The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-30T20:00:00Z Shark Shield Announces Breakthrough Long Range Shark Deterrent 2017-04-30T20:00:00Z shark-shield-announces-breakthrough-long-range-shark-deterrent Media Release - 1 May 2017 Following their presentation at the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures last week, Shark Shield, manufacturers of the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent, has today announced the pre-production release of a long-range version of its technology. The new Shark Shield Ocean Guardian is based on 20 years of research and utilizes a patented Metamaterial Electromagnetic Transducer, with expectations of repelling sharks within a 100-meter diameter of each unit installed. Lindsay Lyon, Shark Shield CEO says, “The Ocean Guardian has been many years in the making and has come about through a partnership with leading physicists and biologists. We have been able to produce a long-range shark deterrent solution to not only protect beach goers but significantly reduce the environmental impacts caused by using shark nets, drum lines and culling.” The new transducer form is based on technology used to treat patients in the medical field including, oncology, urology and other chronic diseases, with clinical studies demonstrating that the electromagnetic field does not affect the health of humans or ocean life, such as sharks or dolphins. “Sharks have small short range electrical receptors in their snouts used for finding food. Shark Shield’s electromagnetic field causes unbearable spasms in these sensitive sensors, which turn sharks away, this has been well proven over the past twenty years. The Ocean Guardian leverages this weakness in sharks to not only deter them, but in the long run we hope to teach them to stay away from beaches protected by Shark Shield,” says Lyon. “Classical conditioning, also known as Pavlovianor respondent conditioning, refers to a learning procedure in which a biologically potent stimulus, such as food, is paired with a previously neutral stimulus, such as long term use of Shark Shield Ocean Guardian. With our Ocean Guardian in place, over time sharks will learn to not enter the area and over time will avoid the area due to the unpleasant effects of the electromagnetic field,” adds Lyon. Facts about the Shark Shield Ocean Guardian: The Ocean Guardian transducer utilizes Metamaterials, or sometimes also known as Artificial Electromagnetic Materials, these are new materials, which have anomalous interaction with electromagnetic fields. The engineering of these unique materials results in physical properties not otherwise obtainable with natural materials enabling advanced improvements in the performance of conventional electromagnetic devices. Starting from these concepts and theoretical background of artificial electromagnetic materials and metamaterials, Shark Shield has developed a transducer with significantly improved losses. The creation of this negative index material has resulted in a reduction of transducer losses in producing electromagnetic fields, this innovation has led to the new long range technology in the new Shark Shield Ocean Guardian Shark Shield is seeking a $1M in investment capital to complete the commercialization of the Ocean Guardian, which will also be targeted at the global luxury yacht market, and will be partnering with independent scientists to further validate the company’s own extensive testing. About Shark Shield Shark Shield is the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Sharks have small short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for locating food. Shark Shield’s unique three-dimensional electrical waveform turns sharks away by causing unbearable spasms in these sensitive receptors. Used by professionals, such as navies around the world, Shark Shield is a safety device providing peace of mind, while supporting the conservation of sharks. If you’re serious about adventure, you wear a Shark Shield. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ For further information or to set up and interview with Lindsay Lyon from Shark Shield, please contact: Rachel King @ 360 PR: 0423 833 814 or Inner West Trends from Q1 with Cameron Nicholls 2017-04-27T03:07:32Z inner-west-trends-from-q1-with-cameron-nicholls Abbotsford based property expert and founder of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents, Cameron Nicholls, recaps the results from the first quarter of 2017 and shares his predictions for the inner west in the run to the end of financial year. Cameron Nicholls, Founder and Principal of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents, says of the next quarter (Q2), “With Easter and Anzac Day at the start of the quarter, the market will start off quite unsettled as with the holidays usually comes a slower start in the housing market than normal.” No need to fret, Cameron reassures, “I expect that there will be a flurry of new listings in the form of one and two bedroom apartments hitting the market at the beginning of the second quarter. So, it’s looking up for people looking to enter the property market or downsizing from the family home to apartment living.” Abbotsford Property Statistics for Q1: Total properties sold - 21 Highest sale price - $2,060,000 Median sale price - $1,317,083.33 Percentage of houses vs units: 90.5/9.5 The most recent sales from Nicholls & Co include: 27/16 Orchards Avenue, Breakfast Point - $990,000 101/4 Lewis Ave, Rhodes - $1,530,000 11/33 Peninsula Drive, Breakfast Point - $2,700,000 13/22 Harrow Road, Stanmore - $425,000 368 Georges River Road, Croydon Park - $1,251,000 203/12 Orchards Avenue, Breakfast Point - $990,000 For more information go to EcoTools Unveils New Modern Eco Collection 2017-04-27T01:30:00Z ecotools-unveils-new-modern-eco-collection EcoTools®, a leader in authentic beauty, celebrates its 10th anniversary milestone with the unveiling of the New Modern Eco Collection, featuring gorgeous rebranding and new product innovation. With a bold, fresh and contemporary look, the brand advances its makeup brush collection, including pioneering the first-ever makeup sponge made from plant based materials. As part of the 10 year milestone, the entire collection has evolved based on the wants and needs of today’s women and features a refreshed logo and packaging with clean colours and modern metallic accents. Highlight updates include: Redesigned makeup brushes, featuring tapered light-weight brush handles still made from renewable bamboo, for improved comfort and performance, in a brighter wood colour, with contemporary gunmetal ferrules and beautiful ombre bristles. On-package education that takes the intimidation out of the makeup brush aisle. Each product directly links to a recommended colour cosmetic pairing, showcases the end benefit, features a face chart for application and identifies the level of coverage to help simplifying her beauty routine. Continuing to be eco-minded, the entire 2017 collection is comprised of renewable and recyclable materials including tree-free paper, vegetable based inks and RPET clamshell packaging, to help remove materials from the waste stream. 100% vegan and PETA certified, with all EcoTools makeup brushes and sponges you can be assured your beauty routine is as good for the environment as it is for your makeup finish! For more information, please contact Rachel King @ 360 PR: / (02) 9571 4448 Have you started compromising your immunity with over-use of antibiotics? 2017-04-21T05:23:09Z have-you-started-compromising-your-immunity-with-over-use-of-antibiotics Antibiotics is indeed an essential one in modern medical care and it represented a positive impact in medical field. But we should also be aware of the fact that even main stream medical journal has researches that warn against the excessive use of antibiotics. The job of antibiotics is to kill all the micro-organisms in our body indiscriminately.  We often develop vaginal and intestinal yeast infections after taking a course of antibiotics for some other infection, say, strep throat. This happens because the antibiotics indiscriminately kills lactobacillus bacteria that does good for our gut. One should be aware if an antibiotics is prescribed routinely (sometimes it is given for a viral infection !). When taken repeatedly it creates a resistance in our body and much stronger dose is necessary to treat further. This weakens the immune system and hinders the body's natural healing mechanism instead of aiding it. Dr. Hahnemann, he father of Homeopathy, in his scholarly treatise The Organon of Healing states that infectious diseases must be cured by treating the person and not by killing the microbes or removing symptoms. The remedy should awaken the body's natural ability to cure. It should just be a stimulus and body should do the healing task. A homeopathic remedy can trigger the immune system and give a right shape of cure naturally.  Parents, today, prefer naturalistic medicine which do not harm or restrict the functioning of immune of the children. Ayurclinic functions at three places in Australia, making naturalistic cure accessible to all. There are Homeopathic practirioners, Ayurvedic doctors and Yoga instructors providing an integrated three-fold remedy for all your ailments. Smart Space Saving Ideas! 2017-04-19T00:12:06Z smart-space-saving-ideas Smart Space Saving Ideas Design & Styling Tips by Justine Wilson Media Release - April 2017 With more and more of us compromising space for a vibrant inner city lifestyle, it’s hard to imagine that with a few small changes to our living quarters we can not only create more space, but also a more organised way of living. “There are so many wonderful DIY space saving options out there now! Every home is different and so are your needs and wants, so it’s important to work out which options are within your budget and what solutions are the smartest for your home,” says Justine. Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors shares her top space saving tips: 1. Seasonal Storage – Who doesn’t want a streamline immaculate wardrobe? If yours is bursting at the seams, divide your clothing and accessories into seasons. Just pack away and rotate when required. Space bags, shoe storage boxes and under bed storage boxes are all quick, easy and affordable ways to do this. 2. Multifunctional Furniture – Investing in multifunctional furniture is one of the smartest ways to free up more space. Beds and ottomans with storage are the most common and easiest to find. The IKEA Malm bed offers four drawers of storage and an optional bedhead with shelving for books or accessories. 3. Dual Purpose Spaces – Try converting a spare bedroom into both a study area and guest room by using a sofa bed instead of a traditional bed is one great idea. In the past, finding a sofa bed was limiting, however you no longer have to compromise on style as there are many well designed sofa bed options available. 4. Smart Storage – Joinery is a significant way to change the way you live and has endless possibilities when it comes to storage. Unused areas can be transformed into functional storage spaces with only a small amount of work, e.g. bench seating built under windows or storage under the staircase. Something like these stairs (below) require a little more time and money but we think the result is definitely worthwhile! 5. Think Vertical – Why not use walls to create space? Pegboards are flexible and fun and can be used for both practical and display purposes. Regardless of whether you’re hanging cleaning essentials or an ornament arrangement, you can add colour and life to your walls with only a small amount of effort. 6. Floating Furniture – Floating shelves are a light, open and seamless way to display items. We love to utilise perspex or glass box shelving to create a sophisticated and interesting way to showcase items you may not have room to display. These can be stagnant or can act as changing artworks within your home. For more information, please visit Zeal launches new Classic colour palette 2017-04-18T00:16:44Z zeal-launches-new-classic-colour-palette Proving that kitchenware can be fashionable as well as functional Zeal is pleased to announce their new Classic Silicone Range now available in Australia. This new range exudes style with no compromise on quality and radiates a fabulous cool, calming palette of pale blue, grey, green and cream which has taken direction from the latest trends in interiors. With over 35 years experience in the field, UK silicone experts Zeal manufacture their products to the highest possible standards with EEC quality approved silicone which remains odourless and will not absorb flavours or stain during use. All Zeal products are BPA free, heat resistant to at least 250°C, dishwasher safe, non-scratch and suitable for non-stick pans and come with a 10 Year Warranty. The new Zeal Classic Silicone Range includes: Zeal Silicone Slotted Turner RRP $16.95 – Steel strengthened, hard nylon core to provide flexibility and durability, 300mm (L). Zeal Silicone Spatula Spoon 20cm RRP $12.95 & 26cm RRP $16.95 – Steel strengthened, provides a unique and flexible square ended kitchen spoon. Zeal Silicone Ergo Spatula RRP $13.95 – Steel strengthened with an ergonomically designed spatula head – perfect for getting the last drop out of jars. Zeal Silicone Tongs RRP $12.95/$21.95 – Grooved ergonomic, anti pinch handles, perfect grip silicone heads, easy to handle dimensions & mechanism. Available in 7 inches and 12 inches. Zeal Silicone Cooks Spoon 30cm RRP $19.95 – Unique reinforced steel construction throughout, perfect for use on non-stick pans. Zeal Silicone Whisk RRP $19.95 – Silicone-coated wires protect your ceramic bowls & non-stick pans, silicone handle with ball end for comfortable hold while whisking. Available in green & cream. 260mm (L) x 60mm (W). Zeal Silicone Measuring Spoon Set RRP $16.95 – Tablespoon (beechwood), Teaspoon, 1⁄2 Teaspoon, 1⁄4 Teaspoon & 1/8 Teaspoon. Zeal Silicone Large Hot Mat 22cm RRP $14.95 – Heat resistant multi-use silicone surface protector, features non-slip grooves and hanging loop. Zeal Silicone Baking Mat RRP $24.95 – Non-stick preparation, baking and freezing sheet withstands high temperatures up to 300°C. Suitable for the oven, dishwasher, freezer and microwave. Much more environmentally friendly than baking paper! 420mm (L) x 295mm (W). The new Zeal Classic Range is available now at Grand Opening of Parklane Dream Squad Australia 2017-04-10T11:48:15Z grand-opening-of-parklane-dream-squad-australia Pioneer in the direct sales industry for 61 years, Park Lane Jewellery, has officially launched the newest franchise in Sydney, Australia beginning April 10th, 2017.  With Australia experiencing stagnant growth and growing unemployment, Park Lane will be committed to offering all of Australia the opportunity to own a home-based enterprise backed by a well-established, debt-free, Direct Sales Jewellery giant.   Business partners Mary Brigden and Laura Zammit will be the newest Park Lane Jewellery (Subsidiary of Jewels by Park Lane US) Franchise Owners/Operators in Sydney, Australia. Both have a long history of success within direct sales and business. Mary has been recognized Worldwide as a top direct sales leader, building multi-million dollar businesses as field leader, corporate executive, mentor and coach. Mary’s passion and energy drove her to find the very best Direct Sales opportunity in the world, and bring it to the women and men of Australia. Laura, with 14 years of experience as a top sales leader here in Australia, brings extensive field experience and creative marketing back ground to the Parklane Dream Squad team. Both are excited to be launching this amazing opportunity.  “We very are ecstatic to have Mary & Laura as franchise owners in Australia,” said Park Lane’s Vice President of International Sales Tom Judson. “Taking all that the World’s leader in Direct Sales Jewellery offers, and partnering it with such exceptional leaders creates the most amazing opportunity now in Australia.” Park Lane Jewellery, based in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA is a second-generation family-owned-and-operated company.  Park Lane was founded in Chicago, in 1955, by Shirley and Arthur LeVin.  Through their efforts, the company is today recognised as the leading fashion Jewellery direct sales company, known especially for its generous representative, hostess, and customer programs which include guaranteed products, no-product buy-in at startup, and high-quality fashion Jewellery.  Park Lane offers the perfect solution to mothers who wish to spend time with their children yet want the opportunity to generate income for their families.  It also can be a great part-time endeavor for anyone wishing to supplement income, start their own business, or create financial independence.  If you are looking to create your own work schedule, earn trips, Jewellery and prizes, then explore the opportunities available at Park Lane Jewellery. To find out more about earning free Jewellery by hosting a Park Lane fashion Jewellery get-together, or to learn about the new opportunities in Park Lane Jewellery Australia, contact at 0477 88 0121.  Visit the Park Lane website at www. to see what all of the excitement is all about. Contact Hair Services Artistic Director Heads to Italy 2017-04-06T09:41:04Z contact-hair-services-artistic-director-heads-to-italy Renato De Felice, Artistic Director and Head Educator of Emsibeth in Australia, has headed back to Italy to join Emsibeth’s international team for a three-day closed door event to expose the company's latest designs and new products. Contact Hair Services, exclusive importers of the Italian made professional hair care range Emsibeth, have also sent their new colourist Claire Mason to Italy with Renato to participate in the international event. “Our main aim is to give a unique opportunity to the professionals of our craft and build a strong artistic and educational bond with Italy Emsibeth Cosmetics," said Renato, as he left Australia's shores. "We have just formed and launched our new EMSIBETH ARTISTIC TEAM AUSTRALIA and have completed our first collection photo shoot in Perth. "Our new 2017 EDUCATION catalogue is out now and offers courses to all professionals of the craft and all levels.” Renato and the team will be back in Australia to present their new collection DREAM 2017 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on 9 April. Tickets are selling fast and seats are limited. Visit www.contacthairservices for more details.   TANYA GORG BEAUTY AND MAKEUP LOUNGE LAUNCH IN MONTEREY NSW 2017-04-03T01:06:47Z tanya-gorg-beauty-and-makeup-lounge-launch-in-monterey-nsw-1 Sydney’s newest and most elite makeup lounge “Tanya Gorg” will launch in Monterey NSW on Wednesday 5th April. A guest list including some of Sydney’s Socialites and Celebrity stylists will attend to celebrate the launch of this new and exciting addition to South Sydney’s Tanya Gorg, proprietor and Chief Creative Director is no stranger to the makeup scene, previously operating out of Double Bay servicing Sydney’s socialites and working with some of the biggest names in bridal and fashion editorial. Tanya opens her doors in Monterey to bring her creative vision to her clients in a convenient, local location.  “I am excited to bring my craft to Sydney’s South with the opening of my new studio”, said Tanya. “The right makeup application can bring out not only natural beauty but also confidence and I am excited to share my beauty secrets with our new clients”. Tanya will be supported at the launch by leading brand partners and ambassadors from Lonvitalite, Bella Bronze Tan, Makeup & Glow and Eye of Horus Cosmetics. Rochelle from Lonvitalite said she was delighted to support Tanya Gorg’s latest venture. “Tanya is an elite Australian makeup artist who has continued to bring her own natural creative vision to life within the Sydney beauty scene, throughout the areas of runway, bridal and editorial,” said Rochelle. The launch will be held on Wednesday 5th April starting at 7pm at Shop 15/140 The Grand Parade Monterey NSW 2216. For all Media, Images and PR enquiries contact Marina Firth on 0499 777 852. For all bookings, RSVP’s and product enquires contact   About Tanya Gorg Tanya Gorg has been a professional makeup artist for over 10 years in a variety of applications. She specialises in bridal, editorial, stage and natural makeup application. Instagram: tanyagorgmakeup   GOLD COAST MUM BEHIND GLOBAL EXPANSION - FACE MASKS TAKE WORLD BY STORM 2017-03-31T05:39:39Z gold-coast-mum-behind-global-expansion-of-family-biz ROCHELLE Bridge is the driving force behind Lonvitalite, an award-winning beauty face mask company taking the world by storm after becoming the official skincare sponsor of New York Fashion Week. The young mum of three took over as managing director in 2013 and expanded the family wholesale business into an online retail store with warehouses in Australia and the United States as well as distributors in Canada, New Zealand and the Dominican Republic. Rochelle never thought it would be possible to run a successful international business but her achievements to this day are a testament that mums can achieve great things with passion and tenacity. “At 25 years of age I was considered a young mum and I put my heart and soul into my children and my family,” she said. “I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be negotiating sponsorship deals with New York Fashion Week and being invited to take our products to exclusive events in the Hamptons back then.” Rochelle credits her tenacity and natural ability for networking with likeminded business associates for getting her to where she is today. “I don’t take no for an answer. It took me seven months to break down the door of Kate Morris at Adore Beauty.” “I still hadn’t heard from Kate by the time I had sent our products for New York Fashion Week so I included a note saying, please tell me to bugger off if you don’t want to hear from me anymore. It was at that point that she said, you don’t give up do you?” The rest was history. After Rochelle met with Kate Morris, Adore took on Lonvitalite and other online retailers became intrigued. “As soon as Adore said yes, other online retailers jumped on board. “It was one of the most exciting times for me and my family other than when Ricky Martin was featured on wearing our 24K gold masks.” Rochelle said she and her family became inundated with sales after the Voice Australia coach and pop-star had been featured. “We had hundreds of orders come in overnight,” she said. “We were on such a high, the kids were so excited, we had orders all over the house.” Following the international expansion, Lonvitalite’s social media presence has climbed to almost 50,000 followers. Rochelle has plans for Lonvitalite to be recognised as the innovators of the industry through international market research and product development. Under her leadership, Lonvitalite is on track to achieve this with the introduction of their next generation silk cloth masks. MEDIA NOTE: For further information or to arrange an interview with Rochelle Bridge, contact Wings Public Relations Director Deanna Nott on 0422 504540  Justin Ferguson Property Specialists rebrands to Ferguson Property Agents in 2017 2017-03-29T00:44:28Z justin-ferguson-property-specialists-rebrands-to-ferguson-property-agents-in-2017 Cammeray property experts, Justin Ferguson Property Specialists are proud to unveil their new name and look for 2017. The agency founded by Justin Ferguson in 1998 will now be know as Ferguson Property Agents. The rebrand will see the team grow in their soon to be renovated premises at 514 Miller Street, Cammeray. The new company logo is modern and precise, just like the service the agency offers. In addition to the new name and new look, Ferguson Property Agents will continue to grow their I Love Cammeray community social media pages and will also be one of the sponsors of Norths Rugby Club Juniors. About Ferguson Property Agents: Ferguson Property Agents pride themselves on achieving outstanding results. Their proven history of delivering record prices for residential and commercial properties ranges from individual vendors to government authorities and project developers. Justin Ferguson established the high profile office in 1998. It is strategically located in Cammeray Village. Today, it is the dominating agency in Cammeray, with a large sales team and a substantial property management portfolio. Their longevity in the market means they have strong support throughout our neighbouring suburbs: Northbridge, Crows Nest and North Sydney. For further information go to: Autumn Property Trends with Cameron Nicholls 2017-03-27T02:03:22Z autumn-property-trends-with-cameron-nicholls From record-breaking temperatures to all time high rainfalls, the shift from summer to autumn has certainly been quick! With a new season brings a change in the property market as well as an opportunity to maximise the cooler weather and end of day light savings. In order to make the most of what autumn has to offer, Cameron suggests: Clean your windows: With the recent downfalls Sydney has experienced this is even more important. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make! Introduce autumn colours and hues: Throws, cushions and even lightweight curtains are a great way to give a home an instant lift and won’t break the budget. Twilight opens: The autumn sky sets the scene for ambient twilight property showings. Turn the end of daylight savings into a positive. Update the exterior: Trim all trees back, clear the leaves out of the gutters and make sure your property looks low maintenance, even if that isn’t the case! Create an outdoor dinning room: Use pavers to create a dedicated outdoor dining space, this time of year it’s slightly cooler and there are less insects to battle. Present an outdoor room to potential buyers before winter hits. About Nicholls & Co Estate Agents: Nicholls & Co is a boutique modern agency focused on the person first and foremost and then the property. They do not work with clients, they work with people. Through personal attention and connecting with people on a deeper level they are able to comprehensively understand how best to deliver the results desired. For further information go to: Hair Expo POP UP delivers successful debut in Melbourne 2017-03-27T00:00:00Z hair-expo-pop-up-delivers-successful-debut-in-melbourne Monday 27 March 2017, Melbourne: The inaugural Hair Expo POP UP has wrapped up after an action-packed weekend, leaving Victorian hair professionals inspired by two days of independent education, networking, and access to some of the industry’s newest innovations. Held for the first time alongside Beauty Expo Melbourne (formerly known as Salon Melbourne), the education-driven, pop-up-style event was designed to provide a taste of Hair Expo Australia for those who cannot make the main event in Sydney this year. Over the course of the weekend (25-26 March), there were more than 5,000 visits by hair and beauty professionals to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) for the event, which provided an opportunity for Victorian professionals to connect face-to-face with suppliers and learn about the latest product trends and technologies in the hair and beauty industries. “It was a great event… people want education and [the Expo] Main Stage was really good”, said Lorna Evans, a prominent educator in the Australian hair industry who demonstrated and exhibited at Hair Expo POP UP. “I really liked the [Hair Expo] POP UP…everybody felt comfortable to come around the pod. For us, it was about bringing them back to the stand to see what we do up-close, and having that extra space around the stand was awesome”, Evans concluded. Among the highlights was luxury brand Balmain Hair Couture, which showed curious hairdressers its range of professional hair care ahead of its official Australian launch in June; and Trichovedic, which showed the new Natural Application of its Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Hairdressers could also see and shop from brands like Excellent Edges, Revlon Professional, American Crew, Oolaboo Australia, Mizutani scissors, Lorna Evans Education, Dessata detangling brushes, Y.S. Park Professional, Janeke Brushes, UniqOne, and Sharon Blain’s Big Towel Company. Event highlights of Hair Expo POP UP included: ·              Creative education from the likes Caterina Di Biase, Kobi Bokshish, Uros Mikic, and Joey Scandizzo and Marie Uva, which gave visitors a chance to learn new skills from some of the most recognised names in Australian hair. ·              Business education from some of Australia’s leading mentors and business advisors, including Julia Piantadosi, Lisa Conway, Justin Herald and Kate Engler. ·              A schedule of free education on the Hair Expo POP UP Main Stage, which included a warmly received demonstration from Melbourne’s Wieselmann Art Team, who were delighted to have a hair event on home soil. Kobi Bokshish had a packed Main Stage audience, who watched him and his Intershape salon team perform a styling demonstration on eight models. And the Kings Domain Barbershop team and American Crew proved barbering is more popular than ever, with two free shows showing a range of men’s haircutting and styling skills to a full audience. ·              The first heat of Australia’s Live Hair Challenge – a national competition where hairdressers were invited to show their ‘shear’ skills, by demonstrating a range of cutting styles in real-time in front of the Expo crowds. Following the results of the second heat in Sydney on 1 May, the winners of both heats will be invited to battle it out in front of the crowds at Hair Expo Australia in June for the national title. The competition is powered by Hair Expo and the Hair and Beauty Industry Association (HBIA). ·              Access to Beauty Expo Melbourne with the same ticket, providing visitors with even more to see, sample and learn about under one roof. ·              A Hair & Beauty Welcome Party – hair and beauty professionals had the opportunity to celebrate, network and socialise with their industry peers at an exclusive party on Saturday night, held at Crown Metropol’s 28 Skybar Lounge with beautiful views of the Melbourne skyline. Hair professionals continued the festivities post-show at Cargo Hall in South Wharf at the American Crew All-Star Challenge Awards Party, where Hair Expo joined in celebrating the finalists of the prestigious competition. Ben Kane of Rokk Man Barbers was announced as the winner of the 2017 Challenge. Those who weren’t able to make it to Hair Expo POP UP and Beauty Expo Melbourne 2017 can instead look ahead to Hair Expo Australia, the hair industry’s leading annual event, which will return to its Darling Harbour home over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (10-12 June) at the new International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney; and Beauty Expo Australia, which will connect and inspire beauty professionals from around the country from 26-27 August, also returning to Darling Harbour at the ICC Sydney. ENDS For all media enquiries please contact Belinda Craigie: A selection of images from Beauty Expo Melbourne and Hair Expo POP UP can be viewed here.  Beauty Expo Melbourne leaves the beauty industry buzzing 2017-03-26T23:31:58Z beauty-expo-melbourne-leaves-the-beauty-industry-buzzing Monday 27 March 2017, Melbourne: Beauty Expo Melbourne has wrapped up its boutique trade event for 2017, leaving Victorian beauty professionals inspired by a weekend of independent education, networking, and access to the industry’s newest innovations – all under one roof. Over the course of the weekend (25-26 March), there were more than 5,000 visits by hair and beauty professionals to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) for the event, which provided an opportunity for Victorian professionals to connect face-to-face with suppliers and learn about the latest product trends and technologies in the hair and beauty industries. “The classes were great, the students… they love learning and while you keep learning, your work will always get better and business will improve because of that”, said Jazz Pampling, a prominent Australian eyebrow artist who held three education sessions at Beauty Expo Melbourne. “What happens when you come to expos [is] you learn so much… there’s always something new and you have to be here to get it”, Pampling concluded. The floor was buzzing as exhibitors each set a distinctive atmosphere at their stands, with Napoleon Perdis hosting a live DJ while visitors shopped and sampled its range of professional makeup products; and TechnoTan demonstrating live spray tans in front of the crowds. 2017 highlights of Beauty Expo Melbourne (formerly known as Salon Melbourne) included: ·         The HUB – an interactive stage dedicated to makeup, nails, anti-ageing and grooming, provided visitors with the latest tips and techniques in a live format. A free demonstration from Bodyography’s makeup artist, Alarna Bell, on the HUB makeup stage, saw Miss Universe Australia, Caris Tiivel, as the canvas for the brand’s products. ·         Creative education from the likes of fashion makeup artist, Rae Morris; celebrity makeup artist, Michael Brown; eyebrow specialist, Jazz Pampling; dermal therapist, Sarah Hudson; and nail artist, Maria Vlezko; which gave visitors a chance to learn new skills from some of the most recognised names in the industry. ·         The Skincare Sanctuary – returning for its second successful year, the Sanctuary allowed professional skincare brands such as Dermalogica, Elizabeth Arden PRO, Jean D’Arcel Cosmetique, O Cosmedics, PAYOT, and Pevonia to showcase their latest advancements in an area devoted to skincare – for instance, Dermalogica showed visitors its new Daily Superfoliant product. ·         Business education from some of Australia’s leading mentors and business advisors, including Julia Piantadosi, Justin Herald, Lisa Conway, and Kate Engler; provided visitors with business advice to give them a competitive edge. ·         Hair Expo POP UP – this new, education-driven event for hair professionals made its debut alongside Beauty Expo Melbourne in 2017, giving hairdressers a pop-up-style event inspired by Hair Expo Australia. Visitors had access to both shows with the same ticket. ·         A Hair & Beauty Welcome Party – hair and beauty professionals had the opportunity to celebrate, network and socialise with their industry peers at an exclusive party on Saturday night, held at Crown Metropol’s 28 Skybar Lounge with beautiful views of the Melbourne skyline. Those who weren’t able to make it to Beauty Expo Melbourne and Hair Expo POP UP 2017 can instead look ahead to Hair Expo Australia, the hair industry’s leading annual event, which will return to its Darling Harbour home over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (10-12 June) at the new International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney; and Beauty Expo Australia, which will connect and inspire beauty professionals from around the country from 26-27 August, also returning to Darling Harbour at the ICC Sydney. ENDS For all media enquiries please contact Belinda Craigie: A selection of images from Beauty Expo Melbourne and Hair Expo POP UP can be viewed here.  Are we travelling in right direction to cure our diseases? 2017-03-24T07:33:10Z are-we-travelling-in-right-direction-to-cure-our-diseases There are many medicines and advancements in treating diseases, but are we cured completely? I have a friend who suffered from severe tonsillitis. He had a surgery after which he faced endless pneumonias and bronchitis. Removing the protective barrier (tonsil tissue) has enabled a free-flow of germs and caused more inward infections. So what is the right cure?  A healing process should proceed from center to circumference says Homeopathic theory. When there is a skin disease,  suppression of the itching and rashes happens with conventional medicine and we are happy about it. But, the disease energy travels inward and gives rise to many other problems.  Confused? Alternative medicine and therapies come to our rescue here. Dr. Sajimon George is a devotee of Nature's healing powers. He is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Director of one of the successful alternative clinics in Melbourne, Australia -  Ayurclinic. He operates with ten different practitioners in Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Yoga. His association with Ayurveda began from his childhood and has firmly established the power of natural healing with the people of Australia.  Foxtel and Business View Oceania has recently featured his hard work and success. His passion towards natural healing has enabled him to gain the trust of many clients .  Finally it is worth a try for us all to believe in Nature.