The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2014-10-30T03:32:27Z WA Proposes Work Health and Safety Bill 2014-10-30T03:32:27Z wa-proposes-work-health-and-safety-bill Western Australia (WA) has introduced draft legislation designed to harmonise the safety laws of the state with the rest of the country.  This bill, known as the Work Health and Safety Bill 2014, is a version of the Model Work Health and Safety Bill (WHS) developed by Safe Work Australia. It has been implemented by all Australian states and territories to date except for Victoria.  The Work Health and Safety Bill will replace the existing Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1984. The proposed bill is similar to other versions of the bill adopted in other states.  Commonalities include placing the duty of care on the person conducting business or undertaking (PCBU), while company officers bear the obligation of due diligence.  The bill includes penalties for infractions as well.  Previously, Western Australia has not adopted specific penalties to avoid potentially burdening small businesses.  Lex McCulloch, the WorkSafe WA Commissioner, said WA intended to keep the “core provisions” of the WHS Bill, but adapted and refined it to suit the “best interests of WA businesses.” Some of the provisions of the core WHS bill did not make it into the WA version.  Those are: Union right of entry – in WA this is provided for under industrial relations legislation already in place; Safety representatives’ direction regarding cessation of work – WA legislators believe this decision should lie with each individual worker in cases where there is risk of serious harm; Reverse onus of proof of discrimination – WA believes including this section is contrary to one of the issues that initiated the process of harmonisation. McCulloch called for a three month period of public comment.  He strongly urges anyone associated with workplace safety in WA to participate.  Comments are invited until 30 January 2015. by Stacey Wagner for myosh Safety Management Software Tweet Hands-on Safety Management 2014-10-30T03:07:38Z hands-on-safety-management Hands-on Safety Management An important consideration in any organisation is managing safety. Safety management software can help by offering Dashboard and Mobile modules to manage your safety program effectively. This is an important step in creating a culture of safety and putting responsibility into the hands of both managers and workers. When workers and managers have the tools to manage safety properly, safety becomes a company-wide priority. When practiced over time, safety becomes engrained in the company culture. Managers make hundreds of decisions on a daily basis. Dashboards can help managers make more effective decisions by providing a big picture of safety data fed by the organisation. These powerful visual charts give an overview of company safety, allow for better decision making, and enhance safety throughout the company. Dashboards are highly configurable and accessible on any device. For examples visit: Most safety incidents occur in the field or on site, nowhere near the convenience of a computer or a desk. Mobile apps such as myosh Mobile empower workers to take ownership of safety by logging incidents and recording hazards in their workplace. When encountering an incident or hazard in the field, workers can record it immediately using the app on their Android or iPhone, even when offline. They can also upload pictures and access safety documents. For examples visit Safety management is improved through worker participation when they are given the tools to become active participants in the safety process. Mobile apps give employees the responsibility for safety management by giving them the power to spot and record unsafe situations in their own work environment and take ownership of these issues.Giving employees myosh modules such as Dashboards and Mobile apps, organisations can begin creating a strong culture of safety, where everyone feels responsible for safety and are encouraged to work for change. Actions can easily be taken when needed to report unsafe conditions. Safety Management Software like myosh helps to eliminate paperwork and gaps in responsibility between management and workers. To obtain a free trial of myosh Safety Management Software, visit Article by Stacey Wagner for myosh Tweet Hands-on Safety Management Lost Pet Finders launches in New Zealand 2014-10-30T01:50:22Z lost-pet-finders-launches-in-new-zealand launches rapid phone alert system PET ALERT Thursday 30 October 2014 @ 11:01 announced today the launch of PET ALERT, an innovative online phone service that allows the owners of lost pets to quickly broadcast the details of their lost pet to the relevant professionals and individuals in their area, and quickly find their lost has an ever-expanding database of vets, shelters, pounds, groomers, trainers, clubs and welfare groups, along with other businesses willing to help find lost pets, who have agreed to be contacted about any lost animal in their area. This group of professionals is joined by the members of themselves, providing access to potentially thousands of people in your local area who are willing to help find a lost pet – all accessible with a single phone call. The idea was born when, some years ago, CEO Tony Ryder lost his dog Jessy. “The feeling of dread was horrible,” he says. “I quickly found that there was no-one to assist.” Tony faced a difficult choice: “Do I spend time contacting vets and pounds, or should I be outside looking? It was a very stressful time.” Although Jessy was found shortly afterwards (the kids who were playing with him had already started talking about adopting him), Tony says that he learned that time is critical when finding a lost pet. When he later came across technology allowing telemarketers to make automated, geographically targeted bulk calls at an affordable rate per call, PET ALERT was born. About was set up to reunite lost animals with their owners, and has built a community of pet-owners and professionals who work together to reunite lost animals with their owners. Founded in 2011, the community currently has a membership of 17,150 and growing. For more on how PET ALERT works, visit Tony Top of the Game: Red Porous Crushed Brick 2014-10-28T07:54:38Z top-of-the-game-red-porous-crushed-brick-1 Ecogroup, Australia’s leading supplier of products that reduce waste within the landscaping industry, has just launched red porous crushed brick for tennis courts and baseball fields. The red porous crushed brick, or red brick dust, is crushed to 2.5mm and ideal for surfacing clay tennis courts and baseball triangles. Crushed from pure red recycled brick, our red porous crushed brick is a great sustainable surface option for sports fans and club owners. Red porous crushed brick is available in 25kg, 1m3 bulka bags or loose by the cubic metre.Distributed in Victoria by ET Richards & Sons, a third generation tennis court construction company, red porous crushed brick can be delivered to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Ecogroup also has a number of other environmentally friendly services and products available including asbestos removal, demolition, excavation, bin hire, recycled bricks and pavers, mulch, crushed brick, briquettes and roof  tiles. Red Porous Crushed Brick Orders: 1300 326 754 For Media Information Contact:Marina Ward, Business Development ManagerMob: 0412 547 210.Email: Greentree Business Software a must for Perigon's visibility 2014-10-28T03:39:26Z greentree-business-software-a-must-for-perigon-s-visibility Perigon works on large-scale electrical projects. It specialises in apartment buildings and also does installation work for Queensland’s gas industry.It’s a fast-growing business with plans to expand its range of contract services. However, its systems weren’t delivering the information it required, to work more efficiently and to grow.“We couldn’t see what was happening with purchase orders – whether they’d been receipted or invoiced,” says Administration Manager, Mel Golding. “We were doing double data entry to keep tab on invoices and on outstanding purchase orders.” Both Mel and General Manager, David James, had worked with Greentree before and had no doubt that it would deliver what they needed.“With Greentree we can see everything that our project managers in the field are doing. It’s real-time, it’s easy to use and you can get all the data that you want,” Mel says.Read the full story here. ‘Protector of Nature’s Protectors’ wins the 2014 Banksia International Award. 2014-10-28T00:27:08Z protector-of-nature-s-protectors-wins-the-2014-banksia-international-award The Banksia Foundation Board is proud to announce the 2014 Banksia International Award is to be presented to Sean Willmore. Sean is the President of the International Ranger Federation (IRF) and Founder and Managing Director of the IRF’s charity arm The Thin Green Line Foundation. This is only the second time in Banksia’s 26 year history that we have recognised an Australian with this International accolade. Sean is far more than a truly inspiring Australia. His inspiration is forged from Sean’s unwavering vision and leadership, entwined with his infectious drive and passion to combat a sometimes-unconceivable real world problem, the human toll of poaching. Sean’s determination has meant despite economic, political and geographical boundaries he has leapt unthinkable hurdles and connected the unlikeliest of organisations, NGO’s, corporates, governments and grass root supporters to tackle this issue at its coal face and support park rangers and their families.  Sean will be presented with the 2014 Banksia International Award at the Banksia Awards Luncheon Presentation SD2014, which will take place in Sydney on the 11th November at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.    The Banksia Board would like to congratulate Sean Willmore, and while we recognise the impact that Sean is having, we understand there is much more still to be done. We know that every Australian will be inspired by and support Sean in his quest to ‘Protect Nature’s Protectors’. It is important to recognise and acknowledge that Australian’s are playing a vital role in the global arena. The Banksia Foundation is pleased that we were able to select an Australian who is a real leader in contributing to enhance our environment for future generations -ends- About Sean Willmore: Sean Willmore is a former Australian Park Ranger (11 years) and now founder and Managing Director of the Thin Green Line Foundation, and the current President of the International Rangers Federation (IRF). While undertaking his work Sean has travelled to and worked with rangers in over 50 countries on 6 continents where he has been ambushed, held a gunpoint, charged by elephants and avoided militias. His efforts to bring attention to the dangerous work undertaken by these warriors has won him international acclaim. Using profits from documentary The Thin Green Line, Sean started The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF). His continual inspiration is from the men and women, the park rangers worldwide, that he represents and who do this front-line work on a daily basis. About The Banksia Foundation:  The Banksia Foundation is a national not-for-profit organisation, overseen by a national Board of Management, which promotes environmental excellence and sustainability through its Awards program and other associated initiatives. The Banksia Environmental Foundation was founded in 1989 by a diverse group of 44 Australians who shared a common goal to do more to support and recognise members of the community for their positive contribution to the environment. More information about the Foundation or the Awards can be obtained from  About Qantas, the sponsor of the Banksia International Award: Qantas is once again the proud sponsor of the Banksia International Award. In supporting this award we are delighted to say that environmental sustainability is a guiding principle for today’s Qantas Group – it’s about our commitment to innovation, our drive to build a more competitive business and our role in the Australian community. Environmental Sustainability is ultimately a global challenge, so it continues to be so important to recognise international best practice.  About SD2014 Banksia Foundation and Sustainable Business Australia are presenting the inaugural SD2014, a multifaceted business focused, community engaged Sustainability Event, which also brings the national Banksia Sustainability Awards to Sydney. In an Australian first, SD2014 showcases insights from more than 50 Australian organisations across business, community and government, in TED style rapid-fire sustainability narratives from the 2014 Banksia Award finalists. Sydney’s Lord Mayor, Clover Moore will welcome SD2014 to Sydney will share her plans for the City of Sydney to lead Australia’s sustainable growth. SD2014 concludes with celebratory lunch announcing the winners of the 26th Banksia Sustainability Awards including: The Australian Environment Minister's Award for a Cleaner Environment, The Richard Pratt Banksia CEO Award, the winner of the Banksia International Award. Intelligent location and smart spatial solutions at GeoNext 2015 2014-10-27T22:57:58Z intelligent-location-and-smart-spatial-solutions-at-geonext-2015 The GeoNext Conference has a reputation for attracting leading speakers in the geospatial sector, and in 2015 keynotes at the event will include Julian Carver, from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and Chris Sheldrick, of What3Words. For the last nine years Julian Carver has led strategies and projects across central and local  government agencies, CRIs and Universities, the private sector and NGOs. Julian led the IT and Geospatial strategy for the Christchurch earthquake recovery, is now Acting Group Manager Business Development at LINZ, and will share his experience and key learnings at GeoNext. Co-founder and CEO of What3Words, Chris Sheldrick, will also join the conference as a keynote. What3Words is a revolutionary mobile application which can pinpoint any location in the world using just three words. In response to popular demand, the one day conference will be held in Melbourne at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground. This is a move that will see GeoNext continue to be a forum for cutting edge knowledge, software and hardware in a format where delegates can enjoy in-depth presentations as well as network with industry colleagues. The rest of the speaker line-up is still to be determined, and call for papers is now open. The conference committee welcomes submissions based on the following topics: Transport Intelligent Transport Systems Smart Cities Sensorisation, Ubiquitous hyperlocal sensors The role of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Travel & navigation Presentations can be submitted online, at About GeoNext ConferenceGeoNext is the event for leading and like-minded developers, users and entrepreneurs, and experts in the GIS field. Delegates attend GeoNext to learn what’s next in the world of Geographic Information technology, the latest start-ups, gadgets and much more. Delegates include App developers, Engineering and Location Information professionals, ICT professionals, Business Consultants, Architects, Town and Transport Planners, Insurance underwriters, Emergency Managers, Surveyors, Game developers, Academics, Representatives from all levels of Government, and many more. More informationMelanie Robertson Marketing Manager, Interpoint Events Phone: (02) 9660 2113 Email: Smart Driver ID Uses QR Technology To Save Lives 2014-10-27T02:53:06Z smart-driver-id-uses-qr-technology-to-save-lives The Myionu Smart Driver ID with Roll Over Detection uses start of the art camera technology to capture 1D and 2D codes to relay via 1-wire or via serial.  Using the built in roll-over sensor the Smart Driver ID will trigger an output. he Smart Driver ID uses red LEDs for illumination, so the engine shows better reading performance on, barcodes printed in non-red colours. For applications involving red barcodes, it is advised to turn off the engine’s illumination and use non-red supplementary  lighting instead.  Myionu Smart Driver ID can read barcodes on virtually any medium – paper, plastic cards, mobile phones. The embedded roll over alerting system will trigger a location  raising an automated alert which is sent via email as well as being displayed on the Myionu web based portal showing the precise location on a map along with full driver details to provide responder as much detail as possible. Smart Driver ID is launched in Australia on November 1st 2014 and will retail for $499 and will work with most vehicle tracking systems. Specifications: Output: 1-Wire® RS 232 1 x External output  (ground) Roll Over detection external alert. Input Voltage    12 – 24V Performance Precision   ≥ 5mil UPC-A (13mil)  55mm -270mm Depth of Field Code 39 (20mil)   50mm -340mm PDF 417 (6.67mil)   70 mm-165 mm Data Matrix (10mil)   55 mm -180 mm QR Code (20mil)   35 mm -275mm Symbol Contrast   ≥ 30% Scan Angle**   Roll: 360; Pitch: ±50; Skew: ±50° Field of View   Horizontal 36°; Vertical 23° Image Sensor   752 ×480 CMOS Illumination   Red LED 625 ±10 nm Size  50mm x 50mm x 10mm Environmental Operating Temperature   – 20℃ – +60 ℃ Storage Temperature   – 40℃ – +8 0 ℃ Humidity   5% – 95% (non-condensing) Ambient Light   0 ~ 100000 lux (natural light) Usb Wall Socket Amazing New Charging Format 2014-10-24T00:08:44Z usb-wall-socket-amazing-new-charging-format Among the first to support this initiative, launched by the GSMAssociation, are the 3 Group, AT&T, HTC, KTF, LG, MobilkomAustria, Motorola, Nokia, NTT Docomo, Orange and Qualcomm. Rogers Wireless, Samsung, Softbank Mobile, Sony Ericsson, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Telenor, Telstra, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Apple, NEC, RIM and TI are also in this group. The group has set an ambitious target that by 2012 a universal charging solution (UCS) will be widely available in the market worldwide and will use Micro-USB as the common universal charging interface. The group agreed that by the 1st January 2012, the majority of all new mobile phone models available will support a universal charging connector and the majority of chargers shipped will meet the high efficiency targets set out by the OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform), the industry body who developed the technical requirements behind UCS. After implementation, the plan is projected to bring down production of replacement chargers by as much as 51,000 tons annually. This will eliminate 13.6 million to 21.8 million tons of greenhouse gases emitted during manufacture. Mobile Phones wont ship with chargers after this implementation as the Manufacturers assume you have one already. HTC is the first manufacturer to announce it wont include a wall charger with their new phone. Asia’s leading pool & spa event begins search for presenters 2014-10-23T00:48:37Z asia-s-leading-pool-amp-spa-event-begins-search-for-presenters The education program at Piscine SPLASH! Asia is a major feature of the event. The seminars held alongside the exhibition will address key issues in the pool industry, marketing opportunities and new technologies. Held every two years, Piscine SPLASH! Asia 2015 will bring together more than 1500 attendees to visit the trade show and hear from local and international speakers. Previous sessions have included clear water chemistry, landscaping, hydraulics, green technology & solar power, chlorination and chemical use, as well as business centred topics like social media, human resources and sales techniques. The deadline for paper submissions is Friday 28th November. For guidelines and further information visit   Piscine SPLASH! Asia May 20 – 21 2015 Marina Bay Sands, For more information contact: Melanie Robertson Marketing Manager, Interpoint Events Phone: 1300 789 845 (within Australia) +61 2 8586 6103 (International) Email: About Piscine SPLASH! Asia Piscine SPLASH! Asia is the result of the association of two reputed pool and spa show organizers sharing the same strategy: offering the international pool and spa industry the opportunity to develop export markets and building strong connections with international big players and buyers. Piscine Global (international leader show with 1000 brands gathered every two years) and SPLASH! (award winning trade show in Australia and New Zealand for pool and spa professionals) have merged their respective expertise in order to provide the Asian market with the most important show for the professional pool and spa market. Respectively started in 1991 and 1998, Piscine and SPLASH! Share a true international knowledge of the pool and spa industry and the same criteria for quality events. Any questions, contact the Piscine SPLASH! Asia teams: GL Events Exhibitions International +33 (0)4 78 176 291 Interpoint Events Singapore 800 616 3169 Australia 1300 789 845 New Kickstarter Titanium Outdoors Filter Campaign Launched by Go Walkabout 2014-10-22T23:19:16Z new-kickstarter-titanium-outdoors-filter-campaign-launched-by-go-walkabout The outdoors lifestyle is pretty demanding on gear. The freezing cold nights, hot days, packing, unpacking and carrying gear around all cause a lot of wear and tear. The Australian Walkabout Ti filters have been developed and designed with this in mind and, with a successful Kickstarter campaign, they will be introduced as the world’s first Titanium personal water filter. According to Go Walkabout Engineering Manager Matt Munoz, "We have made and tested filters using a number of different metals. We know that weight, size and ruggedness are always considerations when looking at outdoor gear, so decided to use Titanium for the Walkabout line of personal water filters. Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. It is also the most hypoallergenic material known and doesn’t add any flavor to the water you drink.” A Titanium filtration membrane forms the core of Walkabout Ti filters. Sealed inside a tough Titanium casing, this membrane can be safely frozen or boiled. The filtration process involves pre-filtration and filtration stages to hold back harmful bacteria and particles. On the larger filter an activated carbon filtration stage removes chlorine, heavy metals and odors. The flexible and lightweight filtration system can be used in a variety of ways such as a squeeze filter, gravity filter, pumped filter, filter straw, or as an inline filter. Since the filters are Titanium inside and out, the only real weak point is the O-ring seal. With this in mind, Go Walkabout has designed in an integrity indicator. This means that if a seal starts leaking, water drips out of the filter instead of through to the clean side. While Go Walkabout’s current equipment has successfully produced prototypes, the manufacturing process in uneconomical, making Walkabout Ti filters too expensive to be a good value in the outdoor gear market. Go Walkabout has determined that minimal additional tooling and equipment will result in the production of readily affordable filters Adequate funding through their Kickstarter campaign will allow Go Walkabout to purchase the needed material and tools. The funding target for this campaign is $48,000, and it will close on November 18th, 2014. The filters are being offered in their campaign below the expected retail price. To find out more about the campaign, please visit the campaign The official website of Go Walkabout is Tall Trees Teaches Elderly to Cope with Hay Fever Season 2014-10-20T03:29:43Z tall-trees-teaches-elderly-to-cope-with-hay-fever-season Australia, 20 October 2014 - Hay fever season is here, and one small network of independent living communities has provided a guide for the elderly for coping with it. Tall Trees Care Communities have five locations providing alternatives to aged care facilities in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. They are best described as independent retirement communities with 24-hour access to all levels of care that would be provided in an aged care facility or a nursing home. Phil Usher, co-founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, recently informed readers of his blog how to lessen the impact of hay fever. According to Mr Usher, “Hay fever is usually more prevalent in the 25-44 age group, but that is no consolation to elderly hay fever sufferers. At Tall Trees, we do everything we can to educate our residents on how to lessen the likelihood of a hay fever attack and provide the finest in medical care should they need it.”Hay Fever 101Hay fever is another term for allergic rhinitis, which is medical terminology for an allergy that affects the nose. Though it is usually caused by grass pollen, thus the name hay fever, it can also be caused by mould, dust mites or animal hair. Hay fever occurs when the immune system attacks the particles of pollen, mould, animal hair or dust mites that are breathed in. While six people out of seven have immune systems that don’t attack these particles, one in seven have immune systems that see them as a threat and attack them. This causes the symptoms with which hay fever sufferers are familiar: runny, blocked or itchy nose, watery or itchy eyes, itchy ears or throat or headaches. Symptoms can become so severe in some hay fever sufferers that it affects the ability to concentrate or fall asleep.Preventing or Lessening Hay Fever by Controlling Pollen ExposureDoctors advocate avoiding exposure to allergens as the best way to prevent hay fever. It is recommended that those who suffer from hay fever check the television or Internet each day to see how much pollen is in the air. On high pollen days, it is recommended to stay inside. This can be difficult since most spring days are high pollen days, but it can be necessary for those who suffer from hay fever. Other high pollen times are right after a thunderstorm or when the wind is blowing hard. Most hay fever sufferers are also allergic to the pollen produced by plants. Consequently, they should only have plants that are pollinated by bees instead of those that put seeds into the air.Mr Usher says, “Do whatever you can to limit your exposure to pollen. It’s the best way to avoid hay fever.”Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to aged care on the Gold Coast. Their model is called independent living with consumer directed care, meaning that residents own their homes, decide their own level of care and remain independent for as long as possible. To learn more or to arrange a trial stay, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: test 2014-10-20T02:34:46Z test-72 test Green Planet Grass Provides Another Solution for a Local Hospital 2014-10-20T02:32:43Z green-planet-grass-provides-another-solution-for-a-local-hospital Perth, WA, 20 October 2014 - Recently, Green Planet Grass completed another artificial grass installation at a major Perth hospital. Green Planet Grass has completed many high-profile artificial grass installations in the last few years and has developed a reputation for solving problems and providing positive outcomes.The Problems Presented by Natural GrassHospitals in the Perth area face a similar set of obstacles when they have natural grass on their grounds. The climate in Perth isn’t friendly to grass in high traffic areas. In addition, Perth and its suburbs are on watering restrictions during the hot, dry summers. This creates a situation where grass doesn’t have enough water to grow. Conversely, in winter, foot traffic when the ground is wet kills the grass. Between the seasons, natural grass doesn’t have much of a chance.How Green Planet Grass Solves Those ProblemsArtificial grass provides a perfect solution for hospitals, sport teams and homeowners who find it hard to grow natural grass lawns. Once an artificial grass lawn is installed, it can last as long as twenty to twenty-five years. Every day, regardless of the Perth weather or foot traffic, Green Planet Grass provides a lush, green surface that never suffers from degradation. In addition, maintenance costs are lowered because the only maintenance required for a Green Planet Grass lawn is to pick up debris and hose down any spots where organic materials have stuck to the grass. This means Green Planet Grass doesn’t need mowing, watering, weeding or re-seeding. No expensive mowers or tractors are needed. No petrol, herbicides or pesticides are needed. This saves money on equipment, chemicals, water and labour. For schools and hospitals, this can represent substantial savings. Green Planet Grass had already completed previous installations of artificial grass for the Joondalup Health Campus and St John of God facility in Subiaco and had developed a great reputation within the Perth health industry for their high quality and great customer service. They find themselves being contacted a lot for high profile hospital, school, industrial and sport applications by people who know of one of their previous installations.Justin Everley is the director of Green Planet Grass. He is proud that his company has obtained such a hard-earned reputation in Perth:“We always strove to design, create and install the best artificial grass we are capable of. We committed long ago to environmental responsibility, too. We do the best we can to use as low a carbon footprint as possible”.Mr Everley continued, “The end result has been that, after more than 4,000 installations of Green Planet Grass, we have developed a reputation for quality and integrity. Companies and homeowners hire us now because they heard about us from a friend or colleague. We feel fortunate to have such great word of mouth advertising. At the same time, though, we’ve worked hard for it.”Green Planet Grass is an environmentally responsible artificial grass manufacturer in Perth. With manufacturing facilities located in WA, they provide synthetic grass for numerous uses, including hospital, industrial, sport and residential applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Why should I visit Mount Gambier 2014-10-19T23:30:09Z why-should-i-visit-mount-gambier Since Mount Gambier is a regional city we keep developing different aspects to our environment.In my second blog, I cover the most recent aspects to this