The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2016-09-16T06:37:36Z Sustainable Timber Fights Climate Change 2016-09-16T06:37:36Z sustainable-timber-fights-climate-change Perth, WA, 16 September 2016 - A lot of people talk about climate change but fewer actually try to do anything about it. One firm which creates custom built doors and windows in the Perth area is putting their money where their mouths are. The firm is called Fremantle Door & Window Company. They provide custom built doors and windows for Perth homeowners and builders. They are fully committed to leaving the world a better place than they left it. While some people talk about it a lot, Fremantle Door & Window demonstrates their commitment in two ways. They use their company blog to educate readers about sustainable timber and they only use sustainable timber with locally-sourced glass for their custom built doors and windows.Tish Thompson is the Office Administrator for Fremantle Door & Window. That makes her the person who is the interface between the builders and both sides of the supply chain: material providers and end users. According to Ms Thompson: “We have made a conscious decision as a company to only buy timber from sustainable sources. We have been contacted by people who take shortcuts and we could save a little bit of money if we took them up on their offers. However, we are committed to doing things right and leaving the world a better place than we found it. The two best ways we can do that are to reduce our carbon footprint and tell everyone why we are doing it, hoping to set an example and inspire others to action.”What is Sustainable Timber?Sustainable timber is timber that has been grown and harvested in sustainable plantations and forests. When a tree is cut down and not replaced, it adds to climate change because it interferes with carbon storage. Under the sustainable timber model, trees are only cut after their peak carbon storage years and are replaced with new trees that are at the beginning of the carbon storage cycle. Under this model, every tree cut down is replaced in an infinite cycle.Why is Carbon Storage Important?The negative environmental effect of any process is measured by its carbon footprint: the amount of carbon it releases into the environment. However, trees actually take carbon from the environment and use it to make timber fibres. This is called “carbon storage” and has a negative carbon footprint.Timber is the only building material that stores carbon and has a negative carbon footprint. This has two effects. First, it keeps carbon out of the environment. Second, it turns CO2 into oxygen that is released back into the environment, making the air we breathe more oxygen-rich.Ms Thompson concludes: “We realise we aren’t going to save the world, but we hope we can set an example and inspire others to do the same just by doing our part.”Fremantle Door & Window Company provides custom built doors and windows for homeowners in the Perth area. They create every door and window by hand, using old world craftsmanship. They use sustainable timber and locally sourced glass panes to create a full menu of custom built doors and windows, including bifold doors, sliding doors, french doors, servery windows and more. To learn more or for an obligation-free consult, call (08) 6500 6888 or visit their website: HRL sponsors 7th Annual Power & Electricity Indonesia Week 2016-09-15T01:06:35Z hrl-sponsors-7th-annual-power-amp-electricity-indonesia-week HRL is delighted to be a table top sponsor the 7th Annual Power and Electricity Indonesia Conference in Jakarta on from the 18-20 of October this year. The Conference is a global gathering of power and electricity producers and suppliers who are being impacted by new regulations, developments and consonsequent opportunities to meet the power demand in Indoenesia. This event will spotlight projects across coal fired power plants, solar, renewables, hyrdo and biomass. Over 200 high level decision makers will meet to take part in round table discussions, design strategies and learn from local experts. Steven Kulibaba General Manager of HRL comments "our expertise in optimising coal fired thermal power plants to increase efficiency, increase output and availability with our unique combustion optimisation performance testing services makes us an ideal partner in this space."  Learn more by downloading our Flyer (Indonesian version) (English version) For the full agenda please visit New Boutique Cruise Option Explores Tasmania’s Magical South West Wilderness 2016-09-14T06:32:37Z new-boutique-cruise-option-explores-tasmania-s-magical-south-west-wilderness From February to May Tasmanian Boat Charters welcome guests to embark on a three, five or seven-day guided expedition into Port Davey, Bathurst Harbour exploring the untouched and remote Tasmanian World Heritage Area on their ‘floating home’ Odalisque which accommodates up to ten guests.  All will be captivated by the harbour’s rugged terrain, marine reserves, its beautiful mirrored waters, and the region’s history. Fresh Tasmanian produce and fine wines are a definite highlight of the escapade lovingly prepared by the onboard chef.  All tours include spectacular flights to and from Hobart’s Cambridge Aerodrome to Melaleuca’s white quartzite airstrip. The views over the city, dramatic coastal cliffs, towering mountain peaks and never-ending green of the World Heritage Area are awe-inspiring. Tasmanian Boat Charters and Odalisque proprietor, Pieter van der Woude, said “I’m thrilled to be able to share my love for the remote Southwest World Heritage Area and the Tasmanian coastline with visitors to our beautiful state. We currently have the only permit for permanent on water accommodation in the area. We also have the only existing capability to take guests to places no commercial tourists have ever seen before - to secret waterways, hidden bays and forgotten islands of the South West”.  “The concept of a ‘floating home’ in Bathurst Harbour has been specifically developed to have low impact on the environment and to avoid land infrastructure or the need for a land based footprint, allowing explorers to experience and appreciate the South West while still enjoying the full safety and comfort that any land based lodge would provide” Mr. van der Woude said.  “Expeditions are very personalised and tailored around Mother Nature’s offerings and the client’s interests to provide a flexible experience guided all the way by our attentive crew in an area where only a privileged few get to witness. Our expert guides with an intimate knowledge of the area are walking encyclopaedias” Mr. van der Woude adds.  From May – January Odalisque offers overnight charters in other areas of Tasmania including the East Coast, Bruny Island and the Tasman Peninsula.   Odalisque is also available to entertain groups up to 40 people with a tailored day charter, ideal for functions or for any occasion that requires a unique experience or voyage. About The Vessel OdalisqueNewly launched Odalisque is a purpose built 20 metre aluminium vessel, constructed for optimum comfort and stability at sea. The Odalisque provides luxury and functionality to ensure an outstanding quality experience. With three double cabins and single bunk alternatives, serviced by three bathrooms, Odalisque is able to sleep 10 in comfort. The galley consists of a contemporary spacious kitchen with an island bench, sofa seating, large open windows with more than enough space to relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery or watch the chef cook up a storm. The open plan saloon area allows panoramic views, has plenty of lounging capacity and a large dining area for a leisurely dining experience. Outside, Odalisque has three decks: a fly bridge with seating, an upper deck, and an incredibly spacious lower deck with BBQ facilities, sink and outside bathroom. Trip Costs An all-inclusive three-day charter for 2 starts from $4,600. For further details and information please call the team on 0477 100 119 or go to ENDS  Image link - For news updates please see   Media Contact Tracey Leitch – Impressions PR 0415 290023 or   Timber Suppliers in Brisbane Push for Sustainable Lifestyle 2016-09-14T05:34:08Z timber-suppliers-in-brisbane-push-for-sustainable-lifestyle Brisbane, QLD, 14 September 2016 - There are plenty of timber suppliers in Brisbane, but none seem to be as aware of environmental issues as the management of Narangba Timbers. They have produced numerous informative articles on their company blog about sustainable forestry and its positive effects on the environment, while decrying the deleterious effects of non-sustainable harvesting of timber.They have made it a point of pride to only carry ethically-sourced timber of high quality and selling it for low prices. Recently, they published a piece on their company blog reacting to a study that was recently revealed to the public. The study was conducted by QLD Government and is called the Statewide Landcover and Tree Study (SLATS). According to the study, nearly 296,000 hectares of trees were cleared in QLD during 2014-15. This is only a small rise from the numbers for the previous year, but they are nearly double the amount of trees cleared in 2011-12.Both the Queensland Conservation Council and the Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad, issued statements saying that the level is too high and is not sustainable for Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef lost 108,000 of those hectares via catchment areas, a figure that Ms Trad found “alarming.”Dr Tim Seelig of the Queensland Conservation Council was the most aggressive towards the need to decrease this number. He sees the clearing as a threat to many native species, citing “devastating effects.” He also sees the Great Barrier Reef as being put in jeopardy by indiscriminate clearing of trees. Dr Seelig wants to see regulations tightened on tree clearing, reversing a decision by the previous government to allow farmers to clear all the trees they want for “high value agricultural projects.” Jack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers. According to Mr Kyle: “From an early age, I have been taught to respect the forest and respect the environment. I was taught to conduct business in a way that makes the world a better place afterwards. For us, that means only doing business with firms that harvest timber in a sustainable manner.”Mr Kyle continued: “This path has forced me to stay on top of environmental issues. I know most of the trees we are losing are not being sold as timber, but losing 300,000 hectares of forest a year is a big environmental problem and needs to be addressed.”Mr Kyle added further: “The entire idea behind sustainable forestry is that trees which are cut down need to be replaced by newly-planted trees. That continues the cycle of carbon storage and ensures that our trees can still benefit the environment. When this principle is violated, it contributes to global warming. Losing 300,000 hectares of trees a year definitely violates that principle.”Mr Kyle concluded: “We want to leave Australia better for our kids than it was for our generation. Losing 300,000 hectares of trees a year isn’t going to cut it.” Narangba Timbers are the most ethical timber suppliers in Brisbane. They pride themselves on unparalleled customer service, great selection and low prices. They obtain their timber from ethical, sustainable sources. To learn more or to enquire about timber for your next project, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Meet some of Australia's most generous people 2016-09-10T07:33:32Z meet-some-of-australia-s-most-generous-people has just entered it’s 6th year and has processed over 50,000 listingsIn that time we have come to know some truly remarkable members, who have individually given away over 500 items each. One such member is closing in on the 1000 giveaway mark!   These people are changing lives and helping the environment. If more people could follow their example, it could lead to some positive change in Australia’s attitude toward reuse and collaborative consumption. Timber Suppliers in Brisbane Applaud Australia’s Tallest Timber Buildings 2016-09-09T06:03:08Z timber-suppliers-in-brisbane-applaud-australia-s-tallest-timber-buildings Brisbane, QLD, 09 September 2016 - Thanks to a recent decision now allowing mid-rise residential buildings to be made of timber, a new affordable housing project called The Gardens is being built in Campbelltown, NSW. The development will consist of three towers, with a total of 101 apartments, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments. They recently imported 3,000 m3 of timber for the project. The timber being used is cross laminated timber, known as CLT. It took 78 shipping containers to carry all of the timber. Unlike many Tier 1 affordable housing projects, The Gardens is being built with no Government assistance. The units are being built in a way that takes advantage of natural light and natural ventilation. Besides three towers, The Gardens will also include a cafe, a community facility, ample parking, broadband Internet service and individual security systems. The cost for a one bedroom apartment will be from $380,000-$390,000 and the cost for a two bedroom apartment will be from $430,000-$460,000.Why Timber May be the Construction Material of the FutureCLT has only been used for individual homes, garages and smaller buildings in Australia, but it has been a popular choice for medium and mid-rise buildings in Europe and the US for more than 15 years. CLT is made by gluing thin multiple layers of timber to each other crosswise, one vertical and the next horizontal, and then subjecting them to intense pressure. This creates a building material that exhibits performance characteristics nearly identical to those of steel, but weighing approximately 30% less. Timber is a natural insulator, which is the opposite of steel, a conductor. That makes timber a more user-friendly material, saving on heating and cooling costs while keeping the temperature inside more consistent. Timber is also much more environmentally friendly than steel and concrete. While steel and concrete both produce massive carbon footprints by the amount of greenhouse gases it takes to produce them, timber actually stores 800 kgs of carbon in every m3. In addition, timber is easier to work with due to less weight and better workability. Timber requires less labour hours and the “build” is much faster. There is less waste around the site and it is more quiet. This disrupts the surrounding homeowners and their lifestyles less than a concrete and steel construction project. There is also less heavy equipment to hire.Ultimately, timber is easier to work with, less expensive, requires less labour time and has less negative environmental impact than steel and concrete. This is why many see it is the future of affordable housing.Jack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers, timber suppliers in Brisbane. According to Mr Kyle:“We are happy that mid-rise residential developments can now be built of timber. It will help produce housing that is not only more affordable, but provides a better lifestyle for renters and homeowners.”Narangba Timbers are the foremost timber suppliers in Brisbane. They offer a wide variety of timber species for a wide variety of projects, including timber fencing, timber decking and timber flooring. To learn more, call their Brisbane showroom on (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Skip Bin Hire Firm in Perth: “Always Use a Professional for Asbestos Removal.” 2016-09-07T05:53:26Z skip-bin-hire-firm-in-perth-always-use-a-professional-for-asbestos-removal Perth, WA, 07 September 2016 - Asbestos removal can be dangerous for someone who is doing DIY home improvement. Yet many people in the Perth area still try to remove their own asbestos, with mixed results at best. That’s why a company called AAA Skips, which offers special asbestos removal skip bins in all Perth suburbs north of the river, recently provided important information about asbestos removal on their company blog. They recommend professional asbestos removal because even a talented weekend home renovator is still an amateur at asbestos removal. Asbestos removal is dangerous because improper removal allows asbestos dust and fibres into the air. This can contaminate a home or business and put everyone in it at risk for fatal lung diseases such as mesothelioma. Professionals are experienced and trained in the safe removal of asbestos from residential and commercial buildings. They also have special equipment such as respirators as a “fail-safe” system to ensure they are never exposed to any asbestos fibres. Besides being experienced at safe asbestos removal, professionals also know about all of the regulations that may affect any particular job. Whether it’s a local council of a Perth suburb, WA regulations or Australian regulations, professionals know every regulation pertaining to asbestos removal and can ensure that your job doesn’t violate any of them. Some Typical DIY Asbestos Removal MistakesThere are numerous mistakes that amateurs can make which will expose them or their families to asbestos fibres and even require temporary evacuation of their home or business. These include such innocuous errors as:Using power tools: one slip can cut asbestos sheet rock and expose a home or business to dust and fibres.Using an air compressor, which can also damage sheet rock and spread asbestos fibres through the air.Using abrasive sanding and/or cutting disks. Using high pressure hoses.Leaving sheets lying around exposed where they can sustain accidental damage.For amateurs who do decide to ignore the danger and try to remove their own asbestos, they advise making sure to keep the sheet rock wet at all times to minimise possible exposure to asbestos fibres. They also recommend keeping any work area involving asbestos well-ventilated.It is also pointed out that a NATA-accredited laboratory can check materials for asbestos if the homeowner isn’t sure whether or not asbestos is even present.Asbestos Removal BinsAAA Skips offers asbestos removal bins to any Perth suburb north of the river. They have a set of recommendations for those who hire their bins. The first is to only put asbestos in asbestos removal bins. All asbestos should be wrapped in plastic that is 20 mm or thicker and marked, “DANGER: ASBESTOS.”Most of all, though, AAA Skips recommends that homeowners always hire professionals for asbestos removal to keep themselves and their families safe.AAA Skips offers skip bin hire and asbestos removal services in all Perth suburbs north of the river. They are a family-owned business that offers skip bin hire by the next business day. To learn more, call 0438 918 850 or visit their website: Forestry experts oppose expansion of Wellington National Park (WA) 2016-09-06T23:12:00Z forestry-experts-oppose-expansion-of-wellington-national-park-wa Foresters are very concerned by a proposal from the Yabberup Community Association to nearly double the size of the Wellington National Park by including adjacent areas of state forest and the Wellington Discovery Forest. Institute of Foresters WA Division spokesman John Clarke said: ‘Changing tenure from state forest to national park does not automatically produce better land management – in fact the reverse is often true. Greater wildfire risk, weed and pest infestation as well as loss of biodiversity have all been observed in land tenure changes interstate. Keeping the current management regime – including multi-use of the Wellington Discovery Forest is the best option. ‘Increase tourism and visitation cannot be achieved by changing large areas of state forest to national park. State forest has the option for multiple uses, by definition, and recreational activities are perfectly compatible with this type of forest land. There are many important recreation areas close to Collie and Donnybrook on state forest including the Glen Mervyn Dam Picnic Site, the Yabberup and Lyalls Mill camp sites, and the Stockton Dam water ski and camping area. ‘One of the aims of the Wellington Discovery Forest is to showcase sustainable forest management to the community. Many local school groups visit the WDF to learn about sustainable forest management. Changing the tenure of the forest will preclude many of the activities that occur, and will reduce the capacity to expand visitor facilities. ‘Expansion of the Wellington National Park will significantly reduce the area available for sustainable timber harvesting. Timber harvesting and processing has a long history in the South West and many businesses rely on it to employ local people. Any expansion of the Wellington National Park is likely to result in job losses, rather than job creation.  ‘Under current arrangements, the Forest Products Commission (FPC) funds prescribed burning on state forest areas subjected to timber harvesting and undertaken by the Department of Parks and Wildlife in the South West. By reducing state forest areas this funding will also reduce which is likely to result in less prescribed burning. A reduction in prescribed burning will increase the size and intensity of bushfires affecting residents.’ ‘Another impact of the proposed tenure change is the ability of residents to collect firewood. Public firewood collection is prohibited in national parks, and the areas of state forest proposed by the Yabberup Community Association for tenure change contains several public firewood collection areas. This change will especially affect residents of Collie, where wood fuelled heating is very common. The reduced availability of firewood may also impact local businesses,’ said Mr Clarke. Image: Wellington Discovery Forest .Caption to image at link: Members of the IFA WA Division and the South West Agroforestry Network touring recently thinned jarrah regrowth at Wellington Discovery Forest” Prince of Wales forestry awards for Australia and New Zealand 2016-08-31T22:27:13Z prince-of-wales-forestry-awards-for-australia-and-new-zealand Two new forestry awards for New Zealand and Australia were announced at the New Zealand Institute of Forestry Conference in Dunedin. The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry recognizes the achievements of an outstanding young forestry professional with a passion for sustainable forest management and a commitment to their national forestry institute. Two Sustainable Forestry awards will be presented annually, to one recipient from Australia and one from New Zealand. The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award is an exchange programme for forestry students with clear leadership skills, providing an opportunity to work abroad and hence develop a wider view of sustainable forestry.  Both The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry and The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award reflect His Royal Highness’ keen interest in sustainable forest management and young people around the world.  Building on work already begun with the Canadian Institute of Forestry, the vision behind the Awards is the creation of a global network of young forestry professionals who are inspired to lead together on the vital matter of sustainable forest management.  Extending the Awards to Australia and New Zealand is the next big step in achieving this vision. In a combined statement, James Treadwell, President of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry, and Rob de Fégely, National President of the Institute of Foresters of Australia said that: "The Prince of Wales has long been a strong supporter of sustainable forest management as part of his interest in natural production systems". "The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry reflects His Royal Highness’ vision for forests and woodlands to sustainably deliver the vital social, environmental and economic benefits that we are increasingly aware of. “His Royal Highness has also shown his commitment to encouraging young foresters through The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award which is likely to be strongly contested by outstanding young foresters in both countries." Media contacts: Australia. Rob de Fégely. Tel: +61 (0) 415 486 201 New Zealand. James Treadwell. Tel: +64 (0) 220434511 or Explore Australia Expo, the ultimate adventure paradise this Fathers Day weekend 2016-08-19T03:59:28Z explore-australia-expo-the-ultimate-adventure-paradise-this-fathers-day-weekend Explore Australia Expo, the ultimate adventure paradise this Fathers Day weekend The Doomben Racecourse, Brisbane is set to transform into the ultimate adventure paradise when Explore Australia Expo moves in this Fathers-Day weekend, 2 – 4 September 2016. Explore Australia Expo Director and Event Manager Paul Morgan says he promises to really shake things up this year, with undoubtedly the highest standard of products and displays for every adventure lover, all in one place. “We are really excited to confirm that TJM 4x4 Megastore and Adventure Offroad will be at the Expo again in 2016. Not only are they among the elite of the outdoor industries, but they are genuinely good at what they do, and visitors to the expo will be delighted in their displays and offers available across the weekend.” Wayne Hammond from Adventure Offroad says when he was invited to exhibit at Explore Australia Expo again in 2016, the decision was a ‘no-brainer’. “Explore Australia Expo is not like other Expo’s. It gives customers the chance to talk to professionals in the industry about products for their vehicle, new products, new technologies, it’s not just a sales fest,” he said. Adventure Offroad will be offering a number of package deals as part of the Expo including Ironman 4x4 bull bar, winch and lights; Ironman 4x4 fridges, fridge bags, thermometers, stands; and Ironman 4x4 suspension package deals. They will also have their tried and trusted roof top tens and single and double swags as well as many cash and carry camping products available for fathers day presents including battery operated tent fans with LED light and dual speed fan; battery operated LED camping lanterns; LED head torches; Ironman 4x4s range of collapsible buckets and kettles and Ironman 4x4s led light strips which are a must for every camp-site. Kris Humphrys from TJM 4x4 Megastore is also offering visitors to the Expo some awesome deals and even introducing a few new unique products to the QLD market. “We are offering visitors to the Expo Australia’s cheapest price on Hema HN7 Navigators as well as access to the full range of Lightforce products, Rhino Racks and Brown Davis. We also have Australia’s best set-up touring vehicle, a 79 series dual cab on display for visitors to check out,” said Kris. “We will also be introducing two new products, Rhinohide – a removable and reusable paintwork protection system that is fitted to the exterior of 4x4 vehicles and RV Storage – leading recreational vehicle storage solutions and accessories,” he added. Tickets to the Expo are on sale now and every visitor through the gate will have the chance to enter major prize draws including a TJM Explorers Pack, valued at $6,000 thanks to TJM 4x4 Megastore and an Ironman Deluxe Bullbar valued at $1,295 thanks to Adventure Offroad. Further information on the Explore Australia Expo, Brisbane can be found at Explore Australia Expo Brisbane or by following us on Explore Australia Expo Facebook or Explore Australia Expo YouTube For exhibitor enquiries call the Explore Australia Expo Sales Team on 03 5255 1517 or e-mail Tickets can be purchased from Tickets for Explore Australia Expo Brisbane 2-4 September 2016 <ENDS> Media Enquiries: Sara Crowe, C7EVEN Communications, 0438 197 559 Timber Flooring Still Popular After All These Years 2016-08-18T06:05:44Z timber-flooring-still-popular-after-all-these-years Brisbane, QLD, 18 August 2016 - Flooring in Brisbane, as well as across Australia, has evolved and fluctuated greatly in appearance over the last 100 years. Carpeting has become more popular and changed a lot, with many different piles, lengths and styles. Tile has also evolved considerably, with a different “look” coming and going every year. Last year’s “hot product” is this year’s tepid memory. However, the timber floor is still popular, just as it was 100 years ago. Timber floors don’t really look all that much different than they did so many years ago, either. Board widths may change but timber is still timber in appearance and performance. Why has timber been immune to style changes for more than 100 years? Here are some reasons why timber flooring is still so popular in Brisbane.Benefits of Timber FlooringTimber flooring costs more than many other options in the Brisbane area but it has both short-term and long-term benefits that more than compensate homeowners for their initial investment. For example, while a good carpet may last for 10-15 years, a solid, well-built timber floor can last for longer than 100 years under normal use.Timber floors are a lot easier to clean than carpets. All it really takes to keep a timber floor clean is a soft brush or broom and some light mopping. Some even prefer to take a light vacuum to a timber floor. While carpets hold in up to 100,000 dust mites per m3, dust mites can’t gain a “foothold” on timber flooring. In addition, fleas and dust don’t tend to stick to timber but will stay in your carpet for as long as you allow them to. And it is really difficult to get them out. It is also a lot easier to clean spills of food and beverage off your timber floor than your carpet and the timber floor doesn’t stain as long as it is sealed.Eventually, a carpet wears down and has to be replaced. A timber floor can just be sanded and refinished for a lot lower cost than replacing a carpet.Another consideration is that styles of carpet and tile seem to go in and out of style every year. A tile configuration or a carpet colour may be “in” one year and seen as “tacky” the next. A timber floor looks mostly like they did 100 years ago and they never go out of style. In addition, a timber floor improves aesthetically as it gets older, due to the ageing of the timber and softening of the colours.Timber flooring also helps the environment, especially when it is obtained from ethical sources. Timber stores carbon for as long as it is whole. Even counting processing and transport, timber has a “carbon footprint” roughly 1/5 that of any other flooring material.Ultimately, timber flooring is still popular in Brisbane because of its aesthetic, its low maintenance and its high performance.Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers who provide timber flooring, timber fencing and a host of other timber products to the Brisbane area. They combine high quality, sustainably sourced timber with low prices and world class customer service. To learn more or to place an order, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Rihac Innovative Products Honoured at the Australian Business Awards 2016-08-16T05:53:05Z rihac-innovative-products-honoured-at-the-australian-business-awards Rihac has been recognised as an ABA100 winner in the Australian Business Awards 2016 for New Product Innovation. The award recognises Rihac’s achievements in the inkjet printing industry through the design, research and development of Rihac Pop Carts®. Following the success of our global phenomenon the Inklink®, our latest creation Pop Carts, are set to revolutionize the home inkjet printing industry saving consumers a staggering 75% on their printing consumable costs. The product is aimed at home and business users and centered on converting an existing all-in-one printhead cartridge into a segregated ink cartridge. Pop Carts extend the practical use life of the originally disposable printhead to the maximum and reduces the amount of electronic waste. Rebecca Cahir, the Director of Rihac says, “We are honoured that the Rihac Pop Cart has been named an ABA100 winner for New Product Innovation in the 2016 Australian Business Awards. Continuous innovation is a fundamental value in our company and we are inspired to continue pursuing new ‘outside the box’ solutions for consumers.” Each year the ABA100 winners are recognised through a variety of different award categories that demonstrate transformative business and product innovation. Corporate, government and non-government organisations are recognised for their ability to drive innovation through the application of technical expertise in the management of industry leading initiatives, and for the research and development of high-performing products and services. Products are evaluated based on their demonstrable ability to solve emerging problems through technological innovation that results in a wider transformative effect. Detailed analysis of features, end user benefits, research and performance provide a comprehensive framework that determines the effect of each product on the market. For more information on the Australian Business Awards and the 2016 ABA100 winners go to About Rihac Rihac has been paving the way in sustainable print innovation for over 10 years. Now widely regarded as the global leaders in providing affordable home and office printing, we are at the forefront of developing user friendly, environmentally-conscious and cost effective products.  Rihac’s range of printing consumables encompasses a winning combination of outstanding value and the highest possible quality, and includes a vast selection of products to suit the everyday user through to high-end professional printers. Slashing the costs for everyone who owns an inkjet printer. Never purchase another inkjet printer cartridge! Pop Carts® All-in-one printers account for around 25% of the inkjet printer market. The idea of the Pop Carts™ was driven by a desire to create an alternative product in a niche market that was being exclusively controlled by proprietary inkjet printer manufacturers. Simply explained; the Pop Cart is a disposable cartridge insert designed for the all-in-one inkjet cartridge. Once the OEM all-in-one cartridge is empty, a Pop Cart is inserted to replace the empty ink sponge, transforming it into a segregated printhead ink cartridge. The Pop Cart is a simplistic design comprised of an ink-soaked sponge encased in a light, durable plastic shell, molded to slide easily into the OEM cartridge casing. As easy as Pop, Push, Print! To install, just pop the top off your OEM cartridge, remove the used ink sponge, then insert your Pop Cart refill. When your ink runs out, simply replace it with another Pop Cart. Pop Carts contain twice the ink of OEM cartridges - and most Importantly, saves users over 75% on ongoing printing costs. For further information or comment, contact: RIHAC Enterprises Pty Ltd Shop 1, 72-80 Hampstead Road, Maidstone VIC 3012 Phone: (03) 9005 5555 or, 1300 INK OUT (465 688) Email: Web: Facebook: Monthly Drone | AUGUST 2016-08-15T23:39:09Z monthly-drone-measure-australia Monthly Drone | AUGUST-TV and talkback worthy drone news from around the world -  From drone deliveries to obstructing firefighters, it was a month of rapid innovation and significant challenges for drones worldwide.   The use of drones for deliveries took centre stage this August across the globe, with Amazon partnering with the British government in order to expand drone delivery testing, not to mention 7-Eleven delivering its first Slurpee via drone.   Locally, we  saw the Queensland Government commit to invest $1 million into drone research, flagging the vast opportunities that drones present for an array of industries.   This month also saw drone regulations enforced as drone pilots were arrested around the world for flying over bushfires in California and football games in England. This has resulted in demand for tighter drone regulations and pressure on regulators to keep up with drone innovation.   With Australian summer just around the corner, this begs the question – are Australian authorities prepared for the substantial increase in drone use and its potential impact on the upcoming bushfire season?   Aonghus Stevens, Chief Technology Officer of Australia’s leading drone service provider; Measure Australia, flags the importance of this as he states “Drone use is growing exponentially for both commercial applications and hobbyists. While drones are primarily used for good they can have potentially dangerous consequences when they interfere with vital services such as bushfire control.”   Measure Australia is Australia’s leading drone service provider with national clients in insurance, real estate, agriculture, mining, infrastructure and telecommunications industries. To learn more, visit  If you would like to speak to a drone expert from Measure Australia on any of the stories and issues outlined above or any other issue related to drones, please contact:  Daniel Anderson Account Director 0418 686 Blasina Account Co-ordinator 0428 073   Forest Growers National Conference Program - A Choice Spoiler 2016-08-15T22:34:22Z forest-growers-national-conference-program-a-choice-spoiler Forty-four speakers will enlighten delegates at the Australian Forest Growers National Conference 2016 running from 23-26 October in Launceston, Tasmania. The Conference includes a choice of 8 field tours covering industrial and private forestry, conservation and forest restoration, multipurpose farm and agroforestry, timber processing and manufacture, and wood engineering. Early bird registrations close on 30 August 2016 and the program for the Conference is available from the Conference web site, The three Grower Workshops are expected to be very popular with some of the nations best forest owners sharing their experiences with delegates.  The Welcome Function, at the prestigious QVMAG, and the Conference Dinner provide ample opportunity for delegates and other guests to meet and mix over Tasmanian food and wine. A highlight of the Conference will be the dinner presentation of the National Tree Farmer Award. The Business Breakfast is new event and a unique opportunity to hear and discuss future markets with an expert working closely in this field. The Farm Forestry Toolbox Workshop (offered as an adjunct, free on Thursday) can help growers to learn and manage plantations for wood and financial returns. Forest owners/managers who wish to contribute to AFG National Policy are invited to attend the Policy workshops.  Delegates are also invited to attend the AGMs of both AFG and Forest & Wood Products Australia. AFG gratefully acknowledges the many sponsors/supporters with details, shown on the Conference web site.  The Organising Committee have planned a conference to more than satisfy all delegates and early registration is important to ensure your choice of activity/event can be accommodated. Register now, book accommodation and make travel arrangements to take advantage of cheaper prices.  Full Conference Program with Session and Grower Workshops   Insiders Rate Best Timbers for Timber Decking in Brisbane 2016-08-15T07:23:42Z insiders-rate-best-timbers-for-timber-decking-in-brisbane Brisbane, QLD, 15 August 2016 - It’s no secret that timber decking is big in the Brisbane area. They are a popular way to enjoy cool beverages outdoors across Australia. Recently, a timber supplier from Brisbane rated the best timbers for timber decking on his company blog. Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, decided to share years of experience in the timber business to help homeowners who are considering building timber decks.According to Mr Kyle: “We have been in the timber business for three generations. Over the years, some patterns have emerged. Though public taste has changed a little bit, there are still certain timbers such as Merbau that have become extremely popular among those looking to build timber decks in the Brisbane area.”Mr Kyle singled out six particular timbers as the most popular or “favourite” timbers for timber decking in Brisbane. Two are listed below.MerbauMerbau is also called “Kwila.” It is debatably the most popular timber for timber decking in Brisbane and across Australia. It has an orange-brown colour when it is new and matures into a red-brown colour as it ages. It is a favourite due to its appearance, hardness and durability. It provides natural protection against termites, rotting and bushfires. However, its appearance is the reason so many people across Australia love building their timber decks with Merbau. It can be used with a clear sealer only or it can be stained but most people leave it clear and let the natural beauty of its colour and grain show through.ACQ Treated PineACQ Treated Pine is the only softwood on the list but it is hard enough and durable enough to make for great timber decking. ACQ stands for Alkaline Copper Quaternary and is a substitute for the more toxic CCA treated pine. ACQ is safe for timber decking and provides protection against rotting, termites and bushfires.Pine has become very popular for timber decking because it is so versatile. It is a softwood and is quite porous. That makes it easier to work with, especially with a saw, than hardwood. It also absorbs seal, stain and paint exceedingly well. For those who like paint or stain, pine is the best timber available.An Overview of Timber Decking in BrisbaneAccording to Mr Kyle, there are a variety of popular timbers for decking in Brisbane:“There are six timbers that we find to be extremely popular among those looking to build timber decks. While we are partial to Merbau, Pacific Jarrah is another timber that is very popular for people building timber decks. Like Merbau, Select Pacific Jarrah has a distinctive appearance that makes it a favourite among deck builders. Jarrah can be light brown or it can be a dark shade of brown or red. “Mr Kyle concludes: “Whatever you like, as long as you choose a high quality timber, you can’t go wrong.”Narangba Timbers is a supplier of timber decking supplies in Brisbane. They have a full selection of popular hardwoods and softwoods most commonly used for timber decking and other home projects. They recommend visiting their display deck for a firsthand look at a wide variety of timbers and finishes. To learn more or to speak to customer service, call (07) 3888 1293 today or visit their website: