The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-05-26T04:55:55Z Survey shows preference for casual employment 2017-05-26T04:55:55Z survey-shows-preference-for-casual-employment Numerous opponents to the increase in part-time jobs voiced their concerns last week when the unemployment figures were released showing that while the overall jobs market is running stronger, most of the gains in April were driven by part-time jobs, which rose by 49,000 for the month.  However, following a survey among its 2,500 workforce, Australia’s premier sales, merchandising and marketing solutions provider to the retail industry, the Blueprint Group, has found that 83 per cent of its employees is happy with casual or part-time work. The company has a casualised workforce of 84 per cent with the survey also finding that 70 per cent of employees find their position suitable for maintaining a work/life balance and providing the flexibility they desire around their working hours. Caroline Trenfield, Blueprint Group’s new General Manager of Human Resources, said casual and part-time employees are also provided with a promotional path offering long term careers for those who seek it.   “As evidence of the experience of our workforce, more than two in every three employees have been involved in the FMCG environment for more than 10 years.   “While most of the positions we offer in retail are casual, it’s clear that there is a huge cohort who recognise the many benefits of being casual and actively seek this type of employment to suit their lifestyle needs.   “I believe our environment contributes to Blueprint Group having an engaged workforce when working in the field representing our clients.”   Ms Trenfield attributes a 78 per cent field retention rate of Blueprint’s workforce to the extensive sales and merchandising skills training provided, both online and via 30 dedicated trainers around Australia.   “We have developed an online portal for field teams to allow the sharing of field-to-field best practice where everyone can learn from each other.   “The results from our latest survey, when combined with an employee satisfaction rating that is 20 per cent above the industry average, demonstrate that staff are enjoying their work, they feel valued, understand end-user customers and are engaged with their client portfolios.   “All this leads to quality in the field and success for our clients,” she added.   Blueprint Group has a commitment to their employees of being a ‘Great Place to Work’ and invests heavily in the training and coaching of its large team. The company conducts regular surveys of employee satisfaction and has achieved outstanding levels of engagement, which reflects the success of the many programs that make up its Great Place to Work agenda.   Ends  Note to Editor: 550 respondents completed the online survey in March 2017.   About Blueprint Group: The Blueprint Group is Australia's premier sales, merchandising and marketing solutions provider to the retail industry. The Group’s five companies deliver a comprehensive range of services that are all designed to help its clients convert shoppers into buyers. Clients comprise manufacturers, food producers, FMCG brands and retailers in numerous industries including grocery, hardware, consumer electronics and liquor. The market-leading Blueprint Group companies are: Ausrep, CCS, Extravert, Powerforce and Retail Insight. Each company has strong retailer and supplier relationships and unmatched national coverage of experienced staff. Key services include: in and out of store sampling and demonstrations; experiential events; sales and merchandising; auditing; relays/planograms; vendor replenishment planning; point of sale production and data insights. Our mission is to ‘unlock value for our clients through our integrated range of big data, sales and marketing solutions’.   Cylance delivers first AI-driven endpoint detection and response solution with introduction of CylanceOPTICS 2017-05-25T00:45:43Z cylance-delivers-first-ai-driven-endpoint-detection-and-response-solution-with-introduction-of-cylanceoptics SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 25 May 2017 – Cylance® Inc., the company that revolutionised traditional antivirus with AI-powered threat prevention, announced the general availability of CylanceOPTICS, an AI-driven endpoint detection and response (EDR) product that augments the prevention capabilities of CylancePROTECT. Delivered on the Cylance AI Platform, CylanceOPTICS simplifies key aspects of threat hunting and attack analysis without requiring cloud connectivity. The Cylance AI Platform serves as a data-science engine that generates specialised machine-learning models to address today’s incident response and investigative needs.   When combined with the company’s flagship product, CylancePROTECT®, CylanceOPTICS enables a more effective, simplified and high-performance endpoint security approach that helps organisations protect sensitive data, reduce risk of widespread compromises, and improve their overall security posture. All security teams can benefit from the efficiency created by the Cylance AI Platform which significantly reduces the volume of threats requiring investigation as well as the time required to complete those investigations.   Today’s security teams work in a threat landscape where over 300,000 new malware variants are created daily. With expert threat-hunting professionals in short supply enterprises need to be equipped with tools that help them scale their existing security teams to protect against these threats. A recent NSS Labs test revealed that CylancePROTECT blocks 99.7 percent of all malware, including new zero-day threats. Cylance’s AI prevention-first approach to security helps businesses scale their security capabilities, reducing the time required to find, investigate and mitigate threats in their environments.   “The integrated solution of CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS leverages AI to change the operating model of endpoint security. With CylancePROTECT preventing virtually all threats from executing on the endpoint, security teams can now focus their efforts on finding advanced threats that cannot be prevented pre-execution,” said Stuart McClure, co-founder and CEO at Cylance. “Our focus continues to be on AI-based threat prevention, but now we are enabling easy threat hunting, attack analysis and incident response with CylanceOPTICS.”   Key capabilities of CylanceOPTICS include:   Simple root-cause analysis – Security professionals can dissect any CylancePROTECT detected and blocked attack, or any other file of interest, to determine the source of the threat. With this information they can work to close gaps in their security framework, eliminating vulnerabilities, reducing their attack surface. Endpoint visibility and AI-assisted threat hunting – Provides instant access to the forensically relevant data collected from endpoints with InstaQuery (IQ), the dynamic endpoint data interrogation and visualisation layer. Users can conduct on-demand enterprise wide threat hunts, searching for files, executables and other indicators of compromise. IQ allows analysts to quickly determine whether any endpoint is at risk, minimising available attack and dwell time, speeding incident response. Integrated incident response – Using built-in response capabilities, analysts can take decisive response actions across the enterprise immediately, stopping attackers in their tracks, reducing the risk of a widespread compromise. Works independently of the cloud – The lightweight endpoint agent required for both CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS works independently of the cloud and is as effective for endpoints on air-gapped networks as for connected ones. CylanceOPTICS uses local data for search and collection of forensically relevant data, eliminating concerns associated with continuously streaming data to the cloud.   “With the explosive rate of malware growth and other threat vectors, an AI-based solution that automates time-consuming parts of the threat hunting and incident response workflow is important,” said Doug Cahill, senior analyst, cybersecurity, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Enterprises need a way to predict attacks and streamline the threat hunting and incident response workflows. The AI-driven combination of CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS will be a compelling combination for many security teams.”   Formel D, a global service provider to the automotive and component supply industry, deployed CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS across user machines, Microsoft Windows Exchange servers, application and database servers to prevent the execution of malware and fileless attacks. “CylanceOPTICS enabled us to perform on-demand enterprise-wide forensic investigations for malicious files, executables, and indicators of compromise. We were able to rapidly find pending threats and use CylanceOPTICS to analyse the origin of the threat and remove it from our enterprise, and this enables us to improve our prevention methods,” said Robert Osten, IT Manager at Formel D.  Information, pricing and availability CylanceOPTICS is available worldwide through authorised Cylance channel partners. To find a reseller in your region, contact For more information or a demo of CylanceOPTICS, please visit or read a blog post here.  About the Cylance AI platform The Cylance AI Platform serves as a foundation for innovation in new AI-based security products to address the security needs of organisations worldwide. CylancePROTECT is the multiple award-winning flagship product from Cylance that has launched the company into a leadership position in the endpoint security market. At the core of Cylance's unprecedented malware identification capability is a revolutionary AI and machine-learning platform that harnesses the power of algorithmic science and artificial intelligence. Currently integrated through its API and multiple OEM agreements with leading security solutions, the Cylance engine analyses and classifies hundreds of thousands of characteristics per file, breaking them down to study their “DNA” to discern whether an object is good or bad in real time.  About Cylance Inc. Cylance is the first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning to cybersecurity to prevent the most advanced security threats in the world. Using a breakthrough predictive analysis process, CylancePROTECT quickly and accurately identifies what is benign and what is a threat, and prevents malicious code from ever executing on a targeted system. By coupling advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence with a unique understanding of an attacker’s mentality, Cylance provides technology and services that are truly predictive and preventive against the most advanced threats. For more information visit:  Cylance and CylancePROTECT are registered trademarks or trademarks owned by Cylance Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions and may not be used without prior written permission. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.    Social networks Blog: Twitter: LinkedIn: YouTube:  Media contacts Amanda Conroy and Gloria Lee Espresso Communications on behalf of Cylance Phone: 02 8016 2200 Email:   Cynthia Siemens Director, PR and Communications Cylance Inc. Phone: +1(949) 242-9221 Email:   ### Showcase of Australian start-ups trebles in year one 2017-05-21T23:26:33Z showcase-of-australian-start-ups-trebles-in-year-one-1 Australian entrepreneurs in search of retail stockists have been thrilled by the Australian Gift & Homewares Association’s (AGHA) latest initiative, The Launch Pad. As a platform to showcase new products or services to thousands of retailers, distributors or agents, The Launch Pad initiative is once again set to become a highlight of the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair in August.  After debuting last year, The Launch Pad has literally taken-off expanding rapidly from 12 initial exhibitors to more than 40 Launch Pad participants expected at the 2017 AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair being held 5-9 August. With less than 3 months until doors open at the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair, The Launch Pad is destined to be the largest display of industry start-up businesses ever seen in Australia under one roof with a range of products from the gift, homewares, toy, fashion, kitchen and jewellery sectors.  With the opportunity to connect and network with thousands of retailers from across Australia this is a huge advantage to those starting their commercial careers. As the peak body representing the gift and homewares sectors across Australia, the AGHA is proud to facilitate and mentor new businesses into the sector to ensure the ongoing strength of the Australian wholesale and retail market. Participation in The Launch Pad initiative is by application only. For information on how to become an exhibitor, visit or call 1300 441 384 for more information. ENDS Media Enquiries: Emma Davison 02 9763 3281                                                                                                               Images available upon request.                                                                                                                                ABOUT AUSTRALIAN Gift & Homewares ASSOCIATION (AGHA) Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA) is the leading industry body representing the gift and homewares industry in Australia with origins dating back to 1977. Based in Homebush, Sydney, the not-for-profit organisation is dedicated to serving its Membership base through the provision of discounted industry services, commercial and political lobbying as well as national trade exhibitions including the AGHA Gift Fairs, Fashion Exposed and Importers Warehouse Sellout. For further information visit Australian Entrepreneur Selects Dell Boomi Platform to Optimise eCommerce Start-Up’s Expansion Plans 2017-05-08T23:01:54Z australian-entrepreneur-selects-dell-boomi-platform-to-optimise-ecommerce-start-up-s-expansion-plans Sydney, Australia – May 9, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) has announced that international direct-to-consumer eCommerce start-up, GRANA, is using its integration platform to support rapid business expansion and optimise its omnichannel strategy, as the brand continues to extend its market presence into key markets and seek investment from venture capitalists in 2017. GRANA is a Hong Kong-based online apparel retailer founded by Australian entrepreneur, Luke Grana. Luke, in partnership with Pieter-Paul Wittgen, launched in late 2014 with ambitions to take on Japanese giants Uniqlo and the United States’ Theory with high-quality clothing at affordable prices. The company currently ships to 12 countries from a centralised warehouse in Hong Kong. The start-up has implemented Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) to underpin and connect critical applications the business relies on for all internal and online customer-facing operations. This includes the start-up’s enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle management and warehouse management platforms which its 75 staff use daily. “The retail sector is undergoing a transition and the challenge is catering products and services towards digital consumers with increasing expectations from brands,” said Luke Grana, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at GRANA. “This means connecting the disjointed pools of important data dispersed across the organisation to make informed decisions and create meaningful online experiences for customers. “Boomi helps to integrate everything that goes on behind the scenes at GRANA - all the apps to help run the business – so we have full visibility into the data coming in and can make sense of it to add value across our omnichannel.” Importantly, the integration platform accurately and securely centralises data generated within these systems for analysis to inform business decisions and further optimise operational efficiencies and online-to-offline customer experiences. “This capability is critical to our business as we are rolling out aggressive expansion plans and two-day express shipping into mainland China, Japan and Korea,” said Grana. “Boomi gives us a better understanding of customers across the globe, equipping us to execute a strategy that meets their constantly evolving purchasing habits and expectations.” During its evaluation, GRANA considered other vendor solutions, however selected Boomi based on its ability to deliver the best functionality and performance. Additionally, a key factor was the ability to operate its cloud-based iPaaS with minimal training, removing the need for specialist IT resources. “Grana is shaking up the hotly-contested and highly-globalised retail sector with an intentionally unconventional expansion strategy that capitalises on the potential of technology to make better-informed decisions,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan at Dell Boomi. “By using iPaaS as the linking mechanism for its operation, it is not only boosting its ecommerce business, but preparing for a physical presence by analysing customer data to determine the best place to open stores, and determine what those shops will look like. This differentiator will allow it to create experiences on its customers’ terms.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organisations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organisations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,300 organisations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, and better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell, Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. About GRANA GRANA is a direct-to-consumer eCommerce apparel brand designing wardrobe essentials in-house, using the finest fabrics from around the world, available at low and honest prices. GRANA ships directly to 12 countries within 1-2 days. Strategically headquartered in Hong Kong, GRANA was founded by Luke Grana and co-founded with Pieter Paul Wittgen, officially launching in October 2014. To date, the start-up has raised US$16 million in funding from 500 Startups, Alibaba’s Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, Golden Gate Ventures and MindWorks Ventures. Can You Generate Free Leads? 2017-05-01T05:21:17Z can-you-generate-free-leads Sure you can create new leads by paying for Facebook and Google advertising. And WoW, will you be paying for it! Ask any non-professional facebook advertiser how much they pay for advertising and they’ll respond “ waaaay toooo much!”, along with “I’d love to get more organic leads”. Can you generate considerable leads organically (without paying for them)? You sure can! Firstly, it’s cheaper (like zero) and secondly, it’s more genuine and shined upon by the search engines from the internet heavens above. But how do you do it? It’s not that difficult but does require some strategy, know-how and the right tools. And those tools don’t have to cost you money either. You create organic traffic through great content, and the right placement – and of course a few other tricks along the way. “Can I do it?” you ask. Again, You sure can! And I’d like to show you how. I’ve been content marketing for thirty plus years and along the way have made some mistakes, wasted some money, had some successes and also made lots of money. But I’ve also learned the secrets to creating good content for digital marketing. And as an entrepreneur I know how to do it frugally (without spending much money). You can build your brand and presence by creating engaging social media, articles and videos all designed with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind so the Search Engines notice you and therefore you’re audience finds you. Without experience, coming up with regular original stories, news, images and videos that engage potential customers is hard, time consuming and can be costly. I have put together a couple of videos where you'll learn how to create engaging content, the key elements of designing that content; the importance of content, organic links, speed and optimization; and how to communicate your message through colours, fonts, images and words.  You'll also get the direct links to the best tools to help you create content, making your working life easier and saving time creating that content. Easily create engaging content to attract your audience: Quality - Engaging - Quick – Inexpensive content. PLUS you’ll get access to the Digital Content Toolbox Private Facebook Group, a valuable resource to discuss content and marketing with other like-minded marketing novices and professionals. For anyone who needs to create visual content for their business - startups, entrepreneurs, business managers, social media marketers, content managers, anyone who needs to create quick, inexpensive digital content – my digital content toolbox is a must-have to establishing your own organic content. Do you want to make your job easier, save time and money and become more productive? Thought so. Learn More at: 9 Key Components To Attract New Customers Through Great Content 2017-05-01T05:09:18Z 9-key-components-to-attract-new-customers-through-great-content If you want to reach new customers, have them engage with you, and be welcoming to future contact, it’s pretty clear what you need to do. There is a method to it, and if you take note and follow the experts advice, you will engage your potential audience via content and earn them as a new customer. And it doesn’t have to be hard. Here are 9 key points to creating great digital content for your audience, whether it be through a blog, website, or social media channel, and ensure you engage them. 1. Strong headlines You have about 3 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Your headline not only has to let them know what your blog/article/post/message is about, it must jump off the screen and draw them in. Ask a question, give them an irrefutable fact, touch their heartstrings and so on… You know what I mean, give them a reason to stop scanning their newsfeed and want to know more about your post. 2. Create original content It’s a given that your audience will welcome some new, original information. That’s why they’re there in the first place, to onboard new knowledge. They are hardly going to come back and visit, or read what you have to say, if there is nothing new on your blog or website or social media sites. It’s not just your customers that will respond favourably to new, fresh, organic content; the search engines know what’s new and what’s rehashed. And if it’s rehashed, you go down in their rankings. This is SEO. 3. Actionable content Don’t just give them information for the sake of information, let them know what they can do with it, how they can put it into practice. How they can better their situation with your information – that’s why they are there. 4. Be able to provide answers Similar to actionable content where the user is looking to do something with your content, your potential audience is looking for answers, so provide them. They don’t call Google, Bing, Explorer and others, Search Engines for nothing. Their users are searching for information, for answers, for knowledge. They are using the search engines to gather information, they’re asking questions. As a product or service you need to know what your audience is looking for, what they are asking for. Then answer their questions. 5. Provide accurate information First up your audience is going to check your information. You’re not the only source out in the world wide web, and the content you put forward can be checked. It better be accurate. You need to present yourself as the expert in your field, their expert in your field. Secondly the Search Engines know what you are saying, they know the claims you are making, and they know whether they are accurate or not. For SEO benefits, what your content is claiming better be accurate and substantiated. 6. Create engaging content Back to the 3 second rule – no, not picking the food up of the floor – but how long you have to catch your audience’s attention, your content needs to be engaging, capture their intrigue and their ‘want’ to know more. You can do this with an eye-catching image and grabbing tagline, or a relevant video, but you can also engage your potential customers with words. An article should engage the reader. Sure, they want information relevant to them, but to grab and hold their attention, maybe you can tell them a story as everyone loves a story.  Be open, be honest and be creative. 7. Use images and video to communicate A picture tells a thousand words; a video tells the whole story. There are so many free image and video resources out there and editing tools to create the right size and right message overlaid on your image. Visual communication, whether its pictures, video, infographics or illustrations will help you to illustrate your message. No matter what your topic is, you need to bring it to life with images. It’s easier to explain your point with an image, rather than more words. 8. Write short and to the point content Your readers’ attention span is short. Online surfers are skimmers and scanners; they’re not looking for the whole story, they’re scanning the article, so keep it short and to the point. 9. Post regularly You may think you’ve put in a good effort by writing a blog post once a month and pushing it out through your marketing channels, but you’re customers, or potential customers, are likely to say, “Oh that’s right, I vaguely remember something from them last month”. The only way to keep in their face, is to keep in their face. SO there you have it; content is very, very important, and important to do it properly.  You need to constantly be pumping original engaging content out through the various marketing and social channels to your prospective audience. BUT THAT'S NOT EASY if you’re not a Content Marketer. Even with these 9 tips you can still struggle to create original visual engaging content to post day after day? (Yes, you should be posting that frequently) New business owners, established content managers, and everyone in between -  IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE HARD Constantly coming up with original stories, news, images and videos that will engage potential customers is hard, time consuming and can be costly. But there is help from Rogan Carroll’s Digital Content Toolbox. A 30-year marketer and entrepreneur, Carroll opens his Toolbox to explain in detail how to create engaging content - The key elements of designing good content that will engage your audience and existing customers. His two content heavy informational videos give you all the tools you will need to be able to create engaging visual content for any and all of your marketing channels: website, blogs, videos and social posting. You'll also get access to a Link File with the direct clickable links to the best tools to help you create content: Quality - Engaging - Quick - Free Carrolls’ 30 years of experience have led him to knowing what works and what you don’t have to spend money on. Do you have a pen and paper? Write this down: "Tools that you don’t have to spend money on." Do you want to make your job easier, save time and money and become more productive? Thought so. Watch his video and get access to the Digital Content Toolbox. For more information on attracting new customers visit The Number One Way To Get Google's Attention 2017-05-01T04:57:04Z the-number-one-way-to-get-google-s-attention There are still many businesses that do not have a blog, or some form of editable article format that can be referenced to in their marketing. THIS IS A MISTAKE! A big one. Either they think it’s too hard to come up with articles, or they didn’t plan for blog functionality when they built their website. YOU MUST BE BLOGGING! The benefit of having a blog on your website or funnel is so you can continually add new content to it.  Let’s look at it like this: You have a product or service and are trying to attract new customers. You have a few options to get in front of them.If you have an email list, you can email them and tell them how wonderful your product/service is and give them a link to visit it. Question: How many times are they going to be interested in receiving this before they get bored? You can post or advertise a message about your product/service, maybe using an engaging image and hope that it gets seen, let alone shared. Challenge: It needs to be unique and seriously engaging to get the viewer to click through. OR you can copy the link from your recently written article and post it to a relevant audience – by email, organic social post, or targeted social advertising. Result: They click the article snippet, or ‘read more’ link, and are taken directly to your website. Recently I published an article about the 9 Key Components To Attract New Customers Through Great Content. It received over 900 views on my blog in a few days. That article discussed how you can create great content easily, an area I go into in beneficial detail in my Digital Content Toolbox. However, below I focus on the component of Blogging and why it is such a critical part of your marketing. The following 5 elements of blogging are the ingredients of good blog/article content and as a result can engage your audience organically (without cost). 1 SEO Hopefully you’ve heard the term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of getting traffic (your audiences eyeballs) from the “free”, “organic”, “editorial” or “natural” search engine results. In other words, what appears in the search engines (SERP’s : Search Engine Results Page) is ranked based on what those SERPs consider most relevant to their users.  How does this relate to having blog articles on your website? Not so long ago there were many ways to get through the SEO minefield but they have evolved considerably over the last couple of years, and many won’t work anymore. The search engines have brought SEO relevance back to their control, they are calling the shots now and for good reason: They want the most relevant information presented to their searchers. 2 KEYWORDS Years ago, you used to be able to throw keywords anywhere into an article and they would get noticed, but the Search Engines have changed their algorithms so you now have to be more strategic, weaving your keywords into carefully constructed sentences. Otherwise you will be penalised by the search engines.  One thing that is still very relevant in SEO tactics is blogging. If you want to increase your websites’ traffic and visibility you must be blogging on your website. If you’re not – start now. 3 FRESH CONTENT Another change to Google, and other SERP’s, is that “fresh content” matters. New, and fresh, content gives you the opportunity to add new keywords to your website, giving you a new opportunity to be found. And almost more importantly it gives your audience (readers, visitors, users) a reason to re-visit your website. 4 SOCIAL SIGNALS Whenever you create new content on your website/blog, you must share it with your Social Media channels. The benefit here is twofold. Firstly, it gives you a broader reach through your existing audience, and Secondly it has the likelihood of being shared back through the same social media channels as well as cross-pollinating other channels. For example, if I was to share on Facebook, my post may well be shared on Instagram, Twitter or Google+. Google, and the other search engines pick up on these “social signals” and give you a higher “site authority” ranking, potentially pushing you higher up SERP rankings. One social platform you must never ignore posting to is Google+ (Google Plus). Because it’s Google’s own social media channel they are going to take notice of what is posted to it, and rank accordingly. This is a category unto itself, which I cover in detail in my Digital Content Toolbox. 5 QUALITY & QUANTITY Your posts must be relevant to your product or service and most definitely must be relevant to your audience if you want them to take notice. Feel free to include a link or two to some other relevant article or product/service whether it’s yours or someone else’s, as Google does like cross-linking. Just don’t be spammy or you will be penalised. By creating regular relevant content, you will quickly build up a good library of articles that you can refer to, recycle down the track, and re-use from time to time. Posted online content has a relatively short life so it doesn’t hurt to recycle and repost every now and then. That said, if your article is relevant to continued SERP’s it will stay high on the rankings no matter how old it is. WHO AM I? I am Rogan Carroll, a 30+ year marketer and entrepreneur, and I have opened my Digital Content Toolbox to entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners, established content managers and everyone in between. Inside the Toolbox I explain in detail how to create engaging content:- The key elements of designing good content that will engage your audience and existing customers. I have developed content-heavy informational videos giving you all the tools you will need to be able to create engaging visual content for any and all of your marketing channels: website, blogs, videos and social posting. You'll also get access to a Link File with the direct clickable links to the best tools to help you create content: Quality - Engaging - Quick - Free My 30 years of experience have led me to knowing what works and what you don’t have to spend money on. Do you have a pen and paper? Write this down: "Tools that you don’t have to spend money on." Do you want to make your job easier, save time and money and become more productive? Thought so. Watch my introductory video and get access to the Digital Content Toolbox. For more information on attracting new customers visit Cyberespionage and ransomware attacks are on the increase warns the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report 2017-04-27T06:52:23Z cyberespionage-and-ransomware-attacks-are-on-the-increase-warns-the-verizon-2017-data-breach-investigations-report Cyberespionage hits manufacturing, public sector and education hard: 21 percent of cases analysed Ransomware attacks gain greater popularity: now fifth most common specific malware variety Tenth anniversary edition: includes data from 65 contributing organisations; 42,068 incidents; 1,935 breaches from 84 countries  SYDNEY, Australia – 27 April 2017 – Cyberespionage is now the most common type of attack seen in manufacturing, the public sector and now education, warns the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report.  Much of this is due to the high proliferation of propriety research, prototypes and confidential personal data, which are hot-ticket items for cybercriminals. Nearly 2,000 breaches were analysed in this year’s report and more than 300 were espionage-related many of which started life as phishing emails.   In addition, organised criminal groups escalated their use of ransomware to extort money from victims: this year’s report sees a 50 percent increase in ransomware attacks compared to last year.  Despite this increase and the related media coverage surrounding the use of ransomware, many organisations still rely on out-of-date security solutions and aren’t investing in security precautions.  In essence, they’re opting to pay a ransom demand rather than to invest in security services that could mitigate against a cyberattack.   “Insights provided in the DBIR are levelling the cybersecurity playing field,” said George Fischer, president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “Our data is giving governments and organisations the information they need to anticipate cyberattacks and more effectively mitigate cyber-risk. By analysing data from our own security team and that of other leading security practitioners from around the world, we’re able to offer valuable intelligence that can be used to transform an organisation’s risk profile”.   This year’s DBIR – the keystone report’s 10th anniversary edition – combines up-to-date analysis of the biggest issues in cybersecurity with key industry-specific insights, putting security squarely on the business agenda. Major findings include:   Malware is big business: Fifty-one (51) percent of data breaches analysed involved malware. Ransomware rose to the fifth most common specific malware variety. Ransomware – using technology to extort money from victims – saw a 50 percent increase from last year’s report, and a huge jump from the 2014 DBIR where it ranked 22 in the types of malware used. Phishing is still a go-to technique: In the 2016 DBIR, Verizon flagged the growing use of phishing techniques linked to software installation on a user’s device. In this year’s report, 95 percent of phishing attacks follow this process. Forty-three percent of data breaches utilised phishing, and the method is used in both cyber-espionage and financially motivated attacks. Pretexting is on the rise: Pretexting is another tactic on the increase, and the 2017 DBIR showed that it is predominantly targeted at financial department employees – the ones who hold the keys to money transfers. Email was the top communication vector, accounting for 88 percent of financial pretexting incidents, with phone communications in second place with just under 10 percent. Smaller organisations are also a target: Sixty-one (61) percent of victims analysed were businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees.   “Cyber-attacks targeting the human factor are still a major issue,” says Bryan Sartin, executive director, Global Security Services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “Cybercriminals concentrate on four key drivers of human behaviour to encourage individuals to disclose information: eagerness, distraction, curiosity and uncertainty. And as our report shows, it is working, with a significant increase in both phishing and pretexting this year.”  Business sector insights give real-life customer intelligence   This year’s report provides tailored insights for key business sectors, revealing specific challenges faced by different verticals, and also answering the “who? what? why? and how?” for each. Key sector-specific findings include: The top three industries for data breaches are financial services (24 percent); healthcare (15 percent) and the public sector (12 percent). Companies in the manufacturing industry are the most common targets for email-based malware. Sixty-eight (68) percent of healthcare threat actors are internal to the organisation.   “The cybercrime data for each industry varies dramatically,” comments Sartin. “It is only by understanding the fundamental workings of each vertical that you can appreciate the cybersecurity challenges they face and recommend appropriate actions.”  The most authoritative data-driven cybersecurity report around   Now in its tenth year, the “Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report” leverages the collective data from 65 organisations across the world. This year’s report includes analysis on 42,068 incidents and 1,935 breaches from 84 countries. The DBIR series continues to be the most data-driven security publication with the largest amount of data sources combining towards a common goal – slicing through the fear, uncertainty and doubt around cybercrime.   “We started the DBIR series with one main contributor – ourselves”, comments Sartin. “Our vision is to unite industries with the end goal of confronting cybercrime head-on– and we are achieving this. The success of the DBIR series is thanks to our contributors who support us year after year. Together we have broken down the barriers that used to surround cybercrime – developing trust and credibility. No organisation has to stand in silence against cybercrime – the knowledge is out there to be shared.”  Get the basics in place   With 81 percent of hacking-related breaches leveraging either stolen passwords and/or weak or guessable passwords, getting the basics right is as important as ever before. Some recommendations for organisations and individuals alike include:   Stay vigilant – log files and change management systems can give you early warning of a breach. Make people your first line of defense – train staff to spot the warning signs. Keep data on a “need to know” basis – only employees that need access to systems to do their jobs should have it. Patch promptly – this could guard against many attacks. Encrypt sensitive data – make your data next to useless if it is stolen. Use two-factor authentication – this can limit the damage that can be done with lost or stolen credentials. Don’t forget physical security – not all data theft happens online.   “Our report demonstrates that there is no such thing as an impenetrable system, but doing the basics well makes a real difference. Often, even a basic defense will deter cybercriminals who will move on to look for an easier target," concludes Sartin.  Verizon delivers unparalleled managed security services   Verizon is a leader in delivering global managed security solutions to enterprises in the financial services, retail, government, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy and transportation sectors. Verizon combines powerful intelligence and analytics with an expansive breadth of professional and managed services, including customisable advanced security operations and managed threat protection services, next-generation commercial technology monitoring and analytics, threat intel and response service and forensics investigations and identity management. Verizon brings the strength and expert knowledge of more than 550 consultants across the globe to proactively reduce security threats and lower information risks to organisations.    About Verizon   Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ), headquartered in New York City, has a diverse workforce of 161,000 and generated nearly $126 billion in 2016 revenues. Verizon operates America’s most reliable wireless network, with 113.9 million retail connections nationwide. The company also provides communications and entertainment services over mobile broadband and the nation’s premier all-fiber network, and delivers integrated business solutions to customers worldwide.   ####   VERIZON’S ONLINE NEWS CENTER: News releases, feature stories, executive biographies and media contacts are available at Verizon’s online News Center at News releases are also available through an RSS feed. To subscribe, visit    Media contacts Amanda Conroy or Gloria Lee Espresso Communications on behalf of Verizon Enterprise Solutions Phone: +61 2 8016 2200 Email: Bartercard Shows How Trade Dollars Can Benefit Your Business 2017-04-19T04:40:09Z bartercard-shows-how-trade-dollars-can-benefit-your-business We are all aware that maximising cash flow, retaining customers and keeping stock moving are important elements of all businesses, which is where Bartercard comes in. Buying and selling using Trade Dollars offers advantages to business owners, across several key areas. In this Press Release, whether you’re new to Bartercard or have been a member for some time, they want to remind you of the different ways to use your Trade Dollars to maximise the benefits and grow your business.  Bartercard has some good tips to help you get the most out of your Bartercard Trade Dollars, and the first is to treat Trade Dollars as a supplement fo cash-paying business. Through operating as a supplement to cash business Bartercard gives members complete control over which products and services they sell through the network. No member is obligated at any time to take on Trade Dollar business over cash-paying business. When you add Bartercard to your business, you essentially allow other members to utilise your goods and services with Trade Dollars, which can help create new business, customer loyalty and increase profits. You can also use Trade Dollars to move inventory/fill occupance as business fluctuates. Businesses also have the ability to sell excess stock or slow moving inventory, without the need to discount heavily. Members receive Trade Dollars as payment, which they can then spend on other goods and services within the Bartercard community.  Trade Dollars can also be used as a staff rentention/reward system. We all know how important it is to keep good staff members, and Trade Dollars can be used as employee bonuses and incentive schemes or gifts. Bartercard has a large referral network that allows members to extend their customer base and geographic reach. This can then translate into increased business profits. Through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, members have an advantage over their competitors. Furthermore, every time a Trade Dollar member spends, it will come back to them in the form of new business from another member’s business.  Bartercard enables members to manage cash flow and make use of interest-free credit. Trade Dollars work like a credit card or bank account, using an electronic currency instead of cash so you can continue to make purchases even when cash flow has slowed. Trade Dollars can be transacted via EFTPOS, online, over the phone, using an app like the Bartercard App, or by transaction vouchers.  Bartercard can open up your business to new customer markets, improve cash flow, reduce business expenses and clear idle and excess stock without having to discount. It’s easy to use and acts no differently to a normal bank account or line of credit, so go to the website toay to find out more about Bartercard services, at . Dell Boomi Partners with CRM Online to Automate Data Integration for Field Services Firms 2017-04-18T00:37:33Z dell-boomi-partners-with-crm-online-to-automate-data-integration-for-field-services-firms Sydney, Australia – Apr. 18, 2017 – Leading cloud-based integration platform provider, Dell Boomi, has partnered with Australian field service software provider, CRM Online, to provide local enterprises and mid-market organisations with a simple integration solution for critical business systems and applications. As part of the agreement, CRM Online will combine Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) with its Fieldmagic field service solution. This will provide to joint customers a simple means of integrating field services data – such as customer information, invoicing, purchase orders and payment data – with their on-premises and cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. “A major challenge with implementing field services software is integration into accounting or ERP platforms – particularly for larger on-premises deployments,” said Glenn Richmond, Founder and CEO, CRM Online. “Without a dedicated integration solution, field services organisations rely on manual processes which give way to human error, duplication, and risk to data integrity. Boomi enhances our Fieldmagic solution by providing a drag-and-drop, cloud-based mechanism that enables automated enterprise integration with a wide range of best-of-breed systems.” Unlike competing platforms that often require complex on-premises software installations even prior to designing integrations, Boomi’s architecture provides out-of-the-box connectors for major ERP solutions, and allows organisations to scale based on their unique business requirements. Dell Boomi significantly accelerates delivery, increases the robustness and lowers cost of implementation of any ERP integration with Fieldmagic. “The combination of CRM Online’s Fieldmagic and our iPaaS solution provides joint customers with a ‘quick and easy’ yet comprehensive way to centralise critical systems and applications,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan, Dell Boomi. “This means organisations can use the best-of-breed technologies they want while also ensuring the wider business is properly aligned. This is particularly important for large and diverse organisations which don’t want to be held hostage by inflexible and rigid environments.” About Fieldmagic Fieldmagic is a leading field services platform that combines the flexibility of CRM with quoting, job management, scheduling, maintenance and asset management to provide a leading end to end solution for field service organisations. Visit for more information. About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organizations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,300 organizations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, and better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times and offers substantial cost savings over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Whitfords Promotes Exciting Offers from Fisher & Paykel for Hi-Tech Kitchens 2017-04-17T00:14:33Z whitfords-promotes-exciting-offers-from-fisher-amp-paykel-for-hi-tech-kitchens Whitfords, the specialists in home appliances, have announced two promotional special offers from Fisher & Paykel. The first offer gives the customer a bonus 15 per cent rebate off their total purchase price when they purchase an integrated refrigerator and one other eligible integrated kitchen appliance. The second offer gets the customer a bonus 10 per cent rebate off their total purchase price when they purchase an eligible Fisher & Paykel cooking appliance and a minimum of one other eligible kitchen appliance. The models that are eligible for the first offer are integrated refrigerators RS90AU1, RS901 and RB60VI8. In addition to one of these, the customer will have to purchase one eligible integrated kitchen appliance. The choices for this are CoolDrawer Multi‑Temperature Drawers RB90S64MKIW1 and Dish Drawer Dishwashers DD60SI7, DD60STI7, DD90STI2 and DD60DI7. The second offer is the ‘Designed to Match’ offer. The eligible Fisher & Paykel cooking models available under this offer include all companion range products, freestanding cookers, rangehoods and cooktops, refrigerators excluding all bar fridges, wine cabinets, CoolDrawer multi-temperature drawers, vertical freezers excluding all chest freezers and dishwashers.   Both these offers are valid for purchases made from 1st April to 4th June 2017. Redemptions will close on 31st August 2017. The offers are valid only through a single transaction from a participating retailer. The rebate is based on total purchase price, and strictly excludes installation fees, delivery charges, or other charges imposed by retailers. Customers can contact Whitfords regarding these offers on (02) 9370 0555 or email To check out the Fisher & Paykel appliances available at Whitfords: Teachers Mutual Bank Integrates Major Digital Transformation Strategy with Dell Boomi 2017-04-11T01:00:00Z teachers-mutual-bank-integrates-major-digital-transformation-strategy-with-dell-boomi Sydney, Australia – Apr 11, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi), the number one integration cloud provider, announced that Teachers Mutual Bank (TMB) is using the Boomi integration platform as part of its multi-year, multi-million-dollar digital transformation strategy. With Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), TMB has created a flexible, enterprise-wide data environment that links its core customer management system and extensible services layer with its internal processes. This has boosted TMB’s competitiveness against Tier 1 banks by connecting multiple capabilities, and enabled it to quickly and easily capitalise on new technologies, including innovations in fintech. Boomi has also provided TMB the critical capability to connect to the latest third party fintech developments. The Bank has already engaged with Spriggy (a prepaid Visa card for children controlled through a mobile app) and is considering personal financial management applications that will deliver additional secure, customer service capabilities to its members. These powerful automation capabilities within the Boomi platform have resulted in reduced operating costs for the Bank, and cost savings are expected to increase significantly as Boomi is integrates further to the core banking systems and processes, including planned integration of Business Process Management toolsets to streamline all banking operations. The Boomi project is the final piece of TMB’s wider digital strategy through which it overhauled its customer service capabilities. Recognising the need to provide an omni-channel, mobile-first experience, the Bank developed a digital roadmap in 2013; since commencement, the initiative has encompassed multiple deployments supported by significant investment budgets. This included connectivity to manage third party management campaigns, EDW inbound data feeds from cloud based data sources and SMS integration with webforms for new brand opportunities, among other initiatives. As well as allowing TMB to maximise value from existing investment, the Boomi platform supports merger activity and expansion objectives by providing a means to quickly plug new businesses into existing operations. “When we kicked off our long-term digital project, it was clear that mobile platforms were going to be the prominent platform-of-choice for our members’ interactions with the Bank,” said David Chapman, Chief Information Officer at TMB. “In particular, we correctly anticipated that integration best-of-breed apps from third party developers would provide the best platform to deliver omni-channel experiences on customers’ terms.” “Once we modernised our environment through the introduction of these best-of-breed apps, we needed the critical component to tie all that data together on an ongoing basis. We selected Boomi for its powerful cloud-based and user-friendly integration software so that we can ensure that all data is accurate and up-to-date no matter where it is accessed.” “The financial services sector is hotly contested, with banks under pressure to meet increasingly-demanding customer expectations,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan at Dell Boomi. “By leveraging the cloud to connect its customer services platform with leading apps which customers rely on a day-to-day basis, Teachers Mutual Bank can continue to create uniquely tailored and flexible customer experiences.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organizations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,300 organizations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times and offers substantial cost savings over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Empowering Third World Artisans With Careful Consumption and Thoughtful Design 2017-04-05T11:02:14Z empowering-third-world-artisans-with-careful-consumption-and-thoughtful-design Thoughtful Design and Careful Consumption In the highly competitive world of design, is there really room to foster artistic appreciation and support empowerment? Tarsha Burn thinks there is. The powerhouse behind the Organic Bed Threads brand, Tarsha says the empowerment of third-world artisans is as important as using certified organic cotton. Organic Bed Threads supports chemical-free, certified organic cotton plantations in the Rajasthan region of India. It’s here that the company employs a team of hand embroiderers, master wood block printers, and tailors to produce truly artisan bed linen. It’s handmade, socially responsible, ethically sourced, and free trade. These talented craftspeople interpret Tarsha’s designs using handmade artisan techniques. Tailors, spinners, weavers, dye colour masters, hand and machine embroiderers, screen printers, wood block carvers, and a master wood block printer hail from a long line of artisans. Tarsha’s socially motivated determination had shown her that ‘ethical’ and ‘organic’ are often NOT. So she asked her manufacturer to undertake the rigorous process of gaining accreditation of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). “Organic Bed Threads is a socially responsible company that ensures the farming process is certified organic and that the manufacturing practices are safe fair,” says Tarsha. “The biggest challenge now is to educate consumers that not only are certified organic cotton products more durable and luxurious, but that being fair trade and ethically produced is worth supporting.” End of Release… For further information on the life of a textile designer, sustainable practices or organic products, hi-res images, and interview opportunities please contact… Tarsha Burn on 0401 525 201 or Organic Bed Threads is Australian owned and operated. Bed linen is available in Single, Queen, and King sizes in a variety of unique and handmade designs. About Organic Bed Threads Organic bed linen where every thread of the production story counts. Organic bed linen - from seed to shelf, the Organic Bed Threads range is stunningly beautiful, made from certified organic cotton and ethically produced to fair trade standards. Organic Bed Threads is good for the planet, good for business and great for you. Stunning, handmade artisan organic bed linen Our sleep is a vital part of our daily and health cycle. It's so important that we rest well. We spend one third of our life sleeping. Our quality of rejuvenation impacts our whole day. We want to be cocooned in stunning duvet, doona covers. Especially exquisite hand-made, artisan bed linen that we can admire when we wake up and for how it was created. Only a pinkie toe print on the planet Designer Tarsha Burn has created Organic Bed Threads range of organic bed linen to work with fair trade and sustainable business practices. From seed to shelf, Organic Bed Threads leaves only a pinkie toe, not a whole footprint, on the planet. With eye-catching designs, Organic Bed Threads gives you the bedroom beauty you've been looking for. And peace inside yourself, knowing that you're not feeding the voracious sweatshop culture machine that keeps less educated and skilled people poor, overworked and exploited. Geoscape Offers World-First Decision Making Capabilities to Australian Organisations 2017-04-04T22:57:33Z geoscape-offers-world-first-decision-making-capabilities-to-australian-organisations Locate17 – Sydney, Australia – 5th April, 2017: PSMA Australia, a provider of the nation’s location datasets, today officially launched its award-winning innovation in location intelligence, Geoscape. In a world-first, Geoscape enables Australian organisations to make better decisions using location-based insights that were previously too costly or time consuming for most businesses to access. This is the first time location information and data analytics have been combined and made available in this way, on a national level. PSMA also confirmed the much-anticipated Sydney dataset will be released on 5th April, 2017, with the national rollout due for completion by early 2018. To download a sample of Geoscape, visit: “Geoscape is a breakthrough in location-based intelligence that provides essential infrastructure for Australia’s digital economy, and puts Australia on the world map as a leader in this technology,” said Dan Paull, PSMA’s Chief Executive Officer. “As a business intelligence tool, Geoscape gives organisations the opportunity to improve services and increase revenue through evidence-based decision making. It will be used by governments to improve Australia’s future planning, development and management, including everything from building smarter cities to keeping people safe during fires, floods and other natural disasters. There’s also a vast range of applications in the private sector, with particular interest coming from the telecommunications, insurance and utilities sectors.” DigitalGlobe, Inc. (NYSE: DGI), the global leader in Earth imagery and information about our changing planet, uses a range of geospatial technologies to deliver core components of the Geoscape dataset. By connecting the world's highest quality commercial satellite imagery and an ecosystem of analytics partners on the Geospatial Big Data platform (GBDX), DigitalGlobe is able to automatically and accurately extract many types of features about the built environment at continental scale. "The convergence of high-resolution satellite imagery, cloud computing, and machine learning technologies has created some incredibly exciting opportunities for organisations to analyse man-made and natural environments at country and continent scales more quickly and efficiently than ever before,” said Dr. Walter Scott, DigitalGlobe Founder, CTO, and EVP. “We are proud to partner with PSMA Australia to harness these innovations and create a digital index of Australia’s built environment that will benefit a wide range of industries, including business intelligence, insurance, and telecommunications.” How Geoscape works PSMA has collaborated with DigitalGlobe to create the Geoscape dataset, which uses a combination of satellite imagery, crowdsourcing and machine learning to capture attributes of the built environment and link each building to a geocoded address. Organisations can see and analyse this data to gain new insights and improve the way they plan and operate. The data includes building footprints and heights, roof construction, land cover, tree heights, the presence of solar panel installations and swimming pools, and more. The data can be visualised using mapping platforms and 3D modelling tools. New opportunities for enhanced service delivery As Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems evolve and smart cities become a reality, Geoscape can underpin them by linking a wide range of information generated about the lifecycle of the built environment. Data from a rich mesh of sensors can be tied to a location, an address, a legal land parcel and an area, ranging from a single building, to a few streets, to a planning zone or a region. Geoscape creates a wide range of opportunities for improved service delivery including in: Risk management (flood modelling, fire risk modelling, wind impact assessment) Geoscape provides information about the size and roof construction of buildings, their proximity to vegetation and other buildings and a model of terrain to support the assessment of risk. Market assessment For businesses providing property related services Geoscape provides information about buildings, solar panel installations, swimming pools, roofing material, surfaces and vegetation. Telecommunications Geoscape supports the rollout of wi-fi and 5G networks by providing a model of the terrain and information on the shape and heights of buildings and tree cover to support blackspot analysis. Natural disaster impact assessment Preliminary post-event assessment of the likely impact of natural disasters on building infrastructure and vegetation. Valuations Provides building sizes, number, roofing information, vegetation location, heights and basic land use for the valuation process. How Pitney Bowes uses Geoscape Pitney Bowes has been a partner of PSMA Australia for over 15 years. Geoscape is the main dataset used by Pitney Bowes to create its GeoVision product. The data captured in Geoscape is taken and combined with Pitney Bowes location intelligence platforms to create unique and leading edge solutions, which are capturing world-wide recognition. For more information, please see a case study Australia's ground-breaking Geoscape is rolling out, region by region, across Australia. For progress on the national rollout of Geoscape, view the release schedule at Download your free trial To download a sample of Geoscape to see how it could be used in your organisation, visit Want to know more? If you’re interested in speaking with PSMA to learn more about Geoscape, you may visit them at Booth 110 and 112 at Locate17 or contact For more information: About PSMA Australia PSMA Australia’s goal is to facilitate broad and sustainable access to high-quality location data by offering foundational national spatial information derived from the authoritative data sources of Australia’s federal, state and territory governments and private sector partners. PSMA was formed by the governments of Australia in 1993 to collate, transform and deliver their location data as national datasets. An unlisted company limited by shares, PSMA is owned by all the governments of Australia. As an independent and self-funded business, PSMA is able to collaborate beyond government to drive innovation and provide fundamental infrastructure for a digital world. For more information visit: About DigitalGlobe DigitalGlobe is a leading provider of commercial high-resolution earth observation and advanced geospatial solutions that help decision makers better understand our changing planet to save lives, resources and time. Sourced from the world's leading constellation, DigitalGlobe’s imagery solutions deliver unmatched coverage and capacity to meet its customers' most demanding mission requirements. Each day customers in defence and intelligence, public safety, civil agencies, map making and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management and navigation technology, and providers of location-based services depend on DigitalGlobe data, information, technology and expertise to gain actionable insight. For more information visit: Media Contact: Kate Donnelly Spectrum Group +61 2 9469 5700 $1M investment fast-tracks 1Scope education platform 2017-03-31T06:14:52Z 1m-investment-fast-tracks-1scope-education-platform Sydney, 31 March 2017:  A revolutionary new Australian social enterprise, 1Scope, will launch in mid-2017 thanks to an investment of $1M from Aqualand Capital.  1Scope is a world-leading website from which companies, universities and not-for-profits can promote, manage and measure the effectiveness of the training, work experience and skills opportunities they offer for Australian students aged 12-25. 1Scope allows students to secure real-world experience that provides practical work skills by accessing programs, work experience and courses that are relevant to them – and importantly enabling them to develop the broader ‘soft skills’ that are critical, but not often taught to students. The platform, which has been in beta version from October 2016, will use the investment to fast-track its launch to August 2017. 1Scope founder and CEO, Christina Chun, says 1Scope is free for students to access and has the support of numerous leading Australian corporates as well as some of the country’s leading universities, high schools and education providers. “I started 1Scope as I passionately believe students deserve greater access to opportunities outside of higher and tertiary education programs.  My vision for 1Scope is to bridge the gap between the education system and employers and in doing so, create valuable new opportunities for today’s students,” Christina said. “Today’s students are clever and capable and keen to apply for opportunities and training where it’s useful to them. Finding those opportunities and getting from A to B is the hard part for students and is the problem that 1Scope is trying to solve. “Having secured an investment from Aqualand Capital, we’re able to pick up the pace of our 1Scope platform enhancements and our introductions to corporates and not-for-profits.  This gives us the opportunity to see more students matched with more opportunities quickly. “We are pleased that the Aqualand Capital investment allows us to give more Australian secondary and tertiary students an avenue to expand their real-life skills and experience and grow their confidence by matching them with valuable development opportunities.” Jin Lin, Managing Director of Aqualand said: “Aqualand Capital has been established to invest in business to increase its development capability, take advantage of new technologies, increase efficiency and provide shareholders with long term return on investment. “When we saw the potential for 1Scope to make a difference to the adults of tomorrow, together with the enthusiasm and skills of its founder, Christina Chun, we knew this was an initiative that required our support. “In addition to financial investment in the business, Aqualand’s marketing, legal and finance departments have provided practical advice to the 1Scope team and we are providing space in our office for the team to operate for the first 12 months.” -ENDS-   About 1Scope 1Scope is a website from which companies, universities and not-for-profits can promote, manage and measure the training, work experience and skills opportunities they offer for Australian students aged 12-25. 1Scope allows students to secure real-world experience that provides practical work skills by accessing programs, work experience and courses that are relevant to them – and importantly enabling them to develop the broader ‘soft skills’ that are critical, but not often taught to students. 1Scope is free for students to access and has the support of numerous leading Australian corporates as well as some of the country’s leading universities, high schools and education providers. 1Scope was founded by Christina Chun, a 26 year old Australian entrepreneur with a passion for education.  Christina has a background in Psychology and Human Resource Management specialising in working with children with learning disabilities and over five years’ experience in working in the Education industry.   About Aqualand Capital As the property development business has grown so have the objectives of the business operations. To further these objectives, Aqualand Capital Investment was established to assist with the diversification of the commercial model by providing capital to invest in opportunities that provide strong financial returns and encourage and assist new businesses during their start-up phase. In addition to investment properties, Aqualand Capital has a comprehensive share portfolio and is working with a number of start-up companies by providing venture capital. As a point of difference, Aqualand also provides access to specialist resources from Aqualand, including marketing, legal and finance, as many start-up companies do not have expertise in these areas.    For any requests including interview opportunities please contact: Louise Caldicott or Tamsyn Alley Porter Novelli Sydney (on behalf of Aqualand) 0435 800 395 (Louise)  / 0478 474 634 (Tamsyn) /