The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2016-05-27T22:11:41Z Twitter and KKBOX bring the Chinese Pop Wave to the World 2016-05-27T22:11:41Z twitter-and-kkbox-bring-the-chinese-pop-wave-to-the-world SINGAPORE, May 27, 2016 - Twitter and KKBOX, Asia's leading music streaming brand, are working to expand the appreciation of Chinese pop music, or Cpop (#Cpop), to a global audience. KKBOX is creating #OnlyOnTwitter Cpop content on their official Twitter account (@KKBOX), including weekly live Twitter Q&A interviews with Cpop artists, autographed video clips from Cpop musicians and producers using Twitter's Challenger app, regular #KKvote contests to engage overseas Cpop fans, and live broadcasting of Cpop concerts and the annual KKBOX music awards via Periscope (@KKBOXTW) to the world.An increasing number of Cpop artists such as Jam Hsiao (@JamHsiao0330), Z-Chen (@zchen0508), May Day (@Mayday_EN), IO Band (@ioband), Tia Ray (@tiaraymusic), Vanness Wu (@VanNessVanWu), Stefanie Sun (@Stefsunyanzi), Kelly Lin (@kellyhlin), JJ Lin (@JJ_Lin), GEM (@GEMoving), Shung Xiao Yu (@ShungXiaoyu), Coco Lee (@cocolee117), and Erika Liu (@ErikaLiu0314) are already on Twitter to amplify their music to the world. With the #LoveCpop campaign from now, Cpop artists are showing support to KKBOX to bring Chinese-language music to the world.Catherine Chien, Marketing VP of KKBOX, said: "KKBOX offers the most comprehensive Asia-pop music library. This year, KKBOX's tracks have grown from 20 million to 25 million. Also, over 2,500 artists and celebrities are longtime supporters of KKBOX. With Twitter as our social media partner, we will co-create exclusive content on Twitter for Cpop fans and artists to share their music appreciation with the world through the live communications platform."Margot Ling, Head of Media Partnerships of Twitter Greater China, said: "We want to bring more Chinese-language content to Twitter to make our global communications platform the live connection to Chinese culture for our users around the world. Music is something that everyone can appreciate and our KKBOX collaboration is a new and exciting way to promote Cpop to the world through real-time interactions and live conversations on our platform. We're thrilled that KKBOX, one of Asia's top music streaming service platforms, will regularly create unique Twitter content with established and emerging Cpop artists, as well as during music concerts and award shows."Twitter and Periscope will be the first social media platform to livecast behind-the-scenes action and song highlights of all Cpop concerts hosted by KKBOX in Taipei and Hong Kong this year. The first KKBOX music event to be featured on Twitter and Periscope will be Z-Chen (@zchen0508)'s concert starting from 8pm Taipei Time on Friday, May 27th.Follow @KKBOX on Twitter and @KKBOXTW on Periscope to enjoy the live video highlights of the upcoming KKBOX LIVE concerts with more to come.- May 27 - Happy Z-Day with Z-Chen - Z-Chen Zhang is a Malaysian Cpop singer who debuted in 2001 and is often called the R&B Prince- June 5 - Jason Chan x Phil Lam Live - featuring the two Canadian-Hong Kong Cpop singers- June 17 - Binghem Yeh x Shennio Lin Live - bringing both the Taiwanese award-winning singers togetherEmbeddable Tweet: About TwitterTwitter is an iconic service and global platform for self-expression and live conversation. Twitter has always been the best place to see what's happening now. Whether it's breaking news, entertainment, sports, or everyday topics, only Twitter lets you connect with people anywhere in the world with live conversation. Anything that happens, you see it first on Twitter. By developing a fundamentally new way for people to consume, create, distribute and discover content, Twitter enables any voice to echo around the world instantly and unfiltered. Twitter is available in more than 40 languages around the world. The service can be accessed at, on a variety of mobile devices and via SMS. For more information, visit or follow @twitter.Media contact:Deborah NgTwitter Asia THAT’S A WRAP: SHITBOX RALLY 2016 RAISES $1.52 MILLION FOR CANCER RESEARCH AND PREVENTION 2016-05-20T01:55:46Z that-s-a-wrap-shitbox-rally-2016-raises-1-52-million-for-cancer-research-and-prevention Photo Credit: Lachlan Gardiner   After driving through floods and snow and sailing across Bass Strait, the seventh annual Shitbox Rally 2016 has wrapped up for another year, raising an enormous $1.52 million, exceeding the target of $1.4 million. The rally has raised over $7.8 million since its inception in 2010, making it the largest independent fundraiser for the Cancer Council in Australia. Kicking off in tropical Mackay, Queensland on 7 May, the colour convoy of 200 shitboxes, worth less than $1,000 each, drove over 3,500kms through some of Australia’s most dusty, muddy and rugged roads to raise awareness and critical funds for cancer research and prevention. The rally marked an end to its 7-day adventure this year in Hobart, Tasmania. Box Rallies Founder, James Freeman, speaks very fondly of this challenging yet successful rally. “I am truly impressed by how the teams have made every endeavour to raise money. The team that raised the most funds was Marco Giacomazzi and Nigel Mukhi from Mario Bros, who managed an impressive $32,392.67 and broke the rally’s record. The rally brought together like-minded individuals that otherwise may never meet on a memorable and rewarding adventure, all in the name of raising much-needed funds for the fight against cancer. A heart-felt thank you to everyone that has supported this year’s rally, and I am very proud of what we have achieved.”   Alongside quintessential Australian sights, the rally also experienced a unique ‘Shipbox Rally’ leg this year. For the first time ever in the rally’s history, shitboxes were transformed into `shipboxes’ with all 450 participants dressing up as pirates to sail overnight across the tumultuous seas of Bass Strait with Spirit of Tasmania. This was also the first time the rally set wheels on Tasmanian soil.   Shitbox Rally 2016 proved to be another test of endurance for both teams and their beloved vehicles. Despite the rally encountering intense rainfall on their second night and making unplanned stopovers, of the 200 shitboxes that triumphantly drove out of Bluewater Quay in Mackay, only 8 cars did not make it to the finish line at Red Square, Hobart. There were some spectacular breakdowns along the way including a complete engine transplant for a 1975 Ford Escort panel van from an engine found under a bush at the back of Bourke, making the support teams pull more than a few MacGyver moments in reviving cars to stay on the road. The post-rally auction held at Manhiem Hobart was an emotional spectacle of well-loved shitboxes going under the hammer and the auction raised $42,500. Local residents from Bridgewater showed their support, bidding against some of the teams who were not ready to farewell their cars. Following the auction, the 2016 Shitbox Rally award ceremony celebrated those teams that had given their all to the rally. Awards were given out for Best Car, Best Team Theme, Best Breakdown, Best Repair, Least Likely to Make It, Largest Fundraiser and for the team that upholds the essence of Shitbox Rally by helping their mates, Spirit of the Rally. If you are looking for a remarkable adventure for a good cause, join the Shitbox Rally community and get involved in future rallies. Simply head to the “Contact Us” link on the website to put your name onto the database. For further information or to support the cause with a donation, visit or    ABOUT BOX RALLIESShitbox Rally is not a race but rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable: to drive cars worth $1000 or less across Australia via some of its most arduous roads - all to raise money for cancer research. Shitbox Rally was founded in 2009 by James Freeman after both of his parents died from cancer within 12 months of each other as a way of raising money and awareness in the fight against cancer – a disease that now affects so many people. Over the last seven years, Shitbox Rally has raised over $7.8 million for cancer research, making the rally the largest independent fundraiser for the Cancer Council. The rally is a reward for all the fundraising the dedicated participants do to put into research for prevention and ultimately to help find a cure for cancer, and it’s a chance to meet like-minded people and see our vast and beautiful country in a totally unique way. To qualify to be in Shitbox Rally, supporters must have raised a minimum of $4,000. 2016 marked the seventh Shitbox Rally. Previous rally routes include 2015 Canberra to Townsville via the Birdsville Track, 2014 Perth to Darwin via the Gibb River Road, 2013 Adelaide to Fremantle via Uluru, 2012 Melbourne to Cairns via Innamincka, 2011 Brisbane to Darwin via the Savannah Way and 2010 Sydney to Alice Springs via the Oodnadatta Track. For more details please visit   Overwhelmed by the tremendous success in its first international destination in New Zealand, Shitbox Rally NZ is returning in February 2017. To register for 2017 Shitbox Rally New Zealand, or to find out more information, visit   An additional $1.175 million has also been raised for Cancer Council Australia over the past three years of Mystery Box Rally, a similar concept also created by James Freeman. Known as Shitbox Rally’s mad baby brother, Mystery Box is, as the name suggests, a mysterious adventure in mystery cars with a shorter distance and less days travelling. Unlike Shitbox Rally, this rally takes care of finding the cars and each location is a mystery, adding to the excitement and adventure of the drive. For more information please visit  -ENDS-  MEDIA CONTACT Holysmoke! Agency Amanda Fry, Yvonne Kong or Laura Heslop P: 0407 078 407 E;; Chemson Pacific produces world's first PVC filament for 3D printers 2016-05-13T02:51:35Z chemson-pacific-produces-world-s-first-pvc-filament-for-3d-printers Sydney-based manufacturer of PVC stabilizers, Chemson Pacific P/L, has today announced the launch of 3D Vinyl™ PVC, a ground breaking invention which was 100 per cent conceived, developed and tested in Australia. It is believed to be the first of its kind in the world. With the development and successful laboratory and field-testing of 3D Vinyl™, Chemson Pacific has proven that the time for PVC to enter the polymer-based 3D printing market segment has arrived. By pioneering a PVC formulation with true “thermoplastic” 3D printing properties and specifically designed for use as a 3D printing filament feedstock, the Chemson invention significantly broadens the options available for users of 3D printing; from cottage-industry makers and hobbyists, to advanced manufacturing. 3D Vinyl™ stands to make a significant impact within the Direct Digital Manufacturing market, as its unique qualities remove the constraints formerly imposed on the majority of accessible 3D printing platforms. The product will enable these systems to venture beyond the boundaries of rapid prototyping, allowing all users of 3DVinyl™ to develop end-use parts and products in a variety of low-run production deployments. Key attributes of 3D Vinyl: ·       UV resistant ·       Weatherproof ·       Solvent resistant ·       "Group 1" Fire retardant (capable of AS3837 compliance)  ·       Low embodied energy content when compared to incumbent polymer-based filaments ·       Sustainable footprint – requiring 50 per cent fewer fossil fuel inputs (3DVinyl™ uses abundant natural gas while some incumbents are derived from crude oil.) ·       Improved rigidity ·       Elimination of bottom layer warping and poor bed adhesion ·       Excellent for generating support structures, which are easily removed Regional alliances with PVC industry leader Welvic, CSIRO and tertiary bodies will bring 3DVinyl™ to market for Australia/NZ/ASEAN.  Additionally, a strategic partnership with Functionalize, the U.S.-based leader in functional 3D printing materials, will co-develop conductive, electrostatic dissipative and other specialised formulations of 3DVinyl™, and expand its market reach in North America, Europe and beyond. “3D Vinyl provides a strong, weatherable and durable alternative for conventional ABS use cases, while simultaneously expanding the materials options for the vast market of PLA-only printers,” said Michael Toutonghi, CEO of Functionalize. “We’re excited to partner with Chemson Pacific on commercialisation and distribution of this important new material, and we look forward to functionalising it for a broad range of manufacturing and maker applications”.   Benefits of 3D Vinyl for industrial 3D printing: ·       Low melt viscosity ·       Excellent flow properties ·       Heat stability ·       Excellent layer adhesion ·       Enhanced durability  "3D VinylTM is a definitive new 3D printing material that will bring a combination of physical properties not available with the current incumbent polymeric materials.                                            3D Printing is currently one of the fastest growing, value-adding industries internationally and will be an important source of mentally-stimulating career paths and new business growth for the future, which I’m absolutely proud to be a part of,” said Dennis Planner of Chemson Pacific. “3D VinylTM brings a new era for the PVC Industry and Advanced Manufacturing, here in Australia and worldwide." 3D Vinyl™ was tested using the AIO Robotics Zeus 3D printer, with testing performed by Marc Jolivet of PMMCO. About Chemson Pacific Chemson Pacific is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chemson Group (part of the OYAK Group of Companies), focused on the formulation & manufacture of non-toxic and non-heavy metal based heat stabiliser technologies for PVC. Chemson Pacific pioneered the benign Organic (OBS®) heavy-metal free stabiliser and new Calcium/Zinc systems to replace Lead (and all other additives deemed undesirable) in PVC for potable water & fire-retardant building applications in Australia. The formulation acumen acquired over many years enabled the successful development and proof-testing of 3D VinylTM PVC for 3D Printing. About Functionalize: Functionalize is focused on creating breakthrough 3D printing materials and technologies that allow anyone to go from concept to functional product, catalyzing the next wave of the new industrial revolution. Founder and CEO, Michael Toutonghi is a 30-year serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur veteran, former Microsoft vice president and technical fellow, inventor and co-inventor on 29 issued patents, as well as Functionalize’s pending patents on nano-material synthesis and polymer technology. To find out more, visit: New Travel App Takeasy Helps To Break Down Language Barriers For Business And Travel 2016-05-12T12:41:54Z new-travel-app-takeasy-helps-to-break-down-language-barriers-for-business-and-travel TAKEASY - the world's first remote on-line real-time & instant live human translator & interpreter exploited by TAKEASY Team. It currently has nine languages available with scope for new languages to be added at a later date.   Only one in five people in the USA speak a second language while in Europe that figure is 54% with English being the most popular. To help those who struggle to communicate in a second language for business or travel, a translate app is available called Takeasy.   Takeasy, which is the world's first remote on-line real-time & instant live human translator & interpreter, has become an important tool for people wishing to communicate to find out directions, book a hotel room, report a crime, and even for business meetings. As well as providing a picture, audio and text translations, it also provides One-to-One instant translation services, providing a user with their own personal translator.   A spokesman for Takeasy said: “We wanted to develop an app that would remove the problems people have when visiting a foreign country and trying to communicate with another person. The app provides a person with their own personal translator at a time when they need them, breaking down language problems they may face.”   The App is simple to use. When using the personal translator service the user chooses which language they would like to translate and once they have made their choice, they press the green button. They will then be put through to a personal translator where the user can give them instructions such as, “how to say can I have a hotel room with a sea view.” As well as being told how to say something in another language, the user can also request how to write it down, showing how powerful the app is. This unique service breaks down the barriers that millions of people come across while travelling the world.   Takeasy was released on April 22, and already it has become a highly recommended app with many saying it will replace the foreign language phrase books. By having the app on the phone, it not only provides help when needed, but it also removes the needs to carry around bulky phrase books to try and communicate. It currently supports nine languages that include: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.   The new language translator app is going to change the way people communicate and remove the struggles that people have when visiting another country for business or for pleasure. A recent report found that only a small percentage of holidaymakers report a crime in Spain due to not being able to communicate in Spanish, Takeasy would remove that problem.     Takeasy app is available via App Store and Google Play, for more information, please visit   About Takeasy Takeasy removes the problems people have while trying to communicate in another country. It provides people with an expert translator service on hand when needed. Story Time Slashes Book Prices On eBay 2016-05-12T07:55:05Z story-time-slashes-book-prices-on-ebay Story Time - one of the leading self-publication houses in India, recently announced a grand summer sale offer on its entire lineup of kids’ storybooks. The exciting discounts will be available on both single books as well as combo packs. Parents who regularly buy books online for their children have all the more reasons to be happy! The special Story Time Summer Sale has been announced exclusively on the books that the company sells on eBay. Speaking about the offer at a media event, the head of the company revealed that there has been a spike in the sales of Story Time books since the start of 2016. Positive reviews have been coming in from the little readers as well as parents across the country. As she correctly pointed out, this was just the right time to consolidate on the brand name of Story Time Publications. According to a well-placed source from within the Kolkata-based publisher of books for kids, the summer sale will be a limited period affair - and the focus is on ensuring that people from all parts of the country and from any economic background can read the Story Time titles. For this, the publication house has slashed the prices of its single books selling on eBay from Rs. 129 (paperback) and Rs. 149 (hardcover), to a uniform rate of Rs. 99. The two-book combos have been priced at Rs. 169. A couple of brand new book combos have also been put up for sale, which offer 4 books at the price of 3 (the overall price for these packs is Rs. 249). The entire 8-book pack from Story Time is now available for Rs. 599 - down from its original price of Rs. 719. During a brief interactive session with the press, the chief of Story Time Publications talked about the huge demand for good storybooks for kids in India - and how her company is trying to bridge the gap. She expressed her belief that a regular reading habit is of immense benefit for young children, and also mulled over the pricey nature of many popular storybooks. With the Summer Sale in place, she sounded confident that more and more parents will buy the Story Time books from eBay. Concerns over the price factor will be taken out of the equation. A presentation was also made at the media meet, highlighting the sales of Story Time storybooks at various online bookstores for kids. The order count on Flipkart was particularly buoyant, with the company already having notched up a record number of sales in the month of April. Orders from eBay and Amazon have also climbed since the turn of the year. The only downers were Paytm and Shopclues - where the children’s books have not made much headway. While all the titles from Story Time have been selling well in the last few months, ‘The Jungle Book’ has easily been the runaway bestseller this year. Company representatives revealed that the company has been receiving multiple orders for this title everyday - and have already run out of stock twice. The head of the marketing department of Story Time admitted that the recent release of Disney’s blockbuster movie - ‘The Jungle Book’ - has helped quite a bit in pushing up the interest levels of kids in that particular book. Story Time has, over the last couple of years, made a mark as a high-quality kids’ storybook publisher and seller - and the company has plans to expand its line of titles soon. Once the Summer Sale is over, the self-publishing company will release three new storybooks. There will also be more portals where the Story Time books will be sold online. The Summer Sale offer on eBay marks the third phase of seasonal discounts on Story Time books this year. The company has already slashed prices on its listings on Flipkart and Amazon. In addition, the book publishing company in Kolkata has entered into talks with several pan-India book distributors. Special bulk discounts are on offer for them. The early sales trends on eBay since the launch of the Story Time Summer Sale have been extremely positive. The sales executive happily reported that orders have been pouring in (once again, the maximum demand is still for ‘The Jungle Book’). The offer is open till stocks last, and (s)he jokingly stated that, at the current rate, the stocks might not last for long! Find out more about Story Time publications, by visiting For corporate and sales enquiries, call 91-33-40649087 and/or send emails to This summer, Story Time has taken rapid strides towards becoming the top kid's book seller in India - and the new Summer Sale offer on eBay is sure to help in that drive. Are you a mechanic that needs reliable parts that wont impact your reputation? 2016-05-11T04:14:59Z are-you-a-mechanic-that-needs-reliable-parts-that-wont-impact-your-reputation AXT Turbo are leading the way with our x11 services For over 20 years AXT have been relied on as Turbocharger Experts for our clients Lower your risk of failure, AXT Turbo provide a unique General Turbocharger Testing and Failure Analysis Service: How many times have you or your mechanics changed out a turbo, just to find the replacement has failed shortly thereafter ? This is a very common issue, costing you expensive time, delaying the delivery back to the client and your resources, most often the cause of the failure is due to a very small overlooked secondary component failing or needing repairs, which can now be avoided with AXT’s Turbocharger Testing and Failure Analysis Service Fact 95% of replaced turbo’s failed as a direct result of not fixing the initial fault that caused the first turbo failure. To ensure this never costs you again, we can test and analyse all turbo failures, to provide a very clear path to any other repairs that may be needed. When turbo repairs are undertaken, more often that not, parts have to be sourced from multiple suppliers, you now longer have to deal with frustration. Why use AXT Turbo All AXT Turbocharger Repairs, Replacements and Upgrades are packed in heavy duty freight cartons and include everything needed to do the job, including all the required gaskets, sealants, studs, nuts, bolts, washers, lines and even the cable ties where needed. Being a one stop shopping experience reduces time wasted travelling between suppliers, and improving the delivery of a finalised repair to your client. Cost effective solutions for your clients We provide you with options starting at simple cost effective repair, OEM replacement and our X11 Upgrade Series turbochargers. At AXT Turbo we pride ourselves in being able to provide high quality, thoroughly tested turbos that ensure your client needs are met and exceeded each and every time. We provide you with the peace and mind of being able to provide Guaranteed and Warrant-able repairs for your customers every-time you fit an AXT Turbo and maintaining your excellent reputation. Why you should choose our X11 Turbo Upgrade Kits. ALL X11 Turbochargers are designed as simple bolt-on replacement, with the added benefit of being specifically designed to handle the issues an older engine can exhibit. Problems such as lower oil pressures and increased oil contamination pose a reduced risk of premature failure, compared to the OEM turbocharger. In most cases, you will find our X11 Series Turbo upgrade kit to be a better fit for your clients needs, due to AXT Turbos x11 thorough testing in the workshop resulting in being able to deliver significant durability and reliability improvements over an OEM style turbo. AXT Turbos X11 Provides Improved Performance The AXT X11 Upgrade Series Turbocharger has been proven in testing on our dyno, which is available for hire at our Dandenong 4×4 Workshop,  to improve performance characteristics through improved air-flow dynamics, created by our x11 generation compressor and turbine design. NOTE: AXT’s X11 turbo series improvements have been purposely designed to work within the various Vehicle manufacturers factory parameters, so there is no risk of triggering fault codes. AXT’s X11 turbos are also designed to support the 4×4 performance enthusiast, allowing for more power improvement for heavily modified vehicles. Our Support Network For vehicles that are proving to be exceedingly difficult to diagnose, AXT Turbo has created a Nationwide network of Authorised Distributor Centres, who have specially trained personnel and equipment ready to assist your technicians. AXT Turbo also provides you access to a TRADE ONLY turbo specialist workshop which is located in Dandenong just off Eastlink on Cheltenham road, Where you will have access to the use of a 4WD Dynamometer, Vehicle Specific Scanning and Programming to help you or your technicians, by providing a highly critical resource backup and support facility for your business. Feel free to give our BDM , Scott Middleton a call to arrange an appointment to discuss our unique x11 turbo upgrade series or to inquire about accessing our Trade Only workshop facility Ph 9793 7740 Jewellery ornaments with Collections Fine Jewellery 2016-05-10T05:27:46Z jewellery-ornaments-with-collections-fine-jewellery Jewellery is one of the most crucial parts of you that enhance your overall personality. Whether you choose 1 carat diamond ring or a pair of earrings, a pendant, or any other jewellery, it is really important to choose from the right place or else you may end up upsetting your lady. After all we all know that jewellery has always been an unbeatable choice which can be loved, cherished your entire life. However you will find several firms that offer wide range of such pieces in town. For instance, Collection fine jewellery. Collection fine jewellery is a reputable and renowned firm that offers a range of beautiful alluring pieces of jewellery in town. This Australian based company makes a point in offering best possible services to its valuable clienteles. From earrings to necklaces, chains, pendants, rings, bangles, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks, earrings, necklaces, welders, branded watches and so on. They have a qualified team of professionals who are watchmakers, jewelers, designers and restorers that consistently deliverer a quality product. In fact you ask any question that comes to your mind regarding diamond earring or any other jewellery, with the help of best gemologists, diamond technologist and other overqualified assistants in town they will make sure to offer satisfying answers. Now further speaking regarding their products and pieces, they offer superior quality products, from earrings like diamond channel huggies, 18ct white gold clip earrings, to rings like 18ct yellow gold multi diamond dress ring, 3 stone engagement rings to necklaces like 18ct white gold black Tahitian pearl, yellow gold pearl necklace and several other diamond necklace, to amethyst bangles, two tone diamond bracelet, yellow gold amethyst brooch, George Jensen cuff links, platinum starwalker fineliner, to watches like Breitling, Carteir, Heuer, iwc, omega, Rolex and several other brands. To know more feel free to visit our products on: Lastly, collection fine jewellery strives hard to offer best possible products and services to their customers. We can breathe life into back a loved obsolescent or just supply a battery for any kind of present day ticking gadget. We consider all solicitations from our customers, huge or little, deserving of our consideration. Apart from this even if you need services regarding valuation or insurance, get in touch as our professionals will be happy to help in such issues. So what’s more to ask for? Get in touch either by reaching online or calling us on: 61 3 9867 5858. We at Collection fine jewellery make a point in offering an array of beautiful and unique jewellery in town. With several years of experience today we are capable enough of providing the premium quality products that are apt for you. To know more feel free to get in touch with our designers by calling us on: 61 3 9867 5858.148. Toorak Road South Yarra, 3141 Victoria, Australia Telephone: 61 3 9867 5858 Fax: 61 3 9866 5175 A Suprising Crafting Meetup Hits Thornbury 2016-05-09T08:20:13Z a-suprising-crafting-meetup-hits-thornbury In a world of preplanning, over sharing and access to any information at the touch of a keyboard, Put Your Heart Into It , The Goodness Bureau & Be Kind Textiles present to you a chance for escapism: The NORTHSIDE CREATORS CLUB Surprise Series Just book and turn up on the night to be suprised by the new skilled craft you will be learning & creating.  Every Monday night we announce a different craft and will have pre arranged everything for you including a fabulous new teacher– come along and meet other creative locals, artists and professionals and become part of the club. The club's ethos and intentions are all about learning crafts and arts that are ethical and sustainable. We will be using re-claimed materials including treasures found in the environment around us. We want to give locals a fun atmosphere whilst being apart of a creative club that encourages individuality, creativity and growth. A chance to make new creative friends and walk away inspired by what you learn.  INCLUDES SOME OF THE BEST ETHICAL ARTS & CRAFTS GOING AROUND THE NORTHSIDE OF TOWN. Surprise craft of the night could be any of the following: * Basket weaving  * Wild floristry arrangements  * Upcycled art* Shibori  * Block printing   * Solar natural dyeing  * Jewellery making   * Weaving wall art  * Ceramics   * Painting and paper art Each term goes for four weeks. Book in for the term or an individual session.Limited to only10 places. Monday nights,:Term 2- 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th July 2016 Full Club Member - $200 for the four week term. (Save $20 off each session. $50 a session) Casual Member - $70 for an individual SURPRISE club session.  2016 World Quizzing Championships Loom 2016-05-09T07:50:33Z 2016-world-quizzing-championships-loom The 14thWorld Quizzing Championships will take place on Saturday, 4th June 2016. Over 2,000 quizzers from all over the world will take part simultaneously, with the Australian round being hosted in Sydney by Quizzing Australia. Past winners include the stars of the BBC quiz show Eggheads Kevin Ashman and Pat Gibson, each of whom has won four world titles.  Issa Schultz, star of The Chase – Australia, is a three-time winner of the Australian round and will again be competing, and “The Governess” Anne Hegerty is also expected. The WQC was first held in 2003 in England with about 50 participants, but is now a genuinely worldwide event with about 100 venues across more than 40 countries. Unlike the pub trivia many people are familiar with, the WQC is an individual, written quiz and the questions are not for the faint-hearted. It has added importance this year as the inaugural Quiz Olympiad will be held in Athens, Greece in November 2016 and the WQC will be the main section trial for the Australian team.  Quizzing Australia will announce the Australian team in August. --- Sample questions (answers below) 1.      1.. In Latin this word means a female animal used for breeding. In Geology it is the natural material surrounding a metal or gem. In Biology it is the intercellular substance of a tissue. The commonest use of the word, however, is in Mathematics. Also appearing in the title of a 1999 film with superb special effects, which word is it? 2.     2.  In 1927 a famous sports team was created by Abe Saperstein. Originally known as the ‘Savoy Big Five’, they have played more than 20,000 games under their current name, notably against the Washington Generals and the New York Nationals. What is the name of the team? 3.     3.  One particular month is known for its close connection to warfare and tragedies. Events taking place in that month include: the outbreak of the American Civil War and the Bosnian War, the Rwandan genocide; the deaths of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and Pope John Paul II; the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the San Francisco earthquake, the first use of poison gas in WWI and the sinking of the Titanic. Which month? 4.     4.  In order to fight the French, Native American tribes like Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca formed a confederacy. What was this confederacy called? 5.     5.  The NASA Cassini mission, which also carried the European Space Agency’s Huygens probe, will explore which Solar system planet through to the year 2017?  --- Answers 1.     1.  Matrix 2.     2.  Harlem Globetrotters 3.     3.  April 4.      4. Iriquois 5.     5.  Saturn We're a Nation of Dirty, Dirty Cars 2016-05-09T00:38:38Z we-re-a-nation-of-dirty-dirty-cars Australia has long boasted a rich and proud automotive heritage.  While the industry itself has taken a few hits recently, the popularity of events like the Bathurst 1000, V8 Supercars, the ongoing battle between Ford and Holden, and the Australian Grand Prix emphatically proves that Australians are still very much car enthusiasts.Nonetheless, the stereotypical image of the family man washing his pride and joy on the weekend (and usually every weekend) is gone.  We’re now a nation of dirty cars with more than three quarters of respondents to a recent survey advising that they wash their cars just once a fortnight or less – mostly less (55%).The survey of over 2,000 people was conducted by garden hose specialists Hoselink, to discover the changing hose habits of Australians.  According to Tim Kierath, founder of Hoselink, not only does a busier lifestyle contribute to people washing their cars less often, but there has also been a shift in attitude to water use and conservation.“The hose habits of Australians have changed since the last drought when severe water restrictions were put in place,” said Tim.  “We found that only 11 per cent of Australians wash their car every week and more than half wash their cars less than once a fortnight.”Tasmania and Western Australia seem to have the dirtiest cars with around two-thirds of respondents in each State stating they wash their cars less often than once a fortnight, while people in South Australia (27%) and Victoria (25%) are the most likely to take their cars to the car wash.“There is a really easy way to wash the car at home and be water conscious at the same time,” advises Tim.  “Put the car on the lawn to water and fertilise the grass at the same time as car shampoos use phosphates that are similar to many fertilisers.  Be sure to use biodegradable soap and it won’t harm your lawn.”Hoselink is home to Australia’s trusted no-burst hose fittings and has a range of products to make watering more enjoyable, including hoses, fittings, hose reels, sprinklers, sprayers and accessories.  For more information, visit Smiles all round this Starlight Day 2016-05-06T02:36:10Z smiles-all-round-this-starlight-day This Starlight Day, Friday 6 May, Starlight Children’s Foundation needs your help to raise $1.3 million to brighten the lives of more than 33,000 seriously ill children and their families around Australia. As Starlight’s biggest annual fundraising event, Starlight Day aims to raise much-needed funds to support sick kids through its uniquely Australian hospital programs - the Starlight Express Room and Captain Starlight. Anyone can make donation or buy Starlight merchandise from one of more than 2,000 Starlight volunteers hitting the streets on Starlight Day in shopping centres, central business districts and train stations across the country. Starlight CEO Louise Baxter said: “We know hospitals can be a scary place for a seriously ill child, so Starlight’s aim is to brighten the experience by replacing their pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter. “In 2014 more than one million seriously ill children, including inpatient and outpatients, were entertained by Captain Starlight through the Starlight Express Rooms at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and The Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick. “We need the support of the community more than ever before. Demand for our programs continues to increase and we need to open four new Starlight Express Rooms nationally including a new Starlight Express Room at The Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick which is due to open later this year.” Starlight also recently refurbished its Starlight Express Room at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. This year Starlight is encouraging individuals, corporations, universities and community groups to get take part by hosting a Star-BQ - a fundraising barbeque for Starlight anytime during May or June. Starlight ambassador and food personality, Hayden Quinn, experienced Starlight programs as a child when his sister Maddie was seriously ill and receiving treatment at Randwick Children’s Hospital. Hayden said: “I’ve seen first-hand the amazing work Starlight does and how its programs can brighten the lives not only of sick kids but of their families too. “I’m urging everyone to pick up the tongs and register and throw a Star-BQ with friends and family to help Starlight lift the spirits of deserving kids and families in hospital.” Starlight Day is generously supported nationally by EB Games and Big W, and is endorsed by Starlight’s celebrity chef ambassadors and foodies including Hayden Quinn, Neil Perry and Herb Faust. With a Starlight Express Room in every children’s hospital in Australia and 120 Captain Starlights nationally, every child admitted to hospital, regardless of their illness or injury, can access the Starlight Express Room and Captain Starlight programs with their family. Starlight relies solely on the donations of the community to deliver and evolve its innovative and uniquely Australian hospital programs, which were developed to complement the Australian healthcare system. For more information on how to register a Star-BQ or to make a donation, please visit, or join the conversation online using #starlightday #snagasmile. – ENDS – For more information, please contact: Samantha Boyd, Access PR | | 02 9292 7013 | 0414 408 198 Laura Minns, Access PR | | 02 9292 7002 | 0431 375 990 About Starlight Children's Foundation Starlight Children's Foundation brightens the lives of seriously ill children and their families by replacing pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter. Since its establishment in 1988, Starlight has expanded to become the broadest reaching children’s charity in Australia. There is now a Starlight Express Room in every children’s hospital in the country and 120 Captain Starlights nationwide. This year Starlight will build four new Starlight Express Rooms. Supporting sick kids regardless of illness, injury or age, Starlight’s hospital programs are uniquely Australian and exist nowhere else in the world. Last year, Starlight granted 506 life-changing wishes and supported more than 185,000 sick kids and their families. 2016's Genius Travel Hacks & Tips 2016-05-05T00:58:19Z 2016-s-genius-travel-hacks-amp-tips We’ve scoured the internet for the travel hacks, tips and tricks that can help make your holiday simpler and save you money!  We analysed over 500 travel articles to find some of the most widely shared, useful tips for travellers. These up-to-date hacks show you simple ways you can improve your travelling experience and save money at each stage of your trip, from booking your flights to the moment you return home. Find out the gadgets and apps that can make travelling easier and how you could save a bit of extra cash for your holiday. The size and length of a man's hose does matter 2016-05-04T03:58:50Z the-size-and-length-of-a-man-s-hose-does-matter It’s the age old question about whether size and the length of a man’s hose matters.  A new survey has discovered that Tasmanians and South Australians are the most likely to have a hose longer than 30 metres, while Western Australians and Queenslanders are most likely to have a hose under 18 metres in length.  Men in regional areas have longer hoses in general, compared to their city counterparts.The survey of over 2,000 people was conducted by garden hose specialists Hoselink, to discover the changing hose habits of Australians.  According to Tim Kierath, founder of Hoselink, the length of a hose does indeed matter.“Hoses come in all different lengths and longer is not necessarily better,” said Tim.  “You should only buy the length you need and that will depend on the size of the area that the hose will be used in, what it’s used for and where it will be stored.”  The longer the hose, the heavier it will be to move around, the more storage space it needs and it can also result in lower water pressure coming out at the end.  “This is why our longest hose is 30 metres,” explains Tim.In order to choose a hose, Tim advises measuring the farthest distance from the tap and buying a hose that goes just beyond that.  Tugging on the hose to stretch it out is not recommended. If “click-on” fittings are being used it’s likely they will break.  If a 30 metre hose is not long enough, Tim suggests joining two hoses. The second hose can be hung under a tree or like in the area where the additional hose is required. If Hoselink connectors are fitted, no additional joiner is required. Simply point and twist the 2 ends together for a join that is stronger than the hose.   “This way, you’re not dragging around a long, heavy garden hose all the time,” he said.In terms of size, a 12 millimetre diameter hose is the most useful and common diameter for a garden hose around the home.  For areas with lower water pressure, Hoselink has an Auto Reel with a 14mm hose that provides about 25% more flow.  For regional areas and commercial applications, an 18 millimetre diameter hose is typically used providing a much higher water flow rate. Winter Is Coming To Queenstown And Helitours Winter Combos 2016-05-03T05:09:01Z winter-is-coming-to-queenstown-and-helitours-winter-combos As they frequently say in the outrageously popular TV drama Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming!” and for all those skiers and snow-boarders winter is definitely coming to Queenstown and the surrounding ski-fields.  The really good news is that Heli Tours operate out of Queenstown all year round and have a range of exciting ‘combos’, from Heli-Skiing, Heli Snow shoeing and Ski field transfers to Ohau, Treblecone and Cardrona. Heli-Skiing is the ultimate activity for freedom and exhilaration and Heli Tours have teamed up with Alpine Heliski to provide outstanding private charter Heli-skiing/ boarding on spectacular untouched alpine terrain. Heli Tours can customise their combos to suit skiers’/boarders’ skill and experience level to minimise risk and maximise the powder adventure, landing on totally private terrain with their own private helicopter. They offer half day and full day packages, including equipment, transfers, safety gear and lunch with beverages. Skiers and boarders can travel in style, enjoying a short flight to their ski field of choice, and at the same time beat the crowds with no hassles, no traffic and no worries. Heli Tours has the latest edition carbon fibre cargo pods to accommodate skis and boards, and all flights depart Queenstown airport with drop-off at the base buildings. Pickups are also available. There is only one way to access the pristine environment surrounding Queenstown is by helicopter, where skiers and boarders can be on top of the world in minutes, and now Heli Tours have new high-tech snowshoes for those wishing to go Heli-snowshoeing. Gone are the old tennis racket style snowshoes and in are the new, slim line snowshoes which let people feel as if they are floating across the snow. Snowshoeing from Queenstown offers an exciting exploration of the wilderness. Most of the area around Queenstown is ‘back country’ and offers kilometres of snow in winter for snowshoeing.  Snowshoes allow people to walk across unbroken snow without sinking up to their waist, opening up huge possibilities for wilderness exploration. Finally, for all those fly-fishing enthusiasts, get in now while the weather is still great and before the season finishes. For a full day or half day excursion, Heli Tours will pick them up from their Queenstown accommodation in the morning and from there they will rendezvous with their helicopter and pilot then fly through scenic backcountry to find water best suited to the weather/conditions of the day. For more information on Heli Tours, please visit the website at Blitz Publications Announces a new Magazine, FightLive 2016-05-02T22:42:44Z blitz-publications-announces-a-new-magazine-fightlive Melbourne, 3rd May, 2016:   Blitz Publications and Multimedia Group today announced an expansion to its range of Magazines, with the creation of a new Title: FightLive Magazine.   The new FightLive Magazine will see the previous titles Fight! Australia and International Kickboxer merge, to create a new flagship brand for Combat Sports in Australia. “This is a great move for us.  This is us listening to the market, and responding accordingly” said Mark Unwin, General Manager of Blitz Publications and Multimedia.    “Not only do we now have one of the best online Live Streaming services for Combat Sports events from anywhere in the world in, we now have a Magazine that will provide more in-depth news, profiles, event coverage and engaging stories to support it” noted Unwin. “We’ve seen the rise in popularity of MMA and Muay Thai sports in this country in recent years, following the trend right around the world.  Australia is in some ways playing catch up on this, but Australian fans are passionate and want more information about Fighters, events and insights across many different styles of Combat sports”    FightLive Magazine will be a bi-monthly Publication, a brand extension to support the growing Online streaming service Since starting in 1986, and based in Melbourne, Blitz Publications & Multi-Media Group has grown into one of Australia’s leading health, wellbeing, fitness and sports lifestyle Publishing and Multimedia companies. With 9 brands across 8 media platforms, Blitz Publications reach over 3,600,000+ passionate and loyal readers every month.   More information available at or   ends