The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-17T00:29:32Z Dell Boomi Acquires ManyWho 2017-03-17T00:29:32Z dell-boomi-acquires-manywho ROUND ROCK, Texas, Mar. 16, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) announced it has completed a transaction to acquire ManyWho™, a unified cloud and low-code development platform. ManyWho simplifies workflow automation and allows businesses and developers to turn business processes into rich software applications to connect employees, customers and core systems. Workflow automation is a critical need for modern businesses and organizations pursuing digital transformation and IT modernization. Adding the ManyWho low-code capabilities to Boomi’s market-leading integration platform accelerates the company’s ability to deliver workflow automation to customers on a unified platform, something no other company can match. The acquisition unlocks the ability for businesses to maximize best-of-breed cloud applications, driving efficiency, increasing time to value and building a competitive advantage. With the addition of ManyWho, the Boomi platform provides customers with the enabling technology to address the challenges of Hybrid IT. Now, the platform allows businesses to connect, manage data changes, ensure data quality and re-establish efficient business processes across your IT landscape. Boomi is the world’s leading cloud integration platform. ManyWho is rethinking the way businesses manage workflow automation. Together, the Boomi platform offers the only solution where customers can move, manage, govern and automate data and processes in a unified way. “Both Boomi and ManyWho were born in the cloud and are cloud native. Without an on-premises legacy to manage, Boomi provides instant access to services with no installation, effortless and automatic software upgrades and crowd-sourced ease-of-use to achieve short time-to-value,” said Chris McNabb, CEO of Boomi. “Boomi plus ManyWho brings world class integration together with leading cloud workflow automation. This combination provides our customers with a connected workflow which is key to an efficient and differentiated business.” “Boomi is a perfect fit for ManyWho. Both companies are committed to delivering innovative ways to help companies move fast, be nimble and collaborate at scale,” said Steve Wood, co-founder of ManyWho. “Joining Boomi allows ManyWho to scale quickly, offering businesses the end-to-end integration solution they need to drive Digital Transformation.’’ ManyWho was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Boomi plans to keep ManyWho’s employees and existing operations, and will continue to invest in additional engineering, channel, marketing, professional services, support and sales capability to grow this business. To learn more about how these new Boomi workflow features can help your business or see a demonstration, please visit: About ManyWho ManyWho is an agile, enterprise-level, cloud-based, application development platform. Agility doesn’t have to mean compromise however – ManyWho builds social, mobile (including offline) and real-time applications that can run on any desktop or mobile device, operating system or platform. Headquartered in San Francisco and with a presence in Exeter, UK, ManyWho is revolutionizing the world of business process effectiveness by helping corporations get the best out of their existing applications and investments. About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organizations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,300 organizations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times and offers substantial cost savings over traditional integration, MDM and API management solutions. Visit for more information. © Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. ManyWho is a trademark of Boomi Inc., a Dell subsidiary. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. # # # LiveHire launches into Education industry with two new Cornerstone Clients 2017-02-14T01:32:23Z livehire-launches-into-education-industry-with-two-new-cornerstone-clients ASX Release Key Highlights ·         Two Cornerstone Clients, Laureate Universities International and TAFE Queensland, sign with LiveHire and launch Talent Communities in 2017. ·         The successful launch of these two Cornerstone Clients opens the Education industry to LiveHire, employing 975,000 people (Source: ABS Nov 2016). ·         Laureate, a listed company on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ: LAUR), employs 50,000 people globally and provides services to 1 million students. ·         Laureate’s Talent Community will commence in Australia, enabling 100% proactive recruitment across the whole organisation (1,550 full time employees). ·         Laureate plans to subsequently launch a Talent Community for all students and alumni, to follow the alumni’s employability post-graduation, opening a new and valuable application of the LiveHire ecosystem. ·         TAFE Queensland further strengthens LiveHire’s growth in the public sector, alongside Alfred Health. ·         TAFE Queensland Brisbane Talent Community has been launched across the whole organisation (1,200 FTEs), providing a strong growth channel into the six divisions of TAFE Queensland (4,173 employees servicing 120,000 students). ·         LiveHire clients grow Talent Communities to an optimal size of 5-10 times the number of employees and pay $0.50 per individual Talent Community Connection (TCC) per month.   Melbourne, 14th February 2017: LiveHire Limited (ASX: LVH), the Talent Community platform empowering the flow of talent through organisations, shifting recruitment from reactive to 100% proactive, is pleased to announce two additional Cornerstone Clients, Laureate Universities International (“Laureate”) and TAFE Queensland Brisbane.   The successful signing of Laureate and TAFE Queensland Brisbane are significant milestones as they help: 1.    Cornerstone LiveHire’s entry into the Education vertical, an annual recruitment market estimated at over $624 million[1] and growing; 2.    Further strengthen LiveHire’s growth into the public sector, the largest employer in Australia and one where significant hiring productivity can be gained; 3.    Establish the LiveHire platform with an additional global client who has significant cost and time savings to be realised from a shift to 100% proactive recruitment; and 4.    Open the LiveHire platform to future significant upside growth in TCC, by introducing a channel of students, graduates and alumni. Industry leaders, such as Laureate and TAFE Queensland Brisbane, launching Live Talent Communities, result in a critical mass of the Education and Training industry workforce receiving invitations to join the LiveHire Ecosystem. This creates an industry standard for digital talent profiles, and a network effect that paves the way for more talent and companies to easily join and connect. The signing, implementation and launching of Cornerstone Clients such as Laureate and TAFE Queensland is a key pillar to growing LiveHire’s key performance metric of Talent Community Connections (TCCs). LiveHire clients grow Talent Communities to an optimal size of 5-10 times the number of employees and pay $0.50 per individual Talent Community Connection (TCC) per month. LiveHire has now successfully expanded its Cornerstone strategy to three industry verticals: Retail, Healthcare and Education, spanning both public and private sectors.  About the Education and Training Sector in Australia The education sector is one of the largest employers in Australia (Top 5 industry by total employed persons), growing at an accelerated rate (Top 3 industry by growth rate), well above the Australian overall employment growth figure. Education in Australia is a $20 billion a year industry, employing approximately 975,000 people, 8.1% of the total working population. Additionally, the latest figures from ABS firm up education's position as Australia's third-largest export after coal and iron ore, as well as its position as the largest services export, well ahead of tourism. Education is clearly one of the five key super-growth sectors that will support Australia’s transitioning economy into the next decade. About Laureate Universities International Laureate’s network of more than 70 campus-based and online universities in 25 countries offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to over one million students worldwide. Laureate is the largest global network of degree-granting higher education institutions, and their students are part of a diverse, international community that spans the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Laureates institutions offer undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degree programs in fields such as business and management, medical and health sciences, engineering, information technology, architecture, education, law, communications and hospitality management.  Laureate is a Public Benefit Corporation, a relatively new class of corporations that are required by law to create a general public benefit through a material, positive impact on society.  About TAFE Queensland Brisbane TAFE Queensland Brisbane is where over 40,000 local and international students get their world-class education and training each year. Practical, hands-on classes combined with state-of-the-art facilities and purpose-built learning areas make them a standout amongst training providers, with many of their facilities being acknowledged by industry as amongst the best in Australia. For more information: Simon Hinsley Investor Relations                      +61 401 809 653   Subscribe to LiveHire investor updates: About LiveHire LiveHire is a productivity and collaboration platform for talent management that delivers a proactive sourcing and internal mobility solution called Live Talent Communities. The platform makes managing the flow of talent into and through businesses seamless, delivering value through perfect visibility of existing employees, and shifting recruitment of new talent from reactive to proactive, reducing time and cost to hire, with an unrivalled candidate experience. Founded in 2011, LiveHire is an Australian company headquartered in Melbourne, with offices also in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.  Disclaimer This announcement contains “forward-looking statements.” These can be identified by words such as “may”, “should”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “intend”, “estimate”, and “expect”. Statements which are not based on historic or current facts may by forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on: ·          assumptions regarding the Company’s financial position, business strategies, plans and objectives of management for future operations and development and the environment in which the Company will operate; and ·          current views, expectations and beliefs as at the date they are expressed and which are subject to various risks and uncertainties.   Actual results, performance or achievements of the Company could be materially different from those expressed in, or implied by, these forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements contained within the presentations are not guarantees or assurances of future performance and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, many of which are beyond the control of the Company, which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to differ materially from those expressed or implied by forward-looking statements. For example, the factors that are likely to affect the results of the Company include general economic conditions in Australia and globally; exchange rates; competition in the markets in which the Company does and will operate; weather and climate conditions; and the inherent regulatory risks in the businesses of the Company. The forward-looking statements contained in this announcement should not be taken as implying that the assumptions on which the projections have been prepared are correct or exhaustive.  The Company disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any forward-looking statement. The Company disclaims any responsibility to update or revise any forward-looking to reflect any change in the Company’s financial condition, status or affairs or any change in the events, conditions or circumstances on which a statement is based, except as required by law.  The projections or forecasts included in this presentation have not been audited, examined or otherwise reviewed by the independent auditors of the Company.  You must not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements.   [1] Total recruitment costs for education industry in Australia calculated as total workforce of 975,000 employed workers x 16% churn rate (AHRI Turnover and Retention Report 2016) x $4,000 average cost to hire (conservative USD4,000 cost per hire – LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2016) = $624,000,000.  Businesses Take Note: Less Than Half of Employees Say They Have the Right Technology to Do Their Jobs 2017-02-14T01:05:35Z businesses-take-note-less-than-half-of-employees-say-they-have-the-right-technology-to-do-their-jobs Sydney, Australia, 14 February 2017 ‒ Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) released a Global Engagement Study today that includes feedback from nearly 5,000 full-time employees at organisations with 250 or more employees. The study indicated that equipping employees with the latest technology, having accessible leaders and strong company values are important factors that ultimately reflect an employee’s success or failure within the company. Digital Enablement Technology is enabling companies to connect with employees in more ways than ever to create a more modern and customised learning experience. However, findings from the study indicate low marks when it comes to companies capitalising on this—only 49 percent of respondents say that their company uses the latest technology to enable them to effectively perform in their role. “The all-digital world is changing how we live, how we work and how business is conducted,” said Yazad Dalal, Head of Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle APAC. “Gone are the days when the workplace was merely a physical space that employees occupied between 9am to 5pm. The separation between professional and personal lives has dissolved through the use of mobile devices, changing work patterns, and the change in attitude towards work by employees and employers. It is undeniable that employees are digital consumers first. We believe the employee experience must match the consumer experience, at a minimum.”Leadership The findings also express that a strong presence in leadership is the backbone for an employee feeling satisfied and engaged. The study indicates that productivity starts with on-boarding - across Asia Pacific, employees are unsatisfied with the process, with only 48 percent agreeing  that company on-boarding practices set them up for growth and success. Not only are managers the first impressions of a company during on-boarding, but they are also the first example of direction for the new worker. Only 49 percent of those polled viewed their leaders as visible and approachable and less than half  expressed that they have confidence in their leadership, indicating a lack of partnership between management and employees.  “Your new hire has already made the decision to stay or go within the first 14 days of employment,” said Dalal. “That means that these first 14 days are pivotal to building rapport with the company and management. First impressions matter and leaders need to be accessible. Don’t stop communication once your new hire has signed on. You must continue to invest with a great on-boarding experience and career plan that aligns with personal goals and values of the employee.  Both short and long term, this will ultimately lead to a more productive and engaged employee that wants to stay.” Additionally, this study included key indicators for a healthy leadership to employee relationship: ·      Set examples of how best to communicate with those working under you ·      Remain extremely accessible so that people feel connected to company goals ·      Be actively involved in the working lives of new employees from the day they start ·      Use technology and digital experiences to stay in touch with team membersValues, Culture & Reward What’s more, companies are now seeing that like-minded values between the employee and the company play a huge role in employee engagement. Only  46 percent say that their company is concerned about their overall well-being—indicating that working towards a personally rewarding goal, while still upholding individual values can carry even more weight than monetary compensation. Company culture mirrors these sentiments as employees are most comfortable and productive within a creative, yet flexible workplace culture. While compensation is often seen to be connected to employee satisfaction, we are now seeing that individuals are more interested in joining companies that uphold their same personal values to gauge if they are a good fit. Whether it’s a more flexible work schedule, more volunteer or health & wellness opportunities, companies too should now be listening and connecting with employees in more ways that correlate with their personal well-being. For more information, view our infographic:, checklist:, and employee culture hub: the Study Oracle collaborated with Kantar TNS ( on The Global Engagement Study which surveyed nearly 5,000 full-time employees at organisations with 250 or more employees. The study encompassed a total of 4,706 interviews that captured opinions, feelings and experiences on a wide range of workplace factors including: culture, performance, tangible and intangible rewards, development and progression opportunities, experiences with collaboration technology, the impact of leadership and how employees feel in their current role. Percentages quoted are for those giving a top two box selection on a seven point agreement scale.   Australian Business Achieves World First in the area of Online Education 2017-01-23T02:41:22Z australian-business-achieves-world-first-in-the-area-of-online-education Parents At Work is pleased to announce a world-first – the release of an online course called Raising Toddlers.  This is the first course of its kind to be available online.    Aimed at supporting working parents through their unique challenges, Parents At Work provides a variety of online education and support programs.  The course Raising Toddlers is delivered by parenting experts Karitane, in a live webinar forum.  This means that participants can see and hear the presenter and contribute to the discussion no matter where they are across Australia.   Raising a Toddler can be a particularly challenging parenting task.  If you need convincing of this just ask any parent you know. You need to be on the top of your game to deal with issues like changes in your child’s behaviour and their fast changing needs.  What’s more, the entry into toddlerhood is often coupled with a parent’s return to work, and perhaps a new addition to the family in the form of a sibling.  This can be an unsettling time for both parents and toddlers as everyone adjusts to different routines in family and work life.   “We have received excellent comments from the attendees and are thrilled that we have been able to positively impact their relationship with their toddler.” States Emma Walsh, CEO of Parents At Work.    “I loved feeling like I wasn't alone, and that other parents were going through the same battles with their children.  Also the practical tips that I could take home and implement straight away.  We have seen such a wonderful improvement in the relationship between our child & us since trying out some techniques.  He's much more responsive and engaged with us.” Chantel Williams, Executive Assistant, CBA.   Throughout 2017 Parents At Work will release more new online courses for working parents.  These courses will include:   Teen Time: A four-part series explores the challenges and joys of parenting teenagers. It provides practical tips on how to navigate and support your family as a working parent. Balance & Wellbeing: This course provides you with practical ways to balance your daily demands as busy parents and professionals so that you can take your career and family wellbeing to a whole new level – one that is sustainable.     Media Contacts Emma WalshFounder and CEOParents At 093 082Celeste Kirby-BrownDirector of Sales and MarketingParents At 626 416 'Continuous Change' is an Australian (and global) workplace trend here to stay 2017-01-23T00:38:28Z continuous-change-is-an-australian-and-global-workplace-trend-here-to-stay Parents At Work is pleased to release the 2017 Workplace Trend Report.  The world of work is not dissimilar to the greater world around us and is changing at staggering speed.  We thought that it was important to give our key insights into what the workplace will look like for both employers and employees in 2017.  This knowledge and insights will help those attempting to make workplace changes in 2017 - either for themselves or for those around them. The report is a well researched document filled with valuable information for HR professionals, people managers and others interested in understanding what the world of work will hold for them in 2017.By downloading the trend report the reader will learn: The 5 Top Workplace Trends of 2017 The factors making these trends happen The key themes you will see in the workplace in 2017 Two of the key themes for 2017The report writer predicts that two key themes we will continue to see in workplaces in 2017 include that of 'Increasing Diversity' and 'Continuous Change'.  It goes into more detail on these themes giving examples of them in workplaces.  It also speaks to the top 5 workplace trends we will see in 2017 which in themselves are examples of the greater themes of 'Increased Diversity' and 'Continuous Change'.  More about 'Increasing Diversity'"We are seeing an increasingly diverse workforce from the perspective of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and place of birth. It is predicted that this will continue into the near future." states the reports author Celeste Kirby-Brown.  The report goes into more detail about the impact of workplaces in 2017. Media ContactsPlease do download the 2017 Workplace Trend Report and read it for yourself.  If you would like to speak to a media contact in person about the report please contact:Emma WalshFounder and CEOParents At 093 082Celeste Kirby-BrownDirector of Sales and MarketingParents At 626 416 Dell Boomi Names VP of Business Development to Expand Global Partner Channel 2017-01-19T01:39:59Z dell-boomi-names-vp-of-business-development-to-expand-global-partner-channel ROUND ROCK, Texas--Dell Boomi (Boomi) today announced that it has appointed David Tavolaro as its vice president of business development. Tavolaro is responsible for advancing Boomi’s fast-growing global partner channel, which has grown more than fifty percent in the last year. His appointment reflects Boomi’s commitment to strengthen its channel to support growing global demand for its award-winning integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to help organizations rapidly and cost-effectively integrate data across applications in hybrid IT environments of cloud-based and legacy on-premises systems. In this role, Tavolaro heads up Boomi’s go-to-market strategy and execution across a partner network of independent software vendors (ISVs), global systems integrators (GSIs) and regional IT consultancies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and referral partners. “The channel is in our DNA and has been a vital part of our success to date. We believe it will be an accelerator for growth as Boomi expands globally,” said Will Corkery, Boomi VP of worldwide sales and business development. “David’s deep industry and operational experience, combined with growing global demand for iPaaS cloud integration will help further Boomi’s position as the number one integration cloud for companies of all sizes.” Tavolaro brings to Boomi more than two decades of sales, channel and executive management leadership experience in the enterprise software and services industry. Prior to Boomi, Tavolaro served for nearly 11 years as vice president, sales, at the systems integration and technology management firm Anexinet. Before that, he held senior-level positions at Computer Sciences Corporation, DataChannel, Actium and Accenture. “Boomi has revolutionized integration in the cloud. Its ability to connect cloud platforms, software-as-a-service applications, and on-premises systems is unprecedented,” Tavolaro said. “I’m thrilled to join Boomi and contribute to its advancement and leadership in the fast-growing iPaaS market. Using the Boomi platform, forward-thinking partners will capitalize on an incredible opportunity to power digital transformation for their customers to drive innovation and help them leapfrog the competition.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi delivers the first and only multi-purpose PaaS for AtomSphere integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Master Data Management (MDM) and API Management, and enables customers to integrate any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software, appliances or coding. Organizations of all sizes, from growing mid-market companies to very large enterprises, enjoy rapid time to value as a result of drastically reduced implementation times and substantial cost savings over traditional integration, MDM, and API management solutions. Visit for more information. © Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Kordia Solutions Australia Sees Significant Business Benefits from Dell Boomi Cloud-Based Integration 2017-01-17T00:00:00Z kordia-solutions-australia-sees-significant-business-benefits-from-dell-boomi-cloud-based-integration Sydney, Australia – Jan. 17, 2017 – Dell Boomi has announced that Kordia Solutions Australia has transformed its internal processes and customer services delivery capabilities using Boomi’s AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS). The alignment of data across key ERP and warehouse platforms has resulted in significant cost savings for the business. Kordia is a communications, cyber security, broadcast and infrastructure services provider which operates in both Australia and New Zealand. Following a period of significant business expansion – and with renewed focus on providing innovative digital customer service solutions – Kordia Solutions Australia recognised its former business processes were not operating to optimum performance levels. Previously, Kordia Solutions Australia’s core platform which is responsible for finances, warehouse management and customer interactions was not connected with the wider ecosystem, and therefore unable to transfer data in real-time – this meant there was potential for misalignment of records. As part of a comprehensive digital business transformation to create seamless data flow throughout the organisation, Kordia Solutions Australia identified the need for effective integration that would allow in-house applications, SAP and cloud-based applications to share data and create visibility for all employees and end users. In doing so, Kordia was able to reduce the cost of data reconciliation under its former processes. Kordia Solutions Australia selected Boomi for its powerful and scalable cloud-based integration capabilities, as well as the simplicity of the platform. Alternative platforms were developer-focused and required the deployment of additional resources which would generate additional costs. “With a new digital customer strategy in place, we implemented Boomi to help provide the ‘software glue’ between our network and applications to manage secure access to, and exchange of, information amongst our staff and customers located throughout Australia,” said Mark O’Dwyer, General Manager IT, Kordia Solutions Australia. “Boomi has delivered direct and measurable benefits; we now have peace of mind in knowing our data is up to date and accurate across integrated systems, allowing us to connect with customers and partners, improving time-to-value externally.” “Boomi was attractive because there was no requirement to hire and engage developers, and no dedicated resources were needed to complete the implementation. Training existing staff to use Boomi was simple because the platform is configurable through visual design and inbuilt connectors, making it significantly easier to understand,” said O’Dwyer. Kordia implemented Boomi AtomSphere with support from Boomi partner and integration specialist, WDCi Group, which was engaged from the start of the project to aid the design and deployment process. WDCi ensured the roll-out was simple due to its expertise in integrating to SAP and experience with web services, file and database application vendors. “Lacking complete visibility across an organisation’s in-house applications can result in significant unexpected costs, particularly for companies that manage large stock levels,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan, Dell Boomi. “By integrating systems via Boomi AtomSphere, Kordia Solutions Australia has streamlined its environment to ensure that data is effectively synchronised and readily available so that employees can provide services to their customers without delay while costs are kept down.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi delivers the first and only multi-purpose PaaS for AtomSphere integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Master Data Management (MDM) and API Management, and enables customers to integrate any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software, appliances or coding. Organizations of all sizes, from growing mid-market companies to very large enterprises, enjoy rapid time to value as a result of drastically reduced implementation times and substantial cost savings over traditional integration, MDM and API management solutions. Visit for more information. © Dell, Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. UTRC can employ Stawell Gold Mine’s new unemployed workers 2016-12-13T11:56:40Z utrc-can-employ-stawell-mine-s-new-unemployed-workers Following his Open Letter* to Stawell residents advising them of a misinformation campaign regarding UTRC’s removal of the largest tyre stockpile in Australia, Dr Matthew Starr is again imploring the Victorian Government to take steps that will see the business start employing many of Stawell Gold Mines’ retrenched workers. With up to 150 people losing their jobs at the mine (announced Tuesday, 13 December), UTRC offers Stawell a chance to employ up to 50 people in early 2017.  “All we request from the government is to waive some of the small regulatory fees that UTRC has been hit with, and provide greater support for our efforts to eliminate Victoria’s number one environmental hazard,” said Dr Starr. “UTRC is the only new business of size attempting to become operational in Stawell that can employ up to 30 per cent of the newly unemployed.  “UTRC is the best option for the unemployed workers who now face a very unhappy Christmas and New Year, with a bleak outlook for 2017.” The Stawell tyre stockpile comprises almost 9 million tyres, which UTRC purchased in June 2015 to create a new, environmentally-friendly, clean-tech facility to recycle the tyres. Dr Starr added, “We intend to support the workers of Stawell for the long term and as UTRC in Stawell has been classified as a Transfer Station for Victoria's used tyres, we can assure the town that there will be jobs well into the future.” * You can view the Open Letter, which is being delivered this week, at and a copy should be attached. Dr Matthew Starr can be contacted on 0402 457 315. ThoughtWorks receives Australian government’s 2016 Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation 2016-12-07T23:29:27Z thoughtworks-receives-australian-government-s-2016-employer-of-choice-for-gender-equality-citation December 8, 2016 – Sydney, Australia - ThoughtWorks, a global technology company with just over 300 ThoughtWorkers across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, has received the 2016 Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation, awarded by the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). The citation recognises ThoughtWorks’ active commitment to achieving gender equality in Australian workplaces and is aligned with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, which acknowledges that gender equality is increasingly critical to an organisation’s success and is viewed as a baseline feature of well-managed and leading organisations. According to the WGEA, this year, despite more rigorous criteria, a record number of organisations have been granted the citation, indicating that commitment to workplace gender equality is gaining momentum. Trends in this year’s recipients include a focus on flexibility, greater support for women to progress into leadership positions and more sophisticated analysis of the causes of gender pay gaps. “Diversity, equity and inclusion are part of our DNA at ThoughtWorks. We are passionate about addressing gender imbalance in the tech industry and have taken deliberate steps to align the issue with our business mission,” said Ange Ferguson, Group Managing Director for ThoughtWorks Asia Pacific. “We invest in providing a workplace where ThoughtWorkers feel supported no matter their individual circumstances and strive to be a catalyst for positive change in the way women are viewed and treated. Our initiatives range from a focus on gender equality in recruitment to detailed gender remuneration analysis, internal policies and communities, and women in Leadership Development Programs. “We hire, support, and recognise all employees without penalty or privilege towards their gender identification, and are proud to stand out as a tech industry leader with nearly half our people in Australia identifying as female.” Since 2011, ThoughtWorks has set recruitment quotas with clear, achievable and measurable goals that are regularly assessed. Australian diversity figures for ThoughtWorkers who identify as female: - 49% ThoughtWorks Australia overall (Professional Services and Operations) - 47% ThoughtWorks Australia - Professional Services - 38% ThoughtWorks Australia – Software Developers A detailed bi-annual gender remuneration analysis has also become a primary focus for the company’s pay review process and helps identify differences in salary by grade, role and gender. Additionally, various internal initiatives ensure ThoughtWorks remains an inclusive workplace for all, including policies like flexible work, parental and other leave. “ThoughtWorks has a firm emphasis on supporting women returning to work, especially seeing as the fast pace of the tech world can sometimes mean people can feel left behind,” said Ange. This is supported by other initiatives including a Parents’ Community and a Womens’ Network, which identifies areas for improvement and greater equality within the business. Dedicated Women in Leadership Development Programs deliver tailored mentoring and support to ensure there is diversity within the company’s future leaders. Entrenched in the ThoughtWorks business, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of all decisions, and it encourages open and regular discussions about the issues driving inequities in the IT industry so all employees are aware of the company’s stance on diversity. “We want ThoughtWorks to be an attractive and inclusive workplace as an employer of choice, but also want to lead by example and hope others will aim higher with their own diversity initiatives. “After all, a more diverse and equitable tech industry is an improved tech industry, which ultimately will mean greater success for all,” concluded Ange. -ENDS- We want to hear from you. Continue the conversation on Twitter @thoughtworks Note to editors: ThoughtWorks in the US was recently awarded Top Company for Women in Tech - ahead of Google and Facebook - and was last week recognised in 19 Companies as Great as Google. About ThoughtWorks We are a software company and community of passionate purpose-led individuals. We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients’ toughest challenges all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change. About WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) The WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation is designed to encourage, recognise and promote active commitment to achieving gender equality in Australian workplaces. The EOCGE citation commenced in 2014, replacing the predecessor citation, the EOWA Employer of Choice for Women. The citation is strategically aligned with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act), reflecting the change in focus of the legislation to promote and improve gender equality for both women and men, while recognising the historically disadvantaged position of women in the workplace. The EOCGE citation is a voluntary leading practice recognition program that is separate to compliance with the Act. Criteria for the citation cover leadership, learning and development, gender remuneration gaps, flexible working and other initiatives to support family responsibilities, employee consultation, preventing sex-based harassment and discrimination, and targets for improving gender equality outcomes. Criteria are regularly strengthened to reflect best practice. Dell Boomi’s Asia-Pacific and Japan Expansion Continues with Key Senior Hires 2016-12-06T02:09:18Z dell-boomi-s-asia-pacific-and-japan-expansion-continues-with-key-senior-hires Sydney, Australia – December 6, 2016 – Dell Boomi has further expanded its footprint in Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) with three new senior hires to cater for strong local demand for cloud-based integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS).   The appointments comprise Michelle Grange and David Flaks, who join the company as Enterprise Account Executives, and Richard Snowden, who fills the role of Inside Sales Executive.   With more than 35 years’ experience in software and services sales between them, Grange and Flaks have been appointed to manage business development and customer relations for Boomi’s southern and northern operations in Australia, respectively.   Grange previously held senior roles at SugarCRM and Microsoft, among other software companies, where she worked with multiple top 100 Australian organisations across most industry sectors.   Having formerly had high-profile stints at InfoReady, IBM and Dell, Flaks brings to Boomi extensive experience in client management and team leadership, in both direct and partner sales roles.   Meanwhile, Snowden will work directly with regional organisations on their digital transformation strategies, and act as the first point of contact for them. Snowden joins Boomi from Mulesoft where he was responsible for account development across Australia and New Zealand as the company’s lead Inside Sales Representative.   Boomi launched its APJ operations with the opening of its Sydney office in April 2016. Michael Evans was appointed to lead the business as Managing Director for Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ), based in Sydney. Evans’ appointment coincided with that of Linda Urlich, Partner and Alliances Manager APJ, and Tania Mushtaq, Senior Marketing Manager APJ, who were joined soon after by a number of additional new executives.  Boomi currently employs 13 staff in the region.   Since launch, Boomi has experienced significant demand from local organisations requiring powerful and simple cloud integration capabilities to connect best-of-breed, business-critical applications.   “Traditional methods for integration typically can no longer cost-effectively meet the integration needs of rapidly evolving businesses,” said Evans. “This is why local organisations are increasingly implementing iPaaS; it provides cloud-based integration capabilities that can be tailored to the specific needs of the company and its various departments.   “The appointments of Michelle, David and Richard provide Boomi with further presence to cater for this demand in Australia and New Zealand. Their experience in the local software industry builds on our existing expertise, allowing us to align even more closely with local companies’ business needs.”  About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi delivers the first and only multi-purpose PaaS for AtomSphere integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Master Data Management (MDM) and API Management, and enables customers to integrate any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software, appliances or coding. Organisations of all sizes, from growing mid-market companies to very large enterprises, enjoy rapid time to value as a result of drastically reduced implementation times and substantial cost savings over traditional integration, MDM and API management solutions. Visit for more information. © Dell, Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Technologies. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Secured Signing in RDB ProNet a Clear Choice for Aeropeople's eSignature Needs 2016-12-01T00:17:35Z secured-signing-in-rdb-pronet-a-clear-choice-for-aeropeople-s-esignature-needs December 1st 2016 - The Secured Signing plugin gives Aeropeople the ability to capture important data, realise the benefits of digital signatures and save time and cost using a fully compliant 360º integrated process, which simplifies the candidate and client experience.   "Aeropeople relies on the Secured Signing plugin for RDB ProNet to file, track and digitally sign our client and candidate documents." says Julie Welford-Biggs the Compliance Manager for Aeropeople. "It is simple and effective to use, delivering on our business needs and enhancing our customer experience."   Secured Signing delivers all the key outcomes Aeropeople looked for in an eSignature solution. Contractors can sign documents either at their computer or while on the move using any modern smartphone or tablet. Clients regularly have documents returned in minutes rather than days. The digital signature applied by Secured Signing seals the document against changes for absolute confidence in the integrity of the document. The contents of the document are automatically updated in the relevant areas of the RDB database without any requirement for administration, saving clients many thousands of pounds annually in unnecessary data entry and filing costs. The whole process takes place entirely within RDB using the integrated plugin, allowing clients to easily make the transition to digital signing with minimum change to their business processes.   "Providing clients and candidates the convenience of signing online with Secured Signing also ensures recruiters have absolute confidence they will not only be able to immediately lay their hands on the signed agreement when they need it, but that the document is authentic and reliable beyond reproach", said Mike Eyal, Managing Director of Secured Signing.   About Aeropeople - Aeropeople are a leading Aerospace and Auto-sport manpower provider, who are committed to delivering a premier service to all of its customers, worldwide. Their strength lies in the ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing customer requirements, especially within an uncertain climate of change and opportunity. To learn more about Aeropeople, visit   About Secured Signing - Secured Signing provides a comprehensive and secure SaaS digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities combining advanced personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology with easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy, compliant solutions. Secured Signing enables its users to utilise smartphones, PCs, any tablet device and any browser, to capture their graphical signature, complete , sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. The solution streamlines business processes, cuts back on expenses, expedites delivery cycles, improves staff efficiency and enhances customer service in a green environment. To learn more about Secured Signing, visit Presence of IT announces ‘Digital Cloning’ for SAP HR Solutions 2016-11-14T23:06:08Z presence-of-it-announces-digital-cloning-for-sap-hr-solutions Sydney, 15 November 2016 … Presence of IT, an innovative global leader in HR/Payroll and Workforce Management solutions, today announced a first to market approach to significantly speed up the time to benefit and ROI for clients looking to deploy SuccessFactors solutions across their businesses. Presence of IT is the first organisation to provide ‘digital cloning’ for SuccessFactors to the market, cutting the average HR technology deployment time down by 80%. Having implemented HR and payroll solutions for the past 17 years, Presence of IT is able to deliver SuccessFactors HR solutions in a matter of weeks, with the vast majority of clients only needing to add their own data in order to realise the benefits from their investment in SuccessFactors. While Rapid Deployment Solutions (a pre-configured approach to software implementation, enabling a faster deployment) are an old world concept, ‘digital cloning’ is not;  it is a new technical innovation in SuccessFactors software implementation that powers Presence of IT’s new range of solution offerings named DNA. The DNA solutions offer clients a significantly more comprehensive solution at a fraction of the time and cost. Presence of IT’s expertise puts them in a privileged position to offer clients a total solution which is fully featured and incorporates their organisational learnings acquired from our years deploying HR and payroll solutions globally. Find out more about this innovation at Presence of IT’s founder and co-CEO David Brookes said: “In this new age of cloud, we simply had to define a new approach to keep pace with our clients need to have HCM and Payroll solutions in place in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months, while still ensuring that scope and quality are not compromised. “’Digital cloning’ means clients can expect a greatly reduced price point for implementations that will appeal to, not only the SME market, but also to the big end of town. During the past five years we have helped hundreds of clients globally migrate to the cloud. We have taken our combined learnings and applied a ‘20/20 foresight’ approach, where every implementation allows our next client to gain the benefit from the last. Now with cloning, future clients gain all the benefits of our global experience,” Brookes said. “We have invested significantly to build a world class cloud project delivery platform and governance solution which is used in each and every one of our SuccessFactors deployments across the globe. “Software is often not just about rapid implementations, it is about achieving a business outcome and improving business effectiveness, be that achieving the highest level of adoption or business value at a pace that is required to maintain a competitive advantage. Clients should expect highly engineered, dependable software outcomes from industry specialists. “I am delighted that we have taken this innovative leap forward away from traditional approaches of rapid template-type deployments. I believe this will change our industry and software deployment in general. We look forward to great client outcomes.” In closing, Brookes said, “Digital cloning is a great result for our clients, SAP and Presence of IT and further demonstrates the innovation and thought leadership that we continue to bring to market”. He went on to indicate that the DNA solution was the first in a suite of 100% cloud-based solutions that Presence of IT have developed for their clients, and  that there were more announcements to be released in the coming months. About Presence of IT Presence of IT is a global leader in the world’s foremost HR/Payroll and Workforce Management solutions. We provide thought leadership, process improvement, software implementation and support services in human capital management to organisations globally. Our strength is the excellence of our people and our focus is on our clients. This focus over the past 17 years, has allowed us evolve over into a global organisation to better support our clients in their respective markets, the world over. More information at: News and invitation: Economic Enquiry Brings Accountants, Government And Technology Together To Grow The Economy 2016-11-03T01:07:19Z news-and-invitation-economic-enquiry-brings-accountants-government-and-technology-together-to-grow-the-economy Sydney, November 3 2016 – Accountants and finance professionals will have the opportunity to influence policy at a State and Federal level, to leverage the new technology and data to become the accountants of the future and to help grow the Australian economy while they are at it at an economic enquiry hosted by Unstoppables Founder, Julio De Laffitte alongside guest speaker the New South Wales Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, The Honourable Victor Dominello MP. The NSW Minister of Innovation is working alongside industry to free up silos of public agency data to give businesses access to information that will drive new innovation. By working across industries, accountants in a prime position to being an incredible amount of value to their clients. This opening of data will change industries, fuel disruption and propel innovation. This exclusive event on Wednesday November 23 at NSW Parliament House, will give attendees the opportunity to to air and share their views in open discussions and to gain insights from a panel of Australia’s greatest business minds about the importance of the relationship between accountants and business success. The aim of this discussion is to learn how accountants and are in the perfect position to take advantage of the changing landscape to grow business and be an invaluable partner to clients. Speakers include Tim Reed, CEO of MYOB, Jane Stanton, Vice President of CAANZ, Nicholas Adamo, CEO of Bright Sparke and John Peterson, Founding Director of Best Practice Program, as well as Julio De Laffitte, Founder of Unstoppables, and The Honorable Victor Dominello MP, Minister of Innovation. The inaugural event saw more than 120 senior professionals attend. “The second in its series, this wonderful event unites the industry and brings fresh ideas and consideration about new practices, technologies and trends impacting the profession. We’re delighted to welcome the Minister and look forward to some serious insights into the unfolding future of the economy from those driving the change,” said Julio De Laffitte, Founder of Unstoppables. For more information, and to register, please visit or email About Unstoppables In 2014, Julio De Laffitte, a successful entrepreneur and businessman who started his business journey over 20 years ago, formed the idea for Unstoppables - A movement for business leaders and entrepreneurs to collaborate, define and action new economic potential for Australia and beyond. In 2015, Unstoppables took over 100 Australian entrepreneurs to Antarctica on an 8-day collaborative think tank. Out of this, many alliances were formed between start-ups, established businesses and different industries to create new economic opportunities for Australia. All in all, 98 businesses were formed and $47 million was invested. In 2016, Unstoppables took 50 Australian entrepreneurs to the Amazon for a 10-day collaborative think tank. The results were the same in comparison. Many new businesses and alliances are being formed through effective collaboration. In all Unstoppables collaborations, accountants and their unique perspective of multiple industries have played key roles in the formation of new opportunities. This observation has seen Unstoppables working closely with accountants and associated industries to leverage further growth in the Australian economy. For more information, please contact: Jo Balfour / Shuba Paheerathan Progressiva Public Relations / +61 (0)405 541 018 / +61 (0)438 606 424 Clarius Group Unites under the Brand Ignite to Re-imagine Talent Services 2016-10-31T06:16:52Z clarius-group-unites-under-the-brand-ignite-to-re-imagine-talent-services Australian businesses under the Clarius Group banner have consolidated into a single identity and are now trading under a new brand, Ignite. With 300 employees, Ignite operates in eight cities across Australia, as well as in China under the Lloyd Morgan Executive brand. The brands that operated under the Clarius Group banner included Alliance, Candle, JavIT, Lloyd Morgan, SouthTech and The One Umbrella. Clarius Group has been operating for more than 30 years. The new brand will encompass new offerings and three core divisions in Australia that include Specialist Recruitment Services, On-Demand Talent Services and Outsourced People Services. Peter Wilson, CEO, Ignite, said, “Ignite is re-imagining talent services designed to meet the changing world of talent sourcing and management. Using deep industry expertise, combined with a fresh approach called FutureNOW, the company provides the best technical, cultural and strategic alignment of candidates to clients to produce lasting value for both, and in doing so, sets the stage to ignite greater potential.” FutureNOW uses the latest technology, search tools and interview techniques to identify the best culture fit based on the candidate’s traits and motivations, in addition to skills and experience. Through its Specialist Recruitment Services division, the company will continue to focus on areas of specialisation where it has developed deep industry know-how and connections. Ignite places permanent and part-time workers, as well as contract workers in the following areas: Accounting and financial services Architecture, construction and engineering Business support HR and legal Information management IT and digital Sales and marketing Peter Wilson said, “Under one brand we can now provide greater benefit to our clients who can tap into expertise in a variety of areas to fill any number of roles within their organisation.” “Through our On-Demand Talent Services division, Ignite can also help clients fill any temporary requirement via a fast and convenient process. The process produces immediate talent matches with a vetting process and oversight of the work performed by people who work on-site, lessening the risk associated with hiring freelancers.” There is massive disruption happening in the world of talent sourcing and management. In addition to embracing new, more sophisticated recruitment models, HR must now deliver a digital experience that can meet the demands of a hyper-connected workforce, grow leaders who can operate in organic, team-oriented settings and redesign performance management systems that can contribute to creating “feedback cultures.” Ignite Outsourced People Services is a strategic partner which helps HR develop and implement initiatives aimed at creating a future-focused organisation. Its experts deliver unique insights related to people and organisational behaviour, and helps them to understand how to effectively implement change. Peter Wilson said, “We combine our human skills with advanced analytics and technology platforms to help clients generate better talent outcomes in terms of recruitment efficiency, leadership pipelines, nurturing employee development and talent mobility. We help clients meet new ways of working and ignite greater employee potential.” To find out more about Ignite and its new service offerings, visit their new website: ENDS About Ignite Ignite (ASX:CND) is re-imagining talent services, providing specialist recruitment, on-demand talent and outsourced recruitment and people services designed to meet the changing world of talent sourcing and management. Using deep industry expertise combined with a fresh approach called FutureNOW, the company provides the best technical, cultural and strategic alignment of candidates to clients to produce lasting value for both, and in so doing, sets the stage to ignite greater potential. With about 300 employees, Ignite operates in eight offices across Australia, as well as in China under the Lloyd Morgan Executive brand. The company was formerly known as Clarius Group, with brands Alliance, Candle, JavIT, Lloyd Morgan, SouthTech and theOneUmbrella. Australian SMEs Adopting Efficiency Strategies, See Technology as Key to Securing Competitive Advantage: Survey 2016-10-23T23:05:44Z australian-smes-adopting-efficiency-strategies-see-technology-as-key-to-securing-competitive-advantage-survey Sydney, 24 October 2016 – OKI Data Australia, a global manufacturer of business printers and multifunction devices, has released the second annual OKI Australia SME Business Efficiency Survey. The survey provides insights into how the nation's two million small and mid-sized firms are striving to become more competitive and cost efficient and how perceptions have changed during the past 12 months. Conducted during September, the survey targeted 1600 SMEs across all Australian states. Each was asked to complete a detailed online form and provide input on a range of topics including business efficiency, expenditure on technology and concerns over costs.  The survey found that just over three quarters of Australian SMEs (75.6%) believe their businesses are being run efficiently. This is similar to the result obtained from the inaugural Business Efficiency Survey conducted at the same time last year. Interestingly, 64.6% of the surveyed group said they had implemented new initiatives to improve cost efficiency during the past year. This is a significant increase from the 45% of SMEs that reported doing so last year. A further 13.4% said they were intending to undertake such initiatives during the next 12 months. "This survey has provided a fascinating insight into how Australian SMEs are tackling the challenge of business efficiency improvement," said Antonio Leone, Marketing Manager ANZ, OKI Data Australia. "Our research found a lack of finance was the primary challenge faced by 30% of SMEs trying to realise greater efficiencies. This was followed by skill challenges, nominated by 25% and being unaware of any alternatives identified by 13.8%." The survey uncovered some interesting views when it comes to the areas in which SMEs consider their operations to be inefficient. Of those who responded, 34.2% nominated their website, apps and e-commerce facilities as the greatest source of inefficiency. This was closely followed by IT, technology and online business systems that were flagged by 32.9%. Other areas included digital marketing and online advertising (27.8%) and HR staffing costs and productivity (25.3%). When asked about the topic of business technology, 75.6% of survey respondents said they considered finding new ways to implement it a key opportunity for competitive advantage. However, somewhat counter intuitively, 62.2% said they were not planning to undertake a technological improvement campaign during the next 12 months. When asked to nominate the areas in which they had made investments to improve efficiency during the past year, 71% said it had been the area of IT, technology and online business systems. A further 27.4% pointed to their website, apps and e-commerce systems.  "These results show that, although SMEs understand they can achieve efficiency improvements through investment in new technology, only just over a third have plans to do so," said Leone. "This could lead to growth constraints during the coming 12 months for some organisations." The survey found the majority of Australian SMEs (58.5%) typically spend up to $5000 a year on technology to improve efficiency. The key factors considered before making a purchase were usability, cost and ease of implementation. A further 29.3% of respondents reported they spend between $5,000 and $15,000 each year while only 9.8% spend between $15,000 and $50,000. Just 2.4% spend more than $100,000 each year. Interestingly, when asked whether they would invest more money in additional technologies to increase business efficiency, 53.1% of respondents said no.  The survey also asked respondents to indicate where any savings being achieved through the use of new technologies are being allocated. It found 37.1% were saving the money in a 'rainy day fund'. A further 16.1% said they were investing the money in innovation or gaining a competitive advantage while the same number were allocating the funds to additional marketing activities.   Respondents were asked to consider where, during the past 12 months, they had found it most difficult to see a return on investment. The area of IT, technology and online business systems was flagged by 31.5% of respondents followed by digital marketing and online advertising (24.1%). A resounding 91.5% of respondents said they considered cost efficiency a critical factor when considering the cost of maintaining technology. "The survey clearly shows that Australian SMEs believe cost-effective technology is a critical factor when trying to achieve efficiency improvements," said Leone. "However, many are finding themselves restricted by budget limitations and frustrated by not having achieved expected returns from money already invested.  I look forward to comparing these results with future surveys to determine how Australian SMEs are approaching the ongoing challenge of business efficiency improvement."  A full copy of the survey report is available: OKI OKI is a global manufacturer of business printers and MFP’s. OKI Data Australia commenced operations in 2009 following the acquisition from long-time master agent and distributor, IPL.  OKI Data New Zealand was established in October 2015, following the announcement by OKI’s then master distributor in New Zealand - Comworth Technologies, to realign its business focus and exit distribution. Over 30 years ago OKI pioneered LED printing technology, an advanced form of printing using fewer parts compared with the more widely known laser printing.  This in turn provides many benefits to users including longer product life, fewer operational issues, increased reliability and better image quality over the entire life of the print engine.  All OKI LED printer products are backed by three years warranty upon customer registration, within 30 days of purchase. ColorPainter printers are backed by two years or three years (depending on model) parts only warranty.