The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-28T10:17:30Z ii4change Provides Medical Device & Healthcare Innovation Solution 2017-04-28T10:17:30Z ii4change-provides-medical-device-amp-healthcare-innovation-solution In this ever-changing world, they are just focused on innovations to discover the new ways of serving the worldwide people with an improved medical system. They ensure that innovative organizations would serve more efficiently as they always keep in mind the upcoming challenges. They provide assistance in funding any innovative idea and assist in developing a healthcare innovation across the country. The Innovation Institute supports the medical device innovation and healthcare innovation development through their Innovation Lab. They have been encouraging the common people to submit their unique ideas for the betterment of health and improved lifestyle. They are also backed by the well-equipped lab where they can easily develop the submitted ideas for making it useful for everyone. They are not yet worried for the funding as they are well-connected to the manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. With their combined efforts and feasible funding, they have a capability to bring forth the medical invention to improve the world healthcare system. They are backed by the healthcare innovation experts to provide the total support to their team for ensuring the right development of their invention ideas. Keeping in mind the global healthcare challenges, they well-equip their lab to serve as facilitators of world medical innovation. They are emphasizing on advancing innovation and sustaining growth so that they can allow you to make efforts in improving the latest concepts in healthcare as well as driving a return despite a good medical innovation. However, from gathering the innovative ideas to delivering the medical inventions, they believe in putting efforts for drawing the desired results and following the essential steps towards an effective medical invention. SponsoredLinX Launch ‘World First’ AdWords & Facebook Campaign App! 2017-04-24T01:43:41Z sponsoredlinx-launch-world-first-adwords-amp-facebook-campaign-app Queensland entrepreneur Ben Bradshaw has today celebrated the launch of a revolutionary new digital advertising app, designed to help small to medium businesses more efficiently navigate the world of digital media. Launched through his digital marketing agency SponsoredLinX, Mr Bradshaw said ‘LinX’ was one of his most exciting achievements to date. “Our app is without a doubt most revolutionary thing we've ever done. There’s no other app like this in the world, it’s truly a world first,” he shared. “It was a few years ago when we first had the idea for a product that would revolutionise the way small to medium businesses interact with digital media, and we knew this app would be a game changer.” Unlike traditional AdWords accounts which require a PC login, the LinX app allows clients to access their campaign data on the go—no matter the place, or time of day. It also provides clients with a user-friendly option for syncing and downloading their data, and presents insights, leads and information in one place. Mr Bradshaw says the app is all about dramatically improving the client experience. “50% of clients don’t track their leads, and that’s a real concern. The fantastic thing about LinX is that clients don’t even have to login to their emails to check for new leads—they see them straight away through the app’s push notifications, which makes things so much easier.” Available via download from the Apple or Android store, and free for current SponsoredLinX Facebook/ AdWords clients, LinX also provides clients with access to their Facebook dashboard, and—among many other features—the ability to contact their campaign manager in just one click. Along with the launch of LinX, the company are also celebrating the release of their Facebook Training Leads service, which aims to assist small to medium businesses with more targeted leads and conversions. In particular, the service also offers clients the ability to access leads in real time, achieve higher quality leads, retarget interested customers, and more easily track leads across multiple devices. “There's nothing we've released in the past that’s even close to making the sort of impact that LinX and Facebook Lead Training ads will,” said Mr Bradshaw. “It’s a very exciting time!” Bradshaw, who began his journey into the realm of digital marketing over a decade ago, has since become a multi-award winning entrepreneur, author, and prominent marketing figure who is often featured across Australian media. Through SponsoredLinX, Bradshaw and his digital marketing team have helped over 10,000 clients during the past 10 years, including the likes of Ray White, Mr Toys Toyworld, and Chubb Technologies. One in every two Australians have not heard of common childhood condition until faced with diagnosis 2017-04-18T23:52:57Z one-in-every-two-australians-have-not-heard-of-common-childhood-condition-until-faced-with-diagnosis In the lead up to Healthy Hips Week, health promotion charity, Healthy Hips Australia have just released findings, from a survey they conducted in February this year. 644 people responded to the survey, sharing their experience with hip dysplasia and shockingly, only 52% of respondents had heard of the condition before the diagnosis.   Hip dysplasia, also known as developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a common condition which occurs when the ball and socket of the hip do not fit together in their 'normal' position. Sometimes this is due to abnormal development and/or lack of growth of the hip joint. It can result in months — and in some cases years — of medical treatment.   Left undiagnosed, it’s one of the leading causes of early-onset arthritis of the hip and is a significant public health issue. Despite this, awareness of hip dysplasia and factors influencing it in Australia is limited. A telling tale is that 8% of survey respondents had only ever heard of hip dysplasia in dogs. Sarah Twomey, Founder of Healthy Hips Australia says, “Up to 1 in every 50 babies are being treated for hip dysplasia in Australia currently, compared to 3-4/1000 worldwide, yet there are low levels of awareness in the broader community.” Sarah also states, “Research published in The Medical Journal of Australia in April 2016, called for increased awareness and education to address the rising rate of late diagnosed hip dysplasia in Australia”. Bruce Foster, current deputy director of the department of orthopaedic surgery at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide and Patron of Healthy Hips Australia says, “Healthy Hips Week is a very positive initiative to increase awareness for hip dysplasia in the broader community”. The second annual Healthy Hips Week runs from the 23-29 April 2017. All parents and parents-to-be are being asked to educate themselves about the risk factors for hip dysplasia and ensure their child(s) hip’s are checked not only at birth, but at 6-weeks, 6-months, and 12-months of age. See your GP for this physical examination and for more information about hip dysplasia visit: MEDIA CONTACT For further information and interview opportunities with Sarah Twomey, and parents of children affected by DDH, please contact Sarah: FURTHER INFORMATION Healthy Hips Week 23-29 April: Hip dysplasia awareness flyer: Medical Journal of Australia article:   Maury County Public Schools to eliminate 36,000 paper consent forms 2017-04-18T23:51:37Z maury-county-public-schools-to-eliminate-36-000-paper-consent-forms APRIL 19, 2017; COLUMBIA, TN Maury County Public Schools have chosen to implement CareMonkey, the world’s fastest growing medical and consent platform, to automate the collection of medical and consent forms and deliver a better duty of care for students. CareMonkey is an online platform that eliminates paper forms, and gives authorized staff access to important medical and contact details in an emergency. Superintendent Dr. Chris Marczak said the district’s 20 schools would benefit by streamlining how medical and consent forms were collected from parents.   “Creating, collecting and filing paper forms is painful for schools and parents”, said Dr Marczak. “CareMonkey is a paperless solution that automates the entire process, including the time consuming task of chasing parents for missing forms.” CareMonkey is being implemented as part of the school district’s Digital Integration Plan for Learning on Mobile and Accessibility (DIPLOMA), which aims to turn Maury County’s classrooms into more digital environments.   “9,000 students will be assigned laptops as part of our digital initiative, and we require parents to sign 4 different consent and usage agreements”, said Dr Marczak. “CareMonkey will be eliminating 36,000 paper forms for this initiative alone, saving our schools a great deal of time and hassle.” CareMonkey CEO, Troy Westley said CareMonkey would help Maury County School District better fulfil their duty of care obligation. “Maury County School District are a leader when it comes to embracing digital innovation in both the classroom as well as back-office processes”, said Westley. “Parents will love how easy it is to complete consent and medical forms online. Schools will love how much time and hassle they save by not having to chase up paper forms. Most importantly, authorized teachers and staff will be better prepared, by knowing exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency.” To learn more about why Maury County School District chose CareMonkey, register for the Medical Data in Schools Best Practices Webinar on 4th May at 12pm or 4pm CDT: CareMonkey - Medical and Consent Platform CareMonkey automates the collection of medical and consent forms, providing authorized staff with emergency access, even when they are offline. CareMonkey ensures medical records are kept up to date, and helps authorized staff know what to do, who to call, and what to tell an ambulance paramedic in an emergency. With more than 1 million users around the world, CareMonkey is used by schools and universities, sporting clubs at all levels, outdoor groups, day care centres, businesses, plus the community and disability sectors. CareMonkey is available free for families. For more information visit Australia Launch Of The World’s Largest Secondary School Cultural Brand Polyfest 2017-04-18T13:44:59Z australia-launch-of-the-world-s-largest-secondary-school-cultural-brand-polyfest NEWS PROVIDED BY FOMUDA Pty Ltd  April 15th, 2017, 09:47pm AEDT SHARE THIS ARTICLE   SYDNEY, April. 15, 2017  FOMUDA Pty Ltd, today announced the official launch of Polyfest Australia in 2018. Polyfest was originated from NZ some 42 years ago, from humble beginnings the brand is now the world’s largest Secondary School cultural festival of its kind. The purpose of Polyfest arose from the vision of students, to demonstrate a student's pride in their cultural identity and heritage, and to bring together many different schools, as well as the different cultures. It gives Secondary School students the opportunity to express themselves through cultural performances and it also gives them the experience of performing to a large audience, and achieve standards of excellence. Polyfest provides a traditional cultural dance experience for the Indigenous and Pacific Island community as well as the general public, increasing public awareness of culturally based dance art forms. This allows people throughout Australia to celebrate diversity as different races, nationalities, religions and sexes come together to honour the event, encouraging social interactions. It also enhances all stakeholders' experience and objectives. Engaging with stakeholders helps ensure potential problems are being addressed, or changes communicated and understood. For these reasons, it is important for corporate companies to find ways and means of engaging with all their stakeholders through events like Polyfest Australia. It promotes cultural awareness and understanding as it brings the pride and passion of the Indigenous people and Pacific Island communities to life. Sy Lagaaia, CEO, Fomuda Pty Ltd., said, "I am personally excited by this opportunity in launching such a strong NZ brand in Australia and working closely with the current events management group from New Zealand to ensure the launch of Polyfest Australia is a huge success”. With the shared synergies we acknowledge the commitment by Fomuda combining the celebration of cultures, creativity and education as the driving force of ‘Polyfest Australia’ says Theresa Howard, Events Director of the ASB Polyfest. About Fomuda From creative concepts to logistical execution, we produce seamless and exciting programs for high schools and the multicultural community delivering real results. Our dedicated, in-house Fomuda marketing team makes Fomuda Events Management an ideal partner to bring your brand and your concept to life. Our industry market knowledge of consumer behaviour, the environment of an experience and how best to create memorable interactions allow us to craft dynamic, engaging high school and multicultural programs for our clients. From initial concepts, to the myriad of details required for a successful event, we take great pride in getting the job done, and done right. Our hands-on approach ensures that the messaging consumers will receive is in line with the brand and the core values of our clients. We are invested in our clients’ success and are committed from conceptualization through post program proof of performance, with all the bells and whistles included in between. For expressions of interest in sponsorship, please email Photo credit to PCC AIIA responds to Government announcement on abolishing 457 visas 2017-04-18T08:01:05Z aiia-responds-to-government-announcement-on-abolishing-457-visas-1 Canberra, Australia – 18 April 2017 -- The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the nation’s peak member body for the ICT industry, has issued the following statement in relation to the Government’s announcement to abolish the 457 visas that bring temporary foreign workers into the country: “There is an urgent need to fill critical shortages now in jobs demanding cyber security, cloud and data and analytics related skills,” said Rob Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive Officer of the AIIA. “The AIIA is working with members, universities and government to address the skills gap and improve graduate outcomes to increase the number of locally qualified and trained ICT workers. In the meantime, many of our member companies rely on the flow of skilled 457 visa migrants to meet short term demands. “ICT is Australia’s fastest growing sector – growing at a rate of 2 per cent compared to 1.4 per cent per annum growth for the workforce as a whole – yet we are still losing skilled workers to a globally competitive market. “While industry wasn't consulted prior to this announcement, we encourage the Government to work with us on the details for the new policy.” # # # About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favorable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. Media Contacts For more information please contact: Jeffrey Coote Tel: (02) 8355 3130 Joanna Stevens Kramer Tel: 0408 466 410 Press Release - Harvey Norman Springvale Goes Full STEAM Ahead 2017-04-13T04:17:02Z press-release-harvey-norman-springvale-goes-full-steam-ahead   HARVEY NORMAN SPRINGVALE GOES FULL STEAM AHEAD Harvey Norman Springvale, have created a STEAM Space where kids can experience learning through play. From Coding, to Electronics, Science & Art, Kids will be entertained for hours with big brands, like LittleBits, MakeBlock, Strawbees, Chibitronics, Primo-Toys and MUCH MORE!  Franchisee Nick Osborne States "STEAM is the future, Coding is the future. We also want to give back to the community, get them to come in and experience the fun, it's out of their comfort zone in the schools, and then they can purchase, take away the products and take them home. You can't do that online"  For more info on STEAM Education products click below to download the latest catalogue or contact us at iWorld.       DOWNLOAD STEAM CATALOGUE > ___________________________________________________________________________ For any further enquiries please email Why it's Important to attend your Industry's Conventions or Conferences 2017-04-11T05:23:38Z why-it-s-important-to-attend-your-industry-s-conventions-or-conferences The Australian Virtual Assistants Association is proud to announce it will be holding its 8th Annual Conference - The Australian Virtual Assistant Conference, AVAC 2017, on 28th and 29th April 2017 in Melbourne, Victoria. Every year VAs join together to celebrate their industry and learn from prominent speakers, mix with their peers, network, share tips and ideas and just to have fun. Social Media interaction and connection via online forums and Facebook groups is not enough to stay active in your industry. Interaction via a live setting with your peers is an important part of staying connected. Face to face interaction helps you engage and participate in your industry organisation. It's all too easy not to commit to an annual event when life gets busy and day to day priorities take precedent. Face to face is still the number one way to connect. It's the interactions with your peers, suppliers and other attendees which can be the most valuable part of the event. Deeper, meaningful conversations during the breakout sessions can help you develop new ideas and meet potential business partners. Also, discussing talks given by the speakers with your peers helps to reinforce learnings and ideas developed while in the conference room. Due to the current unstable economic climate of rapid global change where business owners may not need full time assistance, Virtual Assistants (VAs) are now more in demand than ever before and play a crucial support role. They align themselves with small business operators, solo entrepreneurs and major corporations on an "as needs" basis or for a set amount of hours on a regular basis. Working as a solo business owner can be isolating and there's the potential to lose touch with what's happening in your industry. Coming together at industry events helps you stay on top of the latest global, national and local business trends and enables you to exchange ideas with others to add to your knowledge and productivity. Even though this event is targeted at VAs you don't need to be a VA to benefit from what the speakers and attendees have to share. Any small business owner or potential VAs would gain value by attending. Your industry event needs to be scheduled in and planned for way ahead of time and should be a non-negotiable in your diary. Click on this link to find out more about this event and decide whether it's for you.   Westpac backs Mathspace as one of the Top 20 Australian Businesses of Tomorrow 2017-04-10T03:57:09Z westpac-backs-mathspace-as-one-of-the-top-20-australian-businesses-of-tomorrow Mathspace (, one of the world’s fastest growing maths e-learning businesses, has been selected by Westpac Bank as one of Australia’s Top 20 Businesses of Tomorrow.The Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow program recognises and supports great Australian businesses today, with a clear vision for tomorrow. Mathspace’s track record of delivery, clarity of purpose, and outstanding value to both teachers and students, were listed reasons for the business’ selection. Mathspace CEO and founder, Mohamad Jebara, said it was an honour to be recognised as one of the top businesses in Australia. “We started Mathspace 7 years ago with the mission of improving maths education for all students across the globe. “It’s great to see that Westpac, one of Australia’s largest companies, recognises the importance of improving maths education,” said Mr Jebara. David Lindberg, judge and Chief Executive, Westpac Business Bank, said:  “Mathspace is passionate about improving the numeracy skills of the next generation. Through its interactive digital platform, Mathspace is disrupting the education sector and helping to increase school children’s engagement with mathematics. Mathspace has been selected as a Westpac Business of Tomorrow due to its dynamic, interactive experience which is personalised to individual students. This saves teachers precious time whilst also providing them with unrivalled insights into student capability.” Mathspace was selected by a high profile judging panel including: Alison Deans, Director: Westpac, Cochlear, IAG, kikki K; Prof. Chris Styles, Dean,UNSW Business School; David Lindberg, Chief Executive, Westpac Business Bank; Eric Johnston, Editor, Australian Business Review; Lyn Cobley, Chief Executive, Westpac Institutional Bank; Pip Marlow, former Managing Director, Microsoft; and Simon Cant, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Reinventure Group. Mathspace is used by schools and individual users globally, with more than 100,000 learners logging in every week. The program’s world-first step-by-step adaptive learning technology means that Mathspace can use technology to more closely replicate one-to-one tuition than any other maths program. With seventy-five per cent of the fastest growing occupations now requiring STEM skills, maths will play an important role in every Australian’s ability to succeed in the future. “The future is full of challenges and opportunities that will require us to have a strong understanding of mathematics. I’m excited that Mathspace is playing such an important role in preparing our students for the future,” Mr Jebara said. - ENDS - Contact Hair Services Artistic Director Heads to Italy 2017-04-06T09:41:04Z contact-hair-services-artistic-director-heads-to-italy Renato De Felice, Artistic Director and Head Educator of Emsibeth in Australia, has headed back to Italy to join Emsibeth’s international team for a three-day closed door event to expose the company's latest designs and new products. Contact Hair Services, exclusive importers of the Italian made professional hair care range Emsibeth, have also sent their new colourist Claire Mason to Italy with Renato to participate in the international event. “Our main aim is to give a unique opportunity to the professionals of our craft and build a strong artistic and educational bond with Italy Emsibeth Cosmetics," said Renato, as he left Australia's shores. "We have just formed and launched our new EMSIBETH ARTISTIC TEAM AUSTRALIA and have completed our first collection photo shoot in Perth. "Our new 2017 EDUCATION catalogue is out now and offers courses to all professionals of the craft and all levels.” Renato and the team will be back in Australia to present their new collection DREAM 2017 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on 9 April. Tickets are selling fast and seats are limited. Visit www.contacthairservices for more details.   PRESS RELEASE - Makeblock Airblock Drone Coming soon to iWorld 2017-04-06T03:57:51Z press-release-makeblock-airblock-drone-coming-soon-to-iworld WATCH VIDEO - SEE HOW IT WORKS ___________________________________________________________________________ AIRBLOCK DRONE COMING SOON TO IWORLD AUSTRALIA APRIL 6, 2017 BUILD IT. CODE IT. FLY IT! Airblock by Makeblock is the world's first modular and programmable drone, that can be turned into a hovercraft, car, and more! Using easy drag & drop graphical codes to program stunts and manoeuvres. It's safe, easy to use and teaches kids and adults alike how to code the fun way! Originally launched on Kickstarter back in October 2016, it raised more than $829,000 and is now in production. Airblock will be available in Australia around the end of May or June 2017. HOW IT WORKS The Airblock includes 6 modular parts that use magnets to easily join pieces together (No tools required). Featuring Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated easy-to-use app (IOS or Android) so you can control your drone from your smart device. From the app you can code & program your drone to perform stunts and tricks. With simple drag-and-drop blocks to create flight codes, then assign the code to a button. If you don’t feel like coding, you can just commandeer Airblock using the joystick controls.  SAFE FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR The Modular parts are made from styrofoam expanded polypropylene, which is light-weight and easily absorbs impact. The fans/blades are surrounded so it’s not exposed making it safe for kids to use. Airblock is fun whether you're just flying it around the house or controlling it in a pool or on land! Fly over new terrain and explore new horizons for an amazingly exciting adventure! TECHNICAL SPECS :• Flight Speed : 0-2m/s Adjustable : - Flight time : 6min• Product dimensions : Six axis air craft (235 x 54mm)                                      Hover craft (335 x 208 x 126mm)• Weighs : 200grams• Recommended Age : 8+ DESIGNED FOR STEAM EDUCATION. Not only is it a fun and a cool toy to play with, but it also incorporates the basics of engineering, technology, and physics. With magnetic attachments and modularity, the Airblock drone can be formed into a variety of modes inspiring DIY and creativity. Programming is not only useful for future programmers and computer scientists, but also plays a vital role in the child’s learning phase. We hope to use more interesting and interactive programming gadgets to foster children’s love for science and technology. We hope our gadgets can attribute to a child’s development and stimulate children to think independently and solves problems creatively. ___________________________________________________________________________   AWARD WINNER Airblock was honored with a prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design 2017. Makeblock made the announcement at CeBIT, a high tech conference in Germany that highlights developments in artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality. “We are thrilled to have not one, but two, of our products chosen for this prestigious award,” said founder & CEO of Makeblock, Jasen Wang. “With our design, our goal was to create a product that inspired open-ended creation without overwhelming the user. This recognition is especially an honor as the European market is key for us – these countries are some of the earliest adopters of new STEM education practices – which is why we decided to announce this at CeBIT this year. We’ve seen great traction in Europe already, with more than 6,000 schools integrating course materials based on Makeblock’s popular product, mBot. Makeblock kits into their curriculums. We are excited to continue expanding our business and creating more products geared towards STEM education to fulfill our ultimate vision of democratizing robotics and coding for all ages.” ABOUT MAKEBLOCK Founded in 2011, Makeblock is a leading DIY robotics construction and programming learning platform for makers, STEM learners, educators and hobbyists. Makeblock provides over 500 mechanical parts and easy-to-use electronic modules, as well as graphical programming software, empowering people to turn their ideas into reality. Having delighted over 600,000 makers, students and educators in over 140 countries and still growing, Makeblock is one of the best robotics companies making a difference, with the aim to open the field to people of all skill levels. Airblock will retail for $299.95 (AUD) and is available for Pre-Order now. Stock due to land at the end of May or June 2017     LEARN MORE > For all High-Res images & Marketing assets [CLICK HERE] For any further enquiries please email   Educational benefits celebrated at the NSW DoE Oliver v5 roll out completion event 2017-04-06T01:37:48Z educational-benefits-celebrated-at-the-nsw-doe-oliver-v5-roll-out-completion-event NSW Department of Education and Softlink representatives gathered at John Edmondson High School on the 30th March to celebrate the successful rollout of Oliver v5 to the state’s 2243 school libraries. Softlink Managing Director, Nathan Godfrey, said it was an opportunity to celebrate the excellent working partnership between Softlink and the Department and the outstanding success of the project.  “The ability to migrate, train and support 2243 schools to their new web-based library system is testament to the planning, experience and commitment of both Softlink and the Department’s project team.” The Department noted that collaboration between Softlink, the School Operations and Performance Directorate and the Information Technology Directorate has set the standard for future projects with on-time, on-budget delivery. “Being able to deliver to the largest education institution in Australia is possible because of Softlink’s global experience with large scale deployments,” Nathan said. The event featured senior Department representatives, Stephen Loquet, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Directorate and Cheryl Best, Executive Director, Learning and Business Systems, presenting on the positive outcomes of the deployment. It was highlighted that Oliver v5 provides students with anytime access to an array of information that will allow them to critically learn information literacy skills, collaborate effectively and participate in 21st century learning.  “Hearing feedback about how Oliver v5 has provided teacher librarians with an important pathway for future-focussed learning is very rewarding,” Nathan said. Allan Booth, Director, Learning Systems, Geoff Jones, School Library Project Solutions Delivery Manager, and Colleen Blancato, Library Coordinator, Learning Systems, also shared the project milestone with their colleagues, Softlink representatives, and members of the John Edmondson High School community. Nathan said it was great to share such a rewarding milestone with so many of the project’s stakeholders. “Softlink is committed to providing software that supports quality educational outcomes and collaboration between school libraries and educators and the event was an opportunity to celebrate that.” Further comments about the event are available on Storify. Department videos about the educational benefits of Oliver v5 are available here.  Enrolments Open at Eclipse Early Education Group’s New Centre at Cranbourne East 2017-04-04T02:47:08Z enrolments-open-at-eclipse-early-education-group-s-new-centre-at-cranbourne-east Eclipse Early Education Group has added one more feather to their cap. They have recently opened a brand new childcare centre at Cranbourne East. The company, whose founders have roots in early childhood education since 2004, began Eclipse in 2012. They now have eleven centres around Australia.   Families are encouraged to visit Eclipse Cranbourne East on Saturday the 8th of April for their official open day. More information about their open day can be obtained by calling the centre on (03) 5995 5105. There will be food trucks, a jumping castle, face painting and much more.    The Eclipse group has placed three of their best and most experienced staff members as well as centre manager at this centre to ensure that the values and qualities that have become the hallmark of the company will be upheld here too. Hugh Ellis, managing director said, “Nothing but the highest quality, care, buildings, food, educators, educational programs and accountability. This is our promise to you.”    As the new centre takes off, parents from the area and surrounds are invited to visit and check out the facilities that are available for their service. Parents can also stay connected with the Cranbourne East centre through Eclipse’s website, special centre based Facebook page and Instagram account.   As with other EEEG centres, this early childhood centre will also be implementing the Storypark App. Storypark is an app that helps every child fulfil their unique potential by enabling the sharing of photos, videos, observations and plans to support development of each child in their own private learning community. The Storypark app helps parents and families to share images, video, audio and PDFs privately within their family too.   The Eclipse group uses the Storypark App to record learning as it happens and shares it with the child’s private learning community. Parents can also choose to include family members such as grandparents, specialists or other advisors in their child's private learning community to help nurture their unique interests and abilities. The app is excellent to receive instant feedback from loved ones and well-wishers, who are interested in the growth and welfare of the child.    The programmes being implemented at Eclipse’s Cranbourne East centre include Infant care for 0 - 2 year olds, Toddler Care for 2 - 3 year olds, Kinder Care for 3 year olds and Kindergarten fully funded by the government for 4 year olds. The centre has free parking at the front of the centre and a designated car park for quick and easy drop off and pick up. The Eclipse centre at Cranbourne East welcomes new enrolments. For enquiries those who are interested may call 03 59955101 or send an email to    To visit the Eclipse website for information on Cranbourne East Centre: Tramada Launches Tramada University 2017-04-03T01:24:22Z tramada-launches-tramada-university April 3, Sydney: Tramada University delivers a comprehensive self-paced eLearning program designed to capture the enthusiasm of travel consultants and boost their motivation, engagement and performance.  It is fun and simple to use ensuring all levels of competency and various skill sets of learners are accommodated. Leading user experience methodology delivering better outcomes in one quarter of the time Tramada University is a series of remarkable digital experiences created using smart, learner-centric design and technology in partnership with Savv-e the award winning digital learning agency.  Tramada University makes a difference to the lives of learners and organisations by improving learner competency while dramatically reducing the time to physically complete the training from an average of 20 hours to an expected average of 5 hours.  This means one quarter of the time to enable employees to be productive.  This is achievable due to the latest user experience methodology that reflects how, why, where and when people use tramada®, delivering and reinforcing key learnings much more efficiently. Improved employee engagement and satisfaction Employees are in control of and responsible for their own learning journey which increases engagement and job satisfaction.  Modules are interactive, self-paced, can be taken anywhere at any time, repeated and paused.  Learners can track their own performance while management can gain insights as to how users are interacting with new courses through the administration interface. This may include: how long learners spent on a learning activity, how long it took them to complete the assessment, how many assessment attempts were made and which questions in particular were answered correctly or incorrectly. Tramada University replaces the existing training courses and will be available exclusively to tramada® subscribers from April 2017. The courses are as follows: tramada® 101  The tramada® 101 eLearning course contains our six (6) mandatory modules required to become a Tramada Accredited Associate (TAA). The revolutionary course covers everything required to empower a consultant to be a successful user of tramada®. The content is presented in a highly interactive format for maximum learning engagement and retention of knowledge. tramada® 102  The tramada® 102 eLearning course embeds all the interactivity and engagement from the 101 modules but goes through extra functionality in eight (8) modules to enable finance and manager users to be successful in the learning of tramada®.  Completion of tramada® 102 takes accreditation to Tramada Accredited Professional (TAP) level. US Food Fraud Expert to take course on food fraud prevention for NZ Food Producers 2017-03-30T02:57:22Z us-food-fraud-expert-to-take-course-on-food-fraud-prevention-for-nz-food-producers As 12 people accused of making and selling fake branded baby milk powder in China are on trial in Shanghai, a course on food fraud prevention has been organised to assist New Zealand exporters.   The full day Intentional Adulteration course is being run alongside the 2017 Food Integrity Conference, to help food producers develop strategies to guard against acts intended to cause wide-scale harm to consumers and ruin brand reputation.     In this latest incident it is claimed that the accused repackaged inferior milk powder as premium infant formula brands. Such intentional food adulteration, or fraud, has the potential to disrupt food supply and cause illness or even death. This sort of food safety issue could have a detrimental impact on New Zealand food brands and their reputation.   Dr Amy Kircher Director Food Protection and Defense Institute, which is a United States of America Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence, is an internationally recognised expert on Food Adulteration and will lead the course in Auckland in June.   Asia Pacific Centre for Food Integrity Director and Food Integrity 2017 conference organiser, Dr Helen Darling says the aim of the Intentional Adulteration course is to ensure NZ food businesses can identify motivations and methods that lead to food defense incidents and know how to protect against them. Additionally, should the worst happen, participants will learn how to investigate food defense incidents.   Dr Darling says, “New Zealand’s export producers face an increasingly complex food chain. They are judged on the quality of their food once it reaches the consumer, even though they don’t have total control over the supply chain. The global experience and insight of speakers at FOOD INTEGRITY 2017 and the Intentional Adulteration course will assist New Zealand food exporters understand the risk and develop strategies to mitigate it.”