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AGR Technology offers solutions to help businesses manage their online reputation

Announcement posted by AGR Technology 10 Jul 2021

Simple Reputation & Review Management for businesses of all sizes!
One of your most valuable assets is your company's reputation, both online and offline. Reputation and trust can take years to build but only minutes to destroy.

Before prospective customers even consider making a purchase from you, they will research through social networks such as Facebook and search engines like Google & Bing for reviews and other information about the company/business.

Therefore it is critical that business owners keep on top of their reviews to ensure their brand remains a viable option for searchers and any negative complaints can be addressed before they have the potential to cause major problems.  This process however is complicated and requires lots of time in monitoring time which most business owners just don't have.

In addition to social networks there are a huge number of ever-growing business directories and review websites out there making it even more complicated for businesses to keep track of with logins for each and every account.

AGR Technology can help with this process through it's new reputation management service: https://agrtech.com.au/reputation-management-services/

This solution is designed to put control back in the business owners hands allowing them to easily keep an eye on multiple sources such as Google My Business, Facebook and other popular directories such as Yelp.

For information can be found on the official AGR Technology Business channel here.

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