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ACS Distance Education Releases A New Course - Ecotherapy

Announcement posted by ACS Distance Education 23 Mar 2021

Using the healing power of nature

Media Release

                        22 March 2021

 ACS Distance Education Releases A New Course - Ecotherapy

ACS Distance Education has recently released a new 20-hour short course- Ecotherapy. This course helps you to understand how interacting with nature can benefit human health and wellbeing; and gives you a wide range of different types of ecotherapeutic activities you can draw upon in order to respond to a person’s therapeutic needs. You will develop a fundamental understanding of ecotherapy and forge a foundation to continue developing your knowledge and understanding of the subject post study.

Experiences with nature can be through any of the sensory modalities – sight, touch, sound, smell, or taste. The experiences could also be through our sixth sense of ‘proprioception’ i.e. awareness of our body being in a natural environment.

There is no single definition of ecotherapy, but it tends to refer to activities that include:
• Support the individual or group by a therapist
• Doing something in a green environment
• Exploration and appreciation of nature and the natural world around us
• Spending time with others and interacting with them at your own pace and in your own way

What's inside this course?

Lesson 1.  Nature & Scope of Ecotherapy
Lesson 2.  Theoretical Perspectives
Lesson 3.  Clients in Ecotherapy
Lesson 4.  Outdoor Ecotherapy with Plants
Lesson 5.   Outdoor Ecotherapy with Animals
Lesson 6.  Indoor Ecotherapy Activities
Lesson 7.   Creative Arts Ecotherapy Activities
Lesson 8.  Complimentary Therapies and Activities

How do our 20-hour courses work?

You can enrol and start the course at any time. Study when and where you like. You can download your study-guide to your smart phone, tablet or laptop. There are automated self-assessment tests you can complete at the end of each lesson. You can then download your certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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