The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2016-12-07T10:18:44Z Duchess Hair Extensions Selling the Best Quality Hair Extensions 2016-12-07T10:18:44Z duchess-hair-extensions-selling-the-best-quality-hair-extensions When it comes to selling personal and beauty products nothing matters more than quality. So when shopping for hair extensions shoppers would want the best and that’s what Duchess Hair Extension, an online hair extension store does – sell Premium Quality 100% Russian Remy Human Hair!The company sells a wide range of hair extensions and sells its products not only in Australia but even exports them to a number of countries. What is it that a customer would look for when purchasing hair extensions online? The one that you must want is thick and strong hair, other wishes may be blonde hair or colour hairs or probably hairs in different styles like curled or straight hairs.Duchess Hair Extension offers the buyer with exactly these many choices, if you are looking for thick and strong hair then that’s what 100% Russian Remy Human Hair stands for. If you are looking for hair extensions in different colours or in different styles then you can find right on their website at it comes to their product range you will be happy to know that Duchess Hair Extension offers Keratin Bond Extensions, Easy Loop Extensions, Micro Bead Hair Extensions, Clip In Hair Extension and Tape Hair Extensions. Speaking to the media, Kate, the owner of the business said, “All our hair extensions are pure 100% A Grade European Remy Human Hair. This means you are getting a more superior product than that offered by many competitors. Our company offers fast shipping services; we ship orders within 24 hours of the order being placed on our website.”Hair extensions like one piece clip in volumizers can be bought for just $79.00 while the starting price for double drawn clip in sets (120-160 GRAMS) is $109.00 and just $119.00 for double drawn clip in sets (200-220 GRAMS).The company claims to sell the “Thickest Hair Extensions Online” and states that, “All our hair extensions are extremely thick, which gives a much more natural result. We sell many products which are double drawn as an option if you wish for your hair extensions to be really thick right to the ends!”About Duchess Hair Extension Duchess Hair Extension is an Australian company that sells quality hair extensions in Australia and also supplies products to other countries. Australian jewellery designer raising the bar for unique pieces 2016-08-23T06:03:10Z australian-jewellery-designer-raising-the-bar-for-unique-pieces Australian Jewellery Designer, Simone Walsh, makes it easy for Australians to access unique, fine and fashion jewellery through her fascinating online jewellery shop: a great place to snap up delightful Christmas gifts for women (and men too). Simone Walsh specialises in designing contemporary and unique jewellery that is created from precious metals: particularly sterling silver, with gold and gemstone highlights. Visitors to the Simone Walsh Jewellery website can choose from a unique collection of charming and intricately designed jewellery that cannot be found anywhere else.  From stud and dangle earrings to statement necklaces and wedding jewellery, there’s nothing in the Simone Walsh Jewellery online store that doesn’t command attention. The collection is very appealing to those who want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with their jewellery. Some of the most popular pieces in the shop include an Arabesque pendant with vivid red beads, a Lily of the Valley necklace with lustrous pearls, delightful Forget-Me-Not dangle earrings, and sets of elegantly simple textured silver stacking rings. Not all jewellery is made equal and when it comes to quality and authentic designs, Simone Walsh Jewellery is in a league by itself. Apart from the uniqueness of the jewellery collection, Simone Walsh Jewellery is committed to producing ethical jewellery. Simone seeks to use ethically mined or lab grown gemstones and recycles all gold and sterling silver. In addition, she endeavours to use as much recycled precious metals as possible. Simone has been designing jewellery for over two decades. Her pieces reflect the depth of her experience and the passion for her craft. When asked what motivated her to pursue a career in this field, she said: “I’ve always been drawn towards the sparkly and the ornamental. When I was a kid growing up in Adelaide I had a vast collection of ornate, vintage buttons that I would play with for hours on end.   Around 1992 my love of beautiful and intriguing objects came back into focus when I stumbled across a simple yet fascinating statement necklace. I got myself some pliers, wire and glass to see if I could replicate the unusual design. I was hooked.” Though based in Australia, Simone’s talent for art jewellery has captured eyes and hearts of many across the world. Simone Walsh Jewellery has customers from as far afield as Britain, France and the United States. One customer summed up the overall appeal of Simone’s jewellery. She said: “It’s so rare to find eco-conscious jewellery that has this sort of old-world elegance.” The uniqueness and authenticity of Simone Walsh Jewellery designs make them unique gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.  As for Christmas gifts, Simone Walsh Jewellery creates Christmas pudding coins: a collection of 6 large, high quality silver coins that each display a different vintage Christmas illustration. These are very popular and are often gifted as family heirlooms. Simone Walsh Jewellery is backed by a money back happiness guarantee and - best of all - Australian customers get free shipping.  For further information or to browse Simone Walsh Jewellery’s collection of unique designs, visit the online jewellery shop: * * * Full media kit and a selection of high res images: From Hell to Happiness-this memoir has it all 2016-07-19T00:55:13Z from-hell-to-happiness-this-memoir-has-it-all Patricia Dennis’s memoir has been described as “The most moving memoir I’ve ever read” by people who have read it.  Titled Hell to Happiness | A concentration camp childhood to a life of abundance, the 350-page book is a memoir of one woman’s undying spirit and is full of heart-felt emotion. It provides a different view of WWII looking from the perspective of a seven year old girl who was forced to grow up in a Japanese concentration camp in Manila for three and a half years. Having had virtually no schooling until age 11, Tricia Dennis arrived in Sydney and became a guinea pig for the NSW Education Dept who followed her progress until she Matriculated. She was placed in the class corresponding to her age and told to “catch up and keep up”, which she took on board as her motto in life.   Tricia’s family moved to Melbourne and it was here where she started a career that was to take her around the world and see her on the cover of magazines and have her own segment on daytime TV.  Tricia became a professional model, TV celebrity, cattle farmer and a business entrepreneur.  People are amazed how much Tricia has managed to fit into one life (she is now 82). When you learn she bought a B&B at aged 69 and ran it for more than 10 years, this gives you an idea of the type of person Tricia is.  Her memoir, which is full of passion, hope and inspiration, took a year to compile with Tricia writing it by hand; all 114,000 words. She’s now learning more about computers with weekly lessons; ready for her next book perhaps?  Hell to Happiness documents Tricia’s magnificent and tumultuous life in which she achieved great personal and business triumphs. This true story illustrates how she overcame adversity and gained the confidence to truly live life to the fullest. She has made all of her dreams come true. As she says, “Living on borrowed time will sharpen your appreciation for life”. The press release can be read here: The website is Would you like to review the book? If so, please let me know if you’d like a PDF of it or a hard copy posted to you. Would you like to interview Tricia Dennis? If so, please email me at or call me on 03 9803 2588. I have a wide selection of images showing Tricia as a child, on the cover of magazines and other modelling assignments, as well as current photos of her and the book’s covers. A number of these are on the press release page. Regards Wendy McWilliams ESSENSE DESIGNS ADDS TO ITS TRENDSETTING SORELLA VITA BRIDESMAID DRESS COLLECTION 2016-06-27T20:25:10Z essense-designs-adds-to-its-trendsetting-sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dress-collection Award-winning bridal house Essense Designs announced today the arrival of additions to its Sorella Vita bridesmaid dress collection. The new collection additions bring the hottest runway styles and latest red carpet trends to the aisles of fashionable weddings around the world. Showcasing eye-catching details and sophisticated fabric, the new Sorella Vita bridesmaid dresses include glamorous sequins, soft boho styles, and trendy high-low hem details. Brides and bridesmaids will find new sequined bridesmaid dresses added to the trendsetting Modern Metallic designer series, soft boho silhouettes, and a new, romantic bridesmaid dress with a fashion-forward high-low hem. “Sorella Vita is designed for the bride who wants to add a little something different to her bridal party - a bride who wants a bit of fashion-forward style as part of her day,” said Chief Creative Officer, Martine Harris. “All of the dresses within the Sorella Vita collection can be mixed and matched with other styles, giving brides the opportunity to play with styles and create the wedding party style of her dreams.” No matter if the bride’s vision of her wedding day is trendy, glamorous, bohemian or romantic, the new additions to the Sorella Vita Collection will highlight the style of her wedding and bring confidence and beauty to each of her bridesmaids. Essense Designs was founded by Wayne and Martine Harris in Western Australia in 1992 with the mission to exceed brides' expectations by designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling to retailers wedding gown collections with fashion-forward styling, superb fit, couture finishing, and extraordinary customer service. The company's Overland Park, KS, office in the greater Kansas City metro area, serves as the hub of its northern-hemisphere business, while its original office in Perth, Australia, serves the southern hemisphere. In addition, the company has offices in the UK and Switzerland, as well as over 1,000 retailers worldwide. Essense of Australia, Stella York, Martina Liana wedding dresses, and Sorella Vita bridesmaids dresses can be found in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Europe. Dresses can be viewed online at the company website, and blog, ### DESIGNER BAGS, SMARTPHONES AND HIGH HEELS COULD AFFECT YOUR HEALTH SAY NZ CHIROPRACTORS 2016-06-14T22:05:01Z designer-bags-smartphones-and-high-heels-could-affect-your-health-say-nz-chiropractors-2 Your choice of handbag and how you carry it may be affecting your health long term, according to the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association. NZCA spokesperson and chiropractor Dr Cassandra Fairest explains: `Regularly carrying a large, heavy bag, texting and looking down can cause an alteration in your natural posture. When you add the combination of high heels it becomes a recipe for accelerated symptoms. The heels tilt your pelvis forward and cause adaptive muscle shortening over time, predisposing you to back pain. The heavy bag over one shoulder magnifies the risk of chronic pain and neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. `Shoulder bags are one of the biggest issues. Your natural posture is disrupted if you carry one, and loading it with heavy items adds to the strain on your spine. It alters the way your arms and legs swing when you walk and increases tension in muscles as they work to counter-balance the weight. Long term this can make your body lopsided and affects your spinal posture. Chiropractors are highly trained in assessing and assisting with the damage that this may cause[1]. Prevention is of course always better than cure.’ Dr Fairest points out that all the weight of the bag is on one shoulder, and most people will carry their bag on their dominant side. This causes the muscles in the dominant shoulder to become bigger and chiropractors are commonly seeing people  with significant asymmetry in posture, such as one shoulder higher than the other. `This asymmetric load also causes the opposite side go into spasm to compensate as it attempts to stabilise your spine. The muscle spasm and fatigue then also affects lower down at the base of the spine, forcing all the muscles below the shoulders to work even harder’, Dr Fairest adds.  ‘Not only can it cause a lot of stiffness and eventually soreness in the upper back, the shoulder area and the neck, it’s been associated with a decreased curve in the neck, a pathological condition, which is known as “military neck[2].”  Military neck, or forward head carriage, then speeds up degeneration in the spine, and this can cause many ongoing problems as we age as nerves and other tissues are affected.’ There is a longer term risk that women will develop arthritis in their lower neck, and will have difficulty turning the head.  The dreaded “Dowager's Hump” can also be a consequence. Tension headaches may also result from spasms in the shoulder and neck muscles, which may cause pain in the back of the skull that radiates around to the front. Compression or irritation to nerves supplying the arms, hands and other areas can arise with various associated symptoms. Posture has also been shown to have an effect on many other areas of health and wellbeing beyond symptoms of pain such as mood, energy levels, self-confidence, range of motion, and change in the release of stress hormones.[3] [4] Poor posture can also negatively impact on job prospects, decision making, work productivity and other areas of life.[5] Dr Fairest advises her patients to never carry more than five percent of their body weight in a shoulder bag. She says: `You’d be surprised at how much some of us are carrying and the bag itself can weigh quite a lot on its own if it has a lot of studs and big zippers. I also look for bags with handles plus a wide strap as the strap distributes the weight over a wider area, and the handles give an option to carry the bag in your hand or over your forearm.’ She advises bags with handles or those with longer straps for crossbody wearing distribute the weight more evenly but adds: `Change things around regularly by switching to the opposite shoulder at intervals when walking so that you balance the way your body carries the weight and your muscles develop equally.’   ­Ends­ Further Information: Dr Cassandra Fairest, Chiropractor 021 242 3073 or Peter Boyes 027 554 0500 or     [1] [2] [3] [4]   [5]   Introducing The Active Bloc 2016-05-25T04:06:20Z introducing-the-active-bloc INTRODUCING THE ACTIVE BLOC - Men’s Designer Performance Active wear There's been a dramatic and very welcome shift in the active wear world of fashion over the past 5 years but unfortunately for the Australian man it's been all too hard to get our hands on the leading international fashion brands designing and manufacturing beautiful, modern and innovative performance-based active wear. The Active Bloc delivers the world's greatest brands into Australia, some for the first time, and many with an expanded range into Australia. Where possible we'll be releasing our season collections in-line with European and US seasons so that you're wearing the absolute latest fashions and every item is guaranteed 100% authentic as we're an authorised retailer for every brand we present. The Active Bloc's business model will always be a concept store focus and every product stocked MUST embody at least one of the following principles:  The latest fashion or active wear collection releases from the world’s best brands  Game-changing innovative performance based apparel  Exclusive active wear fashion - only sold on The Active Bloc in Australia with limited numbers of each item. Arriving Soon       Hugo Boss Green – Spring Collection from August  Emporio Armani EA7 – Winter Collection from June Our First Year Men’s Brand Line up Is:  Hugo Boss - Green Collection  Emporio Armani - EA7  J.Lindeberg  Peak Performance  Lacoste Sport Our Product Offering For Men:  Performance Top - T-shirts & Tanks  Performance Bottoms - Pants, Shorts & Tights  Performance Mid-layers - Vest, Jackets & Pull Overs  Performance Outerwear - Wind & Waterproof Jackets, Vest & Pull Overs  A selection of Urban Wear.  Arriving early 2017 exclusive joogers from Hugo Boss & Emporio Armani. Not only are the active wear collections we sell fashion forward but constructed with materials that push the boundaries of intelligent fabric performance. Every seam, zip and fiber is designed to facilitate maximum performance. Our active wear products feature more than of the following technologies; 4 Way Stretch, Moisture Winking, Anti-Odor, Breathable, Windproof, Durable Water Repellents, Waterproofs. AUSTRALIA’S LEADING AUTHORS GATHER TO CONDEMN GOVERNMENT’S PLAN TO CREATE A CULTURE OF BOOK THIEVES 2016-05-18T22:21:03Z australia-s-leading-authors-gather-to-condemn-government-s-plan-to-create-a-culture-of-book-thieves Who: Richard Flanagan, Nikki Gemmell, Andy Griffiths, Tom Keneally to lead Alist roll call of Australian and international authors When: Thursday 19 May at 6.45pm – 6.55pm Where: Art Gallery NSW, just before the 16th annual Australian Book Industry Awards begin What: Photo opp with limited vox pops available on request. Don’t close the book on Australian stories. The Australian government is about to make significant changes to copyright, threatening the future of our Australian story. But at what cost to writers, culture and jobs? Guest ABIA presenter and Man Booker Prize winner, Richard Flanagan will deliver a speech in response to the Productivity Commission's Intellectual Property draft report around 10pm during the gala ceremony. ‘Australians deserve that their lives, experiences, country and culture be reflected in the literature that they read.’ - Thomas Keneally For more information, please contact: Emma Rusher T 0423 214 626 | Make those dull winter days sparkle with Maui Jims new fashion range 2016-04-26T04:58:54Z make-those-dull-winter-days-sparkle-with-maui-jims-new-fashion-range Hi Andrea here from Red Agency - hope you are well. I wanted to to get in touch with information around Maui Jim's new fashion range of sunglasses. Although we are approaching winter, it's important for Aussies to know that it's just as important to protect our eyes on cold dull winter days as those scorching sunny day as there is harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays 365 days a year that we need to save our eyes from! Would also be great to support Macular Degeneration Week happening next month, 22 - 28 May which promotes awareness of the leading causes of blindness in Australia. We would also love to send sample pairs of sunglasses across (any style of your choice) for upcoming photo shoots you may be working on. We have three short reasons for you to keep wearing your shades as the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler. 1. Age proof your eyes: The harsh winter weather can be very insensitive on your eyes as the cool winds can dry the skin around your eyes causing them to age faster than usual. Wearing Maui Jim sunglasses is an easy way to prevent the premature aging of your skin and make your eyes feel younger for longer! 2. Sunglasses aren't just for bright sunny days: The position of the sun is lower in the sky during winter meaning your eyes are exposed to a harsher blast of UV rays during the cooler months. This can cause a multitude of issues for your eyes including sunburn on the eye’s surface, cataracts, macular degeneration and even cancer of the eye and surrounding skin. 3. Outfit Essential: Unlike bags which eventually get left under the table, sunglasses stay with you, either on your face, the top of your head or slotted into your neckline. The new styles within Maui Jim's fashion forward range add a touch of style to any look and make for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit! Why Maui Jim? Maui Jim sunglasses have been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. They’re the only premium sunglasses brand with the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of approval. Popular Styles for Women Coco Palms Coco Palms are a stunning addition to Maui Jim's high fashion range. They’re perfect for travelling in style especially if you love a hint of vintage. Like all Maui Jim lenses, Coco Palms block out 100 percent of harmful UV rays and eliminate 99.9% of glare. Coco Palms are available in three colour combinations, Gloss Black (pictured), Dark Tortoise (pictured) and Toyko Tortoise RRP: $349.00 Website: Leia With a round frame igniting a hint of vintage charm, Maui Jim's Leia is a fashionable yet high performance sunglass. Perfect for those who appreciate classic styles, Leia's lens blocks out 99.9 percent of glare and 100 percent of harmful UV rays while boosting colour and clarity. Leia is available in three frame-lens colour combinations including Tokyo Tortoise frame with HCL bronze lenses (pictured) RRP: $369.00 Website: Mavericks Maui Jim's classic Aviators are now available in Blue Hawaii. Formed for function, Maui Jim's new fashion lenses deliver the renowned glare protection that comes from Maui Jim's patented PolarisedPlus2 technology. The Mavericks offer extreme clarity and, exploiting the properties of three rare earth elements, boost colour vibrancy, delivering heightened definition and greater depth perception. You’ll be in your element whether your paragliding above the Mediterranean waves or relaxing in a beachside tavern. RRP: $369.00 Website: Thanks, Andrea Red AgencySYDNEY --------------------------------------------- Level 7, 155 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000 T : +61 (2) 9963 7719 M : +61 415 113 908 E : NZL Store’s Autumn Collection Is Inspired By NZ’s Coastline 2016-04-19T01:40:44Z nzl-store-s-autumn-collection-is-inspired-by-nz-s-coastline One of NZL Store’s new autumn collections of tees and sweatshirts has been inspired by New Zealand’s endless coastline and New Zealanders’ yearning for it. They have designed a tee called ‘Coast Guard’ and it bears reference to people who love and ‘get’ the sea coast union – where things merge, play out and where many of us are irresistibly drawn. New Zealand is a land where ‘all roads lead to the coast’, and while that is an exaggeration for many of us, it is a truth we carry in our hearts. There is no location in New Zealand that is more than 130 km from the sea. As NZL Store’s Kate Tattersfield said in her latest blog, “I remember once arriving in Denver, Colorado and wondering what it must be like to live so far from the sea. My son in London recently commented that while he loved the great city, he often yearned for the ocean, with its different moods, colours and ubiquitous winds.” New Zealand has a very long coastline, and its length can only be estimated. It is guessed to be somewhere between 15,000 to 18,000 km. The exact length is obscured by the twists and turns of many inlets, spits, bays, headlands, harbours and estuaries. Strangely the North Island although smaller than the South Island, has a longer coastline. About 60% of New Zealand’s coastline is rocky shore, with the other 40% being sandy or gravel shores. A massive 80% of the coastline is directly exposed to the sea which probably underlies our strong affinity with the ocean and salt water. NZL Store’s autumn collection will have sweatshirt versions of some of their perennial favourites like the ‘New Zealand’ tee, so to see more of the collection, please visit the website at Ecowool Website Is Mobile Friendly 2016-04-12T22:41:53Z ecowool-website-is-mobile-friendly There are many advantages to shopping online at, not the least of which is the ability to browse their website from your mobile phone or iPad, making it so much more convenient for people wanting to order Ecowool products. However, this is just one of the myriad of benefits and the ease of shopping at Take, for instance, their free worldwide shipping by fast airmail on all products – there aren’t many online shops advertising this as a service. Along with their free worldwide shipping, Ecowool also gift wrap free and provide a card and message service to their customers. All goods are tracked and are fully insured by Ecowool in case they are lost or damaged in transit. Another advantage to shopping with Ecowool is that their web server is digitally encrypted and uses the same security levels as major banks. They do not retain their customers’ credit card details and all transactions are processed via DPS, New Zealand's largest and most trusted online transaction gateway, or via PayPal. Ecowool’s 'NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE' policy means that if customers are not 100% satisfied with their purchase or change their mind, Ecowool will refund the full cost of the goods (excluding return postal costs) when returned to them within 30 days of receipt and in their original condition and packaging. Of course if goods are faulty they will offer a total refund on the cost of the goods and reimburse all return postage costs. Yet another advantage to shopping online with Ecowool is their ordering and checkout process which has been designed to be as simple as possible whilst ensuring maximum security for their customers’ protection. If people do have any queries or need assistance in making an order they are asked to contact Ecowool by phone or email and they’ll be delighted to help. They hold most items in stock and can normally ensure dispatch an order within 48 hours. If for some reason there might be a delay in customers receiving their order outside the Shipping & Delivery guide times above, Ecowool will contact them by email. Ecowool accept payment by Visa and MasterCard in all currencies, and American Express for transactions in US Dollars or NZ Dollars. They also accept payment by PayPal and bank transfer. Customers are asked to select from the currency converter to display all prices and transactions in their preferred currency then their orders will be charged to their credit card in the currency they have selected. Ecowool pride themselves on their superb customer service, so go to the website today to check them out at  . Style in the Subtropics: White Gloves event unites Fashion, History, Book and Australian Women Pioneers 2016-04-06T04:34:16Z style-in-the-subtropics-white-gloves-event-unites-fashion-history-book-and-australian-women-pioneers A white glove affair to toast the original, eclectic (and occasionally eccentric!) style of the sunshine state, hosted by fashion experts and authors of Remotely Fashionable, Dr Nadia Buick and Madeleine King. Don white gloves with Australia’s most respected dress historian, Associate Professor Margaret Maynard, for an exclusive look at fashion materials from the John Oxley Library collection usually tucked away in the archives. Hear sartorial stories about the female pioneers of Queensland’s avant-garde scene, as revealed by Dr Courtney Pedersen. Enjoy a champagne high tea and book signing in the VIP boardroom. Saturday 16 April, 2pm, $30 Fox Family White Gloves Room, Level 4, State Library of Queensland Event includes a white-gloves experience, talk, book signing and sparkling high tea and 10% Library Shop discount. Presented in partnership with the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame and State Library of Queensland Bookings Online Facebook The Fashion Archives is an original online project exploring the past and present of fashion in Queensland, Australia. Established in 2012 by Co-Directors Nadia Buick and Madeleine King, The Fashion Archives online has brought together over sixty local artists, designers, writers, academics, and curators, to tell the story of style in the 'sunshine state'. In 2014, Buick and King were awarded the inaugural Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellowship for their project 'High Street Histories'. In 2015, they released Remotely Fashionable: a story of subtropical style, the first critical and comprehensive book to examine fashion and dress in Queensland with foreword by Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson. Dr Nadia Buick is a curator, writer, and editor with a research background in fashion, art history, and cultural studies. Buick completed her doctorate in curatorial practice at the Queensland University of Technology in 2013. Her exhibition projects include Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Museum of Brisbane, 2015. Madeleine King is a writer and curator working across fashion and visual art. King has a Master of Arts at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, and is Operations Manager at the Institute of Modern Art. She previously worked for Media Art Asia Pacific (MAAP) as Research and Program Development Manager. The Fashion Archives Instagram: the_fashion_archives Facebook: The Fashion Archives FOR INTERVIEWS, IMAGES AND MORE INFORMATION Please contact House of Rusher Communications Collective Emma Rusher T 0423 214 626 Julie Thomson T 0427 723 198 E Time Travelling With NZL Store 2016-03-21T02:07:31Z time-travelling-with-nzl-store The exploits of Dr Who and his tardis are so last century. We’re all time travellers when you journey to New Zealand. Our location on the edge of the GMT dateline means we’re ahead in time from all other countries and to get here you’ve actually travelled through time. You’re now five hours ahead of Perth, Australia, 13 hours ahead of London, England, and 19 hours ahead of Chicago, USA.   Thousands of people do small stints of time travel everyday as they journey from place to place around the globe. But when you travel to New Zealand you really go the distance, in fact so forward in time for many that you actually arrive in tomorrow. News and events from home will be happening yesterday, weird aye? Celebrate this miraculous (pretty easy) feat with a 100% cotton time traveller tee from East 180. (NZL Store). For more information please visit the website at  .     Greenlife Online launches Australia’s first 100% recycled sunglasses. 2016-03-08T05:48:40Z greenlife-online-launches-australia-s-first-100-recycled-sunglasses Australian Online retailer Greenlife Online has today launched a new range of men’s and women’s sunglasses, all made from 100% recycled materials. The sunglasses are made by Blue Planet Eyewear, founded in California in 2009. Greenlife Online is Australia’s first company to supply the Blue Planet brand of sunglasses. The sunglasses are made from a range of materials including plastic, metal, fabric and even bamboo – all sourced from the excess that is discarded during traditional eyewear manufacturing, which would otherwise end up in landfill. The sunglasses come with polarised lenses and offer 100% UV protection.  “We’re unbelievably excited about this new brand” said Greenlife Online owner Matthew Devitt. “I’ve been searching for completely recycled sunglasses to add to our range for some time, but there didn’t appear to be anywhere in Australia to source them. The recycled eyewear from Blue Planet comes in classic frame styles that everyone will be familiar with, such as the Wayfarer, Clubmaster, and Aviator. With our new product range we give Australians a choice to wear popular styles, made in a completely sustainable way.” Aside from making eco-friendly sunglasses, Blue Planet Eyewear also donates a free pair of reading glasses to people in need around the world as part of their ‘Visualise Change’ program which started in 2012, with over 75,000 pairs of glasses already donated. Mr Devitt believes Australian consumers have a growing interest in sustainable and ethical fashion products. “We’re seeing more and more demand for ethical brands – Australians love to get behind great brands, especially when they show they have a big heart at the core of it all. We’re very proud to supply Blue Planet in Australia.” The recycled sunglasses range in price from $69 - $79, including free Australian delivery.   About Greenlife Online Greenlife Online is an Australian retailer that specialises in eco friendly fashion accessories such as sunglasses, watches, wallets and phone covers, all made from sustainable and recycled materials. Their brands are carefully selected from around the world, with preference given to companies that give back to the planet, such as planting new trees or donating to charities. Free shipping is included on all Australian orders. For more information visit Giving Birth To New Product 2016-03-02T03:52:37Z giving-birth-to-new-product Imagine you are alone in a gloomy carpark, hunting through your bag for your car keys. Every shadow looks like a person. Every noise is someone creeping up behind you. The search for your keys in your dark handbag becomes frantic. It does not matter how many times you dig around; you just can’t find them. These feelings of fear and vulnerability drove Marcia Mattushek, a fashion stylist, to invent a light for a handbag to help women (and men) find items in their bag quickly and easily. “Bagsablaze is just like a fridge light for your bag.  You open the bag and the light comes on, making it so much easier to find keys, phones or lippy,” she said. “I came up with the idea after leaving a function. Here I was, a woman on her own, in a deserted car park, with little light and no one around. I just wanted to get out of there but I could not find my keys - it was so dark. I felt unsafe and vulnerable.” Over the next 18 months, Marcia came up with a solution.   “I thought there had to be something out there to help you find all the goodies in your was such a simple idea.  But there was nothing.” “Even though we have our phone lights and a whole range of torches, they are hard to find without the light to start with and you have to dig around in your bag to find it.  I wanted something that would automatically turn on when I opened my bag. That’s when Bagsablaze was born,” Marcia said. “I am not an inventor so it was ‘where do you even start?’ Creating a new product was a process of reverse engineering. Marcia had to get clear on what she wanted the light to do and how she was going to get it to do that. Here is where a piece of paper comes in handy. In order to convey the concept to a designer, she drew out her idea. “Once I knew what I wanted it to do, I talked to an industrial designer because I am not an engineer or designer; I had no idea how of the mechanics and how the parts would work together,” Marcia explained. “He asked me a series of questions such as ‘do you want it to do this or that.’ This was a process that went over and over with scraps of paper until we go to the point where I had a 3D print version of the Bagsablaze.” Working with an expert helped Marcia because he was able to interpret her wishes.  Then began the process of fine-tuning … and more questions. How big of small do you want the clip to be? How do you want the clip to work how flexible do you want the arm to be? How powerful will the light be? What colour? What size battery? What do you want the battery to do? How many lights? Once Marcia nailed these questions, she took the concept to focus groups (her target market) to see what they thought of the idea.  “The beauty of having a product marketable to my peer group made the market research,” she said. “It was all new to me, so I did not know what to think.  I had to trust my designer; go with my gut feel on him.  Now, I realise I knew a lot more than I thought I did – you never really think about the things you use on a daily basis and how they work.  “When you think about how a fridge door is open, there is a switchy thing that you do not know what it is called (reed switch) but you know how it works and why it works.  You just have not given it any thought. “The process of creation makes you think about those things.” Marcia biggest learning was on the financial side of the business – how much things really cost. “I did not know how much all of this was going cost when I started out.  It adds up to what more than I thought. The money I had set aside to get the whole project to market was taken up in the R&D costs, this is why I went to crowd funding,” she said. Another key learning was to not buy into other people’s negativity. “People seem to enjoy picking apart new ideas but not in a constructive way.  There are not many of them but there enough of them to make you reconsider what you are doing,” Marcia said. “You need to put yourself out there, which was huge for me and open yourself up to critics, from people who do not know you or have nothing to benefit from being positive or negative towards you.  They do not care if I do well or not.  Instead of going to the bank or taking on investors, Marcia is using crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise funds to manufacture her bright idea. “Kickstarter helps launch new products through pre-selling, allowing the entrepreneur to market research product viability - if the price is right and there’s interest in the market,” Marcia said. “Bagsablaze is my baby and I want to manage the process without outside investors and having to go into debt by embracing the new age of digital disruption. It is the way of the future – look at Air BNB and Uber; it is thinking out of the box and not using traditional means.” Kickstarter allows the ‘woman on the street’ with a handbag to get involved in something from the ground up. It gives those initial adopters bragging rights of being part of bringing a new cool product to life. The Kickstarter campaign launched on January 29 at a function and there was a flurry of activity, with support coming from surprising places. “I expected first backers to be friends and family.  Imagine my surprise when I woke up to find three backs unknown to me from the US.  A lot of my friends I expected to pledge haven’t – I do not if it is because they don’t want to, or do not understand the process,” Marcia said. With the launch of Kickstarter making Marcia’s project more concrete, she is finding other opportunities are coming her way – to manufacture, market and distribute her product.   People are giving me contacts of people in other industries. Bagsablaze already has over 40 investors and the project closes mid March. Kickstarter Bagsablaze Meg’s Tailoring Are Open For All Those Urgent Alterations 2016-02-28T20:28:54Z meg-s-tailoring-are-open-for-all-those-urgent-alterations The friendly and hard-working team at Meg’s Tailoring are experiencing an upsurge in women, (and men) bringing in clothing they had purchased last year which is now too big for them! We can only surmise that they have been living up to their New Year’s resolutions, which is a good thing. It is also a good thing that the Meg’s team are there all year round to offer a wide range of cost effective clothing alterations to deliver perfectly fitted clothes every time. The Meg’s Tailoring team of seamstresses, tailors and machinists are particularly handling urgent alterations of bridal clothing. Also, we have all been guilty of buying a pair of expensive, brand jeans, only to find when we get them home that the waist is too big or the leg is too long. This is ‘bread and butter’ to the experts at Meg’s Tailoring and they love seeing their clients walking out in perfectly fitted jeans. Alterations while you wait! While you wait service! Same day service! Whichever way you put it, the Meg’s team want you to know that no matter what sort of problem garment you bring in to them, they can fix it in a jiffy. Going to an important meeting and the hem of your best skirt has come adrift? Off to a wedding and your trousers are falling down? Sit down, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and the Meg’s magicians will have you out the door before you know it. Their comprehensive Alterations service is a big part of the Meg’s Tailoring toolbox. They also have a large undercover car park for their patrons, and a New Zealand and Australia wide delivery service. Having worked in Auckland, Sydney and London, the owner Megan Kenny has decades of experience in dressmaking, clothes design and interiors. She has brought together and trained an excellent team of consultants and seamstresses to provide the very best alteration and dressmaking service. Through word of mouth, great service and growing work from leading fashion stores, Meg’s Tailoring quickly moved to larger premises in Newmarket and then opened a further two stores in the City and on the North Shore. The team at Meg’s Tailoring provide excellent service with experience, and there is no job too large or too small and if someone is in a hurry the Megs team can do the job while they wait, same day or next day. If it is not urgent their standard turnaround is four days. For more information please go to  .