The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-15T06:29:02Z Prahran Psychology Clinic Useful Tips For Mental Health Improvement 2017-03-15T06:29:02Z prahran-psychology-clinic-useful-tips-for-mental-health-improvement It is seen that people who are emotionally and mentally healthy are happier as compared to those spending a stressful life. They are able to accept the challenges of life more confidently. But it requires some efforts to build and maintain a strong mental health. Your mental health is directly connected with your physical health that gives you a rewarding experience.  Prahran Psychology Clinic encourages the people to enjoy their healthy mental state. It is important to let your mind function every day which is important for you to feel confident so that you can grab the opportunity of growth and build a confident personality, says experts. Explore the useful tips shared by Prahran Psychology Clinic for the better mental health: Connect with People: Build and maintain relationships with people around you. Having people in contact who will support and enrich your life will encourage you and leave a great effect on your well-being. Take time to Have Fun: Set aside some time for activities you would love to do. Be spontaneous and active throughout the day. Take a walk alone, read a book, draw pictures or play with the pets or accompany your kids.   Share Interest: Join a group or club to have an interaction with different people. Being part of the creative, impressive and people with the common interest will motivate you to do something for yourself which is actually good for your mental health. Take Care of Yourself: You will have to take a good care of yourself as a good diet is important for the improvement of physical and mental health. Spend some time every day for exercise, dancing, pampering yourself.  Deal with Stress: Observe the things trigger your stress and change the way you react instantly. You can avoid some triggers and learn how to deal with the stress in an ideal manner. A balanced lifestyle can help you manage your stress in an ideal way where you would find it very effective to get relaxation breathing yoga and meditation every day.  You would find these useful tips to improve your mental health extremely beneficial by all counts. Psychology Clinic : An Effective Approach To Psychological Treatment 2017-03-02T09:44:29Z psychology-clinic-an-effective-approach-to-psychological-treatment It's no wonder that the modern lifestyle is highly responsible for growing physical and mental stress and if the stress is not stored out it could be further extended or result into depression, anxiety, and insomnia. In fact, there are many reasons in life that trigger mental disorders and few are the most common facts are unhappy marriage life, disappointments, and failure at work, loneliness , huge loss in business, conflicts with others, unbreakable sickness, so on. With the growing problems, the life becomes so difficult to live and generally people thinking to commit suicide to get rid of this situation.                              This is the time when the people needs professional services of an expert psychologist in Melbourne. A reliable and true psychologist in Melbourne should be a well learned person of psychology . A therapist must have his own proven methods of curing the patients suffering from the mental disorder. A professional yet certified psychologist is the only person who will not only listen your issues but also provide you best suitable solution and assure you early recovery. Their main job is to remove those bad patches of stress which are largely responsible for the mental disruption. One of the leading psychologic clinic in Melbourne "Prahran Psychology clinic" that offers you widely proven services for the various mental related problems such as marital and relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety and addiction management, sleeping problems, loss appetite and rapid weight loss problem, grief and loss, self-development, so on. Their major aim is to provide the best psychology clinic based treatments to cure mental related problems and to improve the good being. With the help of the certified services, you can easily improve the quality of life and get assistance under difficult situations. Proven psychological treatments largely help the patient to overcome his emotional problems and tries to restore his original mental state so that he would be able to take potential decisions on his own and start trusting his intuitions. The best part about their services is that they support you when nobody even likes to sit with you. They give you a positive hope and ensure a healthy life. You just only need to speak up your issues and don’t worry about the privacy as they keep your issue with them only as per their policy. Forget Everything You Know About Multiple Personality Disorder 2017-02-27T05:53:05Z forget-everything-you-know-about-multiple-personality-disorder Alternatives to a Frozen Mouse is based on a true story of a woman living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder). Writing under a pseudonym to protect her identity, A. J. Mouse decided to publish her personal struggle with DID in order to impart the truth about living with this condition. For over twenty years there had been no more splitting, no one new. Then Anne came along, making alter number ten. This book was created to record Anne’s journey as she learns to coexist with Jade, Peter, Neil, Jane, Zen, Nancy, Ray, Lucy, and of course Mouse—the author of them all. DID/MPD has been explored many times in film and television, but what is it really like living with this condition and what causes it? Author A. J. Mouse rejects the dangerous myths and misconceptions created by the mainstream media. She asserts: We do not change clothes every ten minutes. We are not dangerous serial killers. We are real—all of us. I am. We are. In the book, A. J. Mouse explores the origins of her DID and speculates on how the ‘splitting’ first began. When faced with unbearable trauma, the brain splinters to protect itself so that it can survive. Each alter has their own reason for being and their own story. But all lives stem from Mouse—the original. Anne’s mission is to uncover the reason the alters were brought into being by Mouse, and to finally bring resolution to their life. This book aims to give readers an insight into the reality of this condition and open up the discussion about mental health in our communities. Head to for more information. ISBN: 9781925530247 Price: $24.95 Format: Paperback Dimensions: 152 mm x 228 mm Contact author: Contact publisher: Website: www. Prahran Psychology Clinic Offers Range Of Therapies For Mental Wellness 2017-02-04T09:25:14Z prahran-psychology-clinic-offers-range-of-therapies-for-mental-wellness Mental wellness is important to a healthy and fulfilling life as physical wellness. When you are feeling depressed or find yourself helpless, you should see a doctor. It is true that many people hesitate to share their very personal feelings and incidents with unknowns but believe me Such reputed and professionally managed psychology clinics not only listen to your issues but also help you recover fast. A Melbourne based, fully licensed clinic - A Prahran Psychology Clinic is here to offer you wide range of therapies and personal counseling that help you determine your actual mental condition. This clinic has been backed by various specialized counselors who have years of experience in various mental illness fields. A Prahran Psychology Clinic does not believe in providing a single type of therapy that fits all, instead, they first diagnose your mental state and identify the actual causing roots to provide you right therapy and counseling for early recovery. In their recent studies, they have rounded up few surprising issues for mental health for men that usually begins as a "silent crisis". Aside from that the core of the problem stems from existing or emerging stressors for men that originating from societal pressures, frequent changes in overall work dynamics and from family or personal life matters. In fact, there are many causal factors that can result in mental issues and enable them to mask it or often going undiagnosed. Well, it is important to recognize such barriers that are creating a room for mental illness in men. Having this awareness may assist any individual in feeling supported and having their willingness to seek right advice regarding what they are experiencing. A right mental health takes many aspects into account like having a sense of well-being, being able to function during everyday life and feeling confident to meet challenges and stressors that present themselves. All these things are applicable to everyone whether it's male or female as it can aid in boosting your mental health and overall well-being.  Some of these actions include:- Connecting with others to develop and maintain relationships that support and enrich your life. Be sure to get plenty of sleep- it is an important to step in restoring your body and mind. Plan your well to enhance your time management skills as it will free up some time to do something new and manage your activities rightly. Feros Care’s “Experience Centre” to transform delivery of health and Aged Care 2017-01-30T03:13:29Z feros-care-s-experience-centre-to-transform-delivery-of-health-and-aged-care TODAY: The Federal Minister for Aged Care, the Hon. Ken Wyatt AM, MP officially opened Feros Care’s Experience Centre, a state-of-the-art technology hub that is transforming the way health and aged care is delivered. The Experience Centre is devoted to the research, design and implementation of digital technologies that deliver smart and emerging technologies for seniors and people with disability. This centre is based at Tweed Heads, but provides a national presence through state based service partners, national distribution network and online services Minister Wyatt said that the Australian Government welcomes Feros Care’s investment and promotion of innovation and technology in aged care. “Access to quality, accurate and timely information is vital to support consumers, and their families, to make informed choices about their care,” Minister Wyatt said. “It’s important for the aged care sector to harness technology to support Australians everywhere to make their own choices, to be able to seek support as they wish, when it suits them and in ways that work for them.” Ms Jennene Buckley, Feros Care’s CEO said that the technology revolution is at our door step, therefore it is critical for health and aged care organisations to build a significant capability in delivering digital service models to remain relevant to our current and future consumers of our services. “It is such an honour to have Minister Wyatt here today, to support Feros Care’s initiative and to see first-hand how many of these technologies are and will change and empower the lives of our clients. “I applaud the Government’s ongoing commitment to innovation and transformation of aged care. Feros Care’s initial focus has been on aged care, however our commitment in the next five years is to focus on virtual health and wellbeing for people of all ages. This includes people with chronic disease, people with disability and virtual care (hospital in the home),” she said. The Experience Centre includes a: Research laboratory where new technologies are rigorously tested and piloted by consumers to ensure products are the best in market and most accessible and usable for clients. Plug and Play Centre where clients and health professionals can look, touch, feel and experience exactly how the equipment works. Knowledge centre that includes face to face and online workshops that can be access by health and aged care staff and services to build their knowledge, capability and interest in the use of smart and emerging technologies. Virtual care team with our clinical staff remotely monitoring and supporting high risk clients with chronic conditions National warehouse and distribution centre for our Lifelink Smart Technology Service. For the past 10 years, Ms Buckley has provided a leadership role in Feros Care’s investment in the use smart technologies to improve the lives of clients and their carers, from increasing confidence, improving health literacy and health management, to keeping them safe and socially connected. In late 2016, the Aged Care IT Council recognised this contribution by inducting Ms Buckley into the Aged Care IT Hall of fame for the role she and Feros Care have played in introducing and promoting technology transformation in the industry. Ms Buckley said “Gone are the days when technology and aged care were at opposite ends of the spectrum. Today, we can provide so many more options of care by including technology and digital solutions into both residential and home care. “We as an organisation want to lead the positive revolution in living and ageing well. Our mission is to enable bold lives, which is about thinking differently about what is possible. We believe that technology will play a significant role in the types of new products and services Feros Care will deliver each year. Our new product suites for community care include our virtual senior centre, wearable technologies, senior friendly tablets and training, wearable technologies, 12 week remote chronic disease rehabilitation with wearable technologies. The list will be grow constantly with our new Experience Centre”, she said. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Background information: Adapting technologies to meet the needs of seniors Feros Care is adapting technologies that were originally designed for athletes, office workers, and millennials to feel safe at night in New York, so older people and people with disability can live independently and safely in their own homes. Feros Care has been successful in expanding the capability of existing products beyond their original niche market, so they can meet the needs of seniors. Re-purposing smart technologies provides a world of possibilities for seniors and people with disability, by helping them feel more confident. Just some of Feros Care’s adapted technologies that are available or being tested include: Lumo lift, which was originally designed for people sitting and working at computers. It is a small, lightweight wearable to improve your posture and a healthy back. Lifelink has since repurposed this to help prevent falls. Once a person has experienced a fall, they have less confidence and tend to look at the ground and watch where their feet are going. Wearing a Lumo Lift reminds you to stand tall and look ahead. If you slouch – or in the case of an older person – look at your feet, Lumo will vibrate, making you aware of your posture. Care@Home - originally developed on a home security system – is now providing seamless health monitoring so people to live independently at home. Sensors and intelligent algorithms learn your daily habits and behaviours and sends an alert to loved ones if your daily routine changes. Care@Home is also playing a key role in reducing carer fatigue because your family and friends know that should anything happen, they’re only a text message away. The stylish Wisewear is a distress bracelet complete with GPS and text messaging, and is concealed in 18 carat gold jewellery. Wisewear was originally developed as a distress bracelet for millennials going out at night in New York. Lifelink has since repurposed this product to seniors as a discreet and attractive falls protection that sends an emergency alert in the case of a fall or health scare. END…. Media alert: Feros Care’s Experience Centre launch 2017-01-27T02:16:22Z media-alert-feros-care-s-experience-centre-launch The Federal Minister for Aged Care, the Hon. Ken Wyatt AM, MP will officially open Feros Care’s Experience Centre on Monday 30 January 2017, at 10am. The Experience Centre is devoted to the research, design and implementation of digital technologies that will transform the way health and aged care is delivered. Date: Monday 30 January 2017 Time: 10.00am (NSW time) Where: Unit 22–23/25 Ourimbah Road, Tweed Heads (Complementary parking is available at Alpha Parking, 19 Ourimbah Road, Tweed Heads, and is a short walk to the Experience Centre) Google map link:,+Tweed+Heads+NSW+2485,+Australia/@-28.1767509,153.5253884,475m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b90fe29eea0eab3:0xe8554949648dc960!8m2!3d-28.1763159!4d153.5264398?hl=en-AU Media Contact For more information or interviews please telephone Feros Care Media and Marketing Director Lisa Murray on 07 5669 0555 or 0422 442 092. Make 2017 your year to get a little bit of help at home 2017-01-05T02:22:00Z make-2017-your-year-to-get-a-little-bit-of-help-at-home A little bit of help goes a long way in helping seniors to stay healthy, active and connected to their community, and living independently in their own home. This care and support is provided by Australia's many aged care workers (approximately 400,000[1]), and while they may not be family or friends, they are good, kind people who are very handy to have around. Home Care comes in all shapes and sizes and assists seniors to do more, achieve more and enjoy more in life. The kind of help available is: Housework Gardening and maintenance Personal care Installing ramps and other aids to make your home safer Transport to and from your medical and other appointments Meal preparation Respite care Physiotherapy, podiatry or other allied health services Seniors fitness programs Social activities and transport to get you out and about and connecting with friends Nursing care such as medication management Depending on your circumstances, you may only need assistance for a short time, especially when you’re recovering from an injury or illness. To access the Government funded Home Care Program, you’ll need to be assessed through My Aged Care. To find out more about Home Care or to get you started, contact Feros Care on 1300 763 583. Our team will be able to discuss what services are available in your area, and can help you get set up through My Aged Care. 1] 92 year announced ‘Gets Bold Not Old’ winner by taking to a zipline 2016-12-13T23:06:04Z 92-year-announced-gets-bold-not-old-winner-by-taking-to-a-zipline 92 year old Audrey Kuchel, of Ballarat has officially been named the Feros Care Get Bold Not Old winner for 2016. Audrey won the Get Bold Not Old competition by being the oldest woman to complete the thrilling Giant Zipline in Fiji, happily dangling 30 metres off the ground with a steep ascent. She did this adventure when she was 90 – two years ago - and would happy take it on again today. This zipline is also known as the death slide, and is proof that this granny is still an adrenalin junkie at heart. After completing the course, Audrey asked if she could do it again! Get Bold Not is part of an ongoing campaign by Feros Care to show that age is just a number, and that our older community members are larger than life. Jennene Buckley, CEO of Feros Care said that while GetBoldNotOld has a fun side, its real objective is to squash the negative sterotypes of older people and aged care and remind people that age is just a number. Life is to be lived to the fullest regardless of your age. “There are real issues faced by seniors, from feeling invisible in their community, health and mobility issues, social isolation, financial hardship and elder abuse. In fact, a recent study by Brigham Young University shows that there is an increased risk of death for people who are lonely and socially isolated.[1] “I congratulate Audrey on being the perfect role model for other seniors and proving that you don’t suddenly become invisible when you reach 70, or 80 or 90. Society often forgets that today’s 92 year old nana such as Audrey was yesterday’s rebel. Audrey is proof that our seniors have many wonderful stories to share, experiences and probably even some secrets. “Thanks to the hundreds of other people who shared their spectacular photos and refuse to act you age! You are proof that age is just a number,” she said. Audrey’s immensely proud daughter Lynn entered her Mum in the competition, and said she has always been adventurous and outgoing. Audrey is not your typical granny - defying the stereotype of what getting older looks like. In fact, as a 66 year old widow, she travelled solo throughout the world – feat that even the bravest person would baulk at. But it’s not just her boldness and bravery that this award recognises. She is kind, caring and community minded - knitting singlets for disadvantaged babies in Africa and actively involved in planning regular family reunions. In her down time, Audrey tends to her garden, and loves to read – she is always on a quest to find a book she hasn't read. The $2000 prize money has already been earmarked for Audrey’s next adventure, a cruise around Tasmania in January, sharing among 13 great grandchildren, and donating some to cancer research. To view all entrants visit [1] Want to know the good news about PTSD? (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) 2016-11-28T23:58:04Z want-to-know-the-good-news-about-ptsd-post-traumatic-stress-disorder With a release date in time for Christmas, Author Dion Jensen’s book “Your Subconscious Bodyguards-The Good News About PTSD” is an honest and frank explanation of PTSD. The book is written by an ex-soldier and police officer, in military language that sufferers of the disorder can easily relate to. Jensen takes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and explains it from the perspective of the sufferer addressing how to adapt or disarm the effects of what has proven to be for some, a life threatening affliction. Where clinical and other self-help books fail, Jensen takes a show-no-fear approach to tackling PTSD where it lives; in the homes, families and lives of the sufferer. “We have challenged the status quo for PTSD across the world and ruffled a few 'experts' feathers in the process. If the book helps one person it was worth it,” says Jensen. Targeting ex-military sufferers, Jensen is releasing the book to coincide with Christmas, the season known in veteran support circles as ‘suicide season.’ Spare a thought for those who may be suffering. Although On ANZAC day we remember the fallen, we should not forget the ongoing effects of service that ripple through our ranks today FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Dion Jensen: Email: or “Your Subconscious Bodyguards” is available at Testimonials: "No-one had ever explained to me why I would become very angry and think that everyone was my enemy or why I would wake up screaming at night in pools of sweat and tears... Dion's book, even just by reading the book outline, has already connected my subconscious section to my brain and has already helped me understand that I am not "crazy", that I am normal, my normal." - Military Veteran      "Not being of a military background, but one of Policing I can relate to what you have written, and it is great. I have suffered from PTSD for a long time due to … a myriad of incidents over 21 years.  Reading what you have written has opened up an escape for me from where I have been locked in at times. Thanks mate. It has been a battle..." - Police Officer     “For those that are struggling with PTSD both in the military and in the police service, this book gives you an opportunity to listen to somebody who knows your world, has been where you have been, and applies the very skills you already possess to achieve your goals. Dion refuses any victim position, and so applies a sense of mastery, so important for soldiers and police, and as we know, so central in working through PTSD.” -Psychologist     Australian Safety Company Launches New “Care for Care” Program. 2016-11-28T23:49:17Z australian-safety-company-launches-new-care-for-care-program Adelaide, SA: Worksafe Guardian (WSG), an employee safety app developed in Australia to monitor the safety of lone workers, are excited to announce their new Care for Care program. For every 10 WSG Safety Apps that are signed up, Worksafe Guardian will donate 1 app to their Care for Care Program, designated specifically for not-for-profit organisations. A common issue WSG discovered since their launch almost two years ago is how many not-for-profit organisations need the WSG Safety App, but simply don’t have the budget to implement it. The Care for Care Programs aim is to help those that help so many in a small but significant way. On the company’s new Care for Care Program, App Designer Greg Lindner had this to say: “Coming from a monitoring background we know firsthand the value of safety solutions like WSG and how it provides companies and individuals peace of mind there is a professional ready to implement response procedures. The cost of maintaining the equipment, servers, staff and the monitoring centre has prevented us from being able to heavily discount the price of the service. In saying that, as more not-for-profit organisations contact us who need the app but lacked funds we wanted to find a way to extend them the service. After all, they are the ones out there doing the outreach programs, helping the homeless, less fortunate and drug and alcohol dependent individuals. That’s why we created the new program. We hope that the program will expand and continue to grow as Worksafe Guardian does.” The WSG lone worker safety app was the first of its kind to be developed, owned, operated, and monitored here in Australia, and the company aims to ensure that as many Australian employees as possible are afforded the opportunity to use the app if the need it. Worksafe Guardian strongly believes that safety should be about people above anything else. How this new Care for Care Program will work: ·         For every 10 new apps that are signed on, WSG will designate 1 free app to go into the Care for Care Program. ·         WSG will allocate as many free fully monitored apps to any given not-for-profit organisation. ·         To be eligible, companies must be registered with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission). ·         A full list of terms and conditions will be emailed out to the not-for-profit organisations who apply. About Worksafe Guardian Ltd. (WSG): WSG is an employee safety monitoring app for iPhone and Android developed by Security Alarm Monitoring Service (SAMS). SAMS have over 20 years’ industry experience and hold a Grade A1 Certification for their monitoring centre based in South Australia, the highest standard available in Australia. The WSG head office is in Adelaide, South Australia, but WSG currently monitors lone working employees Australia wide. WSG is Australia’s 1st professionally monitored lone worker safety app. Please visit our website for information about what we do Prahran Psychologic Clinic Provides You Right Medical Treatment For Mental Disorders 2016-11-18T11:54:13Z prahran-psychologic-clinic-provides-you-right-medical-treatment-for-mental-disorders Are you suffering from any mental disorder or seeking for professional help? If yes, then Prahran psychology clinic is the place where you can get the right medical treatment for any type of mental disorder. Their team of high qualified counselors allow you to feel positive and treats you with number of therapies. In fact, the way they treat their patients, nobody else can reach to that level as they not only hear your problems but also provides you right solution as well. Prahran Psychology Clinic had been founded in 2009 and after gaining the huge experience in both the public as well private sectors they launched an Unique " Employee wellness programs" for various corporate sectors. By implementing this program at their workplace, many business owners can increase their workforce productivity. In fact, the great part about this program is enables your employee to focus on their projects and able to manage the things more efficiently. Aside that, they are specialized in providing best counseling to every those people who are suffering from mental disorder. There are different types of mental disorder and each of that has their own symptoms and effects, so it is important to get professional assistance while suffering from any of the below-mentioned disorders:-   1. Anxiety Disorder When a person starts to react abnormally to certain people, things become tough to manage on your own. The major symptoms of anxiety disorder is sweating, rapid heartbeat, abnormal breathing, and nervousness. Under this panic situations, you can ask randomly to help you out so it is better to concern Prahran psychology clinic to get right treatment in real time. 2. Organic Brain Disorder Usually, it is a disorder caused by changes and other diseases of the body that affects your brain. This type of disorder lead a person to confusion, anxiety, delusions, and irritation. In order to treat it in right way, it is important to contact the highly experienced psychologist who can understand your situation and able to support you under pressurized situations. 3. Personality Disorder This disorder is linked with poor coping skills that are witnessed in school, work or social relationships with people. A suffering person always feel shy or hesitate in presenting himself in front of other. If you are also one of those people, then Prahran psychology clinic is the right place to visit. Visit for more details Boldvember Photo Competition Reveals You’re Never Too Old 2016-11-16T06:22:00Z boldvember-photo-competition-reveals-you-re-never-too-old At 92, Audrey Kuchel, of Ballarat is still an adrenalin junkie. At 90, she was the oldest woman to complete the thrilling Giant Zipline in Fiji. Thirty metres off the ground, with a steep ascent, the zipline - also known as the death slide – would deter the best of us. After completing the course, Audrey asked if she could do it again! Audrey is just one of the many inspirational seniors who have entered the Boldvember Get Bold Not Old photo competition. Audrey’s photo was submitted by her daughter, Lynne Watts. Feros Care launched the Boldvember Get Bold Not Old photo competition to find out what age has to do with happiness and leading a full life, and organisers have been blown away by the fantastic response. Proving age is just a number, the photos entered in the competition reveal seniors living life in spectacular style - ignoring illness and decreasing mobility – showing there is no such thing as “acting your age”. Other entries in the competition include a marathon man, an iron man, a boat-builder and a gym junkie. There’s still time to enter the Boldvember Get Bold Not Old photo competition in time to win some extra cash for Christmas and smash all those negative stereotypes about ageing. BOLDvember invites everyone over 70 to be photographed being Bold Not Old, and post it to and be in the draw for the $2000 first prize. Prahran Psychology Clinic : The Best Destination For Mindful Solution 2016-11-02T10:05:40Z prahran-psychology-clinic-the-best-destination-for-mindful-solution If you are looking for the psychological depression treatment the expert team of Prahran Psychology Clinic is here to help you deal with both minor or chronic state of depression... One of the important roles of the psychotherapist is to provide the right knowledge and treatment to the suffering people. Moreover, the therapy which they carry out is a relationship between the patient and the therapist in which both are expected to change through their interaction in the process of therapy. They procedure include asymmetrical process as it required patient involvement and commitment more than that of a therapist. The main goal of a therapist is to develop a positive relation between the patient and a therapist so that patient can feel comfortable while sharing their issues. By developing these factors, a therapist can easily identify the causing roots. In general, a psychotherapy is a term of treating mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. The whole therapy involves verbal and nonverbal communication which is also called face to face interaction with a therapist regard to the related issues. With the help of psychotherapy, a counselor is able to identify the actual condition of patients and also becomes aware of his patients mood, feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Using the insights and knowledge gained therapy, an individual can develop effective, healthy coping skills and proficiency in personal stress management. The specialist working at Prahran Psychology Clinic understands the situation of the people and give them positive hope of early recovery. They not offer the range of treatments but also support you under your challenging situations. You can get certified yet experienced services at a very competitive price. Prahran Psychology Clinic understands the pain of your hard earned money thus offer you their services under special packages. Yes, you can get such amazing discounts if you opt for multiple therapy sessions and even have the facility to pay in installments. Generally, short term therapies are used to reestablish emotional balance and to clear thinking. They help people restore the patient to a former level of functioning. The counselor or the therapist is less concerned with how problems arose than with the current factors sustaining it and preventing change. The main aim is to learn the coping techniques and problem-solving skills that can help a person regain a sense of control and balance in their social and professional life. Prahran Psychology Clinic : How Can They Help You? 2016-10-25T14:03:53Z prahran-psychology-clinic-how-can-they-help-you Millions of people have found relief from depression and other emotional difficulties through seeing a psychologist. In fact, initially many people hesitate to approach such psychologist or event find it hard to get started and stay in therapy but once they find themselves comfortable and easy with these professional counselors they automatically start discussing their issues. This Brief question and answer guide will help you to get basic information about the reliable psychologist clinics and how individuals can take advantage of these therapies. A therapy is a reliable partnership between an individual and a professionals such a Prahran Psychologist clinic that has been backed by licensed and trained professionals that help people understand their feelings and assist them with changing their behavior. As result of a survey, 25 percent of the adult population is suffering from depression and anxiety issues. People should consider therapy under the following circumstances: ● When they feel an overwhelming and prolonged sense of sadness and helplessness or feeling a lack of support from their family and friends. ● When people face emotional difficulties make it hard for them to perform day-to-day activities. ● When their action becomes harmful to themselves or to others. For example, drinking too much alcohol and become overly aggressive. Well, all these problems and issues can be easily resolved when hiring one of the reliable yet experienced psychologists. Counselors at Prahran psychologist are well trained and qualified with educations that make them capable of treating people suffering from depression, anxiety, phobias and other mental disorders. Their team of psychologists is dedicated to helping people live enriched, full and meaningful lives. Their practice has grown over the years to include a second location in South Yarra and they are currently in the process of expanding their network to the other locations as well just to provide quickest therapy solution to every client. The prime reason behind considering a clinical psychologist is that they are highly trained professionals who can evaluate, classify and treat emotional and behavioral problems. Psychologist receives a professional education and training beyond their undergraduate degree that includes a doctoral degree from a recognized University. Moreover, a well-experienced psychologist is capable of practicing various therapies to recover your health problem in real time. Also, they support you under the tough and pressurized situation, especially when you feel helpless. As I Age Boards For Victorian Seniors Week 2016-10-05T01:24:39Z as-i-age-boards-for-victorian-seniors-week Feros Care is taking the “As I Age …” project to the streets of Tasmania and Victoria for Seniors’ Week in October. The national initiative is backed by councils in four states and was launched earlier this year by Feros Care during Seniors’ Weeks in NSW and South East Queensland. “As I Age…” is aimed to get Australians thinking and talking about what ageing means to them, and there is no better time to get people talking about ageing than during Seniors’ Week. The interactive project asks communities to share their thoughts and ideas on getting older by using the boards to finish the sentence “As I Age…” Feros Care chief executive, Jennene Buckley, said the 2016 “As I Age…” project followed last year’s successful “As I Age…” touring wall. The wall appeared at the 2015 Byron, Melbourne and Brisbane Writers Festivals and the 2015 Cooly Rocks On event, in Coolangatta. “These ‘As I Age…’ public art installations are designed to break down ageing stereotypes and to start conversations about what we expect from growing older,” Ms Buckley said. “Feros Care is proud to be involved in the fast approaching Seniors’ Weeks in the southern states. It is the perfect opportunity to promote the 2016 “As I Age…” campaign, which is become even bigger than last year, with 30 councils in four states participating. “ “I encourage everyone to write on the boards and speak out. Tell us about your hopes for getting older. Your words will help us break down the negative attitudes about ageing.” The project will take place at: Launceston Town Hall, Launceston from 10 – 14 October Devonport Regional Gallery, Devonport from 10 - 17 October Ringwood Town Square, Melbourne from 2 – 9 October Altona Gate Shopping Centre, Melbourne from 10 – 14 October To view some of the As I Age comments displayed on previous boards visit