The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-08-28T04:16:06Z Preventative Dentistry May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, Pancreatic Cancer and Heart Disease 2015-08-28T04:16:06Z preventative-dentistry-may-prevent-alzheimer-s-disease-pancreatic-cancer-and-heart-disease Perth, WA, 28 August 2015 - For Perth dentists such as Dr Lisa Khokhlova, preventative dentistry and good dental hygiene are their own reward. But according to Dr Khokhlova, there are more benefits to good oral hygiene than having a clean, fresh mouth and a radiant smile. In honour of the Australian Dental Association’s Dental Health Week 2015, celebrated 3-9 August, Dr Khokhlova recently published a summary of various studies from Canada, the US and the UK from 2007-2014 linking gum disease to Alzheimer’s disease, pancreatic cancer and heart disease. How Gum Disease Affects HealthWhen someone has gum disease, the pathology extends further than just the gums. Gums with diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis are storehouses for over 200 strains of harmful bacteria. Streptococcus sanguinis and Streptococcus gordoniiKnown as S. sanguinis and S. gordonii, these bacteria can cause heart disease. These particular bacteria enter the bloodstream and gather blood platelets to protect them from the immune system and from antibiotics. These form clots which can be deadly. They can also form plaque on arterial walls. A joint study in 2008 from the University of Bristol in the UK and the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland found a statistical link between these two bacteria and heart disease. Porphyromonas gingivalisPorphyromonas gingivalis, known as P. gingivalis, was found in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease sufferers but not in the brains of people who didn’t have Alzheimer’s, according to a 2013 study. The study was conducted at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. The damage to the brain, according to researchers, is caused not by the bacteria itself but by immune response to the bacteria once it reaches the brain.Cognitive Function Tests RevisitedResearchers at New York University decided in 2010 to revisit data from 1944-1964 from a study conducted in Denmark. Statistically, people between 50 and 70 are nine times as likely to record low scores on testing for cognitive function. Periodontitis and Pancreatic CancerA 2007 study at Harvard School of Public Health in the USA showed that people with periodontitis are 64% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than those without it. The study revisited data from a Harvard study which began in 1986 and encompassed more than 51,000 men. According to researches, evidence suggests that the culprit is nitrosamines, which are credited with providing a “friendly environment” for pancreatic cancer to develop.How to Maintain Good Oral HygieneAccording to Dr Khokhlova, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene: “These studies prove beyond any doubt that a lack of oral hygiene can cause problems that transcend dental discomfort. In addition, that could be just the tip of the iceberg. We don’t really know the full consequences of a failure to maintain a state of good oral hygiene.”Dr Khokhlova concluded, “It’s important to take control of your oral hygiene. It starts with a trip to the dentist: ASAP.”eDental provides dental health services such as preventative dentistry and emergency dental services in Perth. They are an eco-friendly office where the entire staff is dedicated to finding solutions for their patients in a cost-effective and timely manner. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (08) 9361 1728 or visit their website: Seachange Village Arundel Helps Over 50’s Stay in Top 10% of Australian Exercise Statistics 2015-08-27T03:55:42Z seachange-village-arundel-helps-over-50-s-stay-in-top-10-of-australian-exercise-statistics Gold Coast, QLD, 27 August 2015 - According to the Government of Victoria, only 10% of Australians over 50 get sufficient exercise to slow the ageing process. If the owners of Seachange Village Arundel have their way, 100% of their homeowners will get sufficient exercise. Seachange Village Arundel is an active adult community in Arundel. It is built around the concept of friendship, fun and fitness; their residents feel they have already accomplished their mission of being the best over 50’s lifestyle community on the Gold Coast. Seachange Village Arundel was designed from the start to be at the top of active adult lifestyle communities. They offer a plethora of world class amenities that encourage their homeowners to be active far into their retirement years. They offer such amenities as golf putting greens, a pool and sauna, a bar and even a yoga studio to help nourish the mind, body and soul. David Pradella, the Managing Director of Seachange Village Arundel, feels it is important for anyone over 50 to stay active. According to Mr Pradella: “We have known about the statistic that only 10% of people over 50 get enough exercise for a long time now. We have also been aware of studies suggesting that much of the things we lose during the ageing process aren’t actually the result of ageing, but of a sedentary lifestyle. We aim to change that for our residents.”In a recent blog post, Mr Pradella mentioned Better Health Channel, an online medical information resource that was created by the State Government of Victoria. The website contains a wealth of information, including a very helpful post about the effects of exercise on senior citizens. According to Better Health Channel, those who pass the age of 50 tend to lose 3.5 kg in muscle mass every ten years. However, weight resistance exercise can stem the tide and actually allow seniors to increase their muscle mass if they so desire. The website also mentions many ways in which exercise can improve the senior lifestyle. As little as 20 minutes of walking per day can have a profound effect on lifespan and quality of life. In addition, those who exercise more tend to retain their independence longer than those who don’t. Exercise also reduces the number of times one is likely to become ill and also helps one recover faster when he or she does become sick.According to Mr Pradella: “There are plenty of benefits to exercising. It helps your muscles, bones, lungs, heart and joints. Exercise is one of the few documented ways in which one can stem the tide of time and who doesn’t want to do that.”Mr Pradella concluded, “Exercise helps you live longer and better. That is why we promote an active lifestyle at Seachange Village Arundel.”Seachange Village Arundel is a luxury lifestyle community for active over 50’s in Arundel. They offer an active lifestyle, a gated community and world class amenities for their homeowners. Located at the centre of an area of the Gold Coast known as the northern growth corridor, they offer fast, easy access to M1, the Helensvale railway station, shopping, medical facilities and some of Queensland’s finest golf courses. For more info, visit their webpage: or contact them on 1800 652 797. The Medicinal Herbs ebook has just been released 2015-08-26T06:16:51Z the-medicinal-herbs-ebook-has-just-been-released We are excited to announce that we have released a new ebook called “Medicinal Herbs”. This ebook has been written by John Mason and the staff of ACS Distance Education. Herbs have been used by humans for many thousands of years. Over the course of this time, our understanding of their effects on our bodies has been learnt - initially through trial and error, and observations, then later through clinical trials. Today our knowledge of plants has given rise to a growing industry in botanical medicine. The Medicinal Herbs ebook is a practical guide on the herbs that can be used as alternative remedies for different conditions in the human body. This ebook is a fascinating read that looks into the chemicals in herbs and their effects on the body. There is a glossary of terms that helps you understand what the medical terms mean and illustrations and detailed herb descriptions help you identify the plants. This ebook also looks at ways in which herbs can be used for medicinal purposes and how to prepare herbs for use in this purpose, such as teas, decotion and ointments.  The majority of this ebook covers a thorough directory of medicinal herbs and looks at the herbs origin, appearance, culture, chemistry, the parts used, what the herb can be used for and the herb’s properties. The conclusion of this ebook helps you think about some different ideas for starting a business using medicinal herbs. This ebook is now available for purchase for $34.95 including GST from our online bookshop and there is also a free sample available here: If you would like a review copy of this ebook, please contact .ISBN:   978-0-9942948-7-6 Pages: 117 Images: 99 April Still a Great Time to Travel to Machu Picchu 2015-08-25T03:45:05Z april-still-a-great-time-to-travel-to-machu-picchu April Still a Great Time to Travel to Machu Picchu Travellers are advised they can still travel to the famous ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru during April 2016 despite the partial closure of certain areas by a travel expert. “The closures in April will not affect the majority of visitors to Machu Picchu as the trails are only used by more adventurous travellers or climbers,” says Katherine Garces, founder of Boutique South America. Access to Wayna Picchu and the Machu Picchu Mountain will be closed during different weeks in April 2016 for maintenance. Both climbs offer a different vantage point of the internationally acclaimed archaeological site and currently each have a cap of 400 entrances per day to protect the fragile trails. A maximum of 2500 people visit Machu Picchu each day, with 800 of them climbing to these surrounding mountains. Pre-purchasing of entrances is advised and encouraged by authorities with specialist and local tour companies often arranging this on behalf of travellers. “April is generally the start of the dry season in the Andean region of South America and as such a good time to travel to Peru and Machu Picchu,’ says Ms. Garces. “Unless you already had your heart set on climbing Wayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain, travellers do not need to change their travel plans to Peru or South America. “ See the full details on our blog post: Ends Notes to the Editor: Katherine Garces is an entrepreneur and the founder of Boutique South America, a fresh travel concept to this region. She followed her wanderlust and the passion for her home continent into a career in the travel industry and has sent hundreds of travellers on personalised journeys to South America. Boutique South America is a specialist travel wholesaler for the modern Australian independent traveller. The brand’s mission is to inspire and educate travellers about the wonders of South America and focus themselves online as this is where everyday travellers research their trips. With a focus on luxury and activity based travel, Boutique South America has a vision to change the world through experiential and considered travel. Their InspireMe Travel Blog is a premier resource for travellers who like more freedom than being on a group tour and are beyond their backpacking days. Hi Res images can be supplied. Founder Available for comment: Aussie solar car startup to showcase in Vegas 2015-08-24T06:59:14Z aussie-solar-car-startup-to-showcase-in-vegas Melbourne-based electric vehicle technology startup EVX ( has announced it will be exhibiting its scaled down model custom solar car and spin-off technologies at the world’s largest automotive speciality parts trade show in the world, the SEMA Show 2015 (Speciality Equipment and Marketing Association) ( at Las Vegas Convention Center, USA in November. The SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from around the world from more than 100 countries. EVX is a collaboration with the leading electric vehicle R&D group at Swinburne University of Technology and experienced local engineers who have designed and produced award winning solar racing cars. The engineering team at EVX is led by electric vehicle expert Dr Clint Steele. Co-Founder & CEO of EVX Barry Nguyen said “Without government funding so far, we have made significant progress in our R&D and getting closer to turn our ambitious vision into a reality. With the strong leadership of Dr Clint Steele, we have succeeded in keeping our approach lean through working with final year engineering students and new graduate engineers. ” Unlike the soulless and impractical nature of solar racers which have appeared in the World Solar Challenge for the past 25 years, EVX claims their solar car ‘The Immortus’ will be aesthetically pleasing, have true sports car performance and be able to make drivers completely independent, so they don’t need to rely on service stations in certain environmental conditions. “The Immortus is a limited edition bespoke sports car powered by the sun - a world first in this category. Inspired by the world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies, the Immortus is designed to exhibit a toughness that no other car has: endurance.” Whilst designing the solar car technology platform, EVX has identified several innovations which has global commercialisable potential. This includes: - A hybrid retrofit kit concept - enabling current petrol cars, light trucks and fleet vehicles to be converted from being petrol powered to plug-in hybrid. In addition, the kit can increase acceleration after braking and turn 2 wheel drive vehicles into all wheel drive. - Lightweight air cooled battery box with multi-industry applications. - Regenerative shock absorber technology - recharging batteries from absorbing the bumps on the road with also multi-industry applications. “The hybrid retrofit kit concept has recently attracted interest from a prominent Melbourne-based OEM auto parts manufacturer. We look forward to exhibiting at the SEMA trade show to develop new global partnerships, seek further customer feedback and attract pre-sales for our breakthrough products. ” says Nguyen.   Below is the latest render of The Immortus. Timber Suppliers in Brisbane Prepare for Timber Decking Rush 2015-08-24T04:50:35Z timber-suppliers-in-brisbane-prepare-for-timber-decking-rush Brisbane, QLD, 24 August 2015 - As winter begins its transition into spring, timber decking season is heating up in Brisbane. Narangba Timbers are preparing for another busy spring as homeowners take advantage of mild spring temperatures to build timber decks for their homes. Timber decks are becoming popular, both in the Brisbane area and across Australia, especially in capital city areas. As homes and property blocks become smaller, Australians still want space to enjoy their leisure time. For many, a timber deck is just what the doctor ordered. Timber decking is an efficient, inexpensive way to create more living space in a home. While it isn’t actually inside of the home, timber decking has become popular for use as an alfresco living area, adding living space to the home even though it is technically outside of the building.One of the more popular uses for timber decking in the Brisbane area is as a place to enjoy BBQ and one’s favourite beverages. Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, a timber decking supplier in the Brisbane area, recently published a guide to getting started on his company blog. According to Mr Kyle: “We always recommend doing one’s due diligence before beginning a project like a timber deck. It is crucial to make sure that you are cooperating with your council and neighbourhood regulations regarding timber decking. In addition, those who are in a bushfire prone area are required to use certain species of timber to prevent ignition during bushfires.”Mr Kyle made a series of recommendations in his blog post for what he called the “research phase.” He recommends that anyone who is considering a timber deck figure out how large it needs to be and what they want to use it for. It is also important to orient the deck on the north or northeast side of the home if possible, with the north side the preferred destination. This provides the most consistent weather profile with the least extremes in temperature according to season.Ideally, Mr Kyle feels the timber deck should be built closest to the most used room in the home. For most homeowners and families, this is the family room or the kitchen. However, the north side of the home is always preferable and more important than the proximity to a specific room in the home. Mr Kyle also mentions what he feels to be some important design factors. According to Mr Kyle:“We have a design deck and plenty of online plans that make it easy to design and build a timber deck. We recommend checking out your neighbours and any other people who have nice timber decks until you see a design that looks great to you. Chances are, we can help you execute that design with our online resources, our display deck and our expert customer service staff.”Mr Kyle concludes: “Check out the display deck at our retail site. It will save you a lot of hassle.”Narangba Timbers are timber decking suppliers in the Brisbane area. They specialise in world class customer service. Their timber decking “decksperts” have a wealth of experience in helping Brisbane area homeowners design and build timber decks. To learn more or to enquire about starting a project, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: NU Racing Formula SAE team talks race car design. 2015-08-20T21:59:02Z nu-racing-formula-sae-team-talks-race-car-design NU Racing is the Formula SAE team from Newcastle University in NSW, Students are required to build a open seat race car to a specified rule in a specific time frame, They then compete against other Universities from around Australia for the Formula SAE title. "The SAE-A hosts the annual Formula SAE-A event. This is a 3 day international, student engineering competition centered on the design, construction and racing of an internal combustion or electric race car up to 600cc/80kW. The competition presents students with the opportunity to develop their skills in design, management, manufacturing, communication, research and business operations in a real world environment. Formula Students are highly sought after across the engineering mobility industry."- SAE Australia In this video NU Racing give a brief insight into Formula SAE and talk about their design process and related technology. A Successful Release of The Game 360 Degree by WebAlive 2015-08-20T10:41:19Z a-successful-launch-of-the-game-360-degree-by-webalive 360 Degree offers an exciting gameplay experience packed with thrills, spills and loads of fun. Its use of dynamic movement and it’s colourful, minimalist design makes this game suitable for young and old. 360 challenges the players multi-tasking skills, requiring them to avoid dangerous spikes, collect points and direct your ball safely by rotating your compass clockwise and anticlockwise. WebAlive is greatly motivated by this entertaining, engaging game’s success, with our design and development team playing a huge part in inspiring our management and investors to develop and publish more new, creative games for our incredible gaming audience. 360 degree is based on the theory of angular motion, built to test accuracy and reaction time. Easy to learn but hard to master, it’s crisp, colourful graphics and will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Because of the success the first version of 360 Degree is enjoying, WebAlive is planning some even more exciting additions: ·        - Pop up ads will be removed ·       -  Day and night mode ·        - Downloads would be available in 10 different languages ·        - Each Player would have their own personal statistics page ·        - Customised background (in-app purchase) ·       -  Pearls (like diamond) as in-app purchase currency ·        - Shield mode ·        - Bonus rounds WebAlive is dedicated to designing and developing new, innovative and above all, fun games for iOS and Android and has been overwhelmed by the reaction of our fans. We can’t wait to show you what’s next! LCU's guide to buying a car 2015-08-20T04:46:11Z lcu-s-guide-to-buying-a-car Cars can bring mobility, freedom and pleasure. It is important to consider all your options before taking the plunge. Here are some tips to help you when purchasing a car new or used Different ways to buy You can buy a car by Using your own savings Taking out a personal loan to cover all; or part of the cost Borrowing the money from the seller (Please note: this 'dealer finance' is often provided by an outside financial institution)Private leasing  Or contact us at LCU to enquire about a car loan on 02  9859 0585, we have competitive rates, low or no fees, Our friendly staff would be happy to assist Arrange your finance first If you need a loan to purchase the car, it's best to organise this first before you pick a car you can't afford or rush into a car finance offer. Make sure you have the bargaining power of pre-approved finance when searching for your 'dream vehicle'. To find out about LCU Car loans. Checklist for selecting the right car Will it seat enough people and carry a big enough load? Does it have sufficient power? Will it do all the jobs required? Can I afford to run and maintain it? Is comprehensive insurance for this model affordable? Will this model hold its value? Is it going to be reliable? Is it safe and environmentally responsible? Am I going to enjoy owning it? Lastly and most importantly, am I letting my heart rule my head?  Examine the whole picture When buying a car, it is important to look at the whole financial equation, because the purchase price does not represent the entire cost of a car. There's a range of other bills that you can expect either immediately or soon after your purchase. Whether you buy new or second-hand, you will encounter government charges. State governments levy stamp duty and either a registration fee or a transfer fee if the vehicle is already registered. With new cars, there has been a trend towards 'drive-away' prices but many advertisements still put 'dealer preparation charges' in small print. The message here is simple: work out all the charges and make sure they fit into your total budget. A checklist is provided on the next page to help you calculate the real cost. There's also compulsory third party personal insurance to organise and you'll need insurance too. In certain cases, such as when a car is registered in the name of a business, fringe benefits tax may be payable. For information on this, speak to the Australian Taxation Office or your accountant.  What's it worth? How do you know what the car you are buying is really worth? Simple - do your homework. There are various car magazines, motoring associations and website which will provide a guide to average used car prices.  Buying privately Buying privately is generally cheaper but it means going without a warranty unless the car is still covered by a transferable new car warranty. You can't compare a range of cars side-by-side (except at a car market) and buying privately often means trudging all over the city to see cars which don't live up to the expectations raised by the advertisements. If buying at a 'car market' - which brings together a group of buyers and private sellers - you must treat the purchase in the same way as a private sale and do all the usual checks. At a market you can do some comparative shopping, and can often do more bargaining.  Double-checking The majority of people are honest and decent, but you must still double-check everything you are told. If a car is described as a 1990 model, for example, and the paperwork doesn't confirm this, it could have a significant influence on the vehicle's value. Also examine the logbooks or service records to confirm the car has been regularly and properly serviced throughout its ownership.  Used car dealers If you buy from a used car dealership, it pays to go to a professional, service-oriented establishment which offers a good selection of stock and has a well set-up workshop to perform any repairs which may be required during the course of the warranty. Some car dealers provide NRMA reports. If so, ensure that it is up to date, and then study it carefully to ensure that you understand the condition of the car you wish to purchase.  Auctions Unless you're feeling very brave or lucky, it's best to leave auctions to the pros. They involve a greater risk since cars are sold 'as is' and it's usually not possible to perform a thorough mechanical inspection beforehand. Another trap for new players is that the purchasing decision has to be made quickly, which is rarely the best way to make it.  Legal ownership Is the car encumbered, which is to say: Does the car truly and fully belong to the person selling it? Is it still the subject of a financing arrangement? Has it been used as security on a loan which has not been discharged? If so, it can be repossessed, even though you have bought it in good faith? The place to check is through the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR). They can provide you with a PPSR report to check the history of the vehicle and you can purchase with confidence. Contact or call 1300 007 777 To search for encumbrances (any money owing on the vehicle) quote the; Vehicle registration; VIN/chassis number; and Engine numbers  Different types of insurance There are four basic types of automotive insurance. ComprehensiveThis covers the damage caused to your vehicle during an accident and any damage your vehicle may cause to other cars or property. Many policies include additional benefits such as a rental car while yours is off the road. Driving a car which does not have comprehensive insurance is putting yourself at great financial risk. Third Party PropertyThis covers the damage you might cause to other vehicles or property in an accident. Damage to your own vehicle, however, is not included. It's better than nothing but still leaves you exposed to losing the entire value of your car. Third Party, Fire and Theft Third Party PersonalThis is also known as compulsory third party (CTP). It is obligatory in all states though there are different methods of paying for it.Third party personal insurance covers the injuries sustained by victims of an accident. It does not cover property damage and, technically speaking, doesn't cover a driver who is 'at-fault'. However, many companies now offer CTP policies which include 'at-fault' drivers. These are well worth considering.  Arrange Your Insurance Before You Pick Up Your Car Protect yourself and your new asset - make sure it's insured before you take it home.  Contact us at LCU to find out about CGU Car Insurance keep private on social media 2015-08-20T04:43:07Z keep-private-on-social-media Social media is great for many reasons such as connecting with friends or for professional networking. It can also be a great source of information and entertainment. Social media allows us to share photos, messages, updates, ideas, thoughts and even music among friends but sometimes when there is too much information about you online, scammers can target your profile for identity theft. Oversharing information can become unsecure and we recommend that you try to keep your social media as private as possible. Here are some ways to keep safe on Social media: Set your profile to private Make sure that your settings are private and people that are not connected or friends with you on social media cannot see your profile or posts. As social media privacy settings are always changing it’s important to check and keep updating your privacy settings to ensure your profile is private at all times. Disable your GPS/Locator on your social media You did you know that some forms of social media can track your whereabouts through GPS/Locator Apps? This feature allows social media to track you wherever you are. If you don’t want to display where you are posting or messaging from you can disable this setting. Don’t accept requests from people you don’t know Make sure that all your current friends and connections are people you know in real life. You never know if an unknown profile is fake and just lurking to gather your personal information for a scam or identity theft.  Think before you post/message Be careful what you post on Social media sites. Only post things you would want to be shared publically, because even if your profile has been set to private you never know who might see it and what they might use the information for. It is VERY important to not share personal information such as bank details on social media. Also be careful of what you message on social media, even your private messages. Make sure that they are appropriate because the record of you messages will stay on the other person’s chats even if you delete the messages or your account. Always log out of your social media accounts after use This is especially important if you are using a public computer. You don’t want others especially strangers to be able to have access to your private information Never store your social media passwords on your PC or mobile devices It is a good idea not to save passwords for social media on your PC or mobile devices as this way no one can access your accounts in case your mobile device gets lost or stolen.    Bali Bliss Retreats invites you to rest, relax and recharge in 2016 2015-08-20T03:58:14Z bali-bliss-retreats-invites-you-to-rest-relax-and-recharge-in-2016 For those looking to make positive changes in their life, Bali Bliss Retreatsoffers an all-inclusive five day holistic health and wellness experience where guests can relax, recharge and rejuvenate.  Situated atop the breathtaking limestone cliffs at the stunning Uluwatu Surf Villas, the Bali Bliss Retreats experience promises a stimulating and transformational journey hosted by yoga instructor and business founder, Nadine Lafleur.  The program includes invigorating yoga, calming meditation, accommodation and a cleansing plant-based cuisine. On arrival, guests are transported from the airport by drivers to serviced villas where they are greeted by a team of wellness professionals including yoga coaches, surf instructors, massage therapists and retreat guides.  With a recent report by the Australian Psychological Society finding that workplace stress is costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year, Bali Bliss Retreats is a timely offering for the booming global $494 billion wellness tourism industry.   The retreats are ideal for busy professionals needing a release from the demands of work, mums seeking a solo break, couples wanting to reconnect, honeymooners and babymooners, and groups of friends looking for a memorable experience together. According to Nadine Lafleur, “Travellers today are searching for new experiences that allow them to detach from their everyday life.  My retreats are designed to deliver a complete mind, body and soul experience with all meals prepared fresh on-site by raw food specialists and vegan chefs.  It is a truly transformative retreat where guests can regain control of their lives.” Daily yoga and meditation sessions cater for all levels of ability and are taught by qualified experts.  To complement the yoga program, the gourmet plant-based cuisine is designed to assist the cleansing process by eliminating preservatives, stimulants and refined ingredients for a full detoxification that will benefit the mind and body.    Uluwatu is also a stunning surfing location with tropical temperatures, crystal clear water and first-class waves all year round. With private beach access via an idyllic cliff staircase, a plunge pool, lush gardens and lawns overlooking Temples surf break, a Bali Bliss Retreat is a one-of-a- kind experience. Dates for 2016 Bali Bliss Retreats have now been announced and bookings are currently available for the 2015 spring and summer program (7-11 September, 3-7 October, 7-11 November 2015).  Packages start from US$1,799 triple share room or US$1,999 double/twin room.   All packages can be tailored to individual needs. For more information, visit, or contact Nadine Lafleur, Founder, Bali Bliss Retreats on 0424 742 611 or email Upcoming Bali Bliss Retreats Dates: ·         7-11 September 2015 ·         3-7 October 2015 ·         7-11 November 2015 ·         16-10 April 2016 ·         21-25 May 2016 ·         18-22 June 2016 ·         3-7 September 2016 ·         1-5 October 2016 ·         5-9 November 2016 The standard program inclusions: ·         Return airport transfers on day 1 and day 5 ·         5 days / 4 nights villa-style accommodation with in-ground pool and complimentary Wi-Fi ·         Gourmet cleansing meals including a la carte breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, three-course dinner ·         Relaxing welcome massage ·         Large tropical fruit basket ·         Detox kit for the morning cleansing ritual ·         Use of quality yoga equipment including Lululemon mats, cork blocks, cotton straps and bolsters ·         Bottomless drinking water available in rooms, the yoga pavilion and at the table ·         Invigorating daily yoga ·         Meditation and relaxation techniques ·         Tribe time ·         Plenty of time to unwind by the pool and watch the waves rolling in at the world-famous Uluwatu surf break Optional add-ons are available on request and may include: ·         Surf lesson at the neighbouring Padang Padang surf school ·         Kecak Fire Dance at the neighbouring Uluwatu Temple ·         Spa treatments ·         Half-day exploration around the Bukit peninsular, to nearby town and beaches ·         Private yoga or meditation ·         Stand-up paddle (SUP) yoga class ·         Raw food 'cooking' class ·         Non-vegetarian food options ·         Yoga and beach wear ·         Pre-ordered yoga mats to take home DELFINA'S BISTRO TO 'POP UP' AT THE BRISBANE RACING CLUB THIS SATURDAY 2015-08-20T01:45:14Z delfina-s-bistro-to-pop-up-at-the-brisbane-racing-club-this-saturday This Saturday 22nd August, fine dining will have a new name at the Brisbane Racecourse as crowd favourite Delfina’s Bistro ‘pops up’ for the Brisbane Racing Club’s Food and Wine Day. Delfina’s Bistro, Brisbane’s newest destination for fine dining will be serving up a delicious array of modern Australian inspired cuisine with a European twist, all while race-goers enjoy a diverse lineup of entertainment, a Fashion on the Field competition and of course, the races! Saturdays menu will consist of entree’s including: smoke trout salad, witlof, lemon, fennel and avocado. Duck rillette, mushroom soil, turnips, red wine jus. Mains including: Braised beef, warm potato, chorizo salad, kale and jus. Pork belly, orange glaze, apple and daikon. Dessert including: almond pannacotta, meringue, mile chocolate. Choc fudge brownie, honeycomb, malted Chantilly cream.  With a menu that includes enticing cocktails and delectable meals, Delfina’s Bistro is in the heart of Fortitude Valley, exuding fine dining at it’s best. Located in The Emporium Complex, 50/1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Delfina’s Bistro is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. Reservations can be made via: or 07 3252 0214. Visit Delfina’s Bistro at The Brisbane Racing Club from midday till 3:00pm this Saturday, tickets can be purchased through here.  Timber Sales Firm in Brisbane Calls for Higher Industry Standards 2015-08-19T05:01:40Z timber-sales-firm-in-brisbane-calls-for-higher-industry-standards Brisbane, QLD, 19 August 2015 - As the timber industry begins to evolve into the 2020’s and beyond, global standards and technology are making the timber industry more competitive than it has ever been. According to Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, it is time for the industry to make a concerted effort to raise training and education standards.Narangba Timbers is one of the more prominent timber sales facilities in the Brisbane area. They are known for high quality, low prices and great customer service. Mr Kyle has been a leader by example in the quest for higher standards within the industry. Recently, in a post on his company blog, Mr Kyle called for higher standards in all facets of the industry. According to Mr Kyle:“The timber industry is competitive. We love carrying Australian timber, but we also carry some imports to provide choices to our customers. As far as we’re concerned, we want to see the Australian timber industry remain healthy and competitive, both here and in the global market. This is going to require some innovation and recalibration as the industry continues to evolve in efficiency, production and transport.”The Forest Industry Advisory Council (FIAC), commissioned by the Australian Government, addressed the issue of the need for better education within the timber industry in a document called, “Meeting Future Market Demand: Australia’s Forest Products and Forest Industry.” They pointed out some facts they see as problematic for the industry’s efforts to remain competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace.Currently, entry level candidates either get their industry training through tertiary education or via Vocational Education and Training (VET). VET is provided by Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), of which there are approximately 60 offering training in forestry and timber processing. At its peak, enrolment was steady at 6,000 students per year. In 2012, the number of forestry and timber processing students dropped to 4,000 from 6,000 the previous year for a drop of 33%.There are only three universities that currently offer an undergraduate bachelor degree in Forestry Science. There are only four that offer graduate degrees in forestry or in timber processing. Consequently, enrolment decreased more than 50% from 1994 to 2007. Mr Kyle wants to see that change: “We need more education and we need better education. There are plenty of great positions in the timber industry. There should be plenty of opportunity for career growth in the industry as it continues to evolve. Technology is getting better every day; we have to match that on our end, too.”Mr Kyle concluded: “We have the most timber land in the world. We know how to harvest sustainably and help the environment at the same time. It’s good for Australia when Australian timber is competitive on both the domestic and global levels. But we are going to have to have better education to stay that way.”Narangba Timbers is a leader in the timber sales industry. Located in the Brisbane area, they specialise in a wide selection and high standards of customer service. They offer timber for heavy construction, but also for home projects such as timber decking, timber flooring and timber fencing. To learn more or to talk to their top notch customer service staff, call (07) 3888 1293. Relax thru BBQ Season 2015-08-18T05:13:41Z relax-thru-bbq-season An estimated eighty percent of Australian households have a barbeque, and with BBQ season about to fire up, it’s timely to consider an Australian-designed safety gadget to attach to gas bottle-fed barbies. Gasfuse works like a safety switch for gas bottles and cylinders, and is also a handy indicator of their gas content level, saving unnecessary refills and alleviating the worry of running out of gas during a big cook-up. It can detect the smallest of leaks and is uniquely guaranteed to completely shut off the gas, protecting the environment from hydrocarbon emissions. When the leak problem is fixed, just pump the gauge and the gas starts flowing again. Pocket-sized, Gasfuse fits between the gas cylinder and the regulator. It is ideal for household barbecues, patio heaters, caravans, boating and camping applications and is available in both POL and 3/8” fittings. It is made from high quality stress relieved marine brass for durability in the outdoors and is Australian standard approved. With a five year warranty, Gasfuse is available from Bunnings and other hardware retailers at a suggested retail price of $37.95.  Ends.   Note to Editor:   ·         Naturally Gasfuse cannot stop a leak that emanates from a hole in a gas bottle or cylinder’s metal body, such as if the bottle received a substantial blow enough to pierce it.Gasfuse stops leaks that emanate from the gas connection point on the bottle/cylinder.   ·         Click to watch the video. Australia’s favourite motorcycle brands revealed 2015-08-18T05:10:26Z australia-s-favourite-motorcycle-brands-revealed At a time when motorcycle registrations are increasing significantly, Australia’s favourite motorcycle brands have been honoured with new awards focused on rider satisfaction. Based on a survey of more than 700 bikers across the country by consumer research company Canstar Blue, the awards recognise four brands in five different categories. They come at a time when the number of motorcycle registrations has increased by 22% in the last five years, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The latest figures show motorcycle registrations are increasing faster than any other vehicle type, with 800,000 now on Australia’s roads. “In light of the increasing popularity of motorcycles, we sought to find out which brands are hitting all the right notes with consumers,” said Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle. “Naturally the type of motorcycle you want will have a bearing on the brand you choose, but we wanted to know which are giving Aussies the biggest bang for their buck.” Motorcycles Harley-Davidson led a field of eight brands to ride off with Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for motorcycles, scoring five-star ratings in regards to comfort, reliability and mileage, as well as overall customer satisfaction. “There are a lot of factors that go into determining the enjoyment of a motorcycle but those who ride a Harley are clearly the most satisfied with their overall package,” said Mrs Doyle. “As one of the most recognisable brands in the world, Harley-Davidson motorcycles come with huge expectations, but it seems they are being met.” The survey found the average spend on motorcycles to be $9,912, with one in four respondents using a bike loan or financing to pay. And the average age at which respondents bought their first motorcycle was 21. A significant 58% own a bike because riding is their hobby, 45% cited cheaper running costs as a reason and 12% wanted to join a social group. Ten per cent said their bike makes them “feel sexy”. Motorcycle tyres The award for motorcycle tyres went to Michelin, which achieved top marks in five out of six criteria. That adds to Michelin’s recent award success for car tyres. Survey respondents spent an average of $308 when they last bought a new motorcycle tyre, with one in five (20%) opting for the cheapest available. “Ultimately consumers want good handling and longevity from their tyres, but they’re also conscious of paying more than they have to,” said Mrs Doyle. “Three out of five survey respondents are wary of being ripped off when they buy tyres, which probably helps explain why 32% delay buying new tyres for as long as they can. “Whether it’s for cars or motorcycles, consumers clearly think Michelin is striking a perfect balance between tyre life, handling and value for money. Holding our awards for both motorcycle and car tyres is a fantastic achievement.” Motorcycle helmets The award for motorcycle helmets went to Nolan, which beat seven other brands with a clean sweep of top ratings across the board. The survey found the average spend on helmets to be $380 and one in four (24%) respondents said they have bought a helmet online. Just 16% said they have bought a helmet from overseas and 14% have used a helmet that has been previously damaged. “When it comes to helmet safety standards, most Aussies have really got their heads screwed on,” said Mrs Doyle. “They understand the dangers of using old or damaged helmets and when it comes to quality standards the majority think there can be a big difference between them. They clearly don’t want to skimp on something so important. “There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new helmet and Nolan has achieved a very strong set of results across the board.” Motorcycle gloves and jackets The awards for motorcycle gloves and jackets both went to Dririder, which achieved a near-perfect set of results across both categories. The survey found the average spend on gloves to be $168 and jackets to be $356. “Just one in four motorcyclists opt for the cheapest available gloves, which tells you they are happy to spend a good amount if they know they’re getting quality,” said Mrs Doyle. “The same applies to jackets because more than anything else, bikers want a jacket that fits comfortably and gives them the protection they need. Dririder is clearly meeting their expectations.” ENDS *Please note brands with the same overall satisfaction rating are listed in alphabetical order. For further information or to speak with a Canstar Blue spokesperson, please contact: Simon Downes Media Specialist P: 07 3837 4171 I E: About Canstar Blue Canstar Blue was launched in July of 2010 by CANSTAR - Australia and New Zealand’s premier researcher of retail finance information for more than 350 institutions across the finance sector. Canstar Blue measures and tracks Australian and New Zealand consumer satisfaction across over 100 different categories to help consumers make the best purchasing decisions for their needs. What are the Canstar Blue ratings? Canstar Blue researches, compares and rates products and services according to customer satisfaction across categories including banking, telecommunications, appliances, electronics, utilities and FMCG. Results are freely available to consumers who are encouraged to use the ratings as a guide to product excellence. The full range of results can be seen on the Canstar Blue website at