The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2014-11-22T06:59:37Z Queen Victoria Market has worms 2014-11-22T06:59:37Z queen-victoria-market-has-worms Melbourne's famous Queen Victoria Market is once again proving it's sustainability credentials with the installation of five Hungry Bin worm farms.  Wormlovers is supporting the trial installation, which will see nearby stall holders put their organic waste in the worm farms, rather than send them off to land fill. Richard Thomas, director at Wormlovers, says the trial is about engaging the stall holders and the public as much as it is about the efficiency of the worm farms. "We know these Hungry Bin farms can take up to 2kg of organic waste per day each, so they will manage the volume from the stalls we are engaging.  We have run training with the marketeers, and come in to service the bins to keep them ticking over." This installation is one of several Wormlovers have installed in commercial sites across Melbourne.  Managing organic waste on site is a key driver of the business, and the Hungry Bin worm farms have allowed them to take on bigger projects.  "We now have worm farms at RMIT, on the rooftop at Curtin House, at several RACV sites with more installations coming up" said Thomas. "We encourage our clients to link their worm farm with a garden to complete the cycle and keep those nutrients on site." At the QVM the worm farms in a busy public area, educating the public and spreading the good word on how easy and effective worm farming is. The Hungry Bins will be included in the regular tours of the market, and used for worm farming workshops for adults and kids.  Wormlovers are partnering with the Garden App providers for a pre-Christmas sale, offering free worms when purchasing a Hungry Bin, and a years subscription to the great ipad gardening app. Love the worm, love the world! Blog  Images Bondi Waverley Squash Club Signs Up To Join The East Coast Squash Academy 2014-11-21T04:07:42Z bondi-waverley-squash-club-signs-up-to-join-the-east-coast-squash-academy Bondi, NSW, Australia (19 November, 2014) – Bondi Waverley Squash Club has signed up to become the second facility for the East Coast Squash Academy in Sydney, Australia. A complete schedule of coaching clinics, tournaments and activities will be led by a top 100 profession squash player who will become the resident squash pro. “We looked at several options and chose The East Coast Squash Academy because it met our social/community, financial and elite sport performance goals with the most attractive value proposition” explains BWSC Club President, Steve Greig. “One of the key factors to go ahead was the fact that this was a working model just across town, at Willoughby Squash Club.” Amongst the objectives Bondi set forth when signing up was to promote and expand the sport of squash across the seaside community, especially for young players with the development of a junior program for boys and girls that accommodates all levels of play, not just the elite. With the signing of this landmark agreement, activities will launch early in the new year with several “kick off” events that will attract attention to this exciting new collaboration. "We’re thrilled to have Bondi join the Academy” declares Aaron Frankcomb, the Academy’s founder and Managing Director. “Bondi boasts an outstanding reputation within the local squash community. The club has a buzz to it, being in a vibrant part of town in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. We’re going to capitalise on that goodwill to create a fun and exciting environment for squash players of all standards with innovative competitions, clinics and activities.” The East Coast Squash Academy is a value-add to existing squash clubs generating additional revenue by leveraging off-peak time slots whilst promoting the sport of squash in an variety of innovative ways. The numerous benefits for the hosting squash facility include: Increased use of the facility, more members, higher revenues, longer tenure of members, greater exposure and visibility within the sports and social communities as well as improved health and wellbeing for participants of all ages. Even though elite performance is at the core of the Academy’s curriculum, after-school and multi-sport programs are an integral part of the offering and cater to participants of all skill levels from young boys and girls to mature seniors who play competitively at the Masters level (35 to 80+ years of age). ____   Bondi Waverley Squash Club ( a fully licensed not for profit members squash club which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. The club provides first class squash facilities with an excellent bar which are open to members and non-member (guests). ____   The East Coast Squash Academy ( was founded in 2011 at Willoughby Squash Club when Aaron Frankcomb retired from the Professional Squash Tour, the Academy set out to create a business model to expand the presence of squash within local communities surrounding squash centres. Young online company is set to revolutionise the Australian holiday rental accommodation market 2014-11-21T03:10:57Z young-online-company-is-set-to-revolutionise-the-australian-holiday-rental-accommodation-market Australian owned and operated holiday rental booking site, aims to ensure that booking that special holiday is fun, easy and efficient. Its quick and seamless booking service backed with expert local knowledge and on the ground customer support is intuitively user friendly. is currently the largest and fastest-growing Australian owned holiday rental accommodation site. lists holiday houses, furnished apartments and short-term (up to 90 days) accommodation. Their ideas based search criteria helps guide holiday makers offering quick search options for pet friendly, wheel chair access, swimming pool, parking listings in addition to suggesting trip inspiration via suggestions for wine country, city breaks, beach holiday or mountain getaways.It says close to three-quarters (70%) of customers making bookings via the site are Australian women planning holidays here who value the speed and ease of searching and booking via The company’s innovative integrated technology delivers faster and more efficient communication between guests and property owners, resulting in a faster booking process (80% of bookings are negotiated and completed within 24 hours) and certainty for both parties.Through a mix of technology and human interaction, is achieving close to real time transactions, a feat unusual in the holiday rental accommodation market. For the guest, the process of finding accommodation starts with an easy to use, intuitive and well-designed website. When a guest makes an enquiry, if the property owner is slow to respond, the online system fires off automated email and SMS reminders to the property owner to encourage a rapid response. If the property owner does not respond in a timely manner, then one of the friendly customer support staff will contact the owner to help speed up the booking process.Listings are free with The company charges one of the lowest rates of commission for confirmed bookings, making it a cost-effective option for guests and property-owners alike.Lucian Kafka, founder of , believes Australians are ready for an online accommodation service tailored to meet their needs. “ is the best mix of technology and human interaction. By educating and communicating with our property owners, and using automated technology, we make our booking process as efficient as possible. This is how we are working towards achieving close to real time conversions, which benefits our guests and our property owners. Our focus on fast conversions is helping to grow rapidly.”The hard work and dedication of the team at has seen the young company win a Finalist Award in this year’s NSW Tourism Awards which acknowledge tourism businesses that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and makes finding and booking accommodation simple – so all you need to think about is where to plan your next escape.ENDS!/AuraTravel Holidays – A Good Time to Research For A Sea Or Tree Change 2014-11-20T04:39:29Z holidays-a-good-time-to-research-for-a-sea-or-tree-change Summer and holidays are coming up. If you've been thinking that it's becoming just too busy, crowded, noisy, polluted, or too anything that's bugging you in the city where you live, then it could be time to seriously think about moving to the country.   The SeaChange Centre at suggests that for your holiday this season, why not take the opportunity to visit one, or a few places in the country and spend some time seeing what they have to offer? Take along your criteria for what the location must have to help you live the life you want. The criteria should be based on your passions, needs, wants and priorities.   While you're there, soak up the atmosphere, browse the local paper, speak to some locals. Research the housing prices before you go, to see if the options on offer for that area suit your financial situation. Replace that holiday-mode thinking, and instead, imagine yourself living there. Look around. Could you live there, do you think? Does it have good medical facilities, is it attractive – could you look at it everyday, does it have ---- (fill in your own blanks)?   Once you short list some destinations you should visit them and stay a few days at least, in different seasons. What's it like in winter? In summer? Keep in mind that when visiting around Christmas and January, there may be crowds of tourists, making it much busier than normal. That is just another facet of the destination, to add to the equation.   If you've had enough of the city and need to escape the rat race, why not take advantage of this holiday time to see if it would be possible to, whether you could, move to the country - permanently. The must-have gift this Christmas: a 3D printer. 2014-11-20T02:27:51Z the-must-have-gift-this-christmas-a-3d-printer Know a person who already has everything and stumped for gift ideas? With 3D printing taking the world by storm, why not give a gift that captures the imagination and truly keeps on giving. Ideal for hobbyists, blokes who tinker in sheds, schoolboys (and girls) with a bent for the crafts and even anyone with an interest in computers, a3D printer is bound to be the hottest thing under the tree this season. That’s according to Paul Francois, product manager at Comworth Technologies. “Consumerisation of technology means 3D printers, which once cost an arm and a leg, are now truly affordable on the one hand, and easy to use on the other. That makes these devices an ideal gift, especially given the fascination they inspire in almost everyone who gets to see one in action,” he says. While Gran can still knit the Christmas cardies for the smaller children, the bigger ones will be wowed by the XYZ Printing Da Vinci 1.0, a 3D printer which retails at under $1000 and which is already proving very popular in the local market. The XYZ has been a hit with a wide range of users and is sought after by librarians, school teachers and home hobbyists alike. That’s because the Da Vinci is as simple to set up and use as a regular printer, offers an online library of thousands of 3D designs which are free to download, or create your own using free 3D software such as Tinkercad or Google Sketchup. “You don’t have to be a 3D technical whizz, although you might end up being one after using the Da Vinci,” Francois continues. “Export and print out Minecraft creations, design your own robots, print out a Star Wars X wing fighter – the possibilities are as exciting as they are endless.” Watching the machine go to work is a captivating experience. Using heat, it melts the plastic filament and places it with perfect precision layer by layer to create a finished piece; the biggest models are up to 20 cubic centimetres in size. “This machine really is a step up in terms of delivering remarkable technology into the hands of anyone who knows how to use a computer,” says Francois, “It’s priced at little more than a tablet or smartphone, and is a much more exciting and creative gift for the kids. Instead of being glued to the computer screen playing games, they can use the 3D printer to problem solve, design and create. And that’s what makes it ideal as a gift for the guy or gal who has everything.” The consumable filament is a 600-gram drum which is as easy to change as a regular ink or toner cartridge, and a replacement retails for around $50, with a range of 12 colours available. Of course, with the Da Vinci, the biggest problem could be what to do for Christmas 2015. Not only is this a pretty difficult gift to beat, but because the 3D printer can produce a variety of shapes, designs and models, the lucky recipient really could have it all (or they might just print decorations for the tree). But that’s a challenge for next year. Aussies feel bad for killing bugs 2014-11-19T23:37:35Z aussies-feel-bad-for-killing-bugs Bug-fearing Aussies are using insecticides pre-emptively to protect their homes from creepy crawlies – but then feel guilty for killing them. That’s according to a new survey from consumer research company Canstar Blue, which also found that spiders and cockroaches make our skin crawl the most. “More than half of those we questioned said they actively try to prevent bug problems in their home by spraying surfaces and around doors and windows, but one in five said they feel guilty when they see insects dead or suffering,” said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes. “Despite that, we’re more than happy to grab something else to kill bugs with in the event that we don’t have any insecticide.” The survey, of 1,300 adults who have purchased and used insecticides in the last six months, shows that 88% of respondents believe they generally work well, although 72% admitted they hate the smell of insecticides in their home. Without insecticides, shoes, newspapers and fly swats are our preferred insect whacking options, although many also choose to use tissues or their hands and feet to squash bugs. “With the weather heating up, many Aussies are happy to grab whatever they can to see off the bugs lurking around their home, including books and even the vacuum cleaner,” added Downes. “Of course many people have genuine fears of things like spiders and can panic when they seem, so it’s good to know the majority of people are convinced insecticides work well. “Almost one in three of our survey respondents said they have been bitten by a spider, while 43% complained of being constantly bitten by mosquitoes – so it’s no wonder many of us are trying to protect our homes as best as we can. Ants and moths also rank highly in our list of bug fears, but 34% said they’re not scared of any creepy crawlies.” The Canstar Blue survey saw Woolworths’ brands of insecticides rated the best, ahead of Mortein, Pea Beau, Baygon, Raid and Ant Rid. The Woolworths brand earned five-star reviews for value for money and overall satisfaction, but Mortein was the only one to get top marks for effectiveness. “Of course people want an insecticide which kills bugs with as little fuss as possible, but like anything else, we don’t want to pay more than we have to,” said Downes. “The smell of the product is also important to people because no bug is worth killing if you’re going to spend the next half an hour holding your breath.” BEN & JERRY’S OPENAIR CINEMAS RETURN TO CANBERRA THIS SUMMER WITH TICKETS ON SALE NOW 2014-11-19T21:37:21Z ben-amp-jerry-s-openair-cinemas-return-to-canberra-this-summer-with-tickets-on-sale-now MEDIA RELEASE – SYDNEY, NOVEMBER 2014: Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas are back with a bang this summer, bringing music by day and movies by night to Canberra. As part of a nationwide series of events, which are enjoyed by more than 150,000 people across Australia, the Canberra leg of the tour will take place on the Capital City’s picturesque Patrick White Lawns, from January 18 until February 22 2015. With live music from an array of Canberra’s best up-and-coming artists every Saturday and Sunday - the latter with free ice cream and games as part of the Ben & Jerry’s Sundae Sessions – Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas will once again be recreating their famously fun and friendly festival vibes.   Melbourne stars Husky, the Sundae Sessions season headliners, will be kick-starting proceedings before a screening of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One’ at the Charity Launch on January 18. Having toured with the likes of Gotye and Mumford & Sons, the trio are set to perform tracks from their forthcoming second album ‘Rucker’s Hill’. Tickets to the biggest night of the season are on sale now and all proceeds from ticket sales go to WWF-Australia’s efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef. Husky comments, “We're really looking forward to playing the Ben & Jerry's Sundae Sessions. You can't go wrong with film, music and ice cream. Plus we get a chance to help a great cause, the World Wide Fund For Nature.” The other top musical acts guaranteed to have guests grooving until sundown include acoustic pop-rock duo Second Avenue, the soulful dub sounds of Jack Biilmann and singer-songwriter Angus Murphy. Open Tuesday to Sunday throughout the season, films will be shown on a 2K HD digital cinema system and colossal 12m by 6m screen.  Complete with Klipsch superior sound and the latest in professional audio technology, moviegoers can look forward to enjoying an alfresco cinema experience like no other. This season has a strictly limited capacity so guests are advised to book ahead to secure their tickets. Films on offer include an assortment of the latest and greatest new releases, a selection of sci-fi thrillers, cult classics and firm family favourites including:  Frozen Sing-a-Long – sing along to this Academy Award winning musical fantasy about a fearless princess setting off on an unforgettable journey to find her estranged sister. ·      The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence resumes her role of heroin Katniss, alongside Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, in the hope to save her nation from the control of a brutal regime. ·      Into The Woods – This much anticipated fairytale musical is based on the long running Broadway show and features an all-star cast including Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and Chris Pine. ·      Dirty Dancing – the classic coming of age drama that documents a teenage girl’s relationship with her saucy dance instructor.  ·      Birdman – This black comedy tells the story of one actor’s struggle with his ego, career and family as he attempts to mount a Broadway play. ·      The Imitation Game – follows the brilliant British mathematician, logician, cryptologist, and computer scientist who led the charge to crack the German Enigma Code that helped the Allies win WWII. Adding a touch of comfort to a night under the stars, deckchairs, bean loungers and blankets can be hired as part of the ticket packages available. Cinemagoers can also opt for a Volkswagen Polo Class ticket, which includes reserved premium seating with a blanket and cushion for extra film-watching luxury, a drink and a Ben & Jerry’s shortie. Complementing the entertainment line-up is a fully licensed bar stocked with a wide selection of Giesen Wines, XXXX Summer Bright Lager & 5 Seeds Cider and Rocketboy Pizza will be serving up a delicious range of signature salads and gourmet pizzas. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream will be cooling down those balmy evenings with a range of legen-dairy flavours and for those who can’t get enough of the sweet stuff, Ben & Jerry’s will be scooping up unlimited free ice cream for every Sundae Session. As always, the Sundae Sessions also include a host of lawn games including Putt Putt, Pick-a-Pat and Giant Cow Jenga. On top of all this, Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas will be the ultimate place to kickstart the weekend each and every Friday as Aperol Sunsets will see the best local DJs take to the decks to provide the perfect musical backdrop for Aperol Spritz sundowners. Alex Khadra, Openair Cinemas’ Director comments: “With stunning sunset views overlooking Lake Burley Griffin providing the perfect summer setting for a night at the movies for families and friends, we’re proud to present award-winning classics and the latest blockbusters right in the heart of Australia’s capital.” Canberra is the third stop of the nationwide Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas tour which will go on to excite audiences in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. To purchase tickets visit   - END - Notes to Editors:   For further information, images and interview requests please contact The Sound Campaign: Celia Cochran | T: 02 8353 0238 | E:   Listings Information Event: Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas Canberra Date: Sunday 18 January – Sunday 22 February Artists: Husky, Second Avenue, Jack Biilmann, Angus Murphy Venue: Patrick White Lawns, Canberra Tickets: Event: Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas Sundae Session Charity Launch - Canberra Date: Sunday 18 January 2015 Venue: Patrick White Lawns, Canberra Artists: Husky Film: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Tickets: Event: Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas Sundae Sessions - Canberra Date: Sunday 22 January 2015 Venue: Patrick White Lawns, Canberra Artists: TBC Film: The Water Diviner Tickets: Event: Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas Sundae Sessions - Canberra Date: Sunday 1 February 2015 Venue: Patrick White Lawns, Canberra Artists: Jack Biilmann Film: Penguins of Madagascar Tickets: Event: Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas Sundae Sessions - Canberra Date: Sunday 8 February 2015 Venue: Patrick White Lawns, Canberra Artists: TBC Film: Big Hero 6 Tickets: Event: Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas Sundae Sessions - Canberra Date: Sunday 15 February 2015 Venue: Patrick White Lawns, Canberra Artists: Second Avenue Film: Into the Woods Tickets: Event: Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas Sundae Sessions - Canberra Date: Sunday 22 February 2015 Venue: Patrick White Lawns, Canberra Artists: Angus Murphy Film: Wild Tickets: About Openair Cinemas:  Capture the spirit of summer with Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas’ annual season of live outdoor music and feature films.Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas are a quintessential summer event, with feature films lighting up our huge outdoor movie screen under the moonlight from dusk. Cinemagoers can chill out before their movie with some tasty food and frosty beverages from the fully licensed bar, while relaxing to sounds from the best of the Australian music scene and sets from the most exciting emerging local DJs and musicians. Ben & Jerry’s values: Ben & Jerry's aims to make the best possible ice cream, in the nicest possible way. Using business as a tool for social and environmental change is just as important as sourcing the finest ingredients to make ice cream. So wherever possible, Ben & Jerry's sources ingredients from producers and suppliers who share similar values, such as only using cage free eggs to produce all our delicious flavours in Australia. Kalli Swaik, Ben & Jerry’s Brand Champion Down Udder said: “Ben & Jerry’s have always believed in making the best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way. Using business as a tool for social and environmental change is just as important as sourcing the finest ingredients to make ice cream. We are immensely proud to work with WWF-Australia on an issue that aligns with our core values. The ‘Younesco’ campaign is a chance for Australians to find out what they can do to help save one of Australia’s natural wonders, whilst enjoying a free scoop of delicious ice cream.” “WWF-Australia is thrilled to again be partnering with Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas. We welcome every opportunity to let interested people know about the various ways they can play a part in protecting the Great Barrier Reef, and its at-risk inhabitants, such as the dugong and the turtles. We believe all Australians want the same thing: for the future generations to be able to enjoy this most precious place.” Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of WWF-Australia Exercising Safely in Order to Prevent Injury 2014-11-19T03:52:26Z exercising-safely-in-order-to-prevent-injury Perth, WA, 19 November 2014 – Imagine embarking on a well-meant fitness routine, only to become injured in the process.There are several smart moves to make to avoid this from happening, says Michelle Monks, manager of the Warwick Women’s Workout at Perth’s Warwick Leisure Centre.“First and foremost, you should always warm up your body with stretching or even lightly jogging in place,” she says. “You don’t want to stress out your muscles by going from cold to hot. It’s a brief process, but one that is completely necessary. And then after your workout, do a cool down that involves ‘walking off’ your workout for about 5 minutes thereafter.” Ms Monks encourages pregnant gym-goers to consult a physician if they still plan to exercise during pregnancy, since there are so many adjustments to the body physiologically. There can be both risks and benefits of maintaining an exercise routine during this time.“Every pregnancy is different, and every woman’s body is different,” she says. “Consider the type of exercise you want to undertake and discuss this in depth with your doctor.” Pregnant or not, a body requires a break from the stress of exercise. Monks recommends at least two days weekly, even three, if one feels they have ‘overdone’ it. “You can’t expect your body to give in to the strain of an everyday workout,” she says. “Just as your mind needs respite every now and then, so does the rest of you. If you’re injured, definitely don’t try and subject yourself to a workout.”Your body will signal that it needs a break. If one experiences the following during a workout, seek medical assistance immediately: pain in the chest or jaw, overt breathlessness, irregular heartbeat or extreme thirst.It’s important to drink water several hours before a workout to avoid fatigue and muscle cramps, says Ms Monks. Especially if it’s warm outside, drinking water periodically during a workout will replace lost fluids and prevent heat stroke. “Drink water before, during and after each exercise session. Electrolyte replenishing drinks are fine, but nothing is better than plain old water at room temperature for drinking during a workout.”Equipment safety is also something that Ms Monks and all the fitness trainers at Warwick Women’s preach. Not knowing how to use a piece of equipment can be dangerous and detrimental to a successful workout routine.“Lots of people, when they join the gym for the first time, hop on to a piece of equipment without fully learning how to use it properly,” Ms Monks says. “There is a right and wrong way, and this applies from dumbbells to the lat pulldown machine. Before you start, reduce your risk of injury by having the trainer show you.” “There are plenty of other reasons to be safe when it comes to working out,” Ms Monks says. “Consult your physician or gym professional before embarking on a new fitness program.”At Warwick Women’s Workout, an exclusive women’s fitness facility located in Perth, WA, their staff are happy to give advice on keeping healthy, safe and fit. Contact Michelle Monks about becoming a member of their community and join them in better health. View their web page at or call them at (08) 9342 9028. Narangba Timbers Owner Says, “Be Neighbour Friendly and Soundproof Your Floor.” 2014-11-19T03:24:06Z narangba-timbers-owner-says-be-neighbour-friendly-and-soundproof-your-floor Brisbane, QLD, 19 November 2014 - Hardwood flooring is an old favourite of many Brisbane area residents. For many, there is nothing that matches the aesthetic of a timber floor in their home. However, having a hardwood floor can have its drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is that timber is very efficient at conducting some sound frequencies while reflecting others. The result is that a hardwood floor that doesn’t have sufficient protection built in can often cause a noise problem with neighbours or within a home.Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, a timber supplier in Brisbane, suggests two solutions to those whose hardwood floors are transferring excess noise: “If you need to decrease the sound coming from your hardwood floor, you can either put a carpet and a pad over it or put a resilient underlayment and damping compound underneath your flooring.”Carpet and PadA carpet and pad are often sufficient to dampen sound and fix the problem, but it isn’t much of a solution for those who are in love with the aesthetic of a hardwood floor. For many, covering up a beautiful hardwood floor is not a viable option. For those who don’t mind covering up their floor, a pad made of cork underneath a thick carpet is usually enough to solve most noise problems. The carpet and the cork dissipate the sound before the waves can be transferred to the hardwood. This also prevents the waves from being transferred to the walls via the hardwood. Resilient Underlayment and Damping CompoundThis approach involves using five layers to ensure that as little sound as possible is transferred to the room below or to the walls. The base layer consists of oriented strand board, known as OSB. OSB is an effective damper of sound. The next layer should be a damping compound. Mr Kyle recommends Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound. Green Glue has to be applied between two layers of rigid material to work correctly, which leads to the next layer.Next, for the third layer, Mr Kyle recommends cement board. The fourth layer should be an underlayment such as a shredded rubber mat. Cork works well, too, as do foam and fibre. The top layer will be the floor, but Mr Kyle recommends “floating” the floor instead of attaching it to the underlayment. According to Mr Kyle, “The floor should float on top of the other layers. This saves you having to use nails or glue while keeping your options open if you aren’t satisfied with your results. You also need to make sure the sides are not flushed against the walls. Instead, you should leave a little bit of room and fill it with an acoustic sealant that will block sound from being conducted into the walls. This is the best way to soundproof a floor.”Narangba Timbers has been providing hardwood flooring, timber fencing, timber decking and other timber materials to the Brisbane area since 1979. Their attentive customer service staff is always willing to address any questions or concerns you may have. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 795 675 or visit their website: Care Community Co-Founder: “The Elderly Should be Cherished, not Abused.” 2014-11-19T02:26:24Z care-community-co-founder-the-elderly-should-be-cherished-not-abused Australia, 19 November 2014 - The elderly face many issues, but few of them are as heartbreaking as elder abuse. Phil Usher is the co-founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, who provide an alternative to traditional aged care in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Mr Usher is a staunch advocate of the rights of the elderly. Recently, on his company blog, Mr Usher published an article detailing what constitutes abuse and how to detect it. What Constitutes Elder Abuse?According to the Queensland Government, elder abuse is defined as, “any act within a relationship of trust that results in harm to an older person.” This can be physical or sexual abuse, but also emotional abuse or neglect. Financial abuse may be the most common type of elder abuse as relatives and carers try to control the victim’s money and keep as much for themselves as possible.Commonly, an abuser’s first step is to attempt to isolate the victim by making it difficult for anyone on the outside to speak to them or see them. Once the victim is isolated, it becomes more difficult for abuse to be detected. Abusers will threaten to destroy valued possessions or even hurt pets if the victim doesn’t comply with their wishes. Acts of humiliation, harassment and intimidation are common.Financially, the biggest step is to talk or coerce the victim into granting Power of Attorney. This allows the perpetrator to funnel all of the victim’s funds into their own pockets. By the time anyone notices, the victim’s money is gone. Detecting Elder AbuseDue to the isolation and control that abusers often perpetrate upon their victims, it can be difficult to detect elder abuse. However, there are some signs that may indicate abuse. The first is the isolation. If one is told by a carer that an elderly friend or relative is “busy,” “asleep” or “not available” every time they call, there is a good chance that abuse is being perpetrated.If one is able to see and talk to someone they suspect is an abuse victim, there are some changes in behaviour that are common. Sometimes the victim will become agitated or nervous for “no reason.” Unexplained bouts of trembling, crying or shaking can be an indication of abuse. Abuse victims often become withdrawn or depressed, sometimes to a point of mentioning suicide. They often adopt a rigid or “guarded” posture. They may lose interest in things that used to be important to them. Their eating, sleeping or bathing habits may change. They may become passive in discussions, waiting for others to contribute or answer questions. What to DoThe Queensland Government has an Elder Abuse Prevention Unit hotline: 1300 651 192. If immediate intervention is necessary due to dangerous levels of abuse, it is recommended to call the police.Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to aged care in Brisbane. Their residents choose their own level of care and own their homes. The staff is caring and dedicated to preserving the independence and dignity of the elderly. To learn more or schedule a trial stay, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: Aussie website connects holiday makers with free accommodation over Christmas 2014-11-19T01:49:16Z aussie-website-connects-holiday-makers-with-free-accommodation-over-christmas Aussie holiday makers looking for a place to stay this peak summer period will pay nothing for 'home away from home' accommodation, in the destination of their choice through Australia's house and pet sitting website, Over 300 properties are listed* for the December 2014 to January 2015 period on, giving travellers the chance to score free accommodation in some of the country's most sought after holiday destinations. Aussie couple, Robi and Stu, will be spending this Christmas in Falcon, Western Australia in a comfortable home, caring for a border collie, Barney, and a cat, Tiger. "It's a win/win situation. Home owners get to enjoy their holiday knowing their pets are being loved and cared for and don't have to worry about high boarding fees over Christmas. And my husband and I don't have to pay anything to stay in, what essentially is, a home away from home," explains Robi. "In almost three years of retirement we've seen a lot of the country as house and pet sitters and by not paying for accommodation, we've been able to save to use that money on other things," Robi added. Robi and Stu plan to take a Mandurah Christmas Lights Cruise, visit the local markets and beaches, and walk Barney during their Christmas house and pet sit; all the while staying rent free. Robi and Stu say they have saved a significant amount of moneystaying in homes as house and pet sitters. They have stayed in places such as Salisbury and Woombyein Queensland; Echuca and Fairhaven in Victoria; Capel in Western Australia; Ballina, Cooma and Port Macquarie in New South Wales; and Riverton and Hallet Cove in South Australia. Sue Coombs, Co-Founder of says that house and pet sitting presents Australian holiday makers with a chance to save on peak period rates. "It's the Aussie way to want to help out a mate as well as experience something new and house and pet sitting is just that," Ms Coombs commented. "Home and pet owners need someone to care for the treasured possessions that they can't take with them when they travel, and house and pet sitters are able to have a holiday but still save money," Ms Coombs explained. "House and pet sitters get the opportunity to truly live like a local during a sit and they also get to enjoy animal companionship, which isn't always possible for animal lovers due to time or work pressures or space restrictions where they live." "Many families, singles and young and mature aged couples use our service to organise a holiday around Christmas or public holidays once or a few times a year." "They have all the comforts and conveniences staying in a place that is more like a home away from home and they also avoid paying hefty peak season rates." Home and pet owners can search for a house and pet sitter for free on and house and pet sitters can stay as many or as few times a year for a low annual fee of $49. For more information or to source your next rent free holiday, visit   ENDS Editor’s Note: Sue Coombs, co-founder of, and Robi, Mindahome house and pet sitter, is available for interview on request *Listed property numbers are accurate at date of publish, but are subject to availability. Media Contact: Maria Crema, Crema PR, m: 0402 239 929, e: More about Mindahome House and Pet Sitting: Mindahome is an Australian owned and operated house and pet sitting business that connects home and pet owners with sitters across Australia. Specialising in pet and house sitting for rural and residential properties, Mindahome has quality experienced sitters available to care for homes and family pets. Home owners and renters can list their property and pets for sitting opportunities for free on Mindahome. House and pet sitters pay a low annual registration fee of $49 per year to stay rent free in as many or as few homes as they like each year. 99% of Mindahome house sitting opportunities involve caring for all types of pets and animals which can include dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, pets requiring regular medication and also farm animals. Mindahome house sitters use the service to organise accommodation for annual holidays and short breaks. Sitting opportunities are varied and can be for short or long periods. Mindahome also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, where sitters who do not obtain a house minding position in the first 12 months of membership are refunded their payment in full when claimed within seven days of membership expiration. Keep the Kids Busy this Christmas with a Gingerbread House Kit 2014-11-19T00:38:52Z keep-the-kids-busy-this-christmas-with-a-gingerbread-house-kit If you’re looking for an at home holiday activity for the kids or a gift with a difference, it’s hard to go past a gingerbread house kit. They’re fun to build and decorate, but not all kits are created equal, as mother of four Tina Pearce discovered. Tina wanted to start a Christmas tradition for her family and loved the idea of building a gingerbread house with the kids. The first year she tried to build it from scratch. It took forever and the result resembled the leaning tower of Pisa. The family had a new addition in year two, so to keep things simple, the decision was made to get a kit from the supermarket. The pieces were joined by melting them in hot oil which was clearly not a job for little ones, so this was left to Dad. Several burnt fingers later and the kids had added some colourful words to their vocabulary. In year three they went for an upmarket kit – or so they thought. This one had pre-made icing which was fiddly to work with and tasted horrible. Tina was surprised that it was so difficult to find a great tasting kit at the right price. “I looked at every kit on the market and didn’t like any of them. They were either too expensive, or didn’t come with lollies or weren’t safe for kids to make or tasted like cardboard”, said Tina. So she decided to do something about it. Tina scoured the world to find the best tasting, best value, gingerbread house kit to share with other Australian families. The kit she chose comes from Canada and everything is supplied including luscious lollies, tasty gingerbread pieces, icing mix and a piping bag with star tip. The price is just $39.95 including delivery Australia-wide. Generous discounts apply when buying 2 or more. For more information and to buy, visit Excitement as Whangarei Library wins 3D Printer 2014-11-18T22:45:11Z excitement-as-whangarei-library-wins-3d-printer Excitement is running high at the Whangarei District Council after they won a 3D printer at the recent National Libraries conference. Sponsored and supplied by Comworth Technologies, the XYZ da Vinci printer is expected to become a major drawcard for libraries in the region, providing visitors with the opportunity to see 3D printing in action to spark their imaginations. Paula Urlich, Libraries Manager at the Whangarei District Council (WDC), says libraries today are competing with the internet and a range of other attractions. “As a result, it is necessary to up our game by adding attractions, events and technologies that put the library at the centre of the community,” she says. Urlich says the 3D printer has already had a substantial impact: “We’ve seen a lot of interest from the Council engineers who are green with envy; and the Group Manager Infrastructure and Services, who couldn’t stop smiling when we received it. It’s quite a ground breaking development for the library; we never dreamed of getting one and can’t wait to get it set up for visitors to experience.” Not only has Comworth supplied the 3D printer, it is also providing support to help WDC get optimal benefit from it. Paul Francois, product manager at Comworth, says the XYZ da Vinci is ideal for public displays as it is very easy to use. “The machine is supplied with software compatible with a standard PC and which is intuitive to get models set up and ready for printing. There is a huge online catalogue of designs that can be accessed and produced, while using the XYZ is much like using a standard office printer,” he explains. That even extends to the consumables: the da Vinci takes a 600-gram drum, available in a range of colours, which can be swapped out just like an ink or toner cartridge. “Good technology today is easy to use and that’s definitely the case with the XYZ. It puts 3D printing into the hands of anyone who knows how to use a computer, making it a perfect addition to the technology found in the modern library today,” Francois adds. Continuing, Urlich says that while people will always use a library to borrow a book, but there is a lot more on offer today. “There is a revolution going on in libraries today as we work to maintain relevance. We have activities like computer classes, murder mystery night, kids events and events for senior citizens. We’re always open to trying new exhibits and activities and the 3D printer is bound to be a major attraction. “It might even help get more of the Dads in, as we tend to see more Moms,” she quips. The new printer is a first for the libraries of the North, and WDC intends to invite other libraries to share the printer with. “We want to be sure Kaipara and the Far North get to have a bit of the fun, too,” Urlich concludes. The new XYZ Da Vinci printer can be seen in action in the Whangarei Library in the December holidays. Discover Melba Estate the home of Dame Nellie Melba with your dog 2014-11-18T21:59:32Z discover-melba-estate-the-home-of-dame-nellie-melba-with-your-dog Sing from the roof tops about this exclusive and unique Doggy Winery Tour to Coombe Estate the home of Dame Nellie Melba with Gourmet Pawprints Coombe – The Melba Estate was once the home of the famous opera singer Dame Nellie Melba and built in the 1800’s,  is an amazingly beautiful property.  Join us for this exclusive opportunity to experience The Melba Estate with your pampered pooch.  This unique experience is only available with Gourmet Pawprints. Come and enjoy a two-course lunch with matching wines in a private dining setting, a stroll along Elm Avenue with the pooches, a wander around the Providore and a personalised wine tasting of their boutique wines. This experience tour is one not to miss which also includes a morning stroll on Sandridge Beach, morning tea, off leash romp at Lilydale Lake and a morning wine tasting at one of the stunning local wineries. Premier activewear destination Stylerunner adds global giant to its offering 2014-11-18T03:37:12Z premier-activewear-destination-stylerunner-adds-global-giant-to-its-offering In a world first, Sydney based activewear e-tailer Stylerunner has signed yoga-inspired athletica apparel giant lululemon athletica, becoming its first global online retail partner. A curated selection of the brand will be available on from Monday 24 November. “Having lululemon join our premium brand stable is an exciting feat,” says Julie Stevanja, Cofounder, Stylerunner. “It is incredibly important to us to work with partners who understand Stylerunner’s unique proposition and vision. We are thrilled to have attracted one of the largest and most technically advanced yoga wear brands in the world”. Of the partnership, Sheena McNamara, Ecommerce and Alternate Channel Manager says:“We are excited to be partnering with Stylerunner on our first ever digital partnership. They offer a premium online experience that is consistent with the best-in-class experience we create for our guests.  We feel this partnership is a perfect fit for both our product and our brand.” lululemon has made its name by focusing on quality, fit, function and beauty, attributes Stylerunner founders, Julie and her twin sister Sali Stevanja say are in line with their ethos of offering sleek, sophisticated and fashionable activewear. Having tried and tested the brand, themselves, Julie and Sali are positive that their customers will love the product as much as they do. “Fabric, fit, stretch and wearability is imperative to us when selecting product for Stylerunner. The lululemon range fits like a second skin, is breathable and holds its shape while allowing a full range of movements,” says Julie. “Our customers are a discerning group of individuals who value quality, fit and style. We’re extremely selective with the brands we bring on board, as we are committed to bringing our customers the best experience and offering possible. They want to look and feel good in premium activewear that does what it says it does. lululemon ticks all of these boxes and we know our customers will be just as excited as we are”, says Sali. Renowned for its innovative and premium positioning, Stylerunner continues to lead the charge with its brand offering and approach to ecommerce. Since launch two years ago, Stylerunner has celebrated the signing of more than 40 brands including international activewear icon Nike. The e-tailer was also the first Australian pureplay partner for adidas by Stella McCartney. The Stevanja sisters are thrilled to welcome yet another acclaimed and celebrated brand to their coveted activewear offering. lululemon will be available on from 9am, Monday 24 November.