The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-04-24T05:50:16Z Taylor 800 Series Acoustic Guitars 2015-04-24T05:50:16Z taylor-800-series-acoustic-guitars Today talking about the very brand new Taylor 800 series collection.  The 800 series is the flagship part of Taylor’s line and we are so very proud of the new and innovative measures Taylor have taken to facelift the whole category; it is the pride and joy of our entire line.  So first, obviously the visual is what you are going to notice right out of the shoe, you notice the new rosewood are going to notice the pickguard, you are going to notice the brand new inlays.  We are going to have a maple strip on the back between the perfectly book matched Indian rosewood.  You are going to see smoked ebony on the fretboards and bridges, highlighting the variegation and the colour option ebony really has as you start to get involved with ebony and its really aggressively marbled nature.  And a new element fingerboard inlay that any powers are the master leaders design.   Once you go underneath the hood you are going to start see things that really drive what makes the 800 series so prominent. First, it’s the finish.  Traditional guitars are consistent in Taylor glossy model’s 500 series and above have about a six to eight mil finish, that’s how we measure the thickness of the finish, and it really almost feels like a couple sheets of paper thick.  What that does is it gives you a really illustrious sheen to it and really kind of pops a lot of that grain.  With the new 800’s we are challenging the measure of finish down to about three or three and half mils, which in my opinion is just enough finish to make the guitar look wet.  What that does is it unlocks the fibers so the resignation and the tonality of the guitar can really start the bust through, and you start to get more voice out of the instrument, plain and simple.  We at Music Now Online Australia are so glad they have moved to a hide glue and a fish glue for the bracing components, for the bridge and that’s really going to allow the guitar over time to meld together and become stronger and bond, i.e. giving you much more sonic transfer throughout the entire body of the instrument.  Lastly, every shape from Grand Concert to Grand Auditorium, dreadnought, grand symphony and grand orchestra, they all have their own very inspirational yet pertinent bracing pattern for each shape, which allows it to unlock the nuances per shape, not just making it a different variation of size but really giving it its own voice.  So particularly in the Grand Concert and the Grand Auditorium back braces will actually be slanted allowing more bass response and more punch on that low-end kick; really an interesting concept.   Overall from the nylons to the twelve strings to the smallest body to the largest body, the 800 series has been completely drawn out and redesigned, taking our most prized collection of guitars and simply raising the bar. So with that when you want to check out something that’s beyond what you are used to in the Taylor guitars world, I really invite you to try the new 800 series collection and for all 800 series and anything Taylor Guitars just contact a Music Now Engineer.  Music Now Australia have stock of the following Taylor 800 Series:  TAYLOR 812CE ACOUSTIC ELECTRIC GUITAR TAYLOR 814CE ACOUSTIC ELECTRIC GUITAR TAYLOR 818E GRAND ORCHESTRA GUITAR 1ST EDITION If you are looking to purchase a new Taylor guitar, then we recommend you speak to a Taylor guitar specialist at Music Now. Music Now specialise in supplying not only the biggest range at the best prices, but a wide range of rare and hard to find Taylor guitars. So make sure you visit us at 1/22 New Street, Nerang, Queensland Australia or call us on  0755962588 SWITCHES AND SOCKETS NOW HAVE DIRECT WHOLESALE PRICES 2015-04-23T06:33:43Z usb-switches-and-sockets-now-have-direct-wholesale-prices We have just released a wide range of power points light switches industrial switching products to customers at trade prices.These are direct to you online most carry an unbeatable 5 year warranty. Check our web site for the best USB wall socket range available at the best prices. Aussies want a dishwasher they can trust 2015-04-23T01:59:17Z aussies-want-a-dishwasher-they-can-trust The majority of Australians don’t trust their dishwasher to do a good job – but still couldn’t do without it. Consumer research and ratings service Canstar Blue surveyed more than 1,700 adults and found that 87% inspect their dishes and cutlery before putting them away, just in case they haven’t been cleaned properly. Despite that, 73% of Aussies prefer using their dishwasher to cleaning by hand, and 42% use it every day. “As the old saying goes: ‘If you can’t trust someone to do the job properly, then do it yourself’. Yet when it comes to cleaning dishes, it seems many people don’t trust their dishwasher, but still refuse to put in some elbow grease themselves,” said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes. “Given that most households only replace their dishwasher when it stops working – and we keep them for an average of 7.7 years – perhaps it’s no surprise that some dishwashers are not performing as well as they once did. “More than a quarter of people fail to rinse their dishes before loading them into the dishwasher, roughly the same number tend to use the cheapest brand of detergent available, and 41% admit they rarely or never clean their machine. So perhaps some people aren’t taking as much care of their dishwasher as they could.” Forty per cent of the 750 adults surveyed, who have bought a new dishwasher in the last three years, said they replaced their old appliance because it broke down. One in five purchased a new machine because they moved home, 15% were renovating their home, and 12% said their old dishwasher simply wasn’t cleaning efficiently. The survey also found performance to be the biggest driver of customer satisfaction. Drivers of dishwasher satisfaction % of respondents Performance 38% Design 16% Warranty and service 12% Internal layout 11% Value for money 10% Quietness while operating 10% Ease of use 3% Source: Dishwasher survey 2015 “Spending an average of $810, it seems many people are happy to pay a good price for a dishwasher they can trust, even if they wait for their old one to break down first,” said Mr Downes. “Ultimately, consumers want a reliable machine that saves them the time and hassle of cleaning their dishes by hand – and they would prefer it to last for a reasonable length of time.” Miele has retained Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for dishwashers, beating six other top brands for overall satisfaction. It is the third time in four years that Miele has won the award. It’s been a very successful start to 2015 for Miele, having also earned Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for front loader washing machines. “Congratulations to Miele for another impressive set of customer satisfaction results,” said Mr Downes. “Miele clearly seems to be striking a chord with consumers.” Teknowledge Software Starts Work On New Emoji Keyboard App 2015-04-22T08:34:46Z teknowledge-software-starts-work-on-new-emoji-keyboard-app This one is being billed as the biggest app project of Teknowledge Software in the second quarter of 2015. The mobile app company has joined hands with renowned senior art director, Tejmur Sattarov, to create a unique emoji and sticker keyboard app. The project is likely to be completed within three weeks. Hailing the concept behind the application - named Veeaie Keyboard - Mr. Hussain Fakhruddin stated that it was one of the most exciting projects he has ever worked on. Considering that he is involved in mobile app development for close to a decade and his company has two international branches (in Australia and Sweden), that’s definitely saying something! Veeaie Keyboard, the ambitious third-party emoji keyboard app conceptualized by Tejmur Sattarov, will be customized for the Apple iOS 8 platform. Not surprisingly, Mr. Sattarov is handling the app designing himself, while the developers at Teknowledge are handling the coding requirements for the application. Mr. Fakhruddin has confirmed that over 70% of the work is already done, and several mockups of the app have been prepared. Elaborating a bit on the nature of the new iPhone application, the CEO of Teknowledge referred to Veeaie as a ‘freemium app that blends fun and creativity.’ There will be six different emoji packs available for purchase in the app for users. Both Mr. Sattarov and Mr. Fakhruddin believe that people will love all the packs. ‘Drama’ and ‘Athletes’ have been picked out as the categories that will become the most popular. Those in charge of creating this iOS 8 app are focusing on making Veeaie uniformly user-friendly. Showcasing a prototype of the application, Mr. Fakhruddin pointed out how an ‘instructions screen’ would be displayed to first-time users (after they have installed and activated Veeaie). The controls and in-app navigation have that feel of simplicity and elegance that virtually every Teks apps is known for. The creative expertise of Mr. Sattarov has definitely been a big help in this regard. The best feature of the soon-to-be-released app was revealed at the very last, during the press meet. Users of Veeaie would get the opportunity of creating their very own emojis - instead of purchasing the readymade emoji sticker packs. All that they have to do is take a circular selfie, crop out unwanted portions (by rubbing the screen), and then, play around with four different camera effects. Some screenshots of these user-created emojis were displayed at the event - they were indeed hilarious! Enhanced usability of the purchased/created emojis is going to be one of the high points of Veeaie Keyboard app. The iPhone app development department of Teknowledge has been instructed to include seamless Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus integration in the app. People will be able to save their emojis as ‘favorites’, and use them anywhere - online and offline. Both Mr. Sattarov and Mr. Fakhruddin are bullish about the prospects of Veeaie, when it releases at the App Store. The two professionals believe that the sheer fun quotient of the app would make it a winner among young users - while the creative features would further bolster the app’s charm. If everything goes as anticipated, this one can turn out to be one of the best entries in the app development portfolio of Teknowledge Software. So, how many awards and positive reviews will Veeaie Keyboard rack up? The head of the mobile app company remained non-committal on that. All that he has to say regarding this is, if people indeed like the features of the app, awards and recognitions will follow. One thing is fairly certain though - the initial download figures of this iOS emoji keyboard app will be impressive. Before signing off, Mr. Fakhruddin reiterated that his company would continue to work on app projects that have a touch of innovativeness in them. Veeaie would provide him and his team of app developers plenty of scope to showcase their expertise. We will have to wait and see how good the app actually turns out to be. Visit for further information on the features and functionality of the Veeaie Keyboard application. For getting queries resolved and/or asking for free app quotes, contact Mr. Fakhruddin at,in, or call him up at 91-33-40649087. Renowned personalities like Amber Blumanis, Maria Thyselius Bergstrom, Jacob Strachotta and now, Tejmur Sattarov have benefitted from the services of Teknowledge Software. This is one company that is surely going places! Aquaponics Ebook Out Now 2015-04-22T05:56:57Z aquaponics-ebook-out-now We are excited to announce that we have released a new ebook called “Aquaponics”. Written by John Mason and the staff of ACS Distance Education, the Aquaponics ebook provides readers with an insight into practising aquaponics and setting up their very own system. Aquaponics involves growing fish or crustaceans in water; and then taking that water and using it to grow plants. It is an intensive way of producing food that can be used on a small scale at home, or on a large scale for commercial farming. The level of sophistication involved in aquaponics can vary from low to high. The biggest challenge is to ensure that when the same water is used to grow two different things, the characteristics of the water needs to be compatible for both. Aquaponic farming allows individual families to grow a much wider range of produce, in a much smaller space. They can provide the protein needed for their diet (from fish), as well as the vegetables and fruit they need. Aquaponic systems can be as small as a few cubic meters; or as large as many acres. They are an ideal way of improving productivity on a hobby farm; can be used by restaurants to produce the freshest produce on site, or established inside buildings, in big cities, for urban farming. This book explores some of the more important considerations, and aims to inspire and inform you about the possibilities for aquaponics, in whatever circumstances you may consider using it. ISBN: 978-0-9925878-6-4 This ebook is now available for purchase from our online bookshop and there is also a free sample available here:   If you would like a reviewer copy of this ebook, please contact . Lifestyle Community in Arundel Lives Up to Promises 2015-04-22T01:16:24Z lifestyle-community-in-arundel-lives-up-to-promises Gold Coast, QLD, 22 April 2015 - When the developers of Seachange Village, an over 50’s lifestyle community in Arundel, decided to build a retirement community, they promised to provide active seniors with “a better way to live.” They toured over 50’s communities across Florida, USA. What they saw surprised them: places where people seldom moved voluntarily, but moved only when their families no longer wanted the burden of caring for them and helping them maintain their old homes.They realised that they were going to have to build something totally different if they were to provide a better way of living. They didn’t know what they wanted to build, but they knew they didn’t want to build a traditional “senior community.” They went to work, asked a lot of questions and tried to figure out the perfect model for an active senior community. Fast forward to 2015 where they have succeeded in their original goal. Seachange Village Arundel has a reputation as the most active lifestyle community in the Arundel area. How They Did ItDavid Pradella, Managing Director of Seachange Village Arundel, explains the original process: “We knew we didn’t want a traditional retirement village, so we went about trying to create a lifestyle village that would be based on friendship, fitness and fun. We chose a location that would be attractive to people who wanted to truly enjoy their golden years. We made sure there was plenty of access to infrastructure and amenities. Then we tried to create a community that would be a real community, where like-minded people could make friends and enjoy an active lifestyle.”The result is a lifestyle village that is within 10 km of a medical centre, a hospital, four golf courses, a large shopping centre and the beach. That village is built around a country club that offers indoor and outdoor sporting and exercise facilities, a library, a world class restaurant and a bar area. High Quality Homes: Reasonable PricesThe homes at Seachange Village Arundel are designed to be ultra-efficient in use of both space and energy while being eco-friendly. The community is gated with private security, a CCTV system and a phone system to ensure that residents are safe and secure while preserving their privacy.Promises DeliveredAccording to Mr Pradella: “We set out to provide a better way of life: a community that seniors would find attractive for spending their golden years. We think we have succeeded even beyond our original intention. So do our residents.”Seachange Village Arundel is a lifestyle village in Arundel. It is often characterised as an over 50’s resort on the Gold Coast. It was built on the values of fun, friendship and fitness. The developers of Seachange Village Arundel believe that a community where active people can interact on a daily basis with like-minded people creates a better way of life than the standard retirement village. To learn more, call 1800 652 797 or visit their website: "Don't waste another summer!" best-selling author urges Australia's boomer women to start planning now to prevent winter blues. 2015-04-21T12:56:37Z don-t-waste-another-summer-best-selling-author-urges-australia-s-boomer-women-to-start-planning-now-to-prevent-winter-blues-1 Older women's advocate and best-selling author, Victoria Rose, has urged Australia's 1 million single women over 60 to start planning now to beat the winter blues. Ms Rose wrote "How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life: Tough love for smart, single women over 60" to help women find their passion for life. The easy-to-follow, 5-step process mirrors the journey Victoria Rose took to turn her own life around. "This summer I've met many women who are disappointed with their lives, or are unsure of their purpose, now that they have retired and their children have finished school or left home," Ms Rose said. "I don't want a single woman to let another summer, or worse, a whole year go by without finding that spark again," Ms Rose enthused. "Changing your life is possible at any stage; there is no 'use by date. Every woman can build a meaningful and fabulous life but you won't change a lifetime of negative thinking unless you work through your fears in a systematic way". To capitalise on her decades of experience as an instructor in the Australian Army Reserve, Ms Rose launched her own training business in 2008. Since then, over 12,500 participants have attended her Leadership workshops.  "I wrote this book so that other women could learn from my journey. I did it and now I'm helping other women do it. I believe in the strength, wisdom and ‘fabulousness’ of Australia's single women over 60 and my book shows them how to believe in themselves again! How to get more WOW into their lives.” Victoria's program "helps women identify their life's goals and the pathway to get there. It's full of amazing wisdom delivered in a firm but loving way. This is Victoria's style of writing: to teach. And I love it! The lessons are invaluable for women of all ages and most importantly for us baby boomers who lack the self love we are so entitled to.” said Christine on For interviews or copies contact: Irena on M: 0412424523, E:       ABOUT VICTORIA ROSE ·         Victoria helped over 19,500 people in Australia and New Zealand as part of her 31-year successful training career. ·         As a soldier in the Australian Army Reserve, Victoria trained over 7,000 soldiers and officers in weapons, drill and theory and was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer. ·         Victoria has achieved her own 'From NOW To WOW' life while raising 2 children as a single parent. ·         Since turning 60, Victoria has been on a personal mission to encourage and inspire other women to benefit from her own journey to WOW. ·         She has created the book, supporting online platform, the seminars, webinars, and is developing her intensive live-in Bali Experience, to teach Australian 60+ women how to become leaders and champions for a WOW life of their own. For interviews or copies contact: Irena on M: 0412424523, E: "How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life: Tough Love for Smart, Single Women over 60" is available from (RRP $29.99) EVENTS: Victoria Rose is holding a one-day seminar called 'Get into the driver's seat' in Port Melbourne on May 11 2015 and a 5-day intensive retreat in Bali in September. What are the 75% of women over 50 who are living alone doing this Mother's Day? 2015-04-21T12:47:59Z what-are-the-75-of-women-over-50-who-are-living-alone-this-mother-s-day Best-selling author and advocate for Australia's baby-boomer women, Victoria Rose, believes the best present we should give our mothers and grandmothers on Mother's Day is self-confidence and self-esteem. 75% of women living alone are over 50 - are they daring and carefree or desperate and depressed? Ms Rose's book How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life: Tough love for smart, single women over 60 takes women on a journey of personal discovery in order to (re) discover their unique values and find a new meaning and purpose in life. Her book is based on her own journey of going from 'Now to Wow' and she is planning seminars around the country with a 5-day intensive retreat in Bali later this year.  "Women over 60 are smart and capable. We are much more than mothers and grandmothers and I want all Australian women over 60 to take a hard look at themselves and start making positive changes," Ms Rose said. Ms Rose's book includes exercises that help older women create a powerful relationship with money, how to focus on their true values and how to learn to love their mature looks and bodies. "If you really want to show your mum that you appreciate her on Mother's Day then invest in her happiness and self-confidence and not just a bunch of flowers that won't last the week," said Ms Rose. Victoria Rose's easy-to-follow, 5-step has already changed the lives of women around Australia who have bought the book for themselves or received it as a gift from friends. Victoria's program "helps women identify their life's goals and a pathway to get there. It's full of amazing wisdom which comes to you in a firm but loving way. This is Victoria's style of writing, to teach, and I love it! The lessons are invaluable for women of all ages really and most importantly for us baby boomers who lack the self love we are so entitled to," said Christine in an Amazon review. Ms Rose raised 2 children while being an instructor in the Australian Army Reserve. After completing her own journey from 'Now to Wow', Ms Rose launched her own training business in 2008. Since then over 12,500 participants have attended her Leadership Workshops.  For interviews or copies contact: Irena on M: 0412424523, E: "How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life: Tough Love for Smart, Single Women over 60" is available from (RRP $29.99) EVENTS: Victoria Rose is holding a one-day seminar called 'Get into the driver's seat' in Port Melbourne on May 11 2015 and a 5-day intensive retreat in Bali in September. Glider Yachts Celebrates Securing Funding to Commence the Build of its First Luxury Yacht in Britain 2015-04-21T07:05:49Z daring-different-amp-quintessentially-british Glider Yachts Limited, a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, is delighted to announce that it has secured its first major round of funding, enabling the innovative British start-up to commence the build of the first of its fleet of luxury high performance yachts in Britain this week. A consortium of private investors and the Glider Yachts team and Advisory Board are behind this first major round of funding. Being built at a top secret location in Britain, the prototype of the SS18 (Super Sports 18) is being specifically built as a demonstrator of the unique capabilities delivered through the revolutionary technologies and innovations that underpin Glider Yachts’ three ranges. The SS18 will be the most luxurious high performance sports boat in the world.   Its unique hull form, propulsion and proprietary Stability Control System (SCS) actually tune to the sea conditions allowing passengers to “glide” over the waves in unprecedented comfort and style at speeds of up to 70mph.   Glider Yachts is excited to publically debut the British designed and built SD18 at the Monaco Yacht Show in late September, but selected media will be invited to experience the new Glider first hand at an invitation only media launch event in the South of England in the late summer, followed by a media preview event during the Cannes Boat Show in early September, just prior to the Monaco show.   Robert McCall, Chief Designer and Managing Director of Glider Yachts, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to be starting the build of the first of our exciting Glider Yachts range. The very essence of Glider Yachts is something you’ll feel each time you see one of our yachts and it will sweep over you every time you experience a voyage on one.   “Powerful, exhilarating and precise, yet timelessly elegant and sophisticated, our luxury yachts blend outstanding design, exceptional engineering and unrivalled British craftsmanship to create an absolutely unforgettable experience. Every one of our unique yachts will be the quintessential British combination of power, beauty and soul.”   London headquartered Glider Yachts signed a £100 Million deal with globally renowned marine engineering company, Burgess Marine and newly ordered Gliders will be built by this British company, creating a number of jobs in Britain.   Nick Buckland – OBE, Chairman of Glider Yachts said: “Glider Yachts is set to become the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance, luxury yachts. We are very proud to be able to debut the most revolutionary sports boat seen in decades and the first of our unbelievably unique range at Monaco later this year. We have spent seven years designing and developing the Glider Yachts fleet, so we’re incredibly excited that she is now in production.”   Ends   About Glider Yachts Glider Yachts is a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, headquartered in London with build partners in Southampton, England. The company has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high performance, luxury sports yachts, and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating the world’s oceans. Please see for more information. Media Contacts Europe – E: | Tel: UK on +44 (0)161 923 4994 USA/Americas – | Tel: USA on +1 (786) 374 2429 Middle East – E: | Tel: UAE on +971 (0)4 428 0939 Asia/AU/NZ – E: | Tel: Australia on +61 (0)2 8006 2960 Your July recipe from Anathoth Farm - Frangipane and Raspberry Tart 2015-04-21T05:00:22Z your-july-recipe-from-anathoth-farm-frangipane-amp-raspberry-tart  YOUR JULY RECIPE FROM ANATHOTH FARM (Please see attachments for images. High res available upon request)  Frangipane & Raspberry TartPastry  225g plain flour  150g unsalted butter, chilled and chopped  2 tablespoons pure icing sugar  1 egg yolk  1 tablespoon chilled water  Filling 100g unsalted butter 100g caster sugar 2 large eggs 50g plain flour 75g ground almonds A couple of drops of almond extract  8-10 teaspoons Anathoth Farm Raspberry Jam    Make the pastry, add flour, butter and icing sugar in a food processor, and process until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add the egg yolk and water. Process until the dough just comes together. Turn onto a lightly floured surface. Knead until just smooth. Shape into a disc. Cover with plastic wrap. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes to rest.   Turn the pastry onto a lightly floured surface. Use a lightly floured rolling pin to roll out to a 3mm-thick rectangle. Line a round or rectangle fluted tart tin, with removable base, with the pastry. Trim any excess. Prick the base with a fork. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes to rest.   Preheat oven to 200°C (180°C fan-forced). Line the pastry case with non-stick baking paper. Fill with pastry weights or rice. Bake for 12 minutes. Remove paper and pastry weights or rice. Cook for a further 7 minutes or until golden. Turn oven down to 180°C (160°C fan-forced).   For the frangipane filling, beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, then beat in the eggs one at a time. Stir in the flour, ground almonds and the almond extract,   Spread frangipane filling over the base of the pastry case and add teaspoons of Anathoth Farm Raspberry Jam over. Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until filling is golden.    For more images, please click on this link:   GIBSON CUSTOM 1959 LES PAUL STANDARD REISSUE R9 2015-04-21T04:59:50Z gibson-custom-1959-les-paul-standard-reissue-r9-1 Glad you have decided to read more! Today we’re going to be taking a look at Gibson’s 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue.  This guitar is a recreation of Gibson’s 1959 highly sought after guitar with only approximately 630 plus guitars made that year, it became a very highly sought after guitar and drove the price of this guitar well over five hundred thousand to a million dollars ($500,000.00 - $1,000,000.00). They are very hard to find right now; most collectors have them stashed away or buried away. I would be lucky to even see one of these guitars.  So Gibson guitars has done a painstakingly recreation of this guitar and done so many different things to make this guitar in their custom shop an exact replica of the 1959 Gibson Les Paul. Many of the things that they have done are the simple the neck joint it is a mortise and tenon neck joint and one of the glues that they used back then was hide glue. So everything right down to the glue has been done to the guitar.  The tenon is also extended well into the cavity of the guitar like it was in 1959. The bridge and tail piece are light wheat, aluminum stopbar tailpiece with a nickel plating on it, which add to that toning residence of the guitar. Pickups in the guitar are also painstakingly recreations of the original PAF pickups, which have that really great bite and clarity low output.  What Gibson has used is unequal three magnets on unequal turns of forty two gage wire each pickup. You could hear it in the sound; it really recreates that vintage Jimmy Page sound that you heard on all those Led Zeppelin records and live recordings.  Many more things, the weight of the original that 1959 Guitar was a very light thing, most common and new Les Paul’s are quite heavy, the 1959 was highly light, extremely light, which made it resonate and sound incredible.   This guitar is no stranger to the weight as well too, so it is completely non-weight relieved but feels like it would in 1959; super light which adds to the flash and the characteristics.  It has a VOS finish, the one we are looking at today is bourbon burst gorgeous with a beautiful flame maple top one piece mahogany neck with a rosewood finger board, head stalk inlay features a holly head stalk veneer with a pearl logo with vintage black and white and it is pitch back at an angle of 17 degrees.  This is something that Gibson had measured on the best 1959 Les Paul that was crucial to the sound of the guitar.  The tension emitters are all two volume and two tone controls and features bumblebee capacitors, which add a nice warmth in the tone roll off of the guitar. Output jack is a traditional quarter inch jack with a three-way toggle switch between the pickups with an amber cargo top added to that vintage vibe. The binding has also been aged, with the tuners are also aged, everything on the guitar has got that slight warm look on it. It just makes you feel like you are holding an awesome piece of awesomeness. Guitar enthusiasts, if you are serious about your Gibson guitars and are thinking about buying a custom 1959 Les Paul Reissue, you need to speak to a Music Now guitar specialist. Make sure you ask for the best price and best suited guitar to your needs. Remember, if it's Gibson and Les Paul, see or call us on (07)5596 2588 or visit our store at 1/22 New Street, Nerang QLD 4211 Australia. Bank customers putting convenience ahead of hip pocket 2015-04-21T03:44:53Z bank-customers-putting-convenience-ahead-of-hip-pocket Almost eight out of 10 Australians are more likely to apply for credit cards or personal loans from the institution they bank with, rather than make the effort to find the best value possible. That’s one of the findings a new study by consumer research company Canstar Blue, which found that the very young and the very old are the most likely to stick with their bank and not shop around. Overall, 89% of the 5,549 adults surveyed said they are happy with their bank, despite one in three being hit with unexpected fees or charges. Just 18% said they would like to take their money elsewhere. “It’s encouraging that so many people are happy with their bank, but very concerning that the vast majority of consumers seem willing to take out financial products based on convenience rather than value,” said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes. “Regardless of who you bank with, it’s absolutely crucial that you thoroughly compare all financial products available – otherwise your loyalty could end up costing you big. “Banking bliss could lead to complacency – and that’s where you can make serious financial mistakes. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming your bank offers great value products, just because it gets the day-to-day stuff right.” A total of 78% of survey respondents admitted they are more likely to apply for products like credit cards and personal loans from their bank, with those aged 18-24 (84%) and those aged 70 or older (82%) the most likely. Those two demographics were also found to be most content with their bank. The following tables show the vast difference between the minimum and maximum interest rates for personal loans currently on CANSTAR’s database – emphasising the need to shop around for the best value. On a $5,000 loan over three years, for example, you could pay as much as $1,100 more in interest than you need to. Personal loan interest rates - variable          Min          Max          Avr Unsecured personal loan 5.1% 18.99% 13.3% Secured personal loan 5.1% 13.99% 10.4% Source: Based on loans of $5,000. Personal loan interest rates - fixed          Min          Max          Avr Unsecured personal loan 7.99% 17.49% 12.68% Secured personal loan 6.49% 12.99% 9.76% Source: Based on loans of $5,000. Canstar Blue also found that good problem and inquiry-handling outranks the importance of fees, charges and interest rates for consumers when it comes to determining overall satisfaction with banks. Drivers of banking satisfaction % of respondents Inquiry and problem handling 38% Fees and charges 15% Branch service 11% Product range 11% Internet banking service 10% Interest rates 7% Source: Banking survey 2015 “It’s slightly worrying that so many consumers place more emphasis on problem-handling than fees, charges and interest rates, which are ultimately the ways that banks take money from you,” added Mr Downes. “Whether it’s online, over the phone, or in a branch, people expect their concerns to be taken seriously and their queries to be handled efficiently. But poor customer service won’t cost you as much as an unfavourable interest rate on a credit card or personal loan, which could leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket. “Some Australians seem to be putting convenience ahead of value, which could be a big mistake.” Survey respondents were asked to rate their financial institution across a range of research criteria and for the second year in a row, NAB rated highest of the big four banks for overall customer satisfaction, while Teachers Mutual Bank rated highest of 14 challenger banks.  The Canstar Blue survey also found that 35% of Aussies find dealing with money stressful and overwhelming, while 69% believe financial security is important to be happy in life and 33% “live for today” when it comes to their finances. Know the average price of a Tradesperson in your area? TradeEzi does and they’re willing to share it! 2015-04-21T00:46:13Z know-the-average-price-of-a-tradesperson-in-your-area-tradeezi-does-and-they-re-willing-to-share-it The Australian web company that introduced it’s online market place for Trade Services in May 2013 is changing the way consumers find and engage trade service providers. What’s in it for the consumer? Users can post their home renovation and trade service jobs online, and reach a community now of more than 25,000 service providers across Australia! Local trades people who can service this job can then respond instantly with quotes or inspection requests saving you time, money and a headache! Tim Maeder, Marketing director for TradeEzi explains that “The focus is now on getting consumers to appreciate the advantages of using a service like TradeEzi. For a user who posts a job, we see significant variations in pricing and availability of services and this is what we love. Unlike other sites who limit their responses to 3 (because they are content with selling the leads to the highest bidder), TradeEzi provides unlimited responses leading to a more diverse and realistic range of quotes”. “If you need some electrical, plumbing or painting work done, it’s not uncommon to have 8 or 9 responses within 30 mins of posting your job and these come from interested and available Service Providers.” TradeEzi’s opportunity to reach a wider community of local tradespeople at the click of a button is changing the way both households and businesses reach quality Tradespeople. “We also protect the identity of the consumer until they are comfortable in sharing this information with the service provider”. Mr Maeder explained. “Jobs can be posted with or without a contact phone number and while TradeEzi does require an email address for consumers to post jobs, we provide an anonymous email service for consumers and trade service providers to communicate with one and other”. How does it save me money? Mr Maeder explains “ People are sometimes weary of the lowest quoted price, and while we always recommend looking at someone’s qualifications and insurance documentation, we see quality service providers delivering great deals on jobs all the time. Based on their availability and proximity to a location, it can be an extremely convenient job for them and this generally leads to a better outcome for you. It’s not always about price though, reaching a wider audience also means you can find trades people who can complete jobs inside your time frame”. Why should Tradies be excited? also delivers a regularly visited online platform that allows businesses to advertise their services and receive multiple job opportunities for no cost! They also encourages service providers to display their License, Insurance and Membership information on their online profile, allowing consumers to view their documentation when they receive a quote or inspection request, leading to added peace of mind for both parties. ‘We have seen excellent growth in the service provider community as they recognise the alternative to existing paid competitors in the industry and relish the idea of a free marketplace” said Tim Maeder. Don’t think past to source all your home improvement and trade professionals. Australian Grand Prix Most Popular Sports Schedule Download 2015-04-20T22:26:03Z australian-grand-prix-most-popular-sports-schedule-download The ECAL Sports Fan Analytics Report reveals the most popular digital sports schedule download globally in March was the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, followed by Major League Soccer (MLS) club Seattle Sounders, with the MLS master schedule coming in third. March was the first time ECAL, the world’s first right-time communications platform company, has released the ECAL Sports Fan Analytics Report, which analyses communication via personal digital calendars as indicators of fan engagement. ECAL works with pro and amateur teams to deliver a direct line of communication between fans and their favorite teams via their personal digital calendar.  Super Bowl Champions the New England Patriots, the Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins, USA Volleyball, The Boston Celtics, Duke and UConn Athletics, the LPGA and over 28 international soccer teams all use ECAL for a direct in-calendar link to their fans.  Fans choose what information they would like to receive from their favorite teams, including match schedules, events, team and athlete appearances, gear sales and other information.  Over 600,000 fans worldwide use the ECAL dynamic calendar service to interact with their favorite sports teams.  According to the ECAL Sports Fan Analytics Report , when it comes to in-calendar communication 73 per cent of sports fans sampled preferred to connect to their favourite teams via desktop computers, 26 per cent via mobile devices, while the rest connected either via Facebook or other methods. Of the fans who connected via mobile devices, iPhone remained the most popular platform with 49 per cent of users followed by Android with 46 per cent; just  3.7% of fans connected via Windows phones and 0.7 per cent, Blackberry. The report reveals fan engagement varies by sport; additional findings included: ●      According to demographic data, men are more interested in connecting to their favorite sports teams via their personal calendars - 68 per cent of US soccer fans and 77 per cent of NFL fans are male. ●      While sports fans in general preferred iPhone over Android, 17 per cent of NFL fans synced their favorite team’s schedules to Android compared to 12 per cent who connected via iPhone. ●      iPhone and Android devices were equally as popular among soccer fans. ●      With soccer fans: 70 per cent connected via desktop calendars, 28 per cent via mobile devices, 2 per cent via Facebook. ●      With NFL fans: 67 per cent connected via desktop calendars, 30 per cent to mobile devices, 3 per cent  to Facebook. ●      With college sports fans: 73.5 per cent connected via desktop calendars, 25% via mobile devices, 2% via Facebook. ECAL Founder and CEO, Patrick Barrett, says the ECAL platform provides valuable insight into how sports fans prefer to receive events-based communications, what calendar programs they use, who they are, and how they behave within the calendar space. “We see very high levels of engagement from the calendar space (via click-throughs) for generally high-value items such as buying tickets. We also expect to see the continued rise of the mobile device as the primary way to manage your important life schedule, in which sport often plays a key role,” Barrett says. About ECAL ECALis the first right-time, event-driven communications platform that forges closer, more influential relationships between consumers and their favourite event-based organisations. Over 300 major sports and entertainment brands rely on ECAL to increase revenue streams, acquire important customer data, and develop deeper levels of engagement and trust with high value customers. Over 600K people rely on ECAL-based communication to stay connected to the teams, people, brands and organizations they care about. Flagship customers include The New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins, Boston Celtics, Major League Soccer, USA Volleyball, Ladies Professional Golf Association, UCONN and Duke University athletics, plus major sports across Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. The management team has played key roles in prestigious organizations, including The British Horseracing Board (UK), Carlton Football Club (Aust), SecurePay (Aust), Real Estate Group, and iSelect. ECAL Directors include Patrick Barrett (Founder & CEO), Larry Kestelman who founded Dodo Internet (sold $220M), Matt McCann (former Director / CEO at iSelect, Shazam, and Allens Arthur Robinson lawyers) and Ilya Frolov, Founding Partner at Oxygen Ventures (ECAL’s lead investor). ECAL Advisors include Chris Bernard of Microsoft, David Riemer formerly of Yahoo and J. Walter Thompson and Simon Raik-Allen, current CTO at MYOB. ECAL was founded in 2010 by Patrick Barrett with the platform built and launched in 2012. ECAL is globally headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with a US Headquarters in New York. Be aware of using free Wi-Fi 2015-04-20T05:20:51Z be-aware-of-using-free-wi-fi Free Wi-Fi ‘hotspots’ are now everywhere including cafes, shopping centres, hotels and many other public locations. Just because it is free and is provided by a respected organisation it does not mean that it is safe. When you use public Wi-Fi it makes it easy for scammers to hack or infect your mobile devices with viruses.  In some cases criminals can set up ‘hotspots’ for the purpose of stealing the user’s information. Private information such as passwords can be accessed by tracking the activity undertaken by the user on unsecured websites. How to use public Wi-Fi safely At LCU we recommend that our members avoid using public Wi-Fi as much as possible but we understand that sometimes you have no choice but to use it. If you must use public Wi-Fi here are some tips to keep you safe. Don’t connect to a public Wi-Fi without checking that the connection is provided by who they claim to be. Some Scammers may try to trick you to join their free Wi-Fi by setting up a fake name like “Gloria Jean’s Wi-Fi” to entice you to join a well-respected and familiar organisation’s network. Check with the provider of the Wi-Fi about their Wi-Fi security. Please note that most public Wi-Fi Hotspots have little, out dated or no security on their networks. When connecting to a Wi-Fi network it will ask you to identify the network type with the options home, work or public. Always select public as it will keep the connection more secure. High risk activity like online banking, online shopping, emails and social media are usually secured with the https. The (s) at the end makes it more secure than an http URL. Although they can be more secure we recommend that you avoid these activities especially internet banking and online shopping when using public Wi-Fi ‘hotspots’. Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your connection secure. A VPN allows you to securely connect to a public network. If you have VPN installed on your mobile it makes it harder for scammers to monitor your activity and the connection to the network more secure. To install a VPN you can ask your local IT store or you can Google how to set it up on your mobile device. Remember to always turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your mobile device when you are not using it so it does not search for a close by public Wi-Fi ‘hotspot’ or Bluetooth to connect to without you knowing. Remember to treat your mobile device the same as your computer and get the same sort of antivirus protection you would have for your computer. You may have taken the steps to ensure your computer is secure, but have you applied the same security to your mobile devices.  Review these settings especially if you access your personal and financial details through these devices.  Get help if your mobile device gets infected by a Virus or Malware If you believe that your mobile device is infected by a virus or malware please contact your local computer or smartphone repairer and let your financial Institution know as well just to be safe.