The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-04-26T07:51:55Z Progress Appoints Dmitri Tcherevik to Chief Technology Officer 2017-04-26T07:51:55Z progress-appoints-dmitri-tcherevik-to-chief-technology-officer SYDNEY, Australia —April 26, 2017— Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) today announced the appointment of Dmitri Tcherevik to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In his new role, Dmitri will lead Progress’ technology vision, strategy and evolution across the entire portfolio of Progress products. This includes driving incubation projects, contributing to product roadmaps, working on technology M&A and partnership opportunities. Dmitri will also evangelize our core product strategy and cognitive-first perspectives to the market. “As the world moves to cognitive-first applications, we need a CTO who can lead our strategy and deliver the platform to help our customers build and deploy those applications,” said Yogesh Gupta, CEO, Progress. “Dmitri has a proven track record of creating and delivering game-changing technology strategy and execution in emerging technology areas. He is going to be an incredible asset to Progress as we enable our customers to build the future of their business applications.” Dmitri is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and run two successful technology start-ups – most recently MightyMeeting, a cloud-based mobile collaboration platform. Before that he founded Infostoria, a collaboration and content integration platform, which was acquired by FatWire in 2007. Post-acquisition Dmitri served as CTO at FatWire, where he helped to define the market around Web Experience Management, until FatWire’s strategic sale to Oracle in 2011. Dmitri also spent nearly 10 years leading emerging technology development at CA, as a Vice President in the office of the CTO. “When the opportunity to join Progress was presented to me, I knew this was something I couldn’t pass up,” said Dmitri Tcherevik. “Cognitive applications are the next frontier for businesses in driving competitive advantage, and the winners will take all. Progress has an incredible opportunity to democratize machine learning, giving any organization the tools it needs to build and deploy cognitive applications. I can’t wait to help make that vision a reality.” Dmitri brings deep technology expertise specializing in the areas of mobile apps and platforms, cloud services, collaboration, web experience management and enterprise application integration. He also has a background in machine learning, having contributed to development of a groundbreaking AI engine used in chess programs and economic forecasting software. Dmitri majored in applied math and intelligent systems design at the National Nuclear Research University, Moscow, where he graduated with honors. Additional Resources -  Follow Progress on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ -  Read the Progress blog About Progress Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) is a global leader in application development, empowering enterprises to build mission-critical business applications to succeed in an evolving business environment. With offerings spanning web, mobile and data for on-premise and cloud, Progress powers businesses worldwide, promoting success one application at a time. Learn about Progress at or 1-781-280-4000. Master Building Inspectors upgrades Website 2017-04-26T07:45:13Z master-building-inspectors-upgrades-website The team at Master Building Inspectors are very excited to announce the launch of their new website. The new site is more responsive with a faster load time and better mobile capabilities.  If you are currently building a new home or buying an existing property, it is always advised to enlist the services of an independent building inspector. They can detect defects that the average homeowner could easily miss, possibly resulting in expensive rectification works.  In Western Australia, the contract of sale is typically signed subject to a structural building inspection. This inspection details the structural elements of a property: internal/external walls, floors, roof frame and rising or lateral damp that may be evident. The structural inspection is a basic assessment of the property to determine any structural faults that may be evident.  It is highly advised that the buyer only use the services of a building inspector who is a registered builder, architect, surveyor or structural engineer to undertake these inspections. Crazily, the market is unregulated in W.A, and many of the building inspectors are unqualified and inexperienced and should not be determining the structural soundness of a building. There is no current qualification defined as a " qualified building inspector" as many companies state.  Would you take your car for a service to an unqualified mechanic? Probably not, so why would you have your house inspected by an unqualified inspector.Their new site is full of useful information, which you can view at Our Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Right Shed 2017-04-26T07:35:48Z our-step-by-step-guide-to-choosing-the-right-shed Our Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Right Shed Does your property need a shed? If so, the following is the step by step process we use to make sure our clients always pick the right one. What Do You Need Your Shed For? This is the most basic question you can ask when picking a shed for your property. However, there are all kinds of reasons you could be in the market for one. There may even be more than one reason. Maybe you just want an area to store an extra vehicle or two. Maybe you want space for a workshop. Again, maybe you want both. Generally speaking, the types of sheds we offer at NWSM are: Residential Multipurpose/Workshop Sheds Structural/Steel Sheds Keep in mind that each of these shed types represents countless options, so even if you don’t know which would make the most sense, we can help you decide based on your needs. Understand the Relevant Laws Unfortunately, you can’t just pick the type of shed you want and then get busy constructing it. There are a number of different laws that determine which types of structures are allowed in which areas. The good news is that, at NWSM, we’ve been doing this since 1998. Amongst other things, this means we understand all about these regulations and know the type of paperwork required in order to build all the different types of sheds we specialize in. Now, that being said, sometimes, you may find that the shed you want just isn’t an option because of local rules. You may have to build your shed elsewhere, or we can help you pick a different kind that will be acceptable to the local authorities. Think About Materials and Other Needs You May Have As we mentioned above, we offer a wide range of sheds, so once you have a basic model chosen, you can also think about what kinds of extra features you may wish to add on. For example, if you’ll be keeping a large vehicle indoors, one popular add-on is a roller door. A personal access door would probably still be a good idea, though. Other popular options include: Downpipes Gutters Thermal Insulation Windows Wall Vents Roofs There are also the materials to think about. Depending on what you have in mind, zincalume or colorbond may be perfect. Thanks to our 17+ years of experience in this field, we’d be happy to make recommendations. We understand that most people don’t have time to do all the research required to make the best possible choice when it comes to designing a shed. Preliminary Blueprints Once we understand what it is you need from a shed, in terms of both functionality and materials, we’ll get busy on creating a custom blueprint for you. This way, you can see exactly what you’ll be getting before you give your approval and we get started on the actual construction. At NWSM, building sheds is something we’ve done now for nearly two decades. The process we just outlined will make sure you pick the right version for your unique requirements. Whether you choose NWSM or not, feel free to follow our process for your project. OVER 44,000 ENTIRE HOMES TO BE LISTED ON AIRBNB IN SYDNEY FOLLOWING THE NSW GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE 2017-04-26T06:42:12Z over-44-000-entire-homes-to-be-listed-on-airbnb-in-sydney-following-the-nsw-government-s-response MadeComfy welcomes the announcement by the NSW Government that it supports short-term letting in NSW. It provides a needed clear direction from which home owners and property investors can continue to let their property on platforms such as Airbnb. With 24,000[1] entire home listings on Airbnb at the end of 2016 and a year-on-year growth of 85%[2], MadeComfy expects the growth of Airbnb listings to remain at the current pace for the coming year, which indicates 44,000 entire home Airbnb listings in Sydney by the end of 2017. From the recent NSW Government announcement around short-term rentals, MadeComfy believes that the Airbnb market will not likely to see an influx of owners listing on the booking platform, but rather take confidence they can continue to do so with more clarity around their rights and responsibilities. The assessment also takes into account that of Sydney’s almost 2 million properties, only 1.2% have been listed on Airbnb at some stage, suggesting there is still room for growth, however, represents only a small proportion of Sydney’s rental market[3]. MadeComfy was founded to provide a professional short-term rental management service in Sydney. Demand for MadeComfy’s service arising from home owners and property investors who were both time poor and didn’t have the ability to be available to provide the hospitality guests now expect when booking a property through Airbnb. MadeComfy therefore manages the process of hosting to look after the home and guests, so they can enjoy a hassle-free income. Sabrina Bethunin, co-founder, said “This support by the NSW Government will hopefully result in  short-term rentals being a viable option for every homeowner without fear of legal or financial penalties”. “In addition to that, with the median property price in Sydney having reached over 1 million dollars, households are dedicating an average of 44 per cent of their income to service their mortgages[4]. It means Sydneysiders are considered under ‘mortgage stress’ as they are devoting more than 30 per cent of their income to mortgage repayments. Either by renting a spare room or the whole property when it’s not utilised, for many homeowners, Airbnb and similar platforms provide a means to obtain an income to help cover their mortgage repayments or afford their holidays” she added. Following last week’s announcement MadeComfy also looks forward to partnering with building strata managers to provide the professional support needed to mitigate the concerns voiced by the Owners Corporation Network (OCN). A key concern of the OCN was the harmony of guests and residents within shared building environments. MadeComfy seeks to address these issues through its guest screening process prior to accepting a booking, as well as enforcing strict house rules such as a no party policy and maximum occupant numbers. With these checks in place, MadeComfy’s service is designed to mitigate against any unruly guest behaviour, providing strata managers and residents with confidence short-term rentals will be managed without negative effects in their building. For all parties concerned, MadeComfy views this announcement to be an encouraging step for the regulation of short-term rentals in NSW. It provides a response that supports our own figures, with 70 per cent of MadeComfy’s customers being home owners who use the service to manage their property whilst on holidays. Able to deliver 40 percent more than self-managed Airbnb listings, MadeComfy looks forward to helping home owners, property investors and strata managers alike tap into the short-term rental market to optimise their rental returns and maintain the security of their properties.               For further media information or comment please contact: Tim Medway – PR and Marketing Executive Phone: 0415 202 969    Email: [1] AirDNA data: The number of active entire home listing on Airbnb for the month of Dec 2016. [2] AirDNA data: The growth of active entire home listings on Airbnb between Dec 2015 and Dec 2016. [3] Airbnb and renting in Sydney Report, Tenants Union of NSW, March 2017 [4] CoreLogic Report, 2017 ABOUT MADECOMFY MadeComfy is a short-term property management specialist committed to providing property owners with the highest quality, hassle-free, hosting service in the market.  Based in Birchgrove in Sydney’s Inner West, MadeComfy manages a large, growing number of homes across Sydney, from executive apartments, family homes to luxury properties. MadeComfy provides an end-to-end management service, which means property owners don’t need to do a thing when they hand over their keys. With significant investment into operation systems, owners can rest assured that MadeComfy’s dynamic pricing and centralised booking platforms will provide them with the highest returns and maximised booking occupancy. MadeComfy also ensures that the experience is first-class for guests, providing a welcome pack and house manual at check-in, 5-star linen, 24/7 support to guests and cleaners after every stay. MadeComfy provides the professional help to make the process of hosting effortless whilst property owners earn the rental income. PakTV Introduces a Unique Platform to Watch Pakistani Live Channels 2017-04-26T06:39:04Z paktv-introduces-a-unique-platform-to-watch-pakistani-live-channels The fact cannot be held for denial that technology has introduced people to a new mode of entertainment with all new online television. Technology has revolutionized the way people think and use all sources of communication, and the Internet is one such medium that has bridged the gap between people and their immense need to keep themselves updated. While there are several online pakistani news channels that provided much needed information in form of news or live talk shows on the latest happenings in Pakistan, PakTV is one such unique platform that has changed the overall meaning when it comes to watching Pakistani live channels. This online platform allows one to keep abreast of the recent updates and show them the right way leading to a wealth of information which could be a person’s most admired TV shows and programs, entertainment, current affairs, news, talk shows and so on which one misses being away from home. PakTV has come a long way from where it all began. They have brought live Pakistani TV news channels to people’s reach who remain engaged with their lives. The lack of time does not allow such curious people to be all ears to their favourite talk shows or live channels. They are fully dedicated to serve every individual in the country with the best and latest happenings. Anyone who has a keen interest in keeping an eye on the latest talk shows on social, financial and political affairs in Pakistan would tremendously benefit from PakTV. This is because more and more people (of all age groups) are getting inclined towards in making the most of political discussion. No matter if any individual misses out on the live telecast of any program or any of the informative and interesting talk shows being aired on Pakistani channels, PakTV makes sure that it releases the repeat telecast. This is the one and only genuine platform that respects about its users’ valuable time and allows them to watch the current affairs and political insights. Moreover, an individual can choose from his interested area of topics in the list on PakTV website. PakTV is functional 24*7 so one can make the most of online viewing at any given time. In fact, they welcome their customers to subscribe one time so they can continue showing their keen interest in watching live talk shows. THE MIGRAINE WORLD SUMMIT is Now Live! 2017-04-26T06:04:55Z the-migraine-world-summit-is-now-live Migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world. US studies have revealed that nearly one-in-four households include someone with migraine. In Australia, there are more than three million people with migraine. Yet there is less than one headache specialist for every 85,000 migraine patients, and four out of five people with Chronic Migraine are misdiagnosed. The Migraine World Summit, scheduled for April 23-29, brings together over 30 top experts and advocates to provide answers and treatment advice on migraine to anyone around the world with an Internet connection. Presently, there is no cure. Organisers of the Summit are two former chronic migraine sufferers – Carl Cincinnato from Sydney, Australia, and Paula K. Dumas from Atlanta, Georgia. They are working to reduce the global burden of migraine by bringing the top specialists in the world together for people around the world. “Despite the prevalence of migraine, it remains under-diagnosed and under-treated, with less than 50% of patients consulting a physician. For those who do seek help, finding the right doctor can be difficult. Moreover, specialists require referrals, patients may incur significant costs and there can be waiting lists,” said Cincinnato. “The Migraine World Summit provides unprecedented access to dozens of experts for those suffering from this debilitating disorder to be informed about the latest best practices and approaches. Altogether, it’s like having the opportunity to sit down with the best doctor in the world.” “Migraines can be devastating to someone’s quality of life. Migraine attacks can affect not only their physical wellbeing, but their relationships, family life and, in severe cases, their ability to keep a job and have a thriving career,” said Dumas. “There is still a stigma associated with migraine. Many people feel guilty or ashamed to admit they have a migraine, but it’s not their fault. Migraine is a genetic neurological disease which can also lead to depression and anxiety, as many struggle with the isolation or lack of progress and lose hope. The Summit will hopefully allow sufferers to find relief as well as demonstrate they aren’t alone.” Among the questions the Summit will answer are: What are the best treatments for migraine? What can I do when I’ve already tried everything? What are the secrets to finding effective natural alternatives? How can I cope with the anxiety and discrimination from chronic migraine? What new treatments are coming that I should be aware of? What are the most common challenges and myths that people face? Keynote topics and presenters include: Migraine Genetics: Unlocking a Cure for Migraine – Professor Lyn Griffiths, Queensland UT, Australia Shifting Cultural Perceptions About Migraine – Joanna Kempner, PhD Top Ten Migraine Myths to Bust - Peter Goadsy, MD, Kings College, London Best and Worst Places to Live with Migraine, Bert Sperling, author Neuromodulation: New Devices That Can Ease Pain, Brian Grosberg, MD, University of Conneticut Managing Hormonal Migraines Through Menopause – Susan Hutchinson, MD When Medications Actually Trigger Pain – Larry Charleston IV, MD, University of Michigan, USA Weather Related Migraine – Michael Steinberg Solving the puzzle of what’s causing migraines – Patricia Pozo Rosich, MD, Vall D’Hebron, Spain Migraine Statistics and Costs – Lars Jacob Stovner, MD, Norwegian National Headache Centre Research Pipeline: New Migraine Therapies in Development, Deborah Friedman, MD, UT Southwestern Expert Q&A : LIVE! Andrew Charles, MD UCLA, Goldberg Migraine Programe, Dawn Buse, PhD Montefiore Headache Centre, Francois Cadiou, Healint/Migraine Buddy Participation in the online Migraine World Summit is free online from April 23 - 29, and available by subscription thereafter. To attend, register at:   Media Enquiries: Blanche De Winter, PURE Communications, tel: 0425 279 091 Esker Expands Globally While Achieving Record Sales Growth 2017-04-26T05:58:56Z esker-expands-globally-while-achieving-record-sales-growth Sydney, Australia — April 20, 2017 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, recently announced that the company achieved record growth in 2016, fueled by an increased demand for cloud-based solutions, the changing regulatory environment in some countries and the company’s commitment to consistently delivering innovative, comprehensive solutions ahead of the curve. Esker’s strategic acquisitions and partnerships have augmented its customer base and facilitated expansion into new regions. “We are experiencing dynamic, sustainable growth across the board, but especially in cloud-based solutions, where we saw a 20 percent increase last year,” said Steve Smith, U.S. chief operations officer at Esker. “This represents 77 percent of total company sales revenue and validates the need for automation. Even better, we anticipate double-digit growth again in 2017 in every market where Esker is active,” said Christophe DuMonet, Managing Director of Esker Australia and New Zealand. 2016 highlights In order to accommodate such rapid growth while maintaining excellent customer service, Esker invested in additional staff. By late 2016, Esker outgrew its North American headquarters in Madison, relocating to new office space to accommodate new and anticipated future hires. Esker also opened its first U.S. satellite office in Denver to accommodate a growing number of customers in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific states, along with the western region of Canada, especially within the medical device, food production and semi-conductor industries. Also, Esker expanded its international footprint, beginning with a partnership with Santiago, Chile-based Gosocket Corporation, a leading provider of solutions related to electronic document exchanges with digital signatures, to bring more value to Latin American customers of both companies. Customers in this region can now meet evolving electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) mandates that vary by country. Esker and Gosocket Corporation are working together to bring a more comprehensive set of offerings to the Latin American region beginning this year. “Esker’s expansion into the Latin American region created an opportunity for both companies,” said Sergio Chaverri, chief marketing officer at Gosocket Corporation. “By partnering with Esker our customers will have access to leading business solutions and Esker’s international customers will have the ability to meet any changing regulations seamlessly.” Esker also further developed its activities in the Oceania region with the signature of a partnership agreement with Fuji Xerox in New Zealand. “Automation of previously manual tasks and introducing mobile and analytics functionality for insights into the AP process delivers rapid and quantifiable benefits. With the combination of Fuji Xerox’s consulting team and Esker’s cloud Accounts Payable, we’re delivering tools that AP users need, but just haven’t been able to access,” says Cameron Mount, Fuji Xerox New Zealand GM Enterprise Consulting. Lastly, Esker also put in place its third data center in Singapore, offering its Asia-based customers the best possible response times. This new infrastructure was built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Solution advancements Esker is committed to regularly providing customers with new and improved offerings. One of the company’s most notable launches last year was Esker Anywhere, a mobile application that gives managers the ability to review, approve, and reject purchase requisitions and supplier invoices while out of the office. Esker also introduced solution integrations with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and Oracle E-Business Suite, providing customers with greater operational process efficiency and productivity. Following the 2015 acquisition of TermSync, Esker has now fully incorporated the solution into its accounts receivable (AR) automation platform, benefiting customers with strengthened reporting and analytics, faster collections and billing processes and decreasing costs. Esker’s new, comprehensive AR solution is designed to alleviate cash flow concerns for companies, especially as interest rates rise and customers demand extended terms. It also completes the order-to-cash (O2C) cycle, allowing Esker to offer customers an enhanced end-to-end solution for document process automation. Ongoing and future initiatives Earlier this month Esker finalised its acquisition of e-integration GmbH, the Düsseldorf, Germany-based electronic data interchange (EDI) service provider, which will allow Esker to further grow and develop in Europe’s leading market. “We recognise that our customers have a global presence with varying needs in every market,” said Eric Bussy, worldwide corporate marketing and product management director at Esker. “We want to increase our international presence to fulfill those needs and offer the most value to our customers.” Esker anticipates that 2017 will be highlighted by: *Double-digit growth and continued exploration of new external growth opportunities. *Innovative strategies surrounding Esker’s O2C and purchase-to-pay (P2P) solution offerings, including the launch of the TermSync product in France and a new online payment solution offered through Esker partner, SlimPay. *An agile and responsible business approach: Ranked among the top 30 Best Workplaces France 2017 by Great Place to Work®, Esker will continue to develop its Agile methodology and friendly work environment in order to offer its employees a quality, stimulating environment. How much do you know about video? 2017-04-26T05:47:36Z how-much-do-you-know-about-video Over 35 people attended on a beautiful evening on the 12th of April. Our Speaker Angela Mellak started off the event by taking the audience on the evolutionary journey video has taken since 1895, through to today. Angela went on to outline the various categories of video from Educational, through to Entertainment and highlighted the most powerful structures and Digital tools and platforms that are changing the way people use video and technology. Angela shared her tips for crafting the most powerful videos for brand and businesses. "Telling a compelling story to share the benefits and most of all focus on the customer journey" Angela was joined by the Marketing Director James Towers from Kwickie, who spoke about the way mobile has further changed the way video is consumed. He went on to outline how Kwickie platform is creating new categories in the Video space whilst it is changing the way we communicate. James presentation offered suggestions on production values, using video platforms for business and brands. He said the Kwickie video platform has become a powerful tool for business and social interaction and in particular between celebrities and fans. James shared exclusively with the Digital Women's Network some behind the scenes footage they had created with the recent partnership with Australia's Formula One Grand Prix 2017. Kwickie has designed a new engagement campaign with Forumla 1 fans, the pilot campaign featured high profile celebrities from Shane Warne through to Daniel Ricciardo all having a "Kwickie" (sending video messages as Q&A style using just their phones and the app Kwickie). It was fascinating to watch how Daniel Ricciardo was actually interacting with his fans by using the video application. It was not just boring text and words messages we are all sending every day. Filled with on the go, moving images, sounds, colours, lights and a real person behind the camera! “Video is a real human interaction and gives stronger connection. It is the most powerful storytelling we have.” James said. As the night drew darker and the presentation started to come to an end people continuously raised their hands for questions. “How can we manage a budget?” “What are the resources available?” “Does Kwickie replace Snapchat?” a Can video get really remove trust issue?” So many of our members were curious, thinking about how they can apply the video platform to their work, business or personal brand. After the presentation, there was a chance for more networking and we heard from some of the attendees. Katie, is a recruiter she said her company is about to launch a website and can see how having video contents for their website, can be used for case study, or candidates’ interview. Bernadette, a digital performance director, said it was her third time attending Digital Women’s Network event. She found it’s a great place to network and learn new things every month. ***We want to thank sponsors, introduce next events and DWN website. 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000 Important factors to be taken into consideration when buying an LED ceiling fan! 2017-04-26T05:25:13Z important-factors-to-be-taken-into-consideration-when-buying-an-led-ceiling-fan There is no doubt about it that the ceiling fans are extremely practical and beautiful and this is the main reason that why they add value to your room. The fact that the ceiling fans are used to lower down the temperature of a warm room makes them efficient in reducing the energy bills. These days ceiling fans are coming with an option of lighting which is making them famous as well as a prime choice among the customers so as to be used as an appropriate lighting fixture. The market of ceiling fan is huge, with the LED ceiling fans being manufactured and supplied in innumerable colors, styles, finishes, motors, configurations and much more. With so many options, how can a customer make an ideal choice? There are many essential qualities that should be possessed by each and every ceiling fan. One of the most important of these qualities is the steady operation and quiet performance of the fan. There are several other major factors that should be considered before purchasing an LED ceiling fan. There are several other important factors that you should consider before purchasing a ceiling fan. Some of the important factors are listed below- 1.    Brand reputation- With ceiling fans, brand reputation holds a lot of importance. It is worth going in for a company of fans which is offering warranty on the fan’s motor and stands behind the fans. A cheap quality fan has noisier and weaker motor, and no prudent customer wants that. You definitely want to purchase a fan whose motor works for many years and gives no problem at all. 2.    Controls- Most of the fans come with many control options, for instance remote control or pull chain. What sort of control features you are looking forward at? Are you looking for multiple speeds and settings? Do you want the light to be dimmer or shine brightly? All these factors will not only determine the price of the fan but also help in determining that how well it is installed. 3.    Blades- Blades are a very important factor in determining that how well a fan will perform. The important blade factors include the number of blades, their respective length as well as size. Usually, more the number of blades, more is the price of the fan. The number of blades chosen does not depend on the performance and strength of the fan, it is the personal choice of the customer. Further, blade material and color should also be taken in to consideration. Australian Government Grant To Expand behind closed doors’ Membership of Businesswomen and Board Ready Women 2017-04-26T04:44:44Z australian-government-grant-to-expand-behind-closed-doors-membership-of-businesswomen-and-board-ready-women Behind closed doors (BCD), a leading national membership for businesswomen and board-ready women, will this year expand its membership after receiving a $102,300 grant from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women under the Women’s Leadership and Development Strategy(WLDS). The Supporting Businesswomen to Success Scholarship provides opportunities for female managers aspiring to leadership roles to further expand their leadership, business and networking skills. BCD will utilise the Australian Government funding to provide 14 full scholarships to female leaders in SA, WA, NSW and VIC to join a BCD membership for 12-months of professional development, networking and peer to peer mentoring to prepare them to accept greater professional challenges. Scholarships will be offered to female executive not-for-profit and Indigenous leaders into BCD Executive memberships, female leaders into BCD Luminaries (managers), female business owners/entrepreneurs into BCD Entrepreneurs. BCD Founder and Managing Director, Donny Walford, said the initiative will allow successful women seeking access to insights, knowledge, support and high level networks in their journey to Executive and Board positions to join the national community of businesswomen that the BCD membership provides. “The WLDS priority of promoting and supporting greater representation of Australian women in leadership and decision making roles is the exact reason BCD was formed almost a decade ago.” Ms Walford said. “We have an enviable record of success with 57% of our Executive members having attained one or more Board Directorship positions, 56% of these women have also received promotions.” The first of the scholarship recipients’ will be announced on April 27 in Perth when a scholarship is awarded to two businesswomen at Manager level aspiring to executive roles.  The recipients will be provided the opportunity to further their leadership and management skills through a yearlong membership to BCD Luminaries, valued at more than $5,500 each. BCD Luminaries was created in response to an identified need for motivated businesswomen to have a professional sounding board and support network where they can discuss professional and personal issues, challenges and strategies in a totally confidential environment while, at the same time, encouraging each other to extend themselves to achieve and succeed in new environments. Members meet for three hours, ten times a year, for peer to peer mentoring, professional development and networking with like-minded businesswomen. Outside of this further professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities are provided to members amongst the wider BCD community at a national level. Scholarship applications and nominations will roll out across the country in the coming months with all 14 recipients placed into a memberships by August. BCD has been providing scholarship opportunities for women to enter their memberships since 2012. To date BCD has offered 21 scholarships and will continue in 2017 to match the Australian Government funding. For further details about BCD scholarship opportunities visit To apply for the Adelaide Luminaries Scholarship Now Open visit To apply for the Adelaide Not For Profit Executive Scholarship Now Open visit To find out how your business can offer your own successful Internal scholarships to your female leaders visit For further details of the Australian Government WLDS visit Issued by: Penny Reidy, Marketing Manager, Behind Closed Doors on 8333 4303 or 0401 349 791 Gartner Survey Finds Government CIOs Spend 21 Percent of Their IT Budget on Digital Initiatives 2017-04-26T04:41:03Z gartner-survey-finds-government-cios-spend-21-percent-of-their-it-budget-on-digital-initiatives-1 26 April 2017 — Top performing organisations in the private and public sectors, on average, spend a greater proportion of their IT budgets on digital initiatives (33 percent) than government organisations (21 percent), according to a global survey of CIOs by Gartner, Inc. Looking forward to 2018, top-performing organisations anticipate spending 43 percent of their IT budgets on digitalisation, compared with 28 percent for government CIOs. Gartner's 2017 CIO Agenda survey includes the views of 2,598 CIOs from 93 countries, representing US$9.4 trillion in revenue or public sector budgets and $292 billion in IT spending, including 377 government CIOs in 38 countries. Government respondents are segmented into national or federal, state or province (regional) and local jurisdictions, to identify trends specific to each tier. For the purposes of the survey, respondents were also categorised as top, typical and trailing performers in digitalisation, based on the response to certain survey questions. Government respondents find themselves in the lower ranks of performance when compared with other industries, with only 5 percent categorised as top performers, compared to 22 percent in the media sector, 15 percent in service industries and 10 percent in the banking, retail and communications sectors. Rick Howard, research vice president at Gartner, said that 2016 proved to be a watershed year in which frustration with the status quo of government was widely expressed by citizens at the voting booth and in the streets, accompanied by low levels of confidence and trust about the performance of public institutions. "This has to be addressed head on," said Mr. Howard. "Government CIOs in 2017 have an urgent obligation to look beyond their own organisations and benchmark themselves against top-performing peers within the public sector and from other service industries. They must commit to pursuing actions that result in immediate and measurable improvements that citizens recognise and appreciate." Top Performers Secure Greater Budget Increases Government CIOs as a group anticipate a 1.4 percent average increase in their IT budgets, compared with an average 2.2 percent increase across all industries. Local government CIOs fare better, averaging 3.5 percent growth, which is still more than 1 percent less on average than IT budget growth among top-performing organisations overall (4.6 percent). The data is directionally consistent with Gartner's benchmark analytics, which indicate that average IT spending for state and local governments in 2016 represented 4 percent of operating expenses, up from 3.6 percent in 2015. For national and international government organisations, average IT spending as a percentage of operating expenses in 2016 was 9.4 percent, up from 8.6 percent in 2015. "Whatever the financial outlook may be, government CIOs who aspire to join the group of top performers must justify growth in the IT budget by clearly connecting all investments to lowering the business costs of government and improving the performance of government programs," Mr. Howard said. Top Technology Investment Priorities in Government Looking beyond 2017, Gartner asked respondents to identify technologies with the most potential to change their organisations over the next five years. Advanced analytics takes the top spot across all levels of government (79 percent). Digital security remains a critical investment for all levels of government (57 percent), particularly in defence and intelligence (74 percent). The Internet of Things will clearly drive transformative change for local governments (68 percent), whereas interest in business algorithms is highest among national governments (41 percent). All levels of government presently see less opportunity in machine learning or blockchain than top performers do. Local governments are slightly more bullish than the rest of government and top performers when it comes to autonomous vehicles (9 percent) and smart robots (6 percent). Biggest Barriers for Government CIOs The top three barriers that government CIOs report they must overcome to achieve their objectives are skills or resources (26 percent), funding or budgets (19 percent), and culture or structure of the organisation (12 percent). Drilling down into the areas in which workforce skills are lacking, the government sector is vulnerable in the domain of data analytics (30 percent), which includes information, analytics, data science and business intelligence. Security and risk is ranked second for government overall (23 percent). "Bridge the skills gap by extending your networks of experts outside the agency," Mr. Howard said. "Compared with CIOs in other industries, government CIOs tend not to partner with startups and midsize companies, missing out on new ideas, skills and technologies."  Seize the Digital Ecosystem Opportunity The concept of a digital ecosystem is not new to government CIOs. Government organisations participate in digital ecosystems at rates higher than other industries, but they do so as a matter of necessity and without planned design, according to Gartner. Overall, 58 percent of government CIOs report that they participate in digital ecosystems, compared with 49 percent across all industries.  As digitalisation gains momentum across all industries, the need for government to join digital ecosystems — interdependent, scalable networks of enterprises, people and things — also increases. "The digital ecosystem becomes the means by which government can truly become more effective and efficient in the delivery of public services," Mr. Howard said. Gartner clients can read more in the report "2017 CIO Agenda: A Government Perspective." About Gartner Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. Gartner delivers the technology-related insight necessary for its clients to make the right decisions, every day. From CIOs and senior information technology (IT) leaders in corporations and government agencies, to business leaders in high-tech and telecom enterprises and professional services firms, to supply chain professionals, digital marketing professionals and technology investors, Gartner is the valuable partner to clients in more than 11,000 distinct enterprises. Gartner works with clients to research, analyze and interpret the business of IT within the context of their individual roles. Gartner is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, and has almost 9,000 associates, including 1,800 research analysts and consultants, operating in more than 90 countries. For more information, visit Independent Lab MRG Effitas Confirms Acronis True Image Leads Competition on Ransomware Protection, Performance and Usability 2017-04-26T04:18:43Z independent-lab-mrg-effitas-confirms-acronis-true-image-leads-competition-on-ransomware-protection-performance-and-usability Sydney, Australia – 26 April 2017 — Acronis, a global leader in hybrid cloud data protection and storage today announced the latest product comparison report from MRG Effitas, a UK-based independent IT security research company that provides a range of efficacy assessment and assurance services. The report conclusively demonstrated that Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is the most advanced consumer backup solution as measured by ransomware protection, performance, usability, and feature set.   MRG Effitas compared Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation, CrashPlan Home 4.8.0, EaseUS TODO Backup Home 10.0, Genie Timeline Home 2016, IDrive, Macrium Reflect Home 6.3.1655, NovaBACKUP 18.5 Build 926, and Paragon Backup and Recovery 16. The result was a comprehensive 2017 report entitled “MRG Effitas Comparative Assessment of Data Protection/Backup Products on Protection, Performance, and Usability.”   The report singled out Acronis True Image as the only solution that protected data against every assessed ransomware threat, thanks to the innovative Acronis Active Protection™ technology released earlier this year.   “Among all the products we tested, only Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation was able to protect the backups from every ransomware family,” states the report’s final conclusion. “The other solutions have basically zero backup protection when it comes to ransomware… Based on the tests, only Acronis’s backup file is protected against ransomware.”   “Ransomware currently represents a significant risk to end users, businesses and government institutions. Anti-malware technologies can’t provide 100 percent protection against this class of threat. What this test shows is that anyone relying on a backup solution to mitigate against the risks imposed by ransomware if their anti-malware technology fails should not just assume that it will be effective without independent, third party verification.” Chris Pickard, CEO of MRG Effitas.   That’s not the only finding that pointed to the Acronis solution as the optimal choice. According to MRG Effitas, Acronis True Image also came first in 18 of 24 performance test and when it didn’t win, it finished second.   “These results confirm our internal testing,” said John Zanni, CMO of Acronis. “Acronis True Image is the fastest home backup on the market and the only product that is able to protect itself, and the data, from ransomware. The same anti-ransomware technology is currently being rolled out across the full range of our business products and we’ll continue to invest in R&D, making data protection fast, easy, complete — for everybody.”​ Faith Spurs Lucky Nuts Take-Off to Greater Heights 2017-04-26T03:34:24Z faith-spurs-lucky-nuts-take-off-to-greater-heights The Faith Agency has a 10 year association with Lucky Nuts, a 50-year old Australian brand that markets a range of natural nuts and seeds for baking and healthy snacking. Taking their synergy to the next level, they decided that it was time to revamp Lucky Nut’s website to make it more mobile responsive and deliver a more streamlined customer experience. Faith’s intervention has helped Lucky Nuts grow their online and social presence and the results surpassed everyone’s expectations.   The Faith Agency offers integrated, full-service marketing and advertising communications. Keeping in step with the current marketing trends Faith offers digital advertising services, such as content creation and production, online strategy, design and web development, online analytics, SEO and social media strategy and management to all their clients.       Faith helped Lucky Nuts understand that any company that wants to succeed today will need to deal with the enormous increase in the customers using mobiles and learn to capitalise on the opportunities that a strong digital footprint provides. In December 2016, Lucky Nuts decided to change its outlook from traditional to a responsive website that can be accessed across a variety of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles.   Faith believes in keeping their clients abreast of the current trends. Statistics from Cisco show that global mobile data traffic grew 74 per cent in 2015. InMobi revealed that 60 per cent of all internet access is mostly mobile. Adobe shared that globally consumers use an average of five different devices per person. On average, they also use 2.23 devices simultaneously.   Besides this, it was also revealed that since April 2015 Google has prioritised responsive websites in its search engine results. Websites that are not optimised for mobile will not rank high on Google’s search rankings. Adobe brought out the fact that nearly 8 out of every 10 consumers would stop engaging if a piece of content didn’t display well on their device. Both iAcquire and SurveyMonkey confirmed that when a non-mobile friendly website pops up in a search engine query 40 per cent of online users will go back and choose a different result.   Digital management from Faith has given Lucky Nuts a lot to celebrate about. Google analytics show an increase in mobile and tablet engagement. Together, mobile and tablet engagement represented 66.21% of traffic to their updated responsive site.  Statistics showed a hike in new users, more sessions and an increase in the page views of Lucky Nut’s website.   Having a responsive website is no longer an option but an operational standard any company that desires to succeed would need to adopt. The Faith team can be contacted for any concerns or queries in this regard by calling +61 3 8646 0100 or sending an email to     To visit The Faith Agency’s website: Gartner Survey Shows 85 Percent of Enterprises Will Have Started Windows 10 Deployments by End of 2017 2017-04-26T02:45:08Z gartner-survey-shows-85-percent-of-enterprises-will-have-started-windows-10-deployments-by-end-of-2017 26 April 2017 — Migration to Windows 10 is expected to be faster than previous operating system (OS) adoption, according to a survey by Gartner, Inc. The survey showed that 85 percent of enterprises will have started Windows 10 deployments by the end of 2017.  Between September and December of 2016, Gartner conducted a survey of 1,014 enterprise respondents who were involved in decisions for Windows 10 migration. "Organisations recognise the need to move to Windows 10, and the total time to both evaluate and deploy Windows 10 has shortened from 23 months to 21 months between surveys that Gartner did during 2015 and 2016," said Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner. "Large businesses are either already engaged in Windows 10 upgrades or have delayed upgrading until 2018. This likely reflects the transition of legacy applications to Windows 10 or replacing those legacy applications before Windows 10 migration takes place." When asked what reasons are driving their migration to Windows 10, 49 percent of respondents said that security improvements were the main reason for the migration. The second most-often-named reason for Windows 10 deployment was cloud integration capabilities (38 percent). However, budgetary approval is not straightforward. "Windows 10 is not perceived as an immediate business-critical project; it is not surprising that one in four respondents expect issues with budgeting," said Mr. Atwal. "Respondents' device buying intentions have significantly increased as organisations saw third- and fourth-generation products optimised for Windows 10 with longer battery life, touchscreens and other Windows 10 features. The intention to purchase convertible notebooks increased as organisations shifted from the testing and pilot phases into the buying and deployment phases," said Meike Escherich, principal research analyst at Gartner. More detailed analysis is available to clients in the report "User Survey Analysis: Windows 10 Migration Looks Healthy." About Gartner Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. Gartner delivers the technology-related insight necessary for its clients to make the right decisions, every day. From CIOs and senior information technology (IT) leaders in corporations and government agencies, to business leaders in high-tech and telecom enterprises and professional services firms, to supply chain professionals, digital marketing professionals and technology investors, Gartner is the valuable partner to clients in more than 11,000 distinct enterprises. Gartner works with clients to research, analyse and interpret the business of IT within the context of their individual roles. Gartner is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A., and has almost 9,000 associates, including 1,900 research analysts and consultants, operating in more than 90 countries. For more information, visit New Areas of Growth in Western Australia 2017-04-26T02:21:04Z new-areas-of-growth-in-western-australia-1 Western Australia is looking to new areas of growth in key sectors such as agriculture, technology and tourism as the economy transitions from predominately resource driven investment. The 8th Annual WA Major Projects Conference hosts a panel discussion on the recent decline of the resources boom and emerging opportunities in other industries. Sectors that have potential to grow and strengthen the state’s economy include tourism, infrastructure and agriculture. President of the Royal Agricultural Society of WA, Rob Wilson, joins the panel to share his expertise and explore innovations in the agriculture sector.  WA Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Chief Economist Rick Newnham will also deliver a presentation at the Conference on the significant challenges and new opportunities available to Western Australia in the wake of the post-mining boom. The growth in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports across WA has surged, with three projects underway in Prelude, Wheatstone and Ichthys, off the north coast of WA. Over $200 billion is already invested in liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in Australia and the value of exports is forecast to increase by 41% in 2016-2017. Exports in 2016 reached 36.8 million tonnes, a 37.7 per cent increase on the 26.7 recorded in the previous year, the report found. National Oil and Gas Leader at Deloitte, Bernadette Cullinane, will discuss the associated challenges and opportunities at the WA Major Projects Conference. WA has retained its title as the top state for production, attracting 65 per cent of the nation’s total mineral exploration expenditure mainly due to increases from major commodities such as iron ore, gold and petroleum products. While resources remain weak, commercial construction activity across the state is set to ramp up within the next year with an estimated increase of up to 40% in commercial projects due to start, including works on the Forrestfield Airport link, shopping centres and apartment towers. According to economist John Nicolaou, Director of ACIL Allen Consulting, 30 000 new construction jobs could be in the cards as works begin. After the resources downturn, this is a much needed boost for WA. Nicolaou will be discussing challenges associated with funding and planning models the Western Australian government can use to improve vital infrastructure projects in the face of a weakening capacity to fund them, including alternatives such as user-pays, public-private partnership and privatisation.   The 8th Annual WA Major Projects Conference is taking place on the 20th- 21st of June at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.   About Expotrade  Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events in the areas of infrastructure, major projects, sustainability, technology & architecture. For almost 10 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronised in the calendar.