The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-19T02:16:08Z Cyclone Debbie can't wash out dedication 2017-04-19T02:16:08Z cyclone-debbie-can-t-wash-out-dedication As the people of Queensland took shelter from the seemingly endless torrential rain the most vulnerable in our community still urgently required the care and support that they’ve come to depend on. The dedicated professionals of the aged care industry knew their important work must continue, unaffected by the wrath of Cyclone Debbie. Those they cared for simply couldn’t be left to struggle alone. Arriving at work with bags full of clothes, Seasons Aged Care workers took it upon themselves to prepare to spend the long, rain-soaked night tending to residents. “They all came to work knowing they may not get home that night,” said Tracey Silvester, Envigor Home Care’s executive manager. “Their first priority was making sure that the residents had enough staff on the ground to assist them.” Staff ignored warnings that they may be flooded in, and be left unable to return home for the foreseeable future, instead choosing to put their clients first. “These selfless people are the real reason there were no disaster stories to print,” said Nick Loudon, CEO of Seasons Aged Care and Envigor Home Care. “The families don’t even know the true calibre of the people they’ve entrusted their elderly loved one to.” Delivering meals in the midst of Debbie’s fury was just another way that aged care workers went above and beyond for the clients who depend on them. “One staff member told the manager that she was still going to come to work, even though it meant she may have to walk through water to get there,” said Ms Silvester. “As it happened she didn’t, but she was prepared to do it. “Staff I contacted on days off to cover those who were flooded in, happily came to work.” The efforts of these ordinary employees putting their elderly clients first is one that should be remembered as a shining example of the dedicated and exemplary people who make up the industry. “This is the truest reflection of the people who work in Aged Care in Australia,” said Mr Loudon, remembering his employee’s efforts to continue unaffected by the storm that shut down the South East, “it’s just what they do, who they are.” To learn more about Envigor Ipswich, phone Linda Marsden on 0433 431 794 or email or Angel Potts on 0410 760 661 or email Or you can visit the Envigor website here: Ipswich’s home care angel 2017-04-19T02:06:54Z ipswich-s-home-care-angel Following the call by Community Legal Centres Queensland for new laws to protect older residents against elder abuse, local carer Angel Potts is on a mission to change the state of aged care provided within the Ipswich community. Since starting her career as an aged care nurse, Angel has noticed extreme mistreatment, exploitation and a lack of compassion within the aged care community. Growing up, Angel was told by some teachers she would never amount to anything, so she knows all too well what it’s like to experience discrimination, simply based on age. “Age is not a disability, and it’s high time we stopped treating it like one,” she said. Upon taking up her current role as a Community Care business partner at Envigor Private Home Care, Angel has vowed to do things differently, and she’s determined to allow her clients to live with independence and dignity. Envigor Ipswich is all about offering a personal, client-focused private home care service including home and personal care, Dementia care, nursing care, palliative care, and short-term care. Angel has been with Envigor for more than two years, and when asked what makes her job different from any other aged care position she has held, Angel said that at Envigor she and her team are allowed the opportunity to personally understand the individual needs of each and every client, and this is what sets Envigor apart. “Our core values are integrity, caring, family and team – and that says it all,” said Angel. Envigor also caps its administration fees at only 10 percent, meaning there is more money left from Government care package allowances to spend toward actual hours of care. “Being a smaller, locally-owned service provider means our team can fit in with our clients’ lives and schedules – not the other way around.” “As a client, you get to dictate the kind of services you want, and how often you would like them – services range from one hour to twenty-four hour care.” “I get satisfaction from helping and advocating for people who sometimes go unseen or unheard.” “There’s no great secret to providing great care, you simply treat a person with the respect and dignity they deserve.” To learn more about Envigor Ipswich, phone Angel Potts on 0410 760 661 or email Or you can visit the Envigor website here: Supermarket Survey Shows Australians Care about Australian Made 2017-04-13T00:57:39Z supermarket-survey-shows-australians-care-about-australian-made AUSSIES WILL SUPPORT AUSSIES In a recent market survey conducted by GINK Brand Management  preliminary results show 82% of Australian will pay more and 83% of Australian would consider changing their Supermarket to support Aussie manufacturing SEE RESULTS HERE   With the continual pressure from overseas suppliers and the race to the cheapest offer in Australian supermarkets, shoppers from Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and the independent supermarkets have all confirmed that Australian made is important to them. Over 86% of respondents stating Aussie made was important in their shopping habits. Importantly they are happy to pay to support Aussies manufacturers with 37% willing to pay 5% more. 27% willing to pay 10% more and 18% willing to pay between 15 and 20% more. The Survey remains open for respondents and will conclude at the end of may when full results are expected to confirm the preliminary findings The survey can be found here ( ) for those wishing to participate Geelong Brush Company Invests Heavily in Local manufacturing and Australian made 2017-04-12T22:01:19Z geelong-brush-company-invests-heavily-in-local-manufacturing-and-australian-made PRESS RELEASE Founded in 1936 by Victor C. Durran, the Geelong Brush Co. began as a quality manufacturer for small and specialised industrial markets. During the early years, the company took advantage of improving technologies and gained entry into a wider and larger sector of the Australian brushware market. By 1975, Victor’s two sons Jim and Ken rapidly expanded its operations into every state of Australia to become the largest volume manufacturer of brushware products in Australia. Today, the family owned business continues to manufacture high quality brushware products in Australia led by Jim’s son, Ross. The Geelong Brush Co. remains committed to local manufacture by taking advantage of world’s best practice technology and production processes. It stands as the last bastion of local manufacturing capability for many brushware product lines in the Australian marketplace. The Geelong Brush Co. is constantly updating and improving its product range and have expanded greatly over recent years. Their extensive range is sold in major supermarkets, hardware chains and other retail outlets nationwide. The investment in local manufacturing and Jobs in Australia and Geelong Continues today. On the 21st of April 2017 Sarah Henderson MP, the member of parliament for Corangamite will commission our newest machinery.  A significant investment designed to increase manufacturing capability and skills in in the Geelong region. This machinery will reintroduce manufacturing skills and craftmanship lost to Australian production facilities. The Machinery will be commissioned on the 21st of April at 11am at a public ceremony For all media enquiries please contact Kelvin Murray Mobile: 0416 556 485  Email: The Geelong Brush Company Pty. Ltd. 40 Leather Street, Breakwater,  Victoria, 3219 Australia Phone: +61 3 5229 7663 Fax: +61 3 5229 7690 Latest OECD aid rankings show brutal impact of Government cuts 2017-04-11T22:25:10Z latest-oecd-aid-rankings-show-brutal-impact-of-government-cuts 12 April 2017 MEDIA RELEASE Latest OECD aid rankings show brutal impact of Government cuts New figures released overnight by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for 2016, places Australia’s OECD aid ranking at 17th as a percentage of  Gross National Income (GNI). Ranking 16th in 2015, Australia is now behind 16 other countries including falling below Italy and Canada. "This is a ranking the Government should be ashamed of. The Australian Government has cut Australian Aid to the lowest level in our history at a time when global challenges require us to work together more than ever before; walking away from people living in the world’s poorest communities,” said the Director for Campaign for Australian Aid, Tony Milne. "Right now, the world is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II with 20 million people in Africa and Yemen facing starvation, unless the global community acts now to raise the $5.8 billion (AUS) the UN says is needed by July to avert famine. Meanwhile, in March and after six years of devastating conflict, we saw the five millionth Syrian refugee flee their country in search for safety. "The Government has taken Australia to rock bottom and it's time the Government reversed these drastic aid cuts so that we can increase support for those in desperate need.” Mr Milne added:  "No country can solve any of the big global challenges that are confronting the world on its own. But we can all play our part. The Government has an opportunity in Budget 2017 to take a stand as a bastion of compassion and human rights, recognising that opportunities in life shouldn't be based on the luck of where you’re born." -Ends- If you’d like to arrange an interview or photo opportunity, please contact Sarah Cannata on 0407 536 133. About Campaign for Australian Aid The Campaign for Australian Aid is a joint initiative of the Make Poverty History and Micah Australia coalitions, for all Australians who believe we can and should do more as a nation to end extreme poverty around the world. It represents over 65 aid and development organisations, church, business and community groups. South Burnett's Long Awaited Bridal Showcase!! 2017-04-11T10:55:26Z south-burnett-s-long-awaited-bridal-showcase South Burnett's Long Awaited Bridal Showcase!! Burnett Bridal Showcase, a vision two years in the making. Two local business women have come together to make their dream a reality. On June 4th 2017, at the Kingaroy Town Hall, local vendors will come together to Showcase everything bridal & more. There has not been a Showcase in Kingaroy for more than 10 years. Burnett Bridal Showcase allows vendors to come together all in one place, to make it easier for brides. Brides have the opportunity to chat to vendors, trial products and compare prices. They also get an understanding of how many valuable vendors we have right here in the South Burnett. We currently have a hall worth of wedding vendors, ready to share their knowledge, tips, services and advice to all brides and grooms to be. With a $2 entry there are plenty of lucky door prizes to be won, and plenty of freebies and information to gather from the extensive array of vendors. About Burnett Bridal Showcase: Burnett Bridal Showcase has its own website, Facebook and Instagram pages. All web design & promotional material are sourced locally. Locals supporting local businesses. Raylene & Renee are dedicated to make this an annual event.  To find out more information about visiting the Burnett Bridal Showcase visit the website at Medela survey reveals every Mum has a story to share about her Midwife experience 2017-04-10T09:58:18Z medela-survey-reveals-every-mum-has-a-story-to-share-about-her-midwife-experience In Australia, there are over 300,000 mums giving birth every year and Midwives support 70 per cent of them.  Now with International Midwives' Day taking place on 5th May 2017, Medela Australia embarked on a survey with 7,800 Australian Mums to explore just how much Midwives influence new mums’ confidence and introduction to motherhood. The survey reveals that surprisingly, the role a midwife plays goes beyond providing practical and physical medical support.  A staggering 82 per cent of new mums reported feeling more confident entering into motherhood specifically because of her positive experience with a midwife. The advice a new mum received from a midwife made a difference too, with 88 per cent of respondents clearly benefiting from the helpful or very helpful advice bestowed onto them.  Advice from midwives ranged from practical suggestions for breastfeeding, pain relief, labour strategies, as well as emotional coping strategies and words of wisdom. “The support I got from my midwives at the hospital went beyond breastfeeding advice and how to bathe my baby. They helped me cope emotionally with the baby blues which came as a huge shock to me.  Saying thank you is not enough – there are no words to describe how they helped me” Jessie, 33. Most mums, 62 per cent, have received conflicting advice from midwives, demonstrating that receiving conflicting advice is normal, common and provides an opportunity for mums to select which advice to take on board.  There were 57 per cent of respondents who dealt with conflicting advice by selecting the advice that best worked for them. The other 33 per cent turned to alternative sources such as online networks, family, doctor. In the first 6 weeks of motherhood when mums are feeling more emotional and less confident, mums most valued the support from partners, their own mothers and midwives before online communities, followed by their doctor. Beyond the 6-week mark, results evolved with mums more likely to favour online support. Jarrod Percy, the Managing Director of Medela Australia explains, “It is wonderful to acknowledge the positive impact a midwife has and how the support and advice from a midwife shapes a mother’s confidence and introduction to motherhood. Confidence gives new mothers strength, courage and clarity to embrace her role positively and productively. By celebrating and supporting the community of midwives they can continue to make a difference.” Full results from the survey will be released and discussed at the interactive Medela Mother’s Group event to take place on Wednesday April 19th, 2017 in Melbourne. Featuring expert panellists including Katie James, Educator, Midwife and Lactation Consultant from Medela Australia, Helen Stevens Baby Sleep Expert from New Born Baby and Debra Close and Kate Wilke, Positive Psychologists from Flourishing Mothers.  These presenters, along with bloggers, new mums and media will explore ways the community can support new mums, tips to address common issues new parents face, how midwives can best support next generation of mums as well as other hot topics. This event will also raise awareness for St. Kilda Mums. -ends- Media interested in attending the event or to receive full survey results please contact: Christie Nicholas I 03 9598 9128 I @medela_au I #MyMedela #MedelaAU Not all Sydney students start their holidays today! 2017-04-07T05:08:16Z not-all-sydney-students-start-their-holidays-today The young choristers from St Andrew’s Cathedral School have another week of rehearsals ahead of them as they prepare for their biggest performance of the year. On the evening of Friday 14 April 2017, the St Andrew’s Cathedral Choir - the oldest continuous musical institution in Australia - will sing Handel's Messiah in their only fundraising concert for the year. The world-famous choir of 19 boys and 18 men, the youngest aged just seven, are joined by a fantastic team of international soloists; Sarah Toth: Soprano (Germany), Sally-Anne Russell: Mezzo (Australia), Christopher Watson: Tenor (UK) and Paul Goodwin-Groen: Bass (USA). George Frideric Handel's beautiful score, best known for the uplifting Hallelujah Chorus, will be brought to life under the guidance of Director of Music Ross Cobb, expertly conducting the voices and The Ancient Academy of St Andrew’s – a small baroque period-instrument orchestra.“For some of the boys, it will be the first time they have encountered this music, for others, it is a firm favourite from our expansive repertoire,” said Mr Cobb. If you are in the city this week – perhaps stop by and join in one of the Cathedral’s regular Evensongs, or perhaps the special outdoor service on Thursday lunchtime: Monday 10 April – 5:15pm Evensong featuring Thursday 13 April – 12:30pm Outdoor service in the square Thursday 13 April – 5:15pm Evensong in the Cathedral Sunday 16 April – 10:30am Easter Sunday Service with full choir The only performance which is a ticketed event is the fundraising concert on Good Friday: Friday 14 April – 7pm Handel’s Messiah (Ticketed concert) Tickets, from $12-$70, sell out fast, and can be purchased at Limited tickets will be available from the Cathedral box-office on Good Friday from 10:45-11:15am, and then again from 4:00pm until sold out! The concert commences at 7:00pm and runs for approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes, with a 15-minute interval of freshly buttered Easter buns served by the families of the choirboys in the adjacent Chapter House.     Melbourne’s Own Commercial Marine Solutions (Cms) Releases New 64’ Shark Fishing Boat 2017-04-06T02:34:32Z melbourne-s-own-commercial-marine-solutions-cms-releases-new-64-shark-fishing-boat Specializing in naval architecture and marine consulting and engineering, Commercial Marine Solutions ( announces their latest design, a 64’ Shark Fishing Boat.Designed by CMS founder and naval architect, Sean Johnston, the vessel is comprised of an all-steel monohull and superstructure. It is conventionally organized and perfect for commercial fishing expeditions. The design includes a wheelhouse, galley, saloon, accommodation, shark reel, circulating tanks, ice room, and foc’sle.For more information, please visit: naval architects at Commercial Marine Solutions focus on a variety of marine vessels, includingcargo ships, high-speed power boats, yachts, and autonomous sailing vessels. They are focused on innovative, practical, and cost-effective design and consulting solutions for the marine industry, and they currently work with various materials such as steel, aluminum, timber, and fiberglass.Alongside their naval architect Melbourne, which provide clients with conceptual designs of their own, CMS also offers a consulting service, offering advice to shipbuilders, shipowners, government liaisons, and pseudo-government organizations whether for new designs or existing vessels, contributing to one of the world’s fastest growing occupations.About Commercial Marine SolutionsCommercial Marine Solutions (CMS) are passionate about creating innovative, practical and cost-effective design and consulting solutions for the marine industry.CMS have experience across multiple vessel and material types including steel, aluminium, timber and fibreglass. CMS base all new designs on existing and proven hulls which are continually reviewed and updated through our research and development program. This approach provides the best possible outcome for performance and operational profile. In addition, CMS use a requirements based methodology that ensures the design is right the first time. With our broad range of experience across multiple market segments, CMS are available to provide designs that consistently meet our client's expectations.Contact DetailsCommercial Marine Solutions Pty Ltd294 Warrigal RoadGlen Iris, Victoria 3146Website - blOOturtle PUBLISHING ANNOUNCES DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT WITH MELBOURNE AUTHOR 2017-04-04T21:11:12Z blooturtle-publishing-announces-distribution-agreement-with-melbourne-author Sydney 5 April, 2017 — the crew at children’s book company blOOturtle Publishing are excited to announce the signing of a global distribution agreement with Australian author Michael Winn. blOO has added Michael to our catalogue as part of our commitment to assist authors share their works globally. Having already self-published his first children’s story Peter the Perfect Peacock, Michael has signed an agreement with blOO that will see his work join our catalogue for upcoming global book shows as well as become part of our global distribution program. “We are excited to have Michael join our self-published program with such a fantastic story,” says Nicola Ganaye, Creative Officer of blOO. “Peter the Perfect Peacock has a great message that highlights being true to one’s self is a beautiful thing; something we could all take lessons from. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to assist a self-published author such as Michael reach global markets.” Mr Winn has degrees in both journalism and primary school teaching, and has worked for It Gets Better Australia to raise awareness and promote hope for members of the LGBTIQ+ community who suffer with mental health issues. “I am so excited to become a member of the blOO family,” says Michael Winn “The way they support and nurture up-and-coming writers isn’t often seen today, especially the way they allow me to maintain my independence as a self-publisher.” Peter the Perfect Peacock is currently available through the the book shop at blOOturtle only began its journey in late 2016, with the release of Ogie Saves Christmas, now sold out until next year’s print run, but we have big plans for 2017. It is our goal to add 8 to 10 new titles to our catalogue this calendar year. Our blOO crew is currently working our way through a number of submissions with hopes of more announcements coming soon. For more information on blOO visit our website, or contact us at . About blOO blOOturtle publishing is a niche book company that produces and assists self-published authors of children’s books. In addition to producing our own publishing catalogue, blOO also assists you in “doing it yourself” with a variety of author support packages. Our criteria is simple, if there is a fantastic bedtime, nap time, kid time story to be shared, we want to know about it. So visit our website to learn more about our services and publishing programs. Inspiration abounds at the 2017 HIA Home Show 2017-04-04T06:51:45Z inspiration-abounds-at-the-2017-hia-home-show Thousands of Melbourne home owners, renovators and local trade are set to flock to the Melbourne HIA Home Show this April at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Southbank.  Held over four days from Thursday 20 - Sunday 23 April, over 300 exhibitors will showcase the latest products for kitchens, bathrooms, interiors and outdoor living.  Visitors can get inspiration for their interiors at the HOME Living Hub Seminar Series. Leading experts including landscape designer Inge Jabara, Tiny House expert Darren Hughes, Houzz’s Olivia Tuivaga and more will present informative seminars to inspire and educate.  For visitors seeking expert advice, the HIA Ask an Expert area will feature free 20-minute consultations with leading experts in Kitchens, Bathrooms and much more. Make an appointment online or at the Show.  Home Show attendance across the country is up by an average of 5%, so the Show is set to be a popular destination for renovators and builders looking to find expert advice, new products, Show specials and inspiration all under one roof. “The HIA Home Show is a great place to start when turning your house into a home”, Marketing Manager, Nicole McGovern says.  “The Show gives visitors and trade the opportunity to source the latest products and services for their  project, get great Show specials and see the best companies in Melbourne, all under the one roof”, McGovern explains.  Getting around the Show in 2017 is easy thanks to our comprehensive Show website, featuring a  searchable exhibitor list, stage timetable, exclusive savings and prizes.  Find new products, great savings and the biggest names in renovating and building including Snooze,  Telstra, Real Flame, Jetmaster, Bourne, Kresta and more.  The HIA Home Show is Australia’s leading and most trusted building and home improvement event and a great day out for the whole family.  Tickets available to purchase at the door or online at Kids under 14 are free.   - ENDS - KLIKA BRINGS FORD BACK TO AUSTRALIA 2017-04-03T21:16:10Z klika-brings-ford-back-to-australia MELBOURNE, APRIL 4. KLIKA, Australia’s top 20 online retailer continues to aggressively expand its local operations with its recent appointment as Australia’s exclusive distributor of Ford Power Equipment. This makes Klika the first online retailer to partner exclusively with one of the world’s largest conglomerates. The exclusive Ford product range will comprise Pressure Washers, Portable Generators, Inverter Generators and Water pumps across both domestic and commercial verticals. This partnership agreement will see Klika expand beyond its traditional pure-play online presence and enter the Australian wholesale distribution chain. The agreement takes effect immediately and gives Klika exclusive distributorship for Australia. “Klika’s partnership with one of the world’s most iconic brands is true testament to the strength of our business and represents the next step in its evolution. We are now witnessing the merging of our local omni-channel offering between online retail and bricks and mortar, but rather than imitate our competitors by establishing physical pop-up stores, we will distribute directly via the national retail chains. We are already in discussions with a number of chains which are eager to gain access to the Ford brand, which Australians have loved for over 91 years, said Leo Zaitsev, Klika’s Director of Commercial Operations. “The Ford power equipment range will meet the upcoming strict Australian National Clean Air Agreement standards. We were very particular during our negotiations, as stringent quality, reliability and durability requirements is paramount. It’s definitely very exciting times for us as our growing team looks forward to the journey ahead of us”, Zaitsev continues Recently recognized as one of Internet Retailing’s 10 Rising Stars, Zaitsev concluded by saying “For decades Ford has held a global leadership position in the manufacture and distribution of vehicles and power equipment which will undoubtedly make a positive contribution to our business’ bottom line, especially given the success of this product range overseas”. “Yukon- Klika’s own private label in the online Trade sector, dominates the online retail space and it makes perfect sense to bring together two companies who are both leaders in their fields. The partnership agreement allows us to widen our reach to the high-end power tools market and thereby provide a more comprehensive offering to both our retail and wholesale customers”. About Klika Founded in 2005, Australian owned and operate Klika has grown to become one of Australia’s leading online department stores. Awarded as Top 20 Online Retailers in Australia, in addition to Power Retail Top 100 Retailers list, Klika offers over 6,000 products to shoppers covering everything from fitness equipment, tools, home living, music instruments and outdoor furniture, with a flat shipping rate nationwide for $9.95.  Trading 7 days a week Klika provides nationwide delivery even for its largest products, as well pickups and same day delivery in Melbourne. As a genuine omni-channel e-tailer, Klika customers can shop online, over the phone, select the click and collect option, or the traditional way of buying over the counter. In addition to this Klika offers home installation services for its more sophisticated and bulkier items. Klika operates out of its 15,000 sqm central facility in South Oakleigh, Victoria with satellite offices in two other countries. Klika customers are not only spoilt with a wide range of product categories to shop from, but also with Klika’s range of private labels as well as global brands such as, Sony, Breville, Apple, Huawei, educational toys from Colorific, Disney licensed toys and bedding, VTech, Uniden, Belkin, and Oricom, to name a few. Ford power equipment range can be viewed by visiting   -ENDS- Ballarat entrepreneur set to help small businesses succeed in a digital word. 2017-04-03T03:59:28Z ballarat-entrepreneur-set-to-help-small-businesses-succeed-in-a-digital-word Ballarat, April, 2017. Gavin Reddrop, owner and founder of Reddrop Media, is announcing a special plan to help regional SME businesses embrace digital change and attract more customers. Digital Disruption is occurring in mass and small businesses are not well-versed in overcoming these obstacles.   Larger companies have huge marketing departments and marketing specialists whose only job is to keep up with the changing landscape. The small business owner cannot afford to hire a full-time marketing specialist much less an entire department. Reddrop Media can be the answer for these smaller entrepreneurs. Reddrop Media can provide part or all services with a holistic approach to digital by offering Website Design and Management, SEO Services, PPC Advertising, Social Advertising, Video Production and Digital Consulting.   Gavin Reddrop, owner, began his IT career in the Air Force working for eight years on some of the most advanced computer systems. Since serving with the Air Force Gavin has worked with some of the world’s largest companies such as Mars, Motorola and Sensis expanding his digital marketing skills and IT knowledge. At a young age of 32 he is bright, ambitious and has a high energy level that is needed to help his clients succeed.   He understands that small businesses have special needs.  “I started Reddrop Media to help small businesses grow their leads with the use of digital marketing. By taking away the design cost I am making digital marketing even more accessible to small businesses and helping them to reach their goals,” he said.  Embracing Digital Disruption is the key in finding potential new customers.   Reddrop is so convinced that his agency can help he is removing the design cost from their website management service for the first 40 customers. The management service costs less than $100 per month. This is just a fraction of what a full-time website designer or digital marketing specialists would cost. This offer is aimed at small serviced based businesses and unfortunately does not extended to e-Commerce sites. Full details of this offer can be found at   With so many marketing options available to businesses these days it’s hard to know where to spend the advertising budget. However, one thing hasn’t changed since the internet became main stream and that is the power a good website can have. When it comes to most forms of advertising businesses are limited on the amount of space and content that can be used. With the free website offer a company can have all of the content, images, information and contact details they desire.   For more information on Reddrop Media visit     CCC Window Cleaning - Expanded Services in Perth Northern & Southern Suburbs 2017-03-26T15:21:04Z ccc-window-cleaning-expanded-services-in-perth-northern-amp-southern-suburbs Perth, Australia – CCC Window Cleaning, a full-service window cleaning company in Perth northern and southern suburbs, this week announced they have expanded both their services and operational areas. Committed to providing unmatched window cleaning services and access to every business and community in the Perth region, CCC Window Cleaning have decided to take their expansive service selection even further. Additional services include high pressure cleaning, sign cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and glass restoration. Now servicing even further – Mindarie to Mandurah and beyond! “To provide our clients with the very best in customer satisfaction, we have decided to increase our service range to include full building wash-downs, from the gutters to the ground,” said Jared Stewart, Founder and Owner of CCC Window Cleaning. CCC Window Cleaning provides services such as maintenance window cleans, post-construction cleans, high pressure building wash-downs, stain removal, glass renewal, glass graffiti removal, and fly screen repair. Additional services also include professional sign, façade, skylight, window screen, lead light, glass roof, and solar panel cleaning and maintenance. Interested customers can also book regular maintenance window cleaning services from CCC anywhere in the greater Perth metropolitan area, including Perth City, Joondalup, Wangara, Malaga, Balcatta, Osborne Park, Subiaco, West Perth, East Perth, Fremantle, and the list goes on. “Spread the word about our additional services now, and head on over to our platform to learn more about our state of the art professional window cleaning services and communities we work with,” said Brandon Szalay – CCC Commercial Team Manager. CCC Window Cleaning specializes in both residential and commercial window cleaning in Perth, Western Australia. They service buildings of all sizes and styles from small shops and houses to large apartment blocks and high-rises. For more information, visit: IMB BANK COMMUNITY FOUNDATION HELPS LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS GET MAD ABOUT MONEY! 2017-03-24T06:13:52Z imb-bank-community-foundation-helps-local-high-school-students-get-mad-about-money IMB Bank Community Foundation has partnered with The National Theatre for Children (NTC) to deliver a financial literacy program to high schools, at no cost to the students. The program will deliver educational and entertaining messages to young people who are emerging as consumers. Global Money Week is also being held from March 27 to April 2, with the aim of helping children and teenagers start the journey to a better chance at financial security. IMB Bank Chief Executive, Robert Ryan, sees the value of investing in these students. “Today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s young adults, who will face important decisions regarding their spending and saving habits,” he says. “When we prepare them to develop healthy money habits, the benefits are enormous—they will have less stress, less debt and less confusion about their finances. This program, funded by IMB Bank Community Foundation, is just one of the financial literacy initiatives we will be launching this year for the under 25 age group.” Mad About Money is a forty-minute performance divided into segments that humorously address topics like wages and deductions, the difference between needs and wants, cash and credit and the importance of forming a savings habit. Two professional actors take suggestions from the audience and incorporate the ideas into their scenes through improvisation. “The kids respond so well to the program because they get to help shape it,” says NTC Managing Director Tobias Benn. “It’s an interactive experience rather than a passive presentation. The energy is very high, the information is relevant and meaningful to the kids and the information sticks with them because learning and laughter are blended so seamlessly.” The concepts examined in Mad About Money are aligned with the Australian curriculum and reinforced by free student workbooks and teacher guides for teachers to use in their lessons. Schools also gain access to digital learning materials to supplement their lessons with interactive classroom exercises, quizzes and games based around the program. IMB Bank will further extend the educational experience and knowledge bank for young people with the launch of a new web portal Money Tree – – which will be loaded with useful tips and information to help add additional value to the financial literacy programs. The tour begins on Monday 20th March and will visit schools across Kirrawee, Sylvania, Miranda as well as Wollongong, Dapto, Oak Flats and surrounding suburbs. Did you know IMB Bank... ·         Was established in 1880 and is one of Australia’s leading mutual banks, regulated by APRA and ASIC ·         Has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 96% and assets over $5 billion ·         Offers a comprehensive range of retail banking, small business banking and financial planning products and services ·         Has home loans, personal loans and deposit products awarded five-star ratings or ‘Best in Category’ by various independent financial services reviewers ·         Offers internet and mobile banking and has a branch network of 48 operating in Illawarra, NSW South Coast, ACT, Sydney and Melbourne ·         Has granted $8.1m to more than 550 community projects during the past 17 years via IMB’s Community Foundation ·         Merged with The Shire…Local Banking in July, 2016 About NTC Since 1978, NTC has dedicated itself to delivering entertaining and highly educational programs to positively motivate families, students and educators.  We inspire young people – and their families – to explore important and timely curricular subjects including: wise energy use, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), financial literacy, health and nutrition and environmental literacy, among others.  Originally focused on delivering its programs via live theatre, NTC is now an award-winning educational content provider whose repertoire includes print and digital curriculum and extracurricular events.  We have developed the art of teaching through educational story-telling into a science of its own, and are currently the largest in-school touring educational production company in the world.