The PRWIRE Press Releases http:// 2017-01-18T00:38:12Z AJAJ Tyres Offer Buy 1 Tyre of any Brand, Get the 2nd for Half Price 2017-01-18T00:38:12Z ajaj-tyres-offer-buy-1-tyre-of-any-brand-get-the-2nd-for-half-price AJAJ Tyres offers vehicle owners the security of a tyre and wheel specialist with over ---- years in the industry. The company offers a massive stock of brands vehicle owners know and trust like "Michelin and Silverstone" among all the other big brands. Their already discounted tyre prices are discounted more with this current Tyre special, making the costs of new Tyres and tyre replacements for light to medium sized vehicles and equipment at wholesale prices.  AJAJ Tyres is a full-service Tyre house located in Ingleburn, Yagoona & Wollongong. The company’s team of customer service reps and authorised OTR Repair Technicians offer a range of services that include:  Massive stock of economy & premium brand tyres  Tyre specials like buy one tyre of any brand, get the second for ½ price  Premium wheel balancing  Wheel restoration & repainting  Wheel machining  Wheel alignments  Tyre recycling AJAJ Tyres stocks a complete range of 13” to 22” economy and premium brand Tyres, mud Tyres, all terrain Tyres, 4WD Tyres and equipment Tyres. With Tyre Centres that are well stocked and neatly organised and specials throughout the house, vehicle owners quickly find what they require at good bargain prices.  Whether shopping in their Tyre Centre or online, consumers will enjoy a customer focused business that guarantees 100 percent satisfaction with each transaction. Their team is a team of knowledgeable Tyre specialists that provide friendly tyre services, including mobile Tyre repairs. With each sales and service, consumers can depend on value for money.  Zoom Tyres Tyre & wheel expertise extends to fitting and installing, Tyre Restoration and Repairs, Wheel Machining and Mud Tyres, assuring the right Tyres to fit vehicles with outstanding prices and excellent services whether a Tyre purchase or repair or wheel alignments.  AJAJ Tyres pricing system is structured to ensure that they remain competitive in the market of Tyre sales & services. With extraordinary prices & services, they have built a name in the industry as providing optimal quality, skillful technicians and rapid and reliable services in their Tyre centres. For vehicle owners that require new Tyres or replacements or tyre and wheel services, AJAJ Tyres is a trusted source for sales & services in Ingleburn, Wollongong and Yagoona that combines quality and value. The team at AJAJ Tyres is dedicated to providing excellence with each transaction they complete. For more information on Tyres sales & services, AJAJ Tyres welcomes consumers to contact them at:  Yagoona:  9793 9265 Ingleburn:  8798 7610 Wollongong:  0434 454 454 Mobile: 0414 969 969  New Used Cars Parts Yard In Melbourne 2017-01-18T00:19:19Z aus-auto-parts-new-used-cars-parts-yard-in-melbourne 4 Easy Ways to Get Your Vehicle Looking and Feeling New  With dents and dings, and wear and tear, the attraction and performance of a used vehicle can begin to diminish.  While you might not be ready to upgrade to a new car, there is a way to bring back the polish, shine and performance of your vehicle.  Consider the following tips to bring your used vehicle back to the sharp image that gives it the lift it needs.  And, you the pride you once shared.  Recondition Your Headlights  When the headlights are dim, not only does the vehicle's appearance fade, safety is also jeopardised.  By simply reconditioning the headlights you can make your car look and feel years younger.  Headlights can be restored a number of ways.  Likely the quickest and easiest way for DIY auto owners to restore their vehicle is to purchase a DIY headlight restoration kit.  There are many on the market, and with a little effort and elbow grease, you will restore your headlights to a bright and brilliant renewal.  You can also replace the headlights, which is a little costlier.  Either way, reconditioning your headlights will add years to your vehicle and enhance your safety while driving.  Install Seat Covers  Car seats can take a great amount of abuse over the years, and if yours show the signs of wear and tear, replacing them will give the interior of the vehicle a new look.  When it comes to seat covers, you’ll have many choices, choosing the color, type of fabric and style that best suits your tastes and matches your vehicle.  Seat covers are something that is also easy to install.  Upgrade the Radio  There is nothing more enjoyable than listening to clear music while in your auto.  Upgrading the radio system in your vehicle is something that adds value and enjoyment, and not a high dollar upgrade. Swap out your system for a new one.  Used auto parts Victoria outlets are a great place to find a quality system at an affordable price.  Revamping Performance Having a vehicle that loses power is discouraging, and can be dangerous at times.  Revamping your vehicles performance by replacing old components with used car parts Victoria is a great way to improve its performance.  Recycled parts are affordable, and one that allows you to replace things that will enhance the performance of your vehicle.  Do a check up on your vehicle and consider if replacing components like the alternator, air flow sensor, fuel filter and other easy to replace components will make a difference in its performance.   With a few upgrades to your vehicle that aren’t necessarily costly, you can improve the look, feel and performance of your vehicle. Costly ways to replace components are with second-hand car parts Victoria.   For more information on a second hand Used Car Dealers, contact the AUS Auto Parts, the experts in used auto parts Victoria.  Just give us a call at the number below. Buy Subaru Used Car Parts in Melbourne to Repair Your Car 2017-01-18T00:07:48Z buy-subaru-used-car-parts-in-melbourne-to-repair-your-car Getting your car fixed up can be relatively cheap if you undertake the task yourself. Don’t spend your money on brand new parts when there are quality used parts available. The team at Atlas Car Removals salvage parts and re-condition them to sell at affordable prices. Here’s how to determine where to buy Subaru parts to repair your car.   Try Your Dealership If you’ve got a Subaru you can get in contact with your dealership and they will be happy to assist. If they haven’t got the part they will order it in for you. When you buy through them they will provide a warranty if you experience any problems. Whilst this is somewhat convenient and guarantees you’ll have a part in excellent condition, it’s a really expensive option. You don’t have to compromise on quality when looking at used Subaru parts in Melbourne. Sparing yourself the extra expense of purchasing new is unnecessary when you can get a second hand part in great condition.  Head Online Internet shopping is very popular and is another option when looking at purchasing a particular car part. You can search for it and find thousands of sellers to ensure you get the cheapest price. Whilst you can save big bucks on parts using this way you can’t be 100% sure about what you have bought. There’s no guarantee the part will do what it should. It could be damaged or in poor condition. Saving money on second hand Subaru parts is a good idea; however, this should be done by compromising on quality.  Find a Reputable Used Parts Dealer If you want a reasonably priced and quality part for your car without the headaches that can come with online shopping try your local second hand parts dealer. An experienced used parts dealer will have a large inventory that has a large range of parts. Having a record of all of their parts makes it easy for you to chase particular used Subaru parts in Melbourne. Unlike internet shopping you know you are getting a great product as their knowledgeable technicians recondition the part before selling. Ring around to find the part you are after and pick up the part on the same day.  Buying brand new parts is expensive and when you can get a used part that does the same job it makes sense to opt for second hand. The internet can assist with your search for second hand parts but doesn’t assure you of the state it’s in. Phone or visit your local auto parts dealer to check if they have the part. If you are looking for Second Hand Parts for Cars Total Car Removals will be able to assist you. Browse us online at Australia’s blood cancer burden increasing, new analysis shows 2017-01-17T22:55:14Z australia-s-blood-cancer-burden-increasing-new-analysis-shows-1 Blood cancer death rates in Australia have soared by a fifth in just 10 years, according to new analysis. The Leukaemia Foundation’s investigation shows the number of Australians dying from blood cancer is now DOUBLE those losing their life to melanoma¹. Latest statistics show 4,412 people nationwide died from blood cancer in 2015, compared to 3,700 in 2006 – an increase of nearly 20 per cent¹. In NSW alone, 1,477 people died in 2015, compared to 1,254 in 2006 – an increase of 18 per cent¹. Blood cancer remains the leading cause of death children aged 1-141, along with drowning. It also affects older people, particularly those aged over 55. While more children are surviving, almost half of adult blood cancer patients will lose their life. The Australian Institute of Family Studies predicts by the turn of the next century a quarter of the population of Australia will be aged 65 years or older, compared to around 15 per cent currently². The Leukaemia Foundation’s General Manager NSW/ACT Christine McMillan warned the causes of blood cancer were still largely, and unacceptably, unknown but an ageing population could be playing an important part in the dramatic rise. “More people than ever are dying of blood cancer and I for one am simply not prepared to sit idly by while the numbers keep heading north. Despite being the third biggest cause of cancer death in this country, many of us still aren’t aware of the disease and the devastating impact it has on families in our communities.” she said. Blood cancer includes diseases like leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. “Research into some blood cancers, particularly lymphoma, gets relatively little Government support and so we urgently need to find ways to fund more of this critical work,” Mrs McMillan added. “Thanks to our supporters and fundraising events like the World’s Greatest Shave, the Leukaemia Foundation is able to invest millions into blood cancer research each year - but we need to find more. We can only do that if the community rallies with us and becomes part of the solution, which will see more Australians survive blood cancer and go on to lead a better quality of life.” You can support Australia’s blood cancer researchers by taking part in World’s Greatest Shave in March. Find out more at  –ENDS– Sources: 1. Australian Bureau of Statistics, Causes of Death, Australia, 2015 2. Australian Bureau of Statistics, Population Projections, Australia 2012 to 2101, 2013   About the Leukaemia Foundation The Leukaemia Foundation the only national charity dedicated to improving the lives of patients with all types of blood cancers including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. We want more people to survive a blood cancer diagnosis and go on to live a full life. We are committed to investing in research projects which focus on improving patient outcomes and providing free support programs which aim to reduce the emotional impact of a blood cancer diagnosis. For more information please visit or visit Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Travel Tripper’s RezTrip now interfaces with GuestCentrix Property Management System 2017-01-17T21:14:18Z travel-tripper-s-reztrip-now-interfaces-with-guestcentrix-property-management-system SYDNEY & NEW YORK (Jan 5, 2017) — Travel Tripper, a leading provider of hotel reservation and digital marketing solutions, today announced the integration of GuestCentrix Property Management System (PMS) with Travel Tripper’s RezTrip central reservation system (CRS). The integration of these two systems allows hotels to more seamlessly manage availability, rates, and inventory for RezTrip CRS through the GuestCentrix PMS interface. Reservation delivery from multiple electronic channels, GDS, web, mobile and OTAs are also available for those interfaced properties for the first time.  With unique features such as TT Rate Match, geo-targeted pricing, and dynamic pricing modules, RezTrip is a leading CRS and booking engine for hotels looking to strengthen their direct booking strategy and increase direct booking revenues. In addition, Travel Tripper also offers TT Web, an innovative website platform closely integrated with RezTrip that displays real-time rates and dynamically displays special offers directly on the hotel website. “Connecting GuestCentrix PMS  to RezTrip allows our customers to better enhance their online distribution strategy and drive more direct booking revenue,” said Duncan Waterman, Director of Sales at GuestCentrix. “We are very excited to offer GuestCentrix hotel clients a seamless integration with Travel Tripper.”RezTrip supports unlimited hotel photos, promotions, fixed packages, room types, and add-ons. It is fully integrated with social media and email platforms to allow shoppers to share travel plans with friends and colleagues. The platform also helps recapture lost bookings by emailing potential guests from within the booking engine on behalf of the hotel. “We are thrilled to be able to integrate with a top PMS provider in the Australia, New Zealand and Asia markets,” said Soma Bruce, VP of Business Development Asia Pacific at Travel Tripper. “As we continue to expand our worldwide presence, we want hoteliers to benefit from powering their distribution with RezTrip in as integrated a manner as possible.” Travel Tripper is headquartered in New York City with offices in London and Hyderabad, India serving thousands of hotels across the world. For more information on Travel Tripper’s full suite of hotel distribution and marketing solutions, visit About Travel Tripper Travel Tripper is a full-service hospitality technology provider and strategic marketing partner helping hotels worldwide to generate demand, optimize conversions, and maximize revenue. Known in the industry for its constant innovation and exceptional expertise, Travel Tripper provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that empowers hotels from search to stay, including central reservation systems, hotel distribution, website and booking, and digital marketing. For more information, visit About CMS Hospitality CMS Hospitality has been providing software solutions for more than 30 years. Our GuestCentrix software solution is a proven multi-property hospitality system with clients ranging from small backpacker properties to 5 star resorts with over 2000 rooms, and accommodation groups of up to 100 properties. Following our mantra of “Profit, maximise and simplify” we have helped our clients to become more profitable through better information available to them, maximise their revenues by ensuring the best rates are sold on the right day, and simplify their business by offering a software solution which is easy to use easy to learn and easy to navigate, and overall is intuitive. GuestCentrix can be found installed in more than 25 countries globally with installations in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific and across Asia in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand and thru into Europe, the UK and North America. Curtis W. Jackson Announces Debut of “Waiting for Regina” Available on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble 2017-01-17T15:59:11Z curtis-w-jackson-announces-debut-of-waiting-for-regina-available-on-smashwords-and-barnes-amp-noble Adolescence is a turbulent time for many teenagers as they come to terms with a new identity and seek the approval of peers. The transitional period is characterized by physical, emotional, and psychological changes that can be awkward, but also exhilarating as adolescents discover new and different experiences related to racism, bullying, interracial marriage, abuse, and loss of life. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the brain of an adolescent functions much differently than an adult's, because his actions are guided more by the amygdala and less by the frontal cortex. This makes him more likely to act on impulse, get into accidents, become involved in fights and engage in risky behavior. These differences might also be responsible for an adolescent's susceptibility to peer pressure, involvement in risky sexual behaviors, dangerous drug use, and racial inequality.  That concern should be dispelled by “Waiting for Regina” which is a first in a series of anecdotal creative fiction books resulting from a series of digital books that featured a short story titled “Regina, What Is the Color of It?” released on some months ago. The new incredible heart-warming, beautiful, and disconcertingly reflective novel published by Barnes & Noble under Nook Press Print, which is also available in printed format on SmashWords covers it all. From early childhood to teenage years as it opens discussion of history’s long social problem, overcoming the challenges and defying stereotypes typically aligned to young adults, to providing answers to complaints about colorism, which is still practiced in high schools and communities throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Curtis W. Jackson, the author, who spent most of his life living on Long Island is a Bay Shore High School graduate and a student of Full Sail University majoring in Graphic Design, and having lived and learned from different hilarious life experiences in his previous years, he is opportune to demonstrate how teens and young adults can sustain through the roller coastal ride, joys and pains of the many controversial issues confronting them. “Waiting for Regina,” which get its roots from “Regina, What Is the Color of It?” is a past account of a bright, aspiring student named Mispha, and her brilliant and beautiful teacher. A lovely skinned black youth, Mispha, who wrote a letter to her intimate friend Regina struggles for acceptance in a bias affluent society of the latter 1980's. The brave white teacher, Samantha confronts academic pressure as she strives to advance multicultural studies in a predominantly Caucasian community. They face their limitations and find a compromise in a bonding friendship of sisterhood, sealing it in an association with a handsome professor. The novel reflects the hues, tones, and shades of a Long Island schoolgirl coming of age just in time.  Curtis explains, "People should not be scared to read ‘Waiting for Regina’ because of its sensitive themes. In fact, it is my hope couples, friends and families will savor it together and analyze its vital points. I believe readers will discover the positive examples of Mispha, Regina, and Samantha and relate to their human needs for true companionship. There is much more to this novel than the attention it is highlighting on issues of race. Waiting for Regina is a reminder that we all need; genuine love and forgiveness, cultivating the values of honesty, integrity, and courage." Readers will learn about critical controversial issues, ranging from interracial friendships and relationships to social issues. “Waiting for Regina” speaks a lot on the psyche on teenagers and how they should be regarded and cherished; it explores different facets of true love; romance, family and friendships, and telling the truth, especially when it is necessary for the welfare of others. The thoughtful and intelligent book celebrating virtues of truth, friendship, and generosity may sound tragic, but it is scenting with hope.  ‘Waiting for Regina’ becomes a roller coaster ride of dramatic highs and lows, with dashes of humor and unexpecting story twists and turns. For more information about Curtis W. Jackson and his incredible book, visit and   Please check out the current book reviews of Waiting for Regina at Goodreads: Contact:                   Curtis W. Jackson       A True Survival Story: Overcoming Abuse and Bullying with Resilience, Strength, and Transformation 2017-01-17T04:44:49Z a-true-survival-story-overcoming-abuse-and-bullying-with-resilience-strength-and-transformation Set in the 1960s, In the Life of Another Day and Time follows the story of ‘Beryl’, a young child taken from her home by the government, only to be abused and bullied. This shocking story is actually a true account of author Cheryl Brealey’s childhood. At age nine, Beryl was taken from her grandfather’s home by the Welfare Department and placed in the government’s care. She was to become one of the white Forgotten Australians. Beryl and her siblings were moved through various children’s homes, including The Salvation Army, Bidura Girls Detention Centre, and finally, the Burnside Presbyterian Homes for Children. Beryl had little contact with her mother during this time. Finally, it was decided that if Beryl’s mother did not make contact with her children, they would become wards of the state and would become available for adoption into a new family, where they would stay permanently. The rest of this emotional journey unfolds in the pages of Cheryl’s memoir. About the Author Cheryl has written this book as a legacy to the resilience and strength she developed throughout her childhood and the transformation she made as she entered adulthood. The original manuscript was handwritten, and the entire publishing process took Cheryl three years to complete. The journey of writing her memoir was a long one, but one Cheryl undertook in order to make her voice heard and to help others:  “It’s been quite an achievement for me, especially at my age (sixty-three), going through PTSD. It took me over fifty years to break my silence; to have a clear voice to be heard; to now be able to help others along their way, by teaching them they can too can overcome abuse, with hope and kindness from within. So, if you have the drive and determination, don’t stop until you have succeeded in what you are trying to achieve.” Promotional Book Events In the Life of Another Day and Time was first launched at Mannelli’s Café at Burnside, Sydney, in October 2016. Cheryl has promoted her book at other events, including a fundraising event at Mindful Origins 88 Gallery, Redcliffe, in November 2016, where $10 from each book sale was donated to the White Ribbon Australia campaign. Other local book signing events have been promoted through The Redcliffe & Bayside Herald newspaper. Cheryl endeavours to continue to promote her book to bookshops, libraries, and charity organisations. For future event information or book signing opportunities, please contact Cheryl Brealey via post.   Community Engagement Opportunities Cheryl has also presented her book and film, based on her memoir, at libraries in New South Wales and Queensland. Her biggest dream would be to have her story on the big screen, to create awareness and to give a voice to others who have also been affected by abuse and bullying. Cheryl has adapted a screenplay from her memoir and is currently in discussions to develop it into a musical. Anyone looking to audition can send their expression of interest via post, with resume and profile. Roles are available for men, women, and children (boys and girls).   Future Books Cheryl is currently writing the sequel to In the Life of Another Day and Time and aims to have it published by late 2017.  Educators and PR industry letting graduates down 2017-01-17T03:30:30Z educators-and-pr-industry-letting-graduates-down Graduates in the areas of communications and public relations (PR) can’t find jobs, are poorly trained and some are exploited by employers, according to the head of an Australian PR firm.   Managing Director of Mercer PR, Lyall Mercer, said he agreed with recent comments by the chief executive of Group of Eight, representing eight major universities, that the system is letting students down and pumping out graduates with “broken dreams and a large student debt”.   “Many graduates are forced into other industries, work in less qualified roles or move interstate or overseas because there are so few PR jobs available.   “Maybe it’s time for the universities to be honest with students about the chances of landing a job in this industry.”   He also believes universities are failing to properly train graduates.   “Students are graduating with very little knowledge about the world of PR and no interest in news and current affairs, which affects their employment chances particularly in the corporate PR field."   Mr Mercer said graduates he employs openly admit they learned very little about their industry at university.   “They are given a degree yet most can’t write a media release, many have poor grammar and communications skills, and they have no idea about even the basics of public relations.   “Several graduates I spoke to recently had never heard of organisations like Associated Press or other major news agencies which is unbelievable. You have to question what they are learning.”   He also said the negative experiences of graduates are made worse by some employers within the industry which can exploit them with unpaid internships that provide little or no value.   “I’m sure some internships are valid and worthwhile, but others are nothing more than illegal, unpaid work. I know of one person who worked as an unpaid intern over a nine month period doing the same work as paid staff.   “Other interns get put in a corner and told to file papers, which provides no benefit whatsoever.”   Mr Mercer said universities could consider working more closely with PR companies to provide better real world education, and those employers who offer unpaid internships should make them very short term and structured.   -End-   Link to referred article – comments by Group of Eight - Link to Mercer PR - SOTI Simplifies Unified Endpoint Management and Remote Support with MobiControl 13.3 Launch 2017-01-17T03:01:04Z soti-simplifies-unified-endpoint-management-and-remote-support-with-mobicontrol-13-3-launch Sydney, Australia – 17 January, 2017 —SOTI Inc., the world’s leading provider of  Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), today announced the immediate availability of SOTI MobiControl 13.3. This latest version of its flagship product introduces a new array of unified endpoint management (UEM) technologies that enhance enterprises’ abilities to manage and protect company data across all of their mobile endpoints.   Supporting the remote user has never been easier or more flexible, as SOTI MobiControl brings enhanced remote troubleshooting, full remote control for Windows 10 devices and an expanded remote view for Google Android for Work devices. This overarching level of remote support, coupled with SOTI’s deep support for Windows 10 and enhanced security features such as Single Sign On and Apple Managed Lost Mode, make overall UEM simpler for enterprises. “With the increased footprint of mobility across the enterprise and across all lines of business, the need for comprehensive unified endpoint management is now,” said Oscar Rambaldini, Vice President of Product Management at SOTI. “We built MobiControl 13.3 to help enterprises manage their devices and corporate data remotely, securely and across any operating system or multi-operating systems.” Version 13.3 of MobiControl introduces the following key improvements:  • Enhanced Remote Control and Remote View Features – MobiControl 13.3 confidently supports virtually all mobile endpoints with its enhanced Remote Control or Remote View technology.  MobiControl is known for its best-in-class remote control features and version 13.3 offers the fastest way to begin troubleshooting mobile devices anywhere in the world with a network connection. With SOTI MobiControl 13.3, administrators can now remotely view devices deploying Google Android, helping end users navigate and support problems onsite. In addition, Windows 10 modern POS devices can now obtain immediate remote control support through the MobiControl web console.   • Deep Management of Windows 10 – MobiControl 13.3 offers improved Windows 10 device management by: - Providing rapid response to non-compliant Windows 10 devices and notifying administrators when a Windows 10 device fails its health attestation checks.   - Deploying document security in the enterprise with Windows Information Protection (WIP) feature to encrypt files when copying from a server to a local machine; locks the document to that single device and opens files with a specific app to eliminate compatibility issues when using third-party editors. Finally, MobiControl 13.3 enables Data Loss Prevention to keep data safe from copy-paste. - Mitigating further damage by malware in an enterprise’s network by facilitating device enrollment to the Windows Advanced Threat Protection. - Using assigned-access to enable Corporately Owned Single-Use (COSU) devices.  Through SOTI MobiControl any device can run a single app, which is a key feature for POS in retail; dedicated healthcare devices for single-purpose; and secure device in transportation/logistics. Additional MobiControl 13.3 features include full integration with Zebra StageNow and support for Netmotion mobile virtual private networks. SOTI MobiControl offers a full suite of enterprise-ready benefits, including APIs that empower users to integrate custom mobile management functions into their business workflows.  Download a 30-day free trial of MobiControl today. Coffee Shrine: Respecting The Cup Of Joe 2017-01-17T02:24:09Z coffee-shrine-respecting-the-cup-of-joe For all those commercial establishments and individuals owning a coffee making machine servicing of the coffee machine is an essential part of the maintenance and upkeep. Coffee Shrine is a fully Australian owned and operated company that offers customers a wide range of coffee machine cleaning products that too at the best retails prices online anywhere in Australia. Coffee Shrine is one of the newest members to the field of distribution serving up only the freshest products and materials for coffee consumers whether its for home, office or commercial use. Headquartered in Western Australia, Coffee Shrine is dedicated to share their simply great passion for coffee through their various options for distribution.With the various coffee distributors around, what separates Coffee Shrine from others is the fact that although they provide the machines, beans and coffee machine supplies, they also are on the clock for questions and repair services. They provide both scheduled and spur of the moment maintenance upon request in places such as Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and more.As Coffee Shrine continues to expand their products and services, they offer multiple ways to obtain supplies for corporations such as rentals, purchasing options and short-term leasing. Customers have the option to order directly from the Coffee Shrine website or over the phone. To further simplify the process, customers can also fax their order directly to 1300-722-928 or by using the 24-hour email address. For more information about Coffee Shrine and the range of commercial coffee machines available for sale, visit or call 1300-722-430. Ready Track Maintains Versatility With Customizable Packages 2017-01-17T01:59:36Z ready-track-maintains-versatility-with-customizable-packages Ready Track, a full-service GPS tracking company, is still able to maintain customer satisfaction with the rollout of the entirely tailored GPS package with the ability to suit any industry – personal or corporate that’s also compatible for smartphones. The packages are readily available to Ready Track consumers. The innovative method of GPS & vehicle tracking allows Australian companies the ability to broaden the scope of ways they think about how their cargo. Whether it’s personal freight or managing and monitoring performance analytics, customers will have peace of mind knowing their parcels and company fleets are easily tracked.Ready Track is able to meet the varying needs of its consumers by choosing between domestic or commercial products that are easily installed in vehicles. Certain GPS trackers such as the Plug & Play are directly installed into a domestic vehicle to provide On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) features. Other trackers such as the TR800 are hard-wired into the vehicle and maintain an eight-hour battery providing vehicle security long after installation.In order to save our customers costs, Ready Track is able to analyze the scope of tracking necessary and provide an all-inclusive package that will fit the company or individual needs. With the Ready Track cloud based platform, consumers are given real-time updates on fleet locations, map playback and even analysis of driver information such as speed and accidents.Ready Track operates out of Smithfield, NSW and is available countrywide and internationally. Because all packages are on an individual basis, pricing varies. However, those interested are able to go to the main site and get an accurate estimate with the Tracking Price Estimator. For more information about Ready Track’s GPS & fleet tracking systems and packages, visit or call 1300-766-703. Startup&Angels #4 - Meet promising Startuppers and Business Angels in Sydney 2017-01-17T01:47:12Z startup-amp-angels-4-meet-promising-startuppers-and-business-angels-in-sydney Sydney, Monday 16 January 2017 - After a successful edition in November, Startup&Angels is coming back on Thursday, 16 February 2017, from 5.45pm to 8pm, at WeWork Pyrmont, 100 Harris St in Sydney. It is the perfect opportunity to discover the founders of promising startups while networking with fellow investors and entrepreneurs around some wine, beer and authentic French crepes by Chez la Chaz’ after short and sharp presentations.   Organised by Australiance & Wombat Capital, the three successful previous editions of Startup&Angels allowed 18 companies to be introduced to more than 200 attendees and discovered by thousands of people through its online and offline networks.   The next edition will gather 6 speakers coming to introduce their startups or give some insightful advice about how to develop successful businesses in Australia. Speakers include Olga Oleinikova, CEO & Co- Founder of Persollo, offering an Instant check-out & conversion optimization platform ; Paul Bennetts, Founder & CEO of Spaceship, disrupting the superannuations and backed by Mike Cannon-Brookes from Atlassian,  ; Erika Wielopolska, CEO & Co-founder of WePlanr, disrupting the wedding planning industry ; Enguerrand Vidor, CEO & Founder of Leezair, an AirBnb for activities ; Ewan Le Bouris, Founder and CEO of SafeMate and Barrett Nash and Peter Kariuki founders of SafeMotos, pitching live directly from Kigali in Rwanda about their startup offering a similar service to Uber in Rwanda but for moto taxis.   After the inspiring talks, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy wine, beers and authentic French crepes and discuss with the founders. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a future entrepreneur or a private investor, join the event where startups meet angels in a relaxed atmosphere in WeWork Pyrmont (Sydney CBD). Early bird tickets are now available for the event, on If you want to learn more about the event, check out the official website on and discover the backstage of the previous edition on New AOPEN Chrome devices offer enterprise grade performance at an affordable price 2017-01-17T01:41:30Z new-aopen-chrome-devices-offer-enterprise-grade-performance-at-an-affordable-price AOPEN today launched two powerful Chrome devices as part of a new enterprise range aimed at bringing enterprise grade reliability and features to small businesses, at an affordable price. The Chromebase Mini is an enterprise-ready interactive 10.1-inch all-in-one touchscreen solution. It’s designed to be managed with ease, reliability, and security - making it ideal for high-traffic enterprise environments including digital signage, POS, self-service kiosks, corporate communication and AV room control.  The second device, the Chromebox Mini, is the smallest Chromebox on the market today and runs on the Chrome OS platform. It features a solid-state drive (SSD) and can be used as an SME or enterprise desktop replacement, hosting IOT applications, digital signage and kiosks. Being easy to use, it promotes greater control of in-store engagement. Stephen Borg, Global Chief Digital Officer AOPEN Group, says the devices represent a major leap forward in design - allowing a ubiquitous approach to multiple use cases, rapid application development, and ease of use for the signage, kiosk, POS, and other enterprise markets. "AOPEN designed its new Chrome OS device line to empower the customer by servicing a wide range of verticals and needs,” says Borg. “They are enterprise-ready in terms of product longevity and reliability, ease of large deployment, remote access, and service.” Chromebase Mini The Chromebase Mini, an all-in-one 10.1-inch solution, does not require a kiosk protective case, as it is waterproof and tamper proof, unlike a consumer touch device. The enterprise-ready all-in-one touch device supports audio-video conference platforms, such as Google Hangouts. It offers mounting options for A/V or desktop use (including a built-in Vesa Mount stand), high-quality camera and audio, and a dual microphone. The Chromebase Mini is also accompanied by optional accessories such as recess wall mounts, POE adapters, and adapters to mount various payment solutions. By leveraging AOPEN software layer meldCX, the Chromebase Mini is compatible with end-user legacy POS systems - featuring local app instances for offline use and device integration, while maintaining a competitive price point. "The Chromebase Mini achieves both customer and operational benefits. Its aesthetic and interactive design makes it ideal for high-traffic enterprise environments and provides a compelling way for customers to transact. Retailers or Integrators can also use Chrome Device Management to control and manage their device fleets. It means that content updates and management of the devices can be done remotely via the cloud, and its ease of rollout gives retailers an amazing experience," says Borg. "The Chromebase Mini is also ideal for enterprise business solutions. It positions Chrome squarely in the cloud, offering secure flexibility of business cloud solutions and enabling both Google Hangouts and other video conferencing solutions.” Chromebox Mini The Chromebox Mini is a solid-state, ultra-small form factor media player - the smallest enterprise-ready Chromebox currently available. It supports Chrome Device Management, and can be used as an enterprise desktop replacement. Its features include a fanless design, Bluetooth, wide-reaching dual-band antenna, and power button extension ports for ease of mounting behind the device, or having other AV equipment control on/off state. Both the Chromebase and Chromebox Mini are enterprise-grade solutions, at a price point suitable for home use for those wanting a more reliable, silent solution. Both feature fanless/non-venting hole designs, can operate in a wide range of temperatures, and meet Google’s stringent security requirements. "Rather than re-purposing consumer-grade products and support for commercial environments, AOPEN has introduced a design for the Chrome Mini Range that is robust and reliable enough for enterprise deployments across key verticals - including retail, hospitality, and QSR," says Borg. Chromebase Mini - key features: ●      Panel: 10.1” 1280 x 800 250nits AHVA ●      Touch: 10 point multi-touch; pinch to zoom  ●      CPU: Quad-Core Cortex-A17, up to 1.8GHz ●      DRAM: LPDDR3 Dual Channel 4GB ●      Storage: EMMC 5.0 16GB ●      FHD Webcam (2M) ●      Built-in Dual Digital MIC and Stereo Speaker ●      WIFI+ BT4.0: 802.11 b/g/n/ac + BT4.0 x 1  Chromebox Mini Fievel - key features:  ●      Fanless/non venting hole design ●      CPU:Quad-Core Cortex-A17, up to 1.8GHz ●      DRAM: LPDDR3 Dual Channel 4GB ●      Storage: EMMC 5.0 16GB ●      WIFI+ BT4.0: 802.11 b/g/n/ac + BT4.0 x 1 ENDS About AOPEN Founded in 1996, AOPEN is today a major global electronics manufacturer and a thought leader in digital signage. AOPEN is an official partner for Google Chrome devices, including the following tiers: ●      Google Cloud Sales Premier Partner (Chrome) ●      Google for Education Sales Premier Partner ●      Google Cloud Services Partner (Chrome) ●      Google for Work Education Services Partner Specialising in multi-platform, ultra-small form factor computing for both home and business, AOPEN works with a wide range of partners - from hardware to software and services. Through these partnerships, AOPEN creates advanced digital display solutions for many of the world's top brands. Part of the Wistron group, AOPEN has a presence in over 100 countries. AOPEN customers and partners range from governments and financial institutions to retailers, retail design firms, strategic consultants, and branding agencies. Quantum Management Indicators merges with Insync 2017-01-17T00:40:21Z quantum-management-indicators-merges-with-insync Insync CEO Nicholas Barnett said: “We are excited Quantum has joined forces with us and to combine our considerable experience and intellectual property. “Quantum is a great fit for Insync with many loyal and longstanding clients, highly competent and experienced staff and an outstanding reputation in the market. We will work closely with both Insync’s and Quantum’s clients to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible, and that our clients get the very best of what both Insync and Quantum have to offer,” Barnett said. Since 1992, Quantum has developed and implemented staff surveys for over 1,500 clients whose collective operations span 30 countries, 16 different industry sectors and 20 languages. Quantum has developed numerous proprietary surveys including a first class culture survey and employee 360s. They have a substantial client base in the financial services, utilities and community services sectors. Some of Quantum’s clients include Amnesty International, Bank Australia, Brookfield Multiplex, Crown, Elders, SA Power Networks and Toyota. Quantum CEO Des Tubridy said, “A majority of these clients were introduced to Quantum through the recommendations of existing clients. We consider this testament to our ability to add value to business through our commitment to research, innovative thinking and exceptional customer service. We look forward to the future with Insync and continuing our partnerships with our valued clients.” ENDS Media contacts For more information or comment, please contact: Nicholas Barnett CEO Insync Phone:        +61 3 9909 9201 Mobile:       +61 407 175 551 Email Genevieve Boyd Marketing Communications Manager Insync Phone:       +61 3 9909 9278 Mobile:       +61 423 238 038 Email   About Insync Insync is passionate about helping organisations achieve sustainable high performance by improving employee and customer engagement. With over 25 years’ experience, they are experts in employee engagement surveys, customer research, exit interviews, 360 feedback and leadership team and board evaluations. Insync also assists clients with focus groups, action planning, change management and developing and reviewing EVPs and CVPs. Insync has conducted over 1,000 employee, customer and board research projects in the last five years. They have helped ACCC, AFL, ASX, Cathay Pacific, Country Road, Chevron, CSIRO, Fairfax, GrainCorp, John Holland, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Metro, Mitsui, Nufarm, QBE, Salvation Army, Swire, Sydney Water, Toll, Visy, YMCA, federal and state government departments and agencies, many local councils and most universities. Insync has delivered surveys, research and consulting projects in around 100 countries and 40 languages. They have made significant investments in their people, processes, culture and technology to provide cost-effective and actionable insights to clients that make a real difference to their organisation. Visit: Australian Defence Apparel Partners with Promapp to Drive Process Transformation 2017-01-16T23:58:12Z australian-defence-apparel-partners-with-promapp-to-drive-process-transformation Melbourne, 17 January 2017 – Australian Defence Apparel (ADA), Australia’s leading supplier of innovative design, manufacture, complex apparel and inventory management services into government and large corporate organisations, has commenced implementation of Promapp's cloud-based business process management software to drive process efficiency throughout the organisation. In recent years, ADA has experienced unprecedented growth and expansion into new markets and defied manufacturing sector trends, reporting a 12.5 per cent increase in staff over the past 12 months. The company’s Bendigo factory now manufactures more than 500,000 garments every year, and has supplied several million garments to clients around the world over the last 10 years.    Previously identified in the marketplace only as a trusted defence manufacturer rather than as an apparel manufacturer working across many industry sectors, ADA has witnessed strong growth in its design workforce and has expanded into new markets beyond defence to emergency and health services.    ADA was increasingly working with multiple applications to map everyday business processes which were unwieldy to manage, store and update.    These applications included a variety of Visio, Word, Excel and PDF files which not only required specific skill sets to operate but lacked the capacity to drive cross business collaboration.  They required separate licenses to operate and naming conventions and version control were unstructured which also dented productivity.   “The ADA business has recently gone through an ownership model change as well as a marketing and rebranding exercise.  In conjunction with these changes and due to ongoing growth, we wanted to extend our processes by making them easy to share and update and adhere to standards so that everyone could engage in the business and collaborate effectively,” says Aaron Cousins, IT Manager at ADA.   Following a market review in conjunction with one of its IT partners, Carrot Solutions, ADA selected Promapp cloud-based business process management software based on several key factors including its rich functionality, strong governance and collaborative functionality.   “The fact that Promapp is SaaS-based also provides us with an opportunity to reduce the burden on our own IT infrastructure while its workflow and collaboration features will support all company processes from supply chain, warehousing and distribution to manufacturing and finance,” says Cousins.  “Although we’re already very mature, in that we have well documented processes, Promapp will add value in supporting the management of the content in those processes.  Staff will now be able to suggest process updates and quickly implement improvements, boosting overall efficiency and productivity.”   Promapp helps organisations build, improve and share their process knowledge from a central online repository.  It drives process improvement by simplifying process mapping, so that teams can own and improve their own processes.  It will specifically enable ADA to map, review and improve processes on an ongoing basis, providing a faster, smarter way to deliver a range of appropriate and well-planned services to clients wherever they may be located.   Promapp will be deployed within the organisation’s design, contract management, customer service, operations, finance and IT teams as well as a team working on its in-house rapid prototyping capability and manufacturing capacity. Promapp will also support processes managing research and development, design, innovation, sampling, sourcing, manufacture, ordering, inventory management, warehousing, dispatch and reporting. “ADA embeds the conditions for innovation through our culture. Every staff member has a responsibility and is empowered to contribute to the ideas, research, and exploration that are a part of the everyday business environment.  Promapp will play a critical role in supporting our emphasis on ideas and innovation,” says Cousins. ADA was established in 1912 as the Commonwealth Government Clothing Factory, responsible for the manufacture and supply of uniforms to Australia’s fighting forces through two world wars and many other conflicts.  It played an instrumental role in creating what has become the iconic visual image of the Australian ‘digger’. Wes Cassidy, Director, Carrot Solutions, added, “We love to help companies improve their business processes by providing advice and software solutions that increase staff productivity, reduce operating costs, and provide potential for growth.  Promapp was an ideal solution for ADA.”  About Promapp Established in 2002, Promapp Solutions works with hundreds of organisations worldwide to foster a thriving business improvement and process management culture.   Promapp’s cloud-based business process management (BPM) software makes it easy to create, navigate, share, and change business processes, including quality assurance, risk management, human resources, and business continuity. Providing an intuitive online process repository, an integrated process mapping tool, and a process improvement toolset, Promapp’s proprietary software supports the development of smarter and safer ways to work, while encouraging sharing of information by operational teams rather than limiting it to process analysts and technical specialists.   Promapp’s wide range of public and private sector customers includes: Coca-Cola Amatil, WesTrac, Roy Hill, Air New Zealand, Lumo Energy, Toyota Financial Services, Ricoh Australia, McDonald's, Audi Australia, Fuji Xerox, City of Karratha and Department of Justice, Victoria.  The company is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. ENDS