The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2014-12-18T06:14:27Z Timber Supplier in Brisbane Warns Homeowners: “Don’t Make These Mistakes.” 2014-12-18T06:14:27Z timber-supplier-in-brisbane-warns-homeowners-don-t-make-these-mistakes Brisbane, QLD, 18 December 2014 - When it comes to timber decking, the DIY phenomenon is alive and well in Brisbane. Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, a timber supplier serving the Brisbane area, has seen the rise in DIY timber decking first hand. Recently, on his company blog, Mr Kyle provided a guide to twelve mistakes that DIY builders often make when building timber decks. Any of the mistakes can severely downgrade the quality of a project and Mr Kyle hopes he can keep not only his customers, but readers across Australia from making any of the mistakes that can ruin a timber deck. These are the highlights of the post.Rusty Nails and BoltsNails, bolts and any metal hardware for an outdoor deck should always be galvanised to prevent rust. They cost more, but failure to use them can cause a deck to start falling apart within two years. Local Council RulesHomeowners should always check with their local council before undertaking any deck project. Failure to do so can result in them having to tear down their entire deck in some cases. Crooked Decking BoardsTo avoid an amateur, unprofessional appearance, Mr Kyle recommends using a grid system every five boards, a straight chalk line and wedges to ensure proper placement of boards.Leaky RoofA leaky roof is often caused by tightening screws so hard they damage the rubber washers and allow water through.Sagging CeilingsThis is usually caused by the support beams being too far apart, not providing adequate support. Hitting Underground ServicesHitting an electrical line can cause electrocution. Hitting a gas line can cause an explosion or fire. Hitting a water line can cause a flood. Australia has a service entitled, “Call Before You Dig.” It can be reached by dialing 1100.Timber Cracking or BreakingIf more than one-third of the width of a board is cut out to join the pieces together, it can cause a structural deficiency. That often causes cracking, breaking or both.Sagging DeckThis is usually caused by using softwood instead of hardwood. Narangba Timbers recommends hardwoods such as Blackbutt and Merbau.Putting it All TogetherMr Kyle’s blog post addresses other problems, such as sinking deck, rotting timber posts and grey or black stains on deck boards. According to Mr Kyle, “We love it when our customers are happy with their projects. Sadly, the mistakes we mentioned on our blog are the most common and people who make them usually end up doing a lot of extra work to fix the problems caused by those mistakes.”Mr Kyle concludes: “We hope that everyone reads the post before starting their project. It makes a great checklist, even for experienced DIY homeowners. It’s easier to do it right the first time.”Narangba Timbers is a timber supplier that provides timber decking, timber flooring and a host of other products to the Brisbane area. They specialise in high-quality, ethically-sourced timber and world class customer service. To place an order or to read Mr Kyle’s blog post about the twelve mistakes that can ruin a timber deck, call 1300 795 675 or visit their website: NTT DATA Becomes SAP Global Services Partner to Drive Business Innovation 2014-12-17T02:05:32Z ntt-data-becomes-sap-global-services-partner-to-drive-business-innovation Sydney / Kuala Lumpur / Singapore – 17 December, 2014 – NTT DATA today announced an expansion of its alliance with SAP SE to demonstrate its ambition to drive business innovation on behalf of customers globally. NTT DATA joins a select group of the market’s largest consultancies to now become an SAP global services partner.NTT DATA and SAP will leverage their respective strengths and provide on-premise and cloud-based end-to-end solutions built on SAP’s next generation platform technology. Through this new agreement, it is anticipated that customers will benefit from increased implementation services, enhanced solution delivery, increased global reach and improved pricing options in support of SAP® applications.With $1.4 billion revenue in SAP software-related services globally, NTT DATA offers a comprehensive lifecycle of services for SAP solutions, helping clients around the world work more effectively, gaining business insight through services that span consulting, upgrades and implementations, and through applications management and hosting. This portfolio includes significant investments in proprietary frameworks, tools, and accelerators to facilitate an increase in speed to market, improve quality and to provide innovative client solutions. NTT DATA continues to invest in solutions and expertise in technologies such as the SAP HANA® platform, cloud and more than 20 industry-specific solutions built on the SAP ERP application designed precisely for clients in the middle market.Eiji Yamada, Senior Executive Vice President, NTT DATA, said: “NTT DATA has rapidly expanded its global business in the past few years and SAP is a fundamental part of our growth strategy. The close cooperation with SAP helps us fulfill our global capability, and local and global clients have the same access to our highest standards of IT innovation and experience in order to manage their future challenges.”"Our global partners play a fundamental role in supporting SAP’s growth pillars, which are critical to our and our customers’ success: Cloud, the SAP HANA platform as well as applications," said Rodolpho Cardenuto, President Global Partner Operations, SAP. “SAP global services partners demonstrate repeated implementation success, along with a commitment to invest in a worldwide presence while supporting SAP’s vision. NTT DATA exemplifies this commitment, and we look forward to working together on future customer collaborations.” The strong partnership between NTT DATA and SAP is designed to enable companies of all sizes to access the business benefits of NTT DATA’s global geographical presence, strong domain expertise and broad IT services portfolio, combined with SAP’s next generation platform technology to release clients’ business potential.###About NTT DATANTT DATA is a leading IT services provider and global innovation partner headquartered in Tokyo, with business operations in over 40 countries. Our emphasis is on long-term commitment, combining global reach with local intimacy to provide premier professional services varying from consulting and systems development to outsourcing.Visit to learn how our consultants, projects, managed services, and outsourcing engagements deliver value for a range of businesses and government agencies.SAP, SAP HANA and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE (or an SAP affiliate company) in Germany and other countries. See for additional trademark information and notices.All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.SAP Forward-looking StatementAny statements contained in this document that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Words such as “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect,” “forecast,” “intend,” “may,” “plan,” “project,” “predict,” “should” and “will” and similar expressions as they relate to SAP are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. SAP undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations The factors that could affect SAP's future financial results are discussed more fully in SAP's filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), including SAP's most recent Annual Report on Form 20-F filed with the SEC. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of their dates. Rotoprint chooses Epson SurePress L-4033A 2014-12-17T00:29:59Z rotoprint-chooses-epson-surepress-l-4033a With over twelve years experience in the printing industry, Queensland-based Rotoprint, a specialist in the design and manufacture of self-adhesive labels, has long relied on its existing flexographic printing equipment to provide full colour printing, laminating, varnishing and custom die-cut labels to customers in the beverage, food and health supplements industries.   However, as its customer base broadened, Rotoprint found that a number of its customers were looking for short production runs at cost effective prices particularly when launching new products at low volumes. “Our current flexographic process is most economical for longer runs, and so we were looking for a digital solution that could save our customers on set-up costs,” explains Rotoprint managing director Danny Bogatie. “We looked at a number of digital machines and the Epson SurePress L-4033A was a clear cut winner from the start,” he says. “Buying the machine was going to be a major investment on our part and we did a lot of research to ensure we were getting the best machine to meet our needs.”   According to Bogatie, the Epson’s stand out features are its colour accuracy, its ability to do short runs economically with no ‘click’ rate restrictions, and its colour and data manipulation features.   “First and foremost, the print quality and clarity of colour provided by the Epson SurePress L-4033A is unmatched by any other digital equipment. And because Epson colour proofing is run as the norm internationally, it gives our customers a lot of confidence when they hear their job is being done on an Epson.   Bogatie lists Epson’s renowned MicroPiezo™ print heads and its newly developed SurePress AQ ink as the key factors ensuring the SurePress produces the best digital labels possible.   SurePress AQ Ink consists of high quality pigment colour particles coated with a high-density resin that promotes quick drying and strong bonding to uncoated and coated paper and film substrates. AQ Ink was developed specifically to improve image quality over analogue printed labels, maintain water fastness and rub resistance, and is engineered to dry quickly to increase productivity. The six colour aqueous pigment ink set - cyan, magenta, yellow, green, orange, black (and matte black) - provides an extremely wide colour gamut capable of reproducing specific corporate and natural colours.   The SurePress L-4033A has 15 six-colour high performance and highly accurate print heads that produce thousands of labels per hour while creating smooth tonal gradations, remarkable colour quality, and sharp detail for easy bar code readability, plus crisp small type and line work. Each print head uses Epson’s patented Variable-sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) to both ensure smooth tonal gradations and accurate colours for optimum image quality, and to help improve print speed over large single colour areas.   An added bonus is the fact that the SurePress L-4033A doesn’t require a full-time operator. “We set the printer to the specifications required and go off to do other work. The job is done to perfection when we return,” says Bogatie.   The main motivation in acquiring the Epson SurePress L-4033A, however, was so that Rotoprint could provide new and existing customers with the ability to print small volumes which are both high quality and cost effective.    “The Epson SurePress L-4033A has opened up a whole new business opportunity for us. We weren’t able to offer this service to our customers before, particularly new customers, who often want to start off with a smaller volume. Now we use the SurePress L-4033A for this short-run work and turn it around for them incredibly fast at a great price and the quality is exceptional. Over and above that, we can now offer our customers the option within a short production run to have a number of variations on their label, such as different flavours, without them incurring the setup costs of multiple production runs. The SurePress has the ability to personalise individual labels with variable data and it is helping us build great relationships with new customers who then go on to use us for their longer production runs as well,” says Bogatie.   Another unexpected advantage is the synergy between the short-run capability of the SurePress with Rotoprint’s long-run flexographic machinery. “Typically, there would be a big variance in label appearance when switching from a digital machine to a flexographic process but with the colour coding features of the SurePress L-4033A, differences are minimal. In addition, our existing paper stock can be used on the SurePress without needing to be coated as is usually the case with other digital machines,” added Bogatie. Bogatie is also enthusiastic about the service Rotoprint received from the Epson sales team and the company’s future with their Epson SurePress L-4033A. “I could not be happier with the way they treated us. Technicians were flown in from Japan to get the machine set up, train our staff and iron out any glitches. And any time we have a query, they do whatever they can to help us sort out the issue. Rotoprint’s business model was always good and we kept our customers happy. Now with the Epson SurePress L-4033A, we’re able to offer even better results for those short-run jobs and there’s no other company in Australia that can offer customers the Epson high quality label solution and the ability to customise their label within a single run as we are now able to do with this technology.”   For more information on Rotoprint go to: Epson G Series Projectors Engage and Immerse with University of the Sunshine Coast and InDesign Technologies 2014-12-17T00:26:51Z epson-g-series-projectors-engage-and-immerse-with-university-of-the-sunshine-coast-and-indesign-technologies The Immerse studio and the Engage Research Lab are two of the most unique teaching spaces at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s (USC) new $33 million Learning and Teaching Hub in Queensland. The Immerse studio enables USC’s partners, community, researchers and students to have new experiences of learning, research and engagement, and the Engage Research Lab is dedicated to developing gaming and content using the very latest in technology. Both spaces used the design expertise of InDesign Technologies who in turn specified Epson G Series multi-media projectors.   Managing Director of InDesign TechnologiesPeter Comanexplained, “We have been working with USC for a few years designing many technology rich teaching spaces throughout the University, developing audio visual standards and specifying the best equipment for each project. Both the Immerse and Engage spaces presented real innovations in terms of audio visual switching and projection.”   Coman and his team initially designed the Tiered Teaching Space within USC’s newest building. The TTS allows up to 6 students to collaborate at each of the 16 tables, all of whom can present content via two projectors at the front of the room.   Coman continued, “We made it easier for students to share and project information. We also designed the cabling infrastructure and lighting control making sure all the environment worked to the best of its abilities. It was at this point when the Engage and Immerse projects came up, so we presented concept designs for both spaces.”   These spaces are predominately occupied by USC’s Engage Research group, and InDesign was tasked with enabling them to develop content using cutting edge technology and the latest in display and projection advances.   Coman continued, “For the Engage space we specified Epson G Series EB-G6550WUNL projectors with short throw lenses. With 10 system inputs within the Student Development Studio, users can collaborate in Full HD via the G6550WUs. The G6550WU provides full HD projection and when combined with a short throw lens it casts few shadows. It also reduces glare which significantly improves the learning experience.”   Immerse was the brainchild of USC’s Professor Christian Jones and was partly funded by USC’s nursing faculty. Professor Jones’ idea was to create an environment where students and partners could use a teaching and development studio for immersive experiences such as coastal flooding, neurological pathways, digital art installations and innovative gaming mechanics for individual and shared exploration and learning.   Immerse is a three wall projection studio with a total projection area of 19.4m by 2.25m, complete with 7.1 surround sound. The forth wall contains one way glass into an observation and control room. Around 25 people can use the Immerse studio at one time, with a further ten in the observation room.   Peter Coman continued, “For such a unique space we needed high definition projectors that would give us the shortest throw possible and provide superior edge blending for the right price.”   Coman arranged for a projector shoot-out between the Epson G Series EB-G6900WUNL and some alternate brands adding, “Some had all the features but were nearly three times the price. Others had to be purchased with a standard lens forcing you to purchase the short throw lens separately. The conclusion was easy; there was only one projector that met all of our requirements – the Epson G Series EB-G6900WUNL.”   Immerse utilises three pairs of edge blended G6900WU projectors, a PC with a six-headed graphics card and custom steel structural support beams. The image has an aspect ratio of 90:10 and a huge projection area with a resolution of 10548 x 1200.   Coman concluded, “The Epson G6900WU projectors with their seamless edge blending are the key here as they allow USC to project lifelike detail that enables users to create almost any environment, including the most complex medical simulations, hospital departments and crash scenes. Such is the success of the studio that users truly feel they are immersed in the situation. Immerse is a unique space so we needed the best solutions available. Epson represented great quality and the best value by far for a Full HD projector with a short throw lens. By doing a shoot out you quickly learn that not all projectors are created equal. The G6900WU with its excellent built-in edge blending capabilities allows USC to create the canvas they desire without the need for any additional hardware and software. In fact the edge blending is so good you can’t even tell it’s happening – this is a huge bonus in a room like Immerse where perception is everything. I can honestly say that the Epson EB-G6550WUNL and EB-G6900WUNL G Series projectors have helped USC realise their vision for cutting edge simulation environments within the Engage Research Lab and Immerse Studio.”   For more on the USC Engage Research Lab go to: For more on the Immerse studio at USC go to: For more on InDesign Technologies go to: For more on Epson G Series EB-G6550WUNL projectors go to: For more on Epson G Series EB-G6900WUNL projectors go to: Total Recall: Conference Delegates Get Memory Upgrade To Improve Company’s Bottom-line! 2014-12-16T07:48:06Z total-recall-conference-delegates-get-memory-upgrade-to-improve-company-s-bottom-line Sydney, 16th December,  A new digital service which records Conference Presentations and publishes them for Delegates to re-watch later has been launched in Australia.   This innovative, easy to use service records the conference audio visual content and uploads the Speakers Presentations to a secure cloud server.  The Delegates then receive a secured, interactive PDF of the Conference Program; they click on a session and the presentations’ vision and audio is replayed directly to their device.   The service is the brain child of Richard Brobyn, Innovation Director at The Miracle Mixing Company.   “The idea is to turbo charge the effectiveness of a company’s conferencing spend by ensuring the Delegates can remember everything that was presented.   We think being able to re-absorb conference content later will improve Delegates’ personal work performance, and this will hopefully reflect in improving the company’s bottom line.”   “But it has to be affordable and hassle free; so we made it very user friendly, and if you have 250 Delegates, the package costs less than morning tea per day to provide each of them with access for a year.    If you compare the cost of a coffee and croissant with the value of being able to re-watch all those Presentations, I think we’ve developed an excellent proposition.”   Ashton Media recently recorded the 2014 Data Strategy Symposium.  Mark Abay, Ashtons’ Content Director reflected on the experience. “The whole process took very little effort. A couple of phone calls to organise it, and they took care of all the techy AV stuff. The record just happened”   “We based our publication on the printed Delegate program, so we sent them the files and a few days after the conference the interactive PDF arrived ready to be proofed.”   “It’s a great result, and it was so simple to organise.”   Richard Brobyn added “We hope this service will be a game changer for conferencing, because it allows the budget to spawn something that’s really usable after the event.  It allows Managers to organise staff refresher programs focused on their publication and for colleagues who weren’t able to attend to catch up on the presentations”.   “And for industry conference organisers the publication can be on sold to Delegates so they get the benefit of attending the conference all year ‘round.”   “We’re also putting together a suite of support services aimed at re-engaging the Delegates with targeted aspects of the content using their mobiles.  So if you have remote staff such as sales reps, you can keep them on strategy and potentially use analytics to get a gauge of their understanding of it.”   “It’s a very exciting time.  We’re calling the initiative ‘Message Retention Services’, and we’re looking forward to providing an innovative, meaningful new service to companies; and to helping solve some of the challenges they face in making their important messages stick.”   To find out more contact Richard Brobyn on 0400 328 723 or     NOTE TO EDITORS.  Email for a demostration publication to evaluate and a hi res' version of image How Important Are Security Screens And Windows To Your Safety? 2014-12-16T04:41:47Z how-important-are-security-screens-and-windows-to-your-safety Perth, Australia - December 16 2014: The warm weather is fast approaching and it is essential to invest in high quality screen doors and windows. This will not only ensure the safety of a household, but they will also keep the cool temperatures indoors for a comfortable summer. Having screen doors and windows replaced every 7-8 years is recommended to ensure the best working conditions and highest levels of safety. Well-noted security screen door and window professional “Custom Screens” offer many products that are designed to withstand the Australian weather conditions. The company is pleased to announce their brand new product lineup and features for the upcoming new year. Their main new product is the colonial range of metal mesh security doors by Invisiguard. These are manufactured out of the highest grade stainless steel on the market and have been thoroughly tested. The doors are sold with a 15 year warranty against corrosion. They are guaranteed to suit most homes, budgets, and also come with a free measure and price quote. The company is proud to be one of the latest Carinya Window dealers who manufacture all of the windows onsite. Custom Screens representative Ian Ashe stated the following; “The Carinya aluminum sliding windows are beautifully constructed with advanced stabilization, perfect lines and subtle silk slides that are normally included with expensive commercial windows. The amazing design of the Carinya sliding windows will ensure they operate smoothly and efficiently within most homes.” Custom Screens are also improving their original custom products such as security doors and aluminum products  by offering a new range of materials and colors to the lineup. This includes the likes of standard doors in charcoal lusture, silver lusture, white lusture, and white birch. The company's famous cyclone screens, roller shutters, and high quality panels have also undergone some minor improvements to ensure they are well within all new regulations. Custom Screens has not only added many new products and features to their business, they have also helped out the local Perth community by creating more jobs for locals. The company has recently developed a new specialized team of members that are dedicated to the wholesale industry. Ian Ashe said “Custom Screens is inviting Perth residents to stop by our downtown location to view our new products and meet our new team members. We are confident that by offering high quality security screen doors and windows, we can help keep the local community safe, secure, and comfortable.”   Find out more information about Custom Screens by visiting their website directly here. Naval Cadets Get a Secure Storage Upgrade 2014-12-15T21:31:20Z naval-cadets-get-a-secure-storage-upgrade Brisbane, QLD, Australia - 16 December, 2014 Earlier in the year the crew from the Training Ship Walrus were facing a series of break-ins and needed to increase the on site storage security security. Local business Gateway Container Sales & Hire came to the rescue with a 20 foot, secure, lockable shipping container. Pledging to upgrade the container free of charge once the Gateway Facebook page increased its likes, they were able to deliver a brand new 40 foot container on the 12th of December.   The Cadets do not qualify for State or Federal funding from the Government, so every little bit of community support counts for this next generation of youth leaders. A cause that local Brisbane based companies such as Gateway Container Sales & Hire are only too happy to support. Transportation was provided by the team at Seaspray Haulage who were able to deliver the 40 foot container to the TS Walrus site and return the 20 foot container in an hour. Seaspray utilised one of their fleet of side loading trucks to get the containers in and out of the tight spaces, impressing Carmel Hiscock - President of the TS Walrus Committee with their driving skills. "It's great to see the 40ft container delivered to TS Walrus before the Christmas break. We know how important secure storage is, especially over the festive season," said Mark Finnegan, CEO, Gateway Container Sales & Hire. The shipping container’s strong construction from weatherproof, corten steel added an extra layer of security to the Naval Cadet’s premises - which is incredibly important when trying to protect the training tools that the non profit has worked so hard to acquire. Graffitti on the rear of the 20ft container being removed showed that their premises are still being targeted by thieves and vandals, so this means secure storage is especially important just before Christmas. With the extra storage of the 40ft container, one of the smaller storage sheds can now be transformed into a classroom for the cadets. About the Australian Navy Cadets:The Australian Navy Cadets (ANC) is a provider of youth development experiences that is sponsored by the Royal Australian Navy. The ANC builds teamwork and leadership skills in youth utilising adventure and maritime activities including camping, water sports and team challenges. ANC learn to sail, navigate, as well as increase their skills in everything from IT to communications, cooking and first aid. For more information visit the ANC website at: About Gateway Container Sales & Hire: With over 20 years in the business, Gateway Container Sales & Hire is an leader in the industry for providing high quality, competitively priced new and second hand shipping containers to local Australian customers. For more information phone (07) 3348 6463 or visit their website: Residential and Industrial Property Valuers in Perth, Major Valuations Moving to a New Headquarter 2014-12-15T09:03:25Z perth-residential-and-industrial-property-valuers-in-perth-major-valuations-moving-to-a-new-headquarter Major Valuations has been offering property valuation and feasability companies for decades. Past purchasers would possibly not concentrate on the new workplace preparations but the friendly staff are undoubtedly still a crucial feature of their own longstanding business. People interested in home valuations, property, factory valuations, feasibility studies as well as specialised in planning retirement village developments should use the brand new phone number talked about above to contact their best Valuers Perth.   Major Valuations Perth need to guarantee past and current shoppers that there's no interruption to their business due to the change in the new office headquarters. The owner Gerald major still might be contacted personally or through the Major Valuations website.   To learn more about his work please contact: Gerald Major at Major Valuations by cellphone ((08) 9355 3400), or email (    Additionally, you will find further details on our web site at   About Major Valuations: Major Valuations was started by Gerald Major. Gerald was elected President of Property Council (WA) Division in 1991 and served until 1993 (two terms) and had to a National Director no matter what the Property Council from 1993-1994.  In 1995 Gerald began Main Valuations that is without question the driving power of those business. The complete story could be reviewed on the about us web page found on the website. Approved Financial Planners Support Proposed Reform of Educational Requirements 2014-12-15T06:47:13Z approved-financial-planners-support-proposed-reform-of-educational-requirements Perth, WA, 15 December 2014 - Recently, the FPA submitted a proposal to the Parliamentary Joint Committee (PJC), requesting that educational standards for financial planners and advisors be elevated. Approved Financial Planners, a financial planning firm in Perth, recently offered their support in a post on their company blog, stating that they fully support elevation of industry standards and that it “can’t happen fast enough.” The proposal from the FPA is a nine-point plan which would provide a structure for enhanced education and regulation of the financial services industry. A brief description of the highlights appears below.Highlights of FPA ProposalTo become qualified to dispense tier 1 financial advice, a new financial planner or advisor would be required to obtain an AQF7 level degree and prove one year’s experience in the field over the previous three by 1 January 2018.Those who are already financial planners or financial advisors would have until 1 January 2019 to become compliant with the new standards.The RG146 curriculum would be replaced by a holistic curriculum providing a solid educational framework for educating financial planners and advisors. The Financial Planning Education Council would be responsible for approving an enhanced AQF7 curriculum.Financial planners would be required to complete 90 hours or points of continuing professional development (CPD) courses every three years.The new requirements would supercede the old requirement to take the national exam.Then Professional Standards Council and other organisations would create appropriate criteria to recognise professional bodies.Those professional bodies would work together to co-regulate the financial field and enhance consumer protection and consumer confidence.Only those who are certified members of a professional body would be allowed to call themselves a financial planner or financial advisor.General advice would be confined to factual information or factual explanations concerning products.Why Approved Financial Planners are in Favour of Educational ReformAccording to Dan Stevens, a financial planner at Approved Financial Planners in Perth, the financial industry needs financial reform:“For too long, people who aren’t qualified to give financial advice have been allowed to become certified and work in the field. Both Approved Financial Planners and our parent company, AMP, are strongly in favour of educational reform. We both have internal company standards that are far higher than the minimums required to provide financial advice. New standards would force everyone to elevate their standards closer to what we feel should be the norm.”Mr Stevens continued: “The proposed standards would be good for the industry as a whole, but the most important consideration is its impact on the consumer. Consumers would know that the person giving them financial advice was actually qualified to do so. That would eliminate many of the horror stories we hear on a daily basis.”Mr Stevens concluded, “It’s time to make the financial services industry safe for everyone who trusts us with their financial future.”Approved Financial Planners is a financial services firm which offers financial planning, wealth protection and self managed superannuation fund services. They are located in Perth and are associated with parent company AMP. To learn more about Approved Financial Planners, call 1300 787 274 or visit their website: Advice WarningWhat you need to knowAny advice contained in this Page is of a general nature only and does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. Therefore, before making any decision, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice with regard to those matters. Timber Fencing Supplier in Brisbane Provides Best Practices Guidelines for Timber Fences 2014-12-15T06:38:49Z timber-fencing-supplier-in-brisbane-provides-best-practices-guidelines-for-timber-fences Brisbane, QLD, 15 December 2014 - Timber decking has become ubiquitous in the Brisbane area, but one timber supplier warns homeowners that they should be aware of best practices and local council regulations before building a timber fence. Timber fences are often used to divide properties and define boundaries. They can provide privacy from the street and from neighbours. They decrease traffic noise and can keep private conversations from being easily overheard by neighbours. They are also used to keep pets and small children from leaving the yard. Timber fences also form protective barriers from swimming pools and other areas that could represent danger to children.Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, a premier supplier of timber fencing in the Brisbane area, recently published a basic guide to building a timber fence on his company’s blog. Mr Kyle stressed the importance of knowing local council regulations, especially for those who own swimming pools. Mr Kyle also provided some recommended best practices from Timber Queensland, a timber industry trade group.According to Mr Kyle, “Timber Queensland has been helping to define standards and practices for the timber industry in various forms since 1938. They are a non-profit organisation that serves as the de facto voice of the timber industry in Queensland. They represent everyone in the timber industry, from retailers such as us to plantation growers, manufacturers and builders. They have done a great job of helping the timber industry police itself and adhere to the high standards that homeowners and other consumers deserve.”Timber Queensland updated their recommended practices for timber fences in March 2014. Their data sheet has a wealth of basic and detailed information on how to ensure that a timber fence is built in a way that it will perform well for a number of years. Mr Kyle presented the basics on his blog, preferring to leave the more technical data for those who are building a fence. According to Mr Kyle, “Our customer service staff in charge of timber sales is second to none in the Brisbane area. They are always happy to provide any information a customer needs to ensure that their project is of the highest quality. We put basic information on our blog as a public service, but always invite those who require deeper information to call us and talk to a customer service specialist. Our staff is well-trained and can help any project go as smoothly as possible.”According to Timber Queensland and to Mr Kyle, it is important to choose the right materials to guarantee a high-quality timber fence that will still be standing in twenty years. Mr Kyle concludes: “The best way to make sure any timber project is a success is to use the right grade of timber. There is no substitute for quality.”Narangba Timbers is a retailer which supplies timber fencing, timber flooring and other timber products to the Brisbane area. They have a wide selection of domestic and imported hardwoods and softwoods for every timber project. Their customer service staff is among the most professional and knowledgeable in Australia. To learn more, call 1300 795 675 or visit their website: Forced changes in egg production not all they're cracked up to be 2014-12-14T23:38:34Z forced-changes-in-egg-production-not-all-they-re-cracked-up-to-be Forced changes in egg production – not all they’re cracked up to be Tamworth egg farmer Bede Burke produces eggs and chickens, and also has broadacre cropping and cattle on 3,500 acres. He was planning to move into free range egg production, until he heard about the avian influenza outbreak in Young in October 2013. He shares his thoughts about the potential hazards ahead for egg producers.    In Young, the disease spread from wild migratory birds to paddocks the free range hens had access to, and all the birds in the property – 200,000 free range and 250,000 caged totaling more than 450,000 hens – had to be destroyed. Once you have an exotic disease, it’s notifiable and you’re no longer in control of your farm. We watched that happen, and realised that even a one percent chance of outbreak is untenable. We can control the health of our caged birds in their current conditions, and we can protect them from disease and predators.Sustainable productivity under threat We have invested a great deal of time and money into developing a sustainable, fully-integrated business. Our grain goes into the chicken feed, and the manure contributes to soil health. We understand that, like all farmers, we needs to minimise our carbon footprint and improve efficiency to meet the growing demands for food. But all this could be under threat, with moves from the major supermarket chains and some food outlets to eliminate caged eggs from the menu. Woolworths has announced that it will no longer stock caged eggs by 2018, and in September it ceased stocking caged eggs in the ACT completely. Coles has already removed caged eggs from its home brand offer. Yet 60 percent of the eggs sold in Australia are still caged eggs. Because we sell eggs via wholesale channels, we do things a little differently. We ship 80 pallets a week, or 30 million eggs a year, to about a dozen customers. We pack by age groups, keeping the eggs from our older breeders separate. This gives us and our customers a lot more flexibility.Demand for affordable eggs From what I’ve seen, consumers still want choice, and there is still a market for price point eggs. As Woolworths in ACT found with its barn laid category. It wasn’t selling at $4.69 per dozen, so the supermarket made successive price movements down to $3.19 to generate sales. I believe this is a test case for new pricing Woolworths may consider adopting across all its supermarkets.Risk of disease and illness Former Victorian Premier Denis Napthine[1], a former veterinarian, has also said publicly he has no objection to eggs from caged hens, if the birds have “appropriate welfare conditions.” The Australian Veterinary Association’s policy is that commercial egg production systems should provide for the health, nutrition and psychological wellbeing of the hens. I know that egg production moved from floor to cage in the 1960s for good reasons. We can now control the environment for our birds to the extent that we haven't needed to use antibiotics for more than thirty years. Yet free range farmers tell me they’re running out of options to deal with diseases such as fowl cholera, spotty liver, enteritis, and parasites. The problems with free range farming can be immense – not to mention the regulatory requirements. I can provide every one of my 106,000 laying hens with the exact nutritional balance they need to produce well and be healthy. It’s a recipe packed with local ingredients including grain grown and milled on our property, protein meals comprising canola, cotton seed meal with vitamins, minerals and the essential amino acids added. You can't control that with free range. Ironically, a unique cause of death in new free range chickens is due to excess grass consumption, leading to grass compaction. The domestic hen is not a ruminant; they do not thrive in these conditions Australia’s egg producers made significant investment in caged production facilities in the late 1990s, and with small groups (no more than six) per cage we can manage the birds more easily. We have eliminated the impact of broodiness as the eggs naturally roll away from the hen in the cage. We can keep them at a comfortable temperature whether there’s a heatwave or frost outside. We remove the manure twice a week, so for the first time we’re farming without flies. You can't do any of that in free range. Academic research into the health and happiness of hens also indicates free range is not necessarily best. The University of Bristol’s Veterinary College in the UK[2] compared hens in conventional cages, furnished cages (with nests and perches), barns and free-range. The study found that poor animal husbandry had a much bigger impact than the type of housing – and the lowest prevalence of problems occurred in hens in furnished cages, not free range.Better for humans, and the environment It may seem counter-intuitive, but research also indicates the quality of a caged egg is better. A 2002 University of New England study[3] found good, consistent diet and care were the main ingredients for a quality egg, and keeping the eggs clean is a big challenge for free range and barn laid eggs – with a high risk of food wastage. Caged eggs also create a smaller carbon footprint. Because it’s controlled, it takes less energy to produce a dozen eggs. In free range we see feed consumption go up 20 percent but the output is actually lower – and highly variable when the temperature changes. As Chair of the Egg Committee for the NSW Farmers’ Association, I work closely with the Australian Egg Corporation Limited and others on research matters to do with egg production and I’m worried by the domino effect a decision like Woolworth’s could cause. We want to work with industry and government to find better a solution.  The impact of the decision by Coles and Woolworths is already massive. It’s changed the mindset in our industry. We can’t invest in new infrastructure; we can't grow this part of our business. It’s disappointing to say there has been no engagement with industry in making this decision.  You can have healthy, happy caged birds – you just need to be close to them, and do whatever you can to alleviate stress. This is not just a debate about free range versus caged. This is about the future of our industry, and the way we produce a primary food source for Australia.A butterfly effect If major retailers switch to ‘free range only’ there are consequences beyond the hens: The cost of eggs becomes prohibitive for low-income families Fast food franchisees can no longer source eggs locally, increasing food miles and impacting smaller local producers The amount of energy needed to produce a dozen eggs will rise More birds will be affected by predators and disease (and the use of antibiotics could rise again) No or reduced consumer choice, disenfranchising those consumers who currently purchase over 50% of eggs produced Bede Burke – 0427 606 270   [1] Source:,d.dGc [2] Source:, [3] Source:       Why the Rising Generation Needs Its Own Dreams 2014-12-12T07:12:10Z why-the-rising-generation-needs-its-own-dreams The next generations needs aspirations and passions beyond the family business. For many families the company provides, income, employment, stability and connectedness, but leaves little room for an individual's aspirations. David Harland – Managing Director FINH Multigenerational family businesses start as the dream of the founder. The dream takes many parts: the freedom of self-employment; the financial security that comes from hard work; eventually, the joy and pride in bringing children into the business. However, Jay Hughes, one of the world’s leading experts on the preservation of family capital, suggests that the founder’s dream can become a “black hole” that sucks in and swallows the dreams and aspirations of everyone nearby. When spouses and children become stewards of the founder’s dream, it can be very easy to lose sight of what they, themselves, want out of life. This lack of self-determination for members of the rising generation can diminish their interest in the business or build entitlement. When future generations don’t have the freedom to find their own way or make their own mark on the family’s legacy, they can become resentful and angry. One might ask: what else could they want besides financial security, a good job, and a prepared place in the world? Well, they might want a lot more. Much of our work as family business advisors is taken up by the knotty problem of preserving our families’ intellectual, financial, human, and other capital so that it endures long after the founding generation has left the scene. Everything we do, whether it be instituting formal governance structures, developing succession plans, or bringing in sources of outside investment capital, is all done to ensure the safety, security, and long-term health of the family. We have found that one of the leading causes of failed generational transitions is the loss of a family’s human and social capital. Simply put, if the second or third generation of a family doesn’t buy into the dream, the family ceases to flourish. Hughes makes a somewhat controversial proposition in his new book, The Voice of the Rising Generation: by helping the members of the rising generation find their own path in life, business leaders may risk pushing them away from the business. However, by prodding them - by action or inaction - into a place in the family business, they may be assuring future failure by leaving the firm in the hands of unprepared, unmotivated, resentful heirs who don’t want to be there. Hughes uses the Odyssey to frame this epic issue. Odysseus’ son Telemachus languished at home for the decades his father was away, never allowed to grow to manhood and find his own dreams. Members of the rising generation must go on their own adventure to discover and bring to life their own dreams. Founders and current business leaders can help their potential successors define and create their own dreams. Here are some suggestions: Keep the pressure off your family by allowing young members to choose their own career path. Support them in their endeavours outside the business and set expectations for those who want a place within the business. Research shows that one of the success markers of a multigenerational family business is that they require family members to gain experience outside the business. Encouraging young members of the family to seek experience outside the family business is also key. By gaining real-world experience outside the safety of the family fold, future leaders develop critical skills and build an identity for themselves that’s not completely associated with the family business. The business also gains by having qualified managers with industry experience at the helm. Find mentors. Mentors play an important role in the development of the rising generation. Founders and current business leaders can be too wrapped up in business needs or their own hopes to be good candidates. Mentors, whether they be friends, colleagues, or other relatives can nurture that all-important human capital and offer potential heirs the wholehearted support they need to discover their own dreams. Don’t be a tyrant. Future leaders want a say in the future of the business and it can be a struggle to balance your vision for the business with their expectations. If you find yourself frequently crossing swords with family members over strategic or operational issues, you may need a safe space in which to discuss your different visions. If you feel your successors aren’t ready to take leadership roles, set expectations for their future growth within the business. In the end, much of what I’ve written here can be boiled down to two points:  1. Ask your loved ones what they want and; 2. Be prepared to let go of your own dreams enough to encourage them to pursue theirs. Want to know more? Contact FINH on 07 3229 7333 Custom Builder Reveals Why Sliding Windows are so Popular in Perth 2014-12-12T04:48:53Z custom-builder-reveals-why-sliding-windows-are-so-popular-in-perth Perth, WA, 12 December 2014 - When it comes to modernising a home, sliding windows can often represent an inexpensive but effective solution, according to one small business that designs, creates and installs custom windows and doors. Sliding windows combine ease of use with a more modern look and a versatility that has a lot of homeowners converting their homes over to them.High Durability with Minimal MaintenanceSliding windows are simple in design and have few moving parts. In addition, the smaller timber frames on sliding windows are lighter than traditional window frames. With less weight and less to go wrong, sliding windows tend to last longer than traditional windows. Also, maintenance is limited to keeping the track clean and lubricated.Ease of MovementSliding windows are much easier to move than the traditional window because they sit on a track and move sideways. Traditional windows have to be lifted. They tend to be snug in their frames and stick easily when the timber swells. Sliding windows move on wheels and to the side, removing the two biggest factors that often make traditional windows difficult to open.VersatileSliding windows are versatile. They can be easily opened to small widths or larger ones without the need to prop them up. They tolerate screens well. They also accept many different types of glazing, from safety glass to low-e glass and single or double glazing. Both double glazing and e glass are extremely energy efficient, helping homeowners save a lot of money on energy bills.Aesthetically PleasingMany homeowners prefer timber framed sliding windows solely because they look great. Stained frames integrate nature into the indoors while painted frames can be painted to match the colours of the indoor decor. Sliding windows also lend a more modern look to most homes.Tish Thompson is the office administrator for Doors by Nature. Doors by Nature creates custom sliding windows, sliding doors, bifold windows and bifold doors in the Perth area. Ms Thompson has seen firsthand how homeowners have warmed up to sliding windows during the last few years. According to Ms Thompson, “Sliding windows and sliding doors are becoming really popular around Perth. A lot of people are looking to modernise their homes but don’t want to do a full scale renovation. Sliding windows and doors are a great way to do just that and not spend a lot of money. Sliding windows have a horizontal orientation as opposed to the vertical orientation of traditional windows. It makes a big difference in design and can totally change the appearance of any home.”Ms Thompson continued, “Our customers are genuinely surprised with the results we get when we replace all of the windows and doors in a home. Many say it‘s like getting a new house while just paying for windows and doors. ”Doors by Nature is a firm that builds custom sliding windows, sliding doors, bifold windows and timber bifold doors in the Perth area. They provide full service from design to creation to installation. To learn more about how they can modernise your home, visit their website at or call 1300 345 116. Natural Enzyme Product Neutralises Pet Odours with No Chemical Residue 2014-12-12T03:46:56Z natural-enzyme-product-neutralises-pet-odours-with-no-chemical-residue Perth, WA, 12 December 2014 - Until recently, the “dirty little secret” of the artificial grass industry has been that pet odours are unavoidable for any homeowner with an artificial lawn who chooses to have pets. However, a Perth artificial grass manufacturer has formulated a solution to pet odours that has generated a high volume of satisfied homeowners who no longer have to tolerate pet odours in their artificial grass. The product is called, “LawnReborn.”What is LawnReborn?LawnReborn is a liquid that uses enzymes and “friendly” bacteria to consume waste and neutralise the chemical byproducts that cause pet odours. Harsh chemicals only mask pet odours. When they are used, homeowners end up flushing toxic chemicals into their groundwater. In addition, chemical solutions can also degrade artificial grass or infill due to many cleaning agents being caustic. LawnReborn is a non-toxic, non-chemical solution to pet odours on artificial grass. It uses enzymes and bacteria instead of surfactants and caustic agents. It transforms pet waste into harmless natural substances which don’t harm artificial grass, infill or the environment. Since LawnReborn is non-toxic, it can be safely used around children and pets. If the homeowner oversprays, LawnReborn won’t harm nearby plants. Many enzyme products are dehydrated and turned into powder, making the homeowner turn them back into liquid form by adding water. LawnReborn is shipped as a liquid, keeping all enzymes and bacteria in their original, natural form. This ensures high quality and maximum efficacy. Using LawnRebornSalmonella is often a concern with bacterially-based products, but LawnReborn is certified salmonella-free. LawnReborn is shipped in 946 ml bottles. Each bottle contains enough LawnReborn to treat an artificial lawn measuring approximately 100 sqm. Since most pets have their “favourite spots” where they habitually do their business, the actual area that needs to be treated is often far less than 100 sqm. LawnReborn is applied by spraying it on the area being treated. Then, the homeowner simply allows LawnReborn to do its work: absorbing waste material and killing unfriendly bacteria. This one-step process is usually enough to eradicate pet odours.Justin Everley is the Director of Green Planet Grass, the firm that helped develop LawnReborn. Mr Everley is a leader in the artificial grass industry’s efforts to be environmentally responsible. According to Mr Everley: “LawnReborn is a great product. While we think it works best with our GPG Pet Grass System and our exclusive PetFill, it works with standard artificial grass infill, too. What we really like about LawnReborn is that it is a natural solution to pet odours. Pet odours have been a constant problem for homeowners since the beginning of artificial grass, but LawnReborn stops them cold without using any toxic materials to harm pets, children, plants or the environment.”Green Planet Grass is an artificial grass manufacturer and installer from Perth. They offer a wide range of Australian-made products for diverse applications such as residential, commercial and sport. To learn more about Green Planet Grass and about LawnReborn, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Christmas Opening Hours and Decorating Tips 2014-12-10T04:19:57Z christmas-opening-hours-and-decorating-tips It's that time of year again! Christmas is here and we've got the best tips for decorating your home safely. And for anyone worrying about what on Earth they would do if they had an electrical emergency on Christmas Day, we have good news about Reactive Energy's Christmas opening hours. This year has flown by in the blink of an eye. While we all come to terms with the fact that it’s already December, we need to get cracking on the Christmas preparations. If you’re planning on putting up Christmas lights especially, electrical safety should not be ignored. Here are our top tips for decorating your house with electrical safety in mind. Source: Energex  Our Christmas Opening Hours We understand that unforseen electrical emergencies happen, so we will be open over the Christmas and New Year period. Even if you have a catastrophe on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our hours will be normal for the entire festive season. We would also like to wish all of our valued clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you again for your continuous support of a local business throughout 2014. We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. If you have any concerns about the electrical safety of your Christmas lights, or any other electrical equipment or devices, you can contact us on 0475 415 414 or email us at Follow our social pages to keep up with the latest news on efficient electrical solutions. Facebook: Twitter: