The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2014-07-25T01:39:19Z Silver Anniversary of Phenomenon Creative Event Services: Something to Celebrate! 2014-07-25T01:39:19Z silver-anniversary-of-phenomenon-creative-event-services-something-to-celebrate Perth, WA, 25 July 2014 – Now beginning their second quarter century in the events industry, Phenomenon Creative Event Services are considered Western Australia’s go-to event styling and theming professionals.Phenomenon’s Director, Paul Cumming says “Now is as good a time as ever to look back at our journey during the past twenty-five years. We’re enjoying reminiscing, but also looking ahead into the future and wondering what ‘will be’.”The Phenomenon story began in a humble garage in Perth, by founders Paul Cumming and his business partner Steven Power. They hit upon the idea of a mobile disc jockey business that would service anything from parties to large scale corporate events and other celebrations.Eventually, both gentlemen brainstormed with ideas on how to expand the business beyond simple disc jockey talent. What they needed to find was a reliable team of hardworking, talented and creative people who could help them grow the business into something ‘phenomenal’.Cumming says, “The resounding message coming through on this point in time is that our current success is based on brilliant people doing equally brilliant work even in the early days.”In 2000, “Phenomenon Creative Event Services” was officially born, when Cumming and Power expanded the business to include photography, videography and event theming. In more recent years, the DJ, photography and videography arms of the business were sold and our primary focus became what it is today, to specialise in four key areas - event theming & styling, furniture hire, corporate branding and prop hire. Phenomenon do however work in tandem with other like-minded professionals to deliver event services such as entertainment, photography, videography, audio visual, lighting and the like."After so many years, Phenomenon has witnessed trends and changes come and go. What remains, they say, is their commitment to excellent customer service and delivering superior events in Perth and the surrounding area.“If you’ll forgive us and let us brag for a bit, we are proud of the evolution of our company,” Cumming says. “Each one of the changes and tweaks we have made means that we are never still and never complacent.“Looking ahead, our end goal is still no more solid than it was 25 years ago. Every year, we adjust our mindsets to pursue new looks and new markets and to become more efficient and deliver more creative options to our clients.” he says.When asked what exactly has changed in the last quarter century, Cumming stands firm with his answer.“Many, many things have changed, but not our attention to detail and customer service. Creating amazing events and ensuring people leave an event having had an experience is what we enjoy doing the most.” he says.“We have phenomenal clients who have pushed us to achieve more, and awesome vendors and suppliers, who have helped us realise our needs and goals. We couldn’t have achieved this without them because it’s definitely teamwork all the way round.”“And we never forget that even if it’s a business, we have to have fun,” he adds.Cumming says, “To our equally phenomenal clients who have pushed us to achieve more with each coming year. To our vendors and suppliers, who have helped us realise our clients dreams and needs, and of course, to the staff who have worked so hard at meeting and exceeding this dream. Thank you - we wouldn’t have achieved any of this without you!”Phenomenon Creative Event Services has earned its reputation for excellence in the Perth area. Now twenty-five years strong in the industry, the Phenomenon team will make your next event one to be remembered for years to come. Visit their website at, or phone them on 1300 33 9000. The Custom Trend - Its all About me 2014-07-23T05:41:37Z the-custom-trend-its-all-about-me Customise this, personalize that, selfie here and a quick upload there and the social world of me is in full swing. As a matter of fact, this focus on social media images and instant up loadable pics has driven the growth of the personalised products industry. Picabu Australia Pty Ltd is capitalising on this industry by offering Australia's largest range of customisable phone and tablet cases (nearly 150 devices available). You can now upload any image on the device of your choice at and it will be printed and shipped to you within 24 hours. Picabu has two mainstream products - custom cases (silicon tough cases with your image printed on them) and 3D Skins (3M adhesive material with your image printed on them for the front, sides and back of your phone - like a 'skin'). All of Picabu's custom products are actually printed and packaged in Australia. The popularity of this custom product has taken off in Europe and America in the last 5 years and has just recently hit Australian shores. Picabu Australia's GM, Pascal Gouel believes the Australian market is ripe for growth, "Australia has 30 million active mobile phones in operation, equivalent to 1.33 per capita and one of the highest in the western world. Add to this the need to purchase an average of 2 cases per phone per year and you have a large ready-made case market in Australia. Picabu Australia is well positioned to grow the custom phone case trend by offering the largest available devices that can be customised - currently we have nearly 150 of the most popular devices on our site and its being increased on a weekly basis". Picabu Australia is one of the first to offer the 3D skin product. The 3D skins are made from 3M adhesive material (world patented) and have an air bubble release technology embedded in the material. Picabu Australia effectively prints your image on this material which is then adhered to your phone / tablet case like a 'skin' (Front, Back and Sides). The application of this product is not only for social and personal use, but has a wide attraction in business: "Many of our customers are actually businesses who have printed their logo and marketing material on their phone and tablet cases. If you think about it, a custom phone case with your company logo is a walking billboard that scores hundreds of impressions per month. We are finding that companies are being attracted to this new, low cost and effective means of marketing, by providing them to their employees and as promotional giveaways". In addition to their custom cases and 3D Skins, Picabu Australia also has ready-cut 3D skins made from glitter, wood finish, metal brush and carbon fiber material. It's now easy and quick to just change your phone skin based on the mood you are in. According to Pascal Gouel, the key to success to this kind of business is marketing and user experience. We have gone to great lengths to develop a professional, easy to use website that allows customers to upload their image and immediately see how their custom case will look like. Overseas competitors have only done this for the major 15-20 device products, but we have done it for all. Like any online product nowadays, social media marketing and word of mouth is critical to its success.  Its very important to us and our customers that we are an Australian company that prints and packages the product in Australia. This is great for quality control, great for customer service and great for Australia" New Product combats Non-Compliant Phone Chargers 2014-07-22T04:37:04Z new-product-combats-non-compliant-phone-chargers If you have seen the news in the past few days you would have heard about the risks of non-compliant phone chargers. Unapproved phone chargers have flooded the market with very little way of knowing what's approved and what isn't. A great way to ensure you are not getting dodgy non-compliant chargers is to have a quality Clipsal USB installed by Reactive Energy. You can't put a price on safety. New to the market:The Clipsal USB Charger Outlet – the perfect answer to the "where is the charger?" question!  Designed in Australia for Australian conditions. Clipsal's innovative 30 Series USB Charger Mech provides an adaptable, efficient and reliable solution. Use to charge phones, tablets and other consumer electronic devices in a wide variety of market segments, without needing the manufacturer's original charger. It will change the way people charge their devices. • Conveniently charge multiple electronic devices, simultaneously and quickly.• Safe to use and reliable.• Fits multiple wall switches and power outlets that you may already have in your home.• Install or upgrade today. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 859 882 or email us How the 1 July QLD Electricity Price Rises affect you 2014-07-22T04:34:48Z how-the-1-july-qld-electricity-price-rises-affect-you You may or may not have heard that electricity prices have gone up once again, 13.6% from the 1st July 2014!  The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) says bills have risen by about 50 per cent over the past three years. We encourage our customers to shop around for a better deal with retailers. There are comparison calculators now available, however we have found these to be hard to understand and compare apples with apples, especially for customers with solar or off-peak tariffs. This is why we have created our own comparison with all the correct up to date information. We can sit down with you and compare your figures and help you choose the right retailer to suit your needs. Let's hope the Federal Government's carbon tax is repealed, to eliminate this portion of your bill! Contact Joe or Luke at Reactive Energy on 1300 85 98 82 to book in your one on one appointment today.  FILTER STUDIO – LONGBOW BUSINESS CARDS 2014-07-22T04:30:17Z filter-studio-longbow-business-cards Claire Hamiltion from Filter Studio approached us with a very cool idea for a business card. We were more than happy to work with her to make these unique cards. As you can see, it worked! And  we couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. ROYAL QLD YACHT CLUB – TROPHY DESIGN & FABRICATION 2014-07-22T04:23:20Z royal-qld-yacht-club-trophy-design-amp-fabrication Here is a mirrored pair of trophies that we were asked to design and fabricate for the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. We incorporated laser cut stainless steel, laser cut acrylic and 2 pac base; and got creative with the design and construction. We are all very happy with the end result!   HLT STUDIO’S SECOND PRODUCTION SHOWS HOW SECOND BEST CAN BE A BITCH 2014-07-22T04:12:57Z hlt-studio-s-second-production-shows-how-second-best-can-be-a-bitch The second production from the new HLT Studio gives Auckland theatre goers the rare chance to experience a work by one of America’s leading contemporary playwrights. The Understudy – Second Best Can Be a Bitch by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Amie Bentall, is a dazzling and humanistic look at people trying to do what they love in the face of obstacles that mount until all anyone can do is dance. Charged with running the understudy rehearsal for the Broadway premiere of a previously undiscovered Kafka masterpiece, Roxanne has one afternoon to get it right. There’s just one problem – nothing goes right. Roxanne finds her professional and personal life colliding when Harry, a journeyman actor and also her ex-fiancé, is cast as the understudy to Jake, a mid-tier action star yearning for legitimacy. As Harry and Jake find their common ground, Roxanne tries to navigate the rehearsal with a stoned lighting operator, an omnipresent intercom system, the producers threatening to shutter the show and her own careening feelings about both actors and her past. Launched as the centrepiece of Howick Little Theatre’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the HLT Studio is a smaller theatre experience where experimental and innovative productions can be staged. The HLT Studio aims to encourage new and returning actors, new directors, new writers and new designers to experience community theatre in an environment tailored to nurture emerging talent. HLT Studio Artistic Director, Terry Hooper explains: `Our mission is to present three short seasons of plays and a series of regular staged readings each year. We introduce new talent to all aspects of theatre, from the technical designers and crew to the production team, directors, actors and more. `Our first production features a first-time director, with an established (usually NZ-based) play. The second production is an established play selected for emerging actors to shine, with an experienced director. Finally, the third production is a new work written by a new local playwright, supported by an accomplished production team – both on and off stage.’ HLT President, Rae McGregor explains: `For 60 years Howick Little Theatre has been producing high-quality, entertaining, accessible and enriching theatre as well as creating an environment that encourages and recognises the artist in each of us. Throughout its history, Howick Little Theatre has been a committed champion of New Zealand theatre, premiering a number of local productions and nurturing our native talent. We wanted to mark this special year by introducing the HLT Studio, which aims to bring new talent to community theatre as well as persuade old friends to come back, by getting involved in shorter and less demanding productions.’ HLT Artistic Adviser, Alison Mudford adds: `Our five main productions each year are some of the best and most professional community theatre experiences in New Zealand. In 60 years the theatre has evolved to become one of Auckland’s best-known and most respected community theatres. The HLT Studio is designed to be a less intimidating, more intimate, but no less professional introduction to theatre and we are thrilled that Terry Hooper and Nick Martin brought the concept to us and have volunteered to help bring it into being.’ THE UNDERSTUDY – Second best can be a bitch. By Theresa Rebeck Directed By Amie Bentall Season – August 6th to August 9th, 8pm Matinee – August 9th, 2pm Bookings: Tickets: $18 (adults), $15 (concession) and $15 (for groups of 6+). General admission with no allocated seating. Door sales will be available on the night.Running Time: 90 minutes (no interval) For more details check out:   Legal action against drone operator who allegedly hit a triathlon runner 2014-07-22T03:27:02Z legal-action-against-drone-operator-who-allegedly-hit-a-triathlon-runner The runner, Raija Ogden, sustained head injuries during a triathlon in Geraldton this year after the drone flying over the race crashed into her.  The drone, filming the race, is owned and operated by videographer Warren Abrams.Mr Abrams initially claimed that someone nearby may have “channel-hopped” his device, taking over control and crashing it. However it has since been found that neither Mr Abrams nor his company appear on the list of 92 safety CASA certified drone operators. CASA is now gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses in order to request the matter goes to court.Recently the CASA has relaxed the rules covering the use of drones, removing the need for commercial operators to have a licence for remotely piloted aircraft under two kilograms. However the drone-users group, Australian Certified UAV Operators, say two kilogram units are still dangerous and these new regulations could open up the skies to more rogue, untrained operators.To avoid facing these charges and increase the workplace safety and health of your employees WHS solutions can work side-by-side with you to manage your occupational health and safety systems.In order to maintain the highest levels of protection for your employees we consistently check and monitor what we have implemented, guarantying full attention to your safety needs. This ensures that your company is complying with the most up to date regulations and reduces the risk of injury to your employees. Don’t let time fly by, be proactive and invest in health and safety management system! Pets Continue to Prove Beneficial to the Elderly 2014-07-21T03:09:24Z pets-continue-to-prove-beneficial-to-the-elderly Australia, 21 July 2014 - Tall Trees Care Communities are a small network of communities that provide an alternative to traditional aged care. Their residents actually own their homes and are free to come and go as they please. They select their own level of care in a model called “consumer directed care.” Not only are residents allowed to have visitors such as grandchildren over whenever they want, they are also allowed to have pets.While the logistics of a traditional aged care facility make it nearly impossible for anyone to have a pet, the fact that residents live in homes more befitting a high-end retirement community than an aged care home makes it easier for Tall Trees to allow pets. Recently, on the Tall Trees company blog, co-owner and co-founder Phil Usher recommended five particular breeds of dog as great pets for the elderly due to a combination of factors. Most important is the dog being small enough and calm enough for an elderly person to be able to take care of them. In addition, the dog’s ability to provide companionship is very important. Here are the five breeds recommended by Mr Usher with brief descriptions of their “personalities.”TerriersBoston, Jack Russell, Scottish and Yorkshire Terriers are at the top of the list. These dogs, while occasionally energetic, are also docile and small enough to climb into their owners’ laps. Terriers are very affectionate dogs and usually like to stay very close to their owners. They are protective and alert. They also encourage their owners to exercise because they need a short walk every day.PugsPugs can be a bit energetic and rambunctious and are at the top of the “cute” scale. They are also some of the most loyal and affectionate dogs on the market. They make very devoted and protective pets. They also require a short walk every day to use up some of their excess energy. They are also great conversation starters when being taken for a walk because most people like them and think they are cute.Shih TzuThese dogs are from China. They are very mellow and have long coats that need to be maintained daily. Luckily, these dogs are patient and love the attention. They are very affectionate and great for those who need a mellow pet.Toy PoodleToy poodles love their humans but aren’t all that keen on other dogs. They are great for the person who wants to groom their dog on a regular basis. Many women make poodles their top choice of dog breed.ChihuahuaChihuahuas have a loud bark which is “worst” than their bite. They are natural protectors and make great watchdogs.According to Mr Usher, “Ultimately, we encourage most pets because they improve our residents’ quality of life.”Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to aged care in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast with locations in Logan, Sunnybank, Holland Park and Tweed Heads. To learn more about their communities in which residents own their homes and choose their own level of care, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: Synthetic Grass Becoming More Popular in Perth 2014-07-21T01:49:16Z synthetic-grass-becoming-more-popular-in-perth Perth, WA, 21 July 2014 - The business climate has become more competitive in recent years. Businesses scramble to lower operational costs to compensate for decreasing margins and harried owners and executives have less and less free time to spend on items such as making sure their grounds look good. That is why many business owners and managers are turning to synthetic grass for their properties. Why Synthetic Grass?Synthetic grass provides a stable, low-maintenance solution for many businesses. While a lawn wouldn’t seem to be of much importance, appearance means a lot for many businesses. If a business lets up on the maintenance of a natural grass lawn for even a week, it starts to look extremely unprofessional. In other words, an unkempt lawn can do a lot of harm to a business, turning its "best foot forward" into an eyesore. Synthetic grass looks the same, day in and day out, every day of the year: like a perfectly-groomed lawn. This is one less thing for an executive or business owner to think about during the typical long day of multitasking, "putting out fires" and decision-making.A natural grass lawn requires a lot of maintenance. While many businesses hire landscaping companies to do the work, many choose to do it "in house." Either way, it costs a lot of money to maintain a natural grass lawn. For all of that money, the business gets a lawn that may look its best for six months out of the entire year and is plagued by barren and brown spots the rest of the year.For a business on a large piece of property, such as a hospital, the costs of equipment and materials alone can be staggering. A tractor or heavy duty lawn mower is first, followed by fertilisers, weed killers and pesticides. It also costs a lot to water a large property on a daily basis. It costs even more for the labour over a longer period of time.Synthetic grass requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t need mowing, fertilising, weeding or seeding. That considerably reduces costs for equipment, materials and labour. Justin Everley is the Director of Green Planet Grass and a veteran of over 4,000 artificial grass installations. According to Mr Everley, "Businesses are becoming aware of the fact that an artificial lawn looks great 365 days a year and is almost maintenance-free after it has been installed. After the initial cost of installation, Green Planet Grass pays for itself in a few years due to all of the money saved in watering, materials and labour."Mr Everley continued, "Green Planet Grass provides a one-stop solution for many businesses. Once we have installed their synthetic grass, maintenance is a matter of keeping it free of debris and cleaning the trouble spots with soap and water."Mr Everley concluded, "Synthetic grass provides a comprehensive, problem-free solution for any business."Green Planet Grass manufactures and installs synthetic grass. They serve the greater Perth area and offer a full range of artificial grass products for residential, business and sport use. To learn more about Green Planet Grass, call (08) 9209 2669 or visit their website: CITY OF CANADA BAY GARDEN COMPETITION 2014-07-21T01:46:35Z city-of-canada-bay-garden-competition Now in its third year, the garden competition recognises avid gardeners across Canada Bay with a $500 cash prize on offer in each category.   “Last year we had some amazing entries in all categories and I would encourage all of our green thumbs to enter,” Mayor Tsirekas said.   “We have some beautiful gardens in Canada Bay and the entries we received last year show how much pride our community has in their gardens.”   The competition is now open with entry forms available on the website, with applications open in a range of categories including: ·         Best house garden; ·         Best native garden; ·         Best balcony/small space garden; ·         Best school garden; ·         Best sustainable garden; and ·         Best vegetable garden.  “The best house garden last year was won by Five Dock resident Patrick Kayrooz and it was spectacular,” Mayor Tsirekas said. “I was extremely impressed by Patrick’s stunning garden.” The idea for the competition originated when enthusiasts from Concord Garden Club approached Mayor Angelo Tsirekas to introduce a garden competition in 2012. Now in its third year it has grown bigger and better. FERRAGOSTO: SYDNEY’S BIGGEST ITALIAN FESTIVAL! 2014-07-18T00:28:21Z ferragosto-sydney-s-biggest-italian-festival “We have a great day planned to celebrate the 17th year of Ferragosto in Five Dock,” he said.   “Last year, we welcomed our largest ever crowd to Ferragosto and this year we hope to do the same.”   All of your festival favourites are returning again this year, plus much more.   Ferrafesta, Ferragiovani and Ferramusica will have all day entertainment on their stages including dancing and singing from Italian performing groups as well as local dance and music schools.   Ferracucina, led by Angelo’s on the Bay owner, Marie Piccin will once again showcase a line-up of fantastic local chefs who will be demonstrating to audiences how to prepare an Italian dish.   “This year we’re excited Pina Pacialeo, of Youtube Pina Cucina fame; will be joining us in Ferracucina and showing audiences just why her videos are so popular,” Mayor Tsirekas said.   There is even more fun to be had at this year’s event. We are introducing carnival mask making workshops, street soccer and soccer tricks and photo stand in’s where you can pose as a pizza maker or a gondolier. We also have an outdoor cinema showing two Italian films. Not to mention over 150 market stalls, wine sampling at Ferrapiazza, a traditional Italian car  and  Ducati display, roving performers, trivia and competitions, rides, a petting zoo and much more.   Ferragosto is on Great North Road, Five Dock on Sunday, 17 August from 10am-4pm.   “It’s going to be an action packed fun and exciting day for the whole family,” Mayor Tsirekas said.   The event is brought to you by the City of Canada Bay and is supported by Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre, Canada Bay Club, Cleanaway, Club Five Dock RSL, Inner West Courier, italianicious magazine, Community Relations commission for multicultural NSW, Channel Nine, St George bank, Leichhardt Fiat Alfa and Five Dock Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Canterbury BMW, Adshel and Aqua Source.   For more information visit our website: Launch of Discover Recover Holidays to Combine Wellness with Culture. 2014-07-16T22:31:40Z health-and-fitness-travel-launch-new-discover-recover-holidays-to-combine-wellness-with-culture Health and Fitness Travel, the leading specialists in wellness holidays worldwide launch their new Discover Recover Holidays created for clients looking to combine the perfect health and fitness holiday with the very best in local culture whilst discovering the country. Choose your ideal destination from India to Italy and Costa Rica to Croatia. Cultural awareness is an essential part of the ultimate wellness experience, stimulating the mind and enriching the soul. Discover Recover meets this growing trend by combining the benefits of exploring different cultures whilst staying healthy and active. Begin your healthy holiday by choosing from an inspiring range of hand-crafted excursions and tours to experience the country, traditions, mix with the local people and admire breath-taking views. These could include boat cruises, safaris, cycling tours and rainforest hikes. Discover Recover offers you complete flexibility to choose which enlightening excursions you’d like to go on to give you a true insight into your chosen destination. After making cultural discoveries, recover on a tailor-made wellness holiday with luxurious daily spa treatments, relaxation therapies, exercise and healthy cuisine; all tailored towards your own personal needs. Choose from a range of holistic treatments, fitness classes and outdoor sports ranging from yoga and beach boxing to cycling and paddle boarding. Solo travellers can meet like-minded individuals on group tours and experience single friendly hospitality, whilst couples and groups of friends can seek a deeper bond over new discoveries. A Discover Recover holiday ensures that you end your trip with a learned travel experience whilst feeling totally rejuvenated in both mind and body. Prices depend upon the length of stay and the choice of excursions and wellness holiday, which are all totally flexible. For more information visit: For advice, guidance and booking visit or call 1300 551 353 Stamp out Lost Property at Summer Camps 2014-07-16T05:11:35Z summer-camp-lost-property-a-thing-of-the-past 11 million children will attend camp this northern summer, about 80% will lose something.This will cause a logistical problem for Camp Directors who will attempt to reunite lost property with their owners before the end of camp - and not after the kids have made it home! StrayHat, the smart label app developer has created a solution that will reduce camp work, improve reclaim rates, save money and time for camp directors. The solution works equally well for parents, they can view the Lost Property inventory for the camp online, identify what is theirs and either reclaim the item before leaving or remind the child to pick it up.  All the camp needs to do is attach a StrayHat label to the item, note any item specifics, add a photo if it helps and save the item details in the StrayHat app. A parent can search online at for the item. On finding their item they can then reclaim the item from Lost Property and by using the StrayHat app they will remove the item from the online inventory and also move the item into their StrayHat list. If its lost again the user will receive an email letting them know where it was found. "We designed the Lost Property Bin features to address the issues that schools, sports clubs and camps have with school-aged children leaving things behind" said Patrick Chye, founder of StrayHat. "We looked to modernise an age old problem by using things that parents are comfortable with; name labels and a smartphone app." Lost Property Bin labels are supplied to customers each month, with a supply of 200 labels. Subscribers will also receive their own website and a sub-domain on, plus a camp logo. Camps can setup their own domain and Lost Property Bin service, with an entry cost of only $22 per month via The StrayHat Lost Property system is currently running at a number of Schools and sporting clubs. In addition to Lost Property Bins, StrayHat Labels provide parents a Lost & Found service whereby a parent will receive an email if their StrayHat labelled item is placed in Lost Property - it will notify them information such as "Sam J's towel is in Lost Property".  Insider Tours of Berlin now Brisbane … 2014-07-16T04:41:34Z insider-tours-of-berlin-now-brisbane Originally established in Berlin, Insider Tours replicates its winning formula of providing unique 'Insider' perspectives. Insider Tours Australia shapes urban experiences around the Brisbane CBD that reflect a new sophisticated city covering architecture, food, drink, shopping and highly informed historical and topical chat.Insider Tours Australia offers weekly activities including the 'Boutique Brew and Gourmet Pub Tucker Tour', the 'Brisbane Underbelly: Convict and Crime Tour' as well as a 'Guilty Pleasures Sunday: Chocolate & Cocktails Tour’. All tours are designed to highlight local gems such as hidden venues, locally born designer brands and grassroots companies producing world class products along with providing insightful historical context and contemporary 'Insider' knowledge  that will engage visitors with Brisbane's journey from sleepy backwater to its emergence as a new world city.  Alongside these weekly activities Insider Tours Australia provides professional private tours, corporate concierge services and educational  tours with new angles on sustainability, multiculturalism and Australian history. Expert local guides include academics, museum curators, art historians, archaeologists.What's different about Insider Tours Australia is that it mixes together an Insider's take on leisure and corporate tourism with an urban cool, cultural and historical angle. Our tours have seized this exciting opportunity keep ahead of the curve with Brisbane's transformation into a culinary and cultural hub more on footing with Sydney and Melbourne.  The aim to to re-introduce visitors and locals to a Brisbane that has significantly changed itself from the city that people knew 5 years ago.Insider Tours Australia is the creation of Francis HartnettFrancis established the Insider Tours in Berlin and grew his enterprise through Europe with the 'Insider' approach to urban activities and historical tours with clients ranging from Tom Cruise through to the Beastie Boys, the major Embassies onto budget travelers. He recently returned from Beijing as head of a travel company to launch Insider Tours Australia in Brisbane in May 2014.