The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-09-02T04:16:35Z Smart Street Lighting on the agenda for Australian Councils at next week's event in Melbourne 2015-09-02T04:16:35Z smart-street-lighting-on-the-agenda-for-australian-councils-at-next-week-s-event-in-melbourne Featuring prominent speakers from all over the world, The 3rd AnnualAustralian Smart Lighting Summit will take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 8th & 9th of September 2015 as Australia’s premier forum for the discussion of smart lighting and upcoming street lighting opportunities and technologies.  Endorsed by City of Melbourne, the event sparks an incredible opportunity for local government organisations and lighting designers to embrace smart lighting technologies within the realm of government and industrial design. Hundreds of delegates from a wide range of municipality and public works will be attending, including the presence of lighting designers, architects, engineers, consultants and developers, to share ideas on how best to embrace smart lighting innovations and practices. With the participation of over 40 councils from all over Australia, the 2014 edition of the Annual Australian Smart Lighting Summit witnessed participation of prominent energy providers, road and public works authorities, lighting engineers and designers. Australia has witnessed a host of significant lighting projects in recent years with The Great South Coast Street Smart Lighting Program which has seen up to 7,500 street lights replaced with energy efficient lighting in residential streets across the South West Region, as well the upcoming Lighting The Regions project which plans to oversee the replacement of almost 23,000 council street lights to more energy efficient alternatives. Architects and industrial designers are constantly trying to discover stylish and clever ways to adopt lighting into our lives that reflect on who we are as people while also keeping to proper energy efficiency. Ian Dryden, Senior Industrial Designer, City of Melbourne, will be exploring the Implementation of City Lighting and how it reflects on our lives. His wonderful designs litter the landscape from the very amenities, news-stands and tram stops we experience on a daily basis within Melbourne.  The implementation of smart lighting brings with it greater safety and insight into the elegance of inclusive design. Leni Schwendinger, Associate Principal, Arup, will be presenting Night-time Lighting for Urban Spaces, exploring the ways in which light can be used to spark our night skies. Her intensive work into the sphere of design encompasses more than 20 years creating architectural and infrastructure environments all over the world. One symbolic reason why smart lighting has progressed so tremendously over the past few years is due to the admirable engineers and designers who have taken their talent to helping society develop its energy strategies. Michael Sparrow, Senior Lighting Design Engineer, Lend Lease, has been designing lighting solutions for over 30 years. His experience working in lead design roles has given him an incredible overview of alternative lighting technologies. Currently working on the Barangaroo project in Sydney he will be sharing his visions in A Lighting Journey through Darling Harbour Live, exploring unique ideas into lighting design for the public realm. In 2012 the City of Mississauga embarked on an LED conversion project involving the replacement of more than 53,000 LED fixtures and 160 gateways. Canadian technology angel investor and serial-entrepreneur Bernard Tetu, President, DimOnOff, has been responsible for the preparation, deployment and monitoring of the project and will be presenting Smart Lighting a Backbone for Smart Cities Infrastructure and Internet of Things. The 3rd Annual Australian Smart Lighting Summit 2015 is being held on the 8th & 9th of September 2015 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Grouply launches a better, more comprehensive energy comparison experience for Australian households. 2015-09-01T22:38:29Z grouply-launches-a-better-more-comprehensive-energy-comparison-experience-for-australian-households MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT Melbourne, Australia Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 Australian energy comparisons fail the market coverage test. Grouply launches a better, more comprehensive energy comparison experience for Australian households. Australian consumers now have a fairer and more comprehensive way to compare, select and group buy electricity., a newly launched comparison service addresses issues with market coverage in comparison services in a genuinely consumer-centric and more social way. Grouply provides consumers with unbiased tools to compare market offers from every single Australian residential electricity retailer, and groups like­-households together to access exclusive group deals. Unlike other comparators, Grouply does not require householders to share any contact details to use the service.                              Andrew Coates, co-founder of Grouply says; “With Australian energy prices soaring, comparison sites are becoming crucial tools to help householders make better decisions to get the right product for their needs. Consumers also recognise that there is value in pooling together with other buyers to get better deals.”  But all is not as it seems in the comparator industry; fresh on the back of regulatory changes in the UK, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released consumer and industry guidance on the operation and use of comparator websites to address the ongoing issues of misleading information appearing on sites and a lack of transparency regarding commercial relationships between comparators and suppliers.  In the UK, regulators are starting to crack down on comparison services that do not compare all retailers. “Most major Australian comparison services don’t compare all retailers,” says Richard Foxworthy, Grouply CEO and co-founder.  “We saw a need for a better, more trusted, and more comprehensive comparison experience that could also help householders team up to pool their demand without surrendering their privacy. “The ACCC guidelines are starting to address issues with coverage and transparency but consumers should still consider their options carefully and choose a comparator service that genuinely compares all retailers. Consumers deserve the right to evaluate offers fairly. We believe that we have built a better way for Australian households to buy better, together.” ENDS - For more information:  Email Contact: Richard Foxworthy mob. 0447 367 915 Kirsteene Phelan mob. 0411 107 611 Comparing residential electricity for sample postcodes in city, inner suburbs and outer suburbs in each state capital (no solar, electricity only, high energy usage) * Depending on postcode Source - (as at 26th August 2015). About Grouply Grouply is a product of 4th Party, a Melbourne-based team building consumer to business buying platforms. Co-­founded by Richard Foxworthy and Andrew Coates, the team created Grouply to help Australians compare and buy confusing, expensive, and unavoidable household products and services - such as energy - better, together.   Epson Wins Prestigious BLI Industry Awards with RIPS Business Printer and Ink Technology 2015-08-31T21:45:58Z epson-wins-prestigious-bli-industry-awards-with-rips-business-printer-and-ink-technology Buyers Laboratory (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware and software, has recognised Epson’s achievements for its business printing solutions. The WorkForce® Pro WF-R8590 received the Summer 2015 Pick award and Epson’s Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) technology earned an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award.   Used with Epson’s acclaimed series of WorkForce Pro Replaceable Ink Pack Printers, RIPS technology solves many of the issues associated with office printing by using super-high-yield ink supply units for printing up to 75,000* pages between ink changes. The result of this is less wasted time and resources, and predictable print costs.   In its summary, BLI noted that printers using RIPS technology was praised for its: ·      Phenomenally high tested yields for all colours ·      Ultra-long-life consumables, which help maintain office productivity and reduce pain points for IT administration ·      User-friendly replacement and maintenance procedures ·      Compact and low waste packaging advantage, which will suit space-constrained office environments   “The super-high ink yields offered by the Epson RIPS are a game-changer in the office marketplace, drastically reducing consumable replacement frequencies and negating the need for on-site storage of extra supplies, which take up valuable space,” noted David Sweetnam, BLI’s director of research and lab services in Europe. “The ultra-long life supplies are also an attractive proposition for suppliers offering ‘all inclusive’ contracts, greatly reducing logistics costs and the headaches associated with keeping clients stocked with supplies at all times.”   General Manager, Business Division, Epson AustraliaCraig Heckenberg said, “Epson prides itself on delivering high quality business printing solutions and to be recognised by such a prestigious industry influencer underscores our commitment to providing customers with low cost yet innovative tools to increase productivity. We are honoured to have received the Summer Pick award for our WorkForce Pro printers, as well as the Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award for RIPS.”   Twice a year, the editors at BLI review all laboratory test data to select the top products that have been evaluated within the past six months. The solutions with the highest evaluation scores are awarded a Pick award within their respective industry categories.   A full list of Epson awards includes: 1.         Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 Network Multifunction Colour Printer: Outstanding Mid- to High-Volume A3 Business Inkjet The WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 A3 multifunction printer features a Replaceable Ink Pack System that delivers up to 75,000 printed pages without changing the ink packs. As with the WF-8590 model, it produces professional quality documents, a 1,831 sheet total paper capacity and high monthly duty cycle make this ideal for shared colour printing on a network.   2.         Epson Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS): Outstanding Achievement in Innovation The Epson Replaceable Ink Pack System enables customers to print high impact colour documents with lower running costs compared to colour lasers. With page yields up to 75,000, customers will experience low-intervention convenience for their high-volume colour printing needs.   “Epson’s innovative Replaceable Ink Pack System simplifies routine maintenance, generates very little waste and offers exceptionally high yields, which means downtime is virtually nonexistent,” said BLI Senior Analyst for Printers and A4 MFPs Marlene Orr. “The WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 is ideal for workgroup users, offering low power consumption, support for A3 paper and a lower cost of ownership than laser models.”   * Using an A3 model. Yields are based on simulations generated after testing with ISO/IEC24711 measurement methodology using ISO/IEC 24712 patterns and calculated using Epson’s methodology. Yields may vary for reasons including images printed, documents printed, printing frequency and printing environment. Mortgage Brokers in Perth Helping More Australians Become Property Investors 2015-08-28T07:28:49Z mortgage-brokers-in-perth-helping-more-australians-become-property-investors Perth, WA, 28 August 2015 - In more than 30 years of experience with the home loan industry in the Perth market, Mr Aves has managed investment property portfolios totalling more than $65 million. Mr Aves is now the director and credit advisor of Purely Finance, a firm that specialises in helping investors obtain properties and grow their portfolios. Mr Aves has seen a lot in his 30 years. He has helped numerous investors obtain their first investment properties and helped them grow their portfolios, allowing many to retire early and prosperous. According to Mr Aves, investors today face a problem that every investor before them has faced: they think they don’t have enough money to invest.Mr Aves is firm in his belief due to experience: “Almost every first time investor I have ever worked with came in wondering where he or she was going to get the money to buy that first property. Many of these small investors are now among our largest accounts. I tell would-be investors the same thing now that I did 30 years ago: you have more money to invest than you think you do.”The Leverage of Home EquityOne of the more popular sources of investment income for startup investors is the equity they already have in their owner-occupied homes. In a time when the market is growing, home equity can rise faster than some homeowners imagine. When they solicit a mortgage broker or financial planner such as Mr Aves, they find out that their homes possess more than enough equity to fund the deposit for an investment property.Capitalising and Cutting CostsEven those who don’t have 20% available can often obtain financing if they obtain Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Lenders will often take as low as a 5% deposit if the owner takes out an insurance policy to help the lender protect their investment. This can be rolled into the home loan and paid as a small monthly payment. This is called capitalising the cost of the LMI.There are also some benefits to buying a home “off the plan.” This means buying the property and having the home built by the developer after the property has been bought. Not only do developers give a discounted price, the buyer also doesn’t have to pay stamp duty on the building. This saves a lot of money in up-front costs, but it doesn’t stop there. Those who build new investment homes can also depreciate the cost of their building, saving them more in taxes.Good Planning is ImportantIn a competitive and ever-changing marketplace, it is important for prospective investors to enlist the help of a competent, professional financial planner and mortgage broker. According to Mr Aves: “If you want to make the most money investing, you need a great mortgage broker and a great financial planner. Ideally, both will be under the same roof. That is exactly what we offer at Purely Finance.”Purely Finance is a firm of mortgage brokers and financial planners who serve the Perth area. They specialise in helping property investors buy homes and manage their assets. They have more than 100 years in combined industry experience. To learn more or for a free consult, call (08) 9453 8888 or visit their website: Hackagong - One of Australia's largest hackathons is back with a $5,000 cash first prize 2015-08-27T21:50:48Z hackagong-one-of-australia-s-largest-hackathons-is-back-with-a-5-000-cash-first-prize Hackagong is an annual, weekend-long hackathon competition held in Wollongong where teams of designers, developers, creators, tinkerers and business-minded people get together to build something innovative from start to finish in 30 hours. Teams then pitch their product solutions to the public and potential investors, where notable judges award prizes to the winners. The event is organised by the University of Wollongong IT Society with the mission of encouraging the formation of new startups in the Illawarra, and promoting a local startup and maker culture. Thanks to Platinum Sponsor, WiseTech Global, the winner of Hackagong 2015 with the most viable business idea will receive $5,000 of cold hard cash. The team will also receive business mentoring, web hosting and co-working desks thanks to Liquid Co, Rackspace and iAccelerate. Category prizes include Raspberry Pi's, PayPal HERE's and Oculus Rift's - being awarded to the team which produce the best Internet of Things projects, utilise payment API's and immersive games. Since the first event in 2012, Hackagong has successfully run four major events, attracting 700+ people and awarding over $50,000 in prizes. In 2014, Hackagong attracted over 150 competitors and had over $100,000 in prizes and giveaways. The events have provided fantastic opportunities for individuals to showcase their talents to the world and potential employers, network with like-minded peers, and form new scalable startups with innovative products. Some examples of successful products to come out of Hackagong include: - 2012 overall winner, over $85,000 raised on the platform, used by KidzWish Foundation and the Australian Greens Liquid Wallet - 3D printed prototype at Hackagong 2013, ran a successful Kickstarter campaign this year and raised over $17,000. Currently running a successful business outside of Melbourne and are sponsoring Hackagong 2015 - Developed at Hackagong 2013, is now an active marketplace for second-hand startups Hackagong offers the space, tools and mentorship that designers, developers and creators need to build and get their startup off the ground - all in just 30 hours. Additionally, teams will be in the running to win different prizes. Categories include design, programming, 3D printing, data visualisation and cryptocurrencies. Hackagong is backed by a number of technology innovators in the country. These include WiseTech Global, IMC, Rackspace, Braintree, iAccelerate and the University of Wollongong. Hackagong starts on the 19th of September and runs until Sunday evening. Tickets are available for $30 by going to and ordering them through the website. Ticket price includes entry, food for the weekend, a free shirt, access to 3D printers and Rackspace credit.  Seachange Village Arundel Helps Over 50’s Stay in Top 10% of Australian Exercise Statistics 2015-08-27T03:55:42Z seachange-village-arundel-helps-over-50-s-stay-in-top-10-of-australian-exercise-statistics Gold Coast, QLD, 27 August 2015 - According to the Government of Victoria, only 10% of Australians over 50 get sufficient exercise to slow the ageing process. If the owners of Seachange Village Arundel have their way, 100% of their homeowners will get sufficient exercise. Seachange Village Arundel is an active adult community in Arundel. It is built around the concept of friendship, fun and fitness; their residents feel they have already accomplished their mission of being the best over 50’s lifestyle community on the Gold Coast. Seachange Village Arundel was designed from the start to be at the top of active adult lifestyle communities. They offer a plethora of world class amenities that encourage their homeowners to be active far into their retirement years. They offer such amenities as golf putting greens, a pool and sauna, a bar and even a yoga studio to help nourish the mind, body and soul. David Pradella, the Managing Director of Seachange Village Arundel, feels it is important for anyone over 50 to stay active. According to Mr Pradella: “We have known about the statistic that only 10% of people over 50 get enough exercise for a long time now. We have also been aware of studies suggesting that much of the things we lose during the ageing process aren’t actually the result of ageing, but of a sedentary lifestyle. We aim to change that for our residents.”In a recent blog post, Mr Pradella mentioned Better Health Channel, an online medical information resource that was created by the State Government of Victoria. The website contains a wealth of information, including a very helpful post about the effects of exercise on senior citizens. According to Better Health Channel, those who pass the age of 50 tend to lose 3.5 kg in muscle mass every ten years. However, weight resistance exercise can stem the tide and actually allow seniors to increase their muscle mass if they so desire. The website also mentions many ways in which exercise can improve the senior lifestyle. As little as 20 minutes of walking per day can have a profound effect on lifespan and quality of life. In addition, those who exercise more tend to retain their independence longer than those who don’t. Exercise also reduces the number of times one is likely to become ill and also helps one recover faster when he or she does become sick.According to Mr Pradella: “There are plenty of benefits to exercising. It helps your muscles, bones, lungs, heart and joints. Exercise is one of the few documented ways in which one can stem the tide of time and who doesn’t want to do that.”Mr Pradella concluded, “Exercise helps you live longer and better. That is why we promote an active lifestyle at Seachange Village Arundel.”Seachange Village Arundel is a luxury lifestyle community for active over 50’s in Arundel. They offer an active lifestyle, a gated community and world class amenities for their homeowners. Located at the centre of an area of the Gold Coast known as the northern growth corridor, they offer fast, easy access to M1, the Helensvale railway station, shopping, medical facilities and some of Queensland’s finest golf courses. For more info, visit their webpage: or contact them on 1800 652 797. FOXTEL CHOOSES MEDIA ROOM SMART MEDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT FROM SILVER TRAK 2015-08-26T22:33:20Z foxtel-chooses-media-room-smart-media-asset-management-from-silver-trak When Australia’s leading subscription television operator Foxtel had a requirement for a smart media asset management system the evaluation and assessment process resulted in the use of Media Room from Silver Trak. Foxtel Networks Australia Head of Content Operations Rachel Thorley explained, “Media Room serves two purposes, the Production Portal and the Publicity Portal. The purpose of the Production Portal is to enable Foxtel’s production department to store and archive production content, production houses to share content with Foxtel’s production department and Foxtel’s production department to deliver commissioned content to other parties. The purpose of the Publicity Portal is to replace the DVD delivery service where previously Foxtel publicity made DVD copies of key programs and posted them to journalists for review. Both these portals are now part of our daily workflow.” Silver Trak’s Media Room smart media storage, management and delivery service is used by some of Australia’s largest free to air broadcasters, streaming companies and content providers including Foxtel, Transmission Films and Entertainment One. Media Room addresses the specific needs of any broadcaster, production house, post production house or distributor who has media assets they want to store, manage and deliver from the convenience of any web connected device. In simple terms it gives the user 100% control over their assets and the ability to use Silver Trak’s services such as QC, file storage or Aspera fasp™ high speed data transfers without paying any licence fees and without leaving the comfort of their seat. Thorley continued, “When we did our evaluation and assessment of available systems on the market we found that Media Room met our objectives. Media Room is also particularly easy to use.” At Foxtel when using the Production Portal ‘rough cuts’ are sent from external production house to Foxtel’s internal production team for review and approval, then stored and archived. In the Publicity Portal ‘screeners’, promos, and synopsis are shown and incorporated into a campaign at Foxtel Publicity which is then made available to other external parties to view online. Thorley added, “Media Room has been custom-built to Foxtel’s requirements and meets our needs. Media Room is simple to use and as it is completely outsourced, does not require additional hardware or storage.” Media Room’s latest feature is the system’s unique per-campaign per-delivery watermarking solution which enables users to upload their own watermarks and apply them in campaigns and deliveries. This new level of security sits alongside the already successful HLS-encrypted screeners and passcode protection offered by Media Room. Media Room’s offering doesn’t end with storage and management of media assets. The system has been designed to allow for assets to be viewed in customised ‘media rooms’ where users can decide on access and viewing rights thereby enabling a personalised viewing service for their clients. Once viewed the assets can also be delivered anywhere in the world at the click of a button. Assets are automatically transcoded into five proxies and data selection is automated for any browser enabling a superior viewing experience irrespective of viewing device or speed of Internet access. Silver Trak MD Christian Christiansen said, “Media Room works so well for Foxtel because it is unlike any other asset management and delivery service. We developed Media Room in-house, in Australia and it is still fully owned by an Australian company. There is no charge to upload or populate your own Media Room and aside from your small monthly subscription, you only pay when you use any of Media Room or Silver Trak’s services. All assets are stored redundantly and all are easily accessible at anytime. This means Foxtel, indeed all of our clients, many of whom are dealing with their own international clients, can upload, view, amend and deliver those assets 24/7. No one need be restricted any longer by office hours, plane schedules or expensive courier deliveries. Also all assets are all QC’d via the industry-renowned Interra Baton system with the QC reports readily available. When you’re ready you can send proxies as well as the high res assets using the infrastructure we’ve built on the world-class and industry standard Aspera platform. It really is as easy as that.” Media Room allows the seamless flow of content between Foxtel’s external partners and Foxtel’s production team. This is something Thorley sees as a bonus as she concluded, “The seamless flow of content enabled by Media Room saves us time and money, which has helped us to be more efficient. Media Room also allows the creation of programming campaigns and distribution to external publicity parties with the added bonus of easily viewed usage statistics. In addition, Silver Trak's sales, service and support that backs up Media Room is excellent.” TSheets Gives Business Owners an Edge with Connected, Cloud-Based Solutions 2015-08-26T13:27:11Z tsheets-gives-business-owners-an-edge-with-connected-cloud-based-solutions Cloud-based business management solutions, software that allows employees to access information from anywhere, anytime and from any device, are here to stay. TSheets, an employee timesheet app, today announced that is is the latest cloud-based software to position an office on O’Connell Street in Sydney, partnering with other local apps to enhance business efficiency and profitability. While cloud-based business solutions such as Intuit Australia,Receipt Bank, andAsset Guru are already helping small businesses not just survive but thrive with business and financial management tools; TSheets has joined these best-of-breed tools to fill a critical gap. By using TSheets, small businesses are able to accurately track time for mobile employees, saving significantly on payroll expenses (4-8% on average) and accurately capture labour hours for job costing. According to Clayton Oates, Chief Solutions Officer at QA Business and Australian thought leader in technology and accounting, “Accounting technology has a promise to keep, and that is to help small and medium businesses create efficiency through a connected, streamlined world. New cloud software is making all that possible, and choosing a core accounting engine and the right third-party software partners will help you get there.” For business owners (and small business owners in particular), choosing wisely when it comes to third-party software partners and tools can make all the difference. With tight margins and rigorous competition, cloud-based solutions work smarter instead of harder to give businesses an edge. Intuit’s research into the practices and tools that help businesses succeed or fail indicates that of the almost 300,000 new businesses that opened in Australia during 2010-11, one in four closed in the first year — and only half were still open for business three years later. A third of these businesses (32%) were forced to close due to financial mismanagement, and 12% because of inadequate or inaccurate records. “TSheets’ services have always transcended U.S. borders. We have over 10,000 customers that are headquartered in over 53 countries. Since making the decision to expand our offices globally, it’s been our focus to truly connect with accountants, bookkeepers, small business owners and employees on their home turf,” says TSheets CEO Matt Rissell. “We don’t simply want to offer our time tracking service to Australian-based companies — we’re committed to hiring our staff from the local job market, partnering with the best local apps to bolster our offering and listening and responding to the needs of small businesses in the community.” While TSheets already boasts an impressive 1300+ 5-star reviews on, the tech company’s decision to build a home in Australia was led by Rissell's vision of an employee timesheet solution that addresses not only the global issues of accurate time tracking but also the unique needs of a particular community. For Australian business owners and employees, this means both targeted local support and partnership opportunities and new options for keeping business running smoothly. Boilerplate: TSheets is an online timesheet solution designed by real business people to work in real life conditions. TSheets provides the tradies industry and businesses everywhere with an easy-to-use employee interface, real-time GPS tracking and labour costing, detailed reporting and a seamless QuickBooks Online integration - all while saving administrator time on payroll. TSheets accurately tracks employee work hours via computers, smartphones, tablets and Twitter, enabling employees to enter their time from the field and on the job, using the mobile device they already have. For businesses who work in teams? TSheets offers a Crew App, designed specifically for supervisors to clock entire crews in/out from their smartphone. To learn more about TSheets or to get in touch with the O’Connell Street office, visit Galvin Machined Castings Announces Website Re-Launch 2015-08-26T07:29:45Z galvin-machined-castings-announces-website-re-launch Galvin Machined Castings, a business unit of Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd, haslaunched the redesign of their website  The new website provides clients, members and visitors to the site, a deeper insight into the specialised casting and machining services that GMC offers. “Our new website highlights GMC’s core competency of delivering premium quality machined castings to world best companies, said Chris Galvin CEO of Galvin Engineering.  Our long standing clients trust us to handle the fast turnaround, small batch and technically challenging work, that is not suited to the larger or offshore foundries.  We believe this website redesign will help inspire confidence in other leading companies who require local professional foundry and machine services.  The website also demonstrates the wide variety of work we excel at – from Eccles Muff Couplings, PumpEng submersible pump impellers to artwork for Sculptures by the Sea; we are passionate about it all.” The revamped site features an updated look with enhanced features, including easier navigation, detailed foundry capacity and machining capabilities, videos and the opportunity to engage with specialists at Galvin Machined Castings. Visit to experience the redesigned website and obtain a free quote.     About Galvin Machined Castings (GMC) is a Perth, Western Australian based foundry and machining facility that has over 80 years' experience in making ferrous and non-ferrous machined castings for the mining, pump, plumbing, transport, and engineering industries. Castings are finished to client specifications on sophisticated CNC machines in a modern machine shop. GMC is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, offers drawing, pattern and 3D printing capabilities, and has offshore manufacturing operations. GMC provides total support from design, through to continued after sales support, and a team of highly trained technical staff ensure clients receive their products fast and hassle free - the first time! Diploma of Project Management BSB51415 Online Course 2015-08-26T07:06:08Z diploma-of-project-management-bsb51415-online-course What exactly is a diploma of project management? In our modern day world employers have a need to let employees manage and control projects within their businesses. Project Management Courses and specifically Online Project Management Courses like that offered by Tri Training are a great way to achieve that goal. No matter what the line of business is the employee will be given the knowledge and skills he/she will require to plan and manage the projects the organization will become involved in. That is always an invaluable asset to any company. The benefits to both the employee and the firm are incalculable. Generally an Online Project Management courses will cover the following: ·       Quality control ·       Team leadership ·       Human resources ·       Team management ·       Cost management  The Project Management Courses will most likely open doors into job opportunities that you would never have otherwise. These positions (even within your present company) could be as a project coordinator, a manager, an administrator, or possibly event and conference coordinators. The courses usually run over a 12 month or 2 semester period. You should be at least 17 years old with a 12 year school certificate. To obtain a diploma of project management you can also have credits for skills and experience that you have already acquired through previous working history. The two semesters would typically be divided into a series of courses of six subjects each. The first semester would cover human resources, time, information and communication, scope, quality and costs. The second would cover procuring the project, integrating it, engaging the stakeholders, managing meetings, managing your personal work priorities and your professional development and project risk. There are many reasons to take these courses online. You will be in your own comfort zone. You have a dedicated teacher for real one-on-one training. There are no travel inconveniences at all. You can work at your own pace that fits into your schedule. You will have a nationally recognized certificate or diploma when you are done. To sum it up you really cannot go wrong if you want to super charge your career and step up to the plate for higher salaries and more control over your future. As we go through life we will get many chances to make ourselves and our lives better. Taking one of these Project Management Courses can do just that for you. So what are you waiting for? Get online now and sign up for your exciting new career! Looking to progress your career? Find out more from Tri Training online college today about the Diploma of Project Management BSB51415 Online Course. Flexible enough of even the busiest of lifestyles.  Tri Training provides a number of online courses for students around Australia.  Contact Tri Training today for more information: (07) 5646 5142 BSI obtains first global accreditation for ISO 9001:2015 2015-08-26T05:56:24Z bsi-obtains-first-global-accreditation-for-iso-9001-2015 BSI, the business standards company, is the first certification body to receive official global accreditation status from the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) for the new Quality Management Standard, ISO 9001:2015. To gain accredited status, BSI’s transition process and auditor training to the new standard have been independently assessed to ensure it operates at the highest level of quality and service.  This provides assurance to clients that the certificates issued to them, once the new standard is published, are both credible and impartial. BSI can now carry out audits to the new version of the standard meaning organizations can begin their transition process. The new ISO 9001:2015 has been revised to take into account today’s dynamic and globally interconnected world. Some of the key changes include: - Greater emphasis on building a management system suited to each organization’s particular needs- A requirement that those at the top of an organization be involved and accountable, aligning quality with wider business strategy- Risk-based thinking throughout the standard makes the whole management system a preventive tool and encourages continuous improvement - Less prescriptive requirements for documentation: the organization can now decide what documented information it needs and what format it should be in- Alignment with other key management system standards through the use of a common structure and core text Marc Barnes, Managing Director of BSI Group ANZ said “ISO 9001 is the world’s most popular management system standard. Being the first Certification Body to attain accreditation is a testament to our profile as thought leaders in international compliance standards”.  BSI is here to help our clients transition to the new standard, embedding the latest best practice into your organizations and enabling them to take advantage of the additional benefits as early as possible. Find out more about the 2015 revision  Media enquiries: BSI Marketing Department:Ph: +61 02 8877 7131 Email: News release - World's first LEGO Ninjago live show opens today 2015-08-25T03:54:29Z lego-ninjago-media-release THE FIRST EVER LEGO NINJAGO™ LIVE SHOW DEBUTS AT LEGOLAND MALAYSIA RESORTNUSAJAYA, August 25 2015 – For the first time in history, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort has made it possible for guests to enter the world of Ninjago™ with a live show entitled LEGO ‘Ninjago and The Realm of Shadows’. The puppet style show is inspired by the hit TV series based on the extremely popular ‘Ninjago – Masters of Spinjitsu’ and will be brought to life on stage with puppetry, video mapping, illusion, stage effects, all the characters, and music. The 20 minute show will feature a total of six puppets, each standing at approximately 1.2 meters in height with every puppet carefully crafted and hand built by specialists. Scripted by award-winning Hollywood movie writers Kevin and Dan Hageman (who also wrote The LEGO Movie and the Ninjago™ TV series), the show has been created by an international team from seven countries. LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort General Manager Mark Germyn said, “We are very proud to be the first LEGOLAND Park in the world to launch this attraction, and especially something of this scale. I’ve seen the work that goes behind the scenes, and we know that our visitors are in for a real treat – the mixture of technology with traditional Bunraku style puppetry is quite innovative and the storyline should be a thrill for the children.”   The original series is set in the fictional world of Ninjago where the land is divided between Ninjago and the Dark Island, where the Overlord resides. It has an underworld, where beings of evil like Lord Garmadon and the Skullkins, dwell, together with sacred places where many things are hidden or forgotten. When the fate of their world is challenged by great threats, it's up to the Ninjago warriors to defend their land at all cost. This storyline was shown in the new 10 episode series that aired in 2015, while the live show will round it off by being the ‘lost’ or 11th episode in the season. In this live show, the Ninjas – Kai, Nya, Zane, Cole, Jay and Lloyd – are on a mission to protect Bandit, a YinYang Dragon, who will one day grow up to be a powerful Light Dragon. The audience and the Ninjas must work together to protect Ninjago from the evil Clouse and his Shadow Minions who want to steal Bandit and plunge Ninjago into the Realm of Shadows. An attraction set to take every LEGO Ninjago™ fanatic on a journey, be prepared to be in awe and watch how the Ninjago warriors battle and overcome the forces of evil with teamwork and wit. The lessons to be brought home from this show are truly inspirational.   LEGO Ninjago™ and The Realm of Shadows will open to the public at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort on 28 August 2015 at the air-conditioned LEGO City Stage and will be shown daily.About LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort The LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort brings together a LEGOLAND Theme Park, Water Park and Hotel in one LEGO® themed location. It is a family holiday destination with more than 70 hands-on rides, slides, shows and attractions and designed for families with children aged 2-12. It’s the first of its kind in Asia and offers adventure, education and fun for action-packed day trips or short break destination.About Merlin Entertainments MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS plc is the leading name in location-based, family entertainment. Europe’s Number 1 and the world’s second-largest visitor attraction operator, Merlin now operates 109 attractions, 12 hotels/4 holiday villages in 23 countries and across 4 continents. The company aims to deliver memorable and rewarding experiences to its almost 63 million visitors worldwide, through its iconic global and local brands, and the commitment and passion of its managers and c26,000 employees (peak season).  Merlin currently has thirteen attractions in Asia including Madame Tussauds in Bangkok, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Wuhan, China; the fantastic LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort with its theme park, hotel and water park; world leading aquaria in Busan, Bangkok and Shanghai, - underlining the company’s position as the world’s biggest global aquarium operator; LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan; with one more to open in 2015 in Istanbul.   New LEGOLAND Parks will also open in Dubai in 2016 and Japan and South Korea in 2017.  Visit for more information.About Themed Attractions Resorts & Hotels Sdn. Bhd. Themed Attractions Resorts & Hotels Sdn. Bhd., (formerly known as Cameron Highlands Holdings Sdn. Bhd.) is an investment holding company incorporated to develop, manage and operate hospitality and attraction destinations in Malaysia. Established by the Malaysian Government’s strategic investment fund, Khazanah Nasional Berhad, TAR&H serves as a catalyst for the leisure and tourism industry by bringing premier world-class hotels, resorts, golf courses and attractions to the region. Its current key investment portfolio comprises of Desaru Coast - Malaysia’s first integrated luxury destination, LEGOLAND® Malaysia - the sixth LEGOLAND in the world and the first in Asia, KidZania Kuala Lumpur & KidZania Singapore - an indoor family education and entertainment centre, Puteri Harbour South – a quay side lifestyle retail and family entertainment complex, SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN – the first of its kind outside of Japan, Little Big Club – a single themed attraction that is home to five popular global characters and Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour at the luxury waterfront of Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya, along with the award winning The Datai Langkawi and the first Els Club in Southeast Asia – The Els Club Teluk Datai in Langkawi. The Els Club Malaysia will add two more championship golf courses to its stable with the opening of The Els Club Desaru Coast and The Els Club Desaru Valley, both located in Desaru Coast.    Working with renowned global and local partners and brands, TAR&H aims to be the leading Leisure & Tourism Group bringing world-class destinations to South East Asia, creating over 1,500 jobs.   Uno Jobs tackling Youth Unemployment during National Skills Week 2015-08-24T09:32:17Z uno-jobs-tackling-youth-unemployment-during-national-skills-week William Stubley                   For Immediate Release: 26/8/15 Year 13 Ph: 0420 233 095 UNO Jobs - The new jobs website that industry leaders are in love with. ATTN: Strictly embargoed until 9am, Wednesday 26th August. A week after its launch, UNO Jobs has made quite the impression on job seekers and businesses alike. Created by Year 13, an industry leader in post-school and education consultancy, UNO Jobs fills a large gap in Australia’s current job market. Purpose built to match the best young talent with business needs, UNO Jobs operates as the middleman who understands both Australia’s youth, and the business world. Powered by Year 13, Uno Jobs was described by Rod Camm, CEO of the Australian Council For Private Education And Training (ACPET) as ‘an important, new approach to online resourcing for post school options that specialises in providing information and services on Apprenticeships, Gap Year Programs, Job Vacancies, Studying, Money Advice, Internships and the fun of life after school.’ From an extremely qualified expert on Australia’s job market, this is incredibly high praise. With so many businesses struggling to find the right talent to fill their needs, UNO Jobs is built in a way whereby job seekers have to build an extensive profile that creates an employability map. Potential employers can request UNO Jobs to only match their jobs with specific skills, certificates or educational qualifications. No longer do employers have to sift through countless irrelevant applications in the hope of finding a match to their needs. The response from industry leaders in the last week has been truly incredible; Group Training Australia’s CEO James Barron offered his thoughts on Year 13 & UNO jobs this week, saying, ‘Year 13 is becoming more and more relevant and necessary in today’s youth labour market.’ Becoming a necessity for businesses and job seekers is the ultimate goal for UNO Jobs, to have such sterling endorsements from two respected industry leaders only serves to show the inroads UNO Jobs has made in such a short time. UNO Jobs couldn’t be happier with how job seekers and businesses have responded to their first week online. The team has been helping numerous businesses understand the Australian youth job market and how to best leverage UNO Jobs’ experience. UNO Jobs implores any business that are struggling to find the right talent to get in contact, finding the leaders of tomorrow, today, is imperative for the success of any business. For more information, visit the website at Media Contact: William Stubley,,  Aussie solar car startup to showcase in Vegas 2015-08-24T06:59:14Z aussie-solar-car-startup-to-showcase-in-vegas Melbourne-based electric vehicle technology startup EVX ( has announced it will be exhibiting its scaled down model custom solar car and spin-off technologies at the world’s largest automotive speciality parts trade show in the world, the SEMA Show 2015 (Speciality Equipment and Marketing Association) ( at Las Vegas Convention Center, USA in November. The SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from around the world from more than 100 countries. EVX is a collaboration with the leading electric vehicle R&D group at Swinburne University of Technology and experienced local engineers who have designed and produced award winning solar racing cars. The engineering team at EVX is led by electric vehicle expert Dr Clint Steele. Co-Founder & CEO of EVX Barry Nguyen said “Without government funding so far, we have made significant progress in our R&D and getting closer to turn our ambitious vision into a reality. With the strong leadership of Dr Clint Steele, we have succeeded in keeping our approach lean through working with final year engineering students and new graduate engineers. ” Unlike the soulless and impractical nature of solar racers which have appeared in the World Solar Challenge for the past 25 years, EVX claims their solar car ‘The Immortus’ will be aesthetically pleasing, have true sports car performance and be able to make drivers completely independent, so they don’t need to rely on service stations in certain environmental conditions. “The Immortus is a limited edition bespoke sports car powered by the sun - a world first in this category. Inspired by the world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies, the Immortus is designed to exhibit a toughness that no other car has: endurance.” Whilst designing the solar car technology platform, EVX has identified several innovations which has global commercialisable potential. This includes: - A hybrid retrofit kit concept - enabling current petrol cars, light trucks and fleet vehicles to be converted from being petrol powered to plug-in hybrid. In addition, the kit can increase acceleration after braking and turn 2 wheel drive vehicles into all wheel drive. - Lightweight air cooled battery box with multi-industry applications. - Regenerative shock absorber technology - recharging batteries from absorbing the bumps on the road with also multi-industry applications. “The hybrid retrofit kit concept has recently attracted interest from a prominent Melbourne-based OEM auto parts manufacturer. We look forward to exhibiting at the SEMA trade show to develop new global partnerships, seek further customer feedback and attract pre-sales for our breakthrough products. ” says Nguyen.   Below is the latest render of The Immortus. Bibby Financial Services launches Trade Finance offering 2015-08-24T06:56:48Z bibby-financial-services-launches-trade-finance-offering Sydney, Australia, 22 August 2015:Australian businesses are missing out on trade opportunities because of cash flow challenges or bank security requirements, according to Bibby Financial Services, the largest global specialist provider of debtor finance and invoice discounting services.   Mark Cleaver, Managing Director, Bibby Financial Services Australia and New Zealand, said: “Bibby has been researching cash flow in Australian businesses since 2011. We know that businesses of all sizes struggle to manage cash flow and that a ‘cash crunch’ can be an impediment to growth. Unfortunately, Australian businesses are missing opportunities and it’s a hidden cost to the economy. In response, Bibby has introduced a trade finance solution for SMEs wanting to purchase goods for which they have confirmed orders. With our trade finance solution, businesses can now confidently explore opportunities with local and international suppliers and significantly enhanced their buying power.”   The solution couples a purchase facility to cover the upfront costs of an order with an invoice finance solution, which provides an advance against the customer invoice, part of which liquidates the purchase facility. Unlike the typical letter of credit or business loan, Bibby’s trade finance facility does not require real estate security and the funding is scalable – growing in line with sales and orders.   In its 30 years’ experience financing trade across 16 countries, Bibby has learnt that business owners prefer, where possible, to avoid putting up real estate as security – particularly the family home. “Despite surging house prices in Australia, many business owners are not comfortable with providing real estate to secure business funding. There’s an understandable desire to protect the gains from rising real estate prices,” added Cleaver.   “Bibby’s trade finance solution will benefit importers, for whom the falling Australian dollar is causing margin pressure. Unlocking additional buying power can help support import businesses with the opportunity to secure goods at more favourable exchange rates or where there are discounts available,” added Cleaver.   “By financing trade purchases, Australian businesses can achieve preferential status with suppliers, pursue larger and higher margin opportunities and maintain a healthy cash flow. Trade finance significantly reduces credit risk and the impact of a long buying cycle, particularly common with importers,” said Cleaver.   “Having assisted clients with their upfront purchasing power, Bibby is also able to provide clients with debtor finance, by advancing funding against invoices and providing reliable cash flow in an end-to-end supply chain funding solution for clients.   “After several years of below trend growth in business lending, Bibby is seeing an increase in borrowing activity. A third of businesses are borrowing to fund growth and more than one in five will borrow to fund innovation projects. Both indicators have increased from July 2014, which is an encouraging sign, showing businesses are investing in the future and are more proactive in driving growth. These growth and innovation projects often involve new suppliers and markets. By utilising trade finance, SMEs can leverage opportunities while mitigating risks, such as the impact of purchases on cash flow, chasing payment, and foreign exchange,” concluded Cleaver.