The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2015-03-27T01:47:53Z 'Realities of Business: Misadventures and Lessons Learnt' - Entrepreneur publishes book on his successes and failures in business 2015-03-27T01:47:53Z realities-of-business-misadventures-and-lessons-learnt-entrepreneur-publishes-book-on-his-successes-and-failures-in-business Honest, open and highly educational, this book not only tells you the inspirational story of entrepreneur Peter Spinda, but also educates you on the realities of owning and running a business.'Realities of Business: Misadventures and Lessons Learnt' is the true story of my journey within the world of business' says Spinda, 'and provides real world advice from the lessons I have learnt. In the first section of the book I tell you my story and give you an insight into the world of an entrepreneur. The second section of the book looks at the invaluable lessons I have learnt from the misadventures.'Spinda first published the book in 2012 after several years of writing,  however last year decided to add in fresh content to be released as this new second edition. Spinda says  'the reason to write the book was to help other entrepreneurs overcome barriers, to give them a realistic view point of what it is truly like to be in business and to provide readers with the basic foundation knowledge one needs to know and understand in order to maximise the chances for business success'.'Realities of Business: Misadventures and Lessons Learnt' can be purchased from Peter's website, www.peterspinda.comFor more information please contact Peter Spinda, CEO, Digital Duet, on 0434 236 418 or email Cheap deals drive consumers online for alcohol 2015-03-26T22:05:57Z cheap-deals-drive-consumers-online-for-alcohol The online alcohol sales industry in Australia is expected to be worth more than $1 billion in the next five years as more and more consumers order their favourite drinks through their computer, tablet or smartphone. And a new survey by consumer research company Canstar Blue has found that the perception of getting good value for money is the main motivation for those choosing to buy alcohol online, rather than from a bricks and mortar store. “The majority of consumers are being drawn to cheap deals or special offers, rather than the quality of alcohol available and the convenience of buying online,” said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes. “The majority of people still enjoy going into bottle shops, but the perception is that the best value will be found online. What drives customer satisfaction when buying alcohol online? Drivers of satisfaction % of respondents Value for money 22% Price compared to bricks & mortar retailers 22% Quality of alcohol 14% Speed of delivery 14% Range of alcohol available 13% Ease of site navigation 12% Source: Online Liquor Stores survey. “The bottom line is what matters most to consumers of all age groups – especially those in or nearing their retirement – but the younger generations are also attracted to the diverse range of drinks available online.” Canstar Blue surveyed more than 700 adults who have bought alcohol online in the last six months and found that red wine (28%) was the most common purchase, followed by beer (22%), white wine (16%), whiskey (9%) and vodka (7%). Rum, bourbon and gin were also popular, while champagne and cider were the most common purchase for 5% respectively. The average monthly alcohol spend of online shoppers was found to be $108, with baby Boomers ($118) easily outspending Gen X ($98) and Gen Y ($84), while men ($122) were found to spend more than women ($90). The survey also found that one in ten consumers who bought alcohol online will drink every day and 40% will have no more than three alcohol-free days a week. Meanwhile 22% of respondents said they often binge drink and one in three admitted they spend more they should on alcohol. “We’re also a nation of social drinkers, with a whopping two-thirds of survey respondents admitting it’s rare for them to not have a glass or two at a social event,” added Mr Downes. “This is particularly true of men and older Australians.” How do consumers rate online liquor stores? Ibisworld reports that online alcohol sales have skyrocketed in recent years and now account for around 7% of total liquor sales, with Woolworths estimated to have 44.6% market share. Industry revenue is expected to hit $1.1 billion by 2019-20 as technology and delivery systems improve. For the third time in four years, Dan Murphy's has claimed Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for Online Liquor Stores, earning five-star ratings in six out of eight research categories, including delivery speed, value for money and overall satisfaction. “Such consistent success is a clear indicator that Dan Murphy's is keeping its customers very happy,” said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes. “The key to overall customer satisfaction is quality produce at a reasonable price – and consumers clearly think they are getting that from Dan Murphy’s.” Its "OK" to ROAM with Wearables ! 2015-03-26T05:03:21Z its-ok-to-roam-with-wearables OK Wearables has negotiated to acquire ROAM’s Wearable and Phone Technology and business.  OK Smart Wearables ( has finalized a deal with ROAM to acquire their Wearable and Phone business that includes development and design of over 100 new developments from Smart Watches, Smart Phones , VR, Smart Glasses, Head Up Displays, Phone/Tablets and other unique Wearable products. ROAM ( is one of the leading Independent Australian Wearables designer and product developer. With a history working with global IT leaders including Microsoft, Google, Apple, ZTE, IBM and Allocate Software, and working with organizations including but not limited to the state and federal governments. The company has developed many revolutionary technology solutions and concepts that will shape the future of consumer interaction with technology.”ROAM has a range of products that will put Australia in a leading global position with regards to development in this growing Wearables sector. OK Wearables will incorporate the ROAM business into OK Wearables and use the ROAM Brand as their exclusive Brand. The OK Wearables Group will own the IP, develop new Technologies and have a great team of developers for future release of Wearable products. Mr. Simon Kantor – Chief Executive Officer for ROAM comments that  “We believe that this agreement with OK Wearables will allow our Technology to be distributed Globally through OK Wearables. It’s exactly what we needed to allow our business to grow and to increase development in the growing Global Wearable products sector.” OK Wearables produces a range of SIM card based Network ready Smart Watches and Wearables. OK intends to release a Childrens Safety games watch in July, a Tradesmans Watch with inbuilt Laser for pointing and measuring, a Sports Watch and an Aged care safety watch later this year. Also a range of accessories and other wearables are planned for a 2015 release into every marketplace.   With ROAM as their exclusive product developer, OK Wearables will also release a great range of Wearables from Smart Watches,Smart Phones, Smart Glasses, Health and Aged Care devices and much more.   OK Watches and Wearables has established markets in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia with soon to be releases in Singapore, Malaysia and the United States in 2015.     ABOUT “OK Wearables”  OK Wearables is a designer, producer and distributor of the OK Branded smart devices. Established in 2013, OK Wearables has been designing and developing wearable products to be released to consumers in 2015. OK Wearables will release smart wearable devices in the general consumer sector, the Tradesman sector, the sports and leisure market, also the Children’s and Aged Care market. All OK Wearable smart products are SIM card independent GSM and Data smart phones. For further information please review ABOUT “ROAM” “ROAM is a pioneering Technology company, founded by Simon Kantor & Valery Lipkin in late 2012. ROAM has designed and developed innovative products aiming to streamline (optimize) workforces, processes, repetitive tasks and user interaction. Creating consumables that have truly intuitive and simple interfaces that change the way in which technology interacts with people including biometric speech recognition. With a history working with global IT leaders including Microsoft, Google, Apple, ZTE, IBM and Allocate Software, and working with organizations including but not limited to the state and federal governments. The company has developed many revolutionary technology solutions and concepts that will shape the future of consumer interaction with technology.” For further information please review   For further information please contact Sean Neylon at       Indonesia OK to go WEB ! 2015-03-26T02:57:08Z indonesia-ok-to-go-web Indonesia OK to go WEB !   OK Wearables Indonesia launches WEB page in Indonesia The OK Wearables Indonesian Distributor have now uploaded a WEB PAGE to cater for all the OK Smart Wearables consumers in Indonesia. Please go to and place your order! OK Wearables is keen to build and support a market in Indonesia and it believes that the OK Wearables Indonesian Distributor will achieve good market share in the region.The Team at OK Wearables are excited about the future in Indonesia. ABOUT “OK Wearables” OK Wearables is a designer, producer and distributor of the OK Branded smart devices. Established in 2013, OK Wearables has been designing and developing wearable products to be released to consumers in 2015. OK Wearables will release smart wearable devices in the general consumer sector, the Tradesman sector, the sports and leisure market, also the Children’s and Aged Care market. All OK Wearable smart products are SIM card independent GSM and Data smart phones. For further information please review ABOUT “PT Island Concepts Indonesia Tbk.” PT Island Concepts Indonesia Tbk is an Indonesia publicly listed Company engaged in the hospitality industry, whose stocks are traded on the IDX under ticker symbol “ICON”. The Company's business activities consist of property development, accommodation, lifestyle and catering services and urban facility maintenance services. It provides catering services and urban facilities maintenance services through its subsidiary, PT Patra Supplies and Services. ICON is headquartered in Jakarta with regional offices throughout Indonesia, including Bali where the company was foundered in 2001. For further information feel free to contact: OK-Wearables Indonesia Head Office & Showroom Jalan Raya Petitenget No. 469 Seminyak, Bali 80361 Indonesia Tel +62 361 847 8228 ELEMENT EDEN – CUSTOM TIMBER POINT OF SALE 2015-03-25T23:59:13Z element-eden-custom-timber-point-of-sale This is some cool point of sale we got to do for Element Eden. Part of their mantra is to “…transport you into the raw beauty of nature.” So we used a mix of pine and recycled hardwood to create a natural, clean finish. With the combination of the light colouring of the wood and laser etching, the outcome is some beautiful and different custom point of sale for the stores.     EVENT PLANET – TIMBER MENU 2015-03-25T23:57:53Z event-planet-timber-menu Here’s a cool unique idea for a timber menu  for a special event organised by the guys over atEvent Planet late last year. Made in our factory out of high quality marine ply, finished to a high sheen and then UV printed with the graphics. We think it’s a great look and can’t wait to create something cool like this again!       GROWN EYEWEAR – TIMBER POINT OF SALE 2015-03-25T23:56:40Z grown-eyewear-timber-point-of-sale We created some great custom timber point of sale for Grown Eyewear . These were small but effective laser-cut & etched wooden signs to sit on counters or shelves for a “raw and natural” look signage. This works great with the products that the guys at Grown are producing and the ideas behind the business which are, “to design, produce and provide Original, Organic and Sustainable wooden eyewear that looks great and ‘does good’.   EAT SOUTHBANK – CUSTOM TIMBER FOOD SAMPLE BOXES 2015-03-25T23:32:55Z eat-southbank-custom-timber-food-sample-boxes We were engaged by the guys over at Press Garage for special project for Eat Southbank . The idea was to send food/drink sample boxes to people of the food industry & media world. This was partnered with an invitation to a special event held by Eat Southbank for their launch.  The items produced for the project included custom made, joinery finished ‘wine box’ style pine boxes. These were partitioned to fit perfectly within the outer box to fit assorted food, drinks and nibbles. Each item had its own pine UV printed and lasercut label. Each Lid was laser-cut and etched, and each compartment filled with wood wool for a nice rustic look. The invitations were laser etched and cut for the recipients of the boxes. We are very happy with the result we achieved and look forward to doing more of this kind of work!     Tall Trees Care Communities Co-Founder Says: “Typical Aged Care Staffing Levels are Not Good Enough for Our Residents.” 2015-03-25T06:53:46Z tall-trees-care-communities-co-founder-says-typical-aged-care-staffing-levels-are-not-good-enough-for-our-residents Australia, 25 March 2015 - At Tall Trees Care Communities, they pride themselves in providing a level of care that is higher than that of the typical aged care community or nursing home on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane. In fact, they feel they have differentiated themselves from the field so much that they are an alternative to aged care. Phil Usher, co-founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, has a strong commitment to providing the highest quality aged care possible. The business model at Tall Trees has always followed a principle of consumer directed care. Residents purchase their own home and enjoy the same rights as any homeowner. In addition, they choose their own level of care. It Started with a MissionAccording to Mr Usher, “When we decided to build our first Tall Trees Care Community, we asked a lot of seniors, including our own mums and dads, what they felt was important. Everyone we asked said that they wanted to feel independent instead of feeling like they were being told what to do every second of every day. They wanted a lifestyle that was like they had at home, but better.”  Mr Usher continued, “When we were finished talking to everyone, it was obvious that we had to find a way to provide high quality aged care while preserving the independence and dignity of our residents. We decided that if it isn’t good enough for our mums and dads, it just isn’t good enough.”Providing care that they felt was good enough for their own mums and dads became both a credo and a mission. The result, so far, is five Tall Trees Care Communities which house more than 250 residents. There are more than 150 staff members to take care of those 250 residents. Tall Trees Care Communities are staffed so well that they can provide all aspects of care: low care, moderate care, high care, dementia care and palliative care among them. They also offer a full range of nursing services, personal care, continence management, nutrition assistance, hydration assistance and mobility assistance. They provide individual encouragement and support while encouraging mental stimulation and social interaction. They strive to keep lines of communication open between staff, residents and families. The Staffing Level CrisisAccording to the Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF), Lee Thomas, there is currently a “staffing crisis” in the field of aged care. Ms Thomas estimates a shortfall of as many as 20,000 qualified carers in the aged care industry. She recently voiced her concerns with Senator Glenn Lazarus from Queensland, who agrees with her.Mr Usher concluded, “By today’s aged care standards, we are overstaffed. And we will stay that way.”Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to the traditional nursing home or aged care facility. They have five communities in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Residents own their homes and select their own level of care. Their nursing staff is available to residents 24/7 and provides the highest level of aged care. To learn more, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: Second Storey Additions and Home Renovations Gain Popularity in Perth 2015-03-25T04:34:35Z second-storey-additions-and-home-renovations-gain-popularity-in-perth Perth, WA, 25 March 2015 - For the homeowner who needs more living space, the process can be arduous. Traditionally, the way to get more living space is to move into a larger home. That involves listing and selling their current home, buying a new home and finalising both transactions in a way that allows them to move straight from one home to the other.There is also the process of actually moving, which is a much more daunting task. The family has to pack all of their belongings and thoroughly clean the old home. In addition, they have to perform cosmetic changes such as landscaping and a new coat of paint to make their old home sell faster and demand a higher market price. Then, there are the more personal aspects. Children have to change schools and say goodbye to friends. Adults have to say goodbye to their neighbours, too. Accounts such as water, gas and electricity have to be closed on one home and opened on another. There are a lot of expenses involved, too. Most families hire professional movers. They usually end up staying in a hotel for a day or two during the transition. There are tax duty fees on the new home and a real estate broker’s commission on the old home. It can cost money to end one mortgage early and more to procure another one: this “double dip” may not be a lot, but it is an added expense.The time, money and inconvenience add up to so much that many dissatisfied homeowners stay in their homes and do nothing to alleviate their discomfort. Second Storey AdditionsSecond storey additions combined with home renovations are becoming popular solutions for a growing number of homeowners in the Perth area. They allow families to enjoy more living space but without the inconvenience of buying, selling and moving. Usually, the value added to a home is more than the cost of the addition and renovations. The process goes like this: the second storey addition is built while the family continues to live in the original house. There is only minimal disruption to their lifestyle while the second storey is being built. Usually, the second storey is used for bedrooms and bathrooms. Then, a staircase is built to allow access between storeys. When the second storey is finished, the renovation of the first floor begins. While some choose minimal renovation to the first floor, most take advantage of the chance to modernise their kitchen and other living space. Often, the kitchen, dining room and living room are combined into an open floor plan with a separate family room and an alfresco living area.The end result is that the homeowner has a new, modern home with more living space on the site of their original home.Next Level Extensions provides home renovations, second storey additions and home extensions. They have a combined 70 years experience in the home renovation industry. They feature award-winning home renovation designer Max Sardi. To learn more about them or to request a free consult with Mr Sardi, call 1300 948 094 or visit their website: Gold Coast artist joins clean water campaign for international charity - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2015-03-20T02:22:22Z gold-coast-artist-joins-clean-water-campaign-for-international-charity-for-immediate-release Gold Coast, Queensland – World Water Day, on Sunday March 22, 2015, sees the launch ofan initiative between Ceramic Designer Mari Bray and the international non-profit organisation, Waves For Water (W4W), which is committed to providing clean water for people in need around the globe. Australian-based, Brazilian designer Mari Bray will dedicate a percentage of profits from the sale of her ceramic works for donation to the charitable organisation – via the #no filter campaign. Mari plans to donate money from every purchase of her one-of-a-kind water holders, which will be used to help purchase water filters for various communities in desperate need of clean drinking water. FACT: 1 billion people in the world have no access to clean drinking water Mari was inspired by the efforts of W4W and says that the aim of the organisation is a synchronous blend with the purpose of her handmade water pieces, which include a beautiful water jug and cup known as the Moringa from her ‘Life Is’ collection. “’Life Is’ has been inspired by feelings of joy and the beauty of nature,” says Mari. “I’ve created a number of striking pieces, including the Moringa, which is a water vessel well-known in the Brazilian community. “The synergy of such a traditional receptacle to store clean water has lead me to join forces with Waves For Water,” says Mari, “which has a frontline approach to providing clean water to communities around the world by supplying and installing filtration systems.   “One of these water filters can provide enough clean water for up to 100 people. Each filter can last up to five years if it’s maintained properly. I intend to donate funding for resources for at least two years – or as long as I include the Moringa in my collection.”   Mari wanted to have a positive effect on her clients as well as the community at large.   “I was inspired by the success of the Moringa to launch an initiative to positively affect wellbeing on an international scale,” says Mari.   “I’m so lucky to be able to create my artwork in a beautiful sundrenched studio on the Gold Coast, with drinking water readily available on tap,” says Mari. “I realise how fortunate I am and I really wanted to do something to give back to the community.”   Mari is confident of the success of her ceramics, simply due to the fact that water jugs and cups are so common in Western culture. “You’ll find Moringa jug and cup combinations on most bedside tables or office desks in Brazil, with many variations in other cultures as well,” says Mari. “The Moringa is designed to keep water cool, while being a beautiful table-piece for your home or office.”   The ‘Life Is’ Moringa by Mari Bray is available online through her Mari Bray Etsystore. Please visit the site at   For further information on Waves For Water (W4W) or to make a donation, please visit   BIOGRAPHY: Born and raised in Brazil, Mari Bray has called Australia home since 2002. After nearly 15 years in the advertising industry, working almost exclusively in front of a keyboard, Mari found herself searching for her purpose in life. She was craving creativity and through her self-exploration became drawn to handmade art pieces. Mari enrolled in a ceramics course, which provided the perfect medium to unleash her imagination. She enjoys getting her elbows deep in mud and having fun with her creations.   For further enquiries: Email Mobile: +61 419 709 322 Instagram: @maribray     New School Fundraising Ideas 2015-03-19T23:50:30Z new-school-fundraising-ideas Tired of the same old school fundraising ideas? Remember being a child and dragging your teddy bear with you everywhere you could? What about snuggling up to your favourite teddy bear to get that sound night sleep? It makes sense that we take a tried and tested keepsake and personalise it with your child's artwork. You will be surprised at how our teddy bear is received by parents and children and how easily you can raise funds for your school. Many options available including personalised graduation bears for that important day.  Dress My Bear - the original fundraising teddy bear It’s official – Aussies prefer front loader washing machines 2015-03-19T23:32:18Z it-s-official-aussies-prefer-front-loader-washing-machines It’s a debate that’s been raging for years – but research finally shows that front loader washing machines are generally preferred by Australians. That’s one of the findings of a new study by consumer research service Canstar Blue, which also found that energy efficiency is now the number one purchase decision factor for consumers buying front loaders. Canstar Blue surveyed 1,250 adults who have purchased a new washing machine in the last three years and found that those who bought front loaders were more satisfied than those who bought top loaders in six out of seven post-sale research categories, including performance, value for money and overall satisfaction. But those with top loaders were more convinced that their model was easy to use. “Both top and front loaders have their benefits and suit different needs. Large families may prefer the extra capacity of a top loader, while those with less space at home might prefer a front loader,” said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes. “Front loaders tend to be more energy efficient, but that saving could be negated by the need to do more loads of washing. “Interestingly the levels of satisfaction between front and top loaders are consistent across all age groups, but there are some variations across the states, with consumers in Queensland and Victoria showing higher levels of satisfaction for top loaders.” Canstar Blue found that consumers who bought front loader machines paid an average of $628, while those who bought top loaders spent an average of $600. Appliances Online, Australia’s leading online appliance retailer, reports that front loaders account for 64% of washing machines sold on the site. For most states it sells at least two front loaders for every top loader, but in New South Wales it’s about 1.5 front loaders for every top loader and in Queensland there is almost even split between the two. Why are more Aussies buying front loaders? Peter Harris, COO of Appliances Online, said consumers could be less inclined to purchase top loader washing machines because they are becoming more aware of the benefits associated with front loaders. "Australians are savvy shoppers and consumers are increasingly conducting more research before purchasing a new appliance – and this is especially true for washing machines,” he said. “In the last year, two thirds of customers who purchased a washing machine on Appliances Online opted for a front loader model, and the customers who read our Laundry Buying Guides were twice as likely to purchase a front loader over a top loader. Customers have greater access to product reviews, buying guides and other product information enabling more informed purchasing decisions. “Our sales experts have found that customers are increasingly buying front loaders because they're more energy and water efficient, compact, delicate on clothes and provide more options thanks to multiple programmes. Government rebates have also incentivised consumers with rebates."  What’s most important to consumers? Consumers who purchased front loaders were more concerned about the design and ease of use of their model, while those who bought top loaders were more focused on performance and warranty. Drivers of customer satisfaction           Front loader       Top loader Performance 26% 41% Reliability 18% 16% Value for money 11% 18% Design 17% 3% Ease of use 15% 3% Quietness  10% 7% Warranty & service 3% 11% Source: Washing Machines survey 2015. The survey also found that energy efficiency was of the utmost importance to 43% of consumers who bought front loaders, while price (56%) was still the most important factor for those who bought top loaders. Most important factor when purchasing           Front loader       Top loader Price 40% 56% Energy efficiency 43% 26% Appearance 5% 4% Other (including size, capacity, features) 12% 14% Source: Washing Machines survey 2015. The majority of respondents splashed out on their new washing machine to replace one that had stopped working, although those buying front loaders were more likely to be upgrading to a newer or better model. Overall, respondents had their old machines for an average of 8.75 years. Which washing machine brands do Aussies favour? Figures from Appliances Online show that almost half of washing machines sold on the site are either Samsung or Fisher & Paykel models. And when it comes to top loader machines, quantity relates to quality in the eyes of consumers, with Samsung and Fisher & Paykel both taking out Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award. It’s the third time in five years that Fisher & Paykel has achieved the accolade for top loaders and for Samsung a second time. Miele was the pick of the front loaders for the second year in a row, scoring a clean sweep of five-star ratings to earn Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award. It’s the third time in five years that Miele has taken out the award for front loaders. “The winning brands this year have consistently stood out from the crowd since we launched these awards for washing machines in 2011,” said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes. “Once again there was no separating Samsung and Fisher & Paykel – having also shared the award for top loaders in 2012 – while Miele continues to impress in an extremely competitive front loader market. Congratulations to all three winning brands.” What about drying your clothes? Canstar Blue also surveyed 500 adults who have purchased a new clothes dryer in the last three years, with price (47%) beating energy efficiency (39%) as the most important purchase decision factor. Spending an average of $414 on new clothes dryers, respondents had used their old appliance for an average of 7.4 years. The majority of adults bought a new clothes dryers because their old one stopped working, while one in five were looking to upgrade to a newer or better model. On top of its success for top loader washing machines, Fisher & Paykel has also earned Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for clothes dryers, for the second time. “Consistently scoring well in all crucial research categories, it’s been a very successful year for Fisher & Paykel,” added Mr Downes.  Brother Australia & Quilters Companion launch the Brother Under 35s Quilt Competition 2015-03-19T09:15:30Z brother-australia-amp-quilters-companion-launch-the-brother-under-35s-quilt-competition Sydney, Australia – 19 March 2015 - The past decade has seen a huge revival in home sewing, in the areas of both garment making and home décor. Quilt making has also enjoyed a rise in popularity among young people as they discover the joys of this age-old craft.Brother Australia, together with Quilters Companion magazine, aim to encourage and nurture young quilters and so for the third time they have joined forces to launch the 2015 Brother Under 35s Quilt Competition. Nation-wide there are many quilt competitions, but this is the only one dedicated to young quilt makers.Clare Mooney, Editor of Quilters Companion magazine said, “We are very excited to be working with Brother again on this terrific initiative to encourage and nurture young quiltmakers. Quilting is a great social activity and a wonderful creative outlet for both women and men. Just ask any quiltmaker and they’ll say that after they made their first quilt they were hooked. We want to help build the next generation of quiltmakers.”“Inspiring a younger audience to sew and bring their creative projects to life is part of Brother’s commitment. Our wide range of innovative products; like the revolutionary ScanNCut, can truly make it easy for young talent to create. The Brother Under 35s Quilt Competition is not only a great platform for young quilters to be recognised, but it also rewards them with fantastic products that will inspire them to achieve their next sewing and quilting projects” stated Laura Penuela, Marketing Manager, Home Sewing Machines at Brother International Australia.Leigh Davenport Jurd with her winning quilt Light in the DarknessLeigh Davenport Jurd placed second in the 25-35 age group in last year’s Brother Under 35s Competition and is looking forward to entering again this year. “I saw the competition advertised last year and as I was already 32, I figured I should have a go before I’m too old to try!” Leigh explained. “I decided I would make something based on the theme, see how it looked, and if I was happy with it I’d submit it. I really enjoyed seeing my work hanging in a public exhibition. I trained as a printmaker at university, but since having kids it’s been too challenging to work with acid etching and the printing process. Sewing is much more flexible as I can stop and walk away if I’m needed. But I do miss exhibiting, especially the social side of it.” Leigh is looking forward to entering this year’s competition.The theme for the 2015 Brother Under 35s Quilt Competition is My State. Entrants are encouraged to use their imagination to interpret the theme however they like. “We expect that entrants will have widely differing ways of interpreting the theme” said Clare Mooney. “My State could mean the state they live in or even a state of mind or feeling. We are eagerly anticipating the entries we will receive.” Entries will be accepted into five categories: K-6 primary school, 7-9 secondary school, 10-12 secondary school, 18-24 years and 25-35 years.There is more than $10,000 in prizes on offer over the five categories, including five brand-new Brother ScanNCut machines and five brand-new Brother NS35 computerised sewing machines. These prizes alone are worth a total of $7500. There are also book and fabric packs and Quilters Companion packs to be won.Quilts must be received by Friday 27th November. For full terms and conditions and to enter, please visit the Brother ScanNCutScanNCut is the world’s first home and hobby cutting machine with built-in scanner. With hundreds of built-in designs at your fingertips, plus the ability to create outline cutting designs from a hand drawn sketch, or original art – the ScanNCut will change the way you think about cutting machines forever.For more information about the Brother ScanNCut click hereAbout the Brother NS35Perfect for those who want to get more creative. With 70 stitch patterns including 7 buttonhole styles, electronic jog dial for easy stitch selection and LCD display; the lightweight and portable NS35 will have you sewing your way.For more information about the Brother NS35 click hereAbout Brother International (Aust) Pty LtdWith over 100 years in operation, Brother International is a leading global manufacturer of laser printers, label printers, Multi-Function Centres®, fax machines, P-touch electronic labellers, typewriters and sewing machines. A specialist in its product lines, Brother combines customer satisfaction and comprehensive measures for environmental conservation, to manufacture innovative, reliable and practical products to enhance the consumer's lifestyle.Brother Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brother Industries, which was founded in 1908 in Japan. Brother Australia was established in 1977, with a head office located in Sydney and State offices located in Brisbane and Melbourne.Brother EarthBrother Earth is Brother’s commitment to play a part in building a society with better sustainable development. By clicking on the Brother Earth site you can determine how funds are allocated and play a part in contributing to a variety of global environmental protection activities.  Visit The time has come for the Digital World to reap many times over the rewards of bandwidth Reduction Technology! 2015-03-19T04:43:20Z the-time-has-come-for-the-digital-world-to-reap-many-times-over-the-rewards-of-bandwidth-reduction-technology Back in June last year BECT technology was introduced to the world. This announcement with all the implications of the effect of Reduction Technology on the Internet simply sizzled:   ‪”Internet Reduction Technology Now Makes It Possible to Reduce Data Traffic Up to 80%” &   ‪”Apple’s new HEVC (H265) Codec compression technology trumped by Australian Company”   Since this time, Intrak has been working hard to deliver on its promise and finally the moment of truth has arrived: Intrak Australia announces the launch of their new website (, making this technology available for everyone!!   “We are very exited here at Intrak, after a time of intense development, we are finally launching the new dedicated Website for the game changing technology BECT (beyond Compression Technology). The technology that is capable of achieving up to 80% bandwidth reduction on Video Call applications and on the already compressed streaming data more than any current technology can offer” said Mr. Ibrahim Nahla the company CEO.   Intrak’s new website is targeting the IT developers and Video library companies who can now seamlessly integrate this technology into their systems. To deliver to the end-users a superior enhanced Internet experience and most importantly to develop a white-hot product in the market.   The new website has live samples of reduced files in different movies genres (including Feature, Animated, Sport, Commercial and the next generation HEVC movies), which can be played back simultaneously side-by-side against the original. Demonstrating the high quality of the reduced video stream.     The new website makes the technology available in the form of 4 different products:   B2B: The LOW BANDWIDTH VIDEO CONFERENCE SDK “What Intrak offers is a Low Bandwidth Video Conference SDK with fully articulated easy to follow step by step documentations that will allow software developers around the globe to integrate our technology’s library to any working Video Call application on the market to reduce its bandwidth consumption by staggering 80%!” said Mr. Nahla   In the website Intrak’s message to Software developers is: “Add a Low Bandwidth feature to Your Video Conference Application”, especially if you respond in the affirmative to the following:   o   Are you building consumer Social VC mobile APPS that require Low bandwidth functionality? o   Are your customers fed up with call drops, blackouts and freezing VC? o   Do you already have an APP and want to make it better? o   Do you want to be able to sell more with around the same overheads by opening up all the markets, including those with slow Internet (180 countries), to your products? o   Would you like to be a market leader with a significant advantage over your competitors with a game changing technology?   License our LBVC SDK to bring Low Bandwidth Video Conference to your consumer social network application. LBVC SDK license available as Developers & Commercial Licenses”     B2B: The BECT REDUCTION/CONVERSION TOOL Mr. Nahla further said: “This is an amazing BECT tool that is not only capable of applying up to 80% reduction on all H264, AVC, MPEG-4 AVC & MPEG-4 part 10, Web-M and even on the next generation HEVC/MPEG-TS Video formats, but also can convert MP4 files to the next generation HEVC while applying the desired reduction.   By subscribing to the new BECT technology; On-demand video companies, Sky channels and Telco Service Providers can reduce their operating cost significantly by reducing Storage, Servers, Data Centers and the larger pipes (towers & cables and data traffic) expenses, i.e. their entire setup cost while providing better and more economic experience to their customers in the same time”.    According to the website the message is: “Whether you are an On-line Video Library Company or On-demand Sky Channel; you can start to benefit from this disruptive technology and start to SAVE BIG on storage expenses. Upload and download time and money. And make a better and enjoyable experience to Your Customer, and let them save money on the Internet too. Do you want to double the number of your customers with the same set up (Infra-structure)? License our BECT Reduction/Conversion Tool to reduce your Video size significantly without compromising the quality.   Dedicated conversion APPS - The HEVC Conversion APPS for Video collectors who have private Video libraries or collections of movies in MP4 / H264 format.   With this tool, users can convert your favorite video library to the new state of art the next generation format HEVC (High Efficacy Video Codec). Intel 7 or faster processer is required for this APP to achieve conversion in acceptable timeframe to avoid delaying the process.   Users can download this new HEVC Conversion tool to their windows PC and start converts their favorite movies by themselves. As part of this process, it is important for the user to download the free HEVC players available on the Internet, to play back these movies.   Mr. Nahla final Statement: “We are not competing with Apple or Google compressions, but we are reducing their compressed files even further.”    Visit our website and find more interesting information     By William c. Horton