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Bike Barn Delivers Expert Bike Buying Tips to Parents Purchasing Bicycles for Their Children

Announcement posted by Bike Barn 01 Aug 2019

Bike Barn is New Zealand’s one-stop shop for everything to do with cycling, and they have enjoyed years of experience in delivering the very best advice and expertise to Kiwi cyclists. It’s not just the professional racing or hobbyist cyclists that visit this nationwide chain, though. Parents and children can always find what they are looking for at the popular chain, with employees who are always ready to deliver thoughtful and tailored advice regarding the perfect choice of bicycle.

For many, the purchase of kids bikes in New Zealand is filled with questions. What size bike should I give my child? Do I need to add training wheels? Even beyond these questions are the points that parents may not know about, such as whether the bike should have suspension or gears. The answers to all of these queries depend on the child who will be riding the bike, and as such will alter the parents’ choices.

According to the experienced employees, two of the biggest factors when purchasing a bike for a child are their age and their height. Age plays a large part in determining the correct bicycle because it hints at their experience with fine motor control, decision-making and cycling itself. There is a line of children’s bikes that come with low suspension, training wheels and no gears in order to gently introduce a child to the mechanics of riding a bike. As they progress in experience, parents can be more confident in placing them on a bike with suspension that can handle rougher terrain, gears that can increase their potential speed, and no training wheels.

The second big factor – height – is important for all cyclists, regardless of their age. The height of your chosen bike should allow you to reach the handlebars and the bottom swing of the pedals with ease, without cramping or over-elongating you. Age does not completely determine a child’s height, so if you’re buying a bike for your child make sure to bring them into the store for a test run.

If you would like to learn more about the line of children’s bicycles and Bike Barn helmets on offer, follow the link below.



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