The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2014-11-24T08:10:24Z Green Planet Grass Debunks Four Common Myths about Artificial Grass 2014-11-24T08:10:24Z green-planet-grass-debunks-four-common-myths-about-artificial-grass Perth, WA, 24 November 2014 - Synthetic grass lawns are becoming more and more popular in the Perth area as residents continue to find new ways to cope with a changing climate and chronic watering restrictions. However, according to one prominent manufacturer, many Australians still believe in inaccurate myths about artificial grass. Justin Everley, Director of Green Planet Grass, an artificial grass manufacturer based in Perth, recently addressed four popular myths on his company’s blog. According to Mr Everley, “A lot of people’s opinions on artificial grass are grounded in the 1960’s, when the first generation of artificial turf was invented. It was terrible and didn’t even look like grass, but that was a long time ago. Science has come a long way in fifty years.”How New Generation Synthetic Grass LooksOne of the more common misperceptions about artificial grass is that it “doesn’t look like real grass.” While this may have been true about earlier generations of synthetic turf, or with some of the cheaper imports, “new generation” artificial grass is difficult to distinguish from immaculately-maintained natural grass. The fibres look like natural grass and are as soft to the touch as natural grass.Artificial Grass and the EnvironmentCritics of artificial grass say that it is not environmentally friendly. On the surface, this argument seems convincing: what could possibly be as “green” as natural grass? The problem is that natural grass requires a lot of power, water and chemicals to maintain properly. A natural grass lawn can account for up to half of a family’s water usage during dry season. In addition, it takes a lot of petrol to run a lawn mower or tractor. It not only increases the carbon footprint to produce and transport petrol, but burning it creates more “greenhouse gases.” Also, chemicals such as fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides are used to maintain natural grass. Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance. That means no petrol, no chemicals and no wasted water. In addition, many artificial grass manufacturers, such as Green Planet Grass, use 100% recyclable materials. Synthetic grass also eliminates grass clippings which are amongst the biggest landfill contributors to the greenhouse effect.Installation Time for Synthetic GrassWhile many people think that installing an artificial lawn is a long, arduous process, Green Planet Grass often completes installations for their Perth customers in one day. According to Mr Everley, “We have installed artificial grass for more than 4,000 satisfied customers in the Perth area. We know how to get the job done, quickly and efficiently. Many installations are completed in a day, though larger jobs obviously take longer.”The Cost of Artificial GrassThe other most common misperception about artificial grass is that it is “too expensive.” While it does cost money for the initial installation, artificial grass manufacturers estimate that the typical homeowner saves enough on maintenance to “break even” within three to five years. Green Planet Grass is an artificial lawn installer and artificial grass manufacturer in Perth. They have completed more than 4,000 installations and provide a wide range of artificial grass for commercial, residential and sport applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Queen Victoria Market has worms 2014-11-22T06:59:37Z queen-victoria-market-has-worms Melbourne's famous Queen Victoria Market is once again proving it's sustainability credentials with the installation of five Hungry Bin worm farms.  Wormlovers is supporting the trial installation, which will see nearby stall holders put their organic waste in the worm farms, rather than send them off to land fill. Richard Thomas, director at Wormlovers, says the trial is about engaging the stall holders and the public as much as it is about the efficiency of the worm farms. "We know these Hungry Bin farms can take up to 2kg of organic waste per day each, so they will manage the volume from the stalls we are engaging.  We have run training with the marketeers, and come in to service the bins to keep them ticking over." This installation is one of several Wormlovers have installed in commercial sites across Melbourne.  Managing organic waste on site is a key driver of the business, and the Hungry Bin worm farms have allowed them to take on bigger projects.  "We now have worm farms at RMIT, on the rooftop at Curtin House, at several RACV sites with more installations coming up" said Thomas. "We encourage our clients to link their worm farm with a garden to complete the cycle and keep those nutrients on site." At the QVM the worm farms in a busy public area, educating the public and spreading the good word on how easy and effective worm farming is. The Hungry Bins will be included in the regular tours of the market, and used for worm farming workshops for adults and kids.  Wormlovers are partnering with the Garden App providers for a pre-Christmas sale, offering free worms when purchasing a Hungry Bin, and a years subscription to the great ipad gardening app. Love the worm, love the world! Blog  Images Aussies feel bad for killing bugs 2014-11-19T23:37:35Z aussies-feel-bad-for-killing-bugs Bug-fearing Aussies are using insecticides pre-emptively to protect their homes from creepy crawlies – but then feel guilty for killing them. That’s according to a new survey from consumer research company Canstar Blue, which also found that spiders and cockroaches make our skin crawl the most. “More than half of those we questioned said they actively try to prevent bug problems in their home by spraying surfaces and around doors and windows, but one in five said they feel guilty when they see insects dead or suffering,” said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes. “Despite that, we’re more than happy to grab something else to kill bugs with in the event that we don’t have any insecticide.” The survey, of 1,300 adults who have purchased and used insecticides in the last six months, shows that 88% of respondents believe they generally work well, although 72% admitted they hate the smell of insecticides in their home. Without insecticides, shoes, newspapers and fly swats are our preferred insect whacking options, although many also choose to use tissues or their hands and feet to squash bugs. “With the weather heating up, many Aussies are happy to grab whatever they can to see off the bugs lurking around their home, including books and even the vacuum cleaner,” added Downes. “Of course many people have genuine fears of things like spiders and can panic when they seem, so it’s good to know the majority of people are convinced insecticides work well. “Almost one in three of our survey respondents said they have been bitten by a spider, while 43% complained of being constantly bitten by mosquitoes – so it’s no wonder many of us are trying to protect our homes as best as we can. Ants and moths also rank highly in our list of bug fears, but 34% said they’re not scared of any creepy crawlies.” The Canstar Blue survey saw Woolworths’ brands of insecticides rated the best, ahead of Mortein, Pea Beau, Baygon, Raid and Ant Rid. The Woolworths brand earned five-star reviews for value for money and overall satisfaction, but Mortein was the only one to get top marks for effectiveness. “Of course people want an insecticide which kills bugs with as little fuss as possible, but like anything else, we don’t want to pay more than we have to,” said Downes. “The smell of the product is also important to people because no bug is worth killing if you’re going to spend the next half an hour holding your breath.” Narangba Timbers Owner Says, “Be Neighbour Friendly and Soundproof Your Floor.” 2014-11-19T03:24:06Z narangba-timbers-owner-says-be-neighbour-friendly-and-soundproof-your-floor Brisbane, QLD, 19 November 2014 - Hardwood flooring is an old favourite of many Brisbane area residents. For many, there is nothing that matches the aesthetic of a timber floor in their home. However, having a hardwood floor can have its drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is that timber is very efficient at conducting some sound frequencies while reflecting others. The result is that a hardwood floor that doesn’t have sufficient protection built in can often cause a noise problem with neighbours or within a home.Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, a timber supplier in Brisbane, suggests two solutions to those whose hardwood floors are transferring excess noise: “If you need to decrease the sound coming from your hardwood floor, you can either put a carpet and a pad over it or put a resilient underlayment and damping compound underneath your flooring.”Carpet and PadA carpet and pad are often sufficient to dampen sound and fix the problem, but it isn’t much of a solution for those who are in love with the aesthetic of a hardwood floor. For many, covering up a beautiful hardwood floor is not a viable option. For those who don’t mind covering up their floor, a pad made of cork underneath a thick carpet is usually enough to solve most noise problems. The carpet and the cork dissipate the sound before the waves can be transferred to the hardwood. This also prevents the waves from being transferred to the walls via the hardwood. Resilient Underlayment and Damping CompoundThis approach involves using five layers to ensure that as little sound as possible is transferred to the room below or to the walls. The base layer consists of oriented strand board, known as OSB. OSB is an effective damper of sound. The next layer should be a damping compound. Mr Kyle recommends Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound. Green Glue has to be applied between two layers of rigid material to work correctly, which leads to the next layer.Next, for the third layer, Mr Kyle recommends cement board. The fourth layer should be an underlayment such as a shredded rubber mat. Cork works well, too, as do foam and fibre. The top layer will be the floor, but Mr Kyle recommends “floating” the floor instead of attaching it to the underlayment. According to Mr Kyle, “The floor should float on top of the other layers. This saves you having to use nails or glue while keeping your options open if you aren’t satisfied with your results. You also need to make sure the sides are not flushed against the walls. Instead, you should leave a little bit of room and fill it with an acoustic sealant that will block sound from being conducted into the walls. This is the best way to soundproof a floor.”Narangba Timbers has been providing hardwood flooring, timber fencing, timber decking and other timber materials to the Brisbane area since 1979. Their attentive customer service staff is always willing to address any questions or concerns you may have. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 795 675 or visit their website: Care Community Co-Founder: “The Elderly Should be Cherished, not Abused.” 2014-11-19T02:26:24Z care-community-co-founder-the-elderly-should-be-cherished-not-abused Australia, 19 November 2014 - The elderly face many issues, but few of them are as heartbreaking as elder abuse. Phil Usher is the co-founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, who provide an alternative to traditional aged care in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Mr Usher is a staunch advocate of the rights of the elderly. Recently, on his company blog, Mr Usher published an article detailing what constitutes abuse and how to detect it. What Constitutes Elder Abuse?According to the Queensland Government, elder abuse is defined as, “any act within a relationship of trust that results in harm to an older person.” This can be physical or sexual abuse, but also emotional abuse or neglect. Financial abuse may be the most common type of elder abuse as relatives and carers try to control the victim’s money and keep as much for themselves as possible.Commonly, an abuser’s first step is to attempt to isolate the victim by making it difficult for anyone on the outside to speak to them or see them. Once the victim is isolated, it becomes more difficult for abuse to be detected. Abusers will threaten to destroy valued possessions or even hurt pets if the victim doesn’t comply with their wishes. Acts of humiliation, harassment and intimidation are common.Financially, the biggest step is to talk or coerce the victim into granting Power of Attorney. This allows the perpetrator to funnel all of the victim’s funds into their own pockets. By the time anyone notices, the victim’s money is gone. Detecting Elder AbuseDue to the isolation and control that abusers often perpetrate upon their victims, it can be difficult to detect elder abuse. However, there are some signs that may indicate abuse. The first is the isolation. If one is told by a carer that an elderly friend or relative is “busy,” “asleep” or “not available” every time they call, there is a good chance that abuse is being perpetrated.If one is able to see and talk to someone they suspect is an abuse victim, there are some changes in behaviour that are common. Sometimes the victim will become agitated or nervous for “no reason.” Unexplained bouts of trembling, crying or shaking can be an indication of abuse. Abuse victims often become withdrawn or depressed, sometimes to a point of mentioning suicide. They often adopt a rigid or “guarded” posture. They may lose interest in things that used to be important to them. Their eating, sleeping or bathing habits may change. They may become passive in discussions, waiting for others to contribute or answer questions. What to DoThe Queensland Government has an Elder Abuse Prevention Unit hotline: 1300 651 192. If immediate intervention is necessary due to dangerous levels of abuse, it is recommended to call the police.Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to aged care in Brisbane. Their residents choose their own level of care and own their homes. The staff is caring and dedicated to preserving the independence and dignity of the elderly. To learn more or schedule a trial stay, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: Green Planet Grass Reveals Five Compelling Reasons for Installing an Artificial Lawn 2014-11-19T02:09:44Z green-planet-grass-reveals-five-compelling-reasons-for-installing-an-artificial-lawn Perth, WA, 19 November 2014 - Recently, on his company blog, Justin Everley, Director of Green Planet Grass, revealed the five top reasons that over 4,000 customers have installed artificial grass in the Perth area. Synthetic grass is becoming increasingly popular in Perth as a solution to keeping an attractive lawn in an increasingly severe climate. The 365 Day SolutionMr Everley cites the fact that an artificial lawn is in perfect shape 365 days a year as the most compelling reason for installing an artificial lawn. Natural grass is at the mercy of the elements. During winter, foot traffic can cause bare or muddy spots. When the weather is hot and dry, natural grass often doesn’t receive enough water to grow properly. The combination of too much heat and insufficient water can cause large portions of a natural grass lawn to turn brown or to become bare. No matter what the weather, bare spots can be dangerous for children. When it is wet, a bare spot becomes muddy and slippery, causing slips and falls. When it is too hot, a bare spot is very abrasive compared to grass and can cause contusions and abrasions when a child falls.The Watering SolutionPerth is always under watering restrictions that make it difficult to keep natural grass adequately hydrated. Those who do water have to make sure they are doing it on the correct days or they face fines. Artificial grass doesn’t have to be watered, rendering Perth watering restrictions moot. It also means that the homeowner isn’t contributing to the water shortage.The Maintenance SolutionAustralians seem to have less disposable time than ever; an increasing number of people don’t want to spend what little leisure time they do have performing lawn maintenance. Natural grass needs to be mowed, weeded, watered, re-planted and fertilised. None of this is necessary with artificial grass.Saving Time and EffortWhen one adds up all of the time and effort that is expended to maintain an attractive, healthy natural grass lawn, the number often becomes an “eye-opener.” It is, simply stated, a lot of work. Maintenance for an artificial lawn is minimal; it needs to be kept free of debris and organic waste needs to be rinsed off.Saving MoneyIt costs a lot of money to maintain natural grass. One has to purchase and maintain expensive equipment such as a mower or a tractor, in addition to lesser tools and implements. Petrol and other chemicals such as fertilisers and herbicides can also be expensive. After the initial cost of installation, there are almost no costs associated with maintaining artificial grass.Mr Everley concludes that artificial grass is a Perth homeowner’s best choice. According to Mr Everley, “Green Planet Grass is perfect every day of the year, saving time and money.”Green Planet Grass manufactures and installs artificial grass. They are based in Perth and proudly carry the “Australian Made and Owned” logo. They offer a plethora of environmentally conscious products for commercial, residential and sport applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: CITY OF CANADA BAY JOINED THE COMPOST REVOLUTION 2014-11-19T00:21:45Z city-of-canada-bay-joined-the-compost-revolution “Approximately half of our household waste is made up of food scraps. Instead of sending it to landfill we could be nourishing our soil,” Mayor Tsirekas said. “We already recycle our plastic, metal and paper, but few of us are recycling our food scraps as well.” We have recently joined the Compost Revolution in a bid to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill. “When we throw our food in the rubbish bins, it goes to the tip where it breaks down. As the food rots, it releases methane and is responsible for an estimated 3% of our national greenhouse gas foot print. Put simply, this doesn’t occur in a compost system,” he said. As part of the Compost Revolution, we are offering residents a 50% discount on compost bins and worm farms. For further information, please contact our Resource Recovery & Waste Services Officer on 9911 6555 or visit our website: This project was supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less Recycle More Initiative, funded from the waste levy. Melbourne Showgrounds Reduces its Carbon Footprint Through Solar Power 2014-11-17T00:21:00Z melbourne-showgrounds-reduces-its-carbon-footprint-through-solar-power MELBOURNE, Australia – November 17, 2014 – Yingli Green Energy Australia Pty Ltd* and Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH) announced today the installation of a 100kW solar system using Yingli Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and the Enphase® Microinverter System, at Melbourne Showgrounds through its installation partner, EnviroGroup. Managed by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Limited (RASV), Melbourne Showgrounds is the city’s largest and most versatile indoor/outdoor event venue.  The expansive property is comprised of purpose-built exhibition and event spaces as well as restored heritage buildings and spans over 19 hectares. The Showgrounds host some of Melbourne’s most popular trade shows, music and recreational events and is home to the Royal Melbourne Show, the state’s largest community event which attracts more than 450,000 visitors annually. The solar PV installation on the administration centre rooftop is comprised of 400 Yingli Solar 250W solar panels and 400 Enphase M215 microinverters. Through this solar PV system, RASV will reduce the building’s electricity bill by up to 40 percent and its carbon footprint by 172 tonnes per year. Mark O’Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, RASV said, “The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria is continually looking for new ways to reduce environmental impacts and to reduce operating costs.  An energy audit to identify ways to improve our sustainability led us to solar power.  EnviroGroup, Yingli Solar and Enphase Energy have delivered an impressive solar system that reduces our energy bills and meets our need to be more environmentally sustainable.” Melinda Payne, General Manager of EnviroGroup, said, “One of the greatest challenges we faced with the installation in the Melbourne Showgrounds was the limited roof space and partial shading from its air-conditioning plants. By using Enphase Microinverters, we are able to overcome these limitations and produce a solar photovoltaic system that provides maximum yields.” Nathan Dunn, Managing Director at Enphase Energy Asia-Pacific said, “Enphase Microinverters made it possible for the RASV to exploit the full potential of their available rooftop at Melbourne Showgrounds and maximise their return on investment. Furthermore, Enphase Microinverters are designed to harvest more energy than string inverter systems, regardless of obstacles or shading. We have seen a steady increase in projects where Enphase was chosen over string inverters in perfect North-facing conditions due to our strong track record for superior production, reliability and safety advantages.”   Daman Cole, Managing Director for Yingli Green Energy in Australia said, “Organisations like RASV have realised the full potential of solar power and how it can reduce their reliance on grid electricity for greater environmental sustainability. Yingli Solar is delighted to be part of a project that will have a lasting legacy in Melbourne.” The Melbourne Showgrounds solar system has been installed as part of the organisation’s broader green initiative to reduce energy consumption and to align with the organisation’s goals to minimise its environmental impact. * Yingli Green Energy Australia, known as Yingli Solar, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yingli Green Energy, which is the world's largest vertically integrated photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer. ENDS About Yingli Green Energy Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (NYSE: YGE), known as "Yingli Solar", is the world's largest photovoltaic module manufacturer in terms of production capacity and shipments. Yingli Green Energy's manufacturing covers the photovoltaic value chain from ingot casting and wafering through solar cell production and module assembly. Headquartered in Baoding, China, Yingli Green Energy has more than 30 regional subsidiaries and branch offices and has distributed more than 10,000MW PV modules to customers worldwide. For more information please visit and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.About Enphase Energy Asia-Pacific Enphase Energy delivers microinverter technology for the solar industry that increases energy production, simplifies design and installation, improves system uptime and reliability, reduces fire safety risk and provides a platform for intelligent energy management. Based across Melbourne and Christchurch, our Asia-Pacific team consists of power electronics engineers, technicians, accredited solar installers, strategic account managers and marketing specialists, to deliver our market-leading solar technology to Australia and New Zealand.  With global corporate headquarters in Petaluma, California, our semiconductor-based microinverter system converts energy at the individual solar module level and brings a systems-based, high technology approach to solar energy generation. Enphase Energy shipped its 5.7-millionth microinverter in 2014, and is embraced by leading solar installers across Europe, North America and Australia. For more information please visit The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria RASV is a member-based, not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to supporting excellence in Victorian agriculture.  Encouraging industry development and benchmarking standards, RASV rewards and recognises excellence by showcasing the best Victorian produce through its prestigious events, competitions and associations in agricultural and rural communities.  For more information, visit EnviroGroup EnviroGroup is a specialist provider of renewable energy products and systems for commercial applications, government clients and residential home owners. Founded in 2004, EnviroGroup is a leading authority in sustainable technology, with a team of expert consultants, engineers and installers delivering projects Australia wide.  EnviroGroup’s auditing, project management and engineering teams can help identify energy inefficiencies and form proactive solutions to enable clients to achieve cost savings and reach their sustainable energy goals. For more information, visit further information, please contact: Gabriel Wong / Gloria Lee Espresso Communications for Yingli Green / Phone: +61 2 8016 2200 Olivia Smith, Enphase    Phone: +61-402-044-811 Enphase Energy®, the Enphase logo and other trademarks or service names are the trademarks of Enphase Energy, Inc. Coconut Oil Takes Alzheimer’s Community by Storm 2014-11-14T03:45:06Z coconut-oil-takes-alzheimer-s-community-by-storm Australia, 14 November 2014 - On 4 November 2008, the St Petersburg Times, a US Newspaper, published a story about a local doctor who had given her husband coconut oil in a last-ditch effort to stop the rapid escalation of his early onset Alzheimer’s. The story wasn’t noticed much at first, but carers and relatives of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients from across the world kept finding out about it and kept the story alive.Now, six years later, coconut oil is being used as a preventative for Alzheimer’s by many and is being given to Alzheimer’s patients by relatives and even some carers. Since coconut oil is a natural substance and not a drug, it is not being recommended by a lot of doctors. In addition, no double blind studies have been performed to determine the efficacy of coconut oil for Alzheimer’s patients. However, the anecdotal evidence is becoming too prolific to ignore. Pharmaceutical companies are now investigating how to isolate, identify and extract the ingredient that may be helping all of these Alzheimer’s patients. Last year, a double blind study began in the US at the University of South Florida Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute. The study, slated to end in September 2015, will trace 65 patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. It will provide some with coconut oil and some with placebos. The reason that anecdotal evidence is considered scientifically invalid is because of the possibility of the placebo effect. This study will account for the placebo effect. The Original Story: Dr NewportDr Mary Newport, a doctor in the Tampa Bay area, was trying to care for her husband, who had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. His condition worsened and nothing was helping. She tried to get him into studies for two Alzheimer’s drugs and was researching them. During her research, she read about a third drug that had been producing anecdotal results. She tried to get her husband into that trial but was unsuccessful. She had read that the active ingredient that was causing improvement was medium chain triglycerides, also known as MCT oil. She also found out that coconut oil is composed of roughly 60% MCT’s. She decided to bypass the study and feed her husband coconut oil on a daily basis. Shortly after taking coconut oil, her husband retook the state’s mini-mental exam, on which he had recently scored 14 out of 30. His score improved to 18 out of 30 after only a day of using coconut oil. She has since reported that he has regained his short term memory and that his depression has gone away.Does it Work?Phil Usher, co-founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, an alternative to aged care in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, is cautiously optimistic: “There is no definitive study yet, but you can’t ignore the results.”Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to traditional aged care. They have five locations in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Their residents own their homes and choose their own level of care. To learn more or arrange a trial visit, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: Workflow Automation and Adobe energize local students to conserve resources. 2014-11-13T22:12:40Z workflow-automation-and-adobe-energize-local-students-to-conserve-resources Melbourne, VIC (14 October, 2014) Workflow Automation with Adobe’s EchoSign and The National Theatre for Children (NTC) will be bringing free educational theatre into primary schools across Melbourne. The Energized Guyz is a 25-minute live play that uses comedy and an adventure story to teach students what is energy, what are natural resources, the ways in which energy is wasted and how we can conserve and use those resources more wisely.  “Digital automation will play an enormous role in the future of energy conservation,” says Sam Belleli, the Managing Director of Workflow Automation.  “This play will help prepare students to enter the global conversation about energy efficiency and resource conservation.”  The content of the show is science based while the format is theatrical, energetic and fun. “When learning is combined so seamlessly with laughter, kids tend to retain information remarkably well,” says Sam Belleli. That information is supplemented by student workbooks filled with activities and games, teacher guides to be used in the classroom and interactive digital learning materials that reinforce the educational points, all of which are included free of charge. “It’s fantastic to see kids so excited about topics that might not always seem especially exciting.”  The thorough nature of the multiplatform program is the result of time-tested experience. Tobias Benn, the Managing Director of NTC Australia explains. “We’ve been operating in the USA for over 35 years and our Australian team has 15 years of local experience educating millions of students,” he says. “A huge part of our success is the fact that once these kids get fired up about the topic—in this case, energy efficiency and conservation—they can’t wait to get home and share what they learned. It’s a way for our sponsors to spread their important messages into the greater community. We get to help kids to help the world, and that’s very rewarding.”   The Energized Guyz will perform to over 3,200 primary school students at participating schools across Melbourne starting from Monday 24th November.   About Workflow Automation Workflow Automation has over 30 years of experience in the document imaging industry. Managing billions of client documents over this time, each director owns and runs extremely successful and large Fuji Xerox Agencies in Australia. Workflow Automation was born out of pure frustration as the founders realised that they were unable to provide their clients with a cost effective, efficient workflow solution that works for every type of document. Along with their partners at Adobe, the Workflow Automation team are committed to helping schools to conserve their resources, save paper and make a positive impact on the environment and are constantly developing new and innovative ways to facilitate workflows.   About NTC In 1978, NTC dedicated itself to delivering entertaining and highly educational programs to positively motivate families, students and educators.  We inspire young people – and their families – to explore important and timely curricular subjects including: wise energy use, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), financial literacy, health and nutrition and environmental literacy, among others.  Originally focused on delivering its programs via live theatre, NTC is now an award-winning educational content provider whose repertoire includes print and digital curriculum and extracurricular events.  We have developed the art of teaching through educational story-telling into a science of its own, and are currently the largest in-school touring educational production company in the world. myosh Congratulates WA Work Safety Award Winners 2014-11-13T05:33:00Z myosh-congratulates-wa-work-safety-award-winners Safety management software leader myosh would like to congratulate the 2014 winners of the Western Australia Work Safety Awards.  myosh is a cloud-based safety management software system incorporating products such as mobile apps and dashboards that facilitate safety management and culture, helping to improve safety in the workplace, along with regulatory compliance and management decision making. Award winners were announced at a breakfast event on 31 October. The awards recognise workplaces in Western Australia for reducing work-related injuries. St John of God Murdoch Hospital was recognised as best safety and health management system in the private sector. Other finalists in this category include Esslemont Cockram, Broad, and Wesfarmers Chemicals. The winner of best solution to an identified workplace safety and health issue was St John of God Subiaco Hospital. Finalists were DM Civil, CASWA and Schlumberger, Transmin, and Brierty. Peter Minchin of Pentagon Freight Services was awarded best individual contribution to safety and health by a person with no formal responsibilities for occupational safety and health. The other finalist in this category was Dean Adams with Glidepath Australia. The best individual contribution to safety and health by a person with formal responsibility for occupational safety and health was Brian Pugsley at Broad. The other finalist was Jordan Andrews at West Australian Mechanical Services. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists. Visit for a free trial or more information. by Stacey Wagner for myosh Safety Management Software myosh Congratulates Tasmania’s WorkSafe Award Winners 2014-11-13T05:30:35Z myosh-congratulates-tasmania-s-worksafe-award-winners Safety management software leader myosh would like to congratulate the 2014 winners of the Tasmania WorkSafe Awards. myosh is a cloud-based safety management software system incorporating products such as mobile apps and dashboards that facilitate safety management and culture helping to improve safety in the workplace, along with regulatory compliance and management decision making. Awards were announced 31 October. The awards encourage businesses and individuals to maintain safe workplaces. The award for Overall Winner was a two-time winner, Powerlinestas. Hazell Bros Group was awarded best workplace health and safety management system. Top problem solver and winner of the IPM Safety Award was Burnie’s Grange Resources Tasmania. Health and safety representative of the year was Danny Fraser of Tasmanian Health Organisation – North. Ted Leeson of the Department of Premier and Cabinet was awarded best individual contribution to work health and safety. Commitment to a workplace health and wellbeing program went to Norske Skog paper mill. Veolia Environmental Services was awarded the Self Insurers’ Association of Tasmania Award for best injury management and return to work program. Congratulations to all the winners. Visit for a free trial or more information. by Stacey Wagner for myosh Safety Management Software myosh Congratulates South Australia's SafeWork Award Winners 2014-11-13T05:29:24Z myosh-congratulates-south-australia-s-safework-award-winners Safety management software leader myosh would like to congratulate the 2014 winners of the South Australia Safe Work Awards. myosh is a cloud-based safety management software system incorporating products such as mobile apps and dashboards that facilitate safety management and culture, helping to improve safety in the workplace, regulatory compliance, and management decision making. Awards were announced at a dinner on 31 October. The awards recognise individuals and businesses for outstanding work health and safety. The award for best work health and safety management system went to ASC. Receiving commendations in the category were BGC Contracting and WorkPac. Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue was awarded to Holden, with commendation going to Artlab Australia. Safe Access Solutions was awarded best work health and safety practice in a small business, with commendation going to Gawler Community House. Best individual contribution to work health safety without responsibility for WHS was Craig Dahlin with OneSteel Whyalla. The best individual contribution to work health safety by a WHS manager was Bobby West of Hansen Yuncken. Receiving commendations in this category were Chad Baker of Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal and Erryn Munchenberg of Hillgrove Copper. Nicholas Marks and Robert Fitzpatrick, both of Coles Distribution Centre, were awarded best individual contribution to work health and safety. Commendations went to Girijashankar Maurya of Orora Beverage Closures and to Victor Lemmon of OneSteel Manufacturing. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. by Stacey Wagner for myosh Safety Management Software Visit for a free trial or more information. myosh Congratulates SafeWork NSW Award Winners 2014-11-13T05:28:08Z myosh-congratulates-safework-nsw-award-winners Safety management software leader myosh would like to congratulate the 2014 winners of the WorkCover New South Wales SafeWork Awards. myosh is a cloud-based safety management software system incorporating products such as mobile apps and dashboards that facilitate safety management and culture, helping to improve safety in the workplace, regulatory compliance and management decision making. The awards were announced on 30 October and recognise individuals and businesses for their positive contributions in work health and safety. This year marked the highest number of entries since the awards began ten years ago. The award for best workplace health and safety management system in the private sector went to K&D Plumbing and to Hornsby Shire Council in the public sector. For best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue, the award went to Patrick Autocare. Wicked Berries was awarded best workplace health and safety practices in a small business. Best individual contribution to workplace health and safety by a non-WHS representative was James Wensley with OneSteel NSW and Luke Sullivan with Staging Connections was awarded in the category for WHS representative. Baxter Healthcare was awarded for excellence in return to work for a business, and Sgt Matthew Johnson of the NSW Police Force was awarded for return to work achievement for workers. Finally, the WorkCover NSW Safety leadership award went to Hunter-New England Westpac Rescue Helicopter Terminal. Congratulations to all the winners. by Stacey Wagner for myosh Safety Management Software Visit for a free trial or more information. Timber Leaves Smaller Carbon Footprint than Other Popular Construction Materials 2014-11-13T05:17:46Z timber-leaves-smaller-carbon-footprint-than-other-popular-construction-materials Brisbane, QLD, 13 November 2014 - It seems that summers, not only in Australia but all over the world, are getting hotter and hotter. Statistics indicate that the incidence and intensity of bushfires are increasing, almost on a yearly basis. Recently, Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, posted some eye-opening information on his blog about the sustainability of timber compared to the three other most popular building materials.In particular, Mr Kyle focused on the carbon footprint or the amount of carbon that is released into the environment by the various materials. Timber, Carbon and the EnvironmentCarbon is present in CO2, a “greenhouse gas” that contributes to climate change. By the process of photosynthesis, trees use sunlight to help them take CO2 out of the air. The carbon in the CO2 is stored or “sequestered” in the tree as woody tissue, by a process called “sequestration.” Meanwhile, the oxygen in the CO2 is released back into the environment, making our air more oxygen-rich.Every piece of timber is basically made of this stored carbon, which is preserved and kept in the timber. The only way the carbon in timber is ever released back into the environment is when the timber either decays or is burned. To produce timber, take it to market and take it to a building site, fossil fuels are used, but it doesn’t take a lot because the timber is natural. For standard timber, there is no manufacturing process. Fossil fuels are used only to provide power for cutting the timber and fuel for transporting the timber from the forest to its eventual destination, with various stops along the way. Other Building Materials and the EnvironmentOther materials, such as steel, aluminium and cement, have to be manufactured. In the case of steel and aluminium, a lot of heat is necessary to produce the desired chemical reactions. In addition, these materials are heavier than timber, so more fuel is used in transporting them to their destination. By the NumbersFor each cubic metre (m3) of timber, the amount of carbon released into the environment is 15kg. However, the timber stores 250 kg of carbon, meaning that the net effect is that 235 kg of carbon is removed from the environment for every cubic metre of timber. For each cubic metre of concrete, 120 kg of carbon is released. For each cubic metre of steel, 5,320 kg of carbon is released. For each cubic metre of aluminium, 22,000 kg of carbon is released. According to Mr Kyle, these numbers easily lead to the conclusion that timber is by far the most sustainable building material: “It’s getting hotter and hotter every year. If we don’t do something soon, it isn’t going to be a very nice world for our children or their children. It is time to stop destroying our environment and start building with timber.”Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers who carry a full line of hardwood, softwood, treated pine and accessories. They have been serving the Brisbane area since 1979. To learn more about what they offer or to place an order, call 1300 795 675 or visit their website: