The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-06-28T05:02:06Z Because dogs need trees! 2017-06-28T05:02:06Z because-dogs-need-trees Gourmet Pawprints and our Doggy Winery Tours takes climate change action with Green Fleet. At Gourmet Pawprints, we take to environmental responsibility seriously. This is why we’ve partnered with Greenfleet, an environment non-profit and Australia’s most trusted source of biodiverse carbon offsets, to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. Gourmet Pawprints and Bella the dog welcoming bus is donating one tree for every tour/event conducted, because dogs need trees and so do we. By partnering with Greenfleet, we are confident that our climate action provides genuine and lasting environmental benefits. By offsetting our emissions with Greenfleet, not only do we take practical action against climate change, we also help to restore Australian landscapes by providing valuable habitat for native wildlife and transforming degraded land back to its natural state. Photo Engraving Melbourne 2017-06-18T06:00:19Z photo-engraving-melbourne-1 Photo Engraving - We post all over Australia and the world Today was a first for us as we received a beautiful present and christmas card in the mail from a very happy client.  She has purchased a few photo engraving pieces off us over the year , and to my surprise we received a beautiful calender and a lovely card in the mail today.  A first for us! Being a family based business and recently new, we have never had the pleasure of receiving something like this which was just amazing.  I love that our clients really appreciate and love our work, as we take so much care in preparing their photos to be engraved into their selected pieces.  We then engrave their photos into their piece, and it just amazes us how people are so appreciative of our work.  They also tell their friends and we receive many referrals from clients.  This particular present was very personal too, as it was a calender where her husband had taken all the beautiful pictures.  It will proudly be used and displayed in our kitchen to keep the family organises. Thank you to all our clients for your valued feedback and love of our business!!  It really keeps us going some days.... We often receive many text messages, emails and phone calls thanking us for our special gifts, but we have never received such a personal gift in the mail before.  It was very exciting for us, as we had met this particular lady on many occasions, as she normally collects her pieces.  We share similar interests and passions for animals, so always have a chat about o 4 legged friends.  All the photos taken in the calender had been taken by her husband and each photo had a story.  The photos were based in Victoria and each photo had a story.  We are very lucky to have such amazing clients. Competition Winner - Beau the much loved dog 2017-06-17T10:48:14Z competition-winner-beau-the-much-loved-dog Pet Memorial Jewellery We recently ran a competition on Facebook.  We had some amazing stories.  It shows that every photo has a story. The winner was Beck Martin and her story was about her pet memorial.  Beck won a piece of pet memorial jewellery for sharing her beautiful story.  Here is a copy of her post... This is my old faithful boy Beau.  You may think oh yes a dog boo hoo.  But here's my story... My dad got me to go and have a look at this dog when he was a pup 12 years ago, as I was carrying a heavy heart on loosing my first dog.  I said I would only get this pup if he came straight to me upon inspection.  Guess what, he did... He was destined to be my dog.  Beau helped me through a lot of tough times, death of my dad, diagnosis of my own chronic disease and deep depression, all the time just sitting beside me listening.  When I had my daughter he loved her so much and protected her immensely and I couldn't be more prouder than tat.  Even at the end he was the biggest sook and loved mummy cuddles and lounging on my bed. Then the time came to put him down after a strong battle with heart disease.  I had to say goodbye to him on Mothers day.... Life is always hard for me on  mothers day my i2t mothers day was my dads dealth anniversary.  Please choose my story as the saying goes "they  say diamonds are a girls best friend, well they never had a dog".  Rest easy under our old tree Beau you were a beaut dog... What an amazing story.   We are so lucky our clients share their beautiful story and a heart shaped keyring is on its way to Beck for her beautiful story.  Everyone who entered had beautiful stories, but fortunately we didn't have to pick the winner.  Our facebook followers did.  Your stories where all amazing and to us you are all winners! To see more Turn your passion for pets into profit through the sharing economy 2017-06-09T03:23:15Z turn-your-passion-for-pets-into-profit-through-the-sharing-economy On Saturday and Sunday the 8th & 9th of July, Australia's BIGGEST Pet Expo will be held at the Gold Coast. The team from Australia's favourite national pet care website, PetCloud, will also be there to show attendees how thousands of Australians (old and young) have been earning extra money by cuddling pets from home. There is over 30,000 people expected to attend, & over 150 exhibitors, & live entertainment including including exciting animal shows like DockDogs – the world’s premier canine aquatics competition, flyball, high jumps, reptile and insect encounters, product giveaways and discounts, celebrities, hundreds of animals and much, much more! So come along to the Gold Coast Pet & Animal Expo, & make sure you stay in the know of all the latest pet care tips, news & funny pet videos via PetCloud's facebook page    We look forward to seeing you there! Memorial Plaques 2017-06-05T07:43:38Z memorial-plaques We have been asked quite a bit lately about Memorial Plaques Over the last couple of months we have been asked on many occasions if we do Memorial Plaques.  We do memorial plaques.  They are mainly made to be placed on urns or containers holding ashes.  I had a lady ask me yesterday as they were dividing the fathers ashes up and they all wanted a memorial plaque done. The beauty of our Memorial Plaques are that we can engrave the persons photo on one part of the plaque and then add wording on the side.  It  not only provides comfort in the beautiful wording selected but also has a photo of the person, which will always bring a smile to your face. These plaques come in gold and silver in both a rectangle shape or an oval shape. The size of the Memorial Plaque is : Rectangle 68mm x 38 mm Oval Piece 72mm x 45 mm To find out more contact us. Pet Memorials - Pets are like family 2017-06-05T05:55:30Z pet-memorials-pets-are-like-family Pet Memorials - Our pets are like family We meet so many people grieving over the loss of their beloved pet on a regular basis.  The see our display and immediately go through their phone to find a suitable photo of their beloved pet.  They are going through the grieving process and are looking for pet memorials, to remember their best friend. I recently had a lady come up to me and she wanted to order a piece for her daughter as she had lost her beloved dog only very recently.  She showed me the photo, and I explained it would be fine.  She then started to tear up herself as the dog had clearly left a paw print on this families heart.  She quickly took my brochure and said she would call me.  It was still very raw for her, and this clearly showed.  I see many other clients who order their piece and quickly come and collect it and leave quickly.  I am sure they too are feeling emotional at loosing their beloved pet and need to go away and have a bit of a cry.  They then call me and thank us for the lovely keepsake they have of their beautiful much loved pet. To find out more Photo Engraving Melbourne 2017-06-03T12:14:13Z photo-engraving-melbourne Photo Engraving Melbourne - We experienced our really Ahhhhhh moment  today Many of our clients have never seen Photo Engraving before.  They come to our display and always are amazed at the detail and quality of our pieces.  We are very fortunate and people say to us you are so clever, and that they love our work.  All for photo engraving Melbourne. We had an experience today where we could hear a lady going OHHHHHH, and it went on for quite awhile.  Her friend looked at me, and they said its not me, its  my friend. She was just simply amazed by our work, and then immediately went to her phone to choose a suitable photo.  She just simply had to have one as she adored her work.  I went through the different pieces we had, and based on what she liked made a recommendation to her.  But really as I say its your choice. We have so many pieces on display, so its as easy as to just pick the piece you like.  It really comes to down to her personal choice.  A bit like a build a keepsake that you will cherish forever. It is funny we meet people from all over the world and they see photo engraving Melbourne.  I must stress we post all over the world.  We use Express post within Australia, but do also post to all countries all over the world.  We have pieces in America, Canada, China, UK, Ireland, just to name a few.  We get very excited when we sell a piece overseas, as many people in other countries have never seen it before.  It is showing photo engraving Melbourne. We also have Agents in Tamworth NSW and have an agent Sandra Ryan starting soon in Brisbane. So there will be photo engraving Tamworth and photo engraving Brisbane. Stay Tuned.... Pet Memorial Gifts 2017-05-22T13:43:26Z pet-memorial-gifts Pet Memorial Gifts - The loss of a pet can be heart breaking I have felt it personally myself as we are  proud owners of 2 cats and a beautiful dog.  I witness it regularly as I see people come up to our display stand and show me a photo of their beloved pet that has just passed.  I have seen many grown men tear up just looking at their photo.  They then order  pet memorial  gifts, which provides them with huge amounts of comfort.  We get thank you messages from them saying how much they love it, which is really nice. The part that comes next is the best.  We then hear about the pet and its favourite likes and dislikes.  Its funny, we always feel the love as the stories come out.  We have done rottweilers, german shepherds, white fluffy dogs, labradors, etc.  I think we have done every type of dog breed there is, including lots of mixed breeds. Quite often they are rescue dogs and they tell their story of how they came into their care, and the love they offered the dog and how the dog became their best friend.  It truly is amazing, and brings tears to our eyes too.. So if you are looking for pet memorial gifts that you can keep as a keepsake  forever please feel to contact us on 0415278817 or email us on Our pieces come in the form of memorial jewellery or memorial keyrings.  Our process simply involves photo engraving your favourite photo into jewellery to create your piece of keepsake jewellery. We also offer urn jewellery and pet memorial plaques to remember your forever friend who provided you with so much love for so many years.  Pet Memorial Gifts are very popular with our clients and they do provide the love and comfort many people need at this time. Speaking personally I have even had to take time off work as I was so distressed at loosing my beloved best friend. To find out more please go to our website ACS Releases New Short Course- Animal Health & Welfare 2017-05-22T05:31:11Z acs-releases-new-short-course-animal-health-amp-welfare ACS Releases New Short Course- Animal Health & Welfare ACS Distance Education have recently written and released a new 20- hour course aimed at people who work with animals, care for animals or are undertaking studies in animal care. Caring for animals properly starts with knowledge and awareness of the animal’s needs, and things that can threaten the animal’s wellbeing. This course can provide a very solid introduction to understanding animal health and welfare for any situation. It is ideal for pet owners, it will empower you to make better decisions about caring for your pets, for anyone working on a farm or in a zoo or an animal health care setting, it will broaden and deepen an understanding of what is required in day to day work. This course will also help anyone aspiring to work with animals as it will improve their knowledge, expand their awareness of employment opportunities, and put themselves in a better position to seek employment working with animals. Here are some of the topics that are covered in this new course: Lesson 1 Introduction Lesson 2 Preventing disease and injury Lesson 3 Understanding & inspecting health issues Lesson 4 Animal first aid Lesson 5 Some common illnesses in animals A-F Lesson 6 Some common illnesses in animals G-N Lesson 7 Some common illnesses in animals O-Z  Students can enrol into our course at any time and courses are self-paced. For more information on the Animal Health & Welfare 20 hour short course, please visit our website: We did a combined Pet Memorial Gift and Mothers Day gift 2017-05-17T12:43:09Z we-did-a-combined-pet-memorial-gift-and-mothers-day-gift A Pet Memorial Gift and Mothers Day Gift Combined We recently  met the lovely Tina and her husband at the Queen Victoria Market.  They had recently lost their beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat 2 months ago and I could see she was still quite distressed.  She was looking for a pet memorial gift idea and also  a mothers day gift.  As soon as her husband saw our stand he was encouraging her as he wanted to give her a special unique gift. She mentioned to me she had not told her friends as she just could'nt cope with it.  She was just learning to cope with it.  She showed me a beautiful photo of this magnificent looking cat.  It was totally amazing.  Anyway she went away and had a coffee with her husband and then returned to order her keepsake of her beloved cat Versace.  We then did the piece and receive a beautiful message on our facebook page announcing the loss of her pet and also thanking us for her beautiful keepsake of Versace. The  photo was truly an amazing photo and the detail was amazing.    If you are looking for a pet memorial gift to remember your beloved friend please contact us. Hero cow that took ‘unbelievable’ swim through NSW floodwater receives mineral reward 2017-05-11T01:30:27Z hero-cow-that-took-unbelievable-swim-through-nsw-floodwater-receives-mineral-reward Hero cow that took ‘unbelievable’ swim through NSW floodwater receives mineral reward A pregnant cow that survived a massive swim through floodwaters on the NSW north coast has received a free health boost following the awe-inspiring effort. The Angus-cross cow, known as Debbie, became a local hero in April after managing to swim from Lismore to Ballina during the recent floods that ravaged parts of the state’s north. What made Debbie’s effort all the more remarkable was that she was heavily pregnant at the time. In the wake of the incredible story, animal health company Virbac Australia has administered Debbie with Multimin - an injectable source of zinc, manganese, copper and selenium – to help get her back to full health following the incredible ordeal. Virbac also administered drench, vaccine and other medication free of charge, to the rest of farmer Tony Ivey's cattle at his Gundurimba property, east of Lismore, which was hard hit by the floods. Virbac’s technical vet Dr Matthew Ball administered the free nutrition injections on Monday, 8 May 2017. Mr Ivey said Debbie, and his other remaining Brangus cattle, would benefit from the vet’s visit to the farm. “The length of time that Debbie spent in the water is unreal. It’s a long time in the water, days and days. It was just unbelievable that she made it out okay,” he said. “She floated 70 kilometers down the river before being found and has been struggling a bit since, so it great to give her a boost.” Dr Ball said like the rest of the community, he had been amazed by Debbie’s superhuman effort. “We heard about Debbie’s story of the swimming cow and it really struck a chord with us. We thought we could help given she was stressed, in late gestation, and looked very copper deficient.,” Dr Ball said. “We are excited about helping her and the rest of Tony’s remaining cattle with Multimin as it can help improve all of those things as it assists to top up trace minerals close to high demand periods.” Multimin significantly and quickly lifts the trace mineral status of cattle and is ideal for events like joining, calving, marking, and weaning when nutrition demand increases. It helps provide trace minerals essential for optimal health, production and fertility and is delivered via a water-based injection. - Ends – Photo caption: Dr Matthew Ball, Technical Veterinarian with Virbac Australia injects Tony Ivey's cattle with Multimin_8.5.2017. Contact: Adam Arndell, C7EVEN Communications, 0403 372 889 / 02 6766 4513 Virbac Australia: Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd is a specialist animal health company, with its core business in sheep and cattle products, veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines, a wide range of pet care products for dogs and cats, plus a broad range of products for horses. Virbac Australia’s 2015 sales turnover was more than A$120 million. In Australia, Virbac employs around 260 personnel, all of whom are passionate about animal health. Virbac offers an injectable product called Multimin, designed to top-up important trace minerals (manganese, zinc, selenium and copper) in beef and dairy cattle. The focus of trace mineral supplementation has developed to beyond merely correcting deficiency symptoms. Strategic mineral supplementation is aimed at the optimisation of reproductive performance, immune function and growth, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and subsequently profitability. Further information on Multimin can be found here. Carnivore Animals ebook out now 2017-05-04T01:36:13Z carnivore-animals-ebook-out-now Carnivore Animals ebook out now ACS Distance Education and John Mason have recently written a new ebook- Carnivore Animals. This ebook covers everything that you will need to know about Carnivore Animals. Carnivore animals are mammals of the Order Carnivora are taxonomically categorised and unique and differentiating biological characteristics are described for various groups. Learn about the physical characteristics and behaviours of different carnivores – what differentiates one group from another? What similarities do they possess? You will also learn about the origin and distribution of carnivores, threatening processes and the conservation of iconic carnivores.  In general, carnivores are animals that eat other animals; though there are plenty of exceptions to that fact. The Order Carnivora consists of at least 286 living species. The Order Carnivora evolved about 60 million years ago, from an ancestor that was a 1kg arboreal mammal that likely ate insects and smaller mammals. This ebook was written to provide inspiration and reference information to amateur and professional animal enthusiasts, and would be a valuable resource and source of information to students of zoology. The ebook covers the following chapters: Chapter 1 Introduction to Carnivore Taxonomy Chapter 2 Carnivore Biology and Behaviour Chapter 3 Canines Chapter 4 Felines Chapter 5 Bears Chapter 6 Aquatic Carnivores Chapter 7 Mustalids Chapter 8 Other Carnivores Chapter 9 Management of Captive Carnivores Chapter 10 Management of Wild Carnivores APPENDIX This ebook is now available for purchase for $32.95 including GST from our online bookshop and there is also a free sample available to have a look at:   If you would like a review copy of this ebook, please contact . A Beautiful keepsake of a horse called Casper 2017-04-26T13:03:23Z a-beautiful-keepsake-of-a-horse-called-casper The passing of a life can be a difficult time for most We were recently contacted by a client who had brought many pieces off us in the past.  Her niece had recently lost her beloved horse Casper and wanted to give her a personalised gift that she could keep as a forever keepsake. She had owned the horse most of her life and living in the country spent many countless of hours with the horse.  The sudden loss of a beloved  pet is a very difficult time for most people.   She ordered a piece for her niece and also for her sister, as the horse had been part of the family for many years.  We received a lovely thank you on our facebook page from the niece advising she received it and she really loved it. We are so lucky to have such amazing clients who express their gratitude to us on a daily basis, both via social media and emails and text messages.  I do hope this gift provides her with a beautiful keepsake of a friend she had for many years. Queen Victoria Market - Clients are now walking the whole market looking for us to purchase their personalised Gift 2017-04-19T06:40:52Z queen-victoria-market-clients-are-now-walking-the-whole-market-looking-for-us-to-purchase-their-personalised-gift Every week I have a person walking the market for us and are so happy when they find us! We are loving it at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne Victoria Australia.  The market attracts many tourists and locals also. I am finding on a weekly basis I have people come up to me and are saying they are so glad they have found us!  They have been walking the market and were getting stressed as they couldn't find us! They have their photo with them and they then select their piece to create their own personalised gift for their loved ones. We also still get amazed at how many people have never seen photo engraving before.  They spend lots of time at our stand looking at each piece and admiring them.  We never get sick of hearing the WOW's as people stop and look at the all the pieces.  I always recommend our clients touch and feel the goods so they understand how it works. We are a permanent casual at the Queen Victoria Market trading on a Saturday and Sunday, but we are not in the same location every week.  We move locations, and this causes stress for some of our clients.  They go and look for us where they originally saw us and we may not be there.  Hence they then walk the whole market and find us, and are extremely grateful and happy when they get to us.  I also recommend calling us on 0415278817 or checking out our facebook page as we always post our location on the day.  our Facebook page is We are also listed on the Queen Victoria Market website As Mothers Day is fast approaching many mums have everything so many children are looking for a unique gifts for Mothers Day. Children of all ages spend much time picking their perfect photo.  We recently did a photo of a wedding that had taken place in the 1950's.  It came up beautifully and some lucky mum is getting that as her unique mothers day gift.  Her daughter assures me she will love it, just as she did when she first saw a photo of the piece.   Many daughters are searching for their "Special Photo" to have Made into a forever keepsake to give their mum as a unique Mothers day gift.   To find out more information, please contact us on 0415278817. Enjoy your week! Photo Engraving - We always get amazed at how many people have never seen it before and love the ability to create their own personalised gifts 2017-04-10T11:34:26Z photo-engraving-we-always-get-amazed-at-how-many-people-have-never-seen-it-before-and-love-the-ability-to-create-their-own-personalised-gifts We are always amazed at how many people have never seen Photo Engraving and just love the ability that they can create their own keepsake. I love meeting people at the Queen Victoria Market and hearing the WOW's when they walk past our stand and stop to have a look.  They can spend up to 10 minutes just looking at our display boards.  I then see them going through their phone looking for their special photo.  Many people are now looking for photos for a unique mothers day gift.   This weekend we did many pets.  One couple showed us they had beautiful birds, cats and chiuhuahs.  We spent much time looking for photos.  The thing was that really special was that all the pets got on and respected each other.  The birds were the boss!!  I could feel their love as we flicked through their photos.   I think they will need the forever ball to include all their pets.  It was truly a pleasure. This weekend was full on for pet keepsakes.  We did labradors, birds, staffys  just to name a few.  I loved going through peoples photos and helping them select their special photo. Many pet keepsakes will be going out this week, and will be worn with love.