The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-01-23T05:38:05Z Narangba Timbers Says: “Protect Your Deck with the Right Finish.” 2015-01-23T05:38:05Z narangba-timbers-says-protect-your-deck-with-the-right-finish Brisbane, QLD, 23 January 2015 - Narangba Timbers has provided timber decking for numerous projects in the Brisbane area. They have been around long enough to see how long many of those timber decks have lasted and how often they need repairs. They have noticed that, over the years, most repairs and replacement of boards on timber decks are avoidable if the deck is protected properly. Timber has natural moisture. The closer that moisture is kept to its natural state, the longer a timber deck will last and the more durable it will be. The trick is to ensure that the timber doesn’t end up with too much or too little moisture.Recently, on their company blog, owner Jack Kyle offered some tips for selecting the right finish for timber decking. In a severe climate such as that in Brisbane, Mr Kyle feels that it is crucial to protect timber decking with the right finish and the right amount. It is most important, according to Mr Kyle, to make sure that all parts of a board are covered, including all faces, edges and ends. The following recommendations are courtesy of Mr Kyle’s blog post.Preparing the SurfaceThe first coat should be applied before building the deck, ensuring that every square centimetre is covered. If possible, new timber should be left to sit and dry out for two or three weeks to ensure that the finish can adhere to the surface. It is also important that the surface is clean and free of debris, mildew or dirt. Factors to ConsiderThe main factors to consider are the aesthetics of the timber, the performance characteristics of the finish and the species of timber being used.AestheticsA timber deck often becomes an entertainment area for guests, making the aesthetics important. Some homeowners will go for a natural look while others will want deep stains and colours to provide their preferred aesthetic. The appearance of a timber deck is directly related to the other two factors: performance characteristics of the finish and the species of timber being used.Characteristics of FinishAn oil-based decking stain generally provides the best overall profile of protection for timber. It soaks into the timber easily and provides the best protection for keeping moisture from entering or escaping timber. A semi-transparent, oil-based decking stain protects from moisture while allowing the natural grain of the timber to show through. Oil-based decking stain also has an alkyd resin that helps it resist scuffing, furniture legs and “heavy feet.” Timber SpeciesThe species of timber will also dictate what kind of stain is used. Some timbers, such as merbau, have a deep colour that lends itself to a semi-transparent stain. Others may require more pigment or even paint to provide the preferred “look.” Narangba Timbers is a timber supplier of products such as timber decking, timber fencing, timber flooring and heavy construction timber in Brisbane. They specialise in professional and attentive customer service to help ensure that their customers always have the right materials for any project, large or small. To learn more about Narangba Timbers, call 1300 795 675 or visit their website: Providers of Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Hoods Warn: “Don’t Make These Mistakes.” 2015-01-22T11:28:29Z providers-of-custom-stainless-steel-exhaust-hoods-warn-don-t-make-these-mistakes Perth, WA, 22 January 2015 - Commercial exhaust hoods are made of stainless steel for a reason. They combine high durability, high corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning and resistance to extreme heat. That makes them the safest and most sanitary option for their main use: commercial kitchens. Western Stainless Solutions is a firm which provides custom design stainless steel installation and is located in the Perth area. Recently, on their company blog, they provided a guide to selecting, cleaning and maintaining commercial stainless steel exhaust hoods. Stainless steel exhaust hoods are custom fabricated in various sizes and shapes, depending upon the characteristics of the facility in which they are being installed. Most commercial kitchens, especially those with medium to high volume, use a vented exhaust hood. The vented exhaust hood draws air from the facility and sends it through a series of ducts until it is transported to the outdoors.In smaller facilities that don’t use appliances such as fryers, grills and charcoal broilers, ventless hoods can be installed. Ventless hoods draw the air through a filter or filters on the interior of the hood, clean the air and send it back into the kitchen.Cleaning Stainless Steel Exhaust HoodsThe interior of a vented exhaust hood must be cleaned professionally and on a regular basis. The interval between cleaning is according to manufacturer’s recommendations and can vary in time from as long as six months to as short as one month, depending on usage. The higher volume a kitchen produces, the more often the exhaust hood should be cleaned. Kitchens that produce more grease and smoke necessitate more frequent cleaning of the exhaust hood.Unvented exhaust hoods have charcoal filters. These filters are usually available at appliance stores and should be replaced often. As in the case of cleaning a vented exhaust hood, the frequency will be dependent upon the use and volume in the kitchen along with the manufacturer’s recommendations.Health Regulations and Symptoms of Insufficient CleaningAny buildup of mould or bacteria can compromise the health of staff and customers. Most local councils have health regulations governing the frequency of cleaning commercial exhaust hoods to ensure the health of their citizens. If a hood is not cleaned frequently enough, bacteria and/or mould can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses. Fabrication and Installation of Exhaust HoodsPaul Bartlett, Managing Director of Western Stainless Solutions, who provide custom design stainless steel installation in the Perth area, has personally overseen numerous stainless steel exhaust hood installations, from creation to cleanup. According to Mr Bartlett: “It is essential to get everything perfect with any stainless steel project, but especially in restaurants. In restaurants, as in medical facilities, sanitation is extremely important. One slip-up can result in people getting sick and a business being lost.”Mr Bartlett concluded, “That is why we always get everything perfect the first time.”  Western Stainless Solutions are stainless steel fabricators from Perth. They provide custom design stainless steel installation for the hospitality, medical, mining, commercial, industrial and mechanical industries. To learn more or to enquire about a project, call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: Research Proves that Pets Increase Lifespan and Well-Being 2015-01-22T04:37:21Z research-proves-that-pets-increase-lifespan-and-well-being Australia, 22 January 2015 - At Tall Trees Care Communities, they have encouraged their homeowners and residents to have pets from the day they broke ground for their first community. The co-founders know about research indicating that pets have a positive effect on their owners and wanted their residents to have as high a quality of life as possible. From time to time, co-founder Phil Usher has referred to pet studies on his company blog. Recently, though, he found a resource that references 150 studies and articles, all of which indicate that pets have a positive effect on lifespan, well-being or both. The dates ranged from 1980 to 2013. The resource is a study from the International Federation on Ageing.The study from the International Federation on Ageing is entitled, “Measuring the Benefits: Companion Animals and the Health of Older Persons.” They found numerous studies about companion animals and the elderly. Tall Trees Care Communities focused on five studies from Australia, Canada and the US that specifically covered the physical benefits of having a pet. The Five StudiesA study in 1980 found that those under cardiac care had a higher one-year survival rate than those who didn’t have pets. A study in 1992 found that cholesterol levels and blood pressure were lower in elderly pet owners than those who didn’t own pets. A study of US stockbrokers with hypertension in 2001 noted that those with pets suffered less from elevated blood pressure due to stress than their petless counterparts.A 1999 study showed that elderly people who owned pets suffered less decline in their physical ability to perform tasks that need to be performed on a daily basis than those who didn’t have pets. Dog owners were also found in this study to feel that they were more active, had a better sense of purpose and more structure in their lives as a direct result of owning a dog.An Australian study showed that dog owners get nearly 50% more exercise than those who don’t own a dog.What It Means to Tall Trees Care CommunitiesAt Tall Trees Care Communities, residents own their homes. It is structured like a hybrid between a retirement community and an aged care facility with what they feel is the “best of both worlds.” Co-founder Phil Usher has championed the cause of residents owning pets from the beginning. According to Mr Usher:“When we started the first Tall Trees Care Community, we were well aware of plenty of the studies referenced in the International Federation on Ageing report. We knew that we were going to not only allow pets but encourage them. Pet ownership is a way that our residents can be happier and healthier. We are always in favour of anything that enhances our residents’ quality of life.”Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to traditional aged care in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. They specialise in providing high-quality, compassionate care to the elderly while preserving and nurturing their independence. To learn more about Tall Trees Care Communities or to arrange a trial visit, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: WHS Laws: How Do We Comply? 2015-01-21T09:19:14Z whs-laws-how-do-we-comply WHS Laws: How do we comply?   The WHS Act places the primary health and safety duty on a person conducting a business (or undertaking).  Section 27 of the model WHS Act places that duty on senior individuals, (described as officers) to require them to take reasonable steps to support a health and safety culture, ensure accountability, allocation of resources and development of appropriate policies.   Lack of compliance can result in significant fines and even prison sentences. Individuals including senior managers can now be prosecuted as well as the local government authority.  In local government the senior individuals exclude Councillors, however can include all other levels of management involved in decision making.   Penalties for non-compliance have increased. A tiered regime of penalties has been introduced, with a maximum penalty, for the most serious breaches, of $3 million for a corporation and $600,000 and/or five years’ imprisonment for individuals.   Where do the laws apply? The following states and territories now use harmonised WHS legislation instead of previous OH&S laws: •Australian Capital Territory •The Commonwealth of Australia •New South Wales •Northern Territory •Queensland •South Australia Western Australia is also close to adopting the harmonised WHS legislation   How do I comply? In short, the key is to understand hazards and have processes to ensure hazards are managed in a systematic way.  One strategy adopted by a number of local government authorities is to implement consistent and sustainable processes through the use of safety management software.   Software tools like myosh contain mobile offerings which allow all staff and contractors to log incidents and hazards using their mobile phones.  Senior managers should be able to view reports to determine how they are performing.  Complying requires making software a part of the normal day to day operations.  Timber Bifold Windows Gaining Popularity in Perth 2015-01-21T07:55:55Z timber-bifold-windows-gaining-popularity-in-perth Perth, WA, 21 January 2015 - Recently, a designer and builder of custom bifold windows and doors in Perth provided their blog readers with a comparison of the five basic designer window types and their uses. The purpose was to give an overview and to help homeowners be more prepared when choosing what kind of windows to install in their homes.Bifold WindowsBifold windows are windows that are made of three or more panels connected by hinges. They fold upon each other when the door is opened. While the name “bifold” comes from folding in two places, any window with the typical bifold design is now called a bifold window, even if it has more than two folds in it. The most common design is to have four panels with the two on the left joined by one set of hinges and the two on the right joined by another set of hinges. To open the windows, the two sides are folded towards the frame simultaneously. A less common design is to have three or four panels that all fold towards one side.Timber bifold windows have many benefits. They lend a natural aesthetic to any room; the timber in the frame creates a natural appearance. Bifold windows can be opened to nearly the full width of the window, placing them among the most efficient ventilation options. Timber is an efficient natural insulator, especially when combined with double glazed glass. Bifold windows are most often used as serveries to an outdoor deck or patio. Due to how wide they can open, they provide what many see as the best interface between the interior and exterior. When ideally placed, bifold windows, like bifold doors, make an alfresco area a part of the home, effectively adding living space. Sliding WindowsDoors by Nature also makes sliding windows with timber frames. Sliding windows consist of two panels in parallel tracks: one fixed and one moving. The moving panel slides beside the fixed panel to open the window. They are easy to use and provide similar aesthetics to bifold windows. Their main drawback is that they only open to half of their width. That makes them less efficient for ventilation.Making the ChoiceAccording to Tish Thompson, office administrator for Doors by Nature, a builder of timber bifold doors and windows in Perth, more and more people are choosing timber bifold windows:“Timber bifold windows and doors are becoming more and more popular, at least in the Perth area, because they are versatile and provide many benefits. We have had many customers who want to modernise their homes and were stunned when they saw the finished results. There is nothing like the natural look of timber to immediately increase the aesthetic and value of a home.”Ms Thompson concludes, “Timber bifold windows and doors are beautiful, efficient and versatile. It is no surprise that so many people like them.”Doors by Nature creates, builds and installs custom timber bifold windows and doors from their Perth area facility. They are professionals at design, building and installation. For more information or for an obligation-free consult, call 1300 345 116 or visit their website: FAA Mandates Safety Management Systems 2015-01-21T04:12:05Z faa-mandates-safety-management-systems On January 7, the US Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a new rule requiring all US commercial airlines to implement safety management systems (SMS) by 2018. While the rule gives airlines three years to implement SMS, they must submit their plans for implementation to the FAA within six months. The rule allows for flexibility for each carrier to design an SMS to meet their needs based on their organization’s size and structure. Airlines for America President, Nicholas Calio, spoke out in support of the rule at the same press conference where the rule was announced, adding that better data allows for better decision making. While the announcement seems like a big step forward, 96% of airlines are currently providing this data voluntarily to the FAA. Safety management systems provide a vehicle for decision making and accident prevention. They do this by organizing data from operations surrounding risks and display trends, so that management and decision-makers can take action before an incident occurs. SMS is also an effective way to sort through complex data with reports to ensure compliance with industry rules and regulations. The new rule does not replace any existing FAA rules and regulations, but rather helps ensure compliance with those regulations already in place. The US government and aviation industry worked together to reduce fatalities by 83% in commercial air travel from 1998 to 2008. A new target aims to further reduce fatalities by 50% from 2010 to 2025. US Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, stressed that the new rule aligns with the FAA’s goal of continued passenger safety. While implementing the rule will have significant costs (the FAA estimates $224.3 million over 10 years), there will also be benefits. Cost savings are estimated to be up to $472.3 million – more than double the expected expenditure. For the best in safety management software, visit By Stacey Wagner Home Extension Builder Says: Check Your R-Codes for Population Density 2015-01-21T03:53:05Z home-extension-builder-says-check-your-r-codes-for-population-density Perth, WA, 21 January 2015 - It has been more than a year since the R-Code changes in Western Australia, but the Director of one business that provides home extensions and home renovations in Perth believes that many Perth area residents are leaving money on the table due to not fully understanding the ramifications of the R-Code changes.Craig Johns is the director of Next Level Extensions, a firm that provides home renovations and home extensions in Perth. In a recent post on their company blog, Mr Johns provided a simple explanation to help readers understand R-Code changes and what those changes could mean for their property.R-Codes: How They ChangedR-Codes are designed to control population density in WA. Due to the urbanisation of Australia, in which 85% of Australians live near coastal areas most of them near capital cities, the demand for land near capital cities has increased. The resources industry also helped increase demand for housing in WA. The average residential land block in Australia has declined by almost 50% in the last fifty years. Demand for land has driven prices so high that most Australians would now rather live on a smaller land block to save money. These and other factors lead the WA Government to change the R-Codes in August of 2013. The new R-Codes are more relaxed than the older ones were. For example, an R-20 code used to set a minimum block size of 450 sqm for a single dwelling and an average of 500 sqm for a block that had more than one residence. These have been relaxed to a 350 sqm minimum and a 450 sqm average under the new regulations. In addition, apartments in garages and other ancillary buildings, once known as Granny flats, no longer require that their occupants be related to the homeowner, causing them to be renamed as “Fonzie flats” in the vernacular of real estate.Many Homeowners Don’t Know their CodesMr Johns is of the opinion that many homeowners don’t know their R-Codes and it is costing them money. According to Mr Johns: “Due to the R-Code changes, there are a lot of homeowners who could build a rental home on their property or turn their current building into a duplex.”Mr Johns continued: “We have been in the renovation business a long time, but we also construct individually designed new homes when needed. Lately, more and more homeowners ask us about their R-Codes and to build a second home on their property.”Mr Johns concluded, “Everyone should have the opportunity to maximise their property.”Next Level Extensions builds home extensions, home renovations and individually designed new homes in Perth and the surrounding area. They have a combined 70 years of experience providing high quality work, resulting in a 100% customer satisfaction rate. To learn more or for a free consult, call 1300 948 094 or visit their website: The Brisbane edition of ATSA Independent Living Expo to return in 2015 with a brand new education program 2015-01-20T04:26:57Z the-brisbane-edition-of-atsa-independent-living-expo-to-return-in-2015-with-a-brand-new-education-program The popularity of the inaugural event in 2013 will see the education program return in 2015, featuring 24 new sessions spread over four rooms throughout the day. These seminars are designed to support the ongoing professional development of therapists and equipment prescriber, and new to 2015 will be additional sessions especially for people with disability and their family and friends, as well as parents of young children. Highlights in the Brisbane program include a presentation of breakthrough technology from Kristee Shepherd at Making Strides, a discussion on the challenges of AT choices from Emily Steel at University of QLD, as well as Lloyd Walker from Tech4Life with a presentation on what to do when technology fails. The clinical program will continue to be an excellent opportunity for Allied Health Professionals including Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to contribute to their professional development, as attendance at the program can qualify for CPD points. Visitors to the exhibition will enjoy seeing more than 50 exhibitors displaying the widest range of products and services in assistive technology, mobility solutions, pressure care, employment support, disability care, accessible recreation/holiday ideas, modified motor vehicles and a lot more. Those that will most benefit from attending this free event includes allied health professionals, people with disability and their family and friends, staff of retirement villages, nursing homes, home care services and community health, as well as interested members of the public. KEY FACTS: ·         Free to attend | Free parking – only for visitors who pre-register online | 24 sessions in the clinical education program over two days | 50 exhibitors | 600 expected visitors | 7th May 2015 – Brisbane, International Convention Centre For more information, visit or call 1300 789 845.  The popular ATSA Independent Living Expo clinical program in Sydney to feature breakthrough technology, industry updates and world renowned speakers 2015-01-20T04:18:56Z the-popular-atsa-independent-living-expo-clinical-program-in-sydney-to-feature-breakthrough-technology-industry-updates-and-world-renowned-speakers Running alongside the expo, the popular clinical education program will feature 48 sessions with topics including the use of medical equipment and technology, wheelchair prescription, client assessments, safety standards, as well as industry updates from the Physical Disability Council of NSW and Enable NSW. Highlights will include a presentation on choice and control of wheelchair mobility equipment from Amy Bjornson, UK speaker Barend ter Haar speaking on optimal function while seated and for the first time at ATSA, Dr Mark Richter from the USA will join the program to discuss shoulder pain. The full program is now available to view online. For the first time in 2015, there will be designated sessions especially people with disability, their family and friends, and parents of young children. Sessions in past years have typically booked out quickly, and it is recommended that visitors register now and select sessions early to avoid disappointment. The clinical program is also an excellent opportunity for Allied Health Professionals including Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to contribute to their professional development as attendance at the program can qualify for CPD points. Over 1,500 attendees are expected to attend the ATSA Independent Living Expo 2015, and those that will benefit from the exhibition and dynamic clinical program are allied health professionals, people with disabilities, staff of retirement villages, nursing homes, home care services and community health, and interested members of the public. Visitors will enjoy seeing more than 150 exhibitors displaying the widest range of products and services in assistive technology, mobility solutions, pressure care, employment support, disability care, accessible recreation/holiday ideas, modified motor vehicles and a lot more. KEY FACTS: ·       Free to attend | Free parking | 48 sessions in the clinical education program over two days | 150 exhibitors | 1,500 expected visitors | 13 to 14 May 2015 – Sydney, Rosehill Gardens For more information, visit or call 1300 789 845. Green Planet Grass Provides Guide to Artificial Grass as Public Service 2015-01-19T08:49:56Z green-planet-grass-provides-guide-to-artificial-grass-as-public-service Perth, WA, 19 January 2015 - Green Planet Grass manufactures and installs artificial grass in the Perth area. They have completed more than 4,000 installations and have solicited extensive feedback after each one. They also had to answer a lot of questions for most of their customers before installing Green Planet Grass. Justin Everley, director of Green Planet Grass, decided to provide a guide or overview of artificial grass on his company blog. Mr Everley had found that many prospective customers have similar questions and concerns about artificial grass and decided to put all of the information he feels prospective customers or interested consumers need into the blog article. How Modern Artificial Turf is Different from Previous GenerationsThe first artificial turf was known as AstroTurf and was used in the US for playing baseball. It was installed at the Houston Astrodome in 1966. It bore more similarity to a carpet placed on top of cement than it did to real grass. It was known for freakishly high bounces and increased injuries. In 2015, though, modern artificial grass looks, feels and performs very much like exquisitely-maintained natural grass. It looks so real that many people drive right by houses which have synthetic grass in the Perth area and don’t notice that it isn’t natural grass.Life-Like FibresThird generation or “new generation” artificial grass has fibres that look and feel a lot like natural grass. They are affixed to a backing layer which attaches them while allowing for plenty of drainage. Then, an infill is placed into the grass, covering as much as half of the height of the fibres. This provides a lot of cushioning and can be adjusted to provide perfect surface characteristics for any sport.In some sport and playground applications, a shockpad is also used. This can help a surface comply with Australian Critical Fall Height standards. It can also be used to make a pitch provide surface characteristics in line with well-maintained natural grass pitches for whatever sport is going to be contested. The Proof is in the ResultsAll of these factors work together to create a lawn or a sport pitch that provides a superior experience. Performance characteristics are nearly identical to those of natural grass pitches for the various sports being played upon them, with the exception of bad bounces. The surface is so consistent that there are no bad bounces in any sport. Drainage is twice as fast on a Green Planet Grass artificial pitch or lawn as it is on natural grass. A Green Planet Grass sport pitch can be used within twenty minutes after a torrential downpour with no ill effects.According to Mr Everley, a lot has changed in 50 years: “New generation artificial grass provides an experience that is superior to natural grass in many ways. That’s why it is so popular.” Green Planet Grass is a manufacturer and installer of synthetic grass from Perth. They manufacture a full range of artificial grass products for sport, residential and commercial applications from their facility in WA. To learn more about Green Planet Grass, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Narangba Timbers Reminds Customers: Create a Bushfire Survival Plan 2015-01-19T08:16:22Z narangba-timbers-reminds-customers-create-a-bushfire-survival-plan Brisbane, QLD, 19 January 2015 - It seems like bushfires damage more property and kill more Australians every year. Recently, timber suppliers from Brisbane warned readers of their company blog to err on the side of caution when bushfires hit. Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, communicated firmly that human lives are more important than possessions and that timing of the decision to leave can be the difference between life and death in a bushfire.Bushfire WarningsBushfire warnings have three levels and an all-clear. The three levels are advice, watch and act, and emergency warning. Advice means that a fire has started but isn’t dangerous yet. Watch and act means that the fire is on its way and it’s time to act. Emergency warning means that the fire is already there and it’s time to think about shelter.Taking ShelterFor those who didn’t leave early enough or want to stay and defend their property, it is recommended to take shelter in the home on the side furthest away from the fire front. It is also recommended to take shelter in a room with a water supply, an exit to the outside and an exit to other parts of the house. After the Front has PassedWhen the fire front has passed, it is recommended to search the home and garden for small fires that can become large fires if not addressed immediately. Likely places for fires include: sheds, carports, window sills, ledges, under the house, in the roof space, in the roof valleys and gutters and on decks and verandahs. Leaving for a Safer PlaceMr Kyle advocates leaving for a safe place as early as possible during a bushfire. Bushfires can move fast and the most common mistake made by bushfire victims is not making the decision to leave quickly enough. If the homeowner and family leave too late, the roads can be full of smoke, fallen trees and downed power lines. This greatly increases the likelihood of severe injury or even death.Better Safe than SorryMr Kyle advocates the “better safe than sorry” approach. He recommends having a plan and sticking to it:“You don’t want to risk your life in a bushfire. Your property can be replaced and your home can be replaced; your life can’t, and neither can those of your family members. It is crucial to develop your own personal bushfire survival plan and agree to follow it. Make sure you have safe places in two or three different directions and make sure you know how to get there fast.”Mr Kyle continued, “Most people make the mistake of leaving too late. They underestimate the speed and destruction of bushfires. It can cost you and your family your lives.”Mr Kyle concluded, “Don’t worry about your property. It can be replaced. Your life can’t and neither can those of your family.” Narangba Timbers are the most trusted timber suppliers in the Brisbane area. Their customer service is second to none and they have built a sterling reputation. They supply timber decking, timber fencing, hardwood flooring and structural construction materials. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 795 675 or visit their website: Tall Trees Care Communities Look at 2020 Vision for Aged Care in Australia 2015-01-19T03:40:34Z tall-trees-care-communities-look-at-2020-vision-for-aged-care-in-australia Australia, 19 January 2015 - In 2002, the Myer Foundation produced a report called “2020: A Vision for Aged Care in Australia.” The report looked at the then-current state of aged care in Australia and then made suggestions for what was needed in 2020. Recently, Tall Trees Care Communities, who provide an alternative to traditional aged care and nursing homes in their locations near Brisbane and the Gold Coast, summarised the 2020 Vision and added their own considerable insight.Myer Foundation RecommendationsThe Myer foundation looked at aged care in Australia at the time and suggested a number of changes, some which have been adopted and some which haven’t. They suggested changes in the following five categories.Community CareThe report recommended making it easier for the elderly to receive treatment in their own homes by increasing funding across the community care sector, from informal carers to a formal community care program to hospitals.HousingThe report also recommended building enough elderly-friendly housing to meet future demand. AdministrationA streamlining of administrative procedures was highly recommended. The Myer Foundation called upon the Government to provide a set of standards and a framework that makes it easier to enforce those standards. FundingThe report not only suggests some Government funding, but that citizens be encouraged to create their own solutions such as reverse mortgages and pre-saving into accounts earmarked for aged care.Industry PlanningThe report called on all providers, public, private and not-for-profit, to work together and provide a plan that can be integrated and implemented across all segments of the sector.How Tall Trees Meets Many of the Recommended CriteriaTall Trees Care Communities provide aged care to the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Their business model is similar to what is suggested: their residents buy homes in the communities and then select their own levels of care. This meets the first suggestion of making it easier for the elderly to receive care in their homes. Nursing and other care is available 24/7 and can be provided in the residents’ homes. Tall Trees Care Communities provide homes that are built to be as easy as possible for the elderly to live in. They have open floor plans and the bathrooms are made to be easy to use. In a Tall Trees Care Community home, nearly all hazards that cause seniors to have accidents or otherwise inconvenience them are gone, replaced by senior-friendly amenities and design.Phil Usher, co-founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, is proud of how his communities are in alignment with many of the recommendations of the Myer Foundation report. According to Mr Usher:“In a way, we view the Myer Foundation as kindred spirits. We both want the same things: a high standard of aged care which fosters and protects the independence and dignity of our residents.”Tall Trees Care Communities provide a consumer-directed alternative to aged care in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Their five locations specialise in nurturing and preserving the independence and dignity of their residents. To learn more, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: Pumps Solutions Australasia Provides a Basic Guide on Centrifugal Pumps 2015-01-16T04:59:37Z pumps-solutions-australasia-provides-a-basic-guide-on-centrifugal-pumps Australia, 16 January 2015 - Pumps are incredibly versatile machines that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions. They are so useful that they are an integral part of many different industries, including construction and mining. One of the most commonly used is the centrifugal pump. Centrifugal pumps operate on a simple, but very effective premise of utilising a motorised impeller coupled with the kinetic energy generated by spinning vanes to push water and other fairly viscous fluids through pipelines. Although this type of pump has various sub-types, each uses this method of, as the name implies, centrifugal force to propel the fluid that is being transported. To provide more information about the specific operations and variety of centrifugal pumps, Mike Hurlbatt, owner of Pump Solutions Australasia, one of the largest suppliers of pumps of all kinds in the country, offers his insight based on years of experience in this field. “In the world of pumps and their industrial applications, centrifugal pumps are among the most useful because they are both simple and easy to operate and effective at transporting water and other liquids at fast flow rates. By using centrifugal force in addition to a running impeller, they are able to create enough pressure to propel the liquids at fast rates, while normally not creating too much pressure that it becomes a problem. This factor makes them effective in transporting fluids quickly.” Hurlbatt goes on to explain the different types of centrifugal pumps, which are primarily based on the shape of their internal components. “Centrifugal pumps come in three major different kinds: single vane, curved vane and volute. The first design is the most basic and contains a solid shape with flat blades that rotate around to create the necessary force and pressure. The curved vane models work in a similar fashion, but they are bent to focus most of the spinning at the centre. This is a useful design because the shape of the casing is also curved, allowing the entire unit to fit into areas that a normal design might not be able to. The final kind, the volute design, is shaped like a spiral in terms of the casing with a flat-plane blade shape. This forces the fluid to be expelled after going through increasingly wider intervals. Like the curved model, it is able to fit into more locations, making it the most versatile.” He continues by stating when centrifugal pumps are most commonly used. “Many different industries use centrifugal pumps, but the construction business is one of the most common because many major sites need to transport water, which these pumps can do very efficiently. The mining industry also tends to use centrifugal pumps a lot because not only can it transport water, but also oil and natural gas. Sewage is commonly pumped this way as well, so a centrifugal pump is essential in this field, too.” Hurlbatt concludes by revealing his company’s role in providing top-quality centrifugal pumps. “We at Pump Solutions Australasia believe in providing only the best in pumps of all kinds and offer a wide selection of customisable options for centrifugal pumps to fit any relevant need.” Pump Solutions Australasia is a Perth-based supplier and distributor of various products, from centrifugal to water pumps, to domestic and industrial settings. To learn more about them and how to order quality units, call them on 1300 922 973 or visit their website: China Amends Work Safety Law 2015-01-15T11:34:59Z china-amends-work-safety-law While the People’s Republic of China has experienced a prosperous period of economic growth over several decades, it has also had workforce production accidents that caught the public’s interest regarding workplace safety. One of those accidents was the Qingdao Oil Pipeline explosion of 2013, which killed 62 people. This prompted the passage of legislation on 31 August 2014 to amend the Production Safety Law, which took effect 1 December. The original Workplace Safety Law was implemented in 2002 to reduce malpractice in the workplace. The new amendment is aimed at addressing problems regarding government regulations and standards that are not implemented properly at the local level, according to Yang Dongliang, the director of the Chinese State Administration of Work Safety. Lack of tough penalties is believed to be the reason for frequent workplace incidents. The revised Workplace Safety Law places its focus on employers rather than employees, primarily by imposing harsher punishment for offenders. Seventeen new articles make up the amendment, and can be categorized in four areas: increased responsibility for companies and management, increased penalties for those companies who break the law, increased penalties for persons in charge, and increased powers of the State Administration of Work Safety. Increased Responsibilities There are three new articles in the Work Safety Law that provide for increased responsibilities for employers doing business in China. Article 19 increases accountability; defining responsible persons and their scope of responsibilities. Organisations are required to establish and maintain systems of accountability within the company. Article 22 is also new, requiring organisations to draft rules, regulations and procedures surrounding work safety and emergency response. Companies must train employees and implement drills as part of their safety management system. Finally, risk management is addressed in Article 38; ensuring that organisations practice accident prevention by identifying hazards and acting upon them. Increased Penalties Fines have been notably increased for all types of incidents, with maximum potential fine now 20,000,000 yuan ($3.25 million USD). Fines are determined based on number of deaths, number of severe injuries, and amount of economic loss due to the incident. Previously, fines were capped at 100,000 yuan or less than five times the amount earned by the business from the illegal operations. Persons in Charge Under the existing law, the persons in charge when an accident occurred could be held accountable and a fine imposed ranging from 20,000 – 200,000 yuan ($32,500 USD).  The amended law takes this a step further. Now, persons in charge of operations who have failed to ensure company safety can also be fined, between 30-80% of their annual income, in conjunction with business losses. In addition, persons in charge found responsible for “serious” and “extremely serious” incidents can be banned from holding positions in their industry. Serious accidents are defined as those causing economic losses of 50 – 100 million yuan, 50 to 100 serious injuries, or 10 to 30 deaths. Extremely serious accidents are those causing the deaths of over 30 people, the injuries of over 100 people, and over 100 million yuan in economic losses ($16 million USD). Finally, if a person in charge fails to arrange for immediate rescue operations when an accident occurs, they can be held liable for fines of 60-100% of their previous year’s annual income. Increased Powers The amended law enhances supervisory powers of watchdog agencies for occupational safety and local governments, particularly those at the township level. Most of China’s workplace incidents occur in rural areas in small businesses. The law also increases fines for employers who fail to provide safety training and ignore hazards after being notified. It allows government regulators to blacklist companies and to suspend operations when necessary by cutting off their power supply if a company is considered unsafe under Article 67. Companies doing business in China should revisit their policies regarding compliance and accountability, review their safety and health management systems and practices, and update them as needed. myosh is a global leader in safety management software. Find more information at By Stacey Wagner Making the Business Case for a Safety Management System 2015-01-15T10:36:08Z making-the-business-case-for-a-safety-management-system Safety Management System US companies spend $170 billion per year on occupational injuries and illnesses, affecting the bottom line of businesses through costs such as workers compensation, lost time, and medical expenses. In Australia, the picture is just as costly. From 2011-2012, Australia had 12 serious claims per 1000 employees. Serious claims take employees away from work for an average of 12 weeks. Australia had 228 worker deaths in the same time period. Workplace deaths cost $11 - $19 million. Yet equating how safety affects the bottom line of a company is often not a direct correlation when arguing the cost-benefit of a work health safety (WHS) expenditure. Often arguments are made for the implementation of a new safety program not because of cost-savings but because of compliance with the law or moral and ethical reasoning.  According to a study measuring the effectiveness of health and safety programs conducted by the Aberdeen Group in 2012, the top 35% of organisations at managing health and safety have 97% of their audit action items completed on time, a .3 injury frequency rate, and 91% effectiveness of operational equipment. This group is also 66% more likely than their counterparts to collect and store safety data in a central software system. They are twice as likely to use this system for historical and real-time reporting. They also have greater consistency in managing operations and processes across the company, and in ensuring compliance with a broad range of regulations.  Similar findings were reported in a study conducted by the University of Melbourne in 2014, which established links between safety and business performance, including productivity, cost, innovation, and profitability. It also found that support of safety reduced the likelihood of poor worker health and thus, long term costs. Professor Peter Gahan, author of the report, cautioned businesses regarding the high costs of poor safety records and the link to productivity. He warned that productivity declines when employees are injured and replacements must be trained, which is often more costly than reducing workplace risk. Another study conducted by the Centre for Workplace Leadership (CWL) affirms that investing in occupational health and safety provides business returns. The report found that reputation and image are of particular importance to long range business health and are often overlooked when studying the effects of a safety program. Safe work practices are important to both productivity as well as long-term sustainability of the business.  Investing in work health and safety software such as myosh safety management software can save money and reduce risk. The short term benefits are reduced legal action, increased productivity and employee morale, and better financial performance through cost savings due to reduced workers compensation premiums, absenteeism and medical expenses. The long term benefits are employee retention, and competitive market advantages through increased reputation.   By Stacey Wagner