The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-05-27T05:59:16Z WA SMEs expect economic contraction: Survey 2015-05-27T05:59:16Z wa-smes-expect-economic-contraction-survey WA SMEs expect economic contraction: Survey 50% say cash flow is more difficult to manage 53% expect sales to decline Small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in Western Australia are more negative about their economic prospects than other states, with the mining downturn weighing heavily on their business confidence and stunting cash flows. The March 2015 Bibby Barometer, a national survey of 620 business owners, found that Western Australian businesses are the most likely to believe that the economy will contract over the next 12 months. Almost half the state’s businesses (42%) believe that the economy will contract, compared to 29% nationally. Western Australian businesses are the most likely to say that their cash flow is more difficult to manage than 12 months ago, with 50% of businesses in the state saying that cash flow has deteriorated versus 40% nationally. Western Australian businesses are also the most negative about their expectations for the future. More than one in four (26.7%) expect the time it takes to be paid to increase in the next six months and a massive 53% expect a decline in sales over the next 12 months, compared to 28% of businesses Australia-wide. Mark Cleaver, Managing Director, Bibby Financial Services Australia and New Zealand, said: “After a long period of subdued confidence resulting in low investment intentions among SMEs nationally, the interest rate cut earlier this month and last week’s Federal Budget look set to provide a boost to SMEs and encourage innovation in the small business sector, particularly for start-ups. We welcome the tax concessions and it is pleasing to see that access to alternative forms of funding, such as crowd funding, will be improved.  “While the support for small businesses with turnover less than $2m is welcomed, we would encourage government to extend more support to medium-size businesses. Our research has shown that medium-size businesses (employing up to 200 people) are the most likely to invest and, collectively, can make a significant impact on the Australian economy and employment rate,” said Cleaver.  “Lower interest rates and the Budget announcements will provide some relief to Western Australian SMEs who are experiencing a downturn in economic activity due to falling commodity prices and the decline in mining operations. With the iron ore price falling to fresh lows, these fears have been compounded, hitting the state on several fronts. “We have seen mines shut down or operations scaled back, job cutbacks and an overall decline in business activity and investment in the state. Unsurprisingly, Western Australian businesses are the most likely to be concerned about current economic conditions, with more than one in two businesses concerned about the economy (57%), compared to 47% nationally. Consequently, they are also the most likely to reduce investment in their businesses,” Mr Cleaver said.  To counter the economic headwinds they are facing, Western Australian businesses are among the most likely to say they intend to access new customer segments and to embark on product, service or process innovation in the coming 12 months; one in three businesses is planning such initiatives, compared to around one in four nationally. Businesses in the state are also the most likely to have bad debt insurance, with over a third (37%) looking to reduce risk by taking out insurance against bad debts. When it comes to running a business, the most common challenges cited nationally are rising expenses (36%), achieving a good work-life balance, increased competition and managing cash flow (all 29%). However, in Western Australian businesses are even more likely to highlight these challenges, particularly rising expenses (40%), achieving a good work-life balance (38%), time management and increased competition (both 32%). The March 2015 Bibby SME Cash Flow Index score of -3.3 reveals that Australian businesses nationally are concerned about cash flow. The Index remains in negative territory and is considerably lower than it was in February 2014 (+5.3), although it has improved since July 2014 (-5.8). The Bibby Barometer involved questioning businesses employing between 1 and 199 people. Almost half the businesses (46%) employ 20 to 199 people, while 38% employ five to 19 people and 17% employ one to four people. Slightly more than half the businesses surveyed are family-owned. The Bibby Barometer survey has been conducted bi-annually since July 2011 to gauge the temperature of Australian business sentiment on economic conditions, cash flow, financing and key business challenges. The Bibby Cash Flow Index, which forms part of the Bibby Barometer, is a composite measure of current cash flow and forward projections providing a snapshot of Australian businesses’ cash flow expectations.  5 Key Factors To Consider When Looking For Motorbike Loans 2015-05-27T05:44:53Z 5-key-factors-to-consider-when-looking-for-motorbike-loans There’s plenty to think about when choosing a motorbike loan. To make sure that you get the best loan for your individual circumstances here’s my checklist of the 5 Key Factors To Consider When Looking For Motorbike Loans. At you can use our Information Resources and Free Quote Service to find the very Best Motorbike Loan for your circumstances. 1. Interest Rates Rates are the main yardstick that people use when comparing loans. I prefer to think of them as being like a headline in a newspaper. They grab your attention but don’t necessarily tell you the entire story. The interest rate is going to play a big part in determining the cost of your loan so it’s a good place to start but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the rate is the only element to consider. 2. Fees Fees are another factor that will directly impact on your cost of borrowing. They’re not displayed as prominently as interest rates but you need to find out what fees apply and how much they are before proceeding with a loan. Beware of being lured in by attractive headline rates only to find out that the deal involves high set up and ongoing account keeping fees. 3. Loan Security Most loans involve the lender using the motorbike that you buy as security. In other words, the bank or finance company have some rights over the motorbike which could potentially allow them to repossess it if you were to break your agreement and miss your loan repayments. When it comes to selling or trading in your motorbike a secured type loan needs to be paid off in full before the sale can be finalised. If you want the flexibility of an unsecured loan expect to pay a higher rate for the privilege. 4. Loan Inclusions Make sure to check that the loan will cover everything that you want it to. Most Banks and Finance Companies will limit how much they lend against the value of the motorbike. So if you’re planning on including apparel and accessories or maybe the cost of an extended warranty in the loan, check out whether the lender will be prepared to include this for you. Otherwise you could be left with an unexpected bill to pay! 5. Early Termination If you think that you may want to occasionally pay extra off your loan or if you’re planning to pay the loan off early with a lump sum, make sure to check beforehand that your loan allows you to do this. If your loan does provide this flexibility check out if there are there any costs associated with it. Find the Best Motorbike Loans Using the tools and resources at and working with a Qualified Finance Broker can help you to find the very best motorbike loans for your individual circumstances. Supermarket Roof Top Air Conditioning Acoustic Solution 2015-05-27T04:02:30Z supermarket-roof-top-air-conditioning-acoustic-solution The demolition and part closure of a shopping centre prompted Woolworths supermarket in Belrose to relocate their roof top air conditioning units to stay operational. The new location of the air conditioning units was in close proximity of built-up units escalating complaints from its residents. The noise mitigation solution of a noise attenuation barrier had to be aesthetically pleasing for the supermarket located in the busy Stockland Shopping Centre encircled by suburban housing and infrastructure. One of the focal challenges was that there was no real place for Modular Wall Systems™ to mount the vertical wall member too. Our engineering team went to work and a solution was designed so that the wall could be fixed to a track that aligned to roofing girt underneath the metal roof skin. The panels then stood vertically in the track and using tie rods tensioned down to the base track. Diagonal cables were then mounted to the top lineal and fixed off to an appropriate anchor point on the roof with custom made brackets. The premium performing AcoustiSorb 75 panels that are only available from Modular Wall Systems™ were easily situated and installed on the roof top premise. A sound level measurement was tested at this location before and after the installation of the AcoustiSorb wall. No discernible difference was measured meaning that the AcoustiSorb 75 was absorbing the sound as required with no reflective transmission back towards the measuring device. The pre-finish panels meant there was no requirement for painting following installation, and the surf mist colour gave an aesthetically pleasing solution. As the leading manufacturers of cost effective acoustic and boundary walls, we’ve designed wall systems that offers a solution for every challenge. For further information and advice about acoustic barriers and walling solutions call Modular Wall Systems™ on 1300 556 957 or visit Acoustic Solution For Smithfield Gaming Lounge 2015-05-27T03:56:32Z acoustic-solution-for-smithfield-gaming-lounge Smithfield RSL were undergoing an extension of their gaming lounge and turned to Modular Wall Systems™ for a noise abatement solution to shield neighbours and alleviate their noise concerns. Local council had imposed strict mandatory acoustic regulations as part of the renovation which included both a sound absorbing requirement as well as a high transmission loss. Additionally, the acoustic wall required complex installation in and around old and new storm water pipes and pits.  Finally, the noise mitigation solution located near the entry and exit stairs of the customer driven premise located along Sydney’s busy Cumberland Highway, had to be aesthetically welcoming. The solution offered by Modular Wall Systems™ included a custom-designed GuardianWall™ system measuring 4.5m – 5.3m tall and 47m long that incorporated our AcoustiSorb Plus™ panels. Due to the RW rating required, MWS proposed a modified version of our standard AcoustiSorb sound absorbing panel. This panel was designed, tested and acoustically rated specifically for this project. These panels have a perforated face to absorb sound waves within its core material, resulting in an NRC rating > 0.9.  A 9mm compressed fibre cement rear skin then provides a smooth and tough architectural finish on the outside. The density of the compressed fibre cement increased the STC (sound transmission rating) greater than 40 Rw and in turn complied with the council requirements. Working harmoniously with Merlot Constructions, Modular Wall Systems™ installed the required walls in several carefully planned and calculated site visits allowing the incumbent Merlot Construction team to undertake works required in combination with the walls installation plan. This precise planning meant the construction of the wall was able to occur without hitch or additional contractors. Base plates and large pad footings were used where post embedment depth could not be achieved overcoming challenges from the old and new storm water pipes and pits. The pre-finish internal panel skins meant there was no requirement for painting on the inside following installation and the outside was painted in a color to seamless blend into the rest of the development. As the leading manufacturers of cost effective acoustic and boundary walls, Modular Wall Systems™ designs wall systems that offers a solution for every challenge. For further information and advice about acoustic barriers and walling solutions call Modular Wall Systems on 1300 556 957. Acoustic Solution For Dulwich Hill Light Rail Systems 2015-05-27T03:55:03Z acoustic-solution-for-dulwich-hill-light-rail-systems Transdev Australasia required an acoustic fence shielding pedestrian pathway users and neighbours in Dulwich Hill, NSW from a light rail dual carriageway system. The acoustic fencing system required mounting to an existing structure and had to be impact resistant to withstand the rigors of day to day foot traffic.  An additional requirement of the noise reduction fence was to have negligible impact on all bordering vegetation and flora. The solution offered by Modular Wall Systems included a custom designed panel fencing system measuring 2.35m – 2.4m high and 42m long, and incorporating the AcoustiMax™ 50 panels with a proven noise reduction of 20+dB. Highly innovative bespoke microline steel clad panels ensured the fences impact resistance. The pre-finish panels meant the fence didn’t require painting following installation, and the pale eculypt colour blended perfectly with fringing vegetation and flora. An ingenious bespoke support channel was utilised so the fence was attached directly to an existing structure that ensured the width of the pathway was not compromised and that the surrounding environment remained intact and undamaged. This also had the added benefit of assuring fast installation. For further information call 1300 556 957 or visit Councils working on Major Energy Efficient Street Lighting Projects to save thousands in Energy Costs 2015-05-26T12:26:01Z councils-working-on-major-energy-efficient-street-lighting-projects-to-save-thousands-in-energy-costs Street lighting is perceived as the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from local government, typically accounting for 30 to 60 percent of greenhouse emissions. With Electricity and Carbon costs posing a huge challenge and Street Lighting, in particular, costing at least $400 million per year, local governments throughout Australia are turning towards energy efficient street lighting such as LEDs to replace old inefficient and expensive technology. From a financial perspective, switching to LED street lighting is expected to save Australia’s local councils up to $87 million and prevent 720,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere each year, according to the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA). Even though councils have had a wide variety of lighting forms to choose from, LED has emerged as the favourite. Having a lifespan of 20 years, LEDs are seen as the lighting technology of the future providing better direct lighting, low glare and expected to save around 77 percent of the energy use compared to traditional street lighting. Not only will LEDs spark a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gases as well as energy and maintenance costs, they are also expected to play a role in improving safety outcomes for drivers and pedestrians. Throughout Australia, there is somewhat of an energy efficiency revolution occurring with over 60 Australian councils including Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart currently in the rollout process or having completed bulk lighting changeovers. The energy efficiency revolution in Australia is gearing full-speed ahead and in early April 2015 the 200,000th energy efficient street light was changed over. A case in point is the Lighting the Regions Project, a collaboration between 16 local government bodies across North, West and Central Victoria and two leading sustainability alliances to create the largest street lighting partnership project in Australia. Through education and engagement with regional people, this project aims to create more energy efficient and sustainable communities and is expected to pull together the expertise, resourcing and financial resources required to take energy efficiency to the next level.  The Lighting the Regions is just one such example of the energy efficient street lighting revolution that is happening across Australia. There are similar projects being undertaken across the other states with the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils’ (SSROC) Street Lighting Improvement Program in NSW, the Ipswich Street Lighting Retrofit Project in QLD, the Hobart and Glenorchy Street Lighting Replacement Project in Tasmania, to name a few. Find out more on the progress of these street lighting projects in addition to other interesting topics covering lighting design for precincts, recreational facilities and much more at the Australian Smart Lighting Summit to be held on the 8 & 9 September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The national event endorsed by the City of Melbourne draws over 150 lighting industry experts who will discuss strategies and new technologies for public lighting retrofits aimed at reducing energy consumption and costs. The Summit has established itself as the leading lighting event in the region focusing on street, urban and public lighting. The 2014 Summit witnessed the participation of over 40 councils from all over Australia committed to the deployment of innovative, intelligent and energy-efficient lighting initiatives throughout the country. The 2014 Australian Smart Lighting Summit was a huge success and the general feedback was that participants appreciated the interactive nature and ability to talk and engage with a vast array of stakeholders. Ian Dryden from the City of Melbourne said “The Smart Lighting Summit's been fantastic. I've been really impressed with the fact that we've ended up with so many people, and a really diverse range of people, and I find with these things that you learn so much from the actual audience." "The summit was excellent. I particularly like that we had lighting manufacturers; people installing large-scale lighting; lots of questions from the floor and a fair bit of interaction. It’s really important to get different views with different ideas about how things should run or what the right types of technology are. This is the first of these events we've had in Australia. Sponsors have come on board, manufacturers, councils, there's been a great response and if it was to run again we'd love to be involved." commented Paul Brown from Ironbark Sustainability For more information on the 3rd Annual Australian Smart Lighting Summit, please visit About Expotrade Expotrade, the organisers of this Summit have developed an array of top quality B2B events, delivering some of the largest conferences and summits in the infrastructure, banking and finance, information technology, sustainability, lighting and energy sectors. For more information, visit ACT Safety Offer Certificates Of Competency For Mining Sector 2015-05-26T05:00:56Z act-safety-offer-certificates-of-competency-for-mining-sector With mining featuring in our newspapers and on our screens lately, with the news that the Stockton coal mine is cutting 151 jobs plus 14-15 contracting jobs from the mine, it is timely to be talking about the new Certificates of Competency’s holder requirements for mining and quarrying sectors. New regulations prescribing competencies for the mining and quarrying sectors were passed in December 2013 and on 18th December 2014 Work Safe NZ published new requirements for certain mining and quarrying (CoC’s). The requirements mean CoC holders will have to gain additional unit standards by 1st January 2016 in order for their certificates to be valid. This is where ACT Safety Ltd  comes in. ACT Safety is accredited to offer these unit standards and intend delivering the new units commencing in March 2015. The first of these units they will be carrying out is; US 16686 Carry out an Incident Investigation at an Extractive Site. ACT Safety can also provide training and assessment for A and B Grade managers. ACT Safety Ltd pride themselves on their Incident Investigation training as not only do they train to a very high standard but they teach their trainees to find the root cause and instigate preventive measures. Their trainers have many years’ experience with incident investigations on the front line so they know the pitfalls and ways to overcome them. This training covers the legal requirements and completion of DOL documentation, scene investigations, data collection and interviewing techniques. It gives the trainees a systematic approach to investigating incidents, enabling the root causes to be identified and develop SMARTER corrective actions. Trainees complete their own company documentation, including incident investigation reporting and recording. ACT Safety Ltd also offer an Independent Incident Investigation Service where they assist companies in the investigation of incidents or accidents. James Reason’s work on Human Error Factors with understanding and accepting that humans will make mistakes, allows the team at ACT Safety Ltd through the Swiss Cheese Model to delve into the organization to identify the failing that lead to the occurrence. Their trainers from high risk steel and mining industries have vast experience in the use of ICAM as an investigation tool. Experienced in the role of investigation leader, ICAM facilitator and trainer, their aim is to seek collaboration from workforce and managers to develop a safer workplace. ICAM is a simple open and honest approach that properly used removes the smoke and mirror syndrome; engagement and buy in to investigation corrective actions is far more acceptable so for more information on accident investigation training please visit the website at . The Facts On Car Finance Interest Rates With Enterprise Cars 2015-05-26T04:30:05Z the-facts-on-car-finance-interest-rates-with-enterprise-cars For those looking around the internet for car finance, they can expect to see a wide range of car loan interest rates advertised. Making sense of them can sometimes be tricky when at the end of the day all we are really interested in is 'what rate will I get?' The thing with car loan interest rates is they will vary depending on many factors and Enterprise Cars advise that as a general guideline, the better the customer’s credit rating and personal profile the better their interest rate will be. A really good guide for car and bank loan interest rates can be found at . They are an independent site that lists the interest rates from most of the larger finance companies and banks. The Enterprise Cars team warn people to be wary of lenders advertising low interest rates, as they may not be as good as they sound. In some cases, people will advertise rates “From X%” but they will have a very strict criteria to qualify for this rate. In other cases they may have built the cost of the interest into the purchase price. For example, some vehicles are advertised at 1% or 2%, where in reality the lower interest rate is given instead of a lower purchase price, so it is important to shop around. Regarding buying a Japanese or European Vehicle, there are advocates for both, depending on who is giving the information, so the professional and helpful team at Enterprise Cars have a few points on both sides of the argument. For instance, European cars are said to be sturdier in their design and build and they also generally have more of the latest safety features and technology. This can make European cars slightly better in performance and comparatively safer in an accident. Conversely, Japanese cars have a reputation for being more reliable and are said to have a longer life and require less maintenance than European cars. They are also cheaper to repair and can be considered better value for money. At Enterprise Cars they recommend that these are some of the important factors to consider. However there will always be exceptions, so prospective customers are warned to keep this in mind and which one they choose will depend on their personal circumstances and preferences. For more information please visit the website at . Noise and Vibration testing? Choose Larson Davis 2015-05-25T06:14:53Z noise-and-vibration-testing-choose-larson-davis Noise and vibration will always be present in building, construction, manufacturing, and mining operations and it can potentially create a negative impact on worker health. Therefore, it is very important to have an accurate understanding of  your workplace exposure in order to ensure a healthy working environment, develop the appropriate safety procedures, and comply with OSH legislation. CLICK the products below and see how we can help you with these Larson Davis monitors! The SoundTrack LxT® Sound Level Meter was developed to meet the unique needs of those involved in workplace noise exposure assessment and plant noise surveys.  The Human Vibration Monitor (HVM100) is a hand-held instrument for measuring human exposure to vibration, performing relevant calculations and providing overall metrics on its LCD display.  The Spark® series are the perfect choice for personal noise exposure sampling in the workplace. Weighing only 7 ounces, they are intrinsically safe data logging dosimeters. Larson Davis products are used for audiometer calibration, building acoustics, environmental noise and community noise monitoring, industrial hygiene, worker hearing conversation, and hand-arm, whole body and general vibration measurement. To find out more about our Larson Davis range, Contact our John Morris team toll-free: AUS 1800 251 799 and NZ 0800 651 700 Email: Stainless Steel Supplier in Perth: “Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment Should Last a Lifetime.” 2015-05-25T03:48:23Z stainless-steel-supplier-in-perth-stainless-steel-restaurant-equipment-should-last-a-lifetime Perth, WA, 25 May 2015 - Stainless steel is a steel alloy consisting of at least 12% chromium and optional elements such as nickel, molybdenum and carbon. But it is the chromium that makes stainless steel an irreplaceable commodity in restaurants. Chromium interacts with oxygen in the air to create a smooth oxide coating on the surface of stainless steel. This coating provides stainless steel with its non-corrosive properties. It also makes stainless steel a surface that is “unfriendly” to bacteria. This is why stainless steel is a mandatory material for so many sanitary applications.When properly maintained, the surface of stainless steel doesn’t deteriorate with regular cleaning, providing a product that can last a lifetime. Recently Paul Bartlett, the Managing Director of Western Stainless Solutions, provided a guide to properly maintaining stainless steel restaurant equipment on his company blog. Western Stainless Solutions is a full service stainless steel supplier and fabricator in Perth. They have provided custom design stainless steel installation for countless restaurants, pubs and food manufacturing facilities in the Perth area. Mr Bartlett wanted to provide a reminder for his past customers and a guide for future customers that would enable them to keep their stainless steel restaurant equipment in perfect shape for as long as they own their business. According to Mr Bartlett:“Stainless steel is the standard when it comes to restaurant and food processing equipment. In many cases, stainless steel is mandated by various Australian and local codes. This didn’t happen by accident. It happened because stainless steel is the easiest practical building material to keep compliant with stringent sanitation standards.”Proper Maintenance of Stainless SteelStainless steel is the safest material for use in any facility where sanitation is a critical issue. Because it is such a smooth non-porous surface, it is not only unfriendly to bacteria but also easy to keep clean. In fact, using traditional cleaning methods such as abrasive cleaners or pads can damage stainless steel and the integrity of its surface.In most cases, it is recommended that only a cloth and water with a mild detergent is used on stainless steel. If it is cleaned on a daily basis and all spills are cleaned immediately, stainless steel is a “self-repairing” surface that replenishes its oxide film by the interaction between chromium and oxygen.If organic material or dirt is allowed to stay in contact with a stainless steel surface, it keeps the chromium in stainless steel from interacting with oxygen and can compromise the protective layer. According to Mr Bartlett: “The rules for proper maintenance are quite simple. Use soap and water whenever possible for cleaning. Don’t use abrasive pads or cleaners. Don’t use chlorine, including bleach. And clean it every day. If you follow these simple rules, your stainless steel surface can, indeed, last a lifetime.”Western Stainless Solutions is a stainless steel supplier in Perth. They provide stainless steel solutions for the restaurant, medical, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and water treatment industries. They are a full service manufacturer and supplier that provides bespoke solutions for a multitude of different applications. To learn more or for the full blog post on stainless steel maintenance, call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: MCA and Audi celebrate three years of vibrant programming for ARTBAR 2015-05-25T02:17:00Z mca-and-audi-celebrate-three-years-of-vibrant-programming-for-artbar With a new wing to explore and Sydney’s growing taste for late-night art programming, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) introduced MCA ARTBAR driven by Audi three years ago in 2012. Elevating the gallery experience with events that stimulate collaboration, inspiration and fun, ARTBAR has made contemporary art accessible for new audiences. To date, up to a thousand revellers each month have experienced this award-winning event, with many returning to the MCA for another visit. On the last Friday of each month the MCA invites an artist to curate a night of art, performances and music, taking over the entire wing of the building; ARTBAR is therefore a unique happening every month. Iconic Sydney Harbour views from the MCA Sculpture Terrace, a monthly themed cocktail, bands and DJs plus a rotating list of creative talent mean that no two nights are ever the same. ARTBAR’s diverse range of offerings appeals to all tastes. Over 600 program elements have occurred including life drawing classes, artist-led yoga, stand-up comedy acts, film screenings, a Cat Café, a Beyoncé dance masterclass and more recently parkour stunts in the Galleries. 36 artists from across the country have taken up the challenge of curating this monthly collision of happenings, from Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne to Western Sydney. Contributing artists include Shaun Gladwell, Daniel Boyd, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Brook Andrew and Karen Therese amongst others. MCA Director Elizabeth Ann Macgregor OBE said, ‘Artists are central to all our activities and from that perspective, ARTBAR really is an event like no other. It’s become one of our most successful public programs, playing a crucial role in our mission to connect a diverse audience with the work of living artists. ARTBAR truly is… art but not as you know it.’ ‘We’re extremely thankful to Audi who have been with us since the beginning of ARTBAR. Our partnership shares strong values like innovation and collaboration.’ Macgregor continued. Anna Burgdorf, General Manager of Corporate Communications for Audi Australia said, ‘The Audi brand has long been a passionate supporter of contemporary art, design and innovation in Australia, and overseas. The concept of MCA’s ARTBAR really is the ideal match for our brand and it allows us to engage and interact with a sophisticated, art-loving audience and offer inspiring experiences to the community. As the founding sponsor of the event series, we are incredibly proud to contribute to the vibrancy of Sydney’s cultural life.’ Friday 29 May will mark the third birthday of ARTBAR with MCA Collection artist Rebecca Baumann curating the event. Baumann is a Perth-based artist working predominantly in kinetic sculpture, installation and performance. Her work is characterised by an ongoing fascination with colour, the complex workings of human emotion and the cultural rituals surrounding happiness and celebration. The night will be decked in confetti, dipped in colour and illuminated in light as the night plays off Baumann’s much loved artworks such as Automated Colour Field (2011) and Confetti International (2007/2011). On the night, guests can have their nails painted by burlesque star Lauren La Rouge and listen to garage rock wave with Sydney band Los Tones. Coinciding with Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas, Baumann’s work will not only be inside the Museum but also transforming the MCA façade for the artist’s Vivid Sydney collaboration with Paris-based art and design company Danny Rose. MCA ARTBAR driven by Audi Curated by Rebecca Baumann Friday 29 May, 7–11pm For more info: $20/$15 MCA Members and Concessions in advance (booking fees apply) $25 at the door (subject to availability) Over 18s only Upcoming Events Friday 26 June – Dara Gill Friday 31 July – Renny KogersFriday 28 August – Haines & Hinterding Friday 25 September – Primavera Edition Friday 30 October – Hissy Fit Friday 27 November – 2015 Finale #MCAARTBAR Media Contacts Claire Johnson / Myriam Conrie02 9245 2417 / 02 9245 / THE OZ NIGHT MARKET TO HOST MAMMOTH CAR SHOW ON JUNE 27TH 2015-05-22T08:37:23Z the-oz-night-market-to-host-mammoth-car-show-on-june-27th The Oz Night Market - South East Queensland’s largest collection of international cuisine are to host a mammoth car show on June 27th presented by N.E.M.O, BrisNightLife and VQ Australia. As a local community initiative, The Oz Night Market are committed to producing regular fun, family orientated events to be enjoyed by the community. “The Oz Night Market was created for FOOD, FAMILY, FUN, ENTERTAINMENT, so for us it’s very important to be putting on events that draw in the local community. This is going to be a great event - Bring the kids and come see some awesome cars!”said Oz Night Market creators Edmond Wong and Cecilia Yan. After just recently celebrating their One Year Anniversary, this event sets a tone for what to expect from The Oz Night Market in their second year. “The Oz Night Market has gone from strength to strength since opening and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see what the market has grown into”said Edmond and Cecilia. With over 400+ cars expected to show on the night, as well as a 12 metre Sky High slide for the kids, June 27th will be a great night out for the entire family. The Oz Night Market facilitate over 1,300 people each week and provide a platform for over 60 local businesses to sell their products. The Oz Night Market is held at 139 Brisbane Road, Booval from 5:30pm - 9:30pm every Saturday evening. Interviews, images and other promotional material is available upon request.  VOTE of Confidence for $3B LPG Vehicle Industry 2015-05-22T04:00:00Z vote-of-confidence-for-3b-lpg-vehicle-industry Elgas, Australia’s largest supplier of LPG and Autogas, welcomes the Victorian Government’s announcement today of a $60,000 investment towards a demand study for an LPG vehicle production plant in Geelong. Cameron Ure, Elgas’ General Manager for Unigas, said the investment is the first positive signal for an industry hit by a perfect storm. “The recent Holden and Ford manufacturing closures that have shutdown Australia’s only locally-produced LPG vehicles, together with changes in government policy, have been compounded by the growth of new diesel vehicle purchases that accelerated the decline in LPG aftermarket conversion centres,” said Mr Ure. “The commitment from the Victorian Government to explore the possibility of an LPG vehicle production plant in Geelong recognises the immediate and direct economic and social benefits available from Autogas.” “On road testing and research tells us that Autogas saves motorists money and reduces emissions - all without compromising vehicle performance,” said Mr Ure. The Australian Autogas industry needs critical government support to leverage the $3 billion investment in current infrastructure and a network of more than 3,000 refuelling stations. The Victorian Government’s commitment to ascertain the economic and technology benefits of the current and future LPG vehicle market provides a new opportunity to reinvigorate a high value industry. “Not only do we have a willing industry ready to work in partnership with government to identify a future direction, Australia has an abundant supply of LPG that is immediately available to support this industry as it responds to market demand. “Reinvigorating the new and retrofitted Autogas small and heavy vehicles market in Australia will provide a significant boost to the regional skilled workforce, and reduce vehicle emissions by 15%. “We welcome the Victorian Government’s partnership with the industry to identify solutions that deliver efficient and effective economic benefits. We will work diligently to identify new innovative technologies that will deliver substantial benefits to industry and the community,” said Mr Ure. Elgas, in partnership with the Victorian Government, and strategic partnerships with Gas Energy Australia and the VACC, are committed to arresting the downturn of a significant and viable Australian industry. Elgas looks forward to the results of the Victorian Government’s study and future support from the Australian Government, as the economic opportunities are realised.Media contact: Melissa Bairstow 0421 807 669 ׀  Soft Safety, Hard Consequences 2015-05-22T03:13:51Z soft-safety-hard-consequences More countries around the globe are introducing jail time and hard consequences for those soft on safety in the workplace. Canada’s laws became stricter in 2004 while a high-profile case in the U.S. comes to trial in July. Cases involving corporate executives in Africa and Europe are also making the news this year. Canada introduced a provision in its criminal code to hold corporations liable regarding workplace health and safety in response to the deadly Nova Scotia 1992 coal mine explosion that killed 26. The bill imposes serious penalties for violations resulting in injury or death. Criminal negligence penalties have been imposed 9 times in Canada since the 2004 law was enacted. Karl-Heinz Lilgert was convicted and imprisoned for four years upon the death of two people in a ferry accident in British Columbia in 2006. Lilgert was operating the vessel when he became distracted and did not realize the vessel was off course and ran aground. Most recently, a Canadian worker was killed on January 18, 2013 from head trauma sustained while working on a forklift without fall protection.  Two company directors from New Mex Canada Inc, were given 25 day jail sentences after pleading guilty to safety violations. Upon investigation, several additional OHS violations were found in the warehouse, including failure to provide PPE and lack of training for workers. In the UK, two individuals were sentenced to jail time after a worker was fatally injured when a trench collapsed in 2010. A construction company executive was convicted of manslaughter and received over 3 years in jail.  An OHS consultant also received 9 months jail for his role in drafting work method statements and inspecting the work site. The documents drafted were not relevant to the current work site and during his two site inspections he failed to stop work when dangerous situations arose, as was his duty. In the U.S., Massey Energy CEO, Don Blankenship, is one of two company directors who will face charges after the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster which killed 29 workers in 2010. Blankenship is believed to have violated safety protocol to increase production. David Hughert, fellow company executive, has already been sentenced to 42 months in prison.  Also in the U.S., a 2014 case brought jail time for movie director Randall Miller after he was sentenced to two years when his camera assistant died during filming due to a train accident. Six others were injured. In light of the expansion of OHS laws to include criminal prosecution of negligent managers, executives, and consultants, companies should focus on workplace safety compliance and accident prevention rather than reactionary measures.  Death and injury in work place accidents are the terrible consequence of negligence.  In addition to substantial financial cost in terms of fines and damage to company brand and reputation, executives are now facing the harsh reality of jail time for their involvement in negligent safety practices in the workplace. To keep up to date on the latest in safety, and for a free trial of our safety management software, visit By Stacey Wagner Taste trumps cheap deals as pizza-lovers go gourmet! 2015-05-21T05:12:05Z taste-trumps-cheap-deals-as-pizza-lovers-go-gourmet Queenslanders do it online, South Australians look for quantity over quality, and in New South Wales… they prefer to go gourmet! Pizza is one of the most popular takeaway foods across the world and a new survey has revealed what drives Australia’s love-affair with the tomatoey, cheesy circles – and which store we prefer to spend our hard-earned dough at. Consumer research and ratings company Canstar Blue has surveyed almost 2,000 Aussies who have ordered takeaway pizza in the last three months to find out about our munching habits. Getting a pizza the action The survey found that 38% of pizza-lovers can’t resist adding extras like garlic bread, chicken bites or desserts to their order, especially those in their late 20s (50%). However, less than half of us (47%) always order from the same pizza store. “Everyone wants to get a great deal, but for most consumers it’s the taste of pizza that keeps them coming back for more,” said Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle. “If a particular chain isn’t tickling our tastebuds, we don’t mind taking our cash elsewhere. “Ordering pizza has never been so easy, and with so much competition out there, the big chains have to try harder than ever to entice us – and then keep us. There’s a reason why they often bombard you with flyers and special offer vouchers! “The pizza store that can cook up the perfect balance of fresh ideas and great-tasting pizzas – at an affordable price – will be onto a winner. Even slow delivery time could be forgiven if your overriding memory at the end of the night is delicious pizza.” Just 15% of survey respondents said they tend to order low-fat options and a whopping 44% were perfectly happy to eat a whole large pizza on their own – with men (55%) more likely than women (33%) to go it alone. One in four (25%) tend to buy the cheapest pizza available, while 28% opt for quantity over quality from their order. But that might turn into regret for some people, with one in three (33%) feeling conscious about their size or appearance after eating pizza. Pizza takes a slice out of fine dining Aussies are increasing favouring premium pizza options, the survey found. Almost three out of five (58%) adults prefer to buy from the gourmet range of offerings – up from 52% in 2014. But we still love a bargain, with just 11% spending $50 or more on their orders. “Consumers are demanding more adventurous options, so the pizza chains need to regularly refresh their menus to keep us interested – whether it’s the toppings on offer, or what they stuff in their crust!” said Mrs Doyle. “Taste is king, but no one wants to eat the same pizza every time! “As consumers, we like to try something new and tell our friends about it. The pizza chains that deliver the big ideas are the most likely to attract our attention and get us talking, but if those latest creations don’t hit the right notes, it could be for all the wrong reasons. There is a fine line between genius and madness!” Our increasing app-etite for pizza Not only do 36% of survey respondents always order pizza online, but 22% have an app to do so, with those in their 30s (35%) the most likely to order with their smartphone. “Being able to easily modify your order, search through additional extras, and even track your order’s progress as it’s prepared, cooked and delivered, have become part of the pizza-ordering experience for many people,” said Mrs Doyle. “As a result, a pizza chain’s online service has never been so important, with consumers able to take their business elsewhere in a split second if a website isn’t easy to navigate.” How Aussies eat their pizza The survey revealed some interesting variations in our pizza-eating habits across the states. Respondents in Queensland (31%) had the biggest appetite for cheap deals and were most likely to order their pizza online (47%). Those in Victoria (25%) were least likely to order online. South Australians (37%) were the hungriest for quantity over quality from their order, the most likely to eat a whole large pizza on their own (50%) and the least image conscious after enjoying their feast (26%). West Australians (57%) were the most loyal to their favourite pizza chain and most likely to have a mobile app for ordering (27%), while those in New South Wales were most tempted by additional extras (40%), the most likely to order low-fat pizzas (17%) and the biggest fans of gourmet options (64%). What we want from different pizza chains The survey also revealed some fascinating insights into which pizza chains Aussies gravitate towards depending on what – or how much – we’re hungry for. Pizza-lovers looking for cheap deals and quantity over quality were drawn to Pizza Hut more than anywhere else, while those who ordered from Eagle Boys were most likely to include extra sides. And consumers who favour gourmet options were most likely to order from Pizza Capers. Which pizza chain do Aussies rate highest? The Canstar Blue survey asked respondents to rate the pizza chain they most recently ordered from across a range of categories, including menu options, special deals, delivery, taste and value for money. Pizza Capers and Crust earned five-star ratings for taste and menu variety, while Eagle Boys and Dominos got top marks for their special offers. Eagle Boys was deemed to offer the best value for money, but for the fifth year in a row, Pizza Cappers beat the rest for overall customer satisfaction. “Those who ordered through Pizza Capers reported fresh, quality ingredients, a great variety of unique – and unusual – toppings, and quick delivery time. That’s a recipe for success in anyone’s book,” said Mrs Doyle. “It also earned several nods of recognition for its vegetarian and gluten-free options. “Consumers are increasingly demanding high-quality, premium pizzas – and Pizza Capers is leading this pizza evolution. Congratulations to Pizza Capers for another outstanding result. To top the table for five straight years is a phenomenal achievement.” Pizza Capers General Manager, Yvette Shearer, said the brand continued to put the customer first year after year, with an increased focus on operational excellence putting franchisees’ focus on customer service over the past 18 months. “The past year or so at Pizza Capers has been about reinvigorating the operational excellence of our franchises, with a renewed commitment to excellent customer service, speedy delivery times and of course high quality, generously topped pizzas that look just as good as they taste,” said Ms Shearer. “It’s fantastic that our franchisees are getting recognised for the outstanding effort they put in each and every day to every single pizza they make and customer they serve!” Ms Shearer said the awards aligned with the bigger market trend towards healthy, real food and hand-crafted, gourmet products.  “The proof just keeps on coming in – consumers are rating gourmet pizza as the most satisfying product currently on offer from quick service restaurants,” said Ms Shearer.