The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-02-21T02:20:13Z Tech21 brings parents unlimited fun family time with Evo Play 2017-02-21T02:20:13Z tech21-brings-parents-unlimited-fun-family-time-with-evo-play SYDNEY, 21 February, 2017 – Tech21, the leader in impact protection for mobile devices has launched its new range of cases for the iPad in Australia: Evo Play. “Kids + iPads” isn’t always the safest pairing if your iPad isn’t protected, but it can certainly be one of the most fun for inquisitive minds. Whether it’s watching the latest episode of Peppa Pig or navigating through the back garden jungle discovering new wildlife, iPads can open up a world of exploration, but more often than not, a small chip here or a little crack there means that fun can be cut short. Prolong the play time and keep that shiny new look and feel to your iPad even when little fingers have put it through its paces thanks to tech21’s new iPad case, Evo Play. This comfortable and lightweight case has been designed to offer unbeatable drop protection from up to two metres, and with its iconic design, vibrant colours and handy multi-use handle, this case will remove any glimmer of fear you had in handing over your iPad to your children. This case is constructed almost entirely from tech21’s unique material, FlexShock™ Foam, meaning all sides and surfaces are protected from drops as the material moulds snugly to your iPad. Better still, the case is entirely dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean, and when it’s on your iPad, its sealed outer shell is abrasion/bite resistant, preventing any bacteria from getting in under the surface. “We’ve designed the all-new Evo Play with kids in mind. We know children love to learn, play and explore, and we recognise iPads are a great way for them to do this. However, they may not love your precious iPad back, so Evo Play is there for you,” comments Jason Roberts, CEO, tech21. “Evo Play is lightweight and comfortable for little hands to hold, yet strong enough to keep your iPad safe from tumbles and drops.” Evo Play is available in pink/purple and blue/green colours from, RRP $79.95 for Apple iPad mini, mini 2, mini 3 & mini 4, and RRP $109.95 for Apple iPad Air 2. Much like all of tech21’s products, Evo Play comes with a simple promise: it’s rigorously tested to work harmoniously with your iPad. Like the technology it’s designed to protect, it uses the latest science, ingenious design and unbeatable user-friendliness to make advanced impact protection possible. Tech21 calls it ‘Protection Made Intelligent’. ### For further information, questions, or cases for review, please contact: Jim Barker, tech21/Poem Phone: +61 418 163 770 Email: High-res images: Download here About tech21 Since 2005, tech21 has been developing the most advanced, scientifically proven cases and screen shields for mobile, tablet and laptop devices worldwide. Tech21 combines science, engineering and British design to create products that address three core consumer benefits: style, protection and performance. As the brand evolves to continue meeting the needs of its consumers, tech21 has developed the most advanced impact protection material on the market – FlexShock™. The ultra-thin and lightweight material absorbs and dissipates force and can withstand drops up to 4 metres. In addition tech21 puts all its products through a rigorous testing program, and in an industry first has partnered with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to develop its testing methodology. This ensures that the tests tech21 products have to pass are overseen by independent experts. Tech21 is the number one case brand in the UK. For more information, visit Help LGBTQIA+ youth shine bright at Stepping Stone House’s annual ‘Sleep Under the Stars’ 2016-09-26T03:26:30Z help-lgbtqia-youth-shine-bright-at-stepping-stone-house-s-annual-sleep-under-the-stars Monday 26th September, 2016, Sydney, Australia. Sydney’s transformational organisation for youth at risk, Stepping Stone House, today announces their upcoming ‘Sleep Under the Stars’ – an annual fundraiser to support youth at risk – including LGBTQIA+ youth – and raise awareness for youth homelessness in Sydney. Many young homeless people identify as LGBTQIA+ and have been forced to leave home due to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. With a distinct shortage of crisis support and accommodation for LGBTQIA+ youth in Sydney, SSH aims to nurture and support this vulnerable group of young people in the long-term. So sign up and come along on Friday 7th October. Join the SSH family for an overnight sleep out at Hickson Reserve, underneath the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the harbour and experience first-hand one night on the streets, raising awareness for SSH and Australia’s homeless and LGBTQIA+ youth. “More than 40% of our homeless people in Australia are under 25,” said Jason Juretic, CEO of SSH. “Our Sleep Under the Stars is a fantastic way to empathise with what it’s like to have nowhere to go and no-one to turn to; a situation that many of our young people find themselves in before they come to us.” Last year’s event raised $54,000, helping SSH to provide care and education for at least four extra teenagers for a whole year. Just one night of support can help SSH to skyrocket youth at risk into a brighter future, through a unique combination of mentorship, adventure education, learning and development programs, and community volunteering. “An amazing 87% of our youth complete Year 12, compared to teens in similar circumstances. Fundraisers like the sleep out make all difference in ensuring that our young people have a secure and sustainable path in life,” said Mr Juretic. To get involved in ‘Sleep Under the Stars’ or donate to the cause, visit: For volunteering opportunities or further information, go to or email About Stepping Stone House ( For more than 25 years, Stepping Stone House has paved the way for vulnerable youth aged 12 - 24 to develop and grow into self-sufficient and independent adults, starting with a safe and secure home environment. Through their unique ‘Stepping Stones to Success’ model, the non-profit aims to transform the lives of vulnerable youth; many of whom have been homeless and are unable to live with their families. Stepping Stone House is a nurturing ‘home away from home’, where young people stay for years as part of a dedicated family. Help young people shine bright at Stepping Stone House’s annual ‘Sleep Under the Stars’ 2016-09-21T22:30:00Z help-young-people-shine-bright-at-stepping-stone-house-s-annual-sleep-under-the-stars MEDIA RELEASE Help young people shine bright at Stepping Stone House’s annual ‘Sleep Under the Stars’ Thursday 21st September, 2016, Sydney, Australia. Sydney’s transformational organisation for youth at risk, Stepping Stone House, today announces their upcoming ‘Sleep Under the Stars’ – an annual fundraiser to support vulnerable youth and raise awareness for youth homelessness in Sydney. Come along on Friday 7th October and join the Stepping Stone House family for an overnight sleep out at Hickson Reserve, underneath the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the harbour and experience first-hand one night on the streets, raising awareness for Stepping Stone House and Australia’s homeless youth. “More than 40% of our homeless people in Australia are under 25,” said Jason Juretic, CEO of Stepping Stone House. “Our Sleep Under the Stars is a fantastic way to empathise with what it’s like to have nowhere to go and no-one to turn to; a situation that many of our young people find themselves in before they come to us.” The inaugural event brings people of all ages and backgrounds together, from young people to families to community groups. Last year’s event raised $54,000, helping Stepping Stone House to reach their 2016 target of $150,000 and provide care and education for at least four extra teenagers. This year’s event promises to kick similar goals. Just one night of support can help Stepping Stone House to skyrocket youth at risk into a brighter future, through a unique combination of mentorship, outdoor education, learning and development programs, and community volunteering. “An amazing 87% of our youth complete Year 12, compared to teens in similar circumstances. Fundraisers like the sleep out make all difference in ensuring that our young people have a secure and sustainable path in life,” said Mr Juretic. To get involved in ‘Sleep Under the Stars’ or donate to the cause, visit: For volunteering opportunities or further information, go to or email About Stepping Stone House ( For more than 25 years, Stepping Stone House has paved the way for vulnerable youth aged 12 - 24 to develop and grow into self-sufficient and independent adults, starting with a safe and secure home environment. Through their unique ‘Stepping Stones to Success’ model, the non-profit aims to transform the lives of vulnerable youth; many of whom have been homeless and are unable to live with their families. Stepping Stone House is a nurturing ‘home away from home’, where young people stay for years as part of a dedicated family. eVestigator® Cyber Forensics Expert Simon Smith says 'POKÉMON NO' to Augmented Reality 2016-07-26T10:36:16Z evestigator-r-cyber-forensics-expert-simon-smith-says-pokemon-no-to-augmented-reality PRESS RELEASE 26/7/2016 CYBER FORENSIC EXPERT ISSUES NATIONAL SECURITY WARNING EVESTIGATOR CYBER FORENSICS EXPERT SIMON SMITH SAYS 'POKÉMON NO' TO AUGMENTED REALITY Availability for further interview / discussion TV – Aus-Wide – 24hrs notice, Radio – 8 hrs notice –© Simon Smith 0410 643 121 - Written consent needed to reuse/quote from this release. Contact: Simon Smith. (eVestigator® aka Simon Smith, an expert in Cyber stalking and Cybercrime Investigations and a Master in Computer Digital Forensics says that our children and teenagers are severely at risk of physical, sexual and psychological harm from the use of this game) © SIMON SMITH - EVESTIGATOR® URGENT PUBLIC MEDIA RELEASE © - CREDIT & PERMISSION ASKED FOR IN WRITING BEFORE USE eVestigator®, Computer Forensics Cyber Expert – CHFI, Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator, Private Investigator Phone: 1800 CYBER I, Direct: 0410 643 121 Melbourne, July 26, 2016: Mr. Simon Smith of, and, a top Australian Computer Forensics expert, Cyber-crime Investigator, cyber-stalking expert and programmer of 25 years knows all too well the other side of what it looks like in a courtroom when somebody is the victim of cyber-stalking or white collar crime. He is often giving forensic evidence or reports in relation to high-tech computer crimes as an expert witness or private investigator. He has also worked on cases involving child pornography and the police, and is a strong advocate against Cyber-bullying, Cyber-stalking and Cyber-crimes civilly and criminally, and has helped hundreds of people attain justice and resolution in many cases, especially involving children and violence and forensic impersonation. As a Commonwealth Appointed Family Dispute Practitioner, with the very difficult job of dealing with awkward family disputes along with his specialised cyber forensic knowledge and cases as a private investigator, he speaks of cases where he has dealt with kidnapping, abductions, cults, poisoning and more. Never, however did Mr. Smith predict that what he calls “Cybergeddon™” would come so soon. Simon explains the term “augmented reality” in the new Pokémon game as going too far. “Imagine walking in a straight line and a cartoon character appears in front of you. That is simply what it is. A technology that draws a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world (knowing on their phone where they are via the GPS), in this case a character or an object named a Pokémon. It then uses the camera on the back of the phone to paint the background, so it looks like there is a cartoon in your view”. He further says, “the earth is made up of various known areas comprising longitude and latitudes. These are known to the game and randomized, and the object of the game is to find Pokémon and physically step within a meter or so of it to interact, and likewise, collect other objects in the game”. He further explains that “these objects are randomly placed on or around you are on earth without any data verification”. Mr. Smith asks you to imagine your child, or teenage son or daughter walking around with head buried in their phone, jumping complete stranger’s fences, in and out of their neighbourhood, exploring places they shouldn’t be – knocking on stranger’s doors, asking if they can collect a Pokémon from their backyard. Then he asks you to “stop imagining because it is actually happening now”. He then asks you to imagine a “destination” that may be randomly picked in the game for your child to visit. Imagine if one of these stops was say in the case of America, “The Windsor Hotel in Phoenix Arizona”. Would you be concerned if you knew that in this instance, this was a halfway house for sex offenders? He also asks you to not imagine, and says, “Well, that happened too!” Mr. Smith deals with reverse cyber stalking cases all the time. Finally, he asks you to imagine that a group of bullies had a special directory which told them where a victim would be going at a certain time. It would allow them to lay a trap, and wait for the prey. Of course Mr. Smith says, “let’s not imagine - that actually happened too. In fact, only a few days after launch a gamer was robbed at gun point in dangerous unchartered neighbourhoods because the attackers knew he’d be chasing Pokémon they used game bonuses to lure there.” Mr. Smith, both as an IOS and Android programmer and cyber stalking forensic investigator and court expert witness strongly warns the community and rates this at a risk of 10/10 to any parent. He states that It could be used as a directory for stalkers and paedophiles to find children, and cause danger to society in an already understaffed and underqualified area of policing, being organised cyber-crime. Mr. Smith further states that it could even be considered the “Yellow Pages of Children and Teens” for Sex Predators – it could be easily argued that this is in fact no longer “augmented”. Mr. Smith strongly advises everyone to be conscious of the line that has just been crossed – and understand that crime is still crime even if it is hidden in what appears to be a ‘fun super-artificial method of game play’. “It is not a game anymore”, Mr. Smith strongly states. “It’s dangerous, it’s real and it is most likely in the hands of your children now”. Mr. Smith feels very passionate about the dangers he sees, in his expert opinion, he would strongly “recommend parents remove the game after doing further research” as he truly believes it crosses the line by masking serious cybercrime. He finishes by stating that, “It is ironic that people used to be afraid of the psychological effect of what violent artificial games may have on people, now I’m saying backed by evidence and experience, they should really be worried – because it has now crossed over to reality." This is general advice and not to be taken as legal advice and naturally, not all game players are likely to contribute to this conduct, this is an opinion expressed by me raising concern in this area of augmented reality. eVestigator®, Simon Smith Computer Forensics Cyber Expert – CHFI, Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator, Private Investigator © SIMON SMITH - EVESTIGATOR® URGENT PUBLIC MEDIA RELEASE © CREDIT & PERMISSION ASKED FOR IN WRITING BEFORE USE Please consider the environment before printing AUSTRALIA’S LEADING AUTHORS GATHER TO CONDEMN GOVERNMENT’S PLAN TO CREATE A CULTURE OF BOOK THIEVES 2016-05-18T23:21:03Z australia-s-leading-authors-gather-to-condemn-government-s-plan-to-create-a-culture-of-book-thieves Who: Richard Flanagan, Nikki Gemmell, Andy Griffiths, Tom Keneally to lead Alist roll call of Australian and international authors When: Thursday 19 May at 6.45pm – 6.55pm Where: Art Gallery NSW, just before the 16th annual Australian Book Industry Awards begin What: Photo opp with limited vox pops available on request. Don’t close the book on Australian stories. The Australian government is about to make significant changes to copyright, threatening the future of our Australian story. But at what cost to writers, culture and jobs? Guest ABIA presenter and Man Booker Prize winner, Richard Flanagan will deliver a speech in response to the Productivity Commission's Intellectual Property draft report around 10pm during the gala ceremony. ‘Australians deserve that their lives, experiences, country and culture be reflected in the literature that they read.’ - Thomas Keneally For more information, please contact: Emma Rusher T 0423 214 626 | AUSTRALIA’S TOP EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHER 2016 WINNER NOW ATTRACTING INTERNATIONAL ACCLAIM 2016-04-27T22:28:22Z australia-s-top-emerging-photographer-2016-winner-now-attracting-international-acclaim-2 The Outsider by John Feely Head On Photo Festival, Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney 28 April – 9 May John Feely is available for interview and selected images are available for use. Please contact Emma Rusher or 0423 214 626 for more information. CRITICAL ACCLAIM FOR THE OUTSIDER ‘John Feely’s The Outsider is a remarkable achievement that shows Feely’s exceptional talent not only as a photographer but as a story teller. One can only get images this rich and poignant by developing a real connection and understanding with their subject matter. Feely more than succeeds in this body of work.’ — Simon Harsent, peer-voted world number 1 photographer and Cannes Gold Lion award-winner. ‘John Feely critiques the shifting margins of Mongolian society by exploring life on the frontier between traditionalism and modernity. With an unsentimental but empathetic sensibility, Feely gives insight into the complexities of globalisation by penetrating the last bastions of a world gone by,’ — Adam Ferguson, Time Magazine and New York Times photojournalist ‘Beautiful and poignant work of John Feely, spend with the nomads of Mongolia. We are all aware how saturated the medium of photography has become. In this maelstrom you find here a rare work of compassion and self discovery.’ — Ingvar Keene, Photographer ABOUT THE OUTSIDER In 2014 a desire to seek out wild adventure led teacher of 'at risk' children and photographer John Feely to close his eyes, and commit to traveling wherever his finger landed on the map. He opened his eyes and his destination was revealed - Western Mongolia. Western Mongolia is an exposed Mars-like wilderness for three months of the year, and an icy landscape for the other nine. Kazaks and Mongols share a way of life in harmony with, and at the whim of, nature’s every gesture. They are a community of outsiders, both physically and in a globalised context. A culture not yet irrevocably changed by modernisation. The Outsider is John Feely’s photographic record of his personal journeys through Mongolia. No language was shared, the process was meditative and silent. Unimaginable events unfolded daily. Rounding up wild horses on mountain tops, climbing into eagles’ nests, migrating cross country with nomads and eating dinner from a single plate with a family of eight. Feely spent time and forged a close friendship with the now famous family of ‘Eagle Huntress’ teenager, Aisholpan, currently the subject of a Hollywood feature animation bidding war. Feely’s attributes his experience teaching ‘at risk’ children for eight years in helping him form meaningful relationships in difficult situations, allowing him to capture life moments and navigate delicate social terrain through his lens. John was the outsider, who became an almost family member in gerts of Western Mongolia. ‘Simply wanting to learn from people and being prepared to sleep on their floors puts you in a space where you are yourself a little vulnerable, and people can sense this,' said Feely. ‘Staying in our comfort zone all the time, always trying to get what we want all the time, seems to solidify our view of the world and our opinions of others. I want to try to get out beyond that, be the outsider and see what comes up to support me.’ Rather than receiving news from the outside world it seems that a fresh internal experience of life is what truly connects us as people. No matter the size, a leap outside the comfort of what we know inspires a reduction in the distance between people. Moment after moment it also makes what was seemingly impossible a fresh new reality. Perhaps this is how our dreams become reality. Slowly Feely, ‘the outsider’ became part of the surrounds. The process was meditative and silent. The photographs are an extension of relationships formed from this place. In August, Feely returns to Mongolia to focus on how the forces of tradition and modernity intersect. The effect of this collision on family, identity, power, culture, health, resilience, survival, opportunity, happiness, providence and connection to the elements that sustain us is the crux of this work. ‘I look for small things, situations that reflect something universal and contemporary that effect all of us. Tradition and globalisation are forces that impacted upon my everyday life and identity here in Australia,’ said Feely. 'I will explore how a father relates to his son in a very different world; how a middle aged woman rediscovers her place in a less traditional society; how a family of nomads survives in a first generation city. I explore the romantic notion of living traditionally and why people chose to move into slums on the outskirts of a heavily polluted city. ‘I want my photographs to raise questions about what we collectively as people and as a global culture gain and lose along the way as well as focusing on specific individual and interpersonal events.’ ABOUT JOHN FEELY John Feely’s approach to photography is an extension of meaningful shared experiences in a range of diverse locations, circumstances and cultures. His previous careers as a behavioural advisor in public education and youth detention, and as a semi-professional footballer influence his photography. He trained at the Queensland College of Arts, and has assisted some of Australia’s premier commercial photographers. He is committed to independent projects that provide him with the freedom to genuinely and deeply explore. Online StartUp Ready To Help Scientists in Asia Save 2016-02-25T01:17:31Z online-startup-ready-to-help-scientists-in-asia-save LabFriend, an online start-up company founded in Sydney Australia has recently opened two new web stores in Malaysia and Singapore with the aim of helping South East Asia's scientists and research organizations save on quality laboratory equipment. LabFriend offers high quality lab products from over 360 brands letting customers order directly online, create formal quotes in seconds, compare products across brands, seek technical advice in real time via the Live-chat feature and many more time saving features traditionally not easily accessible. Perhaps the biggest advantage for these research organisations is the cost savings LabFriend is able to offer by being a 100% online business."After launching LabFriend Australia in 2013, almost overnight we started receiving inquiries from Asia. We don’t want these customer to miss out on all the advantages LabFriend can offer. Thousands of Australian scientists have benefited from the LabFriend prices and features and now research organizations in Singapore and Kuala Malaysia can too!” says Karl Wyzenbeek, the founder of LabFriend. Both the Singapore and Malaysian web-stores are supported by local customer service agents and offer products for sale in local currency. All products are covered by a minimum 1 year warranty and are brand new from the manufacturer. Since launch, LabFriend has shipped over 28,000 products to the Australian scientific community. With laboratory equipment stretching into hundreds of thousands dollars to purchase, the online model reduces many of the traditional costs layers that previously got passed from manufacturer to importer to distributor and then to the end user. Access to funding and grants is large hurdle for scientists looking to conduct research. LabFriend aims to make that hurdle lower."We are optimistic that we will receive the same positive response in Malaysia and Singapore that we have seen in Australia. We are constantly looking for new and creative ways to help scientists save time and money. We are close to launching a new rewards system that we think customers are going to love and we have many exciting developments already in the pipeline that will deliver even bigger time and cost savings." says Karl. Scientists and research organisations in Malaysia can try LabFriend Malaysia by visiting:  The web address for scientists and research organizations located in Singapore is: Stop sending 9.5m units of direct mail to the deceased, Australia 2015-10-12T17:15:00Z stop-sending-9-5m-units-of-direct-mail-to-the-deceased-australia Raymond's Piano Old Time Melodies 2015-09-29T05:07:58Z raymond-s-piano-old-time-melodies Veterans' Health Week Raymond's Piano Old Time Melodies Wednesday   14/10/2015 11:30am – 15:30pm Semaphore & Port Adelaide RSL 10 Semaphore Road, Semaphore 5019Cost free  / donations Music offers its own unique benefits to mental health wellness Young and old explore music together. Getting our older veterans out of their homes and experiencing the benefits of music It allows you to express yourself. It leads to social connection. It fosters creativity. It helps you to relax. It motivates you. It helps you focus. Raymond's Piano Old Time Melodies is for, Older Veterans, and Widowers and the Community. The Raymond 's Piano Old Time Melodies will take place at the Semaphore & Port Adelaide RSL. Singalongs and Dancing Floor Show Guest Speaker Quizzes Lunch / Refreshments Information Stands / Displays Cost FREE / Donations The Event is an opportunity to raise awareness of, and encourage participation in, activities that promote and maintain mental health and wellbeing of our veterans, war widows, widowers, current and ex-Australian Defence Force members and their families. Veteran’s will be able to connect with the local Community and other Veteran’s to help influence the health and wellbeing of themselves and their friends. Monies raised during the event will go towards the Semaphore Port Adelaide Defence Shed. See Defence Shed Innovative recycling mobile app to launch in December 2014-12-05T02:36:55Z innovative-recycling-mobile-app-to-launch-in-december Mobile users will soon have access to reliable information on how to recycle anything they desire, specific to their council's regulations, when the Sustain Me application launches in late December. The Sustain Me application is the first of its kind, designed specifically to tackle negative recycling habits while supporting councils in reducing waste. Co-managing director of the Sustain Me Group, Eleanor Meyer, said that while young, socially aware people are interested in recycling, they can become trapped in incorrect habits or behaviours when they are not aware of better ways to act. “[Creating this app] felt like responsibility. Did you know that if you put recyclable items in a plastic bag and that bag in your recycling bin, that stuff's not actually recycled? They throw that out. People need accessible information about recycling in a convenient manner,” Ms. Meyer said. Every possible item that can disposed of is conveniently categorised and listed in the Sustain Me application with specific instructions on how to sustainably discard it within the user's municipality. The application also includes the locations of recycling centres and instructions on what goes in which coloured bin with differing information specific to each of the thirty metropolitan Melbourne councils. Ms. Meyer, alongside her co-managing director Stephen Halpin, previously met with local government and climate change agencies to promote a dialogue how to create a sustainable impact in Victoria, including Melbourne Waste Metro Group, Sustainability Victoria, and state premier Denis Napthine. The free application will launch on the iOS App Store and Android's Play Store next month, however interested users can pre-register at to receive the application as soon as it is released. Workflow Automation and Adobe energize local students to conserve resources. 2014-11-13T23:12:40Z workflow-automation-and-adobe-energize-local-students-to-conserve-resources Melbourne, VIC (14 October, 2014) Workflow Automation with Adobe’s EchoSign and The National Theatre for Children (NTC) will be bringing free educational theatre into primary schools across Melbourne. The Energized Guyz is a 25-minute live play that uses comedy and an adventure story to teach students what is energy, what are natural resources, the ways in which energy is wasted and how we can conserve and use those resources more wisely.  “Digital automation will play an enormous role in the future of energy conservation,” says Sam Belleli, the Managing Director of Workflow Automation.  “This play will help prepare students to enter the global conversation about energy efficiency and resource conservation.”  The content of the show is science based while the format is theatrical, energetic and fun. “When learning is combined so seamlessly with laughter, kids tend to retain information remarkably well,” says Sam Belleli. That information is supplemented by student workbooks filled with activities and games, teacher guides to be used in the classroom and interactive digital learning materials that reinforce the educational points, all of which are included free of charge. “It’s fantastic to see kids so excited about topics that might not always seem especially exciting.”  The thorough nature of the multiplatform program is the result of time-tested experience. Tobias Benn, the Managing Director of NTC Australia explains. “We’ve been operating in the USA for over 35 years and our Australian team has 15 years of local experience educating millions of students,” he says. “A huge part of our success is the fact that once these kids get fired up about the topic—in this case, energy efficiency and conservation—they can’t wait to get home and share what they learned. It’s a way for our sponsors to spread their important messages into the greater community. We get to help kids to help the world, and that’s very rewarding.”   The Energized Guyz will perform to over 3,200 primary school students at participating schools across Melbourne starting from Monday 24th November.   About Workflow Automation Workflow Automation has over 30 years of experience in the document imaging industry. Managing billions of client documents over this time, each director owns and runs extremely successful and large Fuji Xerox Agencies in Australia. Workflow Automation was born out of pure frustration as the founders realised that they were unable to provide their clients with a cost effective, efficient workflow solution that works for every type of document. Along with their partners at Adobe, the Workflow Automation team are committed to helping schools to conserve their resources, save paper and make a positive impact on the environment and are constantly developing new and innovative ways to facilitate workflows.   About NTC In 1978, NTC dedicated itself to delivering entertaining and highly educational programs to positively motivate families, students and educators.  We inspire young people – and their families – to explore important and timely curricular subjects including: wise energy use, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), financial literacy, health and nutrition and environmental literacy, among others.  Originally focused on delivering its programs via live theatre, NTC is now an award-winning educational content provider whose repertoire includes print and digital curriculum and extracurricular events.  We have developed the art of teaching through educational story-telling into a science of its own, and are currently the largest in-school touring educational production company in the world. DYESOL SIGNS AGREEMENT WITH SPECIFIC 2014-11-11T04:48:25Z dyesol-signs-agreement-with-specific DYESOL SIGNS AGREEMENT WITH SPECIFIC  Sydney, 11 November 2014 - Today, Dyesol signed an important agreement with SPECIFIC which marks the next step in its plan to commercialise its technology in the U.K. The agreement plays a critical role in Dyesol's plans to establish a commercial base in the United Kingdom to develop, manufacture and distribute its revolutionary solid-state DSC technology.   Dyesol has become a Technology Partner of SPECIFIC. SPECIFIC is a leading open innovation centre managed by Swansea University in the UK and focuses on the development and commercialisation of functional coatings, recently heralded as having the potential to create a £100 billion industry. This status provides Dyesol with access to SPECIFIC's network of open innovation partners for the purpose of utilising and developing its proposed photovoltaic products. Partners include world-class academic institutions and multi-national building materials giants. Dyesol looks forward to working co-operatively with its partners and thanks the ongoing assistance and vision of both the UK and Welsh Governments.   Mr Chris Moore, Project Leader - Steel, remarked, "We are extremely encouraged by the latest commercial developments in the U.K. Dyesol has been intensely focused on the development of its revolutionary technology over the past 7 years and it looks forward to realising its vision of bringing 3rd Generation PV to the U.K. and European markets. This technology is versatile and the possibilities for commercialisation are vast."   Dr Gerry Ronan, Head of IP Commercialisation, Swansea University responded, "We are delighted to support Dyesol UK and their aspirations in this market. Swansea, and in particular the SPECIFIC consortium, are now recognised as being world leaders in the scale-up of 3rd Generation photovoltaics. This is an exciting time for PV, scientific progress worldwide has been extremely rapid over the past couple of years and manufacture at scale is now truly on the agenda."     Dyesol's milestone-based Technology Development Plan is currently on schedule. Key targets are the development of large area prototypes by 2016, pilot line production by 2017 and mass production by 2018. Glass followed by steel are its preferred substrates, allowing access to almost the entire building envelope.   Dyesol is currently revising its business plan to include the latest developments. Very significantly, Dyesol expects its revised product range to address opportunities in both free standing and BIPV installations. It is currently conducting detailed cost analysis, but expects its solid-state DSC technology to compete very favourably with poly and mono crystalline silicon, especially in low light climates, thereby adding very substantially to its commercial potential.   The advent of solid-state DSC which utilises an exciting class of sensitiser compounds known as perovskites has provided the 3rd Generation of PV with a competitive edge in terms of lowering costs and enhancing durability or product life. Dyesol intends to inform the market of its detailed competitive Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) analysis once it is complete and validated.       Arcitecta's data management platforms selected to power nationwide shared research data project - RDSI 2014-10-14T00:00:00Z arcitecta-s-data-management-platforms-selected-to-power-nationwide-shared-research-data-project-rdsi    Imagine the discoveries that would be possible if Australia’s many nationally significant research data collections could be tied together into a single collaborative environment available to the nation’s research communities. The announcement today from local company, Arcitecta that its Mediaflux® data management platform[i] has been selected as a key data management engine for Australia’s Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) project means that vision is one step closer to reality as each of the RDSI-funded data stores goes live with Mediaflux.   Working in partnership with SGI, Arcitecta is delivering scalable and customised data-connected research platforms that will provide the Australian research community shared access to nationally distributed data centres, which already contain over 11 petabytes (11,000 terabytes) of content and are expected to grow to over 55 Petabytes funded by the RDSI project.   These data sets cover a broad range of specialties, from high-energy physics to the humanities, from climate change to cancer research, and much more. By comparison, the RDSI data repositories will soon contain the equivalent of over 55 times the volume of the entire data store managed by the U.S. Library of Congress.   “The research community is on the cusp of achieving a national collection and data management environment,” said Jason Lohrey, chief technology officer of Arcitecta. “This is creating a sustainable foundation for curating the collective output of Australian researchers and our international collaborators, leading to better research outcomes and a more efficient way to conduct large studies. Mediaflux is the perfect solution for managing data at these scales.”   One outcome of the RDSI project is that researchers will be using and manipulating significant collections of data previously unavailable or difficult to access. The intent of the RDSI project is to drive innovation by enhancing collaboration between researchers nationally and internationally. This is being achieved through the development of a national network of data stores, or Nodes, where content is accessed, analysed and re-used in a coherently governed environment.   “The benefits from better-managed and more accessible research data are being sought everywhere across the research sector,” said Dr. Nick Tate, director of the Research Storage Data Infrastructure Project. “At the same time, the acceleration in data creation is outstripping growth in data storage capabilities. A national data environment of the scale planned means new questions can be asked on topics, and at levels not previously thought possible.”   RDSI funding has established eight data centres (or Nodes) across Australia, capable of storing petabytes of research data. Primary Nodes are located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, with two additional Nodes in Tasmania and Townsville. The powerful metadata management capabilities of Arcitecta’s Mediaflux software are a key component of enabling the RDSI project. By facilitating rapid collaboration across different data types and data repositories that would otherwise be incompatible, Mediaflux breaks down the barriers between disparate data, enabling researchers to focus on their work.   Some of the benefits of taking a nationally consistent approach to managing research data and workflows mean Australia’s researchers can: peruse data collections by name, type, owner, date, linked publications, quickly and securely discover and query data as it is ingested, due to the automatic metadata extraction capabilities of Mediaflux, have confidence in the integrity of the data, as it is checked as it is ingested into Mediaflux, ingest data directly from known lab devices and research applications and, access training via a portal that is being provided by Arcitecta to support the research community in coming up-to-speed with the national approach to data management.   About RDSI: The Research Data Storage Infrastructure Project is a $50m federally funded project, for which the University of Queensland is the lead agent. The RDSI Project, an initiative of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, is funded from the Education Investment Fund under the Super Science (Future Industries) Initiative. Visit for more information.   About SGI SGI is a global leader in high performance solutions for compute, data analytics and data management that enable customers to accelerate time to discovery, innovation, and profitability. Visit for more information.   About Arcitecta: Arcitecta is an Australian-based company that specialises in data management systems for large-scale distributed data. Its core product, Mediaflux® is an operating system for metadata and data enabling distributed groups of people to share, manipulate and manage any type of data. Arcitecta was founded in 1998, and is a privately held company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Visit for more information.   Contact Information: Arcitecta Pty Ltd Tel: +61 3 8683 8523 Fax: +61 3 9005 2876 Email:  © Copyright 2014 Arcitecta Pty Ltd - All rights reserved. Arcitecta, Arcitecta Desktop and CAReHR are trademarks of Arcitecta Pty Ltd: Mediaflux is a registered trademark of Arcitecta Pty Ltd in the U.S.A. and a trademark of Arcitecta Pty Ltd in Australia. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.                   [i] SGI® is a global reseller for Mediaflux® and Arcitecta™ Desktop. SGI markets Mediaflux and Arcitecta Desktop under its LiveArc™ brand. Waste Choices Brings A New Competitive Edge to Australia's Waste Management Industry 2014-09-09T00:26:13Z waste-choices-brings-a-new-competitive-edge-to-australia-s-waste-management-industry Sydney, Australia – September 9, 2014 – Waste Choices, Australia’s first online marketplace for waste management and recycling was launched today for businesses wanting a simple, fast, transparent, cost-effective and compliant solution for waste collection, recycling, treatment and disposal.   Through Waste Choices, businesses of any size have the flexibility of posting a one-off project or an ongoing contract for the management of over 30 waste streams. A range of reputable waste management providers across Australia including URM, 1300 Rubbish, Action Waste, Waste 2 Resources, State Waste Services, Bingo and smaller providers will bid for posted projects and businesses can select whom they wish to work with.   Small and medium businesses, hospitality, food services, property management and construction companies would stand to benefit most from working with Waste Choices. Joel Harrison, Co-Founder of Waste Choices said, “Waste Choices simplifies the management of waste by providing businesses the choice and flexibility of working with different service providers to manage various waste streams in a compliant manner.  The cost of managing and disposing waste has increased over the years. Waste Choices offers businesses a better way to manage their waste streams by providing more options and access to a wider range of service providers.”   Businesses can post a waste project in three simple steps: entering the pick-up location, type of waste to be collected from general waste, liquid waste, recycling to hazardous materials and selecting a bin size to represent the volume of waste. They will be able to select from a range of competitive bids from 14 national and state-based waste management providers with the flexibility to award a project based on price or reputation of the provider.   Christine Ford, General Manager of Trio Packaging and a foundation client of Waste Choices said, “Before Waste Choices, it would take more than two days for us to call and secure a service provider to provide a quote and to confirm a job. Since we’ve started using Waste Choices, we receive a range of competitive bids from different providers for one-off or ongoing projects. Waste Choices has not only reduced my waste costs, it has also reduced the time it takes for us to identify a reputable service provider.”   Waste Choices offers an automatic alert feature that notifies businesses that are on annual contracts with service providers when they are about to expire. This avoids businesses getting automatically rolled into new contracts with their existing providers which would generally attract price increases of between 10-25 percent on average annually.   Harrison added, “Many businesses get stuck with their existing service providers because their annual contracts are automatically rolled over. Australia has over 2 million business waste generators and Waste Choices will free them from long term fixed contracts, help drive down the cost of waste management and increase the transparency through a system of bidding.”   “Waste Choices brings a new competitive advantage to the industry by opening the waste disposal market to smaller service providers who want to grow their market share and to target new customers without making additional capital constraints such as hiring sales people or leasing trucks to manage waste collections. This is a win-win solution for both businesses and service providers.”   According to IBISWorld, the industry is valued at over A$2.5 billion in Australia. There has been a concerted effort by state and local governments to increase targets for recycling and waste recovery with the aim of reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. However, with Australia’s growing population and business activity, the demand for waste management services is expected to continue to grow.   To post a project as a business or service provider, visit Waste Choices will be available as an iOS and Android app by December.   ENDS  About Waste Choices Waste Choices is an online marketplace that provides a simple, fast and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to collect and dispose waste. Businesses have the choice and flexibility of working with a range of reputable service providers to manage various waste streams in a compliant manner. Through Waste Choices, service providers can grow their market share, access new customers and increase their efficiencies in waste collection. As Budget Cuts Strike Australian Research, A New Start-up called ‘LabFriend’ Helps Scientists Still Get Results 2014-06-10T01:39:12Z as-looming-budget-cuts-hit-australian-research-a-new-start-up-called-labfriend-helps-scientist-get-the-results-they-need Labfriend, a new Australian online start up offering high quality laboratory equipment is changing the buying habits of scientists and turning an industry on its head. A Finalist in the ‘Best New Start-Up 2014’ awarded by StartUp Smart Australia, and nominee for Telstra Business Awards 2014, Labfriend is helping scientists stay within thier budget and deliver results. Sydney, NSW, Australia June 6, 2014 - Labfriend has drawn industry attention due the significant cost reductions on previously expensive laboratory equipment. At a time when Federal Budget cuts loom large and appear set to directly target Australia’s premier research institutes including the CSIRO, the timely entry of Labfriend into the Australian scientific marketplace has been well received. “Australian scientists compete globally to deliver results, but are working against  shrinking budgets and restricted access to funding. The costs of conducting research in Australia and the resources required are huge, and the pressure on Australian scientists to deliver results is greater than ever. Labfriend developed out of a need to tackle these issues and in doing so, we have changed the way the marketplace for lab equipment operates and thinks” said Karl Wyzenbeek, Managing Director of Labfriend. Labfriend says it now has over 360 brands and 30,000 products available for sale online. All of the products display live prices and stock availability without requiring visitors to register. Scientists who visit Labfriend, can compare pricing and request instant formal quotes through the website without having to pick up the phone. Researchers can also consult with Labfriends customer service team online with their LiveChat feature. “Requesting & receiving your formal quote takes less than 5 seconds” says Wyzenbeek.  To keep their prices low, Labfriend developed a complex web automation process that links their website directly to overseas suppliers. Other automated steps throughout the business help keep costs low in an effort to pass the savings through to the research institutes. "We want Information and control to be in the hands of the user wherever possible", says Wyzenbeek. 'time spent trying to chase quotes and pricing could be time better spent trying to get results".  LabFriend’s lean business model has been very effective in reducing the cost of quality laboratory equipment and supplies. To date, over 2000 orders have been placed online with Labfriend, who are also planning to launch a new website in New Zealand plus other markets before the end of the year. By creating not only a local but cheaper alternative for quality equipment, Australian researchers are provided more choice when thee are working not only achieve results but also to stay within budget. The ability to visit Labfriend, view prices and place orders in seconds without disrupting daily work is just one of the many benefits this new Start-up is providing the market. Labfriend plans to introduce more new features and cost saving practices in the near future so that even with the looming Federal Budget cuts to Australian Research organisations, the impact upon actual research can be reduced.  To learn more about Labfriend, visit About LabFriend Pty Ltd Labfriend was founded in 2013 as an alternative to traditional bricks and mortar distributors with the aim of developing an online platform that could deliver the world’s leading quality brands of scientific equipment at a lower price. LabFriend is an Australian owned organisation, with head office located in Sydney Australia.