The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2016-05-25T10:07:19Z HIPSTER HERBS – AQUARIUM GARDEN KIT FOR THE HOME 2016-05-25T10:07:19Z hipster-herbs-aquarium-garden-kit-for-the-home Aquarium Garden planters in situ Start-up Home Ecology is bringing a new innovative product to market on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding marketplace. The Aquarium Garden transforms any fish tank into a lush ecosystem with herbs, plants and flowers on top – a perfect decorative and culinary addition to any home or work environment. Fish waste provides the nutrients for the plants to grow; plants thrive because they are constantly watered, fish live longer because they’re in clean water AND it looks awesome. Aquarium Garden happy, healthy fish and clean water "We have a dream to turn every aquarium into a garden. We hope to inspire & educate people to build a mini-ecosystem in the home or the workplace. This is a world first, a vertical garden inside the aquarium mimicking the habitat levels within a coral reef." Tom Duncan The Aquarium Garden kit consists of a plastic planter box, Aqua Biofilter growing material, hooks and suction cups. Just add 3 seedlings per planter, and your tank will start growing plants. Aquarium Garden kit – only $12 each  The Aquarium Garden improves fish health, naturally filters the tank by growing plants above and below the water; allows plants to soak up nutrients directly and reduces need for cleaning, pumps and filters Plants can be grown on top or at different levels inside the fish tank, like an underwater vertical garden. Aquarium Garden makes a perfect indoor herb garden  Key Benefits Convert your aquarium into a garden and grow herbs and plants on top Create vertical gardens inside your aquarium Hassle free food growing - the fish waste fertilizes the plants No more dead plants, because the plants are constantly being watered! Self-cleaning fish tank using the unique AquaBiofilter™ technology insid View the Aquarium Garden by Home Ecology Tutorial: To find out more information or place a pre-order go to Indiegogo: Indiegogo is an online marketplace that connects product creators with buyers. New Green Home well-above industry standards 2016-05-23T06:10:15Z new-green-home-well-above-industry-standards Hotondo Homes’ commitment to a carbon-conscious future has never been stronger. The latest display home in Ararat boasts an impressive 7.1 Star House Energy Rating, well above the industry’s standard 6 star rating. Since Hotondo Homes’ early beginnings energy efficiency was an important factor to Managing Director, Michael Renwick whose passion stems back to 1994 when he worked in conjunction with the Australian Conservation Foundation to build ‘Australia’s First Green Home’. “I’ve always believed we have a responsibility to our clients and the greater community to design and develop sustainable homes,” Michael said. “It gives me great pride to see members of the Hotondo Homes franchise continuing to move forward in developing energy efficient homes.” Russell Pearse, Director of Hotondo Homes in Ararat, has a passion for energy efficiency which exceeds that of Michael and is the builder behind the Marcoola 209 in Ararat.   “Energy efficiency and sustainability has always been a great passion of mine and it’s one of the reasons I joined Hotondo Homes,” Russell said. “The new display home is a great way to show clients how beautiful, efficient and cost-effective our designs can be.” Features of the display home include high efficiency LED lighting, sealed downlights, north-orientated living areas, an insulated waffle slab and most importantly, revolutionary Dowell ThermaLine windows. Dowell’s ThermaLine Windows were awarded HIA GreenSmart Product of the Year in 2012 and play a large role in the home’s high House Energy Rating. “Many builders are aware of the importance windows have on a home’s efficiency. ThermaLine windows were designed to manage a home’s heat loss and gain during winter and summer,” Michael said.  “This line of windows and sliding doors is a great step forward for efficiency in the Australian housing industry.” With trends continuing to shift towards a carbon-conscious society Russell believe his clients are noticing the benefits of energy efficiency.  “Our clients who have built a more energy efficient home are more likely to stay in the property for longer rather than moving on to another home,” Russell said. “It’s very important that we create a home which could save our clients thousands of dollars in living expenses and support a sustainable lifestyle.” Take a virtual tour of the Marcoola 209 by visiting For more information on Dowell ThermaLine windows visit AUSTRALIA’S LEADING AUTHORS GATHER TO CONDEMN GOVERNMENT’S PLAN TO CREATE A CULTURE OF BOOK THIEVES 2016-05-18T23:21:03Z australia-s-leading-authors-gather-to-condemn-government-s-plan-to-create-a-culture-of-book-thieves Who: Richard Flanagan, Nikki Gemmell, Andy Griffiths, Tom Keneally to lead Alist roll call of Australian and international authors When: Thursday 19 May at 6.45pm – 6.55pm Where: Art Gallery NSW, just before the 16th annual Australian Book Industry Awards begin What: Photo opp with limited vox pops available on request. Don’t close the book on Australian stories. The Australian government is about to make significant changes to copyright, threatening the future of our Australian story. But at what cost to writers, culture and jobs? Guest ABIA presenter and Man Booker Prize winner, Richard Flanagan will deliver a speech in response to the Productivity Commission's Intellectual Property draft report around 10pm during the gala ceremony. ‘Australians deserve that their lives, experiences, country and culture be reflected in the literature that they read.’ - Thomas Keneally For more information, please contact: Emma Rusher T 0423 214 626 | The efficient, versatile and multi functional natural cleaning products from Aussie BioClean Solutions 2016-05-18T05:50:35Z the-efficient-versatile-and-multi-functional-natural-cleaning-products-from-aussie-bioclean-solutions Australia, May 18th, 2016 – With our lives becoming stressful and busier day by day, one always finds more work than they can always handle. This is one of the reasons as to why most of them end up buying anything from that shelf that promises to make things easy for us. The same also applies to the cleaning products we always purchase. But did any of us really stop and check what the thing we are buying is really made up of? Most of the synthetic products that we use are made of chemicals which are unsafe and also interfere with the ozone in the atmosphere. One healthier alternative to such is using eco friendly products. Aussie BioClean Solutions also has started its range of natural cleaning products which are 100% eco friendly and make cleaning an environmental friendly chore.  Talking about the product, the spokesperson of the company said, “Aussie BioClean Solutions products are safe non hazardous, non reproductive, free from harmful carcinogenic and neurological toxic ingredients. The products have Effective Excellent formulation properties, rapid dissolution and rinsability. 1 litre makes 10 to 20 litres of cleaning product due to it being super concentrated, making it super cost effective.”  The eco friendly cleaning products are made using natural products and hence are safe and not harsh on your skin. These products are also manufactured using strict standards of safety.  Use of commercial chemical cleaning products are a mix of harmful toxic chemicals and hence and cause respiratory diseases or headaches. But the eco friendly products do not leave such harmful side effects and are also fragrance free. As they are fragrance free you can keep your house away from the harmful smelling chemicals.  “Aussie BioClean Solutions Products are fragrance free. Those familiar detergent scents we are all used to: Bad news, when you breathe in those clean familiar scents of lavender, lemon etc., you’re actually getting a lungful of toxic chemicals. Many detergents contain added fragrances, which can cause allergies, respiratory irritation and many other ailments. Aussie BioClean Solutions products avoid any substance that may be harmful to the user,” says the company’s spokesperson.  While some have an assumption that these natural products do not clean up well, same is not the case with Aussie BioClean Solutions. The products from Aussie BioClean Solutions are far more superior to the other natural cleaning products. The company has never compromised on the performance of their products. These products are also priced decently so to make them available for every household.  Aussie BioClean Solutions has emerged as a leader in green detergent and cleaners’ manufacturer. Their products are manufactured using the advanced technology and by making use of sustainable raw materials. By offering the best cleaning performance, user safety and a very low environmental impact, the products are a must use in every household.  To know more about the natural cleaning products or shop online, please do visit their official website at Timber Supplier in Brisbane Warns: It is More Important than Ever to Buy Ethically Sourced Timber 2016-05-12T01:02:37Z timber-supplier-in-brisbane-warns-it-is-more-important-than-ever-to-buy-ethically-sourced-timber Brisbane, QLD, 12 May 2016 - Some timber suppliers, in Brisbane and across Australia, are committed to the cause of sustainable, ethical forestry. However, much of the timber you see in other stores is unethically harvested by an unlikely source: the NSW Forestry Corporation. According to a recent report from The Australia Institute (TAI), the NSW Forestry Corporation has spent more than $78 million in taxpayer money over the previous six years. More amazingly, 95% of the revenue they do generate comes from the non-sustainable deforestation of native land. If the Government Does it, How Can it Be Unethical?The practice of harvesting trees on native land instead of plantations is perfectly legal. However, timber suppliers in Brisbane and across Australia who are concerned about environmental impact see it as “unethical” for three main reasons: effect on global warming, deforestation and negative impact on endangered species.How Ethical Forestry Slows Climate ChangeIt is no secret that Australia has become a lot hotter over the last twenty years. Global warming has been directly attributed to the continued increase of “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere. The most reliable measurement of how any process increases greenhouse gases is called the “carbon footprint.”The carbon footprint measures how much carbon any process releases into the environment. When trees are sustainably and ethically harvested, they actually absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it as timber. Trees absorb and store most of their carbon when they are young; the process slows considerably once they mature. When native land is forested, trees are chopped down but not replanted. On a sustainable timber plantation, every mature tree that is cut down is replaced by a new tree, restarting the cycle of carbon storage. Simply put: unethical forestry increases climate change while ethical forestry decreases climate change.Loss of Forest CanopyIn NSW, only 9% of native land is in its original state, even though 61% is still covered with some form of vegetation. Forestry of native NSW land is responsible for nearly twice as much forest canopy loss as the next two causes combined: infrastructure and agriculture. When timber is harvested from plantations, there is no loss of forest canopy.Endangered SpeciesThe clearing of native lands has been estimated to present the most dire threat to 90% of our 999 endangered species. Two examples are the black striped wallaby and the yellow-bellied glider. Why it Pays to be Ethical and SustainableJack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers, who are timber suppliers in Brisbane. According to Mr Kyle: “Ethical, sustainable timber harvesting is good for all of us. It might keep the next generation of children from having to stay indoors all the time. It helps preserve the forests that help make Australia Australia. And it gives endangered species a fighting chance at survival.” Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers in Brisbane. They specialise in world class customer service, high quality timber and low prices. They offer a wide assortment of timber, including timber decking, timber flooring and timber fencing. To learn more or to place an order, call their Brisbane office on (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Enphase Distributors Now Taking Orders for Delivery of the Enphase AC Battery in Australia and New Zealand 2016-05-08T23:41:03Z enphase-distributors-now-taking-orders-for-delivery-of-the-enphase-ac-battery-in-australia-and-new-zealand •    Solar installers can now place orders through authorised distributor •  Homeowners can be connected with local Enphase installers via •  First global shipment of the Enphase AC Battery to arrive in Australia and New Zealand in August 2016   SYDNEY, Australia – May 9, 2016 –Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH), a global energy technology company, announced today that Enphase authorised distributors are now accepting orders for the Enphase AC Battery™ from installers in Australia and New Zealand.   The first global shipment is expected to arrive in Australia in August 2016. The company’s partner network of over 1,000 installers located in the region will be the first in the world to have access to the Enphase AC Battery, a scalable, modular energy storage system that is a key component of the Enphase Home Energy Solution.   Solar installers can order the Enphase AC Battery through Enphase’s authorised distributors in Australia; AC Solar Warehouse, One Stop Warehouse, RFI, Solar + Solutions and SunEdison as well as Solar Partners NZ and YHI in New Zealand. Homeowners can be connected with local Enphase installers via   Nathan Dunn, managing director of Enphase Asia-Pacific said, “Enphase received strong interest from homeowners in Australia and New Zealand when we announced the Enphase AC Battery in October 2015. The feedback we’ve received to date from our partners has been extremely encouraging and I am delighted that Australia and New Zealand will be the first region in the world where we will be selling the Enphase Home Energy Solution.”   The Enphase AC Battery, which features an updated visual design unveiled in February 2016, is suitable for any home regardless of the brand of inverters or solar panels used. Unlike most other home batteries, a costly upgrade of the existing solar system’s inverter is not required. This makes the Enphase AC Battery an ideal solution for homeowners looking to add energy storage to their existing solar PV system.   Dunn added, “We believe the Enphase Home Energy Solution represents the most compelling and technologically advanced residential energy solution in the world today. In fact, it is the only complete energy system that we’ve seen to date and we expect the initial demand to be driven by installers looking to retrofit existing residential solar PV systems. Enphase expects the next wave of demand to be driven by new solar PV system owners enticed by the elegance and simplicity of our solution.”   The Enphase AC Battery integrates seamlessly with the Enphase Home Energy Solution, which delivers one of the lowest up-front costs and highest lifetime values in the market. The Enphase AC Battery is an integrated energy storage system that is safe, built for maximum performance and offers superior reliability. Its modular architecture and ability to be right-sized makes it cost-effective, with the flexibility to grow with the home’s individual energy demands now and in the future.   The Enphase AC Battery offers:   Simplicity Quick and easy installation Easy to design and integrate into a house 
 Interconnects with standard household AC wiring 
 No high voltage DC in system 
 Cells safety-tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland 
 Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry is highly stable over time 
   Greater Reliability Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry for long cycle life 
 10-year warranty 
 Distributed AC architecture has no single point of failure
   Using the Enphase AC Battery, homeowners can achieve sustainable self-consumption or store solar energy generated for use at times when grid-supplied energy rates are at their peak. Working with the AC Battery is Enphase Enlighten™, a cloud-based energy management platform that can integrate the Enphase Home Energy Solution with smart devices for an intelligent home. System owners can use Enphase Enlighten to monitor their home’s solar generation, energy storage and consumption from any web-enabled device.    For detailed specifications of the Enphase AC Battery, click here.   ENDS About Enphase Energy Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company, is leading the charge to bring smart, connected solar energy to every home, business and community. The company delivers simple, innovative and reliable energy management solutions that advance the worldwide potential of renewable energy. Enphase has shipped more than 11 million microinverters, and over 460,000 Enphase residential and commercial systems have been deployed in more than 100 countries. For more information, visit   Enphase Energy®, the Enphase logo and other trademarks or service names are the trademarks of Enphase Energy, Inc. Forward-Looking Statements This press release may contain forward-looking statements, including statements related to Enphase Energy's financial performance, release dates for new products, market demands for its products, and advantages of its technology and market trends. These forward-looking statements are based on the company's current expectations and inherently involve significant risks and uncertainties. Actual results and the timing of events could differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking statements as a result of these risks and uncertainties and other risks detailed in the "Risk Factors" and elsewhere in Enphase Energy's latest Securities and Exchange Commission filings and reports. Enphase Energy undertakes no duty or obligation to update any forward-looking statements contained in this release as a result of new information, future events or changes in its expectations.   Enphase Energy®, the Enphase logo and other trademarks or service names are the trademarks of Enphase Energy, Inc. The most ambitious school building project in Victorian history 2016-05-06T03:47:40Z the-most-ambitious-school-building-project-in-victorian-history 06/05/2016 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) congratulates the Victorian Government for its investment in the future growth and development of education infrastructure in Victoria which will underpin future innovation across the State. To safe guard the $1.1b investment and ensure both the Victorian Government and the people of Victoria are getting value for money in this initiative, the AIQS recommends the government engage AIQS professionally qualified quantity surveyors from the outset of these projects to ensure costs are controlled and managed. AIQS quantity surveyors, by working side by side with the Victorian Government, will control costs, minimise risks, and provide certainty to ensure potential cost overruns experienced on some school projects undertaken during the BER are not repeated. Part of this cost control process is ensuring the procurement of contractors to deliver these projects is done in a manner to provide ‘value for money’ and not simply flood the market with projects. With rates for education projects ranging from $1,500/m2 to $4,500/m2 dependent on the scale of the work required, it is important that the 23 new schools and upgrades to 147 schools have this professional quantity surveyor advice from the initiation of each project. This will ensure that each project has a skilled professional as part of the team to assist in identifying and minimising risks associated with time, cost, quality, environment and safety. For more information, contact Peter Clack (AIQS President) on 02 8234 4000 or The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) is the peak professional body for Quantity Surveying in Australia and Internationally, with over 4,000 Members. Through its leadership, Standards, and Code of Professional Conduct, AIQS ensures that practising Quantity Surveyors are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence. The Institute promotes AIQS Quantity Surveyor members in providing impartial, independent, expert advice which benefit construction and infrastructure projects, by ensuring that design and construction costs are managed as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) Level 3, 70 Pitt St Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia (02) 8234 4000 Redback gives the sunburnt country a better solar power solution 2016-05-05T06:59:04Z redback-gives-the-sunburnt-country-a-better-solar-power-solution Thursday 5th May, 2016: Brisbane-based solar energy specialist Redback Technologies is launching a second generation version of their smart hybrid inverter and a new family of grid tied inverters. This will enable household and commercial users to self-consume more of their on-site generated power, achieving greater savings in the process. Some 1.4 million of Australia’s 7.8 million homes - around one in five – currently have solar power. During the day, solar panels generate large volumes of power that go unused in the home.  This unused energy is exported to utilities who pay around 7c per kilowatt hour. At night, when families are home, power usage increases, and families purchase energy at four times their generation rate, with basic flat tariffs ranging between 25-28c per kilowatt hour. Redback’s new family of products will help households and commercial users increase the percentage of solar power they self-consume, improving the pay back from solar panels and helping to reduce reliance on fossil based fuels. The new products, the Single and 3-Phase Grid Tie Family and the Generation II Hybrid solar inverters, make use of the Internet of Things and cloud technology to give household and commercial users more options. The new Single and 3-Phase Grid Tie Family for residential and commercial customers revolutionise the traditional inverter, which converts DC power generated by solar panels into AC power for general use. The new Grid-Tie range incorporates Redback’s proprietary cloud enabled intelligent system for analytics and remote control; Redback’s Ouija Board. The Ouija Board is also found in the Generation II Hybrid for household use; a second generation inverter that is battery and solar panel agnostic.  Across the new family of products, the software is the secret. Redback’s system will use machine learning to gather intelligence over time, learning from user preferences as well as drawing data from external factors like the weather. This will ensure energy usage is optimised, thus providing an accelerated return on investment. Redback Technologies Chief Information Officer, Paul Liddell, believes the Ouija Board software represents a step change in solar energy management. “People don’t have to be focused on using expensive hardware solutions for things that can be done with software.” “When the sun is shining, the Redback solution will ensure the batteries are full and household appliances, like the pool pump and hot water system, are turned on. The idea is to maximise the energy you’re producing by using your appliances - before you store it in batteries,” Mr Liddell said. Redback’s solution is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite cloud platform, ensuring easy updates and upgrades as technology develops.   The difference between the Redback solution and others on the market is the hardware and software are integrated from the very beginning, explains Mr Liddell. “There are some manufacturers that do hardware, and others that make software, but you can run into problems trying to integrate them. The Redback solution eliminates the potential for such problems through seamless integration of hardware and software.” Redback hardware is manufactured overseas but the all-important intellectual property is a product of Brisbane, where Redback employs a workforce of about 20 and is growing fast. Redback’s progress has been rapid since the company was formed last year but, for company founder and Managing Director Philip Livingston, this dream has been years in the making. He points out that at the helm of this start up is a management team which together has more than a century of experience in renewable energy generation, engineering, manufacturing, software development, and energy market regulation. For his part, Mr Livingston remembers the moment he knew his future would be in renewable energy. “After I finished college I enrolled in a course on wind power as a side interest and a few weeks later found myself strapped to a wind turbine 40 metres up from the ground. The sun was setting, the mist was rolling in, and I decided I wanted to work in renewable energy for the rest of my life. “Renewables are the future and I fell in love with solar when I was working on the technology with the Peace Corps in the Philippines.”   There is no doubting Mr Livingston cares deeply about the sustainability of the planet. He is one of those fortunate individuals whose business is also his passion. “Redback Technologies is building the infrastructure for the next generation grid. We are going to put more money into homeowners’ pockets and create cleaner energy for our children’s future,” he said.   About Redback Technologies Redback is a technology company focused on the development of advanced, low cost solar solutions for residential and commercial users. Redback's market leading integrated hardware and software technologies capture, store and manage solar energy, providing accelerated return on investment. More information can be found at: Media contacts:                               Roxy Sinclair Howorth (PR agency) Tech start-up offers a unique and creative gift that's our of this world. 2016-04-29T23:46:24Z an-idea-that-s-out-of-this-world-finally-a-love-byte-that-won-t-get-you-in-trouble Love locks have become a worldwide phenomenon, plastered across bridges and in towns, only to be removed once they become an eyesore and threaten the natural environment. What if there was an alternative? Rocket Locket™ is a one-of-a-kind virtual love lock that offers a way to capture that special moment, without the bad karma. Using Telstra Space Technology, your encrypted message will be beamed into the cosmos, in a gesture that will never be torn down, break away or drift apart.  Entrepreneur Alex Szewach was moved by the removal of the love locks at the iconic Pont des Arts in Paris. We need to protect our urban environments, but we also need to protect those heart-warming gestures of hope, affection, respect and love. “For me, it seemed so wasteful to just tear down the special moments people have created. We need to practice sustainability, but we also need to remember the power of humanity. I wanted people to be able to mark that special moment , by providing a harmless yet powerful alternative and maybe even offer something they never imagined was possible.” Assisted by developer Aaron Busary from iNNsite, Luv Bytes  have created a one-of-a-kind product to bring people together from all around the world. The very first launch will coincide with Global Love Day on May 1st, supported by The Love Foundation – inspiring people to love unconditionally. The process is simple send in your details, your message of love and include a photo if you wish. The rest is left to the Rocket Locket team, the satellites fueled by Telstra and the forces of time and space. You will receive confirmation once the launch is complete and your message leaves the Earth, plus you will receive a certificate and unique serial number for your message. At Luv Bytes, we believe in the power of good will and the importance of sentimentality. So send out your love, dream, wish or memory to the universe on a Rocket Locket. Create Your Rocket Locket now at TigerTurf Tells the Ecocept Story 2016-04-25T05:01:23Z tigerturf-tells-the-ecocept-story TigerTurf recently published a blog on their UK website featuring an interview with the head of TigerTurf R&D about Ecocept (a TenCate shock pad and drainage base product) and the benefits of this system. This product is exclusive to TigerTurf worldwide and to Greenfields (TigerTurf’s sister company). With the first generation of artificial grass pitches coming to the end of their life cycle, the issue of sustainability in sports construction has never been so prominent, and with this in mind, TigerTurf’s Head of Research and Development, Robbie Craven explains why the revolutionary new TenCate Ecocept could be just the answer the industry has been looking for. As Craven puts it, “Essentially, Ecocept is a replacement base layer that acts as a substitute for the many separate elements of traditional sports pitch base construction, such as crushed rock, drainage, tarmac and shock pads. The system can provide a closed loop solution to the accumulation of end-of-life pitches, and has been designed to enhance sports performance, improve water management and save on costs traditionally associated with base construction.” Regarding the issue of the waste accumulated by end-of-life pitches, Craven says, “All artificial grass pitches (AGPs) have a life cycle, and funding bodies estimate that around 5,000,000 sq. m of synthetic turf, or roughly 120 pitches a year, will soon need to be uplifted and replaced. The recycling of this material presents us with a significant problem. While the rubber infill material can be separated, cleaned and reused, the reprocessing of the grass itself is a mix of plastics, latex and so on, and is extremely difficult to recycle via traditional means. We wanted to find a way to take materials from end-of-life turf, along with other recycled plastics that would normally go for incineration and landfill, and turn them into a useful, functional base layer for artificial grass pitches. “Traditional base constructions require a lot of quarrying, landfill and vehicle movement, so to get maximum value from an investment, it was necessary to find ways of getting the same results as traditional base construction without the associated costs. Equally important was the need to find sustainable ways of minimising impact on the environment. By designing a thinner base layer with superior shock absorption and drainage properties, we were able to reduce the scale of work required at the construction stage – giving AGPs a smaller carbon footprint and lower installation costs.” Craven went on to explain that Ecocept’s properties can be manipulated, either for individual sports or, perhaps most excitingly for investors, to accommodate the widest range of sports possible, and that those manufacturing synthetic turf consider what will happen to the material they produce once it has come to the end of its natural life. The Ecocept system means that older pitches which have had their day can now go toward the construction of new facilities. That said, innovation and sustainability must be economically viable to be successful: Ecocept combines all three of these factors. For further information on TigerTurf and Ecocept please visit the website at . Is new battery energy storage right for you? 2016-04-22T03:41:19Z is-new-battery-energy-storage-right-for-you The surge in rooftop solar systems is about to extend to energy storage systems as Australians come to grip with rises in energy prices which increased by 61 percent between 2008 and 2014 despite a 7 percent fall in consumption (Australian Bureau of Statistics).    Around one in seven homes in Australia have a solar photovoltaic system installed and many are now considering newly-released battery back-up storage systems to extend their home-grown energy usage after the sun stops shining.  South Australia and Queensland lead the nation with 25% and 24% of homes respectively having a rooftop solar system with southern states like Victoria (11%) and Tasmania (10%) recording significant penetration when compared with other nations.   However, installing solar systems caused grief for many with over-engineered systems being pushed to households, unreliable installer arrangements and products that were second-rate in terms of performance and reliability.   Now that residential energy users have the opportunity to store the energy they generate but don’t consume during daylight hours, Australian company 360Energy is urging people to first determine if a battery back-up storage system is right for them and if so, which one and of what size.   Michael Anthony, 360Energy CEO says, “While we would be delighted to install as many systems as we could, we must satisfy ourselves that what we are recommending is viable for the customer.  That means the size of the system, the storage system recommended and there being transparency about the payback period.   “To help make a wise decision about energy storage, 360Energy has developed software that takes potential customers through a process to allow them to understand and appreciate precisely what installing an energy storage system means for them, including financial considerations.   “Few people will be able to justify becoming self-sufficient in electricity to allow them to disconnect from the grid; our monitoring software helps customers understand how to utilise the 360Energy system to use energy in the most efficient way, even prior to purchasing your system.   “The goal is for our customers to achieve 80-90% energy savings from their own power station with the cheapest possible capital outlay.   “When financial incentives to embrace solar were offered, many adopters were provided with inappropriate systems in terms of efficiency or functionality, which means many systems today are not performing or underperforming.   “While we have recently been appointed as an Authorised Reseller of the Tesla Powerwall, our company has been in servicing the storage market for the last 2½ years, and last year achieved 65 percent market share through our 360Storage dealer network, Mr Anthony says.   Regardless of whether or not energy storage makes financial sense for a customer, the next step in establishing a customer relationship will be home automation where appliances and services can be activated remotely from a mobile phone.  The oven can be pre-heating, air conditioning cooling the home or the swimming pool cleaner activated; 360Energy’s systems are all ready for our customers to upgrade to such innovations.   About 360 Energy   360Energy provides products and services to our customer that empowers their ability to deliver energy independence, save money and improve the quality of life to transform customers’ energy experience.   Just Water Supporting 'Water Only' Schools 2016-04-21T05:20:56Z just-water-supporting-water-only-schools Auckland is very fortunate to have Tony Falkenstein becoming involved in the ‘water only’ schools project. Tony is an Auckland based entrepreneur, philanthropist and Chief Executive at Just Water International Limited and Just Water pioneered the delivery of chilled drinking water to businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia, and remain New Zealand's leading supplier of drinking water to the corporate sector. Just Water has been supporting schools that have become ‘water only’ schools and run a healthy living programme. Yendarra School has run a programme for over five years and, together with the community, have taught parents how to provide healthy lunches that cost far less than unhealthy ones.  The kids are advocates of water, and have a hatred for Coke and other sugar loaded soda waters, and this is where Tony and Just Water come in with their water coolers. Being a ‘water only’ school, combined with healthy food and daily exercise is reflected in the happy tone that permeates the Yendarra School classrooms and playground, with the water only policy being adopted after suggestions from the staff. The water was having other benefits as well. Visitors had commented on how calm the environment was and one student had said her classmates "did not get so high". On other matters ‘water’, this summer has been one of the hottest on record and also one of the busiest for water companies, with the hot humid weather contributing to a 40% increase in sales of water to businesses and homes. As Tony says, even the CEO had to deliver water the week before Christmas. Just Water’s range of water coolers suit any office environment or workplace with flexible rental or purchase options to meet their customers’ needs. People can choose from Plumbed–in Water Coolers, Bottled Water Delivery or Easy Fill Options. With the Plumbed-in Water Coolers, the connection to the mains water supply is easy, non-permanent and eliminates the water bottle altogether and customers remark it’s just like having a pure water spring in their office! Bottled Water Delivery provide high quality, great tasting water delivered direct to the doorstep and is an easy way to care for customers and keep staff hydrated and productive with three crisp, refreshing waters to choose from. Easy Fill is the portable, inexpensive way to transform our tap water into crystal clear, spring-like drinking water. Just Water provide their customers with a cooler and filter that attaches to the tap so people can easily refill their bottles. So, if you think your employees would benefit from pure drinking water from Just Water in the office, please visit the website at Custom External Doors Win the Day for Perth Homeowners 2016-04-07T04:46:50Z custom-external-doors-win-the-day-for-perth-homeowners Perth, WA, 07 April 2016 - A builder and installer of custom external doors in Perth is seeing a rise in their popularity. The builder, Fremantle Door & Window Company, uses strong, solid external grade timber from sustainable sources and heavy duty glass specially manufactured for them at a facility in WA. Every door and window they offer is custom made according to exact measurements of the client’s home.Custom external doors are seen by many as one of the most cost-effective ways to modernise a home. While they can seem expensive, they are a bargain for a number of reasons. Custom doors offer seemingly-infinite design options, limited only by the imagination of the homeowner. While renovation and rebuilding can be so costly they often require refinancing a home loan, custom doors can modernise a home without costly structural alterations.Bifold doors and sliding doors are extremely popular choices because they allow more light into a home than a conventional door. This can have a number of effects. It can make a home look larger because the light and view of natural surroundings make a home look bigger. In addition, the extra light has been proven in many studies to help ward off depression.Bifold doors are often used to make a seamless transition from a family room, living room or kitchen to an alfresco living or dining area. Bifold doors fold together and can be removed, leaving the entire width of the door open. This is effective at integrating the alfresco living area into the home, basically increasing the size of the home’s living area for nowhere near the cost of an addition.Custom built external doors can also help lower energy costs by lowering energy consumption. Timber is a natural insulating material. In addition, their specially-made, extra thick glass is also very efficient at minimising the transfer of heat in or out of a home. But maybe the most underrated quality that makes custom built external doors so energy efficient is their “build.”When a custom door is made for a home, the door fits snugly and perfectly into the jamb, ensuring that no extra air goes in or out of the home. This provides maximum energy efficiency. Custom Built External Doors a Hit with Perth HomeownersTish Thompson is the Office Administrator for Fremantle Door & Window Company. She is involved with every custom built door or window they provide for their customers. In addition, she receives feedback from customers after their work is completed. According to Ms Thompson: “We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and that is exactly what happens. Sometimes even we are stunned at the high quality and quantity of positive feedback we get from homeowners when we are checking back with them a month or two later to see how they like their doors.”Ms Thompson concluded: “We always get 100% customer satisfaction. If the customer isn’t satisfied, we fix it. Anything less is unacceptable.”Fremantle Door & Window Company builds custom external doors and windows for homeowners in the Perth area. They use ethically sourced timber and heavy duty glass that is manufactured in WA. They offer a wide range of designs, including bifold doors and windows, sliding doors and windows, pivot doors and servery windows. To learn more or to request a free design consult, call their location in Perth on (08) 6500 6888 or visit their website: Innovative Glow Systems to be showcased at the Middle East Smart Landscape Summit 2016-04-06T08:34:19Z innovative-glow-systems-to-be-showcased-at-the-middle-east-smart-landscape-summit Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 06, 2016: Middle East Smart Landscape Summit is thrilled to announce The Glow. Pro Company, a leading provider of glow systems for different applications, as a Gold Sponsor for the upcoming edition of the summit that will be held on 25-26 April 2016 at Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa. With the aim of fostering innovation and discussing trends shaping the landscaping industry in the region, the summit will bring together key stakeholders from across the GCC. As a Gold Sponsor of the event, The Glow. Pro Company will showcase its solutions and key offerings, including its glow systems for the Middle East market. Announcing on the partnership, Mr. Brad Hariharan, Regional Director, Expotrade Middle East, said, “The Middle East Smart Landscape Summit in its fourth year, presents an ideal platform to showcase cutting-edge solutions in the landscaping industry. At the summit, The Glow. Pro Company will introduce its innovative product line up to an audience based across the GCC and gain extensive opportunities to connect with new prospective clients and further expand their outreach. We welcome aboard The Glow. Pro company as a Gold Sponsor and look forward to a long and fruitful association with them.” With extensive experience in sports and landscape floorings in the Middle East and Asia regions, Mr. Michael Polat, Director, The Glow. Pro Company will present a 20 minute video presentation titled ‘Exploring new and innovative technologies for making outdoor projects glow at night’ on Day 1 of the summit. The presentation will conclude with a live product demonstration. Designed to use in outdoor spaces, these unique eco-friendly solutions illuminate the surroundings in the dark thereby adding beauty to the surroundings.  “At the Middle East Smart Landscape Summit, we aim to introduce our revolutionary glow systems for different applications to senior decision makers within the Municipality and Government along with consultants across the GCC region. We want to let the people know how they can create special effects for their flooring or project during night-dark, by using some of our innovative glow systems for outdoor and indoor areas.” said Mr. Michael Polat, Director, The Glow. Pro Company. More information on the 4th Annual Middle East Smart Landscape Summit is available now at Follow the Summit on social media with the hashtag #MESLS2016. About Glow. Pro The Glow.Pro Company provides high performance luminescent systems and decorative glow effects for outdoor uses such as landscape projects and not only. These systems produce glow after exposure to daylight and sun and are very applicable in the region of Middle East due to the continuous sunlight. They are source of light in the dark, eco-friendly and energy saving and can glow for many hours and last for years under a 20 year guarantee. It can be used to highlight areas like hotel swimming pools and corridors, sport projects with jogging and running tracks, playground floorings, total buildings, roof-gardens and also are perfect for landscape use loose laid. For more information, please visit About Expotrade  Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia and a regional office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events. For almost 15 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronized in the calendar. For more information, visit New Home & Renovation Electrical and Lighting Design 2016-04-05T03:31:09Z new-home-amp-renovation-electrical-and-lighting-design Building a new home or renovating? Something that is often overlooked is the importance of your home’s lighting and electrical design. The lighting and electrical design can make the world of difference in your home. The first thing you need to consider in the lighting design for your home is function. The lighting in your home should allow you to go about your everyday routine and keep your rooms well lit. Lighting should also add flare by highlighting decorative objects, changing the mood of certain rooms, and increasing the perceived size of smaller rooms. When the right lighting is achieved, there should be a seamless combination of functionality and style. Your home’s electrical system also needs to be carefully designed in order to deliver all the power you need in the safest way possible. As it is more difficult to change key elements of your electrical design once installed, it is very important to plan this out thoroughly prior to building your home. You will want to consider factors such as the placement of outlets, light fixtures, switches, and hard-wired appliances. Many decisions will depend on how you intend to use each room, and where items like furniture, appliances, and electronics will be located. The overall goal for a home’s lighting and electrical design is that it should be safe, comfortable, easily controlled and energy efficient. Sources: RWT Design & Construction and DIY Network At AMP’D Electrical & Solar, we believe energy efficient homes not only cost less to run but are more comfortable to live in. We specialise in the latest in energy efficient products and lighting, and can save you thousands of dollars in the building stage and well into the life of your home. Some of our services for new home developments include: Lighting and power Home theatre and multi-room audio Security systems, alarms and CCTV Energy efficiency and solar power NBN, phone, data and TV Air conditioning Our ultimate goal is to work together in partnership with you to help make your vision a reality. We will consult with you to plan, design and install a customised electrical system for your home; one that is practical, flexible and in line with your lifestyle. We will work with you through the initial planning stages up until the last cable is connected, with reliable professionals who will complete work in a thorough and efficient way, ensuring that time-critical projects are completed on schedule. So let us take the stress and talk to your builder about lighting and electrical design! If you are planning on building a new home and wish to speak with a qualified, licensed electrician, contact AMP’D Electrical & Solar (your local Gold Coast Electricians) on 0475 415 414. You can also email us at Follow our social pages to stay informed on the latest in efficient electrical solutions. Facebook: Twitter: