The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-28T07:43:17Z Prince Of Elves Game By Teksmobile Set To Be Launched Soon 2017-03-28T07:43:17Z prince-of-elves-game-by-teksmobile-set-to-be-launched-soon Teksmobile, the multiple award-winning cross-platform mobile app company, is all set to launch Prince Of Elves - a treasure-hunt game with a fun spin - in the next quarter (2017 Q2). The game is currently in the final phase of testing. Teksmobile has a long and chequered record of making successful mobile games customized for the iOS and Android platforms. The company has created well over 1000 apps to date, with 2D/3D games having a strong presence in the Teks portfolio. The in-house developers are regularly trained to work with the latest game development tools and frameworks (Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4, Cocos 2d-x, etc.). ‘Prince Of Elves’ is the latest in the line of interactive games by Teks - and early reports indicate that it packs enough punch to emerge as a winner. In an exclusive interview, a senior spokesperson of Teknowledge Mobile Studio talked about the delays that cropped up during the development process of the ‘Prince game’. The team felt the need to incorporate changes during multiple stages - in a bid to enhance the gameplay experience and add to the overall fun quotient of the game. According to the CEO of the mobile app company, the team was never in a tearing hurry to release the game. Instead, the focus was on coming up with an app that would be universally liked by gamers worldwide. While ‘Prince Of Elves’ could have been released earlier, the delays have helped the developers make it a ‘better game’. The ‘Prince game’ offers an exciting take on the tried-and-tested treasure hunt gaming approach. In this game, the first-person player (the ‘Prince’) embarks on a quest to rescue a captive ‘Princess’. There are as many as 7 levels to be cleared - and each level is guarded by a villain (named ‘Boss’ in the game). The player has to collect coins, get weapons and super powers, and defeat the ‘Boss’ at each level, to proceed to the next. The game finishes when all the levels have been cleared and the ‘Princess’ has been rescued. The basic idea behind the ‘Prince Of Elves’ mobile gaming application is ‘as old as time’, feels a senior iPhone app developer at Teksmobile. The difference, according to him, will be the cutting-edge look and feel of the app - ensuring a fantastic end-user experience. Right from the elements in the user-interface and the screen layouts, to the cool game assets and the environment in each levels - everything has been chalked out with an imaginative streak and pin-point precision. With a light chuckle in his voice, the Teks CEO reported that many of the developers were already addicted to the game! Superior ‘quality-of-service’ (QoS) has been a hallmark of Teksmobile over the years, and the team is determined to enhance its reputation further with ‘Prince Of Elves’. A well-placed source from the company revealed that, every employee had been encouraged to contribute ideas, opinions and feedback on the game. The app has been checked by a core group of testers on actual devices (in addition to simulators) and on the cloud - to iron out all possible glitches and errors. The game is quick to download, has user-friendly controls and mesmerizing, high-end graphics - and there are no risks of crashes, screen freezes or other such errors. Users will also be able to contact a backend support team, in case they run into any problem with the game. Team Teks has plans to build on the ‘Prince Of Elves’ mobile game over the next few quarters. There are plans to add more challenges and quests, along with a probable increase in the number of levels - depending on the audience response to the release of version 1.0 of the game. The ‘Prince game’ will be available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) to start things off, and an Android version will be launched at a later date. For further information about Teknowledge, please visit Get in touch with the team at 91-33-40649087 to know more about the ‘Prince Of Elves’ game app. You can also contact via emails, at The previews of the ‘Prince game’ have been promising - and all eyes are now on its arrival at the stores. LC Technology's Solid State Doctor SSD Utility Toolkit 2017-03-27T15:38:16Z lc-technology-s-solid-state-doctor-ssd-utility-toolkit LC Technology International, Inc., a data recovery, security and utility solutions concern, has released an updated version of its Solid State Doctor, a utility suite that optimizes the performance of SSDs. In addition to monitoring SSD operation and preventing data loss, Solid State Doctor improves the performance and lifespan of SSD's through over-provisioning, offers cloning from one SSD to another, and supports TRIM on all current versions of Windows…even XP and Vista which natively don’t support it!Due to the fact that SSD's have a limited, but predictable lifespan, having an application that can predict the usable lifespan is critical for preventing data loss.  Solid State Doctor provides this security by proactively monitoring S.M.A.R.T., which continuously tracks read and write errors, temperature and other key metrics to warn the user when an SSD is no longer safe for storage. The updates to Solid State Doctor provide these enhancements over the original version:* Enhanced Drive information Tool – For every drive in your system, displays the model number, serial number, firmware version, capacity, ATA version info, supported features, temperature, lifetime write activity, and more. * Overprovision Tool – This feature allows the user to allocate a portion of the free space on the SSD to be used by the controller in the SSD to better manage and maintain the performance and longevity of the SSD drive. * Disk Cloning Tool – Great feature allowing the user to copy the contents of their current system drive to another for upgrading their system from a HDD to an SSD or to a new or larger SSD. * Optimize (TRIM) Tool – Regular use of the TRIM command will help the SSD maintain maximum write performance and allow the operating system to properly manage the drive’s capacity.  We include support for Microsoft AHCI and Intel Matrix Storage Manager on all MS OS’s*. * S.M.A.R.T Status Tool – This feature proactively monitors the SSD’s S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) attributes and warn the user of any pending failures which would indicate that the user’s SSD drive may be failing and should be backed up or replaced.  Even includes the ability for the user to perform the manufacturer’s built-in diagnostic self-tests on their SSD. * Secure Drive Wipe – This handy feature allows the user to securely delete the entire contents of the drive returning the drive to its original unformatted RAW state.  This permanent deletion is great for removing all traces of data when retiring or selling a used SSD, removing all traces of a virus, or installing a new operating system. * Write Cache Management – This unique function allows the user to manage the write caching on their SSD, the operating system, or both.  This gives the user full control over whether to enable write caching for maximum performance or selectively disable write caching for maximum data security in the event of a system power failure or Windows fatal error. "Computers users now overwhelmingly prefer SSD drives to standard HDD drives (HDDs) because they boot rapidly, launch applications instantaneously and generally provide snappier performance," said David Zimmerman, president, LC Technology. "However, SSD storage space and lifespans are inferior to HDDs, so our goal with Solid State Doctor and this update in particular is to help consumer get the most out of their SSD and prevent data loss." LC Technology International, Inc. is a global leader in data recovery whose mission is designed to help clients resolve catastrophic problems.  LC Technology International maintains the highest quality standards with award winning customer service and support as noted by the many awards and articles in the media. LC Technology International, Inc 29750 US Hwy 19N  Suite 310 Clearwater, FL 33761 866.603.2195 GPSengine partners up with Jointech 2017-03-27T02:04:23Z gpsengine-partners-up-with-jointech GPSengine a leading hosted platform service provider in GNSS, Telematics, IoT and Tracking announced today that Jointech is an official Platform Connect partner. With support built into Platform Connect for Jointech's tracking devices, customers have the opportunity to take advantage of these combined offerings to meet their fleet tracking solution needs. With a focus on personal tracking, vehicle and fleet tracking, combined with almost nine years of research, design and tracking device manufacturer, Jointech have a device for a majority of customer and industry needs. About Platform Connect Platform Connect is a hosted platform service that receives, processes and stores information from GNSS, IoT’s, devices, sensors, applications and third party services. About GPSengine Based in Brisbane, Australia, GPSengine specialises in tracking, GNSS, and IoT platforms.  Recognised globally for innovation and quality, the GPSengine platforms are the result of more than 10 years working in the telematics space. With platforms catering to enterprise, GNSS, fleets, tracking, business, consumer, IoT and with support for an easy-to-skin, customisable white label solution, coupled with an extensive and growing range of supported devices, GPSengine caters to a growing global market. About Jointech Shenzhen Joint Technology was established in 2006, focusing on vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, and cargo and container tracking.  With a strong R&D team delivering unique products and with partnerships in over 55 countries and regions, Jointech have the engineering and production capabilities needed for large scale tracking and fleet requirements. Fusion5 Awarded Netsuite's ‘Partner Of Excellence' For 2016 2017-03-27T00:13:56Z fusion5-awarded-netsuite-s-partner-of-excellence-for-2016 Following another year of significant growth for Fusion5’s NetSuite business in both Australia and New Zealand, the business solutions company was delighted to receive NetSuite’s Partner of Excellence award for 2016. Regarded as the #1 cloud business management suite, NetSuite is used by over 40,000 customers globally. Fusion5 is the largest, most experienced 5 Star NetSuite partner across Australia and New Zealand, as well as being a top Presidential partner and leader for successful enterprise implementations and support services.   The NetSuite Partner of Excellence Award recognises Fusion5 as a solution provider who demonstrated excellence and alignment across all aspects of their partnership. These include (but are not limited to) investment into partner programmes, headcount growth, acquisition to accelerate growth, certification growth, and account management practice. During last year, Fusion5 also invested in regular business alignment, business reviews and business engagement, which not only delivered results for 2016, but also set up Fusion5 for accelerated growth into the future. Fusion5’s Chief Executive, Rebecca Tohill, says, “NetSuite is a major part of our business and we enjoy working with the NetSuite organisation. Their solutions are a great fit for local and multinational organisations and deliver exceptional value for money.  We see opportunities to double the size of our NetSuite revenues over the next two years.”   Grant Robertson, Fusion5’s Director for NetSuite APAC, was pleased to accept the award at the NetSuite Partner Kickoff in Sydney. He commented, “We take our NetSuite partnership very seriously and understand that our full commitment not only benefits Fusion5, but more importantly our customers, who understand we are striving to do the right thing by them. The support we receive from the NetSuite Channel is second to none, and we would like to take the opportunity to thank them for this.” Fusion5 finished in NetSuite’s top 5 for sales worldwide in 2016 and had a record-breaking year in terms of new customers, contracts and annual committed revenue. For the third year in a row Fusion5 has been confirmed as a NetSuite 5 Star partner and is looking forward to another year of exponential growth. Fusion5 is a business solutions company delivering world-class solutions across the key functional areas of organisations including Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience, HR / Payroll and IT Service Management. They also develop best of breed solutions across a range of key industries. Fusion5 has nine offices in Australia and New Zealand, and their key partners include Oracle, Microsoft, Aptean and Ivanti Software. To find out more please go to .   Safe E-Commerce payment options available through Incredo Solutions 2017-03-24T05:32:08Z safe-e-commerce-payment-options-available-through-incredo-solutions Incredo Solutions is a company that provides their clients software solutions to solve business problems. Procuring an e-commerce payment provider is one of the most important decisions any business would have to make. Incredo Solutions makes it easier for these businesses by providing them safe and trustworthy payment solutions they can rely on.   While choosing a good payment provider businesses would consider how much they charge, how reliable they are, their reporting procedure, ease of use, support, availability in the markets of operation and compatibility with the e-commerce platform used by the company. Incredo Solutions offers their clients a choice of payment providers. The options made available to them include Stripe and Paypal.   Founded in 2010 as a start-up company, Stripe is now one of the largest and popular online payment providers that accept payments online for businesses. Equipped with machine-based fraud detection system, Stripe also enables integration of payments into the company’s website to accept credit card payments from customers. Stripe is currently available to merchants in over 30 countries and is constantly expanding its reach.   Stripe offers a wide range of options for merchants, which include managing coupon codes, issuing free trials and charging on subscription-based products. Besides this, they also deliver informative reports and include integrations with accounting software. They offer a dependable framework for those who want to adjust the system to fit their needs, making it possible to integrate it with the client’s e-commerce site. Stripe has a fixed pricing model, for every transaction the client will be charged 2.9per cent plus $0.30. If the client sells more than $80,000 a month or makes more than 10,000 transactions they are entitled to lower rates.   Paypal is the world’s most widely used payment platform today. It is highly respected for the protection is offers to both merchants and customers. Paypal is available in over 200 markets around the world and it allows payment in over 100 different currencies. Paypal allows customers to pay in a number of ways from credit card to e-cheques. It also allows payments from customers while concealing their financial details from the company that is receiving the payment.   Paypal is widely accepted due to its level of security and customer protection. It is excellent as a secondary method of payment making it perfect for brand new e-commerce business looking for a payment gateway for accepting online payments. The transaction fees is calculated according to the revenue generated. For example, companies that make $0-$3,000, would pay 2.9 per cent plus $0.30 per transaction. Companies earning $10,000 and more would pay 2.2% per cent plus $0.30 per transaction. However, those companies that earn more than $100,000 have the privilege to ask for special pricing.   Incredo Solutions can be contacted for any queries and advice concerning choosing the right e-commerce payment provider. Those interested may call 1300 356 750 or send an email to   To have access to the Guide to E-Commerce Payment Providers:   Hello Social founder launches new social media tool Rivuu 2017-03-23T23:29:48Z hello-social-founder-launches-new-social-media-tool-rivuu A new social media content approval and scheduling software, Rivuu, is helping marketers reduce the time spent working on social media by streamlining the workflow for faster turnaround times and some of Australia’s largest agencies and brands are already using it. Rivuu enables marketers to reduce the time spent using social media without compromising results. It has already seen over 1000 users sign up since its launch and boasts a client list that includes the likes of Mazda, Ogilvy, Carlsberg, World Vision, Brut, Leo Burnett and jewellery brand Pandora. Launched in January this year, Rivuu was founded by Max Doyle, who is also managing director of Sydney based social media agency, Hello Social,. The technology was launched after Max and his team of 16 were experiencing the bottleneck that many companies struggle with when it comes to getting social media content approved and scheduled. “We realised at Hello Social there were just too many people and tools involved in the content creation, approval and scheduling process. We thought if we could have the whole process in one tool it would significantly improve productivity. So, we created a platform that brings copywriters, graphic designers, community managers and clients/managers all together, making it possible to approve and schedule content with one click,” says Max. Once content is created and approved, Rivuu ensures users schedule it on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram at the optimum time for maximum reach and engagement. Rivuu analyses the best time of day and the day of the week to find the optimal time to schedule each post. “We wanted to make the functionality of the user experience as intuitive as possible. All content can be viewed on one calendar and sorted by platform, category and schedule stats. The customisable workflow means users can also adjust their content approval process to fit any team structure, adding as many approval rounds as they need.” Social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for marketers to grow their businesses. A significant 63% of marketers use social media for 6 hours or more a week and 39% for 11 or more weekly, according to Social Media Examiner[1]. “We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients who all say they’ve noticed a considerable reduction in the time it takes get content approved and scheduled.” Rivuu is now looking to expand with Max heading to the US this month to meet with investors. “We’ve been in talks with several VCs who’ve expressed interest and have already received a series A funding offer,” says Max. [1] Precision Farming Software Market worth 1,188.7 Million USD by 2022 2017-03-23T10:09:54Z precision-farming-software-market-worth-1-188-7-million-usd-by-2022 The report "Precision Farming Software Market by Delivery Model (Local/web-based, Cloud-Based, SaaS, PaaS), Application (Yield Monitoring, Field Mapping, Crop Scouting, Weather Tracking & Forecasting), Service Provider, and Geography - Global Forecast to 2022", The precision farming software market is expected to grow from USD 463.8 Million in 2015 and is expected to reach USD 1,188.7 Million by 2022, at a CAGR of 14.03% between 2016 and 2022. The increasing need for data management through cloud computing and the government’s support for modern agricultural techniques are some of the significant drivers for the growth of the precision farming software market. Browse 66 market data tables and 67 figures spread through 195 pages and in-depth TOC on “Precision Farming Software Market - Global Forecast to 2022" Download PDF Brochure @ Early buyers will receive 10% customization on this report. “Local/web-based delivery model is expected to lead the precision farming software market” The local/web-based software delivery model is expected to hold the largest share of the precision farming software market between 2016 and 2022. These software are being created in programming languages which are browser supported. Web-based software is popular because they are easy to maintain and update. This software helps in storing data on secure, updated enterprise class servers. The web-based precision farming software held the larger share compared to cloud-based software in 2016. “Precision farming software market for weather tracking and forecasting expected to grow at the highest rate between 2016 and 2022” Weather tracking and forecasting is one of the important parameters in precision farming software, as this application facilitates up-to-date information on prevailing climatic conditions, such as temperature, rain, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, and so on. The software part of weather tracking includes desktop weather software for different weather applications and add-on software modules. Weather tracking helps in taking decisions before severe and potentially dangerous conditions occur, thereby protecting a farmer’s family or business. “Americas held the largest share of the precision farming software market in 2015” The Americas held the largest share of the precision farming software market in 2015. The factor for this growth is increased industrialization of farming equipment with the need for improved efficiency and productivity to meet the global demand for food. Efficient farming requirements, high production accuracy, increased use of farm management software, mobile applications, data analytics services, and cloud services are some of the factors for the growth of the precision farming software market in the Americas region. Request Sample @ Some of the major players in the precision farming market are Deere & Company (U.S.), Trimble, Inc. (U.S.), Raven Industries Inc. (U.S.), AgJunction, Inc. (U.S.), and AGCO Corporation (U.S.) among others. Some of the major start-ups in the market which were established after 2010 are Farmeron, Inc. (U.S.), Airinov (France), Microdrones GmbH (Germany), OnFarm Systems (U.S.), and PrecisionHawk (U.S.) among others. About MarketsandMarkets MarketsandMarkets provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies’ revenues. Currently servicing 5000 customers worldwide including 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies as clients. Almost 75,000 top officers across eight industries worldwide approach MarketsandMarkets for their painpoints around revenues decisions.  Our 850 fulltime analyst and SMEs at MarketsandMarkets are tracking global high growth markets following the "Growth Engagement Model – GEM". The GEM aims at proactive collaboration with the clients to identify new opportunities, identify most important customers, write "Attack, avoid and defend" strategies, identify sources of incremental revenues for both the company and its competitors. MarketsandMarkets now coming up with 1,500 MicroQuadrants (Positioning top players across leaders, emerging companies, innovators, strategic players) annually in high growth emerging segments. MarketsandMarkets is determined to benefit more than 10,000 companies this year for their revenue planning and help them take their innovations/disruptions early to the market by providing them research ahead of the curve.  MarketsandMarkets’s flagship competitive intelligence and market research platform, "RT" connects over 200,000 markets and entire value chains for deeper understanding of the unmet insights along with market sizing and forecasts of niche markets.  Contact:Mr. Rohan MarketsandMarkets  701 Pike Street Suite 2175, Seattle, WA 98101, United States Tel : 1-888-600-6441Email: Pharmacovigilance Software Market By Functionality, By Delivery Mode, By End-Use and Segment Forecasts to 2022 2017-03-23T09:01:06Z pharmacovigilance-software-market-by-functionality-by-delivery-mode-by-end-use-and-segment-forecasts-to-2022 Research Beam has added a report, titled, “United States Pharmacovigilance Software Market Research Report 2017” The report provides a detailed information and analysis of production, revenue, drivers & opportunities, key manufacturers, and competitive landscape. Furthermore, current market trends and growth opportunities are discussed along with extensive analysis of each segment for the historic period, 2012–2017 and the forecast period, 2017-2022. The report provides insights on manufacturing cost structure, marketing channels, marketing channels, and distributors & traders analysis. This study is helpful for market players, investors, and shareholders acquire thorough information and statistics to make better decisions for the future. Sample Report Of Pharmacovigilance Software Industry@ An overview of the United States Pharmacovigilance Software market is offered on the basis of product overview and detailed segmentation of the industry. The research provides market segmentation based on types, applications, and geography. Each type of Pharmacovigilance Software is analyzed with insights on production and production market share for 2016 along with key manufacturers for each type enlisted using a tabular representation. Furthermore, consumption market share for each application is offered in the research for 2016 in a tabular format. Regional analysis is discussed in terms of current market status and growth prospects for the period, 2012–2022 Market competition on the basis of manufacturers is discussed in the research along with insights on production, revenue, production market share, and revenue market share for 2016 and 2017. Moreover, significant information on manufacturing base distribution, product type, and sales area of each manufacturer are also covered. Comprehensive information on competitive situation and trends are provided based on market share of top three & top six manufacturers, market concentration rate, and strategies such as mergers & acquisition, expansion, partnerships, and others adopted by them for business growth. Enquire About Report @ The research provides an extensive analysis of key manufactures operating in the United States Pharmacovigilance Software market. Key manufacturers analyzed in the study are  MasterCard International, Visa, American Express, Boku, Fortumo, PayPal, Bharti Airtel,  Vodafone, AT & T Inc., Google, Apple, Microsoft Corporation & others. Production, revenue, average price of products, and gross margin for 2016 and 2017 are discussed in a tabular format. Detailed analysis of type, application, and specifications of products of manufacturers are provided along with an overview of business. This information assists industry players in determining competitive intensity and helps investors in determining investment pockets to gain maximum returns. Manufacturing cost analysis is offered in the research based on manufacturing cost structure, raw material analysis, and manufacturing process analysis. A table offers an extensive analysis production base and market concentration rate of raw materials, whereas a figure provides insights on price trends. Key suppliers of raw materials are enlisted in a tabular format. Figure illustrates manufacturing cost structure and manufacturing process analysis. The industrial chain structure is highlighted based on upstream raw material sources, downstream buyers, and sourcing strategies along with tables to provide thorough understanding. Raw materials sources of major manufacturers of Pharmacovigilance Software and distributors & traders are enlisted in a tabular format. Marketing strategies are discussed in the study based on marketing channels and market positioning. Insights on technological progress, changing consumer needs, and environmental change are offered to provide market effect factors analysis. Production, revenue, and consumption analysis based on each segment of the industry for the forecast period. Research findings and conclusions are mentioned at the end of the research.  Ask For Discount @   Table of Contents Split by product types, with sales, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of each type, can be divided into     Proximity Payments     Remote Payments Split by applications, this report focuses on sales, market share and growth rate of  Pharmacovigilance Software in each application, can be divided into     Hospitality     Tourism Sector     Entertainment     Retail Sector     Health Care Sector     It And Telecommunication     Education     Others   Table Of Contents United States Pharmacovigilance Software Market Research Report 2017 1 Pharmacovigilance Software Market Overview 1.1 Product Overview and Scope of Pharmacovigilance Software 1.2 Pharmacovigilance Software Segment by Type 1.3 Pharmacovigilance Software Segment by Application 1.4 Pharmacovigilance Software Market by Region 1.5 United States Market Size (Value) of Pharmacovigilance Software (2012-2021)   2 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Market Competition by Manufacturers 2.1 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Production and Share by Manufacturers (2016 and 2017) 2.2 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Revenue and Share by Manufacturers (2016 and 2017) 2.3 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Average Price by Manufacturers (2016 and 2017) 2.4 Manufacturers Pharmacovigilance Software Manufacturing Base Distribution, Sales Area and Product Type 2.5 Pharmacovigilance Software Market Competitive Situation and Trends   3 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Revenue (Value) by Region (2012-2017) 3.1 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Production and Market Share by Region (2012-2017) 3.2 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Revenue (Value) and Market Share by Region (2012-2017) 3.3 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2012-2017) 3.4 North America Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2012-2017) 3.5 Europe Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2012-2017) 3.6 China Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2012-2017) 3.7 Japan Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2012-2017) 3.8 Southeast Asia Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2012-2017) 3.9 India Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2012-2017)   4 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by Regions (2012-2017) 4.1 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Consumption by Regions (2012-2017) 4.2 North America Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Consumption, Export, Import by Regions (2012-2017) 4.3 Europe Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Consumption, Export, Import by Regions (2012-2017) 4.4 China Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Consumption, Export, Import by Regions (2012-2017) 4.5 Japan Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Consumption, Export, Import by Regions (2012-2017) 4.6 Southeast Asia Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Consumption, Export, Import by Regions (2012-2017) 4.7 India Pharmacovigilance Software Production, Consumption, Export, Import by Regions (2012-2017)   5 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Sales (Volume) by Application (2012-2017) 5.1 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Sales and Market Share by Application (2012-2017) 5.2 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Sales Growth Rate by Application (2012-2017)   5.3 Market Drivers and Opportunities     MasterCard International     Visa     American Express     Boku     Fortumo     PayPal     Bharti Airtel     Vodafone     AT & T Inc.     Google     Apple     Microsoft Corporation   6 United States Pharmacovigilance Software Manufacturers Profiles Analysis   Read Complete TOC @ About With the arsenal of different search reports, Research Beam helps you here to look and buy research reports that will be helpful to you and your organization. Our research reports have the capability and authenticity to support your organization for growth and consistency. With the window of opportunity getting open and shut at a speed of light, it has become very important to survive in the market and only the fittest and competent enough can do so. So, we try and provide with latest changes in the market that can suit your needs and help you take decision accordingly.   Contact Us: 5933 NE Win Sivers Drive, #205, Portland, OR 97220 U.S. & Canada Toll Free: + 1-800-910-6452 UK: + 44-845-528-1300, India: +91 20 66346070 Fax: +1 (855) 550-5975 Email:         Jamf Prepared with Pre Zero-day Support for All Apple Spring 2017 Releases 2017-03-23T04:12:04Z jamf-customers-can-upgrade-with-confidence-when-the-latest-apple-operating-systems-for-ios-10-3-macos-10-12-4-and-tvos-10-2-become-available Sydney  – March 23, 2017 – Jamf,  the leader in Apple device management, announced support for the upcoming Apple releases of iOS, macOS and tvOS. When customers upgrade their iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV, IT administrators using Jamf Pro ( (formerly Casper Suite) or Jamf Now ( (formerly Bushel) can be confident their management workflows will be uninterrupted. Committed to helping organisations succeed with Apple, Jamf has offered zero-day support for all Apple releases for over a decade, ensuring customers can take advantage of new Apple technology as it becomes available.Jamf Pro Supports Operating Systems’ New Functionality In addition to version compatibility, Jamf Pro, a solution designed specifically for professional Apple administrators, supports the new functionality launched for macOS, iOS and tvOS. This includes new security capabilities and configuration management for devices, additional managed restrictions, a new version of Apple's Classroom app, making it easier to set up ad-hoc classrooms, and substantial new device management capabilities for Apple TV, including zero-touch setup, configuration and app distribution.Apple TV With New Management Capabilities Will Transform Experiences “For the first time, businesses and schools can set up and manage Apple TV just like they do iPhone or iPad, which means they can not only mass deploy Apple TV with ease, but create a seamless and interconnected experience between Apple devices,” said Dave Alampi, vice president of product management and marketing, Jamf. “And, the desire to make Apple TV management more turnkey is there. In a recent survey of 959 IT admins on Jamf Nation, 97 percent reported Apple TV devices in their environment, with 35 percent saying they have 50-plus TVs. When asked about Apple TV growth, 44 percent of respondents are planning to add more Apple TV devices in the next year.” "We imagined teachers being able to display any historic picture, map or other educational content on a classroom display with the simple command of their voice," said Blair Anderson, technology manager, Shawnee Heights School District in Tecumseh Kansas. "That's why we deployed fourth generation Apple TV devices to every classroom and conference room in the district. Being able to use Jamf Pro to manage our entire ecosystem of Apple products, including Mac, iPad and Apple TV, lets us transform, yet supervise, the total learning experience for students and help improve teacher effectiveness." "As usual, Apple's new functionality for iOS, macOS and tvOS coupled with Jamf's zero-day support will help organizations empower people with technology that puts the user first," said Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf. "Specifically, the new management support for Apple TV opens up tremendous potential for transformation in education, healthcare, hospitality and boardrooms around the world. We have only seen the beginning of what life looks like in a world of network connected things. I look forward to the automation we can help organisations achieve by supporting future Apple innovations the day they become available.”About Jamf Since 2002, Jamf has been solely focused on helping organisations succeed with Apple. Jamf is committed to enabling IT to empower end users and bring the legendary Apple experience to businesses, education and government organisations via its Jamf Pro and Jamf Now produces, and the 42,000+ member Jamf Nation Community ( Today, more than 10,000 global customers rely on Jamf to manage 7 million Apple devices. To learn more, visit: GPSengine and Oner partner together to deliver tracking solution 2017-03-23T01:39:51Z gpsengine-and-oner-partner-together-to-deliver-tracking-solution Oner Electronics Technology, a market leading GPS device manufacturer, and GPSengine, an industry leading hosted platform service provider in GNSS, Telematics, IoT and Tracking, today announce a partnership bringing support for Oner's extensive device range to GPSengine’s hosted Platform Connect service. The addition of the hardware tracking device offerings, and distribution capabilities that Oner provides, presents real value to customers seeking to leverage GPSengine’s Platform Connect service with devices from Oner. About Platform Connect Platform Connect is a hosted platform service that receives, processes and stores information from GNSS, IoT’s, devices, sensors, applications and third party services. About GPSengine Based in Brisbane, Australia, GPSengine specialises in tracking, GNSS, and IoT platforms.  Recognised globally for innovation and quality, the GPSengine platforms are the result of more than 10 years working in the telematics space. With platforms catering to enterprise, GNSS, fleets, tracking, business, consumer, IoT and with support for an easy-to-skin, customisable white label solution, coupled with an extensive and growing range of supported devices, GPSengine caters to a growing global market. About Oner Electronics Technology Founded in 2005 and based in Guangzhou, China, Oner is a leading GPS real time tracking solutions provider, focusing on enterprise information and the integration of GPS and wireless mobile communication (GSM / GPRS). Game-changing fin-tech Investfit uses predictive analytics to power financial advice and turbocharge retirement savings 2017-03-23T00:08:20Z game-changing-fin-tech-investfit-uses-predictive-analytics-to-power-financial-advice-and-turbocharge-retirement-savings MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release   Game-changing fin-tech Investfit uses predictive analytics to power financial advice and turbocharge retirement savings Backed by international VC firm Sapien Ventures   Left to right: Investfit founders James Claridge, Gavin Daw and Ed de Salis   Sydney: A new online application for financial planners and advisors has been launched into the Australian market, which can provide clients with a material uplift in retirement savings – potentially in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.   Investfit uses sophisticated predictive analytics to maximise financial goals, such as retirement income, by simulating a person’s financial future using technology that crunches billions of calculations in real time.   VC firm Sapien Ventures, spanning Silicon Valley, Australia and Asia, led a $1.5 million Series A funding round to back the company. Investfit now plans to build sizeable market share across Australia and expand into the Asia and US. Through Sapien’s connections, Investfit will be used by BMY Group, the leading Asian financial services group servicing the Chinese speaking Australian segment.   It’s the first time such powerful computing has been made available to advisers, planners and fund members.  Using an individual’s profile and their investment goals, the mathematical algorithms within Investfit optimise financial outcomes and identify the best investment strategies. Investfit can simulate thousands of different investment strategies and identify the one that maximises retirement goals given the client’s circumstances. For planners and advisors, it eliminates guesswork and time spent para-planning.   After one year piloting a corporate version of the technology with AMP, founders Ed de Salis, James Claridge and Gavin Daw realised it could be applied to benefit individuals – with the potential of huge benefits to pre- and post-retirement goals.   “While automation in the industry is reducing costs and digital tools such as robo-advisers can invest our money cheaply online or generate an SoA, automation itself doesn’t materially benefit the client – whereas better quality advice does,” said de Salis.   “A client is more likely to have a positive experience with their adviser if they can be more confident of leading a better lifestyle after the advice.   “Many Australians will run out of money early in their retirement. Because they have the wrong strategy in place (super or non-super) they will leave money on the table and run out of funds much earlier.   “Investfit solves this problem through technology that helps advisers and their clients make better informed decisions along the way. For those who don’t currently use an adviser, Investfit can show the very real benefits of getting advice,” he said.   Mortgage Choice Financial Planning is the first dealer group in Australia to license the software.   CEO John Flavel said that “outcomes-based” advice was the way the industry needed to head.   “Investfit’s technology gives our advisers the holy grail of tools to help them give advice that maximises outcomes for our clients,” he said.   “Key to a profitable advice practice is lowering the cost of client acquisition and advice delivery, and Investfit achieves that in spades. Ultimately it’s about delivering high-quality advice and we can now complete the client fact-find to reporting process in a fraction of the time.”   Fortnum Financial Group is piloting the technology through Priority Advisory Group, an authorised representative of Fortnum. Neil Younger, Fortnum Group CEO said that “Advisers need tools that enable advice quality supporting outcomes for clients and add efficiency to the advice process. This could deliver a big competitive advantage for our authorised representatives.”   Adviser Zvi Teichtahl of Priority Advisory Group said: “Investfit’s optimisation function gives me the analytics to support high-quality advice - with high levels of certainty. We can rigorously model sequencing risk to answer the question of how much a client should allocate to each asset class to maximise retirement goals whilst protecting these goals from excessive market volatility. It is good compliance practice because the tool “risk-profiles” clients based on their tailored objectives, and models a huge number of possible investment strategy alternatives for the client.  It also provides a deeply engaging process that the client can get enormous value from.”   Investfit is also targeting its solution to the industry super funds, who are looking for ways of engaging and retaining members. Because it caters to scaled advice, Investfit can give members access to simple advice, such as: where to put their money, how much to salary sacrifice or what their projected retirement income is going to be. Investfit calculates future eligibility for the age pension and includes this in its calculation of the best retirement income for the client. It also includes all assets of the client and can be used for singles or couples combined.   Founder James Claridge said Investfit overcame the shortcomings of current financial advice, which was normally produced using spreadsheets.   “One of the aims of Investfit is to address technical shortcomings in the industry that arise out of current modelling and calculators that assume fixed investment returns into the future rather than modelling the very real variability that we see in market returns. These spreadsheet models do not provide information about the certainty of a client achieving their retirement goals” he said.   “Traditionally the industry pigeon-holes clients into investment strategies according to “risk buckets” from conservative to aggressive, none of which are necessarily optimal for the client. That’s where processing power comes in. Serious processing grunt is required to crunch the billions of calculations in real time – impossible to do in a spreadsheet.”   Mr de Salis said Investfit had the potential to be a real game changer for the entire financial planning industry.   “Advisers can now provide strategic and investment advice to a prospective client and show the hard dollar value of this advice. For industry funds, it’s about engaging members by delivering high-quality, scaled advice that can be self-directed”.   “It becomes a compelling proposition where advice may add 5 or even 10 years to the life of someone’s investments. The bottom line is, less or zero reliance on the government pension, a far better financial outcome for an individual or couple.” Left to right: Sapien Ventures' Daniel Biondi, Helen Lorigan and Victor Jiang About Investfit Investfit is a cloud-based technology that uses predictive analytics combined with high-speed processing that improves the financial outcomes for individuals and couples for pre- and post-retirement financial goals. It is used by both the advised customer segment through financial advisors and the unadvised customer segment (digital, self-directed customer) through banks and non-bank financial institutions. It is also used to generate customer leads from within their current customer books. A key innovation is the processing power it puts at the fingertips of users that allows the algorithms to complete in real time versus an excel spreadsheet that would take days to complete. It results in optimised asset allocations materially improving the financial outcomes for most people and the certainty of these outcomes.”     Photos   _RIC027620151016.jpg Left to right: Investfit founders James Claridge, Gavin Daw and Ed de Salis _RIC004220151016.jpg Left to right: Sapien Ventures' Daniel Biondi, Helen Lorigan and Victor Jiang _RIC007620151016.jpg Investfit co-founder Gavin Daw, Sapien Ventures' Victor Jiang, Sapien's Helen Lorigan, Investfit co-founder James Claridge (purple shirt), Sapien's Daniel Biondiand, and Invetfit co-founder Ed de Salis (front right).   For more information, contact:   Ben Grubb Media and Capital Partners Mobile: 0414 197 508 Email:   Justin Kelly Media and Capital Partners Mobile: 0408 215 858 Email: Dragontail expands customer base adding US frozen yoghurt brand 16 Handles Franchisee NYC-FROYO 2017-03-22T15:45:55Z dragontail-expands-customer-base-adding-us-frozen-yogurt-brand-16-handles-franchisee-nyc-froyo Highlights - Dragontail Systems signs agreement with New York-based NYC-FROYO, a Franchisee of 16 Handles, a Popular Frozen Yoghurt Chain in the United States, to trial the Algo System in one of its New York stores for three months - Deal represents the first time the Algo System will be used to optimise frozen yoghurt and ice cream delivery, opening a new and growing market for the Company - Dragontail continues to grow into new verticals and more diverse food and beverage categories across the Quick Service Restaurant industry - Initial pilot phase will potentially be followed by a roll-out to the remaining 3 NYC-FROYO New York city locations with a larger vision of a full roll out to the remaining stores owned by 16 Handles Dragontail Systems Limited (ASX: DTS, the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with US-based Franchisee NYC-FROYO a  frozen yoghurt, ice-cream and smoothie chain, under the brand of 16 Handles, to trial the Algo System across one of its New York stores. This is the first time that the Algo System will be used in a frozen yoghurt or ice-cream outlet and demonstrates the capabilities of the system to be applied across a growing range of Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segments. The pilot trial commenced on 15 March, 2017, at no cost to NYC-FROYO, and will run for three months. Following the successful completion of the pilot phase, the system would be potentially installed across other NYC-FROYO, 16 Handles locations.  The Algo System is designed to streamline and optimise the operations of QSR businesses – from ordering through to food preparation and delivery. Efficiency and speed are particularly important to QSR businesses that produce food with a very short shelf life.  In addition to the Algo System, 16 Handles will also utilise Dragontail’s Smart Orders Aggregator, which consolidates all orders from third parties and channels then into the Algo System. This allows all orders to be managed and optimised from a single platform.  The expansion into the frozen yoghurt and ice-cream segment presents a new market opportunity for Dragontail to further grow the reach of the Algo System into what is a fast-developing market. The Frozen Yoghurt market has experienced rapid growth over recent years with an annual growth rate of 11.6% between 2011 and 2016 and generating annual revenue of US$2 billion[1]. Frozen Yoghurt chains dominate this market with the top 10 frozen yoghurt chains accounting for more than 4,335 stores across the globe in 2016[2]. This provides Dragontail with an opportunity to rapidly increase the rollout of the Algo across the segment by pursuing agreements with global franchises.  The ice-cream segment is more established in the US with annual revenues in excess of US$5 billion across almost 10,000 businesses[3]. “We are receiving growing interest from a wider range of QSR segments as more potential clients are catching on to the benefits that the Algo System can bring to their businesses. This is the first time that the Algo System is being used within an ice cream or frozen yoghurt store and we expect to see further interest from potential customers in this segment,” said Dragontail’s Managing Director, Ido Levanon. “The only thing worse than cold pizza is warm yoghurt or melted ice-cream; and with the help of the Algo System, QSR operators will be able to deliver their product in a time frame that will ensure the best food presentation and customer satisfaction.” 16 Handles Franchisee Director of Operations, Christopher Ballerini added, “When it comes to delivering frozen yoghurt, every second counts and we have not seen anything like the Algo System for increasing the efficiency of our production and delivery operation, enabling us to reach a whole new group of customers.” Company Secretary: Deborah 8 6211 5099  Media Enquiries: Ben GrubbMedia and Capital 414 197 508  About Dragontail Systems Dragontail is revolutionising the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry with its Algo System, which uses a sophisticated patented algorithm to optimise and manage the entire food preparation process from order to delivery. The Algo is the first system in the world to fully automate and streamline the kitchen flow to deliver immediate and significant returns on investment to fast food and quick service restaurants. The Algo is setting a new standard for the global industry with a number of chains, such as Pizza Hut in North America and Israel, and a large Israeli burger chain already using the system.  [1] [2] [3] Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) International and China Market Analysis 2017-03-22T06:28:49Z application-lifecycle-management-alm-international-and-china-market-analysis The Global Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Industry Report 2016 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) industry. The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions and classifications. The Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) market analysis is provided for the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status. Sample Report Available @ Development policies and plans are discussed as well as cost structures are also analyzed. The report focuses on global major leading industry players providing information such as company profiles, product specification, price, cost, production value and contact information. With 213 tables and figures the report provides key statistics on the state of the industry and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.   Ask For Discount @ Table of Contents   1 Industry Overview       1 1.1 Basic Information of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)          1 1.1.1 Definition of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)        1 1.1.2 Classifications of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)                2 1.1.3 Applications of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)   3 1.1.4 Characteristics of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)              4 1.2 Development Overview of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)               5 1.3 Enter Barriers Analysis of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)  5   2 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) International and China Market Analysis    6 2.1 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Industry International Market Analysis       6 2.1.1 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) International Market Development History          6 2.1.2 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Competitive Landscape Analysis 7 2.1.3 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) International Main Countries Development Status            8 2.1.4 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) International Market Development Trend             9 2.2 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Industry China Market Analysis      9 2.2.1 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) China Market Development History         10 2.2.2 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Competitive Landscape Analysis 10 2.2.3 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) China Main Regions Development Status               11 2.2.4 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) China Market Development Trend            11 2.3 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) International and China Market Comparison Analysis           12   3 Environment Analysis of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)     15 3.1 International Economy Analysis          15 3.2 China Economy Analysis         18 3.3 Policy Analysis of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)  25 3.4 News Analysis of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)  26   4 Analysis of Revenue by Classifications               28 4.1 Global Revenue of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) by Classifications 2011-2016       28 4.2 Global Revenue Growth Rate of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) by Classifications 2011-2016            31 4.3 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Revenue by Classifications               32   5 Analysis of Revenue by Regions and Applications        33 5.1 Global Revenue of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) by Regions 2011-2016   33 5.2 2011-2016 USA Revenue and Revenue Growth Rate of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)       37 5.3 2011-2016 Europe Revenue and Revenue Growth Rate of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 37 5.4 2011-2016 Japan Revenue and Revenue Growth Rate of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)    38 5.5 2011-2016 China Revenue and Revenue Growth Rate of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)    39   6 Analysis of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Revenue Market Status 2011-2016          41 6.1 Revenue of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 2011-2016        41 6.2 Revenue Market Share Analysis of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 2011-2016          42 6.3 Revenue Overview of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 2011-2016   47 6.4 Gross Margin of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 2011-2016               49   7 Analysis of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Industry Key Players      58 7.1 HP   58 7.1.1 Company Profile    58 7.1.2 Product Profile       58 7.1.3 Revenue and Gross Margin              61 7.1.4 HP SWOT Analysis 62 7.2 Atlassian       63 7.2.1 Company Profile    63 7.2.2 Product Profile       64 7.2.3 Revenue and Gross Margin              66 7.2.4 Atlassian SWOT Analysis     68 7.3 Techexcel     68 7.3.1 Company Profile    68 7.3.2 Product Profile       69 7.3.3 Revenue and Gross Margin              70 7.3.4 Techexcel SWOT Analysis  71 7.4 IBM 72 7.4.1 Company Profile    72 7.4.2 Product Profile       73 7.4.3 Revenue and Gross Margin              75 7.4.4 IBM SWOT Analysis              76 7.5 Microsoft     76 7.5.1 Company Profile    76 7.5.2 Product Profile       78 7.5.3 Revenue and Gross Margin              79 7.5.4 Microsoft SWOT Analysis   81 7.6 Rocket Software       81 7.6.1 Company Profile    81 7.6.2 Product Profile       82 7.6.3 Revenue and Gross Margin              85 7.6.4Rocket Software SWOT Analysis      86 7.7 Enalean         87 7.7.1 Company Profile    87 7.7.2 Product Profile       87 7.7.3 Revenue and Gross Margin              88 7.7.4 Enalean SWOT Analysis       89   8 Sales Price and Gross Margin Analysis                91 8.1 Analysis of Sales Price             91 8.2 Gross Margin Analysis             99   9 Marketing Trader or Distributor Analysis of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)               107 9.1 Marketing Channels Status of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)         107 9.2 How Countries Meet Their Needs     108 9.2.1 USA             108 9.2.2 China          109 9.2.3 Japan          109 9.2.4 Germany  109  Read Complete Report With Toc @ Do We Still Need to Go to Work to Get the Job Done? 2017-03-22T02:36:41Z do-we-still-need-to-go-to-work-to-get-the-job-done Polycom commissioned survey finds: Of the countries surveyed, Australia is one of the world’s most flexible countries to work in – 90% of companies offer flexible working benefits More than two-thirds (67%) of Australians have a work-BFF who’s based in a different office Approximately 79% of Australians use video collaboration multiple times a day to stay in touch Globally, 98% of those surveyed believed that anywhere working has a positive impact on productivity Almost two-thirds, (62%) of the global working population take advantage of flexible working practices, rising to 75% for Australians AUSTRALIA, 22 March, 2017 – Polycom, Inc, a global leader in unified communication and collaboration, today announced findings from a new world-wide consumer survey** that explores the future of work and the impact technology is having on both employee behaviour and workplace culture. The Polycom Anywhere Working study challenges the notion of going to work as we know it, with two thirds (62%) of the global population quite literally working from anywhere, increasing to 75% for Australia. Of the countries surveyed, Australia is one of the most flexible countries to work in – 90% of companies offer flexible working benefits. Not only that, thanks to technology, more than two-thirds (67%) of Australians have a work-BFF located in a different office! Capturing insights from more than 25,000 of today’s working population, millennials to baby boomers and more, the findings show that despite generational differences, in some cases, age really is just a number. The survey found three major flexible working trends that were commonly shared across the 12 countries** surveyed: Being able to work from anywhere is believed to boost performance with 98% of all respondents, believing that anywhere working has a positive impact on productivity Almost two thirds (62%) of the global working population are currently taking advantage of flexible working practices Findings also showed that 91% of respondents believe video collaboration helps improve workplace relationships and teamwork These results suggest that flexible workplace success is about providing the right environment that allows individuals and teams to work together productively to deliver great results. Tony Simonsen, Managing Director, Polycom Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) explains, “With the build of high speed broadband networks, technology can now give people the freedom to work the way they want, regardless of where they are. In today’s technology-enabled workplace, flexible working is becoming business-normal; employees expect it and employers need to provide flexible working policies to attract and retain their best talent. “Regardless of whether you are working in Australia or China, a millennial or baby boomer, the findings show that people have the same expectations when it comes to flexible working– they want location liberation, the ability to work and collaborate in a very human way that gets the job done.” Millennials Concerned About Being Recognised as Hard-Working, while Remote Based Workers Use Video Technology to Stay Socially Connected Surprisingly, it was technology-savvy millennials who were most concerned about the correlation between being physically present at work and being recognised as getting the job done. Globally, approximately 62% of millennials (18-30 year olds) were concerned that they would not be perceived as hard-working if they were not in the office. Findings also showed that having face time with colleagues over video helped maintain important social interaction that can sometimes be lacking for remote-based workers. An overwhelming 91% of global respondents said video collaboration helped them get to know their co-workers better. A Deeper Dive into Anywhere Working Habits within Australia More than 2000 respondents from Australia participated in the global study with findings revealing the significant impact that technology is having on anywhere working habits within Australia: Of the countries surveyed, Australia is one of the most flexible countries to work in – 90% of companies offer flexible working benefits and 79% of Australians who use video collaboration multiple times a day to stay in touch More than half of Australians (59%) worry that working anywhere might lead to them working longer hours than if they went in to the office every day Just over one-third (34%) believe they might be overlooked for a promotion if they work remotely More than two-thirds (67%) of Australians have a work-BFF who’s based in a different office To overcome the tyranny of distance, 79% of Australians use video collaboration technology multiple times a week in the workplace to stay in touch. Just over half (51%) of Australians said that using video regularly also influences them to pick up the phone instead of emailing more often. The Future of Work in Australia According to the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia’s (CEDA) recent ‘Future of Work’[1] report, more than 40% today’s jobs will disappear within the next 20 years due to technology advances. The report found that there will be new jobs and industries that emerge but cautioned that if Australia is not investing in the right areas it will get left behind. The report stated that the Australian labour market will be fundamentally reshaped by the scope and breadth of technological change, and if Australia does not embrace massive economic reform and focus on incentivising innovation, it will be left behind in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Commenting on the growth in flexible working within Australia, industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan’s Head of Research, Audrey William said, “Across the region, governments and businesses are creating disruptive change to remain competitive in the digital era. Transformational technologies like mobility, cloud and video collaboration are changing the way we work and live, impacting everything from workspace design, to workflow and office culture. The growth in flexible working and geographically distributed workforces mean that businesses will need to find ways to empower employees with vastly different experiences and relationships with technology, ensuring they can collaborate effectively to get the job done.” ### For more information about the survey results, download our Anywhere Working E-guide or read Polycom’s white paper: “Changing Needs of the Workplace”. About Polycom Inc. Polycom helps organisations unleash the power of human collaboration. More than 400,000 companies and institutions worldwide defy distance with secure video, voice and content solutions from Polycom to increase productivity, speed time to market, provide better customer service, expand education and save lives. Polycom and its global partner ecosystem provide flexible collaboration solutions for any environment that deliver the best user experience, the broadest multi-vendor interoperability and unmatched investment protection. Visit or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more. **About the survey The ‘Guide to Anywhere Working’ survey commissioned by Polycom Inc. was conducted by Morar Consulting. Sample Data collected from 25,234 consumers of 12 countries, which included: United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Germany, Russia, France, Australia and China. 55% of those surveyed had job titles managers or above. 58% of surveyed are responsible for care in some capacity, and 68% surveyed are parents. In September 2016 Polycom announced the completion of its acquisition by affiliates of Siris Capital Group, LLC (“Siris” or “Siris Capital”) in a transaction reflecting an equity value of approximately $2.0 billion in cash. In connection with the closing of the transaction, the company, which continues to operate as Polycom, Inc., is wholly owned by affiliates of Siris Capital. © 2017 Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. POLYCOM®, the Polycom logo, and the names and marks associated with Polycom’s products are trademarks and/or service marks of Polycom, Inc. and are registered and/or common law marks in the United States and various other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. [1] CEDA Future of Work: Buddy Platform Aims to Simplify Smart City Efforts with Next Generation Resource Monitoring Solution 2017-03-21T01:20:37Z buddy-platform-aims-to-simplify-smart-city-efforts-with-next-generation-resource-monitoring-solution-1 March 21, 2017 – SYDNEY Buddy Platform Limited (ASX:BUD) today announced a simple, complete and low cost solution for monitoring the consumption of electricity, gas, water, steam and solar power generation, called Buddy Ohm. The new product helps accurately measure the consumption of these resources in buildings, government facilities, and public infrastructure, helping managers, occupants and citizens get a clearer view of the financial and environmental cost of these facilities. Available today, Buddy Ohm is the first end-to-end system from Buddy Platform designed to help current and future smart city projects get started faster, with the flexibility to integrate a client’s existing and future systems as they come online. The Company is also pleased to announce Buddy Ohm will be launched in Seattle’s famed 5th Avenue Theater – with an auditorium approximately the size of the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, and listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. “The global conversation around energy – how we generate it, how we consume it and how we conserve it – has never been more urgent, nor more relevant,” said David McLauchlan, CEO at Buddy Platform. “Smart cities represent an amazing opportunity to dramatically change how we consume energy, while improving the quality of life for citizens. Improving the efficiency of those underlying systems is the first step for reaching those sustainability goals. I’m incredibly proud of the team and the game-changing product we’ve built, and I’m particularly excited to grow the Ohm product into a central hub connecting smart city-wide infrastructure with the Buddy Platform.” Buddy Ohm, monitoring for smart cities Buddy Ohm is a full monitoring solution comprised of Internet of Things (IoT) class hardware, secure and scalable data infrastructure, an operations portal, engaging occupant facing dashboards, and on-the-go mobile experiences. Leveraging the power of the IoT, Buddy Ohm makes it easy and affordable to extract data from city and building systems in real-time, which is then processed by the Company’s powerful data infrastructure service, The Buddy Platform. By utilising open hardware and software protocols, customers don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in with Ohm, they will always have full access and control of their resource data. Hardware – The Ohm base unit is installed in proximity to meters or sub meters, and utilises industry standard connectors to monitor electricity, solar, water, steam, gas and other natural and built environment elements. Ohm can wirelessly connect to other sensors, allowing for a network of sensors across city and building landscapes. Ohm connects directly to The Buddy Platform via the cellular network, eliminating troublesome Wi-Fi environments and reducing lapses in connectivity. This capability also means Ohm can be deployed in places where connectivity is a challenge. The Buddy Platform – Infinitely flexible, The Buddy Platform connects a constellation of devices to translate raw data into valuable insight. This highly scalable and secure platform is the heart of Buddy Ohm - enabling the processing, streaming and storing of key resource data, with powerful real time capabilities like a rules engine and alerts. Operations Portal – For the first time, building managers and owners have a simple, easy to understand overview of how their facilities are consuming resources (or in the case of solar, generation). This web portal is always accessible, visually clean and immediately understandable without specific knowledge of the system. Dashboards – Data rich, glance-and-go experiences have become part of the modern digital lifestyle, and this should be the case for resource utilisation data as well. Much like an activity tracker, when people have real-time access to data in an easy to understand format, they are more likely to make choices that benefit them and their environment. Buddy Ohm’s modular dashboards are designed to do just that. Mobile – Companion mobile experiences are crucial for monitoring and managing key systems for operators. Real-time push notifications when anomalies are detected, or predetermined thresholds are met means operators can act now, rather than looking backwards at historical events. Mobile can also be impactful for the people using the systems as part of their day-to-day activities. It can incentivise conservation by rewarding and gamifying behavior that will have a positive impact on the bottom line while reducing negative impact on the environment. Hardware, service, maintenance and support are all included in a standard installation for a flat US$1500 a month. This is an enormous cost savings compared to traditional CAPEX-intensive resource monitoring solutions that often run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Customer data is already confirming that Ohm pays for itself within the first year as a result of energy savings realised. “Given the real monetary and environmental benefits of resource monitoring for cities and buildings, these systems should not be reserved for just those with giant budgets,” said Habib Heydarian, Vice President of Product and Engineering, Buddy Platform. “With Buddy Ohm we are truly democratising resource data by utilising IoT class hardware, and leveraging the power of The Buddy Platform. Once operators and occupants have access to this data and the insights it can provide, they can be an active part of the effort to be more efficient.” Smarter buildings, changing behaviourBuddy Ohm was designed to be flexible, measuring electricity from the grid, gas, steam, solar and water across many applications. But Buddy also sees great potential in using the system to make buildings more efficient. Buildings represent the vast majority of resource consumption in cities, so optimising the way they are used can have a big impact on the carbon footprint. While there are a variety of expensive and complex systems available today for managing everything from elevators to HVAC, they are typically siloed and built specifically for the building engineer or operator. Often these expensive systems force operators to optimise their resource consumption using only historical data, which mean critical events that can negatively impact resource consumption are missed. Also, for buildings that lack a traditional building management system (BMS) due to age or budgets, simple and straightforward monitoring using Buddy Ohm can help realise efficiencies and savings they might not otherwise have access to. While these large systems are important, what they lack is an inexpensive, easy to install and intuitive solution for exposing real-time resource data for building occupants. Complex building infrastructure can be optimised to a certain point, but without the participation of the people living and working in these buildings, the next level of savings and conservation may never be reached. Buddy Ohm also provides a complimentary front-end experience for the traditional BMS by providing engaging, modern and modular dashboards that over time help people develop a deeper understanding of the link between their actions and resource conservation. About BuddyBuddy Platform Limited (BUD.ASX) provides highly scalable data aggregation and management infrastructure that helps extract the maximum value from city wide sensor and device data, by connecting systems that were never designed to work together. Services like The Buddy Platform are the backbone of smart city initiatives around the globe, allowing for maximum flexibility and cost savings. The company also offers a complete and low cost solution for facility resource monitoring and verification, called Buddy Ohm which helps turn energy savings into a strategic asset. Buddy Platform is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices in Adelaide, Australia. For more information, visit ###Buddy Platform Contact: Brian Seitz, VP of Marketing and Communications Phone: +1 (206) 745-9079Email: