The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2016-07-28T04:28:36Z Likuliku Lagoon - Only Over Water Bure Resort In Fiji - Luxury Island Holiday Deals To Tempt 2016-07-28T04:28:36Z likuliku-lagoon-resort-island-luxury-deals-to-tempt-only-over-water-bure-resort-in-fiji Likuliku, one of Fiji's outstanding island resorts offers special packages – 3, 5 and 7 night luxe Fiji stay deals  Valid 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017 “INDULGENCE PACKAGE” – FREE TRANSFERS Stay 7 nights or more and receive complimentary return island transfers by helicopter, seaplane or private water taxi and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.  Water Taxi option also includes complimentary road transfer/s to/from the Airport and Marina. Conditions Apply: Min 7nt stay. Not available 19 December 2016 to 6 January 2017. Not available in Garden Beachfront Bure category. Not available with any other offer. Booking Code: INDULGE7 Prices from: F$8,204pp for 7 nights including all meals, exclusive amenities, free WiFi and non-motorised watersports.  “CELEBRATION” PACKAGE Stay 5 nights or more for your anniversary, honeymoon, renewal of vows, babymoon or birthday celebration, and receive the following for FREE: 1 hr Aromatic Couples Massage in “Tatadra Spa” Bottle of Pelorus Sparkling Wine Conditions Apply: Min 5nt stay. Not available in Garden Beachfront Bure category. Not available with any other offer. Booking Code: CELEB5 Prices from F$5,860pp for 5 nights including all meals, exclusive amenities, free WiFi and non-motorised watersports.  “SHORT BREAK” PACKAGE Stay 3 nights and receive the following for FREE: 1.5 hr Snorkelling Adventure Trip A complimentary cocktail of your choice from the Masima Island Bar Conditions Apply: Min 3nt stay. Not available in Garden Beachfront Bure category.  Not available with any other offer. Booking Code: SB3 Prices from F$3,516pp for 3 nights including all meals, exclusive amenities, free WiFi and non-motorised watersports.  For further information: For reservations and enquiries online: Email: Likuliku Lagoon Resort is a multi award-winning, unique haven of relaxed refinement and is Fiji’s only resort with over-water accommodation.  Since opening in 2007, Likuliku has welcomed tens of thousands of guests from all over the world and has also welcomed back over 4000 return guests with some couples on their 16th stay.   Situated in the Mamanuca group of islands in Fiji west, Likuliku Lagoon Resort is located 25km/16miles from Nadi International Airport. Guests can arrive at Likuliku by helicopter, seaplane, private speedboat, or fast catamaran transfer. There are 45 bures, all air conditioned and offering mesmerising views of the coral lagoon and ocean, with the over-water bures suspended over the magnificent Lagoon’s reef edge. The beating heart of the resort is the Central Facility housing the magnificent Fijian canoe house designed reception, signature restaurant, guest lounge, boutique and main bar. Guests can relax in the horizon-edge pool, rejuvenate in the gym or spa or watch the sun set at Masima Island Bar in the middle of the Lagoon in a very special piece of paradise. *approx rates only – check daily FOREX rates. Conditions apply. Whatever the season, Honeymooners staying a minimum of five nights will receive a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne upon arrival and a one hour Couples Massage. +Conditions apply.  Ahura ResortsAhura was an ancient god of creations who symbolised life, kindness, equality, care of the environment, charity, loyalty and faithfulness to settlement, tribe and county. The omnipresent sun was an enduring symbol of radiance, purity and life sustenance.  Today, Ahura Resorts embodies these same values.  As a 100% Fijian-owned company, with over 30 years experience in tourism and hospitality throughout the Pacific, Ahura is dedicated to providing quality holiday and lifestyle experiences while preserving cultural values and the surrounding environment.  Ahura is the management company operating one of Fiji’s most popular and well-known resorts - Malolo Island Fiji, and the luxury escape for couples which features Fiji’s first and only over-water bures - Likuliku Lagoon Resort.  Experience the Warm Heart of Fiji with Ahura Resorts. Image link -   Media contact: Tracey Leitch PR Representative for Likuliku Lagoon Resort Impressions Marketing Communications t: (02) 9969 2042 - 0415 290023   e:    Love taking photos? Share your photographs this August 19th with World Photo Day and join the global celebration. 2016-07-27T13:32:41Z love-taking-photos-share-your-photographs-this-august-19th-with-world-photo-day-and-join-the-global-celebration Hosted on August 19th, World Photo Day is a global photography celebration that’s uniting local and global communities in a worldwide celebration of photography. By using technology to connect with ordinary people that love taking photos World Photo Day is using those connections to promote a passion for photography that positively impacts our communities. “Photography is a powerful method of communication that we can use to uplift, inspire and initiate change in our world”, says World Photo Day Founder, Korske Ara.  “A picture is worth a thousand words and those words can be in any of the 6,500 languages on planet earth”. World Photo Day originates from the invention of the Daguerreotype, a photographic process developed by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre in 1837. On January 9, 1839, The French Academy of Sciences announced the daguerreotype process. A few months later, on August 19, 1839, the French government purchased the patent and announced the invention as a gift "Free to the World”. With an estimated 4 billion cameras used around the world, 3.56 billion on smartphones, photography is more accessible today than ever before. This August 19th, celebrate the joy of photography with the world. Find your best photo of the year and share it with the world at Bomber Eyewear, The Sunglasses Fishermen Never Let Get Away! 2016-07-27T05:38:29Z bomber-eyewear-the-sunglasses-fishermen-never-let-get-away To produce correct mirror coatings and tints on sun glass lenses is a complex science. Sunglasses for fishermen are specially designed to ensure that the wearer’s eyes are totally protected from the sun and the sun’s glare off the water while enjoying this outdoor sport. Full protection for your eyes, especially if you are an avid fisherman, is very important and you do not want to skimp on your sunglasses. A cheap pair of sunglasses may keep you from squinting and perhaps save you a little money, but they may not properly block UV rays or offer total glare protection. If you are serious about protecting your eyes while enjoying your sport, you need to select your sunglasses carefully, choose Bomber Eyewear. Bomber Polarized Smoke Lens Sunglasses are meant to be used on bright sunny days. The polarized smoke lens tint reduces the sun’s intense glare on water, whether you are fishing on a lake or the ocean. These fishermen’s sun glasses also offer blue mirror handles. Bomber Polarized Brown Lens – This special pair of sunglasses utilize a special brown tin that contrasts with increased light transmission to provide a greatly reduced glare in warm light conditions. This means that this pair of sun glasses is perfect for use during low light mornings or evenings. If you enjoy fishing as the sun rises or sets, this pair of sunglasses will ensure that you can see better during those specific times. Floating polarized sunglasses. Like the above, Bomber Eyewear also offers a patented floating technology. If you should accidentally drop your sunglasses into the water, they can easily be retrieved. If you are serious about fishing with the best equipment, start with a polarized pair of bomber sunglasses that will minimize glare and help you to fish better. It is important to remember that you only get one set of eyes. Bomber Eyewear has been offering the best in eye protection for those who enjoy outdoor sports since 1997. Founded by World Champion Jet Ski Racer, Tommy "the Bomber" Bonacci, the team at Bomber Eyewear understands the issues those who participate in outdoor sports face. Because of this, they have been able to develop stylish sunglasses that are effective in protecting eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. Whatever is your chosen form of water sport, whether you’re into kite-boarding, wake-boarding, jet skiing, sailing, fishing, or with the family on the beach, or by the pool. Bomber Floating Sunglasses are the just the thing for looking cool whilst still keeping your eyes protected. Check out the full range of sunglasses available at the Bomber Eyewear Australia Online Shop. IBD Shop officially launches in China – provides Chinese access to high-quality, authentic goods 2016-07-25T13:30:10Z ibd-shop-officially-launches-in-china-provides-chinese-access-to-high-quality-authentic-goods SHANGHAI (August, 2016) International Brands Direct Limited announced the launch of IBD Shop (IBDSHOP.COM), a Chinese online brand and sales platform that allows global brands to sell directly to Chinese consumers in China on a simple and cost-effective basis. The launch follows the launch of International Brands Direct successful Shop Abroad platform in late 2015. Provides brands an opportunity to effectively reach Chinese consumers Approximately 60% of luxury purchases are still bought offshore by Chinese consumers, either online or during shopping trips abroad. Fake products are still a rampant problem in China – both online as well as in bricks and mortar stores. IBD was conceived based upon these desires and trends, as well as the fact that Chinese consumers are starting to look for unique brands that are either not available in China or available only in the main cities. International brands are looking for a trustworthy platform that connects, communicates and can transact with consumers in cities all over China. IBD allows Chinese consumers to buy genuine products directly via a legal, established cross border sales platform. IBD Shop brings luxury brands – from well-known brands to unique, niche brands – the opportunity to build brand awareness and new customers through a turnkey platform that includes: marketing promotions, Chinese social media, media tie-ups, and data marketing. IBD converts brand awareness into sales by driving the consumers to the Shop Online platform to directly purchase and safely transact online. IBD Chairman Andrew Waters emphasized: “Both retailers and Chinese consumers want to connect and are hesitant to sell and buy on the major portals in China due to concerns over brand destruction and product authenticity." Easy transactions for Chinese customers IBD Shop makes it easy for both the merchant and the Chinese consumer, bridging that gap to facilitate a seamless sales transaction. IBD is a Chinese-only language platform as it is targeted directly to the Chinese market, allowing them to navigate the site easily. IBD provides full translation and brand messaging to ensure relevance to the target audience. Moreover, consumers can pay in Chinese RMB currency via the most popular local payment platform, capturing a large segment of customers who may not have a credit card enabled for online transactions. For brands this means more customers, and more sales. IBD handles all logistics, including the shipping of the product directly to the end consumer, working with China customs as well as providing local customer service support to ensure continuous customer satisfaction. Building awareness directly with Chinese fashion fans IBD Shop attracts and communicates with Chinese fashion followers through popular social media channels, focusing on fashion and related beauty and lifestyle brands. Until now, quality fashion brands have not had access to a dedicated fashion-driven platform to connect, communicate and transact directly with Chinese fashion followers. Chinese fashion consumers much prefer to buy directly from a trusted dedicated platform like IBD Shop, which gives them the comfort of purchasing genuine and authentic brand products in their own language, and in their own currency. International retailers now have the option to go directly to Chinese consumers, avoid large discounting sales platforms, and to control their brand positioning and counterfeit goods through a direct communications and sales platform. # # # For more information: Contacts China: Lisa Chai ( UK: Wing-Yun Wong ( AUSTRALIA: Monique Haylen ( How to stay running-injury free, for life 2016-07-25T03:57:16Z how-to-stay-running-injury-free-for-life Brisbane, July 2016 – Be it shin splints, a stress fracture or runner’s knee, if you’re a keen runner, the statistics say you’ll probably experience a running-related injury at some point in your career. In fact, some estimate that as many as 80% of runners are injured each and every year.   For those who are passionate about running, injury can present a real hurdle. Whilst some injuries are minor, and easily overcome, others can put pay to much-trained-for races, personal bests, and even conclude running careers.   A better way to train   Motivated by the certainty that there was a better way to train, Australian company run4 have spent the last few years developing a running tool that can change these overwhelming statistics. One that can proactively prevent running injuries.   “Most running injuries are caused by overuse—applying repeated force over a prolonged period of time,” explains Steve Cranitch, founder of run4. “Sudden changes in training volume can also do some damage, all adding up to inflammation, irritation and, ultimately, pain that prevents you from running.”   “The injury rates incurred by runners always struck me as alarming,” adds Steve, who witnessed a number of his friends abandon running altogether and instead turn to cycling. “For people who love running, cycling – or indeed any form of indoor cross training –  isn’t really an adequate alternative, so we set out to find a way for runners to improve their training and remove the risk of injury.”   What Steve and his team came up with has, over the past year, proven to change the way in which athletes both train and view injury prevention.      A supplementary training aid   Launched via a successful crowd funding campaign just one year ago, the Australian-born Bionic Runner is the world’s first – and only – non-impact outdoor fitness trainer to replicate the motion of running.   “Unlike an elliptical trainer, the Bionic Runner has a unique patent-pending 60% swing and 40% stance phase timing, which guides the foot along the path of a mid-foot running gait,” explains Steve. “Basically, you not only look and feel as if you’re running, you engage the same muscles as you would pounding the pavement, too, which sets the Bionic Runner apart from any other cross trainer in the market.”   Thanks to its non-impact closed kinetic chain, training with the Bionic Runner also eliminates the risk of injury from impact fatigue and joint over extension – the two most common causes of joint, tendon and muscle-related strain injuries.   A proactive training tool   Whilst injured runners around the world have been clamoring to buy the Bionic Runner in order to maintain their running fitness through injury, for others, the decision to purchase has been more about proactively preventing running injuries.   For US Masters marathon runner, Maggie Mason, the decision to purchase a Bionic Runner was all about preventing injury – and therefore keeping her outside, doing the thing she loves most – running.   “I have had my share of strained hamstrings, psoas or hip flexor spasms, popliteus tendinitis, etc., some of which sidelined me for weeks at a time,” she says. “Usually these occur during high-mileage weeks during a track or tempo session during marathon training.” The options available to Maggie in the past weren’t always enjoyable, particularly as they kept her indoors. “When I’ve been injured in the past, I’ve gone to what I call ellipticHell, which means going to the gym and doing hours of training indoors on the elliptical machine,” she says. “Whilst I don’t have any current injuries, I wanted to be proactive about cross training, so I could still be competitive as an older masters athlete.”   Maggie now uses the Bionic Runner to supplement her road running, therefore saving her legs from the pounding they would get, should she put in all the miles on the road. “I can’t do 70 mile weeks anymore, but the Bionic Runner lets me put in the equivalent,” she explains. “The Bionic Runner is a fantastic complement to running, and as a supplementary training aid there’s nothing better.” Backed by Research   The claims made by the team behind the Bionic Runner are also backed by research published in peer-reviewed journals. Collected over the last year, data published in the Australian Journal of Strength and Conditioning shows that, whether using the Bionic Runner for interval, Fartlek, tempo or hill sessions, the runner offers the same intensity as conventional running – without the risk of injury from over extension or impact fatigue.   Thanks to the Bionic Runner there is now a way for athletes to put in the mileage they need to each week to meet their running goals, without putting the strain on their body that will ultimately result in injury. ENDS     Contact information:   Running Trainer Pty Ltd   PO Box 761 Coorparoo Qld 4151.   CEO:                                  Steve Cranitch Marketing and PR:             Lizzy Fowler   For all press enquiries please contact +61 (0) 430 925028 or email   Times of availability: 9am-7pm EST or by appointment.   More information can be found at: The Bionic Runner is available to purchase from 63-year old John Shaw sets a second world running record in 2016 2016-07-25T03:50:32Z the-secret-weapon-behind-63-year-old-queenslander-s-two-running-world-records-in-2016 Brisbane, July 2016 – Running a world record at any age is a phenomenal achievement. Running a world record at 63 is perhaps even more so. Brisbane local, John Shaw, however, is now coming to terms with setting not one, but two world records in 2016 – and he only returned to running three short years ago, back when he celebrated his 60th birthday.   Now ranked #2 in the world for his age group (60-64), John’s road to success has not always been easy. Indeed, the outcome may have been very different had he not discovered the Bionic Runner, which also calls Queensland home.   Launched via a successful crowd funding campaign just one year ago, the Australian-born Bionic Runner is the world’s first – and only – non-impact fitness trainer to replicate the motion of running. As a cross-trainer, it has already taken the global running community by storm, changing the way in which athletes both train and view injury prevention. And whilst the majority of seasoned runners have sought out the Bionic Runner to help them run through injuries – and prevent their recurrence – for others, like John, the decision to train on a Bionic Runner has been all about pushing harder – and faster – than ever before.   Two world records in 2016    Earlier this year, saddled with a recurring calf injury, John decided to run a half marathon with just five week’s training – something that would have been impossible – or at the very least short sighted – without the help of the Bionic Runner.   “The Bionic Runner was my saviour during this dark period,” he recalls. “I put in 2-2.5 hour runs on the Bionic Runner every other day to maintain my aerobic fitness, but when race day came, I didn’t set a goal time, I just decided to try my best.”   Unbelievably, John ran 1.21.16 on an undulating course, with a 70 second PB. Fast forward just two weeks, and John joined team mates Ron Peters, Peter Reeves and Ian Cameron on the tarmac to attempt to beat a 4 x 1500m relay record that had stood for 20 years.   “On a hot summer’s morning we broke not one, but three records: the world record by 27 seconds; the Australian by 1:07 and the state by 3:01,” John recalls. “The regular hard workouts during my injury downtime made me a strong runner,” he adds. “With a stronger core, hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings I could push myself harder than I had ever done before.”   Of course, John hasn’t stopped there, going on to set a single-age world record for his time of 2.45.23 in the recent Gold Coast Marathon on July 3rd 2016. “Whilst training for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon I completed a 45-minute session on the Bionic Runner twice a week during light 80-110km training weeks, and once a week during heavier 110-160km training weeks,” says John. “Over time, this made me stronger in the hips and increased my cadence.”   A game-changer for serious runners   The Bionic Runner is the only non-impact fitness trainer to mimic the natural gait and timing of running. “Unlike an elliptical trainer, the Bionic Runner has a unique patent-pending 60% swing and 40% stance phase timing, which guides the foot along the path of a mid-foot running gait,” explains Steve Cranitch, founder of Run4, the company behind the Bionic Runner. “Basically, you not only look and feel as if you’re running, you engage the same muscles as you would pounding the pavement, too, which sets the Bionic Runner apart from any other cross trainer in the market.”   Thanks to its non-impact closed kinetic chain, training with the Bionic Runner also eliminates the risk of injury from impact fatigue and joint over extension – the two most common causes of joint, tendon and muscle-related strain injuries.   For runners like John, who ran a three-minute PB in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, the Bionic Runner represents a game changer when it comes to training – allowing him to pro-actively prevent injury, or continue training through injury, when it occurs.   Speeding Recovery   Significantly for John, the Bionic Runner also represents a secret weapon when it comes to recovery. With just a few short weeks until his next challenge – the Marathon at the World Masters’ Games in Perth – John needs to get back into training immediately.    “The BR has been a saviour in recovery,” he says. “My lower legs “rejoice” when they are on the Bionic Runner as they get to have a holiday while the rest of my body gets back to the business of running.       Contact information:   Running Trainer Pty Ltd T/A Run4
 PO Box 52
 Broadwater NSW 2472 Australia   CEO:                                  Steve Cranitch Marketing and PR:             Lizzy Fowler   For all press enquiries please contact +61 (0) 430 925028 or email   Times of availability: 9am-7pm EST or by appointment.   More information can be found at: The Bionic Runner is available to purchase from Boali Thredbo Offers Quintessential Alpine Lodge Hospitality 2016-07-18T03:15:57Z boali-thredbo-offers-quintessential-alpine-lodge-hospitality Kick your shoes off and discover the joys of lodge life Year round stay appeal Delicious meals prepared for you A home away from homeJULY 2016, THREDBO NSW: Located in a prime setting offering breath-taking views of Thredbo and the Crackenback Range, near the heart of the Village, Boali Lodge offers comfortable, spacious, bright, mountain accommodation all year round. Its friendly welcoming atmosphere attracts members and guests for weekends, special events and longer stays. In particular it is ideal for families of all ages with its 4 loft rooms. The fully managed and recently refurbished 14-room Boali Lodge is renowned for its quality dining experience, attractive rooms and central location. The team provide delicious, nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Close proximity to the Kosciuszko Express Quad Chair provides easy access for winter and summer adventures on Australia’s highest mountain and best ski terrain. Outside of the ski season, Thredbo offers a wide range of activities - both physical and cultural.  Located in the spectacular Snowy Mountains of Southern NSW, Boali’s home Thredbo Alpine Village is Australia’s premier year round mountain retreat. In winter the resort is home to not only Australia’s best alpine skiing and boarding but a village atmosphere that’s second to none. As the winter snow melts the beauty of the mountains reveals itself. When the rest of Australia seriously heats up and the grasses burn off Thredbo is ever green with the average daily temperatures ranging from 14-21 degrees. The warm days and cool nights of summer make a perfect climate for a wide variety of activities in summer. As the closest point of access to Mt. Kosciuszko, Thredbo is the ideal place to begin your exploration of Kosciuszko National Park. "Our guests love our unique lodge experience and many return year after year. The communal dining set up allows all the local news and adventure tips to be shared across the table and guests often make new lifelong friends,” said Maureen French, Chairperson of Boali Lodge.  "Our hospitable team have an understanding of what our winter and summer guests need after a day's skiing or hiking in the mountain air. The lodge menus are richly comforting with beautiful fresh ingredients and mountain flavours that are often a highlight of the stay," Maureen said.  Kylie Hayes has been visiting Boali Lodge for over 20 years and loves the fact that all food is included. “I always look forward to the food, it’s just amazing. It’s so expensive to eat out in the snowy mountains, so to have all the meals prepared for you and included in your package is a really affordable and economical option, plus it frees up your time for more relaxing,” Kylie said.  “I think the big difference with Boali compared to other lodges is that you’re treated to a high end lodge experience. It’s not like a hotel - you get to spend your day out enjoying all that Thredbo has to offer knowing you can come home to a delicious lunch and dinner, and the bonus is you get so socialise with the other guests – it’s like a home away from home”, Kylie said.  Amelia Buchhorn loves escaping from her busy city life to the tranquillity of Boali.  “We usually arrive late on a Friday night after a hectic week at work and it’s just great to be able to park right at the front door and not worry about trying to find a car space or catch the shuttle bus. The lodge has a lovely relaxing atmosphere, there’s plenty of space for the kids and there’s the beautiful lounge with the fire where you can take in the mountain views,” Amelia said.  “It’s a true holiday in that everything is done for you. Whereas with other lodges you have to self cater and bring your own linen we love the fact that we only need to bring our suitcase and that everything else is taken care of.” THE FACTS - Dining All meals are provided year round. In summer the Lodge also offers a bed and breakfast option. No matter the time of year, breakfast is a generous affair of continental and hot breakfast which changes daily. We offer a delicious buffet lunch and are happy to provide the food for a packed lunch for the keen hikers in summer. With the Lodge being so close to the Lifts, it is easy to drop in for lunch after your morning ski, hike or round of golf.  A scrumptious three-course dinner is cooked each night. We are experts in catering for special dietary needs. Let us know how we can assist you. Children under 15 are catered for with an earlier mealtime and are provided a two course meal. Boali Lodge is BYO. A fridge is available to store your drinks and glassware is available for guest use. Tea and coffee making facilities are available 24 hours a day. THE FACTS – General infoFacilities - car parking, internal lock up facilities for bikes, laundry, drying room and sauna. Carolyn our delightful and experienced lodge manager has over 20 years’ experience in managing mountain lodges and knows how to take care of guests so that they can relax and enjoy their Thredbo time - she recently had the pleasure of looking after some members of the Australian Olympic Swim Team. Boali’s TOP to do’s in Spring/Summer/Autumn @ Thredbo Dinner at the top of Thredbo | Eagles Nest Restaurant (02) 6457 6019 Experience the spectacular views with a sunset four course dinner and take in the amazing village night lights whilst enjoying your night time gondola ride. Thredbo Ski Museum (02) 9449 7610Visit the Thredbo Ski Museum. One display is a comprehensive collection of winter sports memorabilia and the history of skiing and snowboarding in Australia. Visit Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery (02) 6457 1447 Mountain Bike Lessons (02) 6459 4119 The Thredbo MTB guides and instructors cater for all levels of experience - Thredbo Valley Horse Riding - 1056 Alpine Way - Crackenback NSW - Tel: (02) 6456 2142 Golf, Fishing, Walking… Get married at the top of Mount Kosciusko! At 2,228 metres high is the highest peak in Australia. IMAGE LINK - For further information, please contact Tracey Leitch, Impressions Marketing Communications. Email: Phone: 0415 290023     3rd Annual Authors’ Day Celebrating Authors and Creatives in the Logan Community 2016-07-18T01:08:39Z 3rd-annual-authors-day-celebrating-authors-and-creatives-in-the-logan-community On Saturday the 30th of July InHouse Publishing hosts for the third time, its annual Authors’ Day at our Underwood offices, publishing and printing factory. With the exclusive support of Logan City’s 101FM the day will run from 10am–2pm and is a free for all focusing and celebrating the many thousands’ of authors who walk through our doors and are inspired to publish their stories.   On the day itself we have special guest speakers Eric Bailey, Susan Ball, Cindy Rochstein, Karen Clarke, and InHouse’s own Nevada Matthews all speaking on their inspiration in publishing.   InHouse Publishing’s Chrisstie Matthews, Kaya Edwards, and Caroline Mackay present an informative seminar on the editing and design process. This brief presentation will not only educate you from an insider’s viewpoint, but help prepare you for the process that is involved in the pre-print stages of developing your manuscript.   Registration is required to attend, as will be giving away spot prizes and various gifts throughout the day, and we want to ensure you receive your welcome pack on arrival. Register at:   InHouse Publishing manager Ocean Reeve also presents his extremely popular seminar ‘Inspired to Publish’—with a twist! Come along to understand your own creativity and how that fits into establishing your legacy.   101FM Logan are the proud sponsors of the event and are responsible for providing listeners with a great alternative to mainstream radio with National and Local news bulletins, keeping you up to date with what’s happening in our world, along with interesting stories and local information. Logan City’s 101FM has a long established reputation as one of the leading community broadcasters setting a standard others stations desire. Their slogan says it all, “it’s all about the music!”   Along with our usual wonderful coffee makers Wil Soon Coffee selling hot beverages on the day, we’re providing a free barbeque lunch (gluten-free and vegetarian options inclusive). Over 25 authors will be present, showcasing and selling their books on the day. Eftpos facilities will be available.   We look forward to sharing the day with you all!     LOCATIONS: In House Print & Design Unit 2 / 75 Parramatta Road, Underwood, Brisbane, Australia 4119   Register at:     About InHouse Publishing: Based in Brisbane, Ocean manages InHouse Publishing with a team of progressive, experienced and innovative leaders in their field. The InHouse Group - Publishing/Print and Design/Signs - are constantly revising the technology behind processes including high-expense investment in machinery, training and staff. This creative environment provides regular inspiration that further heightens the experience for the author to help bring their books their life. The team strongly believes this translates into all parts of the creative process which is what motivates them to be travel the country delivering Ocean's highly popular seminar to libraries and businesses including the local Chambers of Commerce in each location. Ocean is also hoping to expand in 2017 to the Writers Festivals (including the Tropical Writers Festival in Cairns in 2017).   InHouse regularly feature in industry magazines and reports focusing on their innovative and integrity-based model for business. They are not afraid to say it how it is if it means their customers have all the information they need to make economical and informed decisions. Recently interviewed by ABC Radio, Ocean Reeve explains in detail the pitfalls of the publishing industry (both traditional and self-publishing) and what authors should look out for. His in-depth knowledge of the industry attracts massive interest from authors all over the world as he highlights how to not only be a creative author but how to ensure you remain in control throughout the process.   InHouse Publishing works with many high profile clients also including:   • Toni Childs – EMMY Award Winner (Singer/Songwriter) - ‘Rebuild Nepal’ launching in October 2016 • William Shatner – from Star Trek Book: “Catch Me Up” was successful crowdfunding campaign • Andrew Barsa – Wealth Psychology expert and public speaker who has written “The Inner Millionaire” • Eric Bailey – No. 1 Google ranked and activational speaker and author of “Bring Your A Game”   Since his journey began in publishing, Ocean has helped over 3000 authors have a voice and now through the creative environment at InHouse Publishing, he continues to build a strong community of leaders, authors and publishing professionals. Ocean and Inhouse Publishing regularly tour the country with their presentations giving every author the chance to shine. The Events Tour has and will include: the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Mount Isa, Cairns, Perth and Melbourne over the next 6 months sharing knowledge of writing, creative leadership and publishing.   For more information please see or this short video we put together:   For more information: For Bookings: !speaking/c1vw1 For more:          Websites:            Email:                                             Social Media:          Facebook/Ocean Reeve Facebook/InhousePublishing Twitter/Ocean Reeve Facebook/101FMLoganCity   - ends – UPCOMING SPEAKING EVENTS – INSPIRED TO PUBLISH SEMINAR SERIES   Authors' Day, Underwood, QLD 30th July 2016. 9.00am - 2.00pm   Joondalup Library, Perth, WA 14th August 2016. 2.30pm - 4.00pm   Armadale Library, Perth, WA 15th August 2016. 5.30pm - 7.00pm   City of Fremantle Library, Perth, WA 16th August 2016. 5.30pm - 7.00pm   Mandurah Library, Mandurah, WA 17th August. 5.00pm - 6.30pm   Mill Park Library, Melbourne, VIC 10th September 2016. 1.00pm - 2.30pm   Diamond Valley Library, Melbourne, VIC 12th September 2016. 12.00pm - 1.30pm   Frankston Library, Melbourne, VIC 13th September 2016. 6.00pm - 7.45pm   Nambour Library, Sunshine Coast, QLD 5th October 2016. Time 10am - 11.30am   Coolum Library, Sunshine Coast, QLD 6th October 2016. Time 2pm - 3.30pm   Maleny Library, Sunshine Coast, QLD 7th October 2016. 10am - 11.30am   Beerwah Library, Sunshine Coast, QLD 12th October. 1.00pm - 2.30pm   Kawana Library, Sunshine Coast, QLD 17th October 2016. 10am - 11.30am   Maroochydore Library, Sunshine Coast, QLD 3rd November 2016. 5pm - 6.30pm   Caloundra Library, Sunshine Coast, QLD 8th November 2016. 10am - 11.30am ABOUT: SPEAKING EVENTS Ocean Reeve is the Managing Director of InHouse Publishing, Australia's dedicated assisted independent publishing house focused on unlocking the creative passion within us all. His seminars have been described as informative and inspiring. With over 20 years working in creative industries, Ocean understands how to break through the social conditioning and fake walls of fear to release the courageous creative we aspire to be.      SEMINAR:      Inspired to Publish   This 90-minute presentation inspires our creative being to write and share our stories and examines the following; ·         The growth of the industry ·         Understanding the creative process ·         Why we should publish ·         The Independent Publishing process ·         The basics of book marketing      SEMINAR:      Creative Leadership   This 45-minute presentation offers ground-breaking insight into the creative leadership process and how to bring the best out of your team, students, employees and staff. It covers; ·         Understanding the creative process ·         The types of leaders we are ·         Discovering the inner 'WHY' within your business ·         Developing healthy EQ in management ·         Understanding leadership mechanism     SEMINAR:      A Book For Your Business   Ocean offers a seminar presentation and a larger workshop on how to build a book for your business development. In the 20-minute presentation Ocean explores; ·         Your 'business card' ·         Building corporate credibility ·         Marketing longevity  ·         Leaving the legacy     SEMINAR:      Developing Your Business Book   In the 90-minute workshop Ocean offers strategic processes in how to write and publish a book for your business and effectively market and distribute. This workshop covers; ·         Establishing your writing goals ·         Developing your message ·         Setting your writing timetable ·         The review process ·         Publish with pride ·         Marketing and distribution       Mum’s Top Tips for Babymoons - New Infographic from Fast Cover 2016-07-15T01:08:54Z mum-s-top-tips-for-babymoons-new-infographic-from-fast-cover Fast Cover travel insurance^ has released their latest infographic to help expectant mums with a simple travel guide. “The Zika virus has become preeminent in the media. This issue is important to take into consideration while planning a holiday while pregnant, but there are also other issues pregnant travellers ask questions about before they go on a babymoon,” said Dean Van Es, the CEO of Fast Cover. The infographic breaks down four stages of a babymoon: preparing, packing, transit and staying healthy. The ‘babymoon’, a holiday taken by pregnant women before the birth of their baby, has become a popular travel trend since 2013 when celebrities including Kanye and Kim Kardashian and Duchess Kate and Prince William travelled while expecting. “There’s now over 500,000 articles you can find providing tips and advice to women going on their babymoon,” said Dean Van Es, the CEO of Fast Cover. “We applied our philosophy of being fast and simple to help expectant mothers get the essential information for their babymoon.” The infographic comes after the launch of Fast Cover’s new website and the release of automatic cover for pregnancy up to and including the 23rd week on all of their travel insurance plans**. In the preparing to travel section, the infographic provides several checklists for expectant mothers planning a babymoon, including a guide to finding the right travel insurance policy for them and talking with their doctor. It also notifies travellers of the restrictions imposed by airlines and cruise lines when it comes to pregnant travellers. For the packing section, Fast Cover outlines the essentials for a babymoon, from compression socks to a letter from your doctor to show airlines and cruise lines. The “Being in Transit” component outlines how travellers can stay healthy on their chosen transport. For example, it suggests booking an aisle seat on a plane is worthwhile and choosing a cabin in the middle of a cruise ship will reduce motion sickness. Finally, the staying healthy section looks at the foods that should be avoided when travelling while pregnant and how pregnant travellers can stay active while on holiday. “This infographic sums up key points to travelling while pregnant in a way that’s easier to digest than scanning hundreds of articles. Further research into the areas identified in the infographic will ensure pregnant travellers are more confident on their babymoon.”   Dean Van Es, CEO,   Dean is available for further comment or an interview and can be contacted by: Phone: 1300 409 322 Email: ^Fast Cover Pty Ltd ABN 98 143 196 098 AR No.381399 arranges this insurance as an authorised representative of AGA Assistance Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 52 097 227 177, AFSL 245631 trading as Allianz Global Assistance. This insurance is issued and managed by Allianz Global Assistance as agent of the insurer Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 AFSL 234708. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. We do not provide any advice on this insurance based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before buying this product, you should consider the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement (including policy wording) available on the Fast Cover website to decide if this product is right for you. If you purchase a policy, Fast Cover receives a commission which is a percentage of your premium - ask us for more information before we provide you with any services on this product. **No cover is provided for pregnancy, childbirth or related complications unless it is a single, uncomplicated pregnancy up to and including 23 weeks. In any event we will not pay medical expenses for regular antenatal care, childbirth at any gestation or care of the newborn child. Complications mean any secondary diagnosis occurring prior to, during the course of, concurrent with, or as a result of the pregnancy, which may adversely affect the pregnancy outcome. Calls for councils to support overweight communities through National realSpaces innitiative 2016-07-08T19:00:00Z realspaces-launches-in-logan Research being launched today shows around one in six Australians (18 per cent) admit they don’t exercise at all. The study, carried out by CoreData and commissioned by Real Insurance indentified attitudes towards exercise, in the lead up to tomorrows launch of realSpaces in the City of Logan, QLD – the first of many free outdoor gyms that will be launched in communities across the country.  Logan has approximately 127,000 people overweight or obese, in a population of around 308,681 (41%). Meanwhile, according to the ABS, three in five (63 per cent) Australian adults and a quarter (25 per cent) of Australian children are overweight or obese. QLD has the highest rate of adult obesity in Australia at 30%, compared with 28% nationally.  Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert and Exercise Physiologist, Dr Bill Sukala, said there are mental as well as physical benefits to exercising outdoors. “The advantages of outdoor exercise can be far reaching, from boosted energy and cognitive performance to reduced stress and overall wellbeing. Not only that, but outdoor exercise is fun which increases the likelihood of sticking with it over the long-term” said Dr Sukala.Key findings from the researchToo Busy to Keep Fit More than a quarter (28 per cent) of Australians blame a lack of time for not getting the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise Desire to be active with families Three in five (63 per cent) wish they were more active outdoors with their family Almost half (45 per cent) of Australians feel there are not enough free community-based health initiatives in their area Cost Barriers Nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of those who exercise outside, do so because it is cheaper than the gym Australians Love the Outdoors Two in five (44 per cent) people who don’t have a gym membership say this is because they prefer exercising outside Most people (88 per cent) who like outdoor exercise do so because they enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and nearly three in five (58 per cent) say it improves their overall mood Unhealthy Nation Around one in six (18 per cent) admit they don’t exercise at all According to National ABS Statistics, three in five (63 per cent) Australian adults and a quarter (25 per cent) of Australian children are overweight or obese QLD snapshot 61% of people in QLD wish their families were more active outside People in QLD are most likely to prefer exercising outdoors even if they have a gym membership, with one in five (21%) stating this Compared to the state average (56.6%), residents of Logan City (51.9%) are less likely to perform sufficient physical activity to maintain their health* Queenslanders pay the highest gym membership fees at $29 per week ($1,508 per year) Nautilus, Inc. announces new Australian distribution partnerships 2016-07-08T04:15:44Z nautilus-inc-announces-new-australian-distribution-partnerships Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS), a leader in innovative fitness equipment, today announced an expanded presence in Australia, with three new retailers carrying the Schwinn® range of home exercise equipment in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria. The new retail partnerships with Orbit Fitness, Southside Fitness and Just Fitness mean an increased offering of Schwinn® products will be available in Australia, including upright and recumbent bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills and the brand’s revolutionary patented Airdyne® fitness bikes.  Allyson Horst, Director of Retail Marketing at Nautilus, Inc. said: “This move significantly expands our reach into the ANZ market, as we now work with three large and dynamic retailers who all have strong industry credentials and market share in their respective states. The Schwinn® brand is now more visible than it ever has been in Australia, and we are thrilled that we have the opportunity to work with our new partners to continue growing in the region.” The brand’s flagship exercise machine, the Schwinn® Airdyne® AD 8 fitness bike is currently distributed in Australia by The Fitness Generation and Elite Fitness in New Zealand. Schwinn® is a pioneer in the fitness industry, having introduced the world’s first home exercise machines in 1965 with the advent of the stationary bike and the first Airdyne® bike released in 1978. Patented Airdyne® technology utilises the power of progressive wind resistance to facilitate a low-impact, total-body aerobic workout. To find out more, please visit our website: Get Creative these School Holidays with Brother 2016-06-30T00:48:19Z get-creative-these-school-holidays-with-brother With school holidays just around the corner, Brother Australia have the perfect project that’s sure to keep the little ones occupied on those long road trips. What’s even better is that this project isn’t only fun to create but also fun to use.These fantastic car caddy instructions come to you courtesy of Hannah Appel, grand prize winner of the recent #BrotherMakesMemories Competition. Hannah created the caddy with her young niece in mind for the trip they’re planning to take to Uluru during the break. We loved it so much that we chose Hannah as the grand prize winner and hope that you love it too.If you think this project would be of interest to your readers, we’d love for you to share it with them! For your convenience, we’ve copied the step by step instructions below as well as a link to high resolution images of the caddy.Thanks so much for your time and if there is anything we can help with, please let us know.For high resolution images, please click here.  Project Car Caddy Skill Level Moderate Project Type Sewing Tools Sewing MachineIronIroning BoardScissorsPins Material CottonMaterialBias Binding Steps  1 Measure the back of your front seat. But don’t measure all the way to the bottom, otherwise your little ones won’t be able to reach all of their fun stuff! Cut two pieces of your material to this size (these will be referred to as front and back pieces). Add a seam allowance of 2cm to all of your measurements 2 BACK piece - Cut another piece of fabric to the size of the back piece, but 3cm shorter. Add your bias binding to the edge. Sew this to your back piece. It will form the large back pocket for the tray and other large books. 3   FRONT piece - It is best to start with a pen and paper and draw up your pockets. What exactly do you need from your car caddy? For me, I wanted a big water bottle holder, individual pencil holders and a variety of big and small pockets. From there, cut up your pocket pieces (remember to allow for a 2cm seam allowance) and lay them out on the large front piece, making sure you allow for a small gap (0.5cm) between each group of pockets. 4 POCKET GROUPS - pocket groups refer to the collection of pockets on the front piece. I had 6 pocket groups in total. Sew each pocket group one-by-one. You will also need to sew on your bias binding to your pocket piece, before sewing it onto the main piece. You are able to customise your pockets however you like, for some of the pockets, I sewed down the middle, making two smaller pockets! Build up your pocket groups from back to front and remember to sew the bias binding first, otherwise you will sew your pocket shut! 5 Work your way all around the front piece until you have sewn all of your pocket groups onto the front piece. Next you will need to make the handle. Measure around the seat headrest and allow a few centimetres for your car caddy to hang down. Mine is 47 cm, with a 2 cm seam allowance. Cut 2 pieces for the handle, turn the right sides together and sew 3 sides, leaving one end open to turn inside out. No need to sew up the end as it will be hidden inside the front and back pieces of the main section. 6 Grab your front and back pieces and place right sides together. Sew bottom and two sides (leaving 5cm unsewn on each side to allow dowel to thread through later). Turn your car caddy inside out so right sides are now on the outside. Before attaching the handle, sew across the top of the car caddy 5 cm from the top. This will allow you to insert a piece of dowel in the top to keep the car caddy nice and straight whilst hanging. Pin your handle to the top, fold down your seam allowance and then sew. I used a 1 cm dowel piece that is 51cm long. Insert your dowel piece and VOILA! Your car caddy is complete. Having a removable dowel piece means you can wash the car caddy at the end of the trip. Enjoy peaceful road trips and happy, content children! COSPLAYER GOLDY TO ATTEND SYDNEY’S #1 ANIME CONVENTION 2016-06-27T10:00:07Z cosplayer-goldy-to-attend-sydney-s-1-anime-convention Sydney, NSW, June 27th, 2016 —Get ready for more cosplay action at SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show! Taking cosplay fever to a whole new dimension, SMASH! is thrilled to announce that the highly renowned mecha cosplayer, TAKAHIRO (GOLDY) SAKAI, will be a special guest at SMASH! 2016. With over ten years experience in constructing mecha costumes and armour accessories, GOLDY has become one of the world's greatest craftsmen. Inspired by mecha characters from Japanese pop-culture such as Gundam and Evangelion, Goldy has been attracting fans around the world including superstar cosplayers Kaname☆ and Reika. Amongst the thousands of cosplayers that attend SMASH! in vibrant costumes every year, SMASH! President Andrew Qiu believes “mecha cosplay is an incredibly rare yet highly respected genre”. “Believe it or not, Gundam has played a significant role in Japanese pop-culture for over thirty years now,” Qiu said. “Coming all the way from Japan, we cannot think of a better guest than Goldy to share his knowledge and skills with mecha cosplayers. Goldy’s attendance affirms the idea that the art of cosplay promotes diversity, and intercultural exchange at conventions like SMASH!.” Fans will have the opportunity to meet Goldy at the convention, and attend unique demonstration workshops. Cosplayer Goldy will join previously announced guests: Japanese voice actor Hideo Ishikawa (Naruto), Japanese voice actress Ai Nonaka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and cosplayer Yuegene Fay. SMASH! 2016 is a pop-culture convention to be held at Rosehill Gardens on August 20th and 21st. Featuring a line-up of cosplay, gaming, and anime events, SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show is an event not to be missed. For more information, visit ***ENDS***   SMASH!  Media Contact:  SUSAN MA Public Relations Coordinator E: The Cataclysm ‪‎crowdfunding‬ project is on ‎pozilble‬ 2016-06-24T05:11:26Z the-cataclysm-crowdfunding-project-is-on-pozilble The Cataclysm ‪‎crowdfunding‬ project is on ‎pozilble‬ Alien's unknowingly release an evil entity from it's confinement, leads to Earth's destruction. Team of ex-solders onboard an experimental starship battle enter an old cube in orbit around a small gas giant orbiting dual red dwarf stars. The entity ends up destroying Earth and its solar system. However, it’s not a where there is a time agent trapped in the outer reaches of the new nebular... The Infinite Loop- An Exhibition of Abstraction 2016-06-22T06:27:50Z the-infinite-loop-an-exhibition-of-abstraction THE ARTIST NETWORK 3 German and 3 Australian artists re-imagine the Justin Art House Museum  A globalised network of international and Melbourne based artists are set to create a collaborative exhibition of abstract interventions at the Justin Art House Museum this coming August. The Infinite Loop will showcase both existing and new work of German artists Lars Breuer, Sebastian Freytag, Guido Münch (Konsortium) and Melbourne based artists, Justin Andrews, John Nixon and Stephen Bram. Further extending upon connections formed during his 2014 residency in Finland, artist/curator Justin Andrews, draws upon an existing network of abstract artists that have been widely recognised for challenging the institutional status quo by reimagining the artist collective as an exhibiting force within a globalised context. This is a show not just about Abstract Art, but also the conversations and questions that occur during the process of its inception. Justin Andrews contends that ‘this exhibition will reveal a range of shared forms and elements, symbolising a like-mindedness between all six artists. There is a real shared history behind this network of artists that has yet to be fully explored.’ JAHM proudly presents itself as the first Australian platform in which these discussions can take place. A reading room established especially for this exhibition, featuring a range of ephemera collected over the years by each of the artists, will provide further insight into these conversations. A must for those who wish to further engage with the history of this globalised network. The newly established JAHM, home to Charles and Leah Justin will facilitate and host the artists during the exhibition installation. As a ‘creative hub’ JAHM seeks to provide a space that is welcoming and supportive of a dialogue that promotes divergent concepts towards contemporary art and its participation. ‘As a private institution we are able to provide an alternative voice to the existing public institutions, and a variety of voices within the discussion of contemporary art, is exactly what we need at this time’ Charles’ statement echoes the thoughts of many who have celebrated the pluralistic and inclusive approach to art history and curating in recent years. As an authority on the history of Abstract Art, Dr Caroline Barnes will write a critical text that contextualises this project.  Quick Facts: •                Justin Art House Museum, 3 Lumley Court, Prahran •                 Exhibition: The Infinite Loop, 14 August  - 20 November 2016 •                 Open to the public by bookings made via the website •                 For further information, or to arrange an interview or media tour please contact Gina Lee on 0411 8188 62 or •                 High resolution images available on request. •                 For more information on Konsortium ###