The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-01-12T22:36:22Z ON Classic Movies, New Roku and Amazon Fire TV App for Streaming Classic Movies, Launches 2017-01-12T22:36:22Z on-classic-movies-new-roku-and-amazon-fire-tv-app-for-streaming-classic-movies-launches Borne from a passion for classic movies and shorts, ON Classic Movies provides hundreds of classic movies with easy access to users. ON Classic Movies fills a niche not focused on by other popular movie-streaming apps. ON Classic Movies seeks to revive the Golden Era of movies from decades past, making classic films easily accessible to viewers. ON Classic Movies adds new classic movies to their selection frequently. Users can peruse options from Action and Adventure, Cartoons, Comedies, Documentaries and History, Dramas, Horror and Thrillers, Propaganda and Informational, Romance, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy.  The app makes searching for movie selections as quickly as possible, with a simple interface.  For anyone interested in the cinematic masterpieces of the last century, searching for and watching a classic movie is now just a click away. Download the app on Roku or Amazon Fire TV or visit to stay updated with new movie additions and releases.  Versions for Apple TV and Google Chromecast are under development. For more information, visit: Follow @ONClassicMovies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Contact: Media ContactCompany Name: ON Classic MoviesContact Person: Media RelationsEmail: info@onclassicmovies.comWebsite: 2017 A NEW ERA IN COMMON SENSE - THE FORCE IS IN YOU 2017-01-02T11:36:40Z 2017-a-new-era-in-common-sense-the-force-is-in-you The Force Is In You eBook Trumps all thinking and introduces great insight into how to get the Earth itself working for you every time. Ethan Carter, author of The Force Is In You explains the science behind how philosophies in best selling book The Secret work, and replaces faith with understanding.     Ethan Carter's new non-fictional masterpiece identifies the force all around us, at all times, in all times is the magnetic field of the planet which we walk through at every moment of our existence on Earth. With new discoveries in science we now know human beings has his or her own individual magnetic field, around trillions of molecules of DNA too that connect to the Earth's field.     Profound new thinking is presented in the book aptly titled The Force Is In You. First published on December 11th 2016, "The Force" is strong around this book, now expanded to over 75 countries worldwide for purchase on Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle. Ethan Carter's presenting new ideas and original lines that inspire all who read them. The inspirational quotes in the book are  fast becoming popular on social media. Ethan Carter now nicknamed the George Lucas of Non-Fiction is revealing The Force Is True and he uses new scientific discovery to present it. We have all heard the expression if you believe hard enough and you can create wonders - The Force Is In You explains the science and mechanics behind "how" the universe makes manifestation work thus replacing faith with understanding. The Force is in You is a book that is bound to challenge the greatest philosophers in massive ways as it introduces the Force energy that gives life to all ideas and everything including all matter.  The biggest book of 2017 is creating a lot of buzz already and with the new scientific insights in the book, The Force Is In You is set to receive recognition in the Nonfiction writer's hall of fame. The book has the power to profoundly affect every human. Carter explains "We now know our heart—the symbolic organ of life and the greatest electromagnetic organ in the world—radiates a 360° field of electricity about 8 feet around us, which we can today measure. Our skin has billions of receptors on it that can communicate with data present in the magnetic field of the Earth, and yes data is present in the field just as much as data is present in a WiFi signal to the computer. In turn, we can implicitly, intimately connect and communicate with the Earth's and each other through the field because  "The Force Is In You"      Contact Information Book Name:                  The Force is in You Contact Person:             Ethan Carter [Author] URL:                   Email:                Facebook:           Twitter:​                          Instagram:         YouTube:           Google+:            Phone:                         1-302-414-0508   Lola Jones Announced the Dates for California Silent Mediation Retreat on June 2017 2016-12-23T12:06:47Z lola-jones-announced-the-dates-for-california-silent-mediation-retreat-on-june-2017 Lola Jones from Divine Openings, a leading spiritual teacher has announced the dates for her Silent Spiritual Retreat in June 2017. The California Silent Meditation Retreat which will be held on June 11-16, 2017 is a 5-day retreat for couples and individuals who would want to make their lives on a better stance. The retreat will serve as a refresher for people who have been living in qualms, fears, hesitations, and defeats and would want to make a big change in their lives. The California Silent Meditation Retreat serves as a new means of putting life on calmness and contentment through the expertise of Lola Jones. The retreat will be held in Santa Barbara, California where new and extraordinary meditation means will be done. The activity will serve as a life-changing occurrence which will bring peace of mind to all participants. With this retreat, participants will be able to experience relaxation and restoration which will give them new meanings to their lives. The retreat that Lola Jones has scheduled is suitable for couples and individuals who want to transform their lives for the better. The meditation is catered to guide people who are feeling low in their lives and would want to have a new start which will give them new hope. Moreover, the California Silent Meditation Retreat will serve as a door where enlightenment and realizations await. This retreat will become a life-shifting move which will satisfy the souls of the participants. Furthermore, participating in the California Silent Meditation Retreat will bring the participants to a paradise which is conducive for meditation. Lola Jones is a spiritual teacher who is experienced and professional in initiating retreats. On the other hand, from the venue down to the food, Lola Jones ensured that everything is healthy. California Silent Meditation Retreat is a great way of releasing all negative vibes which can elevate the spiritual aspect of an individual. The result of the retreat will make every participant new people and will be able to realize their meaning and importance. Spiritual retreats are sometimes viewed as a dull event but with Lola Jones’ California Silent Meditation Retreat, it is given a new perspective since innovative and beneficial meditations will be done. Hence, if you want to take part in a life-changing retreat in June 2017, taking part at California Silent Meditation Retreat initiated by Lola Jones will uplift your spirit in a great and life-altering way. Layman2Ironman Challenge – Join an Elite Group Today 2016-12-22T03:21:26Z layman2ironman-challenge-join-an-elite-group-today In November 4 normal guys or LAYmen, become IRONMEN, with just 4 months training. Not only did all of totally change their body shapes, loosing over 12kgs each (with one loosing 20kgs), they got to join the elite club of people who can say they are an IRONMAN. Due to the amazing success of this program we are opening a limited number of places in our Vietnam IronMan 70.3 program. The number of places is limited to 5 so don’t delay making one the best decisions you’ll ever make. Our programme will get you ready for this life changing event over a 4 month period, with our home training and online support package, specially crafted by Olympian and profession Tri-athlete Simon Agoston and Biggest Loser Asia Coach Billy Orr. It culminates in a 3 week intensive tri-camp where we will perfect your plan giving you the opportunity to post the best possible time. We will then go to Danang in Vietnam with the team for the race. The package includes: Layman2Ironman Vietnam May 7th 2017 – 3 Month Online Program – 3 Weeks Triathlon Camp on Koh Samui at Lamai Fitness@Visit Camp with All Inclusive Nutritional Food, Training and Accommadation   FREE   – Professional Branded Race Kit – Garmin Triathlon 920XT Watch – Race Ironman Registration - Flights Koh Samui to Vietnam   FREE WHEN PAID UPFRONT IN 2016   – Extra 1 Weeks free training and accommadation in LamaiFitness@Visit Natural Detox Resort – Partners welcome on every stay – Free weekend accommadation throughout the 4 months * subject to booking & availability – Free Entry into the Great Wall Of China Marathon on 13th May 2017   – We ask commitment of minimum 6 hours a week training – Skype calls, Emails, Sweat Test, Nutrition – Plans and Online Support – Working with Simon Agoston Olympic Triathlete and Billy Orr Biggest Loser Asia Coach – Support on Race day by both coaches who will also enter the relay race   email if your interested in getting started in 2017 Insuring a Festive Christmas & Happy New Year 2016-12-21T06:47:01Z insuring-a-festive-christmas-amp-happy-new-year Christmas week is here, and it is officially the most popular time for holidaying Aussies to fly out for the festive season.[1] As a result of this mass migration, airports, roads, hotels and campsites nationwide are set to see a massive influx of travellers and with this, an increased risk of holiday mishaps.   Claudio Saita, Deputy CEO and Executive Director in Australia for Tokio Marine, underwriters for World2Cover travel insurance, said that while the festive season should be a time of celebration, the chaos of last-minute preparations and end-of-year stress often lead to tales of commiseration. “Australians are predicted to spend $9.77 billion on Christmas presents,[2] making this period prime season for thefts.[3] When travelling with various gifts, it’s worth noting the limit you may have on your travel insurance for individual items. It may be that extra special items like a Swiss watch or MacBook require additional protection or should be covered under home and contents insurance to make sure you’re not left out of pocket should the worst happen.” Flight delays are also likely to be experienced by those travelling to the Northern Hemisphere, as severe weather conditions are expected across the USA and Europe. “A white Christmas isn’t always a good thing for travellers. Aussies visiting the US should expect a chilling winter, with plenty of rain and snow. This applies across the States, as bitter cold temperatures are even predicted to reach as far south as Florida and the Gulf Coast.[4] Buying travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your flights can help to protect against cancellations and delays.” To help minimise the impact of potential misadventures, the team at World2Cover has five top tips for local holidaymakers heading away this summer: 1. Leave early – It’s the oldest trick in the book, but Christmas falls on a Sunday meaning you can expect even more people than usual to be hitting the roads, train lines and airways this Friday evening. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make your flights and connections, as most travel insurance policies will not cover missed flights simply because of traffic.  2. First in, best dressed – As it’s one of the busiest travel periods of the year, it’s not uncommon for accommodation providers and airlines to oversell spaces. Be sure to confirm your reservations and check in as early as possible to help protect you’re booking. 3. Avoid the ‘silly’ part of the season – Partygoers can get carried away with the Christmas spirit. Keep your wits about you when celebrating, don’t leave any personal items unattended – whether on the beach or at a bar seat – and make sure you know how to get back to your accommodation safely. Failure to take due care of your belongings can actually invalidate travel insurance coverage for any lost items. 4. Pack with care – If you’re taking Santa’s presents with you, safely wrap and carry any fragile or valuable items, taking as many as possible in your carry on to avoid any tears come Christmas morning. 5. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, even if you’re staying close to home – It’s important to be fully protected, even while travelling domestically. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of things that can go wrong on a local trip, including delays, cancellations, and lost or damaged luggage. Domestic cover can help protect against the impact of these potential nasty surprises, meaning you won’t be out of pocket during the already expensive holiday period.   For more information on the comprehensive range of coverage options from World2Cover, visit Limits, conditions and exclusions apply. Please read the PDS and full policy to ensure the cover is right for your circumstances.   END   For further information or images please contact: April Rose, History Will Be Kind, T: (02) 8046 4848  M: 0401 966 374 E : Note: World2Cover travel insurance was the 2016 winner of CANSTAR Outstanding Value Travel Insurance Awards for both its international and domestic products.   World2Cover ‘Good Company’ Philosophy: World2Cover’s philosophy of a Good Company is based on the pillars of looking beyond profit, empowering people, and delivering on commitments. World2Cover exemplifies the Japanese spirit of Omotenashi, the belief that great customer service and strong relationships are critical to any product, which is also embedded in the wider Tokio Marine Group.   About Tokio Marine: Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd (TMNF) was founded in 1879 as The Tokio Marine Insurance Company, Ltd. and has been operating in Australia since 1963. TMNF is Japan's largest non-life insurance company and is placed in the top ranking of non-life insurance companies worldwide. The Company began its operations in the marine insurance field, where it has long been recognised as a world leader with a long history of financial stability and an excellent security rating. They are now present in over 39 countries around the world with more than 40,000 employees globally.   *About INTAC: International Assistance Co.,Ltd (INTAC) is a 100% subsidiary of Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd (TMNF). They are a professional service which offers domestic medical assistance to overseas travellers visiting Japan, as part of their international travel policy. In operation since 1996, they provide an all-round support desk to aid in the logistics required to help sick or injured travellers. On behalf of international insurers they will guarantee the payment of medical expenses, provide emergency assistance and give help when it is needed. These services are part of a broad connected network of businesses that are much appreciated by foreign insurance companies and other assistance providers operating in Japan. INTAC is able to arrange repatriation of customers to their home country when they cannot continue their travels due to illness or injury, and can make special arrangements for escort doctors or nurses to accompany the travellers back home.  [1] [2] [3] Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research [4] IBI Times School Products Australia Announces Free Delivery on items Store Wide in the Lead Up to Christmas 2016-12-20T02:02:45Z school-products-australia-announces-free-delivery-on-items-store-wide-in-the-lead-up-to-christmas Christmas is a great time to be shopping for family stuff and when shopping during Christmas you surely cannot leave the kids behind. It’s the time celebrate with family and friends and the shopping list surely needs to include items for kids. School Products Australia is among the leading online stores for school and educational supplies, the store sells just about everything a growing and learning kid needs. Whether it is school supplies or educational toys or school hats and shirts you are sure to find all of this for kids of all ages at the right price.With Christmas around the corner the company has announced Free Delivery on any purchase over $120 on all products sold through the company’s website when you quote discount code FD1216 while checking out. School Products Australia offers Australia wide delivery on all orders and charges just $12.50 AUD + GST irrespective of the order size, so you do not have to pay more for big size orders.School Products Australia has been in the business of school and education supplies since 1986. The business is headquartered in Cannington, WA offering a largeand exciting range of products like art smocks,bibs, school hats, library bags Australia, shirts, educational toys, playmats etc all of which are excellent in qualityand value.Speaking to the media, Mr. Grant Warnock, Customer Service Managerat School Products Australia said, “At School Products Australia we are family owned business and family comes first for us. We understand that kids want toys for Christmas and that’s why we have a site wide discount offer starting Dec 20th all the way to January 7th 2017. Shoppers can choose from a range of educational toys, school shirts, school bags and hats all at the best festive prices.”If you have any questions regarding sizes, availability of products or order dispatching you can always speak with one of their friendly staff on toll free number 1800-633-356.For more information or to view the product range visit and quote discount code FD1216 when checking out to take advantage of their Free Delivery Deal. Shitbox Rally 2017 forms strategic partnership with Bingle 2016-12-18T21:00:00Z shitbox-rally-2017-forms-strategic-partnership-with-bingle-1 Monday 19th December 2016: Box Rallies is excited to announce Bingle as a major sponsor of Shitbox Rally 2017. The leading car insurer will also be supporting the rally with free third party property damage insurance.   Starting in Adelaide on Saturday 27 May 2017, 450 participants will take to the Australian outback in cars worth less than $1,000 all to raise much-needed funds for the critical cancer research initiatives of Cancer Council Australia. Shitbox Rally now in its eighth year was founded by James Freeman in 2010. Each year, the rally challenges teams to explore some of the most remote regions in Australia. In 2017, the rally will embark on an arduous 3,800km seven-day road adventure from Adelaide to Cairns via the Oodnadatta Track and Plenty Highway. “The rally teams already cover numerous costs and devote so much of their own time in preparing for the rally and fundraising,” says Alison Connolly, Bingle’s Executive Manager, “Bingle believes in making everything ‘as simple as it sounds’ so as part of our sponsorship we’re proud to be making things simpler by providing free Third Party Property Damage Insurance to the rally teams.” Box Rallies Founder James Freeman welcomes Bingle’s support to the rally. “For years I have thought that an insurance company would be an ideal sponsor for the rally, so I am thrilled Bingle have come on board for 2017.  They have the right attitude for what we do at Shitbox and they are very supportive to our philosophy around humor and challenges. Their tongue in cheek name works so well with ours and the support they are giving to the rally teams is greatly appreciated,” says Mr Freeman. To further support Shitbox Rally, Bingle is also entering its own rally team to get the full experience for themselves. Shitbox Rally has raised over $8.164 million to date since its inception in 2010. For further information or to support the cause with a donation, visit or  ABOUT BOX RALLIESShitbox Rally is not a race but rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable: to drive cars worth $1,000 or less across Australia via some of its most arduous roads - all to raise money for cancer research. Shitbox Rally was founded in 2009 by James Freeman after both of his parents died from cancer within 12 months of each other as a way of raising money and awareness in the fight against cancer – a disease that now affects so many people. Over the last seven years, Shitbox Rally has raised over $8.164 million for cancer research, making the rally the largest independent fundraiser for the Cancer Council nationally.     The rally is a reward for all the fundraising the dedicated participants do to put into research for prevention and ultimately to help find a cure for cancer, and it’s a chance to meet like-minded people and see our vast and beautiful country in a totally unique way. To qualify to be in Shitbox Rally, supporters must have raised a minimum of $4,000. 2017 marks the eighth Shitbox Rally. Previous rally routes include 2016 Mackay to Hobart across Bass Strait, 2015 Canberra to Townsville via the Birdsville Track, 2014 Perth to Darwin via the Gibb River Road, 2013 Adelaide to Fremantle via Uluru, 2012 Melbourne to Cairns via Innamincka, 2011 Brisbane to Darwin via the Savannah Way and 2010 Sydney to Alice Springs via the Oodnadatta Track. For more details please visit Overwhelmed by the tremendous success in its first international destination in New Zealand, Shitbox Rally NZ is returning in February 2017. To register for 2017 Shitbox Rally New Zealand, or to find out more information, visit An additional $2.01 million has also been raised for Cancer Council Australia over the past three years of Mystery Box Rally, a similar concept also created by James Freeman. Known as Shitbox Rally’s mad baby brother, Mystery Box is, as the name suggests, a mysterious adventure in mystery cars with a shorter distance and less days travelling. Unlike Shitbox Rally, each location is a mystery, adding to the excitement and adventure of the drive. For more information please visit  MEDIA CONTACT Holysmoke! Agency Amanda Fry P: 0418 262 282 E;  For media Inquiries, please contact: Rob White External Relations Manager Insurance Suncorp 0411 881 887 REDBALLOON SMASHES ANOTHER GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ TITLE 2016-12-17T07:04:52Z redballoon-smashes-another-guinness-world-records-title RedBalloon, Australia’s leading online experience destination has today smashed the Guinness World Records title for the most tandem skydives in an eight hour period. Taking place in Wollongong, the record attempt saw 155 daredevil participants jump out of a plane dressed in Santa suits, creating an unforgettable festive experience for all involved. With the number to beat set at 94, RedBalloon smashed it out of the sky, getting all 155 participants across the line in under 8 hours, an incredible feat. The event saw RedBalloon partner with children’s cancer charity Camp Quality, where a total amount of $5,000 was raised and presented to the charity on the day, with many families and Camp Quality volunteers also participating in the Guinness World Records attempt. Some familiar faces also joined the fun, with a team from Survivor Australia 2016 donning parachutes, alongside some recent favourites from the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. “We’re absolutely thrilled at the outcome of the attempt and to have achieved another Guinness World Records title,” RedBalloon CEO Nick Baker said. “We broke the Guinness World Records title for the world’s largest surf lesson last year and had such a blast that we wanted to do something even more thrilling this year. It’s becoming a bit of a RedBalloon Christmas tradition. “RedBalloon is all about creating moments and that’s something we definitely achieved today. We hope that each and every participant had fun and relished the opportunity to tick skydiving off their bucket list, and leaves today with another great Christmas memory.” “RedBalloon is one of our official partners and has supported the charity for a number of years, including hosting a number of Camp Quality families across a variety of RedBalloon experiences earlier this year,” Camp Quality Regional Manager - ACT/Illawarra Sonia Cameron said. “We loved being a part of this very special Guinness World Records event and it was great to see the smiles on the faces of our Camp Quality families.” RedBalloon gifts and vouchers will be available throughout the whole festive season, meaning last minute shoppers can purchase unique and meaningful presents right up to Christmas morning. For last minute gift ideas and experiences, visit   About RedBalloon is Australia’s most awarded online experience retailer and home of ‘things to do.’ RedBalloon has sold more than 3 million experiences since it was established in 2001. Today it offers almost 4,000 unique experiences from more than 1000 providers across Australia and New Zealand. RedBalloon also distributes gift cards through selected major retailers nationally, including Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Australia Post, Target, Kmart and Officeworks. Visit for more information. About Camp Quality Camp Quality is Australia’s most trusted children’s charity. Our purpose is to create the best quality of life for every child in Australia who is growing up with cancer. We provide essential services to kids with cancer aged 0-13 and their families through every stage of their cancer journey. We also support children who have a parent or sibling with cancer. Further Information: Victoria Ancell, 8987 2137/ 0476 274 275 Brother Continues Reign as PCMag Readers’ Choice with Eighth Consecutive Win for Best Printers 2016-12-15T00:27:34Z brother-continues-reign-as-pcmag-readers-choice-with-eighth-consecutive-win-for-best-printers (Click here or the image above to download high resolution images)Sydney, Australia - 15th December, 2016 – Continuing its dominance of PCMag’s annual awards, Brother, a leader in office workflow solutions, has been recognised with its eighth consecutive Readers’ Choice Award for best printers. Brother printers were also recognised with PCMag’s Business Choice Award for the fourth year in a row.This is the eighth consecutive year that Brother has been recognised by PCMag readers as the best in overall satisfaction for printers. Brother also received top scores for satisfaction in several other categories including setup experience, satisfaction with reliability, document output quality, and cost of ink and toner. Brother printers were also recognised as needing the least repairs in the last twelve months.“This is our 28th year of recognising outstanding technology products and services for their reliability,” said Dan Costa, Editor-in-Chief of PCMag. “Brother has dominated the Readers’ Choice awards for printers in nearly every category for almost a decade. Our readers love the brand for both home and workplace printing.”Brother Printers Receive Top Scores in Multiple CategoriesThe PCMag Readers’ Choice Awards are based on overall customer satisfaction and printer attributes including setup, reliability, printing quality, technical support, repairs and the cost of consumables.In addition to the best overall rating, Brother printers also dominated the subcategories earning recognition as the best printers less than a year old, printers for home, inkjet all-in-one printers, monochrome laser printers, monochrome all-in-one laser printers, and colour all-in-one laser printers.“This consistent recognition from the readers of PCMag speaks to our commitment to delivering the highest quality, most cost efficient printers,” said Stefanie Murphy, Marketing Specialist at Brother International Australia. “Our leadership in the printer category is also a testament to the dedication shown by all of our employees from product developers to our customer support team.”The PCMag Readers’ Choice winners are determined by an email survey of PCMag community members that subscribe to the Readers' Choice Survey mailing list. This year’s survey was conducted between  June 20, 2016 and July 11, 2016. Respondents were asked to rate their printer using multiple questions about their overall satisfaction with the solution, as well as experiences with technical support within the past 12 months.About Brother International (Aust) Pty Ltd:With over 100 years in operation, Brother International is a leading global manufacturer of laser printers, label printers, Multi-Function Centres®, mobile printers, scanners, mobile scanners, fax machines, P-touch electronic labellers, typewriters and sewing machines. A specialist in its product lines, Brother combines customer satisfaction and comprehensive measures for environmental conservation, to manufacture innovative, reliable and practical products to enhance the consumer's lifestyle.Brother Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brother Industries, which was founded in 1908 in Japan. Brother Australia was established in 1977, with a head office located in Sydney and State offices nationally throughout Australia.About Brother Earth:Brother always takes responsibility, acts respectfully and tries to make a positive difference. Brother Earth is Brother’s attitude and commitment to play a part in building a society with sustainable development. Help the environment now by giving a click at Brother will contribute to a variety of global environmental protection activities on your behalf. The number of clicks each project receives will determine proportionately how the funds will be allocated.NOTE: All referenced trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies. AirPrint is a trademark of Apple Inc. ©2015 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google Cloud Print and Google Drive are trademarks of Google Inc. Mopria is a trademark of Mopria Alliance, Inc. SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneNote are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in Australia and/or other countries. EVERNOTE is a trademark of Evernote Corporation and used under a license. Online Women’s Run Community Announces Online Membership and Foundation 2016-12-13T22:55:26Z online-women-s-run-community-announces-online-membership-and-foundation 14 December 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Online Women’s Run Community Announces Online Membership and Foundation Running Divas Australia, a leading online women’s run community, has launched its online membership, while also unveiling its new Running Divas Charity Foundation. “After months and months of hard work behind the scenes, we’re really excited to share our online membership with our dedicated community,” said Running Divas founder, Erica King. “Any female runner out there knows how hard it is to find reputable information that’s tailored specifically for women and we’re thrilled to be able to fill this gap in the market.” The Running Divas Charity Foundation was launched alongside its online membership with the intent to change more women’s lives through running. “I’m delighted to announce that a percentage of our profits will be allocated to the Foundation, along with a percentage of monies collected from third parties,” said Ms King. She added: “Each year, we’ll be carefully selecting 6 or more disadvantaged women from around the world to be part of a running adventure that will be fully funded by Running Divas.” “We will also be providing running shoes, run clothing and run equipment to selected women’s run groups around the world to those who don’t have access to such items on an annual basis.” -- Ends-- For interview or photo opportunities with Erica King, please contact Sarah Cannata on 0407 536 133. Learn more about Running Divas memberships: About Running Divas Running Divas Australia is an online women’s running community that transforms lives, one run at a time. Founded in 2010 by Erica King, Running Divas is a leading online resource for female runners of all ages, abilities and running experience. In 2016, Ms King launched the Running Divas Charity Foundation, which sees 6 disadvantaged women from around the world selected to be part of a fully paid running adventure each year. Karaoke Machines to be Discontinued on January 10, 2017 2016-12-13T18:48:42Z karaoke-machines-to-be-discontinued-on-january-10-2017 In an ongoing effort to streamline and improve business, Awesome Party Hire, better known as the top hire company for jumping castles, announced that it will be discontinuing the hiring out of karaoke machines as of January 10, 2017. Event organisers have used these electrical machines for the past 2 years, saving them money as opposed to actually buying one. Melbourne party-goers also claim that karaokes bring about epic level of fun during parties, where each guest gets a chance to shine in his or her own way. Awesome Party Hire recognizes that finding alternatives may be challenging and is therefore providing customers with additional information and resources on the company website at When asked about the reasons behind the decision to end the product, Sam Balcombe, General Manager of Awesome Party Hire said, "Although karaoke machines promote a variety of party fun, it is being discontinued because of the high incidence of manhandling the machine thus costing damage and costly repairs." Awesome Party Hire have also expressed that they will focus more of their resources to satisfy hire demand for inflatables rather than repair of electrical party equipment. They believe this will be a win-win for both their customers and the company itself. Event organisers looking for the most up-to-date information about the shutdown process for karaoke machines can view specific information at Customers who have specific questions about their rentals may contact Awesome Party Hire via their website. THE FLOAT SPACE BRISBANE NOW OPEN IN WEST END: EVERYONE DESERVES STRESS RELIEF! 2016-12-09T10:26:41Z the-float-space-brisbane-now-open-in-west-end-everyone-deserves-stress-relief After successfully facilitating over 10,000 floats since opening of The Float Space in Maroochydore in 2015 on the Sunshine Coast, The Float Space has now launched their highly anticipated new Float and Cryotherapy Centre, in Brisbane West End.  The Float space offers a unique and top of the line experience in a segment that is steadily gaining, each of their centre boasting 3 of the world’s most luxurious, largest and most advanced float pods on the market, to give you the optimum float experience.  The new Brisbane location further offers Far Infrared Sauna as well as Whole Body Cryotherapy to maximise the float benefits, and help to relieve stress, tension, anxiety and pain, detox, improve skin health, as well as speed up recovery after exercise and injury.  The Float Space is a hydro-therapy floating spa that features light and sound controlled pods containing 500 litres of water with over 600 kgs of Epsom salt, creating a relaxing and reenergising experience that renews the body, refreshes the mind, and revives the senses. During a float the effects of gravity on the central nervous system are suspended, allowing floaters to lose awareness of where the body ends and the water begins, giving you a chance to truly unplug from the world. Resting in this unique, controlled environment improves the overall functions of the brain and central nervous system, which helps boost immunity, balance sleep and even reduce blood pressure by putting the user in a mediative state where there is no gravity and no outside distractions. The effects of floating are so profound that one hour in one hour in the float tank is said to be equivalent to 8 hours of deep sleep. "Float therapy for me personally has healed me from chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue and Lyme disease. I've also never felt more relaxed and energised than I do after I float," said Janina Hildebrand, Co-Founder of The Float Space. "Floating has had such a life changing impact for me that I decided to open may own centre to help make this therapy available to the community. Our mission is to provide others with a space that cultivates profound healing, relaxation and recovery in a way that simply can not be found anywhere else, while educating them on how floatation can make them less stressed, happier and healthier. That's the reason why we're here." With 2 float locations, one on the Sunshine Coast and its newest in Brisbane, The Float Space is placing itself at the forefront of Australia's floatation industry. So if you are looking for a stress-free getaway and a way to enhance your mental and physical health and performance to reach your absolute best, The Float Space is the perfect place to go.  For more information visit About The Float Space Founded in 2015 in Maroochydore, and expanding to Brisbane West End in November 2016, The Float Space is a floatation therapy concept using float tanks containing over 600 kgs of Epsom salt dissolved into skin temperature water that provides a unique and cutting edge experience to customers with a high-end spa ambiance.  The Float Space Brisbane 4/394 Montague Rd West End 4101 QLD 07 3844 4676 REDBALLOON TO ATTEMPT GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ TITLE IN LEAD UP TO CHRISTMAS 2016-12-05T22:33:03Z redballoon-to-attempt-guinness-world-records-title-in-lead-up-to-christmas RedBalloon, Australia’s leading online experience and ‘things to do’ destination is gearing up to break another Guinness World Records record title this December. Taking place in Wollongong, NSW on Saturday 17 December, RedBalloon is attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for ‘the most tandem parachute jumps in eight hours’ and is calling for eager daredevils who want to cross skydiving off their bucket list and achieve a world record to boot. These record breaking attempts are becoming somewhat of a habit for the gift retailer following last year’s record smash for ‘world’s largest surf lesson’ which saw 320 people congregate on iconic Bondi Beach dressed in Santa outfits. The number of jumps required to set the new record is 94, however RedBalloon has set an ambitious target of 150 jumps within the given time period. The event is completely free for the lucky 150 participants who make the list. In partnership with children’s cancer charity, Camp Quality, participants will be encouraged to donate on the day, and RedBalloon will be donating $10 per skydive to the charity alongside running a competition for celebrity guests in attendance, which will see a bonus $1,000 donated to the charity every time the RedBalloon target is landed on.  “We’re very excited about this record attempt. RedBalloon has always been known for pushing the boundaries and testing our limits, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to be the new Guinness World Records title holders for this skydiving experience,” RedBalloon CEO Nick Baker said. “We’re really looking forward to seeing the public get involved and tick skydiving off their bucket list whilst creating some great new memories in the lead up to Christmas. Participants can register for this experience free of charge through the RedBalloon website.” If you’re interested in participating in this unique Guinness World Record attempt, visit the RedBalloon website to register: Spaces are strictly limited so people are advised to get in quickly to avoid disappointment. A skydiving experience is just one of the thousands of experiences offered by RedBalloon this Christmas. With Christmas just around the corner, RedBalloon is making it easier for Australians to find truly special presents with an expanded range of almost 4,000 experiences, as well as hundreds of unique and personalised products available through the newly launched RedBalloon gifts and vouchers will be available throughout the whole festive season, meaning last minute shoppers can purchase unique and meaningful presents right up to Christmas morning. For last minute gift ideas and experiences, visit   -ENDS- ABOUT REDBALLOON is Australia’s most awarded online experience retailer and home of ‘things to do’. RedBalloon has sold more than 3 million experiences since it was established in 2001. Today it offers almost 4,000 unique experiences from more than 1000 providers across Australia and New Zealand. RedBalloon also distributes gift cards through selected major retailers nationally, including Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Australia Post, Target, Kmart and Officeworks. Visit for more information.   ABOUT CAMP QUALITYCamp Quality is Australia’s most trusted children’s charity. Our purpose is to create the best quality of life for every child in Australia who is growing up with cancer. We provide essential services to kids with cancer aged 0-13 and their families through every stage of their cancer journey. We also support children who have a parent or sibling with cancer.   Further Information: Laura Sedgwick, / 02 8987 2114/ 0451 041 705 Australia’s best beach… that you’ve never heard of 2016-12-02T20:16:18Z australia-s-best-beach-that-you-ve-never-heard-of DECEMBER 3 2016: Cossies Beach, located on the Cocos Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean, has been named Australia’s best beach by beach expert and Tourism Australia Aquatic and Coastal Ambassador, Brad Farmer.   Cossies Beach on Direction Island offers visitors an experience like no other with white sand, turquoise water, spectacular sea life, ferry rides often accompanied by dolphins and a wifi hotspot so you can share your experience with the world.   “We are one of Australia’s best-kept secrets – paradise defined: safe swimming, crystal clear warm water, abundant marine life, friendly locals, picture postcard scenery everywhere you turn,” Cocos Keeling Islands Tourism Association Marketing Manager, Rik Soderlund, said.   “We would go so far as to say Cossies Beach is not just the best in Australia, but the world!” Mr Soderlund said. “We have limited visitor capacity, so you’ll never be crowded like on Bondi Beach and you can enjoy a really unique experience whether you’re relaxing or taking part in one of the huge range of activities we offer.”   Mr Farmer and his colleague, Professor Andy Short, published their benchmark guide to Australia’s best beaches in 2012 and have spent the past five months compiling the latest Australia’s Best Beaches 2017.   Prior to Mr Farmer’s visit, the beach did not have a name and was referred to as Direction Island, or DI to the locals. Mr Farmer named the small strip of pristine coast after Australia’s 26th Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove, who like Mr Farmer was taken with the area’s spectacular beauty on a visit to commemorate the centenary of the Sydney-Emden naval battle in 2014.   Mr Farmer and Professor Short assessed a raft of independent and scientific criteria to describe Cossies “as near to perfect as a beach can be”. It also happens to be Australia’s most remote beach.   The Cocos Keeling Islands are made up of two atolls and 27 coral islands, of which only two are populated. Of these, West Island and Home Island, are inhabited with a population around 600. You can reach the destination via a four-and-a-half-hour flight from Perth.   Visitors to the Cocos Keeling Islands can participate in a wide range of activities including kite surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, fishing and birdwatching. Or, of course, just relaxing on Australia’s best beach.   “We have so much to offer and many people don’t know that we exist or that we are even part of Australia. Now the secret’s out, we’re looking forward to sharing paradise with new visitors,” Mr Soderlund said.     ENDS           FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Danielle Veldre Gate 7 M: +61 408 972 997 E:     ABOUT COCOS KEELING ISLANDS Offering spectacular snorkeling, world-class diving, excellent fishing and the adrenalin-rush of kitesurfing, the Cocos Keeling Islands are also a deeply tranquil holiday location. Relax on empty beaches, visit uninhabited islands by canoe, watch spectacular birdlife or catch the ferry to Home Island and discover the culture and traditions of the Cocos Malay people.   School Products Australia - Offering Logo Printing Services on School Items 2016-12-01T06:21:12Z school-products-australia-offering-logo-printing-services-on-school-items In the modern world, branding is a necessity to have an edge over others and most importantly to have a recall value among customers. The family-owned business, School Products Australia facilitates in the same by offering superior logo printing services at an affordable rate. The company is also into offering a large number of school products that are of excellent quality. It is manufacturing and importing fabric products since last three decades and has its emphasis on client satisfaction. In fact, it has successfully introduced the ‘Your Choice’ and ‘Skolz’ brand in 2004 and 2012 respectively. Durable Logo Prints By School Products AustraliaSchools or various other organizations can avail its logo printing services to have their logo on its products to add a value to their existing or new brand. Apart from screen-printing and digital thermal printing, there is an option of getting a logo embroidered on the products too.  Be it printing a one-color logo or a three-color logo, School Products Australia has shown its brilliance umpteen times over the years. The logos are printed in standard colors or in any Pantone Matching System (PMS) color to match the exact logo color of brands. Moreover, the logo prints are durable, and it is possible to wash them gently in a washing machine as all the print items are tunnel dried for ensuring the same. Range Of Products By School Products Australia The company offers a range of colorful school products with delivery in Australia in a hassle-free manner. Some of these products are the following ones:• Bags and Bag packs• Hanging Organizers• Art Smocks and Over pants• School Hats and caps• Ultra protect sunscreen• Bib aprons and pinafores • Musical instruments• Classroom mats• Puzzle and toysPresently, the company is catering to a large number of Australian schools, childcare centers, and senior colleges. The logo printing services are available for both waterproof and non-waterproof fabrics.About the company:School Products Australia offers a wide range of school accessories like school hats, art smocks and much more to help the parents and children to have all the things ready for school in time online. The company also offers excellent logo printing services on the school products to create a brand identity. For more information about the company, please visit Contact:School Products Australia34 Morgan Street, CANNINGTON WA 6107FREECALL 1800 633 356