The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-06-22T04:20:38Z FORMER SAMSUNG AND OPTUS EXEC SPARKS ‘UPROAR’ 2017-06-22T04:20:38Z former-samsung-and-optus-exec-sparks-uproar Sydney, Australia, June 22, 2017 – Uproar Marketing today announced that it has officially opened its doors for business. The Sydney-based agency is led by former Samsung and Optus executive Brendan Sparks and will focus on small and challenger brands. The newly formed agency will offer a full suite of marketing services and solutions from a team of marketing professionals and promises a straight forward, no-nonsense approach that combines the strategy and execution that Sparks believes in sorely missing from current offerings in the market.   On why anyone would choose to hang out a shingle in a market currently perceived as saturated with a glut of agencies, all promising to make a difference, Brendan Sparks, owner and Managing Director, had the following to say:   “My perception of the current agency environment is that many of these businesses are more interested in building their bottom line than they are helping their clients to grow. Most especially, I’ve grown tired of ‘marketing lingo’ and an attitude to clients that largely ignores the journey many small and challenger businesses face, instead choosing to focus on the sexier and decidedly more lucrative elements of the marketing mix.”   “When Uproar was conceived, there were several things I knew I wanted to achieve. Firstly, create a full-service marketing agency aimed at small and challenger brands and the entire journey. It’s about getting the fundamentals right, not just the sexy stuff, which is more often than not also short-term. There is a time and place for SEO and digital agencies, but they don’t have the breadth of skill required to help challenger brands develop profitable businesses.”   “Secondly, I wanted to create a no-nonsense environment that was more about giving direct advice to clients and give small businesses access to experienced business builders that actually know what they are doing,” added Sparks.   Uproar’s model is quite simple and in keeping with this approach. Bring together some of the most successful marketeers in Australia, and at any given time, provide scalable solutions for small businesses no matter where they are at in their development, whether it be getting that first website up to some of the more sophisticated marketing services offered by Uproar.   Brendan Spark’s pedigree is evident. Having successfully navigated a 20+ year career spanning marketing services across the full B2C and B2B spectrum, the effusive father of two has worked for such notable IT/tech brands as Samsung, Belkin and Optus in senior management roles encapsulating marketing and sales.   Well-known in the industry, Sparks’ move to the agency world comes after such notable career achievements as launching 3D and Smart TV for Samsung and taking the brand to No. 1 in Australia for several TV segments. Other achievements included moving Optus into the dominant player for Satellite Telephony for Australia, as well as achieving No. 1 for Belkin’s mobile accessories in Australia.   When asked how he would describe his vision for the new company, Sparks commented:   “For me, it is all about satisfaction from a job well done. I was surprised to find so many small business customers that had been given recommendations by an agency for a solution or campaign that in the end delivered next to nothing. We are looking at long term growth and profitability for our customers – not just a few hits on a website. I can’t tell you how truly satisfying it is when a business you’ve been working with starts to achieve success,” he said.   Having grown up in a small town just outside of Tamworth, Sparks appreciates the plight of ‘challengers’ and is unashamedly direct in his interactions with clients.   “While I’ve been fortunate to have travelled the world and worked for some fantastic brands, I am still a country boy at heart. I think this has informed my no-nonsense approach and a preference to communicate on a level that de-mystifies the marketing process and helps our clients make smarter and more informed decisions,” added Sparks.   Uproar has also announced several foundation clients including Huepoint (commercial interiors), Louise Greco (fashion designer) and Impact (conveyancing) to name a few.  Brendan’s Career At a Glance   2014 - 2017: Optus - Marketing Director 2011 – 2014: Belkin – Head of ANZ Marketing 2008 – 2011: Samsung – TV Product Marketing Manager 2007 – 2008: Fuji Xerox Printers - APAC Marketing Manager 2002 – 2007: Canon - Group Marketing Manager 2000 – 2002: Konica Minolta - Trade Marketing Exec   For further information or to speak with Brendan, please contact:   Phillip Anderson Closer Communications 0481 866 Nominate a deserving AusMumpreneur and show your support for Australian mums in business 2017-06-22T02:00:12Z nominate-a-deserving-ausmumpreneur-and-show-your-support-for-australian-mums-in-business The AusMumpreneur Conference and AusMumpreneur Awards are all about supporting Australian mums in business. This event provides a unique opportunity for women from all over Australia to come together to gain new skills, promote their business, connect with fellow mums in business, learn from leading business experts and celebrate the success of the best and brightest in the industry. Proudly presented by AusMumpreneur and The Women’s Business School, the AusMumpreneur Awards recognise the best and brightest in the Australian mumpreneur industry. The categories that will be judged are: AusMumpreneur of the Year Rising Star AusMumpreneur of the Year Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year Regional Business Award Product Innovation Award Digital Innovation Award Sustainability Award Business Excellence Award AusMumpreneur Network Excellence Award Women’s Business School Excellence Award Global Brand Award Big Idea Award Making A Difference Award Retail Business Award Service Business Award Handmade Business Award The People's Choice Awards: Influencer Award Customer Service Award Making a Difference Award (Business) Making a Difference Award (Non-profit) Business owners or those who wish to nominate a mumpreneur, can go to: Nominations close on Friday the 30th of June 2017. Media Contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 484 Dell Boomi’s Latest Release Builds on Cloud Integration Platform to Drive Digitally Connected Experiences with Customers, Partners and Suppliers 2017-06-21T04:31:56Z dell-boomi-s-latest-release-builds-on-cloud-integration-platform-to-drive-digitally-connected-experiences-with-customers-partners-and-suppliers ROUND ROCK, Texas, June 20, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) announced the availability of the Spring 2017 release of the industry’s most robust and comprehensive cloud-native, enterprise integration platform to move, manage, govern and orchestrate data across hybrid IT architectures. The latest release enables Boomi customers to more efficiently connect everything and enable everywhere, with new, no code application integration accelerators, new features to fortify DevOps at enterprise scale, and improve data governance and security. “Today’s enterprise organization needs to create digitally connected experiences with customers, partners, and suppliers in order to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant,” said Chris McNabb, CEO of Boomi. “Integration teams are under ever increasing pressure to make this happen at an accelerated pace. With this release, our platform provides organizations with the industry’s most comprehensive and robust integration foundation for rapidly building a digital business that’s smarter, better and faster.” Boomi’s Spring 2017 release includes more than 150 features that have been added to the market-leading Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS) over several months and are now generally available. Highlights include the following. Low and No Code Integration Accelerators Boomi accelerates implementations by providing a drag-and-drop data integration and application development environment, pre-built tools and reusable components, including: Workflow Automation - In March 2017, Boomi acquired ManyWho, a low-code development platform for building and deploying workflow applications, making Boomi the most comprehensive cloud-native integration and application development platform to accelerate digital transformation. The latest release allows an application developer to easily invoke a Boomi integration process within a workflow. No Code, Pre-built Integration Templates - Boomi offers citizen integrator support with 12 additional processes for the Boomi Process Library. The Boomi Process Library provides proven examples created by Boomi experts that any Boomi user can choose as a starting point to build their integration. Support for PaaS Integration - Boomi easily integrates with leading PaaS vendors and provides comprehensive support for PaaS solution integration. This release offers new connectors for Azure, AWS and Google. B2B Trading Partner Common Components - Three new types of EDI components provide increased reusability of common data among Trading Partners. Re-using common components increases flexibility, reduces duplication and simplifies updates. This saves time and development effort, especially for organizations with varied businesses, organizations growing through acquisition, as well as conglomerates and organizations with semi-autonomous business units. Fortified DevOps Features DevOps teams are looking for the ability to simplify and automate the delivery and deployment of applications and integrations, allowing organizations to focus more of their resources on innovation. Boomi’s fortified DevOps features provide new, robust enterprise capabilities, while reducing the complexity associated with IT operations, including: Docker Container Deployment - Easily create pre-configured containers. Docker containers simplify and provide flexibility to spin up and down instances of Boomi with pre-defined configurations to increase developer productivity and speed up application integration. Programmatic Onboarding for Trading Partners - Simplifies and speeds up onboarding, dramatically reducing the time required from weeks and days to hours and making the setup error-free. Data Stewardship Independence - Four new platform Quarantine API endpoints enable resolution actions outside of Boomi Master Data Management (MDM). This means data stewards can work in other applications, including cloud applications like Slack, to streamline governance tasks and approvals. Dynamic Integration Processes - With Boomi’s Process Route Shape feature, users can break down multi-step processes into smaller, independent functional groups and dynamically execute sub-processes. This independence between the main process, sub-process, and routing rules enables reusability of repeated logic and actions, and facilitates seamlessly updating and testing integrations. Data Governance and Security Organizations need technologies that provide ease of use to accelerate digital initiatives, while offering appropriate controls for the business units they support. Customers need to enforce the right data governance and security models that ensure compliance with business policies, contracts and regulations. Boomi’s latest release includes: Automated Data Governance - Data source rankings ensure that each Boomi MDM golden record is from the most trusted source system and propagated across all systems. Data stewards can easily enforce governance policies with automatic updates to all golden records when the data model and associated business rules are changed. Identity Management - With Boomi API Management developers can now leverage third party Authentication Sources to support OAuth 2.0 and SAML authentication use cases. API Policy Management - With an unlimited number of API calls, an organization can be vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and potentially overwhelm or tax the infrastructure. Boomi API Management allows for the configuration of policies to define a Contract. These Contracts can be coupled with entitlement tiers (i.e. Gold, Silver, or Bronze) as a mechanism for API providers to define expected service levels across their customer base. Additionally, with Quota, Rate Limit and Throttling functionality, the API Provider can limit the number of API calls for a specific time period. To learn more about the Boomi Spring release or see a demonstration, please visit: About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organizations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,800 organizations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, and better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell, Dell Boomi, ManyWho, and Boomi iPaaS are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. # # # SpaTap Portable Tap The Answer To The handwashing Problem 2017-06-19T01:45:33Z spatap-portable-tap-the-answer-to-the-handwashing-problem Today, 16th June 2017 the Hon Julie Bishop MP announced the winners of the Australian Government’s, Humanitarian Supplies Challenge, an initiative to take the best ideas from the private sector to improve the way in which Australia helps people in need. Thirteen winning products have been selected that address three common challenges faced in the immediate aftermath of a humanitarian crisis: water, energy and shelter. SpaTap was selected as a 1st prize winner due to its innovative water dispensing technology. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will now work with winners to secure appropriate amounts of each product to complement their existing mix of humanitarian emergency relief supplies that are stored in warehouses in Brisbane and Sydney for deployment in response to regional emergencies. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is responsible for leading the Australian Government’s response to international humanitarian crises. SpaTap® ultralight portable Tap & shower system helps to improve health and hygiene to those affected by humanitarian crisis. SpaTap’s innovative internal flange device turns water bottles into a handwashing station or portable shower through its ability to control the water flow rate. “We love helping people wash and save water and we are thrilled to play a part in how water is dispensed, used and enjoyed,” said Stuart Mason, SpaTap’s CEO. “We are honoured to be receiving our industry’s first humanitarian Supplies challenge award and we look forward to making many more impacts to improve people's health and hygiene in the years ahead.” SpaTap is committed to bringing the best personal and communal washing experience to children, adults, schools, campers, outdoor enthusiasts, WASH professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative SpaTap ultralight portable, pocket-sized, tap & shower system. SpaTap can be used as a personal tap or communally approximate amazing water saving water flow rates and hand washing capacity are, as follows: 1.25-litre bottle approximately 13 minutes 100 hand washes15-litre bottle approximately 2 hours & 36 minutes 1000 hand washesSpaTaps company mission is, “To supply A tap to the 2.5Billion people on this planet that don't have access to one" SpaTap conserves and dispenses water for the end user in disaster or long term development situations. SpaTap ultralight portable tap is used with humanitarian aid, disaster relief and outdoor recreation.We are actively seeking partnerships with Charities, NGO, WASH Sector, Government Humanitarian Aid Agencies, that want to solve the handwashing problem, please contact us. Press Contacts: Stuart MasonSpaTap+61 (0)408 847 1770408 847 This is the second major international award SpaTap has received for it innovative ultra light portable Tap & Shower System. 1st prize winner Water4Africa Standard Bank 2015 1st prize winner Humanitarian Supplies Challenge 2017Promoting innovation in humanitarian action. Globally, humanitarian disasters are increasing in scale, frequency and impact. As demand for humanitarian assistance increases, the need for humanitarian response to be effective, efficient and accountable also increases. The Australian Government is committed to rapid and effective response to humanitarian crises, particularly within the Indo-Pacific Region. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is responsible for leading the Australian Government’s response to international humanitarian crises. 28 July 2010, Resolution 64/292, the United Nations General Assembly Explicitly recognized the human right to water and sanitation and acknowledged that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realisation of all human rights. May 29, 2014   According to the United Nations2.5 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation or even a tap.783 million people do not have access to clean drinking water.SpaTap are doing something about this! Did you know that independent authors produce amazing, beautiful and creative children’s books? 2017-06-09T01:45:20Z did-you-know-that-independent-authors-produce-amazing-beautiful-and-creative-children-s-books Old Mate Media and Sanderson Stories, two children’s book publishers, have partnered with a number of talented independent authors to create this survey, so they can learn more about the books in families around the world and continue to create and publish the best children’s books. You can find the survey at: Kate Stead from Old Mate Media commented “One of the great things about independent publishing is our flexibility and freedom. We are very excited to learn more about what’s most important to our readers, so we can shape our books to provide the best experience for them.” As part of this, anyone that completes the short survey will go into the draw to win an amazing prize pack of children’s books in both print and digital format, valued at over $111US. The Prize Pack includes: - Seven print picture books - One colouring book - Seven digital picture books The full list of prizes can be seen at and is entirely composed of independent books. Kate from Old Mate Media said this was a deliberate choice: “how better to reward survey entrants than by sharing some fabulous independent books. It felt like a perfect match, to give a family a bounty of book goodness, with the flexibility to take their favourite print versions with them on the go, in digital format.” The survey competition will run from 1st June to the 15th June 2017 (AEST) with the winner of the prize pack announced on Friday 16th June 2017. The books in the prize pack are: Book 1: The Little Green Boat by Chris Stead Book 2: The Fairy Garden: A Discovery of Birth Flowers by Tara Sanderson Book 3: Lulu and Lainey…..a French Yarn by Lois Petren Book 4: Bean Takes a Walk by Ann Bevans & Matthew Ethan Gray Book 5: Puppy's Bubble by Erica Graham Book 6: Stunno’s Surf Adventure by Mark Reside Book 7: The Very Loving Caterpillar by Sean Browne Bonus Colouring Book: Coloring in the Fairy Garden by Tara Sanderson Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Old Mate Media via if you would like any further information. NTC Voice Solutions Support Marketing For Live SEO Service 2017-06-02T10:58:58Z live-seo-service-started-marketing-with-ntc-voice-solutions Live SEO Service was founded in the year of 2016 Located at 61 Kooyong Road, Armadale(Melbourne), Vic 3143. Australia. Services provided by Live SEO Service are SEO, SEM, Content Writing, Website Design, Development & Maintenance and Facebook Marketing.  Initially, Live SEO Service doesn't have a big fund to invest in marketing and to get the clients. So they decided to work on their website to generate the results for to approach the clients with that results. In the beginning of 2017, they started to approach the client. The CEO of Live SEO Service, Diwakar Elango have some business contact persons in Australia. He approached with them. Finally, he gets the chance from one of them. That Person is a director of NTC Voice Solutions. NTC Voice Solutions is one of the leading telemarketing company in Australia. NTC Voice Solutions providing various services such as Inbound Sales Acquisition, Outbound Sales Acquisition, Lead Generation, Customer Service Support, Customer Experience, NPS, SMS Broadcast, Data Management, Email Contact Management, Data Entry and BOH, IVR, Customer Experience, Payment Collections, Electronic Document Management, Web Chat Services and Support, Customer Loyalty Programs, Booking and Reservations, Membership Renewals, Third Party Verification, Mystery Shopper Program, Event Registration, POS Staffing and Sales Kiosk. NTC Voice Solutions gave their website to Live SEO Service for to carry out the SEO. Finally, NTC Voice Solutions put the deal with Live SEO Service for to provide the clients for Online Digital Advertising. Websites: Live SEO Service and NTC Voice Solutions SKIP GIVES SYDNEY HALF PRICE COFFEE 2017-05-31T05:16:16Z skip-gives-sydney-half-price-coffee From now until Sunday 11th June, Skip is offering Sydneysiders 50% off all coffee orders – with zero waiting time – at participating cafés.      According to the latest data from online coffee and food ordering app Skip, Sydneysiders are paying on average $3.91 for a medium coffee, which is over $1,000 a year per coffee drinking Australian for a 5-day working week.   Skip General Manager, Bill Bizos, says: “We are looking to revolutionise the way Sydneysiders order their morning coffee by offering you half price coffees for the next two weeks, plus no more waiting in queues! All you need to do is download the Skip app via the App store of Google store, pre-order and pay, enter promo code SYDNEY at the check-out, then once it’s ready you can skip the queue to pick it up – it’s that easy!”   Skip is a smartphone app that helps customers ‘skip the queue’ by ordering and pre-paying for coffee and food. People can order in advance and pick up at a pre-arranged time at a Skip café in Sydney. Skip was developed in response to the trend for on-demand services for time-poor consumers and the growing cashless society Sydney is becoming.  Bill Bizos is available for interview and can discuss the following: How Australia is becoming a cashless society, and apps like Skip support this this shift in the way we transact in 2017 A step by step guide on how Australians can use Skip to increase productivity (from a consumer and small business perspective) How Sydneysiders can get in on the action How else Skip is making Australians’ lives easier  ENDS                For more information on Skip, interviews with Bill Bizos or images, please contact:  Olivia Meena (02) 8353 5746 or 0403 646 259     About Skip Skip is an online ordering and payment app for smartphones that helps customers ‘skip the queue’ by ordering and prepaying for coffee and food at hundreds of venues nationally. Visit   Maveriq Technology Leverages Dell Boomi to Simplify Data Integration 2017-05-30T22:50:34Z maveriq-technology-leverages-dell-boomi-to-simplify-data-integration Sydney, Australia – May 30, 2017 – Cloud integration specialist, Maveriq Technology, and leading cloud-based integration platform provider, Dell Boomi® (Boomi), today announced a partnership to simplify integration for enterprises amid the increase in hybrid landscape roll-outs. The agreement sees Maveriq integrate the Boomi™ AtomSphere™ integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) into its data integration, migration, workflow automation, MDM, EDI, and API management services portfolio. This provides organisations with a powerful integration strategy without the complex software agreements and convoluted implementation methodologies associated with legacy on-premises deployments. “Globally many organisations face a major integration gap that legacy on-premises solutions could not serve well. With the increased adoption of Hybrid IT – especially in the enterprise space – we saw a significant opportunity to partner with Boomi to provide iPaaS that can effectively consolidate data from best-of-breed applications in a true cloud environment,” said Vipin Verma, President at Maveriq. Maveriq is already engaged in more than 12 Boomi-based integration projects – both directly and through systems integrator partners – in various verticals including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and public services. “The combination of Maveriq’s expertise in data integration, migration and quality with our iPaaS solution will give our joint customers a comprehensive means of centralising critical systems and apps in a package that feels “quick and easy,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan, Dell Boomi. “This means that companies and individual departments can use the best-of-breed technologies that cater for their unique needs while also ensuring the wider business is properly aligned. This is particularly important for large and diverse organisations which don’t want to be held hostage by inflexible and rigid environments.” About Maveriq Established in 2012, Maveriq LLC has grown from a single office site in Illinois, USA to a multinational company with several locations in North America, Latin America, and multiple Center of Excellence’s (COE’s) in the APJ region. As a Dell Boomi, SAP, SuccessFactors strategic partner, Maveriq is regarded as a thought leader, true systems integrator of hybrid landscapes, and enabler of the new digital economy. Maveriq supports global businesses with cloud services, products, and Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS), enabling those organizations to gain greater visibility into global business processes. Visit for more information. About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organizations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,400 organizations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, and better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © 2017. Dell, Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Boomi and AtomSphere are trademarks fo Boomi, Inc. Other marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Wavelength International listed in the Best SMEs to Work Asia 2017 2017-05-30T05:21:58Z wavelength-international-listed-in-the-best-smes-to-work-asia-2017 Wavelength International has made the prestigious Best Places to Work Asia 2017, one of only 3 Australian businesses to make the top 10 of the small and medium workplaces list. The Best Places to Work Australia Study is one of the world’s most comprehensive independent studies of workplace culture by global research and consulting firm Great Place to Work – More than 1,400 companies participated in national list studies in the 9 Asia-region countries where Great Place to Work® is represented. Wavelength shot into the top 10 this year, placing 9th in the top 25 Best Places to Work (20-500) employees. It is an impressive achievement, especially in an industry renowned for its high pressure work environments and high staff turnover. “It just goes to show you can be a successful high performance business by embracing a generous and supportive culture,” says Chris Riley, Wavelength’s CEO. “Just by walking through the door, you immediately sense Wavelength is a happy, motivated and engaged place to work. In my experience in this industry our workplace culture is quite unique: everyone cares passionately about the business and working collaboratively as a team." With over 75 employees, Wavelength is Australia’s largest and most successful medical recruitment agency. The company offers a range of employee benefits including: Flexible and family friendly working hours, Free breakfast Fitness classes A creative, casual and fun working environment i Monetary incentives linked with productivity and performance against key goals. Additional information Specific highlights that have made Wavelength a great place to work include: · A generous remuneration and commission scheme renowned for being extremely market competitive. Wavelength is also committed to making salary packages consistent and fair across the organisation. Employees in all roles are recognised and rewarded for outstanding performance. Individual goals created for all employees quarterly which are part of their performance criteria. Managers regularly meet with team members to provide feedback and coach them to be even better in their role. An internal mentoring program which enable employees to discover and develop their talents. · A real commitment to work life balance with a broad range of flexible full-time, part-time and job share work patterns in place. Employees can work flexibly between 7am and 7pm and have the opportunity to work from home one day a week. Wavelength also offers an additional five days of annual leave once an employee has completed four years’ continuous employment. A generous paid parental leave program and flexibility when it comes to extended leave for weddings and overseas trips. · Inspiring values of excellence, ingenuity, integrity and heart incorporated into all business processes, policies and communications. · A bright, fresh, modern and open workspace to encourage a positive working environment and work life balance. There are showers, great training facilities and plenty of room for regular health and fitness sessions. Breakfast, drinks and healthy snacks are all provided daily for all employees. · A love for celebrations – birthdays, anniversaries, individual and company achievements. · An internal social networking platform to foster a modern culture of openness and transparency. · Quarterly employee briefings to share information, business goals, successes, challenges and new initiatives. A commitment to the health sector both in Australia and overseas. Wavelength actively donates and fundraises for the Fred Hollows Foundation and Médecins Sans Frontières. The company also sponsors indigenous medical students and encourages employees to participate in other charitable events throughout the year. ### About Wavelength International Wavelength International
is Australia’s largest medical recruitment company, offering local and international candidate resourcing, medical registration and immigration services for medical professionals and healthcare employers. Based in Sydney, we work with over 300 hospitals, clinics and general practices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. About Great Place to Work Inc Great Place to Work Inc, is a global research and consulting firm specialising in workplace excellence and development of high-trust and high-engagement workplace cultures. Our proprietary research tool, the Trust Index Employee Engagement Survey, is taken annually by over 10 million employees worldwide. Leading companies worldwide use our model to increase the levels of trust across their organisations and drive business results. For further information, please contact: Deanna Daly Marketing Executive, Wavelength International Tel: 02 8353 9032 Email: Aussie edtech business wins at ASU GSV - one of the largest education industry events in the US 2017-05-29T23:40:53Z aussie-edtech-business-wins-at-asu-gsv-one-of-the-largest-education-industry-events-in-the-us-1 Daniel Tu-Hoa, SVP Mathspace North America (third from left) receives the Venture Award   New York, 30 May 2017:  Mathspace (, the world’s fastest growing adaptive learning math program, has been named one of the top three winners at the 8th Annual ASU GSV Summit in Salt Lake City.   The ASU GSV Summit is one of North America’s leading edtech summit, attracting the most important stakeholders from the education sector. More than 3,500 entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, policy makers, philanthropists, and educators attended this year’s summit.   More than 300 businesses pitched to an audience of more than 2,000 investors, educators and industry leaders, and Mathspace was one of only three winning companies to be selected in the Venture category.   Mathspace’s large-scale implementation potential in addition to the program’s cutting edge technology, which is quickly becoming a leader in math tech innovation, were listed reasons for the Company’s selection.   Daniel Tu-Hoa, SVP of Mathspace for North America, said that the fact that Mathspace was selected above all other companies is a great testament to the quality of the Company’s product and pedagogical approach.   “This Summit is the single most important US event for the edtech investment community. We had a room full of the country’s leading researchers, policymakers, Administrators, investors and entrepreneurs. It’s a real honor to have Mathspace recognized by North America’s most prominent education industry stakeholders,” said Mr Tu-Hoa.   “We created Mathspace because we believe that technology can help every single school student to excel in math, by providing the right help at the right time.   “Students using Mathspace can get step-by-step support on every single question, so when they’re doing homework or their teachers are occupied, they can still get feedback and hints to ensure they understand. We know from leading researchers like Bloom and John Hattie that personalized, step-by-step instruction and feedback has a positive effect on student learning outcomes, and we’ve built Mathspace on that very premise,” said Mr Tu-Hoa.   Mathspace is a digital math tutor. The program coaches students through individual lines of work, and can identify when a student has mastered specific math concepts and topics.   This award at the ASU GSV Summit is the Company’s most recent achievement following a string of significant partnerships this year. In January Mathspace signed a deal with the Hong Kong Government, which will see the program rolled out to all students in Hong Kong’s public education sector. In April Australia’s largest bank, Westpac, sponsored Mathspace to give all Australians free access the program’s eBook for the next three years.   “After seven years of building and perfecting our product, it’s extremely rewarding to see Mathspace being recognized in the US and across the globe.   “Our goal at Mathspace is to improve math education for as many students as possible worldwide. We’re thrilled to be making such significant progress towards that goal right here in the US” said Mr Tu-Hoa.   - ENDS -   About Mathspace   Mathspace is a global technology leader in personalized math education. What makes Mathspace unique is that it can tailor math programs in real-time based on a student’s strengths and weaknesses. It is the only math platform using step-by-step adaptive learning technology. The curriculum coverage spans the USA, grades 3-12 in Australia, the USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and the International Baccalaureate.Mathspace works across all platforms, namely Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It has more than 40,000 questions covering major curricula across the US, Australia, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. There are also more than 8000 lesson videos, step-by-step hints for every line of work and hundreds of interactive applets. All content on Mathspace has been developed by its in-house team of teachers and mathematicians.   About the ASU + GSV Summit   The 8th Annual ASU GSV Summit was held May 8-10, 2017 in Salt Lake City.   Since 2010, the ASU GSV Summit has brought together the most impactful people from diverse constituencies—entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators, policymakers, philanthropists, and university and district leaders—to create partnerships, explore solutions, and shape the future of learning.ASU GSV Summit hosts the Venture awards which sees hundreds of promising edtech businesses with annual revenue under $30M pitch their businesses to attendees.   Watch Mathspace’s pitch here [ ] grows sales team to fuel expansion 2017-05-25T23:22:58Z homely-com-au-grows-sales-team-to-fuel-expansion MELBOURNE, VIC – May 13, 2016 Free-to-list real estate portal announces several new appointments across its Sydney and Melbourne teams. Employee numbers are set for continued growth during the remainder of 2016 on the back of the successful launch of the Premier Agent product, which was introduced to the market in late February 2016. NSW Sales Manager, Rob Trovato is excited to announce that the Sydney team has expanded with the recent appointment of Michael Poulos. "Michael comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having worked as a sales agent and as a leading auctioneer...This experience and market knowledge places him well to assist and understand the challenges agents are faced with", Rob says. Michael's addition to the team comes soon after that of another well respected industry figure: Matt McGrath. Matt was appointed to look after the eastern suburbs and north shore. Matt has extensive industry experience having worked as an agent for one of the strongest boutique agencies in Sydney's eastern suburbs. National Sales Director Rocky Bartolotto is also pleased to announce the hiring of Rory Cook and Kasia Brennan in Melbourne. "Both Rory and Kasia are well equipped with a detailed understanding of the Melbourne property market, having worked in the industry for several years", Rocky says. "I'm delighted to welcome all four new staff to the Homely crew. It's an exciting time as we continue to grow and drive competition among the existing Australian property portals", Rocky says. "We frequently hear reports that other portal prices are increasing, sometimes twice a year, so our free to list platform is one that is needed and here to stay", Rocky explains. "We strive to constantly evolve, to do something no other portal is doing and are looking to provide the best agent profiles and branding products currently on the market", Rocky says. Since launching Premier Agent in February the uptake among agents has been well received. "We've seen many high profile agents and offices embrace Premier Agent and they're quickly seeing the benefits of community engagement the platform offers in creating new leads...this is something that just can't be matched by our competition", Rocky says. Two years ago Homely started out with just four staff and has come a long way in a short time. Homely now has over 20 full-time employees, with expansion and recruitment across all states set to continue over the next six months in all divisions of the Homely team. About Homely: With over 340K listings and 500K local reviews and insights, Homely is a faster and easier way to search for property to buy and rent in Australia. Founded by Jason Spencer and Adam Spencer, the company is based in Melbourne, Australia. For further information contact: Jason Spencer  Connect with Website: Facebook: Twitter: @homelyau After reaching 3rd position, takes on the major real estate portals with secret weapon 2017-05-25T23:22:54Z after-reaching-3rd-position-homely-com-au-takes-on-the-major-real-estate-portals-with-secret-weapon MELBOURNE, VIC – May 26, 2017   Fresh off being nominated as one of the top five real estate apps in the world for 2017 by the prestigious New York based Webby awards, Homely has shared the secrets that have helped it become the third largest national real estate portal in Australia.    “Over 10 years we have built a very unique audience”, says Homely Co-Founder, Jason Spencer. “Almost 10 million Australians visited our site in the last 12 months looking for a home and that’s for one big reason...we have something and Domain do not.”   Homely is the only Australian real estate portal to offer local content and community collaboration tools in the form of street and suburb reviews, Q&A and local discussion forums. These unique features connect homebuyers, renters and sellers with other knowledgeable locals and real estate agents.    Homely has patented its street and suburb review process and owns the largest collection of ‘What it’s like to live somewhere’ content in Australia.    “Homely is engaging people much earlier in the home buying and renting process than other real estate portals”, says Co-Founder Adam Spencer.    “It’s taken many years but we now rank in the top three search results for over 90% of Australian suburb searches on Google. We’re the only portal in Australia that lets people research ratings and reviews to know what it’s like to live somewhere before buying or renting a home. It gives Homely a very unique customer acquisition strategy.”    “Consumers come for the unique content and stay for the beautiful property listings”, Adam says.   The strategy has proven successful in the United States with portals Trulia and Zillow offering similar community centred content to fuel organic traffic growth.   "Our rapid growth over the past year proves that consumers want to research their home buying decisions on Homely. Our street and suburb reviews provide insights that homebuyers can use to make the smartest possible decisions about purchasing their most valuable asset," says Adam. “We're seeing tremendous growth in all areas of our business as we help millions of consumers connect with our real estate partner advertisers.”   Homely’s recently launched advertising platform ‘Homely Ads’ offers real estate professionals exposure across local community content in conjunction with priority promotion for listings within consumer search queries.    “Our advertising model enables agents to engage in our local discussions to connect with potential homebuyers, renters and sellers even before they start searching for a home. Agents tell us this builds trust and loyalty, helping win new business when locals become buyers and sellers”, says Jason.    Homely is the third largest national real estate portal based on the volume of listings on its marketplace, its three year traffic acceleration and adoption by over 90% of real estate agents nationally.   To help crystallise its third position Homely is gearing up for a major marketing campaign ‘Only on Homely’ to showcase the unique content that has helped the site achieve its industry position and ultimately support its agent advertisers.    “It’s an exciting time for us at Homely”, says Jason. “The last 12 months have been a phenomenal growth period for us with record levels in all key metrics including traffic, leads, content and a 5th Webby nomination. We have had several approaches from major investors both here and overseas looking to get into the space and we look forwarding to making Homely Australia’s next household brand.”   About Homely: is a real estate search portal that helps millions of Australia’s each year to find their next home. features over 90% of all real estate listings in Australia combined with unique neighbourhood content. Consumers can engage with street, suburb and agent reviews, a local Q&A community, school data and other tools to help them find the perfect place to live. Homely has been collecting ratings and reviews since 2007 where it was previously branded Headquartered in Melbourne, Homely is privately held and founded by Jason Spencer and Adam Spencer.    For further information, contact: Jason Spencer  Connect with Website: Facebook: Twitter: @homelyau Australian Entrepreneur Selects Dell Boomi Platform to Optimise eCommerce Start-Up’s Expansion Plans 2017-05-08T23:01:54Z australian-entrepreneur-selects-dell-boomi-platform-to-optimise-ecommerce-start-up-s-expansion-plans Sydney, Australia – May 9, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) has announced that international direct-to-consumer eCommerce start-up, GRANA, is using its integration platform to support rapid business expansion and optimise its omnichannel strategy, as the brand continues to extend its market presence into key markets and seek investment from venture capitalists in 2017. GRANA is a Hong Kong-based online apparel retailer founded by Australian entrepreneur, Luke Grana. Luke, in partnership with Pieter-Paul Wittgen, launched in late 2014 with ambitions to take on Japanese giants Uniqlo and the United States’ Theory with high-quality clothing at affordable prices. The company currently ships to 12 countries from a centralised warehouse in Hong Kong. The start-up has implemented Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) to underpin and connect critical applications the business relies on for all internal and online customer-facing operations. This includes the start-up’s enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle management and warehouse management platforms which its 75 staff use daily. “The retail sector is undergoing a transition and the challenge is catering products and services towards digital consumers with increasing expectations from brands,” said Luke Grana, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at GRANA. “This means connecting the disjointed pools of important data dispersed across the organisation to make informed decisions and create meaningful online experiences for customers. “Boomi helps to integrate everything that goes on behind the scenes at GRANA - all the apps to help run the business – so we have full visibility into the data coming in and can make sense of it to add value across our omnichannel.” Importantly, the integration platform accurately and securely centralises data generated within these systems for analysis to inform business decisions and further optimise operational efficiencies and online-to-offline customer experiences. “This capability is critical to our business as we are rolling out aggressive expansion plans and two-day express shipping into mainland China, Japan and Korea,” said Grana. “Boomi gives us a better understanding of customers across the globe, equipping us to execute a strategy that meets their constantly evolving purchasing habits and expectations.” During its evaluation, GRANA considered other vendor solutions, however selected Boomi based on its ability to deliver the best functionality and performance. Additionally, a key factor was the ability to operate its cloud-based iPaaS with minimal training, removing the need for specialist IT resources. “Grana is shaking up the hotly-contested and highly-globalised retail sector with an intentionally unconventional expansion strategy that capitalises on the potential of technology to make better-informed decisions,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan at Dell Boomi. “By using iPaaS as the linking mechanism for its operation, it is not only boosting its ecommerce business, but preparing for a physical presence by analysing customer data to determine the best place to open stores, and determine what those shops will look like. This differentiator will allow it to create experiences on its customers’ terms.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organisations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organisations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,300 organisations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, and better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell, Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. About GRANA GRANA is a direct-to-consumer eCommerce apparel brand designing wardrobe essentials in-house, using the finest fabrics from around the world, available at low and honest prices. GRANA ships directly to 12 countries within 1-2 days. Strategically headquartered in Hong Kong, GRANA was founded by Luke Grana and co-founded with Pieter Paul Wittgen, officially launching in October 2014. To date, the start-up has raised US$16 million in funding from 500 Startups, Alibaba’s Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, Golden Gate Ventures and MindWorks Ventures. Childhood friends put the personal back into booking luxury travel accommodation 2017-05-03T09:46:11Z childhood-friends-put-the-personal-back-into-booking-luxury-travel-accommodation Two Australian school friends are on a mission to buck the trend of huge travel booking companies by providing a specialised concierge service for holidays in Asia. At a time when interacting with fully automated booking sites are the norm, Asia Holiday Retreats aims to keep their booking services very personal.Launched by Sydney natives Mark Tulloch and Nathan Ryan, who have a combined 40 years of experience in the hospitality and travel industries, Asia Holiday Retreats has more than 500 hand-picked luxury villas and accommodations across Asia including Bali, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Unlike many online booking companies, Asia Holiday Retreats has staff on hand to talk person-to-person on the phone and arrange far more than just accommodation.Mr Tulloch said: “We saw a gap in the market for true attention to detail for people booking luxury holidays in Asia and wanted to provide a full concierge service that our customers can trust. We have high customer return because our services are guaranteed. “Not only do we have amazing accommodations to suit mid to high end budgets but we also have local travels tips and booking services for each location and can recommend restaurants, activities and tours. For those looking for something more specific, we can arrange tailor-made surf, golf and health retreats or whatever the customer desires. Mr Ryan added: “Having travelled extensively ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be trying to book a holiday and you can’t get all the answers on a web page; that’s why we provide one-to-one care to take stress out of the whole process.”The men’s career paths have given them a rich understanding of the industry with Mr Ryan having an established a real estate and villa management company in Bali while Mr Tulloch started at the bottom in the hospitality trade in Australia and ending up turning around 5 star boutique hotels in London to become top performing businesses.Since Asia Holiday Retreats was started in 2014, they’ve expanded considerably and are looking to go global in the near future. And with the luxury villa rental market already estimated to be worth over AU$25billion, and Airbnb recently acquiring Luxury Retreats for AU$265million, the vision of Mark and Nathan is clear.“We believe it’s important to grow the business at a steady rate and that’s why we began by focusing on the emerging Asian market,” said Mr Ryan. "We aim to build on that in the future. We aren’t trying to compete with the likes of Expedia or Airbnb because what we provide is a totally different service that isn’t suited to luxury travelers, but we do aim to overtake them because we believe this is what the customer wants. The days of booking a holiday in an actual travel shop are long gone but this is the perfect solution between a travel agency and a completely impersonal booking site." Can You Generate Free Leads? 2017-05-01T05:21:17Z can-you-generate-free-leads Sure you can create new leads by paying for Facebook and Google advertising. And WoW, will you be paying for it! 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