The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-28T05:31:11Z Increasing Market for Consumer Goods and Automobiles is Facilitating Growth of 5.75% in Global Paints & Coatings Market 2017-03-28T05:31:11Z increasing-market-for-consumer-goods-and-automobiles-is-facilitating-growth-of-5-75-in-global-paints-amp-coatings-market The Global Paints & Coatings Market was estimated to be USD 131.8 billion in 2015. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.75% during 2016-2021 to reach a projected value of USD 178.8 billion by 2021.  The Asia-Pacific happens to be the largest market for paints and coatings, accounting for an estimated share of XX.XX% in 2015. It is now, expected to grow fastest at a CAGR of 12%. The Asia-Pacific leads the global paints and coatings market followed by Europe and North America. In developing countries of Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, construction of new residential and commercial buildings is booming and is expected to further increase in future.   Browse Report Details at: The construction paints and coatings market is driven by the factors such as advances in civil construction and high demand for efficient paints. These paints act as protective layers for buildings and prevent the building from corrosion, dampness and damages due to extreme weather conditions Market Dynamics of the Global Paints and Coatings Market: The market for coatings and paints includes liquid-based and powder-based paints, varnishes and related products used in architectural and decorative, industrial and specialty product segments. Interior and exterior paints, primers, sealers and varnishes are part of the architectural and decorative segment, which are used in homes and buildings. Products that are a part of the production process form a part of the industrial products segment. Aerosol paints, marine paints, high-performance maintenance coatings, and automotive refinish paints, altogether constitute the specialty products segment. The practice of green buildings and products such as Nano-coatings, green coatings offers a  lot of opportunities for the growth of the paints and coatings market.  Drivers: ·      Increasing global population ·      Increasing demand for new houses due to the growing number of nuclear families ·      Increasing market for consumer goods and automobiles ·      Development of new industries Restraints: ·       Stringent regulations of environmental protection ·       Mounting raw material prices Get PDF Sample of Report at: Currently, there is a lot of research and development going on, in the paints and coatings industry. This development is mainly propelled by  the emergence of green buildings and nano coatings, which, is on its way to make the world a healthier and safer place to live in. Research is being done to reduce the environmental impact of marine coatings during the course of travel on ships. Interestingly, there is a development of near-infrared (NIR) coatings and tiles to reduce heating of dark-colored surfaces on roofs and facades. The sun-reflective building materials help to achieve a relatively warmer space and, so they improve the thermal comfort. They are often seen on roofing, but there are also tentative applications for facades. Some of the companies that are a major part of the industry are: 1.         3M 2.         AkzoNobel 3.         Axalta 4.         BASF 5.         Henkel 6.         Kansai 7.         PPG 8.         RPM 9.         Sherwin-Williams 10.     Sika 11.     Valspar Buy Report at: Nowadays, eco-friendly paints are being preferred over normal paints as normal paints are toxic and cause health hazards like cancer, tuberculosis and respiratory illnesses. The volatile organic compounds (VOC) used to hold the ingredients of the liquefied paints in a blended state, escape into the atmosphere and thus cause health hazards when the paint is applied. Thus in the recent years compounds like, lead and chromium are banned from house-hold paints as they cause lots of health hazards to human beings. Smart Skyscrapers Summit Drives Innovation 2017-03-27T01:08:56Z smart-skyscrapers-summit-drives-innovation-1 The Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit will explore exciting new developments and technological advancements in high-rise design and construction. Launching in Melbourne on the 28th and 29th of March at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Summit profiles a vast range of innovative tall tower projects across Australia and the world. Local and international speakers will share their expertise among industry professionals and stakeholders. Presentations, panel discussions and exhibitions will provide delegates with the perfect platform for learning from and networking with architectural, urban planning, construction, supply, engineering, government, institute and academic bodies. A cocktail reception will cap off the first day of the Summit, allowing delegates to reflect on presentations and make acquaintances across the board.   Topics on the agenda reflect new ways of conceptualising and building high-rise towers. Smart design is a prominent concern in the new age of skyscrapers as architects and developers look to increasingly more green, environmentally friendly and efficient ways of creating tall towers through building design, building materials and building systems. Prefabricated construction is delivering stunning new high-rise structures, forging a new modular mode of building. Vertical schools are reimagining traditional ideas of educational environments, now taking off in Australia. Innovations in vertical transportation will also revolutionise skyscraper design and architectural flexibility. Most importantly, creating inhabitable, liveable and humanised high-rises that interact with the local environment is a dominant concern that will be addressed from different perspectives at the Summit. This leading industry event will set the scene for a new age of skyscraper design and construction practice around the country and abroad. Opportunities to interview speakers will be available on the day. Any media wishing to attend on the day, please contact Expotrade Media Contact.   About Expotrade  Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events in the areas of infrastructure, major projects, sustainability, technology & architecture. For almost 10 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronised in the calendar. For more information, visit Media Contact: Goldie Yang | Marketing Coordinator | Dir: 03 8581 3713 Kärcher attends the Transport & Heavy Equipment Expo 2017-03-27T00:24:13Z -342 The Transport & Heavy Equipment Expo was held on the 2nd to the 4th of March at Mystery Creek Event Center, and is New Zealand’s only all-encompassing transport and heavy equipment showcase. Since its inception 12 years ago, this event has continued to grow and is now the only nationally recognised heavy vehicle tradeshow in the country. Held over three days in the first weekend of March, the Expo attracts industry professionals from the transport, logistics and heavy equipment sectors throughout New Zealand, providing the opportunity for collaboration, industry specific information on best health and safety practices and the latest innovations.  Kärcher displayed a 126 m² outdoor site showcasing everything from hot and cold water blasters, scrubber driers, ride on and walk behind sweepers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners and even a stationary water blaster unit. The show is only held every four years so it’s a great way to connect with customers and also see the latest innovation pieces on offer. A key focus for Kärcher was showcasing their vehicle wash systems, particularly truck washes. Kärcher have a large range of vehicle wash systems for washing trucks, trucks with trailers, buses, commercial vehicles or vans, and their dedicated team also provide nationwide after sales service and support. Alongside this, they had a large display of water blasters, both petrol and electric options and hot and cold units available. Kärcher is the world’s leading provider of cleaning equipment, systems and solutions for both domestic and commercial industries. The name Kärcher is synonymous with ongoing innovation and excellent customer satisfaction, and their products enable customers to solve their cleaning tasks in an economic and environmentally friendly manner. With 80 years of experience, Kärcher continue to be a family owned company producing world class German designed and engineered products that make a difference. To find out more about Kärcher products, please visit . Tiger Turf – Easy to Maintain Synthetic Turf Lawns 2017-03-24T03:10:12Z tiger-turf-easy-to-maintain-synthetic-turf-lawns TigerTurf, the world’s largest synthetic turf manufacturer, has a record of accomplishment of over 35 years. Their synthetic turf lawns are low maintenance and easy to take care of. Users of these synthetic turf lawns can save plenty of time and money by not having to mow, fertilise, or heavily water their lawn. With little attention, they can still enjoy a soft green lawn that looks fabulous all year round.   Tiger Turf landscape lawns are versatile products that can be used at home, school, and work areas. They are perfect for places where natural grass does not grow well. They can also be used for heavy foot traffic areas and where a soft green lawn is needed all year round but without much maintenance.   Artificial lawns by TigerTurf are low in maintenance. These lawns stay lush green all the time. Cleaning is easy, simple, effective and fast. There are no weeds to pull out and no trimming of overgrown grass from time to time.   The only maintenance required for synthetic turf lawns depends on the kind of situation it is being used in. Families with pets and children will require more cleaning up than those without them. A few steps of care will ensure that their lawns are clean, looking great and last a long time.    Carrying out a few maintenance steps will ensure that these synthetic turf lawns serve their owners a long time. These include keeping them clear off fallen leaves, branches, and other rotting debris that fly and land over them. Using a rake or leaf blower will help keep this patch clean and clear off debris and give a maintained, clean and groomed look.    Spraying water over the synthetic lawn once a week with a hose helps remove dust, dirt, or pollen. For homes with pets, clearing their solid waste using plastic bags and pooper-scoopers helps keep the area clean. In case there are unpleasant odours, using white vinegar diluted in equal parts of lukewarm water mixed in a bucket and poured over that area helps neutralise any odours.   The lawn should be regularly inspected for moss or algae, especially in damp weather and in shaded areas. Sprays with chemicals need to be used with caution; the owners should ensure that the correct rates and application method recommended by the company are followed.   TigerTurf’s product TurfGuard is the most effective and safe product to use on these artificial landscape lawns. Customers can order for them by calling 1800 802 570 or sending an email to   For more information on TigerTurf’s synthetic turf lawns, visit this link   Manly Iconic Building Ready For A New Lease Of Life 2017-03-23T00:16:48Z manly-iconic-building-ready-for-a-new-lease-of-life Call for Expressions of Interest Lease of The Officers' Mess & Annexe: Buildings 44 & 46 at North Head Sanctuary 33 North Head Scenic Drive, Manly NSW 2095 The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust is seeking expressions of interest to lease two landmark former defence buildings, Buildings 44 and 46, at North Head Sanctuary in Manly. These two buildings form part of the complex of original defence buildings known as the Barracks Precinct, reflecting the rich military history and natural serenity of North Head Sanctuary. Framing the historic Parade Ground at the centre of the Barracks Precinct, once home to Australia’s School of Artillery, the purpose-built Officers’ Mess (Building 44) and Annexe (Building 46) are now being presented for expressions of leasing interest. “This a rare opportunity for the right tenant to lease significant heritage buildings in close proximity to the Sydney Harbour foreshore and the thriving community of Manly”, the Harbour Trust’s Acting Executive Director Susan Culverston said. “We’re looking for suitably qualified tenants, to join this unique tenant community, whose activities complement the commercial businesses and education organisations already based at North Head Sanctuary”.  “We welcome adaptive re-use proposals that are sensitive and in balance with the Sanctuary’s distinctive natural environment. The tranquil bushland setting makes this an ideal place for relaxation and respite, or for education and research facilities related to the natural environment. Health and wellbeing practitioners, accommodation providers, restaurant groups, event’s organisers, educators or administrators would find themselves at home in this peaceful precinct”.  Building 44, the Officers’ Mess, is one of the original set of 1930s Barracks Precinct buildings strategically designed along western-sloping dunes to fall below the trajectory of enemy naval fire. With many of its authentic Art Deco features intact, Building 44 holds considerable heritage significance, both as a stand-alone building, and as part of the entire complex layout. As the School of Artillery grew, and visiting Officers came to attend special training courses, an adjacent Officers Annexe - Building 46 - was added for their temporary accommodation from the 1960s until the School relocated in the 1990s.  “The Harbour Trust is committed to preserving, managing and promoting all of our extraordinary former defence sites along the Sydney Harbour foreshore. As a self-funding government agency, leasing repurposed buildings is integral to this ongoing mission, and all revenue contributes to conserving, protecting and improving public access to Sydney Harbour Federation Trust lands” Susan Culverston said.  The link below contains EOI1701 Main Document – in both hi-res (PQ for Print Quality) and lo-res (WQ for Web Quality) formats - Please note that this main doc contains the Site Map. Floorplans for B43/B44/46 – including historical floorplan for B44 Image Bank – 21 numbered and captioned images  Video link to drone footage of North Head Sanctuary Manly and Buildings 44 & 46:  https://youtube/FO4CngOpoj8  Media enquiries: Tracey Leitch, (02) 9969 2042, 0415 290 023 or  The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust is a self-funding agency created by the Australian Government to be responsible for the vision planning and management of former defence and Commonwealth sites around Sydney Harbour. Our ten sites are Cockatoo Island and Snapper Island in Sydney Harbour, Georges Heights, Middle Head and Chowder Bay in Mosman, North Head Sanctuary in Manly, Woolwich Dock and Parklands, Macquarie Lightstation in Vaucluse, the Platypus site in Neutral Bay and the Marine Biological Station in Watsons Bay. These public spaces and parklands offer major events, exhibitions, venue hire, accommodation, tours and business tenancy.         Advances in Digital Agriculture to Take Centre Stage at International Symposium on Digital Earth & Locate17 in Sydney 2017-03-22T22:59:02Z advances-in-digital-agriculture-to-take-centre-stage-at-international-symposium-on-digital-earth-locate17-in-sydney Sydney, Australia – 23 March 2017 – Advances in spatial technology that enable digital agriculture, including a next-generation national positioning system and real-time monitoring of soil moisture levels from space, will take centre stage at the International Symposium on Digital Earth & Locate17 in Sydney in April. A new national positioning system accurate to between 2cm and 10cm – as opposed to 5 metres with today’s satellite-based GPS – will boost Australia’s economy by $73 billion or more over the next 20 years, much of it in agriculture, says Dr Peter Woodgate, CEO of the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI). “To adopt techniques like precision agriculture and controlled traffic farming, farmers need to be able to position equipment and sensors with about 5cm accuracy. The conference will showcase space-based augmentation systems – including Australia and New Zealand’s joint initiative – which, subject to testing, are well on the way to achieving that,” said Woodgate. “Leveraging other regional efforts, such as a Japanese satellite-based system recently trialled in Queensland, it will even be possible to remotely control unmanned autonomous vehicles like driverless tractors from space.” Australia’s investments in positioning systems will not only pay off in higher agricultural exports but will create export business opportunities and new jobs in digital agriculture to aid the transition from sectors of the economy impacted by digital disruption. Woodgate and fellow Working Group Co-Chair, Glenn Cockerton, Managing Director of Spatial Vision, will make the first public presentation of the 2026 Spatial Industry Transformation and Growth Agenda at Digital Earth & Locate17, outlining 30 transformative initiatives for Australia. In another highlight of the event, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will hold a special session to promote capacity building and use of data from its Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Observatory. SMAP products, which provide frequent global measurements of soil moisture from space at high spatial resolution, are freely available (, with one of the first validation experiments carried out in Yanco, NSW. According to Phil Tickle, Program and Business Development Manager (Ag, NRM & Climate Change) at CRCSI, NASA’s SMAP data will complement data from a range of sensors used in digital agriculture, including soil moisture probes, weather stations, and animal tracking devices. Tickle is presenting the benefits of an online farm monitoring solution for the grazing industry at Digital Earth & Locate17. Called the NRM Spatial Hub, this provides access to 30 years of 30 metre resolution satellite data and tools for mapping, assessing and monitoring property infrastructure, land resources and ground cover. It is currently being commercialised by the CRCSI in conjunction with Meat & Livestock Australia. Tickle said the conference was an opportunity for farmers and land managers to learn about the spatial technologies transforming their industry, as well as to discuss potential issues, such as the ownership of agricultural big data. “We are seeing enormous development in digital agriculture capabilities and often farmers don’t have control of their own data,” said Tickle. “When you have sensors on farms feeding into data warehouses and generating broader benefits, why shouldn’t the farmer get a cut? And what does a farmer do if they want to change providers and their data is locked up in a proprietary system?” With a program featuring more than 130 international and Australian speakers, Digital Earth & Locate17 provides a unique opportunity to understand digital transformation practices from around the world, and to develop and leverage geospatial data. The two main conference days will be split into eight separate streams with topics including smart cities, virtual globes, intelligent transport, agriculture, engineering/utilities, smart sensors for natural resource management, water & climate, disaster & emergency management, and the geospatial economy. The joint conference will be held 03-06 April 2017 at the new International Conference Centre Sydney. The Digital Earth & Locate17 Conference’s Market Day on Tuesday 4th April opens the exhibition to everyone and is an opportunity for private, government and start-up organisations to come together and explore collaborative and business opportunities. About the International Symposium on Digital Earth The International Symposium on Digital Earth is a flagship event of the International Society for Digital Earth. Founded in Beijing in 2006, ISDE is a non-political, non-governmental and not-for-profit international organisation principally promoting academic exchange, science and technology innovation, education, and international collaboration towards Digital Earth. ISDE also explores Digital Earth as an enabling technology to play key roles in economic and social sustainable development, environmental protection, disaster mitigation, natural resources conservation and improvement of living standards. About Locate17 The Locate Conference (Locate17) is the national conference of the spatial and surveying industries of Australia and New Zealand. The event is an initiative of the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) and Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA). ARDILL PAYNE & PARTNERS RISE TO NEW HEIGHTS FOR THE AMRUN PROJECT. 2017-03-22T22:30:53Z ardill-payne-amp-partners-rise-to-new-heights-for-the-amrun-project Ardill Payne & Partners (APP) of Ballina have been hard at work designing five 70meter-high communication towers for Rio Tinto’s new bauxite project site, named the Amrun Project. The project is located 2500km from the APP Head office in Ballina.   Bill Payne, Partner at APP commented, “We were excited to win a huge project like this, and after working so hard on these towers it’s great to see the first now up.”   Rio Tinto has mined bauxite at Weipa on Western Cape York for more than 50 years. Almost ten years ago, they began investigating the possibility of building a new mine on part of their existing lease south of the Embley River, between Weipa and Aurukun.   Amrun sits on Wik-Waya traditional lands. At the request of Traditional Owners, the South of Embley project is known as Amrun, the Wik‑Waya name for the area.   Rio Tinto has agreements with 12 Traditional Owner groups in total, across three agreements, which underpin all Weipa operations and activities.   The Amrun project includes the construction of a range of infrastructure required to support mining including a processing plant and port near Boyd Bay, a dam, tailings storage facility, roads and a ferry terminal on the Hey River to transport workers from Weipa to the mine.   “With a construction team of 1400 people, the Amrun project will provide jobs and strengthen the economy for the people of Cape York and Queensland for many decades,” said Bill.    “This is a cultural win in the area, with a wonderful story of Original Land Owner involvement. Rio Tinto have worked closely with Wik-Waya people to develop a Communities, Heritage and Environment Management Plan to guide construction and operation of the project. It’s been a great experience.”   Ardill Payne & Partners have been assisting with the communications for the Port and Mine – through design, surveying and engineering for the communications towers and masts over the vast mine area from Amrun to Weipa.   Operations in Weipa provide jobs for a diverse workforce of 1,400 people. Close to one in four employees are Indigenous and one in four are women.   US$1.9 billion is being invested into the Amrun Project.   ENDS ABOUT ARDILL PAYNE & PARTNERS   Ardill Payne & Partners is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm of Engineers, Town Planners and Surveyors. They are proudly based in beautiful Ballina, and have been practising for 35 years. With five principals and employing twenty highly skilled professionals and technicians, APP are confident in their professional expertise, and the diligence of their management and staff is unequalled in the Northern Rivers.   The Professional Services they practice in include:   Civil Engineering Structural Engineering Environmental Engineering Maritime Engineering Bridge Design Town Planning Surveying Traffic Studies Masts & Towers Project Management Mining & Quarries Approach Licensed Surveyor for easier and faster surveying process 2017-03-21T09:23:49Z approach-licensed-surveyor-for-easier-and-faster-surveying-process With the rich experience in the industry, Melbourne Land Surveyors has mastered the many areas of land development. When it comes to Townhouse development or building subdivision, and also many other services they have long list of satisfied clients. They have worked on many important projects throughout their time in the industry. The process of developing land can be easier with the help of right professionals and Melbourne Land Surveyors have proved themselves a leading company in the industry by providing quality services and having done important projects throughout their years in the industry. You can rely on the company’s expertise when it comes to building subdivision. They have proper solution for multistorey subdivision and also for 2 lot subdivision land. There are rules and regulations that have to be followed in the process and you can get proper guidance for that matter. Company is providing package to work on all stages and also on the stages you required them to be with you. You can also receive valuable suggestions and proper guidance for your property related concerns. They have Licensed Surveyor to work on your land. If you are a town planner or a builder or building your own house, then you can approach the skilled professionals for the right advice for taking all the necessary steps. There are other services that you can also take from the company such as townhouse development, where you can receive services like developments of plans, reports planning, VCAT Representation, planning permits, community Consultation and scheme amendments planning. Other major services offered by the company are monitoring survey, engineering surveys, construction setouts, building setouts, asset recording, lease plan survey, project management, GPS, survey, flood level surveys, application surveys, reestablishment surveys and site leveling. You can get all the necessary assistance with preparation of documents. There is no need to do all the work by yourself, hiring such professionals can give you enough time to focus on other important matters. The benefits of hiring professionals for such jobs are that you don’t have to worry about the rules and regulations set by the government. Melbourne Land Surveyors provide licensed surveyor that can come to your site with the necessary equipments and makes the surveying process easier and faster. The long list of projects and years of experience indicate that the company is a leader in the industry and it does not compromise with the quality of the services. From short term or long term monitoring survey to the construction setouts, all the services you can get at very affordable rates also. About Company: Melbourne Land Surveyors has been in the industry for more than ten years now. Before that the company has been doing the business for last fifty years by the name of Accurate Land Surveyors and South East Surveys. With experienced professionals the company is able to provide perfect solution to their clients. Your Latest Specification Resource is Finally Here! 2017-03-20T03:05:30Z your-latest-specification-resource-is-finally-here-1 Krost Business Furniture has its earliest beginnings in South Africa in the 1920s. Launched by three brothers to create and manufacture lasting steel products, the company’s philosophy and focus on providing their clientele with complete furniture solutions has carried through to today – more than 95 years later. From these early beginnings, the team at Krost established their major pillars of service: incomparable delivery, highest quality of product and the fairest of prices for the end-user. And while these key principles date back to the brand’s foundations many, many years ago, they remain today as a key touchstone. For generations, however, the annual Krost catalogue has sat at the core of their approach to market. Each year, the team publish a catalogue of the latest commercial design innovations – always with a focus to servicing the ever-increasing need for wellbeing and optimum ergonomy in the professional environment. Having taken home the gold for Best B2C Office Supplies Catalogue at the Australian Catalogue Association Awards last year, for 2017 their offering is bound to be a big contender this year as well. Inevitably, the Krost signature style is represented exquisitely throughout their 2017 Catalogue. Everywhere, that is, are those clean sweeping vital lines, integrated illustrations and technical etchings – all presented with a high degree of intelligence that technical information is a pleasure to digest, and certainly not a chore. Celebrating the need for infusing health into the commercial space, each item is carefully curated to display how heights or angles in the design can be modified by any end-user – a democratic nod to the sheer scope of diversity in the commercial sector’s workforce. But while many will continue to question the veracity of such traditional marketing activities in today’s increasingly digital world, Krost understand the inherent value of the printed artefact. You see, their catalogue serves as a pointed reminder for the Australian A+D community that while a majority will remain dedicated to the strength of the digital world, there's also a lot to be said for those same generations' desire to interact with more material marketing collateral. In a remarkable 2013 study conducted by ADMA and APost, Australian consumers falling between the ages of 18 to 40-years old displayed a pointed preference for engaging with print marketing collateral over its digital, audio or televisual counterparts. An incredible 72% of surveyed individuals stated that they were more than likely to retain the print collateral in their possession after initial reading to refer to again later. Meanwhile, that same group were tested for the duration of time they spent with print collateral as opposed to other marketing platforms. On average, the median length of time that focus group spent on digital/televisual/audio marketing options was less than 15 seconds in total – print, however, garnered a 48% engagement increase by comparison. Geared precisely towards addressing these consumers’ desires for more trust-worthy, non-aggressive and informative needs, the 2017 Krost Business Furniture Catalogue aims to provide an intimate one-on-one conversation between the commercial sector and the Krost brand. Through an admixture of crisp photography with a rich depth of field and the tactility of glossy stock, their catalogue appeals to the intellectual and emotional connectors of the reader. And while this catalogue's predecessor last year knocked out some pretty heavy competition, once again, the team at Krost have approached supporting the market for design with stunning creative, informative material and prose in their 2017 catalogue. In their own words, "we want to make it easy for you". Where "it" might mean work, decision making, or peace of mind, in any case (or indeed, all cases) Krost have once again demonstrated remarkable foresight and ingenuity in their space. Direct Wholesale launches 360 reasons why buying hardware online is a better way to say goodbye to hassle and g'day to getting on with the job. 2017-03-18T09:29:15Z direct-wholesale-launches-360-reasons-why-buying-hardware-online-is-a-better-way-to-say-goodbye-to-hassle-and-g-day-to-getting-on-with-the-job FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE This week, Direct Wholesale Supplies Pty Ltd. headquartered in Brisbane, QLD - unveiled the launch of its online Wholesale Electrical and Plumbing store for the Australian trade supply sector. The website, which is available free of charge and without a subscription, will allow tradespeople looking for their parts and accessories a fast and cost effective way to restock without hassle. Traditionally a relationship is established through face to face, bricks-and-mortar corner shops, however the new online direct-to-marketplace platform aims to bring the wholesaler-tradie interaction into the digital world. “We pride ourselves on being a trusted resource to our clients; whether that means recommending a product, giving an honest and unbiased opinion about a competitor's product or providing a solution to your technical requirement.” says Direct Wholesale Manager Adam Massey. “With the Direct Wholesale model, we’ve taken the next step in this progression by helping to reduce the pain associated with obtaining resupply products whilst increasing our clienteles profit margin.” The Direct Wholesale website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with enhanced navigation and functionality, mobile optimisation and detailed product information including 360-degree high resolution images. Custom product search filters make it easier for customers to navigate and find great deals on their massive selection of wholesale plumbing and electrical products. This range includes hundreds of electrical and plumbing parts such as bakelite, wiring accessories, conduit accessories, industrial switchgear,  brass fittings & tap mixers among others. Powered by Hybris SAP and various proprietary integrations, the technology comes loaded with a suite of features designed to make the research and pricing due diligence process easier and less time consuming for tradespeople. The suite of features includes: Advanced Filters: Search for available parts by attributes that include type, colour, price range, size and more. Easy Reordering: Tired of the same routine and time (money) wasted visiting your local store no more, one-click reordering is now a reality. Financial Reports: Run simple reports on your spend history and quickly view your most viewed and ordered products. Transparent Shipping: Quickly contact the right people to discuss an order or product with the readily available contact details and form built into each product page. Direct Wholesale Supplies Pty Ltd is a direct wholesale to market manufacturer and importer of high quality, accredited plumbing and electrical parts and accessories in Australia. Direct Wholesale’s rapidly expanding team has over 100 years combined experience in the importing and trades sectors. Since its inception in 2016, Direct Wholesale has positioned itself for launch with initial private capital investment over $1 Million dollars and is fully Australian owned and operated. For more information, visit or call 1300 365 599 in Australia. Business Intelligences (BI) Market Focus On Top Key Players Companies icrosoft Corporation, IBM Corporation, SAP SE, Oracle Corporation, Tableau Software 2017-03-17T07:24:16Z business-intelligences-bi-market-focus-on-top-key-players-companies-icrosoft-corporation-ibm-corporation-sap-se-oracle-corporation-tableau-software Research Beam has added a report, titled, “Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022.” The report provides a detailed information and analysis of production, revenue, drivers & opportunities, key manufacturers, and competitive landscape. Furthermore, current market trends and growth opportunities are discussed along with extensive analysis of each segment for the historic period, 2012–2017 and the forecast period, 2017–2022. The report provides insights on manufacturing cost structure, marketing channels, marketing channels, and distributors & traders analysis. This study is helpful for market players, investors, and shareholders acquire thorough information and statistics to make better decisions for the future. Business Intelligences (BI) Industry Sample Report Available Here !! An overview of the Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market is offered on the basis of product overview and detailed segmentation of the industry. The research provides market segmentation based on types, applications, and geography. Each type of Business Intelligences (BI) is analyzed with insights on production and production market share for 2016 along with key manufacturers for each type enlisted using a tabular representation. Furthermore, consumption market share for each application is offered in the research for 2016 in a tabular format. Regional analysis is discussed in terms of current market status and growth prospects for the period, 2012–2022. Geographies analyzed in the study are North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India. Statistics on revenue and growth rate for each region are mentioned with the help of figures for the historic period and the forecast period. Market competition on the basis of manufacturers is discussed in the research along with insights on production, revenue, production market share, and revenue market share for 2016 and 2017. Moreover, significant information on manufacturing base distribution, product type, and sales area of each manufacturer are also covered. Comprehensive information on competitive situation and trends are provided based on market share of top three & top six manufacturers, market concentration rate, and strategies such as mergers & acquisition, expansion, partnerships, and others adopted by them for business growth. Ask For Discount @ The research provides an extensive analysis of key manufactures operating in the Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market . Key manufacturers analyzed in the study Microsoft Corporation, IBM Corporation, SAP SE, Oracle Corporation, Tableau Software, SAS Institute, Qlik Technologies, MicroStrategy, Information Builders, TIBCO Software, Pentaho,Yellowfin International, Sisense, Panorama, Actuate, Board International, yramid Analytics, Qlik, Salient Management Company, Board International,  Domo and others. Production, revenue, average price of products, and gross margin for 2016 and 2017 are discussed in a tabular format. Detailed analysis of type, application, and specifications of products of manufacturers are provided along with an overview of business. This information assists industry players in determining competitive intensity and helps investors in determining investment pockets to gain maximum returns. Manufacturing cost analysis is offered in the research based on manufacturing cost structure, raw material analysis, and manufacturing process analysis. A table offers an extensive analysis production base and market concentration rate of raw materials, whereas a figure provides insights on price trends. Key suppliers of raw materials are enlisted in a tabular format. Figure illustrates manufacturing cost structure and manufacturing process analysis. The industrial chain structure is highlighted based on upstream raw material sources, downstream buyers, and sourcing strategies along with tables to provide thorough understanding. Raw materials sources of major manufacturers of Business Intelligences (BI) and distributors & traders are enlisted in a tabular format. Marketing strategies are discussed in the study based on marketing channels and market positioning. Insights on technological progress, changing consumer needs, and environmental change are offered to provide market effect factors analysis. Production, revenue, and consumption analysis based on each segment of the industry for the forecast period. Research findings and conclusions are mentioned at the end of the research. Market segment by Type, Business Intelligences (BI) can be split into  Predictive Asset Maintenance  Fraud Detection and Security Management  Supply Chain Optimization  Network Management and Optimization  Workforce Management  Sales and Marketing Management  Operations Management  Other   Market segment by Application, Business Intelligences (BI) can be split into  Banking & Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)  Telecommunications and IT  Retail and Consumer Goods  Healthcare and Life Sciences  Manufacturing  Government and Defense  Energy and Utilities  Media and Entertainment  Transportation and Logistics  Other Enquire About Report @ Table of Contents Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022 1 Industry Overview of Business Intelligences (BI) 1.1 Business Intelligences (BI) Market Overview 1.2 Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size and Analysis by Regions 1.3 Business Intelligences (BI) Market by Type 1.4 Business Intelligences (BI) Market by End Users/Application   2 Global Business Intelligences (BI) Competition Analysis by Players 2.1 Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size (Value) by Players (2016-2017) 2.2 Competitive Status and Trend   3 Company (Top Players) Profiles Microsoft Corporation  IBM Corporation  SAP SE  Oracle Corporation  Tableau Software  SAS Institute  Qlik Technologies  MicroStrategy  Information Builders  TIBCO Software  Pentaho  Yellowfin International  Sisense  Panorama  Actuate  Board International  Pyramid Analytics  Qlik  Salient Management Company  Board International  Domo   4 Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size by Type and Application (2012-2017) 4.1 Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size by Type (2012-2017) 4.2 Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size by Application (2012-2017) 4.3 Potential Application of Business Intelligences (BI) in Future 4.4 Top Consumer/End Users of Business Intelligences (BI)   5 United States Business Intelligences (BI) Development Status and Outlook 5.1 United States Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size (2012-2017) 5.2 United States Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size and Market Share by Players (2016-2017)   6 EU Business Intelligences (BI) Development Status and Outlook 6.1 EU Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size (2012-2017) 6.2 EU Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size and Market Share by Players (2016-2017)   7 Japan Business Intelligences (BI) Development Status and Outlook 7.1 Japan Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size (2012-2017) 7.2 Japan Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size and Market Share by Players (2016-2017)   8 China Business Intelligences (BI) Development Status and Outlook 8.1 China Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size (2012-2017) 8.2 China Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size and Market Share by Players (2016-2017)   9 India Business Intelligences (BI) Development Status and Outlook 9.1 India Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size (2012-2017) 9.2 India Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size and Market Share by Players (2016-2017)   10 Southeast Asia Business Intelligences (BI) Development Status and Outlook 10.1 Southeast Asia Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size (2012-2017) 10.2 Southeast Asia Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size and Market Share by Players (2016-2017)   11 Market Forecast by Regions, Type and Application (2017-2022) 11.1 Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size (Value) by Regions (2017-2022) 11.2 Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size (Value) by Type (2017-2022) 11.3 Global Business Intelligences (BI) Market Size by Application (2017-2022)   12 Business Intelligences (BI) Market Dynamics 12.1 Business Intelligences (BI) Market Opportunities 12.2 Business Intelligences (BI) Challenge and Risk 12.3 Business Intelligences (BI) Market Constraints and Threat   12.4 Business Intelligences (BI) Market Driving Force   13 Market Effect Factors Analysis 13.1 Technology Progress/Risk 13.2 Consumer Needs Trend/Customer Preference 13.3 External Environmental Change   14 Research Finding/Conclusion                                                                            Read Complete Report With TOC @   About Us: With the arsenal of different search reports, Research Beam helps you here to look and buy research reports that will be helpful to you and your organization. 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The company has qualified and experienced staff to carry out the work.Visit :- Contact Details: 65 Vicki St. Forest Hill Melbourne, VIC 3131 Cal :- 1300 978 400 Soberlive Breathalyser With Streamlined Wireless Data Solution Launches 2017-03-15T23:45:34Z soberlive-breathalyser-with-streamlined-wireless-data-solution-launches Melbourne, Australia – March 15, 2017 – Andatech announces the launch of the Soberlive, a new, WIFI-enabled wall-mounted breathalyser to increase efficiency of effective alcohol testing in the workplace. Irwandy Tan, the Director of Andatech, said that the Soberlive, which is certified to Australian Standards AS3547 for accuracy, is designed specifically to fully utilise the Andatech Hub online to consolidate testing data. “Breathalysers today require OHS staff to manually input details, connect and export data to a PC,” Mr Tan said. “The Soberlive takes all that hassle away and reduces risk.” With the Soberlive breathalyser, users log in using an existing access card or a user ID and pin number to take a test. Test results are synced directly with the Andatech Hub server via WIFI. Managers can access test records online by logging in or live as they come through. Managers can also set BAC limits, email notification preferences, and create user ID’s and pins for employees through the Soberlive administrator panel.  “The Soberlive will really assist the enforcement of workplace alcohol policies seamlessly, especially in companies with multiple locations requiring on-site testing,” Mr Tan said.  The Andatech Soberlive breathalyser comes with a built-in straw dispenser and houses a 9-inch tablet for administrator access and to display videos and test results. Videos can be uploaded directly or wirelessly online, and live syncing make company-wide announcements or video advertising easy. The Soberlive can also be customised for licensed venues such as pubs, bars, hotels, stadiums, clinics, hospitals, public places, and more. Mr Tan said that RFID access and Paypass payment will be added in the near future to the Soberlive to fully utilise this. Equipped with a large electrochemical fuel cell sensor, the Soberlive breathalyser is designed for exceptional accuracy and long lifespan for high volume testing. Similar to law enforcement breathalysers, the Soberlive provides readings specific 3 decimal place BAC readings at an accuracy of +/- 0.005%BAC at 0.050%BAC. "Another great feature of the Soberlive is that it can take an unlimited number of tests before it requires calibration," Mr Tan added. In addition, its sensor is removable for convenient replacement. Andatech recommends that the Soberlive sensor is calibrated every 6 months to maintain its accuracy.    Visit Andatech for more technical information on the Soberlive breathalyser. The Soberlive breathalyser joins the family of Andatech products which is available from Andatech and authorised resellers. Call the Australian toll-free number at 1300 800 200 or (+613) 8899 6900 to speak to our customer service representatives for further clarification on the Soberlive breathalyser.   About AndatechAndatech was founded in 2003 as a distributor of Australian Standards certified breathalysers for Australians, and over the past decade has established a reputation as a leader in reliable wellness and occupational health & safety technologies throughout the Asia Pacific. Its range of quality products and services focus on its vision of a safe and healthy environment, at home and at work. For further information visit: View more images of the Soberlive NUBO – A FIRST OF ITS KIND KIDS’ PLAY CENTRE WHERE PURE PLAY RULES 2017-03-15T10:44:59Z nubo-a-first-of-its-kind-kids-play-centre-where-pure-play-rules 15 March, Sydney: Working in collaboration with Joey Ho and Patrick Leung of PalDesign Architects, Frost*collective was commissioned to work on a new concept in children’s play spaces that is understood to be the first of its kind in Australia. Built around best practices for early childhood education through the lense of play, NUBO supports play and educational growth through exploration and connection. The new centre, located in Sydney’s Alexandria, is suitable for children 0-10 years and officially launches today. NUBO tapped into brand and design expertise across the Collective. Frost* Design created the strategy, identity, branded collateral and promotional items; Urbanite was asked to deliver signage and environmental design across the 768sqm floor space, and The Nest designed and developed the NUBO website. Commenting on the idea and build of the new play centre, NUBO’s Chief Imagination Officer said, “The aim of NUBO is to steer away from the typical play centre clichés of bright colours, plastic toys and computer screens. We are promoting a sense of ‘pure play’ through a beautiful, clean and considered space where parents and children can interact during the entire play process.” To articulate the notion of ‘pure play’ in a way that could resonate with both parents and children, the concept needed to be anchored by a core creative idea. Imagined by Frost*Design, the word Nubo translates as ‘cloud’ in Esperanto, a language invented in the late 1870’s to foster harmony between people from different countries. The creative idea itself was inspired by the brand name. “We then came up with the idea of cloud gazing that conjures up unique and different things for different people,” said Ant Donovan, Group Creative Director, Frost*collective. “This singular idea – of exercising the imagination - informed the architectural design concept, while also steering the direction of our brand identity and feeding into Urbanite’s branded environment signage strategy.” The logo utilises the ‘B’ as a cloud device, and this is carried across all brand touch points and integrated into the illustration style. The outcome is a childlike, stunningly simple and versatile brand expression that speaks directly to the audience and is unquestionably consistent with the brand’s intent. NUBO’s environment offers a range of elements and tools to nurture healthy minds, bodies and spirits. Features include a stunning library weaved around a giant hot air balloon where kids can curl up to read their favourite book; a building room full of Big Blue Blocks, MagFormers and Kaleido Gears; a zone for active play including a giant climbing frame where little ones can slide, climb and hide; the Nubo Café with an emphasis on healthy, wholesome food made fresh to order; a range of children’s master classes including cooking, art, music and coding; and facilitated play sessions. “We know that play nourishes children’s early development and we want NUBO to be part of that journey,” Nubo’s Chief Imagination Officer continued."Working with Joey Ho and the Frost*collective team has been an exciting and enriching experience. The outcome is quite stunning and we have already received incredibly positive feedback from parents and children who have visited.” Concluded Donovan, “Watching kids interact in an environment offers real insights into the learning process. Seeing kids play at NUBO, I witnessed a genuine and honest delight indicating that if children have the opportunity to interact with quality spaces their interactions can be incredibly valuable.” -ends-  Credits Group Creative Director: Anthony Donovan, Frost*collective Senior Designer: Alex Dalmau, Frost*DesignJunior Designer: Kieran Mistry, Frost*Design Strategy Director: Catriona Burgess, Frost*collectiveStrategist: Jeanne Ogilvie, Frost*collective Client Services Director: Emma Stone, Frost*Design Account Director: Max Delplanque, Frost*DesignSenior Digital Producer: Kate West, The NestSenior Digital Designer: Zion Wu, The Nest Developers: Minh Hoang & Isaac Martin, The NestDesign Manager: Hannah Radford, UrbaniteEnvironments Design Director: Maria Briganti, UrbaniteDesigner: Yvonne Tong, Urbanite  About Frost*collective We are a collective of strategists, built-environment specialists, digital innovators and highly creative designers who are dedicated to designing a better world with every project. We offer the benefits of collaboration across Frost*collective which is at the intersection of digital, physical and visual experiences. We work with businesses to create products and solutions, tailored to our client needs, that transcend technologies, channels and media with a focus on the overall experience.  For all media enquiries Chantal OmodiagbeCommunications Manager0420 542 451  What is a Notifiable Incident? 2017-03-15T05:35:18Z what-is-a-notifiable-incident Safety Personnel are focused on maintaining strong Health and Safety Management systems with the aim of reducing Workplace risks and hazards.  Unfortunately, serious incidents can, and do happen.  If an incident occurs in your workplace, do you know exactly what to do and, whether or not it is a notifiable incident? The model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act highlights certain types of workplace incidents that should they occur at your workplace, you must notify the regulators. They are: ·       the death of a person ·       a serious injury or illness, or ·       a dangerous incident arising out of work carried out by a business, undertaking or a workplace. Notifiable incidents relate to any person—whether an employee, contractor or member of the public. If a notifiable incident occurs the model WHS Act requires: ·       immediate notification to the regulator, after becoming aware of it ·       written notification within 48 hours should this be requested by the regulator, and ·       preservation of the incident site until an inspector arrives or directs otherwise. WorkSafe Australia has compiled a fact sheet which will help you decide whether the regulator needs to be notified of a work-related injury, illness or dangerous incident under the Act. The Notifiable incident must be reported to the regulator in your jurisdiction. Below is a link to the Australian contact details of who should be notified in your area: Some types of work-related dangerous incidents must be notified even if no-one is injured i.e. including “Near Misses”. A dangerous incident includes both immediate serious risks to health or safety and, also a risk from an immediate exposure to a substance which is likely to create a serious risk to health or safety in the future, for example asbestos or hazardous chemicals. Remember that only work-related incidents are notifiable. An incident is not notifiable just because it happens at or near a workplace e.g. if someone were to have a fatal heart attack. Work-related incidents may affect people outside the workplace. These may still be notifiable if they involve a death, serious illness or injury or a dangerous incident. When gathering information to report an incident, you will need to know the following: ·       What happened? ·       When did it happen? ·       Where did it happen? ·       Who did it happen to? ·       How and where are they being treated (if applicable?) ·       Who is the person conducting the business or undertaking (there may be more than one)? ·       What has/is being done? ·       Who is the person doing the notification? How you respond immediately after a serious incident occurs and in the days following is critical. The myosh HSEQ Software package is designed to make this process easier for you: ·       Remember you have a Management System in place to assist you in dealing with this. Follow the procedure. ·       Evoke your company’s Emergency Response procedure. ·       Notify the correct authority, Workers Compensation and all the appropriate people in the company ·       Maintaining communication with family and colleagues of the injured person is vital ·       Undertake an Incident investigation. The myosh Incident Investigation Module will lead you through this step by step procedure ·       Instigate all necessary actions to prevent the incident from reoccurring. myosh has an Actions Module in which you can create Actions, ensure that they are sent to all the correct persons and track their status. ·       Our Injury Management Module which will also further support you in this process Organisations across the globe have been using myosh to manage and improve work safety for over 10 years.  myosh features over 100 cloud based modules that integrate with intuitive action management.  Results are analysed, shared and improved with powerful reporting tools and dashboards. myosh mobile simplifies inspections, incident and hazard reporting and promotes a shared culture of responsibility for safety.  visit   References: