The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-06-30T13:21:56Z Bluechip Infotech Becomes a Netwrix Distributor in Australia 2015-06-30T13:21:56Z bluechip-infotech-becomes-a-netwrix-distributor-in-australia Netwrix Corporation has expanded its presence in the Australia by partnering with distributor, Bluechip Infotech. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, Bluechip Infotech will now deliver complete visibility into all IT infrastructures by presenting Netwrix Auditor solutions to the Australia market.  Bluechip Infotech was established in 2001, focuses on delivering the latest IT products to a wide channel base while maintaining a dedicated commitment to first class service.  “Netwrix is part of our process to build out our Enterprise security solutions and we were very pleased to be approached by a global leader in the auditing space”. Phil Lancaster, Enterprise Director at Bluechip IT adds “Security, and more specifically audit data is behind most security certifications and has shown the benefit of standard use in the data center, Netwrix has a very strong offering from MSP through to Enterprise and already has strong interest from our partners” “We are very excited to have established our relationship with Bluechip IT who will assist us to expand our partner network across Australia. This partnership will provide our Australian customers with better service and will help them maintain security and ensure compliance across all IT infrastructures.” said Dan Ode, Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand. About Netwrix Corporation Netwrix Corporation, the #1 provider of change and configuration auditing solutions, delivers complete visibility into who did what, when and where across the entire IT infrastructure. This strengthens security, streamlines compliance and optimizes operations. Founded in 2006, Netwrix is named to the Inc. 5000 list and Deloitte Technology Fast 500. Netwrix software is used by 160,000 users worldwide. For more information, visit Why ignoring technology is not an option 2015-06-30T02:22:16Z why-ignoring-technology-is-not-an-option Why ignoring technology is not an option Insurance companies must invest in technology solutions that speed up customer service or risk being overrun by more efficient and e-savvy competitors, OnBase Country Manager Bob Dunn warns. “Technology is helping companies better adhere to industry regulations by automating tasks that halve the time of completing claims processing,” Mr Dunn said. “It also allows employees to access documents 24/7 leading to better business performance and happier customers. “Gone are the days where problems were fixed by hiring more people or adding more people to complete manual processes. This in the long runs leads to increased costs and opportunities for human error to occur.” Mr Dunn said the Australian insurance industry had made strong steps in embracing the technology revolution, yet there were still cracks of inefficiencies in companies where technology could provide the solution.   “OnBase research has revealed companies that invest in technology enjoy up to 20 per cent increased profitability, which can be attributed to more efficient processes and better customer service,” Mr Dunn said. He also warned that implementing technology in business processes could no longer be a choice for insurance businesses, as competition within the industry was gaining momentum. “Most companies at the forefront of the industry have already integrated technology into their business processes to position their customers as their number one priority,” Mr Dunn said. “Companies that have better customer service currently hold the competitive advantage, but if business procedures are not as advanced as those at the forefront, that advantage will quickly transfer to companies that do. “In the insurance market, it’s very clear that it won’t be the big that eat the little, rather, it’ll be the fast who eat the slow.  “The Australian insurance sector is becoming increasingly competitive, and those who survive are the companies that are going to have efficient technology processes in place,” Mr Dunn said. About OnBase by Hyland OnBase is a flexible enterprise content management (ECM) solution that helps organisations manage documents and data to streamline business operations. Integrating with everyday business applications, OnBase provides instant access to critical information when you need, wherever you are. It is tailored for departments and comprehensive for the enterprise. OnBase gives you what you need today and evolves with you over time whether deployed via mobile, cloud or on-premises.  For more information, please visit   - ENDS -   PCB 130A24 ICP® Water Resistant Array Microphone and preamplifier 2015-06-29T23:03:36Z -207 A new 1/2" (12mm) microphone and preamplifier system, model 130A24, is available from PCB Piezotronics, Inc. This array microphone is for use in applications where moisture, oil splash and contamination are a concern. Typical applications include brake and tyre noise, industrial machinery noise, environmental noise, leak detection and general purpose acoustic tests. The phase characteristics of this microphone are tailored for noise source location applications such as holography, beamforming, acoustic cameras and sound pressure mapping. Model 130A24 has a proprietary, replaceable water and dust resistant cover. This acoustically transparent protective cover provides a less obtrusive alternative to windscreens and more consistent response than rubber covers. This array microphone is equipped with a rugged stainless steel grid cap similar to those used on high end condenser microphones. The 130A24 has a wide dynamic range, from 30 dBA to 150 dB, and is a cost effective alternative to PCB® 's 378 series. Although the 130A24 is optimised for flat response in a free-field, its small size also provides excellent response in pressure and diffuse field applications. PCB carries a full complement of prepolarised and externally polarised condenser microphones and preamplifiers. Prepolarised microphones use standard coaxial cables and are ICP® compliant, allowing power supplies to be shared with other ICP® compliant products such as accelerometers. This interchangeability can result in a significant per-channel cost savings as well as reduce test set-up time. The 130A24 microphone is A2LA and ILAC accredited. Like all PCB products, it comes with a "Total Customer Satisfaction" guarantee. This microphone is available for immediate shipment. For additional information please visit PCB® 1/2" Water and Dust Resistant, Free-field, Prepolarized, Array Microphone and Preamplifier System (Model 130A24) Discuss your needs with our Industrial team . Phone free callPh. AUS 1800 251 799 and NZ 0800 651 700Website: About PCB Piezotronics, Inc. PCB Piezotronics, Inc. is a global manufacturer of  microphones, vibration, pressure, force, torque, load, and strain sensors, as well as the pioneer of ICP® technology. This instrumentation is used for test, measurement, monitoring, and control requirements in automotive, aerospace, industrial, R&D, military, educational, commercial, OEM applications, and more. John Morris Industrial proudly stands behind PCB products, a best in class warranty and the industry's only commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction.  Visit us at   Peer Communication At Teknowledge Gets The WhatsApp Edge 2015-06-29T07:50:13Z peer-communication-at-teknowledge-gets-the-whatsapp-edge From professional executives and movie crew members, to people with common interests and old friends and colleagues - people from diverse spheres are turning to WhatsApp groups to stay in touch with each other. Teknowledge Mobile Studio, the multiple award-winning cross-platform mobile app company, is the latest to jump on this bandwagon. An informal WhatsApp group for the Teks employees had been formed about six months back - and it has now become the preferred mode of interaction among people working at the company. Interestingly titled as ‘Teks Freaks’, the in-house Whatsapp group of Teknowledge serves up multiple advantages. Foremost among them, according to Mr Fakhruddin (the CEO of the company) is the boost to teamwork. The group has made it extremely easy for the Android/iOS app developers to keep each other updated - while working on a common project. Important discussions between the developers, testers and mobile UI/UX designers are also carried out in the group. According to well-placed sources within the company, developers can share their daily scrum in the Whatsapp Group too! The growing popularity of ‘Teks Freaks’ and the fact that everyone at Teknowledge own smartphones have helped the company expand its work-hours. According to Mr. Fakhruddin, Teknowledge is not a regular 10-to-7 company, and the WhatsApp group has made it possible for him to contact multiple employees at practically any time. The app developers can also interact and chalk out their coding plans on this virtual platform. It is certainly a more effective technique than simply exchanging emails. Not everything about ‘Teks Freaks’ is work-related though. It had been initially created as a channel for informal bonding of the employees - something that is not always possible in an office environment. Even now, specific app-related topics form only a small fraction of the total conversations in the WhatsApp Group. Puzzles, brain teasers, trick questions, and general awareness tidbits are shared by the members regularly. Anyone is free to answer questions and/or send teasers of their own. Professional mobile app development experts need to be a sharp, well-informed lot - and ‘Teks Freaks’ is an interesting way of ensuring that. The fun-quotient of the Teks Whatsapp Group does not end with text conversations either. A team of iPhone app developers informed that photos and short videos are also often shared in ‘Teks Freaks’ - often by the CEO himself, or other senior personnel. ‘Teks Freaks’ reaches its liveliest best during weekends - when hilarious one-liners, jokes, punchlines and other such fun stuff is shared around. A fair bit of good-humored leg-pulling also goes on in the group, as some of the employees at Teks testified. Mr. Fakhruddin deserves all the credits for conceptualizing this instant chat group, and then making it the virtual hub of all interactions in his company. He makes it a point to take out time from his hectic daily schedule to contribute to ‘Teks Freaks’ (most other members feel that he is the biggest contributor in the group). The entire maintenance of the group is also handled by the CEO. Right from inviting new recruits to ‘Teks Freaks’, to monitoring the type of posts that are being shared - Mr. Fakhruddin does them all. If anything, he enjoys having casual chitchats with his team, unrelated to app development projects. ‘Teks Freaks’ is not like the scores of WhatsApp groups where only a handful of members do all the ‘talking’, while the others remain passive. Over here, everyone actively participates - including the ones who are fairly new at the company. From the eager, expressive ones to the quiet introverts - everyone takes part in the discussions. Many friendships among peers have also struck up through this WhatsApp Group. Mr. Fakhruddin had conceived ‘Teks Freaks’ as a platform for icebreaking and team-building. Clearly, the group has already become more than that. Making a difference in the field of mobile app development has always been Teks’ motto - and this value proposition is reflected in the name of the WhatsApp group of the company. The members of the group do justice to the name ‘Teks Freaks’ - by sharing only the most interesting, most important, most hilarious things on the platform. Being freaky in a good way, that’s what ‘Teks Freaks’ allows them to do. Creating WhatsApp groups for solely work-related purposes is nothing new. ‘Teks Freaks’, however, stands out from most other similar groups due to the sheer variety of topics that are discussed here. Mr. Fakhruddin believes that everyone at Teks should be able to express themselves - and this group has proved to be an ideal channel for that. A roaring success, one might say. Go to to find out more about Teknowledge Software. If you wish to know more about the workflow at the company, send emails to or call 91-33-40649087. The ‘Teks Freaks’ group has done wonders to foster the spirit of togetherness among those working at the company. It’s hardly surprising that the group members refer to themselves as the ‘Teks Family!’ New Painting Pros of Brisbane Covering All Suburbs 2015-06-29T02:32:09Z new-painting-pros-of-brisbane-covering-all-suburbs Painters Pros in Brisbane, is locally owned and operated. It's their priority to give customers undivided attention and focus when quoting on any residential or commercial painting work.  Painting staff and painting contractors are carefully screened to ensure only trade quality workmanship.  Able to handle almost any residential or commercial painting job, Brisbane Painters will send one of their staff members out to you, to discuss in detail any particular painting requirement. If the paint on your walls peeling, if your drywall needs patching, or if you're in need of exterior house painting, the painters in Brisbane will be able to help. The residential painters offer interior house painting as well as exterior house painting services. That means that no matter what you need painted in your home, they can meet your needs. Their residential painting professionals offer homeowners the highest quality residential house painting services, coupled with professionalism and are able to provide you with the best painting quotes in Brisbane. When the interior of your home needs a touch-up, or the apartments or investment properties you manage need touching up before the next tenant moves in, the painting pros in Brisbane will be send out a fully qualified tradesman to complete the task.  Their services include, Interior and exterior painting for Residential Homes, Apartments, Commercial offices, Building, Move-in/Move-outs and Investment Properties. If its touch-ups you need finished on the internal of your house just before sale or to a full internal repaint of a dwelling you have just bought, the painters of Brisbane can accommodate you with the decorating service you need to fit in with your budget. If you want the paint job on your commercial building to properly reflect what you are trying to communicate about your business, the commercial painting team will be available to protect your investment. Commercial and industrial painting is not simply creating pleasing aesthetics.  The purpose is to also provide a protective finish to prevent expensive damage to your property or business. So, whether it's residential house painting of exterior or interior, or commercial painting,  the painting pros of Brisbane will send qualified painters meet and to discuss your requirements. Covering areas in Brisbane CBD, Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside, West Brisbane and East Brisbane.   After the initial consultation, they'll provide you with one of the most reasonable painting quotes in Brisbane. Website: Painting Quotes Brisbane Coal Finds Smoking Gun in Showdown with Natural Gas and EPA Proposal 2015-06-27T07:43:22Z coal-finds-smoking-gun-in-showdown-with-natural-gas-and-epa-proposal Sheffield Village, OH, June 26, 2015 -- For over a decade the coal mining industry has been in a relentless fight for survival between the natural gas industry and other conventions to produce power and energy for utilities. The question of the day is, “Do we eliminate the coal firedpower industry entirely and all the jobs that go with it or should we improve and perfect it?” Many people like our own President seem to think the solution is to dispose of the “old way” and usher in a new power paradigm. What is easily forgotten is that this nation has relied on the coal industry for countless years, and it has proven to be economically impactful and important to our competitive well-being. Additionally we already have a coal infrastructure that has demonstrated reliability for over 100 years. Environmental awareness is on the rise and with alternative ways to produce energy and fuel, what are our best options? The best most cost effective option may prove to be going back to the drawing board and finding a way to boost the efficiency of using coal. The goal being making it burn cleaner as well as using our ingenuity to make it as environmentally safe as possible while at the same time substantially reducing its overall carbon footprint. Researchers and university professors have pursued the question extensively. Can we make coal more efficient and environmentally safe? It seems as though we can; recent breakthroughs, in the use of coal catalysts, have been taken from the laboratory to the real world and demonstrated to do exactly that. The normal way of burning coal creates a plethora of toxins and hazards and carbon dioxide, but with this recently commercialized and field proven way of coal treatment, the environmental footprint is reduced drastically. It even cuts the CO2 production by as much as 25-27%. Not only does it promote a more healthy environment, it also creates a never before seen increase in energy efficiency, which results in less coal being burned, and saves money for the coal power provider in the process. The reaction begins when the coal is sprayed with a non-toxic water carried catalyst that enhances the natural process by ionization, introducing maximum power into the natural chemical processes generated with burning coal. Because this revolutionary discovery is so cheaply performed, it can be placed in every coal fired plant in America at virtually no cost to the utility companies, and, it even results in overall less coal consumption which means cost savings, for both provider and consumer. By burning less coal and reducing emissions power companies will see an immediate decrease in waste and increase in efficiency, as well as the environmental safety benefits and reduction of the coal industry’s carbon footprint. This proven technology even means our Clean Air Proposal can be more easily achieved for coal fired power companies, allowing hundreds of thousands of Americans to keep their jobs and welcome new opportunities for careers, while revitalizing the coal energy industry in America. This results in giving coal fired power a second wind and saving the taxing payers the astronomical cost of infrastructure investment that a complete power production overhaul would require. With twenty percent reduction in coal consumption and absolutely no combustion loss, and a twenty five percent CO2 reduction, this new smoking gun is the only way for big coal to win the showdown between the new EPA regulations and Natural Gas in America. Do we have to sacrifice our environment to sustain America’s access to inexpensive energy and our quality of life? Not anymore. To find out more on this revolutionary process, and how your state can reduce its carbon footprint and your utility provider can increase efficiencies, while helping coal win the showdown between natural gas and the EPA Proposal, go to Or Call Charlles Bohdy Toll Free 844-les-coal 844-537-2625 email Contact: Charlles Bohdy, Senior Partner Newmax Development Enterprises, LLC 4456 North Abbe Rd #103, Sheffield Village, Ohio, 44035 Toll Free 844-les-coal 844-537-2625info@burnlesscoal.com Loan vs Lease 2015-06-26T03:50:50Z loan-vs-lease Do you want to know the differences between a loan and a lease? Are you wondering what's the best way to finance your next car purchase? Our Loan vs Lease analysis will help you to understand the pros and cons of each method so you can decide what's best for you. At you can use our Information Resources and Free Quote Service to find the very best Car Finance deals for your individual circumstances. How Does A Car Loan Work? A car loan allows someone to borrow the money to buy a car. Car loans are usually secured, which means that the lender (e.g. bank, finance company) uses the car as collateral and registers an interest (also known as an encumbrance) to show others that they are using it as security for the loan. If the car loan is unsecured then the lender does not use the car as security. The Key Benefits Of A Car Loan: Equity – Loans can be much more effective for building equity, which means that once you've paid the loan you have value in the car. Additional payments – Generally, loans give you more flexibility to make additional payments and pay off early. Multi-purpose – With an unsecured loan you can use the loan amount for more than one purpose, for example part of the loan could be used for a car and part could be used to pay off a credit card balance. Financing minus equity - if you are trading in an car which is already financed and you owe more on this loan than the car is worth you may be able to include this minus equity amount in with the new loan for the car that you’re buying. Potential tax benefits* – If you are using the car for business purposes there are various tax benefits potentially available to you in relation to the interest charges that you pay. How Does A Car Lease Work? A lease allows someone to use a car for a given period in return for rental payments. The user of the car does not own the car. The Key Benefits Of A Car Lease: Low Repayments – By financing the GST exclusive price and including a residual value (balloon payment), which offsets an amount until the end of the lease term this can reduce your repayment and frees up more of your cash. Low Deposit – You can get the car that you want with $0 or minimal deposit, so you don't need to tie your cash up in the vehicle. Change Car More Often - By making repayments on a lower amount leasing can give you the option of a shorter payment term so you can change and update your car more often Effective Budgeting - With a maintained lease you can opt to include all scheduled servicing, fuel and maintenance costs, such as registration renewal and replacement tyres within your lease. This means that one repayment covers all of your main running costs enabling you to budget more effectively. Potential tax benefits* – If you are using the car for business purposes there are various tax benefits potentially available to you in relation to the lease payments that you pay. Pay from pre-tax income* – With a novated lease you can pay your lease and maintenance costs out of your pre-tax income and potentially benefit from the tax advantages associated with this.  Find the Best Car Finance Deals No matter whether you decide that a loan or a lease is the best option for you then using the tools and resources at and working with a Qualified Finance Broker can help you to find the very best deals for your individual circumstances. *We strongly recommend that you consult your accountant or tax advisor to confirm the tax benefits available to you prior to entering into any finance agreement. The information provided is not intended to be used as taxation, financial or legal advice. Medical Device Review Gets Tick From Dental Industry 2015-06-26T00:56:41Z medical-device-review-gets-tick-from-dental-industry The report from a comprehensive independent review of medical device regulation has received support from the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products.  “The report’s recommendations identify opportunities to enhance the regulatory frameworks for medical devices by continuing to harmonise the Australian regulatory system with international regulatory frameworks.  This is great news for Australian manufacturers of dental products and will allow them to grow, create jobs and operate sustainably,” said Troy Williams, ADIA Chief Executive Officer. The report, released earlier this week, is one of the most comprehensive into medicines and medical devices regulation.  Undertaken by an independent expert panel and tendered to the Minister for Health, the report makes high level recommendations on the regulatory frameworks for medicines and medical devices, as well as on access to unapproved therapeutic goods in special circumstances. “This report has a strong focus on accelerating entry to the Australian market for new medical technologies.  ADIA welcomes recommendations that seek to expand the pathways by which business can seek marketing approval for a medical device, including making provision for utilisation of assessments conducted by comparable overseas regulators, and for expedited assessments in certain circumstances,” Mr Williams said. ADIA had been concerned that the report may seek to remove the requirement to place low-risk medical devices on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), the list of therapeutic goods that can be lawfully supplied.  ADIA had strongly argued against taking low-risk medical devices off the ARTG in is submission to the review panel and in follow-up discussions.  With respect to this issue, the report has recommended that the Australian Government undertake a review of the range of products currently classified as Class 1 medical devices, with a view to reclassifying products as consumer goods in circumstances where the product poses little or no risk to consumers should it not perform as specified or malfunctions. “The report recognises the dental industry’s view that low-risk medical devices remain on the ARTG as their inclusion provides a number of benefits, such as prompting manufacturers to consider their legal responsibilities to comply with manufacturing, quality, performance and safety standards.  Further, there is recognition that the inclusion of low-risk medical devices on the ARTG facilitates post-market monitoring as there is a record of the device and the sponsor,” Mr Williams said. ADIA commences the process of working with the Australian Government to frame the latter’s response to the report, with the first meeting of ADIA member businesses to discuss this matter being held this week. Ends. BOC and Viridian Glass extend partnership for another decade 2015-06-26T00:31:17Z boc-and-viridian-glass-extend-partnership-for-another-decade Gases and engineering company BOC and Viridian Glass, a division of CSR Building Products, today completed an extension to their long-term partnership after the companies signed a new 10-year supply agreement that will secure the ongoing compressed air, hydrogen and nitrogen gas requirements of Viridian’s Dandenong site, the only float glass manufacturing facility in Australia.   As part of the new agreement, BOC’s nitrogen generator plant in Dandenong, which is connected to Viridian’s site through a pipeline, has received a significant upgrade with capacity increasing by 20 percent to directly support Viridian’s growing production needs.   Hugh Jones, Tonnage Account Manager said BOC is pleased to be supporting Viridian to implement innovative supply solutions that will help keep its manufacturing operations competitive in the global glass manufacturing market.   “BOC and Viridian have worked together in Dandenong for more than 40 years, serving the production demands of the float glass industry in Australia since 1974. This new agreement strengthens our partnership and shows the confidence that both our companies have in the local manufacture of float glass which relies heavily on the reliable supply of nitrogen gas.”   Warren Seal, Viridian’s Supply Chain General Manager said securing long-term supply agreements for its hydrogen and nitrogen gas requirements is critical for Viridian to meet growing demand from the construction market.   “Securing long-term supply arrangements is a key step to improve the efficiency and productivity of our Dandenong facility.  This is a world class site providing enhanced customer service through specialised architectural glass products, shorter lead times relative to imports and extensive product warranties which it can support as the only float glass manufacturer in the region.”   As part of the agreement, BOC will also supply hydrogen from its Altona site and air supplied through an onsite compressor which is vital for the heating and cooling of glass production.   -ENDS-   About BOC:  BOC is a member of The Linde Group which supplies compressed and bulk gases, chemicals and equipment around the globe. The company develops safe, sustainable and innovative solutions for customers in many specialty sectors, heavy industry and medical environments. For more than a century the company's gases and expertise have contributed to advances in industry and everyday life, including steelmaking, refining, chemical processing, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, welding and cutting, food processing and distribution, glass production, electronics and health care. For further information, see   About Linde:In the 2014 financial year, The Linde Group generated revenue of EUR 17.047 bn (USD 17.9 bn), making it the largest gases and engineering company in the world with approximately 65,591 employees working in more than 100 countries worldwide. The strategy of The Linde Group is geared towards long-term profitable growth and focuses on the expansion of its international business with forward-looking products and services. Linde acts responsibly towards its shareholders, business partners, employees, society and the environment – in every one of its business areas, regions and locations across the globe. The company is committed to technologies and products that unite the goals of customer value and sustainable development. For more information, see The Linde Group web site at   About CSR Limited:CSR Limited is a leading building products company in Australia and New Zealand which manufactures and supplies products including Gyprock™ plasterboard, Bradford™ insulation, Cemintel™ fibre cement, Monier™ roof tiles andViridian™ glass in addition to joint ventures including Boral CSR Bricks and Rondo roll formed steel products.  CSR is also a joint venture participant in the Tomago aluminium smelter, located near Newcastle, NSW   Blocks are Selling Fast at Pafumi Rise Land Estate in Landsdale 2015-06-25T07:30:12Z blocks-are-selling-fast-at-pafumi-rise-land-estate-in-landsdale Perth, WA, 25 June 2015 - Pafumi Rise is in Landsdale. It is the latest in a string of successful land estates in Perth suburbs by a company called 4Land Property Group, which also has a successful master planned community in Geraldton. Pafumi Rise has only been on the market a few short months and they are already close to selling out Stage 1.Currently, Stage 1 of Pafumi Rise has only four blocks left for sale. Since Stage 1 is so close to being sold out, 4Land Property Group has already started the earthworks for Stage 2. Retaining walls are fully in place and the earthworks are 85% complete. Stage 2 will consist of 38 blocks and could be on the market as early as next month. Titles for Stage 2 are expected to be available in November. Why is Pafumi Rise Already so Successful?Pafumi Rise is located in Landsdale, situated within Wanneroo. 4Land Property Group has successfully developed house and land packages on three land estates in neighbouring Pearsall. They also have another new land estate in neighbouring Sinagra, called Lago Vista. 4Land Property Group has achieved great success in developing popular estates in the Wanneroo area. They know exactly what to do to ensure that their homeowners are happy with their purchases. They always make sure the area is the kind of place that offers an enjoyable lifestyle with easy access to employment, the Perth CBD, infrastructure and amenities. Landsdale is located approximately 17 km north of the Perth CBD. It provides easy access to the Mitchell Freeway and the Edgewater Train Station. Shopping, schools, restaurants and medical facilities are all within 10 minutes. What is Available in Pafumi Rise Now?Currently, there are only four blocks available in Pafumi Rise. Lot 406 is 450 m2 and costs $333,000. Lot 412 is 451 m2 and costs $353,000. Lot 414 is 517 m2 and costs $365,000. Lot 415 is also 517 m2 and also costs $365,000. These are highly competitive prices for a land estate in Landsdale. Most people experience capital growth shortly after buying a house and land package from 4Land Property Group and nearly all experience capital growth within five years. Perth has been in a slow growth phase for the last year. If Sydney and Melbourne are any indication, Perth could be due for faster growth in the next two years. According to Madeleine McErlain, Marketing Manager for 4Land Property Group: “Pafumi Rise is yet another in a long line of successes for 4Land Property Group. We develop land estates in places you want to live at prices you can afford.”4Land Property Group develops house and land packages on land estates in Perth suburbs. They have been extremely successful with eight different land estates in the Perth area and one in Geraldton. They use exhaustive research to identify areas that are poised for long term capital growth. To learn more about Pafumi Rise in Landsdale or any of their other land estates in the Perth or Geraldton area, call 1300 GO 4LAND or visit their website: Dental Industry Gears Up For Introduction Of New Code 2015-06-24T23:24:25Z dental-industry-gears-up-for-introduction-of-new-code The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) and its members are gearing up for the introduction of a new code of practice that is designed to ensure that decisions on management (including treatment options) for healthcare needs are based on sound clinical evidence, not driven by incentives or other influences. “The new ADIA Code of Practice is all about providing a context for the dental industry’s engagement with dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals. ADIA is working to foster an environment where dental professionals make decisions on patient treatment options free from any undue influence by suppliers of dental products,” said Troy Williams, ADIA Chief Executive Officer.The ADIA Code of Practice is underpinned by the concept that good health incorporates the quality use of therapeutic products which is based on genuine consumer health needs and supported by the ethical conduct of all parties. The quality use of therapeutic products is a concept that enjoys widespread support across Australia’s healthcare sector and means the dentists and dental professionals must:  Select treatment options wisely based on the best available evidence and the patients’ needs;  Choose suitable therapeutic products if this is considered necessary; and  Use therapeutic products safely and effectively. “Insofar as the new ADIA code is concerned, the quality use of therapeutic products principle obliges the dental industry not to engage in a promotional activity that influences a dentist’s or allied oral dental professional’s selection of diagnostic or treatment options in a manner that preferences one treatment pathway over another,” Mr Williams said.The new ADIA Code of Practice was approved by members in November 2014 and comes into force on 1 July 2015. Its origins stem from a 2010 Australian Government initiative to align the codes that exist across the medicines and medical devices sectors.“From the dental industry’s perspective this is a landmark document that aligns its activities with the approach that is common across most other parts of the healthcare sector,” Mr Williams said.Recognising the challenges that a new code presents the dental industry, there are transitional provisions in place which support businesses in meeting the requirements of the new code. ADIA is also convening information sessions to be held nation-wide which allow businesses across the dental industry both understand and comply with the new code.A copy of the current ADIA Code of Practice and supporting information can be found online at Ends. Wood waste legislation boosts green energy industry 2015-06-24T23:19:39Z wood-waste-legislation-boosts-green-energy-industry Rod McInnes, CEO Timber Queensland said this legitimate use of a biomass waste product is a no-brainer for a society that is trying to move away from dirty energy and increase the use of renewable power.   “The waste can only come from legal and responsibly managed forests certified by the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) and the Forest Stewardship Council,” said Rod McInnes.   “It makes common sense to use offcuts, sawdust and bark that is otherwise left as fuel for bushfires or left to rot as fuel for a green energy industry,” he said.   Mr McInnes said that Australia’s tightly regulated and carefully managed native forestry industry will ensure that, as legislated, the use of native forest wood for the primary purpose of generating renewable electricity is not eligible for renewable energy certificates.    “Those who voted against the legislation have nothing to fear, the notion that forests would ever be harvested for biomass is economic nonsense as there is no sense in a sawmiller incurring costs of approximately $140 tonne to purchase, cut, snig, haul and chip a native forest log to receive around $20 tonne for the chip,” he said.   Marc Taintey appointed Rivergum Homes COO 2015-06-24T06:17:05Z marc-taintey-appointed-rivergum-homes-coo NEWS RELEASE         24 June 2015 RIVERGUM APPOINTS NEW CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, LOOKS TO CAPITALISE ON STRONG GROWTH TRAJECTORY   In a move to capitalise on its strong growth trajectory and sharpen its national focus, leading residential building company Rivergum Homes Group has appointed Marc Taintey as its new Chief Operating Officer. In announcing the significant appointment, Rivergum Founder and Managing Director Victor Said said the new position of Chief Operating Officer had been created to ensure the Group is ideally placed to penetrate new markets and increase its presence on the national stage. “Our goal is to become the most innovative, respected and successful building and land development company in Australia and with enormous opportunity on the horizon, we now have the structure to seize the moment and ensure that our greater vision is realised,” Mr Said said. “In Marc Taintey, we have the ideal person to lead the charge. “He has worked closely with me over the past 12 months to strengthen the financial position of the business and refine our strategy. We’ve now actively restructured the business with expert executive and senior management positioned to take the company forward and create employment opportunities whilst further honing our already strong customer service ethos. “And with much of the operational aspects of the business in Mr Taintey’s capable hands, I will have more time to take a ‘bigger picture’ view, particularly in terms of innovation, new products, new markets and further expansion, to the ultimate benefit of our customers.” Mr Taintey, who joined the Adelaide-based company as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in September 2013, will retain his CFO responsibilities when he assumes his new position on July 1, 2015. Adelaide born, raised and educated Mr Taintey is a Chartered Accountant with a proven track record as a Finance Director and CFO in private and public companies. He started his career as a practising accountant at Deloitte, rising to Account Director before serving as CFO at Harcourts International from 2007 to 2012. During this time and as a member of the executive team, he played a pivotal role in helping the organisation to weather the global financial crisis by ensuring core profitability and solvency whilst still expanding internationally. Since returning to his home town to join Rivergum Homes Group, he has helped to reinvigorate the governance of the business while bringing added credibility to internal operations and cementing the company’s reputation for innovation, integrity and delivery. “We’re about to embark on an exciting new chapter,” Mr Taintey said. “Rivergum Homes Group is a prominent brand with enormous growth potential and a powerful entrepreneurial spirit and I’m delighted to be such an integral part of a business with national aspirations. “We’re in great shape and can look ahead confident that the best is yet to come as we cement our market position as a leading and innovative residential builder.”Caption New Rivergum Homes Chief Operating Officer, Marc Taintey, left, with the company's Managing Director, Victor Said   About Rivergum Homes The Rivergum Homes Group is a leading building company servicing wide-ranging property markets in South Australia and Queensland. The company was established in 1994 by Victor Said. Now in its 21st year, the award-winning Rivergum Homes Group is an industry leader renowned for innovative design, exceptional quality, a commitment to excellence through innovation and value for money. For further information please contact: Paul Robinson, O’Rourke PR 0408 855   $5000 donation gives boost to Rockingham PCYC 2015-06-24T04:13:57Z 5000-donation-gives-boost-to-rockingham-pcyc Rockingham Shopping Centre has pledged a $5000 donation this week is support of Rockingham PCYC’s successful Weld to Life Program.The Weld to Life Program is an intervention program for young people who have committed an offence or are at risk of offending. Participants graduate with a Certificate 1 in Metals and Engineering and a Certificate 1 in Wider Opportunities for Work. They learn both the technical and work-ready skills needed to avoid the Juvenile Justice System and transition to an apprenticeship.“It amazing to see how young people’s life are turned around by being in a practical environment where they learn ownership, respect and how to work as a team,” said The Hon Phil Edman MLC, who has been a long term supporter of the program.Weld to Life has an 80% success rate in stopping juvenile repeat offences among participants and received the 2009 Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award. Centre Manager of the Rockingham PCYC, Marilyn Chircop, helps coordinate the program.“The program has a great influence on the young people and this contribution enables us to ensure they have the safe equipment needed to participate in the program,” Marilyn said.The $5000 donation will purchase new overalls, safety boots, equipment and food needed to support the next intake of participants.“We are very excited to be a part of such a worthy and community focused program. Hopefully our support can assist in embedding worthy change for juvenile offenders in our community,” Mr Graham Hahn, Centre Manager at the Rockingham Shopping Centre, said.“I have seen from the beginning the effects this program has on young people’s lives and how much has been achieved through the dedication and passion of those involved. It is great to see this hard work financially supported,” Mr Edman concluded. Vinyl Banners Helping Perth Businesses Increase Visibility 2015-06-24T02:59:28Z vinyl-banners-helping-perth-businesses-increase-visibility Perth, WA, 24 June 2015 - More and more businesses in the Perth area are turning to an old standby to find new customers: vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are not a new item by any means, but seem to be more popular than ever right now. New Technology, Newfound PopularityAs digital printing became a market force, the quality of vinyl banners was sharply increased. Formerly, vinyl banners were basic banners with lettering on a plain background. Digital printing has changed all that. Now, anything that can be photographed can be printed on a banner. This means that design and colour options are infinite.Instead of just lettering or a simple logo, high quality art and artistically attractive company logos can now be easily printed on vinyl banners. Photographic art of the same quality as expensive magazine ads can now be printed, often in life-size proportion, on a large banner.Banners are large enough that they have room for much more than a company name and logo. They can hold a message and product information. They can also hold information that businesses want to convey to prospective customers, depending on the location and purpose of the banner.Banners are UbiquitousA simple walk through a fair, an outdoor event or a trade show is a testament to the popularity of vinyl banners. They are weatherproof and waterproof. They can be seen at sporting events, conferences, open houses, expos and fixed retail locations. Often, retail locations use giant banners to announce sales or even to replace the business sign while it is under repair or being replaced.Banners are DurableBanners are now very durable. Digital printing has produced a new generation of banners that last for years and years if taken care of properly. Usually, as a “rule of thumb,” any vinyl banner will outlast the message that is printed on it. Advertising ImpressionsBecause banners are durable, they provide thousands upon thousands of advertising impressions. The best part: businesses only pay for them once. One reasonably priced banner can produce thousands of advertising impressions over a period of many years. Because people who look at banners usually look at them intentionally, these advertising impressions are of a much higher quality than those from media advertisements.Scott Eaton is the owner of ImagePak Marketing, a provider of promotional products in Perth. According to Mr Eaton: “Over the years, our customers have been extremely satisfied with the results they get from using advertising banners. They are incredibly versatile; they can be used to convey any message you want to send out to the public. They look great, too.”Mr Eaton concluded: “Vinyl banners are an easy, inexpensive way to bring a lot of customers to your business.”ImagePak Marketing provides promotional products to businesses in the Perth area. They carry a full line of flags and banners, including vinyl banners, teardrop banners, flags, pop-up banners and pull up banners. In addition, they carry a full line of promotional items such as personalised mugs, stubby holders and USB flash drives. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: