The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-27T22:31:23Z WA Country Health Service’s Erin Gandy and LGIS WA’s Candy Choo Awarded Scholarship for Aspiring Female Leaders 2017-04-27T22:31:23Z wa-country-health-service-s-erin-gandy-and-lgis-wa-s-candy-choo-awarded-scholarship-for-aspiring-female-leaders WA Country Health Service’s, Erin Gandy and LGIS WA’s Candy Choo have been announced recipients of behind closed doors’ (BCD) coveted Luminaries Scholarship for 2017. Announcing the winner at a networking event for women last night, BCD Founder and Managing Director, Donny Walford, said the 12-month scholarship is awarded to a successful woman seeking access to insights, knowledge, support and high level networks in their journey to Executive and Board positions. “I extend my congratulations to our winners, Erin Gandy and Candy Choo, as well as our worthy runners up, Luisa Wing, CEO at Community West and Sarah Fairweather, Head of HR at Virgin Australia.” Ms Walford said. Erin has been working in the health sector for many years having significantly contributed to the growth and innovation of her organisation. Candy, who started her career as a psychologist, has developed a successful career driving change in the insurance sector. “Both recipients will take every opportunity made available to them through the Luminaries Scholarship.” Ms Walford said. BCD, who offers an annual Luminaries Scholarship, was this year able to provide two fully funded scholarships to aspiring female leaders. The second because of funding received under the Supporting Businesswomen to Success Scholarship provided by the Australian Government. The Office for Women, Women’s Leadership and Development Strategy, provides funding towards promoting and supporting greater representation of Australian women in leadership and decision making roles – BCD has used this grant funding to offer a second Perth Luminaries Scholarship. Ms Gandy, Business Services Consultant - Medical, applied for the Luminaries Scholarship to gain further insight into the skills required to take on an executive role as well as guidance to achieving a Board position. Ms Choo, Manager WorkCare Services, LGIS WA, is looking forward to the valuable networking opportunities with other professional women that the scholarship will offer. “Seeking constructive feedback and solutions from my peers will be invaluable,” Ms Choo said.  The BCD Luminaries Scholarship offers businesswomen aspiring to executive roles the opportunity to further expand their leadership and management skills through a year-long membership to BCD Luminaries, valued at more than $5,500. BCD Luminaries was created in response to an identified need for motivated businesswomen to have a professional sounding board and support network where they can discuss professional and personal issues, challenges and strategies in a totally confidential environment while, at the same time, encouraging each other to extend themselves to achieve and succeed in new environments. Members meet for three hours, ten times a year, for peer to peer mentoring, professional development and networking with like-minded businesswomen. Outside of this further professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities are provided to members amongst the wider BCD community at a national level.  “One of its major aims,” concluded Ms Walford, “is to increase women’s representation on Boards, committees and in executive management roles and BCD has an enviable track record in successfully supporting our members to achieve these types of roles.” Issued by: Penny Reidy, Marketing Manager, Behind Closed Doors on 8333 4303 or 0401 349 791 April 28 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017-04-27T09:43:51Z april-28-is-world-day-for-safety-and-health-at-work The International Labour Organisation’s campaign for the 2017 World Day for Safety and Health at Work focuses on the need to improve reliable HSEQ/OSH data collection for prevention purposes.   The ILO States that that the collection and utilization of reliable OSH data is indispensable for the detection of new hazards and emerging risks, the identification of hazardous sectors, the development of preventive measures, as well as the implementation of policies, systems and programs at international, national and enterprise levels. OSH data provides the basis for setting priorities and measuring progress.   The ILO has provided a Tool Box for the Collection and Use of OSH data. The materials included guidance on a number of areas to be considered for improving national systems of recording and notification, as well as complementary methods for occupational safety and health (OSH) data collection for prevention purposes.   Every day, 6,300 people die as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases.  The International Labour Organization (ILO) has observed the World Day on Safety and Health at Work to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally since 2003.    As stricter legislation is enforced, companies have adopted and implemented their own systems and procedures to assist with providing a safe working environment for their employees.  Senior executives believe that safety is a top priority and companies are much more conscious of their brand and image. They want to be perceived positively by consumers, the media and potential employees.   The way we share safety information has changed. Organisations are shifting towards a paperless work environment. myosh HSEQ Software is cloud based with smart mobile app functionality for simplified data collection, inspection and incident/hazard reporting.   Interactive Dashboards transform HSEQ/OSH data into intelligent visual charts, maps and tables, providing powerful organisational insight.  Team Leaders can instantly access vital data, identify trends, filter, analyse and report for quick action.  Quick and easy data access enables better decisions that achieve real change in safety habits, productivity and performance.   myosh enables a better understanding of workplace safety.  Take a step towards improvement and request a free trial today   References: Is Deadpanning the Next Mannequin Challenge? 2017-04-26T13:06:52Z is-deadpanning-the-next-mannequin-challenge A viral Facebook video of a man bungee jumping, sky diving, and rally car driving has sparked a flurry of social media activity centered around “deadpanning” which involves nothing more than keeping a straight, expressionless face. The video at the centre of it all (, produced by REIZE co-founders Marty Spargo and Steve Macdonald has notched up over 1.5 million views already. Steve explains “The success of the Deadpan Guy videos has far exceeded what we could have expected. People are sending us pictures of themselves deadpanning in day to day life, creating Deadpan Guy memes. It’s gone crazy.” Marty adds “The most amazing thing for me is how overwhelmingly positive the response has been. People who have been hassled about not smiling in photos their whole life are coming out of the woodwork. I guess it’s their time to shine.” The video itself is pretty amazing. It seems impossible to imagine being able to keep a perfectly straight face while bungee jumping. The comments on the video are worth reading in their own right, and this is where the craze was spawned. Viewers were posting photos of themselves and their friends and challenging each other to post the best “Deadpan” shot and it went from there. “What’s so great about Deadpanning is that anyone can do it. It is probably the most accessible viral craze since planking,” Steve said. It appears that REIZE has tapped into a social phenomenon that has everyone talking… but not smiling. Media enquiries including interviews please contact Steve Macdonald (REIZE co-founder) directly on 0497 585 064 or email Notes to Editors About REIZE Energy Drink Co-Founders Marty Spargo and Steve Macdonald Lifelong friends and childhood surfing buddies, Marty is a former Qantas airline pilot and derivatives trader and Steve was an accountant before they left their jobs and redesigned their life, launching an innovative start-up to take on the global brands. Deadpan Guy was scripted and produced by Steve and Marty, with no input from a marketing agency. They have no marketing experience, which is perhaps why it resonates so well with the average person. Facebook: REIZE Energy Drink Instagram @reizeenergydrink Twitter @reizeenergy Snapchat @reizeenergy Youtube REIZE Energy Drink OVER 44,000 ENTIRE HOMES TO BE LISTED ON AIRBNB IN SYDNEY FOLLOWING THE NSW GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE 2017-04-26T06:42:12Z over-44-000-entire-homes-to-be-listed-on-airbnb-in-sydney-following-the-nsw-government-s-response MadeComfy welcomes the announcement by the NSW Government that it supports short-term letting in NSW. It provides a needed clear direction from which home owners and property investors can continue to let their property on platforms such as Airbnb. With 24,000[1] entire home listings on Airbnb at the end of 2016 and a year-on-year growth of 85%[2], MadeComfy expects the growth of Airbnb listings to remain at the current pace for the coming year, which indicates 44,000 entire home Airbnb listings in Sydney by the end of 2017. From the recent NSW Government announcement around short-term rentals, MadeComfy believes that the Airbnb market will not likely to see an influx of owners listing on the booking platform, but rather take confidence they can continue to do so with more clarity around their rights and responsibilities. The assessment also takes into account that of Sydney’s almost 2 million properties, only 1.2% have been listed on Airbnb at some stage, suggesting there is still room for growth, however, represents only a small proportion of Sydney’s rental market[3]. MadeComfy was founded to provide a professional short-term rental management service in Sydney. Demand for MadeComfy’s service arising from home owners and property investors who were both time poor and didn’t have the ability to be available to provide the hospitality guests now expect when booking a property through Airbnb. MadeComfy therefore manages the process of hosting to look after the home and guests, so they can enjoy a hassle-free income. Sabrina Bethunin, co-founder, said “This support by the NSW Government will hopefully result in  short-term rentals being a viable option for every homeowner without fear of legal or financial penalties”. “In addition to that, with the median property price in Sydney having reached over 1 million dollars, households are dedicating an average of 44 per cent of their income to service their mortgages[4]. It means Sydneysiders are considered under ‘mortgage stress’ as they are devoting more than 30 per cent of their income to mortgage repayments. Either by renting a spare room or the whole property when it’s not utilised, for many homeowners, Airbnb and similar platforms provide a means to obtain an income to help cover their mortgage repayments or afford their holidays” she added. Following last week’s announcement MadeComfy also looks forward to partnering with building strata managers to provide the professional support needed to mitigate the concerns voiced by the Owners Corporation Network (OCN). A key concern of the OCN was the harmony of guests and residents within shared building environments. MadeComfy seeks to address these issues through its guest screening process prior to accepting a booking, as well as enforcing strict house rules such as a no party policy and maximum occupant numbers. With these checks in place, MadeComfy’s service is designed to mitigate against any unruly guest behaviour, providing strata managers and residents with confidence short-term rentals will be managed without negative effects in their building. For all parties concerned, MadeComfy views this announcement to be an encouraging step for the regulation of short-term rentals in NSW. It provides a response that supports our own figures, with 70 per cent of MadeComfy’s customers being home owners who use the service to manage their property whilst on holidays. Able to deliver 40 percent more than self-managed Airbnb listings, MadeComfy looks forward to helping home owners, property investors and strata managers alike tap into the short-term rental market to optimise their rental returns and maintain the security of their properties.               For further media information or comment please contact: Tim Medway – PR and Marketing Executive Phone: 0415 202 969    Email: [1] AirDNA data: The number of active entire home listing on Airbnb for the month of Dec 2016. [2] AirDNA data: The growth of active entire home listings on Airbnb between Dec 2015 and Dec 2016. [3] Airbnb and renting in Sydney Report, Tenants Union of NSW, March 2017 [4] CoreLogic Report, 2017 ABOUT MADECOMFY MadeComfy is a short-term property management specialist committed to providing property owners with the highest quality, hassle-free, hosting service in the market.  Based in Birchgrove in Sydney’s Inner West, MadeComfy manages a large, growing number of homes across Sydney, from executive apartments, family homes to luxury properties. MadeComfy provides an end-to-end management service, which means property owners don’t need to do a thing when they hand over their keys. With significant investment into operation systems, owners can rest assured that MadeComfy’s dynamic pricing and centralised booking platforms will provide them with the highest returns and maximised booking occupancy. MadeComfy also ensures that the experience is first-class for guests, providing a welcome pack and house manual at check-in, 5-star linen, 24/7 support to guests and cleaners after every stay. MadeComfy provides the professional help to make the process of hosting effortless whilst property owners earn the rental income. PakTV Introduces a Unique Platform to Watch Pakistani Live Channels 2017-04-26T06:39:04Z paktv-introduces-a-unique-platform-to-watch-pakistani-live-channels The fact cannot be held for denial that technology has introduced people to a new mode of entertainment with all new online television. Technology has revolutionized the way people think and use all sources of communication, and the Internet is one such medium that has bridged the gap between people and their immense need to keep themselves updated. While there are several online pakistani news channels that provided much needed information in form of news or live talk shows on the latest happenings in Pakistan, PakTV is one such unique platform that has changed the overall meaning when it comes to watching Pakistani live channels. This online platform allows one to keep abreast of the recent updates and show them the right way leading to a wealth of information which could be a person’s most admired TV shows and programs, entertainment, current affairs, news, talk shows and so on which one misses being away from home. PakTV has come a long way from where it all began. They have brought live Pakistani TV news channels to people’s reach who remain engaged with their lives. The lack of time does not allow such curious people to be all ears to their favourite talk shows or live channels. They are fully dedicated to serve every individual in the country with the best and latest happenings. Anyone who has a keen interest in keeping an eye on the latest talk shows on social, financial and political affairs in Pakistan would tremendously benefit from PakTV. This is because more and more people (of all age groups) are getting inclined towards in making the most of political discussion. No matter if any individual misses out on the live telecast of any program or any of the informative and interesting talk shows being aired on Pakistani channels, PakTV makes sure that it releases the repeat telecast. This is the one and only genuine platform that respects about its users’ valuable time and allows them to watch the current affairs and political insights. Moreover, an individual can choose from his interested area of topics in the list on PakTV website. PakTV is functional 24*7 so one can make the most of online viewing at any given time. In fact, they welcome their customers to subscribe one time so they can continue showing their keen interest in watching live talk shows. THE MIGRAINE WORLD SUMMIT is Now Live! 2017-04-26T06:04:55Z the-migraine-world-summit-is-now-live Migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world. US studies have revealed that nearly one-in-four households include someone with migraine. In Australia, there are more than three million people with migraine. Yet there is less than one headache specialist for every 85,000 migraine patients, and four out of five people with Chronic Migraine are misdiagnosed. The Migraine World Summit, scheduled for April 23-29, brings together over 30 top experts and advocates to provide answers and treatment advice on migraine to anyone around the world with an Internet connection. Presently, there is no cure. Organisers of the Summit are two former chronic migraine sufferers – Carl Cincinnato from Sydney, Australia, and Paula K. Dumas from Atlanta, Georgia. They are working to reduce the global burden of migraine by bringing the top specialists in the world together for people around the world. “Despite the prevalence of migraine, it remains under-diagnosed and under-treated, with less than 50% of patients consulting a physician. For those who do seek help, finding the right doctor can be difficult. Moreover, specialists require referrals, patients may incur significant costs and there can be waiting lists,” said Cincinnato. “The Migraine World Summit provides unprecedented access to dozens of experts for those suffering from this debilitating disorder to be informed about the latest best practices and approaches. Altogether, it’s like having the opportunity to sit down with the best doctor in the world.” “Migraines can be devastating to someone’s quality of life. Migraine attacks can affect not only their physical wellbeing, but their relationships, family life and, in severe cases, their ability to keep a job and have a thriving career,” said Dumas. “There is still a stigma associated with migraine. Many people feel guilty or ashamed to admit they have a migraine, but it’s not their fault. Migraine is a genetic neurological disease which can also lead to depression and anxiety, as many struggle with the isolation or lack of progress and lose hope. The Summit will hopefully allow sufferers to find relief as well as demonstrate they aren’t alone.” Among the questions the Summit will answer are: What are the best treatments for migraine? What can I do when I’ve already tried everything? What are the secrets to finding effective natural alternatives? How can I cope with the anxiety and discrimination from chronic migraine? What new treatments are coming that I should be aware of? What are the most common challenges and myths that people face? Keynote topics and presenters include: Migraine Genetics: Unlocking a Cure for Migraine – Professor Lyn Griffiths, Queensland UT, Australia Shifting Cultural Perceptions About Migraine – Joanna Kempner, PhD Top Ten Migraine Myths to Bust - Peter Goadsy, MD, Kings College, London Best and Worst Places to Live with Migraine, Bert Sperling, author Neuromodulation: New Devices That Can Ease Pain, Brian Grosberg, MD, University of Conneticut Managing Hormonal Migraines Through Menopause – Susan Hutchinson, MD When Medications Actually Trigger Pain – Larry Charleston IV, MD, University of Michigan, USA Weather Related Migraine – Michael Steinberg Solving the puzzle of what’s causing migraines – Patricia Pozo Rosich, MD, Vall D’Hebron, Spain Migraine Statistics and Costs – Lars Jacob Stovner, MD, Norwegian National Headache Centre Research Pipeline: New Migraine Therapies in Development, Deborah Friedman, MD, UT Southwestern Expert Q&A : LIVE! Andrew Charles, MD UCLA, Goldberg Migraine Programe, Dawn Buse, PhD Montefiore Headache Centre, Francois Cadiou, Healint/Migraine Buddy Participation in the online Migraine World Summit is free online from April 23 - 29, and available by subscription thereafter. To attend, register at:   Media Enquiries: Blanche De Winter, PURE Communications, tel: 0425 279 091 Australian Government Grant To Expand behind closed doors’ Membership of Businesswomen and Board Ready Women 2017-04-26T04:44:44Z australian-government-grant-to-expand-behind-closed-doors-membership-of-businesswomen-and-board-ready-women Behind closed doors (BCD), a leading national membership for businesswomen and board-ready women, will this year expand its membership after receiving a $102,300 grant from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women under the Women’s Leadership and Development Strategy(WLDS). The Supporting Businesswomen to Success Scholarship provides opportunities for female managers aspiring to leadership roles to further expand their leadership, business and networking skills. BCD will utilise the Australian Government funding to provide 14 full scholarships to female leaders in SA, WA, NSW and VIC to join a BCD membership for 12-months of professional development, networking and peer to peer mentoring to prepare them to accept greater professional challenges. Scholarships will be offered to female executive not-for-profit and Indigenous leaders into BCD Executive memberships, female leaders into BCD Luminaries (managers), female business owners/entrepreneurs into BCD Entrepreneurs. BCD Founder and Managing Director, Donny Walford, said the initiative will allow successful women seeking access to insights, knowledge, support and high level networks in their journey to Executive and Board positions to join the national community of businesswomen that the BCD membership provides. “The WLDS priority of promoting and supporting greater representation of Australian women in leadership and decision making roles is the exact reason BCD was formed almost a decade ago.” Ms Walford said. “We have an enviable record of success with 57% of our Executive members having attained one or more Board Directorship positions, 56% of these women have also received promotions.” The first of the scholarship recipients’ will be announced on April 27 in Perth when a scholarship is awarded to two businesswomen at Manager level aspiring to executive roles.  The recipients will be provided the opportunity to further their leadership and management skills through a yearlong membership to BCD Luminaries, valued at more than $5,500 each. BCD Luminaries was created in response to an identified need for motivated businesswomen to have a professional sounding board and support network where they can discuss professional and personal issues, challenges and strategies in a totally confidential environment while, at the same time, encouraging each other to extend themselves to achieve and succeed in new environments. Members meet for three hours, ten times a year, for peer to peer mentoring, professional development and networking with like-minded businesswomen. Outside of this further professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities are provided to members amongst the wider BCD community at a national level. Scholarship applications and nominations will roll out across the country in the coming months with all 14 recipients placed into a memberships by August. BCD has been providing scholarship opportunities for women to enter their memberships since 2012. To date BCD has offered 21 scholarships and will continue in 2017 to match the Australian Government funding. For further details about BCD scholarship opportunities visit To apply for the Adelaide Luminaries Scholarship Now Open visit To apply for the Adelaide Not For Profit Executive Scholarship Now Open visit To find out how your business can offer your own successful Internal scholarships to your female leaders visit For further details of the Australian Government WLDS visit Issued by: Penny Reidy, Marketing Manager, Behind Closed Doors on 8333 4303 or 0401 349 791 CARE OF THE NECK AS VITAL AS HEAD IN SPORTS INJURY PREVENTION, SAY NZ CHIROPRACTORS 2017-04-25T21:50:05Z care-of-the-neck-as-vital-as-head-in-sports-injury-prevention-say-nz-chiropractors Research is increasingly showing that concussion injuries not only affect the brain but also the neck upon which the head moves during impact according to the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association[1].    Dr Cassandra Fairest, chiropractor and spokesperson for the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association explains: `Many people affected by concussion don’t understand the neck and spine are also traumatised. They also don’t realise the link between upper neck dysfunction as a possible cause of headaches and dizziness which often gets passed off as coming from the mild traumatic brain injury but responds well to chiropractic care1’.   `It is paramount the spine, and in particular the cervical spine and nervous system, are checked with any such injury to the head. We know that concussions occur in all contact sports with the highest incidence in rugby, soccer, hockey and basketball, and that youth athletes may have a more prolonged recovery and are more susceptible to a concussion accompanied by a catastrophic injury[2]. The greater number, severity and duration of symptoms after a concussion are predictors of a prolonged recovery.’   The uppermost part of the neck protects the brainstem at the top of the spinal cord, and injury to this delicate area from whiplash-type injuries and/or knocks to the head can produce symptoms that are similar to a traumatic brain injury[3],[4].   Dr Fairest adds: `Although neck strengthening makes perfect sense after an injury to the neck or head, if joint function is compromised then neck strength is only one part of the very complex nature of concussive or sub-concussive injuries and whiplash.’       Mild traumatic brain injury, occurs from a blow to the head or violent shaking, with approximately 24,000 cases in New Zealand every year[5]. It is a common injury in sport, with most individuals recovering in 7–10 days but some have persistent symptoms of dizziness, neck pain and/or headaches following a sport-related concussion.   Dr Fairest notes: `Research looking at a combination of cervical and vestibular therapy by chiropractors with post-graduate sports training, demonstrated earlier recovery by patients who underwent chiropractic care. Youths and young adults with persistent symptoms of dizziness, neck pain and/or headaches following a sport-related concussion were also able to return to sports sooner following chiropractic care[6].’   She adds: `Chiropractors commonly encounter concussed athletes in clinical practice and we encourage our members to understand the importance of using standardised concussion assessment tools and current concussion guidelines.   ‘Athletes should be aware that chiropractic care to restore the proper function of the spine and nervous system can help in the post-concussive situation and also in the maintenance of spinal function and optimum athletic performance’. A new study by Dr Heidi Haavik and her team at the Centre for Chiropractic Research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic[7] showed large increases in the maximum output of the target muscle after a chiropractic adjustment session, which suggests that chiropractic care may help athletes’ brains to more efficiently produce greater outputs in sports performance, including muscle recruitment and recovery times.   Ends   Further Information: Dr Cassandra Fairest, Chiropractor 021 242 3073 or Peter Boyes 027 554 0500 or [1] Leddy J, Baker J, Merchant A et al. Brain or Strain? Symptoms alone do not distinguish physiologic concussion from cervical/vestibular injury. Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine. 2015 May; 25(3): 237-242   [2]   [3] Marshall C, Vernon H, Leddy J, Baldwin B. The role of the cervical spine in post-concussion syndrome. Physician Sportsmedicine. 2015 Jul; 43(3): 274-284.   [4] Ellis M, Leddy J, Willer B. Physiological, vestibulo-ocular, and cervicogenic post-concussion disorders:  an evidence-based classification system with directions for treatment. Brain Injury. 2015; 29(2): 238-248.   [5]   [6]   [7] Haavik H, Niazi IK, Jochumsen M, Sherwin D, Flavel S, Türker KS. (2017) Impact of spinal manipulation on cortical drive to upper and lower limb muscles. Brain Sciences. In Press   Btab Could Be The Next Global Job Machine 2017-04-24T02:26:43Z btab-could-be-the-next-global-job-machine FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sydney Australia, April 24, 2017 – Online global innovators 'Btab' has announced plans which will see the organisation contribute to the creation and retention of jobs in the e-commerce industry. Thanks to a revolutionary new business model, designed specifically to support, encourage and develop new e-commerce businesses, the 'Btab Network' is providing crucial support for small businesses attempting to establish in niches fiercely dominated by global brands such as Amazon and Alibaba. Committed to becoming a platform recognised as a global job machine, the 'Btab' model is set to offer a huge boost not only to struggling small businesses but also to the unemployed looking to brave a change of direction and set up their own ventures online.   Btab CEO, Binson Lau explained the benefits: “In the modern world, many of us are unable to follow our dreams of starting our own businesses due to the financial commitments involved simply being too difficult to meet. Not only that, but those who do get new businesses started, it can be incredibly difficult to compete in highly dominated marketplaces – the result of which is a huge number of small businesses failing in the first few years.” Binson continued: “The big difference between global names such as Amazon, and new start businesses often comes down to a simple fact; larger companies know how to use technology to maximise efficiency and drive up profits to grow their brands. This is where Btab is looking to level the playing field and give the small businesses a competitive edge in their niches. Technology is not a business by itself, but it is a tool to help make things happen. Btab will use it to empower those who need help the most.” For further information about the Btab Network, please visit the official site at Photos for Press Release Never underestimate the power of being understood. 2017-04-22T01:47:28Z never-underestimate-the-power-of-being-understood From time to time in corporate environments it all becomes too much – and we need someone to talk to. You find yourself exiting the office desperately pacing the streets with a lack of any faith, or possible resolution to the problem. There is nothing worse than that sense of complete overwhelm at work, grappling with the same internal issues over and over.  It’s extremely frustrating and challenging for executives when a certain situation gets on top of you at work. You find yourself wondering, who you can actually rely on or trust, who will give you a clear perspective and can help you to unpack the issue.  You can feel like your manager is not on the same page, facing condescending behavior at the boardroom table, disrespect, lack of accountability with your team members, and negative energy in general amongst the senior leadership team. All these things slowly build up, resulting in low morale – and sometimes it all just overpowers even the best of us. Where do you go to when you don’t know where to put those feelings?   Is it a case of distancing yourself from others at work due to lack of support? Do you go home and take your frustrations out on your family? Or do you have a confidant in the team who helps you download? Given the right circumstances, would you consider having a one-on-one interaction with an objective third party, who is not tied to the organisation; someone who can provide a focus that other forms of organisational support cannot? Sometimes in these situations, the real payoff can come from discovering what you need to interpret or revisit. We all know nothing will ultimately happen until you gain laser-like clarity on an issue and it opens the door to identify next steps. We all need to take time out to reflect at times, to delve inward and discover our internal conflicts. On occasions the onus may fall back on you to clarify personal responsibility, and work out where to go next.  I am often called by senior executives working in the financial services industry who just need someone to talk through these issues with. They seek an independent party who has no ties to the organisation, but an understanding of the professional issues, frustrations and challenges faced at this executive level.  Melinda Fell Consulting provides a Detangling Session where individuals can arrange a confidential, independent discussion with an expert who is there to focus on what the critical issue is and help executives gain clarity. She utilises a process to enable you to self-discover, learn and determine your own “answers”. Melinda Fell writes regular blogs and articles on the issues facing busy senior executives. More articles can be found here on linkedin and Detangling Sessions can be booked directly through Melinda by emailing today or Jack+Jules Offers Reusable Shopping Bags as Plastic Bag Ban Movement Grows 2017-04-21T01:53:18Z jack-jules-offers-reusable-shopping-bags-as-plastic-bag-ban-movement-grows   As calls grow for a plastic bag ban in Victoria, NSW and Western Australia, Jack+Jules is poised to provide bag solutions for shoppers.   Waleed Aly of Channel Ten’s The Project, drew attention to the issue of plastic bags in a recent commentary on the destructive nature of plastic and the need for a national ban. As Aly pointed out, a plastic bag takes an estimated 1,000 years to break down and Australians have the dubious distinction of producing the second highest amount of waste, per person, in the world.   “It’s estimated that Australians use between 4-6 billion plastic bags annually,” Aly said. “We use more than 10 million plastic bags every day.”   Concerned by this growing reliance on single-use plastic bags, Jack+Jules founders Jackie Hegarty and Julie McMahon designed and manufactured a set of reusable shopping bags as a convenient and stylish alternative to plastic.   “Our bags are extremely strong and are washable, which many reusable bags are not,” explains Hegarty.  “They also stuff quickly back into a drawstring pouch which makes them very easy to carry.”   Part of a larger range of lifestyle bags that include day bags, lightweight cooler bags, beach bags, yoga mat bags and insulated bags, Jack+Jules products come in an array of bright colours inspired by the Australian landscape.   Available online at, a set of three Market Bags retails at $32.   About Jack+Jules: Founded in 2015, Jack+Jules is the collaboration between two Americans who have made Australia home. Beginning with sustainable, reusable bag sets to combat the rise of plastic bag usage, Jack+Jules has since branched out to design and produce quality, lifestyle bags. New Australian Women’s Lifestyle Magazine Launch 2017-04-20T04:39:37Z new-australian-women-s-lifestyle-magazine-launch Press Release     New Australian women’s lifestyle magazine targets mental health Melbourne, 20th April, 2017: A new monthly women’s magazine fusing contemporary lifestyle and applied psychology content, promises to promote positive mental health discussions. Guided by the tag line ‘Think. Create. Become.’ muse will serve the Australian audience as mirror, metaphor and mentor, and the first issue will arrive on newsstands on the 25th May, 2017. “The idea is that the reader is The Muse and will use the magazine to see herself in a new light and hopefully gain information and skills that enable self-development,” says muse editor Rebecca Long. Its intimate ‘human’ lens and simple yet intelligent language differentiate it from both tabloid and academic genres. “Between the appeal of personal development, inspiration, positive psychology and mindfulness, it’s a really exciting time to lead those conversations around self-empowerment,” says Long. While its core is everyday psychology within relatable contemporary lifestyle contexts, the magazine is intent on starting conversations around mental health issues often kept out of mainstream media. “I think welcoming stigmatized issues such as personality disorders, family or workplace relationships and the myriad reasons for grief into everyday conversations can only benefit our collective wellbeing, by reducing fear and dividedness and enhancing the conversation,” Long says. “It’s about understanding, using that understanding as females to compassionately nurture our own and others’ strengths.” Positioned as “a slow read, to be contemplated and kept as a personal reference”, muse is stylishly designed for coffee table appeal, which will benefit the magazine’s clients and partners. The title extends BPMG’s stable of successful women’s titles including Women’s Health & Fitness magazine, Australian Natural Health and Nourish.  Since its inception in 1986, Melbourne-based Blitz Publications & Multi-Media Group has grown into one of Australia’s leading health, wellbeing, fitness and sports lifestyle publishing and multimedia companies. With eight brands across eight media platforms, BPMG reaches more than 3,600,000 passionate and loyal consumers every month. For further information and comment, please contact Rebecca Long on (03) 9574 8999 or visit or Ends AUSTRALIAN MARKET AND SOCIAL RESEARCH INDUSTRY TO CHALLENGE 457 VISA DECISION 2017-04-19T22:48:30Z australian-market-and-social-research-industry-to-challenge-457-visa-decision The government’s recent announcement to abolish 457 visas will be challenged by the Research Industry Council of Australia (RICA). The removal of two positions from the eligible skilled occupation list  - Market Research Analyst and Research and Development Manager – are critical skills sets relied upon by the Australian market and social research Industry.   The RICA strongly urges the government to reverse its decision to cut these positions from the skilled occupation list.   Market and social research is an important service that benefits all Australians. From political polls and television ratings, to surveys of customer satisfaction and the development of products and services, to studies on public health or the income and labour dynamics in Australia, market and social research provides valuable information about the society in which we live.  This information helps government, commercial and not-for-profit organisations make informed decisions based upon the interests and needs of their constituents, clients and the general public.   “RICA represents approximately 80% of market and social research organisations in Australia and over 4,000 full time employees.  With the industry undergoing technological change and the opportunity for unparalleled growth, we simply can’t afford to lose the highly skilled talent we currently recruit from overseas.  These people are not taking jobs from Australians but rather complementing the talent we already employ here. As an industry, we have invested in local talent and training, but we need overseas talent to ensure our local companies can compete on the global stage,” said Lee Naylor, Managing Director, The Leading Edge.   Sarah Campbell, Executive Director, Association of Market and Social Research Organisations said: “There is a talent shortage for particular research positions in our country, with member company CEOs reporting that some jobs, requiring a very particular skill set, can be advertised in Australia for over 12 months before being filled by a 457 visa employee.  The removal of these two research positions from the eligible skilled occupation list is likely to hit our industry hard and RICA will be heading to Canberra to request that they be reinstated.” For further information: Sarah Campbell                                                                       Elissa Molloy                          Executive Director                                                                 Chief Executive Officer AMSRO                                                                                            AMSRS T: (02) 8017 6717                                                                    T: 02 9566 3100 M: 0417 665 144                                                                     M: 0417 155 325   About RICA RICA represents both business and professional bodies in the market and social research industry.  Our constituent bodies are the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO), representing businesses, and the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS), representing individual research professionals.  The market and social research industry turns over $800 million annually and employs over 12,000 people and over 4,100 of these are full-time professionals. Together (under RICA), the bodies represent the industry in Australia and work to promote understanding of market and social research, help set and maintain the highest ethical and technical standards, and represent the industry’s interests in regulatory and legislative debate. l   Home care recipients urged to be aware of excessive and hidden fees 2017-04-19T05:37:11Z home-care-recipients-urged-to-be-aware-of-excessive-and-hidden-fees Exorbitant and hidden administration fees may still be rife within the home care industry, as misleading providers fail to issue statements despite the introduction of the Consumer Directed Care (CDC) legislation.   Even clients who receive statements are being urged to take a closer look, with administration charges being dressed up as line items that may appear to be services, but instead are efforts to reduce transparency between the provider and care recipient.   “Now is a great time for consumers and their families to be closely examining their statements and to fully understand how their package funds are being spent,” explained Envigor Home Care’s Executive Manager, Tracey Silvester. “If they aren’t sure what a description means or it seems they have received a service but can’t remember what that service was, then they should ask for clarification.”   Labelling hidden administrative costs as “service support” or “advice and guidance” are tactics that home care providers may use to give the appearance of services rendered to the client.   “Some people have also been charged for emails and phone calls the provider sends and makes on their behalf. It is our view that these charges are included in the case management charge, and separating them out is effectively double dipping,” said Ms Silvester.   Offering a free consultation to anyone who feels they are paying too much, Envigor Home Care caps their administration fees at 10 per cent, leaving extra funding to be spent on services such as personal care, meal preparation, shopping assistance and transportation to appointments.    The bundling together of administration costs, along with consumables and equipment on their statements, may be another area where recipients of care are being slogged with unnecessary and exorbitant charges.   “Care recipients also need to be on the look out for charges that vary from month-to-month, especially those in the area of ‘indirect service delivery’,” elaborates Ms Silvester.   “Similarly, many providers charge for travel time to a package, up to $20 a visit in some circumstances.”   While providers are entitled to charge for their travel time, they may also easily use more efficient scheduling practices to prevent their staff from driving so far between appointments.   “If clients are not happy with their current provider they can either move their entire package to a new provider, or ask their current provider to contract their service provision to another provider.”   Should clients still be unhappy with the outcome offered by their home care provider, a Government run Aged Care complaints service exists to aid and help care recipients take control of where their money is going.   With the introduction of CDC promising to provide more flexibility and control to recipients of home care, excessive administration fees may undermine this initiative, and take advantage of the vulnerable.   Envigor Home Care prides itself on being highly-transparent and accountable, with the introduction of CDC prompting the provider to closely review costs, and determine that they could cap their fees at 10 per cent, leaving their clients with peace of mind.   “Clients have a right to understand where their funds are being spent,” said Ms Silvester.   “At Envigor, we offer truly personalised care and work closely with clients and their families to make sure they get the services they need, and that they get the best value for money from their Government funded care packages.” For more information or call 1300 368 446 -ENDS- Cyclone Debbie can't wash out dedication 2017-04-19T02:16:08Z cyclone-debbie-can-t-wash-out-dedication As the people of Queensland took shelter from the seemingly endless torrential rain the most vulnerable in our community still urgently required the care and support that they’ve come to depend on. The dedicated professionals of the aged care industry knew their important work must continue, unaffected by the wrath of Cyclone Debbie. Those they cared for simply couldn’t be left to struggle alone. Arriving at work with bags full of clothes, Seasons Aged Care workers took it upon themselves to prepare to spend the long, rain-soaked night tending to residents. “They all came to work knowing they may not get home that night,” said Tracey Silvester, Envigor Home Care’s executive manager. “Their first priority was making sure that the residents had enough staff on the ground to assist them.” Staff ignored warnings that they may be flooded in, and be left unable to return home for the foreseeable future, instead choosing to put their clients first. “These selfless people are the real reason there were no disaster stories to print,” said Nick Loudon, CEO of Seasons Aged Care and Envigor Home Care. “The families don’t even know the true calibre of the people they’ve entrusted their elderly loved one to.” Delivering meals in the midst of Debbie’s fury was just another way that aged care workers went above and beyond for the clients who depend on them. “One staff member told the manager that she was still going to come to work, even though it meant she may have to walk through water to get there,” said Ms Silvester. “As it happened she didn’t, but she was prepared to do it. “Staff I contacted on days off to cover those who were flooded in, happily came to work.” The efforts of these ordinary employees putting their elderly clients first is one that should be remembered as a shining example of the dedicated and exemplary people who make up the industry. “This is the truest reflection of the people who work in Aged Care in Australia,” said Mr Loudon, remembering his employee’s efforts to continue unaffected by the storm that shut down the South East, “it’s just what they do, who they are.” To learn more about Envigor Ipswich, phone Linda Marsden on 0433 431 794 or email or Angel Potts on 0410 760 661 or email Or you can visit the Envigor website here: