The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-02-01T19:36:07Z AUSTECH 2015 – All the world’s leading machine tool builders under one roof 2015-02-01T19:36:07Z austech-2015-all-the-world-s-leading-machine-tool-builders-under-one-roof Melbourne, 01 February 2015 – Those who walk through the doors of Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre from 26 to 29 May 2015 will have a world of manufacturing opportunities open before their eyes. Of course it takes all areas of manufacturing to come together, including tooling, workholding, software and systems integration, to create a complete solution, but machine tools are one important piece of the manufacturing puzzle.This year, Australia’s premier advanced precision manufacturing and machine tool show will once again host all the world’s leading machine tool builders under one roof, showcasing the latest machine tool configurations and also stylings that are notably different and fresh. The slowly recovering but still very challenging conditions of the Australian market for machine tools and other equipment makes AUSTECH of keen interest to local suppliers.“Given the current conditions inside Australia’s metal manufacturing sector, it’s important that business owners and operators can examine the next investment steps in manufacturing technology they must take to rebuild their competitive position in the global arena,” Phil Hayes, Managing Director of Okuma Australia & NZ comments. “The machine tool field has been somewhat difficult for the past three years but that has not prevented us from making available the very latest, market-leading and innovative technology from Okuma.”Okuma will showcase three levels of new technology, including 5-axis machining, Phil Hayes explains. “New advanced technology machine models of 5-axis milling with turning and 10-axis turning with milling, amazing advances in the user-interface of Okuma’s own OSP controller technology and packaged, kit-style automation solutions. These are central to the technology investments Australian manufacturers must make to keep pace with overseas manufacturing trends that are well advanced.”Rebuilding a competitive position requires local manufacturers to do several things: Investing in new and highly-efficient equipment. Automating. Training and retraining. One of the recent major trends in machine tool technology is 5-axis machining. Now, many manufacturers might think they don’t have 5-axis work. And yes, very often 3-axis machining or machining cells of several more affordable machine tools might be more efficient, depending on the job.However, every shop has work that would benefit from a 5-axis machine, as a 5-axis machining centre also facilitates 5-sided machining, for instance. Even if there are no parts requiring simultaneous 5-axis work, such as impellers or turbines, the parts produced on 3-axis machines can be more profitable when 5-sided machined on a 5-axis machining centre.Automation solutions and efficient and innovative control systems are indeed important pieces in the manufacturing puzzle for those who want to stay competitive. And there are amazing developments happening. Today, CNCs used to run machines are morphing into units that imitate our mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices, for instance. DMG MORI, for instance, has recently released its innovative user interface CELOS®, which provides a uniform user interface for all new high-tech machines from DMG MORI. A unique  21.5” multi-touch screen displays all CELOS® APPs, which provide the user with integrated management, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data. Additionally, machine operation is simplified, standardised and automated. At this point, AUSTECH organiser AMTIL does not know whether CELOS® will be on show in Melbourne, but we are sure many of our local manufacturers have already seen this innovative technology at overseas shows such as IMTS in Chicago last year.Of course, 5-axis machining, mill-turn or turn-mill machining are just one example of considerations manufacturers can take into account when thinking about increasing their shop’s efficiency to remain globally competitive. Companies like Alfex CNC, John Hart, Amada, Headland, GWB, Techni Waterjet or Stratasys will show how we are shaping workpieces with additive processes, subtractive processes, and both processes on the same machine. They show how we use lasers, waterjets, ultrasonics, electrical discharges and vibrations to shape and change materials.Exciting technologies not to be missed!“As Australia’s premier manufacturing technology event, AUSTECH provides Australian industry with a local opportunity to view and assess new and emerging global technologies with a view to keeping their businesses lean, efficient and competitive,” is how John Hart’s Mark Dobrich put it when asked why companies should visit the show. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!AUSTECH will be an important event in Australian manufacturing, in the sense that it will be an indicator of the shape manufacturing is in. We look forward to welcoming you to our show. Teknowledge Software Opens New Branch In Sweden 2015-01-31T07:25:06Z teknowledge-software-opens-new-branch-in-sweden In a media event organized yesterday, Teknowledge Software - a premier multinational mobile app development company - announced the official opening of its Swedish chapter. The branch will be known as Teks Sverige, and it is the third major headquarter of the Teknowledge group of companies (following Teknowledge Mobile Studio, India and Teks Mobile Australia). Senior-level representatives of Teks revealed that there was a certain amount of similarity between the launch of Teks Sverige and Teks Mobile Australia (in August 2014). Just like Ms. Amber Blumanis, the developer of the award-winning ‘Stopover’ app and a client of Teknowledge, went on to become the COO of the Australian branch, Maria Thyselius Bergstrom, the owner of ‘Kids Tiles’(also developed by Teks India) will be heading Teks Sverige. The initial review of Kids Tiles have been more than decent, and that is a promising start for the new Swedish chapter. During an exclusive chit-chat with the press, Ms. Bergstrom revealed that her company would be more than just another mobile app development firm. From the very outset, Teks Sverige would offer clients high-end manpower consultancy services and professional translation services. The latter would, for the moment, be only for Swedish to English (and vice versa) - but Ms. Bergstrom and her team has plans to expand the range of translation services in future. Customized, cross-platform Android and iPhone app development has been the hallmark of the Teks brand for close to a decade. The formation of Teks Sverige would be instrumental in expanding the worldwide reach of Teknowledge and increasing the latter’s clientele. Teknowledge Software has, till date, created close to 650 applications (iOS and Android), 80% of which have been featured at the stores. According to Ms. Bergstrom, this is going to be one of the biggest USPs of her company. Elaborating more on the collaboration with the Indian and Australian chapters of Teks, Ms. Bergstrom explained that Teks Sverige would give clients the exclusive opportunity to create their own work-team - either in India or in Sweden. With offshore task outsourcing gaining in momentum in the world of business over the last few quarters, the newly formed branch would focus on forming and managing the most suitable talents for projects. At Teks Sverige, the preferences of clients would be given prime importance. At the media event, the official website of Teks Sverige - - was also unveiled. The entire portal is in Swedish - in keeping with Ms. Bergstrom’s wish to establish a firm presence in the mobile app market in Sweden. Later on, she and her team would work with in-house web designers and professional translators, to make the site available in other versions too. Teks Sverige would share its basic operational principles with the parent company, Teknowledge Software. Free app quotes would be given to all prospective clients, within a maximum of 24 hours of the latter getting in touch with the company. The manpower consultancy and translation services delivered by the company would also be at par with international standards. Over the last 9 years, ‘Teknowledge’ has become synonymous with service excellence - and Ms. Bergstrom and her colleagues are determined to keep it that way. For further information on Teks Sverige, visit If you have any particular query, dial +46 705883575, or drop in a mail to Considering the professional expertise and leadership skills of Ms. Maria Thyselius Bergstrom and the round-the-clock support her team would be getting from the other branches of Teknowledge - it can be expected that Teks Sverige would also be a roaring success. After all, the ‘Teks’ brand is too strong to falter! Teknowledge Software Seeks To Inspire New Generation Of Startups 2015-01-31T05:45:11Z teknowledge-software-seeks-to-inspire-new-generation-of-startups Over eight years ago, Mr. Hussain Fakhruddin, a self-styled mobile app entrepreneur, started a smallish company called Teknowledge Mobile Studio. Fast forward to 2015, and the company has now emerged as one of the worldwide leaders in the app development business. The journey of Mr. Fakhruddin and his company is currently the source of inspiration for many new wannabe indie businessmen. On the occasion of the launch of the Swedish chapter of Teknowledge (Teks Sverige) earlier this week, Mr. Fakhruddin expressed happiness at the fact that his company was indeed being looked up to by many new startups - both in India and overseas. During a brief media interaction session, he emphasized the importance of always giving prime emphasis on client preferences, in achieving professional success. Whatever might be one’s line of business, this is one rule of thumb that always holds true. Elaborating more on the keys behind the steady growth of his Android/iPhone apps company, the CEO highlighted the crucial role that his team of developers, graphic designers, app testers, and other colleagues has been playing. To manage cost levels, many well-wishers had initially advised him to hire only a handful of software experts in his company, who would be responsible for all other aspects of mobile app marketing too. Mr. Fakhruddin, thankfully, did not bother to stay safe and limited, and proceeded to build a fairly large team - who had the facility to work with state-of-the-art infrastructure (iMacs, iPhones, latest Android handsets, and the lot). According to him, being too finicky over expenses never works out for startups - and, well, he has been proved right. Staying a step ahead of the game has always been the mantra of Mr. Fakhruddin and his team of mobile app developers. At the press event, he recounted how he and his motley team had started out with Java apps in the late ‘90s - when the first-generation iPhones were yet to be launched. At present too, Teknowledge has started working on apps for Apple Watch (with WatchKit). Startups are often terrified at the prospect of ‘market competition’ - but Mr. Fakhruddin feels, quite correctly, that inspired thinking and continuous research can easily enable a new company to survive and thrive. There is a lot to learn from the systematic way in which Teknowledge has achieved growth milestones over the years. During the first couple of years of its existence, the total app-count grew slowly - as more emphasis was given on learning the entire process of app development, testing, submissions and marketing. Things picked up pace from then on, with the mobile app company at present just a couple shy of touching the 650-apps mark. Teks has also been making waves in the international markets - with Teks Mobile Australia (its Australian chapter) already serving a large-ish clientele. Mr. Fakhruddin is confident that, under the leadership of client-turned-strategic partner Maria Thyselius Bergstrom, Teks Sverige would also be a success story. From being ‘just another app company’ to featuring among the most highly-regarded cross-platform mobile app firm - it has been a roller-coaster ride for Mr. Hussain Fakhruddin and his team. The man is in no mood to slacken anytime soon either. He reiterated that Teks is keen on maintaining the same standards of sincerity and dedication towards clients during all stages of projects - right from providing free app quotes and sharing wireframes and prototypes, to app store submissions and actively seeking feedback. Teks is already on solid grounds, and the workaholic CEO is keen to expand its reach further. The event was attended by more than 300 mobile app developers and enthusiasts (either working freelance or associated with startup firms). The general consensus among them was, meeting Mr. Fakhruddin in person and hearing about the hard work and toil behind the apparently ‘fairytale growth’ of his company had been an invigorating experience. There was a small Q&A session at the end of the session, when owners of startup companies from the software sector posed questions to Mr. Fakhruddin. Starting from a relatively humble level, the Teks brand is now a name to reckon with in the domain of smartphone app development. The corporate blueprint of the company is indeed a worthy source of inspiration for new entrants to the market. For further information on Teknowledge Software, go to Interested clients can get in touch with Mr. Fakhruddin and other senior-level company representatives, by dialing 91-33-40649087. Free quotes on apps are available online. Teks has shown the way for ambitious new Indian startups - and has proved that staying true to one’s vision can indeed be translated to business success. Offers Cheap Business Class Travel to Anywhere in the World 2015-01-30T02:02:14Z simplybusinessclass-com-offers-cheap-business-class-travel-to-anywhere-in-the-world There's a new way for busy professionals and leisure travelers to acquire the best rates on business and first class airfare; In addition to offering business class tickets at 30% to 75% off, SBC plans and facilitates comprehensive travel itineraries in order to find its customers the best possible routing at the best possible price. Initially launched in San Francisco, Simply Business Class has expanded to provide its services to customers all over the globe.  The team at Simply Business Class is comprised of highly experienced Travel Advisors who each possess extensive backgrounds working throughout the airline and travel industry. They use this knowledge along with the most up-to-date tools available to find the lowest priced business class ticket options and plan out itineraries that meet each client's specific needs. SBC works with all airlines and provides arrangements to reach any destination. The Travel Advisors at SBC are highly knowledgeable about airports and cities located around the globe, and are capable of providing advice and incite pertaining to a range of topics relating to comfort, entertainment, safety, or any other travel inquiries. Booking with SBC is a simple three-part process. First, visit and submit a flight request, or call to speak with a live Travel Advisor. Next, customers receive a prompt call-back from a Travel Advisor who documents their specific travel requirements. Finally, SBC finds the best itinerary options then handles all booking arrangements. The team at Simply Business Class is dedicated to providing unrivaled customer service. That means providing 24/7 assistance, real-person phone assistance instead of pre-recorded menus, and customer advocacy in the event that something goes wrong during a trip. If the need arises for flight changes or cancellations, SBC takes care of it. Simply Business Class stands by its commitment to offering the lowest prices on business class airfare, and will match or beat any rate on the market. Repeat clients also benefit from various specials and discounts. To find out more about how Simply Business Class saves its customers money on business and first class airfare while taking the stress out of planning travel arrangements, visit or call toll free: Australia          1.800.133.997 Singapore        65.3158.3986 USA:               1.855.359.5949 Ascent Footwear releases new work boot styles for 2015 2015-01-29T06:11:40Z ascent-footwear-releases-new-work-boot-styles-for-2015 Ascent Footwear releases new work boot styles for 2015.  Cutting edge technology and dynamic engineering have earned Ascent Footwear the reputation as Australia’s most innovative footwear company to emerge in recent years. Ascent Footwear work boots are built with running shoe technology for support, cushioning and comfort, have a high degree of 'tolerance' as well as being great in preventative injury management and being part of treatment plans for current injuries. These boots provide a suitable option to employees that have lower limb injuries or complaints involving feet, ankles, leg, knee and even hip/lower back problems. Furthermore they are airport-friendly and feature a composite safety toe that allows wearers to walk through airport security without having to remove their boots. Following up on the success of the current range Ascent Footwear has added new styles for 2015 to further complement the complex needs of todays workplaces. Tungsten is a low cut jogger style safety shoe that features a 300°C heat resistant rubber outsole with the highest level of slip resistance, a mid-foot stabiliser, heel and forefoot cushioning, breathable rip stop nylon mesh & leather upper and Tough 'Armstrong' Toe and Heel piece. Whether you’re working on the warehouse floor or behind the wheel making deliveries, the Tungsten is the perfect lightweight, low cut safety boot to help you get the job done! Another new style Zircon features a durable water resistant ‘Crazy Horse’ waxed cow leather upper with Drilex® moisture wicking lining, sturdy heel counter, midfoot stabiliser, 300°C heat resistant rubber outsole that highest level of slip resistance and Removable arch support PU cup insole. A rugged and adaptable safety boot, suitable for general use, visiting the work site, or simply working on the farm. Zircon provides the flexibility for men wanting a good looking boot that is also equal to the task. Both of these new styles have passed the rigorous Australian Standards to exceed AS/NZS 2210.3-2009 and are available from The Athletes Foot, Protector Alsafe, RSEA Safety and selected independent safety retailers or online at   First Home Buyers “Priced Out of Market”? 2015-01-29T05:05:27Z first-home-buyers-priced-out-of-market Perth, WA, 29 January 2015 - 2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year for first home buyers who are interested in house and land packages in the Perth area. Home prices didn’t reach the $600,000 mark that many economists projected. Thanks to what is being seen as “affordability issues” or an “affordability ceiling”, prices are projected to rise only 4% for 2015. First home buyers accounted for 11.8% of home purchases in 2014; this represents an all-time low. 4Land Property Group’s Madeleine McErlain is doing what they can to help first home buyers attain the dream of home ownership. Ms McErlain is the marketing manager of 4Land Property Group and has a personal mission to help first home buyers obtain new house and land packages in Perth area planned communities such as The Terraces in Pearsall and Lago Vista in Sinagra. According to Ms McErlain, “Since the beginning, 4Land Property Group has done everything we can to help first home buyers obtain homes. We develop land in areas where we feel people would want to live and offer land blocks at reasonable prices. Usually, our house and land packages cost less than the median established home in whatever suburb our land estate is located.”The Terraces, located in Pearsall, has been one of 4Land Property Group’s most successful land estates and they are in Stage 4 of development. Lifestyle blocks are becoming rare in Pearsall, making the 517 sqm blocks in The Terraces a bargain with prices from $375,000. There are currently five blocks left in Stage 4. Lago Vista is located in Sinagra. 4Land Property Group has released four blocks in their limited Stage 1 release. There is only one block left at a very affordable price of $293,000. This presents a great opportunity for young families to buy their first home, as they are able to purchase a house and land package for under $500,000 and save on stamp duty. Lago Vista is elevated, offering a great view over Lake Joondalup. It is in proximity to plenty of amenities and infrastructure and is surrounded by high quality homes. According to Ms McErlain, 2015 could be a crucial year for first home buyers: “The numbers support the theory that investors are pricing some first home buyers out of the market. It seems as though they are taking a temporary hiatus during the first part of 2015. This could be the last great opportunity for many first home buyers to find affordable homes.”Ms McErlain concluded: “With the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) of $10,000 for new homes and reduced stamp tax duty, buying a new home of moderate price and high quality is the best strategy for many first home buyers to attain their dream of home ownership. At 4Land Property Group, we are doing our best to help that dream become a reality.”4Land Property Group offers house and land packages in the Perth area. They specialise in developing affordable homes in great locations that are primed for long-term growth. They strive to make buying house and land packages easy for first home buyers in Perth suburbs, including Pearsall and Landsdale. For further info, call 1300 GO 4LAND or check out their webpage: Epson launches revolutionary EcoTank printers in New Zealand with up to two years worth of ink included 2015-01-28T19:53:51Z epson-launches-revolutionary-ecotank-printers-in-new-zealand-with-up-to-two-years-worth-of-ink-included Epson has revolutionised household printing in New Zealand and made it incredibly convenient by launching its first generation EcoTank printer, the L355, that comes with up to two years of ink included1. This means no regular trips or orders to buy ink and the knowledge that, paper aside, most costs associated with printing are already paid for.   EcoTank printers come with enough ink in the box to print up to a massive 4,000 pages in black and 6,500 pages in colour2, which for most households is around two years’ worth of ink1, without needing to change an ink cartridge. The L355 offers the ultimate in convenience via a new way of printing that delivers hassle-free results.   General Manager Sales & Marketing – Consumer Division for Epson Australia/New Zealand Bruce Bealby said, “EcoTank printers and printing are all about convenience and practicality. The L355 is ideal for those households with basic printing requirements that don’t want to continually order ink on a regular basis. The technology is proven and has been highly successful in other markets and now it’s New Zealand’s turn. These EcoTank models are ideal for all your day to day printing needs such as recipes, homework, e-mails and photos and with two years’ worth of ink included1, users know exactly where they stand from a cost point of view.”   EcoTank printers feature ultra-high-capacity ink tanks that can be refilled using Epson genuine ink easily and efficiently. The printers are set up in three simple steps: fill the ink tanks, turn the printer on and prime the ink system – and when it’s time to refill, affordable, hassle-free ink bottles make the process easy, without the need for cartridges. Drip-free bottle spouts ensure refilling the ink tanks is clean and hassle-free.   The L355 has print, copy and scanning functionality. There is also Wi-Fi connectivity for easier sharing and positioning around the home and Epson iPrint[1] compatibility means users can print quickly and easily from smartphones and tablets.   The L355 is available in Harvey Norman stores across New Zealand now at $449.   The range of EcoTank printers in New Zealand will be extended later this year with more models featuring additional functionality making them ideal for small businesses and offices.   Picture credit: The new Epson L355 first generation EcoTank printer.   Notes [1]2 years' of ink based upon user’s average monthly print volume (TNS Research –June 2013) 2Total savings for printing 4,000 pages in black and 6,500 pages in colour, including hardware price. Comparison made on the EcoTank L355 versus the average cost of the top 10 best-selling models in Western Europe, in the period January-June 2014, as tracked by GfK (excluding trade brands). Printing costs calculated on the proportion of Standard and XL cartridges in the Western European market as tracked by GfK for the same reference period, using average retail prices and ink cartridge yields as communicated by the manufacturer's websites.   ***ends***   AMP'D Electrical & Solar - New Year, New Name, New Look! 2015-01-28T03:44:15Z amp-d-electrical-amp-solar-new-year-new-name-new-look What better way to start 2015 than with a new name and a fresh new look! We are thrilled to announce that Reactive Energy is now Amp’d Electrical and Solar! As we were noticing a lot of confusion around the name Reactive Energy due to people thinking we were an electricity retailer such as Origin Energy or Click Energy, we thought it would be a good idea to start afresh with our branding. Therefore, we have developed a new brand identity which aims to better reflect the services we offer. But don’t worry! We will continue to provide the same great service at affordable rates that you have come to know. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for your continued support. We look forward to meeting your electrical and solar needs with this new branding in 2015 and beyond. Check out our great new website It is compatible with all devices so you can browse at home or on the go. We would love to hear your feedback. You can contact us by phoning (07) 5535 3201 or 0475 415 414, or emailing us at You can even request a quote online in minutes by clicking here. Operating Hours Monday to Friday:  7am – 5pm Saturday: 7am – 2pm Emergency:  24 hours Amp’d Electrical and Solar – your local Gold Coast Electrician servicing the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads. Tackle the Soaring Gold Coast Temps with Ceiling Fans 2015-01-28T03:40:56Z tackle-the-soaring-gold-coast-temps-with-ceiling-fans While we love the Gold Coast, there is no denying that the high temps and humidity can get on our nerves!To beat the heat this summer, having a ceiling fan installed is one of the most cost-effective and energy efficient steps you can take. Here are the key benefits of ceiling fans: Reduce cooling (and even heating) costs Can be fitted with energy efficient globes (LED & CFL) Modern look with effective air flow Use only about 2% of the electricity that an air conditioner uses Can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler Combining the use of the air conditioner and your fan can improve the air conditioner’s efficiency We have fans to suit any budget, with supply and install starting from just $170 (including GST). Our fans come with 3-year or 5-year warranties and are only of the highest quality. If you would like more information or want to know about our current special on ceiling fans, speak to Amp’d Electrical and Solar, your number 1 Gold Coast electrician.   You can phone us on 0475 415 414, email us at, or visit us online at Energy Saving Consultations - Find Out How You Can Save Big 2015-01-28T03:39:01Z energy-saving-consultations-find-out-how-you-can-save-big No doubt you have recently received another power bill and are in shock with the price. There have been several price rises in electricity, and most recently the carbon tax repeal. This has dropped the tariffs slightly, however we are still paying 60% more per day just to have electricity at our properties! We regularly get enquiries on how customers can save on their power bill. Why not book one of our Energy Saving Consultations customised to your home and usage utilising Amp’d Electrical and Solar’s unique cost comparison. For $99 this includes: Complete check of your switchboard to test for any appliances that may be causing unnecessary usage. Check what (if any) tariffs you have and if you can benefit from re-arrangement of your metering. Provide you with energy saving tips and advice to help minimize your bills. Advise as to which electricity retailer you could possibly gain the greatest savings from with our unique cost comparison. We specialize in energy efficiency and can supply and install a range of products that will lower your usage. If you are interested in this service or would like more information, on energy saving solutions for your home or office, please get in touch with us on 0475 415 414. Preparing for the Gold Coast Storm Season 2015-01-28T03:37:10Z preparing-for-the-gold-coast-storm-season After the recent storms that hit Brisbane and the Gold Coast, it is time to prepare for what is shaping up to be a nasty storm season. Here are our top tips for keeping your family and your home safe this storm season. 1.       Unplug appliances before the storm hits If you know a storm is imminent, it’s a good idea to unplug appliances such as computers, kettles, TVs and DVD players. 2.       Never attempt to do your own electrical work Electricians need to study for years before they are qualified to do electrical work. Under no circumstances should you attempt to fix electrical problems yourself – doing so would put your own life or your family’s lives at risk. Always call a licensed electrician such as any member from the Amp’d Electrical and Solar team. Also, if your power hasn’t come back on after a blackout but everyone else’s has, it could be an Energex problem. You can contact them on 13 62 62. 3.       Stay away from fallen power lines This is an obvious one that is constantly emphasised. Not only is it critical to keep away from a fallen power line if you come across one, it is important to remember that they can be concealed by trees and other debris. We highly recommend staying inside and waiting for help rather going outside to have a look at the damage yourself. 4.       Have surge protection installed Lightning can instantly destroy your electronic devices leading to headaches and wasted money. Investing in a surge protector will keep your appliances and wiring safe from voltage surges such as a lightning strike. Ask us about having surge protection installed in your switchboard to keep all of your appliances intact. 5.       Test your safety switch Safety switches minimise the risk of electric shocks, injuries, deaths and electricity-related fires. It is a legal requirement for all new homes to have safety switches protecting all power points and lighting circuits. Make sure you test your home’s safety switch regularly, especially leading up to the storm season. Find out how to test your safety switch by watching this video posted by the Government of South Australia. If you would like further tips on keeping safe this storm season, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0475 415 414 or email us at Let’s hope the Gold Coast gets a nice amount of rain to cure those dry lawns and that the storms are kept to minimum this summer. Gold Coast Solar System Servicing 2015-01-28T03:35:44Z gold-coast-solar-system-servicing Already have Solar? Are you unsure if your Solar PV system is still reaching its full potential? Now is the perfect time to give your system a spring clean. As you would service your car, your solar system is an investment that requires maintenance to ensure longevity and the best possible output. We offer Solar Servicing which includes: Safety Check & Visual Inspection. Mechanical integrity check of racking system & components. Check of electrical wiring for loose connections. Check the output voltage and current of each string of the array and compare to the expected output under the existing conditions. Check the operation of the PV DC main switch.Clean modules. Performance Consultation Please note, any maintenance on a solar system needs to be conducted by a licensed, insured and CEC accredited electrician. If you would like a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0475 415 414 or email us at Affordable & Energy Efficient Cooling Solution 2015-01-28T03:32:39Z affordable-amp-energy-efficient-cooling-solution Now is the time to start thinking of upgrading your cooling to be energy efficient and cost-effective. And although we all love our air conditioners in QLD, we can’t forget the ceiling fan which is perfect for those in between times, overnight or to make the most of your air con. Read on to find out why the ceiling fan is a must in all Gold Coast homes. Research has shown that ceiling fans are actually one of the most energy efficient cooling options on the market, costing only around 2c an hour to run while an air conditioner costs 50c an hour. It has even been found that fans can reduce your electricity bill in summer by up to 46%! The wind chill of the great ceiling fans we supply keeps you about as cool in 27 degrees as you are in 24 degrees without the fan even running. This means that you can make your thermostat 3 degrees higher, which would save you a truckload on your cooling expenses without you having to forgo comfort. Here are the key benefits of getting us to install a ceiling fan for you: Reduce cooling (and even heating) cost Can be fitted with energy efficient globes (LED & CFL) Modern look with effective air flow Use only about 2% of the electricity that an air conditioner uses Can make you feel around 8 degrees cooler Combining the use of the air conditioner and your fan can improve the air conditioner’s efficiency Standard ceiling fan Ceiling fan with LED Our fans come with up to a 3-year warranty and are only of the highest quality. If you would like more information or want to know about our current special on ceiling fans, speak to Amp’d Electrical and Solar, your number 1 Gold Coast electrician. You can phone us on 0475 415 414, email us at, or visit us online at Narangba Timbers Says: “Protect Your Deck with the Right Finish.” 2015-01-23T05:38:05Z narangba-timbers-says-protect-your-deck-with-the-right-finish Brisbane, QLD, 23 January 2015 - Narangba Timbers has provided timber decking for numerous projects in the Brisbane area. They have been around long enough to see how long many of those timber decks have lasted and how often they need repairs. They have noticed that, over the years, most repairs and replacement of boards on timber decks are avoidable if the deck is protected properly. Timber has natural moisture. The closer that moisture is kept to its natural state, the longer a timber deck will last and the more durable it will be. The trick is to ensure that the timber doesn’t end up with too much or too little moisture.Recently, on their company blog, owner Jack Kyle offered some tips for selecting the right finish for timber decking. In a severe climate such as that in Brisbane, Mr Kyle feels that it is crucial to protect timber decking with the right finish and the right amount. It is most important, according to Mr Kyle, to make sure that all parts of a board are covered, including all faces, edges and ends. The following recommendations are courtesy of Mr Kyle’s blog post.Preparing the SurfaceThe first coat should be applied before building the deck, ensuring that every square centimetre is covered. If possible, new timber should be left to sit and dry out for two or three weeks to ensure that the finish can adhere to the surface. It is also important that the surface is clean and free of debris, mildew or dirt. Factors to ConsiderThe main factors to consider are the aesthetics of the timber, the performance characteristics of the finish and the species of timber being used.AestheticsA timber deck often becomes an entertainment area for guests, making the aesthetics important. Some homeowners will go for a natural look while others will want deep stains and colours to provide their preferred aesthetic. The appearance of a timber deck is directly related to the other two factors: performance characteristics of the finish and the species of timber being used.Characteristics of FinishAn oil-based decking stain generally provides the best overall profile of protection for timber. It soaks into the timber easily and provides the best protection for keeping moisture from entering or escaping timber. A semi-transparent, oil-based decking stain protects from moisture while allowing the natural grain of the timber to show through. Oil-based decking stain also has an alkyd resin that helps it resist scuffing, furniture legs and “heavy feet.” Timber SpeciesThe species of timber will also dictate what kind of stain is used. Some timbers, such as merbau, have a deep colour that lends itself to a semi-transparent stain. Others may require more pigment or even paint to provide the preferred “look.” Narangba Timbers is a timber supplier of products such as timber decking, timber fencing, timber flooring and heavy construction timber in Brisbane. They specialise in professional and attentive customer service to help ensure that their customers always have the right materials for any project, large or small. To learn more about Narangba Timbers, call 1300 795 675 or visit their website: Providers of Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Hoods Warn: “Don’t Make These Mistakes.” 2015-01-22T11:28:29Z providers-of-custom-stainless-steel-exhaust-hoods-warn-don-t-make-these-mistakes Perth, WA, 22 January 2015 - Commercial exhaust hoods are made of stainless steel for a reason. They combine high durability, high corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning and resistance to extreme heat. That makes them the safest and most sanitary option for their main use: commercial kitchens. Western Stainless Solutions is a firm which provides custom design stainless steel installation and is located in the Perth area. Recently, on their company blog, they provided a guide to selecting, cleaning and maintaining commercial stainless steel exhaust hoods. Stainless steel exhaust hoods are custom fabricated in various sizes and shapes, depending upon the characteristics of the facility in which they are being installed. Most commercial kitchens, especially those with medium to high volume, use a vented exhaust hood. The vented exhaust hood draws air from the facility and sends it through a series of ducts until it is transported to the outdoors.In smaller facilities that don’t use appliances such as fryers, grills and charcoal broilers, ventless hoods can be installed. Ventless hoods draw the air through a filter or filters on the interior of the hood, clean the air and send it back into the kitchen.Cleaning Stainless Steel Exhaust HoodsThe interior of a vented exhaust hood must be cleaned professionally and on a regular basis. The interval between cleaning is according to manufacturer’s recommendations and can vary in time from as long as six months to as short as one month, depending on usage. The higher volume a kitchen produces, the more often the exhaust hood should be cleaned. Kitchens that produce more grease and smoke necessitate more frequent cleaning of the exhaust hood.Unvented exhaust hoods have charcoal filters. These filters are usually available at appliance stores and should be replaced often. As in the case of cleaning a vented exhaust hood, the frequency will be dependent upon the use and volume in the kitchen along with the manufacturer’s recommendations.Health Regulations and Symptoms of Insufficient CleaningAny buildup of mould or bacteria can compromise the health of staff and customers. Most local councils have health regulations governing the frequency of cleaning commercial exhaust hoods to ensure the health of their citizens. If a hood is not cleaned frequently enough, bacteria and/or mould can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses. Fabrication and Installation of Exhaust HoodsPaul Bartlett, Managing Director of Western Stainless Solutions, who provide custom design stainless steel installation in the Perth area, has personally overseen numerous stainless steel exhaust hood installations, from creation to cleanup. According to Mr Bartlett: “It is essential to get everything perfect with any stainless steel project, but especially in restaurants. In restaurants, as in medical facilities, sanitation is extremely important. One slip-up can result in people getting sick and a business being lost.”Mr Bartlett concluded, “That is why we always get everything perfect the first time.”  Western Stainless Solutions are stainless steel fabricators from Perth. They provide custom design stainless steel installation for the hospitality, medical, mining, commercial, industrial and mechanical industries. To learn more or to enquire about a project, call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: