational contexts. Australian professionals who are serious about career planning would be wise to invest in their own success by becoming certified professionals through completion of Change Management training courses.   Dan Skelsey, the founder of Project Laneways, has worked with many industries across eight countries and five continents. He has handled projects of large international companies and small businesses and implemented complex changes involving process and cultural change.   Change Management has seen considerable and noteworthy change in recent times. Since change is constant many large organisations have deemed it necessary to hire change management professionals for permanent job positions. Job positions such as Director of Change Management, Change Management Specialist and Change Analyst have been created in many organisations. Posts like Change Manager, Change Management Consultant, and Manager - Organisational Change are becoming a standard in large organisations.   Research statistics from Prosci’s 2016 edition of ‘Best Practices in Change Management’ have registered that there is an increase in internal change management job positions in many industries. These include Banking (84%), Transport & Warehousing (75%), Consumer Goods Mfg (73%), Utilities (70%) and Finance (64%) among others.   The main responsibilities identified for these change management jobs included supporting change management at the organisational level, applying structured methodology and lead change management and supporting communication efforts. Other responsibilities involve supporting training efforts, interpersonal skills and change experiences. Many secondary responsibilities have also been identified.   To know more about Project Laneways Change Management Methodology Courses call 03 90389236 (Melbourne) or 02 82123978 (Sydney) or send an email to   For information on Change Management Courses at Project Laneways: Fresh Start in Education Plugs Secured Signing in to RDB ProNet to Save a Day Every Week 2017-06-15T21:46:11Z fresh-start-in-education-plugs-secured-signing-in-to-rdb-pronet-to-save-a-day-every-week June 16, 2017, Sydney - The Secured Signing plug in for RDB ProNet provides Fresh Start In Education with a very streamlined process for creating documents, sending them to be signed online, with a system of automated reminders, and once signed, populating the data into RDB ProNet along with the signed documents. "Secured Signing saves us at least a day's effort every week through the removal of data entry and automated reminders eradicating wasted administrative effort." according to Ed Robbins, Operations Director for Fresh Start In Education. "If you are using RDB ProNet then Secured Signing is a vital plug in to maximise the efficiency of your team." Fresh Start knew they needed to strip the paper out of their process, however a first attempt at online forms, built on a CRM system, with documents being approved using a password system had proven to be cumbersome and insecure. As a result, most candidate on boarding packs were being sent by email for manual completion and signing, creating additional effort for both recruitment consultants and candidates and slowing the process down. Fresh Start looked to Secured Signing for a highly secure online form filling and document signing service that delivered a great experience for candidates. The integration of Secured Signing into RDB ProNet was a key in its selection. Having the Secured Signing plug in for RDB ProNet allows Fresh Start to be flexible in creating and maintaining their own templates. With 18 templates established including DBS self-declaration, bank details, employment and personal reference forms, Fresh Start are currently in the process of adding additional templates to maximise the value they derive from Secured Signing. All form templates have fields that populate directly into RDB ProNet once the form has been signed, removing manual data entry from the process. "The time savings and cost reductions that Secured Signing delivers as a standalone platform are magnified when our capabilities are made available directly into a person's primary work environment." observes Mikey Eyal, Founder and Managing Director of Secured Signing. "It is very rewarding to see the emphasis we have placed on building out a comprehensive programming interface and increasing the range of Connectors for Secured Signing transformed into genuine savings and improved process for companies such as Fresh Start." About Fresh Start in Education Fresh Start in Education Ltd are an interim education provider who work with students that are out of education. This includes school refusers, young offenders, those with emotional or behavioural difficulties, serious health issues or those who are generally disengaged from education.  The company’s purpose is to return students to full time specialist or main steam education as soon as is practical.  They provide bespoke, child-centred, high quality education programmes, which ensure that all the students that they work with have outstanding opportunities to re-integrate. Fresh Start recruits its own tutors to work with these students. The recruitment of the right tutors is of paramount importance to the effectiveness of the service delivered.  To learn more about Fresh Start In Education, visit About Secured Signing Secured Signing provides a comprehensive and secure SaaS digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities combining advanced personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology with easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy, compliant solutions. Secured Signing enables its users to utilise smartphones, PCs, any tablet device and any browser, to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. The solution streamlines business processes, cuts back on expenses, expedites delivery cycles, improves staff efficiency and enhances customer service in a green environment. To learn more about Secured Signing, visit Compliance training versus compliance performance: New SAI Global and Towards Maturity report tackles how to bridge the divide 2017-06-15T13:16:08Z compliance-training-versus-compliance-performance-new-sai-global-and-towards-maturity-report-tackles-how-to-bridge-the-divide The findings show that while more time is spent on compliance training than on any other formal learning and development, there’s a significant gap between the desired and actual outcomes; 95% of respondents want to change their workplace culture and 81% of the workforce is involved in mandatory training each year. Despite this, only 27% of organisations seeking evidence of a change in behaviour in their workforce, believe they are actually succeeding and only 15% believed their current approach actually achieved this. The survey results compare ethics and compliance programme goals and performance from 2013 to 2017, identifying what’s working and what the barriers to success are. Some of the key insights gained include: Targeted, position-based training to empower ethical decision making is essential. Respondent feedback indicated, on average, that 61% of employees in their companies receive the same learning content as everyone else in the company, despite the risk profile for each role being entirely unique with its own set of challenges. Extending compliance training to third-party network significantly reduces business risk. Evidence suggests the provision of third-party ethics and compliance training to contractors, vendors and suppliers reduces an organisation’s third party risk by up to three times. Despite this only 19% of organisations currently allow third-parties access to their compliance training. Mapping learning requirements to business process pays dividends. Mapping learning outcomes to business processes generates significant benefits including enhanced compliance with regulator’s requirements for training, reducing insurance premiums by 12% and, in the case of serious misconduct, reducing potential penalties a company faces by 16%. Workplace technology needs to keep up with the rest of the world. While 91% of learners own a smartphone and/or tablet, use of such technology to access learning and support content is surprisingly low. 43% of survey respondents rated learning on mobile devices as having the greatest impact on behavioural change but only 25% use mobile tablets and 7% use smartphone devices to access learning material. Engaging content and delivery methods are essential. 46% of respondents report a major barrier to learning was that content is dull and delivery is lacking in engagement. Securing and protecting data against cyberattacks is a top priority. A greater understanding of the exposure to risk from cybercrime and data loss or corruption has driven the largest increase (13%) in perceived risk between 2015 and 2017 compared to any other risk category. 81% of survey respondents rated cybersecurity as the number one priority. “Comparing data from 2013 and 2015 with this year’s results, it’s clear that culture isn’t shifting as fast as it needs to for organisations to be able to adequately respond to the new wave of technology driven risks. This research brings new evidence to the table; new insights that will drive more effective changes to ethics and compliance learning programmes and ensure success,” said Laura Overton, Towards Maturity. SAI Global, an international leader in providing ethics and compliance training, sponsored this independent benchmark study by Towards Maturity to explore methodologies and practices for improving the impact and effectiveness of compliance training. “There is no doubt that the field of ethics and compliance can be challenging, as there is nothing simple about influencing how people from different backgrounds and cultures behave. Our ability to come together as a community and collaborate on our collective journey to a future where ethical behaviour is instinctual and celebrated drives everything we do,” said Peter Mullins, CEO SAI Global. A free version of the full report can be downloaded here. Methodology Data for this report is drawn from: - A compliance audit with over 250 compliance professionals from 28 countries gathered between March and May 2017 - Data drawn from over 600 compliance professionals who participated in  the compliance studies in 2013 and 2015 - Group workshop held in April with Risk and L&D executives - Towards Maturity’s Learning Landscape™ research from a sample of 4,500 workers, The Learner Voice: Part 3 About Towards Maturity Towards Maturity is an independent research company that provides expert advice and support to help organisations accelerate business performance through learning. It leverages the data of its longitudinal Benchmark Study, the largest learning strategy benchmark in the world. Since 2003, over 5,500 organisations and 35,000 learners have contributed to the Towards Maturity Benchmark. Learn more about the Towards Maturity Benchmark and model at: Thanks to the support of Towards Maturity Ambassadors, annual benchmark reports, case studies and resources are available to download for free. Towards Maturity Ambassadors work together as agents of change, identifying and improving on effective practice, raising awareness and driving the learning profession forward. Towards Maturity Ambassadors include strategic partner the CIPD, publishing partner Emerald Group Publishing, the founding Ambassadors: Learning Technologies, LEO, Charity Learning Consortium, Acteon, Kallidus and Speexx, plus: Bray Leino Learning, Clear Lessons, Cognician, City and Guilds Kineo, CrossKnowledge, Degreed, Docebo, Dossier, DPG plc, getAbstract, GoodPractice, KPMG, Learning Pool, Lumesse, PurpleMedia, Raytheon Professional Services, Redware, Saba Software, Skillsoft and Workstar. Learn more about Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors at: Towards Maturity is a part of the Emerald Group. About SAI Global At SAI Global, we make Intelligent Risk possible by helping organisations proactively manage risk to achieve business excellence, growth, sustainability and ultimately, create trust. Our integrated risk management solutions are a combination of world-class tech platforms, services and advisory capabilities that operate across the entire lifecycle allowing businesses to focus on opportunities presented by uncertainty. Together, these tools and knowledge enable customers to develop a holistic, integrated view of risk. In Australia, we are also a leading provider of settlement related services; company, personal and property information. SAI Global Limited’s head office is located in Sydney, Australia. We employ more than 2,000 people across 29 countries and 51 locations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. JXT Global Supports 2017 North America and Asia-Pacific Candidate Experience Awards Programs 2017-06-13T20:00:04Z jxt-global-supports-2017-north-america-and-asia-pacific-candidate-experience-awards-programs Talent Board, a non-profit organization focused on the promotion and benchmark research of a quality candidate experience, today announced that JXT Global is a sponsor of the 2017 Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards, at the Platinum level for the Asia-Pacific region and Gold in North America. The annual awards and benchmarking programs offer employers in North America (NAM), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC), a risk-free and confidential opportunity to learn how their organization's candidate experience practices compare to those of their peers and obtain feedback from their candidates, while gaining insight into the latest tools and strategies for optimizing the recruiting process. “As we continue to work with corporate HR teams it has become very apparent that they are desperate for solutions and technologies that work and are proven in the very competitive recruitment space. The JXT Global platform is an ideal fit as we have proven integration and can give HR teams back some control over their content, without having to wait for IT. We allow them to provide the best candidate experience,” said Rick Maré, JXT Global’s CEO. Registration for the 2017 CandE Awards programs is now open. Employers of all sizes are welcome to register for any and all regional programs that correspond with their hiring efforts. After submitting a one-time annual registration fee and completing the registration process, participating organizations will go through two rounds of data collection and evaluation of their candidate experience practices. Top-rated organizations will be recognized publicly as CandE Award winners. Elaine Orler, board member of Talent Board and CEO of Talent Function, shared, “Focused on helping corporate HR teams streamline and market better digital user experiences, JXT Global shares Talent Board’s vision of the candidate experience. We’re delighted to welcome JXT Global as a sponsor of the NAM and APAC CandE Award programs and look forward to working together.” To learn more about the Candidate Experience Awards programs, visit  About JXT Global The talent acquisition race starts with creating a memorable candidate experience. A great digital marketing ecosystem brings together multiple components of your career sites, social media, email marketing, job board solutions, CRM, and search engine strategies onto a single platform to deliver a mobile and website responsive outcome. By enabling your online interaction with your audience to be seamless in real time, you build a simple but powerful online brand to optimize your returns. Every day, we work with a growing base of 800 recruiters worldwide to do exactly that across 23 countries and 17 languages. Our customers benefit from the best practices in creating a high-quality user experience for them and their candidates. With offices in Australia, London, New Zealand, Asia and the US, we empower four of the top five international recruitment companies to achieve brand and user interaction optimization. Visit us at About Talent Board Talent Board is a non-profit organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. The organization, Candidate Experience Awards program and its sponsors are dedicated to recognizing the candidate experience offered by companies throughout the entire recruitment cycle and to forever changing the manner in which job candidates are treated. More information can be accessed at Turn your passion for pets into profit through the sharing economy 2017-06-09T03:23:15Z turn-your-passion-for-pets-into-profit-through-the-sharing-economy On Saturday and Sunday the 8th & 9th of July, Australia's BIGGEST Pet Expo will be held at the Gold Coast. The team from Australia's favourite national pet care website, PetCloud, will also be there to show attendees how thousands of Australians (old and young) have been earning extra money by cuddling pets from home. There is over 30,000 people expected to attend, & over 150 exhibitors, & live entertainment including including exciting animal shows like DockDogs – the world’s premier canine aquatics competition, flyball, high jumps, reptile and insect encounters, product giveaways and discounts, celebrities, hundreds of animals and much, much more! So come along to the Gold Coast Pet & Animal Expo, & make sure you stay in the know of all the latest pet care tips, news & funny pet videos via PetCloud's facebook page    We look forward to seeing you there! WordStorm PR is proud to be representing Project Everest 2017-06-08T02:55:47Z wordstorm-pr-is-proud-to-be-representing-project-everest WordStorm PR is proud to be representing Project Everest, a social enterprise that aims to solve the world’s most complex development problems by building financially sustainable solutions. Managed by former army officer Wade Tink, Project Everest partners with universities all over Australia to create projects in developing countries to help solve local community problems. It is currently operating in Cambodia, Fiji, Timor-Leste, Malawi and Vietnam with plans to expand to the Philippines. The company has been operating for four years with 450 students particpating in the projects. There are currently nine projects being undertaken with enrolments for trips in December closing in November 2017. WordStorm PR Managing Director Monica Rosenfeld said, “We’re thrilled to be spreading the word about Project Everest. This is such an inspiring venture and something we at WordStorm PR strongly believe in. We look forward to promoting the importance of looking outside the box and highlighting the benefits of a less traditional approach to teaching and learning.” WordStorm PR will be working with Project Everest on an ongoing basis to increase awareness and understanding of social enterprise and unconventional teaching methods. For all media inquiries please contact Rochelle on 02 8272 3208 or SPOTLIGHT ON STAGE CAREERS AT ACPA 2017-06-06T07:17:03Z spotlight-on-stage-careers-at-acpa Watching rehearsals, taking tours, and talking to teachers and students will open the public’s eyes to new opportunities at the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA) on Saturday 17 June. ACPA’s first Open Day at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art (Fortitude Valley) promises to reveal what goes on behind the scenes at Australia’s only training centre offering nationally accredited courses that incorporate all performing arts genres, including classes dedicated to Indigenous cultural fusion. ACPA CEO, Dr Dimitri Kopanakis, said the Open Day would put the talents of Australia’s emerging performing artists under the spotlight as they rehearse for the mid-year student showcase. “Open Day is a chance for prospective students to learn more about ACPA’s courses, while checking out the professional facilities that our students enjoy,” Dr Kopanakis said. "It’s also an opportunity for our current students’ families to see how they’re progressing, and to watch them in action in rehearsal mode. “And we’re looking forward to welcoming past students to our new home, as well as giving our many supporters a glimpse of what we are achieving.” From 10 am to 1 pm, student-led tours will include displays and watching rehearsals in three separate performance spaces dedicated to acting, dancing and music. ACPA music students will also be performing in the foyer of the Judith Wright Centre. Dr Kopanakis said the Open Day, supported by a Transurban community grant, would demonstrate how ACPA trains young musicians, actors, and dancers in contemporary performance techniques as the foundation for their future careers. “We provide an excellent vocational education that is industry relevant, with a strong emphasis on public performances to build confidence. This year’s Open Day is an ideal opportunity for our students to experience what it’s like to rehearse in front of an audience without the usual pressures of a full-on stage performance,” he said. Event details What:   Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts Open Day When:  Saturday 17 June 2017 10 am – 1 pm Where: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art, 420 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley Cost:    Free All aboard. Why successful corporate leaders have turned to coaching. 2017-06-06T01:07:43Z all-aboard-why-successful-corporate-leaders-have-turned-to-coaching There’s a wave of change flowing through some of the world’s largest organisations, resulting from the realisation that investments in traditional performance based management are not providing optimal returns. As workplaces- and workers –are changing, so too are the systems and processes that most effectively assess and guide them. The accepted definition of performance management, as summarised by Armstrong and Baron, is 'a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance. As such, it establishes shared understanding about what is to be achieved and an approach to leading and developing people which will ensure that it is achieved'. We may think this is a contemporary approach, developed to meet the needs of today’s corporate environments, however China’s Wei Dynasty used a “nine-rank system” for evaluating civil service officials in the third century! Of course, performance management systems have evolved since then, primarily in the latter half of the twentieth century, following WW2. Today, businesses collectively invest tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars in performance rating systems that have evolved from these historical models. Their intention remains to provide management and personnel guidance to improve performance and productivity. Whether the input is generated by objective metrics, ratings, forced rankings or goal achievements, these systems usually involve a standardisation process designed to assess people in similar roles by the same criteria. This generally results in a rigid process that gives managers a sense of control and a belief that they are providing employees with feedback and direction. Meanwhile, it is assumed that at the end of the process, employees have identified, or been provided with, areas in which they can improve their performance. When job descriptions were tightly defined and many people acted in identical roles this process was more effective than it is proving to be in the twenty first century. Technology is changing how we work. Evolving organisational structures, demands for increased flexibility and peoples’ expectations of their employers and workplaces are changing the way we work. Both locally and internationally, a mounting body of evidence (generally proprietary for obvious reasons) is reflecting the facts that not only are many employees dissatisfied by traditional performance based ratings, but that the whole process of assessment and comparison on which promotion and remuneration are based, can also be counter-productive, a demotivational force in the workplace. It is also a system that can be successfully gamed by agile participants, if not thoroughly managed. People are looking for something different – engaging, inspiring and motivating. The formal structures that once stratified society and consequently working environments, have been replaced by a new fluidity. Employers expect more flexibility and initiative from their people, who are in turn, entitled to expect it from their employers. The key to an organisation successfully negotiating this change to a new working paradigm can be summarised in one word – leadership. Managers must lead their teams to more rewarding and productive working environments, while individuals must be equipped and empowered to lead themselves to develop their skills and optimise their performance and job and life satisfaction. Executive coaching is the first step in transforming successful senior managers into successful leaders. People who not only understand themselves and how to maximise their performance, but who can also understand, motivate and coach their teams, at both collective and individual levels. The rest of the world has come a long way since the third century, it’s time the way we evaluate performance and manage people did too. Melinda Fell is a personal coach who works with individuals and organisations to help them recognise and realise opportunities for immediate and ongoing improvement. She has always been intensely curious about how people tick and what drives human behaviour. Specialising in C-level placements, Melinda draws on a unique combination of traditional human resources skills and coaching qualifications to ensure every client receives a solution tailored to their specific needs. Melinda has earned a reputation as a thought leader and consultant who combines understanding and empathy with a clear analytical appreciation of every situation. Ascender celebrates three international awards with National Australia Bank, the Department of Defence and Lendlease 2017-06-05T23:30:00Z ascender-celebrates-three-international-awards-with-national-australia-bank-the-department-of-defence-and-lendlease Sydney, Australia – June 2017 – Ascender and its partners, National Australia Bank Limited (NAB), The Department of Defence, and Lendlease have been recognised for excellence within the learning industry, taking out one Platinum and two Gold LearnX Impact Awards.   The LearnX Impact Awards recognise best practices and business achievements in talent development. Ascender and National Australia Bank (NAB) received a Platinum Award for Best Compliance Program for the Risk Awareness 2017 suite of eLearning modules. The program educates employees on laws, regulations and company policies that guide their day-to-day responsibilities.   In a bid to refresh the delivery of its training, NAB partnered with Ascender to deliver a more efficient and effective learning experience to enhance employee engagement. It also sought an eLearning solution that would help keep its 34,000 staff up to date on the latest legislation, meet a range of internal requirements, like regular testing, and ensure the organisation’s compliance with more than 4,500 Australian and overseas regulatory obligations.   Margaret Sashidharan, Curriculum Manager of Culture and Capability, NAB, said: “The way people consume information is changing, as is the way we learn. At NAB, all employees are required to complete a mandatory compliance eLearn assessment called Risk Awareness, annually. Our goal in 2017 has been to produce a clean, fresh and efficient program, addressing the importance of taking the right risks with the right control for the right return. It’s about understanding the rules of the game and understanding what we can do to create better outcomes for our customers and deliver on our regulatory requirements”.   “Together with Ascender, we incorporated content relevant to our current work environment and reduced the course from two parts to one. We also introduced Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as the foundation of our mandatory risk compliance training programs. We now test existing knowledge via a pre-assessment tool and only incorrect responses require content review, which has greatly reduced employee workload in this area. Ascender understood the brief, designed and delivered an engaging platform for NAB - the results are phenomenal. The approach will dramatically reduce time off task whilst ensuring staff maintain competence across area of risk compliance”.   Fiona Ward, Head of Learning, Ascender, said: “Our long term partnership with NAB provided the opportunity to challenge the current approach and technology. NAB and Ascender worked closely to design a sustainable learning approach, which can be used as the foundation for other areas of learning across the business. The Platinum LearnX Impact Award highlights the hard work of both teams to make this project a success.”   Ascender and The Department of Defence also won a Gold Award for Best Learning Model (Blended) for the overhaul of training on Sentinel – an incident management system used to log, track and manage health and safety events.   The Department of Defence was looking to move away from a “one size fits all” approach to its business-critical applications to improve accuracy and compliance. As such, it partnered with Ascender to support 130,000 users in increasing the utilisation and understanding of Sentinel. The solution included an online core learning solution supported by role-based training and support.   Ascender were also awarded a Gold Award for Best eLearning Development Company for its work with Lendlease to redesign the online training for the Global Minimum Requirements Framework. The program is being rolled out to the entire global workforce of Lendlease and aims to achieve superior risk management capability and, most importantly, the associated safety outcomes.   The LearnX Impact awards will be presented at the LearnX Summit, which will be held in Sydney on 6th September 2017. For more information, visit the website.About LearnX: The LearnX Foundation is an independent non-profit event management and design agency that operates to amplify the impact of talent development and supporting technologies, through its live summits and international awards programs. With a decade of experience in summit and awards management, LearnX is now a catalyst for many important works across various industries. It serves as a strategic platform for enterprises and their talent to learn, share, network and celebrate their best works.  About Ascender: Founded in 2003, Ascender offers advanced Payroll, HR and Learning solutions to their enterprise clients. Year on year, the Learning section of the business has won several awards, creating a high profile and loyal customer community. Headquartered in Australia, Ascender Learning have over 50 highly trained employees providing services throughout the Asia-Pacific region. New staff announcement: State Operations Manager, Mark Maiorana 2017-06-02T05:34:41Z new-staff-announcement-state-operations-manager-mark-maiorana Aspect Furniture welcomes new staff member Mark Maiorana to our operations team, as State Operations Manager. Mark, formerly National Project Manager at Schiavello, will head up our operations in Victoria, and brings over 15 years’ industry experience in project management and commercial fitouts. He will be focused on building strong stakeholder relationships. Mark holds a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Monash University, and his personal interests include sports and music.    Mark is based at our Melbourne office and can be reached on 0409 559 138 or The Adecco Group Appoints Australia’s Young ‘CEO for One Month’ 2017-06-01T04:52:04Z the-adecco-group-appoints-australia-s-young-ceo-for-one-month SYDNEY, Australia – June 1, 2017: The Adecco Group, the world’s leading recruitment agency, has appointed 22-year-old Roy Hanna as its latest Australia apprentice CEO for one month. In its fourth installment, the company’s annual global ‘CEO for One Month’ program aims to bolster youth employability and their career prospects through highly effective work-based training.  The 2017 edition drew a record 2,100 applicants aged 18 to 26 from across the country, more than doubling last year’s 852 applicants. Globally, the program attracted almost 120,000 applicants from around the world, from which 48 in-country apprentice CEOs were selected.  As part of the program, the Macquarie University undergraduate will work alongside The Adecco Group Australia CEO Ger Doyle, learning on the job and gaining rare insight into leadership and management of a complex, global organisation. Roy, who’s pursuing a double degree in commerce and law, will have the opportunity to join internal operations reviews and external meetings with clients, national and international institutions, as well as shadow team leads across finance, marketing and HR, among others.  “Growing up in Western Sydney, a lot of youths tend to be at a disadvantage when it comes to access to higher education and job opportunities,” said Hanna. “Many do not get to attend university and may not even have a chance to apply for an opportunity like this, because they have other issues to worry about at home. Being able to do all of that makes me feel incredibly fortunate; it also makes all the hard work worth it.”  “I’m thrilled and can’t wait to kick start the experience with The Adecco Group. There is so much to gain just by interacting with the leadership team and being able to watch and learn directly from them,” he added. “I believe this will go a long way in building my confidence when speaking with senior executives in the future, as well as enabling me to better plan my progression up the corporate ladder.”  CEO for One Month was launched to equip candidates with the skills and knowledge not offered in the traditional model of education. The program’s goal is to complement students’ studies and give them an edge that few will possess by the time they leave university. At the end of the program, the top performing apprentice will get to work alongside The Adecco Group Global CEO Alain Dehaze for a month.  According to The Adecco Group, the decision to offer the role to Roy was unanimous and based on a combination of three key factors – specifically his soft skills, volunteer work with the Western Sydney Community Legal Centre, as well as his determination to go against all odds to get to where he is today.  “Throughout every stage of the selection process, Roy has managed to consistently impress the entire Executive team – he is intelligent, articulate and confident, and to top that all off, he displayed high emotional intelligence, drive and had an engaging nature that stood out,” said Doyle.  “The ongoing digital innovations and disruptions in the market are creating a perpetual shift towards in-demand skills. This means traditional skills are becoming outdated very quickly – what we need and are fostering today may no longer be relevant for the jobs of tomorrow,” he added. “In this endless cycle, soft skills are more vital than ever. Someone with a great attitude and a curious mind will be able to adapt to new technical and hard skills anytime.”  ‘CEO for One Month’ is part of Way to Work TM, launched in 2013 to tackle youth unemployment and skills shortages, develop young people’s employability, and help them prepare for the workplace of the future. Through the initiative, The Adecco Group provides young people with internships and apprenticeships (over 10,500 between 2015 and 2017), career guidance and training, and an opportunity to be the ‘CEO for One Month’.  Adecco Way to Work™ resources Website:  Facebook:  Twitter:    For further information, please contact:  Red Agency for The Adecco Group  Daphne Chuah,  Tasha Nabila,  +61 (2) 9963 7840  About the Adecco Group  The Adecco Group is the world’s leading provider of workforce solutions, transforming the world of work through talent and technology. Each year, The Adecco Group provides approximately 700,000 people around the world with career opportunities. The Adecco Group offers a wide variety of services that includes temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development, as well as outsourcing and consulting. The Adecco Group partners with employers, candidates, colleagues and governments, sharing its labour market expertise and insights to boost prosperity through the power of work. The Adecco Group is a Fortune Global 500 company, based in Zurich, Switzerland, with more than 33,000 FTE employees and approximately 5,100 branches in 60 countries and territories around the world. Adecco Group AG is registered in Switzerland (ISIN: CH0012138605) and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (ADEN).  AWS job opportunities up 37%, outstripping supply of job seekers 2017-05-30T20:04:24Z aws-job-opportunities-up-37-outstripping-supply-of-job-seekers Auckland, NZ and Sydney, Australia – Wednesday 31 May 2017 -- According to analysis by global job site Indeed, the number of AWS job postings in Australia has increased by 153 per cent from March 2014 to March 2017, and it is up 37 per cent year over year. Over the past year the number of AWS job postings was consistently 6 to 12 times the supply of job seekers looking at these roles. Yet often when AWS specialist recruiter Carmen Parnos, Founder and Director of the Cloud Talent Group, meets with AWS skilled IT professionals, she cannot place them because they do not have AWS Associate level certification.    “There already was a shortage of right-skilled technology professionals to fill the rising number of AWS roles available in the ANZ market,” said Parnos, “and this has been compounded by employers increasingly preferring or requiring a minimum of Associate-level AWS Certification.”   Trent Rosenthal is the CEO of Bespoke Training Services, the AWS authorised training partner for Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Rosenthal said, “The use of the AWS platform has matured over the past three to four years, and the presence of AWS in this region is growing and driving demand for skilled staff. Increasingly employers need and expect a certain level of AWS skills and experience, even basic certification, and the bar will only get higher as the market continues to mature and the technology continues to evolve.”   “Massive demand” for certified AWS engineers   “I have one customer at the moment who is looking to put on 50 cloud engineers with a mix of AWS skills and certification preferences for different practices within the cloud business. There is a massive demand for certified AWS engineers, but opportunities for the un-certified are fewer and far between,” Parnos said.    “Those who are toying with the idea of becoming AWS certified should not toy with it. It is quickly becoming a baseline expectation,“ said Parnos. “My advice to job seekers is: don’t let the market leave you behind. Invest in yourself. In fact, as far as salary opportunities go, a solutions architect or devops engineer’s worth in the market goes up as high as 30% by having an AWS certification under his or her belt.”   Rosenthal cautioned against seeing AWS associate level certification on its own as a quick fix for job seekers. “The industry has matured to where employers really are expecting a core set of skills, a confident understanding of the AWS platform and the ability to effectively leverage its solutions and services,” he said.    “That’s why we offer training designed by AWS and delivered by accredited AWS trainers, to not only offer a clear understanding of what’s expected to achieve certification, but to help prepare individuals for the roles they seek and to enhance their performance in their current roles.”   Employers Feel the AWS Skills Shortage    Sebastian Krueger, Director of Cloud Engineering and Co-Founder of NZ-based specialist Advanced Amazon Web Services consultancy API Talent said that associate-level certification should be considered an entry-level requirement but you need the skills and hands-on experience on the platform, in context, to back it up.   When API Talent opened its doors in 2014 it was the early days for AWS in this region. There were no experienced AWS consultants around so Krueger says he took a generic approach to hiring and looked for infrastructure automation skills sets like how well the applicant could write code. Three years later and, according to Krueger, “I put a huge emphasis on culture, making sure people that work here are all geared towards wanting to work with people who are all experts at AWS. We feed that passion for AWS, give them interesting work to do and an environment that encourages people to be the best in their technology and product space.”   “There are plenty of potential entry-level employees in the IT market, but we do see a skills shortage in terms of experience,” Krueger said. “We continue to optimise our hiring approach and we look for staff with knowledge of particular patterns within AWS collateral, who can demonstrate that they understand AWS principles.”    According to NZ-based, global small business accounting software company Xero’s GM Product - Small Business, Mark Rees, the AWS skills shortage in Australia and New Zealand is felt whether they are hiring staff or seeking support from consultants.    “It is really hard to find people that are really properly skilled on AWS because we don’t need people to help us with basic things but rather we need advanced skill sets,” said Rees. “We are a global business servicing more than a million customers, so any cloud, programming, design or delivery challenges we have are difficult challenges, not basic ones. We have always found it really hard to find right-skilled people to hire and we’ve also found it quite hard to find external consultants at the right level to work on AWS with us.”   Professional Development Programs Help to Fill Skills Shortage Gap   Rees said that Xero does value AWS certification in its potential new hires and if they cannot find the skilled staff they need, they focus on staff training via AWS fundamentals workshops and courses as well as focused sessions at their annual Xero Product Team Unconference events. Xero’s professional development program extends to engaging “AWS Game Days” where staff are issued a series of challenges to test their skills and ingenuity with the platform.     API Talent also has a clear focus on professional development that encompasses AWS training and certification.   “We firmly believe that if you call yourself an AWS consultant then you ought to be certified,” said Krueger. “As our company grows, when we cannot find a suitable applicant who is already certified, we will hire based on cultural fit and attitude more than anything. We will continue to require that all our staff become certified as part of their career progression with API Talent and we will celebrate them when they do.”   Training & Certification to feed people’s passions & introduce options   Australian technology services company and software developer, DiUS, assembles teams of people with different skills and passions who typically work with different clients, technology and domains every three to six months.   Ricky Yim, Head of Technology and Delivery, DiUS said, “People who want to work here have to be really up for that. It means they have to learn about new technologies, industries and niches on a regular basis. That is part of what we do.”   “AWS technology is quite empowering. You used to be able to only do so much and then would hit a roadblock and need someone else to get you past that roadblock. AWS allows people to do so much more themselves,” said Yim. “If someone is exposed to this and it sparks an interest and a desire for more knowledge, we want to support that and that is where AWS training and certification comes into play.”   “Increasing the number of AWS certified professionals we have is good for our business and our position as an AWS partner,” said Yim, “and it helps the team member because it upskills them and can raise their profile. It’s about people’s passion and trying to find alignment. We don’t force it.”   Rees said the AWS certification model is very motivating for Xero staff.    “The professional exam is hard, so there is a lot associated with achieving it. Instructor-led AWS training courses in the classroom are valuable in terms of preparing for certifications,” said Rees. “There are aspects of the platform you need to learn in order to obtain certification that not everyone would naturally encounter in their day to day job.”   “Yes, that means you’re potentially learning about stuff your company doesn’t use,” continued Rees, “but it is good to have people on staff who understand a range of options for solving problems. Having staff go through these courses is a good way to get exposed to the options offered by the platform, and increases our understanding of AWS technology and features we may not use today.”   Professional-level certification emerging as the “IT factor”   “There are many skilled people that have AWS Associate level Architect Certification around the world,” Krueger said. “However, professional level certification means you have deep passing knowledge, and it helps to provide a learning path to AWS mastery for anyone who puts in the effort.” Bespoke Training’s Rosenthal has observed that AWS usage in ANZ and Singapore has been steadily on the rise for the past few years, creating opportunities for IT professionals interested in building their skills on the platform.    “By August of 2016 we had seen sufficient interest in our Associate level AWS certification prep workshop (Exam Readiness Workshop: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate) across our regions that we began delivering via WebEx to make the course much more accessible and to be able to offer it more often,” said Rosenthal.     “With Associate level certification becoming more of a job requirement than a nice-to-have, achieving the Professional level of certification is emerging as the real “IT factor. As the market’s use of the cloud platform matures, the pro level is becoming the feather in the cap that basic certification used to be,” said Rosenthal. “We expect our AWS Professional level exam readiness workshop (Exam Readiness Workshop: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional) to become more popular over the next year.” Project Laneways Training Includes Prosci ADKAR Method 2017-05-30T05:55:26Z project-laneways-training-includes-prosci-adkar-method Project Laneways offers training in the world's best Change Management processes and methodology. Their training provides a structured approach to transitioning people, teams and organisations from their current state to a desired future state and an understanding of the psychological and organisational dynamics at work through them. This training covers the Prosci ADKAR method and its links to other approaches.   The ADKAR method is a framework for change management developed by Jeffrey Hiatt who founded the Prosci organisation. ADKAR is an acronym that represents the five outcomes a person must achieve for change to be a success. This includes the awareness of the need and reasons to change, a desire to be part of the change, knowledge of how to change, the ability to carry out the necessary skills/behaviours and reinforcement to make sure the change sticks.   Project Laneways includes the summary and analysis of the Prosci ADKAR method and how it is linked to other approaches as part of their Change Management Methodology Course. The course offers a summary and an analysis on Prosci ADKAR to help participants understand this framework for change management. However, they will not receive an official certificate for the same.  ADKAR takes the view that organisational change happens when people change and this refers to change that happens on a personal level. Each individual goes through each step of this process at a different speed. The change management tools used in this method include communications, engagement, training, rewards and recognition.   The ADKAR method is useful for assessing readiness for change. It is a coaching tool for managers during the change and a planning tool for change. ADKAR’s process includes three phases in change management such as preparing for change, managing change and reinforcing change.   For Project Laneways Change Management Methodology Courses: email or phone 03 90389236 for Melbourne and 02 82123978 for Sydney   To know more about the Change Management Methodology Courses at Project Laneways: