The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2016-07-20T10:45:02Z Middle East Smart Lighting And Energy Summit 2016 Advocates the Use of Energy Saving Lighting Solutions 2016-07-20T10:45:02Z middle-east-smart-lighting-and-energy-summit-2016-advocates-the-use-of-energy-saving-lighting-solutions Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, July 20, 2016: Innovative lighting technologies have drastically changed the future of the lighting industry. The influence of new trends such as smart lighting and connected lighting have reshaped various lighting categories – architectural, indoor, outdoor, residential and street lighting, to name a few. Furthermore, industry reports indicate that the residential market is the largest market sector for LEDs and the global LED market share is expected to reach about 70 percent by the year 2020. In the Middle East, UAE leads the way in undertaking a number of sustainable lighting initiatives. Against this backdrop, the Middle East Smart Lighting and Energy Summit will be held on 26-27 September 2016 at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. Organized by global conference producers, Expotrade, the fifth edition of the summit will emphasize on the potential for saving energy, reduces maintenance and saving costs is significant by retrofitting to modern lighting technologies. The two-day summit will feature a series of speaker sessions, panel discussions and case study presentations that will highlight topics pertaining to Abu Dhabi City Municipality’s sustainable lighting strategy, energy-efficient lighting solutions creating smart living spaces, technologies and real projects of open smart streetlight solutions, LED’s as the preferred choice for large scale projects, IoT combining with lighting for digital lighting era, natural light architecture, light pollution and the impact of street light on natural environment, building future cities of UAE with best quality of street lighting and the use of solar power in lighting. Offering diverse perspectives on the lighting industry and the developments driving this change are renowned international and regional experts Martin Valentine, Abu Dhabi City Municipality; Stephane Le Gentil, Etihad ESCO; Paul Nulty of Nulty Lighting; Lee Barker-Field, AECOM; Paul Miles of LightTouch PLD; Dr. Simon Hugh Miller, Abu Dhabi Quality & Conformity Council and Gerald Strickland, Middle East Lighting Association (MELA), to name a few. They will emphasize upon different energy-saving models and the developments in the lighting industry in the Middle East region. In the United Arab Emirates, the Abu Dhabi government has taken substantial measures in moving from conventional lighting systems to the installation of energy-efficient LED street lights across its city. UAE’s street light conversion programs emphasizing on the adoption of new age lighting solutions have gained global recognition. With the shift to innovative lighting solutions, Abu Dhabi has led the way in implementing energy conserving initiatives. This move is expected to save nearly Dh3 billion over the next two decades. To know more about the 5th Annual Middle East Smart Lighting and Energy Summit, please log on to Follow the Summit on social media with the hashtag #MESLES2016. About Expotrade  Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia and a regional office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events. For almost 15 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronized in the calendar. For more information, visit Stockland partners with the National Theatre for Children to educate students to treasure natural resources 2016-07-18T12:48:08Z stockland-partners-with-the-national-theatre-for-children-to-educate-students-to-treasure-natural-resources This winter over 11,000 students across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth will enjoy live theatre designed to make a difference. Stockland has partnered with The National Theatre for Children to create The Treasure Trove of Conservation Cove: A Pirate’s Tale, an educational play about natural resource conservation. The Treasure Trove of Conservation Cove uses colourful characters such as Captain Doorknob, Cece Starfish, and Merv Maid to teach students what natural resources are, how we use natural resources, how those resources are sometimes wasted and what each student can do to use them more wisely. The Australian tour is performed by professional actors and supplemented by student workbooks filled with activities and educational games, teacher guides to be used in the classroom and interactive digital learning materials that reinforce the educational points of energy conservation, all of which is brought to each school completely free of charge. The thorough nature of the multiplatform program is the result of time-tested experience. Tobias Benn, the Managing Director of NTC Australia explains. “We’ve been operating in the USA for over 35 years and our Australian team has 15 years of local experience educating millions of students,” he says. “A huge part of our success is the fact that once the students get fired up about the topic—in this case, energy efficiency and conservation—they can’t wait to get home and share what they learned. It’s a way for our sponsors to spread these important messages into the greater community. We get to help kids to help the world, and that’s very rewarding.” Penny Courtie, Stockland Sustainability Manager,  said: “Stockland is proud to be a world leader for sustainability in real estate and this goes hand-in-hand with the highest standards of environmental preservation, protection, rehabilitation and stewardship within our communities and across our portfolio. We strongly believe that we have an important role to play in helping to educate the next generation, who we know care deeply and have a strong interest in preserving and protecting our environment for the future. We are very pleased to partner with the National Theatre for Children in their presentation and tour of this fun and educational play.” The Treasure Trove of Conservation Cove will launch its national tour in Melbourne during the week starting Monday 25th July. About Stockland Stockland (ASX: SGP) was founded in 1952 and has grown to become Australia’s largest diversified property group – owning, developing and managing a large portfolio of shopping centres, residential communities, retirement living villages, office and industrial assets. Stockland was recognised by the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) with a Gold Class Award for 2014-15, which recognises companies that score within 1 per cent of the Global Real Estate Industry Group Leader. Stockland was also named one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2014, for the fifth consecutive year.    About NTC In 1978, NTC dedicated itself to delivering entertaining and highly educational programs to positively motivate families, students and educators.  We inspire young people – and their families – to explore important and timely curricular subjects including: wise energy use, science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), financial literacy, health and nutrition and environmental literacy, among others.  Originally focused on delivering its programs via live theatre, NTC is now an award-winning educational content provider whose repertoire includes print and digital curriculum and extracurricular events.  We have developed the art of teaching through educational story-telling into a science of its own, and are currently the largest in-school touring educational production company in the world. LG Chem introduces new home storage series with 48V and 400V models 2016-07-18T00:13:04Z lg-chem-introduces-new-home-storage-series-with-48v-and-400v-models-1 – LG Chem, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries, has announced the launch of its next generation residential battery storage system. The system has been completely redesigned both internally and externally leaving a newly developed battery cell as the centrepiece.   LG Chem now offers low-voltage variants (48V) and for the first time high-voltage variations (400V) in order to meet energy requirements of photovoltaic systems users in Australia and New Zealand. Available from the third quarter of 2016, the new RESU models come with the capacities to generate from 3.3 to 9.8 kilowatt hours (kWh) in the low-voltage and 7 to 9.8 kWh in the high-voltage variation. With a battery from the RESU series, users can save on energy costs by utilising solar generated power in the evenings.   “We are delighted to launch the new RESU series in the ANZ market,” said Changhwan Choi Manager for Australian Business Development. “There is a massive sustainability potential that is yet to be unlocked if Australia wants to be 100 percent powered by renewable energy. With the end of feed-in-tariffs at our doorstep our new RESU series range offers an efficient system to meet every need.”  Flexible energy storage   The new storage series includes two high-voltage battery systems, RESU7H and RESU10H, along with  three low-voltage battery systems such as the RESU3.3, RESU6.5 and RESU10. The new high-voltage models provide a variety of inverters that consumers can select in order to convert solar DC into usable AC. The move into high-voltage systems is driven by the trend of developing new inverters in high-voltage area across LG Chem’s partners. Customers now have the advantage of being offered new high-voltage battery systems, which enables numerous additional combinations of home storage and inverter, with which they can leverage the full potential of their photovoltaic system.   “The modular design of the new RESU models brings heightened flexibility” said Choi. “If a user chooses to expand its photovoltaic system, the capacity of the storage system can also be adjusted accordingly”.   "For the first time, the new RESU series covers a complete range of inverter concepts in the market,” said Choi. “Whether high or low-voltage, single or three phase, the new product line-up opens up the possibilities to create an optimised system for each users’ individual energy consumption needs.   With the expansion kit RESU Plus, it is possible to combine two RESUs within the low-voltage class together. The range of capacity thus moves in the low-voltage range from 3.3 to 19.6 kWh. All models are available in silver and champagne gold.  State of the art due to unique production method   With small dimensions and a low weight, the RESU 6.4 EX model has the highest energy density currently available on the ESS market. LG Chem has increased the compactness once more through its new residential storage products. The model RESU 6.5, for example, falls four centimetres flatter than the comparable RESU 6.4 EX and weighs in at eight kilograms less than the current device. The new design is made possible by a newly developed battery cell that is being produced with Lamination and Stacking process. Currently, only LG Chem is able to apply this method of manufacturing in mass production. With this production method, the new battery cell can be produced with lower costs compared to the previous one which affects the end-price for the customers.   Also new is the IP55-certified, waterproof casing, making the models suitable to be installed and configured outside the house, for those who don’t have the extra room for the storage system.   The launch of the new RESU series in the Australian market comes after strong momentum in Germany where the LG Chem RESU series won the ESS award 2016 at Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry, for its innovation and design.    More information about LG Chem and its new RESU series can be found at: and  About LG Chem   LG Chem, Ltd. is Korea’s largest diversified chemical company which operates three main business units: Petrochemicals, IT & Electronic Materials and Energy Solution. The chemical business manufactures a wide range of products, from petrochemical goods to high-value added plastics. It also extends its chemical expertise into high-tech areas such as electronic materials and rechargeable batteries field. Based on the many years of experience in the development and production of batteries, LG Chem is one of the world's leaders in energy storage systems. As such, the company is a primary supplier for the mobile and automotive industry around the world. Entering the business of ESS in 2010, LG Chem has constantly developed and supplied innovative solutions for the ESS market segments such as Grid, Residential and UPS. Throughout multiple production facilities and an extensive distribution network globally, LG Chem has become a global leading company.  Timber Decking Increases in Popularity Among Brisbane Homeowners 2016-07-15T06:48:57Z timber-decking-increases-in-popularity-among-brisbane-homeowners Brisbane, QLD, 15 July 2016 - Timber decking has always been popular in Brisbane but timber suppliers in the area believe it is becoming even more so. A drive down pretty much any residential neighbourhood will reveal a plethora of timber decks of various sizes, shapes and designs. A recent blog post by Jack Kyle, Owner of Narangba Timbers, timber suppliers in the Brisbane area since 1972, took a look at the reasons for the popularity of timber decking in Brisbane.Natural BeautyTimber is the most natural of all building materials. The natural grain of a popular decking hardwood such as merbau is a perfect way to integrate nature into a home. The grain can be enhanced by a totally natural finish such as deck oil or a light stain that still allows the grain to be visually dominant.Timber decks are not only valued for their aesthetic by homeowners, they are also a fixture at golf courses, restaurants and snack or souvenir shops at beaches or parks.  Low MaintenanceTimber decks require very little maintenance. When built with a hardwood such as merbau and sealed with a good stain or deck oil, timber decks are naturally resistant to water, pests and bacterial or fungal “rot.” The only real maintenance that a timber deck usually requires is to be kept free of debris, especially organic debris such as food. It is also wise to sweep or squeegee the water off of a timber deck after a shower. Adherence to this minimal maintenance can help a timber deck last for more than 30 years.Why Timber Decking?Timber is a natural insulator that doesn’t absorb heat like concrete or other building materials do. At home, people can walk barefoot on a timber deck in the summer and not burn their feet. Timber decks make great places to relax outdoors and get some fresh air. They increase the value of a property for resale because they turn unused space into living area.Alfresco Living AreaTimber decks can make a great natural alfresco living area. They can be built with a roof and even screens and windows. The structural demands for a timber deck are a lot less than the structural demands for adding an area of the same approximate space onto one’s home. Because timber decks are strong and low-maintenance, they are appropriate for alfresco furniture, BBQ and even other fixtures such as flatscreen TV’s and outdoor kitchen equipment.According to Mr Kyle: “The timber deck may be the most popular of all large DIY projects. When the deck is finished, it makes a great place to relax or to entertain friends. It helps us enjoy some fresh air and relax, by ourselves or with friends. I don’t think any DIY project provides such great immediate pleasure as a timber deck does.”Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers in Brisbane. They provide a wide variety of timber species for uses such as timber decking, timber fencing, timber flooring, home projects and general construction use. They are a third generation family business that has been serving the Brisbane area since 1972. To learn more or to speak to customer service, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Private Forests Tasmania - principal sponsor forestry conference 2016-07-15T02:18:34Z private-forests-tasmania-principal-sponsor-forestry-conference-1 Australian Forest Growers is delighted to announce Private Forests Tasmania as the principal sponsor for its 2016 National Conference in October. Private Forests Tasmania promotes, fosters and assists the private forestry sector in Tasmania. It provides advice to Government and helps private landowners manage native forests and grow plantations for sustainable use. Dr Kevin Harding, National President said, ‘Private Forests Tasmania works to expand the development of the private forest resource in Tasmania - consistent with sound forest and land management practices and that work is completely consistent with the four themes of our conference’. ‘The four major themes for the 2016 Conference are: 1.       Investment which will cover; Institutional investment, government initiatives, succession, taxation, estate planning, insurance, markets and future directions. 2.       Sustainability and environment to help delegates understand fire management, ecological restoration, biodiversity, biomass and carbon, grazing, water management, forest practices, apairy and community issues. 3.       Forest growth and productivity which includes; Silviculture, nutrition, pests and diseases, genetics/tree breeding, establishment, species x sites, management systems harvesting and contractor accreditation. 4.       Research and innovation which covers the latest in; Engineered wood, bioenergy, agroforestry, certification, management and silviculture, processing and utilisation, underwater harvesting, and modeling tools (Farm Forestry Toolbox), public relations and education ‘AFG is grateful for sponsorship and support from; Private Forests Tasmania, Forico, SmartFibre, Forest & Wood Products Australia, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Haifa, Tamar NRM, IFARM, SFM Environmental Solutions, NRM North, Artec, Forest Practices Authority of Tasmania, ForestWorks, Pentarch Forestry, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, University of Tasmania, ADAMA, JLT, MacSpread, BASF, Technical Forest Services, Greening Australia, TP Jones & Co, Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association, Serv-AG, and Launceston City Council’, said Dr Harding. More details are available from the Conference website at Media Contact: Arthur Lyons, Conference Convenor, Australian Forest Growers Tel: 0419 000 630 Timber Supplier in Brisbane: “No More Regional Forest Agreements.” 2016-07-14T04:55:15Z timber-supplier-in-brisbane-no-more-regional-forest-agreements Brisbane, QLD, 14 July 2016 - According to a recent report commissioned jointly by NSW’s National Parks Association and the Nature Conservation Council, native forests that are being logged in NSW are not only losing money to the tune of $11.2 million per year over a period of seven years but would make NSW $40 million per year if forestry were no longer allowed in them. In 1999 and 2000, ten agreements were made for the logging of native Australian forests. They were called Regional Forest Agreements. The agreements were well-intended. They were going to guarantee sustainable forestry, positive economic impact for communities affected by native forests and provide another reliable source of Australian timber for the timber industry.However, the agreements haven’t worked out in reality as they appeared on paper. The forestry hasn’t always been sustainable, resulting in numerous endangered species of plants and animals. Competition has eroded the need for their most popular product, native forest pulpwood. A large forest logger, Eden woodchip mill, was sold and the new owners announced their intention to switch, in the medium to long term, from native logging to plantation timber.Jack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers, timber suppliers who serve the Brisbane area. According to Mr Kyle: “We have gone to great lengths to make sure we are supplying sustainable timber for our customers. We are committed to only supplying timber that is ethically sourced and helps the environment. We would like to see all timber come from plantations because every tree that is harvested is replaced by a new tree, starting the carbon cycle all over again.”Carbon footprint is the most accepted measurement of effect on the environment. The higher the carbon footprint, the more carbon is released into the environment and the more harm is done. Trees, when left on their own or when harvested on a sustainable plantation, have a negative carbon footprint because they store carbon by turning it into timber. On plantations, a mature tree is cut and replaced by a new tree. That new tree grows by turning carbon into timber until it becomes mature and its growth process slows down. Then it is cut down, another tree is planted and the cycle begins anew. Unfortunately, some of the forests that have been logged haven’t been replanted correctly. This has not only stopped the carbon storage cycle but has put hundreds of endangered species at risk due to loss of the forest canopy.Mr Kyle concludes: “Ultimately, plantation forestry works all of the time while native forest logging only works part of the time. It is our responsibility as timber suppliers to make sure we are doing our share to protect our environment and fight climate change before it becomes too hot for our grandchildren or great grandchildren to even live in Australia. A great way to do that is to make sure Regional Forest Agreements don’t get renewed.”Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers for the Brisbane area. They provide timber for a wide range of uses, such as home construction, timber fencing, timber flooring and timber decking. Their customer service is among the most knowledgeable in the business. To learn more or to speak to a customer service representative, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Install solar panels at your residential premises with Advance Solar 2016-07-13T04:21:28Z install-solar-panels-at-your-residential-premises-with-advance-solar It is really a welcome thing that people understand the importance of going environmental friendly. There are many things you can do to make sure that you are contributing to the nature by planting trees, saving water and by installing a solar panel at your home. Installing a solar panel at your home or office can earn fruits for you as you can actually save a lot of money on your electricity bills. In industries where processes consume so much power and energy, a solar panel installation can come to your rescue to lessen your overhead expenses by reducing these huge electricity bills. All you need to do is to installsolar panels in Melbourne and that is it. Advance Solar is a company you can rely on when it comes to solar panels installation. The company has spent years in this industry and this experience and expertise can help you to get the best service for your purposes. The company has a team of experts who are highly experienced and possess tremendous expertise when it comes to solar panel installation in your premises. These professionals will visit the premises, decide the place where the solar panel should be installed and install them with ease. The main task of the domestic solar panel is to convert the solar energy into electric energy and it does it effortlessly. The solar panel consumes and stores the electrical energy whole day and lighten up your electric devices by transforming this solar energy into the electric energy. That’s how you can save a lot of money that you pay to the local electricity company. Advance Solar has carved a niche for itself by offering quality solar energy installation services at best prices. Quality is something that is the utmost priority of the company and it makes sure that the quality is not compromised. This attitude has helped the company to gain the utmost respect and faith of its esteemed clients. Not just solar panel installation, the company also offers general electricity services to its clients. No matter how complex your needs are, the team at Advance Solar will make sure that your expectations are matched perfectly. Professionalism is the term that you will find with the company. The team of the company keeps a closer look on the advancements and upgrades happening in the solar panel industry and makes sure that these changes are adapted and implemented in the practices to give you utmost quality solar panel installation for your residential and commercial projects. If you have a business enquiry or you want to know more about the company and its services, all you need to do is to visit or call 0422 088 144 Advance Solar is a leading name you can rely on when it comes to solar panel installation services. All you need to do is to visit Waste Not Program Wins Double at Enactus National Championships 2016-07-08T04:20:48Z waste-not-program-wins-double-at-enactus-national-championships Top university students address food waste at national event Edith Cowan University win $10,000 for the Graham Kraehe Community Project prize and the Enactus National Championships A ‘Waste Not’ program - a win for community Enactus students at Perth’s Edith Cowan University have won the prestigious Graham Kraehe Community Project - Brambles Food Waste Challenge and, in addition, have been crowned Enactus National Champions for their program – Waste Not – that provides initiatives including an environmental impact report on food waste to local businesses in the city of Joondalup, Western Australia. The new ‘Waste Not’ program educates businesses in the City of Joondalup about food waste and includes social, economic and environmental factors to encourage improvements in agricultural production, the provision of food service and through community awareness.The students devised, developed, delivered and documented their project. Enactus Board Member and CHEP Asia Pacific President, Phillip Austin, announced the winner for the Graham Kraehe Community Project - Brambles Food Waste Challenge and awarded the $5,000 prize to support development of their project. In addition, as overall winner of the national championship Brambles are delighted to award the project and additional $5,000 prize. Mr. Austin said, “CHEP is proud to have partnered with organisations to reduce food waste throughout the supply chain and are delighted to support this worthwhile project that addresses an area where a big impact can be made – through community and local business awareness and engagement. “We are proud to see our donation used to make a difference in reducing food waste and educating the local community on sustainable solutions. “The ‘Waste Not’ team have shown strong business acumen and entrepreneurial skills in development of this community-wide project and I look forward to seeing this project progress.” Mr. Austin said. The ‘Waste Not’ program provides assistance in environmental analysis and education initiatives for local businesses to reduce food waste through, amongst other initiatives, donating leftover food to charities and redirecting food into purpose-built compost bins that fertilises a community vegetable garden. The Enactus program includes 20 universities working on real-life issues with guidance and mentoring from corporate business partners in Australia, to achieve real results. Founding Director and Enactus CEO, Judy Howard said, “The ‘Waste Not’ team have demonstrated leadership, teamwork, and have further enhanced their communication skills through project management, problem solving and networking skills. “The program has shown a strong plan for self-sufficiency and the ability to be successfully implemented into the community.” Ms. Howard said. “The ‘Waste Not’ program is a fantastic example of how working with organisations like CHEP can create real solutions to real world problems faced around the world. Chaminda Ranasinghe, biotechnology student and President for Enactus at Edith Cowan University, said “The restaurant and café industry are one of the biggest contributors of food waste - yet are poorly trained in reducing food waste. “Food waste reduction is an important aspect in ensuring food justice and is a factor that can impact world hunger. “If we reuse and consume all of the food that is on our plate we will also reduce what goes into landfill. By reducing our carbon footprint we are reducing global warming. “When we think about the food we buy, grow and make, we should not only think about where it has come from but also where it will go if we don’t consume it. This kind of food waste in Australia alone contributes to double the carbon footprint of the rest of the world. “Changing behaviours is a long term initiative and we believe education is vital in the success of this program.” Mr. Ranasinghe said. Enactus operates in 36 countries globally, bringing together the skills and experience of two generations of leaders: those who are currently leading major organisations and student leaders, to make the world a better place through the positive power of business and entrepreneurship. The Enactus National Conference and Championships provides an opportunity for Enactus teams to present the outcomes of their projects to a team of judges drawn from the business community around Australia. The 2016 National Conference and Competition was held from 5-7 July at the Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney. The team of 24 from Edith Cowan University will go on to compete at the Enactus World Cup from 28-30 September 2017 in Toronto, Canada.   ENDS     Notes to the editor - interviews available on request The Graham Kraehe Community Project is named in honour of Graham Kraehe AO former Chairman of Brambles, and is a partnership between Brambles and Enactus Australia to support projects led by student teams, which focus on addressing the issue of food waste at any of the stages of the supply chain. Ahura Resorts Fiji Leads Rare Iguana Rescue & Research Program 2016-06-27T05:53:06Z ahura-resorts-fiji-leads-rare-iguana-rescue-amp-research-program Ahura Resorts are delighted to announce the arrival of a research specialist to Malolo Island to undertake an analytical survey of the island's rare and endangered iguana population.   Adam Clause from The University of Georgia (USA) is undertaking this exciting three month research project based at Likuliku Lagoon Resort that will include surveying, DNA testing and the electronic tagging and releasing of iguanas. His work will also include a detailed analysis of the tropical dry forest areas that are classified as one of the most endangered ecosystems on the planet.   This incredible journey of discovery would not be where it is today without the support and enthusiasm of Steve Anstey, Group General Manager, Ahura Resorts.     “As a resort company operating in a pristine, sensitive environment such as ours, with ocean and coral reefs on one side and land flora and fauna on the other, we fully recognize the importance of sustainable tourism and believe that development in such areas carries both a legal and moral responsibility to ensure our environment is not degraded through irresponsible activities and practices” comments Steve.   “Our aim is to not only minimize our impact on the extraordinary nature that surrounds us but also, through a range of activities, programs and initiatives, to improve and enhance the environment for challenged species and future generations. The significant work we have done to date with the iguanas and now the launch of Adam's research project demonstrates our serious commitment”   Adam's scope of work will include training of Ahura staff as their support, understanding and engagement is vital to the future of this program. He will also develop a tropical dry forest restoration plan for Ahura Resorts, as well as undertake Fijian crested iguana surveys to estimate their population size and distribution across the Ahura resort leases and surrounds. “This project is a fantastic example of integrative conservation and I’m thrilled to be a contributor. The warm and productive collaboration between the US Geological Survey, San Diego Zoo Global, Mamanuca Environment Society, Taronga Zoo and of course Ahura Resorts has brought a stimulating diversity of expertise and a new focus on Fijian crested iguana conservation on Malolo Levu. This is exactly the sort of work I’ve wanted to do all my life!” comments researcher Adam Clause.   The Journey – A Disappearing Species – The Discovery – The Sanctuary The Malolo Island Iguanas are of the crested variety Brachylophus vitiensis and were considered extinct until 2010 when an injured one was discovered at Likuliku Lagoon Resort. It was sent to Kula Park on the main island for care but unfortunately died shortly after arrival. The curator of Kula Park advised visiting researchers Robert Fisher of the US Geological Survey and Peter Harlow of Taronga Zoo of the find and they took the iguana to Suva where it is now a part of the University of South Pacific vertebrate collection. A tissue sample was taken and sent to San Diego Zoo for DNA analysis. There was bittersweet excitement when six weeks later the results indicated it was a species thought to be extinct. Fortunately, three months later another junior iguana was found at Malolo Island Resort and then a second at Likuliku Lagoon Resort. Others have since been found and seven are now held in captivity at Likuliku Lagoon Resort for research and breeding purposes. Despite these rare, ad-hoc finds that clearly indicate a small iguana presence in the area, the early surveys undertaken to find more failed to produce sightings in their natural habitat. Working closely with researchers from the US Geological Survey, Taronga Zoo and San Diego Zoo Global, immediate steps were taken by Ahura Resorts to identify the major threats that may be affecting the iguana population.  The first item on the agenda was to control the feral cat and rat populations and secondly to introduce an ongoing tropical dry forest reforestation program on the resort leases. In June 2015, three years after these programs were implemented, a survey of the tropical dry forest areas revealed six new iguanas. Much to everyone's excitement, it appears that the programs have made a positive impact. Two of the six iguanas were captured, DNA samples taken and then tagged and released back into their natural habitat. It is hoped that the next survey will show continued success of the programs and a further increase in the iguana population. The preservation of the iguanas and the tropical dry forest vegetation on Likuliku Lagoon Resort and Malolo Resort leases is an ongoing environmental initiative of Ahura Resorts in partnership with US Geological Survey, Taronga Zoo, San Diego Zoo Global and the Mamanuca Environmental Society. ENDS Ahura was an ancient god of creations who symbolised life, kindness, equality, care of the environment, charity, loyalty and faithfulness to settlement, tribe and county. The omnipresent sun was an enduring symbol of radiance, purity and life sustenance.  Today, Ahura Resorts embodies these same values.  As a 100% Fijian-owned company, with over 30 years experience in tourism and hospitality throughout the Pacific, Ahura is dedicated to providing quality holiday and lifestyle experiences while preserving cultural values and the surrounding environment.  Ahura is the management company operating one of Fiji’s most popular and well-known resorts - Malolo Island Fiji, and the luxury escape for couples which features Fiji’s first and only over-water bures - Likuliku Lagoon Resort.  Experience the Warm Heart of Fiji with Ahura Resorts.  www.ahuraresorts.comFor further information – Please contact Tracey Leitch – Impressions PR – 0415 290023 More shots are available upon request. Timber Supplier in Brisbane Reminds Customers: “Always Buy Ethical, Sustainable Timber” 2016-06-27T04:17:32Z timber-supplier-in-brisbane-reminds-customers-always-buy-ethical-sustainable-timber Brisbane, QLD, 27 June 2016 - Recently, a group of 30 environmental organisations prepared a 50-page report about the impact of Regional Forestry Agreements (RFA’s) on Australian forests. These agreements between state and federal governments were signed during a four year period between 1997 and 2001. They gave loggers the right to log designated Australian native forests without having to submit an application to the Federal Government, as mandated under the Federal Government under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act.When these agreements were signed, they were touted as good for everyone. Supposedly, timber communities and the timber industry would both benefit from the absence of “red tape” and the “consistency” it would bring to the business. They were seen as a way to help guarantee sustainable harvesting and conservation of Australian forests. However, according to the report, the RFA’s have failed to accomplish any of their original purposes. For numerous reasons, there have been unintended consequences. These include the near extinction of many endangered species, contribution to climate change and loss of revenue to the state. In addition, trees haven’t always been replanted as they were supposed to.How Sustainable Forestry WorksOn plantations, trees are harvested at an age when they are ready for replacement and new trees are planted to take their place. This retains the integrity of the plantation’s negative carbon footprint and ensures that wildlife in forest areas won’t have their ecosystem disrupted by deforestation. Contribution to climate change is measured by the amount of carbon that is released into the environment. Carbon is an important element of greenhouse gases which affect the ozone layer, contributing to climate change. When humans and animals breathe, they use oxygen and exhale carbon. Trees do the opposite, which makes them symbiotic to other life on the planet; they consume carbon and “exhale” oxygen.Trees store carbon by turning it into timber cells. This is why they are seen as having a “negative” carbon footprint. When trees are harvested sustainably and ethically, they are harvested when they have already stored as much carbon as they need and their process has slowed down. When they are harvested and turned into timber, they are replaced by newly-planted trees, which starts the cycle of carbon storage all over again.Why These Timber Suppliers Object to RFA’sJack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers: timber suppliers in Brisbane. According to Mr Kyle: “In theory, these agreements would work great for everybody. However, in real life, it hasn’t worked that way. While most people in the business are honest, hard-working people, some companies have taken shortcuts. This has resulted in the unethical harvesting of timber.”Mr Kyle concluded: “We demand ethically sourced and sustainable timber. We have a responsibility to our children and their children to make sure they have a liveable world in 50 years. That only happens with responsible and sustainable forestry.”Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers in Brisbane. They carry a full line of timber for construction and home projects, including timber flooring, timber fencing and timber decking. All of their timber is obtained from sustainable, ethical sources. To learn more, call their Brisbane facility on (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Community Says YES! To Sustainability 2016-06-25T04:33:30Z community-says-yes-to-sustainability Energy Forever community renewable energy project had a successful launch party and fundraiser last Saturday 18 June at the Glasshouse and was able to attract community donations approaching $10,000 from those present. ‘We are well on our way to purchasing all of the solar panels we need for our first sustainable funding model’  said Energy Forever spokesperson Anne Wilson. Member for parliament Leslie Williams says ‘It’s all about opportunities for regional communities and Port Macquarie has taken up with that opportunity’ Guest speaker ‘Green Dean’ commended the project saying ‘Never doubt the power of a small group of people to get something done!’ Of the 68 people at the launch, 27 people sponsored a full solar panel for $333 each and many more smaller donations were generously made. 80 panels needed for this first 20kw community solar project. Paul Martin who sponsored a panel said ‘I sponsored a panel because I believe in solar power… it’s cleaner, it’s cheaper and it is an easy and economical way to reduce emissions.’ David Murray who also donated a panel said ‘doing renewable energy at a cheap price that generates profit and plowing that back into the community… I think that’s a really rewarding thing. Each panel is forecast to generate three times the original cost with all profits funding additional community sustainability projects over the next fifteen years. Anne Wilson says Energy Forever aims to have several 20 - 30kw host sites secured and fully funded by the end of the year. People seeking to volunteers to help spread the good word or sponsor a panel are encouraged to get in touch on the details below. For more information go to the Energy Forever website – or call Anne Wilson on 0419 161 568 (email: Redflow works with Redback technology to bring smarter solar to Australia 2016-06-22T05:35:10Z redflow-works-with-redback-technology-to-bring-smarter-solar-to-australia AUSTRALIA, Tuesday 21st June, 2016: After extensive testing, battery company Redflow Limited, and energy storage management provider Redback Technologies have announced the compatibility of their technologies to bring a new, efficient energy solution to Australian homes.   Redflow’s new ZCell home battery, launched in March, is a 10 kilowatt hour (kWh) flow battery and can ‘timeshift’ solar power from day to night, store off-peak power for peak demand periods and support off-grid systems. Redflow and Redback have been able to fully integrate the ZCell battery with Redback’s Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter System, which manages energy supplies from the grid, PV solar panels and a battery. ZCell, together with the Redback inverter, will enable household and commercial users to achieve greater savings by self-consuming more of their on-site generated power.   The retail price for installed energy systems is set by each retail system integrator. Redflow’s previously provided estimated pricing for such systems remains consistent with the Redback inverter.   Australia is transitioning to lower emission energy systems, with one in five homes around the country equipped with solar. Due to the popularity of home solar systems over recent years, the government plans to minimise the subsidies to solar bonus schemes, with the NSW scheme ending on 31st December 2016. Feed in tariffs will reduce by 38.8 cents per kWh to 5.2 cents per kWh from 44 cents per kWh, meaning home energy systems will need to be smarter and more productive to ensure peak performance.   Redback’s solution is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite cloud platform, ensuring easy updates and upgrades as their technology develops. It runs on a  cloud-enabled intelligent system for analytics and remote control, which monitors consumption patterns, moving the use of appliances such as pool pumps and hot water into the “solar window” so they can be optimised to maximise self-consumption of rooftop solar.   Both Redflow and Redback are Brisbane-based companies that are using innovative Australian developed technologies to secure this country’s role in the emerging energy storage revolution.   Redflow Executive Chairman Simon Hackett, who was closely involved with the certification process, said the Redback inverter was a smart piece of technology.   “We are very pleased that two Australian leaders in the emerging energy storage sector now have their devices working together. For customers to enjoy the benefits of Redflow's innovative flow battery technology, it's really important for us to work alongside likeminded businesses such as Redback,” he said.   Redback Technologies Founder and Managing Director Philip Livingston said he looked forward to working with Redflow as the energy storage sector develops.   “Australia is the perfect place from which to build a globally relevant energy storage sector based on local innovation, Redback Technologies is building the infrastructure for the next generation grid and partnering with Redflow provides choice to consumers and solar installers. We are going to put more money into homeowners’ pockets and create cleaner energy for our children’s future,” he said.   Redflow has undertaken extensive testing at its Adelaide-based battery lab to ensure ZCell was able to work quickly and easily with the Redback Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter System. Redflow expects to announce compatible inverters from other companies in coming weeks.      Redflow has already started installing exemplar ZCell energy storage systems and is currently training installers to enable them to install, maintain and monitor its flow batteries. The company expects customer installations of ZCell to commence in August.   About Redflow Redflow Limited is an energy storage specialist that has developed the world’s smallest flow batteries. Redflow’s unique flow batteries are designed for stationary energy storage applications ranging from its ZCell home solution to its ZBM batteries for commercial, telecommunications and grid-scale deployment. Redflow is a publicly-listed company (ASX: RFX) that operates R&D facilities in Australia, as well as offices in the US and Europe. Produced in North America by Flex, one of the world’s largest supply chain solution companies, Redflow’s high energy density batteries are sold, installed and maintained by a global network of system integrators. More information can be found at:   About Redback Technologies Redback is a technology company focused on the development of advanced, low cost solar solutions for residential and commercial users. Redback's market leading integrated hardware and software technologies capture, store and manage solar energy, providing accelerated return on investment. More information can be found at: Major political parties commit to extra funding of frontline services for women escaping domestic violence. 2016-06-20T02:08:38Z major-political-parties-commit-to-extra-funding-of-frontline-services-for-women-escaping-domestic-violence ~~WEL wrote to each of the party leaders asking them to commit $1billion over 5 years ($200m p.a.) to the Women and Children’s Safety Program (WCSP), to provide women’s refuges and other front line emergency support services for women and their children escaping violence. The Coalition, the ALP and the Greens responded to WEL by the deadline of Friday 17 June. The Nick Xenophon Team has yet to respond. WEL is disappointed that none of the parties has specifically endorsed WCSP. Only the Australian Greens have promised to spend an even greater amount than proposed by WCSP, but WEL does welcome the following commitments: ‘The Coalition will make further announcements about specific funding for domestic violence initiatives, including frontline services, before the election.’ Tony Nutt, National Campaign Director, The Turnbull Coalition Team. Labor’s new Safe Housing For Women Program ‘will increase the number of refuges specifically available to women and children fleeing domestic violence and will provide funding for support services that help women to stay safe in their own homes, as well as support specialist women’s services.’ ALP Information Services Unit, Labor. ‘…The Greens have committed to new 10 year $5billion National Partnership Agreement  on Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women  to fund such services as  crisis  phone services, women’s shelters, training for service providers, counselling..’ Senator Larissa Walters, Australian Greens Senator for Queensland and spokesperson for Women. “WEL is pleased that the parties have made domestic violence a key issue in this federal election campaign as continuing funding for frontline services will save lives,” said Helen L’Orange AM, a spokesperson for WEL. “However we urge the two major parties to understand that adequate funds are needed to keep women and children safe.” The Commonwealth contribution to WCSP would be $200 million a year, or just 2 cents a day. To highlight this, WEL recently launched it’s #my2centsworth campaign, asking people in the community to urge political leaders to spend the 2 cents a day needed to fund refuges and other frontline services. ------ Available for comment: Helen L’Orange AM, Convenor, WEL Violence Against Women Action Group M: 0425 244 935  E:   NSW Government Builds Resilience Through Preparedness 2016-06-16T22:00:00Z nsw-government-builds-resilience-through-preparedness Sydney, June 17, 2016 - NSW Public Works with assistance from emergency management consultancy, Tigertail Australia, has embarked upon an initiative to increase the State’s preparedness to deal with an emergency beyond the public sector’s own capability. The aim is to open up dialogue between contract engineering and consulting firms, industry associations and NSW State and Local governments to identify opportunities for coordinated assistance during catastrophic emergencies, and develop mechanisms to bring together engineering capability. To kick this off, NSW Public Works engaged Tigertail to assist them to conduct a unique emergency planning exercise, Exercise Scientia Vectis 2016, for the public and private sector engineering community. The senior group was tasked with managing a mock emergency scenario – a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in central and eastern Sydney, NSW. The exercise accessed the best brains and experience in the sector and identified the procedures and resources available to ensure resilience, citizen safety, and continuity of services to the community. It also gave the private sector insight into how State Emergency Management teams think, how to plan their resources and contracts, build skills, and design and practise vital procedures to support the NSW community should the need arise. Emergency service leaders in NSW, including the Police, Fire and Rescue and Engineering came together with industry leaders from Engineers Australia, Consult Australia, Master Builders Association, Lendlease, John Holland, SMEC, Arup, Beca and many others. Emergency management is a complex series of activities that includes risk assessment, disaster mitigation, building preparedness and capability to withstand and manage disasters, emergency response, community recovery and renewal. Emergencies from natural disasters cost the NSW community an average of $484 million per year, which is 44% of the national total. On average, there are more than 20 natural disasters costing more than $10 million every year in NSW with the latest East Coast Low causing tens of millions of dollars damage to infrastructure and property across the eastern states and tragically taking a number of lives. “One of the reasons NSW responds well in the face of emergencies such as we have seen with the recent East Coast Low, is the time and effort spent in preparedness and practice such as with Exercise Scientia Vectis where NSW Public Works Engineering Emergency Management Team was assisted by Tigertail Australia,” explained Martin Dwyer, Chief Emergency Engineer at NSW Public Works. “Sometimes we need to contemplate an emergency so big that the old rule book no longer works and we must write a new one.” “Resilience and preparedness are the foundations for ensuring that communities and businesses operate as safely and smoothly as possible in the event of an emergency – and that requires coordination between the public and private sectors. We help organisations design governance strategies, frameworks and plans, then implement, practise, audit and update them when necessary,” said Rick Stone, Managing Director at Tigertail. “We cut through the spin and give capability and counsel as to what business and government need to safeguard their people, assets, the environment and their reputation.” Tigertail Australia is a leading provider of contingency planning, crisis leadership training, and incident management team training and exercises for public and private sector organisations. Please contact Tigertail Australia on 1300 987 772, email: or visit for more information. Calling Environmentally Aware Community Investors 2016-06-16T03:39:58Z calling-environmentally-aware-community-investors The Energy Forever community renewable energy project is holding a launch party and fundraiser this Saturday 18 June at the Glasshouse from 6-8pm.  Everyone is invited.  It’s a ‘Solarbration’ and organisers are hoping to attract community donations to power the first project – installing solar panels on a local early childhood day care centre in Port Macquarie. Energy Forever spokesperson Anne Wilson said that to sponsor a solar panel costs just $333 and each panel is forecast to return three times the cost back to the community over the next fifteen years. “We have our first solar site and we are ready for our first round of investment from local businesses, families and individuals to allow us to buy the 80 solar panels needed to power the project”, Ms Wilson said. “‘The benefit to investors will be fifteen years of funds going back to the community in the form of grants to enable more sustainable projects”, she said. “Projects like community gardens, recycling projects, and environmental education programs require funding.  We believe Energy Forever will make a difference in our community”, Ms Wilson said. Staring at the launch party are guest speaker Jarra Hicks from the Community Power Agency, Green Dean as MC and Lauren Edwards sparking up some tunes in between. For more information go to the Energy Forever website –