The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-04-21T07:05:49Z Glider Yachts Celebrates Securing Funding to Commence the Build of its First Luxury Yacht in Britain 2015-04-21T07:05:49Z daring-different-amp-quintessentially-british Glider Yachts Limited, a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, is delighted to announce that it has secured its first major round of funding, enabling the innovative British start-up to commence the build of the first of its fleet of luxury high performance yachts in Britain this week. A consortium of private investors and the Glider Yachts team and Advisory Board are behind this first major round of funding. Being built at a top secret location in Britain, the prototype of the SS18 (Super Sports 18) is being specifically built as a demonstrator of the unique capabilities delivered through the revolutionary technologies and innovations that underpin Glider Yachts’ three ranges. The SS18 will be the most luxurious high performance sports boat in the world.   Its unique hull form, propulsion and proprietary Stability Control System (SCS) actually tune to the sea conditions allowing passengers to “glide” over the waves in unprecedented comfort and style at speeds of up to 70mph.   Glider Yachts is excited to publically debut the British designed and built SD18 at the Monaco Yacht Show in late September, but selected media will be invited to experience the new Glider first hand at an invitation only media launch event in the South of England in the late summer, followed by a media preview event during the Cannes Boat Show in early September, just prior to the Monaco show.   Robert McCall, Chief Designer and Managing Director of Glider Yachts, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to be starting the build of the first of our exciting Glider Yachts range. The very essence of Glider Yachts is something you’ll feel each time you see one of our yachts and it will sweep over you every time you experience a voyage on one.   “Powerful, exhilarating and precise, yet timelessly elegant and sophisticated, our luxury yachts blend outstanding design, exceptional engineering and unrivalled British craftsmanship to create an absolutely unforgettable experience. Every one of our unique yachts will be the quintessential British combination of power, beauty and soul.”   London headquartered Glider Yachts signed a £100 Million deal with globally renowned marine engineering company, Burgess Marine and newly ordered Gliders will be built by this British company, creating a number of jobs in Britain.   Nick Buckland – OBE, Chairman of Glider Yachts said: “Glider Yachts is set to become the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance, luxury yachts. We are very proud to be able to debut the most revolutionary sports boat seen in decades and the first of our unbelievably unique range at Monaco later this year. We have spent seven years designing and developing the Glider Yachts fleet, so we’re incredibly excited that she is now in production.”   Ends   About Glider Yachts Glider Yachts is a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, headquartered in London with build partners in Southampton, England. The company has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high performance, luxury sports yachts, and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating the world’s oceans. Please see for more information. Media Contacts Europe – E: | Tel: UK on +44 (0)161 923 4994 USA/Americas – | Tel: USA on +1 (786) 374 2429 Middle East – E: | Tel: UAE on +971 (0)4 428 0939 Asia/AU/NZ – E: | Tel: Australia on +61 (0)2 8006 2960 Bank customers putting convenience ahead of hip pocket 2015-04-21T03:44:53Z bank-customers-putting-convenience-ahead-of-hip-pocket Almost eight out of 10 Australians are more likely to apply for credit cards or personal loans from the institution they bank with, rather than make the effort to find the best value possible. That’s one of the findings a new study by consumer research company Canstar Blue, which found that the very young and the very old are the most likely to stick with their bank and not shop around. Overall, 89% of the 5,549 adults surveyed said they are happy with their bank, despite one in three being hit with unexpected fees or charges. Just 18% said they would like to take their money elsewhere. “It’s encouraging that so many people are happy with their bank, but very concerning that the vast majority of consumers seem willing to take out financial products based on convenience rather than value,” said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes. “Regardless of who you bank with, it’s absolutely crucial that you thoroughly compare all financial products available – otherwise your loyalty could end up costing you big. “Banking bliss could lead to complacency – and that’s where you can make serious financial mistakes. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming your bank offers great value products, just because it gets the day-to-day stuff right.” A total of 78% of survey respondents admitted they are more likely to apply for products like credit cards and personal loans from their bank, with those aged 18-24 (84%) and those aged 70 or older (82%) the most likely. Those two demographics were also found to be most content with their bank. The following tables show the vast difference between the minimum and maximum interest rates for personal loans currently on CANSTAR’s database – emphasising the need to shop around for the best value. On a $5,000 loan over three years, for example, you could pay as much as $1,100 more in interest than you need to. Personal loan interest rates - variable          Min          Max          Avr Unsecured personal loan 5.1% 18.99% 13.3% Secured personal loan 5.1% 13.99% 10.4% Source: Based on loans of $5,000. Personal loan interest rates - fixed          Min          Max          Avr Unsecured personal loan 7.99% 17.49% 12.68% Secured personal loan 6.49% 12.99% 9.76% Source: Based on loans of $5,000. Canstar Blue also found that good problem and inquiry-handling outranks the importance of fees, charges and interest rates for consumers when it comes to determining overall satisfaction with banks. Drivers of banking satisfaction % of respondents Inquiry and problem handling 38% Fees and charges 15% Branch service 11% Product range 11% Internet banking service 10% Interest rates 7% Source: Banking survey 2015 “It’s slightly worrying that so many consumers place more emphasis on problem-handling than fees, charges and interest rates, which are ultimately the ways that banks take money from you,” added Mr Downes. “Whether it’s online, over the phone, or in a branch, people expect their concerns to be taken seriously and their queries to be handled efficiently. But poor customer service won’t cost you as much as an unfavourable interest rate on a credit card or personal loan, which could leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket. “Some Australians seem to be putting convenience ahead of value, which could be a big mistake.” Survey respondents were asked to rate their financial institution across a range of research criteria and for the second year in a row, NAB rated highest of the big four banks for overall customer satisfaction, while Teachers Mutual Bank rated highest of 14 challenger banks.  The Canstar Blue survey also found that 35% of Aussies find dealing with money stressful and overwhelming, while 69% believe financial security is important to be happy in life and 33% “live for today” when it comes to their finances. Support For Migrants Prompts New Initiative by New Zealand Ethnic Communities and Community Mentors 2015-04-21T02:40:45Z support-for-migrants-prompts-new-initiative-by-new-zealand-ethnic-communities-and-community-mentors Community Mentors and the Office of Ethnic Communities, Te Tari Matawaka, (OEC) have announced a new initiative to provide mentoring support to organisations which work to help migrants and refugees settle throughout New Zealand. Ray Schofield, Community Mentors CEO says the organisation is delighted to be able to offer this vital initiative in partnership with OEC:  `The Community Mentors service has been developed by the Business in the Community Charitable Trust in order to represent its increasing activity in providing mentoring services throughout New Zealand to the wider not-for-profit sector. Our organisation has more than 500 experienced community mentors who volunteer their time to guide, support and develop the fibre of thriving communities.' The Director of OEC, Berlinda Chin, believes that community mentoring will be an invaluable support to the process of settling in. She says: 'We want to contribute to a New Zealand that welcomes and celebrates diversity, where refugees and migrants settle well and are able to contribute to our nation in all aspects of life - social, economic, civic and cultural.' A community mentor provides one-to-one, confidential and in depth experience about the challenges of running a social enterprise. Ray explains: 'One of the key issues facing community organisations is the difficulty of separating good governance from operational management. A community mentor helps develop strategies to do that and provides a sounding board to take the organisation to the next level.' In 2014, Community Mentors launched a pilot for the community sector with four partners, collaborating in the development of a dedicated pilot for the Taranaki Region.  The Community Mentors programme is now being rolled out across New Zealand as well as in partnership with a number of key organisations. The Office of Ethnic Communities (OEC) works to promote the benefits of ethnic diversity for every New Zealander and to provide the highest quality advice on ethnic diversity issues.    Know the average price of a Tradesperson in your area? TradeEzi does and they’re willing to share it! 2015-04-21T00:46:13Z know-the-average-price-of-a-tradesperson-in-your-area-tradeezi-does-and-they-re-willing-to-share-it The Australian web company that introduced it’s online market place for Trade Services in May 2013 is changing the way consumers find and engage trade service providers. What’s in it for the consumer? Users can post their home renovation and trade service jobs online, and reach a community now of more than 25,000 service providers across Australia! Local trades people who can service this job can then respond instantly with quotes or inspection requests saving you time, money and a headache! Tim Maeder, Marketing director for TradeEzi explains that “The focus is now on getting consumers to appreciate the advantages of using a service like TradeEzi. For a user who posts a job, we see significant variations in pricing and availability of services and this is what we love. Unlike other sites who limit their responses to 3 (because they are content with selling the leads to the highest bidder), TradeEzi provides unlimited responses leading to a more diverse and realistic range of quotes”. “If you need some electrical, plumbing or painting work done, it’s not uncommon to have 8 or 9 responses within 30 mins of posting your job and these come from interested and available Service Providers.” TradeEzi’s opportunity to reach a wider community of local tradespeople at the click of a button is changing the way both households and businesses reach quality Tradespeople. “We also protect the identity of the consumer until they are comfortable in sharing this information with the service provider”. Mr Maeder explained. “Jobs can be posted with or without a contact phone number and while TradeEzi does require an email address for consumers to post jobs, we provide an anonymous email service for consumers and trade service providers to communicate with one and other”. How does it save me money? Mr Maeder explains “ People are sometimes weary of the lowest quoted price, and while we always recommend looking at someone’s qualifications and insurance documentation, we see quality service providers delivering great deals on jobs all the time. Based on their availability and proximity to a location, it can be an extremely convenient job for them and this generally leads to a better outcome for you. It’s not always about price though, reaching a wider audience also means you can find trades people who can complete jobs inside your time frame”. Why should Tradies be excited? also delivers a regularly visited online platform that allows businesses to advertise their services and receive multiple job opportunities for no cost! They also encourages service providers to display their License, Insurance and Membership information on their online profile, allowing consumers to view their documentation when they receive a quote or inspection request, leading to added peace of mind for both parties. ‘We have seen excellent growth in the service provider community as they recognise the alternative to existing paid competitors in the industry and relish the idea of a free marketplace” said Tim Maeder. Don’t think past to source all your home improvement and trade professionals. Platinum Sponsor SULB Company to Showcase Structural Steel at Smart Skyscrapers Summit Dubai 2015-04-20T12:25:00Z platinum-sponsor-sulb-company-to-showcase-structural-steel-at-smart-skyscrapers-summit-dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 20, 2015 – The Smart Skyscrapers Summit is proud to announce SULB Company as the Platinum Sponsor of this year’s edition of the event, to be held on 11-12 May 2015. Produced by global conference organizers Expotrade, the summit will take place at Sofitel The Palm Resort and Spa, Dubai, UAE. The summit will see SULB Company showcase structural steel in a presentation titled ‘Building with Structural Steel’, to be made by Hiroyasu (Gabriel) Kobayashi, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, SULB Company. SULB’s session will describe structural steel, highlight the benefits of using structural steel in building and explain the architectural flexibility introduced by using structural steel. With environment-friendliness and sustainability being part of the core values of SULB Company, the Smart Skyscrapers Summit is the ideal partner for them to showcase their solutions. The importance of structural steel and the choice of the Smart Skyscrapers Summit are emphasized by Hiroyasu (Gabriel) Kobayashi, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, SULB Company, who will be speaking at the event. He feels, “Structural steels give architects the flexibility for them to unleash their design innovation, and not to be restricted by traditional building shapes and construction methods.  SULB believes that this summit will provide the opportunity for designers and architects in the GCC, to be exposed to the technology that is already available in the region; This can result in the GCC redefining the skylines of GCC cities which will become the inspiration for future generations.” Brad Hariharan, Regional Director, Expotrade Middle East, organizers of the conference, welcomed the partnership, saying, “It gives us great pleasure to welcome SULB Company as Platinum Sponsor of the Smart Skyscrapers Summit. Sustainability in the construction of high-rise development is critical and the importance of the right building material in this context cannot be emphasized enough. SULB’s commitment to a sustainable future is echoed in the core premise of the Smart Skyscrapers Summit as well. We look forward to a long and meaningful relationship with SULB Company.” With the global shift towards sustainable urban development, using the right building material in the construction of smart skyscrapers is of the utmost importance. Structural steel and the role it can play in this move is a topic of particular relevance in this context. It is of special importance in the GCC region, where a number of countries are forging ahead with plans for advanced urban development. Learn more about sustainable urban development in the region at the Smart Skyscrapers Summit 2015 to be held on 11 – 12 May at Sofitel The Palm Resort and Spa, Dubai. For more details on the summit, visit About SULB Company SULB is a joint venture between FOULATH (51%) and YAMATO Kogyo (49%) from Japan. SULB, at its Bahrain operation has a DRI plant (1.5 million tons/Y), a melt shop (1 million tons/Y) and a heavy section mill (600K tons/Y). At SULB’s Jubail (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) facility, SULB has a second light/medium rolling mill with an annual capacity of 450K tons/Y. SULB boasts a strategic location in the GCC and is a fully integrated producer with the capability of producing from DRI to structural steel products. SULB’s cost effective integration and comprehensive product range are further reinforced by the latest technical know-how imparted by the Japanese shareholders YAMATO Kogyo (who operate structural steel plants in Japan, Thailand and the USA) These advantages insure that SULB is strategically positioned to take advantage of the expected growth in GCC demand of structural steel. For more information, please visit About Expotrade   Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia and a regional office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events. For almost 10 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronized in the calendar. For more information, visit Contact information  Rukmini Sengupta Roy Marketing and Communications Manager Expotrade Middle East FZ-LLC 1002 Al Thuraya Tower 2 PO Box 500686 Dubai Media City Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +9714-4542135  Fax: +9714-4542136 Email: Naturally Good Expo Promises to tap into Healthy Profits 2015-04-20T07:21:17Z naturally-good-expo-promises-to-tap-into-healthy-profits Naturally Good Expo Promises to tap into Healthy Profits There has never been a better time for Australian retailers to put more health on their shelf with sales of natural and organic food and beverages, supplements and personal care products forecast to grow to $12.5 billion by 2016, according to research from Nutrition Business Journal. In response to this strong growth and to cater for the high level of new product innovation happening amongst manufacturers, a new tradeshow devoted exclusively to natural and certified organic food and grocery products will be held in Sydney at Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park from 3-4 May 2015. The Naturally Good Expo is Australia’s first large-scale tradeshow and learning event for retailers, distributors and manufacturers of packaged health products. According to event director Andrew Jones, the event is a barometer for where the Australian natural and organic products market is now, and where it is headed.  “There’s been an explosive shift in the way we consume, with today’s mainstream shopper more educated and more passionate about the benefits of eating and living a healthier lifestyle. Coupled with the growing gluten free, vegetarian, paleo and other specialty diet communities, this healthy lifestyle movement has evolved from fad to essential choice wherever consumers make purchase decisions. We have moved beyond awareness to a tipping point where there is now high demand for all things natural, organic and sustainable.” Said Jones This rapidly increasing societal shift is challenging brand owners and manufacturers of all sizes to innovate and develop new products with natural healthy ingredients. It’s also fueling a new wave of entrepreneurs full of energy, innovation and passion who are all launching exciting products across a range of categories. “Naturally Good Expo is where you can see and sample what’s new in the market, discover the latest product innovations, identify what’s selling today, and gain an insight into what the health and wellness trends of tomorrow are. The event provides a window into the many categories driving growth of the health and wellness retail market in Australia.” Catering for the new generation of health conscious consumers by adding more health and wellness to your aisles may lead to healthier profits from new sales with greater margins. According to research from Nielsen, about 71 per cent of consumers in the APAC region are changing their diets to lose weight and around half of those consumers are more than willing to pay a premium for food with healthy attributes. This is mirrored locally, where consumers are turning to ‘healthy foods’ to curb our growing waistlines as well as prevent health issues and medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. The health craze has well and truly hit; we’re looking at our diet more closely, which is being reflected in our buying habits. More than two thirds (69%) of households have bought health food products in the past year, according to Nielsen HomeScan data. The total grocery health foods category in Australia is growing at 8.2%, more than double the rate of growth in the broader food and grocery market and almost twice the rate of growth in fresh food (4.4 percent) such as fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat. This presents a huge opportunity for retailers who range up their healthy options and for local manufacturers looking to explore new product innovations and extensions. Now more than ever, the manufacturing and retail industries have a real opportunity to benefit from this phenomenon. Naturally Good Expo will feature nearly 200 exhibitors with thousands of SKUs showcasing the biggest selection of natural and certified organic food and beverages, vitamins and supplements, natural cosmetics, skin care and toiletries, and home and pet products.  New products are the lifeline of the retail and grocery industry so there’s been a concentrated effort to ensure a good mix of new products and new companies are represented on the Expo floor. A Featured Product Showcase will highlight new products and innovations being exhibited at the Expo. Attendees can see the products at-a-glance, then head off to the exhibitors stand to sample the product and learn more about the ingredients and health benefits. Education is a strong focus of the event with more than 30 sessions running across the two days. All sessions are free and provide in-depth information and insights on product and market trends, consumer and shopper behavior, merchandising, and customer experience. For brand marketers and product manufacturers, there’s a series of education sessions that deliver practical ideas and strategies for business growth. Topics cover getting products retail ready, pricing and margins, building out distribution, brand building, packaging and labeling, and exporting into the two largest consumer markets in the world, Asia and North America. For exhibitors, the tradeshow provides face-time and the ability to have high-quality conversations with retail buyers and distributors and receive valuable feedback about how they perceive their product and how they can expand and grow with their companies. Admission to the Expo is strictly trade only. The entry fee is $30 however if your pre-register online before 30 April, it’s free. To register or for more information on the event including the full education program, speaker line up and exhibitor list, visit  -End- Naturally Good Expo is Australia’s first and only tradeshow and conference for the natural, organic, free-from, Fairtrade and sustainable products market. It’s an annual gathering of progressive business owners, brand manufacturers, entrepreneurs, retail buyers, specifiers and purchase influencers, product and marketing managers, health practitioners, investors and the media. It showcases thousands of new and innovative products across food and beverages, health and beauty, vitamins and supplements, and home living categories. It delivers the knowledge and education to understand where the opportunities lay ahead, and provides a forum to share industry information, lessons-learned, new perspectives, insights and intelligence. National Media is an award winning exhibition organiser with a reputation for delivering industry defining events. Established in 1993, the company specializes in the conception, creation, marketing and management of world-renowned trade shows and conferences. The management team have launched and run over 200 highly successful and award winning exhibitions across a wide range of industries. Express Cash For Cars 2015-04-20T06:34:08Z express-cash-for-cars Getting Cash from an Old Dilapidated Car through Reliable Car Buying Companies When you have an old car at home, chances are you really want to get rid of it. It’s primarily to free up space and to get of the clutter. What you don't know is that you can make money out of it. There are cash for cars companies that provide cash for cars you don’t anymore use. There are also individuals who might be willing to buy it. The first type of buyers who might be interested in it would be the scrap metal buyers. They are the ones who will buy your old car by weighing it. They often buy the car in the lowest price.  The second type would be the scrap car dealers or buyers. They are the people who often buy, remodel, and eventually sell off your car to interested buyers. You can also sell the cars to vintage car collectors. These are the people who buy the old cars from you as their hobby and they store them in their garage as part of personal collection. At Express Cash For Cars times they also restore it to their functional condition. These people usually offer high rates for the cars but it still is depending on the car's condition. That means that if your car is still in good condition, you can expect for them to give you a higher amount of cash for it. The secret to getting the right value of your car before you sell it off to a company or a vintage collector is to check it on different sources. You can start with the blue book catalogue of all cars. Here you can find the real value of your car. This is available in banks and also libraries. The classified ads section of your favorite newspaper and also auto trader publications are a good source of getting the real value of your car. It is also paramount that you clean the interior and exterior of your car to boost its image. And you must not give a low offer for your car. All you need to do is to set a minimum amount and anyone who pays lower than that is not worth your time. It is best that you let a cash for Car Company handle your old car. There are several things you can look for this type of service. Primarily, you should look for a company that will buy cars whether they are working or not. They should be able to give you a free quotation for your car and be able to provide free towing services.  It’s also wise to hire a company that will prepare your paper works right away and will be able to clean up the garage or the yard on the same day. The same company should be very accessible that it can give you a quote even through the phone. You need not go to its office just to have a quote for your old car. That company you should choose must buy different makes and models of cars and even with other vehicles. That means you need not worry no matter what vehicle you have; the company is professionally adept at determining its value.  Of course, this should not go without the right license to operate. It’s always a must too to check on its portfolio. If not, you should check on its list of old clients and find out what their experience is with the company. It’s always good to double-check. Find those companies that have been given positive reviews from its previous clients. Almost always this already is a proof of their being professional in their dealings. It’s good to make sure that your old car has been paid off and there is no outstanding loan amount for it. In that case, you can use the money from your old car as down payment at least for a brand-new car.  It's a wise decision not to make a close a deal with the cash for Car Company you have in mind until you have thought about the entire financial aspect of it. Right before you respond to any online ad, site, or any brochure, or classified ad, you have to make sure that you no longer have financial responsibilities for your old car.    LabFriend Wins Fastest Growing Startup 2015 at StartUpSmart Awards 2015-04-20T05:17:13Z labfriend-wins-fastest-growing-startup-2015-at-startupsmart-awards The StartUpSmart Awards recognize the most innovative and fastest-growing new businesses in Australia. Categories awarded in 2015 included Best Startup Idea, Best New Startup, Best Regional Startup, Best Social Entrepreneur, Best Disruptor, Startup Hero, Fastest Growing Startup, and Best Startup. LabFriend, an Australian online business designed to assist scientists save money on high quality laboratory equipment and consumables was selected as the winner of Fastest Growing Startup 2015. LabFriend offers customers from the scientific industry over 360 brands and 30,000+ items to cover all of their essential lab requirements with an emphasis on reducing the amount of time and effort required to purchase quality lab gear and offer globally competitive pricing on equipment to Australian based customers. Since starting in 2014, LabFriend has rapidly grown to supply many of the major Australian research organisations and has also diversified into industrial supply (IndustryFriend). Services to become Australia’s number one export to Asia, supporting a million jobs by 2030: ANZ PwC Asialink Business Services Report 2015-04-19T00:02:49Z services-to-become-australia-s-number-one-export-to-asia-supporting-a-million-jobs-by-2030-anz-pwc-asialink-business-services-report MELBOURNE, Australia - 17 April 2015:  By 2030, services could become Australia’s number one export to Asia in terms of total value added, and in the process support one million Australian jobs, ANZ Chief Mike Smith, PwC Asia Practice Leader Andrew Parker and Asialink Business chief Mukund Narayanamurti said today at the launch of the ANZ PwC Asialink Services Report: Australia’s Jobs Future - The Rise of Asia and the Services Opportunity. “More than ever, Australians are focused on the future of the economy and how we can diversify our economic base, deliver more and higher paid jobs, and pay for government services for an ageing population. This report shows not only that the services sector will play an increasingly large role in the country’s future economic prosperity, but also that the opportunity for Australian services companies in Asia is immense,” Mr Smith said while launching the report which is produced by Asialink Business. “The report projects that by 2030, Australia’s annual services exports to Asia could be worth $163 billion, (a more than 135 percent increase from 2013), and support more than one million jobs. In addition, sales by Asian branches of Australian services companies could grow from $14 billion in 2013 to as much as $78 billion by 2030. The services sector is set to become Australia’s number one exporter to Asia by 2030, surpassing the resources sector and supporting more jobs than all other exports combined. PwC's Asia Practice Leader, Andrew Parker said that "We are at an important point in our history where Australian business can continue on our path of bilateral trade relationships with Asia or we can be more ambitious and invest in Asia and be part of the rapidly growing intra-Asian trade that is re-defining global supply chains. This report underlines the enormous opportunities that Asia presents to the Australian firms who provide the services that support these new supply chains."   Other key findings include: - Services industries already employ almost nine out of every 10 Australian workers and are the largest contributor to the Australian economy. - Services account for 41 per cent of Australia’s export earnings when measured in terms of total value-added, compared to 37 per cent       for mining, and 23 per cent collectively for agriculture and manufacturing. - Sales of services by foreign affiliates of Australian companies were estimated at $138 billion in 2013, providing an important source of income and employment benefits for Australia. - Demand in Asian economies for services will expand with the burgeoning middle class – from around 500 million today to 3.2 billion people by 2030. Speaking about Australia’s opportunity to position itself as a key services provider to Asia, Asialink Business CEO Mr Narayanamurti said, “There is no question that Asia today is an under-serviced region, and that Australia has a unique opportunity to position itself to take advantage of Asia’s growing demand for world-class services however a program of action is required.” The report identifies six ways in which Australia can position itself as a key services provider to Asia:  Ensuring the Australian marketplace is open so Australian services industries are internationally competitive. Establishing an ongoing program of dialogue between business and government to identify necessary changes to regulations in foreign jurisdictions that impede access to Asian services markets. Advocating for the liberalisation of international trade in services, and of foreign direct investment, to expand opportunities for Australian services firms to sell into Asia. Recognising and promoting Australian offshore investment Re-assessing the way we measure the value of exports, in order to better understand which industries are generating the greatest returns from international trade; and Continuing to develop an Asia-capable and internationally oriented workforce.  “This program will help position the Australian services sector to capitalise on the growing opportunities created by Asia’s rise. As the growth of commodity exports moderates from the historic peaks of the past few years, earnings from services will become a key vehicle to realise the Asian opportunity, contributing substantially to Australia’s economic growth, and providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for Australian workers,” concluded Mr Narayanamurti. The ANZ PwC Asialink Business Services Report is available to download here: For more information contact:   Raj Wilson, Director, Marketing and External Relations, Asialink Business, +61 411 602 092, Alex Evans,  Media Relations Manager, ANZ  +61 466 327 835,    Heather Gilmore, Corporate Affairs, PwC, +61 (2) 8266 0072,   --- About Asialink Business Asialink’s business capability division – Asialink Business – works with assistance from the Commonwealth Department of Industry and the Australian business community to equip Australia’s workforce to engage successfully with the Asian region.   About ANZ ANZ is among the top four banks in Australia, the largest banking group in New Zealand and the Pacific, and among the top 50 banks in the world. Our history dates back over 175 years, and we now operate in 33 markets globally with representation in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, and America. We provide a range of banking and financial products and services to around eight million customers, and we employ approximately 50,000 people worldwide.   About PwC PwC Australia helps organisations and individuals create the value they're looking for. We’re a member firm of a network of firms in 157 countries with more than 195,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, advisory, tax & legal, and private clients services. PwC is one of Australia's leading professional services firms, bringing the power of our global network of firms to help Australian businesses, not-for-profit organisations and governments assess their performance and improve the way they work. Having grown from a one-man Melbourne accountancy practice in 1874 to the worldwide merger of Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand in 1998, PwC Australia now employs more than 6,000 people.   Datacipher Accredited as a Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partner for Australia and NewZealand 2015-04-17T04:58:44Z datacipher-accredited-as-a-juniper-networks-authorized-education-partner-for-australia-and-newzealand Datacipher, a networking and security training services company, is proud to announce that it has been accredited as a Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partner (JNAEP) for Australia and New Zealand by Juniper Networks, the industry leader in network innovation. Juniper’s global training program encompasses a variety of technologies and products. Datacipher leverages its engineers’ experience with Juniper products and many of its employees are Juniper Certified Instructors (JNCI) as well as Juniper Networks Certified Experts (JNCIE).   “The company is now expanding its horizons,” according to Amar Kotha, CEO of Datacipher. “Datacipher already has expertise in excellent training and infrastructure delivery. The new target is to build out its offerings as part of a managed services portfolio.”   “It is great to be back doing Juniper Networks education again in my career. We have always had great success teaching such a wonderful product line,” added Asif Ali Khan, CTO of Datacipher and a three- time JNCIE.   “We are pleased to add a qualified partner such as Datacipher to the JNAEP community in Australia and New Zealand, to provide valuable, industry-specific training to our customers across industries including telecommunications, financial services and cloud providers,” said James Sonderegger, head of worldwide education services at Juniper Networks.   Datacipher is offering the full suite of Juniper Networks educational training in routing, switching and security as well as specialized skills courses in data center design, Junos® Space, Contrail™ Networking and various cloud offerings.   “We're thrilled to be recognized as an Education Partner offering a wide portfolio of classes and part of the Juniper education eco-system. This recognition comes from an organization known for its rigor in highlighting best practices, and it validates that Datacipher is providing the necessary competencies to help businesses thrive in times of rapid change," added Mr. Kotha.   Juniper Networks classes are currently being offered in multiple locations and on multiple dates, both online and in physical locations: JNAEP class list and schedule.   End-customers, value-added resellers, managed service providers, and leaders responsible for planning and implementing Datacipher and legacy networking solutions are invited to sign-up for classes powered by Datacipher and JNAEP classes at or to call  +61 (03) 96232246 to register or request a custom education and training program.   About Datacipher ( Established in the year 2009, Datacipher Solutions Private Limited is a Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partner and is a global Technology solutions and services and training provider offering certified Training. The company serves a global customer base. Datacipher also offers professional services, training services, business solutions and outsourcing organization that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. Additional information can be found at Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition Enhances EMR Usability and Provides Speech-Enabled Documentation for Physicians 2015-04-17T01:10:20Z winscribe-quick-speech-recognition-enhances-emr-usability-and-provides-speech-enabled-documentation-for-physicians Winscribe is pleased to announce the release of Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition (QSR), a powerful and easy-to-use front-end speech recognition solution, to their portfolio of speech productivity and medical documentation management software solutions for healthcare professionals.  Winscribe QSR makes EMR data entry faster and easier, and it enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to quickly create documentation, craft emails, enter data into Health Information Systems (HIS), and communicate with co-workers and patients more efficiently. With the ever-increasing implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems into hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), clinics, private practices, and insurance providers, these systems continue to garner attention and speculation regarding their usability, the negative effects on physician productivity, and the loss of time available for patients.  Speech recognition, on the other hand, has gained recent attention as a proven method for improving EMR usability, reducing documentation costs and boosting the productivity levels of physicians and other medical staff.  The release of Winscribe QSR is no exception. Winscribe QSR offers real-time, front-end speech recognition technology that is remarkably accurate and has a low edit rate, enabling clinicians to quickly perform data entry and generate other documentation with confidence.  Winscribe QSR has an intuitive interface and is easy-to-use.  With just a few minutes of training, Winscribe QSR clients can take advantage of immediate productivity gains.  Physicians simply dictate, review and insert the recognized text, and then they are ready to move to the next field or task. Winscribe QSR supports general and medical-specific vocabularies, which further enhance the accuracy of recognized text.  Winscribe QSR’s ‘snippet’ functionality also makes it simple to create macros and templates that providers can initiate with a unique voice command to insert commonly used phrases, such as discharge instructions, risk and benefit statements, and normal findings. Winscribe QSR’s management console further helps it stand out against competitive offerings.  The system has a centralized and intelligent management console that can ‘learn’ and manage new words, phrases and user profiles, based on pre-existing group knowledge.  From an administration point of view, is much lighter on IT resources, making management a breeze. Winscribe QSR basically serves as a keyboard replacement that is adaptable and works with existing applications and any information systems that allow typed text entry, including Microsoft Office applications, Web browsers, and Health Information Systems – to name a few.  In addition, Winscribe QSR works with virtually any EMR. By incorporating Winscribe QSR, healthcare organizations can: Reduce time and costs associated with medical transcription Improve physicians’ clinical documentation productivity Generate more accurate and thorough narratives, clinical notes and other documentation Improve patient care through more complete documentation and faster result turnaround “Winscribe QSR provides physicians and other medical staff the opportunity to reduce time spent on data entry, while increasing the quality of documentation and freeing physician time to focus on their patients,” said Pierre Corboz, Director of Product Strategy at Winscribe. “Advanced voice recognition and speech understanding solutions, like Winscribe QSR, allow documentation and reporting processes to become fully speech-enabled, which not only elevates the level of report quality, but it also eliminates unnecessary transcription steps. With turnaround time being a major concern for every healthcare organization, intelligent tools like Winscribe QSR can have a huge impact on productivity and service delivery.” QSR joins Winscribe’s suite of speech productivity solutions, which include enterprise-level medical documentation management, digital dictation, speech recognition workflow management, transcription, and mobile speech technology software solutions.  To learn more about Winscribe QSR and Winscribe’s full suite of speech productivity and workflow management solutions, please      - ENDS – How quality fencing can improve the value of a property 2015-04-16T23:49:20Z how-quality-fencing-can-improve-the-value-of-a-property Many factors can impact the sale price of a property but the price people will pay for privacy and security is often underestimated.  A quality fence can be a valuable selling point, particularly as more homes are being built closer and closer to boundaries. Before putting a home onto the market, homeowners should consider the property’s perimeter to ensure the boundary fence is adding rather than detracting from the home’s overall look.  A well maintained backyard fence is particularly important if the property backs onto a busy road or if a neighbouring property is an eyesore.   Nick Holden, Founder of Modular Wall Systems and SlimWall™ advises homeowners not to overlook the value of a fence.  “Adding an aesthetically stylish boundary fence may add thousands of dollars to a property and could even lead to a quicker sale. A solid, high fence with proven acoustic benefits is also a sought after feature by parents with noisy young children or those with pets.”   When selecting a fencing product, consider the property’s surrounding environment for things like urban noise which can be addressed with clever fencing solutions.  SlimWall™ by Modular Wall Systems features proven noise reduction qualities that can block residential noise.  Importantly, it doesn’t crack or rot which minimises ongoing maintenance.  SlimWall™ is a designer fencing solution that can perfectly match the architectural integrity of any home.  Adaptable for level or sloping sites, it can be customised with a host of finishes, decorative slats, gates, letterboxes and lighting for a stylish modern look. As a boundary solution, it provides a high quality backdrop to pools and outdoor entertaining areas, perfectly complementing indoor outdoor living. A SlimWall™ fence can also be painted in any colour, including a tone that matches the home. Neighbours can paint their side a different colour to match their house. SlimWall™ fence may also be finished with a textured paint, such as Dulux AcraTex Sand that delivers a fine grain, rendered effect. The investment in a quality fence will pay dividends if it enhances the home’s appearance and the seclusion and privacy it can create can be an appealing selling point that will help increase the value of any home.  For further information, contact Modular Wall Systems on 1300 556 957 or visit Australian workers disengaged, disloyal and demotivated 2015-04-16T00:23:17Z australian-workers-disengaged-disloyal-and-demotivated The average Australian worker would not recommend their workplace to others, is disinclined to do any more than what’s expected, and is probably on the hunt for another job, a new nationwide employee survey has found. The State of Employee Engagement in Australia, conducted by Engaged Marketing, asked 3,361 Australians about their attitudes towards their current workplace and employer. On the whole, Australian employees are unlikely to recommend their workplace as a great place to work to friends and family, with a low national employee engagement score of -23% (negative 23%).  This score was calculated by subtracting the percentage of 'Detractors' (43%) from the percentage of ‘Promoters’ (20%).  Only 37% were found to be ‘Passives’ or neutral. Workers also say they are disinclined to do more than what is expected in their day-to-day job, with an average discretionary effort score of just 5.8 out of 10.  Furthermore, employee loyalty to their current workplace was also low at just 55.3%. Engaged Marketing Managing Director Christopher Roberts said the results were of great concern to Australian organisations as it pointed to significant productivity, referral and recruitment issues. “It’s alarming how few Australians would recommend their current workplace as a great place to work to family and friends.  Given the power of word-of-mouth, this has the potential to significantly and negatively impact an organisation’s future recruitment prospects,” he said. “Worker discretionary effort is also low, with many staff not willing to do any more than what is expected of them during the normal nine-to-five working day.   “This is another alarm bell for organisations, as staff who give you discretionary effort are the ones who deliver customer and client experiences worthy of recommendation and find new ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.  Interestingly, the discretionary effort scores of ‘Promoters’ are 77% higher than those of ‘Detractors’.” Mr Roberts said there was a strong link between internal employee engagement and employee loyalty, with “Promoter” employees almost three times more loyal than “Detractor” employees. “Given 43% of the population are classified ‘Detractors’ of their workplaces, this is a real human resource issue for organisations that may result in greater costs to recruit and retrain new employees,” he said. “Employee stated loyalty is low, which not only means that many are thinking of leaving, but you also have to wonder how productive an employee with this mindset is going to be while they’re still working there.”  Mr Roberts said employers needed to do more to truly engage their employees, which in turn would improve workplace recommendation, discretionary effort and loyalty. “Staff engagement is more than just staff satisfaction, it’s about ensuring staff feel genuinely valued, are having some of their core human needs met, and understand the role they play in delivering organisation’s business strategy. “Ultimately, this boils down to the type of leadership in the organisation.  Leaders need to understand exactly what is driving employee commitment, and then link the organisation’s business strategy to employees’ core needs, motivations and purpose to drive engagement.” A complimentary copy of The State of Employee Engagement in Australia is available to download from here.   Engaged Marketing is a strategic consultancy that focusses on helping businesses grow by developing fresh customer, marketing and organisational strategies. Engaged Marketing is an approved Net Promoter Score® Loyalty Partner. Christopher Roberts is an Industry Fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia.  Net Promoter, NPS and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld. Car Loan Comparisons 2015-04-15T07:45:25Z car-loan-comparisons There’s plenty to think about when choosing a car loan. If you really want to get the best deal for you it’s not quite as simple as just checking out a table of interest rates on a comparison website. By doing that you’re really just scratching the surface. Here’s my checklist of 10 Things to Consider When Comparing Car Loans: 1. Car Usage Are you going to use the vehicle for personal use, business use or a combination of both? If you use your car to drive to and from work then this is classed as personal use, if you use your car to drive to meetings with clients, for example, then this would be classed as business use. The reason you need to consider what the vehicle will be used for is because this will have an effect on what loan and lease options are available to you.  For example, if you’re going to use your car for personal use then don’t waste your time looking at finance deals that are only available to business customers. If it’s going to be used for business use then you need to consider what’s going to be the most tax efficient way to do it for you. 2. Types of Loan When it comes to car finance there’s plenty of options out there, not all of which will suit you.  The main options are; secured loan, unsecured loan, chattel mortgage, hire purchase, novated lease, lease and operating lease.  It pays to spend a little bit of time getting to understand how they differ and what financing method suit you best. 3. Lenders Whether you want to go with a name that you know and trust or if you’re just looking for the cheapest deal there’s plenty of banks and finance companies to choose from.  Some specialise in car loans, some offer car loans as a sideline to their main business. Some prefer to lend to ‘blue chip’ customers, some lend mainly to people who’ve had past credit problems. The most important thing is that you get access to a broad range of lenders and find the one that’s right for you. 4. Interest Rates Rates are the main yardstick that people use when comparing car loans. I prefer to think of them as being like a headline in a newspaper. They grab your attention but don’t necessarily tell you all of the story. The rate is going to play a big part in determining the cost of your loan so it’s a good place to start your car loan comparison but be aware that it’s not the only element to consider. 5. Fees Fees are another element that will directly impact on your cost of borrowing. They’re not displayed as prominently as interest rates but you need to find out what fees apply and how much they are before proceeding with a loan. Beware of being lured in by attractive headline rates only to find out that the deal involves high fees. 6. Eligibility You might get your head turned by an attractive looking deal but make sure that you qualify for it before dismissing other options. For example, your loan may be below the amount required to qualify for the ‘special rate’, the car you want to buy may be too old to qualify, your credit history may not meet the necessary criteria, you may not have enough deposit etc. …….. The list goes on. Before you know it you’re being offered an alternative deal that’s not quite as good as what you were expecting. 7. Security Most car loans involve the lender using the vehicle that you buy as security. In other words, the bank or finance company have some rights over the car which could allow them to repossess it if you were to break your agreement and miss your loan repayments. When it comes to selling or trading in your car a secured type loan needs to be paid off in full before the sale can be completed. If you want an unsecured loan you usually have to pay a higher rate for the privilege. 8. Early Termination If you think that you may want to occasionally pay extra off your loan or if you’re planning to pay the loan off early with a lump sum, make sure to check beforehand that your loan allows you to do this. If your loan does provide this flexibility check out if there are there any costs associated with it. 9. Loan Exclusions Make sure to check that the loan will cover everything that you want it to. Most Banks and Finance Companies will limit how much they lend against the value of the car. So if you’re planning on adding lots of extras and accessories to the car, for example,  or including the cost of an extended warranty check out whether the lender will be prepared to include this in the loan for you. Otherwise you could be left with an unexpected bill to pay! 10. Speed If you’re in a hurry to get behind the wheel of your new car then find out in advance how long the loan application and settlement process will take. Turnaround times can vary significantly between different Banks and Finance Companies. Some specialist car loan providers can have you driving away in less than 24 hours whilst others can take days or even over a week to sort everything out. At you can use our information resources to get inside industry knowledge, great buying tips and 3 Free Car Loan Quotes. Use the website to start your own personal Car Loan Comparisons process.  Kevin Bolton Founder Bad Credit Car Loans - Your Questions Answered 2015-04-15T07:44:11Z bad-credit-car-loans-your-questions-answered Let's not tip toe around it, if you only qualify for a Bad Credit Car Loan it's not ideal. You'll pay more and you'll have less choice and flexibility but it doesn't mean that you have to get ripped off and it doesn't mean that you can't make it work for you. Here's your chance to get the straight talking information that you've been looking for. What is a Bad Credit Car Loan? Also Known As - Poor Credit Car Loans, Second Chance Car Loans, Adverse Credit Car Loans, Problem Credit Car Loans and Sub Prime Car Loans. Credit History Problems - The term 'Bad Credit Car Loan' refers to the type of loan available to people with credit history problems. Credit history problems include issues from the past 7 years such as; defaults, utility bill or loan payments which are 60 days or more overdue, debt collection actions, and debt agreements, which include, bankruptcies, court judgements, debt agreements, and personal insolvency agreements. Don't Qualify for Standard Loans - If you have encountered any of the above issues over the past 7 years it may well have an impact on your ability to get a loan or other credit facilities. If your problems are deemed serious enough then it's unlikely that you'll qualify for a standard loan from one of the mainstream lenders. In all likelihood you'll have to consider what the finance industry refers to as a Bad Credit Car Loan. The name is hardly a marketing man's dream but it's what these loans have become commonly known as. How do Bad Credit Car Loans Work? How a Bad Credit Car Loan is Different - For all intents and purposes a Bad Credit Car Loan is pretty much the same as any other loan. It will enable you to buy a car but the loan features are generally more restrictive than a standard type loan. The biggest restriction is the interest rate. If you only qualify for a Bad Credit Car Loan then you're going to have to pay a higher interest rate. How high will depend on the lender and how bad your previous (or current) credit history problems are. Because people with credit history problems are regarded by banks and finance companies as a higher risk they increase the interest rates that they charge to cover for anticipated losses. Fair or unfair, that's the reality. In saying that if you need a car, a Bad Credit Car Loan is still likely to be a more cost and time effective option than relying on public transport for example. The term of the loan available may be shorter. You're probably looking at more like 4 or 5 years maximum as opposed to 6 or 7 years. Deposits are sometimes required and it may be more difficult to include extras like accessories, extended warranties and insurance products within your loan. Required Preparation - With a Bad Credit Car Loan you'll often be required to provide explanations of why you experienced credit problems. You may even be asked to provide evidence that you have now paid off what you owed. Because your track record may not be the best you may also be required to provide bank statements that confirm your income and outgoings and show that you can a) afford the loan and b) budget effectively and live within your means. How to Get the Best Deal on a Bad Credit Car Loan? Take Corrective Action - Wherever possible fix up any outstanding issues that you have. Do Your Homework - It might sound obvious but know exactly what situation you are in. Understand what your credit history is and what the issues you've experienced are. A $200 default with a telecommunications provider is a lot different from bankruptcy and should be viewed that way by lenders. The more you know about your own circumstances the better position you are in to negotiate a better deal. Shop Around - Get quotes from a number of lenders and find out what's the best deal that you qualify for. Just trying one lender isn't going to tell you the full story. All lenders have their differences and while one may see you as a very high risk another may view you as a medium risk and reflect that in the interest rate that you qualify for. At you can use our information resources to get inside industry knowledge and great buying tips, including: More information on Bad Credit Loans  More information on How Credit Ratings Work  More information on Things to Consider Before You Apply For a Loan 3 Free Bad Credit Car Loan Quotes    Kevin Bolton Founder