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Back to school: G-mee smartphone satisfies tech wish lists of teens and parents

Announcement posted by G-mee 12 Jan 2021

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Music, Google Apps, audiobooks, calls and text are among the features that top the wish lists of young smartphone users. For parents, reducing exposure to online risks is paramount when considering a first smartphone purchase for their child.


The ideal mobile for first time users, the G-mee Connect smartphone facilitates on-the-go entertainment and social connections but has no camera and integrates in-built parental controls to quickly adjust device functionality to create a safe online experience for young users.


Created by Aussie father and tech expert, Charlie Brown, the G-mee Connect smartphone is designed to help kids develop their online readiness to become technologically informed and confident users into the future.


In 2020, just under half (46%) of Australian children aged 6 to 13 used a mobile phone, up from 41% in 2015(1). In the 14-17 age bracket, 9 in 10 Australian teens have a mobile phone(2). 


Interestingly, nearly 6 in 10 young people (8-17 years) who reported a negative experience online, identified emotional and/or psychological impacts as a result(3).


A majority (94%) of parents identify their child's online safety as a priority, however parents lack confidence in dealing with certain negative online experiences their child may face, such as cyberbullying and online threats(4).


To support a positive online experience for young users, the G-mee Connect smartphone comes with an in-built App Lock to ensure users only access and engage with age appropriate content. The smartphone also enables download of a free Call Manager App, giving parents the ability to disallow calls from specific numbers and phone use at specific times of the day.


“The G-mee Connect smartphone is all about giving everyday Australian families an affordable first phone option that prioritises online safety for young users. G-mee smart devices give parents the ability to curate the content their child engages with, to help guide and educate them about safely using smart technology to become informed users into the future,” said G-mee creator, Charlie Brown.

The G-mee Connect has a RRP of $149.95 and is available for purchase via www.g-mee.com and at participating Australia Post outlets nationally.


G-mee Connect smartphone - Key Features:

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  • No digital camera – reduces the temptation to overshare online.
  • Access to apps via Google Play Store. Comes with pre-loaded Google Apps.
  • G-mee App Lock: ability to lock apps with pin code.
  • 4G cellular connectivity to facilitate phone calls, SMS and the use of data for browsing and downloading content anytime.
  • Facilitates mobile network calls and SMS and blocking of unwanted calls and SMS.
  • Free Call Manager App - parents can allow and disallow calls from specific numbers and specific times of the day.
  • In-built G-mee App Lock so that parents can restrict and free up device functionality to suit the digital readiness of the user.
  • Android 9.0, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.
  • 8GB in-built memory storage.
  • Micro SD: to to 32GB.
  • 5-inch plastic touch screen.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack and in-built speaker.


For more information on G-mee, visit www.g-mee.com




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Editor’s Note: G-mee creator, Charlie Brown, is available for interview on request.


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About G-mee

The range of G-mee smart devices is the brainchild of respected technology expert, Charlie Brown of CBN Media. Charlie created the G-mee range after he and his wife realised that there wasn’t a device on the market that they could give their two young daughters and be assured that the content they were consuming was safe. G-mee smart devices give users, of all levels of digital savvy, access to the best on-the-go entertainment, while including features to support safe cyber use and exploration.  There are two devices in the G-mee range including the G-mee Plus smart player and G-mee Connect smartphone.


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