The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-11-27T04:57:45Z Australian Garden Council Launches in Canberra 2015-11-27T04:57:45Z australian-garden-council-launches-in-canberra The first nationally recognised body for gardening- the Australian Garden Council was launched in Canberra on Wednesday afternoon to an audience of senior Government officials. Founded by Graham Ross, the Australian Garden Council has a board comprising of some of Australia’s gardening and horticultural experts on the board, including the ACS principal, John Mason. The Council is designed to reinstate gardening onto the national agenda by incorporating and promoting gardening, gardening tourism and gardening education into one not-for-profit charity. The Council hopes to help the horticulture and gardening industry develop and operate at its full potential which would in-turn positively influence the Australian economy and job market. The AGC was launched and introduced to a host of senior Government officials, including the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Hon. Richard Colbek (Federal Minister for Tourism & International Education), Andrew Robb (Federal Minister for Trade), Hon. Louise Markus (Federal Member for Macquarie) alongside a dedicated group of nationally and internationally acclaimed gardeners and horticulturists, for the inaugural meeting of the Council. The Council was founded by Graham Ross, one of Australia's most respected and recognised gardeners. At today’s launch he detailed how the Australian Garden Council aims to improve domestic gardening, focus on professional horticultural recognition, improve secondary and tertiary gardening educational opportunities and attract inbound tourists through international garden tourism events. "For too long gardeners and horticulturists, the essence of a multi-billion dollar domestic industry, have been ignored, taken for granted and undervalued in Australian business, government, educational and community circles", Graham told ministers gathered in Parliament House. “With Australia’s changing residential landscape, and the new digital age, our children are growing up without the opportunity of getting dirt under their fingernails, and we want the AGC to change that.” Horticultural education has dropped to its lowest apprentice numbers in history while ironically the demand for skilled gardeners and suitably qualified landscapers and nursery staff has never been higher. "Comprehensive training standards, remuneration and integrated career planning all needs rethinking", Graham added The Australian Gardening Council’s board will be chaired in 2015 by Graham Ross VMM, John Mason, Jim Mitchell, Mick Conway, John Robb, Robert Reynolds, Kent Ross, Professor Tim Entwisle, Penny Fowler, David Glenn, Lawrence Smith AM, Colin Barlow, Trevor Nottle and Anthony Vander Staay. John Mason said “This is an exciting step forward for the gardening and horticulture industry and I am looking forward to contributing to the Australian Garden Council and helping to shape a new and exciting future for the Gardening industry within Australia. For more information on the Australian Garden Council, visit  If you would like more information on this press release, please contact Buying Incandescent Replacement lamps, the best choice is Halogen, CFL or LED? 2015-11-26T23:05:42Z buying-incandescent-replacement-lamps-halogen-cfl-or-led Even a couple of years ago, manufacturers could not produce LED lighting in an affordable range for most consumers. Commercial customers were able to swing the high cost of entry with products like LED recessed ceiling fixtures, but consumers were by and large left out. Recent months government regulations affecting standards of energy efficiency have started to have an impact on what type of light bulbs can continue to be manufactured. While there’s always the option of buying “rough service” incandescent bulbs (currently exempt from the light bulb ban) some of you may also be thinking about making the switch to an alternative, more efficient light bulb. If you are, you have three options: halogen, compact fluorescent, and LED (light emitting diode). Now that there are more options for replacing the bulbs in your table lamps and household light fixtures than ever before, the task can be a little daunting. In an effort to make your decision easier, this guide to your three replacement options weighs the pros and cons of each light source so you don’t have to. Halogen Pros: - Halogen lamps are slightly more efficient than incandescent bulbs - Available in the same classic shape as standard incandescents - Fully dimmable and compatible with most incandescent dimmers - Instant-on – no delays in reaching full brightness - Perfect Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 100 - Produces a slightly brighter, whiter light than incandescents Cons: - Halogen bulbs and lamps burn hotter than incandescent bulbs - Least efficient out of other replacements - Its filament and glass tube are sensitive to rough handling and vibration - Oil from hands left on the glass of the bulb can cause damage - Although they’re still available, halogen PAR lamps have been banned due to the inability to meet government efficiency requirements Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Pros: - Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) use significantly less energy than incandescent lamps (50 to 80 percent) - Versatile shapes and base types that can fit into almost any incandescent household application - Available in all of the same color temperatures as incandescent bulbs - Can be purchased in dimmable options (CCFLs) - Has an average life expectancy of up to 10,000 hours - Produces less heat than incandescent and halogen bulbs Cons: - CFLs contain small amounts of mercury. Though it’s not dangerous while in the bulb, if the bulb is broken, it needs to be disposed of carefully and correctly. - Most have warm-up times anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds - Are not able to dim as well as halogens, incandescents, or LEDs (has the worst dimming capabilities of all) - Frequent on and off cycling and cold temperatures can significantly reduce their lifespan Light Emitting Diode (LED) Pros: - LED light bulbs are 90 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs - Available in a variety of color temperatures - Not sensitive to cold environments - Produce next to no heat or UV emissions - Available in dimmable options - Able to withstand heavy vibrations and rough handling due to the lack of a sensitive filament - Can be cycled on and off frequently without shortening the lifespan - Longest average life expectancy of all incandescent replacements, lasting up to 25 to 50 times longer Cons: - Highest initial cost of all incandescent replacements - Can’t be used in completely enclosed fixtures - May shift color over time due to age and environmental factors - May require the installation of LED drivers if not already built into the bulb   Do you have any more burning questions about halogens, CFLs, or LEDs that you need answered, just visit us and let us know how we can help. 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The three scooters that are offered by Zoomy are:- 3 wheel mini scooter with flashing wheels for kids 2 years +- 3 wheel mini scooter with flashing wheels and adjustable height handlebars for kids 2 years + - 3 wheel maxi scooter with flashing wheels and adjustable height handlebars for kids 4 years + All these scooters feature wheels with flashing lights which are safe and comfortable to ride. The scooters come with sturdy designs, are durable and offer great value for money.  The models with adjustable height handlebars will grow with your child, which are a great choice for parents wanting the scooter to last a long time. Zoomy Scooters come in five different colors namely red, blue, green, yellow and pink. With Zoomy’s unique collection, finding a scooter in a color of your choice will not be a problem at all. The overall feedback from previous customers regarding Zoomy Scooters has been really positive.  A recent customer wrote “Thank you for our new scooter. My daughter is highly delighted with it, and we are impressed with the quality and service.” It goes without saying that the scooters’ will not disappoint. Kids love the light up wheels and parents love the overall sturdiness and safety. Overall Zoomy Scooters make an outstanding choice for Christmas gifts. Zoomy Leisure offers free delivery for all scooters anywhere in Australia and there is an abundance of stock available for Christmas delivery. For more information please visit or follow us on Facebook under Zoomy Leisure. LED Light Bulbs Offer a warm glow similar to Incandescent Bulbs 2015-11-25T21:48:08Z led-light-bulbs-offer-a-warm-glow-similar-to-incandescent-bulbs "Those lights make everything look blue." Ugh. we heard that remark about LED lighting too many times to count. For me, as a designer (aka home-problem-solver), it’s frustrating to hear friends reminisce about how the glow from 60-watt incandescent light bulbs would make their homes look and ‘feel’ so warm. Well, LED light bulbs can make your home look and ‘feel’ equally as warm as those 60-watt incandescent lights. True story. LED Lighting Bulbs Don't Have To Be Blue LED light bulbs don't have to be blue, there's lots of choices. It’s like everything else in the world of technology, there's lots of options with LEDS: variety of color temperatures, dimmability and brightness. There also are more tech specs you’ll want to know about in order to achieve the desired color of light in your home. The Tiffany styled art glass floor lamp has a color temperature of 3000k, which is similar to the temperature of the 60-watt bulb. The Higher Temperature Means Cooler Light For any type of light, the higher the temperature, the cooler the light. LED lighting is available in a variety of color temperatures. I think that one of the best parts about LED light bulbs is that they have a wide range of color temperature possibilities. And it’s probably the easiest part of tech specs to remember. If you want the inside of your home to look like it ‘used to look’ with incandescent light bulbs, you like the warmer light look, you’ll want to look for an LED that has a color temperature around 2700K to 3000K. LED Pendant Lights  1. Philips Master Led Mr16 7W 24D Warm White Dimmable: The color temperature of this Mr16 philips LED light is 2700k 2. Deluxlite Energy Saving LED GU10 7W Warm White: This LED GU10 light has a color temperature of about 3000k, which is within the expected color range of incandescent bulbs. LED Light Bulbs LED light bulbs can be used in many different fixtures. if you are shopping for LED lighting, you might start wondering if the fixture has to be under the ‘LED lighting’ category in order for you to use LED light bulbs. Not true. You can update lighting in your home with LED light bulbs. But, before you click on the link and start shopping, keep in mind the color temperature range that you desire. So if you like a warm light like an incandescent, look for 2700K to 3000K. If you want a daylight look, which can be perfect for your Instagram photos, look for 3500 to 4100K, which is in the color neutral zone. 1. LED 7 Watt A19 Non Dimmable Bulb: This little LED light bulb has a color temperature of 2700K and is comparable to a 40-watt incandescent bulb. 2. 12 Watt Dimmable LED Omni Directional Light Bulb: This dimmable LED bulb is comparable to the color temperature a 60 watt incandescent. And it lasts about 25,000 hours. 3. LED 12 Watts BR30 Light Bulb: This Dimmable LED 12-watt light bulb is also comparable to a 60-watt incandescent, with a color temperature of 2700K. Find more lighting and lamp options on light online now! Epson EcoTank™ Printer Named CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree 2015-11-25T20:41:06Z epson-ecotank-printer-named-ces-2016-innovation-awards-honoree Epson has announced it has been named a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree for the Epson WorkForce® ET-4550 EcoTank™ All-in-One printer. The revolutionary printer is one model in a series of recently announced supertank printers that come loaded and ready with up to two years of ink in the box. Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade media to honour outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 27 product categories.  Products chosen as CES Innovation Honorees reflect innovative design and engineering in some of the most cutting edge tech products and services coming to market. The WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank addresses a big customer pain point in printing: out of ink frustration. The WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank is part of the supertank printer category that do not use ink cartridges. Instead the ET-4550 features super-high-capacity, refillable ink tanks, enough ink in the box to print thousands of pages, and ultra-low cost replacement inks.  In fact, the ET-4550 comes loaded and ready, with enough ink in the box to print for up to two years1, so users can print up to 11,000 black/8,500 colour pages2 – the equivalent to about 50 ink cartridge sets3. In addition to its dramatic in-box cost savings, replacement ink bottles are also at an ultra-low cost, each bottle cost as low as $12.99. Consumers now do not have to ration their printing and can enjoy the freedom to print in colour; the more they print, the more they save. Additionally, EcoTank printers deliver high quality output for which Epson is known – powered by PrecisionCore®, the ET-4550 delivers high-speed printing and laser-quality black text. The WorkForce ET-4550 was evaluated based on its engineering, aesthetic and design qualities, intended use/function and user value, how the design and innovation of the product directly compares to other products in the marketplace and unique/novel features present. The prestigious CES Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA™), the producer of CES 2016, the global gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, and have been recognising achievements in product design and engineering since 1976. For more information on the ET-4550 go to: 1 Based on average monthly print volumes of about 150 pages (ET-2500, ET-2550, ET-4500), 300 pages (ET-4550), and 800 pages (WF-R4640).2 Yields based on the ISO/IEC 24712 pattern with Epson's methodology. Actual ink yields will vary considerably for reasons including images printed, print settings, temperature and humidity. Yields may be lower when printing infrequently or predominantly with one ink colour. All ink colours are used for printing and printer maintenance, and all colours must be available for printing. For more information, visit About 50 cartridge sets estimate based on print yields of the included Black and colour ink bottles as compared to standard-capacity ink cartridge sets for similarly-featured cartridge printers as of March 2015.  Running Divas Australia launches new website ahead of TV series debut 2015-11-25T04:33:29Z running-divas-australia-launches-new-website-ahead-of-tv-series-debut 25 November 2015 Running Divas Australia launches new website ahead of TV series debut Running Divas Australia – an online women’s running community proudly supporting The Butterfly Foundation– has launched a new website ahead of Erica King’s television series debut on Channel 7FME. Led by its Founder, Erica King, Running Divas Australia is spreading the message that all women, regardless of age, current fitness level or so on, have the potential to change their lives for the better by embracing running and a healthy lifestyle. Ms King will be a presenter on a 12-part TV series on free-to-air channel Channel 7FME. Each of the episode’s has a different focus: from how to understand what you are eating to cooking quick tasty meals from fresh foods, easy exercise with no equipment, you can spend your evening with Ms King every Wednesday night for the next 12 weeks. “It’s so important for women to see real women on their screens. As women, we put an incredible amount of pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone while continuing to look the part,” said Ms King. “My series is for the everyday women of any health & fitness experience. Women watching other real women: that’s what the running divas online community is all about.” Speaking of Running Divas, Ms King has launched a brand new website to coincide with the first episode of her new TV series. You can tune into Ms King’s program on Channel 7FME at 8pm on Wednesday, 25th November. For further information or to arrange an interview or photo opportunity with Ms King, please contact: Sarah Cannata Communications & PR  0407 536 133 Erica King Founder 0419 307 512 About Running Divas Australia Running Divas Australia is an online women’s running community. Founded by Erica King in 2010, Running Divas Australia is committed to inspiring the everyday woman through running. King is a regular contributor for a number of renowned women’s running resources such as Women’s Running Australia. Running Divas Australia proudly supports The Butterfly Foundation.   Wealth or Health? 2015-11-25T01:03:56Z wealth-or-health Wealth or Health? » Meditation » Wealth or Health? 25Nov Wealth or Health? Anna Kay Edit Wealth or Health?   A Story: Wealth or Health and Love? Steve Jobs last words; "I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am accustomed to.   At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death. In the darkness, I look at the green lights from the life supporting machines and hear the humming mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of god of death drawing closer… Now I know, when we have accumulated sufficient wealth to last our lifetime, we should pursue other matters that are unrelated to wealth… Should be something that is more important: Perhaps relationships, perhaps art, perhaps a dream from younger days ... Non-stop pursuing of wealth will only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me. God gave us the senses to let us feel the love in everyone’s heart, not the illusions brought about by wealth. The wealth I have won in my life I cannot bring with me. What I can bring is only the memories precipitated by love. That’s the true riches which will follow you, accompany you, giving you strength and light to go on. Love can travel a thousand miles. Life has no limit. Go where you want to go. Reach the height you want to reach. It is all in your heart and in your hands. What is the most expensive bed in the world? - "Sick bed" … You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear the sickness for you. Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – "Life". When a person goes into the operating room, he will realize that there is one book that he has yet to finish reading – "Book of Healthy Life". Whichever stage in life we are at right now, with time, we will face the day when the curtain comes down. Treasure Love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends... Treat yourself well. Cherish others." What would you choose? Wealth or Health and Love?  by Maria D Pinar adapted by Anna Kay on Nov 25th ·  What can you do to help yourself today? Take some time to work on your Health, try something new DO Yoga, DO meditation NOW come to India contact Anna at or 0429435726 we can help INTERVIEW BONGO THE TALKING BEAR ABOUT HIS NEW PINEAPPLE CIDER 2015-11-25T00:46:24Z interview-bongo-the-talking-bear-about-his-new-pineapple-cider AUSTRALIAN PINEAPPLES ARE READY TO TAKE ON ENGLISH APPLES!IT'S THE HOTTEST CIDER THIS SUMMER! Here’s some exciting news for all cider devotees. Bear Essentials Pineapple Cider, Australia’s original Pineapple Cider, a new Australian invention, has just been released and it looks like it’s going to give the apple one a run for its money. This is the only Pineapple Cider in Australia, it is fully Australian made with Queensland Pineapples and boasts the cutest company spokesperson: The Bongo Bear (He is Australia's only bongo playing Bear).  Bongo has already been spotted in Bondi sipping his Pineapple cider with the Bondi Rescue Lifesavers as well as The Bachelorette’s Dave Billsborrow and Davey Lloyd. “I always loved pineapples and now they have been made into 8% Pineapple Cider. Bear Essentials smooth sweet tropical Pineapple Cider is so naturally refreshing that you can BEARly resist it.” Says the Bongo Bear. For anyone who loves the natural taste of Pineapple, then this is the cider to drink.   This delicious beverage is not a pineapple flavoured cider but rather a genuine Pineapple Cider made naturally from pineapples and its smooth sweet tropical flavour is just the thing, for hot summer days or warm summer nights.  Made from quality Queensland pineapples, all the sweetness comes from the juiciest pineapples on the planet, which are grown and harvested by Australia's finest pineapple farmers up north.This thirst quencher is naturally fermented so there is no added chemicals, artificial preservatives or cane sugar. Rather than using chemicals (as most Ciders do) Bear Essentials Pineapple Cider has been fully pasteurized.At 8% Alcohol each 275ml bottle of Bear Essentials Pineapple Cider is 1.7 Standard Drinks and made purely from pineapples, nothing else. It is completely natural and delicious. Bear Essentials Pineapple Cider can be purchased online at TO INTERVIEW THE BONGO BEAR or for samples email or call Max on 0412501601   PS…..If you are having a work Christmas party, please let us know and the Bongo Bear can deliver some complimentary Bear Essentials Pineapple Cider. Top Five Tips for Styling Your Home for Christmas 2015-11-24T23:30:45Z top-five-tips-for-styling-your-home-for-christmas With the holidays quickly approaching,  a lot of us are busy getting our homes "holiday ready" but don't know where to start. Top florist and stylist, Yvette Edwards from Wellington New Zealand, has a few festive holiday styling tips that will be sure to complement your Christmas theme perfectly. There is enough to worry about when planning for a holiday gathering - from food preparations, to family visiting from out of town; don’t let your decor stress you out!   1. Choose your colours and style: For a truly stylish look, pick a colour and theme you’ll enjoy year after year. Whether it’s a simple Scandinavian-inspired look or you decide to go with all glitter and gold, committing to one theme helps to avoid over following trends and buying things that you aren’t excited to unwrap each year.    2. Mix fresh cleverly: Having fresh flowers, foliage and produce is something nice to add to any home, but it can get a bit much keeping on top of all the watering and replenishing. Try mixing fresh flowers with long-lasting foliage - the foliage will hold the flowers up for longer and you can pull the blooms out through the week and still keep the vase looking lush. You can also try stacking a wide flared vase with luscious green apples in place of fresh flowers or even scatter baubles from your collection mixed with battery led lights just for “something special” on Christmas Day.   3. Festive lighting: Topping off your homes holiday ambiance with lighting is essential. My general rule is ‘you can’t have enough candles and fairy lights’, but not to the point where you need sunglasses indoors. There are so many lovely options from little sparkling LEDs to romantic candles to buy these days - even the ones powered by battery are great for the front porch or somewhere you might not have power. My lighting “must-do” is to make sure you pack them away properly for next year, it’s never fun if you have to stop hanging your baubles to untangle miles of fairy lights. Make sure to save some of your candles for the Christmas table too. If you do this, it’s a good idea to use really large candles inside a glass holder or on a candle stand since people are relaxing (and probably over indulging) and you don’t want any accidents to deal with. 4. Think creatively: I’m often asked for ideas in creating a centerpiece for your Christmas table at home. The options are endless! Have a look through your homewares and see what collections are in your possession. You can try: a runner of china tea cups with a floating rose in each, cut crystal tumblers and glasses with tea light candles placed inside them, tumbled silk scarves scattered with nuts and fruits, glass preserving jars with sliced oranges and lemons layered with a floating candle on top, or even small milk jugs with mossy branches.  Of course it’s always nice to add some fresh flowers to any of these looks and think about what scents you can add to your home whether with perfumed candles and/or flowers. When I lived in England every year my mother and I would go to Waddesdon Manor at Christmas time, one of my all time favourite trees they had was decorated with all the vintage Christmas ball calling cards from their archives - it was stunning.    5. Buy a few treasures each year: My own collection of decorations started off with two boxed baubles from a nice department store and then when we got our tree (fresh pine of course) and covered it in lights, I felt compelled to give the lonely decorations some friends. I went out and brought some standard tubes of shiny baubles and added them to the tree. The difference was really striking and I decided at that point - even if it took my whole life  - we would only add carefully chosen Christmas decorations each year. It was then we chose our colour scheme and style and my husband and I have carried that on for a good few years now and still love it. Another highlight is that each of our decorations has a story and we can remember where and when we brought it.    EXTRA TIP: Christmas Wishes  When it comes time to pack away all the Christmas cheer and say goodbye to the holidays, we write a secret list of our wishes and goals for the coming year and we pack this list away with the decorations. Wishes range from winning the lottery to moving house to getting more time to read magazine’s etc.. Next holiday season, when you’re opening your boxes of treasures, it’s fun to tick off all of the dreams that came true.  TO INTERVIEW YVETTE EDWARDS email or call +64 21 217 1115 The Latest Lighting Technology Now Offers LED Downlights, LED Tubes 2015-11-24T22:13:48Z the-latest-lighting-technology-now-offers-led-downlights-led-tubes The technology of LED (light-emitting diode) is utilized in numerous industries, particularly in phone and computer manufacturing, advertising and interior designing. It provides lights for some phones and computers alike. The advertising industry also uses this technology in billboards and vans to promote products and services. This technology is about to dethrone incandescent bulbs in homes as well. Some countries have already ordered the phasing out of incandescent bulbs and LED is being tapped as the next frontrunner in home lighting solutions. As a home lighting solution, several LED products are offered to cater to different lighting needs. In addition to bulbs, there are also study lamps and table lamps that use LED. LED downlights and LED tubes are available as well. Downlights Downlights are usually placed in gardens, display cabinets, walk-in closets and along the driveway. Unlike the lights installed in ceilings, the surface of a downlight is either flat or looks like half of a sphere. In gardens, downlights have an aesthetic purpose. Lampposts provide general lighting for this area but the downlights improve the view during nighttime. Downlights have the same purpose in display cabinets and gardens. Additionally, they make it easier for you to find items. You can also use downlights to highlight a feature in your display cabinets. There are other areas in your house where you can place downlights. It can be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens to enhance the rooms' lighting. It is a good addition to the garage as well. Portable downlights are also available. You can choose these if you are shopping on a tight budget. You can just move it in the areas where you need the additional lighting. Tubes Unlike downlights, tubes are typically attached to the ceilings. They serve as the main source of light in a room. Tubes come in different lengths. When you are quite budget-conscious, don't just go for shorter tubes because they are cheaper. Keep in mind the function of these lighting solutions. They should be able to provide efficient lighting for your rooms. Aside from length, check the brightness of the tubes as well. Price Right now, the price of downlights and tubes that use LED are higher than LED bulbs. One reason is that, unlike the latter, the options for LED downlights and LED tubes are limited. Some downlights may be as cheap as the bulbs. However, these ones are usually the smaller ones. LED lights don't spread light as efficiently as bulbs. If you install small downlights, the coverage will be limited and the brightness will be insufficient. As for the tubes, the cost of the less expensive ones is almost double the price of typical LED bulbs. The price for cheap LED bulbs ranges from $10 to $13. On the other hand, the price for cheap tubes with LED ranges from $17 to $26. The price of expensive ones can go as high $400. The expensive LED tubes have an edge though; these ones are harder to break than cheap ones. Thus, the expensive tubes are more durable than their cheaper counterpart. Are you looking for more information regarding led downlights? Visit today! Article Source: Manchester Airport Car Parking Expert Warns Holidaymakers About Benidorm Pickpockets 2015-11-24T19:47:04Z manchester-airport-car-parking-expert-warns-holidaymakers-about-benidorm-pickpockets One of the most recommended airport parking companies that help people to find cheaper parking at airports around the UK has launched a campaign to make people more aware of pickpockets in Benidorm.     Benidorm has become one of the most visited holiday destinations for UK tourists. Each year the Costa Blanca resort attracts over 5 millions holidaymakers from the UK with many flying from Manchester Airport. However, Benidorm has a serious crime problem in the form of Pea men and Pickpockets. UK Airport Car Parks who save people money on airport car parking has launched a campaign to help people become aware of the crime and provides tips on how they can be safe and less of a target for criminals.   Although it was claimed the crime in Benidorm has reduced, tourists, residents and business owners do not agree. Each week there are shocking stories of people being pickpocketed and mugged while trying to enjoy their holiday in the sun. A lot of the pickpocketing according to UK Airport Car Parks happens when people are fooled into watching the Pea Men, which are normally located near the indoor market. When people stop and watch the pea men, a woman or another member of the team walks around the crowd and pickpockets unsuspecting holidaymakers. It’s only when they reach into their pockets later that day that they find they have had their money stolen.   Chris Fryer from UK Airport Car Parks said: “Pickpocketing has become a serious problem in Benidorm, and shockingly nothing is being done by the local council or the police.”   The tips provided by UK Airport Car Parks to become less of a target include:   1.    Leave your passport in the safe 2.    It is important not to carry all of your money with you, only carry what you need 3.    Never be tempted to watch the pea men in action, always walk straight past 4.    Be aware of your surroundings, if someone gets to close then move away or ask them what they are doing. 5.    If you feel anyone is trying to pickpocket you then make a scene, make other people aware of what they are trying to do.   UK Car Parks has said although Benidorm is a very popular and special place, it does have a serious crime problem. The many complaints at the present moment, which are backed up by the airport-parking expert is the lack of action by the police over the crime problem.       To learn more about saving money on Airport car parking at Manchester Airport, Gatwick Airport, and other airports, please visit or to learn the secrets in finding cheap easyJet flights, please visit   About provides holidaymakers with a trusted and affordable airport parking, airport hotel and airport lounge solution.   Media Contact: UK Airport Car Parks York, YO1 9RA 0774 059 4552 Email: Web:   The Best Time To Buy 2015-11-24T05:40:59Z the-best-time-to-buy It may not be the typical pre Christmas purchase but the family caravan is fast becoming a popular item on Santa's list, as buyers look to snap up an end of year bargain. Matt Sears from Albury Wodonga RV World advised that December is a great time for families looking to buy a new caravan or upgrade their existing one as most dealerships are making way for new 2016 stock meaning big savings can be found at this time of year. “We definitely want to shift stock at this time of year as it allows us to clear the floor for new stock in January.  It’s a great time for buyers to get a solid deal or price matched offer.” “Many people take holidays from work at the end of the year which gives them time to shop around and start looking at options.” According to Matt, outdoor holidays have been regaining popularity, which is reflected in the steady growth of caravan production. Nationwide production of recreational vehicles is now in excess of 20,000 annually and more than seven million Australians have gone camping or caravanning over the past two years. “Caravanning isn’t just an activity enjoyed by grey nomads, it’s also extremely popular amongst younger tourers and families as it presents a cost effective way to travel.  “While some sides of the retail sector see a slowing of trade come December as discretionary spending turns to gifts rather than personal shopping, we actually see a spike in enquiries. “I guess people see great value in caravans with the average camping site fee around $30 and many parks have resort style facilities like pools and kids clubs – that’s a bargain for a view, accommodation, facilities and entertainment.” ----  ENDS ----- For more information regarding Matt Sears and Albury Wodonga RV World visit, or contact: Hannah Nixon Lingo PR and Digital 07 3103 1322 E: Note research figures sourced from: Have You Created a Powerful Brand For Your Business? 2015-11-24T03:40:56Z have-you-created-a-powerful-brand-for-your-business Brand awareness and differentiation were identified as some of the biggest challenges faced by small business owners across Australia and New Zealand in a recent ReachLocal Survey. That’s why; we’re providing you with the facts on branding, tips on developing a strong business brand and some suggestions on how to build brand awareness. The Facts on Branding:  Branding is more than just your logo. Branding is a way for customers to recognise and experience your business. Branding can be reflected in everything from your customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards and premises to your marketing materials and advertising. Branding involves a lot of thought and research. You need to work out why customers should be attracted to your business. A strong brand will help customers remember your business and feel confident that your products or services will suit their needs. Branding Can Help You Stand Out. Your brand should reflect what your business stands for and what sets it apart from your competitors – your branding should express the qualities, strengths and ‘personality’ of your business. Developing a Business Brand It may feel daunting to develop an entire brand for your company but it can be an integral component for the success of your overall business vision. Here are 5 steps to developing a brand for your business: 1. Conduct market research and think about successful brands 2. Define your company’s purpose and mission 3. Consider your entire business and what differentiates you within the market 4. Be authentic and tell the story of your business 5. Be consistent Building Brand Awareness Once you develop a strong brand for your business, you can work on ways to build awareness through your marketing. Promoting your brand through traditional and digital advertising can help customers recognise your business. It’s important that you are consistent in the way you portray your brand so that customers easily recognise your business within any communications, marketing materials and premises. Consistent use of your brand will help customers remember your business, and can help improve customer loyalty. Latest lighting innovations now offers LED Downlights and LED Tubes with more efficiency 2015-11-23T23:35:06Z latest-lighting-innovations-now-offers-led-downlights-and-led-tubes-with-more-efficiency The innovation of LED (light-emitting diode) is used in various commercial enterprises, especially in telephone and PC assembling, publicizing and inside outlining. It gives lights to a few telephones and PCs alike. The publicizing business likewise utilizes this innovation as a part of announcements and vans to advance items and administrations. This innovation is going to depose incandescent bulbs in homes also. A few nations have effectively requested the eliminating of incandescent bulbs and LED is being tapped as the following leader in home lighting arrangements.  As a home lighting arrangement, a few LED items are offered to take into account diverse lighting needs. Notwithstanding bulbs, there are likewise ponder lights and table lights that utilization LED. Driven downlights and LED tubes are accessible too.  Downlights  Downlights are normally set in greenery enclosures, show cupboards, stroll in wardrobes and along the carport. Dissimilar to the lights introduced in roofs, the surface of a downlight is either level or looks like portion of a circle.  In greenery enclosures, downlights have a stylish reason. Lampposts give general lighting to this zone yet the downlights enhance the perspective amid evening. Downlights have the same reason in showcase cupboards and greenery enclosures. Also, they make it simpler for you to discover things. You can likewise utilize downlights to highlight an element in your presentation cupboards.  There are different territories in your home where you can put downlights. It can be introduced in rooms, bathrooms and kitchens to improve the rooms' lighting. It is a decent expansion to the carport too.  Compact downlights are additionally accessible. You can pick these on the off chance that you are shopping on a tight spending plan. You can simply move it in the zones where you require the extra lighting.  Tubes  Dissimilar to downlights, tubes are ordinarily joined to the roofs. They serve as the fundamental wellspring of light in a room.  Tubes come in diverse lengths. When you are entirely spending plan cognizant, don't simply go for shorter tubes in light of the fact that they are less expensive. Remember the capacity of these lighting arrangements. They ought to have the capacity to give effective lighting to your rooms. Beside length, check the shine of the tubes also.  Cost Involved At this moment, the cost of downlights and tubes that utilization LED are higher than LED bulbs. One reason is that, dissimilar to the recent, the choices for LED downlights and LED tubes are restricted.  Some downlights may be as modest as the bulbs. Be that as it may, these ones are normally the littler ones. Driven lights don't spread light as effectively as bulbs. In the event that you introduce little downlights, the scope will be restricted and the shine will be lacking.  With respect to the tubes, the expense of the less costly ones is twofold the cost of run of the mill LED bulbs. The cost for shoddy LED bulbs ranges from $10 to $13. Then again, the cost for shabby tubes with LED ranges from $17 to $26. The cost of costly ones can go as high $400. The costly LED tubes have an edge however; these ones are harder to break than shoddy ones. In this way, the costly tubes are more tough than their less expensive partner.  Is it accurate to say that you are searching for more data with respect to drove downlights? Visit now! philips led lights, cheap led lights, led lights for sale, led lights for lamps, purchase led lighting, philip led light, cheap led downlights, white led light, led fluro lights, t-8 led lights, led fluro lighting CapitalPitch’s Startups, including FinTech players SMSFCheck and SWIPE, already valued at over $430 million 2015-11-23T21:11:56Z capitalpitch-s-startups-including-fintech-players-smsfcheck-and-swipe-already-valued-at-over-430-million Afiniation partner and the world's first capital raising accelerator, CapitalPitch, this week announced that its 700+ clients many of whom, such as SMSFCheck and SWIPE, are in the FinTech space now have an estimated valuation of over $430 million and that some of these clients already have over $11 million in funding committed. CapitalPitch CEO Jeremy Liddle said, "In less than a year we've managed to uncover thousands of Australia's best FinTech and Startup founders, but we know there are thousands more out there the need help raising money. We're here to help take the pain out of finding growth capital." Afiniation co-founder Ian Dunbar said, “To say FinTech financing is booming is an understatement and CapitalPitch and their clients are a great example of what’s happening in this space.” CapitalPitch, an early Afiniation partner, has two parts to their business, those they help better prepare for capital raising which include all startups on their platform and those that are actively raising. One of these such companies is SMSFCheck the Afiniation member whose tailor-made reports summarise each area of an SMSF’s investment strategy and highlights areas that might need attention. SMSFCheck co-founder Rebecca Sullivan explained how the company’s relationship with Afiniation and CapitalPitch has led to immediate growth opportunities, “We attended the Afiniation showcase in September as the timing was perfect to launch our new service and we wanted to make more financial services industry contacts. It was also great to get feedback from attendees and seek opportunities for partnerships. Afiniation provides a community of other companies in the early stages of development that are trying to evolve the financial services industry. We believe the industry is being challenged with its traditional methods of advice delivery by consumers and the opportunity to respond to changing needs is greater than ever.” As part of an Afiniation member deal Sullivan ended up discussing the company’s future plans with CapitalPitch as she added, “We met Jeremy Liddle of CapitalPitch at the Showcase day and given that we are trying to raise capital to grow our business, this was great timing. We really liked their structured on-line approach to making the capital raising process more accessible to start-ups who can't afford the big dollars to hire professionals to out-source it to. I think the more events and networking opportunities Afiniation can provide the more vibrant the FinTech start up space will be. It's tough going up against the big guys without the capital and resources so it's great to have a support network to make it a little easier. As a result of our involvement with Afiniation we are now in the process of raising capital via CapitalPitch.” With capital raising in the FinTech space projected to top $14 billion globally in the next twelve months Ian Dunbar sees companies like CapitalPitch as a key component to the FinTech industry’s growth as he concluded, “CapitalPitch can help every business it interacts with – hence why we introduce them to Afiniation members. Put simply SMSFCheck and SWIPE will now be better prepared for capital raising and be introduced to the most committed investors in CapitalPitch’s pipeline. They also get in-depth coaching and complete all of CapitalPitch’s patented six steps to capital raising and growth.”To see a video on why the Startup Investment and CapitalPitch movement is important go to: The most recent Afiniation Showcase, held at the Ivy Ballroom in Sydney, featured over 30 of Australia and New Zealand’s top FinTech innovators, sponsors including AustralianSuper and Dion and keynote speakers including the NSW Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Victor Dominello, Citi’s Managing Director of Customer Franchise, Linda Duncombe and the NZ Trade Commissioner David McLeish. To view highlights from the recent Afiniation Showcase go to: For more information on Afiniation and their Showcases go to: For more information on CapitalPitch go to: For more information on SMSFCheck go to: