The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2014-07-23T05:26:32Z Story Time Publications Organizes Book Fair At International Public High School 2014-07-23T05:26:32Z story-time-publications-organizes-book-fair-at-international-public-high-school After hosting a successful series of seminars, digital storytelling sessions and book shows at leading schools in the United States and Australia, Story Time Publications is now on a mission to connect with Indian kids. Last week, the organization held a book fair at International Public High School (Madhyamgram, West Bengal), and it was a huge success. In an exclusive interview, Mr. Hussain Fakhruddin, whose company (Teknowledge Software) owns Story Time, informed us that extensive prior planning had been made for ensuring the success of the event. A senior executive had first contacted the school authorities via phone and email - and submitted the proposal for hosting an interactive storytelling session and a book fair. She had also gone over to the school twice, to finalize all the details. Mr. Fakhruddin expressed his delight about the readiness with which the principal at International Public High cooperated. To generate excitement and a buzz among the young kids, the Story Time team had also distributed catalogs of the books that were to be displayed at the show. The pamphlets also had information on Story Time For Kids - a highly popular mobile storytelling app for kids developed by Teknowledge. A large number of paperback and hardcover books were displayed at the school. Not only was the response among the little ones uniformly positive - the school authorities even announced that the books would be included in the study curriculum of the junior section. According to reports received from the school, separate storytelling sessions were conducted for the students of Classes 2, 3, 4 and 5. The representatives of Story Time Publications lauded the staff at International Public High School for the exemplary discipline with which they arranged the sessions. Most teachers praised the innovativeness of the drive. Mr. Fakhruddin has repeatedly emphasized that his company aims to excel in both mobile app development and storybook publication. Given the response at the Madhyamgram school, Teknowledge is definitely on the right track! The digital story session and book fair at International Public High was initially scheduled to be a one-day event. However, the craze among the little ones, coupled with the impressive number of book sales, have prompted the Story Time team to fix another date at the school. A spokesperson from the publishing house mentioned that, since many of the book titles had run out of stock on the first day - more books will be taken along on the next day. ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Simon In Space’ were the two books that were most in demand at the school. Teknowledge has no plans to rest on the laurels of the success of its book fair at International Public High School and Park English School (where a similar book show was organized in May), however. Executives from the company have already started surveys among toddlers at other schools - about other favorite stories of kids. Feedback is also being sought, about the Story Time iPhone app for kids. Based on the survey reports, Teknowledge would take a decision on what new storybooks it should bring out. The company is also already in talks with four other renowned schools in the state, where this type of story sessions/book fairs can be conducted. Story Time has won several professional accolades on its delightful kids’ app, and its printed storybooks are also fast gaining in popularity. In these times of cut-throat professionalism, it is indeed refreshing to see a company actually caring to put a smile on the faces of little children. For more information, contact the Story Time officials at and/or 91-33-40649088. Check out the features of the mobile app for kids at Unadulterated reading fun at extremely competitive prices, that’s what this publishing house has on offer! Asleen Mauthoor Maleficent’s Makeover To Miss World Australia 2014 National Finalist. 2014-07-22T23:23:58Z asleen-mauthoor-maleficent-s-makeover-to-miss-world-australia-2014-national-finalist There are so many fantastic ways to raise funds for a charity, and this year we've seen an incredible & most dare daring attempt from Asleen Mauthoor, one of the Miss World Australia 2014 National Finalists creating her version of Maleficent Fundraiser Photoshoot for Variety the Children's Charity. Disney films have always conflated natural beauty with inherent goodness, unnatural beauty as inherent wickedness, giving their princesses and heroines the eyes, hair, lips, and skins female villains would kill for. Bad girls are trendsetters. There’s something undeniably attractive about evil, and that’s why the outfits popularised by villainous characters have been finding their way onto catwalks for years. How else would Goth become an actual thing? However it’s rare that we get a character who’s so deliciously evil that’s such a trendsetter, and we have to take the opportunity to worship at the altar of Maleficent, with these top four JC Indahaus favourite things about Asleen Mauthoor's recreation of the one and only Maleficent's evil beauty look:1) Statement Makeup✔️ We’re fans of statement makeup here at JC Indahaus - go big or go home, and Asleen Mauthoor certainly went big for this character. Those ruby red lips are simply divine, and strike a perfect contrast to the stark paleness of her shock white visage.2) Gaga Would Be Proud✔️ Few people can pull off novelty horns as headwear, but Asleen Mauthoor made it look so unbelievably cool. We haven’t been this impressed with the ability to turn the ridiculous into a fashion trend since Gaga herself.3) Black on Black✔️ There can never be too much black, that’s why black never go out of style. Maleficent’s creative use of the world’s most slimming colour, subtly accented with darker hues of purple, lend it a versatility we’ve never seen before with Asleen Mauthoor's creative team, recreation of what we call Black on Black. 4) Pop Your Collar✔️ Admittedly, we normally don’t like it when people pop their collar. It’s all too ‘high school boy trying to make his uniform look cool, but actually makes themselves look like a plonker’ for us. Asleen Mauthoor's recreation of Maleficent’s statement collar however, is making us reconsider the look. Evil has never looked so good & inspirational across high fashion. Asleen Mauthoor rallied her incredible line up of A-team of creatives and held a fundraiser photoshoot for her as one of the Miss World Australia 2014 National Finalists. She will be competing in the finals this weekend at the beautiful Hunter Valley. We all fell in love with the film Maleficent, and knew they had to recreate Jolie's dark and dramatic look. They created an entire outfit, sourced a venue, and we advertised across all the Melbourne creative groups that any interested photographers who made a $20+ donation to Asleen Mauthoor's Variety Australia campaign could come along and shoot. In the end they had 14 photographers, 2 models and they had some incredible images produced. A very big thank you to everybody involved over the weekend, without them Asleen Mauthoor couldn't have achieved this on her own. Vanee Pham from Babydolls Make Up Artistry, who's makeup is second to none, contoured perfectly to get Jolie's cutting cheekbones, and sourced piercing green contacts. Award Winning Teressa Au Hair Artist from X-Per-Tease Award Winning Hair Studio.created the main masterpiece hair sculpture horns! A perfect replica, Teressa actually wrapped Asleen's hair up to recreate the Maleficent look. Catherine Machell from The Willow Branch's bouquets never fail to stun us, but her 15kg wings made from gum leaves were truly a work of art. Her staff completed the look.Luisa Mars was a perfect Aurora, capturing her beauty, vulnerability and innocence. I was dressed in a spectacular Ashleigh Voce gown and adorned with moody Feathers by Faith and Zsaneta Bridal Couture cape. Luisa wore a dreamy Zsaneta Zsaneta gown and a gold circlet by The Willow Branch. Greg Miles, Mary Costello and Kayla Au were the perfect time keepers and assistants, keeping everything running smoothly and on time. How Maleficent’s look has been translated into clothing, jewelry, makeup lines & commercial photography in Australia? Some people might decide that they are in a Maleficent mood and they have to be Maleficent for a day. Maleficent and other villainesses are glamorous in part because they have this power and knowledge that makes them attractive. Glamour requires a certain maturity rather than girlish prettiness. For grown-ups, the stylistic appeal of the live-action version of Maleficent is not about viewing evil as glamorous as much as it is about appreciating her sophistication and power. Some clothing capsule collections, on the other hand, are not so much a literal interpretation as much as they are an evocation of Maleficent’s costumes in the second half of the film, which shows Maleficent as an adult wearing mostly black in much heavier fabrics with lots of volume and sculptural shapes. Whether that will help fuel a demand for Maleficent-inspired fashion is unclear. What’s evident is that those who may want to channel their inner dark fairy will have plenty from which to choose. Costume is not fashion, but fashion is costume. What we wear and how we go about every day is a performance of our lives. Some people might decide that they are in a Maleficent mood and they have to be Maleficent for a day. In a world that often tells women to be silent in their anger, we saw Maleficent as a powerful, vengeful woman who made a choice and followed it through to the end. And she did it with poise, grace, power, fury, eloquence, and intelligence. She didn’t rant and rave. Maleficent commanded. Sure, she could have used a better brand of henchmen, but she was regal without a crown. Like the Morgan La Fey of Arthurian Myth, she was a power unto herself. She made her choice and she followed it through, faced the hero and at the end of 'Maleficent', she soars into a heavenly sky like a righteous respected woman. So should we hail the dark fairy as a complete feminist icon? Last but not least, JC Indahaus Media Publicists, Cassidy Poon & Johnny Saluni would like to congratulate Asleen Mauthoor, Miss World Australia 2014 National Finalist for the re-creation of Disney's Maleficent made famous by Angelina Jolie and GOOD LUCK for the National Finals at Hunter Valley this weekend! HAVE YOU BOOK YOUR MISS WORLD AUSTRALIA 2014 CROWNING GALA? Last year, Sydney based Opera singer Erin Holland took home the crown. This year a record 45 finalists will vie for the coveted title of Miss World Australia. You are invited to experience the suspense and excitement of the crowning of Miss World Australia 2014. STRICTLY LIMITED TO 300 TICKETS. Book Now!Date: 27 July 2014Venue: Oaks Cypress Lakes, Hunter ValleyTime: 6pm Red Carpet for 7pm Start. This Media Release & LinkedIn Pulse Blog Feature Article is proudly supported by JC Indahaus Media Influencers, Cassidy Poon & Johnny Saluni for Miss World Australia Organisation and Asleen Mauthoor, Miss World Australia 2014 National Finalist. For upcoming media inquiries & interviews, please kindly contact JC Indahaus Media Publicist & Social Media Sensation Icon, Cassidy Poon by email at or LinkedIn InMail and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you. Concerns about carbon monoxide poisoning from gas-powered forklifts 2014-07-22T07:31:19Z concerns-about-carbon-monoxide-poisoning-from-gas-powered-forklifts ATTENTION ALL BUSINESS OWNERS!Earlier this month, four workers at Australian Premium Dried Fruits suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning after working inside a cool room for extended periods of time. The workers experienced headaches and nausea at work and were taken to hospital. Mike Maynard, the company’s chief executive said they have decided to replace gas-powered forklifts with electric forklifts from now on. “We’re just thankful that everybody’s come out of it because the potential was there with that build-up of gas and there was nothing to indicate what was going on until it affected those employees, so it was concerning,” he told ABC News. Carbon monoxide is the single most common cause of poisoning in industry. Carbon monoxide is produced whenever organic material such as oil, petrol or gas is burned. It is a colourless, odourless, non-irritating gas with no inherent warning properties. If not discovered carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to drowsiness, impaired judgement and eventually collapse, coma and death. The South Australian Government has issued a safeguarding document, Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, it says that, “carbon monoxide, particularly from LPG-powered forklift trucks occurs frequently with little or no warning. Every workplace should be assessed for potential carbon monoxide hazards and definitive corrective measures must be applied whenever a risk can be identified.” ABOUT WHS SOLUTIONS Don’t let put your employees at risk! If you are worried or unsure about how compliant your company is with workplace health and safety regulations, just 20 minutes with an experienced WHS consultant you can learn if your company is covered and how you can improve. The team at WHS Solutions has combined experience of over 132 years and works with companies all over Western Australia. WHS Solutions is an outsourced team of health and safety consultants, we work side-by-side with you manage your occupational health and safety systems with our WHSS Safety System. Our highly trained team of consultants provide assessment and certification to meet all our applicable workplace health and safety regulations. This ensures that your employees are fully covered and working in the safety possible environment. Enlisting WHS Solutions to manage your occupational health and safety is the smartest way to avoid not only workplace incidents but also big money losses. For more information regarding WHS Solutions, please contact:Email: 08 9427 1788Or visit FILTER STUDIO – LONGBOW BUSINESS CARDS 2014-07-22T04:30:17Z filter-studio-longbow-business-cards Claire Hamiltion from Filter Studio approached us with a very cool idea for a business card. We were more than happy to work with her to make these unique cards. As you can see, it worked! And  we couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. ROYAL QLD YACHT CLUB – TROPHY DESIGN & FABRICATION 2014-07-22T04:23:20Z royal-qld-yacht-club-trophy-design-amp-fabrication Here is a mirrored pair of trophies that we were asked to design and fabricate for the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. We incorporated laser cut stainless steel, laser cut acrylic and 2 pac base; and got creative with the design and construction. We are all very happy with the end result!   HLT STUDIO’S SECOND PRODUCTION SHOWS HOW SECOND BEST CAN BE A BITCH 2014-07-22T04:12:57Z hlt-studio-s-second-production-shows-how-second-best-can-be-a-bitch The second production from the new HLT Studio gives Auckland theatre goers the rare chance to experience a work by one of America’s leading contemporary playwrights. The Understudy – Second Best Can Be a Bitch by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Amie Bentall, is a dazzling and humanistic look at people trying to do what they love in the face of obstacles that mount until all anyone can do is dance. Charged with running the understudy rehearsal for the Broadway premiere of a previously undiscovered Kafka masterpiece, Roxanne has one afternoon to get it right. There’s just one problem – nothing goes right. Roxanne finds her professional and personal life colliding when Harry, a journeyman actor and also her ex-fiancé, is cast as the understudy to Jake, a mid-tier action star yearning for legitimacy. As Harry and Jake find their common ground, Roxanne tries to navigate the rehearsal with a stoned lighting operator, an omnipresent intercom system, the producers threatening to shutter the show and her own careening feelings about both actors and her past. Launched as the centrepiece of Howick Little Theatre’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the HLT Studio is a smaller theatre experience where experimental and innovative productions can be staged. The HLT Studio aims to encourage new and returning actors, new directors, new writers and new designers to experience community theatre in an environment tailored to nurture emerging talent. HLT Studio Artistic Director, Terry Hooper explains: `Our mission is to present three short seasons of plays and a series of regular staged readings each year. We introduce new talent to all aspects of theatre, from the technical designers and crew to the production team, directors, actors and more. `Our first production features a first-time director, with an established (usually NZ-based) play. The second production is an established play selected for emerging actors to shine, with an experienced director. Finally, the third production is a new work written by a new local playwright, supported by an accomplished production team – both on and off stage.’ HLT President, Rae McGregor explains: `For 60 years Howick Little Theatre has been producing high-quality, entertaining, accessible and enriching theatre as well as creating an environment that encourages and recognises the artist in each of us. Throughout its history, Howick Little Theatre has been a committed champion of New Zealand theatre, premiering a number of local productions and nurturing our native talent. We wanted to mark this special year by introducing the HLT Studio, which aims to bring new talent to community theatre as well as persuade old friends to come back, by getting involved in shorter and less demanding productions.’ HLT Artistic Adviser, Alison Mudford adds: `Our five main productions each year are some of the best and most professional community theatre experiences in New Zealand. In 60 years the theatre has evolved to become one of Auckland’s best-known and most respected community theatres. The HLT Studio is designed to be a less intimidating, more intimate, but no less professional introduction to theatre and we are thrilled that Terry Hooper and Nick Martin brought the concept to us and have volunteered to help bring it into being.’ THE UNDERSTUDY – Second best can be a bitch. By Theresa Rebeck Directed By Amie Bentall Season – August 6th to August 9th, 8pm Matinee – August 9th, 2pm Bookings: Tickets: $18 (adults), $15 (concession) and $15 (for groups of 6+). General admission with no allocated seating. Door sales will be available on the night.Running Time: 90 minutes (no interval) For more details check out:   Employee killed in forklift accident in Port Macquarie 2014-07-22T03:36:27Z employee-killed-in-forklift-accident-in-port-macquarie ATTENTION ALL BUSINESS OWNERSOn June 24th, a 51 year old man was killed in a forklift accident in a warehouse after being crushed by an engine. The Port Macquarie man had worked at Expressway Spares in Sancrox, for more than a decade and died at the scene. WorkSafe inspector, Paul Fuller from Port Macquarie Police, said an engine fell while being lowered from an overhead bay. "The engine was lowered to a height of about one metre from ground level, where it was supported by the forklift," he reported. The man was standing in front of the engine inspecting it for a spare part, when the engine fell off the forklift.Fuller continued by saying, “Somehow the engine has fallen forward, and crushed the 51 year old between the engine that fell, and another spare engine that was at ground level." Expressway Spares is a business that deals with the sale of spare parts for large earthmoving equipment but has not had an accident like this recorded before.“The engine weighs more than one and a half tonnes, and it appears he was killed instantly." Fuller concluded. Police will prepare a report for the coroner, and WorkCover inspectors were on the site almost immediately.ABOUT WHS SOLUTIONSDon’t let this type of sudden accident happen to your employees!WHS Solutions can help safeguard you against workplace incidents. WHS Solutions is an outsourced team of health and safety consultants, we work side-by-side with you manage your occupational health and safety systems with our WHSS Safety System. Our highly trained team of consultants provide assessment and certification to meet all our applicable workplace health and safety regulations. This ensures that your employees are fully covered and working in the safety possible environment. Enlisting WHS Solutions to manage your occupational health and safety is the smartest way to avoid not only workplace incidents but also big money losses.The team at WHS Solutions has combined experience of over 132 years and works with companies all over Western Australia. After just 20 minutes with an experienced WHS consultant you can learn if your company is compliant and how you can improve.For more information regarding WHS Solutions, please contact:Email: 08 9427 1788Or visit Legal action against drone operator who allegedly hit a triathlon runner 2014-07-22T03:27:02Z legal-action-against-drone-operator-who-allegedly-hit-a-triathlon-runner The runner, Raija Ogden, sustained head injuries during a triathlon in Geraldton this year after the drone flying over the race crashed into her.  The drone, filming the race, is owned and operated by videographer Warren Abrams.Mr Abrams initially claimed that someone nearby may have “channel-hopped” his device, taking over control and crashing it. However it has since been found that neither Mr Abrams nor his company appear on the list of 92 safety CASA certified drone operators. CASA is now gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses in order to request the matter goes to court.Recently the CASA has relaxed the rules covering the use of drones, removing the need for commercial operators to have a licence for remotely piloted aircraft under two kilograms. However the drone-users group, Australian Certified UAV Operators, say two kilogram units are still dangerous and these new regulations could open up the skies to more rogue, untrained operators.To avoid facing these charges and increase the workplace safety and health of your employees WHS solutions can work side-by-side with you to manage your occupational health and safety systems.In order to maintain the highest levels of protection for your employees we consistently check and monitor what we have implemented, guarantying full attention to your safety needs. This ensures that your company is complying with the most up to date regulations and reduces the risk of injury to your employees. Don’t let time fly by, be proactive and invest in health and safety management system! FERRAGOSTO: SYDNEY’S BIGGEST ITALIAN FESTIVAL! 2014-07-18T00:28:21Z ferragosto-sydney-s-biggest-italian-festival “We have a great day planned to celebrate the 17th year of Ferragosto in Five Dock,” he said.   “Last year, we welcomed our largest ever crowd to Ferragosto and this year we hope to do the same.”   All of your festival favourites are returning again this year, plus much more.   Ferrafesta, Ferragiovani and Ferramusica will have all day entertainment on their stages including dancing and singing from Italian performing groups as well as local dance and music schools.   Ferracucina, led by Angelo’s on the Bay owner, Marie Piccin will once again showcase a line-up of fantastic local chefs who will be demonstrating to audiences how to prepare an Italian dish.   “This year we’re excited Pina Pacialeo, of Youtube Pina Cucina fame; will be joining us in Ferracucina and showing audiences just why her videos are so popular,” Mayor Tsirekas said.   There is even more fun to be had at this year’s event. We are introducing carnival mask making workshops, street soccer and soccer tricks and photo stand in’s where you can pose as a pizza maker or a gondolier. We also have an outdoor cinema showing two Italian films. Not to mention over 150 market stalls, wine sampling at Ferrapiazza, a traditional Italian car  and  Ducati display, roving performers, trivia and competitions, rides, a petting zoo and much more.   Ferragosto is on Great North Road, Five Dock on Sunday, 17 August from 10am-4pm.   “It’s going to be an action packed fun and exciting day for the whole family,” Mayor Tsirekas said.   The event is brought to you by the City of Canada Bay and is supported by Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre, Canada Bay Club, Cleanaway, Club Five Dock RSL, Inner West Courier, italianicious magazine, Community Relations commission for multicultural NSW, Channel Nine, St George bank, Leichhardt Fiat Alfa and Five Dock Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Canterbury BMW, Adshel and Aqua Source.   For more information visit our website: Two New Free Hidden Object Games Have Been Released By PlayHOG Called Barn Yard And I Spy 2014-07-17T06:26:10Z two-new-free-hidden-object-games-have-been-released-by-playhog-called-barn-yard-and-i-spy Mumbai, India, July 17, 2014 -- PlayHOG company specializes in programming and development of free hidden object games. They have various platforms with more than 500 games for people of all ages to have fun. Now they present their two new hidden object games, Barn Yard and I Spy. People, who love puzzles, would take pleasure from playing Seek and Find games or the so-called Hidden Object Games. The main idea behind these games is to search and find different hidden objects on the screen. These games are not less addictive than other types of games and more and more teenagers and young people prefer them. Game enthusiasts that like Hidden Object Games have increased these days, as these games naturally increase the curiosity, imagination, and concentration and engage the players. PlayHOG company responds to the increasing demand of such games by developing and releasing two new and totally free Hidden Object Games, where 40 objects are hidden in each of 10 levels and wait for young and old gamers to uncover 400 objects in total. The games feature a level map that remembers the progress of the players, so they can continue at any later moment their game without the need to start again from the very beginning. A special hint feature helps players to find the more difficult objects. The gamers will be excited to earn stars for every achievement they make. Pinch helps in the game to zoom even well hidden objects, so none of them would remain hidden from the players. The company ensures the high quality of objects and graphics to provide their customers with hours of fun and entertainment. Each level in these games challenges customers to find 40 new objects hidden in the most surprising places in order to advance to the next level. However, most people do not have problems finding these items, and those who have, can use the hint feature. The level finishes as soon as all hidden objects are found. All of 10 levels in both games are free for use with ads to cover the expenses of game design and development. They also allow the company to release the games for free, so more people would be able to take advantage of these high quality games, without the need to pay for them. The ads appear at the beginning of the game, on level selection and in the end of the game. The Ad free version is available after purchasing of the game. The cost of one game is only $0.99. Many gamers from around the world have already left their positive reviews about the entertainment they had while playing these games. Almost 1000 users have left their 5-star feedbacks about the I Spy game since their release, and 74 people for Barn Yard game. Players, who would like to take advantage of the recently released and totally free Barn Yard and I Spy Hidden Object Games, can visit to find out more. About Us: PlayHOG company consists of professional programmers and designers, experienced in high quality game production. They have developed more than 500 games that are available for gamers to use for free. Contact: Vikram Jhaveri, CEO Big Leap Studios 303 Panchsil Plaza, Hughes Road, Mumbai, India 400007 +91-022-2361008vikram@bigleapstudios.com Unique tea merchants, Kettle Town, debut at The Rocks Aroma Festival 2014-07-17T05:15:56Z unique-tea-merchants-kettle-town-debut-at-the-rocks-aroma-festival MEDIA RELEASE 17/07/14 For Immediate Release The Rocks Aroma festival is famous for attracting thousands of coffee and tea lovers alike, this year it is set to welcome new entrants into the festival offering unique beverage experiences. One of the new entrants is Sydney’s own, Kettle Town, famous for their unique tea blends Kettle Town will look to showcase their exciting new approach and twists to the world’s second most consumed beverage, tea. ‘We are very excited to be a part of such a wonderful festival’ said Lily Wang, co founder of Kettle Town, ‘we look forward to being engulfed by such passionate creators and visitors, it surely will be an event worth remembering’. The festival has received much praise year on year from the CEO of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Catherine Gallagher ‘It’s wonderful that Aroma brings so many people to the Rock’ Catherine said, ‘The Authority works hard at creating events that encourage people to visit The Rocks and Aroma has been doing that for seventeen year now’ The main Aroma event will be held on 27th of July in The Rocks. The festival has a strong focus on coffee; workshops this year have been curated by Australiasian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) and cover every face of coffee adoration from the Appreciation Course to Alternative Slow Brew Methods, Cupping 101 to Latte Art and Science of Espresso. For the sweet tooth among us, there will also be the delectable ‘Chocolate – Bean to Bar’ workshop. The event aims to keep festival goers warm and entertained with more than 65 stallholders, live music, food trucks, kid’s workshops and multiple exhibitions.  END Kettle Town is a gourmet tea business specialising in unique flavoured teas.  The business is based in Waterloo, Sydney and has been featured in a range of events such as Taste Sydney, Good Food and Wine Show, Vivid Ideas alongside Vibewire.   To learn more about kettle Town visit, or contact Vincent Maneno - -  +61406024649 brand new media Strengthens Entertainment Offering with Strategic Stake in Waterfront 2014-07-17T00:30:47Z brand-new-media-strengthens-entertainment-offering-with-strategic-stake-in-waterfront 17 July 2014, Sydney – brand new media (BNM) has acquired a majority stake in Waterfront, a Sydney-based entertainment marketing, celebrity, and content specialist agency. Waterfront is a market-leading agency working with some of Australia’s biggest brands, events, domestic and global celebrities, to create powerful multi-faceted marketing campaigns. Established in 2003, the agency manages commercial partnerships for iconic entertainment events and platforms such as the Day on the Green Winery concert series, celebrity ambassador partnerships, and entertainment marketing strategy and research. Founder and Director of Waterfront, Sean Pickwell, said the strategic alignment with BNM will allow Waterfront to leverage BNM’s strengths across brand funded platforms and align with BNM’s growth strategies in the celebrity and talent sectors.  “With BNM’s strength in content creation and ours with entertainment properties, celebrities and insider experiences, it is a great opportunity for marketers to tap into content and platforms that are relevant and provide deeper engagement for audiences,” said Pickwell. Managing Partner David Borean said, “The alliance with BNM gives Waterfront greater scale and scope for growth. It is an exciting development for the business and for our clients, our suppliers and staff.” Waterfront’s independent strategic thinking and brand communications agency – The Invisible Agency - headed by Garth Agius, has also been integrated into the BNM acquisition. Chief Executive Officer of BNM, Perry Smith said, “As a company, we are experiencing strong organic growth and bringing the amazing Waterfront team into BNM will support our strategy of inspiring, informing and entertaining consumers through content. The business provides BNM additional scale to support our brand and broadcast partners through unique celebrity endorsement, talent management, and world class entertainment events.” Following on from last weeks announcement that former MCM boss Simon Joyce is joining brand new media, the Waterfront partnership flags a strong push into the event marketing, celebrity endorsement, and talent management business. Waterfront will be located at BNM’s North Sydney office from July 28. brand new media (BNM) is a digital media company with offices and dedicated studios operating across Australia, Singapore, US and Europe. It owns, creates and operates digital channels allowing leading brands to become broadcasters. brand new media’s channelPLAY platform delivers content and channels to all devices, anywhere and anytime, delivering an innovative and integrated marketing solution to brands. Six things you should know about 3D printers 2014-07-16T23:35:05Z six-things-you-should-know-about-3d-printers With the rapid consumerisation of 3D technology, affordable and high quality 3D printing is now within the reach of schools, hobbyists and home users across New Zealand. The low cost of these devices open up new frontiers for those looking to create mock-ups and prototypes, to build models or just to experiment and explore the possibilities – and with the Da Vinci 1.0 from XYZ Printing retailing for under $900, it is no wonder that it was a CES 2014 Editors Choice Award Winner. But just what is 3D printing? Here’s a list of six things you should know about this awesome new technology: 3D printers aren’t really printers at all. Laser or inkjet printers put ink on paper along the X and the Y axis, a flat plane. 3D printers don’t do anything of the sort. By adding the Z axis – that’s the third dimension (3D)– things get a lot more complicated. 3D printers are in fact ‘additive manufacturers’. They create models by building successive layers of filament one on top of the other through a special heated nozzle. This nozzle or print head heats the filament to over 200c to make it ‘printable’ and then cools again as it is printed out – much like a heated glue guns used by kids for school projects. A bit like the laser printer, the 3D printer also has the ability to print in varying thicknesses with the detail of the design and thickness of the layers depending on the size of the print head and software settings. It’s not just plastic… Notice how we said ‘filament’? Most 3D printers on the market, like the XYZ Printing Da Vinci 1.0 create their models using a form of plastic. There are two main types – thermoplastic called ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which is similar to what LEGO blocks are made from; and PLA, a plant-based plastic. ABS plastic has a higher melting point, generally creating more rigid and solid objects . But there are specialised 3D printers that print with a range of materials which are expanding almost daily  to include aluminium, concrete, food and even body cells (a kidney was printed on stage at TED in 2011). Suffice to say – the options are mind boggling! Make almost anything. Some of the wackier things which have been printed so far include fashion items, shoes, a car and a cloned mummy (yes, bizarre). Entry-level models won’t do all of these things – but they will open your mind to the possibilities, while also printing useful things like a floor plan for an architect, a ring sample for a jeweller, a wheel for your dishwasher or a lemon squeezer for the kitchen. They aren’t expensive (any longer). Like any brand new technology, 3D printing was until recently the preserve of the tech enthusiast or high-end manufacturer. But with the pace of development constantly accelerating, the price of 3D printers has dropped fast. Just one year ago – in May 2013 – an entry level machine cost around $2000. Today, you can get one for much less than half that, with the XYZ Printing Da Vinci retailing below $900. The consumables are cheap. From standard printing, we all expect the machine is cheap but the ink is crazily expensive. That’s not necessarily the case with 3D printers. While specialised machines print using materials like copper or gold (which are necessarily expensive, obviously), the consumables for home, school or small business 3D printers are surprisingly cheap. For example, the Da Vinci 1.0 takes a 600 gram cartridge – which is priced at around $45 and equates to under 0.09c a gram.  With the material that goes into a printed model the size of a wallet, the filament cost is around $2. They are easy to use. None of us really wants to admit it (except those who are a bit techie), new technology always comes with the hassle factor of having to figure out how it works. But the hallmark of good products today is how easily they can be fired it up and put into action. That’s no different with 3D printing – for example, the thinking behind the XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 is to make it as simple and familiar to use as a regular printer – right down to replacing the cartridge. Supplied with software and an ever-growing cloud library of 3D model designs, you can get stuck right in without any hassle. Choose from designing your own 3D image, select ready-made models from an online library, or scan using a 3rd party scanner. 3D printers are taking the world by storm and are open up new possibilities daily. The only limit, really, is your imagination. The XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 is distributed by Comworth Technologies and is available through selected retailers and technology resellers. View the possibilities: Insider Tours of Berlin now Brisbane … 2014-07-16T04:41:34Z insider-tours-of-berlin-now-brisbane Originally established in Berlin, Insider Tours replicates its winning formula of providing unique 'Insider' perspectives. Insider Tours Australia shapes urban experiences around the Brisbane CBD that reflect a new sophisticated city covering architecture, food, drink, shopping and highly informed historical and topical chat.Insider Tours Australia offers weekly activities including the 'Boutique Brew and Gourmet Pub Tucker Tour', the 'Brisbane Underbelly: Convict and Crime Tour' as well as a 'Guilty Pleasures Sunday: Chocolate & Cocktails Tour’. All tours are designed to highlight local gems such as hidden venues, locally born designer brands and grassroots companies producing world class products along with providing insightful historical context and contemporary 'Insider' knowledge  that will engage visitors with Brisbane's journey from sleepy backwater to its emergence as a new world city.  Alongside these weekly activities Insider Tours Australia provides professional private tours, corporate concierge services and educational  tours with new angles on sustainability, multiculturalism and Australian history. Expert local guides include academics, museum curators, art historians, archaeologists.What's different about Insider Tours Australia is that it mixes together an Insider's take on leisure and corporate tourism with an urban cool, cultural and historical angle. Our tours have seized this exciting opportunity keep ahead of the curve with Brisbane's transformation into a culinary and cultural hub more on footing with Sydney and Melbourne.  The aim to to re-introduce visitors and locals to a Brisbane that has significantly changed itself from the city that people knew 5 years ago.Insider Tours Australia is the creation of Francis HartnettFrancis established the Insider Tours in Berlin and grew his enterprise through Europe with the 'Insider' approach to urban activities and historical tours with clients ranging from Tom Cruise through to the Beastie Boys, the major Embassies onto budget travelers. He recently returned from Beijing as head of a travel company to launch Insider Tours Australia in Brisbane in May 2014. City launches Ferragosto Instagram Photo Competition 2014-07-16T02:57:50Z city-launches-first-ferragosto-instagram-photo-competition We are harnessing social media to build excitement around August’s Ferragosto Festival with the launch of an Instagram competition, says City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas. “We are encouraging people to come up with some creative ways to showcase our Ferragosto Festival and Italy,” he said. “When you think of the words “Ferragosto” and “Italy”, what images do they conjure up? Whatever it is, we encourage people to take snaps via Instagram and show their love for Ferragosto and Italy.” Perhaps the images that come to mind are Nonna’s pane casareccia (crusty bread) dipped in olive oil? Or maybe Roman architecture, Milan fashion or a gondolier’s straw hat? Budding snappers are invited to showcase their creativity, photography skills and social media savoir-faire by entering our #Ferragosto2014 Instagram Photo Competition. Simply snap and upload an image to @canadabay's Instagram feed – using the hashtag #Ferragosto2014 - of what Ferragosto and Italy represent to you. The photo must be an original and can portray any aspect of Ferragosto (the City’s annual Italian festival in Five Dock) or Italian culture and heritage. Photos will be judged on creativity and relevance by Council’s judging panel. Participants can enter as many times as they like, including on the day of Ferragosto, Sunday, 17 August 2014. Each week, we will select a #Ferragosto2014 Instagram Photo of the Week, share it on Council’s social media sites and give away minor prizes to weekly winners. There are two grand prizes to be won: * A three-hour styling session with Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre fashion stylist Kerry Athanassiou (for either a male or female) plus $300 worth of vouchers to be redeemed at Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre. Total prize value is $600. * An iPad Mini (valued at $500). How to enter: 1. Follow @canadabay on Instagram 2. Take a photo of what Ferragosto and Italy mean to you 3. Upload your photo to Instagram and tag it with @canadabay and #Ferragosto2014. The competition runs until 11.59pm Monday, 18 August. For more information please visit