The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-24T00:25:48Z Frank Monte Top Aussie Private Eye Launches Right Wing Political Party 2017-03-24T00:25:48Z frank-monte-top-aussie-private-eye-launches-right-wing-political-party Contact Martin Quinn Telephone 1300 757 880 Cell 0448 294 486 Email Website FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 24, 2017 Frank monte pi launches right wing Political party Australian Crusaders Party is born. Sydney, March 24, 2017– Frank J Monte, International Aussie Private Eye newly returned from the USA has decided to run for the Senate in the upcoming 2018 Australian Federal Elections. Monte a long time Aussie Liberal who lived and worked in LA and NYC from the 1990’s and who is a licensed Private Investigator in California will helm the newly created Aussie party with its Centre-Right Wing views. Monte has been involved at the pointy end of Politics as a friend and professional often giving his PI expertise or campaigned for; Sir Robert Askin, Bob Ellicott, Don Chipp, Malcolm Fraser, Nick Greiner, John Dowd, Jack Birnie, John Hewson and in the past ten years, Malcolm Turnbull in the Wentworth Electorate , Monte's home base for the past 60 years. His famous book ‘The Spying Game’ describes his close involvement with Whitlam Gov’t confidante Junie Morosi and his part in the Whitlam melodrama. [The most famous Aussie book rivalling Frank Hardy’s 1950 book of Victorian Police Corruption ‘Power without Glory’] ''I'm no stranger to the machinations and skullduggery of Political Life'' he says. Not content with retirement, he says, ''I'm ready to mix it up with the Federal System and make changes to Aussie trends which I find disturbing and menacing to our way of life.'' He says, ''I don’t believe Aussies are seriously able to find a strong dissenting voice, other that Pauline Hanson who I believe need help in the Senate esp.against the Green. I’m that man. I have my eye on several of the Greens’ seats. They are doomed. As is Global Warming, Muslim Immigration and Gov’t waste by the $Billions.  ''I want to bring back Coal, Gas and Nuclear Reactors ASAP. ‘’Stop the Rorts’’ is my slogan. Stop the Muslims World Domination. I’ll need 4 to 8 years and then I’ll go. I’m too old to be a Cabinet Minister or Leader. I’m past middle age!''                                               AUSTRALIAN CRUSADERS PARTY's Aims are; 1.     Stop Australian Gov't wasted spending and involvement with the Global Warming Fraud which pays Invested Naïve Scientists Millions of our dollars. Mr. Turnbull just sent in November 2016, 167 Federal staff with Senator Bishop to Paris to work on the Paris Global Warming Accord, which days before President Trump announced that the USA would abandon immediately. That trip by our Federal Staff was a waste of our money and a paid Holiday, in PARIS! Cost us over $20 million. Eventual cost of our share of the Paris Accord, AUD $1 Billion! Sen. Bishop gave away $40 million to Myanmar, they're having problems! So are we? And $27 million to Syria? 2.     Stop Australian Gov't spending money to fund Islamic or other Immigrants or any illegal refugees with our welfare. A moratorium date on any new landing of such persons to be implemented. Let's follow Italy's example and put them on boats and drop them off where they came from. Stop being polite/ scared of Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Stop rise of and deny use of SHARIA LAW! Deny Citizenship or Visas to Bigamists. Re-patriate trouble makers. Regardless of Aussie Citizenship or familial ties. 3.     Institute NEW Visa Guidelines. From inception the Visa holders are not to receive citizenship until they've lived in Australia for a total period of 3 years. Unless they commit a criminal offence, in that case they and their immediate family will be denied citizenship and removed. The family must pressure criminally bent persons from acting out criminally. Re-patriate criminally inclined Foreign Nationals. Implement a Compulsory Australian Picture ID card. 4.     Stop Foreigners rorting the system by tricking gullible Australians into pregnancy or/and marriage, and thus citizenship, they should be sent back regardless of 'Anchor' children, that's the old Mexican Con. That's Visa/Citizenship by fraud. Repatriate Thousands of middle easterners on permanent welfare! Incapable and unwilling to learn English or work. 5.     Stop Australian Gov't proposed and other illicit or unnecessary payments to Indigenous/Aussies. Why are we treating them like invalids and propping them up, let's give them back their pride and get them back to work? They're not pets, we're treating them like that. No more being SORRY! No more discrimination by guilt-ridden money payments. The Brits. may have killed a few Aboriginals, and they killed some Brits, but let's all get over it. It wasn't us.  We're all driving Japanese aren't we? Remember the Kokoda Trail? Changi? Well, if we can forget the Japanese slaughters of whites, the Aboriginals can forget what happened 230 years ago. Let's all be Aussies. No colour. Black, Brown, Yellow or White! 6.     Stop Australian Gov't giving Aboriginal Spokesman, Mick Goody $50- $100+ million to carry out a useless Royal Commission into the treatment of Criminal Aboriginals. We say that he's obviously biased. Stop 'Aboriginals' committing crimes, if they do so, they're 'Australians' doing it. Calling them Indigenous Australians is Discriminatory, aren’t they Australians? Then expect to act and be treated like one! One flag. One Nation! Stop this BS nation building. No more Black Flag! 7.     Christianity and English as 1st language bring back the freedom to practice, into schools and work places, ESP. The Government Service & its illicit Multi Cultural Practices. Also as an important barometer of decency, we demand a new law whereas if you wantonly burn or destroy the Australian Flag or Christian Crosses you must be goaled for a minimum of 3 months, no community service. 8.     Bring back Christmas! Don’t' buy into the Anti Christian’s 'Happy Holiday' BS. Take back the Holy Church! We English Speaking Christians should not be made to observe Ramadan and/or Hanukah! Nor penalized for exhibiting our Holy Images or the Sacred Cross in public view. 9.     There are too many ridiculous welfare rorts, financial aid schemes that benefit people who just will not work but are able to. It's time to grow up, if you cannot make it as an artist or permanent mature aged student,  stop getting Australian Gov't  grants to be a BLUDGER, go get a job or join the Armed Forces. No more hand-outs to people who want to be life-long dreamers or have five babies for welfare! The Army and Royal Navy are waiting for you! Join up. Get fit, get off Drugs and Get a Life! 10.  Locate and remove all undocumented and illegal foreigners, who are here as 'slaves' or in hiding as 'students' or just living happily under the radar. Sent them home. 11.  We are nearly $500 Billion in Debt, from $00 when John Howard left. Mainly Rudd and Gillard's faults. We cannot sustain all these bludgers/ terrorists/ refugees arriving here and getting benefits weeks later, often promoted and protected by their own kind who work behind the scenes in our Government Agencies. Today the Gov't wants to bring out another 150,000- 300,000 refugees soon. Eventually 30 more Million. We say NO!   12.  Abolish the Racially Driven Anti-Discrimination & Human Rights Commissions and section '18c'. No more Political Correctness gone mad! Let's face it this was a Free Speech country. The Politicians seek minority voters by pretending to love their inclusion. They just want them as Obligated Voters. If I call you an offensive name, you'll KNOW not to talk to me. My loss? My Right!   13.   Re-instate Coal & Uranium Mining and Gas Drilling as well as all forestry work, immediately!  Stop the Wind, Solar, Greens' farce about renewable energy. No more Global warming expenditure allowed. Stop listening to leftie fraudsters like Al Gore and Michael Moore, they are actually desperate lefties out to scare you to make a dollar!  Did you know Al Gore was worth $3 million when he left office as Vice President, why is he worth $350 million now? That's money from an S/E Asian group benefitting in $Billions from the Global Warming scare! Plus unscrupulous UN 'Scientists'. 14.  Australian Gov't to stop United Nations funding. Regardless what any Aussie politicians promised. I've lived near and worked with UN officials in NYC. The UN interfered with and mismanaged Africa's wars and millions died in genocides whilst BLUE HELMETTED OBSERVERS watched. They’re a useless lot. They'll never come to our aid. They are, The Problem! Rudd & Turnbull are crying to be UN Secretary General, they’ll both sell out OZ to do it. 15.  Nuclear Energy. What's wrong with clean fast cheap Nuclear energy, are we letting three accidents 30 years ago spoil everything? Our new Submarines would be much cheaper with nuclear propulsion. The Challenger and USSR's Chernobyl 'accidents' were both Political sabotages. 16.  Guns & Firearms. Stop this idiocy of being scared of guns. When did this start? Nana State propaganda. Let's again allow non-criminal and sane Australian Citizens to have the ability to own and have guns especially at home for protection as we all did before 1993. The Pt. Arthur Massacre was an aberration but not our fault, although PM. John Howard pulled a Nazi Style, Law and Order dirty trick to disarm all Law abiding Australians! I doubt any Criminals handed over any weapons.    Frank James Monte, is the often well publicized LA- NYC- Sydney, Ex-Kings Cross Cop, Private Investigator known for his 1979 Irian Jaya expedition for the Skull of Rockefeller, recruiting mercenaries in 1975 for and body-guarding The Sheik of Dubai, The Sultan of Johore as well as providing security to many including; Gregory Peck, Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Marlon Brando, Sydney Pollack, Perry Farrell and Aristotle Onassis being employed by many of Forbes 500 clients as well as; Mc Donnell Douglas, The Times of London , Amoco, Westpac, Citicorp, 3M, Mitsubishi, Telecom, Westfield, Motorola, BHP, Cartier, Oracle, Bond Corp., Warner Music, Lend Lease, Bankers Trust and 10,000 more as well as 45+ Insurance companies & 1000’s of Lawyers worldwide. Monte the subject of thousands of media items over the above-mentioned but also this Century, his Court fights with the Versaces over his 2001 Autobiography, ‘The Spying Game’, where he made several now supported claims of skullduggery and Mafia involvement in Gianni Versace’s life and Miami murder. Later in 2010 in Rome out came a book called, ‘Metastasi’ by GianLuigi Nuzzi a respected Italian Author [ Vatican SPA and ors. ] which repeats the Versace’s mafia hit man, Guiseppe Di Bella’s account of the Versace murder and Assertions agreeing with Monte’s Original utterances. Indeed Di Bella admits money laundering and other illegal acts took place with the Versaces. He is protected & trusted by the Italian Anti-Mafia Commission. Saying; 1. Donatella Versace was and admitted being was a cocaine addict for 30 years and lied in the Australian Federal Court case. 2. That Versace was killed as Monte said by the Mafia after years of money laundering, drug dealing and for his debts. Monte also successfully acted in 2010 in Sydney, in destroying the court case by a young lady, Kristy Fraser-Kirk against David Jones Ltd the super store, for $37 million for Sexual harassment, by his secret often aggressive, tactics. He retired from the moribund Aussie PI business in 2010. He is now pursuing a career in TV and Film Production in Los Angeles having just completed a TV Pilot of the show seen at; He spent most of late last year chasing after and cornering 5 of Mr. Trump’s 7 detractors who falsely claimed Mr. Trump had known them and harassed them. Monte fought tooth and nail with Gloria Allred the O.J. ambulance chaser feminist Attorney out of Los Angeles who appears next to all pseudo victims to protect them. Monte was on record on CNN as the 1st to publicly claim, that O.J.  Simpson was innocent and 1st on Twitter saying that Mr. Donald Trump would be elected to the Presidency. His publicly available Tweets and private emails reveal this. He continues to run a Beverly Hills, 90210 CA. based PI firm                                                         See more at # # # If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Martin Quinn at 1300 757 880 or email at Or Frank Monte on Freeview FV app now available on Android Tablet 2017-03-21T22:02:27Z freeview-fv-app-now-available-on-android-tablet Watching your favourite TV programs on-the-go has never been easier with Freeview FV, and the world-first free-to-air TV live streaming app is now available for download on Android tablet. The Android tablet app is available through the Google Play store and adds to the existing iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android phones versions which launched in November last year. Freeview CEO Liz Ross said the Freeview FV update was the latest development for the platform in expanding the delivery of free-to-air TV content, right into the hands of Australians while they’re on the go. “Freeview FV is a great way for consumers to access their favourite content, anytime, anywhere, and we’re pleased to be able to roll out the app on Android tablets, giving consumers even more choice and flexibility in how they choose to watch their TV. “We’ve seen a really great response to Freeview FV since the launch last November, as users make the most of the app’s live and catch-up content to stream news and entertainment on their morning commute, or their favourite TV programs in the evening,” said Ross. Freeview FV delivers live streaming of 20 free-to-air TV channels and the catch-up content from all networks with just one click. Available channels include: ABC, SBS, Seven, Channel 9, TEN, ONE, Eleven ABC2/ABC KIDS, ABC ME, ABC News 24, SBS VICELAND, Food Network, NITV, 7TWO, 7Mate, 7Flix,, 9Gem, 9Go! and 9Life. More live channels will be added as they become available. ENDS About Freeview Launched in 2008, Freeview is the free digital television service in Australia which presents and promotes free-to-air channels and content to all Australians. Freeview encourages Australians to watch free-to-air content across various platforms by promoting benefits that include more than 25 channels and catch-up services for free. Freeview’s mission is to deliver the free-to-air content to all Australians where, when and on whatever device they choose. Follow Freeview @FreeviewAust Laura Minns Access T: 02 9292 7002 M: 0431 375 990 Sydney Beer Week Registrations Open 2017-03-20T02:11:35Z sydney-beer-week-registrations-open Event registrations for Sydney Beer Week (SBW) – Sydney’s largest celebration of beer – are now open. The festival program runs October 20-29 and will include five streams: Food, Education, Activities, Technology and Showcase. Registrations are being sought for events that can contribute to the diversity of the festival and the geographic spread of SBW across Greater Sydney. Sydney Beer Week’s main aim is to deliver a wold class celebration of beer that offers a range of experiences at different price points and showcases as much as possible of Sydney’s vibrant beer culture. Sydney Beer Week will be promoted via an integrated marketing and communications plan which aims to encourage participation at events, increase sales of ticketed events and provide updated information in the lead up to and during the festival, raising the profile of Sydney’s beer culture. Prospective event holders interested in participating in SBW17 should visit to access the Event Information Pack and find out more. Registration will be open until 20 April after which there will be late registration fee applicable. SBW staff are on hand to discuss event ideas and assist with event development and promotional concepts via Stay tuned to @sydneybeerweek on facebook and Instagram or for updates and announcements for SBW17. For interviews and further information contact: Ben Janeczko, 0435 920 856 Sydney Beer Week Promises Great Beer for All 2017-03-08T10:29:06Z sydney-beer-week-promises-great-beer-for-all Sydney Beer Week (SBW) – Sydney’s largest celebration of beer – will grow in 2017 to bring great beer to more of Sydney as the festival expands. New venues and events in the city’s west, north, south and east will be added alongside existing crowd favourites in the fesitval program that runs October 20-29. The SBW team have started discussions with breweries and venues across Sydney to develop events for SBW17, and are encouraging beer fans to talk to their favourite beer venues about getting involved. Any venues interested in participating should contact SBW who have staff on hand to assist with event development. “Sydney Craft Beer Week, as the festival was previously known, did a tremendous job turning Sydney into a global craft beer city under the stewardship of Joel Connolly and with the support of the local beer community” says Dave Phillips, Festival Director. Phillips explains that dropping ‘craft’ from the festival title and expanding the footprint is all about making Sydney Beer Week more inclusive and aligned to where beer is going. “Our vision is to deliver a world class celebration of beer – for consumers, producers, venues and communities. This means continuing the great work done by the previous owners and expanding the festival to reach more of Sydney. We want to provide opportunities for the beer curious as well as those already passionate and knowledgeable across as much of Greater Sydney as we possibly can”. The flagship events of SBW 2017 will include an opening gala tasting event, the Sydney Beer Awards, the Hair of the Dog breakfast and the new Food Truck Corral. A Festival Hub will also be established as homebase with SBW staff on hand to advise visitors on festival events, over a cold beer of course. Festival events will be arranged into five streams – Food, Education, Activities, Technology and Showcase. Liam Pereira, Sydney Beer Week General Manager, has seen a big change in Sydney’s beer community in recent years. “As the beer industry has grown and matured, and peoples’ palates have changed, the conversation is not about craft or mainstream beer – it’s more about what kind of beer people like to drink. We have seen bars across Sydney embrace all styles of beer – you can have a watermelon sour as your mate beside sips on a traditional pale lager and we think this is great.” Sydney Beer Week has put in place a team with a broad range of expertise across the beer, events, hospitality, and tourism industries with the aim of cementing the festival’s presence on Sydney’s event calendar. Stay tuned to @sydneybeerweek on facebook and Instagram or for updates and announcements for SBW17. For interviews and further information contact: Ben Janeczko, 0435 920 856 Celebrating Women Writers 2017-03-08T06:46:13Z celebrating-women-writers Award-winning Pantera Press author Sulari Gentill will be officially launching the 2017 Rose Scott Women Writers’ Festival line-up next Friday, 17 March, at the Women’s Club, Sydney. Sulari is delighted to be introducing Stella Prize shortlisted author Emily Maguire and unveiling the line-up for this year’s festival, held from 15–16 September 2017 with the theme Women Writing Women: Valuing the Voices of Women.  “We are thrilled to be associated with this young festival, alongside other great supporters of the next generation of storytellers, including the Stella Prize and the St Albans Writers’ Festival”, said Alison Green, the inspirational CEO behind Pantera Press, and one of the 2016 Australian Financial Review & Westpac 100 Women of Influence. Interview Opportunities – Sydney                             Sulari Gentill, Alison Green and RSWWF director Dr Wendy Michaels are available for live and pre-recorded interviews. Please note that as Sulari is coming to Sydney specifically for the program launch, live and face-to-face interview opportunities with her are limited to Thursday 16 March (after 3pm) and Friday 17 March (before 11am). Phone or email-based interviews can be arranged in the lead-up to the event. Sulari then heads back to her home in the Snowy Mountains for the Jugiong Writers' Festival on 18 March to discuss Connection to People and Place on another all-female writers line-up, speaking alongside Di Morrissey, Margareta Osborn and Sonya Heaney (moderator). Sulari Gentill writes the ongoing, award-winning historical crime series, the Rowland Sinclair Mysteries and a fantasy adventure series based on a retelling of classic myths – The Hero Trilogy – which is currently part of an ongoing global research project.  To find out more about Sulari, please click here. Australia’s largest health, wellbeing and natural therapy event returns to Brisbane! 2017-03-08T04:38:10Z australia-s-largest-health-wellbeing-and-natural-therapy-event-returns-to-brisbane Across three days, the first MindBodySpirit Festival of 2017 is set to enrich over 12,500 Brisbanites looking for a happier, healthier lifestyle, from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 February. The festival which is now FREE to attend, will bring together the very best of health supplements, organics, complementary medicine, holistic therapies, spirituality and personal growth. The 2017 Seminar Series will feature an inspiring line-up of more than 60 guest speakers who will share their International and Australian expertise on self-development, spiritual matters, health and nutrition. Special guest speakers include vegan health & lifestyle coach Donna Wild, International author Dr Mahdi Mason, Changing Habits nutrition consultant Sheridan Williamson, Resilience & Success Coach Nicole van Hattam, and so many more! Find mesmerising performances and interactive entertainment at the Performance Stage each day including singer-songwriter Alana-Lee, spiritual medium Jason McDonald,  A'Diva Brisbane Bellydance workshops, sound healer Daniel Coates, Standing yoga classes with Urban Bliss Yoga and Lauren Vercoe Yoga, who are sure to impress!  For those looking to relax, unwind and take a break, the Meditation Room by Brahma Kumaris will feature free guided classes. Or for those looking to delve into their future or reflect on the past, nationally renowned psychics can be found in the Psychic Reading Room, featuring over 50 of Australia’s most talented readers. Health foodies will also be tempted with the range of raw, vegan and nutritious demos at the popular Soul Kitchen from nutritional experts Nina Grootz & Alanna Brown, fermentation fan Tom Rothsey and nutritional medicine practitioner Kathy Ashton.  It’s a fun day out, filled with new experiences, entertainment, learning and expert advice. We all want to live a healthier more wholesome life and the Festival is a great way to discover how.  Held annually since 1989, the MindBodySpirit Festivals are Australia’s longest running and most respected wellbeing events, attracting over 72,000 visitors nationwide. The 2017 Festival will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Doors open 9am daily.  - ENDS -  OPEN HOUSE AT COCKATOO ISLAND – SUNDAY 26 MARCH Explore Sydney Harbour's Unique Sleep Options 2017-03-06T05:57:53Z open-house-at-cockatoo-islands-sunday-26-march-explore-sydney-harbour-unique-sleep-options-1 For one day only, we’re opening up our houses and apartments to the public. You’re invited to step inside and see why our heritage accommodation is the perfect choice for your next short-stay Sydney getaway.  DATE:                              Sunday 26 March 2017 TIME:                              2pm to 5pm INFO BOOTH:               Biloela Veranda (pick up a map at the Visitor Centre first)  This is a rare opportunity to sneak a peek and see how our island’s beautifully-restored heritage houses and apartments offer an unforgettable holiday experience right in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Our Accommodation Manager will be at the info booth to answer any queries.  Surrounded by landscaped gardens and offering sweeping Sydney Harbour views, our charming Federation-era houses and apartments retain their heritage character while offering guests all the modern amenities.  Find out more about our houses and apartments at:  Open House Exclusive Special Offer – full details available on the day  An exclusive special accommodation offer will be available on the day so come along and find out why Cockatoo Island is such a great choice for your next getaway, family gathering, or special occasion.  Cockatoo Island Accommodation – The History Our accommodation was built in the early 20th Century during the expansion of the Cockatoo Island Dockyard. The Heritage Holiday Houses were once home to the Island’s Medical Officer and Engineering Manager; the Harbour View Apartments were formerly the residences of the Launch Driver and Coxswain; the Garden Apartment originally housed the dockyard’s Medical Officer’s Assistant and the Police; while the Firestation Studio near the Parramatta Wharf was added in 1973, to garage the Cockatoo Island fire truck.  Images Houses/Apartments General  Media enquiries: Tracey Leitch, (02) 9969 2042, 0415 290 023 or  Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour is open to the public daily, offering major events, exhibitions, venue hire, accommodation, tours and business tenancy. It is one of the ten magnificent sites managed by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, a self-funding agency created by the Australian Government to be responsible for the vision planning and management of former defence and Commonwealth sites around Sydney Harbour. The other public spaces and parklands managed by the Harbour Trust are North Head Sanctuary in Manly, Georges Heights, Middle Head and Chowder Bay in Mosman, Woolwich Dock and Parklands, Macquarie Lightstation in Vaucluse, the Platypus site in Neutral Bay, Marine Biological Station in Watsons Bay and Snapper Island in Sydney Harbour.     A million reasons to visit The Star this autumn 2017-03-06T02:09:26Z a-million-reasons-to-visit-the-star-this-autumn-1 DINING Champagne and Caviar | Balla, BLACK Bar & Grill and Sokyo Foodies looking for an indulgent experience can enjoy the exquisite pairing of champagne and caviar at The Star’s signature restaurants this autumn. BLACK Bar & Grill Step into BLACK Bar & Grill for one of the most enviable dining experiences in Sydney. Sip on Veuve Clicquot ‘La Grande Dame’ (glass $55 or bottle $400) and sample one or all dishes expertly prepared by Executive Chef Dany Karam, showcasing Siberian sturgeon caviar with smoked cod ($59), scampi caviar with scallop tortellini ($33) and Yarra Valley salmon caviar paired with salmon sashimi ($42). Balla The Star’s signature Italian restaurant Balla will delight guests with a three-course degustation menu created by Executive Chef Gabriele Taddeucci featuring some of Italy’s best caviar. Enjoy buckwheat blinis with lemon ricotta and traditional Italian oscietra caviar, acquerello risotto with scallops, champagne and classic Italian oscietra caviar and pan-roasted toothfish served with original Italian oscietra caviar, baby fennel and lemon consommé. The set menu is $120 per person and the dishes are available individually. Guests can match their selection with 2006 Dom Perignon Brut Cuvee (glass $45 or bottle $350). Sokyo Master of Japanese cuisine, Executive Chef Chase Kojima has designed two dishes with superbly fresh seafood including Japanese toro tartare, Tasmanian sea urchin sashimi and Calvisius Oscietra Caviar ($60), and panko fried Pacific oysters with katsuobushi sorbet served with Royal Sterling Caviar ($45). The house Sommelier has harmoniously matched the dishes with 2006 Dom Perignon Brut Cuvee (glass $45 or bottle $350) and NV Veuve Clicquot Rose (glass $20 or bottle $145). For reservations phone 1800 700 700. Zumbaron Day | Adriano Zumbo, 19 March 2017 Zumbaron Day is back! Dessert connoisseurs are invited to Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie at The Star to celebrate all things sweet on Sunday, 19 March – World Macaron Day. Expect dessert heaven, with more than 60 flavours of macarons, including the worshipped favourites through to the weird and whacky, for one day only. Champagne Weekends at BLACK Bar & Grill | Saturdays & Sundays Foodies can relish the much-adored Champagne Weekends at BLACK Bar & Grill throughout autumn and sample the restaurants signature fare while taking in the stunning harbour views. Enjoy a divine three-course weekend lunch matched with Perrier-Jouet Champagne for $135pp on Saturday and Sunday from 12.00pm to 2.30pm. For reservations phone 1800 700 700. It’s the happiest of hours | Monday to Friday Monday to Friday from 5.00pm to 7.00pm at 24/7 Sports Bar, Latitude, Cherry and Rock Lily. ENTERTAINMENT Footy at Sydney’s home of sport It’s game on at Sydney’s home of sport - 24/7 Sports Bar, with all the season’s best sporting action screened live and loud. Between the six mega screens, 50 LCD TVs and the 34-square metre LCD screen, fans won't miss a move. Watch the launch of the NRL and AFL footy season with an optimum stadium atmosphere or support the A-League, the FA Cup Finals and Doncaster Day as well as the usual crowd-pleasing suspects, the EPL and UFC, which will also be screened. Punters are also in with a chance to win a trip to the F1 Grand Prix with Red Bull in Melbourne. Havana Nights at Marquee Nightclub | 4 March 2017 One of Australia’s most talented DJs, Havana Brown will grace the decks at Marquee Nightclub on Saturday, 4 March to play her best mashups, straight off the back of her Las Vegas residency. Doors open at 10.00pm and pre-event tickets are available The Bodyguard at Sydney Lyric Theatre | April 2017The Bodyguard, the award-winning musical based on the smash-hit film by screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, is coming to Sydney Lyric Theatre in April. Staring Australian pop sensation Paulini, the breathtaking romantic thriller is not to be missed and will feature a host of Whitney Houston's greatest hits. Previews begin Friday, 21 April and tickets are priced from $89.90 via The Tea Party live | The Star Event Centre, 21 April 2017 Experience the majesty of Canadian trio, The Tea Party in full flight as they rock The Star Event Centre with the Sydney Youth Orchestra for one night only on Friday, 21 April from 8.00pm. Fans will be treated to the epic hits and fan favourites from the band's impressive career. Tickets are priced from $100.80 via Hit a high note at Rock Lily Step into the spotlight for karaoke at Rock Lily on Monday nights, gather your friends for Trivia Tuesdays for your chance to win $300, listen to old school tunes at Throwback Thursdays or check-out Soul Nights on Friday nights for the ultimate hip hop and RnB hits. Open daily from 5.00pm to late. RACING Autumn racing carnival It’s autumn racing season again and a day at the races deserves the perfect finish at The Star. As the official entertainment partner of the Australian Turf Club and a major sponsor of The Star Doncaster Mile, The Star is the ultimate post-race destination. Choose from more than 25 restaurant and bars to keep the partying going. For more information about what’s on at The Star this autumn, please visit or join the conversation at @thestarsydney Vashti Perera Brings Harmony And Musical Nuance To Stinky Ninja 2017-03-02T00:21:28Z vashti-perera-brings-harmony-and-musical-nuance-to-stinky-ninja Stinky Ninja announced today that Vashti Perera has begun composition on a diverse range of tracks for the Stinky Ninja children’s album. With Vashti’s guidance the Stinky Ninja album will incorporate a plethora of ingredients from a range of the most important historical Popular Musical styles. In addition to composing and playing music for Stinky Ninja, Vashti Perera is ensuring a focus on educational elements, including research into the ongoing transformation of music in modern times and developing consumable focused outcomes such as teaching guides and lesson plans. “Stinky Ninja offers a very unique package that combines education, technology and entertainment through the lens of comedy and storytelling. The concepts contain many levels of possible engagement making it appealing to diverse audiences in a variety of ways. The Stinky Ninja brand incorporates key areas that I feel most crucial about; education through creativity, connecting social communities and being able to celebrate life’s amusing quirks. Personally, it is a way I can bring my diverse experience in teaching, composing and performing together to create high quality musical productions presented in an educational format that is both fun and innovative”, explained Vashti Perera. “From industry veterans to the youngest of children Stinky Ninja’s animated musical journey is an opportunity for a wide variety of audiences to learn something about music”, observed Adam Sivell, founder of Stinky Ninja. “For children it might be a fun first introduction to different styles, and for the more well-travelled an insight into the history of music, instrumentation, and the connection and evolution of genres. One of the really exciting things about Vashti is that she is able to incorporate layers of hidden complexity. At first glance Stinky appears as a simple cartoon. Then you realize that the music is actually very high quality. As you keep listening you begin to notice that the lyrics are telling a funny classic story, and that each song represents a different musical style. And underpinning all of this is the connection between the musical styles, instrumentation, and the educational elements.” About Vashti Perera Vashti Perera is an Australian Pianist, Composer, Producer and Music Teacher who started her music studies in Classical Piano the age of 7. Vashti has toured internationally and performed as a member of diverse bands in styles from Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Pop, Soul and Blues. In 2005 she recorded her first original music EP for a Latin Jazz project, which was met with high acclaim, becoming the national winner of the ‘Oz Music Awards’ World Music Category and runner up in the Jazz Category. She produced an album of original Latin music in Melbourne/Colombia in 2009 for project KIMBAYA and then was based in NYC for 5 years performing, teaching and working with artists as a producer and composer. Vashti’s website is About Stinky Ninja Stinky Ninja is based in Cheltenham, Australia. Stinky Ninja creates children's music and funny cartoons that entertain and educate the whole family. Learn and laugh with high quality music across a wide variety of genres including Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, Country, Latin, Funk, and much more. Stinky Ninja has twelve children's songs in production with a release targeted towards the end of 2017. Stinky Ninja's website is Aboriginal Koori and Murri Performers hit Adelaide Fringe Festival joined by local Kaurna / Narrunga Performers 2017-03-01T03:21:13Z koomurri-aboriginal-performers-hit-adelaide-fringe-festival-with-local-kaurna-narrunga-man-jack-buckskin 7:00pm 8th - 11th March 2017 - Live At The GC in the Studio (The German Club) 223 Flinders St, Adelaide SA 5000 Family Friendly Tickets from $15.00+bf (Children) through to $28.00+bf at FringeTix Direct from winning the 2016 national Aboriginal Dance Rites competition in front of 10,000 fans Koomurri east coast cultural performance troupe will be joined by South Australia's Kaurna / Narrunga aboriginal performer and actor Jack Buckskin and the Kuma Kaaru Dancers to bring these cultures together on stage in song, dance and story telling at Adelaide Fringe Festival. The name Koomurri is derived of a combination of the names of two separate east coast first nations people, The Koori and The Murri Peoples, whom have held long cultural ties through songlines. This dance troupe boost cultural leader from Torres Straits to Melbourne along the east coast representing many first nations people lead by cultural advisor Russell Dawson of the Kamilaroi Peoples in NSW who is an educator of Koori and Murri Culture and language. Koomurri have been performing nationally since 2003. Jack Buckshin has been entertaining South Australian's and breathing new life into his Kaurna heritage (Adelaide Plains) and Narrunga Heritage (Yorke Peninsular) for many years and is an educator of Kaurna and Narrunga language and cultural to young indigenous people in this state. Russell Dawson and Koomurri songman Cecil McLeod have spent a life-time reconnecting the song-lines of the east coast nations to create such a vibrant dance troupe and Jack had danced with Cecil Mcleod (Yuin People) and Koomurri/Bangarra leader Albert David (Torres Straits) ten years ago in Samoa and was inspired by these east coast cultural leaders back then to pursue his language and retrace his own culture. This will be the first time since Samoa that these two teams will join together to share a once in a lifetime experience for Fringe goers blending the six Koomurri Dancers including aboriginal language song-man and Didgeridoo players with Kaurna Dance and Culture in a powerful traditional display. Tickets On Sale Now at Fringe Tix Ph 1300 621 255 and at the Adelaide Fringe Box Office and at the door eSports Mogul enters into Sponsorship and Tournament Platform Agreements with Twitch Interactive, Dreamcaster and FPS Thailand 2017-02-27T04:55:43Z esports-mogul-enters-into-sponsorship-and-tournament-platform-agreements-with-twitch-interactive-dreamcaster-and-fps-thailand 27 February 2017 ASX code: ESH eSports Mogul enters into Sponsorship and Tournament Platform Agreements with Twitch Interactive, Dreamcaster and FPS Thailand HIGHLIGHTS eSports Mogul has entered into Sponsorship and Tournament Platform Agreements with streaming company Twitch Interactive Inc. and its regional partners Dreamcaster and FPS Thailand.  Under the Agreements, Dreamcaster will use the tournament platform for one year of Overwatch tournaments and FPS will use the tournament platform for three years of CS:GO tournaments.  As a sponsor, ESM will also receive widespread branding and advertising at the major Dreamcaster Series and FPS Thailand League eSports events;  Twitch is the world’s largest social video platform for gamers and attracts 9.7 million active users daily Twitch was founded in 2011 and was acquired by, Inc. for US$970m in 2014.  eSports media company eSports Mogul Asia Pacific Limited (ASX: ESH) (eSports Mogul) is pleased to announce it has entered in to Sponsorship and Tournament Platform provision agreements and (Agreements) with Twitch Interactive Inc. (Twitch), the world’s largest social video platform for gamers, for two major eSports tournament partners in the South East Asian region. These are significant Agreements for eSports Mogul. They provide global exposure for the Company on Twitch’s online platform which attracts 9.7 million active users daily, and will also see eSports Mogul’s tournament platform used at the events.   Twitch was founded in June 2011 and was acquired by, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) in August 2014 for US$970 million in cash.  Under the Agreements, eSports Mogul will receive the following at the major Dreamcaster Series and FPSThailand League eSports events which are both powered by Twitch; eSports Mogul branding on the Twitch stream and the Twitch panel at the events, plus on all marketing material created for the events; eSports Mogul commentator mentions at the events – at a minimum of two times per hour; Four social media slots per season of the events and one product give-away slot per month; Advertising – eSports Mogul will provide thirty second advertisements to be played at least twice per hour; Digital screen advertisings – eSports Mogul will provide advertisements to be displayed on the main screens between live broadcasts; and Both events will use the eSports Mogul Platform which will be provided by eSports Mogul along with requisite technical support. The Agreements cover three seasons of the Dreamcaster Series which will feature game-play of the Overwatch video game, from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017, and nine seasons of the FPSThailand League featuring the Counter-Strike Global Offensive game, for a three year period from 1 December 2016 to 1 December 2019. eSports Mogul commenced trading on the ASX last month after a heavily oversubscribed $7 million prospectus Offer. The Company is focused on developing a multi-faceted eSports focused online media platform, called ESM Media Hub. ESM Media Hub will provide an easily accessible online platform for eSports enthusiasts, which will offer and a range of eSports products and services including; ESM Academy – an eSports learning academy; Hero Gamer – ESM Digital Products business offering providing an online shop offering various gaming titles for purchase; Tournament Platform – an online eSports tournament platform; and ESM Productions – exclusive eSports content. eSports Mogul managing director Gernot Abl said: “We are delighted to enter into these agreements with Twitch. Twitch is universally acknowledged as the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers and video game culture, and the exposure and visibility they are able to provide for eSports Mogul to our target audience will be invaluable as we seek to build a globally significant eSports-focused business.”  ENDS For further information, please contact:  Gernot Abl George Lazarou Managing Director Company Secretary eSports Mogul Asia Pacific Limited eSports Mogul Asia Pacific Limited  T: +61 419 802 653 T: +61 (08) 9429 8875 E: E: Media and Investor Inquiries James Moses Mandate Corporate T: +61 420 991 574 E: About eSports Mogul Asia Pacific Limited  eSports Mogul is an ASX listed (ASX ESH) eSports media company. Its core business is to provide a fully integrated, market leading eSports-focused online media platform, called ESM Media Hub. ESM Media Hub will provide an easily accessible online platform for eSports enthusiasts, and offer and a range of eSports products and services including; ESM Academy – an eSports learning academy; Hero Gamer – ESM Digital Products business offering providing an online shop offering various gaming titles for purchase; Tournament Platform – an online eSports tournament platform; and ESM Productions – exclusive eSports content. eSport is the video gamer equivalent to sport and is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is estimated that there are currently 1.6 billion players across all platforms globally and in 2014 the total gamer market size was estimated at $74 billion. Asia Pacific dominates the eSports market accounting for around 34% ($25.2 billion) of the global market in 2014. About Twitch Interactive Inc. Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Each month, more than 100 million community members gather to watch and talk about video games, with more than 2 million streamers. Twitch’s video platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for the entire video game ecosystem. This includes game developers, publishers, media outlets, events, user generated content, and the entire esports scene. Twitch also features Twitch Creative, a category devoted to artists and the creative process. Poetic rendition of Justin Bieber’s and Major Lazer cold water 2017-02-26T23:57:21Z poetic-rendition-of-justin-bieber-s-and-major-lazer-cold-water CJ Stain, a highly talented R&B singer and exceptionally creative rapper, who is renowned for his skills and ability to tweak, record or perform a song that was previously made by another, is excited to announce today his remake of the popular hit song – Cold Water. Suffice it to say that Cold Water is a song recorded by electronic music group – Major Lazer. The remake of this dope song by CJ Stain was inspired by Canadian artist, Justin Bieber, who was one of the stars that featured in the original song. Notable amongst CJ Stain’s works was his remake of Sage the Gemini’s song, which was entitled ‘Good Thing.’ This latest remake won’t be an exception. It promises to be an outright success. Being a strong believer in social compassion and gender equality, Stain was able to preach the message of hope, encouragement, empathy, and a socially conscientious approach via his lyrics in the remake of this wonderful musical piece. All lovers of CJ Stain can listen to the song as well as share it on various social media channels via the following link - Speaking excitedly, CJ said; “I am absolutely delighted about this latest development, and I believe all lovers of good music would adore this song. You will find yourself singing along with the music time and again. I know my fans and everyone out there would be pleased with it.” It is noteworthy to mention that CJ Stain always deliver thought provoking lyrics that help individuals to discover and appreciate who they truly are. Everyone out there can expect a lot more from this gifted artist when his personal songs start hitting the airwaves. To know more about CJ Stain, visit - Details Tel: 613 789 380 Email:    URL: Help Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir shine in Vienna 2017-02-22T02:33:47Z help-gondwana-indigenous-children-s-choir-shine-in-vienna The leader in Australian choral performance, Gondwana Choirs will host a special dinner to raise much-needed funds to take 23 talented young singers from Cairns to Austria to perform with the world-famous Vienna Boys Choir in May.   The Cairns Philanthropy Dinner will be held at the Cairns Pullman International on Tuesday, 14 March from 6:30pm for a buffet meal, drinks, a silent auction and a spectacular live performance by the Cairns Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir.   All proceeds raised will go towards the Vienna-Cairns-Sydney Project – a world-first collaboration between two internationally renowned children’s choirs: Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir and the Vienna Boys Choir (Wiener Sängerknaben).   The iconic choirs will collaborate throughout 2017, with the project including the creation of a new musical composition based on traditional Indigenous stories from the Cairns region, to be performed by the two ensembles together in Cairns and Sydney in October.   Gondwana Choirs Founder and Artistic Director Lyn Williams OAM says the project will bring the two world-class ensembles together for a special cross-cultural exchange that will bridge the rich and diverse cultural heritage through a shared love of singing and performance.   “We are enormously excited to announce this unique project and trip to the world capital of music,which is sure to be a life-changing experience for our talented young Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander choristers aged 10 to 17 – many who have never before travelled overseas,” said Williams.   In May, Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir will travel to Vienna, Austria to rehearse with the Vienna Boys Choir for the first time and to perform in its esteemed venue, the MuTh. The choir will also travel to Frankfurt, Germany and Maribor, Slovenia, for rehearsals and collaborative performances with The European School Frankfurt and Carmina Slovenika.   In October, the Vienna Boys Choir travel to Sydney for final rehearsals with Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir, and the extended massed choirs of the Sydney Children’s Choir and Gondwana National Choirs. Together they will perform at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on Tuesday, 10 October before travelling to Cairns for further rehearsals and a combined performance for the local community at the Cairns Convention Centre on Friday, 13 October. Tickets on sale soon.   Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir is offered at no cost to the talented young people selected to participate, supported by Principal Partner Rio Tinto, and substantial additional fundraising is already underway to make this project possible. The Vienna-Cairns-Sydney project is presented in partnership with the Austrian National Tourist Office and the Vienna Tourist Board and proudly supported by events partner, Accor Hotels and TicketSocket. A Plus 1 Funding grant has been awarded from Creative Partnerships Australia, where each individual donation will be matched by CPA up to $50,000, effectively doubling each contribution.   “We are calling on the local business community and broader community in Cairns to join us at this special event to help us put Cairns on the world stage by making this exceptional opportunity a reality for our dedicated young singers,” said Williams.   Tickets to the Gondwana Cairns Philanthropy Dinner are now on sale for $100 per adult, $40 for school-aged children. For more information or to purchase tickets or make a tax-deductable donation, please visit   -END- For media enquiries please contact: Sarah Shields, Access PR | 02 9292 7007 | +61 408 283 091 |   About Gondwana Choirs Gondwana Choirs is the leader in Australian choral performance, shaping the Australian sound through the creation and presentation of innovative new work, and providing opportunities to all talented young Australians aged 10 to 26 through world-class training by leading artists. Founded in 1989, Gondwana Choirs comprises the most accomplished choral groups of young people in Australia and has three distinct arms: The Sydney Children’s Choir, Gondwana National Choirs and Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir. Awarded the APRA/AMCOS award for Excellence by an Organisation for its 2014 Artistic Program and significant contribution to Australian music since 1989.    NOTES TO EDITORS EVENT OVERVIEW Event: Cairns Philanthropy Dinner Date/Time: Tuesday, 14 March 2017 at 6.30pm-10:30pm Location: Pullman Cairns International, 17 Abbott Street, Cairns QLD Tickets: $100 full; $40 child (school-age); corporate packages available URL:   PROJECT TIMELINE   JANUARY Gondwana Choirs received grant from Cairns Regional Council to commission a new work for the combined choirs based on a dreaming story of the Yidinji nation. Australian composer Owen Elsley collaborated with Yidinji elder Gudju Gudju Fourmile.   14 MARCH: CAIRNS Cairns Philanthropic Dinner, Pullman Cairns International.   MAY: FRANKFURT – MARIBOR – VIENNA Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir (GICC) flies from Cairns to Frankfurt for workshops and performances with The European School Frankfurt GICC travels from Frankfurt to Maribor, Slovenia, for collaborative performances with Carmina, Slovenika GICC travels to Vienna for rehearsals with the Vienna Boys Choir (VBC) and explore Vienna. New work by Owen Elsley rehearsed in Vienna GICC to perform at the MuTh, the esteemed home venue of VBC   OCTOBER: SYDNEY GICC and VBC arrive in Sydney for intensive rehearsal period with massed Gondwana Choirs’ ensembles Performance/collaborations with the Austrian Consulate General and the Austrian Trade Commission Gala performance in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House, Tuesday, 10 October   OCTOBER: CAIRNS GICC and VBC travel to Cairns for final rehearsal period and time on country with local indigenous leaders Exclusive performance by both ensembles at Cairns Convention Centre, Friday, 13 October  The Australian Telluride Mountain Film Tour Kicks Off In Sydney Wednesday March 1 2017-02-21T23:08:03Z the-australian-telluride-mountain-film-tour-kicks-off-in-sydney-wednesday-march-1 NEWS RELEASE – Feb 2017 - Australia – Held every year since 1979, Telluride Mountainfilm is a documentary film festival that showcases nonfiction stories about environmental, cultural, climbing, political and social justice issues in Telluride, Colorado, USA. Mountainfilm aims to educate, inspire and motivate audiences. The Telluride Mountainfilm festival will tour Australia and New Zealand for the first time in 2017. The inaugural tour will focus on the best outdoor adventure films from the annual festival in Telluride.  The Mountainfilm World Tour will tour 15 locations across Australia and New Zealand throughout March -April 2017. As a launch tour, we are hoping to reach an audience of more than 10,000 attendees, with further capacity available if demand exceeds expectations. The Telluride Mountainfilm festival is one of America’s longest-running and most loved film festivals. Through the years, in and out of trends and fads, the festival has always been best described by one unchanging word: inspiring.  The experience of the Telluride Mountainfilm is like no other. People walk away buzzing with excitement, energy and anticipation. They are inspired to take on the world and experience all that it has to offer. We want to give you the opportunity to be part of that experience. To see a sneak preview, click here or follow this link  AUSTRALIA Schedule Wednesday 1 March              7:00pm               NSW              Randwick                  Ritz    Thursday 2 March                   7:00pm               NSW             Cremorne                 Orpheum            Tuesday 7 March                   6:00pm               NSW              Newcastle                 Event Cinemas                                Thursday 9 March                  6:00pm               VIC                Melbourne                 Hoyts Central                                  Saturday 11 March                 2:30pm               VIC                St Kilda                     Astor Theatre                                 Saturday 11 March                 7:00pm               VIC                St Kilda                     Astor Theatre                                 Tuesday 14 March                 7:00pm               QLD               Townsville                 Civic Theatre                                 Thursday 16 March                7:00pm               QLD               Brisbane                    Cineplex Hawthorn                               Thursday 22 March                6:00pm               WA                Fremantle                  Hoyts Millennium                             Saturday 25 March                 3:00pm               SA                 Adelaide                    Capri Theatre                                 Saturday 25 March                 7:00pm               SA                 Adelaide                    Capri Theatre                                 Wednesday 29 March            6:30pm               ACT               Canberra                   Dendy                                              Thursday 30 March                7:00pm               NSW              Wollongong               UOW Theatre                                  Following the Australian schedule, the tour will then carry on to New Zealand with screenings in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.  Tickets for Mountainfilm on Tour can be purchased online at The cost for each show is $31 per adult and $25 per concession – booking fees will apply, dependent on venue.  To learn more and join the conversation, visit the link above or the original festival website Image/video link – please note re correct credit and captions.  For further information please contact – 0415 290023 Tour proudly presented by ASPIRE OUTDOOR     Tech21 brings parents unlimited fun family time with Evo Play 2017-02-21T01:20:13Z tech21-brings-parents-unlimited-fun-family-time-with-evo-play SYDNEY, 21 February, 2017 – Tech21, the leader in impact protection for mobile devices has launched its new range of cases for the iPad in Australia: Evo Play. “Kids + iPads” isn’t always the safest pairing if your iPad isn’t protected, but it can certainly be one of the most fun for inquisitive minds. Whether it’s watching the latest episode of Peppa Pig or navigating through the back garden jungle discovering new wildlife, iPads can open up a world of exploration, but more often than not, a small chip here or a little crack there means that fun can be cut short. Prolong the play time and keep that shiny new look and feel to your iPad even when little fingers have put it through its paces thanks to tech21’s new iPad case, Evo Play. This comfortable and lightweight case has been designed to offer unbeatable drop protection from up to two metres, and with its iconic design, vibrant colours and handy multi-use handle, this case will remove any glimmer of fear you had in handing over your iPad to your children. This case is constructed almost entirely from tech21’s unique material, FlexShock™ Foam, meaning all sides and surfaces are protected from drops as the material moulds snugly to your iPad. Better still, the case is entirely dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean, and when it’s on your iPad, its sealed outer shell is abrasion/bite resistant, preventing any bacteria from getting in under the surface. “We’ve designed the all-new Evo Play with kids in mind. We know children love to learn, play and explore, and we recognise iPads are a great way for them to do this. However, they may not love your precious iPad back, so Evo Play is there for you,” comments Jason Roberts, CEO, tech21. “Evo Play is lightweight and comfortable for little hands to hold, yet strong enough to keep your iPad safe from tumbles and drops.” Evo Play is available in pink/purple and blue/green colours from, RRP $79.95 for Apple iPad mini, mini 2, mini 3 & mini 4, and RRP $109.95 for Apple iPad Air 2. Much like all of tech21’s products, Evo Play comes with a simple promise: it’s rigorously tested to work harmoniously with your iPad. Like the technology it’s designed to protect, it uses the latest science, ingenious design and unbeatable user-friendliness to make advanced impact protection possible. Tech21 calls it ‘Protection Made Intelligent’. ### For further information, questions, or cases for review, please contact: Jim Barker, tech21/Poem Phone: +61 418 163 770 Email: High-res images: Download here About tech21 Since 2005, tech21 has been developing the most advanced, scientifically proven cases and screen shields for mobile, tablet and laptop devices worldwide. Tech21 combines science, engineering and British design to create products that address three core consumer benefits: style, protection and performance. As the brand evolves to continue meeting the needs of its consumers, tech21 has developed the most advanced impact protection material on the market – FlexShock™. The ultra-thin and lightweight material absorbs and dissipates force and can withstand drops up to 4 metres. In addition tech21 puts all its products through a rigorous testing program, and in an industry first has partnered with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to develop its testing methodology. This ensures that the tests tech21 products have to pass are overseen by independent experts. Tech21 is the number one case brand in the UK. For more information, visit