The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2014-04-16T05:21:13Z Exclusive Breakfast Seminar Invitation: Is there a gaping hole in your network SECURITY? 2014-04-16T05:21:13Z exclusive-breakfast-seminar-invitation-is-there-a-gaping-hole-in-your-network-security Just assume for a second that you’re already infected. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? Your Security systems are SMASHING you with data overload and systems vendors are greedily rubbing their hands together when you mention the problem.  On 1st May, LogicalTech would like to invite you to join WatchGuard CEO, Joe Wang for a complimentary breakfast seminar and we’ll show you how to get the visibility you need without spending another cent. Limited seatings only! So register now before it's too late.Register now and join us to learn about: •    Protection from advanced malware which is purpose built to avoid signature based Anti-Virus solutions•    WatchGuard's cloud-enhanced, next-generation sandboxing technology one of the industry’s most sophisticated platforms for detecting APTs and zero-day malware. •    WatchGuard’s FREE Network visibility tool: Dimension, Winner of Network Computing’s Best Product of the Year Award! Get Sample Reports HERE! Location: Sheraton Melbourne Hotel | Ballroom 2 | 27 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Date | Time: 1st May 2014 | 8.00 AM to 10:00 AM Agenda: 8:00 AM - 8:15 AM - Registration 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM - Breakfast 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM - Presentation 9:45 AM - 10:00 AM - Q & A Trying to be an expert at everything is RISKY. WatchGuard removes this risk by partnering with the industry’s BEST technology providers for Anti-Virus, Web Filtering, Anti-Spam, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control and Data Loss Prevention in a single, simple to manage appliance. WatchGuard call this concept UTM or Unified Threat Management. Sounds expensive right? WRONG. In almost every instance, combining security platforms will give your network BETTER COVERAGE and deliver significant cost savings. How can you be sure? We believe our long standing WatchGuard partner don’t just talk the talk, we want you to be sure before making a commitment. Let us show you how by having you to take up our WatchGuard OFFER of a FREE consultation worth $2500 - Exclusive to only LogicalTech's seminar attendees! We & WatchGuard will help you build a business case for better security by answering just a few simple questions. WatchGuard engineering team will set up and configure a UTM appliance which can monitor your network and prepare a report to help uncover potential vulnerabilities. In the meantime, click HERE to see some sample reports you can get from WatchGuard Dimension. LogicalTech & WatchGuard look forward to seeing you at the event and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. LogicalTech is one of the leading & trusted WatchGuard Technologies Professional Partner. Myionu Launches TrueView - Ultra Fast GPS Tracking 2014-04-14T07:57:54Z myionu-launches-trueview-ultra-fast-gps-tracking GPS Tracking Service Provider Myionu announced the launch of its brand new service called TrueView. Myionu TrueView provides vehicle telemetry updates every Second reporting back their web based portal which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Along with the location of the vehicle, TrueView will deliver fuel usage based on manufactures consumption figures, vehicle speed and heading along with range of driver behaviour data including harsh breaking and excessive acceleration.     Paul Delaney GM of Myionu said “The TrueView service has been developed following an increased customer demand for even more detail than our current 1 minute and turn by turn packages”. Delaney continues “We see TrueView as a natural evolution in vehicle tracking. TrueView is available on the Telstra Next G network at $49 Inc. GST per month including unlimited access and data costs” Myionu customers can view the real-time data in a map format using Google as well seeing overview using a trip simulator which allows users to “fly “above the route at around 100 meters off the ground.   With so much data available Myionu TrueView is supported with a comprehensive range of management reporting along with rules based alerting platform.   For more information visit Doing business in the field? There’s a Toughpad for that. 2014-04-10T02:57:50Z doing-business-in-the-field-there-s-a-toughpad-for-that Panasonic introduces new members to rugged range With the growing worldwide popularity of computing in demanding work environments, manufacturer Panasonic is expanding the range of its Toughpad products to meet any need. The Panasonic Toughpad range, distributed in New Zealand by Comworth Technologies, now includes two Android and three Windows Pro devices, offering a range of form factors and operating systems to address the diverse needs and budgets of Kiwi companies. The Toughpad range now consists of: FZ-G1 10.1-inch Intel Core i5 Windows 8.1 Toughpad FZ-M1 7-inch Core i5 Windows 8.1 Toughpad 8.1 FZ-A1 10.1-inch Android Toughpad JT-B1 7-inch Android Toughbook CF-AX2 11.6-inch Windows 8 Ultrabook Features unique to Panasonic’s Toughpad range include magnesium alloy chassis and elastomer bumpers which support a 1.5 metre drop rating, outdoors-viewable anti-glare LCD displays,resistance to water and dust (IP65), as well as vibration and shock (MIL-STD 810G) protection. Just how tough a Toughpad is can be demonstrated by the display unit in Comworth’s offices – which operates quite happily under a constant stream of water. Comworth Toughbook and Mobility channel manager Darryn Smith notes that for business computing, one size doesn’t fit all. “The Toughpad range is designed for work, not play. As a result, each of the devices in the range offers a high base specification but also offers a degree of customisability so it can be configured to meet very specific business requirements.” The 10.1-inch devices, he continues, are finding their niche in applications where a bigger screen is preferable to the ‘ultra-portability’ of their 7-inch cousins. “With a choice of Android or full Windows in the larger-screen devices, businesses can choose a Toughpad that best suits their needs.” For example, road construction company Fulton Hogan has opted for Windows 8 Pro FZ-G1 devices, which accompany staff members in their vehicles. The Toughpads are capable of running all its enterprise applications, extending powerful mobility into the field in a compact, truck-mounted package. Meanwhile, Waikato veterinary practice VetFocus has chosen theAndroid-based FZ-A1; with vets using these devices in paddocks and cow sheds, lighter weight means better portability. “These are just two examples of how the range of options available from the Toughpad range allows different businesses to get the specification they need to meet rugged computing needs,” notes Smith. The addition of the newer, smaller form factors take that flexibility even further while meeting a growing market for more compact devices. That’s confirmed by Program Manager for market watcher IDC’s Mobility Tracker Ryan Reith, who in a 2013 research note observed, “Clearly the market is moving toward smart 7-8 inch devices.” IDC further notes that ‘another major shift in the tablet market has occurred around screen sizes’ and forecasts that devices with screen sizes of under 8 inches will account for 57% of worldwide sales by 2017. Smith says introduction of the smaller form factor to the Toughpad range started with the Android JT-B1. Despite its compact size, the device offers specifications which include a 13-megapixel camera, WiFi (a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth 4.0 Enhanced Data Rate. But the recent introduction of the Windows 8.1 Pro Toughpad FZ-M1 is cause for real excitement, he believes. “This is a remarkable device, essentially packing a complete ‘Wintel’ computer into a lunchbox-sized package. From an engineering perspective alone, it’s quite an achievement.” The device weighs just 540 grams – perhaps heavy for a pocket, but it will go into a large one. The result is a rugged mobile device which makes truly mobile enterprise computing possible. “Today, Toughpad delivers more options to suit the rugged computing needs of mobile workforces. Whether it is a 10.1-inch screen or a 7-inch device, whether Android or a full-power Windows 8 Pro, Panasonic has a tough device to meet all needs,” Smith concludes. Windows XP End of Support on 8 April 2014. What does this mean for you and your business? 2014-04-07T13:48:07Z windows-xp-end-of-support-on-8-april-2014-what-does-this-mean-for-you-and-your-business Have you started migration to a modern desktop? After thirteen great years, Microsoft is on the cusp of ending support for the iconic Windows XP operating system and Office 2003. From April 8th, Microsoft will be ending support, which includes software updates, security patches as well as technical support. Businesses still using the platform are being encouraged to upgrade to modern versions of Windows and Office.Over 1.5 million devices in Australia are still running Windows XP and it’s estimated that a significant proportion of these are  in smaller businesses. Microsoft has released newer versions of Windows since Windows XP, which are far more capable of addressing today’s security risks as well as providing modern technology tools to help its customers run their businesses better.Consumers and businesses that continue with Windows XP will be at risk of security threats, data protection issues and will not have access to online or telephone technical support from Microsoft once April 8 passes. Have you started migration to a modern desktop?Retiring a product is a normal part of the product lifecycle. Windows XP was released in October 2001, and its development began in the late 1990s. While most Microsoft software is supported for 10 years, Windows XP has been supported for more than 12 years, longer than any other Windows version.LogicalTech is one of the leading and a trusted Microsoft Partner and we can assist your organisation to identify the Potential Business Implications you might be facing after the 8th April 2014. Have you started migration to a modern desktop? What are the immediate & potential business implications you might be facing? Call 1300 858 117 or send us an inquiry to LogicalTech confirms that all contact information provided will be treated confidentially and will only be used to contact you regarding this inquiry. For all media inquiries, please contact Cassidy Poon, National Marketing Manager for LogicalTech. More Australians are Using Custom Built Sheds as Office and Workshop Solutions 2014-04-07T04:57:04Z more-australians-are-using-custom-built-sheds-as-office-and-workshop-solutions Perth, WA, 7 April 2014 - As living space becomes more of an issue for many Australians, many are turning to sheds to create more living space. While people aren’t actually buying sheds to live in, they do create more living space by allowing residents to better use the insides of their homes. Sheds provide numerous benefits to those in need of more space and function in their homes.Custom built sheds provide even more benefits.The Right Amount of Space in the Right ShapeWhen a shed is built to custom specifications, the homeowner gets to decide exactly what he or she needs. The shed is as wide and as tall as the customer wants. Options such as doors, windows and ventilation are all selected by the customer. Action Sheds Australia works under the model that nobody knows what their customers need more than the customers themselves. Sheds that are built from kits do a great job for many Australians, but custom sheds are the best solution for most because of the versatile options. If someone needs a shed with a different shape or ratio of length to width than the standard kit shed, a custom shed is the natural solution. AppearanceCustom sheds also allow for seemingly-infinite appearance options when compared to a standard kit. A shed’s appearance can be altered to fit perfectly into the aesthetic of one’s property. It can be made to look like a seamless part of the home. It can be made to blend in with the terrain or the overall “look” of the property. Action Sheds Australia can even custom build a shed that doesn’t look like a shed. Less ClutterAn Action Sheds Australia custom built shed will be designed for the express purpose for which it is intended. They recommend that their prospective customers decide exactly what they want to use their new shed for. Many use them for hobby rooms or workshops. Some use them for home offices. Others just use them for storage; they gather every extra object taking up space in the home and pile it into the shed.This reduces clutter in the home. A custom shed works better because it can be built with extra storage space and will allow the owner to maximise its space better. This results in a cleaner, less cluttered home. Resale ValueA custom shed that is attractive and looks like part of the home will help the home fetch a better price when it is sold. Not only does it count as increased living space, but one that has been customised to enhance the appearance of the property helps raise the price. FlexibilityAccording to Max Italiano, Owner of Action Sheds Australia, the main advantage to a custom built shed is flexibility: “Our sheds that are built to kit specifications are great for a lot of uses, but a custom shed is even better due to flexibility. We can build sheds in different shapes and sizes  to accommodate different demands.”Mr Italiano concluded: “A custom built shed gives you exactly what you need. Whatever size, shape, colour or features you need, we can build the perfect shed  for you.” Action Sheds Australia provides sheds, garages, barns and more to the Perth area. They carry a wide range of residential sheds and they also build warehouse and office space. Call 1300 778 628 today or visit their website for more information: A Well-Designed Pull-Up Banner Saves the Day 2014-04-07T04:07:07Z a-well-designed-pull-up-banner-saves-the-day Perth, WA, 7 April 2014 - You have probably seen them on beaches, sidewalks, or trade show floors. They often function as a de facto business sign for a new or small business. They are called “pull-up banners.” In a recent blog post, ImagePak Marketing, a Perth firm that offers customised pull up banners recently provided tips for maximising their impact. Pull-up banners are considered a niche item by many, but they provide many benefits for those who use them. A pull-up banner can act as a temporary business sign for a new business or they can become a travelling business sign for an established business. They have become ubiquitous at trade shows and are almost a requirement in many industries. Pull-up banners are popular because they are inexpensive and portable while providing the benefits of expensive business signs. But, according to Scott Eaton, owner of ImagePak Marketing, it is crucial that pull-up banners are designed correctly. According to Mr Eaton, “At its best, a pull-up banner provides an inexpensive but professional solution for businesses who need signage but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. However, it is important to get the design right the first time. If it doesn’t look professional, you aren’t doing yourself or your business any favours.”Tips for Professional Pull-Up Banner DesignIn a recent blog post, Mr Eaton provided tips for designing a banner for maximum performance. He listed the message being conveyed as the most important factor. Professionalism and eye-catching graphics catch the eye, but it is the job of the message to keep the customer’s attention. The headline is an important part of the message because it is what the customer reads first. Mr Eaton recommends that those who are trying to compose a message and headline for their business observe what other businesses are doing and gauge their effectiveness. Mr Eaton also recommends listing the most important benefit or benefits of a product or service on a banner. The last part of the content should be the call to action. This is important because it gives the customer the opportunity to purchase or find out more about the product or service being promoted with the banner. Maximising ResultsAccording to Mr Eaton, a lot goes into creating an effective banner campaign: “Not only does the banner design need to be professional and well-executed, but it has to be well-conceived, too. There are a lot of factors that come into play, such as the target audience and the projected use for the banner. Is it going to be used in a trade show? Is it going to promote a service on the beach? A perfect banner has to fit in with the theme of the environment while standing out visually.”Mr Eaton continued, “In addition, you have to know who your target market is and make the banner attractive to them. If your market is a demographic such as young people or the elderly, it is very easy to get a handle on what they will be attracted to and what they won’t.”Mr Eaton concluded, “A pull-up banner can bring a lot of money into your business. but only if it’s done right.”ImagePak Marketing provides a series of personalised promotional products in the Perth area. They offer many promotional items from small giveaways to branded apparel to signs and banners. For more information, please call (08) 92444 111 or visit their website: VIRUS Cutting Edge Fabric Technology and Action Sport Performance Wear available in Australia. See it first at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo 2014. 2014-04-05T06:02:38Z virus-cutting-edge-fabric-technology-and-action-sport-performance-wear-available-in-australia-see-it-first-at-the-australian-fitness-amp-health-expo-2014 This weekend the Australian Fitness & Health Expo, the largest fitness & health event in the southern hemisphere, is coming to Melbourne and it will be one of the biggest Expos staged in its twenty-year history – in other words, this is a not-to-be-missed event in 2014 for those who work in the area of fitness and health. For fitness and health professionals, the 2014 Expo will provide access to a range of essential informative topics and new innovative products such as VIRUS - Cutting Edge Action Sport Performance Wear, finally available in Australia! Find and see it first for yourself at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo, between April 4th-6th at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. With our bleeding edge fabric technology and years of active apparel design experience, we intend on serving this individual athletes needs with the best in fabric, fabrication and design. Virus will give back to this community and bring specifically designed technical apparel for it's needs. The world of action sports today is pushing the boundaries of the human limit. As action sport professionals push these sports to new heights, it promotes everyday lifestyle athletes to follow suit. "The gear that they wear must follow the same trend and extend itself into a new era of cutting edge fabric technology and performance wear that helps push the progression of these sports." according to Cassidy Poon, Media & PR Publicist for Virus Australia. Virus is here to answer that call for the individual athlete. These are not team sports, it's you vs the world and it's elements. The action sports "individual" athlete has evolved into the brightest and best in the world. Training and performance are key to the success of these individuals and every little edge can make a big difference. VIRUS has sought to bring the most bleeding edge fabric technology to the action sport athlete in Australia. These fabrics help strengthen, cool, warm and protect during training to competing. With our foundation in performance fabric and active apparel - we now can bring the best of class in product to what we believe are the world's most exciting sports and dynamic athletes within Australia. With years of technical apparel fabrication and the latest technology laboratories - we are prepared to stand with those who stand alone.                      Natural Cooling ElementOur Cool Jade technology has been developed to reduce skin surface temperatures for use in high temperatures. Our testing has  proven that it's use on the skin can reduce temperatures up to 5 ° C.  Made by recycled jade shavings, nano technology has allowed this to be woven into yarn that is cool to the touch.  As Jade is a natural substance used in jewelry for centuries, it has no adverse affect on skin.              Heat Trap Made With Recycled CoffeeOur Coffee Charcoal technology is designed specifically for use in cold weather. Made from recycled coffee beans, this technology insulates and traps heat. Our studies prove that the use of coffee charcoal in contact with the skin will raise surface temperatures up to 5 ° C. This technology provides a superior natural barrier from the cold combined with our quick dry technology allows for a comfortable resistance to low atmospheric temperatures.                     Rejuvenatory and Recovery CompoundOur Bio-ceramic technology was developed for rejuvenation and to counteract fatigue when applied to the skin. This technology was first used in bands applied to surgeons during lengthy operations to decrease fatigue and add stability to their hands. The mineral compound used in our Bio-ceramic has been mined from deep pockets in the ocean. It is an organic compound that not only adds to the recovery of muscle and nerves but is also works as an antioxidant. Our studies have proven that this technology fights arthritis, adds to nerve and muscle regeneration and helps relieve toxicities in the human body. Virus Australia is currently looking for Australian dealers in the following sports categories. Motorsports Fitness / MMA Action Sports (BMX, Skydiving, MTB, Crossfit etc.) Want to know more?  Email us to get started or for more information about VIRUS | Action Sport Performance. For stockist inquiries please contact us at with a brief outline about your company.For Virus Australia Sports Media Inquiries: Email Cassidy Poon, Media Publicist on behalf of Virus Australia at Twitter: Action Sports Performance Apparel with bleeding edge fabric technology available now in Australia and SEE IT FIRST with the Australia V-Team at Filex & Australian Fitness & Health Expo 2014! Come along over the weekend & get 25% OFF everything VIRUS Action Sports Performance apparels!Don't forget to catch us all at the VIRUS Action Sport Runway hosted at #EveSundays & #evesouthbank on 6th April 2014 (Sunday Night) and your chance to meet with our industry sports & health celebrities and of course VIRUS V-Team Sports Ambassadors! Mention 'Cassidy' for your VIP Free entry before 10pm and industry rate after 10pm! You do not want to miss the Virus Action Sport after party straight after the Australian Fitness and Health Expo! The expo is open from 9.30am – 5.30pm daily with Friday open to only those who work within the fitness and health industry. For more information visit and for updates on features and celebrities.  If you work in the industry, you can pre-register online for free entry on Friday and over the weekend using promo code EXPO. General visitors can pre-book tickets online to avoid the queues – cost is $30 for a one-day ticket. For fitness and health professionals, the 2014 Expo will provide access to a range of essential informative topics and products including: -The launch of the latest fitness equipment and newest programs -The latest in fitness and sportswear -Access to decision makers from the major brands that supply equipment and accessories -Access to information and presentations about developments in fitness theory, including training techniques and nutrition, from top sports coaches, sporting identities and experts. Tall Trees Care Communities Provide the Elderly with the Dignity of Risk 2014-04-03T09:03:53Z tall-trees-care-communities-provide-the-elderly-with-the-dignity-of-risk Australia, 3 April 2014 - “Dignity of risk” is a term that has been used in sectors of mental health and people with disabilities for over a decade. Recently, those in aged care sector are also beginning to use the term. Dignity of risk is a term that means respecting the autonomy and self-determination of every individual when making decisions. In the aged care field, it means allowing all residents and patients to make their own decisions and choices when it comes to their health and their levels of care. As the aged care sector begins to move toward a business model of consumer directed care (CDC), it will be essential for their residents and patients to be allowed the dignity of risk when making choices.In Australia, the aged care industry is subject to a high level of scrutiny and regulation. While this is necessary to avoid possible abuses of the system and ensure the safety of residents and patients, it can also be a detriment. For residential aged care to ever fully operate under a CDC model, most industry observers feel that a balance is needed between duty of care and dignity of risk and that duty of care should exist to enhance lives, not restrict them.The Current ParagonCurrently, one facility is being used as the industry ideal for true CDC in a residential aged care setting—a dementia village in Weesp, Netherlands, called Hodeway. The site looks like any other village, but it is a closed community. The units are arranged in two-storey buildings that form a perimeter around the outside of the village. The shops, restaurants and amenities are staffed by Hodeway carers. Residents go about their lives as in any other village. They go to eat or get their hair cut and walk around as they please. Many residents there feel as if they aren’t in a facility at all, but that they moved to a great neighbourhood. For safety’s sake, they are monitored from a distance. This is seen as the epitome of CDC in a residential setting—residents go where they want, when they want and make their own choices without being intruded upon.Can It Happen in Australia?Many think that such a model can’t work in Australia and that the laws are too restrictive to allow residents to make their own choices. Phil Usher, co-founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, begs to differ. According to Mr Usher: “At Tall Trees Care Communities, our residents own their homes and make their own choices every day. They decide whether they are going to eat at home or come to one of our restaurants. They can have family over whenever they want. They decide what care they will receive and when. We provide our residents great opportunities for flexibility, even taking them on a jetboat!”Mr Usher concluded: “We consulted a lot of elderly Australians, including our own mums, when we created Tall Trees Care Communities. What is now being called dignity of choice is exactly what our mums asked for: independence and the right to make their own decisions. If you want to see consumer directed care in action, look no further than Tall Trees.”Tall Trees Care Communities provides a private alternative to traditional aged care and assisted living facilities in the Brisbane area. Residents own their homes, move freely and choose their own levels of care. For more information, visit their website: or give them a call on (07) 3442 9378. Practical Garage Safety Tips from the Experts at Action Sheds Australia 2014-04-03T04:00:10Z practical-garage-safety-tips-from-the-experts-at-action-sheds-australia Perth, WA, 3 April 2014 - To most Australians, a garage is a place where they park their cars. Some have extra storage space and even a workshop. However, for children, a garage can be a dangerous place that produces unwanted consequences. In a recent post on his company’s blog, Max Italiano, Owner of Action Sheds Australia, provided eight tips on keeping garages safe, not only for children but from the risk of fire. According to Mr Italiano, “From time to time, we make sure to remind our readers that safety is important to their well-being. The best way to do this is to provide safety tips for sheds, barns or garages.”Here are a few of the tips provided by Mr Italiano.Don’t Ever Allow Kids to Play with the Remote, the Automatic Door Opener or the Door.To a child, a remote and a garage door look like a large toy that is fun to play with. However, it can cause serious injury or even death by a simple mistake. Not only should you keep your kids away from the remote, the door and the opener, but you should also keep them away from any moving parts.Lock Up Tools and Toxic ChemicalsTools are heavy and they can be sharp, too. They are very dangerous for kids to handle. In addition, toxic chemicals are dangerous for a variety of reasons: a toddler can drink them, thinking they are something good; spilling garden cleaners or insecticides on the skin or even inhaling their fumes can be deadly for a child. Keep the tools and the chemicals locked away.Clean Up Your Sawdust and Your Oil SpillsOil and sawdust, individually or collectively, are dangerous because they can cause one to slip and fall. In addition, they are also fire hazards. Your Garage Door Opener Must Have Automatic Safety ReverseGarage doors are very heavy, even to an adult. For a child, they can cause death or serious injury. Thus, it is paramount that your garage door opener is equipped with automatic safety reverse. This reverses the garage door when something like a child’s head or neck gets in the way. This function can save your child’s life—it is well worth the expense.Keep Flammable Chemicals Away from Sources of HeatFiremen all know this simple equation: fuel + heat + oxygen = fire. You want your garage to have plenty of oxygen, but you never want flammable chemicals such as petrol, oil or kerosene near sources of heat such as battery chargers, heaters and fridges. Take the fuel or the heat out of the equation and you won’t have to worry about a fire in your garage.Bonus Tip: Get Your Garage at Action Sheds AustraliaAction Sheds Australia carries a wide variety of garages, sheds and barns. They also custom build any of their products to fit unique circumstances or needs. Action Sheds Australia sells only ShedSafe certified garages. They are made of the best materials, such as BlueScope steel, to ensure safety and longevity. According to Mr Italiano: “Our garages are so sturdy and durable that they may outlast some of the houses they were built next to. Call us for a complimentary custom quote today.”Action Sheds Australia provides garages, sheds, stables, barns and other structures throughout the Perth area. For more information or to read the rest of the safety tips, call 1300 778 628 or visit their website: Add a Theme to Your Next Event and Attract Sponsors 2014-04-02T09:05:38Z add-a-theme-to-your-next-event-and-attract-sponsors Perth, WA, 2 April 2014 – Phenomenon Creative Event Services is no stranger to conjuring elaborate themes and unique styling for their clients’ events and celebrations. In fact, the 25 year-old company welcomes the challenge!“Event theming is at the heart of the event management process and a powerful driver of all other components of an event. Anyone can toss tables and chairs into a room, organise table centrepieces, a band, food and beverage - but that is simply not enough these days.” says Phenomenon’s Business Development Manager, Jeni Donald.What Donald is suggesting, is that in order to create a lasting impression you need to take your guests on an amazing journey, to connect with their emotions and create a much talked about event experience. By theming, she suggests that anything from a 1920s Gatsby ‘party’ to a Winter Wonderland adventure will transform an event from blah to bodacious.Having a themed event can also be beneficial in garnering the support of a corporate sponsor. Consider offering a sponsor the opportunity to fund a component of the event - food, beverage, audio visual, theming, entertainment, musicians etc. It’s a win-win for the right sponsor because it’s a great way for them to showcase their wares and expose their brand.Having an event outdoors with a Hawaiian motif, for instance, opens up opportunities to grab the interest of a suntan lotion company or a surf brand manufacturer. A travel agent may even get interested and jump aboard!Attracting the eye of a sponsor is best done by presenting them with unique ideas and offering a sponsorship package that will allow them to deliver their brand to a wide audience. “The most important thing to remember,” says Donald, “is giving everyone involved an experience to remember, one that makes both sponsor and client the hero!”Donald says, “We keep a watchful eye on current trends in Australia and abroad and pass our enthusiasm and knowledge onto our clientele. We are always striving to present our clients with dynamic and exciting concepts while of course remaining mindful of their corporate goals and of course budget.”Phenomenon’s team of Event Producers and Creative Designer see every new event as a blank canvas waiting to be painted. They say that sitting down with the client and discussing their ideas and really listening to what they have to say is an absolute must! They then present a theme or style that best fits the clients’ needs and that will best convey their message.  This is the time when Phenomenon’s creative minds start spinning!“The next time you have an event to organise, contact us at Phenomenon with your ideas,” Donald says. “Our creative team will meld your ideas with our ideas, develop and implement the event concept, to deliver creative excellence.”Phenomenon will liaise with venues, technical experts, sponsors, entertainers, caterers etc to make your event a ‘phenomenal’ one! “Whether we're managing the entire event or just one aspect, our commitment remains the same - to provide quality in every regard, ensuring we meet our clients' needs with mind-blowing creativity and superior service!” says Donald.Phenomenon is a premier event production company that has been in the industry for 25 years. Contact them at 1300 33 9000 or visit for assistance with furniture hire, corporate branding, event theming and styling. Aussie businesses overlook the environmental impact of printing 2014-04-01T06:56:59Z aussie-businesses-overlook-the-environmental-impact-of-printing Business managers and employees are being urged to consider how their choices around office equipment and paper usage can affect their business’ carbon footprint. Research carried out by Fuji Xerox Printers found that when purchasing office equipment, only 5 per cent of business managers consider a products’ environmentally friendly features. According to Anthony Toope from Fuji Xerox Printers, “Many businesses don’t realise the impact a fleet of printers and copiers can have in terms of energy consumption, paper usage and e-waste. Those responsible for purchasing office devices should opt for products that carry energy saving or environmentally friendly features. A simple way to do this is to look for devices that are ENERGY STAR® compliant. Smart choices will help to minimise a company’s carbon footprint and save on energy and printing costs.” Fuji Xerox Printers surveyed 1000 Australian employers and employees about their office environments and work practices.  The research found that one in four companies have unused printers or copiers lying around their offices, and 28 per cent of those have three or more idle devices.  Alarmingly, 26 per cent of respondents dispose of obsolete electronic equipment through general waste, while 9 per cent don’t dispose of it at all “Safe e-waste recycling is vital.  E-waste is growing three times faster than other types of waste in Australia and it produces toxic materials which are damaging to humans and animals.  Business managers should dispose of discarded electrical and electronic devices through e-waste collection services, such as TechCollect, to help keep e-waste out of landfill.” Business managers should also consider how printer usage and paper consumption can affect the environment. The research found that three in five office workers don’t use recycled paper and 40 per cent don’t choose double sided printing. Over 50 per cent have not been fully trained on how to use their printers effectively, which can lead to unnecessary printing and wasted paper and excessive energy consumption. “The average Australian worker uses a whopping 10,000 A4 sheets of paper a year, suggesting the paperless office continues to be a myth.  Fuji Xerox Printers’ research shows that printing is still a big part of the office environment, with 48 per cent of office workers needing hard copy prints for meetings and 45 per cent for keeping a paper trail. Twenty eight per cent print to proof read, while 20 per cent prefer to read off the printed page. 'With that in mind, educating staff on how to reduce their carbon footprint can contribute to creating an environmentally friendly environment.  Every business should appoint an 'office greenie' who encourages colleagues to reduce the amount of paper they use and promote energy saving and recycling,' said Toope.  Tips for greening up the office printing - Look for energy saving features that put printers to ‘sleep’ in idle periods - Consider switching to renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind and geothermal energy - Opt for printing technologies that can learn a workgroup’s usage patterns - Solid Ink technology produces up to 90 per cent less waste versus comparable laser devices.  Solid Ink printers use less energy than similar laser printers over their life cycle. - Encourage employees to only print as necessary - Use the computer preview function to proof read documents on screen to avoid printing unwanted pages - Print double sided (duplex) or set as a default print option where possible - Use paper trays to collect single-sided printed scrap paper which can be used for notes or re-printed on - Opt for recycled paper that adheres to internationally recognised standards for sustainable forestry management View the Fuji Xerox Printers infographic here. As Australians Age, Hearing Loss Becomes More Common 2014-03-31T09:20:30Z as-australians-age-hearing-loss-becomes-more-common Australia, 31 March 2014 - Medical advances are helping people live longer than at any time in history. In addition, due to the ageing of the “baby boomer” generation, the number of elderly Australians is increasing and this leads to the increase in the number of people who suffer from hearing loss as well.Between the ages of 65 and 74, as many as one third of Australians suffer from hearing loss. In those 75 and over, as many as half suffer from the same condition. Phil Usher, co-founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, feels that Australians need to understand hearing loss to help elevate the quality of life for those who suffer from it. According to Mr Usher, “Some hearing loss is a natural result of the ageing process, but it is important to monitor those over 65 to ensure that their hearing loss falls within the normal range.”When “Normal” Age-Related Hearing Changes Become “Hearing Loss”Many older Australians begin to lose some of their hearing as a natural part of the ageing process, but many lose a large enough percentage of their hearing to be classified as hearing loss. Anyone who has three or more of the following symptoms of hearing loss is recommended to contact their doctor: Problems hearing telephones, cell phones or conversation when in the presence of background noise. Trouble following and understanding conversations, especially when two people talk simultaneously.Misunderstanding sentences and responding to the misunderstood words instead of the original words.Thinking that most people mumble and asking them to repeat themselves often.Constant complaints from others that the TV is turned on too loud.What to Expect from the DoctorThe primary care or family physician will usually refer the patient to an otolaryngologist, who specialises in the ear, nose and throat and will try to find the physical cause for hearing loss. The otolaryngologist then refers the patient to an audiologist, who measures the extent of hearing loss and the frequencies most affected. Finally, the patient can be referred to a hearing aid specialist, who will fit the patient for hearing aids.Some Common Causes of Hearing LossThe most common cause of hearing loss in the elderly is presbycusis, or elderly-onset hearing loss. While no gene has been identified, presbycusis is anecdotally known to “run in families.” The other main cause is chronic exposure to loud noise. Rock musicians and airport workers are at the top of the list, with factory and nightclub workers close behind. Farmers and construction workers also show a high rate of hearing loss.Other causes can be medicines, infections, heart trouble or strokes.How Tall Trees Care Communities Help Their Residents Who Suffer from Hearing LossAt Tall Trees Care Communities, their attentive and professional staff are all trained to know which residents suffer from hearing loss and to tell the signs of those who may not have yet been diagnosed. According to Mr Usher, “Our staff is fully trained in all issues facing the elderly, including hearing loss. It’s an example of compassionate workers paying full attention to our residents. We always strive to provide the utmost in care and ensure that all special needs are met.”Tall Trees Care Communities are an alternative to traditional aged care and assisted living facilities in the Brisbane area. They provide the finest in care while preserving the dignity and independence of their residents. For more information, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: Impending World Coffee Shortage Represents Unprecedented Advertising Opportunity 2014-03-31T02:52:14Z impending-world-coffee-shortage-represents-unprecedented-advertising-opportunity Perth, WA, 31 March 2014 - Due to drought conditions in South American countries such as Brazil, a worldwide coffee shortage is projected for this year. Coffee prices have already risen 70% in anticipation of the shortage and they could rise a lot higher before they begin to fall again. During the first week of March, coffee prices rose to $2.20 per pound in USD. Arabica beans, from which much of the world’s highest-quality coffee is made, have risen 76% in slightly over two months. When coffee prices rise, the rise is always passed on to customers. Industry experts predict rises anywhere from ten cents to sixty cents per cup at coffee shops and restaurants, but this flies in the face of standard restaurant economics. Food and beverage costs are based on percentages; an “acceptable” food cost, for example, is 30%. For coffee, markups can be even higher. With some coffee shops charging as much as $4 per cup, we see a sixty cent rise to be a bit on the conservative side. If the cost of coffee doubles,which is within the realm of possibility, it is difficult to imagine coffee shops only raising their prices by 15%. Enter the JavacupThe Javacup, which is used for coffee, is a branded promotional product that is given away to promote brand and name recognition. Promotional products are branded with a company’s name, logo and/or message. Then, they are given away. Every time they are used or worn in public, they serve a hybrid between word of mouth advertising and a walking billboard. The Javacup can be branded in bright colours and is both attractive and useful. Items such as the Javacup not only produce word of mouth advertising to those who see someone using the item, but they make the person using the cup think of the business that branded it every time he or she drinks a cup of coffee.Javacups  are made in one size: 356 ml. They are available in two colours, black and white, but heat bands and lids are available in numerous colours. The bands are 230 mm x 20 mm and the full space can be used for a company logo, company name and a message or slogan. They are made of hard polypropylene and are BPA-free. The OpportunityAccording to Scott Eaton, Owner of ImagePak Marketing, the coffee shortage will cause many to stop buying expensive cups of coffee out and use coffee made at home or at the office. Mr Eaton sees this as a very good opportunity for people who want to use Javacups to advertise their businesses. According to Mr Eaton:“People are going to continue to drink coffee, but they won’t want to spend up to $6 for a cup. Since nobody wants to drink less coffee, the obvious solution is going to be making coffee at home and at the office. What better way to advertise a business than to give away Javacups? Javacups will allow businesses to get an advertising impression piggy-backed onto gratitude every time the person they give it to drinks a cup of coffee.”Mr Eaton continued, “Promotional products have proven to be the most effective form of advertising and Javacups are the perfect giveaway right now.”ImagePak Marketing provides promotional products, screen printing, safety clothing and other personalised products in Perth. For more information, call (08) 92444 111 or visit their website: Clifton Pest Management Perth Announced an Additional Office at 1 Dundee Street, Leeming WA 6149. 2014-03-28T08:30:06Z clifton-pest-management-perth-wa-announced-an-additional-office-at-1-dundee-street-leeming-wa-6149 Topic: Clifton Pest Control Perth is Setting up an Additional Office in Leeming WA 6149. Clifton Pest Management proprietor Robert Clifton mentioned "that regardless of being inside the Leeming they serviced all all of the suburbs within the Perth metro area.   Clifton Pest force us extra employees and receive thus increased their permission to service the perth pest inspections market. They operate each residential and industrial spider companies and control a variety of pests, bugs and animals that inhabit the Perth area.   To contact the Leeming office and speak to one from their friendly staff on 0430 804 370.   For additional information please contact: Robert Clifton at Clifton Pest Control Perth by phone (0430 804 370), or electronic mail (    Additionally, you will find additional info on our web page at   Search for WW1 First Shot Starts Soon 2014-03-27T07:22:38Z search-for-ww1-first-shot-starts-soon-mornington Deep sea exploration team Southern Ocean Exploration (SOE) is about to begin a series of missions to find the shot that announced the Great War to the world. Australia’s most successful shipwreck discovery team believes that the 40kg steel shell – which Australian forces fired at the escaping German ship Pfalz on the morning WW1 was declared – lies in about 25 metres of water near the South Channel of Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne. Project Longshot is supported by Heritage Victoria, Parks Victoria, The Department of Veterans Affairs and by the Victorian ANZAC Centenary Committee (VACC) VACC chairman Ted Baillieu said the government was planning an event to commemorate the “first shot”, and finding the shell would be a coup.  “The VACC has already raised for consideration the possible location and recovery effort of that first shell, if intact,” he said. “If it was possible, such a find would, of course, be of worldwide significance.” 80 students from Mt Eliza Secondary College are assistng with the project.  The “RealTime Learning” students are running an awareness campaign and a series of fundraising events. They will also be managing a social media campaign. Some students will be helping in the on-water search. SOE is currently fundraising to purchase a magnetometer that the US navy is using to find unexploded ordinance in Pearl Harbour.  “If we get the right equipment we will find the shell.” Southern Ocean Exploration founder Mark Ryan said. SOE will be searching for the shell throughout 2014 and Whitewater Documentaries will be filming a documentary about the capture of the SS Pfalz, its later involvement in the Gallipoli campaign, its sinking in Canada in the 1930s and hopefully the discovery of the shell. All participants are volunteering their time for free. The campaign kicks off on April 10th Links Project website Southern Ocean Exploration Whitewater Documentaries Fundraising campaign (live from April 10) END ###