The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2016-06-23T22:59:22Z WORLDWIDE DEBUT FOR ROAM-e FLYING SELFIE CAMERA’S MAIDEN VOYAGE! 2016-06-23T22:59:22Z worldwide-debut-for-roam-e-flying-selfie-camera-s-maiden-voyage WORLDWIDE DEBUT FOR ROAM-e FLYING SELFIE CAMERA’S MAIDEN VOYAGE! The world’s first affordable flying selfie camera, the ROAM-e, will be unveiled for the first time all around the world simultaneously at on Monday 27th June at 7pm in Los Angeles and 10pm in New York and on Tuesday 28thJune at 3am London, 11am Tokyo and 12 noon in Sydney. This will be the first time the world will be able to see the Roam-e fly. The spectacularly produced video of the ROAM-e flying has been filmed and made under strict security at a secret location somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere that would make the CIA, MI6 and the KGB proud. The video focuses on the ROAM-e being the flying selfie and on the ROAM-e technology and the way it works. It’s all about the SELFIE or rather, it’s all about the ROAM-e!  The ROAM-E Flying Selfie camera can be ordered online now US$399 at or $499 Australian dollars at  TO INTERVIEW ROAM-e  INVENTOR SIMON KANTOR OR IAN DUFFELL email or call Max Markson + 61 412 501 601 also contact Max to receive further information, photos, video footage or to test drive the ROAM-E.  ABOUT THE IOT GROUP LIMITED (Internet of Things)  IOT Group has tapped into global niche markets by adapting and enhancing existing trend products and making them more affordable and useful to consumers. The IOT Group is designing and developing a range of smart wearables, a range of flying selfie drones, augmented reality, virtual reality, home automation products and much more; as we look to create a complete IoT ecosystem over the next 24 months. IOT Group is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:IOT)   Utilising industry specific innovation and our own technology, we’ve created the first facial recognition flying selfie device operated through smartphones and vision control systems, called ROAM-e. With unique follow me truly functionality, a flight time of up to 20 minutes and the capacity to charge in just two hours! You will always capture perfectly uninterrupted panoramic shots with ROAM-e’s 360 degree 1080p HD camera. And you will never miss a moment with ROAM-e’s live streaming capabilities, so the action is always in real time whenever, where ever. ROAM-e is your personal companion who will always be within 5m of you, so you never have to worry about invading anyone’s personal space. Built with the world’s first dual-axis collapsible blades means that ROAM-e’s light, compact and easy to carry and ready for any occasion but most importantly not weigh you down. Selfies have reached new heights!   Outdoor Konnect (OK) is focussed on designing and developing a range of affordable innovative wearable devices, accessories and outdoor products combining the latest technology with unique features. Our devices include a variety of smart watches with some already available through retailers and from our website.   Major Importer of Pumps to Australia Only Does Business with Elite Manufacturers 2016-06-23T03:53:09Z major-importer-of-pumps-to-australia-only-does-business-with-elite-manufacturers Perth, WA, 23 June 2016 - Pump Solutions Australasia is a major importer and distributor of pumps into Australia. They are the Australian importers for Ran Pump, Speck Pumps, Fluid-o-Tech pumps and Filter Technics. They are also the sole WA distributors for Becker pumps. In addition, they are WA distributors for Grundfos pumps, Tsurumi pumps, Verderflex pumps and Flojet pumps. Pump Solutions Australasia was established as Pumps and Services Australia in 1990. Their founder was a migrant engineer from Germany. He was crucial in providing vacuum and hydraulic solutions for many different industries, both in and out of Australia. He would eventually build the first automated vacuum system for the fishing industry, changing the industry forever. The original system is still in place at Geraldton Fish Market.By 2000, they began to diversify and decided to import the finest pumps from around the world. They chose their business partners using the highest standards. They only wanted to do business with manufacturers acknowledged worldwide as the best in their particular niche of the pump industry. In any industry that uses pumping systems, durability, efficiency and reliability are mandatory. Efficiency keeps operating costs down and output up. Durability means the system will last a long time. Reliability means that downtime will be at a minimum. Especially in larger operations such as the mining and wastewater industries, downtime can cost thousands of dollars or have major implications for their owners.Mike Hurlbatt is the owner of Pump Solutions Australasia. According to Mr Hurlbatt: “We have always made high quality and performance our most important criteria when selecting manufacturers to work with. We know our customers are depending upon us, often with multi-million dollar operations, to provide products that are going to last them for a long time and run efficiently with a minimum of downtime.”The result is that Pump Solutions Australasia has found which manufacturers make the best of the various varieties of pumps they carry. For liquid ring vacuum pumps, side channel pumps and centrifugal pumps, their main manufacturer is Speck Pumps. For rotary vane pumps, Fluid-o-Tech pumps are their main source. At Pump Solutions Australasia, they make it a point of pride to import pumps from the manufacturer who makes the best pumps in each niche or variety. According to Mr Hurlbatt:“When we decided to start importing and servicing pumps, we decided we would only handle the best in each business or industry segment. If we had to go to Denmark to obtain the best centrifugal pumps from Grundfos, we were willing to go to Denmark. Today, we import pumps into Australia from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Japan and wherever we have to go to ensure that our clients are receiving the best solutions for their businesses.”Mr Hurlbatt concluded: “We focus on providing the very best products and customer service. It has helped us to the top of our business. It doesn’t get any better than that.”Pump Solutions Australasia imports pumps into Australia from manufacturers around the world. They only choose manufacturers that have developed worldwide reputations for quality, consistency and durability. They are the Australian importers for Speck Pumps, Fluid-o-Tech Pumps, Ran Pump and Filter Technics. To learn more or to talk to a customer service agent, call 1300 793 418 or visit their website: WFC Introduces a Simple Registration Process For General Public 2016-06-21T07:48:07Z wfc-introduces-a-simple-registration-process-for-general-public All types of furnishing requirements can be sufficed in a feasible manner, but registering once with the furniture warehouse would provide you a lot of freebies. It has become more easier to find the several furnishing options without going to visit each & every furniture store. It is quite tough to find the right furnishing option within the limited budget, but still there is a hope is open to the general public. With the occurrence of the suitable furnishing ideas, people of Brisbane are registering at a large scale so they they can get notified for the next clearance sale and other events.                                                     WFC, a renowned furniture warehouse would help you to sign up so that you can receive newsletters about the upcoming event or clearance sale. This way, you can anytime check out the options available to help out the general public by bringing forth discounted furniture range. Brisbane’s largest & the biggest furniture clearance warehouse offers the best way of furnishing your office, home or cafeteria. They are introducing the best quality and collection exclusively for general public who would have never explored such an amazing furnishing option before. As soon they display the furniture clearance sale, you will receive a notification so that allows to access the best discounted range to furnish your home, office or any other commercial place. In no time, it provides you convenience to furnish a place in one shot without worrying about budget. They are displaying all budget options that can be acquired at any point of time during the clearance sale. Heavy discount on all models would give you the best buy option, only if you are seeking suitable furnishing options to enhance every part of your home, including sitting area, bedroom and outdoor lounge.  They are introducing an exclusive range and variety during the clearance sale so that you can have a classy range, especially, for the furnishing purpose of your commercial space as well. If furnishing your home is the only requirement you need to meet or you have been waiting for a long time to launch your own cafe lounge, they would send you a notification about the next furniture clearance sale. Now register by visiting the site of a furniture warehouse so that you can receive the notifications about the furniture clearance sale, venue and date. Visit to know more.  Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers top Choice consumer review for fourth consecutive year 2016-06-20T07:39:55Z ionmax-desiccant-dehumidifiers-top-choice-consumer-review-for-fourth-consecutive-year We are proud to announce that our Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers have topped Choice Consumer Magazine's dehumidifier review for the fourth time in a row! This is the fourth consecutive year that the Ionmax ION632 desiccant dehumidifier has been awarded the coveted top spot of Best Overall Performer, whereas the Ionmax ION612 desiccant dehumidifier was placed third. Choice is a leading consumer advocacy group in Australia that conducts independent testing on products and services for the benefit of Australian consumers. They are Australia's largest source of expert reviews based on unbiased analysis and rigorous testing. The Ionmax dehumidifiers were independently tested along with other dehumidifiers and scored based on several factors including water removal efficiency, energy efficiency, and ease of use.  A dehumidifier helps to reduce indoor moisture levels to help prevent mould and condensation. By lowering indoor humidity levels, dehumidifiers can also help to dust mite populations, heating bills (by drying the air) and creating a more comfortable indoor environment. Less humid air makes heating more efficient and also helps protect fixtures and fittings from damp. As desiccant type dehumidifiers, the Ionmax ION612 and ION632 are capable of removing large amounts of moisture from the air efficiently, and are also able to bring indoor relative humidity (RH) levels to below 40%. The Ionmax ION632 Dehumidifier is designed for performance and ease of use, and ideal for any home and office. Its various features make it an excellent solution to combating humid air and improving indoor air quality. The Ionmax ION612 Dehumidifier helps to efficiently control the humidity of the air. Its quiet operation, energy-saving ability and silver nano technology make it perfect for the home. Both units, especially the ION632, have been widely popular not just for home use, but also for industrial applications. Our customers use our dehumidifiers for basements, office spaces, warehouses, office store rooms, and during renovations. AvailabilityBoth dehumidifiers are available for purchase online and in-store at participating resellers. Interested parties can visit the website or contact us. About ChoiceCHOICE is formally known as the Australian Consumer's Association (ACA) and is an independent publisher of consumer information. They conduct rigorous and scientific product reviews across a range of goods and services. With over 160,000 members, CHOICE is the number one advocate of consumer rights in Australia. Learn more at Emergency Locksmith Brisbane Increases Security By Offering Transponder Keys To Drivers In Brisbane 2016-06-20T06:14:34Z emergency-locksmith-brisbane-increases-security-by-offering-transponder-keys-to-drivers-in-brisbane Emergency Locksmith Brisbane specialises in keeping you safe. One of the products they offer is transponder keys for your vehicle. This investment provides a dependable security system for your car. They understand the great expense involved with purchasing a brand new or pre-owned car and know it can be costly to replace if stolen. Transponder keys greatly reduce the possibility of theft. When dealing with Emergency Locksmith Brisbane you will always find helpful and friendly staff members. From the moment you pick up the phone until the work is completed the staff provide an excellent service. There are manual locking systems which can help prevent your car being stolen. However, a transponder differs as it contains a programmed chip which uses a unique code to allow your car to start. When you put the transponder key in the ignition the car will recognise the code and start. If a key without this code is inserted the car will remain immobilised. Emergency Locksmith Brisbane will give you a transponder key with an exclusive set of codes so that it can’t be started with another key. Your car locksmith in Brisbane is available to address any concerns you have regarding transponder keys. However, they are designed to enhance your security. Hot wiring is simply not an option for cars that have transponder keys. Plus they can’t be easily duplicated. Emergency Locksmith Brisbane conveniently offer 24/7 service so you can organise the work at a time that suits you. Their locksmith services are always top quality and efficient so you can always rely on them for great security and peace of mind. Transponder keys have other benefits including moving to a keyless system. With the press of a button you can unlock all of your doors saving you from manually opening each one. They can also be locked or opened from a short distance which can be quite handy. If you have any concerns surrounding your cars safety it might be time to move over to a transponder key. Your local car locksmith, Emergency Locksmith Brisbane is experienced, reliable and trustworthy. They can give you a unique set of codes that don’t match up with any other keys. To find out more information about transponder keys and how they could boost your car’s security get in touch with Emergency Locksmith Brisbane on 0404 532 049 or visit Their experienced and friendly staff will be able to advise you if transponder keys are the right choice for you. $100 million Back to Work Regional Jobs Package targets 8,000 jobs 2016-06-20T01:38:22Z 100-million-back-to-work-regional-jobs-package-targets-8-000-jobs From 1 July 2016 if Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) employ a job seeker in a role located outside South East Queensland, they may be eligible for payments of up to $15,000 through the Back to Work Regional Jobs Package. Employment Minister Grace Grace said the Back to Work initiative would be available only in areas outside South East Queensland. “Our Back to Work initiative is all about bringing more jobs to regional Queensland,” Ms Grace said. “It’s a $100 million package that will give businesses the confidence to employ regional job seekers, while providing an economic boost to the regions in challenging times”. “We’re specifically targeting regional Queensland communities because of the particular employment challenges they’re facing.” “Regional employers who hire an eligible unemployed person will get a $10,000 payment under this initiative,” Ms Grace said. “This will rise to $15,000 for the long-term unemployed who have been out of work for 12 months or more”. BUSY At Work CEO, Paul Miles said BUSY welcomed the announcement. “This is great news for employers in regions that are doing it tough, as it will provide them with support to help build their skills base and upskill and retrain people for jobs”. “Apprentices and trainees are also regarded as eligible employees, provided their employer is not eligible for the Government’s payroll tax rebate.  That is employers whose total annual wages are under the payroll tax threshold of $1.1 million,” Mr Miles said. Eligible employees will also have access to job readiness support to help them start their new job. This may include training, purchasing new equipment and uniforms or gaining or renewing trade licenses Back to Work officers will work across the following regions: Outback, Far North, Townsville, Wide Bay, Fitzroy, Mackay, and South West Queensland. The South East Queensland region is not eligible for funding under the program in recognition of the unique employment challenges facing regional Queensland. To be eligible for the support payments, your new employee must:  ·         commence employment on, or after, 1 July 2016 ·         be employed for at least four weeks before you can apply   Other eligibility criteria will also apply. Register your interest to receive an update about the Back to Work - Regional Employment Package. end    SINA CAR REMOVALS NOW OFFERS 24/7 CAR REMOVAL IN PERTH 2016-06-17T04:59:04Z sina-car-removals-now-offers-24-7-car-removal-in-perth Customers find Sina Car Removals to be the most convenient company in Perth. With a 24/7 service, cars can be picked up on the same day 365 days per year. Cash is also provided on the spot to sweeten the deal for Perth residents. You will always deal with exceptional staff members who go above and beyond to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Staff members are experienced and knowledgeable making it possible to provide speedy car removal. Sina Car Removals understand that their customers don’t want to wait for their car to be removed and will get to them as soon as they can. 24/7 car removal makes this possible and they will get to you on the same day you make contact. They can also offer a fair and reasonable price for your vehicle as well as convenience. Along with 24/7 free towing, Sina Car Removals will take care of all the paperwork. There is no stress for the client as all that is required is a signature to sign over the car. Sina Car Removals will come to you and take your vehicle away whilst you pocket the cash. Even though free 24/7 towing is appealing Sina Car Removals can also offer up to $10,000 to dispose of your vehicle. It’s a large sum for a car that is no longer of use to you and is taking up valuable space. Contact Perth’s ultimate car removal company to see how they can assist you in getting rid of your vehicle. Sina Car Removals is a popular choice in Perth due to their vast experience and efficient service. People love a good deal and with instant cash it’s the easiest money you can make. Sina Car Removals has built an outstanding reputation based on this service and can take your vehicle away no matter what condition it may be in. You may be tempted to take your car to the wrecking yard yourself. However, it can be costly and time consuming. It’s best to hand it over to Sina Car Removals to take away the stress and get easy money for your vehicle. Don’t put off your old car’s removal and make the most of free 24/7 car removal in Perth.  Contact Sina Car Removals on 08 9538 1392 or visit their website at   WA CAR REMOVALS PROVIDES OBLIGATION FREE INSTANT QUOTES ALL OVER PERTH 2016-06-17T04:54:51Z wa-car-removals-provides-obligation-free-instant-quotes-all-over-perth-1 WA Car Removals provide an exceptional service all over Perth. No matter where you are based in Perth if you hop online or reach for the phone you can get an on the spot quote. There is no obligation, however, they offer really great deals for your old, used or scrap cars. WA Car Removals offer towing at absolutely no cost to you and provide a convenient way to get rid of your old car. They offer a process that is really simple and easy from start to finish. From the moment you pick up the phone to signing your car away you will deal with friendly and professional staff members.  When you ring up or fill out a contact form, if you provide a few details regarding your vehicle they can offer you an instant quote. This makes it easy for you to compare deals and make a decision with which car disposal company to use. There are plenty of companies around; however, WA Car Removals provide an exceptional service and great prices.  As WA Car Removals have technicians that can strip the vehicle for recyclable parts and materials they can provide towing at no cost to you. This means the estimate they provide you with is what you could receive on the spot. Hauling the vehicle won’t be deducted from the amount given to you. If you want the quote, cash and removal fast get in touch with WA Car Removals. Regardless of the state it’s in they will happily take it away for you.  All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home. Jump online or reach for the phone to get an obligation free quote and they will come to you. All you have to do is agree on the price and sign it over, it really is that simple. All the paperwork will be taken care of by WA Car Removals. Cash will exchange hands before they take the vehicle away so that there is nothing more to think about.  WA Car Removals know all about cars and have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide you with an accurate quote based on the information you have provided them. They remove cars from all over Perth and can offer the best price. They are renowned around Perth for their professional and reliable service. Their customers have great things to say about their experiences.  If it’s time to scrap your car, call WA Car Removals on 0422 622 617 to get a quote from a knowledgeable technicians. Or if you prefer, fill out their contact form for an instant quote.  To find out more information about WA Car Removals visit their website .   PREMIER METALS NOW OFFER CAR REMOVAL FREE OF CHARGE FOR THE PEOPLE OF PERTH 2016-06-17T04:52:43Z premier-metals-now-offer-car-removal-free-of-charge-for-the-people-of-perth People all over Perth are recommending Premier Metals for their car removal services. With a focus on providing the best deals for scrap cars, Premier Metals also take the cost out of hauling your vehicle away. Premier Metals have trucks at the ready to remove your vehicle. Their technicians specialise in taking cars to scrap and recycle and will make this process as convenient as possible for you. Customers that use their car removal services experience friendly and professional customer service from all of their staff members. They are auto wreckers as well as car removal specialists so they can offer towing free of charge all over Perth. If you have a scrap car get in touch with Premier Metals to get cash on the spot along with free car removal. No matter what condition your car is in, they want to take it off your hands. It really is easy and all you have to do is get in touch and they will come to you. Once you’ve signed the car over, it’s no longer your problem. They will take care of all the paperwork and hassle. Cash will be paid on the spot so you don’t have to give it a second thought. This can all be done from your doorstep. Premier Metals don’t just remove cars; they have the capabilities to move a large range of vehicles. They can take care of your truck, SUV, 4x4, van, ute or motorbike too. No matter what vehicle you want to get rid of, you will never have to pay a cent to have it removed. Premier Metals know their stuff and have a lot of experience helping the people of Perth make quick cash from their old cars. They offer instant quotes, quick car removal, cash on the spot and auto wrecking which enables them to take your car away for free. Their customers find them trustworthy and reliable and they receive positive feedback from their customers regarding car removal services. If you are contemplating using a car removal service call Premier Metals on 08 9258 5353 to speak with an experienced technician. You can also fill out their handy web form for an instant quote to get the ball rolling. If you are looking for more detailed information regarding their services visit Demystifying the Process: Commercialising a Product 2016-06-16T01:13:54Z demystifying-the-process-commercialising-a-product Melbourne, June 2016 – It takes more than just a great idea to make a product come to life. The product development process can take the best part of a year to go from idea to being in a customer’s hands. The rewards can be worth it. If your commercialised product fills a gap in the market successfully, you may be sitting on a huge, untapped revenue stream.   Aaron Maher, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Procept, a leading product development firm, states that with the right expertise and knowledge on hand, you can reduce the risks  involved in getting a hardware product to market. “IoT and Wearable products are exciting, and will change our lives forever. The reality is that they are physical products, which require significant time and funds to get to market. The commercialisation stage is where the most effort lies, it needs to be designed, developed and certified with mass manufacture in mind,” he says.    “Your product is novel and exciting and the commercialisation stage is where it becomes very real. Engineering excellence during this stage is a must, but so is the ability to maintain the product vision. You can’t compromise on the benefits your product will provide to customers   Above all else, it’s vital to work with an experienced team, a safe pair of hands to ensure your product reaches the market successfully, and is revenue-ready,” Maher states.   Research conducted by Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research suggests that the major reasons for products being unsuccessful is the failure to assess the market adequately causing disengagement with the product in its early stages. [1]   “Sitting down with a business early on and figuring out who their product is for, why they would want it, and crucially, whether there’s enough of a market to support it is of extreme importance to success” says Maher. “Hardware products require significant investment and time, so it’s best to remove risks early on through assessing product / market fit, and answering tricky technical questions first.”   A market that product developers are focussing their efforts on is the world of IoT and Wearable technology, and rightly so. Figures by Statista suggest that the wearable technology industry will have an estimated value of 19 billion US dollars in 2018, more than ten times its value five years prior[2].   There’s great opportunity in the sector, however, with so many products hitting the market daily, figuring out how to make the product that wins is becoming increasingly important.   Maher’s advice? Start by asking a lot of questions. A team of engineers and product experts that do this early on will significantly de-risk the product development process. From then on, it’s about delivery. Leaning on experience is crucial and will ensure your break out into the market is successful.    About Procept: Procept is a leading product development company focused on bringing novel IoT and Wearable products to market. Based in Melbourne, their team consists of some of Australia’s most talented engineers, backed by a team of product people, strategists, project managers and commercialisation experts that manage the development of products from initial concept through to manufacture.   Procept designed products have won a range of industry awards including People’s Choice for Hardware & Accessory, Australian International Design Awards and have been named 100 Most Promising Innovations by Anthill Magazine.   For more information about what Procept can do, visit    Contact:Jenny Wong Heard Agency 03 9020 6187   [1] [2] Glamorize your home with luxurious furniture’s 2016-06-14T11:19:47Z glamorize-your-home-with-luxurious-furniture-s Furniture's are really integral to your house as they not only to sit and relax on, but they also add to the look of the house. Getting beautiful furnitures according to the overall look of your house is something a person with an aesthetic mind can do. You have to have a creative mind to be able to enhance the interior of your house by having good quality furnitures that match the decor of your house. Brisbane’s warehouse Clearance provide you with different furnitures for different room of your house. They are enough to make your eyes sparkle and heart long for buying the best for yourself. Beautiful Dining Room Want to make your dining room look lavish? They bring you dining suites with multiple seaters to have a huge number of people sit together. You have a range of choices for yourself in timber from pine to tasmanian oak. A range single dining table and chairs are also available for you.                                                                     Dream Lounge If you want to have a masterpiece lounge for yourself, they do not lag behind in providing you with the best to make you feel  happy and contended in a wholesale price. Lounge with elegant sofas that have head rests is the perfect choice  you can have for your entire family to sit.  The Leather Modular Lounge Suite is perfect when you are sitting alone watching TV or with your family. It gives a royal look to your lounge.  You can also have  the The Rome Sofa Set covered with diamond fabric and cushions will be your unique collection.                                                                     Perfect Bedroom They provide you with a combination of over 50 different king, queen, double and single bed frames with mattresses. All are at your display in the warehouse. Their luxurious look is enough to tickle you mind and make you confused as to which one you should choose for yourself. Button neck bed frame with linen fabric is what adds elegance and a natural look to your bedroom. Queen Bedroom Suite carved by some of the best craftsmen from Acacia  with Metal Feature Detail is the one thing you will definitely crave to have in your bedroom.                                                                            Open Lounge To sit in the open area with someone to chat is the best feeling you can thrive for. Adding to the joy, a comfortable place to sit on will get you into trance, where you cannot think of anything else.They provide you with outdoor corner lounge suites, compact four piece suites to outdoor dining suites. Fresno Outdoor Armchair will be a luxury to you provided by them. Ratten Wicker Outdoor Corner Suite with a coffee table is one of their best collections can have. Miniature SLICE NANO IEPE Data Recorder 2016-06-14T10:55:45Z dts-launches-miniature-slice-nano-iepe-data-recorder John Morris Group and DTS (Diversified Technical Systems) have released the SLICE NANO IEPE, to complement their durable data acquisition range. The SLICE NANO IEPE has a footprint measuring only 26 x 46 mm and may be installed with practically any test article. Presenting rugged and powerful performance within this compact package, SLICE can withstand impacts up to 500 g, meets MIL-STD-810-E, and operates on standard batteries. SLICE is designed for specific applications within the automotive, aerospace, military, and sports and safety equipment industries. Configurable from 3 channels to 24 per stack, SLICE can be daisy-chained for large test set-ups. SLICE records for hours, samples from 10 to 500,000 sps/channel, and data direct-writes to 16 GB flash memory. In addition to supporting IEPE (piezo-electric) sensors, SLICE also works with bridge, MEMS, strain, load and temperature sensors. SLICE is a complete autonomous system with excellent thermal characteristics that allow users to ‘embed it and forget it’.  SLICE can even be mounted directly on wings, drive shafts, rotors, wheel hubs or other test article, eliminating complicated cable runs which can affect data fidelity. Long sensor cable runs can often cause unintended issues including under-powering the transducers, signal drop between the transducer and the data acquisition system, noise from cable motion and even electrical interference SLICE easily handles applications where onboard power access is not available as it can easily be powered using standard battery packs. With an extremely low power draw and a 9-15 VDC input range, SLICE is a top pick for applications like in-vehicle, durability, handling, in-flight, and crash and blast testing that may last for hours to days. Applications:  Aerospace analysis  Amusement ride testing  Automotive safety  Biomechanics  Blast dynamics  Embedded monitoring  Helicopter & aircraft  Impact testing  In-dummy  Injury investigation  Parachute deployment  Package testing: truck, air, ship & rail  Pedestrian head & leg form  Ride & handling  Sound measurement  Sports & safety equipment  Vibration testing For more information please read our brochure:SLICE MICRO & SLICE NANO Miniature Data Recorder VIDEO: Field Data Recording with Embedded SLICE To find out more about the DTS SLICE NANOContact our John Morris team toll-free:AUS 1800 251 799 and NZ 0800 651 700Email: About DTS Diversified Technical Systems is the leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems and sensors for dynamic testing and human injury assessment supplied by John Morris Group to Australia and New Zealand. DTS specialises in advanced measurement solutions that require high-speed, miniature, shock-hardened data acquisition systems and sensors. For over 25 years, DTS systems have been at the forefront of automotive, aerospace, biomechanics, in-dummy and blast testing worldwide. Karcher Unveil Brand New Website 2016-06-14T04:45:33Z karcher-unveil-brand-new-website The creative team at Karcher have been working for some time now to produce a brand new website to better showcase their brand of efficient cleaning solutions, and they have every reason to be thrilled with the end result. The new website is totally modern and very clean and easy to navigate, which will prove popular with their ever expanding database of loyal customers. The new website now features many more videos which can be viewed to expand upon the user-friendliness and sophisticated design of the products and their applications. It also features a more detailed industry solutions page so customers can find products based on their particular industry. The new website has also made it a lot easier to find information, and the product pages are laid out in a much more clear and distinct manner.  All product information sheets, operating manuals, spare part lists and technical data can be found on each product page, as well as the features and benefits, pictures and videos. Karcher is a global provider of cleaning technology, making a difference through top performance, innovation and quality, constantly striving to achieve the best solution to every cleaning task. This is why they develop powerful systems made up of perfectly matched cleaning machines, accessories and cleaning agents and why they are in constant discussion with both private and professional operators.  The insights they gain from this have a direct influence on the development of new products. This means that they can ensure that each new innovation not only meets the requirements of increasingly complex cleaning tasks, but that it makes work as easy and straightforward as possible for operators. The new website showcases all of these features, so for more information please visit the website at . 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show Kicks Off This Week 2016-06-14T00:58:08Z 2016-adia-victorian-dental-show-kicks-off-this-week For Immediate Release14 June 2016                                               More than one thousand dental professionals will this week converge on the Melbourne Convention Centre to look at the latest dental products on display at the 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show.  This boutique trade show is convened by the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products. The 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show is being held over 17-18 June 2016 at the Melbourne Convention Centre and it’s free to attend. “It’s easy to understand why dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals from across Victoria have shown so much interest in this event.  It’s the state’s largest regularly scheduled trade show that is supported by key suppliers of dental products,” said Troy Williams, ADIA Chief Executive Officer. One aspect to the 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show that is appreciated by dental professionals is the Friday night welcome reception that allows visitors to review the latest dental products over a complimentary glass of wine, beer or soft drink. “As a dentist, what could be better than taking the time to discuss your business’ requirements in a relaxing atmosphere whilst enjoying a glass of Victorian wine,” Mr Williams asked. The 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show is supported by more than forty-five businesses that are looking forward to meeting this years’ largest gathering of dental professionals in Victoria, as it is also being held in conjunction with the biennial convention convened by the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB). “That’s what’s great about this event, it showcases the collaboration between ADIA and ADA that, in many ways, is symbolic of the symbiotic relationship that exists between the dental industry and dental profession,” Mr Williams said. For further information on the 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show visit the website at: Ends. 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