The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-10T04:30:36Z Press Release: Torrent helps V.E.K Tools increase productivity 2017-04-10T04:30:36Z press-release-torrent-helps-v-e-k-tools-increase-productivity ­­­ ­­­­­­­­­ Sydney, Australia – NCH Australia has an excellent reputation with its customers for providing quality products and services across various industries. One such success story is that of the Torrent 500 water-based parts cleaner working its magic at V.E.K Tools.   V.E.K Tools owner Kiro Athanasiadis has grown the family-run business, which now boasts multiple stores across the country. Kiro decided to install the Torrent 500 into one of his stores repair service centres to assist the technicians in cleaning the power tools parts more efficiently.   The Torrent 500 has helped V.E.K tools reduce the amount of time in performing parts-cleaning by a third. The productivity in the workshop has increased, ensuring their strict deadlines are met. “V.E.K Tools is known for its customer satisfaction and excellent service,” says Reno Mythillos, Regional Manager for Torrent at NCH Asia. “With the Torrent in their workshop, they can clean parts quickly and safely”.   The Torrent is a water-based cleaning solution that rids greases and oils with heat and high pressure much more quickly and safely than the traditional parts cleaner, keeping technicians much more safe during the process.   Aside from the smell of the solvents from traditional parts cleaners, the chemicals were harmful to the skin and filled the air breathed in by the technicians. Safety was the primary concern for developing the revolutionary Torrent parts cleaner. It’s economical operation, and superior performance combined with the safety benefits to users makes this solution best in its class.       For more information about NCH Torrent solutions, contact NCH by clicking here.     NCH CONTACT INFORMATION   EMAIL   FACEBOOK   WEBSITE MEET CONSUMER HERO SEAN BUCKLEY 2017-03-24T00:03:39Z meet-consumer-hero-sean-buckley SEAN BUCKLEY...CONSUMER HERO   Successful international businessman, entrepreneur, consumer hero, thoroughbred racehorse owner and breeder, investor, philanthropist and the man behind Australia’s most controversial television commercials, Ultra Tune Executive Chairman Sean Buckley is a man of many parts.   He took over the Ultra Tune car service franchise in 1994 when it had 50 outlets and was losing money. He famously accepted only $100 a week in wages so he could invest back into the business. Now there are 290 Ultra Tune car service centres across Australia and in 2016 Ultra Tune was named Australia’s highest rating, most trusted and value for money car service chain by independent consumer research and ratings company Canstar Blue.   Buckley is an outspoken consumer advocate when it comes to new car retailers ripping off the general public. He gave evidence at a special ACCC hearing on the despicable practices of Australia’s new car dealers and manufacturers. The hearing was chaired by Commissioner Sarah Court and ACCC Chairman Rod Sims was also present. " Australia's new car retailers are ripping off consumers and costing the public billions of dollars " says Buckley.   His horses are champions including 2013 Cox Plate winner Shamus Award and Australian Champion Racehorse of the Year in 2007, Miss Andretti, who is the only thoroughbred in history to simultaneously  hold a total of 5 track records in Australia and England.   His controversial TV advertisements over the last 3 years featuring the Ultra Tune Rubber Girls and in 2017 aided by Hollywood star Jean-Claude Van Damme have made headlines worldwide, yet despite the record number of complaints, have all been given a clean bill of health and tick of approval by the nation’s Advertising Standards Bureau ( ASB). “I’m the first to admit that the TV ads are not everyone’s cup of tea but they do garner attention and more importantly our customers are voting with their feet and  their cars with both brand awareness as well as revenue increasing by a whopping 17% and 19% respectively for our 290 Ultra Tune outlets nationally. The decision by the ASB is a good one. It justifies what I have been saying all along that these ads aren’t vilifying and sexist but entertainment and fun. The complainants are a well organised group  who are personally attacking Ultra Tune and myself. They have their own agenda and do not reflect the general consumer sentiment. To put it simply,  the commercials catch enough attention to be talked about long after the ad has finished. It is a conversation starter - bring it up to your friends in conversation, ‘Have you seen that Ultra Tune ad?’ and watch the engagement” says Ultra Tune CEO Sean Buckley.   TO INTERVIEW SEAN BUCKLEY email max@marksonsparks.comor call Max Markson 0412 501 601   ABOUT THE ACCC INVESTIGATION   The ACCC study is investigating the following issues: • The car industry’s compliance with consumer guarantees obligations and the ability of consumers to enforce their rights • False, misleading and deceptive practices in performance, fuel efficiency, fuel consumption and emissions • The effect on competition and consumers of post-sale care arrangements (such as servicing) • Whether consumers and businesses could be affected by any restrictions on vehicle access to data   Mr Buckley provided evidence of the difficulties and additional costs his business incurs in obtaining the repair and service information their technicians need to work on late model cars as well as the role that Ultra Tune franchisees play in supporting their customers with technical advice when legitimate warranty claims are denied by car manufacturers. " If independent repairers don't have access to information they will increasingly not be able to repair modern vehicles. Simple supply and demand economics will see the price of car repair escalate for every one of the 17 million motor vehicles on our roads, and household expenditure on vehicle running costs will increase. When the cost of vehicle maintenance and repair increases, so too does the cost of every single consumable good and professional service " says Sean Buckley. " In the US and many other countries around the world the same car manufacturers are freely sharing their new car data and service information with aftercare markets service providers. However, in Australia, despite having given assurances to the ACCC they would comply and share this data they are deliberately avoiding doing so, to the enormous detriment financially to car owners everywhere. Stop this rip off! It's a disgrace and un-Australian! " concludes Buckley   Super Saturday Public Auction Program 2017-03-23T01:31:39Z super-saturday-public-auction-program-1 Manheim Sydney is launching a new weekly ‘Super Saturday’ Public Auction Commencing at 10am on Saturday March 25 Most cars on offer priced from $5,000 to $10,000 Supported with a ‘Buy Back Guarantee’ which allows buyers to return cars they purchase within five days of the sale Super Saturday auctions will be held each and every week Ideal for first time car buyers and those on a budget On Saturday March 25, Manheim Sydney will be holding their first ever ‘Super Saturday’ Public Auction. With public auctions already held on a Tuesday each week, this new auction program will make buying a car from Manheim even easier. Launched in Melbourne at the beginning of 2016, the Super Saturday auctions have been a fantastic success with almost 600 people attending every week. With the success of the Super Saturday Auction in Melbourne it was only a matter of time before Manheim offered Sydney vehicle buyers with the same opportunity. Manheim’s Director of Marketing, Justin Hodgson, explains, “We know that more and more savvy car buyers are coming to auctions as a smart way to buy their next car. We also know that not everyone can attend a mid-week auction so by holding a Saturday auction we are making it as easy as possible for smart shoppers to attend an auction. The format has been a great success in Melbourne so we felt it was time to launch ‘Super Saturday’ in the Sydney market.” Commencing at 10am, Manheim’s Super Saturday Public Auctions are ideal for first time car buyers and those on a budget. The auction will feature a wide range of makes and models, to suit a budget range between $5,000 and $10,000. Justin continued, “We also know that some buyers are cautious about buying at auction as it can be a unique experience. To address these concerns we have introduced a ‘Buy Back Guarantee’ offer, especially for our Saturday auctions. You can buy a vehicle with the security of our Buy Back Guarantee, which is available for only $150. You can now confidently bid in the lane or online knowing that if you simply change your mind, you can return the vehicles within 5 days. We’ll buy it back from you - no problem.” All vehicles in the auction program will be listed on Manheim’s website (, with detailed information, condition reports, photographs and online-catalogues available for viewing.  Vehicles can also be viewed onsite at Manheim on Friday and on Saturday before the auction commences. Finance and Insurance is also available onsite. “Manheim are offering car buyers an extra opportunity to find their next car at our Super Saturday auction program. With many cars to choose from, combined with the comfort of our unique Buy Back Guarantee, we are confident they will grow form strength to strength.” More information about the Super Saturday auction program can be found here.  Ends/.. For further information please contact: Mathew McAuley – Manheim Public Relations Mobile: +61 400 875 686 Email: About Manheim ( As an Australian market leader in the provision of automotive and industrial remarketing services, Manheim offers a comprehensive range of asset management and disposal services. With almost 60 years of experience across a broad range of industry sectors, Manheim delivers high quality services on a national basis to help customers meet their fleet and asset management business objectives. Manheim sells assets such as passenger and commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, machinery, motorcycles, plant and equipment and written off vehicles in regular weekly and monthly auctions open to both trade and public buyers. Manheim works with dealers, manufacturers, federal and state government agencies, local government, insurers, financiers, rental companies and fleet and leasing companies across Australia and New Zealand. Based in Melbourne, Manheim employs approximately 560 team members across all states in Australia and in New Zealand. For more information on the company, please visit – About Cox Automotive Australia ( Cox Automotive provides services that span the entire life-cycle of buying, owning and selling vehicles and automotive assets. The company is organised in ‘solution groups’ to best service the needs of its clients. Under the Inventory Solutions group are Manheim and Sell My Car, providing services to dealers, fleet managers, fleet owners, businesses and consumers for any needs related to buying and selling vehicles, including logistics, sales and residual value setting. The Media Solutions group comprises CarsGuide and Autotrader which will be relaunched by Cox Automotive later in 2017, assisting dealers and private buyers to research, buy and sell vehicles online, in addition to providing digital advertising and marketing services to the automotive industry. Dealer Solutions represents the Retail Solutions group, with Xtime to join the group in the near future, offering dealers and manufacturers a comprehensive range of modular software and online based services, to facilitate retail vehicle sales and after-sales customer retention and vehicle servicing. Apart from the existing brands on offer, other powerful Cox Automotive brands could be added to the market moving forward. They include Autotrader, one of the world’s largest online classifieds websites which will integrate with CarsGuide along with Kelley Blue Book and vAuto who are also under review for this market.  Cox Automotive Australia has the resources to transform the way people buy, sell and own vehicles, through the powerful combination of its family of brands. Until now, there has not been a player in this market that can offer integrated services that span the entire life-cycle of a vehicle - from buying, owning and selling - for consumers, dealers, manufacturers, fleet and leasing companies and other automotive sector clients. Oryx Adventures Launches Thrilling Motorcycle Tours in Oman 2017-03-18T03:52:28Z oryx-adventures-launches-thrilling-motorcycle-tours-in-oman An unforgettable off-road motorcycling experience across breath-taking desert and striking mountain terrain is on offer for the first time in Oman on the ancient Arabian peninsula. Oryx Adventures, a specialist enduro bike tour company based in the Omani capital, Muscat, gives riders a unique selection of competitively-priced trips that each capture the exhilaration of Oman’s rugged natural beauty. From entry level introductions on flat gravel, desert scrubland and dry wadi beds to more demanding tours traversing challenging scree, shale and steep, rock-strewn cliffs to 7,000 ft pinnacles, the half, full and two-day tours are designed to give motorcycle enthusiasts and tourists with motorcycling experience the journey of a lifetime. For adventurers with enough stamina, tours from five to 10 days are also offered.  All riders require a full, current motorcycle licence from their country of origin to take part. Awe-inspiring Hajar mountains scenery, remarkable regional wildlife - including magisterial sea eagles, curious shaggy-haired mountain goats and fleeting houbara bustards - plus adrenaline-fuelled excitement are guaranteed. Boasting eight hardy, British-built CCM 450 adventure bikes with handy push-button ignition delivering a powerful 52bhp, Oryx Adventures kits out all riders with terrain and climate-specific clothing: comfortable, light-weight and breathable Alpinestars protective suits; professional off-road Bell visored crash helmets; sturdy Gaerne off-road boots; and effective leather gloves for real throttle, brake and clutch ‘feel’. Given the isolated nature of the tours, the motorcycles are each GPS tagged, while bike-mike radio contact is maintained between all riders and the tour guide. And with the characteristic balmy, bright and dry weather conditions prevailing in Oman, cool water back packs are issued as standard. Rare rain falls and flash floods in the country don’t stop play – the routes simply change to avoid dangerously deep wadis and sandy quagmires. For all overnight tours, a dedicated support truck is on hand at all times for riders, while their non-riding families can also enjoy the dramatic landscape in a fleet of 4x4 follow-up vehicles. Bespoke shelter from leading camping equipment firms Vango and Eezi-Awn is available for memorable overnight desert pitches, and partnerships have been struck with decent hotels en route. Run by English bike enthusiast and former oil industry mechanic and executive Peter Middleton and his Omani wife Haima al Khusaibi, Oryx Adventures has ambitious plans for expansion throughout the region and into Iran and Southern Africa. Buy Quality Car Parts Online for Smooth Ride on the Road 2017-03-17T07:42:09Z buy-quality-car-parts-online-for-smooth-ride-on-the-road Carbitz is now one of the most reputed company for supplying quality parts in Australia and when it comes to buying of car parts online, Carbitz is the first choice of many professionals. The company sells top brands such as Hitachi power tools in Australia. They also sell quality ignition coils and other car accessories to give perfect solution for cars. When it comes to purchasing car parts online, we have few options to go for and one of those few companies that you can genuinely rely on is Carbitz. The company has more than thirty years of experience in the industry and has gained reputation for providing only quality car parts and accessories to their customers in trade and retail. When it comes to ignition coils, you need to ensure that you have made the right choice the company offers the top brand like NGK that gas been favorite of professionals for more than 78 years now. This product has engineered precisely for right setting for the Australian cars. This coil provides you high voltage start and it is also moisture resistance. So, there is no doubt in the previous customers in purchasing the quality products from the again and again from the Carbitz. This is not just it. You have good range of options for all car accessories and also for the power tools in car. Hitachi power tools in Australia are very popular among the professionals and you can purchase this best product form the company store. The company has genuine interest in delivering perfect car solution and the professionals provide you the valuable suggestions for taking proper care of your car. You need to understand that taking proper of your car can keep you safe on the road and your journey can be trouble free every time you hit the road. Carbitz believes in customer satisfaction. If the product that you have order is not available with the company then the company promises to get it for you and get it delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible. The interesting thing is that unlike other online store the company has actual store where you can visit. The company sells only top brands like BENDIX, PENRITE, MEAN MOTHER, SP TOOLS, DAYCO, NGK, TRIDON, MOTHERS, HITACHI, KINCORME, K&N, HAIGH, KYB, OSRAM, NULON, RDA, WESFILL and many more other brands. So, if you are looking for buying car parts then you can defiantly go for it. The company doesn’t compromise with quality so that you don’t have to compromise with your car. About Company: Carbitz has been in the industry for more than thirty years and over these years the company has successfully build the reputation for providing quality car parts and accessories across the country. The professionals hired by company are also experienced and they take genuine interest in all their customers’ concerns. Enhance your performance on the road with Nulon Engine oil 2017-03-16T10:01:40Z enhance-your-performance-on-the-road-with-nulon-engine-oil When it comes to car parts we all know that we need to approach quality first for smooth and easy ride on the road. There are many companies selling all kinds of car parts but when you really want to take good care of your car you need to go for the best part that make you and your car both comfortable on the road. CarBitz has been providing such quality parts for more than thirty years and the company has long list of satisfied clients. For better performance you need ignition coils that can give your car a kick start. You can look on the company’s website for varieties of ignition coils. The company offers best quality NGK ignition coils to their customers. If you are looking for Hitachi power tools in Australia to have a best support in emergency, then you will find it all here at affordable price. These tools are lighter in weight and cordless so you can work comfortably with them. With good quality battery it becomes standard tools for any vehicles. We are all aware that we need to have good quality of engine oil for our cars. The engine oil keeps the engine in proper working condition and the life of engine is depended on the quality of your engine oil. The company is providing Nulon Engine oil which is the first choice of many professional car drivers. If you have to travel a lot then you have to be confident during the journey and you can ensure the safety of your engine with premium quality engine oil for your car. CarBitz also offers good range of other parts for your car. You can replace your belts, braking system, cooling system, gaskets, wipers and other things easily. You will find all the general accessories for your car here and you don’t have to worry about the quality of anything that you purchase from the company. To keep the car shining, you can buy washing accessories too. Along with all these you can also have good options for lighting and electrical parts like globes. About Company: CarBitz is in the industry for more than thirty years. Automotive parts is not just the business but the company has been passionate about it and they work by providing only premium quality car parts to their customers in retail and trades. The company has good range of quality parts for cars such as Holden, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia and many others. Brace of Brabham Race Cars Discovered in Australian Barn 2017-03-08T04:31:49Z brace-of-brabham-race-cars-discovered-in-australian-barn A pair of Brabham race cars found in a Northern N.S.W barn is being sold by Lloyds Auctions on the Gold Coast as part of The King’s Garage collection. Alstonville-based Brian King is the owner of the rare ‘barn-find’ Brabhams and is offering the cars, along with other significant historic race cars, classic petrol bowsers and assorted memorabilia at auction with all lots starting at one dollar.   The Brabham name is synonymous with Formula One success with legendary driver Jack Brabham and engineer Ron Tauranac, combining in the early 1960s to produce race cars for over a decade culminating in the 1966-67 championship years, sweeping both the F1 World Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships. Brabham remains the only person to ever win a Formula One race in a car and team of his own making. From this era come the two Brabham BT21B race cars on offer at Lloyds Auctions from The King’s Garage collection.   A ‘one of one’ Brabham BT21B Cosworth formula race car with an exceedingly rare Cosworth SCB four-cylinder engine is the star of the collection with the Cosworth engine believed to be one of only two or three in existence. Allied to the rarity of the engine and chassis package is a provenance that begins in Brabham’s Formula One workshop with its chief engine builder Bob Ilich who was instrumental in the World Constructor and Driver Championships for Brabham in 1966 and ’67 who created this particular BT21B for himself.   Another Brabham BT21B race car is being offered fresh from a high end ‘nut and bolt’ restoration in Formula 3 configuration with an MAE Cosworth engine and Hewland gearbox and is ready to compete world-wide in historic formulae including Formula Junior.   The heyday of motor racing in the USA is represented by the gargantuan 1950 Sampson CC-50 Indianapolis 500 racer. Resplendent in its 1950 Indy 500 livery, #27 also comes virtually unused since a thorough restoration in the US prior to its arrival in Australia.   Dirt track oval racing has historically been the feeder category for INDYCAR and NASCAR series and Lloyds is offering the #22 Chuck Porter 1947 Kurtis Kraft Offenhauser midget which has significant race provenance along with another iconic midget the #35 1974 Edmunds VW ‘El Toro Garage’ car. Still on the dirt track theme is the #5 1985 Chevy-powered Watson which has a dark history as five family members died while racing this car.   Fuel bowsers are the new collectable for automotive enthusiasts and the range offered by The King’s Garage collection is staggering in its depth and quality with some fuel pumps going back to the early 1900s including Epex and French Satam four-gallon pumps.   Other lots include a Porsche 356 ‘Super 90’ engine, a 27-litre Rolls Royce Merlin V12 engine, Cosworth FVA engine parts, and an A-series Mini Minor diesel engine.   The auction for The King’s Garage collection is open for bidding online now with the live auction on 18 March 2017. Phone bidding is available.   To view the collection or bid online, visit Never Leave Home Without Coffee or Champagne 2017-03-03T05:34:09Z never-leave-home-without-coffee-or-champagne Australian women are among some of the most independent in the world, and this is especially true when it comes to traveling. A global Women’s Travel Survey in 2015 revealed that a massive 81% of Aussie females were planning to travel solo that year alone. This number is almost 20% higher than women from the U.S. * 82% per cent of these solo travellers said their main reason for taking off alone was to "get away from it all". Nearly half of the women (45 per cent) said a reason was being able to choose their own schedule without worrying about others.**   Nola, 65, from Geelong has been living on her own for 16 years now. She has always had an adventurous spirit and 14 months ago, she decided to purchase a ‘Banksia’ Horizon motorhome (which she has fondly nicknamed Fiona) and start traveling around the country with her cat, Polly. Since then she has clocked over 21,000kms, having just returned from Phillip Island and is already preparing for her next trip – 9 weeks in South Australia.   She admits that she is not a planner, and prefers to make quick decisions about where she will go. She loves the freedom of being able to choose and having a motorhome makes the process of getting on the road incredibly easy.   Nola told us that ‘Getting a motorhome and traveling solo has been one of the best decisions of my entire life…this beautiful country is a great big adventure and I can go almost anywhere I’d like.’ When asked if she had any advice for women, Nola said, “Never feel like you can’t go somewhere or do something just because you haven’t got someone with you…and never leave home without your coffee machine or a bottle of champagne.” Joyce, 77, from Western Australia agrees that this is good advice. A good bottle of wine is absolutely essential after a long day of travel. She has been traveling in her Horizon Motorhomes ‘Banksia’ for nearly 4 years now, crossing the Nullarbor each time to get to the East Coast and even down to Tasmania. We caught up with Joyce while she was pulled over on the side of the road on a road trip through Nowra, NSW. Joyce’s solo adventures started more than 30 years ago with a Landcruiser and 20 foot caravan, which surprised many people. She explained “Nowadays, it’s really common to see a woman traveling alone…it’s great to see such gutsy, strong, confident Australian women on the road – they are a breed of their own.” Joyce has been to several amazing Australian destinations but, “being up North, parking in the outback with the kangaroos and country…it makes me realise how lucky I am. I simply just can’t wait for the day to begin.” Joyce travels with her pet – a poodle named Amber Rose, and says that the key to successful road tripping is to do what you can to stay healthy. “Eat your veggies, get plenty of sleep, go for walks and be careful not to push yourself too much on the road. Really make sure you take the time to stop and smell the roses along the way, to simply enjoy.”   Joyce has clocked close to 84,000kms in her ‘Banksia’ and told us that she looks forward to putting another couple hundred thousand kms on the clock before she considers getting another Horizon Motorhome. “Come to think of it, I hope my age doesn’t run out before my vehicle does...gee, I sure don’t feel 77 years old”. These women’s stories are like so many hundreds of thousands of others across the country. Their spirit is a testament to the women of their generation – determination, tenacity and independence.   Horizon Motorhomes was established in 1995. They are designed and manufactured in Ballina, Northern NSW. There are currently 8 models in the range, built into the Fiat Ducato and Mercedes Benz Sprinter base vehicles. Horizon Motorhomes are sold exclusively by BCMC (Ballina Campervan & Motorhome Centre). For more information visit, or phone (02) 6681 1555.   Sources: * ** --ends-- For further information, to arrange interviews or photography please contact:  Claire Harding at Barefruit Marketing - 0449 949778 /   Digital innovation transforming tyre industry by putting power back in the hands of the customer 2017-02-28T23:47:34Z digital-innovation-transforming-tyre-industry-by-putting-power-back-in-the-hands-of-the-customer BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA (MARCH 1, 2017): Australasia’s leading automotive retailer, Supercheap Auto, and rapidly growing online tyre specialist, Tyroola, today announced a new strategic partnership. The partnership combines Supercheap Auto’s brand heritage, extensive national store footprint and strong levels of engagement with its many passionate customers across Australia with Tyroola’s extremely convenient online platform with access to a massive tyre range and 500 local fitting partners for a haggle-free shopping experience nation-wide. The new retail concept puts power back in the hands of consumers to get the right tyres for their car at the right price. Automotive aftercare is estimated to be worth a massive $5 billion market in Australia, however, many customers don’t know how much time, money and energy they can save by buying tyres online. The new retail concept will be built on convenience, excellent customer service and a hassle-free experience for customers to not only purchase a wide range of budget, mid-range and premium tyres online, but also arrange local fitting throughout Australia. The site will provide customers with outstanding customer-centric service, recommendations and solutions based on their needs and transparent choice of products and pricing. In an age where people are increasingly time-poor, market research shows most people waste significant amounts of time calling or driving to tyre shops to find the right tyre for their needs, only to have to haggle over the price or that the tyre doesn’t even fit on their car. By putting customers in control of the transaction, this new retail concept aims to enable more informed decisions and increase post-purchase satisfaction by being able to feel confident they got a fair deal. By purchasing online, customers can save up to 40 per cent off the recommended retail price and have their tyres fitted at any one of 500 local fitting partners or have a mobile fitter come directly to their own homes. Tyre guides and independent third-party reviews on fitting and tyre performance help customers select the best choice for them. The partnership will be launched with a Supercheap Auto branded website that will be serviced by Tyroola, with plans for further expansions of this service in the future. Chris Wilesmith, Managing Director Auto Retailing, Super Retail Group commented: “Customers are asking for more convenience and we hope this will deliver an enhanced experience for them. After listening carefully to our customers needs, we are now entering a new era in the development of ‘Do It For Me’ solutions. This is why we are working with Tyroola, a market leader in online tyres, to launch this new retail concept. Customers expect the best solutions for thier needs and a seamless experience, and that’s what we’re committed to delivering.” Tyroola founder Zed Klingenberg added: “For too long, Australians have been purchasing tyres without transparency about product characteristics and pricing, often leading to wrong purchases at inflated prices for their tyres and tyre fitment. We are striving to break this restraint of information by creating the best platform for tyres and fitting in the market. By partnering with Supercheap Auto, we are able to reach the market, create a seamless customer experience and pass on even more savings. This is set to have a transformative effect on the Australian tyre industry.”  ENDS ABOUT TYROOLA Growing towards double digit million dollar sales, Tyroola is growing rapidly and disrupting the tyre market in Australia. Tyroola offers more than 50 tyres brands of budget, mid-range and premium tyres in stock. Customers can get their tyres fitted locally at one of their more than 500 fitting stations throughout Australia. With low prices and high level of attention to customer care, you can save up to 50% of Pirelli, Continental, Michelin tyres and more. ABOUT SUPERCHEAP AUTO Supercheap Auto is Australasia’s leading automotive parts and accessories retailer, stocking a wide range of tools, accessories for the DIY home handyman, as well as products for travel, touring, outdoors, the garage and the shed. Since it was established in Brisbane in the early 1970’s, Supercheap Auto has since grown into a major specialist retailer with over 300 stores across Australia and New Zealand and more than 3,800 team members, and a strong online and digital presence. Supercheap Auto attributes its success and expansion to the emphasis placed on team members, stores and extensive product range. Founded by Reg and Hazel Rowe in 1974 as a fledging automotive parts mail order business from the living room of their Brisbane home, Supercheap Auto is the founding business of ASX-listed Super Retail Group Ltd (ASX: SUL), which has grown to one of Australasia’s largest retailers. Proudly headquartered in Brisbane, our network extends to over 630 retail stores and almost 12,000 team members across Australia, New Zealand and China. We provide solutions and engaging experiences that inspire our customers to live their leisure passions. For more information, visit FEEL OKAY ABOUT LOSING $20MILLION ? 2017-02-27T03:49:45Z feel-okay-about-losing-20million A shout out to our NSW motorcycling friends who stand to be badly affected by possible massive reductions in the Green slip benefits available to the group who is most seriously injured by the negligence of blind eyed car drivers.  The Government is trying to score points by getting Green Slip prices down by a modest amount.   Will they do this by stealing the existing proper rights available to the most vulnerable groups hit by phone wielding drivers? Your comprehensive insurance policy can cost approx. $1200 insuring say to $15,000 vehicle damage.    For a modest $700 Greenslip you are insured against any damage to another person including your family and friends for up to $20 Million.  If you are the victim, do you want your rights capped and being forced into the poor public health system or do you want access to $20Million where appropriate?   Hasn’t green slip insurance got to be the cheapest life policy around at present?   Possibly not for long much longer. Why are NSW Greenslip prices where they are?   No one is asking that question or owning up.  Aside from NSW having the best and fairest motor injury scheme in the Country (which makes premiums a little higher but very cheap for the high level of benefits received) it is because insurers have been raking in profit margins of 18-19% for years, against a guideline margin of 8%.  How has this happened? Why has it been allowed to happen?  This is what we should be asking, not hearing political speak about a modest reduction in premiums with a corresponding massive reduction in benefits to injured motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, the victims of another driver’s idiocy.  Premiums are set by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority in liaison with insurers.  Agreement is reached on likely inflation rates, superimposed inflation rates (increases in medical costs and so on) and projected claim numbers.   Premiums are then set based on these assumptions. Oops - for the past 5-6 years none of the underlying assumptions have been met.  Inflation has been lower than expected, superimposed inflation has been lower than agreed and claim numbers have only recently crept up to the agreed level.    Insurance profits have been way too high for all that period.  Who is to account for this mess?   How can premiums be better arranged in future to avoid a repeat of increased premiums due to excess insurer profit? These are questions that the Government, the Cross Bench and the Opposition should be asking, not considering slashing benefits for the most vulnerable accident victims. Let us hope the NSW Government gets it right. Robert Bryden Robert Bryden Lawyers Pty Ltd The Best Ways To Get Rid of Your Used and Old Car 2017-02-23T21:37:32Z the-best-ways-to-get-rid-of-your-used-and-old-car A lot of people own worn out cars that are beyond repair. Now, getting rid of a hackneyed car is not as easy as it may seem. But, the worst option will be to allow the unwanted car to just sit in your backyard and waste away. Not only is this going to adversely affect the environment, but it has zero advantage for you, as well. If you own a scrap car and have run out of ideas to get rid of it, take a look at some of the unwanted car removal options stated below. 4 Great Unwanted Car Removal Options Sell Your Car If you have a car that you no longer use and need to make space in your driveway, simply sell it. You can place ads on the Internet, newspaper and magazines in the hope of connecting with potential buyers. This tactic might help you to get a good deal off of your unwanted vehicle, however it is going to involve a lot of hard work and time. Donate Your Car to a Charity There are a lot of people, who feel disturbed with the idea of selling their car, but do not want the vehicle to just waste away in the driveway. For those, the ideal option will be to give the old car to any charitable organization. This will not only provide opportunity for deduction of tax, but also help someone in need. If your car does not run, this may not be the ideal unwanted car removal option for you. Trade Your Old Car for a New Vehicle Trading your old car in for a new car is another great option. There are a lot of well-known dealerships that provide trade-ins for used and unwanted vehicles. To determine the trade-in value, dealers are going to take the condition of your car under considerations, among other factors. Once the value of your old car is determined, the amount of the trade-in is going to be subtracted from the value of the brand new car that you are interested in buying. Even though this deal is going to help you in paying for your new car, you are not going to have any control over the valuation of your old car. Therefore, you may not get as much as you would have liked in credit. Sell Your Vehicle to a Car Removal and Recycling Company Selling your old and worn down vehicle to a car removal and recycling company is the perfect solution, if you are looking for a quick fix and a little extra cash in your wallet. These companies are known for offering great price for broken, old and unused vehicles. Furthermore, many of the service providers will even tow your car away from your property within 24 hours at no expense to you. These companies recycle the damaged vehicles and ensure that the environment is not harmed in any way. To top it all, such companies purchase all types of cars, irrespective of the condition, and guarantees to offer best price for it. The above-mentioned are the unwanted car removal options available to you. Make the best decision, depending on your financial condition and condition of your car. To find more info about getting rid of your car then visit HelloCars now available right across Australia 2017-02-23T06:06:09Z hellocars-now-available-right-across-australia Sydney February 23, 2017: HelloCars is now available for everyone across Australia, ushering in a new era of choice and flexibility for regional Australians looking to buy used-cars. HelloCars takes all the hassle out of buying a used-car, is guaranteed to be cheaper than a dealer and your car will be delivered right to your door wherever you are in Australia with just a few clicks. “It’s exciting we can now empower everyone in the country with the great choice, value and security you get with HelloCars,” HelloCars Director Paul Higgins said. “Now people all around Australia can browse and buy a car – all without having to leave the house,” he said. HelloCars Director Michael Higgins said buyers are offered a seven-day money-back guarantee if they’re not happy with the vehicle they’ve purchased, they can return it, no questions asked. “HelloCars does all the hard work for you. Only vehicles that have been certified by HelloCars, are under six years old and have fewer than 100,000kms will be sold on our website so customers can be assured of the quality of the car they’re buying,” he said. The reaction to HelloCars Sydney launch last year showed there was a big gap in the market for a more transparent and better value way of buying used cars that was also a great experience for customers. Wagga resident David Downey recently bought a car from HelloCars and found the process simple and hassle-free. “Living in regional Australia is great, but when it comes to second-hand cars, your options are quite limited compared to a metro area.  “Buying my car with HelloCars was really convenient and hassle free, and now people around the country can do the same and have their car delivered right to their door,” he said. ENDS ABOUT HELLOCARSHelloCars is a Sydney-based start-up which gives Australians a safer, more convenient and better-value way to buy and sell used cars, without the hassle.   Being a technology-driven business means HelloCars can sell cars for a highly competitive upfront price, guaranteed to be better than any dealer. You can buy a used car with HelloCars securely knowing you have a seven-day, 500km money back guarantee, a minimum three-month warranty and it will be delivered right to your New & Improved SharpDrive, NZ & Australia’s #1 Choice for Driver Training 2017-02-14T08:31:08Z new-amp-improved-sharpdrive-nz-amp-australia-s-1-choice-for-driver-training At SharpDrive they say, “If there's not a ripple at your bow then you're drifting”, and although there has always been a constant wave at the bow of SharpDrive , over these past few months, they have been busy giving the company a complete overhaul. SharpDrive can now remove the covers to reveal the complete face-lift, re-work, and overhaul of their online driver training solution. As they are the first to admit, some of their videos were in need of a spruce up, as they were starting to show their age, and they felt they needed to remind their clients why they are still the #1 choice in Australia and New Zealand for driver training. So that is exactly what they did. Every SharpDrive training module is now fully animated, with the same great content, but presented in a fresh, modern way, so if anyone would like a free trial to see if the new and improved SharpDrive will work for their fleet, they should get in touch with the SharpDrive team ASAP. Alternatively, people can book a phone-based driver training strategy session, and one of their consultants will explain how similar organisations to theirs are approaching workplace health and safety for their fleet. SharpDrive are at the forefront to meet the growing demand for driver training in the workplace, and their upgraded systems provide full end -to -end self management for clients, easy reporting, self provisioning, and an enhanced and elegant user interface. SharpDrive continue to invest heavily into their technology to continue being a front runner in this space, and their clients are enjoying the ease and simplicity of having their staff safely trained at any time they wish, on any device. As they advocate, a safe driving policy is easy to set up and can save a business money. No matter what kind of company they run, how big it is or how many vehicles they have, implementing even small safe driving initiatives can reduce injuries, save lives and save the business money. To find out more about SharpDrive and their driver training and fleet safety services, please visit the website at . Cash For Scrap Cars Removal Brisbane $8999 2017-02-08T06:03:44Z cash-for-scrap-cars-removal-brisbane-8999 So, your old clunker in Brisbane is giving you a lot of trouble, is it? One way of getting rid of it is to opt for car removal services and get swift cash for car, in return. Removing the old machine from your garage can be really helpful. Take a look at the following benefits of availing car removal services. Frees you of anxiety With a big piece of junk lying idle in your premises, you are always worried about the uninvited guests. Even though, you would be quite happy to see it go, the hassles of a compulsory police diary or an  FIR are a lot to tolerate. Gives you garage space What can be more frustrating than having a garage and not being able to use it? While the scrap and unused car is simply occupying space, it is coming to no use at all. On the other hand, you have to worry about its proper maintenance and cleaning. You simply cannot hoard a vehicle for days, with the hope that one day you will get space enough to keep a new car in there. Pays you money Unlike hoarding your car, selling it off to a car removal service company gives you the opportunity to earn money and that too, without haggling over the price. When you call such a company, you can tell the customer care executive about the condition of your car, along with its make and model. This will assist the professional to get an insight into the state of the vehicle and help him or her to come up, with a tentative quote, which can be confirmed once he or she comes to your address and inspects the car. The expert pays swift cash for car before towing it away to the junkyard where it is recycled. Gets rid of eyesore Now, that your junk machine is out of sight, you may be rest assured that your garage space and even your yard will look good and appealing. You can also open the garage door, without feeling embarrassed, and may also freely organize a barbeque night in the yard, without fearing that a guest might accidentally have a look at the junk piece when he or she finds the garage door open. Helps in maintaining the environment Now, that the car is towed away; it will find its place in the junkyard, where it will be recycled and the parts will be used again. The fuel is collected, so that it does not harm the the people working in the junkyard. This is far better than keeping the car in a landfill where the non-decompose elements rot, over the years, and pollute the environment. These are some of the benefits of taking up the services of a car removal company offering swift cash for car. So, what are waiting for? Dial the number of a reliable car removal company and book a visit. Cash For Old Cars Removal Perth Up To $9999 2017-02-08T05:55:20Z cash-for-old-cars-removal-perth-up-to-9999 Selling your scrap car or unused vehicle in Perth is quite a trouble when you have to look for buyers who would be interested in your old machine. Whether individual buyer or company, you may have to haggle over the price and go through a lot of hassles. To avoid such a situation, you may contact a scrap car removal agency like, Ultra Car Removal and make sure that you sell your car at lucrative rates, up to $9999, and that too, without any hassle. This blog delves into the dos of approaching and finally hiring a scrap car removal agency. Check out the Tips Have a word with friends and family Choosing a reliable car agency ready to buy your products is tough. Therefore, it is utmost essential to speak to your friends and family members who have already gone through the ordeal. They may suggest you the names of some of the experienced companies in your locality. Search on the Internet These days, you have the facility of availing the services of online directories where you can come across the names of some of the car removal companies in your area. You can check the sites and note down the services and the rates of some of these agencies. Once, you have zeroed in on some of the companies offering lucrative offers, you may start calling them. Dial the numbers It may seem to be arduous, but the job is nothing when compared to the ordeal that you have to go through, for finding a car buying agency. While speaking to the customer care agents of the company, verify the services that they claim to offer. Also, make sure that they pay the amount written on the website. A company like, Ultra Car Removal will stick to its promise of money. Tell the condition of your car If you do a preliminary research of your car’s condition, you will have a better idea about the amount that you must be paid. When the agent hears about the state of the car and learns about the parts where it is damaged, he or she can give you a better quote. Decide on a time Now, that you know that the car experts are going to arrive to inspect and take your car, you must give them an address and a time. In case, you want them to arrive at a different time than what has already been decided upon , you should inform them about the change. Keep all documents ready It is smart to keep all documents ready when the car experts come to inspect the condition of the car. By going through the papers they can realize the make and the model of the vehicle. This can help them to decide what amount they should pay you. Now, that you know what all you should do for selling your scrap car to buying agencies, you must go ahead and approach an agency like, the Ultra Car Removal and watch how smoothly your car is towed away.