The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-27T08:07:38Z Over 48,000 Buyers Visit Houseware Fair and Home Textiles Fair 2017-04-27T08:07:38Z over-48-000-buyers-visit-houseware-fair-and-home-textiles-fair HONG KONG -- Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the 32nd Hong Kong Houseware Fair and the eighth Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair drew to a successful close yesterday. The two fairs welcomed a total of more than 48,000 buyers from 111 countries and regions, up approximately 2 per cent over last year. More than 29,000 buyers visited the Houseware Fair, while close to 19,000 buyers attended the Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair. Attendance among mature markets such as Australia and Korea, as well as emerging markets including the Chinese mainland, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia and the Philippines saw double-digit percentage growth.To understand the latest developments related to the houseware market, the HKTDC commissioned an independent on-site survey. Interviewing more than 550 buyers and exhibitors, the survey found that the industry is cautiously optimistic about market prospects, with 36 per cent of the respondents expecting overall sales to grow and 51 per cent expecting sales to remain steady. More than 40 per cent of respondents said the major challenges facing the industry in 2017 are increased operating costs (42 per cent) and price fluctuations of raw materials (40 per cent).The survey also found that the industry continues to favour Hong Kong as a trading platform, with more than half of the buyers surveyed (54 per cent) expecting an increased volume of products sourced via Hong Kong. Quality (75 per cent) and compliance with safety regulations/standards (73 per cent) were identified as the key competitive advantages of Hong Kong's houseware industry. Over sixty per cent of the respondents expected the volume of products sold via Hong Kong to increase, up six per cent over last year.The survey also sought respondents' views on the growth prospects of various markets. Hong Kong was considered to be among the three most promising traditional markets along with North America and Western Europe; while the Chinese mainland was regarded as the emerging market with the strongest growth prospects.In terms of product trends, the respondents said eco-friendly products, furniture, kitchenware and gadgets are the product categories with the highest growth potential; while simple designs (45 per cent), trendy designs (30 per cent) and multi-function products (29 per cent) are seen as the most outstanding product styles this year.To provide a more effective trading experience, the HKTDC organised 128 buying missions comprising more than 7,100 buyers to help exhibitors tap into more markets. Buyers from the ASEAN markets considered promising by the respondents such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore participated in the buying missions, creating more business opportunities for the industry.- Branded products shine under Houseware Fair's new "L.I.F.E." theme"The central theme of this year's event was 'L.I.F.E.', which stands for four themed zones: Lifestyle, Interior, Feast and Enrich. Products and zones were organised according to relevant themes to facilitate buyer sourcing," said Benjamin Chau, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director. "To highlight these themes, the HKTDC collaborated for the first time with A+A Design Studio, a well-known Italian trend forecasting agency, to set up four trend forecast displays to unveil the 2018 Spring/Summer design trends, illustrating upcoming business opportunities for exhibitors and buyers."Wrzesniak Glassworks from Poland specialises in the art of glassblowing. They exhibited at the Hall of Elegance, where renowned houseware brands were brought together in the Lifestyle themed zone. "The Lifestyle themed zone matched our corporate philosophy as our decorative glassware represents modern lifestyle," said Barbara Kuszkowska, Marketing Manager of the company. They met with more than 40 potential clients from the Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Malaysia and South America in the first two days of the fair, with a Brazilian buyer showing interest in buying 1,000 pieces of their products.The premium zone of the Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair "Hall of Glamour" showcased renowned brands. Hong Kong exhibitor J-Tex (H.K.) Co., Ltd. developed their own brand J-Tex, and produces licensed cartoon character bedding items. Benny Leung, Director of the company, said they have participated in the fair for many years and have managed to find new buyers every time. This year they had met with new buyers from the United States, United Arab Emirates, India and Portugal, and some of them were interested in negotiating OEM partnership.- A springboard for start-upsHong Kong is equipped with a number of advantages which make it a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs - including a fair business environment, a sound legal system and a concentration of highly-trained professionals - to help start-ups prepare for future challenges. The Houseware Fair launched a Startup zone this year to allow start-ups to exhibit at the fair at lower cost, making the fair an international springboard for start-ups to connect with overseas buyers and gauge market response to their products.Hong Kong company Butterfleyez, which launched its brand two years ago, specialises in creative tableware and wall decorations that are lead-free and made with non-toxic glaze, and feature designs that blend the aesthetics of East and West. Exhibiting at the Houseware Fair for the first time, Ray Hau, Creative & Executive Director, and Lorraine Lo, Art & Technical Director of the company, said they had successfully attracted buyers from the catering industry in Europe and the US, and an importer from Guangzhou was expected to place a trial order of 2,500 pieces.Another start-up, Gao Jiao Technology Co Ltd from Taiwan, participated in the fair to promote their aroma diffusers to overseas markets. Yen-Ni Li, Vice General Manager of the company, said their products were patented and certified in Taiwan and the Chinese mainland, and can purify the air by generating 2.5 million anions per second. The product successfully attracted the interest of buyers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, who said they plan to make orders. The company is also in negotiation with buyers from Asia and South Africa.- Green products bring new business opportunitiesGrowing awareness about environmental protection also means that green designs are increasingly sought after. The on-site survey found that buyers consider eco-friendly products to have the highest growth potential this year - a sentiment echoed at the fair. "As our products are renowned for their good quality, unique designs, fine craftsmanship and eco-friendliness, our exhibitors have received many buyer enquiries and have met with new buyers from Europe, Japan and Korea," said Abdur Rashid, Deputy Director of Export Promotion Bureau Bangladesh.Marton Jozsef, Manager of Rezon 200 Kft from Hungary, said they had identified six potential suppliers from the mainland, Hong Kong and Vietnam for green tableware, outdoor furniture and glassware. They expected to place an initial order of US$10,000-20,000 with each new supplier to test the market's response.- Indian textiles popular among buyersIndia is one of the leading textile exporters in the world. This edition of the Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair featured quality textiles from a number of Indian textiles organisations, which received a lot of attention from buyers. Indian exhibitor Sai Exports brought new embroidery fabrics to showcase at the fair, attracting not only existing customers from Singapore and Taiwan whom they had met at the fair in the last two years, but also new buyers who are planning to place orders for 300 pieces of each design and colour for a selection of decorative cushions.Buyers Zsuzsi Regmi and Bikky Regmi from Canada said that they had met with eight to ten potential Indian suppliers at the fair. They were particularly interested in organic fabric and trendy designs, and plan to place an initial order of about 1,000 pieces.In addition, in response to buyer interest in small and frequent orders, the Small Orders zone continued to serve as a convenient platform to source in smaller lots. The zone featured more than 150 showcases with nearly 1,500 products, available in quantities between five and 1,000 pieces. During the fair period, the zone attracted around 19,000 buyers, generating around 13,000 business connections.Fair websites:Hong Kong Houseware Fair: Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair: download: registration:Media representatives wishing to cover the event may register on-site with their business cards and/or media identification.To view press releases in Chinese, please visit Cyberespionage and ransomware attacks are on the increase warns the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report 2017-04-27T06:52:23Z cyberespionage-and-ransomware-attacks-are-on-the-increase-warns-the-verizon-2017-data-breach-investigations-report Cyberespionage hits manufacturing, public sector and education hard: 21 percent of cases analysed Ransomware attacks gain greater popularity: now fifth most common specific malware variety Tenth anniversary edition: includes data from 65 contributing organisations; 42,068 incidents; 1,935 breaches from 84 countries  SYDNEY, Australia – 27 April 2017 – Cyberespionage is now the most common type of attack seen in manufacturing, the public sector and now education, warns the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report.  Much of this is due to the high proliferation of propriety research, prototypes and confidential personal data, which are hot-ticket items for cybercriminals. Nearly 2,000 breaches were analysed in this year’s report and more than 300 were espionage-related many of which started life as phishing emails.   In addition, organised criminal groups escalated their use of ransomware to extort money from victims: this year’s report sees a 50 percent increase in ransomware attacks compared to last year.  Despite this increase and the related media coverage surrounding the use of ransomware, many organisations still rely on out-of-date security solutions and aren’t investing in security precautions.  In essence, they’re opting to pay a ransom demand rather than to invest in security services that could mitigate against a cyberattack.   “Insights provided in the DBIR are levelling the cybersecurity playing field,” said George Fischer, president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “Our data is giving governments and organisations the information they need to anticipate cyberattacks and more effectively mitigate cyber-risk. By analysing data from our own security team and that of other leading security practitioners from around the world, we’re able to offer valuable intelligence that can be used to transform an organisation’s risk profile”.   This year’s DBIR – the keystone report’s 10th anniversary edition – combines up-to-date analysis of the biggest issues in cybersecurity with key industry-specific insights, putting security squarely on the business agenda. Major findings include:   Malware is big business: Fifty-one (51) percent of data breaches analysed involved malware. Ransomware rose to the fifth most common specific malware variety. Ransomware – using technology to extort money from victims – saw a 50 percent increase from last year’s report, and a huge jump from the 2014 DBIR where it ranked 22 in the types of malware used. Phishing is still a go-to technique: In the 2016 DBIR, Verizon flagged the growing use of phishing techniques linked to software installation on a user’s device. In this year’s report, 95 percent of phishing attacks follow this process. Forty-three percent of data breaches utilised phishing, and the method is used in both cyber-espionage and financially motivated attacks. Pretexting is on the rise: Pretexting is another tactic on the increase, and the 2017 DBIR showed that it is predominantly targeted at financial department employees – the ones who hold the keys to money transfers. Email was the top communication vector, accounting for 88 percent of financial pretexting incidents, with phone communications in second place with just under 10 percent. Smaller organisations are also a target: Sixty-one (61) percent of victims analysed were businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees.   “Cyber-attacks targeting the human factor are still a major issue,” says Bryan Sartin, executive director, Global Security Services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “Cybercriminals concentrate on four key drivers of human behaviour to encourage individuals to disclose information: eagerness, distraction, curiosity and uncertainty. And as our report shows, it is working, with a significant increase in both phishing and pretexting this year.”  Business sector insights give real-life customer intelligence   This year’s report provides tailored insights for key business sectors, revealing specific challenges faced by different verticals, and also answering the “who? what? why? and how?” for each. Key sector-specific findings include: The top three industries for data breaches are financial services (24 percent); healthcare (15 percent) and the public sector (12 percent). Companies in the manufacturing industry are the most common targets for email-based malware. Sixty-eight (68) percent of healthcare threat actors are internal to the organisation.   “The cybercrime data for each industry varies dramatically,” comments Sartin. “It is only by understanding the fundamental workings of each vertical that you can appreciate the cybersecurity challenges they face and recommend appropriate actions.”  The most authoritative data-driven cybersecurity report around   Now in its tenth year, the “Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report” leverages the collective data from 65 organisations across the world. This year’s report includes analysis on 42,068 incidents and 1,935 breaches from 84 countries. The DBIR series continues to be the most data-driven security publication with the largest amount of data sources combining towards a common goal – slicing through the fear, uncertainty and doubt around cybercrime.   “We started the DBIR series with one main contributor – ourselves”, comments Sartin. “Our vision is to unite industries with the end goal of confronting cybercrime head-on– and we are achieving this. The success of the DBIR series is thanks to our contributors who support us year after year. Together we have broken down the barriers that used to surround cybercrime – developing trust and credibility. No organisation has to stand in silence against cybercrime – the knowledge is out there to be shared.”  Get the basics in place   With 81 percent of hacking-related breaches leveraging either stolen passwords and/or weak or guessable passwords, getting the basics right is as important as ever before. Some recommendations for organisations and individuals alike include:   Stay vigilant – log files and change management systems can give you early warning of a breach. Make people your first line of defense – train staff to spot the warning signs. Keep data on a “need to know” basis – only employees that need access to systems to do their jobs should have it. Patch promptly – this could guard against many attacks. Encrypt sensitive data – make your data next to useless if it is stolen. Use two-factor authentication – this can limit the damage that can be done with lost or stolen credentials. Don’t forget physical security – not all data theft happens online.   “Our report demonstrates that there is no such thing as an impenetrable system, but doing the basics well makes a real difference. Often, even a basic defense will deter cybercriminals who will move on to look for an easier target," concludes Sartin.  Verizon delivers unparalleled managed security services   Verizon is a leader in delivering global managed security solutions to enterprises in the financial services, retail, government, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy and transportation sectors. Verizon combines powerful intelligence and analytics with an expansive breadth of professional and managed services, including customisable advanced security operations and managed threat protection services, next-generation commercial technology monitoring and analytics, threat intel and response service and forensics investigations and identity management. Verizon brings the strength and expert knowledge of more than 550 consultants across the globe to proactively reduce security threats and lower information risks to organisations.    About Verizon   Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ), headquartered in New York City, has a diverse workforce of 161,000 and generated nearly $126 billion in 2016 revenues. Verizon operates America’s most reliable wireless network, with 113.9 million retail connections nationwide. The company also provides communications and entertainment services over mobile broadband and the nation’s premier all-fiber network, and delivers integrated business solutions to customers worldwide.   ####   VERIZON’S ONLINE NEWS CENTER: News releases, feature stories, executive biographies and media contacts are available at Verizon’s online News Center at News releases are also available through an RSS feed. To subscribe, visit    Media contacts Amanda Conroy or Gloria Lee Espresso Communications on behalf of Verizon Enterprise Solutions Phone: +61 2 8016 2200 Email: Faith Spurs Lucky Nuts Take-Off to Greater Heights 2017-04-26T03:34:24Z faith-spurs-lucky-nuts-take-off-to-greater-heights The Faith Agency has a 10 year association with Lucky Nuts, a 50-year old Australian brand that markets a range of natural nuts and seeds for baking and healthy snacking. Taking their synergy to the next level, they decided that it was time to revamp Lucky Nut’s website to make it more mobile responsive and deliver a more streamlined customer experience. Faith’s intervention has helped Lucky Nuts grow their online and social presence and the results surpassed everyone’s expectations.   The Faith Agency offers integrated, full-service marketing and advertising communications. Keeping in step with the current marketing trends Faith offers digital advertising services, such as content creation and production, online strategy, design and web development, online analytics, SEO and social media strategy and management to all their clients.       Faith helped Lucky Nuts understand that any company that wants to succeed today will need to deal with the enormous increase in the customers using mobiles and learn to capitalise on the opportunities that a strong digital footprint provides. In December 2016, Lucky Nuts decided to change its outlook from traditional to a responsive website that can be accessed across a variety of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles.   Faith believes in keeping their clients abreast of the current trends. Statistics from Cisco show that global mobile data traffic grew 74 per cent in 2015. InMobi revealed that 60 per cent of all internet access is mostly mobile. Adobe shared that globally consumers use an average of five different devices per person. On average, they also use 2.23 devices simultaneously.   Besides this, it was also revealed that since April 2015 Google has prioritised responsive websites in its search engine results. Websites that are not optimised for mobile will not rank high on Google’s search rankings. Adobe brought out the fact that nearly 8 out of every 10 consumers would stop engaging if a piece of content didn’t display well on their device. Both iAcquire and SurveyMonkey confirmed that when a non-mobile friendly website pops up in a search engine query 40 per cent of online users will go back and choose a different result.   Digital management from Faith has given Lucky Nuts a lot to celebrate about. Google analytics show an increase in mobile and tablet engagement. Together, mobile and tablet engagement represented 66.21% of traffic to their updated responsive site.  Statistics showed a hike in new users, more sessions and an increase in the page views of Lucky Nut’s website.   Having a responsive website is no longer an option but an operational standard any company that desires to succeed would need to adopt. The Faith team can be contacted for any concerns or queries in this regard by calling +61 3 8646 0100 or sending an email to     To visit The Faith Agency’s website: YPO Innovation Week brings together global innovators in Melbourne, Australia 2017-04-24T21:31:19Z ypo-innovation-week-brings-together-global-innovators-in-melbourne-australia YPO, the world's premier leadership organization for chief executives, will kick off the second annual Innovation Week in Melbourne, Australia, with the two-day signature event, Igniting Innovation in Australia. YPO Innovation Week 2017 will connect the most respected innovators, disruptors, business leaders and entrepreneurs through a series of more than 50 events around the world focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.YPO Innovation Week offers YPO chief executives with networking and learning opportunities to infuse innovation into their companies, form strategic partnerships, and positively affect their businesses and the communities in which they work. YPO leaders will be able to leverage new partnerships in innovation, integrate innovation into their company culture, and convert ideas into actionable plans.Igniting Innovation in Australia, 8-9 May, will bring together leading influencers shaping the innovation agenda in one of Australia's innovation capitals, Melbourne. Members will meet with top innovators, thought leaders and trendsetters learning how to ignite a culture of innovation within any business, and understand the common forces impacting the future.During these two days, the most dynamic global innovators will come together for a rare chance to network, overturn conventional thinking and leave inspired to infuse innovation in their companies and communities."Every business leader needs to focus on innovation to grow and thrive," says YPO Innovation Week Chair Keith Alper, Founder and CEO of GenieCast. "YPO Innovation Week will provide hundreds of opportunities for members to learn from each other and from the most well respected global innovators, disrupters, inventors to help integrate innovation at the most strategic level across all businesses. Combining research, technology and business leadership, Innovation Week is the one place where the world's most innovative companies share their inspiration and insights.""Democratization of the change continuum has accelerated the pace of discovery, transformation and invention that add value to a product, service or strategy," says serial entrepreneur, corporate advisor, transformation strategist, Igniting Innovation in Australia event chair and YPO member Neville Fielke, with a portfolio including board roles and director at GSG Ventures.Key event speakers include:- Giam Swiegers, Chief Executive Officer of Aurecon- Adrian Turner, Chief Executive Officer of Data61- Dr. Charles Day, Chief Executive Officer of Innovation & Science Australia- Dave Simmons, Chief Executive Officer of TSG Key Group PTY LTD- Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueChilli- Tony Falkenstein, Executive Director of Just Water- John Pollaers, Chairman of Australian Advanced Manufacturing CouncilYPO Innovation Week 2017 will continue the events in innovation hotspots around the world, including Tel Aviv, New York, Toronto, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and more the week of 8-12 May 2017. The mission of YPO Innovation Week is to drive innovation across a diverse range of industries through signature events, live two-way interactive video casts, global conference calls, and "idea jams" as well live two-way video broadcast discussions across more than 30 countries.For more information, visit the YPO Innovation Week website. YPOThe premier leadership organization of chief executives in the world.YPO is the global platform for chief executives to engage, learn and grow. YPO members harness the knowledge, influence and trust of the world's most influential and innovative business leaders to inspire business, personal, family and community impact.Today, YPO empowers more than 24,000 members in more than 130 countries, diversified among industries and types of businesses. Altogether, YPO member-run companies employ more than 15 million people and generate USD6 trillion in annual revenues.Leadership. Learning. Lifelong. For more information, visit FiskOffice: +1 972 629 7305 (United States)Mobile: +1 972 207 4298press@ypo.orgNote: While the majority of events are member-only, portions are open to the media. Please contact to arrange interviews. Wolters Kluwer CCH iQ shortlisted as finalist for Innovator of the Year Category at Accountants Daily’s Australian Accounting Awards 2017 2017-04-18T22:30:00Z wolters-kluwer-cch-iq-shortlisted-as-finalist-for-innovator-of-the-year-category-at-accountants-daily-s-australian-accounting-awards-2017-1 Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting today announced its solution, CCH iQ, has been shortlisted as a finalist for Innovator of the Year at the Accountants Daily’s Australian Accounting Awards 2017. Now in its fourth consecutive year, the Australian Accounting Awards, which cover 26 categories, recognises individual excellence in accounting, from the profession’s most senior ranks to its rising stars. The winners will be announced at a black-tie awards dinner on Friday, 26 May at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth.   Wolters Kluwer’s CCH iQ is the company’s artificial intelligence solution to help accountants take the next leap in shifting from retrospective compliance to proactive advisory work. CCH iQ is different – it has been designed to redefine how accounting firms do business in the cloud. It works by allowing firms to drive actionable outcomes and extend their service offering. It does this by integrating existing CCH iKnow content, a one-stop online portal of valuable industry resources, tools and data with CCH iFirm software in a truly unrivalled end-to-end solution. With CCH iQ, accounting firms can make better use of the data intelligence they already have at hand. Analytical tools match hundreds of annual tax events – such as changes to tax laws - and client data – such as tax returns – and map potential outcomes to specific clients. A range of client communications templates can be used for accounting firms to proactively engage with their clients – generating a pipeline of high value advisory actions. “The opportunity for CCH iQ’s predictive accounting capabilities can shift accountants away from basic compliance work and instead let them focus on advice and consulting on complex, challenging issues, letting them play a more involved and significant role within organisations big and small. We are very proud to have been recognised as a finalist in the Innovator of the Year Category. We are excited about the opportunities CCH iQ can create as we work with firms to better prepare and manage the industry-wide transformation juggernaut,” says Russell Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific & Rest of World. Accountants Daily is a leading online publication designed with accountants in mind, focusing specifically on the issues and industry developments that are of greatest significance to the accounting profession. Accountants Daily delivers daily news, analysis and reports, plus a host of feature articles, all geared to help Australia’s accounting professionals drive business growth.About Wolters Kluwer Tax & AccountingWolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting is a leading provider of software solutions and local expertise that helps tax, accounting, and audit professionals research and navigate complex regulations, comply with legislation, manage their businesses and advise clients with speed, accuracy and efficiency. Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting is part of Wolters Kluwer N.V. (AEX: WKL), a global leader in information services and solutions for professionals in the health, tax and accounting, risk and compliance, finance and legal sectors. We help our customers make critical decisions every day by providing expert solutions that combine deep domain knowledge with specialized technology and services. Wolters Kluwer reported 2015 annual revenues of €4.2 billion. The company, headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, serves customers in over 180 countries, maintains operations in over 40 countries and employs 19,000 people worldwide. Wolters Kluwer shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam (WKL) and are included in the AEX and Euronext 100 indices. Wolters Kluwer has a sponsored Level 1 American Depositary Receipt program. The ADRs are traded on the over-the-counter market in the U.S. (WTKWY). Dell Boomi Partners with CRM Online to Automate Data Integration for Field Services Firms 2017-04-18T00:37:33Z dell-boomi-partners-with-crm-online-to-automate-data-integration-for-field-services-firms Sydney, Australia – Apr. 18, 2017 – Leading cloud-based integration platform provider, Dell Boomi, has partnered with Australian field service software provider, CRM Online, to provide local enterprises and mid-market organisations with a simple integration solution for critical business systems and applications. As part of the agreement, CRM Online will combine Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) with its Fieldmagic field service solution. This will provide to joint customers a simple means of integrating field services data – such as customer information, invoicing, purchase orders and payment data – with their on-premises and cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. “A major challenge with implementing field services software is integration into accounting or ERP platforms – particularly for larger on-premises deployments,” said Glenn Richmond, Founder and CEO, CRM Online. “Without a dedicated integration solution, field services organisations rely on manual processes which give way to human error, duplication, and risk to data integrity. Boomi enhances our Fieldmagic solution by providing a drag-and-drop, cloud-based mechanism that enables automated enterprise integration with a wide range of best-of-breed systems.” Unlike competing platforms that often require complex on-premises software installations even prior to designing integrations, Boomi’s architecture provides out-of-the-box connectors for major ERP solutions, and allows organisations to scale based on their unique business requirements. Dell Boomi significantly accelerates delivery, increases the robustness and lowers cost of implementation of any ERP integration with Fieldmagic. “The combination of CRM Online’s Fieldmagic and our iPaaS solution provides joint customers with a ‘quick and easy’ yet comprehensive way to centralise critical systems and applications,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan, Dell Boomi. “This means organisations can use the best-of-breed technologies they want while also ensuring the wider business is properly aligned. This is particularly important for large and diverse organisations which don’t want to be held hostage by inflexible and rigid environments.” About Fieldmagic Fieldmagic is a leading field services platform that combines the flexibility of CRM with quoting, job management, scheduling, maintenance and asset management to provide a leading end to end solution for field service organisations. Visit for more information. About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organizations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,300 organizations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, and better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times and offers substantial cost savings over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Adyen Discloses 2016 Revenues of US$727 Million, Growing 99% Year-Over-Year 2017-04-13T01:05:08Z adyen-discloses-2016-revenues-of-us-727-million-growing-99-year-over-year Sydney Australia — April 13, 2017—Adyen, the technology company reinventing payments for the global economy, today announced 2016 revenue for the business surpassed US$700 million, up from US$365 million in 2015[1]. The news follows Adyen’s previous disclosure that it processed US$90 billion in transactions in 2016, a year-over-year increase of 80 percent. With US$727 million in revenue and 500 employees at the end of 2016, Adyen is bringing in over US$1.4 million in revenue per employee.   “Many of the world’s largest companies trust Adyen to handle their transactions, and the growth we’ve seen is a sign that global businesses are demanding a better payment platform,” said Pieter van der Does, co-founder and CEO of Adyen. “By offering global reach and a seamless experience across channels within a single system, Adyen is expanding the possibilities of payments and transforming the way both retailers and shoppers navigate the payments landscape.   Adyen continues to add the fastest growing and most innovative companies to its impressive list of customers, with recent additions including WeWork, Sephora, Symantec and Microsoft. Retailer Bonobos, also among the list of new Adyen merchants, is focused on giving people new ways to shop, relying on Adyen to help them connect their online purchases under one single platform and provide better shopping experiences to customers.    For more information about Adyen, go to [1] 2016 average EUR/USD exchange rate Technic Tampers, Knock Drawers & Syphon Brewers Now Found at Barista Supplies 2017-04-12T07:34:25Z technic-tampers-knock-drawers-amp-syphon-brewers-now-found-at-barista-supplies Barista Supplies, the hub of coffee connoisseurs, has announced three new exciting products for all those who are passionate about brewing the perfect espresso. The products released by them include Technic tampers, knock drawers and coffee syphon brewers. Barista Supplies is home to all the right barista tools, coffee machine accessories, brewing gear and coffee machine parts.  Technic tamper handles are sophisticated instruments with an integrated precision release mechanism that allows home baristas to perfectly set and control the maximal pressure they require for optimal results, depending on the type and coarseness of the coffee grounds and their personal preferences. The meticulously engineered pressure limiter can be calibrated within a range of 8 kg to 21 kg by adjusting the central screw inside the handle’s core. The dynamometric tamper automatically triggers a click-release once the selected pressure is reached like a torque. The handle with its screw-on cap consists of aluminium, the pressure-sensitive device inside is manufactured with stainless steel. The Technic Handle is compatible with the range of Joe Frex/Concept Art Bases. The Technic Tampers are available in three colours – black, silver and red. The Knock Drawers available at Barista are designed for commercial and home use. They are perfect for efficient disposal of coffee grounds, and are great space savers when placed underneath a grinder or espresso machine. The knock bar is made of solid aluminium and is covered with food grade silicone. It is removable and has an inside slide rail. The solid rubber feet and damped knock bar helps reduce noise. Coffee Syphon Brewers produce a coffee brew, which is superior both in taste and quality to those of other brewing methods. Besides being very presentable and aesthetic in appearance it has an interesting method of preparation. The brewers have a very stable and controllable temperature in the upper chamber. The brewing happens away from the heat source thus it avoids burning the coffee, and makes it possible for the coffee’s unique subtle flavours to be extracted. The Syphon includes a filter cloth, spirit burner, plastic stirring paddle with integrated measuring scoop and stand. The syphon brewers are available in 3-cup and 5-cup varieties. Coffee connoisseurs are invited to try out the new products for themselves. They may call (03) 8288 2399 or send an email to with their queries and orders. The showroom is at 11/76 Rushdale Street, Knoxfield, Victoria 3180. To know more about the three new products of Barista Supplies:   Teachers Mutual Bank Integrates Major Digital Transformation Strategy with Dell Boomi 2017-04-11T01:00:00Z teachers-mutual-bank-integrates-major-digital-transformation-strategy-with-dell-boomi Sydney, Australia – Apr 11, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi), the number one integration cloud provider, announced that Teachers Mutual Bank (TMB) is using the Boomi integration platform as part of its multi-year, multi-million-dollar digital transformation strategy. With Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), TMB has created a flexible, enterprise-wide data environment that links its core customer management system and extensible services layer with its internal processes. This has boosted TMB’s competitiveness against Tier 1 banks by connecting multiple capabilities, and enabled it to quickly and easily capitalise on new technologies, including innovations in fintech. Boomi has also provided TMB the critical capability to connect to the latest third party fintech developments. The Bank has already engaged with Spriggy (a prepaid Visa card for children controlled through a mobile app) and is considering personal financial management applications that will deliver additional secure, customer service capabilities to its members. These powerful automation capabilities within the Boomi platform have resulted in reduced operating costs for the Bank, and cost savings are expected to increase significantly as Boomi is integrates further to the core banking systems and processes, including planned integration of Business Process Management toolsets to streamline all banking operations. The Boomi project is the final piece of TMB’s wider digital strategy through which it overhauled its customer service capabilities. Recognising the need to provide an omni-channel, mobile-first experience, the Bank developed a digital roadmap in 2013; since commencement, the initiative has encompassed multiple deployments supported by significant investment budgets. This included connectivity to manage third party management campaigns, EDW inbound data feeds from cloud based data sources and SMS integration with webforms for new brand opportunities, among other initiatives. As well as allowing TMB to maximise value from existing investment, the Boomi platform supports merger activity and expansion objectives by providing a means to quickly plug new businesses into existing operations. “When we kicked off our long-term digital project, it was clear that mobile platforms were going to be the prominent platform-of-choice for our members’ interactions with the Bank,” said David Chapman, Chief Information Officer at TMB. “In particular, we correctly anticipated that integration best-of-breed apps from third party developers would provide the best platform to deliver omni-channel experiences on customers’ terms.” “Once we modernised our environment through the introduction of these best-of-breed apps, we needed the critical component to tie all that data together on an ongoing basis. We selected Boomi for its powerful cloud-based and user-friendly integration software so that we can ensure that all data is accurate and up-to-date no matter where it is accessed.” “The financial services sector is hotly contested, with banks under pressure to meet increasingly-demanding customer expectations,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan at Dell Boomi. “By leveraging the cloud to connect its customer services platform with leading apps which customers rely on a day-to-day basis, Teachers Mutual Bank can continue to create uniquely tailored and flexible customer experiences.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organizations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,300 organizations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times and offers substantial cost savings over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Westpac backs Mathspace as one of the Top 20 Australian Businesses of Tomorrow 2017-04-10T03:57:09Z westpac-backs-mathspace-as-one-of-the-top-20-australian-businesses-of-tomorrow Mathspace (, one of the world’s fastest growing maths e-learning businesses, has been selected by Westpac Bank as one of Australia’s Top 20 Businesses of Tomorrow.The Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow program recognises and supports great Australian businesses today, with a clear vision for tomorrow. Mathspace’s track record of delivery, clarity of purpose, and outstanding value to both teachers and students, were listed reasons for the business’ selection. Mathspace CEO and founder, Mohamad Jebara, said it was an honour to be recognised as one of the top businesses in Australia. “We started Mathspace 7 years ago with the mission of improving maths education for all students across the globe. “It’s great to see that Westpac, one of Australia’s largest companies, recognises the importance of improving maths education,” said Mr Jebara. David Lindberg, judge and Chief Executive, Westpac Business Bank, said:  “Mathspace is passionate about improving the numeracy skills of the next generation. Through its interactive digital platform, Mathspace is disrupting the education sector and helping to increase school children’s engagement with mathematics. Mathspace has been selected as a Westpac Business of Tomorrow due to its dynamic, interactive experience which is personalised to individual students. This saves teachers precious time whilst also providing them with unrivalled insights into student capability.” Mathspace was selected by a high profile judging panel including: Alison Deans, Director: Westpac, Cochlear, IAG, kikki K; Prof. Chris Styles, Dean,UNSW Business School; David Lindberg, Chief Executive, Westpac Business Bank; Eric Johnston, Editor, Australian Business Review; Lyn Cobley, Chief Executive, Westpac Institutional Bank; Pip Marlow, former Managing Director, Microsoft; and Simon Cant, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Reinventure Group. Mathspace is used by schools and individual users globally, with more than 100,000 learners logging in every week. The program’s world-first step-by-step adaptive learning technology means that Mathspace can use technology to more closely replicate one-to-one tuition than any other maths program. With seventy-five per cent of the fastest growing occupations now requiring STEM skills, maths will play an important role in every Australian’s ability to succeed in the future. “The future is full of challenges and opportunities that will require us to have a strong understanding of mathematics. I’m excited that Mathspace is playing such an important role in preparing our students for the future,” Mr Jebara said. - ENDS - Geoscape Offers World-First Decision Making Capabilities to Australian Organisations 2017-04-04T22:57:33Z geoscape-offers-world-first-decision-making-capabilities-to-australian-organisations Locate17 – Sydney, Australia – 5th April, 2017: PSMA Australia, a provider of the nation’s location datasets, today officially launched its award-winning innovation in location intelligence, Geoscape. In a world-first, Geoscape enables Australian organisations to make better decisions using location-based insights that were previously too costly or time consuming for most businesses to access. This is the first time location information and data analytics have been combined and made available in this way, on a national level. PSMA also confirmed the much-anticipated Sydney dataset will be released on 5th April, 2017, with the national rollout due for completion by early 2018. To download a sample of Geoscape, visit: “Geoscape is a breakthrough in location-based intelligence that provides essential infrastructure for Australia’s digital economy, and puts Australia on the world map as a leader in this technology,” said Dan Paull, PSMA’s Chief Executive Officer. “As a business intelligence tool, Geoscape gives organisations the opportunity to improve services and increase revenue through evidence-based decision making. It will be used by governments to improve Australia’s future planning, development and management, including everything from building smarter cities to keeping people safe during fires, floods and other natural disasters. There’s also a vast range of applications in the private sector, with particular interest coming from the telecommunications, insurance and utilities sectors.” DigitalGlobe, Inc. (NYSE: DGI), the global leader in Earth imagery and information about our changing planet, uses a range of geospatial technologies to deliver core components of the Geoscape dataset. By connecting the world's highest quality commercial satellite imagery and an ecosystem of analytics partners on the Geospatial Big Data platform (GBDX), DigitalGlobe is able to automatically and accurately extract many types of features about the built environment at continental scale. "The convergence of high-resolution satellite imagery, cloud computing, and machine learning technologies has created some incredibly exciting opportunities for organisations to analyse man-made and natural environments at country and continent scales more quickly and efficiently than ever before,” said Dr. Walter Scott, DigitalGlobe Founder, CTO, and EVP. “We are proud to partner with PSMA Australia to harness these innovations and create a digital index of Australia’s built environment that will benefit a wide range of industries, including business intelligence, insurance, and telecommunications.” How Geoscape works PSMA has collaborated with DigitalGlobe to create the Geoscape dataset, which uses a combination of satellite imagery, crowdsourcing and machine learning to capture attributes of the built environment and link each building to a geocoded address. Organisations can see and analyse this data to gain new insights and improve the way they plan and operate. The data includes building footprints and heights, roof construction, land cover, tree heights, the presence of solar panel installations and swimming pools, and more. The data can be visualised using mapping platforms and 3D modelling tools. New opportunities for enhanced service delivery As Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems evolve and smart cities become a reality, Geoscape can underpin them by linking a wide range of information generated about the lifecycle of the built environment. Data from a rich mesh of sensors can be tied to a location, an address, a legal land parcel and an area, ranging from a single building, to a few streets, to a planning zone or a region. Geoscape creates a wide range of opportunities for improved service delivery including in: Risk management (flood modelling, fire risk modelling, wind impact assessment) Geoscape provides information about the size and roof construction of buildings, their proximity to vegetation and other buildings and a model of terrain to support the assessment of risk. Market assessment For businesses providing property related services Geoscape provides information about buildings, solar panel installations, swimming pools, roofing material, surfaces and vegetation. Telecommunications Geoscape supports the rollout of wi-fi and 5G networks by providing a model of the terrain and information on the shape and heights of buildings and tree cover to support blackspot analysis. Natural disaster impact assessment Preliminary post-event assessment of the likely impact of natural disasters on building infrastructure and vegetation. Valuations Provides building sizes, number, roofing information, vegetation location, heights and basic land use for the valuation process. How Pitney Bowes uses Geoscape Pitney Bowes has been a partner of PSMA Australia for over 15 years. Geoscape is the main dataset used by Pitney Bowes to create its GeoVision product. The data captured in Geoscape is taken and combined with Pitney Bowes location intelligence platforms to create unique and leading edge solutions, which are capturing world-wide recognition. For more information, please see a case study Australia's ground-breaking Geoscape is rolling out, region by region, across Australia. For progress on the national rollout of Geoscape, view the release schedule at Download your free trial To download a sample of Geoscape to see how it could be used in your organisation, visit Want to know more? If you’re interested in speaking with PSMA to learn more about Geoscape, you may visit them at Booth 110 and 112 at Locate17 or contact For more information: About PSMA Australia PSMA Australia’s goal is to facilitate broad and sustainable access to high-quality location data by offering foundational national spatial information derived from the authoritative data sources of Australia’s federal, state and territory governments and private sector partners. PSMA was formed by the governments of Australia in 1993 to collate, transform and deliver their location data as national datasets. An unlisted company limited by shares, PSMA is owned by all the governments of Australia. As an independent and self-funded business, PSMA is able to collaborate beyond government to drive innovation and provide fundamental infrastructure for a digital world. For more information visit: About DigitalGlobe DigitalGlobe is a leading provider of commercial high-resolution earth observation and advanced geospatial solutions that help decision makers better understand our changing planet to save lives, resources and time. Sourced from the world's leading constellation, DigitalGlobe’s imagery solutions deliver unmatched coverage and capacity to meet its customers' most demanding mission requirements. Each day customers in defence and intelligence, public safety, civil agencies, map making and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management and navigation technology, and providers of location-based services depend on DigitalGlobe data, information, technology and expertise to gain actionable insight. For more information visit: Media Contact: Kate Donnelly Spectrum Group +61 2 9469 5700 Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd. Announces Appointment of Atsushi Konishi as Managing Director 2017-04-03T23:52:44Z hitachi-australia-pty-ltd-announces-appointment-of-atsushi-konishi-as-managing-director-1 Sydney, April 4, 2017 – Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd. has announced the appointment of Mr. Atsushi Konishi as Managing Director. Mr. Konishi succeeds Mr. Hitoshi Ishihara, who has served as Managing Director since March 1, 2010. Mr. Ishihara will assume an advisory role for Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan, where he will focus on the APAC region. Both appointments are effective April 1, 2017. Mr. Konishi started his career at Hitachi in 1981 in the company’s International Sales Division. Most recently, he served as General Manager of the company’s Global Sales Operations Division, Hitachi, Ltd. Power Business. “We are delighted that Mr. Konishi will join the Australian business. Over the course of his 36 year career with the Hitachi Group, Mr. Konishi has held various managerial positions, and has accumulated extensive experience in the areas of power and infrastructure systems,” said Deputy Managing Director of Hitachi Australia, Mr. Anand Singh. “Mr. Konishi has undertaken assignments in Singapore and the Middle East, and he also led the International Strategy Division where he was responsible for Asia, China and Australia’s business strategies,” said Mr. Singh. In serving as Managing Director of Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd, the regional headquarters of Hitachi Ltd., Mr. Konishi will oversee all of Hitachi’s initiatives in the region including its Social Innovation Business — which the company is committing $1.25 billion AUD towards by FY2020. “I am honoured to assume the position of Managing Director in Australia and lead my team in achieving growth for the company’s businesses within key Australian industries,including mining, transportation, healthcare, public safety, and agriculture,” said Mr. Konishi.    “The opportunity to expand Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business by leveraging the company’s vast and unique OT and IT expertise is enormous. It is a very exciting time for the company, particularly with the advent of our R&D activities in the region coupled with our efforts in the primary sector.” “I am also looking forward to working with Hitachi Australia’s talented team in what is a mature market,” said Mr. Konishi. - ends - About Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges. The company’s consolidated revenues for fiscal 2015 (ended March 31, 2016) totalled 10,034.3 billion yen ($88.8 billion). The Hitachi Group is a global leader in the Social Innovation Business, and it has approximately 335,000 employees worldwide. Through collaborative creation, Hitachi is providing solutions to customers in a broad range of sectors, including Power / Energy, Industry / Distribution / Water, Urban Development, and Finance / Government & Public / Healthcare. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's website at  Madison Technologies Expands APAC Profile with New Zealand Sales and Distribution Hub 2017-04-02T21:46:08Z madison-technologies-expands-apac-profile-with-new-zealand-sales-and-distribution-hub Open for business from late-March, the Penrose-based Madison Technologies office and warehouse will become home to a range of international brands, technologies and applications and will strategically position Madison Technologies to provide its dealers and wholesalers with technologies and solutions to grow their businesses. New Zealand local Paul O’Neill-Gregory has been appointed as Country Manager and will have overall responsibility for sales, customer services and branch operations.   Paul O’Neill-Gregory, said about his new role, “What motivates me is the enormous challenge that lies ahead.  By opening this office and warehouse, Madison Technologies can further meet the growing demands of Electrical, Data and Security Wholesalers and Audio Visual Integrators, Dealers and Consultants to access international brands, service and support locally.”  “We will offer the best products, solutions and support, and as the new kids on the block in New Zealand we need to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the industry.  I have witnessed the fast paced changes in technology and I’m ready to help our customers to face those challenges ahead,” finished Paul. David Redfern, Madison Technologies Managing Director said, “Paul O’Neill-Gregory has an extensive background in the electronic, data, broadcast, RF and audio industries. We’re very excited about the experience and expertise he brings to our local presence.” “We have been working with New Zealand companies for many years and with so many new and exciting opportunities, it was time Madison Technologies ventured across the Tasman and invested locally in the market here.”  Madison Technologies is positioned well to service the needs of local customers having recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with global cabling giant, Belden, to distribute Broadcast and Professional Audio Visual Solutions throughout New Zealand. Garland Cables, a cabling and connectivity icon of 40 years, will add healthy competition to the marketplace and will provide ready distribution to New Zealand Electrical, Data and Security Wholesalers. For more information, contact Madison Technologies New Zealand 0508 00 77 80 or email About Madison Technologies Madison Technologies is a respected industry leader with a 25-year track record of delivering the very best products, services and solutions for the cabling, networking, wireless, telco carrier networking, broadcast and audio visual disciplines.  Our skilled connectivity experts have been finding and creating clever and robust solutions for complex connectivity challenges for more than 25 years. With more than 100 staff in offices across Australia, and now New Zealand, Madison Technologies is on hand to source, design and manufacture for tomorrow's well connected world.  Australian businesses secretly handing millions to cybercriminals 2017-03-29T04:34:06Z australian-businesses-secretly-handing-millions-to-cybercriminals A regional Australian retailer that paid a $250,000 ransom to cybercriminals – and stayed quiet about it to avoid making front-page news – is among the silent victims of online crime, government and industry leaders heard last night. Speaking at the Parliament House launch of a new book to help leaders understand and navigate cybersecurity, Dan Tehan, Minister Assisting Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Cyber Security, said businesses are refusing to admit being hit by cybercrime for fear of reputational damage. Mr Tehan said cybercrime is conservatively estimated to cost the Australian economy $1 billion annually – but added that the real figure is likely to be much higher. He said Surviving The Rise of Cybercrime, a new book by cybersecurity company MailGuard founder Craig McDonald, should be read in every boardroom in Australia. In under an hour, the non-technical book helps leaders understand and mitigate cyber threats ranging from phishing to ransomware. “It is easy to read, it is understandable, I think it’s the sort of publication that we do need to get being read in every single boardroom in Australia,” Mr Tehan said. “We also need to make sure it’s getting read by those organisations that look after small businesses, whether it be the accountants, whether it be the lawyers, whether it be banks, small or large, we need to get this being read across executives, and to the homes, and to small businesses across this nation.” Mr Tehan told the crowd of political and industry leaders, including Australian Cyber Security Growth Network CEO, Craig Davies, Alastair MacGibbon (Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security) and shadow minister for cyber security, Gai Brodtmann, that businesses were suffering huge financial losses in silence. “One of the unfortunate things is that a lot of the businesses, especially small businesses, that are getting impacted, don’t want to come forward because of the reputational risks that they suffer as a result of the attack,” he said. “Last week, I met with a company, a small retail company. It had been hit a couple of months ago. $250,000 – this company, in a medium-sized regional town, had to pay to get their computer systems up and back and operating normally. “Now, that is a huge hit to any business, but for a regional firm to cop something like that, is absolutely significant. And, they didn’t, and still don’t, want to get on the front page and publicise that that’s what happened to them.” Mr Davies praised author Craig McDonald as a true pioneer of cybersecurity in Australia, and said choosing MailGuard as ACSGN’s first official partner was an easy decision. “MailGuard were actually the first partner we selected to join us in the mission of the Growth Network. Because it was important for us to protect our team from threats that were coming through, and also to protect our mission, what needed to be done.” Referring to MailGuard’s newly-formed global partnership with Microsoft, Mr Davies said: “MailGuard was founded in 2001, and has been recognised as a world-leading cybersecurity firm in the realm of protection. I think it’s important to note that the relationship that they have now formed with Microsoft is recognition of what they’ve been able to achieve here in Australia as a small, successful firm, based in Victoria.” Download the eBook version of Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime here. About Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime Cybercrime costs the Australian economy between $1 billion and $17 billion annually, or roughly 1 per cent of GDP. The average attack costs SMBs $276,000. Cybercrime is a rapidly-growing industry. It is now the number one economic crime in Australia, according to PwC, having been deemed “statistically insignificant” just six years ago. It’s easy for cybercriminals to get a foot in the door, with 91% of cyber attacks arriving via email, usually via phishing. Every day, 205 billion emails are sent around the world – and everyone with an email address is a potential target. Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime explains the complex threat in straight-forward terms, with the aim of empowering time-poor, non-tech executives in under an hour. The book covers: ·         Identifying threats to a business ·         Why cybercriminals target particular businesses and staff ·         Why IT teams struggle to prevent these rising threats ·         The role leaders and executives need to play in cybersecurity ·         How to educate managers and teams as the frontline of your company’s cyber defence. LASER celebrates 30 years as home-grown consumer electronics success story 2017-03-28T23:35:00Z laser-celebrates-30-years-as-home-grown-consumer-electronics-success-story Sydney, Australia, March 2017 – LASER, the Australian-owned electronics company with a focus on affordable, innovative technology for all, has this month celebrated its 30th Anniversary celebrations with the unveiling of a range of new products set to take the company into its next decade.   Launching a new $50 selfie drone and extensive range of power banks, USB-C accessories and Navig8r dashcams, it is a long way from the small shopfront in Sydney’s Surry Hills that opened in 1987 to sell floppy disks, computer keyboards and mice.   With more than 300 product lines and 50 local employees, LASER puts its commitment to continuously evolving its product range at the centre of its longevity.   “From a very early stage we instituted an internal challenge to turnover our range by at least one-third every year, sourcing new products based on market needs and feedback from our retail partners. This is a huge number by any measure, and constantly forces us out of our comfort zone both in terms of new technologies and evolutions of existing ones.” said Chris Lau, Managing Director of LASER.    “Without having control of our manufacturing and being able to swiftly react to opportunities, this wouldn’t be achievable, yet we continue to see our range constantly and quickly evolving.”   Over the course of three decades, LASER has built its reputation among retailers and consumers alike as the value brand of choice, with long-standing relationships with Harvey Norman and Big W to name a few who look to LASER as enabling consumers to access technology at an affordable price point.   “We know exactly who we are and what our benefit is to consumers, and play an important role in helping many Aussies enter the market for new technologies, while providing affordable, reliable and quality options across the board for both new and ongoing technologies. We proudly wear the moniker ‘value brand you can trust’,” continued Lau.   LASER took its name from the optical media it sold as it commenced trading and has continued to evolve over the years. Today, LASER has market-leading positions, including dashcams via its Navig8r brand, powerbanks, and affordable AV.   “Our Navig8r sub-brand, itself 10 years old this year, is the best-selling dashcam brand in the country. Consumers can enter the market for just $60, while we also deliver on innovation with the 818 Pro X, which offers Australian State-specific school zone data, something unique to the market as it was built specifically to order for Australian consumers.”   “Looking ahead, we also see Affordable AV and USB-C as key drivers, and are also launching Wi-Fi wireless speakers, premium certified UHD HDMI cables and Ultra HD streaming box media centres.”   “We are proud to have proven longevity in the market, especially as many brands and technologies have come and gone in this industry over the 30 years we have been in business, and thank our partners, employees and broader industry stakeholders for their support. While we celebrate today, our focus remains firmly on the future, and the next 30 years.” concluded Lau.   LASER are celebrating 30 years by reveling in the success of products from key categories including:  Navig8r Selfie Drone Lightweight and portable, this four-propeller Wi-Fi enabled Selfie Drone is accessed and controlled by an easy-to-use smartphone app (iOS/Android). Boasting a one-button take off, land and 360-degree flip, users can adjust the drone’s speed and altitude all from their smartphone. With the ability to take photos and videos as it follows you around, the Navig8r Selfie Drone offers 8-minutes of flight time within a 30m control range.RRP $50 from Big W  Navig8r 818 Pro X Crashcam A cutting-edge dash camera that takes in-vehicle incident recording to the next level, the Navig8r 818 Pro X Crashcam features Super Full HD image quality that delivers meticulously detailed footage. Built exclusively for the Australian market, the 818 displays the vehicle’s actual speed (as measured by GPS) as well as speed cameras, red light cameras and school zones which are preloaded with correct Australian state school zone times to warn drivers of an impending change in speed (and possible infringement). The Navig8r Crash Cam Pro X also features journey review with Google maps, automatic event recording and park mode which activates camera recording even when your car is unattended. Using the included software, drivers are able to review video footage, speed, time, date and location information on Google Maps, making it easy to prove at fault incidents.RRP $299 from Harvey Norman and  LASER PB-CJ6000 Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter | RRP $79.95 | Harvey Norman As the latest addition to LASER’s extensive portable power range, the PB-CJ6000 is compact and portable enough to fit almost anywhere, from the glovebox to your satchel or your back pocket. A handy gadget that can charge all USB-enabled devices, this multi-purpose accessory also connects with the supplied car jump cables to kick-start a fully flat battery. With 6,000mAh of power, a 4-in-1 USB charging cable (Mini and Micro USB, 30pin and 9pin Apple to USB) for smartphones, tablets and cameras, the PB-CJ6000 also offers security benefits thanks to a high intensity LED light with strobe function for attracting attention. Built-in safety features that protect the consumer, their car and the power bank, a high efficiency cell from the quality Lithium battery boasts 75% retention after 12 months, making this a durable companion in the glove box or in your bag.RRP $79.95 from Harvey Norman and  ImageryLASER 30th Anniversary Image Library  About LASER In 1987 LASER started out in a Surry Hills garage, importing and selling 5.25” floppy disks and storage cases. Today, we’re one of Australia’s fastest growing and most trusted consumer IT and consumer electronics solutions providers. Specialising in bespoke solutions, our product range now spans more than 13 categories and 500+ products.