The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2014-10-01T23:54:52Z 2014 Breast Cancer Song Announced 100% of downloads go to charity! 2014-10-01T23:54:52Z 2014-breast-cancer-song-announced-100-of-downloads-go-to-charity The band’s guitarist and lead writer Mars has personal experience with cancer in his family, “I’ve always wanted to write a song that empowers women suffering with illness as I saw the effect that cancer had on my own mother. Writing a song from such an emotional place felt amazing and getting the support of the community to make it a reality felt equally special.” The track was recorded and mixed compliments of Tall Poppy Productions one of Brisbane’s best indie recording studios. The band will be attending several NBCF events throughout October with the finale being their live performance alongside some of music’s greats at the Airlie Beach Music Festival November 7th, 8th and 9th. Ms Carole Renouf, NBCF CEO, encouraged Australian radio stations to support MISTRAM and the song in an effort to help raise as much awareness as possible and encourage downloading. “Every MP3 download helps take NBCF one step closer to our goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. We’ve made significant progress since 1994 but, the work is far from over. We’re now striving to accelerate the delivery of research results to reach zero deaths by 2030 and reduce the suffering caused by breast cancer, and we can only achieve this with the help of fundraisers like MISTRAM,” said Ms Renouf. NBCF is Australia’s leading community-supported organisation dedicated to funding high quality research into the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer. When NBCF was founded in 1994, 30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer lost their battle with the disease. In 20 years, this figure has halved. This achievement is primarily due to research – the most effective way to improve the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer – and the support of community fundraisers like MISTRAM.  - ENDS - SONG DETAILS:     MISTRAM “Mothers Sisters Daughters Lovers” iTunes:  or search MISTRAM        YouTube:  For information about MISTRAM the Brisbane Band please visit To arrange an interview with MISTRAM band members please contact For information about NBCF please visit To arrange an interview with an NBCF spokesperson please contact About MISTRAM: In August 2014 MISTRAM won the Brisbane Battle of the Bands, which is part of the national competition for unsigned musicians. MISTRAM will be performing ‘Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Lovers’ live at the Airlie Beach Music Festival on November 7th, 8th and 9th of 2014. They describe themselves as “Two struggling musicians following our dreams and making a difference along the way.” About the National Breast Cancer Foundation: The National Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading community-funded organisation in Australia raising money for research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer. Since NBCF was established in 1994, over $105 million has been awarded to more than over 370 Australian-based research projects to improve the health and wellbeing of those affected by breast cancer.  Bai Pho Thai Massage & Spa Supports Save Kiwi Month 2014-10-01T09:48:04Z bai-pho-thai-massage-amp-spa-supports-save-kiwi-month Bai Pho Thai Massage and Spa is running a Special Promotion in October 2014 in support of Save Kiwi Month. Subscribers to our e-mail newsletter, Facebook and Google+ pages can access our special that will see them save $10 on a 60min massage, and of the $65 they then pay Bai Pho will donate $5 to Save Kiwi Month. Last year Bai Pho was able to donate $300 to Save the Kiwi, thanks to support from customers and this year we want to hit $500 and help save 5 Kiwi. Our national icon needs saving now. Currently, 95% of kiwi chicks die in the wild. If nothing is done, our children could be the last generation to see kiwi in their natural habitat. Don’t let our kids grow up without kiwi. $100 – Saves one kiwi, it is enough to provide predator control over 10ha for an entire year – enough to save a kiwi.Learn more 1 in 5 gain weight using diet shakes 2014-10-01T05:49:55Z 1-in-5-gain-weight-using-diet-shakes One in five dieting Australians blame weight loss shakes for making them fatter. That’s one of the findings from a new survey undertaken by customer satisfaction research company Canstar Blue, which also found that men (28%) were more likely than women (18%) to pile on the pounds. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, three in five Australian adults are overweight or obese, while 5% more adults are overweight or obese than in 1995. And the Canstar Blue survey, of 750 Australian adults who have bought and used weight loss shakes in the last six months, shows that being overweight is the biggest cause of stress in life for 45% of respondents, while a hefty two thirds said they feel other people judge them based on their appearance. And around a third of consumers feel embarrassed when buying weight loss shakes. Almost half of men and women questioned said they turned to weight loss shakes as a last resort, while 16% claimed to have been addicted to them, with men (22%) more likely than women (13%) to get hooked. “Consumers should be aware that weight loss shakes are considered a dietary supplement, not a substitute for eating healthy whole foods,” exercise physiologist and nutritionist Dr Bill Sukala says. “I'm not surprised that one in five Australians think weight loss shakes made them fatter. Many people are already unknowingly overeating, so when they cut down on their food intake and replace it with a shake, it just puts them back to square one. If they're not helping it along with exercise and reduced energy intake, then it will be difficult for them to lose weight and keep it off.” Just over half of dieters who took part in the survey said they have successfully lost weight using weight loss shakes, but of those, one in two said they put the weight back on after they stopped using them. Just over 40% said they don’t think weight loss shakes work. “Consumers want to get value for money and they want great-tasting shakes. But above all else they want a product that helps them lose weight,” Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes says. “Weight loss shakes can offer hope and motivation to those looking for a lifestyle change and consumers often have high expectations. Many of our survey respondents told us they continued to feel hungry after drinking shakes, meaning they often turned back to food and struggled to lose weight as a result.” While they don’t have the desired effect for some, 30% of those questioned by Canstar Blue believe using weight loss shakes is the best way of losing weight, and a third said they find it hard to lose weight without them. ALDI has received Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for Weight Loss Shakes for its Slim and Trim range. With five-star ratings for taste, value for money and overall satisfaction, ALDI wins the award for the second year in a row, topping the table ahead of 11 other brands, including Tony Ferguson, Celebrity Slim and FatBlaster. Isowhey was the only brand to achieve a five-star rating for effectiveness. “They [weight loss shakes] can give a boost to someone’s weight loss efforts, but I still stress that focusing on a reduced energy diet that is high in nutrient-dense fruits, veggies, lean meats and healthy fats will deliver the most bang for the weight loss buck,” Mr Sukala adds. “You could virtually overdose on broccoli and you would still have a hard time overeating. “Whilst it may not be the sexiest advice, the age old adage to ‘eat less, move more, and don’t smoke’ is still the best advice for overall lasting health, wellness and weight control.” Western Stainless Solutions Adds Perth’s Foremost Karaoke Bar to Satisfied Customer Roster 2014-09-30T05:43:17Z western-stainless-solutions-adds-perth-s-foremost-karaoke-bar-to-satisfied-customer-roster Perth, WA, 30 September 2014 - Recently, Western Stainless Solutions completed a custom stainless steel construction project for Ferrara Karaoke Bar. Ferrara Karaoke Bar is known in many circles as “Perth’s best karaoke bar.” It has a diverse customer base, including locals, tourists and the local business community. Ferrara Karaoke Bar also has over 3,000 selections of Japanese music, making it a destination bar for Japanese tourists. They also rent out their entire bar for parties and cater to local businesses.Ferrara Karaoke Bar has a lively, friendly staff, a host of Australian wines and a long list of imported beers. They are dimly lit, giving neophyte karaoke singers more confidence. The audience is an “easy” one; pretty much anyone who sings gets applause. They have been described as having an “urban vibe” by a reviewer.Considering their atmosphere and the fact that they have to please a diverse audience, ranging from stolid businessman to people out for a “night on the town,” Ferrara Karaoke Bar wanted stainless steel benchtops that provided an industrial “vibe,” but without looking like a sterilised medical environment. How Western Stainless Completed the ProjectA representative from Western Stainless Solutions met with the cabinetmaker onsite. They worked together and manufactured the substrates to clad. The main servery counter was adorned with 100 mm fascias, which helped provide a great work area with a “look” that is appreciated by customers. The rear bar was fitted with customised sinks and also insulated ice wells. The owner wanted to save money, so the job was done in a manner that allowed Ferrara Karaoke Bar to complete a do it yourself installation. The cabinetmaker pre-fitted the substrate tops and they were subsequently enclosed by stainless steel. The owner was able to pick up the completed pieces and simply drop them into place.According to Paul Bartlett, managing director of Western Stainless Solutions, the job was a success with full customer satisfaction: “The Ferrara Karaoke Bar project went very well for all parties involved. We were able to work with the cabinetmaker to provide a custom solution that fit all of their needs and will provide them with high performance, low maintenance and the utmost in cleanliness for years to come. It was a pleasure working with the Ferrara Karaoke Bar to provide exactly what they wanted: an industrial vibe and sanitary equipment that didn’t look like it was dropped there from a medical centre.”Paul continued, “Stainless steel is the perfect material for hospitality, medical and any industry that requires sanitation and easy cleaning, but it has its limitations. If it is designed or installed by people who don’t know what they are doing, both function and aesthetics can suffer greatly.”Paul concluded, “At Western Stainless Solutions, our designs combine the utmost in aesthetics and function. Right now, most of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers. That is no accident.”Western Stainless Solutions is a stainless steel fabricator located in Perth They provide custom design stainless steel construction and installation to numerous Perth businesses. To contact them for a consult, call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: ‘Gyfta’ App makes gift tracking and saying thank you easy - available on the iPhone App Store 2014-09-30T03:25:56Z gyfta-app-makes-gift-tracking-and-saying-thank-you-easy-available-on-the-iphone-app-store The app, Gyfta, is all about making gift tracking easy and inspiring. The idea of Gyfta came about after Charlotte Healey, Gyfta Founder, was inundated with Birthday, Christmas and Easter gifts for her son. It was easy to lose track of who gave what gift.  The Gyfta app was developed to revolutionize gift tracking by helping people be more organized with their gifts but still retaining the personal touch of saying thank you. The user can list an occasion, take photos of the gifts being enjoyed, add a thank you note and send to gift givers by email, Facebook and Twitter.  “What an awesome idea. I wish I’d had this when Ellie was born to track all our gifts. Downloaded and shared!” said Katherine Hargraves, a new mum from Sydney, NSW.   The functionality is very easy to use and navigate, and has been designed to make the whole process of sending a thank you quick and simple. You can set up an occasion, add a gift photo and send your thanks within 20 seconds! The platform also allows you to keep track of who you have or haven’t sent your thanks too.  It also saves all the gift photos and thank you notes in one convenient place so you can also use Gyfta as a keepsake. The Gyfta app is free and available worldwide on the iPhone App Store. Exciting enhancements to the Gyfta app are currently under development as well as new services and products within the gifting and greetings sector. Please visit for more information on Gyfta, including screen shots and a link to download the app.   The Gyfta app was developed by AppWolf, a web and mobile development company based in Sri Lanka.### If you would like further information on Gyfta, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact: Charlotte Healey, Owner and Founder, Gyfta Phone: +61 423 672 552 Email: Facebook: Twitter: @GyftaApp To download the Gyfta app: Creative Writing Ebook 2014-09-30T03:17:34Z creative-writing-ebook Improve your Creative Writing abilities with the hints and tips in our ebook, Creative Writing. Being creative and having the desire to write are essential ingredients for producing written work, but these alone will not be sufficient for most writers. There are many strategies and techniques which can be adopted to provide writers with the necessary tools to succeed and continue to be successful. The Creative Writing ebook will show you the necessary tools that that you need to construct a well written piece of work.  This ebooks covers the scope and nature of creative writing, the methodology and techniques of writing, the different writing genres, creative non- fiction and creative writing techniques to capture your audience’s attention. Available from our online bookshop now: New Australian Made product released will see the end of Blisters! 2014-09-30T01:17:39Z new-australian-made-product-released-will-see-the-end-of-blisters Acti-Bliss is the new Australian made product making waves in the outdoor activity market. Acti-Bliss is the blister prevention wool that outdoor enthusiasts are turning to. Acti-Bliss is manufactured in QLD and distributed nationwide through online sales and a growing network of retailers. Acti-Bliss is made from beautifully carded Australian Sheep’s wool and soaked in a lanolin enriched formula. Using the wool is easy – simply tear off pieces of Acti-Bliss and wrap it around toes or other hotspots before pulling on your socks. Once on, the socks bind with the wool and keep it place whilst you are active. Acti-Bliss is available now in 20g packets either directly from or in good outdoor retail stores. Don’t let blisters rob you from life’s experiences. Acti-Bliss is revolutionary for walkers, runners, hikers, dancers, ice-skating/roller-blading and any manual work or activity that can cause you to suffer from blisters.   For more information please check out or email us at  Coffee + Massage = Bliss 2014-09-27T07:38:09Z coffee-massage-bliss Luxurious massage and high-quality coffee is a combination that sounds simply too good to be true.  Well, now you can indulge your senses like never before with the launch of Australia's first Coffee Massage, developed by mobile day spa Ripple Massage. Nestled high up on Tamborine Mountain, in amongst the rainforest canopy, Ripple Massage ( has become known for creating unique massage styles and exclusive, hand-made massage products.  “Coffee is magic for the skin,” said Ali Shaw, owner of Ripple Massage. “When used as part of a facial treatment, it reduces inflammation and redness of the skin. The ground coffee beans act as an amazing exfoliant to polish the body, and university trials have shown that when used as part of a massage, it can reduce the appearance of cellulite. “It also has the most incredible aroma, and as we use freshly ground, high quality Merlo coffee, we get the very best products to use during our Ripple Coffee Massage Package.” Ripple uses a uniquely developed formula to infuse the oil with the coffee aroma and properties. Ripple has also developed special recipes for a coffee scrub and nourishing coffee face mask. Ripple’s therapists massage with the warmed coffee oil and hot towel off as they go, so guests are left with silky skin, infused with the coffee aroma. Also included in the Ripple Coffee Massage package is full body coffee scrub and a coffee hydrating face mask that tightens the skin. As part of Ripple’s Coffee Massage Package, guests also receive a gift box with a coffee candle, hand-made coffee soap and a gift of Merlo chocolate coated coffee beans. Ripple’s Coffee Massage is $195 for two hours of bliss. Ripple has partnered with two other boutique Queensland companies, who are similarly obsessed with quality and excellence. Merlo Coffee ( who supplies all the freshly roasted and ground, high quality coffee beans for Ripple’s coffee massage products, as well as the coffee gift box. Witches Falls Cottages ( )on Tamborine Mountain offers a coffee massage package, complete with two nights boutique accommodation in award winning cottages and a coffee massage package included. For more information on Ripple Massage and Beauty or to make a booking please phone 0438 567 906 or visit Ripple provides a unique mobile day spa service to women, men and couples throughout the Gold Coast, Mt Tamborine, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, Ballina, Lismore, all Sydney, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road, Mornington Peninsula, Daylesford, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Hobart regions. Note to journalists/editors: for further information, high resolution images or to trial one of Ripple’s Coffee Massage spa packages for review, please contact:  For Ripple : Ali Shaw         Twitter :  Facebook : Merlo Coffee – more information at or 07 3257 0465 Witches Falls Cottages – more information at or on 07 5545 4411 Myionu increases safety for lone workers 2014-09-26T02:57:18Z myionu-increases-safety-for-lone-workers Perth September 26th 2014. GPS tracking service provider Myionu has introduced a range of safety monitoring devices from Blackline designed to increase the safety for the thousands of lone workers employed throughout Australia. Paul Delaney, General Manager, Myionu said “our technology is helping keep workers’ safe without invading privacy” Whilst there are many GPS tracking products on the market, very few are designed specifically for the safety of employees. Our employee product enables employers to monitor the safety of employees with a combination of automatic and manual safety alerting features including True Fall Detection®, man-down detection, missed check-in detection, emergency latch, and silent emergency. When safety incidents occur, the device communicates the employee’s identity, precise location, and an alert type to monitor personnel who are empowered to manage a pinpoint emergency response. One of the biggest issues using GPS to provide a location is that if the employee is in a building or under cover, a false location is given, this presents a real problem when trying to locate an employee in an emergency situation. The solution to this issue is to install low cost indoor location beacons. In areas where GPS location data is unavailable, our devices can communicate an employee’s location based on signals from nearby Loner Beacons. If an employee suffers an injury or health condition, his or her Loner safety monitoring device communicates the alert type, employee’s name, and location to monitoring personnel who manage a pin-point emergency response to the correct building, floor, and room. Installation is easy, requiring just a few minutes to mount a bracket and click the Beacon into place. The Beacons are self-powered by two C-cell alkaline batteries that provide five years of operation. Battery replacement is simple and cost effective. “With many employees working in remote areas where mobile phone coverage is poor or non-existent presents additional communication challenges” Said Delaney. “It not just a case of using satellite phones or standard satellite based communication devices. Simply put, if the user does not have a view clear view of the sky, traditional devices just won’t work”. To combat this issue Myionu has devices that connect to a portal base station to provide communications; Range General Use: up to 2 km; Range Hilltop to Hilltop: 10+ km; Terrain, foliage, and buildings will affect overall 900 MHz radio link range. Using the bridge provides employees with true satellite communication when in buildings and even underground. The Myionu suite of safety devices can be purchased directly from Myionu or from its network of Authorised Dealers.  Packages start from just $39 with annual service plans from $199 About Myionu:  Myionu is a division of AffiniftyOne Pty delivering a range of location based devices and services to business and individuals throughout the world to improve safety, security and productivity. Myionu systems are fully scalable and integrated into user friendly web and smartphone based portals, About Blackline: Blackline GPS is a wireless location leader that develops, manufactures, and markets products and services for worker safety monitoring, covert tracking, and consumer applications. Blackline solutions deliver safety, security, and location awareness through innovative wireless hardware and custom user interfaces, including web, mobile, messaging, and web services. Blackline's vision is to become the leading supplier of wirelessly connected worker safety monitoring and covert tracking products in the world. Blackline products allow customers to protect their personnel and valued assets, share the conditions of their environment, and connect with emergency services when necessary. Blackline solutions Protect. Share. Connect.® More Information Peugeot Leasing End of Year Sale 2014-09-25T02:23:39Z peugeot-leasing-end-of-year-sale Drive Europe in style with up to 30% savings across the entire Peugeot Lease fleet!  Prices start from just $45* per day for the Peugeot 208 1.6L petrol manual model, collecting and returning in France. In addition, clients who have previously leased a Peugeot since 2005 will qualify for 3 FREE Bonus Loyalty Days on all sale models. Peugeot Leasing in Europe is ideal for longer durations of between 21 days – 175 days, giving access to drive through more than 30 European countries; and can often work out cheaper than car hire. Leasers will drive a brand new tax free Peugeot with unlimited kilometres, full vehicle insurance with nil excess, personal accident insurance, 24 hour roadside assistance, full factory warranty and additional driver options. Collection and returns within France are at no additional cost; however an additional fee will be incurred outside. The End of Year Sale is valid for all Peugeot Lease collections until 31 December 2014 with a book and pay date of 12 December 2014. To book, simply visit or call our dedicated Peugeot Leasing Team on 1300 363 500. *Prices are subject to change and currency fluctuations without notice. Android Version Of Story Time For Kids Set For A Makeover 2014-09-24T10:28:12Z android-version-of-story-time-for-kids-set-for-a-makeover Teks Mobile Australia will soon rectify one of the biggest puzzles in its app portfolio. The Android version of Story Time For Kids - the mobile storytelling app that has earned worldwide acclaim - would be brought at par with its iOS counterpart. More reasons for Android users to rejoice! For over an year, this free app for kids has been eliciting polarised opinions at iTunes and Google Play Store. While the reviews of the iPhone/iPad version has been universally positive (the app has even bagged a couple of prestigious design awards), the response has been a lot more ho-hum for the Android version. In fact, there have been quite a few downright unfavorable user-reviews at the Play Store. Executives from the mobile apps company in Australia are hoping that this unhealthy discrepancy would disappear soon. For that to happen, Teks recently recruited a team of highly-experienced graphic designers, animations experts and UI/UX designers. The Sydney-based app company had recently conducted a survey among the users of Story Time - the results of which have suggested that substandard quality of animation was probably the principal cause for the Android version’s relative unpopularity till date. Things are set to change now. A reliable source from the company informed that the mobile app testing procedures for the revamped, improved version of this reading app for kids would be extremely thorough. The Android platform, in any case, has a reputation of having many apps with malware - and Story Time would provide complete assurance to prospective users (i.e., parents) on that regard. A four-member testing team has already been formed for this purpose. Story Time has been acknowledged as the best iPhone app for kids - and there’s no earthly reason why it cannot get featured at the Android app store too. Teks Mobile Australia is also working on 8 new digital story files - which would be released simultaneously on the iOS and the Android versions. Since customization might be an issue, all the screens/pages of the stories would be tested at different resolution levels - so that users of all smartphone models get uniformly excellent experience. The in-house app developers are working on optimizing the fun-meets-learning app for kids for the newly-released iOS 8 platform. Not surprisingly, the mobile app developers from Teks have remained silent about the fate of the Blackberry version of Story Time For Kids. It can be assumed that they are waiting for the response of users to the upcoming Blackberry 10.3 mobile platform. If it does not create much of a stir and BB continues to sink further - the kids’ app might as well be pulled out from Blackberry App World. For now though, all the focus is on making the Android version of Story Time better than ever before. Given how good the iPhone version of the app is, this should not be a tough task for the developers and designers at Teks. To know more about this interactive app for kids, visit Representatives from the company can be reached via phone (+61-04-23521035) or through email ( Once the new Android version of Story Time For Kids is released, it should not take too much time to become really popular! Brother Introduces Its First Wireless-Enabled, PC-Connectable P-Touch Label Maker 2014-09-23T05:39:02Z brother-introduces-its-first-wireless-enabled-pc-connectable-p-touch-label-maker Sydney, Australia (23 September, 2014) – Brother International Australia, a leader in home and business IT peripherals, has announced the launch of the P-touch PT-P750W, the very first PC-connectable P-touch label maker that can be used with most computers and mobile devices to create labels over a wireless network. This makes the PT-P750W an ideal group label printer for small offices and business environments; simply install it on a network, and it’s available to connected users as a shared resource to print professional labels using the free P-touch Editor Label Design software1 or the free iPrint&Label Apple iOS and Android app.The newly-updated P-touch Editor Label Design software lets users choose from a library of label templates or create custom labels using the fonts, symbols and graphics already stored on their computers.This powerful software can be used to download additional label templates from the cloud and it even detects the colour of the installed label tape, presenting for the first time, a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) label design experience.This versatile label maker can print labels created on your compatible Apple® iOS and Android™ mobile devices using the free Brother iPrint&Label app. The app can be used to print pre-designed labels, create custom labels with graphics and photos from the mobile device, and even create and print asset tags from names stored in a contact list. The PT-P750W is NFC-compatible, which lets users “touch to connect” to quickly establish wireless contact with most NFC-capable devices.The PT-P750W also includes pre-loaded labelling software and templates that allows users to connect to a Windows or Mac computer via the included USB cable and almost immediately begin designing and printing labels with the convenience of using a full-sized keyboard and monitor, without installing any software or drivers!The PT-P750W operates on an open-source development platform, empowering app developers to integrate professional label printing into their iOS, and Android applications using free Software Development Kits (SDKs) Brother has made available online.“With the introduction of the wireless- and mobile-connectable PT-P750W, creating professional, durable P-touch labels over a network using any number of devices is more accessible than ever before,” said Mr Michael Morales, Product Manager (E&I and S&S), Brother International Australia. “With the addition of install-free, built-in label creation software, we believe the PT-P750W to be one of the most versatile PC-connectable label makers available for businesses today.”P-touch PT-P750W key features:•    Flexible connectivity - provides built-in 802.11b/g/n to share with others on your wireless network, or connect locally to a single user via its USB interface•    Print labels from your compatible mobile device using Brother iPrint&Label app download•    Print customised labels up to 24mm wide using fonts and graphics from your Windows or Mac computer•    Create high-resolution barcodes and labels with information stored in an Excel® or Access® database on your computer•    Super-fast print speeds up to 30mm per second, repeat printing capability, and an automatic half or full cutter to help save time•    NFC connectivity lets you “touch to connect” to establish contact with most NFC-capable mobile devices•    Powered by included AC power adapter, or 6 AA batteries (not included). Rechargeable Li-ion battery (BA-E001, sold separately) available for completely mobile printing•    Open-source development platform makes it easy for app developers to integrate label printing into their custom Apple iOS and Android applications•    Prints on durable, TZe laminated tapes to create long-lasting indoor/outdoor labelsPricing, Availability, Warranty and SupportVendor: Brother International Australia Pty LtdProduct: PT-P750WRecommended Retail Price: $249Website: Available now from Brother authorised dealers nationally.Warranty: 3 years return to base warrantyAbout Brother International (Aust) Pty Ltd:With over 100 years in operation, Brother International is a leading global manufacturer of laser printers, label printers, Multi-Function Centres®, fax machines, P-touch electronic labellers, typewriters and sewing machines. A specialist in its product lines, Brother combines customer satisfaction and comprehensive measures for environmental conservation, to manufacture innovative, reliable and practical products to enhance the consumer's lifestyle.Brother Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brother Industries, which was founded in 1908 in Japan. Brother Australia was established in 1977, with a head office located in Sydney and State offices located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.About Brother Earth:Brother always takes responsibility, acts respectfully and tries to make a positive difference. Brother Earth is Brother’s attitude and commitment to play a part in building a society with sustainable development. Help the environment now by giving a click at Brother will contribute to a variety of global environmental protection activities on your behalf. The number of clicks each project receives will determine proportionately how the funds will be allocated. Aussies searching for clean and quiet accommodation 2014-09-22T22:28:22Z aussies-searching-for-clean-and-quiet-accommodation Dirty rooms and noisy neighbours top the list of hotel bugbears for Australians. That’s according to a new survey by customer satisfaction research company Canstar Blue, which also reveals that 30% of Aussies have asked to swap rooms after checking into a hotel and being left unsatisfied with what they found. Unhelpful staff and hidden costs also get the blood boiling, while comfortable beds, luxurious amenities and included extras like welcome gifts and treats received the most thumbs up. Room service, breakfast, a good location and knowledgeable staff also featured highly. The Canstar Blue survey, of more than 1,200 adults who have made a booking through an accommodation website in the last 12 months, shows that toiletries are the most common “freebies” taken from hotels by Aussies, followed by drinks and toilet paper. Pens, writing pads, slippers, shower caps, towels and even pillows are also commonly taken. The survey reveals that a third of Aussies try to hold off making a booking until as late as possible in the hope of securing a bargain, while four in five said accommodation websites generally offer accurate reviews. has received Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award – Online Accommodation Booking for the third year in a row and earned five-star ratings across all survey categories, including ease of site navigation and booking, range of accommodation available and value for money. “Consumers are looking for easy to navigate websites and the best deals possible, and with plenty of choice on offer, they don’t mind shopping around,” said Canstar Blue spokesman Simon Downes. “Four in five survey respondents told us they use numerous websites to try and find the best accommodation deal possible, while 70% said that after finding offers, they check directly with the provider to see how the price compares. “In such a competitive market, consumers have the power to take their business elsewhere with just a couple of clicks. So for to win our Most Satisfied Customers award for the third year in a row is a truly fantastic achievement. Congratulations to everyone involved at – you are clearly keeping your customers very happy indeed.” The Canstar Blue survey also found that more than half of Aussies prefer international holidays to domestic travel. That number rose to 70% for Gen Y. Nature’s Palette to Showcase Recent Works of Australian Artist Elizabeth Young 2014-09-22T04:48:11Z nature-s-palette-to-showcase-recent-works-of-australian-artist-elizabeth-young Sydney, 22 September 2014 – Nature’s Palette, an exhibition of recent works by Elizabeth Young, will be on display at South Hill Gallery in Goulburn, 11-26 October 2014. The exhibition will officially be opened by Jane Cush, Director of the Goulburn Regional Gallery on Saturday, 11 October 2014 at 2pm – please join the artist for drinks. Southern Highlands-based Young is an award winning Australian artist with a career spanning over thirty years. Experimenting with different mediums, tones, colours, styles and textures has led to her versatile range of artistic skills and passions. More details on Young’s career can be found on her website: Following the success of her joint exhibition Through Different Eyes at Depot II Gallery in Sydney in 2012; her solo exhibition Expressions of Inner Feelings at the Light Horse Gallery in the Southern Highlands in 2011; as well as many group exhibitions throughout NSW, Young is heading to the heart of Goulburn’s art scene to showcase her latest works. The series of landscape paintings in this exhibition represent her emotional expressions and responses to her surroundings and the affect they have on her senses. The result is shown in a variety of different styles from impressionistic, abstract or linear, through to some works that are more realistic. She has used watercolour, gouache, oils, mixed media and acrylics to create each piece of work. According to Young, the process involved in developing each work involved three basic stages – see, feel and create. “Nature provides us with continual variation of colour – an ever changing palette,” said Young. “The vibrant colours of autumn, the misty greys of winter, the kaleidoscope of colour in spring and the sultry warm colours of summer, all help create strong emotional responses affecting the way I see and how I feel, which in turn motivates me to create.” Some of the works have also been inspired by different vistas experienced in the Southern Highlands, as well as through travels to Tumut, the upper Murray/Murrumbidgee Basins and the scenic alpine regions of NSW and VIC. For further information: Web: Facebook: South Hill Gallery, Goulburn: ** Please note that images are available upon request. Northgate State School chooses new Epson EB-595Wi finger touch-enabled interactive projectors 2014-09-19T06:06:14Z northgate-state-school-chooses-new-epson-eb-595wi-finger-touch-enabled-interactive-projectors Northgate State School was the first school in Queensland to have all teachers complete their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) certification. As a result the smartboards housed in all the school’s classrooms were no longer considered as a dependable resource for learning and a better alternative was sought. The alternative that was found was the new Epson EB-595Wi finger touch-enabled interactive projector.   Northgate State School Principal Carol Scriven explained, “We needed projectors that were affordable and reliable and that the students and staff could use with relative ease. Clarity of images was also very important as was the dual capacity of touchscreen and pen usage. Finally a multi-user capability was paramount. So we did our research and the EB-595Wi was assessed to be the ideal projector for our needs.”   Scriven and her team researched all the options available to them studying each as to how closely they matched the school’s unique requirements.   She added, “The EB-595Wi ticks a lot of boxes. It has dual capacity of usage for students and staff, a very high quality of the imagery, can be used with any whiteboard and has excellent interactive functions. In addition the size of images can be large without distorting, we can easily and wirelessly connect students’ work to multiple screens and the price of replacement bulbs is very low. All of that combined with the excellent reputation of Epson interactive projectors at other schools made our decision to purchase the EB-595Wi a very compelling one.” Northgate State School conducted six months of research into the benefits of projectors over smartboards. Prior to the launch of the EB-595Wi Carol Scriven saw pros and cons in both.   She continued, “We’d had good experiences with previous Epson projectors and with smartboards although neither fully met all of our requirements. The new EB-595Wi however exceeded our expectations both in terms of capability and affordability.”   All Northgate State School teaching staff use the new EB-595Wi projectors to implement the Australian curriculum. As is regular practice in many schools part of the education process also involves research using the Internet and access to external websites and social media such as You Tube.   Carol Scriven added, “We use the EB-595Wi projectors and their wireless connectivity with iPads and Android tablets as they give us the ability to view and compare at least four pieces of student work simultaneously. We can also easily annotate and save each piece of work in order to continue from where the class left off in future lessons. Thus the EB-595Wi presents us with great review opportunities and clearly demonstrates the distance travelled in learning. This will be further enhanced in the near future as our school is one of the first to be connected to the NBN in Queensland.”   Northgate State School’s projectors have been installed in all classrooms giving the school a common platform for use in all teaching spaces and the opportunity for the staff to learn and share resources and practices as a team. Carol Scriven concluded, “It’s early days with our new EB-595Wi projectors but so far we are really enjoying the capacity to go from finger touch to pen touch to whiteboard and to the Internet in such easy steps. Students from prep through to Year 7 are very engaged and motivated by their opportunity to be more interactive than they ever were able to be previously.”   For more information on the new Epson EB-595Wi finger touch-enabled interactive projector go to: