The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-10-09T04:37:02Z Get the Best Range of Wire Balustrade and Stainless Steel Handrail Fittings 2015-10-09T04:37:02Z get-the-best-range-of-wire-balustrade-and-stainless-steel-handrail-fittings Keble’s trading is one of the leading suppliers in town when it comes to building and industrial products like wire balustrade, handrails, glass and stainless steel fittings to industrial wire rope and rigging, chain, hoists, height safety, materials handling equipment and lifting equipments and so forth. They have a team of employees who are highly skilled and experienced in offering high quality products and services to their esteemed clients. Now talking about their services they believe in offering services on their customer’s convenience that is from hydraulic and roll swaging to 24 mm-diameter wire rope, in house proof load testing and certificates for lifting equipments which includes ropes and chains to cut lengths or full reels for wire rope depending on your need and requirements. Apart from these they also offer several tools for hire that is from hydraulic press to hand hex tools, hand Swagers ranging from no. 3 to no. 10, etc. Besides it may also interest you to know that they also perform on site auditing and comprehensive reports of several stainless steel balustrade systems and lifting equipments. As afore mentioned the company offers a variety of premium quality industrial products. Here I would like to mention a gist of their products. Stainless: The Keble’s trading offers arrange of stainless steel products that includes from stainless steel handrail fittings to balustrade fittings, shade industry fittings, round, square and several other shapes fittings, slotted and glass fittings and many more. Here they firmly believe in simplicity and ease, hence their products are not only functional but user friendly as well. Wire rope: Whenever you order a wire rope just make sure you are able to determine your needs really well. So whether it’s in architecture, lifting, fishing, marine, agriculture, crane works, elevators or construction, Keble’s trading is a trusted name that stocks ropes in all sizes that is from 01 to 38 mm diameter according to your needs and requirements. Rigging: Well we all know that rigging can be quite an intensive job that needs a detailed training in terms of process and equipments handling. Here they stock a variety of products for various lifting and non-lifting processes. To know more, feel free to go through our range of services at Lastly, Keble’s trading makes sure to offer suitable products for your building and industrial needs at affordable prices. For more information and updates feel free to call them on: 1800-067-687. Finished Homes in Exclusive Bellini Mews are Now 50% Sold Out 2015-10-09T03:58:02Z finished-homes-in-exclusive-bellini-mews-are-now-50-sold-out Perth, WA, 09 October 2015 - When 4Land Property Group launches a property, it is usually a master planned estate with house and land packages in a Perth suburb. However, Bellini Mews is a game changer for those familiar with 4Land Property Group’s previous offerings. Due to feedback and popular demand, 4Land Property Group decided to create an exclusive but affordable community with ten finished homes. The community is called Bellini Mews. It is located within the popular Terraces Estate in Pearsall. As of this writing, five of the ten homes have already sold. That leaves lots numbered 1, 3, 4, 5 and 8 available.The Terraces has sold out three stages and has only one block of land left in Stage 4. The addition of ten finished homes in an exclusive “community within a community” has created quite a “buzz” among homebuyers.Bellini Mews is located 10 minutes from the Joondalup CBD and 25 minutes from the Perth CBD. Transport to Perth is easy, because Bellini Mews is a mere five minutes from both the Mitchell Freeway and the Edgewater Train Station. Those who love the water are delighted that they can be on the beaches or at the Ocean Reef Marina in ten minutes.All of the homes in Bellini Mews are turnkey homes. Buyers have nothing to do but “turn the key” and move in. Everything else is taken care of by the builder. The smallest home is 177.01 sqm and is priced at $479,900. The largest is 191.56 sqm and is priced at $506,900. These homes are of the highest quality and represent great value in quality, location and price. Bellini Mews offers homebuyers the opportunity to move into a new, finished home for less than the median price of an established home in Pearsall.According to, the median price for a house in Pearsall is $516,359. Home prices have gone up 7.81% in the last three years but were down, as was much of the Perth market, 1.24% last year. When buying a new home, buyers can depreciate the building for their taxes even as the land value rises. For first home buyers, the amount is well within the cap, meaning they are eligible for a grant of $10,000. All five of the homes are eligible for a substantial stamp duty discount due to the First Home Owner Rate of Duty. They don’t have to pay any stamp duty on the first $430,000 and the rate for the remainder of the sale price is $19.19 for every $100. According to Marketing Manager Madeleine McErlain, “Bellini Mews is located inside of one of our most popular communities. If you are interested, we recommend making a move as soon as possible. The remaining five houses won’t be on the market for long.”4Land Property Group develops house and land packages on master planned estates in Perth suburbs such as Pearsall, Munster, Erskine (Mandurah), Sinagra and Landsdale, with one in the Mid West city of Geraldton. Their motto is “Land you can afford in places you’d love to live” and they take it seriously. To enquire about a home in Bellini Mews, call Paul Skuse on 0413 686 100 or visit the 4Land Property Group website: Sale is on! Up to 60% off 2015-10-09T02:04:50Z sale-is-on-up-to-60-off PRESS RELEASE SALE ON! UP TO 60% OFF Plus, Flat Rate Shipping $39 per order PERTH, WA, October 9, 2015. Little People’s Bedroom is an Australian online store, selling kid’s bedroom furniture and accessories, with a “health and environment focus”. We are currently having a huge sale on some beautiful products: Extendable Toddler Beds: 5% off Kid’s Single Beds: 15% to 40% off Baby and Kid’s Chest of Drawers: 20% to 50% off Baby and Kid’s Wardrobes: 15% to 50% off Bedside Table: up to 35% off Bookcases and Shelves: 45% to 60% off Toy Boxes: 60% off Little people’s bedroom stocks a wide range of baby and kid’s bedroom furniture and accessories, so everyone can find their style and color! Sale is for a limited time only! While stock lasts. Hurry online! Health and Environment focuses: PEFC Certified: Our suppliers manufacture their products in accordance to the PEFC Chain of Custody requirements, using wood from sustainably managed forests. Water Based Paints: Our products are manufactured using water- based paints to ensure low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. Low Formaldehyde Contents: Our suppliers mostly use E05 and E0 wood panels, which have formaldehyde contents 25 to 50% lower than the commonly used E1 panels. Contact: Little People’s Bedroom (Virginie Delame) P| (08) 6102 2766 M| 0411 238 772 E| W| A| PO Box 7163, Spearwood, WA, 6163 Take the Sting out of Sweat Rash & Chafing 2015-10-08T10:03:13Z take-the-sting-out-of-sweat-rash-amp-chafing Take the sting out of sweat rash and chafing  As summer approaches so does the increased chance of suffering from sweat rash and chafing caused by sweating. It can be extremely uncomfortable, very painful and even embarrassing.  And if you have ever suffered from sweat rash or chafing, you know that you’d do anything to soothe the soreness.  That’s where Neat 3B Body Saver Cream by Neat Feat comes into play.  Developed by New Zealand doctors for the heat and humidity of the Australian and New Zealand climate, it was the first product of its kind in the world. This fabulous soothing cream is medically formulated and incorporates an effective antiperspirant in an emollient (to reduce the amount of sweat produced) and a soothing cream base for application to areas where skin surfaces rub together and become inflamed due to chafing.  Neat Feat Managing Director, Ant Laity said, “Sweat rash is an extremely uncomfortable side effect of sweating that is caused by yeast and bacteria that occurs naturally on the skin. It typically happens where chafing occurs or when sweat gets trapped between two layers of touching skin (or between skin and clothes), mainly between the legs, beneath the breasts and between the buttocks, however it can also occur on the nipples and under the arms. “It is painful and often embarrassing, and can get to the point where it’s difficult for the sufferer to carry out daily activities. In severe cases, if left untreated, sweat rash under folds of skin can become infected and require medical treatment.” People are more prone to chafing if they are athletes or participate in sports, walk a lot, work in strenuous or outdoor jobs, are very active, and it is often worse when the weather is hot causing them to sweat more. Overweight people are also particularly prone, especially under the folds of their skin. This is an increasing problem as obesity is steadily on the rise. Ant Laity said, “With the incidence of obesity increasing so rapidly we are seeing people suffer more and more health problems, including the painful and severe side effects of sweat rash. Demand for our body saver cream is at an all time high, with customers grateful that can get some sort of relief.”   Chafe No More:   Eight tips for alleviating sweat rash and chafing   1.    Wear suitable clothes. Clothes that are too tight or too loose can irritate the skin easily. Try wearing clothing that is well fitting, but not too tight. Often the misconception is that loose clothing helps prevent chafing, but this can actually make matters worse. Skin can chafe against looser clothes, especially at seams, and create chafing or worsen the problem. 2.    Wear natural fabrics when you can. Keep away from anything that is rough or scratchy, no matter how good it looks on you. Synthetic garments are no good either as they trap moisture and worsen the condition. 3.    When you exercise or work in a job that makes you sweat, or basically do anything to make you sweat, make sure you wear clothing that absorbs sweat as the dampness caused by excessive sweat build up will only aggravate the skin condition. Cotton isn’t a good choice as it absorbs the heat and the moisture. Opt for special sportswear garments that draw the sweat away, keep you cool and don’t retain the moisture. 4.    Shower as soon as you finish exercising or participating in activities that make you sweat excessively. Dried sweat on your skin is irritating because of the salt content. Rinsing it off can minimise the risk of chafing. Be sure to choose non-drying gentle soap, because skin that is dried out is likely to chafe. 5.    Wash your clothes after each use as dried sweat, dirt and other irritants on clothing can make chafing worse. Choose natural washing powder or washing powder for sensitive skin. 6.    Hot showers affect sensitive skin badly. So opt for cooler showers. Let your body air-dry. Be sure to lubricate skin with 3B Body Saver. This eases skin irritation and burning. 7.    Stay cool as much as possible. When you are cool, you are less likely to sweat. 8.    Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Among other things, staying well hydrated will help prevent chafing by allowing you to perspire freely. When you stop perspiring your sweat will form salt crystals on your body increasing friction. 9.    It is very important to take care of chafed skin, as it can get infected easily, especially under the folds of skin in overweight people. If your skin begins chafing, be sure to bathe the affected skin with cool water twice a day. Either let the skin air dry or pat dry with a soft towel. Some people like to dry to affected area with a hair dryer, for better results. Complete the routine by applying 3B Body Saver Cream on the affected area. This keeps infection at bay. Body Saver Cream is available through leading chemists. RRP: $16.95  SciFi Film Festival blasts off on Halloween Day 2015-10-08T05:36:37Z scifi-film-festival-blasts-off-on-halloween-day October 31st, this Halloween Day - the SciFi Film Festival (SFFF) returns to the City of Parramatta. Now bigger and better than ever, the SFFF brings together the latest fantastical sci-fi and fantasy genre films from around the world. With exciting exhibits, collectibles, cosplay and industry professionals, this year’s 2015 program is the ultimate mixed bag of goodies. With an array of Australian and world premieres, that include stars from all over the Hollywood spectrum, the SFFF’s diverse program featuring the international premiere of Australia’s Arrowhead, and the Australian premiere of Japan’s Dual City and USA’s Jackrabbit. The SFFF will also host the exclusive world’s first look at Gena8 Studios’ Garrison 7 film franchise. Garrison 7 features Hollywood stars Mark Dacasos of Stargate Atlantis, Casper Van Dien of Starship Troopers and Marjean Holden of Mortal Kombat, not to mention Australia’s Scott A.Brewer (aka Ryctor from The Matrix films) and Guy Williams from Alienation, who will be guest presenters at the festival. To celebrate the launch and give back to the fans Gena8 Studios in association with SFFF will be giving away an array of prizes including a screen used movie prop. You can also catch a behind the scenes sneak peek and Q&A session from Gena8 Studios, creators of Garrison 7, and their SPFX Team (Star Wars films, The Wolverine and The Hobbit Trilogies) who will share in person their experiences of making a SciFi Hollywood blockbuster in their own back yard. Joining the short film program are legendary actors Zachary Quinto (aka Dr Spock - Star Trek and Heroes), in The Future Perfect and Billy Boyd (Pippin - Lord of the Rings) in The Alpha Invention. “We are thrilled to include the short film Closets in our program which contains a social message about LGBT and brings to light the struggles of today’s youth,” said Tom Papas, Festival Director, “plus, Kindred, the very first sci-fi film to star Indigenous Australians.” “My pick is the amazing short film Clones, featuring Rutger Hauer from Blade Runneras a doctor who wants to copy the brain of a body of a dying scientist into a cloned body.” said Papas.  With a cheeky smile, Mr Papas posed the question ”I mean, could anything go wrong?”  And  for those who really like a good scare, SFFF will be screening the latest Blu-ray release of Poltergeist - extended cut, in true Halloween style.  Also Included in this year’s scary program Nigel Honeybone will be presenting a Schlocky SciFi Horror evening with a double feature of Danny Johnson Saves The World and the 1953 cult classic, Robot Monster.  Whether a cosplay veteran, a sci-fi enthusiast or just curious, the day is yours to explore, relax and immerse yourself in the sci-fi experience by joining us for a great day out on 31 October 2015 at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, corner of Church and Market Streets, Parramatta. Tickets:$5 - SciFi Con$5-10 - Screening sessions$15 - Premiere screeningsOr visit for full details.  Remember 10 am - 10 pm October 31st … Live Long and Prosper  END __________________________________________________________________________________________ About The SciFi Film Festival is an international festival based in Parramatta, Australia, dedicated to exploring and celebrating the science fiction and fantasy genres, their films and pop culture.  Focusing on sci-fi, fantasy films and short form cinema, we embrace other artistic and cultural fields, such as creative writing, workshops and forums, plus a SciFi Con Expo including comics, cosplay, exhibitions and computer games.  Our Festival promotes freedom of thought, cultural and creative expression, regardless of age, abilities, gender or LGBTI.  SciFi Film Festival is unique by bringing innovation, fun, quirky and cool to all generations and with a global perspective. World class, family friendly entertainment.  SciFi Film Festival is a not for profit creative enterprise administered by Screen My Shorts Inc, guided by and complying with all relevant state regulations of New South Wales, Australia. This includes financial management, reporting and administrative duties of a Not For Profit, within the Model Constitution under the Association Incorporation Act 2009. Hackagong announces winners for the biggest Hackagong yet! 2015-10-08T05:04:16Z hackagong-announces-winners-for-the-biggest-hackagong-yet It’s amazing what you can make during 30 hours… and the teams at Hackagong 2015 boasted their ability to do just that. We awarded over $150,000 worth of prizes and giveaways at this year’s Hackagong held 19-20 September 2015 at the University of Wollongong. This year was our biggest yet, selling out at 160 tickets with competitors spanning out across 49 teams competing for 13 different prize categories. Our category prizes ranged from Most Innovative 3D Printed Object to Best Internet of Things Hack to the Community and Social Impact prize! After 30 hours full of designing, coding, building, hacking and eating the teams produced truly awesome prototypes ready for judging by our team of category judges. Teams competing for the overall prize prepared crowdfunding campaigns to market their product to the world with the winner being determined at Demo Day - our Top 6 pitching event on 2nd October 2015. The Top 6 teams were determined by a combination of the amount of money raised and the amount of backers. THE HACKAGONG OVERALL WINNER IS… THE LOCATIONISER! The Locationiser (Alex Gray and Antonin Ganner) is a device designed to scan a room from a single point and gain precise measurements, to display in as 3D blueprints. A hugely useful tool for engineers and architects working in existing spaces and other applications as well. The team utilised a number of different technologies such as IoT, 3D Printing and LIDAR to bring together their idea. Alex and Antonin have won an amazing prize package worth over $52,000 including $5000 cash (WiseTech Global) + Business Mentoring (Liquid Co) + Web Hosting (Rackspace) + Coworking Desks (iAccelerate) + ACS Memberships and Flights to Melbourne to meet the Liquid Co team. The prize package will enable the team to kickstart their prototype into a fully fledged product. If you’re interested in checking out The Locationiser, you can checkout their DevPost submission here: - Otherwise, you can support The Locationiser by heading to their crowdfunding campaign website: Other Category Prize Winners In no particular order, here are the winners of each of the prize competition categories. More details about teams and their submissions can be seen on the website. Best Design Prize Winners: The Beaconing What: 3D Printed Mobile Augmented Reality for everyone, everywhere Prize: Creative Cloud and Tuts+ Subscription from Adobe and Envato Most Creative 3D Printed Object Winners: Post-Modern Puzzle Box What: A way to keep precious things safe from those you intended to give it to anyway and enjoy the suffering of expectance Prize: Me2 3D Printer from Me3D Most Innovative 3D Printed Object Winners: LAMP Diagnostics What: Rapid, reliable, at-home infection test kits - for when you need results Prize: Me2 3D Printer from Me3D Best Use of Braintree/PayPal Winners: Gift Starter What: A better way to buy gifts for friends. Friends-sourced gift buying. Kickstarter for gift buying. Prize: $2,000 cash, Sphero BB-8’s and Developer Survival Kits Best IoT Device Hack Winners: LAMP Diagnostics What: Rapid, reliable, at-home infection test kits - for when you need results Prize: Raspberry Pi’s, Particle Photon’s and Arduino Experimenters Kits from Hackagong and Jaycar Best Indie Game Winners: BlueSkies What: An indie multiplayer, arcade style aerial combat game. Prize: Leap Motion and Gaming Keyboard/Mouse packs Community & Social Impact Prize Winners: EasyPol What: Making Australian politics easy by presenting it in a visual and entertaining format. Prize: $1,000 cash from Illawarra Forum and ASIT The Most Elegant ALgorithm (MEAL) Winners: TerraGen What: Interactive chaotically generated terrain game Prize: $2,000 cash, Raspberry Pi’s and Dinner with the IMC team from IMC Pacific Most Immersive Idea Winners: The Beaconing and VRShooter What (The Beaconing): 3D Printed Mobile Augmented Reality for everyone, everywhere What (VRShooter): A fully immervise world where you battle other players from around the world, stand man standing wins Prize: Oculus Rift DK2 Peoples Choice Winners: Profanity Pig What: Profanity Pig is your sidekick in ending bad swearing habits. Prize: $2,000 cash from Hackagong A massive thanks to our Platinum sponsor, WiseTech Global, our Gold sponsors: Braintree, University of Wollongong, Rackspace, IMC and iAccelerate along with all our other sponsors. Without your generous contributions, Hackagong wouldn't be where it is today. Hackagong is the largest independent Hackathon in Australia. Hackagong is run entirely by students and volunteers as part of the Wollongong IT Society, a student club at the University of Wollongong. October is Work Safe Month in Australia 2015-10-08T04:52:01Z october-is-work-safe-month-in-australia October marks Work Safe month in Australia, an event designed to bring attention to workplace health and safety. Safe Work Australia orchestrates the event annually, which began in 2005. This year’s theme is “Be Safe, Be Healthy” with a rotating focus each week of the month. Week one’s focus is on improving actions in the workplace, week two on all workers getting home safely, week three on good business sense, and week four is on looking to the future. There are several ways to participate in Work Safe month. Events will occur at the national, state, territory and community levels throughout October. Registration in a Virtual Seminar Series is available on the Safe Work Australia website. Posters and other communications are available for download on the website as well to use within your organisation. Enrol your workplace in the Participation Reward for a chance to win prizes. There is also a free smartphone app available with all the latest information available about events and access to the seminar series. As part of WorkSafe Month, myosh’s Adrian Manessis will be working with WorkSafe Tasmania to host a virtual seminar on Using Software Technology and Mobile Apps for WHS Management on Monday October 19 from 10-11am (UTC+10). To register, visit For more information or a free trial of our safety management software, visit by Stacey Wagner Deluxe Office Furntiure 2015-10-08T03:14:34Z deluxe-office-furntiure At Deluxe Office Furniture, we are committed to providing superior seating at affordable prices. Being in business for over 30 years, we have consistently delivered quality and reliability to our customers. Deluxe Office Furniture supply office furniture to businesses throughout Sydney. Our furniture are stylish, functional and affordable.  We have a range of chairs to suit a variety of needs from ergonomic chairs to custom designed seating as well an extensive range of desks, tables, filing & storage and more to surely meet your office needs. At Deluxe Office Furniture, we are known for our high quality office chairs. Our seating solutions include full leather chairs, mesh, foam and 'PU' or man-made leather options. Our client chairs and boardroom chairs are available in leather, fabric, mesh and 'PU' leather also. Manager and executive chairs are available for a variety of needs. Executive chairs come with a higher back and seat then the managerial size and suit larger, taller persons. Executive chairs and managerial chairs are suitable for continual usage and if you spend many hours sitting, these chairs may be a comfortable option. We Look Forward to Serving You VALUE ASSURED! COMPARE OUR PRICES AND YOU WILL SAVE!! For more information, please visit ADX16 Sydney Confirms Its Premier Dental Event Status 2015-10-07T03:35:23Z adx16-sydney-confirms-its-premier-dental-event-status For Immediate Release7 October 2015 The international reputation of ADX16 Sydney as Australia’s premier dental event has been confirmed with nearly 95% of exhibition booths having been sold in the first sales release. The ADX16 Sydney dental exhibition is convened by the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products.  Convened every two years, the event brings together more than eight thousand stakeholders from across Australia’s dental community to the nation’s largest healthcare tradeshow. “The focus of ADX16 Sydney is all about allowing dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals see and buy the latest products from Australia and overseas.  This exciting level of support from exhibitors reflected in booth sales has confirmed the international reputation of this event which allows visitors to see more, buy more and learn more,” Mr Williams said. To be held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island over 18-20 March 2016, ADX16 Sydney includes more than four hundred exhibition booths across thirteen thousand square meters of space. It also features a dental laboratory pavilion, cafes within the exhibition area and a quality continuing professional development program. “In preparing for ADX16 Sydney our focus has been all about making it easier than ever before for dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals to get to the show and meet the leading suppliers.  Visitors are supported in a number of terrific ways that include free shuttle buses, free harbour ferries and free child minding.  Interstate visitors have access to discounted accommodation, something that’s already sparked interest nationwide,” Mr Williams said. With the process of allocating exhibition space to ADIA member businesses to be completed within the fortnight, businesses that have not yet secured their exhibition space at ADX16 Sydney are encouraged to do so in the next sales release that opens on 26 October 2015. “ADIA is committed to supporting businesses across the dental industry to grow, create jobs and operate sustainably.  That’s our focus with ADX16 Sydney and businesses should act quickly to secure their space before this event is once again sold-out,” Mr Williams concluded. For more information on ADX16 Sydney, Australia’s premier dental event, visit the website at Ends. Are You Embarrassed By Your Swimming Pool Cleaning Skills? Here’s What To Do 2015-10-06T02:29:32Z are-you-embarrassed-by-your-swimming-pool-cleaning-skills-here-s-what-to-do Specialists in Moss & Rust Stain Removal  from all surfaces Recently we were called in to clean the facade of a large property in Brisbane and noticed that their backyard area, especially surrounding the pool was made of expensive Italian limestone being severely damaged by rust, moss and other stains inflicted by the recent harsh weather in the area. As we were already onsite we were able to also clean their swimming pool area at a heavily discounted price, treating it with extra care using a specialised mix of chemicals and mid-level pressure washing.      This technique avoided any surface damage or degradation to the grout and was able to give the area surrounding the pool the clean and inviting look it deserved.Coming into the warmer weather, rust stain removal and pressure washing of moss stains is a great way to protect your valuable outdoor areas and provide a happy and safe environment for both your family and friends. Once cleaned, protective coatings can also add many years to the areas around your home including pools, patios and driveways. That is why during the month of January when you call our friendly team, we will do our very best to ensure you get the your work completed quickly, for a great price and with incredible results that will leave you smiling all year round... RECORD BREAKING REAL ESTATE GURU HARJ UPPAL REACHES 2000 APARTMENT MILESTONE 2015-10-06T01:45:46Z record-breaking-real-estate-guru-harj-uppal-reaches-2000-apartment-milestone  RECORD BREAKING REAL ESTATE GURU HARJ UPPAL REACHES 2000 APARTMENT MILESTONE Record breaking real estate guru Harj Uppal  recently sold his 2000th apartment in Sydney. As the CEO of Regency Real Estate, Uppal specializes in luxury and high-end commercial and residential properties. He prides himself on individualized and exceptional service, which is how he has managed to sell a record breaking $450 million worth of property. Uppal is currently creating a franchise model with an office in Parramatta, another in Korea already in the pipeline, and has broken records in suburbs across Sydney in Project Marketing and Developmental Site Sales.   He is also the best friend of developers throughout Sydney due, Harj says "to my education in business management and administration, sheer hard work and intense focus on what the client wants that results in my ability to find and sell development sites all over the metropolitan area." He goes where others fear to tread! Harj Uppal’s sweep of record breaking sales means that his involvement in new projects is now seen as key by local and foreign developers.  Foreign investors, specifically the Chinese, and also local investors enlist Uppal as a consultant on development sites.  His record breaking sales figures have earned him not only trust, but the mantle of 'project marketing expert'.   "Most of the successful local and overseas property developers in Australia thrive on a hybrid of Chinese capital and Australian expertise. Regency has an established reputation for assisting Chinese investors and developers for site acquisition and development advisory.  We help our overseas clients identify and understand development risk and return from the outset and acquire development sites to fit their investment scale and risk profile. " says Harj. Uppal grew up in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, completed degrees in Business Administration and Business Management and set up Regency Real Estate in 2012.  He believes that being the owner of the business is his unique calling card, enabling him to give his clients personalized service with access to the best tools and resources in the industry.  His enthusiasm for the property business ensures ongoing customer satisfaction. TO  INTERVIEW HARJ UPPAL  email or call Max on 0412501601     TPP Agreement Welcomed By The Dental Industry 2015-10-05T22:48:27Z tpp-agreement-welcomed-by-the-dental-industry — 6 October 2015 For Immediate Release The peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products, the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), has welcomed news that negotiations to finalise the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement have been concluded. “Australian manufacturers of dental products rely on access to export markets in order to be sustainable.  The TPP free trade agreement secures new market opportunities for Australian dental product manufacturers and supports local job creation,” said Troy Williams, ADIA Chief Executive Officer. There are twelve nations that are party to the free trade agreement including:  Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States of America and Vietnam.  In 2014 around one-third of Australian exports went to TPP countries. “An important outcome of the TPP free trade agreement is that it works towards the elimination of technical barriers to trade.  The dental industry therefore welcomes this landmark agreement that assists Australian manufacturers by removing unnecessary and duplicative technical regulations, standards, testing and certification procedures that create unnecessary obstacles in the global market for dental products,” Mr Williams said. As more than ninety-five per cent of all dental products used in Australia are imported, the TPP free trade agreement will also assist local suppliers gain timely access to the latest and innovative technologies. “For far too long the dental industry has been frustrated by the regulatory roadblocks that have hindered access to new products from overseas.  Many of these additional regulatory requirements are unique to Australia yet do nothing to enhance patient safety, so we are looking forward to the TPP agreement being used as a tool to enhance Australian access to new products,” Mr Williams concluded. ADIA’s support for the TPP free trade agreement was confirmed in its policy statement on international free trade agreements.  It is part of ADIA’s advocacy efforts directed towards achieving a regulatory framework for dental products that is based on a risk management approach designed to ensure public health and safety, while at the same time freeing industry from any unnecessary regulatory burden. Ends. ALE and VExpress Launch Total Office Mobility Solution (TOM) to support today’s mobile workforce 2015-10-05T22:38:32Z ale-and-vexpress-launch-total-office-mobility-solution-tom-to-support-today-s-mobile-workforce ALE and VExpress Launch Total Office Mobility Solution (TOM) to support today’s mobile workforce Sydney, Australia – 6 October 2015 – The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Total Office Mobility (TOM) product announced today will provide a complete mobility solution for the SMB market.   Total Office Mobility leverages an application on the user’s mobile device to gain the full functionality of a PABX without an additional handset. It was developed in conjunction with longstanding ALE partner VExpress, who will distribute TOM to the Australian market and co-create value for both businesses.   With the evolution of today’s office environment employees are rarely desk bound and now just as likely to be on the road, working from home or a client’s office, as they are to be at their own desk. The TOM solution embraces this mobile workforce, providing them with the full functionality of a PABX whilst on the go, but structured such that the SMB owners can manage and maintain it themselves.   “The BYOD revolution, the growth of mobility and the emergence of a flexible work environment is driving a complete change in the way we work,” said Mike Harte, CEO at VExpress. “With TOM, which is an innovative and simple solution, it enables SMBs to enjoy mobility and a new way of working, and the easy adoption of future technology - at no time do they sacrifice the functionality of the traditional static systems.”   Chris Downes, Channel Director, ALE, said, “We developed the TOM solution in partnership with our distribution partner VExpress. With this product we’re empowering our SMB customers to have a truly mobile workforce.   “TOM enables customers to leverage ALE wired and wireless LAN solutions, providing high speed network connectivity for office environments. The simplicity of the bundle will see end-users supplied with a complete communication and networking solution from a single vendor, invoiced on their Telstra bill and backed up by a single support contract.“   At the core of the TOM solution is the OmniPCX Office mobility gateway, which has been configured to include the OpenTouch Conversation mobility application.  This allows users to use their iPhone®, Android® and Windows® smart phones as their business phone, both in and out of the office.   -ENDS-   About ALE Our company is a leading provider of enterprise communications solutions and services, from the office to the cloud, marketed under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand. Building on our established heritage of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, we operate globally with 2700+ employees in 100+ countries worldwide, with headquarters near Paris, France.   With communications, networking and cloud solutions for business of all sizes, our team of technology experts, service professionals, and 2900+ partners serves more than 830,000 customers worldwide, tailoring and adapting our solutions and services to local requirements. This provides tangible business outcomes through personalized connected experiences for customers and end users. Significance Of Boiling Water Units At Unlimited Water 2015-10-05T09:00:33Z significance-of-boiling-water-units-at-unlimited-water Unlimited water is a leading company that provides a range of filtered water dispensers in town. They have a team of experts who have succeeded in setting a new trend of standards for office water by offer outstanding product quality and literally unrivalled customer satisfaction levels. 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Visit: Lastly, unlimited water endeavours hard in offering best service packages to its customers, they make sure their system aren't much in terms of cost as well as are great in terms of use. So what's more to ask for? To know more, get in touch with our delegates either by reaching us online or calling us on: 1300 720 820 Unlimited water is a reputable and renowned company, established in 1997 offers a variety of premium quality products and services to their valuable customers. It may also interest you to know that we have been a trustworthy company in town for more than a span of seventeen years. So to know more, get in touch with our representatives by calling us on: 1300 720 820. blueAPACHE’s ExpressRoute deployment provides customers access to a more secure, flexible and reliable connection to Microsoft Cloud Services. 2015-10-05T04:07:45Z blueapache-s-expressroute-deployment-provides-customers-access-to-a-more-secure-flexible-and-reliable-connection-to-microsoft-cloud-services 5th October, 2015 Melbourne, Australia – blueAPACHE, a leading managed network and cloud solutions provider, today announced that it has successfully integrated Microsoft ExpressRoute directly into its core datacentres, enabling all customers to access a more secure, flexible and reliable connection to Microsoft Cloud Services. ExpressRoute is a private, high-throughput connection from Microsoft Cloud Services through blueAPACHE’s MPLS network into client sites. It provides blueAPACHE network customers the opportunity to have a direct and uncontended connection to Microsoft Services including Azure Public Cloud and Office365 – without the security risks of private data traversing the internet, or the complications of managing multiple carrier vendors. Following a soft launch in September, blueAPACHE today opened ExpressRoute to all customers. “We opted for a soft launch to provision testing” said Mr James Hendry, General Manager – Commercial at blueAPACHE. “We pride ourselves on quality of service, and it was important to ensure the technology exceeded all expectations before opening it up to all clients”. blueAPACHE customers in Australia and New Zealand can leverage ExpressRoute and the blueAPACHE MPLS network to connect directly to Microsoft Azure Public Cloud immediately. Azure has a growing collection of integrated cloud services, including analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web. Developers and IT professionals using Azure with ExpressRoute benefit from: - A private, uncontended, high-throughput dedicated connection between client sites directly into Azure; - Network guarantee over traditional internet-based VPNs; - Reduced network bandwidth usage (and the associated fees); - Simplified billing (while maintaining the pay-as-you-go model); and - Improved security (security policy inclusive of the ISO 27018 standard). “Our emPOWER Private Cloud continues to complement our client’s hybrid solutions that extend into the Public Cloud” continued Hendry. “Our early adoption of ExpressRoute enables customers to seamlessly add Azure to their existing private cloud and on-premises IT, and still maintain our exclusive single pane of glass reporting, management and billing platform. This makes public cloud a lot simpler, safer and removes a lot of the redundancy fears clients have. “It also means that when Microsoft add ExpressRoute integration to Office365 later this quarter, clients can quickly transition to the enhanced cloud version of the popular desktop application – without the concerns of reliability or risking business data travelling over the internet.” Microsoft ExpressRoute connections are available today from blueAPACHE. For more information, About blueAPACHE Since 1998, the multi-awarded blueAPACHE has helped organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America leverage technology to their business advantage by delivering comprehensive IT Management, Cloud, Network, Voice, Software and Consulting as a converged service – when they need it, as they need it. This is true IT as a Service. This is blueAPACHE. To learn more, or follow us on twitter at @blue_APACHE.