The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-05-01T05:54:08Z Chemcorp International enter the world of wellbeing 2017-05-01T05:54:08Z chemcorp-international-enter-the-world-of-wellbeing Leading Australian beauty distributor Chemcorp International has today announced the acquisition of the Natural Health Company. The move into the health and wellbeing category will see them take over the Natural Health Company’s already successful range of natural and organic weight loss products. John Fisher, Chemcorp International CEO says, “We’re thrilled to announce this move into the health and wellbeing category. When we started the business 25 years ago the focus was looking good on the outside. Today we’re very aware that our customers now want to look good from the inside out. For us, Natural Health Company was a perfect fit within our current portfolio of brands.” Chemcorp International is an Australian owned and operated company with over 25 years’ experience across various industries, including beauty, hair and wellbeing, as both a manufacturer and distributor. Every Natural Health Company product is made with the best quality natural or organic ingredients. The protein used in the natural range, is a Whey Protein Isolate, which come from grass-fed cows, therefore is lower in lactose, and easier to digest. The organic protein range contains a combination of pea and bio fermented brown rice protein, flavoured with locally sourced organic dried fruits. The fat burning coffee range, Skinny Bean, uses the finest instant Brazilian coffee. The Natural Health Company product range currently includes: Protein Range: Organic Fusion, Diet Slim, Body Shape Natural Fat Burning Coffee: Skinny Bean – Mocha, Espresso & Chino Superfood Detox: Skinny Detox, Greens & Berries Natural Health Company products are Australian made, gluten free, sweetened naturally and contain a range of weight loss ingredients, antioxidants and essentials. They are designed to help consumers reach their weight loss goals faster and keep them feeling naturally energised all day. “We have some exciting new product developments already in the pipeline that we’re looking forward to releasing very soon – so stay tuned,” said John. The Concealed Reality of Short-Stay Rentals 2017-05-01T03:40:48Z the-concealed-reality-of-short-stay-rentals The Australian property market is always a hot topic up for debate in the media, but what is not usually brought to light is the effects of short-stay rentals, specifically Airbnb. Justin Ferguson, Founder and Principal of Ferguson Property Agents, raises the issues that have developed as a result of the burgeoning popularity of new age, short-stay renting services. Justin Ferguson says, “As the sharing economy of Airbnb continues to boom, there are increasing issues that come with the management and legality of these properties. “Currently, local councils and governments are struggling to keep up with the growth of short- stay rentals and are increasingly put under pressure to implement laws to make this sharing economy explosion fair for everyone.“ he continues. Some key factors that are raised when it comes to Airbnb rentals: As per The Tenants Union, sub-letting must be approved in writing, by the property manager or landlord, which is a step that is largely being skipped by the majority of Airbnb rentals – this breaks the terms of the lease and brings issues of insurance coverage and security. If you are a host of property on Airbnb and you have not declared participation in the sharing economy, then you may be subject to hefty fines from not just the council but the Australian Taxation Office and State Revenue Offices. There is currently a severe lack of understanding between local governments in each state. The NSW government is yet to enforce legislation for short-stay rentals with only six councils within Sydney stating they allow short-term rentals with some requiring permission to be given. 60.8%* of properties available in Sydney are now whole residential properties with body corporates and property managers concerned that the vast expansion of properties are being rented out illegally and disturbing traditional rentals. Justin adds, “The main issue I see with Airbnb in the rental market is that it is unregulated and confusing. Increasingly, we are seeing hosts being fined for not declaring their extra income from their Airbnb rental, as it is technically ‘unauthorised’. “On top of that, the housing market is already in very high demand and challenging to break into without properties being acquired for the purpose Airbnb rentals,” he states. For more information about Ferguson Property Agents, please visit: * For further information or to speak with Justin Ferguson, contact 360 PR: Rachel King – – 02 9571 4448 – 0423 833 814 Tip Top® launches innovative new Sandwich Thins 2017-05-01T00:15:16Z tip-top-r-launches-innovative-new-sandwich-thins Sydney, Monday 1 May 2017 – Today, iconic food brand Tip Top® launches a new Sandwich Thins range which will provide Australians with a light and versatile lunchtime option. With only 99 calories per serve* Tip Top® Sandwich Thins are a lighter way to enjoy the pleasure and softness of bread. They are deliciously soft and tasty and are pre-sliced to make six sandwiches. Tip Top® Sandwich Thins brings something new and different to lunch and adds variety to the everyday lunch occasion. It brings excitement to the bread aisle with a unique offering, the first of its kind in the Australian market. Baked in Australia, Sandwich Thins are suitable for topping, filling and toasting for a quick and delicious lunch. They are the deliciously different lunch time solution the whole family will love. They are available in three delicious varieties; original, wholemeal, and lightly seeded. They also have a strong health star rating with wholemeal rating 4.5 health stars, and original and lightly seeded rating 4 health stars. Tip Top® Senior Brand Manager, Susan Tahmasian, said the new range was developed in response to growing consumer demand for lighter lunchtime fare and greater variety: “Sandwiches will always be Australia’s go-to lunch option, but there are occasions where we want to experiment or enjoy something different”. “Not only are Tip Top® Sandwich Thins a welcome and versatile addition to the segment, they are also a smart choice for people who love the texture and appearance of bread but want a softer, lighter lunch.” Sandwich Thins has proved popular in the UK, where they are an important part of the bakery market and one of the biggest drivers of growth in the sandwich alternatives category. ^ The ‘Thins’ segment has grown to a 30 per cent household penetration rate (Nielsen Homescan 28.01.17) and sales estimated at more than £50 million ($80 million) per year. This growth is driven by strong brands and a solid innovation pipeline. In Australia, the sandwich alternatives segment is showing strong and consistent value growth at 7.7 per cent year-on-year (IRI Aztec Scan data to MAT 17.02.17). Tahmasian added: “We’re proud and excited to be bringing this latest innovation to Australia. We expect the range to be a big a hit with Aussie shoppers who are always on the lookout for something new and different.” Marketing & Innovation Director, Graeme Cutler, adds: “The launch of Tip Top® Sandwich Thins represents the culmination of three years of research, product development, market testing and building the capabilities to bake what is truly a unique and delicious product. Tip Top® has been a family favourite for more than 50 years, and we are very excited to be launching a totally new product that the whole family will love.” The launch will be supported with a multi-million dollar integrated marketing communication campaign across channels such as TV, Digital, Social and Outdoor. Sandwich Thins will also utilise a strong sampling campaign to drive awareness and trial. Available from 1 May with an RRP of $3.50, Tip Top® Sandwich Thins will be sold in all major supermarkets. They are located next to the wraps in the bakery aisle and have a shelf life of six days. Proudly baking since 1958, Tip Top is committed to providing quality bakery products for Aussie families. It’s no wonder the family says… Good on Ya Mum, Tip Tops The One! Keep up to date with Tip Top’s products and giveaways on Facebook at @tiptop. - ENDS - * 99 Calories per serving based on an average Tip Top® Sandwich Thins weight of 40 g (unprepared). ^ Shark Shield Announces Breakthrough Long Range Shark Deterrent 2017-04-30T20:00:00Z shark-shield-announces-breakthrough-long-range-shark-deterrent Media Release - 1 May 2017 Following their presentation at the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures last week, Shark Shield, manufacturers of the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent, has today announced the pre-production release of a long-range version of its technology. The new Shark Shield Ocean Guardian is based on 20 years of research and utilizes a patented Metamaterial Electromagnetic Transducer, with expectations of repelling sharks within a 100-meter diameter of each unit installed. Lindsay Lyon, Shark Shield CEO says, “The Ocean Guardian has been many years in the making and has come about through a partnership with leading physicists and biologists. We have been able to produce a long-range shark deterrent solution to not only protect beach goers but significantly reduce the environmental impacts caused by using shark nets, drum lines and culling.” The new transducer form is based on technology used to treat patients in the medical field including, oncology, urology and other chronic diseases, with clinical studies demonstrating that the electromagnetic field does not affect the health of humans or ocean life, such as sharks or dolphins. “Sharks have small short range electrical receptors in their snouts used for finding food. Shark Shield’s electromagnetic field causes unbearable spasms in these sensitive sensors, which turn sharks away, this has been well proven over the past twenty years. The Ocean Guardian leverages this weakness in sharks to not only deter them, but in the long run we hope to teach them to stay away from beaches protected by Shark Shield,” says Lyon. “Classical conditioning, also known as Pavlovianor respondent conditioning, refers to a learning procedure in which a biologically potent stimulus, such as food, is paired with a previously neutral stimulus, such as long term use of Shark Shield Ocean Guardian. With our Ocean Guardian in place, over time sharks will learn to not enter the area and over time will avoid the area due to the unpleasant effects of the electromagnetic field,” adds Lyon. Facts about the Shark Shield Ocean Guardian: The Ocean Guardian transducer utilizes Metamaterials, or sometimes also known as Artificial Electromagnetic Materials, these are new materials, which have anomalous interaction with electromagnetic fields. The engineering of these unique materials results in physical properties not otherwise obtainable with natural materials enabling advanced improvements in the performance of conventional electromagnetic devices. Starting from these concepts and theoretical background of artificial electromagnetic materials and metamaterials, Shark Shield has developed a transducer with significantly improved losses. The creation of this negative index material has resulted in a reduction of transducer losses in producing electromagnetic fields, this innovation has led to the new long range technology in the new Shark Shield Ocean Guardian Shark Shield is seeking a $1M in investment capital to complete the commercialization of the Ocean Guardian, which will also be targeted at the global luxury yacht market, and will be partnering with independent scientists to further validate the company’s own extensive testing. About Shark Shield Shark Shield is the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Sharks have small short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for locating food. Shark Shield’s unique three-dimensional electrical waveform turns sharks away by causing unbearable spasms in these sensitive receptors. Used by professionals, such as navies around the world, Shark Shield is a safety device providing peace of mind, while supporting the conservation of sharks. If you’re serious about adventure, you wear a Shark Shield. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ For further information or to set up and interview with Lindsay Lyon from Shark Shield, please contact: Rachel King @ 360 PR: 0423 833 814 or Big Wet Bayswater Provides Safe and Easy Water for Homes and Businesses 2017-04-28T02:12:28Z big-wet-bayswater-provides-safe-and-easy-water-for-homes-and-businesses Big Wet takes pride in serving safe drinking water including spring water, bottled water and filtered water across Australia. This month the company has put the service spotlight on their distributor Big Wet Bayswater which covers areas in Melbourne’s Far East & South Eastern Suburbs. Andy Kenins is the Director/Manager of Big Wet Bayswater. He heads this private owner operated business. This distributor has been serving Big Wet customers for over 13 years. This distributorship caters to the needs of the business and domestic customers across Melbourne’s Far East and South Eastern Suburbs, and Dandenong Ranges. The services offered by Big Wet Bayswater ranges from delivery of spring water, water filtration solutions and water coolers and accessories. They also do servicing of coolers and filters. Bottled spring water is available in sizes 11litres and 15 litres in returnable refillable BPA free bottles. The 12 litre PET (One Way) is available too. These spring water bottles come in cases of 24 x 350ml and 24 x 600ml bottles.   Big Wet is a member of the Australian Bottled Water Association and is HACCP certified. Their water source is organically certified by the Biological Farmers Association.   Those living in the areas near Melbourne’s Far East & South Eastern Suburbs, and Dandenong Ranges may contact the distributor Big Wet Bayswater by calling 0412350786 or sending an email to  For general enquiries concerning other areas in Australia, interested customers may call 1300699965. Big Wet takes orders online too. To check their website and place an order:    Inner West Trends from Q1 with Cameron Nicholls 2017-04-27T03:07:32Z inner-west-trends-from-q1-with-cameron-nicholls Abbotsford based property expert and founder of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents, Cameron Nicholls, recaps the results from the first quarter of 2017 and shares his predictions for the inner west in the run to the end of financial year. Cameron Nicholls, Founder and Principal of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents, says of the next quarter (Q2), “With Easter and Anzac Day at the start of the quarter, the market will start off quite unsettled as with the holidays usually comes a slower start in the housing market than normal.” No need to fret, Cameron reassures, “I expect that there will be a flurry of new listings in the form of one and two bedroom apartments hitting the market at the beginning of the second quarter. So, it’s looking up for people looking to enter the property market or downsizing from the family home to apartment living.” Abbotsford Property Statistics for Q1: Total properties sold - 21 Highest sale price - $2,060,000 Median sale price - $1,317,083.33 Percentage of houses vs units: 90.5/9.5 The most recent sales from Nicholls & Co include: 27/16 Orchards Avenue, Breakfast Point - $990,000 101/4 Lewis Ave, Rhodes - $1,530,000 11/33 Peninsula Drive, Breakfast Point - $2,700,000 13/22 Harrow Road, Stanmore - $425,000 368 Georges River Road, Croydon Park - $1,251,000 203/12 Orchards Avenue, Breakfast Point - $990,000 For more information go to MCA Cafe's new Algerian Menu Inspired by Kader Attia Exhibition 2017-04-27T01:31:15Z mca-cafe-s-new-algerian-menu-inspired-by-kader-attia-exhibition Until 30 July, the newly refurbished Café at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) will fuse modern Australian and Algerian flavours with a new menu inspired by the works of French Algerian artist Kader Attia, currently on display in the Level 1 galleries.  In his first solo exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, Attia explores ideas of cultural exchange and the complex relationship between non-Western cultures and Europe, after decolonisation, through his art. The survey, curated by MCA Chief Curator Rachel Kent, encompasses over a decade of the artist’s practice, focusing on major installations that are contextualised by video and sculptural works. The special menu created by Executive Chef Keith Higginson of Fresh Catering and culinary team at MCA Cafe aims to extend the museum experience, offering patrons a sensory connection to the exhibition through food through a mix of classic and contemporary dishes such as: Lamb Kefta with Fennel, Mint, Feta & Pomegranate Salad ($18) Merguez Sausage Rice Balls, Capsicum, Saffron & Almond Cream ($16) Vegetable Tagine, Sweet Potato, Tomato, Preserved Lemon, Dates & Flat Bread ($26) Grilled Chicken Brochettes, Ras el Hanout & Tabbouleh Salad ($28) The menu will feature at the MCA Cafe until 30 July 2017. Open 7 days a week with late night Wednesdays, the Cafe is fully licensed and features an all day dining menu. ABOUT THE MCA CAFE The rooftop MCA Cafe is located on level four of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and offers breathtaking panoramic views across Sydney Harbour. Open to the public as well as museum visitors, the cafe has an indoor and outdoor area with a contemporary atmosphere in which to enjoy lunch, morning or afternoon tea, or simply to drop in for a drink or coffee. Open 7 days a week and evenings on Wednesday. MCA Cafe at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia Level 4, 140 George Street, The Rocks, NSW 2000 Open 10am–4pm (9pm on Wednesdays) EcoTools Unveils New Modern Eco Collection 2017-04-27T01:30:00Z ecotools-unveils-new-modern-eco-collection EcoTools®, a leader in authentic beauty, celebrates its 10th anniversary milestone with the unveiling of the New Modern Eco Collection, featuring gorgeous rebranding and new product innovation. With a bold, fresh and contemporary look, the brand advances its makeup brush collection, including pioneering the first-ever makeup sponge made from plant based materials. As part of the 10 year milestone, the entire collection has evolved based on the wants and needs of today’s women and features a refreshed logo and packaging with clean colours and modern metallic accents. Highlight updates include: Redesigned makeup brushes, featuring tapered light-weight brush handles still made from renewable bamboo, for improved comfort and performance, in a brighter wood colour, with contemporary gunmetal ferrules and beautiful ombre bristles. On-package education that takes the intimidation out of the makeup brush aisle. Each product directly links to a recommended colour cosmetic pairing, showcases the end benefit, features a face chart for application and identifies the level of coverage to help simplifying her beauty routine. Continuing to be eco-minded, the entire 2017 collection is comprised of renewable and recyclable materials including tree-free paper, vegetable based inks and RPET clamshell packaging, to help remove materials from the waste stream. 100% vegan and PETA certified, with all EcoTools makeup brushes and sponges you can be assured your beauty routine is as good for the environment as it is for your makeup finish! For more information, please contact Rachel King @ 360 PR: / (02) 9571 4448 The Vaping Kiwi Outline NZ Government Plan to Legalise the Sale of e-cigarettes 2017-04-19T21:50:15Z the-vaping-kiwi-outline-nz-government-plan-to-legalise-the-sale-of-e-cigarettes Last month the New Zealand government announced a plan to legalise the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids containing nicotine, and The Vaping Kiwi is pleased that the government recognises the potential e-cigarettes have to help New Zealand reach its Smokefree 2025 goal. The change is a big win for the e-cigarette industry as its products won't be in plain packaging, nor will the hefty taxes on normal tobacco be applied. The new rules for all e-cigarettes and e-liquid products, whether they contain nicotine or not, include restricting sales to people 18 years and over, banning vaping in indoor areas where smoking is prohibited, and restrictions on advertising In March 2011 the Government adopted the Smokefree 2025 goal for New Zealand. This was in response to the recommendations of a landmark Parliamentary inquiry by the Māori Affairs select committee. The Māori Affairs Committee’s report was clear that the term ‘smokefree’ was intended to communicate an aspirational goal and not a commitment to the banning of smoking altogether by 2025. On that basis, the Government agreed with the goal of reducing smoking prevalence and tobacco availability to minimal levels, thereby making New Zealand essentially a smokefree nation by 2025. The government also announced plans to set up a new regulatory regime that can assess and approve products that are marketed as less harmful alternatives to smoking tobacco. These products include heat-not-burn cigarettes and vaporisers. In England, e-cigarettes are the leading form of quit-smoking aid, used by 35 per cent of smokers trying to quit. However, some researchers argue that e-cigarettes risk providing a "gateway" into smoking for youth. New Zealand's Ministry of Health has been monitoring evidence on the role of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation. Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox last month said the Government should seriously consider subsidising vaping as a tool to help quit smoking. Associate Health Minister, Nicky Wagner said if an e-cigarette got approved as a stop-smoking medicine under the Medicines Act the Government may consider subsidising it. About 546,000 Kiwis smoke daily, 15 per cent of the adult population. Every day on average, at least 13 people die from a smoking-related disease - about 5000 a year. Half of smokers die from a smoking-related illness and on average their deaths will be 14 years earlier than if they didn't smoke. To find out more about vaping and e-cigarettes, please visit the website of The Vaping Kiwi at . Smart Space Saving Ideas! 2017-04-19T00:12:06Z smart-space-saving-ideas Smart Space Saving Ideas Design & Styling Tips by Justine Wilson Media Release - April 2017 With more and more of us compromising space for a vibrant inner city lifestyle, it’s hard to imagine that with a few small changes to our living quarters we can not only create more space, but also a more organised way of living. “There are so many wonderful DIY space saving options out there now! Every home is different and so are your needs and wants, so it’s important to work out which options are within your budget and what solutions are the smartest for your home,” says Justine. Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors shares her top space saving tips: 1. Seasonal Storage – Who doesn’t want a streamline immaculate wardrobe? If yours is bursting at the seams, divide your clothing and accessories into seasons. Just pack away and rotate when required. Space bags, shoe storage boxes and under bed storage boxes are all quick, easy and affordable ways to do this. 2. Multifunctional Furniture – Investing in multifunctional furniture is one of the smartest ways to free up more space. Beds and ottomans with storage are the most common and easiest to find. The IKEA Malm bed offers four drawers of storage and an optional bedhead with shelving for books or accessories. 3. Dual Purpose Spaces – Try converting a spare bedroom into both a study area and guest room by using a sofa bed instead of a traditional bed is one great idea. In the past, finding a sofa bed was limiting, however you no longer have to compromise on style as there are many well designed sofa bed options available. 4. Smart Storage – Joinery is a significant way to change the way you live and has endless possibilities when it comes to storage. Unused areas can be transformed into functional storage spaces with only a small amount of work, e.g. bench seating built under windows or storage under the staircase. Something like these stairs (below) require a little more time and money but we think the result is definitely worthwhile! 5. Think Vertical – Why not use walls to create space? Pegboards are flexible and fun and can be used for both practical and display purposes. Regardless of whether you’re hanging cleaning essentials or an ornament arrangement, you can add colour and life to your walls with only a small amount of effort. 6. Floating Furniture – Floating shelves are a light, open and seamless way to display items. We love to utilise perspex or glass box shelving to create a sophisticated and interesting way to showcase items you may not have room to display. These can be stagnant or can act as changing artworks within your home. For more information, please visit Zeal launches new Classic colour palette 2017-04-18T00:16:44Z zeal-launches-new-classic-colour-palette Proving that kitchenware can be fashionable as well as functional Zeal is pleased to announce their new Classic Silicone Range now available in Australia. This new range exudes style with no compromise on quality and radiates a fabulous cool, calming palette of pale blue, grey, green and cream which has taken direction from the latest trends in interiors. With over 35 years experience in the field, UK silicone experts Zeal manufacture their products to the highest possible standards with EEC quality approved silicone which remains odourless and will not absorb flavours or stain during use. All Zeal products are BPA free, heat resistant to at least 250°C, dishwasher safe, non-scratch and suitable for non-stick pans and come with a 10 Year Warranty. The new Zeal Classic Silicone Range includes: Zeal Silicone Slotted Turner RRP $16.95 – Steel strengthened, hard nylon core to provide flexibility and durability, 300mm (L). Zeal Silicone Spatula Spoon 20cm RRP $12.95 & 26cm RRP $16.95 – Steel strengthened, provides a unique and flexible square ended kitchen spoon. Zeal Silicone Ergo Spatula RRP $13.95 – Steel strengthened with an ergonomically designed spatula head – perfect for getting the last drop out of jars. Zeal Silicone Tongs RRP $12.95/$21.95 – Grooved ergonomic, anti pinch handles, perfect grip silicone heads, easy to handle dimensions & mechanism. Available in 7 inches and 12 inches. Zeal Silicone Cooks Spoon 30cm RRP $19.95 – Unique reinforced steel construction throughout, perfect for use on non-stick pans. Zeal Silicone Whisk RRP $19.95 – Silicone-coated wires protect your ceramic bowls & non-stick pans, silicone handle with ball end for comfortable hold while whisking. Available in green & cream. 260mm (L) x 60mm (W). Zeal Silicone Measuring Spoon Set RRP $16.95 – Tablespoon (beechwood), Teaspoon, 1⁄2 Teaspoon, 1⁄4 Teaspoon & 1/8 Teaspoon. Zeal Silicone Large Hot Mat 22cm RRP $14.95 – Heat resistant multi-use silicone surface protector, features non-slip grooves and hanging loop. Zeal Silicone Baking Mat RRP $24.95 – Non-stick preparation, baking and freezing sheet withstands high temperatures up to 300°C. Suitable for the oven, dishwasher, freezer and microwave. Much more environmentally friendly than baking paper! 420mm (L) x 295mm (W). The new Zeal Classic Range is available now at Immediate Traction Achieved In US Frozen Yoghurt Market Successful Trial Leads To New Segment Rollout of Algo 2017-04-17T20:55:06Z immediate-traction-achieved-in-us-frozen-yoghurt-market-successful-trial-leads-to-new-segment-rollout-of-algo Highlights  - New York franchisee of 16 Handles concluded its trial of the Algo System early and immediately decided to commence commercial rollout due to stronger than expected results. -Algo System will now be installed into New York based franchisee NYC-FROYO’s remaining 4 frozen yoghurt stores and the Company will pursue further agreements with other 16 Handles franchisee’s whom collectively have approximately 40 stores. - The frozen yoghurt market in the US has annual revenues of approximately US$2 billion and 3,000 stores  across the US. Dragontail Systems Limited (ASX: DTS, the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it will progress to a commercial rollout of the Algo System to New York based 16 Handles franchisee, NYC-FROYO following a successful trial. The trial period, which was initially set for three months, has been concluded before the trial was complete due to immediate results  and Dragontail and NYC-FROYO will now progress to commercial rollout to its four 16 Handles branded frozen yoghurt stores, located in New York City. The success of the trial is a significant milestone for the Company as they look to expand the use of the Algo System into the fast-growing frozen yoghurt segment and the US quick service restaurant sector.  "As soon as the trial commenced we saw immediate and outstanding benefits from the Algo System in terms of increasing the efficiency of our operation and improving the average delivery times and as a result we decided to progress to a rollout to all of our stores before the trial had concluded," said 16 Handles Franchisee Director of Operations Christopher Ballerini.  Dragontail CEO Ido Levanon added, “To have a customer decide to move to a commercial rollout even before the trial period has concluded is great validation for our technology. Negotiations have already begun with other 16 Handles franchise owners off the back of this successful trial and we aim to generate similar agreements with other franchisees as well as across the broader frozen yoghurt market in the US.”  Dragontail will now target other stores in the 16 Handles network as well as other players in the frozen yoghurt industry. The frozen yoghurt market has experienced rapid growth over recent years with an annual growth rate of 11.6% between 2011 and 2016 and generating annual revenue of US$2 billion. Company Secretary:Deborah 8 6211 5099 Media Enquiries: Ben GrubbMedia and Capital 414 197 508 About Dragontail Systems  Dragontail is revolutionising the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry with its Algo System, which uses a sophisticated patented algorithm to optimise and manage the entire food preparation process from order to delivery. The Algo is the first system in the world to fully automate and streamline the kitchen flow to deliver immediate and significant returns on investment to fast food and quick service restaurants. The Algo is setting a new standard for the global industry with a number of chains, such as Pizza Hut in North America and Israel, and a large Israeli burger chain already using the system. Nextrend Furniture and FLAT Technologies combine the principles of table base design with cutting edge technology. 2017-04-13T04:38:06Z nextrend-furniture-and-flat-technologies-combine-the-principles-of-table-base-design-with-cutting-edge-technology Nextrend Furniture has made history by launching and installing the world’s very first self-stabilising table base, which uses cutting edge alignment technology. Thanks to award-winning technology courtesy of FLAT, wobbling is eliminated by Flat Tech Bases even on the least stable of surfaces, enabling multiple table tops to be flawlessly aligned. Alignment and table stability are two big issues faced by F&B establishments like bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs in Australia. Now, customers at Australian F&B businesses need not worry about unstable tables causing drink spillage. Businesses can enjoy greater customer approval, and staff are now free from having to spend time trying to stabilise tables with beer mats or handling related tirades from customers. Nextrend Furniture’s General Manager Peter McCorkell is proud that Nextrend is always pushing the envelope of furniture design and technology. He says, “Nextrend Furniture has always been a pioneer in the use of design, materials, finishes and innovative technologies, often being the first to use and market them. We consistently meet our customers’ high expectations of great products which solve their problems at affordable prices. Working together with FLAT has been thrilling, and has enabled us to provide high quality tables that remain stable on even the most uneven surfaces, enabling pubs and restaurants to eliminate a persistent problem.” FLAT technology enables you to: Reduce the number of customer complaints, as well as the volume of refunds you have to make and the overall negative impact on your business. Reduce the amount of time spent on aligning and stabilising tables. Improve sales by maximising space and the number of customers therein. Boost flexibility and easily move tables around, which enables individuals and groups of all sizes to use the space effectively. Stabilise your tables just by pressing the table top. Boost stability with internal locks. Align table tops perfectly. Enjoy highly durable tables which go beyond international standards for durability, safety, strength and stability. Install your new tables in seconds without having to use any tools. Tired of wobbly tables? Flat Technology has the answers to your problems. This multi-award-winning technology enables you to stabilise, align and level your table tops in a flash. To speak with us and check out our entire collection of FLAT table bases, visit or Call (07) 3257 7272 Australians To Pioneer The Sweetest, Global Revolution this Easter 2017-04-12T04:11:18Z australians-to-pioneer-the-sweetest-global-revolution-this-easter   Consumer estimations have already announced the ten’s of millions of dollars Australians are expected to spend on chocolate this Easter weekend. With a nationally growing waistline, Australia is no stranger to rising obesity and diabetes rates, with 280 Australians developing diabetes everyday. Easter is all about chocolate consumption and sugar-filled desserts, but Australian leading natural sweetener brand Natvia is taking a stand!   “The Easter holidays are special, but sugar consumption levels are red flags for the Australian population. The negative effects of excess sugar are well understood; what we’re looking to do is show Australians that they don’t need to give up all the Easter traditional desserts by ditching sugar”, says Samuel Tew, Founder of Natvia.   This Easter, Natvia are announcing their search for the ultimate baking crusader to help Australians leave sugar behind.   With an opportunity to make their mark on a global brand and get paid for it, Natvia’s baking guru will become the hands and face behind all of Natvia’s amazing sugar-free recipes helping thousands of Australians and people around the world quit sugar everyday.   The opportunity will see the enthusiastic foodie creating delicious sugar-free desserts to be shared internationally. The baking magic will happen at Natvia’s fully furnished and completely dreamy kitchen studio located in Australia’s food capital and ranked one of the world’s most livable cities in the world, Melbourne.   Natvia is opening the opportunity to just about any dessert loving foodie with the experience, passion and drive and who is ready to take their #foodinspiration to international heights.   “There’s so much talent out there amongst passionate Australian health foodies, and we want to show Australians, and the world, that going sugar-free doesn’t mean cutting out your favorite foods. We’re looking for someone just as excited and enthusiastic about the sugar-free movement as we are,” says Samuel.   To be considered, email with your take as to why you will be Australia’s inspiration to sugar-free desserts.   For more information please contact:   Miriam Indries                                                                     Patrick Catanzariti                                                                         Marketing Manager                                                             Marketing Coordinator                                         About Natvia:   Natvia is an Australian born company and Australia’s leading 100% natural sweetener made from stevia and natural nectar. It’s sweeter than sugar but doesn’t have any effect on blood glucose levels, meaning it’s diabetic friendly and virtually calorie free. Sold in over 8 international markets and a driving force behind inspiring people to live a healthier life, Natvia provides its audience and customers with a natural alternative to staying sugar-free. It can be used for baking, cooking, in tea, coffee, smoothies and other delicious treats. Natvia is packaged in the form of on the go tablets, baking packs, sachets and canisters.  Shaw Vineyard Estate selected as Wine Partner by the Australian War Memorial 2017-04-11T23:40:28Z shaw-vineyard-estate-selected-as-wine-partner-by-the-australain-war-memorial There are few places in Australia that have as much of an impact or create more powerful emotions than the Australian War Memorial. In fact, in 2016 the Memorial was voted Trip Advisor’s Number One Landmark in Australia and the South Pacific.   And there are few Canberra District based wineries that are as committed to crafting exceptional wines and supporting inspirational enterprises as Shaw Vineyard Estate. So both parties are delighted to announce the official appointment of Shaw Vineyard Estate as the wine partner of the Australian War Memorial. Memorial Director Brendan Nelson said he was extremely pleased to have a local wine maker of the calibre of Shaw as the exclusive wine sponsor. “The Australian War Memorial endeavours to ensure every visitor to this place walks away with an experience they will never forget. Excellence in the visitor experience extends beyond those who wander the galleries and reflect on the artefacts on display, to those who choose the Memorial as a place for their corporate function or event,” Dr Nelson said. “Shaw Vineyard Estate has an excellent reputation for quality, which befits the status of what the Australian War Memorial represents.”   Shaw Vineyard Estate Owner/Winemaker Graeme Shaw commented, “To be offered a partnership with such an Honoured and Dignified institution as the Australian War Memorial is something that makes me and my family incredibly proud.” “The Memorial is a manifestation of the Australian character and we believe our wines, that are full of Canberra character, will be an ideal fit.” So join the Australian War Memorial in raising a glass of Shaw Vineyard Estate when paying tribute and honour to our Country’s service men and women.