The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2016-02-05T23:54:46Z Poacher copped his right whack 2016-02-05T23:54:46Z poacher-copped-his-right-whack Tasmania’s peak deer hunting group has praised the work of the Wildlife Management Branch and the courts following the conviction of a deer poacher in Hobart. Speaking following the conviction of Zackary Hepburn for a number of offences committed over years in the Central Highlands, Australian Deer Association Tasmanian President Scott Freeman said that Mr Hepburn had “copped his right whack”. “Tasmania’s fallow deer herd is a world class game resource, hunters and landowners have a long and proud history of working together on deer management” Mr Freeman went on to say “selfish game thieves like Mr Hepburn only serve to undermine community confidence and goodwill in Tasmanian hunters. The Wildlife Management Branch of the DPIPWE is to be commended for the hard work they have put in to apprehend this poacher and secure a substantial fine”. Mr Hepburn pled guilty Hobart Magistrates Court to twenty separate offences including trespass and taking deer out of season. He was fined $7,800 and forfeited his firearm. ISOsafe helps Australian business owners stay on top of workplace safety (OHS, WHS) regulatory changes 2016-02-05T08:09:52Z isosafe-helps-australian-business-owners-stay-on-top-of-workplace-safety-ohs-whs-regulatory-changes ISOsafe is a consultancy firm specialising in a wide range of services including, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) management systems development. Other services include: Workplace Safety Support Services Accident/Incident Investigations Risk Assessments, JSA, SWMS, SOP, SWP, etc Workplace Inspections Integrated Management Systems development & auditing and OHS Training (all Trainers are fully qualified) – manual handling, ergonomics, warehouse safety, toolbox talks, etc. ISOsafe already services clients in a range of industries, such as: civil and general construction, local and state government, federal government, manufacturing, industrial, mining, agricultural, maritime, aviation, hospitality, health, community and aged care, childcare, film and movie production, professional services, and other service based industries. ISOsafe can analyse and evaluate the extent of compliance of your current operations against the new Work Health and Safety Act (formerly OHS), and help you develop a sound safety management plan to Australian Standards. Only proper training, rigorous procedures and hazard controls such as we provide will protect your people and your business and ensure you avoid costly penalties under the new Act. Visit us at: Record Australian Heat Motivates Record Number Of Roof Ventilators Being Installed 2016-02-03T23:51:27Z stifling-australian-heat-waves-motivates-record-number-of-roof-ventilators-being-installed Australian national temperatures in January were above average, which has been identified as one of the primary reasons why property owners were motivated to install a record number of roof ventilators in January 2016. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology released data on Monday the 1st of February highlighting that  "the Australian maximum temperature was 0.21 °C above average and the Australian minimum temperature was 0.82 °C above average". Combined with rising electricity prices and general cost-of-living expenses, Australian homeowners have been researching for affordable insulating and cooling practices. As the installation of roof vents creates an environment that decreases the growth of mould, generally the highest demand for roof vents is in winter months. But January 2016 has seen record interest in roof vents as property owners look for an eco-friendly way to combat the record temperatures. Roof ventilators are a cost-effective cooling solution that utilises convection and wind energies to remove heated air from roof cavities. By increasing air movement throughout the house, roof vents can dramatically reduce the temperature in houses.  Who is Twista? Operating since 2002, Twista is a manufacturer of residential and industrial roof vents. With a factory and testing facility in Ingleburn, the Twista team specialises in creating roof ventilators that can handle the unique Australian elements. By using quality materials and rigorous testing procedures, Twista is able to provide a 25-month warranty on their roof vents. Twista roof vents are constructed using the highest grade colourbond steel and come in a wide range of colours. The unique twin steel bearings used in Twista roof vents ensures silent operation and does not require regular maintenance. For more information visit the official company website at Australians to be hit with the Zika Virus Crisis 2016-02-02T04:28:01Z australians-to-be-hit-with-the-zika-virus-crisis The Zika virus has entered Australia and has been rapidly spreading around the world. There are over 300 species of mosquitoes within Australia and many serious human diseases are transmitted through these insects. ·         - The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the Zika virus a global health emergency. ·         - Cairns and Townsville are at high risk of contracting the virus. ·         - Zika virus is believed to have originated from South America and the South Pacific. Travellers who recently returned from those destinations are urged to check for symptoms and visit a health expert. ·         Get tips on how to avoid the mosquitoes to protect your family. Many Australians underestimate the harm inflicted by mosquitoes, unaware that they are the cause of most deaths on the planet. Deadly diseases such as Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and Encephalitis are carried by mosquitoes and can be transferred to humans by a simple bite. WHO has declared the Zika virus a global health emergency. Flick Anticimex would like to take this opportunity to urge the public to take proper precautions around the home and workplace. Cairns and Townsville is at extremely high risk of a significant breakout of the Zika virus due to local Australian mosquito species. Zika is a mosquito-borne flavivirus which scientists claim to be related to the Dengue and Yellow Fever.  Symptoms include rashes, headaches, fever and acute joint pain.  If you have recently returned from travels in South America or the South Pacific Islands, it is imperative that you visit a doctor to run diagnostic tests.  Although not yet scientifically proven, experts suggest there is a possibility that this virus can cause birth defects such as microcephaly (abnormal smallness of heads and underdeveloped brains).  Pregnant women should be extra cautious around mosquitoes and be equipped with means of fending off these insects. Pest infestations and infectious diseases must be treated without delay to ensure the safety of you and your family. Learn more about how to avoid mosquitoes from Flick Anticimex’s blog. Gary Stephenson, Flick Anticimex Pacific Region Pest Technical Manager, states “The two mosquito species which carry the Zika Virus are the ones which also carry the Dengue Fever Virus.  Both mozzie species are “notifiable pests”, meaning that a single sighting should be reported to the responsible government instrumentality, such as the Department of Primary Industries. Those departments subsequently instigate and oversee eradication programs. The mozzies species Aedes egypti (most prominent) & Aedes albopictus carry the Zika Virus.  ·         - Both species are exotic (not native to Australia).  Aedes egypti is established in northern QLD. ·         - They are both termed “domestic mosquitoes” relating to their habit of breeding in containers, tins, buckets, rainwater guttering, water tanks, birdbaths, hollow plants (like bromeliards) around human habitats.  Both also frequent hollows in trees, rock pools and so on. ·        -  They bite during both daylight and night time.   ·         - Egypti only travels to about 300 metres from its habitat and albopictus up to a kilometre. ·         - These mozzie species are not readily attracted to UV light units (mozzie zappers) unlike many other species. Everyone should be vigilant, minimise mozzie breeding sites in their local environments and wear mozzie repellent eg. DEET or Picaridin based repellent products. The United Nations public health agency has pushed for diagnostic tests, drugs and vaccines to be developed to fight the virus. In the meantime, families and businesses should consider other the aid of pest control companies to treat mosquito-infested premises. Contact your local pest management expert for safe and effective pest control services and treatments.   Opening of $40 million BOC CO2 plant in Marsden Point boosts national gas supplies 2016-02-02T00:32:05Z opening-of-40-million-boc-co2-plant-in-marsden-point-boosts-national-gas-supplies Leading gases and engineering company BOC today opened its new $40 million CO2 capture and purification plant at Refining NZ’s Marsden Point oil refinery, ensuring long-term CO2 reliability and supply for its growing customer base in the food processing, beverage, wine, meat and dairy industries. Colin Isaac, BOC South Pacific Managing Director, said the new plant can purify up to 50,000 tonnes of food-grade liquid CO2 annually and features innovative technology that allows the leading industrial gas supplier to exceed internationally recognised food and beverage standards. “BOC is proud to have expanded our local supply capability of CO2, an essential gas used across many New Zealand industries from drink carbonation in the beverage industry, to modified atmosphere packaging and chilling for the food industry. “This new plant has significantly increased our CO2 capture and purification capability and storage capacity in New Zealand, allowing us to meet future increases in CO2 demand and providing reliability of supply to large volumes of CO2 to customers in high consumption industries such as the major dairy export market.” Underpinned by a long-term agreement with Refining NZ exceeding 15 years, BOC will purify the CO2 byproduct from the oil refining process into food-grade CO2 at its processing plant. “BOC has operated in New Zealand for more than 100 years and understands the importance of investing in local partnerships and infrastructure to ensure we meet the needs of our customers long into the future. This new plant demonstrates a strong commitment from BOC and our long-term partner Refining NZ to deliver innovative solutions that supports growth in the New Zealand economy.” Sjoerd Post, Refining NZ Chief Executive Officer described the opening of the BOC plant opposite the refinery as a “win-win” for New Zealand business. “Taking a by-product to use as an essential feed-stock is a significant growth opportunity for manufacturers and exporters. At the same time it creates a revenue stream for Refining NZ independent of refining margins and the exchange rate. “We’ve worked closely with our colleagues at BOC to make this a reality and are delighted to finally see the CO2 plant up and running,” he said. Doggy Winery Cinema - Take the Lead on Date Night 2016-02-01T23:04:17Z doggy-winery-cinema-take-the-lead-on-date-night Fancy dinner, wine, tasting and a movie with your best friend? Join us for a night in the vines at our Doggy Winery Cinema. Witchmount Winery, only 25 minutes from Melbourne is the picturesque vineyard, where our unique and exclusive outdoor Doggy Winery Cinema under stars, will be hosted. Grab a blanket, a lead and your best friend, we have everything else sorted for you. The evening includes dinner, personalised wine tasting, a glass of wine/beer/cider/soft drink and the heartfelt movie – Oddball. Our caring team will be on hand throughout the night, helping you find that pawfect patch of grass, hold a lead or maybe just take your gorgeous pooch for a 5 minute walk while you grab another wine, no problem! An amazing array of 3 different paellas awaits you (vegan/vegetarian, meat and seafood) with only the most carefully selected ingredients which are 100% gluten free, dairy free, healthy, and very delicious!  It is aromatic, fresh, looks amazing and is a colourful delight on the plate, all created with theatrical flair by the chefs on the night. Come and experience a personalised wine tasting on the lawn before dinner then select a glass from  a range of local beverages to accompany your paella. Choose from a glass of Witchmount wine, Holgate beer, Daylesford cider or Hepburn soft drink. A complimentary gift bag includes a treat for the pooches and bottle of water. Read More What is LED Lighting? the lighting guide for energy saving lamps 2016-02-01T22:55:49Z what-is-led-lighting-the-lighting-guide-for-energy-saving-lamps What is LED lighting? A LED light is a light-emitting diode (LED) based product that is fixed into a light bulbs for use in lighting sources. They utilize slightly less energy than CFLs and lighting brands claim LEDs last 20,000 to 50,000 hours. That is around 18 to 46 years when used three hours a day. LEDs right away light up, even in sub zero temperatures, and lifespan is not affected by regularly turning them on and off. Some of the LED light bulbs can dim as low as good old incandescent bulbs. Benefits in using LED lighting In the recent days with the significant price drops on LED lights it positions itself as the best lighting alternative over other lighting technologies in the market. Let’s look at few major benefits of LED lighting here. LED light bulbs are 90 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs Available in a variety of colour temperatures Not sensitive to cold environments Produce next to no heat or UV emissions Available in dimmable varients Able to withstand heavy vibrations and rough handling due to the lack of a sensitive filament Can be cycled on and off frequently without shortening the lifespan Longest average life expectancy of all incandescent replacements, lasting up to 25 to 50 times longer Comparing LED lights lifespan with other technologies Long lifetime stands out as the number one benefits of LED Lighting. LED bulbs and diodes have an outstanding operational lifetime expectation. Lighting diodes emit lower output levels over a very long period of time and become less bright while LEDs maintain their original brightness throughout their lifespan. Therefore surely it will add up to the economic side at the end reflecting on energy bills. Alternate lighting technologies Incandescent Light bulbs Incandescent lights are your inexpensive, tried-and-true light sources. However, they are very energy-inefficient compared to newer fluorescent or LED lights, and as you may have noticed, they don’t last very long. Perhaps the most popular incandescent light bulb is a 60-watt bulb with a medium base, which is typically used in a ceiling fan or lamp. Due to government regulations, you are no longer able to easily purchase standard incandescent globes in the market. Halogen Light Bulbs Halogen lights are most popular in landscape lighting or automotive headlights. They produce bright, far-reaching light, and they also tend to emit a lot of heat. They are often used as outdoor reflector bulbs or infrared lights in heat lamps. Fluorescent & Compact Fluorescent Lamps Fluorescent lights are often made in a tube shape and used in commercial ceiling fixtures. Sometimes, fluorescent tubes are also used residentially in kitchens or garages. Since fluorescent lights are much more energy-efficient than incandescent lights, compact-fluorescent lights (the swirly light bulbs) have been made to replace them. Fluorescent lights come in special plug-in styles too, which are usually used commercially or outdoors. Read at : LED Lighting, the lighting guide for energy saving lamps All about LED Lighting Benefits & Advantages of using energy efficient LED Lighting How LED Lighting compared with Fluorescent Lamps How to choose the right LED light bulb for your Fixtures Dimmable or Non-Dimmable options in LED downlights DIY Replacement LED downlights - Points to Remember Personal duress with a difference 2016-02-01T07:54:21Z personal-duress-with-a-difference Introducing the world’s smallest personal panic button! The React Sidekick is the fastest way to reach a wide network in an emergency. When an app alone is not enough – pairs with the React Mobile safety app via LE Bluetooth 4.0. Get help fast when your phone screen is locked or phone is out of reach with one click activation. The React Sidekick helps you reach a wide network so they know where you are and that you need help. Paul Delaney, Myionu Sales Director says " The React Mobile Sidekick package is a low cost low worker safety device that works in harmony with existing smartphone devices and is the ideal solution for business and groups such as students who need a safety solution but have been put off by ongoing service fees and charges"  The React Mobile Sidekick  is a one-off purchase with no monthly service fees or charges. The sidekick is priced at just $134.99 including GST ONE CLICK IS ALL IT TAKESWe’ve found the fastest way to reach a wide network of people when it matters the most. With just the click of a button, your custom contact list is alerted, giving you peace of mind.GPS AND TRACKINGWhether you’re on a nightly run, a first date, exploring the world abroad or working, your Sidekick will be with you when you need it.NEVER FEEL ALONEBuild your own custom list of contacts you trust the most. When an alert is sent your network is notified of your GPS location and that you need help.WEAR IT OR CARRY ITThe React Mobile Sidekick comes with both an activity clip for runners and athletes, and carabiner clip that is perfect to attach onto keychains, backpacks and purses. More info WMC PR promotes two new ‘carbs by numbers’ recipe books 2016-02-01T04:53:29Z wmc-pr-promotes-two-new-carbs-by-numbers-recipe-books Boutique Melbourne PR agency, WMC Public Relations < > has just completed the successful launch of two new recipe books written by Sandra Dunbar and Meg Pell who live on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne. Both women are successful business owners and have partnered together to publish a series of cook books where high carb foods are substituted with natural ingredient combinations. Their first book, carbs by numbers recipe options - 15g carbs or less per serve was published in mid 2015. A second book, carbs by numbers - low carb recipe options - Christmas was published in December and a third book is already in the pipeline and due for release in a few months. A feature of the beautifully presented and easy to use cook books is an extended nutritional panel for every recipe that covers energy ─ kilojoules and calories, protein, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, carbohydrate, sugars, dietary fibre, vitamin C, total vitamin A, sodium, potassium, calcium and iron. The book makes carb-conscious meal planning easy. For example, four seed crackers (1g) with guacamole (1g) followed by pork and sage rounds with cauliflower mash (4g) and finishing with tiramisu (7g), adds up to a meal of just 13g of carbohydrates. The books comes with a full colour photograph per recipe and includes options that many low-carb followers may not expect to find such as crunchy granola, Japanese pancakes, tiramisu, pizza and chocolate cake. The recipes are also gluten free. There’s a good cross section of hot and cold recipes, vegetarian and non vegetarian, and all are family-friendly. All the ingredients are readily available at supermarkets. The wonderful food styling and photography was by Georgia McDermott. The books are available from all good bookstores and from the online store at Vacuum Pumps Used for Many Industrial Applications 2016-01-29T07:16:37Z vacuum-pumps-used-for-many-industrial-applications Perth, WA, 29 January 2016 - Vacuum pumps are among the more common pumps for many industrial uses in Australia and around the world. Vacuum pumps create a partial vacuum in a chamber. The lowered pressure in the chamber attracts air and liquids from the input. The chamber is evacuated, creating another vacuum and the process is repeated for a continuous flow.While momentum transfer pumps, entrapment pumps and positive displacement pumps are all classified as vacuum pumps, positive displacement pumps are the most common and the other two varieties are usually used in conjunction with one or more positive displacement pumps in series.There are five popular kinds of positive displacement vacuum pumps: liquid ring pumps, double diaphragm pumps, rotary vane pumps, blowers and side channel pumps.Liquid Ring PumpsLiquid ring pumps can be used as standard vacuum pumps but the process can also be inverted for use as a compressor. They are used in the petroleum, paper, gas and agriculture industries. Molded egg cartons are built using liquid ring pumps.Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD)Air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps run on compressed air and move a diaphragm to expand and contract a chamber. They are used to pump a variety of fluids in industry, such as slurries, acids and water. They are also used in the food and beverage industry, especially in food processing, because their design is appropriate for sanitary applications.Rotary Vane PumpsRotary vane pumps use a rotor mounted on a vane inside of a cavity. They are used for refrigeration, aviation fuel transfer, aerosols, solvents and propellants. They are popular for use in espresso coffee machines and soft drink carbonators. BlowersWhen the process used to create a vacuum is reversed, it creates a blower. Side Channel PumpsSide channel pumps are used mainly for the handling of vapours and gases. Side channel pumps are used when a measurement called “NPSH,” or the ratio of pressure over vapour pressure, must be low. Uses for Vacuum Pumps: an OverviewGenerally, vacuum pumps are used for applications in numerous industries. They are used in heating & cooling, research & development, petroleum, wastewater, mining, food & beverage, hospitality, hospitals & other medical facilities, motor vehicles, pharmaceutical facilities, moulding, investment casting and packaging.Mike Hurlbatt is the owner of Pump Solutions Australasia. Pump Solutions Australasia is a leading importer of pumps for Australia. They import pumps from Europe, North America, South America and Asia to ensure a wide selection of the highest quality pumps in the world. According to Mr Hurlbatt:“Vacuum pumps are among the most popular pumps in the world. If you have a well and a hand water pump, that is an elementary version of a vacuum pump. From the backyard to the largest industries across the world, vacuum pumps are responsible for a lot of things we take for granted.”Pump Solutions Australasia imports a full range of vacuum pumps from their facility in Perth. They carry a full line of rotary vane pumps, air operated diaphragm pumps (AODD), liquid ring pumps, side channel pumps and blowers. They import the finest, most reliable pumps in the world to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime. To learn more, call 1300 793 418 today or visit their website: Power Technology The Sole Distributor Of Csun Solar Panels 2016-01-29T02:11:45Z power-technology-the-sole-distributor-of-csun-solar-panels Power Technology has been operating in the solar sector for 15 years, with more than 1.5MW of panels supplied to residential, industrial and OEM consumers, and over the past decade there has been a rapid uptake of solar technology in the international community. This boom has led to huge advances in technology and manufacturing techniques, which has meant that Power Technology are now the sole distributor in New Zealand of solar products from the solar panel brand CSUN (China Sunergy). CSUN have been a supplier of solar panels to Power Technology for almost three years and Power Technology are the sole distributors for their product range. Power Technology have ordered 5,355 panels (over 1.33MW) from them during this time. CSUN are one of the top 15 manufacturers in the world, and most importantly, are a Tier 1 manufacturer. CSUN designs, manufactures and delivers high efficiency solar cells and modules to the world from its production centres based in Turkey and China. CSUN also invests in high potential solar projects. Founded in 2004, CSUN is well known for its advanced solar cell technology, reliable product quality, and excellent customer service. For additional information, please visit Thirty years after opening their doors PowerTech remain a leader in the design and distribution of electronic components, batteries, UPS, power systems, and renewable energy – trusted by major resellers and manufacturers throughout the country. Power Technology has strong relationships with their suppliers and work tirelessly to meet their customer’s schedule and budget – without lowering their expectation for the highest quality products. If there is a new product that will add value to a customer’s operation or a supply chain issue that is slowing their business down, PowerTech have the latest technology to effect a positive result. For further information on Power Technology, please visit their website at Replacing your LED downlights - Points to Remember DIY 2016-01-28T23:51:22Z replacing-your-led-downlights-points-to-remember-diy Right, you are now ready to install your LED downlight yourself. Interesting fact is still many folks opt for halogen or compact fluorescent downlights, however we must consider LED downlights consumes less power as compares to other fixtures and thus would make one save on the power bills. Another benefit that is making those go green initiatives take a new shape is that LED fixtures do not emit anything that is harsh on the environment, no rays, no heat and no toxic elements. Also, LED downlights are a better option than other lighting as they are designed to last. Different downlight fixing options We stock different downlight fixture options such as In a downlight with spring clips In a downlight with twist front face plate/ flexible push in clips In a downlight where the face plate comes off  Few points to remember before start replacing your LED Downlights Always switch off power supply before commencing work. Operating temperature range of the lamp should be between -20°C and 45°C ambient. Over-heating can affect lamp performance. Only use in indoor applications and in open fixtures providing 10mm free air space. Ensure the fixture has the appropriate lamp-holder. Do not use or install the lamp in highly dusty or smoky environments. It is recommended that you install the lamp only after construction is completed. Input voltage should be +/-10% the amount stipulated in the specifications. If LED lamps are dimmable with compatible mix of transformers and dimmers, actual dimming performance depends on dimmer type (refer to the recommended dimmer & transformer list). Please note the different combinations based on the type of lamp and number of lamps. Not intended to use with emergency light fixtures or exit lights or DC transformers. Customer may notice a one second flicker during star tup. This is normal and will not affect lamp performance and lifetime. Relative humidity in the installation should not exceed 80% Relative Humidity. Do not install in bathrooms, kitchens and wet areas. These lamps have no tolerance to water. Lamps must be protected from the ingress of salt air. Do not install the lamp close to medical equipment/televisions/studios/radio areas. Certain lamps include a fan to assist performance. Noise might be audible in silent environment. (Applicable only to a range of dimmable lamps) Products are not subjected to more than total of 20,000 fast switches (time between “on” and “off” should be less than 10 minutes). Electrical installation in which the product operates must not be subjected to voltage fluctuations. The mains supply should have surge or over voltage protection equipment. It is also recommended that all lamps on one transformer share the same brand. Read More : DIY Replacement LED downlights - Points to Remember All about LED Lighting in Australia LED Lighting – the lighting guide for energy saving lamps Benefits & Advantages of using energy efficient LED Lighting How LED Lighting compared with Fluorescent Lamps How to choose the right LED light bulb for your Fixtures Dimmable or Non-Dimmable options in LED downlights CEO concerns over global economy deepen 2016-01-28T23:05:52Z ceo-concerns-over-global-economy-deepen Three fifths of global CEOs believe continuing economic uncertainty will lead to compromises in the ability of their organization to maintain high standards, threatening trust in their business and the companies they supply.  Independent research[1] commissioned by BSI, the business standards company, explores the top threats to organizational resilience[2], with macroeconomic uncertainty ranked top ahead of disruptive competition and information security. The 120 CEOs polled from around the globe, reveal how fragile modern operations with global supply chains are. Two thirds (64%) of bosses admit that the concept of organizational resilience is inconsistently understood across their business, despite 70% believing it to be vital to the long-term viability of their operation. Encouragingly 28% of CEOs are confident they secure an advantage in the market from organizational resilience, almost half (49%) claiming it enhances their company’s reputation and 39% suggesting it has improved their organization’s competitiveness through quicker and better targeted responses to opportunities. The research also found that North American firms are more than twice as likely as European firms to have boosted the quality of their products and services through organizational resilience, something that is most commonly held back by short-term financial thinking, a lack of skills and a failure to focus on the management of resilience. Howard Kerr, Chief Executive of BSI commented: “CEOs may become so risk averse that they’re not only missing out on opportunities, but potentially undermining the long-term resilience of their organizations. Leaders need to have confidence in the ability of their team to remain agile and adaptive, while maintaining robust processes in the face of uncertainty. Ultimately today’s challenging conditions offer an opportunity to forge stronger team dynamics and delivery.” Product quality control scandals at more specialist organizations/suppliers have led to serious repercussions for the firms they supply.  For example, Honda was recently forced to recall almost 25 million cars due to issues with faulty airbags. The BSI research reveals the consequence of such activities and shows that the majority of firms both large and small worry about compromising standards. Just a quarter (24%) of CEOs at firms with revenues under $500 million per annum are totally satisfied with their organization’s quality control processes, while this rises to only a third (31%) at larger firms. Worldwide more than half of CEOs (52%) attributed failures in organizational resilience to a lack of skills amongst their workforce. In a signal as to the importance of the issue, more than half (57%) of CEOs take personal responsibility for driving organizational resilience across their business. Just a quarter (25%) entrusted responsibility to colleagues below C-level in their seniority. Kerr concluded: “Change must be led from the top. Organizations can be surprisingly naive, ignoring advice and best practice until they experience a setback themselves. CEO resignations aren’t just token sacrifices; they are a symptom of a wider malaise. Adapting and coping with change is a team effort, based on a culture of excellence across people, products and processes. True leaders recognize that Organizational Resilience is a strategic imperative across the whole business.” [1] Organisational Resilience: Building an enduring enterprise, Economist Intelligence Unit, November 2015 [2] BS 65000 – Guidance on organizational resilience defines Organizational Resilience as ‘the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and thrive.’  Notes to Editors: The polling was carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the BSI commissioned Organisational Resilience: Building an enduring enterprise report published in November 2015. It surveyed 411 business executives, 61% of whom were heads of departments, SVPs or CEOs. Of these, 20% represented companies more than 100 years old, and 16% worked for companies less than ten years old. One-half of these organizations had more than US$500m in annual revenue, while 10% had an annual revenue of US$10bn or more. Respondents were drawn primarily from Europe (29%), North America (30%) and Asia-Pacific (30%). For a full copy of the research, please contact the press office. About BSI BSI (British Standards Institution) is the business standards company that equips businesses with the necessary solutions to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence. Formed in 1901, BSI was the world’s first National Standards Body and a founding member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Over a century later it continues to facilitate business improvement across the globe by helping its clients drive performance, manage risk and grow sustainably through the adoption of international management systems standards, many of which BSI originated. Renowned for its marks of excellence including the consumer recognized BSI Kitemark™, BSI’s influence spans multiple sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Built Environment, Food, Healthcare and ICT. With over 80,000 clients in 172 countries, BSI is an organization whose standards inspire excellence across the globe.  To learn more, please visit Our Forgotten Coast 2016-01-28T04:33:36Z our-forgotten-coast Our Forgotten Coast: The Fraser Coast Region has a much forgotten coastline. From the southern headland at River Heads to the Gympie Region Council boarder just before Tin Can Bay lies a series of wonderful little communities which still embody the true spirit of “community”. Unfortunately, this wonderful stretch of coast has been forgotten by the last two councils. Some residents have told me they would be very surprised if there were many councillors who knew they were there at all. With beautiful views of Fraser Island, large sections of National Park and forestry these towns have natural limits to grow but are a playground for many on the Fraser Coast, Gympie and further afield (I met a family from Gladstone who were just finishing 2 weeks in the area and reported a wonderful time). These residents don't ask for much, their dump to stay open, road works completed and not left looking ½ done, a streetlight on a dark street, dead animals picked up from the side of the road and not left rotting in the hot sun. Do these seem like expensive requests from people who pay equivalent rates to those in Hervey Bay? Remember they do not have a library, a pool, a waterpark, water or sewage and they have simple parks. They want to be listened too, they want council to be responsive and meet the simple demands they ask in return for their rates. To be clear, if elected I would be fighting for: Boonooroo Dump remaining open, once at capacity another local site will need to be created by council.More responsive local government action on local maintenance issues, including authorising council staff to pick up road-kill that has been knocked off the side of the road near residential areas.Review of street-lighting, it is my feeling that only a few extra streetlights will be needed but asking residents to have their full say is important hereEasy access to me as their division 2 councillor; this is though regular visits plus online communication tools and returning calls to residents promptly. Gradual upgrade of parks and facilitiesImplementation of a strong erosion management planSupport for the proposed Wide Bay Motorsports complex at Boonooroo Plains to generate more tourism dollars to be spent in the areaAn RV & EV parking and facilities site to be created in the area to generate more tourism dollarsReview and working with National Parks plus private land owners to create a strong network of camping sites, linked (where possible) by walking tracks (this would be a wonderful project for the Green Army to be working on) I hear you. I will continue to listen and advocate for you. I know you have been let down by council in the past and you remain wary, you have every right. I intend to win back your faith in council and fight hard for you and all the other communities I would be reresenting should I be elected as your Division 2 councillor on the 19th March. Michael WeekesDivision 2 candidate Keeping Safe This Storm Season 2016-01-28T03:28:39Z keeping-safe-this-storm-season Media ReleaseFor Immediate ReleaseThursday, January 28, 2016   KEEPING SAFE THIS STORM SEASON Bayside residents are being urged to prepare for Brisbane’s storm season by testing their safety switches and ensuring their homes are surge protected. Local electrician, Derek Munn from Munn Electrical, is encouraging home owners and renters to have a plan in place to protect their family, pets and property. Derek advised many Brisbane families were caught out in last February’s super storm so now is the time to start preparing for severe weather events. Said Derek, “There are a number of easy steps you can take to prepare your home for storm season, such as testing your safety switch and ensuring your home is surge protected. “Ensuring you are prepared for storm season is actually quite simple. Just a few small steps taken now will hopefully save you a world of pain in the event of severe weather.” Derek’s top storm preparation tips for residents include: 1.     Check Your Insurance Policy BEFORE storm season hits. “There’s no point checking your insurance policy after a storm has hit.  Make sure you review your home and content policies now to ensure that you are adequately covered for storm damage and other possible issues such as flying debris, electrical power surge, water leakage and flooding. 2.     Make sure your home is surge protected. Said Derek, “A power surge can destroy your electrical appliances but protecting your home from this is really easy.  You can either buy your own surge protector (which simply plug into an electrical socket) or you can get a switchboard mounted surge arrestor which will protect your entire house.  Only a licensed electrician can install these though so speak with your local electrician about your options. 3.     Test your safety switch. “Safety switches save lives so make sure that you have tested your switch leading up to storm season.  If you don’t know how to do this, head to the electrical safety website where this is a video you can watch or alternatively, call your local electrician.” 4.     Unplug electrical items as soon as a storm starts to form. “This is a really simple thing that home owners can do to ensure their electrical items remain safe in a storm.  As soon as you see a storm rolling in, make sure you unplug your major electrical items such as tvs, computers etc.  Of course, if you have surge protectors on those outlets – that won’t be necessary.” 5.     Never touch fallen power lines. “Above all else, put your safety first and never touch a fallen power line.  If you see one down always assume the line is live and call Energex on 13 19 62 immediately. “ ----- ENDS ----- About Munn Electrical: Munn Electrical specialise in residential and commercial electrical works in Brisbane’s City South and Bayside suburbs. To find out more about their services visit,