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BLAC Sneaker Co – The perfect gift for stylish and eco-conscious consumers this festive season

Announcement posted by CRE8IVE 03 Dec 2020

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Sustainable sneaker company, BLAC Sneaker Co, is offering the perfect gift for those ‘street smart’ and eco-conscious loved ones this festive season.

BLAC Sneakers are the perfect balance of style, quality and sustainability.

Made from hemp, traditionally the underdog of the fashion industry, this natural material is quickly becoming the new wave of natural fashion with its super healing powers for the environment as well as being extremely durable.

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BLAC Sneakers have been designed to focus on quality and comfort with sustainability and ethical production as a bonus. Using high quality memory foam, high quality soles, breathable materials, as well as recycled cardboard shoe boxes, BLAC is the new generation of sneakers.

Available in Original White and Original Black for a modest RRP of $139, they make the perfect gift for a loved one and are available online with all orders shipped within 48 hours.

If you’re looking for a super cool gift that is not only one of the most comfortable and durable around but is also kind to planet earth – BLAC is your answer. 


The founder of BLAC Sneaker Co comments: “Our vision behind the brand is to provide simple, stylish sneakers for everyday wear with little negative impact on our planet. We wanted to make a range of quality and comfortable sneakers that provide the perfect balance between sustainable, durable, useable and practical. 

“We work with manufacturers to ensure that all products are ethically made together with less environmental impact. We are continually researching and improving our designs to use more alternative eco-friendly materials and also aim to design shoes that are high quality, eco-friendly and accessible.”

No Compromise on Quality

Every BLAC Sneaker shoe upper is made from Hemp and BCI Cotton – both natural materials – and the sole made from market leading technology and high-quality foam, meaning they will be comfortable and will last.


Key Features

Hemp and Cotton upper

Vegan Friendly

Squishy memory foam innersoles

Ethically made 

breathable flyknit upper

Removable inner sole

Recycled cardboard shoe box


Why Hemp?

Excess carbon in the atmosphere has been linked to increased global temperatures. Hemp is a carbon fighting machine in this space and is known to be a heavy lifter in absorbing carbon. Hemp absorbs more carbon than many other plants.

Hemp yarn has been used in rope for hundreds of years due to its strength.  It’s a great textile for the slow fashion and sneaker industries, as it won’t stretch out of shape and is incredibly strong. Stronger yarn in fashion products means longer lasting pieces of clothing or shoes.

Hemp is more than its stigma: it is a carbon fighting machine that is the perfect solution to a more sustainable shoe industry. The shoe industry typically uses heavily synthetic materials that are damaging to our planet and wallets. 

With shoes a necessity for work and play, BLAC Sneaker’s aim is to get more people moving in shoes that are better for the environment. More people in hemp sneakers or in fashionwear  increases awareness of these issues.

Gift someone the newest wave of natural fashion this Christmas - BLAC Sneakers are cool, comfortable and make an impact on your feet, the street and the planet. Shop the collection today at www.blacsneakerco.com.au 

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