The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-27T10:33:44Z Boost for Greater Western Sydney Hotel Industry 2017-04-27T10:33:44Z boost-for-greater-western-sydney-hotel-industry Greater Western Sydney’s hotel market has received a significant boost, as Alpha Eastern Creek launches its brand new Club Level with an additional 60 new rooms, and an intimate Club Lounge. The $7 million project which commenced in 2016, saw the new superior rooms and Club Lounge added to the top floor of the existing premise over-looking Sydney Motorsport Park, increasing the hotel’s inventory to 164. Jonathan Wooller, Founder and Managing Partner of Alpha Hotels & Resorts said, “Guests looking for a higher level of hotel accommodation can now stay in the newest and largest rooms in the area, coupled with an intimate business lounge including all-day refreshments, unlimited W-Fi, and spaces to work and unwind.” “The new Club Level and overall hotel transformation, will distinguish Alpha Eastern Creek as the World-class hotel provider in the heart of Sydney’s growth corridor – an area fuelled by major economic activity through the Western Sydney Airport development and road projects that will create the connection to the airport,” he added. The Club Level accommodation features contemporary interiors, luxury king-sized beds, Smart TV, unlimited free Wi-Fi, chic bathroom amenities, and in-room dining. The spacious 40 sqm Club Suites offer a free-flowing living and dining area, a kitchenette and views over the Blue Mountains or Sydney Motorsport Park. Club Lounge access and privileges are complimentary for guests when booking Club rooms or suites with a range of benefits such as light express breakfast, refreshments during the day, Sundown snacks with a complimentary drink and unlimited WiFi. Guests can spread out and work, or relax on lounges, café tables or benches and can also host up to two guests in the Club Lounge on weekdays 9.00pm – 4.00pm during their stay - providing a convenient place to meet with clients or colleagues. The façade of the hotel has also been completely renovated along with a refreshment of decore and alfresco area in the hotel’s popular Oak Bar & Grill, as well as the addition of a Tesla charging station. Alpha Eastern Creek is now the largest hotel in the area West of Parramatta through to Penrith with extensive facilities including; an indoor heated lap pool and gym, Oak Bar & Grill with alfresco dining, new Club Lounge, 3 meeting rooms for up to 120 delegates and a shuttle bus to local business parks and attractions. OVER 44,000 ENTIRE HOMES TO BE LISTED ON AIRBNB IN SYDNEY FOLLOWING THE NSW GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE 2017-04-26T06:42:12Z over-44-000-entire-homes-to-be-listed-on-airbnb-in-sydney-following-the-nsw-government-s-response MadeComfy welcomes the announcement by the NSW Government that it supports short-term letting in NSW. It provides a needed clear direction from which home owners and property investors can continue to let their property on platforms such as Airbnb. With 24,000[1] entire home listings on Airbnb at the end of 2016 and a year-on-year growth of 85%[2], MadeComfy expects the growth of Airbnb listings to remain at the current pace for the coming year, which indicates 44,000 entire home Airbnb listings in Sydney by the end of 2017. From the recent NSW Government announcement around short-term rentals, MadeComfy believes that the Airbnb market will not likely to see an influx of owners listing on the booking platform, but rather take confidence they can continue to do so with more clarity around their rights and responsibilities. The assessment also takes into account that of Sydney’s almost 2 million properties, only 1.2% have been listed on Airbnb at some stage, suggesting there is still room for growth, however, represents only a small proportion of Sydney’s rental market[3]. MadeComfy was founded to provide a professional short-term rental management service in Sydney. Demand for MadeComfy’s service arising from home owners and property investors who were both time poor and didn’t have the ability to be available to provide the hospitality guests now expect when booking a property through Airbnb. MadeComfy therefore manages the process of hosting to look after the home and guests, so they can enjoy a hassle-free income. Sabrina Bethunin, co-founder, said “This support by the NSW Government will hopefully result in  short-term rentals being a viable option for every homeowner without fear of legal or financial penalties”. “In addition to that, with the median property price in Sydney having reached over 1 million dollars, households are dedicating an average of 44 per cent of their income to service their mortgages[4]. It means Sydneysiders are considered under ‘mortgage stress’ as they are devoting more than 30 per cent of their income to mortgage repayments. Either by renting a spare room or the whole property when it’s not utilised, for many homeowners, Airbnb and similar platforms provide a means to obtain an income to help cover their mortgage repayments or afford their holidays” she added. Following last week’s announcement MadeComfy also looks forward to partnering with building strata managers to provide the professional support needed to mitigate the concerns voiced by the Owners Corporation Network (OCN). A key concern of the OCN was the harmony of guests and residents within shared building environments. MadeComfy seeks to address these issues through its guest screening process prior to accepting a booking, as well as enforcing strict house rules such as a no party policy and maximum occupant numbers. With these checks in place, MadeComfy’s service is designed to mitigate against any unruly guest behaviour, providing strata managers and residents with confidence short-term rentals will be managed without negative effects in their building. For all parties concerned, MadeComfy views this announcement to be an encouraging step for the regulation of short-term rentals in NSW. It provides a response that supports our own figures, with 70 per cent of MadeComfy’s customers being home owners who use the service to manage their property whilst on holidays. Able to deliver 40 percent more than self-managed Airbnb listings, MadeComfy looks forward to helping home owners, property investors and strata managers alike tap into the short-term rental market to optimise their rental returns and maintain the security of their properties.               For further media information or comment please contact: Tim Medway – PR and Marketing Executive Phone: 0415 202 969    Email: [1] AirDNA data: The number of active entire home listing on Airbnb for the month of Dec 2016. [2] AirDNA data: The growth of active entire home listings on Airbnb between Dec 2015 and Dec 2016. [3] Airbnb and renting in Sydney Report, Tenants Union of NSW, March 2017 [4] CoreLogic Report, 2017 ABOUT MADECOMFY MadeComfy is a short-term property management specialist committed to providing property owners with the highest quality, hassle-free, hosting service in the market.  Based in Birchgrove in Sydney’s Inner West, MadeComfy manages a large, growing number of homes across Sydney, from executive apartments, family homes to luxury properties. MadeComfy provides an end-to-end management service, which means property owners don’t need to do a thing when they hand over their keys. With significant investment into operation systems, owners can rest assured that MadeComfy’s dynamic pricing and centralised booking platforms will provide them with the highest returns and maximised booking occupancy. MadeComfy also ensures that the experience is first-class for guests, providing a welcome pack and house manual at check-in, 5-star linen, 24/7 support to guests and cleaners after every stay. MadeComfy provides the professional help to make the process of hosting effortless whilst property owners earn the rental income. Cheapflights launches ‘EscEscape’ for those get-me-out-of-here moments 2017-04-24T23:54:28Z cheapflights-launches-escescape-for-those-get-me-out-of-here-moments Global flight search and travel deals website, Cheapflights, has given ‘Esc’ keyboard keys everywhere a new lease of life with the launch of its innovative ‘EscEscape’ (pronounced ‘Escape Escape’) browser extension tool, putting a range of short getaway options just two-taps away from users. Launching in Australia as well as New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and South Africa, ‘EscEscape’ is a free-to-install extension for Google Chrome users. When a user taps their ‘Esc’ key twice, a live flight search runs to find the cheapest, quickest and smartest return flights to nearby destinations. Results are pulled from Cheapflights’ own search engine API and the users’ nearest airport is detected as their departure point. The flight results open in a new browser tab and will be the cheapest option for a weekend break in the next eight weeks. The user is then free to go ahead and book if they like the look of what they see – if not, another ‘double tap’ of the ‘Esc’ key throws up a new option. Andrew Shelton, Managing Director of Cheapflights said: “We want people to rediscover their ‘Esc’ key, and make it their shortcut to escaping for real – double tap quick.” Initially, a choice of five destinations will be featured each day, selected at random from the top 200 searched-for holiday hot spots on the Cheapflights website and app, per market. For departures from Australia, popular getaway destinations within an eight-hour flight are displayed, such as Fiji. “We can spend hours every day tapping away at a keyboard, dealing with dozens of unread emails, thinking it’s Thursday when it’s only Tuesday. According to our research, that’s enough to drive over half of us to search for flights when we’re at work. “With ‘EscEscape’, we’ve made it that much easier to do. We want this neglected keyboard function to become the biggest and most important key people tap each day,” said Shelton. This free extension is available from today at the Chrome Web Store. Go to A version of the extension for Safari users is planned shortly. ENDS CHEAPFLIGHTS – Founded in 1996, Cheapflights is a leading global flight comparison and deals publishing platform dedicated to taking the complexity out of finding the best value flights through the application of innovative, intuitive technologies: Smart search. Made simple. It is now a market leader in the UK, US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand generating over AU $4 billion (£2 billion) in global downstream revenue for its partners as it expands in to numerous other territories. Over 120 million users visit its websites and apps each year, receiving more than two billion search results a month from across 900,000 routes. The 10 million strong opt-in subscribers to the Cheapflights newsletter received over 1.25 billion targeted emails during 2015, offering the best deals from over 120 travel businesses – for whom it has driven more than AU $80 million (£40 million) in revenue this year. Together, the Cheapflights platforms generate enough bookings for its partners to fill a Boeing 747 every five minutes. In 2011, Cheapflights became part of the privately‐owned online travel search and inspiration network, Momondo Group. Follow us on Twitter: @Cheapflights Join us on Facebook: Have you started compromising your immunity with over-use of antibiotics? 2017-04-21T05:23:09Z have-you-started-compromising-your-immunity-with-over-use-of-antibiotics Antibiotics is indeed an essential one in modern medical care and it represented a positive impact in medical field. But we should also be aware of the fact that even main stream medical journal has researches that warn against the excessive use of antibiotics. The job of antibiotics is to kill all the micro-organisms in our body indiscriminately.  We often develop vaginal and intestinal yeast infections after taking a course of antibiotics for some other infection, say, strep throat. This happens because the antibiotics indiscriminately kills lactobacillus bacteria that does good for our gut. One should be aware if an antibiotics is prescribed routinely (sometimes it is given for a viral infection !). When taken repeatedly it creates a resistance in our body and much stronger dose is necessary to treat further. This weakens the immune system and hinders the body's natural healing mechanism instead of aiding it. Dr. Hahnemann, he father of Homeopathy, in his scholarly treatise The Organon of Healing states that infectious diseases must be cured by treating the person and not by killing the microbes or removing symptoms. The remedy should awaken the body's natural ability to cure. It should just be a stimulus and body should do the healing task. A homeopathic remedy can trigger the immune system and give a right shape of cure naturally.  Parents, today, prefer naturalistic medicine which do not harm or restrict the functioning of immune of the children. Ayurclinic functions at three places in Australia, making naturalistic cure accessible to all. There are Homeopathic practirioners, Ayurvedic doctors and Yoga instructors providing an integrated three-fold remedy for all your ailments. Ipswich’s home care angel 2017-04-19T02:06:54Z ipswich-s-home-care-angel Following the call by Community Legal Centres Queensland for new laws to protect older residents against elder abuse, local carer Angel Potts is on a mission to change the state of aged care provided within the Ipswich community. Since starting her career as an aged care nurse, Angel has noticed extreme mistreatment, exploitation and a lack of compassion within the aged care community. Growing up, Angel was told by some teachers she would never amount to anything, so she knows all too well what it’s like to experience discrimination, simply based on age. “Age is not a disability, and it’s high time we stopped treating it like one,” she said. Upon taking up her current role as a Community Care business partner at Envigor Private Home Care, Angel has vowed to do things differently, and she’s determined to allow her clients to live with independence and dignity. Envigor Ipswich is all about offering a personal, client-focused private home care service including home and personal care, Dementia care, nursing care, palliative care, and short-term care. Angel has been with Envigor for more than two years, and when asked what makes her job different from any other aged care position she has held, Angel said that at Envigor she and her team are allowed the opportunity to personally understand the individual needs of each and every client, and this is what sets Envigor apart. “Our core values are integrity, caring, family and team – and that says it all,” said Angel. Envigor also caps its administration fees at only 10 percent, meaning there is more money left from Government care package allowances to spend toward actual hours of care. “Being a smaller, locally-owned service provider means our team can fit in with our clients’ lives and schedules – not the other way around.” “As a client, you get to dictate the kind of services you want, and how often you would like them – services range from one hour to twenty-four hour care.” “I get satisfaction from helping and advocating for people who sometimes go unseen or unheard.” “There’s no great secret to providing great care, you simply treat a person with the respect and dignity they deserve.” To learn more about Envigor Ipswich, phone Angel Potts on 0410 760 661 or email Or you can visit the Envigor website here: Nextrend Furniture and FLAT Technologies combine the principles of table base design with cutting edge technology. 2017-04-13T04:38:06Z nextrend-furniture-and-flat-technologies-combine-the-principles-of-table-base-design-with-cutting-edge-technology Nextrend Furniture has made history by launching and installing the world’s very first self-stabilising table base, which uses cutting edge alignment technology. Thanks to award-winning technology courtesy of FLAT, wobbling is eliminated by Flat Tech Bases even on the least stable of surfaces, enabling multiple table tops to be flawlessly aligned. Alignment and table stability are two big issues faced by F&B establishments like bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs in Australia. Now, customers at Australian F&B businesses need not worry about unstable tables causing drink spillage. Businesses can enjoy greater customer approval, and staff are now free from having to spend time trying to stabilise tables with beer mats or handling related tirades from customers. Nextrend Furniture’s General Manager Peter McCorkell is proud that Nextrend is always pushing the envelope of furniture design and technology. He says, “Nextrend Furniture has always been a pioneer in the use of design, materials, finishes and innovative technologies, often being the first to use and market them. We consistently meet our customers’ high expectations of great products which solve their problems at affordable prices. Working together with FLAT has been thrilling, and has enabled us to provide high quality tables that remain stable on even the most uneven surfaces, enabling pubs and restaurants to eliminate a persistent problem.” FLAT technology enables you to: Reduce the number of customer complaints, as well as the volume of refunds you have to make and the overall negative impact on your business. Reduce the amount of time spent on aligning and stabilising tables. Improve sales by maximising space and the number of customers therein. Boost flexibility and easily move tables around, which enables individuals and groups of all sizes to use the space effectively. Stabilise your tables just by pressing the table top. Boost stability with internal locks. Align table tops perfectly. Enjoy highly durable tables which go beyond international standards for durability, safety, strength and stability. Install your new tables in seconds without having to use any tools. Tired of wobbly tables? Flat Technology has the answers to your problems. This multi-award-winning technology enables you to stabilise, align and level your table tops in a flash. To speak with us and check out our entire collection of FLAT table bases, visit or Call (07) 3257 7272 Global Travel Safety Company, Stabilitas and Aussie Startup Troovo to Enhance Traveller Safety Worldwide 2017-04-13T01:46:47Z global-travel-safety-company-stabilitas-and-aussie-startup-troovo-to-enhance-traveller-safety-worldwide Sydney, Australia, 12 April, 2017 – Australian automation company Troovo, today announced that US-based security and travel risk management firm, Stabilitas, has integrated Troovo’s powerful robotic process automation (RPA) engine into Stabilitas’ risk management solution. In addition to the Stabilitas mobile app, the Troovo solution allows for best-in-class tracking and alerts of travellers, keeping global employees safe for companies and institutions around the world. Troovo’s technology now seamlessly and instantly integrates all travel data into the Stabilitas platform giving customers real-time traveller tracking information on staff, no matter where they are in the world. It’s an easy, readily accessible solution that enables companies to track staff members’ locations and importantly, advise them on potential threats before they touch down and during their stay. “As businesses grow and become even more international, employees are travelling to more diverse countries, some of which pose a risk to their wellbeing,” said Kurt Knackstedt, CEO of Troovo. “Today, more than ever, organisations have a responsibility and duty-of-care to ensure the health and safety of their employees – whichever part of the world they are working in.”  Earthquakes and natural disasters, terror attacks, and dynamic safety conditions in densely populated areas all pose threats to business travellers every day. The partnership between Troovo and Stabilitas integrates travel data within the Stabilitas mobile application - enabling companies to know exactly where staff are at all times when overseas. It also provides alerts on potential threats travelling employees could be walking into, when threat conditions may change and ways to access help when needed - all in the same platform.  “Using Troovo’s robotic process engine, Stabilitas ensures that our clients have immediate and real-time access to all travel-related data on thousands of employees within seconds of bookings being created or updated,” said Chris Hurst, COO at Stabilitas. “To save critical time, we use AI to automate many parts of the incident detection and mass notification process. We were pleased to find a partner who is also pushing the boundaries of technology.”  One Stabilitas customer, AXA Assistance, has been quick to roll out the platform, no matter where in the world their travellers are and no matter where in the world their travel bookings were made.  Using the latest in cloud technology and data exchange protocols, Troovo and Stabilitas deliver a solution that requires minimum user effort and avoids the costs associated with direct linkages with the GDS’s that other tracking systems are burdened with. The integrated platform saves companies thousands annually, and most importantly, increases the safety of its employees.  “We weren’t expecting an Australian start-up to deliver to us such an innovative and scalable solution, but that’s exactly what they did,” said Hurst.  “When it comes to minimising risk and ensuring organisations know exactly where their people are, having the most up-to-date information on travel arrangements is not just important, it’s business critical,” said Knackstedt. “The importance of keeping your staff out of harm’s way is, or should be, a priority concern for any company. Legacy systems that exist for tracking and awareness of current instabilities around the globe are quickly being outdated and deemed archaic by the pace of the evolving business and travel world.”   ENDS   About Troovo Troovo provides full automation for all types of transactional processing to help companies increase productivity and profitability. Launched in 2015, the company provides a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) alternative to traditional, industry-specific automation with a completely agnostic platform that offers easy integration with third-party systems and applications. For more information, visit  About Stabilitas Stabilitas ( helps companies keep their employees safe.   Stabilitas uses Artificial Intelligence and human analysts to detect security incidents that affect a firm’s people, facilities, and other assets.  Stabilitas automates incident alerts, providing faster notifications and warnings. The Stabilitas platform enables a security team to then send out mass notifications to thousands of employees via the Stabilitas app, SMS (text), voice call, or emails.  The Troovo integration makes Stabilitas an all-in-one tool for GSOCs, security managers, and travel managers concerned about Duty of Care. FIJI’S PIONEERING LIKULIKU LAGOON RESORT CELEBRATES ITS TENTH ANNIVERSARY 2017-04-12T23:36:55Z fiji-s-pioneering-likuliku-lagoon-resort-celebrates-its-tenth-anniversary The journey to opening Likuliku began in 2002 when Tony Whitton - local Fijian entrepreneur and Managing Director of Ahura Resorts (Likuliku’s parent company), recognised the potential of this heavenly and ideal location. Back then, when conceptualising Likuliku, Tony recalls, "My vision for Likuliku was to introduce overwater bungalows/bures, something that didn’t exist in Fiji and that past developers had said could never be built in Fiji.   I also wanted to provide a unique resort, modeled on a traditional Fijian village similar to where I grew up as a child. I felt it was important we emulated a traditional design concept and utilized the skills of local Fijian villagers and construction materials to showcase things like the beauty of the Soga thatch, bush bamboo, native hard woods and pandanus weave."  During the planning and construction of Likuliku, Tony Whitton and his team paid particular attention to ensuring the sustainability and longevity of the resort's pristine environment. As Tony remembers, "It was critical we secured the participation of our Traditional Resource Owners in the initial concept design, construction and ultimately in the business as we planned to use their qoliqoli - marine resource, passed from generation to generation. The natural Lagoon teems with marine life and coral, and we are grateful they allowed us to share this with the world.  We feel a tremendous responsibility to ensure this valuable resource is always protected and preserved and work in partnership with our traditional owners through their marine park “Tabu” (protection), to ensure the natural surroundings remain viable and vibrant in years to come."  On 15th April 2007, Tony fulfilled his vision, and Likuliku Lagoon Resort opened as an adults-only retreat, offering a unique haven of relaxed refinement with Fiji’s first and only overwater accommodation. Within months of opening and over the ensuing years, the resort would be honoured with significant travel awards and accolades including, Best Overseas Resort in Luxury Travel Magazine’s Gold List five years in a row,  5 times winner of the HM (Hotel Management) Award for Best Fijian Property, and  5 times winner of the  the Fiji Tourism Luxury Accommodation Award.  Likuliku is also the only Fijian resort honoured in The World’s Top 20 Greatest Escapes by the USA’s  Islands magazine, and last year, was named in the venerated *Conde Nast 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards as No.9 in the “Top Resorts in Australia and the South Pacific”.  Likuliku has been the subject of hundreds of travel stories over the years, bringing focus and attention to not just the resort, but to Fiji as a whole through the unique proposition of the country’s only over-water bures.   These various travel articles have resulted in over FJD$18M of media coverage value and an incalculable number of happy social media mentions as guests share their memories and experiences at the resort. In the past ten years, Likuliku has welcomed nearly 48,000 guests from 108 countries.   The majority of guests visit from the USA and Australia with many also travelling from the UK, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Nearly 4,000 guests are repeat visitors with some honouring Likuliku with their 16th stay. The successful pre opening, the positioning and operational success of Likuliku Lagoon today can be attributed to an extraordinary team of people headed by Steve Anstey who is Ahura Resorts’ Group General Manager and who came out to the resort pre construction 12 years ago as pre-opening GM.  Steve says, “It has been an interesting and challenging 12 years.  Opening, establishing and running island resorts is a relentless and gruelling business and  openings especially have their own unique set of challenges, frustrations and problems to deal with.  However, once you are open you are running an operation 24/7,  365 days a year. Consistency of product is paramount to success. You cannot sit back on your laurels for one moment when establishing a product of any value.  New guests arrive daily with high expectations and we have to work hard to meet these expectations and exceed them where we can.  “We set out in 2007 to create a product the likes of which hadn’t been seen in Fiji before. Not only did we achieve this through the construction of an amazing physical asset, but we set new standards and levels in resort service, cuisine and product integrity and have maintained it and sustained it for the last decade.    Likuliku has come of age after a gruelling 10 years plagued with political and global economic instability and unprecedented weather disruptions, and we are extremely proud of her.  “Critical to Likuliku's success are the fantastic staff who are the heart and soul of the resort.   35% of our existing staff have been with us since opening.     We thank them all for their dedication and contagious enthusiasm as they set about ensuring guests enjoy and indulge in our tranquil oasis while enjoying world-class food and a quintessential and unique Fijian holiday experience. Steve continues, “Also critical to our success are the hundreds of travel partners and stakeholders with whom we work all around the globe – most of whom took Likuliku to their markets from the outset and continue to do so to this day.  We also acknowledge and thank the thousands of guests who have visited our shores and equally, to the thousands of return guests”.  Likuliku is wilderness, holiday experience set in a beautiful, pristine and sensitive environment.    Steve explains, “As a Resort company operating in such an environment, we wholly support the concept of sustainable tourism and believe that any development in such areas carries not only a legal but also a moral responsibility to ensure that the environment is not degraded through irresponsible activities and practices.  We are deeply involved and committed to long term dry forest reforestation projects on our leases and on Malolo Levu and have since 2010, been operating and growing our critically endangered Fiji Crested Iguana captivity and breeding program”.  “Sustainable tourism is also about the people and the culture. It is about providing opportunities for improving and helping island communities and individuals through the development of businesses that provide jobs, training and on going development without compromising or taking advantage of the culture or the people involved. Royalties are paid to the Landowners as well as a monthly rental calculated on a percentage of all sales. Ahura also provides an education fund for the landowners and we proudly contribute annually to the provision and improvement of new buildings and services in the local village and school”. Likuliku is situated in the Mamanuca group of islands in Fiji's west, 16 miles/25km from Nadi International Airport. Guests can arrive at Likuliku by helicopter or seaplane (10 minutes), 40 minutes by speedboat transfer or one or two hours by 3-times daily fast catamaran.   Prices start from FJD$995 (AUD$650/USD$480/€455/£388*) per person per night inclusive of all meals, free WiFi, special amenities and non-motorised activities.    Choose from 3, 5 or 7 night packages with complimentary value-add inclusions ranging from cocktails, massages, champagne and free transfers on helicopters, seaplanes or private water taxis.  *approx rates only – check daily FOREX rates.  For reservations and enquiries online: Email: Or see your favourite Fiji luxury travel specialist. -Ends-  General resort image link Ahura was an ancient god of creations who symbolised life, kindness, equality, care of the environment, charity, loyalty and faithfulness to settlement, tribe and county. The omnipresent sun was an enduring symbol of radiance, purity and life sustenance.  Today, Ahura Resorts embodies these same values.  As a 100% Fijian-owned company, with over 40 years experience in tourism and hospitality throughout the Pacific, Ahura is dedicated to providing quality holiday and lifestyle experiences while preserving cultural values and the surrounding environment.  Ahura is the management company operating one of Fiji’s most popular and well-known resorts - Malolo Island Fiji, and the luxury escape for couples which features Fiji’s first and only authentic over-water bures - Likuliku Lagoon Resort.  Experience the Warm Heart of Fiji with Ahura Resorts. For further information – Please contact Tracey Leitch – Impressions PR – 0415 290023 (+61 415 290 023)   Hire Audiologist in Melbourne Associated With Acute Hearing Solutions – NOW 2017-04-12T05:31:03Z hire-audiologist-in-melbourne-associated-with-acute-hearing-solutions-now It is noticed very highly, that with time, the body will start to deteriorate and the person will face many health related issues. No matter how healthy loves they have led, they are tending to get old and it will come with many problems. From joint pain till vision and hearing impairment, the problems will rise and that is why, it is very highly advised that you hire the services of the right people who will work best for all and they will leverage their full potential and expertise to offer some of the best outcome in the end. When it comes to such needs, the Acute Hearing Solutions is a name to be taken into account. They are one of the best hearing clinics in the vicinity and with over 20 years of expertise solutions, they have been able to carve a niche for them in the genre. Being a family owned service, there are many positive aspects of them and they have done some fantastic work for the local community and their services have been able to help many at times of crises. The patient here will be treated with all due respect and they will be given proper attention and also they will be given tailor made solutions. Why Acute Hearing Solutions? SPECIALIST is what they are and it is one of the best reasons to choose them. The Hearing and audiology services that they offer will work best for all and the product that they offer will reduce the hearing loss in a significant manner.  Another prime reason to choose them is that they are not affiliated nor have ties with any other services or products. They make their own and work in their manner only.  As all patients have different needs, they offer tailor made solutions and products that will generate positive outcome. The firm clientele is the prime reason for such. State of the art technology is used to make the hearing aid and right manufacturers are hired for the job.  The audiologist in Melbourne associated with them are rightly certified and they will offer a good level of assurance that anyone will get the best outcome in the end.  Right hearing tests will help them determine the problem and in turn will help them have the right hearing solutions in Melbourne. No matter the age, or the problem with deterioration in hearing over time or hearing problem since birth, they will cater all.  Lastly, they also offer free hearing information pack to give more info on such hearing loss. Make an appointment today by calling (03) 9870 2899 or contact them online. About Company Acute Hearing Solutions is the name to be taken into account for hearing aid and other related needs. Our audiologist in Melbourne is experienced and they will offer the best outcome. Call us NOW! Contact Details  Acute Hearing Solutions Suite 6, 34 - 36 Bond Street, Ringwood VIC 3134, Australia Phone :- (03) 9870 2899 Email: Shaw Vineyard Estate selected as Wine Partner by the Australian War Memorial 2017-04-11T23:40:28Z shaw-vineyard-estate-selected-as-wine-partner-by-the-australain-war-memorial There are few places in Australia that have as much of an impact or create more powerful emotions than the Australian War Memorial. In fact, in 2016 the Memorial was voted Trip Advisor’s Number One Landmark in Australia and the South Pacific.   And there are few Canberra District based wineries that are as committed to crafting exceptional wines and supporting inspirational enterprises as Shaw Vineyard Estate. So both parties are delighted to announce the official appointment of Shaw Vineyard Estate as the wine partner of the Australian War Memorial. Memorial Director Brendan Nelson said he was extremely pleased to have a local wine maker of the calibre of Shaw as the exclusive wine sponsor. “The Australian War Memorial endeavours to ensure every visitor to this place walks away with an experience they will never forget. Excellence in the visitor experience extends beyond those who wander the galleries and reflect on the artefacts on display, to those who choose the Memorial as a place for their corporate function or event,” Dr Nelson said. “Shaw Vineyard Estate has an excellent reputation for quality, which befits the status of what the Australian War Memorial represents.”   Shaw Vineyard Estate Owner/Winemaker Graeme Shaw commented, “To be offered a partnership with such an Honoured and Dignified institution as the Australian War Memorial is something that makes me and my family incredibly proud.” “The Memorial is a manifestation of the Australian character and we believe our wines, that are full of Canberra character, will be an ideal fit.” So join the Australian War Memorial in raising a glass of Shaw Vineyard Estate when paying tribute and honour to our Country’s service men and women. South Burnett's Long Awaited Bridal Showcase!! 2017-04-11T10:55:26Z south-burnett-s-long-awaited-bridal-showcase South Burnett's Long Awaited Bridal Showcase!! Burnett Bridal Showcase, a vision two years in the making. Two local business women have come together to make their dream a reality. On June 4th 2017, at the Kingaroy Town Hall, local vendors will come together to Showcase everything bridal & more. There has not been a Showcase in Kingaroy for more than 10 years. Burnett Bridal Showcase allows vendors to come together all in one place, to make it easier for brides. Brides have the opportunity to chat to vendors, trial products and compare prices. They also get an understanding of how many valuable vendors we have right here in the South Burnett. We currently have a hall worth of wedding vendors, ready to share their knowledge, tips, services and advice to all brides and grooms to be. With a $2 entry there are plenty of lucky door prizes to be won, and plenty of freebies and information to gather from the extensive array of vendors. About Burnett Bridal Showcase: Burnett Bridal Showcase has its own website, Facebook and Instagram pages. All web design & promotional material are sourced locally. Locals supporting local businesses. Raylene & Renee are dedicated to make this an annual event.  To find out more information about visiting the Burnett Bridal Showcase visit the website at On Sale! – Cafe & Restaurant Chairs 15% off 2017-04-06T22:52:00Z on-sale-cafe-amp-restaurant-chairs-15-off-1 Massive Discounts 15 % off all resin chairs this month only! Resin = Reliable, robust and resistant Design and shaped for maximum comfort with some including strong, sturdy arms for extra support. Made from the latest generation of air moulding technology and reinforced with glass fibre. UV stabilised, weather resistant, and suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial use. Stackable and backed by 2 year commercial warranty. High quality cafe & restaurant chairs furniture on sale for incomparable prices. Call (07) 3257 7272  for our on sale restaurant furniture or buy online. Email: NSW – Sydney Showroom(Showroom visits by appointment only)2 Holbeche Rd, Arndell Park NSW 2148Phone: (02) 9194 4120F: 1300 558 085VIEW MAP QLD – Brisbane Showroom(Showroom visits by appointment only)Unit 2/471 Tufnell Rd, Banyo, QLD, 4014Phone:. (07) 3257 7272F: 1300 558 085VIEW MAP First mobile apps for real estate in 8 countries in Africa 2017-04-06T06:06:39Z first-mobile-apps-for-real-estate-in-8-countries-in-africa African Property Group launches the first real estate mobile apps in 8 african countries African Property Group ( has launched last January eight websites in emerging African countries that allow local people to find properties for sale or rent such as homes, villas, apartments, offices, shops and lands, using their computers or mobile phones. The group has just launched this month its android mobile app for an even easier access to its platforms. Within three months of operations, the group has seen its community grow to more than 200,000 people in its 8 markets which are Lesotho, Somalia, Seychelles, Swaziland, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe and the number of monthly users has more than doubled in the last month. The fast growing startup wants now to accelerate the move and has launched one mobile app per website to allow its users to access the classifieds platforms on the go. “We know that the majority of our community uses smartphones, and mostly Android phones to use our services, we thus answered to their needs” says the CEO of African Property Group. The app has exactly the same features than the website, and is more convenient to use from a smartphone and makes navigation easier. People will be able now to rent, buy or sell their apartments, flats, houses, villas, farms or lands from their phones without the need of a computer. It is still free of charges for both buyers and sellers and a way to make easier real estate deals in Africa. This move is part of the long term strategy of African Property Group which aims to expand in the future to new countries. Indeed, more and more African people are having access to Internet through a smartphone and according to the study “The Mobile Economy - Africa 2016” GSMA Intelligence, there will be 725 million unique subscribers to mobile services by 2020. By strengthen its positions on smartphones, the company shows its willing to see on the long run. The company based in Australia, has a strategic team of five people in Sydney and more than twenty operators in 8 countries where the operate: Botswana (, Lesotho (, Malawi (, Seychelles (, Somalia (, Swaziland (, Zambia ( and Zimbabwe ( Like Mother, Like Daughter: 5 Bonding Fitness Breaks for Mother’s Day 2017-04-05T12:44:36Z like-mother-like-daughter-5-bonding-fitness-breaks-for-mother-s-day The mother-daughter bond can be so powerful it affects the woman’s health, self-esteem, and all her other relationships; this bond can be further strengthened through a shared love of fitness. With this in mind, Health and Fitness Travel, the leading experts in tailor-made wellness holidays worldwide, shine the spotlight on their top 5 mother-daughter fitness breaks, which make for the perfect Mother’s Day surprise. From stand-up paddleboarding in Thailand to Nordic walking in Tenerife, strengthen your body and your bond on these female-friendly fitness breaks.     Bali: Ocean Soul Retreat   Exclusively for women, bring mum to this luxurious wellness holiday at Seminyak, Bali for a Mother’s day treat. Leave it to the experts to help her pick up healthier habits and de-stress through guided morning beach walks, spa therapies and massages. Boost your fitness with a combination of yoga and Pilates or try something new with surf and SUP lessons. Give her a renewed glow from gourmet whole foods cuisine that gently cleanse and nourish the body from within.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 6 nights at Ocean Soul Retreat from $2,530pp. Price includes accommodation, a wellness program, and return transfers.   Thailand: Amatara Fusion Fitness   Treat mum to a luxury tropical paradise in Phuket, Thailand to give her a complete mind and body makeover. Set by a private beach, allow her to explore breath-taking coastline views in new and exciting ways through yoga, stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking. Pamper her with holistic wellness treatments and let her experience optimal relaxation and healing with the state-of-the-art salt relaxation room and the world’s first Thai Hammam. With an extensive variety of healthy gourmet delights to choose from, she is sure to satisfy her taste buds without the guilt and the bloat.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 7 nights at Amatara from $2,365pp. Price includes accommodation, Fusion Fitness program, daily breakfast, and return transfers.   India: Atmantan Fusion Fitness   Escape with mum to a tranquil corner of the Sahyadri Mountains and be truly immersed in the natural healing properties of nature. Mums and daughters can achieve their health and fitness goals with a tailored wellness program, from functional training and Bollywood dance classes to kick boxing and TRX suspension training. Unwind afterward with yoga and meditation, with beautiful views of Lake Mushi to calm the mind and enjoy each other’s company. Indulge with a selection of treatments including deep tissue massages, acupuncture and sleep ritual bath.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 7 nights at Atmantan from $3,945pp. Price includes accommodation, Fusion Fitness program, daily breakfast, and return transfers.     Tenerife: Oceano Fusion Fitness   Whisk her away to the island of Tenerife for an active retreat surrounded with views of the Atlantic Ocean and glorious mountains. Choose what’s right for you and mum as you create your ideal program with a range of fitness activities, from Nordic walking and functional training to TRX and Pilates. Take in the fresh sea air whilst relaxing on the beach or go on a mother-daughter adventure as you hike through the Anaga mountain. Bond over massages and enjoy access to spa facilities including the biosauna, infrared cabin, and Hammam steam bath.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 7 nights at Oceano from $1,150pp. Price includes accommodation, Fusion Fitness program, daily breakfast, and return transfers.   Greece: Divani Apollon Fusion Fitness   Mums and daughters can boost their well-being on this exclusive fitness break designed to improve cardio, strength, and balance between the body and mind. Active mums can tailor-make their stay from a choice of private activities and spa treatments, from triathlon training and beach circuits, to Pilates and meditation. Feel like Greek goddesses with an array of reviving spa treatments in an idyllic location, nestled in the picturesque Athenian Riviera with stunning sea views. Treat mum to a therapeutic Thalasso treatment utilising seawater and enjoy an entire body stretch with Thai massage.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 7 nights at Divani Apollon from $2,495pp. Price includes accommodation, Fusion Fitness program, daily breakfast, and return transfers.   For advice, guidance and booking visit or call 0203 397 8891     -Ends-   For further information and hi-res imagery please email or or call 1300 551 353 / +61 3 9021 0909     Notes to Editors:     About Health and Fitness Travel   Health and Fitness Travel is a global luxury wellness travel company that originated in the UK in 2010 and is committed to providing healthy holidays that enhance and change lives. Created by Paul Joseph, Adam Heathcote and co-founded in Australia by local Director Samantha Lippiatt as a result of their combined passion for health and fitness travel and offering bespoke holidays to improve people’s well-being to lead happier and healthier lives.   Health and Fitness Travel offers clients a tailor-made seamless service with the very best health and fitness holidays, handpicked by its expert team, together with exclusive and added value packages with the best deals. As leading specialists, Health and Fitness Travel has also created their own collection of healthy holidays in various destinations which include Fusion Fitness, Discover Recover and Healthy Honeymoons, offering clients the best value and holiday experience. For more information visit:    Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter (@HFTravelAU) Follow us on InstagramJoin  us on Google+ SALAMANCA WHARF HOTEL – HOBART - Magic Mothers Day Deal 2017-04-05T06:09:58Z salamanca-wharf-hotel-hobart-magic-mothers-day-deal HOBART, April 2017:  This May the Salamanca Wharf Hotel are offering a package especially designed to spoil the mother in your life.  Who could resist a two night get away in one of the gorgeous Salamanca Wharf Hotel Loft Penthouse apartments with some delightful extras thrown in. All the Loft Penthouses include luxury King beds and either a spa bath or a super soaker bath, as well as espresso coffee machines.  During May, if you take advantage of the “Spoil Her” offer you will also receive a bottle of chilled Moet Chandon champagne on arrival, two tickets to MONA and two tickets to the iconic State Cinema. Described as Disneyland for adults, MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art) located a short ferry or bus ride from the Salamanca Wharf Hotel delights visitors with its strange and eclectic exhibitions, displays and performances. The State Cinema in North Hobart is an absolute gem for movie buffs with a wide collection of current movies always showing in small intimate cinemas, where you can sit back in the plush velvet seats, and enjoy, glass of wine in hand. The offer is only available by booking direct either online or by phone.  Prices for the two night “Spoil Her” package are $750.00 for stays Sunday to Thursday night or $950.00 for weekends (Friday/Saturday night).  Valid stay dates for the “Spoil Her” promotion are 1 May until 5 June 2017. For further information and bookings head to or call 03 62 247 007 Images