The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-03-13T09:30:59Z Photo Engraving at Queen Victoria Market 2017-03-13T09:30:59Z photo-engraving-at-queen-victoria-market People are now coming up to us and looking for our stand.  I had 2 clients come in and said they were looking for me.  They had their photos on USB's to give to me.  I even had a young boy tell his dad about our stand and I overheard him saying, I wonder if its still the same lady.  At that point, I jumped up and said sure is.  He had a huge smile on his face.  I had a lady from Wagga Wagga come back looking for our stand to show her mum our products.  She said to me, I saw you here a few months ago, and took a brochure and told my mum about your amazing products, and wanted her to come and see how great they were for herself.  She then left saying I will be in touch.  I have kept your brochure from last time.  It is also so good to hear people say WOW, look at this.  Many people have never seen our products before and are amazed that you can photo etch your photos into many of our different jewellery pieces to create your own personalised jewellery piece.  They are also amazed at the quality of our workmanship, and can spend up to 10 minutes just looking at the photo and the pieces.  We love that people really appreciate what we create from their special memories to create their forever pieces.  Many people walk past me and say I love your work.  It makes our job so rewarding.  If you are looking for a unique gift idea please go to our website.  Have a great week. Doggy Easter Egg Hunt 2017-03-06T02:54:11Z doggy-easter-egg-hunt Doggy Easter Egg Hunt Mon 17th Apr 2017  9am - 11am Westbeach Bathers Pavillion - St Kilda Looking for that special Easter article that just clicks with your audience? Dogs all over Melbourne are rushing to book tickets for their very own Doggy Easter Egg Hunt - brought you by Gourmet Pawprints - we just know FOOD + WINE + DOGS. Nothing says Easter quite like an Easter Egg Hunt - especially when it is for our fur-kids!  Get your sniffing gear in working order pooches, our talented team will be busy burying your carob Easter egg treats in a plastic egg holder ready for you to dig up in the sand.  Pooches are shopping Melbourne for that Pawfect Easter Bonnet - milliners are cooing over their clients to be THE best in the competition. We haven't forgot the fur-parents and your hooman siblings with a very social brunch of hot cross buns, croissants, scones, mulled wine/soft drink and tea/coffee. READ MORE Pet Memorials 2017-03-06T01:05:02Z pet-memorials I have felt it personally myself as we are  proud owners of 2 cats and a beautiful dog.  I witness it regularly as I see people come up to our display stand and show me a photo of their beloved pet that has just passed.  I have seen many grown men tear up just looking at their photo.  They then order a pet memorial keepsake, which provides them with huge amounts of comfort.  We get thank you messages from them saying how much they love it, which is really nice. The part that comes next is the best.  We then hear about the pet and its favourite likes and dislikes.  Its funny, we always feel the love as the stories come out.  We have done rottweilers, german shepherds, white fluffy dogs, labradors, etc.  I think we have done every type of dog breed there is, including lots of bitsa dogs. Quite often they are rescue dogs and they tell their story of how they came into their care, and the love they offered the dog and how the dog became their best friend.  It truly is amazing, and brings tears to our eyes too.. So if you are looking for a pet memorial gift that you can keep as a keepsake please feel to contact us on 0415278817 or email us on Our pieces come in the form of memorial jewellery or memorial keyrings.  Our process simply involves photo engraving your favourite photo into jewellery to create your piece of keepsake jewellery. We also offer urn jewellery and pet memorial plaques to remember your forever friend who provided you with so much love for so many years. See More Our First Online Party to Celebrate International Womens Day 2017-03-06T00:57:15Z our-first-online-party-to-celebrate-international-womens-day To help celebrate we are having our first online party this Wednesday 8th March.  We are very excited to be providing this service.  It will be held via our Memory Keepsakes Facebook page, via facebook live.  All you need to do is to logon to facebook and go to our page at 8pm Melbourne time and we will be online to answer any of your questions.  We will go through what we are all about,  how we photo engrave your special photos to create your forever keepsakes. In honour of International womens day we will also have some offers available.  We all love beautiful personalised gifts.  Clients come up to me all the time and are so pleased to view our pieces as they are  looking for personalised gifts. Then we will finish up advising you how to order and take questions. So keep March 8th at 8pm Melbourne time free.  We are expecting it to go for about 20 minutes. See more Donna from America has never seen Photo Engraving before 2017-03-06T00:52:28Z donna-from-america-has-never-seen-photo-engraving-before Donna travelled all the way from Texas to Australia and came across our stand at the Queen Victoria Market.  She was amazed by our products and the ability to etch your photos into jewellery to create a personalised gift. She was looking for personalised gifts for her family members.  She was struggling to find a perfect gift for her daughter.  Her daughter totally adored her maltese dog.  We had so many photos to choose from.  We then etched her photo into her selected piece to create her forever keepsake.  This was the thank you message we received from Donna. I am so happy your daughter loves her unique gift and thinks it is better than diamonds and it is the best present she has ever received.  Thank you so much for sharing See more Tech21 brings parents unlimited fun family time with Evo Play 2017-02-21T01:20:13Z tech21-brings-parents-unlimited-fun-family-time-with-evo-play SYDNEY, 21 February, 2017 – Tech21, the leader in impact protection for mobile devices has launched its new range of cases for the iPad in Australia: Evo Play. “Kids + iPads” isn’t always the safest pairing if your iPad isn’t protected, but it can certainly be one of the most fun for inquisitive minds. Whether it’s watching the latest episode of Peppa Pig or navigating through the back garden jungle discovering new wildlife, iPads can open up a world of exploration, but more often than not, a small chip here or a little crack there means that fun can be cut short. Prolong the play time and keep that shiny new look and feel to your iPad even when little fingers have put it through its paces thanks to tech21’s new iPad case, Evo Play. This comfortable and lightweight case has been designed to offer unbeatable drop protection from up to two metres, and with its iconic design, vibrant colours and handy multi-use handle, this case will remove any glimmer of fear you had in handing over your iPad to your children. This case is constructed almost entirely from tech21’s unique material, FlexShock™ Foam, meaning all sides and surfaces are protected from drops as the material moulds snugly to your iPad. Better still, the case is entirely dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean, and when it’s on your iPad, its sealed outer shell is abrasion/bite resistant, preventing any bacteria from getting in under the surface. “We’ve designed the all-new Evo Play with kids in mind. We know children love to learn, play and explore, and we recognise iPads are a great way for them to do this. However, they may not love your precious iPad back, so Evo Play is there for you,” comments Jason Roberts, CEO, tech21. “Evo Play is lightweight and comfortable for little hands to hold, yet strong enough to keep your iPad safe from tumbles and drops.” Evo Play is available in pink/purple and blue/green colours from, RRP $79.95 for Apple iPad mini, mini 2, mini 3 & mini 4, and RRP $109.95 for Apple iPad Air 2. Much like all of tech21’s products, Evo Play comes with a simple promise: it’s rigorously tested to work harmoniously with your iPad. Like the technology it’s designed to protect, it uses the latest science, ingenious design and unbeatable user-friendliness to make advanced impact protection possible. Tech21 calls it ‘Protection Made Intelligent’. ### For further information, questions, or cases for review, please contact: Jim Barker, tech21/Poem Phone: +61 418 163 770 Email: High-res images: Download here About tech21 Since 2005, tech21 has been developing the most advanced, scientifically proven cases and screen shields for mobile, tablet and laptop devices worldwide. Tech21 combines science, engineering and British design to create products that address three core consumer benefits: style, protection and performance. As the brand evolves to continue meeting the needs of its consumers, tech21 has developed the most advanced impact protection material on the market – FlexShock™. The ultra-thin and lightweight material absorbs and dissipates force and can withstand drops up to 4 metres. In addition tech21 puts all its products through a rigorous testing program, and in an industry first has partnered with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to develop its testing methodology. This ensures that the tests tech21 products have to pass are overseen by independent experts. Tech21 is the number one case brand in the UK. For more information, visit ACS Releases Ungulates ebook 2017-02-15T04:35:23Z acs-releases-ungulates-ebook   Ungulates ebook ISBN: 978-0-9954356-0-5 Author: John Mason & Staff of ACS Distance Education   ACS Distance Education have released a new ebook on Ungulates. Ungulates are animals with hooves. A hoof is simply an enlarged toenail. This ebook has been written as a reference for those studying animals and animal related subjects especially those studying wildlife, veterinary studies and zoology. Non-ungulate mammals may have claws or fingernails instead of hoofs. The primary difference between ungulates and non-ungulates is whether or not the unguis is used in walking. In ungulates, the unguis is the primary point of contact with the ground. In non-ungulates, other tissues, such as the pads of the feet, provide the primary contact point when walking. The hoof is basically modified epidermis and this consists of keratin, which thickens and hardens the hoof. There are a variety of ungulate ‘hoofed’ animals, and each has different hoofs. Hoofs continue to grow; in wild, hoofed ungulates length is managed by daily foraging and walking. Domesticated animals tend to stand around longer, and do not have access to enough room to be able to keep their hoofs down naturally, so may require hoof maintenance which their wild counterparts do not. This ebook covers different descriptions and pictures of many of the different ungulate animals. Here’s the topics and the Chapters covered in this ebook: CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION – OVERVIEW OF UNGULATES CHAPTER 2 ARTIODACTYLS: EVEN-TOED UNGULATES CHAPTER 3 PERISSODACTYLS CHAPTER 4 AQUATIC UNGULATES CHAPTER 5 OTHER UNGULATES This ebook is now available for purchase for $32.95 including GST from our online bookshop and there is also a free sample available to have a look at: If you would like a review copy of this ebook, please contact . Animal Health 2nd Edition ebook Released 2017-02-15T03:39:55Z animal-health-2nd-edition-ebook-released Animal Health 2nd Edition ebook ISBN: 978-0-9943737-7-9 Author: John Mason & Staff of ACS Distance Education ACS Distance Education have recently released the revised edition of the Animal Health ebook to include an additional 64 pages and 3 chapters as well as an update of much of the content that was included within the original ebook. The Animal Health ebook is an ideal reference companion for anyone who works, studies or owns animals, livestock or wildlife. As an animal owner or carer for animals, it is your responsibility to monitor and maintain the health and wellbeing of your animal. This ebook is a great ‘go to’ when you have concerns about any illnesses or health issues in the animal. Suggested treatments for illnesses are also provided. Here’s the topics and the Chapters covered in this ebook: CHAPTER 1-  INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 2- PREVENTING DISEASE AND INJURY CHAPTER 3- UNDERSTANDING & INSPECTING HEALTH ISSUES CHAPTER 4- ANIMAL FIRST AID CHAPTER 5- SOME COMMON ILLNESSES IN ANIMALS This ebook is now available for purchase for $29.95 including GST from our online bookshop and there is also a free sample available to have a look at:   If you would like a review copy of this ebook, please contact . Companies are now including Pet Care Services in their Procurement Plans. 2017-02-05T03:27:16Z companies-are-now-including-pet-care-services-in-their-procurement-plans Companies are now including Pet Care Services in their Procurement Plans. Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with almost two-thirds of households having at least one pet. We look at how factoring in home-life needs of your workforce can make them happier, more focused, & save you costs by retaining them longer. Procurement planning helps your company to decide what products & services employees most need, when and from what sources. Including Pet Sitting in your Procurement Planning is important because: 1.  With more than 63% of Australian households owning a pet, a large percentage of your employees will own pets too. With Australians working longer hours than ever before, and trying to juggle home life - pets are often the ones that get neglected. Employees are unable to focus, because they are concerned about the pets they consider family, stressed about trying to find a professional and reliable Pet Sitter at the last minute because of a work-related flight they need to take, also knowing their pet’s annual vaccinations are being missed, grooming appointments are get further apart, and de-sexing is put on the back burner. The Australian Bureau of Statistics says 5 million of Australia's 7.7 million full-time workers put in more than 40 hours per week.  Of them, 1.4 million put in more than 50 hours per week. Around 270,000 put in more than 70 hours per week. 2.  Better Coordination and Time Management.   Factoring in pet care bookings allows PA’s, EA’s, and Corporate Travel Management Teams to coordinate staff work-related flights around pet sitting bookings. 3.  It is an opportunity for all stakeholders involved in the processes to meet in order to discuss particular procurement requirements and service standards. We suggest prior to meeting, that an employee-wide survey is sent out asking about pet ownership in your company and determining the standards required of the service provider, given the volume & frequency requirements of your workforce. 4.  It allows Workforce Planners to formally research and award contract to the right company. This is valuable information as it serves to confirm if the quality standards of care can be met and fulfilled within the period expected.  Rather than hundreds of different employees trying to contact and coordinate  different companies with differing quality standards and processes. 5. It can reduce staff training costs as a company. It’s expensive to train new staff and have skilled staff leave due to stress or feeling like their employer doesn't care. Research by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) found that Staff Turnover in the First 12 Months of employment in Australia is costing us $3.8 Billion. Australian owned and operated website is here to help Pet Owners  manage their pets life more easily.  Endorsed by and partnered with widely respected animal welfare organisation RSPCA across most States in Australia, there are thousands of Pet Care Service Providers across the country. The website even offers Pet Taxi services ready to help with pet pick up and drop off whenever employees need. Employees can come home after a work trip to a freshly groomed, happy, fed & watered, walked, cuddled, de-flead, vaccinated, or de-sexed pooch or pussycat rather than needing to take precious annual leave. To discuss your company’s workforce needs, get in touch today: Website: Facebook:   Google: Twitter: Instagram:   Pinterest:   7 tips to Keep your Dog Cool this Summer 2017-01-12T00:57:55Z 7-tips-to-keep-your-dog-cool-this-summer-1 7 tips to Keep your Dog Cool this Summer by Deb Morrison / Pet Owner Advice /  11 Jan 2017 Getting your 10,000 steps up with your furry personal trainer is fun, but did you know you could be hurting them if you go at the wrong time of day? By understanding how your dog regulate their body temperature and planning ahead - you can avoid potentially fatal situations. How dogs cool off Dogs cool down and regulate their body temperature by sweating and panting  through their nose and paws. As a dog breathes in, air travels through their nasal passage and is cooled before it reaches the lungs. When temperatures become warmer and more humid, dogs have a harder time cooling down. Your dog’s heart and lungs work harder as your dog breathes in and out quicker to reduce their body temperature. Short-snouted (Brachycephalic breeds) dogs, have a harder time cooling down because of their shorter nasal passages. For example, pugs, french bulldogs and even caviliers. Here are a few safety tips when taking your dog out in warm weather: 1. Stay off Hot Pavement and Roads (Bitumen). One major thing that many dog owners overlook when it's sunny out is their dog's feet. Paw pads can be easily burned by hot pavement. Summer heat warms pavements just like a frying pan and if the pavement gets too hot it can burn your dog’s paws. Sand can also get very hot, so use the hand technique to check sandy surfaces too. Press the back of your hand against the asphalt or concrete for 7 seconds to verify if it will be comfortable for your dog to walk on. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.  Avoid these surfaces during the day or consider putting protective booties or paw wax on your dog’s paws as added protection. 2. Prevent sunburn. Tops of the ears, bridge of the nose, around the eyes and abdomen are all sensitive areas on a dog's skin. These areas have thinner skin and are more exposed. So, if you plan to be out in hot sun for a while, consider purchasing a sun protector or high factor waterproof sunscreen MADE FOR DOGS and whenever possible rest in the shade. Also if you have a thin haired dog and/or white dog you may need to take extra precautions as they tend to get sunburned more easily.3. Groom shedding dogs and clip long-haired dogs. Most dogs shed their coats at the beginning of summer, so daily grooming will help to remove the unwanted hair and will make your dog more comfortable. For long-haired dogs, clipping their coat may also help with keeping them cooler in the summer months. Regularly grooming your dogs fur will also give you extra time to check for ticks and fleas and to check their skin and paws are in good shape. 4. Stay Hydrated. Pack a filled waterbottle for your dog on any outing and make sure your dog's travel water bowl is always filled on stops and is close by.5. Avoid water with blue-green algae. Unfortunately, a growing number of ponds, lakes and rivers have blooms of blue-green algae during warmer months. It's important to always check waterways for unusual algae blooms and be alert to local advisories and warning signs around waterways.  6. Don't leave them in the car. Dogs in Hot Cars Each year, the RSPCA receives hundreds of distress calls about animals (usually dogs) being left in cars in the heat. Never leave your dog unattended in a car. If you see an animal in distress contact the RSPCA's 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).    7. Never exercise your pet during the heat of the day. Dogs can be affected by heat stroke very quickly in warm and humid weather because the only way dogs releases heat is by panting and sweating through the foot pads and nose. Prevention is key. Avoid vigorous exercise on hot days, keep your dog hydrated and in shade. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to take your dog for a walk in summer. If you notice any of these signs in your dog or someone else's, they may be suffering heat stroke: Vigorous panting Dark red gums Dry gums bloody vomiting or diarrhea lying down and unwilling or can’t get up staggering gait collapse and/or loss of consciousness thick saliva seizures If the dog is suffering heat stroke: move the dog out of the heat cool them off with a shower or tap water or place cool wet rags on their footpads and head. Do NOT use ice cold water - this can actually harm the dog further. offer the dog water but don’t force him/her to drink. call or visit the vet right away. Note: Certain types of dogs are more sensitive to heat especially elderly dogs, overweight dogs and brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds, like Pugs, Bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Boxers and even Staffies. Take extreme precautions with these breeds during summer. By taking a few simple precautions, you will help protect your dog and you will both have a lot more fun in the summer! Search for a Pet Carer on PetCloud who offers House Visits to check on your dog when you can't Hero Image credit: Thanks to RSPCA  Sydney Startup Launches Innovative Dog Accessory for the Active Owner 2017-01-07T04:53:26Z sydney-startup-launches-innovative-dog-accessory-for-the-active-owner Sydney Startup Creates Innovative Dog Accessory for the Active Owner Sydney, NSW - For dog owners who love to have their pets nearby at all times, local Sydney firm Sit n Stay is launching an innovative dog accessory solution to make life simple. The Sit n Stay is a leash attachment that makes it easy to create a quick tie down so your dog stays when you need a free hand.  Dog owners living in the city are always responsible for keeping secure dogs to ensure the comfortability of those around them. The Sit n Stay features a strong Velcro closure and is designed to be used with any standard leash. The product is recommended for dogs under 15 kilos. It is affordable and easy to have shipped directly to your door. This innovative product is there to make sure your dog stays right where you need him at all times. The Sit n Stay is incredibly versatile and can attach to any railing or chair. It's one-size-fits all quality means you don't have to worry about buying a special leash, this one product takes care of everything. The Sit n Stay is an affordable dog accessory that allows the owner to secure dogs nearby throughout their daily activities. Things like going for a run and having to hold on to a leash at all times can be frustrating and distracting. The Sit n Stay allows you to cinch the leash to your wrist, freeing up your mind to concentrate on the workout. It’s the perfect item to keep on hand when going out so a coffee date isn’t interrupted by chasing Fido around the cafe. You can feel more at ease with your dog secure at your side and not sniffing around at someone else’s table. This small product is easy to keep in a bag or pocket so the owner is never without an option when needing to run inside for a moment for a quick purchase. The Sit n Stay is a fix for the small inconveniences that come up when keeping a furry friend with you throughout your day. However there's no reason to leave home without them! The Sit n Stay keeps dogs secure without detracting from the task at hand. Going out with a child in pram can present its own problems as well. The Sit n Stay’s handy quick release feature makes sure parents can let a runaway pet loose at a moment’s notice.Sit n Stay is a Sydney company, launching their flagship product in January 2017. The company's brand new website is easy to use and streamlines the shopping process into a few simple clicks. Find out more information about Sit n Stay on their website or find them on Facebook and Twitter.Click here to see the product demo. CONTACT:  Sit N Stay Pty Ltd GPO Box 248, Sydney 2000 NSW +61 413 488 358 Top 5 dog welcoming events this summer 2016-12-21T23:22:39Z top-5-dog-welcoming-events Gourmet Pawprints brings you unique food and wine experiences where your dog is welcome. Top 5 Dog welcoming events from the leader in Pawfect Food and Wine Experiences – Gourmet Pawprints   Doggy Winery Tours Bring your dog on a winery tour with Gourmet Pawprints! Our Doggy Winery Tours chauffeur you in the comfort of our air-conditioned bus, Bella! There is a seat for you and a seat for your dog and all you have to do is sit back, pop your paws up and relax. Visit the great wine regions of Victoria – Mornington Peninsula, the Yarra Valley or the Dandenong Ranges. Doggy Winery Cinema  Fancy dinner, wine and a movie with your best friend? Join us for a night in the vines at our Doggy Winery Cinema. Witchmount Winery is only 25 minutes from Melbourne and is the picturesque vineyard, where our unique and exclusive outdoor Doggy Winery Cinema is hosted. Grab a blanket or chair and your best friend, we have everything else sorted for you! Doggy Gourmet Weekend Getaways  Our Gourmet Weekend Getaway is an indulgent 2 nights of food, wine and pooches on the stunning Mornington Peninsula with private chefs, amazing wines and wonderful walks. This is simply a relaxing and pawfect way to spend time with your pooch. Truffle Hunt Tours Private Tours Say Goodbye to Surrendering Private Details to Have Lost Property Returned 2016-12-19T04:52:53Z say-goodbye-to-surrendering-private-details-to-have-lost-property-returned Secure Finder has just launched a new system that will allow customers to tag their keys, luggage and other valuables without having to reveal any private details, while still enabling the finder to contact them directly. The traditional methods of tagging your valuables, has it security risks. For example putting your personal information on your car keys could potentially lead to car theft. Worse still it could give the wrong person a free unwelcomed entry to your house, considering that a lot of people have their car and house keys on the same ring. A blog at indicate the risks of putting your personal details on your luggage: “Most people assume that their home address and phone number should be on their bags. The problem with exposing this information on your bags is that there are experienced thieves loitering in many airports reading luggage tags! When you have your home address publicly available on your baggage tag you are announcing to these seasoned criminals that you are not home! It happens more than you would think.” However there are lot of people who would wish to do the right thing and to try and track down the rightful owner…so the question is how do you protect your private details but still allow people to contact you? Secure Finder, a new global business based in Queensland Australia, is launching a range of products that will solve this problem. The service will allow you to purchase a code which you can use to tag your valuables instead of placing your phone number, address etc. on them. When someone finds your valuables, with the code attached, they are directed to, where they enter the code. They then fill out simple a form that is submitted the owner via email and/or sms notification.  The owner may then correspond with the finder through the Secure Finders communications system. Contact details are kept private until such time as you choose to give them yourself. Better still you may choose to meet the finder in a public location or request to have them hand them in e.g. Information Centre etc. The code has a low, once only, cost of $10 and can be used to tag as many of your valuables as you wish without any restrictions. You can choose to create your own tags, or purchase from Secure Finders range of products. Secure Finder can also print your own custom graphics on their key tags. If you already own a code, you can purchase a product that allows you to use the code you already have on a new product. This avoids the need for purchasing the second code. Secure Finder print on demand so the system is very flexible. Malcolm Kerwin, Secure Finders co-owner, says “Our aim is to provide a low cost and quality method of protecting peoples private details, while still allowing people to communicate.”  They are also hoping to add the ability for people communicate through the phone network. Other services that will increase your chances of finding your lost valuables are also in the plans. More information on the service can be found at Product Launch – Petface Parlour Shampoos and Spritzers 2016-11-18T12:59:20Z product-launch-petface-parlour-shampoos-and-spritzers More than just the best dog toys in Australia... We are please to launch a great new range of dog shampoos and spritzers from the Petface Parlour range. Washing and grooming your dog should always be an exciting time to engage with your pet. This luxurious range ensures that the experience is fun and will leave your pet with a long lasting beautiful scent.   So what makes this range so good and why are we so excited? Using a unique formula, pet odours are targeted and the skin is cleansed with all natural extracts including silk, pro vitamin B5 and oatmeal. We believe this combination of ingredients makes this the best dog shampoo on the market in Australia, whether you are in the hot climate of Queensland or the cool of Melbourne and Sydney.   Formulated in collaboration with leading British perfume developers and manufactured by Byotrol in the United Kingdom, this range will keep your pets feeling fresh and smelling great. Their coats will be shining and they’ll have the ‘just washed’ scent for longer. Byotrol is a leading antimicrobial technology company based in England. They have a reputation for formulating and supplying many leading retailers around the world. This range, 100% made in the UK, is no exception.    Each shampoo and spritzer is available in four amazingly fresh scents starting at $9.99: -          Grapefruit & Elderflower -          Gardenia & Mint -          Wild Fig & Nectarine Blossom -          Raspberry & Almond   Order your shampoo and spritzer now from PetsDepartment Australia, curators of the world’s best pet products. All orders over $50 will be shipped free, so be sure to stock up on your favourite pet supplies.   Melbourne Cat Vets Open Day Saturday 19th November 2016-11-17T10:44:38Z melbourne-cat-vets-open-day-saturday-19th-november Join us this Saturday 19th of November at 11am to 3pm for the Melbourne Cat Vets Open Day celebration! There will be the chance to tour our hospital, meet our staff, and enjoy some food. We'd love to see you there!Some of the fun things on the day include:+ Everyone who signs up to our newsletter on the day will be in the running to win a grand prize! (Current newsletter subscribers will be automatically entered)+ The first 100 attendees to sign up for a hospital tour will receive a showbag containing special gifts!+ Attendees who book an appointment at Open Day will receive a free application of flea and worming treatment at time of consultation (limited number available)+ There will be a cupcake stall and a raffle, with all proceeds donated to the cat shelter Ingrid's Haven+ Other fun food will be availableThere will also be kids' activities and free behaviour/animal training advice from an experienced animal behaviourist! All are welcome so please bring friends and family!