The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2014-09-19T02:49:43Z Dangerous personalities could be putting your workplace at risk 2014-09-19T02:49:43Z dangerous-personalities-could-be-putting-your-workplace-at-risk The study, of more than 1400 professionals across a diverse range of industries, found a strong correlation between an individual’s measurable personality and values and the likelihood that they will be safe or unsafe at work. According to the study, the types of personality traits that are associated with better safety behaviours include prudence, patience, fairness, diligence, social boldness and they tend to value security. The results revealed that men are more diligent and committed than women to being safe at work, in fact, women are less likely to participated in OHS practices and are more likely to disobey their organisation’s rules. Also workers which are older than 45 tend to display more safety conscious attitude and more display more attentive to safety behaviours than younger workers. The study highlighted that workers in the utilities, local government and FMCG sectors tend to have higher overall safety behaviours. Workers in these industries are more motivated to ensure safety at work, more likely to comply with workplace health and safety rules and to participate in improving safety at work.  State government employees tend to be less safety conscious and compliant than local government. This may be explained by a higher prevalence of office jobs in state government, which like professional services, arts and media communications are less concerned with safety compared with other industries.  Many local government roles, like utilities and manufacturing, involve physical labour and onsite jobs that tend to attract more safety consciousness. It's your responsibility to look after the safety and well-being of your workers. Now is the time to take action. WHS Solutions can provide you with the proper certification so you can operate in confidence allowing your employees to feel safe and act in their workplace.  If you are worried or unsure about how compliant your company is with workplace health and safety regulations, just 20 minutes with an experienced WHS consultant you can learn if your company is covered and how you can improve. Contact the team at WHS Solutions today for your free initial business consultation. WHS Solutions is an outsourced team of health and safety consultants, we work side-by-side with you manage your occupational health and safety systems with our WHSS Safety System. This ensures that your employees are fully covered and working in the safety possible environment. For more information regarding WHS Solutions, please contact: Email: Telephone: 08 9427 1788 Or visit Promotional Firm Says: “Everybody Wins with Custom Corporate and Sports Apparel.” 2014-09-19T02:45:32Z promotional-firm-says-everybody-wins-with-custom-corporate-and-sports-apparel Perth, WA, 19 September 2014 - Many businesses are turning to custom branded apparel to spread their messages and enhance their brands. While this kind of promotion may not seem to have the “reach” that traditional promotions such as TV, radio and newspaper ads have, it has a certain “grassroots” appeal that makes it very targeted and effective. Branded custom apparel is popular because the person who wears them becomes a walking advertisement for the company. This is a form of “word of mouth” advertising; people see someone who approves of the brand on their apparel. The advertising impressions this produces are of much higher quality than those in traditional advertising media.There are four popular methods for incorporating branded apparel into business promotion: corporate clothing, sports apparel, promotional giveaways and retail apparel. Corporate ClothingCorporate clothing has become popular in capital cities such as Perth. The employer provides a branded work uniform for the employees. The benefits to the employer include a more “uniform” appearance, enhanced unity and camaraderie among employees and a constant reminder to employees that they are representing their company.Employees benefit from not having to worry about being judged for their choice of apparel and from not having to damage their own clothes at work. Customers benefit from knowing who is an employee and who isn’t. When customers have questions, they immediately know who to ask and who not to ask.Sport UniformsSport uniforms usually denote sponsorship of a sporting team. Sometimes the business sponsors a team outside of the workplace and sometimes the team is a “corporate team” made up of employees. Sport uniforms associate the business with sport and attributes such as health and action. Those who participate on corporate teams tend to display more camaraderie and loyalty to their workplace.Standard Promotional Giveaway ApparelThis is the classic use of promotional apparel in the same manner of other promotional giveaway items. The purpose is to have the company name and logo seen by as many people as possible. They are often given away to employees for performance or other company accomplishments. They are also given to “good” customers and to people who can influence others. Since promotional apparel costs more than a pen or a stubby holder, it pays to be judicious when giving it away.Retail Custom ApparelBusinesses such as restaurants, pubs and even bands will often sell t-shirts or polo shirts. They provide all of the same promotional benefits of giveaway items, but they make money instead of costing money. Some businesses find shirts with their names on them to be a substantial source of revenue. Why Custom Apparel is PopularAccording to Scott Eaton, Owner of ImagePak Marketing, “Custom apparel is popular because it works. It makes people feel good and it helps businesses make money. What could be better?” ImagePak Marketing provides promotional items, corporate clothing and promotional apparel in Perth. They carry a full range of branded promotional gear at reasonable prices. They combine high quality with great service and fast turnover time. For more information or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: ASUS announces Transformer Book Flip 2014-09-18T23:48:06Z asus-announces-transformer-book-flip Sydney, Australia (19 September, 2014) — ASUS has expanded its range of 2-in-1 devices in Australia with the Transformer Book Flip, a new Windows 8.1 laptop with a hinge design that enables the screen to be set at any angle between zero and 360 degrees. The versatile Transformer Flip and can be used as a powerful laptop, a responsive tablet, or anything in between. Transformer Book Flip is powered by Intel® 4th generation Core™ processors and up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GT840M discrete graphics for seamless multitasking and outstanding performance. Available in Australia in two sizes — 13.3 inches and 15.6 inches — there’s a Transformer Book Flip suitable for work, play or school.Flip for computing freedom ASUS Transformer Book Flip features a bright and clear up to HD 1920 x 1080 touchscreen with a cleverly-engineered hinge that allows the user to rotate it freely up to 360 degrees from the fully-closed position. Four gears in the hinge provide a smooth, easy movement, ensuring the screen stays exactly where the user wants it while making it effortless to adjust. From standard laptop mode, it’s easy to flip the screen instantly to suit whatever task the user wants to perform — whether it’s a media stand for watching a movie or viewing photos, a shared viewer for easy collaboration with friends, family or colleagues, or a tablet for playing the latest games. An automatic keyboard and touchpad lock is activated whenever Flip is used in non-laptop modes, so users won’t have problems with unwanted input. Flip’s touchscreen is incredibly accurate and responsive thanks to its high-precision 6mm-diametre actuators, which are more than twice as sensitive as the 9mm industry standard. Exclusive ASUS Splendid technology gives rich, deep and vibrant colours to ensure a visually stunning experience for any kind of content.Stylish, powerful, and with incredible sound The Flip is full of clever ASUS engineering, but it’s also designed to be smart and stylish, with a hairline-textured finish for a touch of luxury. The compact aluminium chassis gives Flip strength, durability and elegance. The seamless one-piece chiclet keyboard is ergonomically designed for optimum typing feel, and the large multi-touch touchpad supports Smart Gestures for precise and natural fingertip control. Instant On technology means that Flip only takes two seconds to resume from sleep, and users don’t need to worry about losing data when in sleep mode for up to 14 days — when the Lithium-polymer battery’s charge drops below 5 per cent, files and data are automatically backed up. Exclusive ASUS SonicMaster audio gives Flip the best audio experience in its class. With larger speakers and resonance chambers than standard laptops, the audio quality is spectacular. Users will experience deeper and richer bass, a wider frequency range, distinct vocals and pristine clarity. This makes Flip a perfect multimedia partner, with every song, movie or game sounding better thanks to its carefully balanced and dynamic audio.Store everything, share anything Each Flip includes ASUS WebStorage, giving users free access to the most complete platform for online living. Files and documents are accessible anywhere from a host of devices. With ASUS cloud services, convenience and intuitive is the main priority, offering users easy storage, sharing, and syncing of everything from business presentations to photo albums and favorite multimedia content.AVAILABILITY & PRICING ASUS Transformer Book Flip will be available in Australia from September 2014, from national retailers and authorised ASUS channel resellers. Recommended pricing for the Transformer Book begins at $799 for the 13-inch, and $999 for the 15-inch model.PRESS CONTACTS Sally Vernon ASUS PR Manager +61 2 9815 Sabine Leroy Spectrum Communications +61 2 9469 ###About ASUS ASUS is a worldwide top-three consumer notebook vendor and maker of the world’s best-selling, most award-winning, motherboards. A leading enterprise in the new digital era, ASUS designs and manufactures products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s digital home and office, with a broad portfolio that includes motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, displays, desktop and all-in-one PCs, notebooks, netbooks, servers, multimedia devices, wireless solutions, networking devices, tablets and smartphones. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, ASUS won 4,256 awards in 2013 and is widely credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with its Eee PC™. ASUS has more than 13,600 employees around the globe with a world-class R&D team of 4,500 engineers. Company revenue for 2013 was approximately US$14 billion. 1Specifications, content and product availability are all subject to change without notice and may differ from country to country. Actual performance may vary depending on applications, usage, environment and other factors. Recent Government Inquiry Cites Increasing Life Expectancy as Risk to Retirement Plans 2014-09-17T07:16:24Z recent-government-inquiry-cites-increasing-life-expectancy-as-risk-to-retirement-plans Perth, WA, 17 September 2014 - Recently, the Australian Government released the Financial Services Inquiry (FSI) report. The report covered all aspects of the financial services industry, but Approved Financial Planners, a financial and retirement planning firm in Perth, found the comments about retirement products and life expectancy to be particularly relevant. The FSI report’s executive summary contains a quote that Daniel Stevens, a financial planner for the firm Approved Financial Planners, finds especially important:  “The retirement phase of superannuation is underdeveloped and does not meet the risk management needs of many retirees.”Why Life Expectancy is Making Retirement Planning More DifficultCurrently, many retirement products are based on an average life expectancy of 85 years. This number has become the norm in the financial planning industry. However, statistics support a conclusion that one who reaches age 65 can reasonably expect to make it as far as 90 years of age. In addition, 10% of women who make it to age 65 can now expect to live 100 years or longer. While this is great news, it also presents a problem for retirement planning. Retirement income is now going to have to last longer than it did to prevent retirees from outliving their money. Besides age, there are other factors that affect retirement plans.InflationWhile inflation can be somewhat predictable, no prediction model is perfect. Inflation must be figured into any estimate of how much money is needed to retire comfortably, but there is no guarantee that inflation won’t get worse in the future. Most planners build a “buffer” into their plans to account for inflation, but there is always the risk that inflation will grow too fast in comparison to what a retiree has left to spend. Market FluctuationsFluctuations and corrections in the market, such as the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), can erode retirement investments. While new laws have provided more flexibility with self managed superannuation funds, no investment model is perfect, nor are they guaranteed to produce consistently. Most financial planners recommend diversity, but even diversity is no guarantee of a positive outcome.Why Financial Planners are NecessaryThe Government recommends that retirement products should be “income stream products with longevity risk protection.” Currently, most income stream products are either annuities or account-based pensions. The Government recommends that more choices be made available in the future. According to Mr Stevens, “Retirement planning is just too important to risk going it alone. The current range of financial products are sufficient for most people, but you can’t afford not having an expert to help you maximise your income. Due to compounding over the life of any investment, every mistake you make is magnified and can seriously compromise your retirement lifestyle.”Mr Stevens concluded, “Ideally, you don’t outlive your retirement funds but they don’t outlive you, either. A great financial planner can help you attain that balance.”Approved Financial Planners are a financial and retirement planning firm in Perth. They offer a wide array of products and are now associated with AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited, giving them access to even more resources and products. To learn more, call 1300 787 274 or visit their website: “Get the Most Out of Your Timber,” Supplier in Brisbane Says 2014-09-17T04:34:41Z get-the-most-out-of-your-timber-supplier-in-brisbane-says Brisbane, QLD, 17 September 2014 - Timber flooring, decking and fencing have become popular in the Brisbane area. Many homeowners find timber attractive because of its natural appearance, especially when the grain shows through. Timber helps a home blend into natural surroundings and, in the eyes of many decorators, can even help integrate the outdoors into the home’s decor. One of timber’s drawbacks is that if it isn’t properly treated, it becomes vulnerable to the elements, especially insects, fungi and water. Recently, Owner Jack Kyle of Narangba Timbers informed readers of his company blog about ways to ensure that timber lasts as long as possible. Mr Kyle centred his post around two aspects of getting the most out of timber: life-extending protective treatments and choosing the right timber for the right project. According to Mr Kyle:“When it is selected right and treated right, timber can last longer than the person who builds the project. If everything is done correctly, one can expect their timber project to be around for as long as they own their home, even if they stay in it for life.”Mr Kyle recommends that timber be treated for water and insects whenever possible, then protected with a finish such as varnish or paint. This dual-protection strategy protects timber on multiple levels from insects, water, fungi and excessive swelling or drying due to changes in heat and humidity.Fencing and CCA TreatmentFencing can be treated with CCA, which stands for Chromated Copper Arsenate. Although it isn’t cleared for applications in which any of the chemical can contaminate a home or its occupants, it is cleared for fencing because the amount of arsenic that bleeds into the earth doesn’t significantly raise the level of arsenic that is already present as a mineral in soil.CCA protects fencing from insects, moisture and fungi. In addition, it makes finishes adhere to the timber better. The only caveat is that one should dispose of old fencing at a facility instead of burning it in the yard due to possible toxic fumes when burning.CCA treated fencing can be purchased from many timber suppliers, including Narangba Timbers.Retail Timber TreatmentsRetail outlets have plenty of DIY timber treatments available for various insects and for water. They are all cleared for residential use with only one caveat: always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Timber FinishesThere are two ways to approach finishing timber. One can use paint to cover and protect it or one can use a varnish to protect the wood. Stains can be applied before varnish or the varnish can be applied over bare timber, allowing the natural colour of the timber to show through.  Varnishes can range from an “old school” oil-based varnish to a coating made of plastic such as polyurethane. Mr Kyle concludes, “If you protect your timber correctly, it will provide years of service.”Narangba Timbers is a timber supplier for projects such as fencing, decking and flooring. They have served the Brisbane area since 1972. They pride themselves in giving friendly, knowledgeable customer service. For more information or a quote, call 1300 795 675 or visit their website: SMEs in growth mode, despite financial constraints: Scottish Pacific SME Growth Index 2014-09-17T02:59:52Z smes-in-growth-mode-despite-financial-constraints-scottish-pacific-sme-growth-index September, 2014 - A majority of Australian Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are forecasting a positive change in revenue in the next six months, but say the availability and conditions of credit are key barriers to their business growth.   This is one of the key findings of the inaugural Scottish Pacific SME Growth Index, created from interviews in August 2014 with 1,257 SMEs from around Australia and in a diverse range of industries, with annual turnover of between $1-20 million.   The Index, executed for Scottish Pacific by research firm East & Partners, found that 61.2 percent of SMEs cited credit conditions as a growth barrier, while 51.0 percent cited credit availability.   In further evidence of the constraints on small business, 77 percent of the SMEs which were forecasting revenue growth said they were required to use personal assets as collateral for business growth.   Four out of ten businesses say they plan to borrow from their main relationship bank, yet only one in ten are looking to other lenders and non-bank special providers as a funding source, which indicates a lack of awareness of the credit options open to SMEs.   Business owners flag 8.6 percent revenue increase The research showed that 62.6 percent of the SMEs, selected from all over Australia and all industry sectors, were expecting an average 8.6 percent increase in their business revenues in the coming six months.   Only 13.2 percent were forecasting a revenue decline, by an average of 3.9 percent.   When asked to describe the business phase they are in, almost one in two (45.5 percent) said they were in growth mode, with more than three out of ten (32.3 percent) describing themselves as stable or consolidating. Of those surveyed, 68.6 percent of SMEs have plans to add new products and services in the next six months. Among those in growth mode, this figure is 99.4 percent.   SMEs unaware of broader funding options Peter Langham, chief executive at Scottish Pacific, said the Index emphasised the uphill battle many SMEs face to execute on their growth plans.   “The research clearly shows that a majority of SMEs are in growth mode, and have plans to introduce new products and services,” Mr Langham said.   “But many SMEs seem unaware of the funding options - such as asset-based lending (including debtor finance and trade finance) - that are available beyond the traditional secured overdraft.   Debtor finance a key SME funding option There are currently more than 4,500 Australian SMEs, with combined annual revenues of $65 billion, using debtor finance to fund their business growth - but thousands of SMEs are unaware that this funding option is even available.   Debtor finance facilities are self-liquidating. Instead of taking on additional debt, an advance is offered on money that is already owed to the business.  Unlike most overdraft facilities, debtor finance does not generally require real estate security.   “The fact that so many SMEs – particularly in growth mode - are providing collateral from their personal assets, rather than using the assets of the business to support their growth, suggests there is a bigger opportunity for the non-bank specialists with more innovative solutions to increase their presence, but it starts with awareness," Mr Langham said.     About Scottish Pacific Scottish Pacific Debtor Finance Pty Ltd provides working capital solutions to SMEs with annual turnover of almost $5 billion, offering the broadest range of trade and debtor finance solutions in Australasia. Established in 1988, Scottish Pacific has full operations centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland and China. Scottish Pacific was awarded the 2014 Best Cash Flow Lender by broker publication The Adviser, as voted by brokers, in their inaugural Non-Bank Lending Awards. About the Scottish Pacific SME Growth Index The biannual Index, initiated in September 2014, will help benchmark SME growth in Australia and highlight issues of concern to the SME business community. For the inaugural Index, East & Partners interviewed 1,257 SME businesses with annual revenues of between A$1-20 million in late July/early August 2014. 82 percent of respondees were SME business owners, CEOs or CFOs. The next Index will be released in March 2015. Follow Scottish Pacific on Twitter - @ScottishPacific Follow Scottish Pacific on LinkedIn - Scottish Pacific Debtor Finance About East & Partners East & Partners is a leading banking research and advisory firm providing the financial services industry with independent, market wide research, analysis and customer insight on the institutional, corporate, and SME business banking markets.   Green Planet Grass Improving Lifestyles for Many Families 2014-09-17T02:54:26Z green-planet-grass-improving-lifestyles-for-many-families Perth, WA, 17 September 2014 - Artificial grass is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in the Perth area. There are many documented benefits to artificial grass, but Justin Everley, Director of Green Planet Grass, recently pointed out a benefit that is not often cited: enhancement of family life. According to Mr Everley, “The documented benefits of an artificial lawn are well-known, but each of those benefits also has its own benefit: improving family life.”The Documented Benefits of Synthetic GrassSynthetic grass have proven to be an effective solution for many homeowners who had problems maintaining a full, green natural grass lawn in the Perth area due to the climate. Here are some of the benefits of an artificial lawn from Green Planet Grass.SafetyGreen Planet Grass has a system called “PlayGrass” that is formulated to be the ultimate “safe surface” for children. It uses a combination of lush fibres, child-friendly infill and shockpads to provide a surface that exceeds Australian Critical Fall Height Standards. In addition, since an artificial grass surface doesn’t degrade from heavy use or extreme weather, the surface is always consistent. There are no slippery puddles or bare spots on a Green Planet Grass lawn. Pest-FreeGreen Planet Grass is manufactured using an antimicrobial agent that makes it resistant to bacteria and fungi. This makes it impossible for microbial pests to gain a “foothold.” Since there is no food for insects, they tend to stay away. There is nothing for vermin to eat, either, making Green Planet Grass unattractive to all pests. No ChemicalsGreen Planet Grass doesn’t require chemicals such as weed killers, pesticides or fertilisers. These are all chemicals that can be accidentally ingested by children and also contaminate the immediate environment. Minimal MaintenanceThe only real maintenance required to keep Green Planet Grass in shape is to keep it free of debris and take care of spills as soon as possible. This saves a lot of time and money.How Documented Benefits Create Family BenefitsAccording to Mr Everley, when the documented benefits of artificial grass are viewed through a “big picture” lens, they create a host of benefits for families:“Since we created our next generation artificial grass, we have known of these benefits. But the real magic happens when families take advantage of them. The inherent safety of Green Planet Grass PlayGrass makes it far less likely that their children will be injured while playing. Even if they do sustain bumps and bruises, they are usually less severe than on a natural grass playground.”Mr Everley continued, “Children play more on a Green Planet Grass lawn because it is so green and so soft. Usually, a Green Planet Grass lawn turns into the neighbourhood play hub. The kids get more exercise and have a better social life, as do their parents who can spend the time usually spent maintaining a natural lawn in their garden with their loved ones.Mr Everley concluded, “This is a family’s best-case scenario.”Green Planet Grass manufactures and installs artificial grass. Their offices are in Perth and their manufacturing plant is in WA. They provide synthetic grass for numerous residential, commercial and sport applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Navman launches the MY Truck II GPS – enhanced from the inside-out 2014-09-17T01:56:30Z navman-launches-the-my-truck-ii-gps-enhanced-from-the-inside-out Following the release of the popular Navman MY Truck GPS in 2012, Navman has announced the launch of the MY Truck II that promises to be bigger and better than ever.  The sat-nav which specifically incorporates features tailored to truck drivers now includes improved guidance for B-doubles and HAZMAT restricted vehicles, access to free lifetime monthly maps updates; as well as a huge 7-inch screen designed especially for larger vehicles to help drivers clearly view map details.   “The MY Truck II incorporates some big advances in terms of the appearance and functionality of the device that we believe will really help improve the driving experience for truck drivers - for example the bigger screen just makes sense as it means GPS maps and instructions are more convenient to view, while the most up-to-date mapping information is crucial for truck drivers who cover many kilometres and spend so much time on the road,” said Wendy Hammond Country Director, Navman Australia. “Updates to the device also include vigorous testing to significantly enhance and enrich the devices professional truck mode which provides special guidance for B-doubles and HAZMAT restricted vehicles. The function takes away the need to have to boringly plan a trip using road gazettes - simply enter your truck’s dimensions and loads, and the Navman MY Truck II will offer routes suitable for your vehicle. This will help you steer clear of areas not appropriate for your truck such as roads, tunnels and bridges with height, width, length, weight, load, large vehicle and hazardous material restrictions,” said Wendy.   The improved guidance doesn’t end there, Navman is also offering truck drivers the latest mapping information for free with its rapid map refresh function that gives access to free validated and verified monthly maps updates for the lifetime of the sat-nav. This feature provides the most up-to-date information regarding new roads, safety alerts, speed cameras, school zones and red light cameras - as well as new points of interests such as hospitals and airports.     In addition landmark guidance plus directs drivers by pointing out objects they see through their windscreen such as the colours and names of buildings and geographical features to guide them, making navigation instructions easier to understand. Free lifetime live traffic updates from SUNA are also updated continuously on the MY Truck II to help truck drivers avoid suburban traffic at any given day or time. A fuel type search additionally allows truck drivers to find a petrol station that stocks the right fuel for their truck. The MY Truck II’s safety features will also be of momentous value to truck drivers who spend hours on end driving. As well as spoken safety alerts, the device includes premium driver alerts that alert truck drivers if they are approaching potentially dangerous driving situations, such as sharp bends, steep inclines or declines, high wind areas, overtaking lanes or lane merges.  Bluetooth hands-free also encourages drivers to avoid using their phone when driving while the driver fatigue alert reminds them to take a break when they have been driving for over two hours and will also guide  drivers to the closest truck stop or restaurant. In the event of a truck breakdown the roadside assist function will pinpoint the closest mechanic or other roadside assistance and will even provide a phone number to call if the device is connected to a phone via Bluetooth. The device also arms truck drivers with handy information about what is on offer in the areas they are travelling through. For example the device’s Australian Good Food Guide helps drivers find a decent meal on the road while Lonely Planet Guides provide useful information about accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions. Other great features of the GPS that truck drivers will find convenient include a mileage reporter so drivers can keep track of the amount of kilometres they are travelling, and a voice destination search.   The MY Truck II is available now at Harvey Norman and some independent electronic retailers with a recommended retail price of $499. It also includes a two year warranty.   For further information or a list of stockists visit or       -ends-   About Navman:Navman, a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of global positioning system (GPS) products, has more than 20 years experience in GPS, and as such is now widely recognised as a pioneer in portable, in-car satellite devices.  Navman began life in New Zealand, specialising in marine electronics and even today software design and development is still undertaken there.  Today the Navman brand is owned by MiTAC International, a leading worldwide maker of wireless communications products and one of Business Week’s top 100 Global IT companies. For more information, visit   For further information about Navman please contact: Georgina Grimekis or Harriet Gilmore, The D’Arcy Partnership Telephone: +61 2 9281 2230 Email: or An 'outstanding' opportunity to taste NSW #topwines and more under one roof 2014-09-17T00:38:26Z an-outstanding-opportunity-to-taste-nsw-topwines-and-more-under-one-roof   Media release 17 September 2014       An ‘outstanding’ opportunity to taste NSW #topwines and more under one roof   This year marks the second rendition of the revamped NSW Wine Awards, a highly prestigious awards program recognising the best wines from the diverse State of New South Wales. Again in 2014, wine lovers will have a unique opportunity to taste these #topwines for themselves at an ‘outstanding’ tasting event in the heart of Sydney.   The NSW Wine Awards, which have been running since 1996, culminates in a trophy presentation recognising NSW Top Wines, taking place over lunch at Simmer on the Bay on the shores of Sydney Harbour on Friday 31 October 2014.   The large format consumer tasting aptly tagged ‘Outstanding on the Pier’ will be held at Pier 2, Walsh Bay, for the second year running, on Thursday 30 October. Attendees can taste, chat and critique the wines judged as NSW’s #topwines alongside some of the State’s finest winemakers. The event will showcase wines from north to south, east to west in one convenient location and provide an opportunity to taste what will arguably be the best line up of NSW Wines Sydney has ever seen.   The highly sought after tickets are only $45* and will enable wine lovers to spend four hours tasting around 100 Gold, Silver and trophy winning wines and experience some of NSW’s best regional produce. Producers such as Pepe Saya, Olsson’s, Alto Olives, Brasserie Bread, The Loch, Hunter Valley Cheese Company and Dessertmakers will all be showcasing their gourmet specialties at this ultimate food and wine event. As an added bonus, attendees can keep their Riedel glass (valued at $20).  Guests will also be eligible to vote in the ‘People’s Choice’ award, giving them the chance to win an outstanding wine package valued at almost $1,500, including a selection of this year’s top wines and a selection of glassware courtesy of Riedel. Tickets to this superb event are limited.   Earlier in the day the newly created NSW Wine List of the Year will be awarded in a trade and media preview of the evening’s ‘Outstanding on the Pier’ event, also at Pier 2.   The NSW Wine Awards presentation lunch at Simmer on the Bay will see some 300 wine industry professionals gather for one of the last official industry catch-ups before Christmas and the 2015 vintage. The laughter and camaraderie among industry colleagues is sure to flow amidst the sunshine, as much as the award and trophy-winning wines, all matched to a $165 per person three course meal.   This year, NSW Wine has partnered with the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency Destination NSW to move the judging of the wine awards to Griffith, showcasing one of the State’s top wine regions.   Deputy Premier and Minister for Tourism and Major Events, Andrew Stoner, said the NSW Wine Awards celebrate the best of the State’s food and wine.   “Holding the judging component in Griffith this year enables us to showcase the array of gourmet offerings throughout one of NSW’s key food and wine regions, the Riverina,” Mr Stoner said.   “I look forward to the announcement of the NSW Top Wines for 2014, and encourage people to get along to the Outstanding on the Pier event in Sydney to taste the best of our State’s wines, complemented by fantastic local produce.”   Entries for this year’s awards have now closed and the judging of more than 800 wines will take place from 30 September - 1st October. This year’s judging panel is chaired by PJ Charteris and also includes well-respected individuals Matt Harrop, Russell Cody, Kate Goodman, Tom Hogan, Drew Tuckwell, Adrian Sparks, Liz Jackson and Toni Paterson.   ‘Outstanding on the Pier’ is open to the public from 5.00pm – 9.00pm on Thursday 30 October, and members of the media and trade are also welcome between 2.30pm and 4.00pm at which time the NSW Wine List of the Year will be awarded. The NSW Wine Awards presentation lunch at Simmer on the Bay will kick off from 12.00pm, for 12:30pm on Friday 31 October.   Ticketing information   Tickets to ‘Outstanding on the Pier’ Top Wine Tasting are available now at *Early Bird tickets are only $45 plus booking fee and available until 5 October unless sold out prior.   Tickets to the trade and media events comprising the NSW Wine List of the Year presentation are limited to trade and media only. Please contact for further information.   Limited tickets to the NSW Wine Awards Presentation Lunch at Simmer on the Bay will be available from 5 October 2014.     ENDS     For media enquiries, photos or further information please contact Kylie White, White Ink  Ph: 0401 408 080   For further information regarding these events please contact Cristy O’Sullivan, NSW Wine Ph: 0409 535 120 Government must focus on out-of-school-hours child care to get women back into workforce 2014-09-16T04:25:11Z government-must-focus-on-out-of-school-hours-child-care-to-get-women-back-into-workforce  Government must focus on out-of-school-hours child care to get women back into workforce  16 September 2014   To improve women’s workforce participation more effectively, the Commonwealth Government must enhance the availability and accessibility to families, of before and after-school care for school-aged children, says the National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW), a leading independent women’s advocacy group.    “The debate over childcare reform has been dominated by an emphasis on care arrangements for pre-schoolers.  While this is an important focus, it has unfortunately led to a corresponding neglect in policy, understanding and services in the equally important school-aged child care sector”, said Ms Marie Coleman, chair, NFAW Social Policy Committee.   “There continues to be a substantial gap in the workforce participation of mothers compared with fathers of school-aged children.  The participation rate of mothers with children aged 6 to 14 years was 78 percent.  But for fathers of children in the same age band, it was as high as 92 per cent.  This suggests that accessible school-aged child care has an important role to play in closing that gap.     “The shortage of before and after school care centres is now at crisis point in many densely populated parts of the country and particularly in Sydney.  This must be treated as an urgent issue for policy-makers and also for the Productivity Commission which largely overlooked the matter in its interim report on childcare – a gap we hope will be addressed when the Commission delivers its final report on 31 October 2014,” Ms Coleman said.    Ms Coleman said that the findings of a 2012 NATSEM study also supported the case for greater availability and affordability of Outside School Hours (OSH) care for school-aged children.   The NATSEM study found that only a limited number of school-aged children are in formal OSH care and that the use of OSH care is strongly correlated with parental wealth.  Specifically:   Just over 10 per cent of school-aged children are placed in formal OSH care when their parents are at work   Children from low-income families are much less likely to be using formal OSH care than those in high income families – only 1 per cent in the bottom income quintile, compared with over 20 per cent in the top income quintile.   “These findings show there’s clearly room to improve the accessibility of OSH care.  We believe the Commonwealth government should improve funding for the sector and encourage State and Territory governments to co-operate in making school facilities available as OSH care sites.   “Commonwealth funding should be tied to appropriate standards for OSH care programs, but at the same time, the sector should not be over-burdened with ‘red tape’.  After all, the needs of school-aged children in generally short-term care outside of class time, are quite different from those of infants and toddlers in long day care.  It goes without saying that carers and educators in OSH care programs should be vetted and appropriate qualified, but it may not be necessary for all to have education qualifications or for centre reporting requirements to fall under the stringent National Quality Framework,” Ms Coleman said.   “Successful OSH Care programs are those that run fun, safe and engaging programs for kids from facilities located at the school itself.  Making OSH care more available, affordable and convenient will have a very positive impact in getting women with school-aged kids back into work”.  For further information contact Marie Coleman on 0414 483 067 or Viv Hardy at CallidusPR on 0411 208 951 or 02 9283 4113.     Occupational Psychology 2014-09-16T03:54:33Z occupational-psychology Occupational Psychology- Promote a positive workplace and encourage happy employees and a more productive working environment. The psychology of a person in a work situation is often quite different to what it might be outside of the workplace. Learn to encourage a positive workplace, encourage your employees to happy and more productive. Sounds like the ideal scenario? The new ebook “Occupational Psychology” by staff of ACS Distance Education helps you understand occupational psychology and apply it in the workplace. Aimed at managers, human resources managers, leaders, small business owners and anyone who wants to understand psychology in the workplace, this ebook covers the following topics: -          Understanding Occupational Psychology -          Recruitment -          Interviews and Selection -          Training of Staff -          Employee Wellbeing -          Maintaining Staff Morale and Motivation -          Other Applications  A big part of managing any organisation successfully is to manage the people who work in that organisation. The way in which people function will depend just as much on personalities, attitudes and relationships, as it does upon not only the abilities that each individual has.  Available from our online bookshop now: Receiver’s Comments About Iconic NZ Company’s Failure Misleading 2014-09-15T20:18:13Z receiver-s-comments-about-iconic-nz-company-s-failure-misleading Mohammed Hanno, a major shareholder of an aerial mapping company that has been forced into liquidation, says that the Receiver’s interim report and comments published in the New Zealand media are inaccurate and misleading and is calling for a full investigation into the company’s affairs. Mr Hanno, a director of NZ Aerial Mapping, which had carried out the country's aerial mapping for 78 years, points out that allegations about the reasons for the company’s failure in the Receivers’ First Report have not been audited or independently verified. Mr Hanno says: `I am deeply upset that our loyal staff have been laid off and given inaccurate information about what has happened to their jobs. No account has been given for the millions of dollars I have injected into the business since 2005. This year alone I provided over a million dollars to keep this company solvent and yet I have been given no explanation by the New Zealand management as to where that money has gone. ‘I have received no adequate explanation from the company’s bankers why they increased the overdraft facility by $700,000 in April without my permission while I was overseas and then allowed the company’s local management to draw down on those funds. I want to know where that money has gone. ‘There are reports in the media that the company ran out of cash, with $1.5 million in payments outstanding from contracts in Saudi Arabia. This is untrue as only the first stage of that contract has been completed so far. The ten per cent interim payment for that work is being processed by the clients and is not overdue. If the business was allowed to continue the work would be completed and we could invoice the clients but we cannot expect to be paid for work that hasn’t yet been done. ‘Not only that, the New Zealand management has not taken into account taxes that need to paid on this income overseas. I believe that the Receiver has been misinformed about the company’s situation and am very unhappy that the Receiver appears to have passed on this unsubstantiated information to the media and taken the easy route of blaming overseas factors for what is clearly a New Zealand problem.’ Mr Hanno plans to instigate a thorough investigation into how the company has been managed during his absence. ImagePak Marketing Owner Says: “Don’t Make These Promotional Marketing Mistakes.” 2014-09-15T04:13:07Z imagepak-marketing-owner-says-don-t-make-these-promotional-marketing-mistakes Perth, WA, 15 September 2014 - Recently, the owner of ImagePak Marketing, Scott Eaton, warned readers of his company blog about mistakes that many companies make when ordering promotional products. Promotional products are a well-known way of obtaining a high number of high-quality advertising impressions for a small amount of money. A firm orders giveaway items with their company’s name and/or logo. Then, they give them away. Every time the item is used, it produces at least one high-quality advertising impression. Sometimes, though, promotions don’t work due to “operator error” that Mr Eaton feels is preventable.Inadequate DistributionSometimes, firms will plan on giving away a certain number of promotional items, only to find that more than half of them are sitting in a storeroom long after they were supposed to be given away. Mr Eaton recommends making sure that all items that are supposed to be given away are given away promptly unless they are supposed to be an “on hand” item.Inadequate Lead TimeMr Eaton also recommends against “cutting it too close” for deadlines. Most firms know about trade shows or events long before they happen. Mr Eaton recommends ordering promotional items as early as 90-120 days before an event to ensure that nothing can go wrong.Not Giving People What They WantAccording to Mr Eaton, some businesses get into a rut and give away the same items every year. He recommends finding out if there is another item that their target market may like better and giving them away instead. Not Having a GoalMr Eaton feels that it is important to have a goal for any promotion: “If you don’t know what you want to accomplish, your results will be erratic. A consistent marketing plan must contain goals. What do you want to accomplish with your promotion? Goals help bring results into focus.”Giving Cheap GiftsWhile there are some nice inexpensive promotional gifts, Mr Eaton feels that price should never be the only consideration. He recommends making sure to keep up with the competition and giving gifts that are consistent with the target market. Right Gifts, Wrong PeopleThe worst possible scenario is to give away expensive promotional gifts to people who are not involved with or able to influence the buying decision. Sometimes, a two-tiered approach can be used, with inexpensive gifts going to one segment and expensive ones going to another market segment.Information, PleaseMr Eaton recommends making sure that the most relevant information is displayed the most prominently. After company name and logo, the preferred contact method should be most visible. Wrong VendorMr Eaton recommends purchasing promotional items from a company that has a solid reputation for service and quality. According to Mr Eaton, “I have been in this business most of my adult life and have heard all of the horror stories. Always make sure to purchase your promotional items from a company that can give you the very best.”ImagePak Marketing provides promotional products in Perth. They offer a full range of promotional giveaway items, sports apparel and work uniforms. To learn more or for an obligation-free consult, call 1300 658 745 or visit their webpage: Arena Business Technology leads the way with Webinar on Cross Platform Mobile Application Development 2014-09-12T10:31:10Z arena-business-technology-leads-the-way-with-webinar-on-cross-platform-mobile-application-development Arena Business Technology, Australia's leading provider of hardware, software and security for all business requirements recently announced that it will host a live, complimentary webinar titled, “Cross Platform Mobile Application Development”, on Thursday, September 18, 2014, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Eastern Time. The webinar will offer expert advice from host Steve Arena, Director of Arena Business Technology and The Continuity Group, Sam Ritchie, Mobile & Cloud Software Developer, Director of Codesplice, Organiser of Perth iOS Developers meetup group; and Scott Hollows, Delphi and Oracle Technologist, WA ADUG Manager, National Committee member for ADUG, and has been an advisor and developer for software used in EVA procedures in the space shuttle program as well as nuclear technologies. Five years ago, the Australian Smartphone App Developers industry barely existed. Since then, the industry is estimated to grow at an annualised 85.2% over the five years through 2013-14 to $391.9 million. This is mainly due to the increased use of smartphones in Australia and worldwide, raising the demand for app developers. Furthermore, consumers are more confident in shopping online, which has carried over to the purchase of smartphone apps.Many organisations have sought to take advantage of these trends by releasing branding tools, improving their overall product offerings or creating app marketplaces, which has boosted industry growth. Revenue is expected to increase 19.8% in 2013-14. An estimated 86% of 16+ Australian consumers in 2013 used their mobile phone for SMS/Texting (94%), email (55%), applications (59%), and web browsing (60%) and shopping (25%).Sam Ritchie will be discussing:- General industry trends and growth- Design trends- App Store process- Upcoming iOS8 release Scott Hollows will demonstrate some of the interesting capabilities of XE7 including:- Cross platform apps from a single code base- Database integration and data binding- Cloud service and storage- Monetisation with ads and in-app purchases- Tethering- Access device sensors- User interface features For more information and to register for the webinar, visit The event will also be recorded and available for event participants exclusively. About Arena Business Technology: Arena Business Technology Pty Limited has traded since 2003 with customers across government, education, business and not for profit. Dedicated to supporting Australian business in the acquisition and use of information technology Arena Business Technology has close business relationships with the major brands and their distributors. For more information, visit or call 02 4358 1700. Hardwood Flooring Supplier in Brisbane: “You Cannot Make Mistakes While Sanding.” 2014-09-12T01:50:22Z hardwood-flooring-supplier-in-brisbane-you-cannot-make-mistakes-while-sanding Brisbane, QLD, 12 September 2014 - The average hardwood floor is 19 millimetres thick. However, only 5 mm is available to be used as the surface of the floor. The other 14 millimetres consist of the tongue and groove configuration that provides structure and support for the floor. This means that, over the life of a timber floor, there are only 5 millimetres that can be removed for sanding, finishing and refinishing.Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, a timber supplier that provides hardwood flooring in Brisbane, cautions his customers who prefer the DIY approach to be very careful when sanding and finishing a hardwood floor: “For a professional who has access to professional equipment, the 5 millimetre threshold never comes into play. But for an amateur who has to go to a hire shop for a floor sander, there is a lot less margin for error because a small mistake can have large consequences.”Mr Kyle recently provided two posts for readers of his blog. The first was an overview on how to sand and finish a floor and the second was about how to avoid the two most costly mistakes that amateurs tend to make when sanding a floor.Sanding a FloorThe steps to sanding a floor are simple but must be executed for a positive outcome. First, the room must be emptied of all furniture and possessions such as curtains and area rugs. Heating and cooling ducts, electrical outlets and light fixtures must be covered with duct tape and plastic to prevent saturation by grit and dust. The room must also be adequately ventilated. After every stage of sanding, dust and grit should be removed via a combination of sweeping and vacuuming. Sanding is done in three stages: rough, medium and fine. Rough and medium sanding are done in a diagonal direction and fine sanding is done in an up and down direction along the length of the boards. Sanding starts with 24 grit and 40 grit for rough sanding, 80 grit for medium sanding and ends from 100-120 grit for fine sanding.The Costly MistakesThere are two mistakes that can be costly when sanding a floor. The most common error is allowing the sanding belt of the floor sander to touch the floor while turning the machine on or off. The other mistake is concentrating on one area of the floor and creating a spot that is sanded too deep.According to Mr Kyle, “The machine should always be leaned on its rear wheels to remove the belt from contact with the floor when turning the machine on or off. And you should always run it all the way to the wall without stopping in the middle of the floor. That eliminates the two most costly mistakes amateurs make and gives you the best chance for professional results.”Narangba Timbers is a timber supplier that provides hardwood flooring in Brisbane. They are a third-generation family business that was established in 1972. They only carry the best timber and feature a strong commitment to providing great customer service. For more information, call 1300 795 675 or visit their website: