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3 Key Reasons your Business needs a Website

Announcement posted by pepperit. 18 Dec 2020

Are you stuck in the old ways of conducting business? Relying on old school marketing tactics? A marketing strategy must be well thought out to ensure optimal results. Irrespective of whether you are a brick-and-mortar store or purely operate via e-commerce, a website is needed!

Storefront advertising and print advertising are no longer enough to cut through the noise of many competitors operating in overcrowded markets. In addition to this, reliance alone on social media platforms like Facebook business pages and Instagram profiles also fall short of enabling you to leverage your business and gain further reach. Having a sleek website design is advantageous for the following reasons: 

1. It adds credibility to your business 

Having a website ensures customers take you seriously. It also communicates that you are professional and committed to providing customer value. It enables you to share your story and ultimately develop a connection with your customers. For example, a page dedicated to highlighting your team members illustrates authenticity, personality and most importantly, builds trust. Also, by showcasing satisfied customers and their testimonies, your service or products are authentically promoted, which facilitates greater conversion. 

2. Provides search and SEO Benefits  

Formulating a search and SEO strategy is vital to ensure your website receives greater reach. Although white hat SEO can be a tedious process, it is an effective long-term approach that ensures SERP growth and leads to higher engagement and conversion rates. Pepperit provides full-service SEO management, utilising leading industry toolsets to optimise your website for search engines.

3. It is cost-effective 

Having a website is far more cost-effective than other forms of advertising. Recruiting a digital marketing agency that specialises in website design and development will ensure you reach key metrics, including high ROI. Working alongside an agency with extensive experience in copywriting and UX design ensures your site is user-friendly, functional, device responsive and secure. Your website is a 24/7 shop front, so it’s important for it to be secure – and that’s where Wordpress Hosting Australia comes in to provide you with support. 

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