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Bottle or tap water, which option is the right choice?

Announcement posted by Waters Co Australia 06 Sep 2018

World Health Organisation and OrbMedia have revealed more than 90% of the worlds most popular bottled water brands contain plastic fragments - Up to twice the amount as tap water.


According to the study, the most common type of plastic fragments found was polypropylene – the plastic used to make bottle caps. The study included analysis of 259 bottles from 5 continents across 11 leading brands, finding an average 325 plastic particles for every litre being sold.

In one popular brand by Nestle, concentrations were as high as 10,000 plastic pieces per litre. Of the 259 bottles tested, only 17 were plastic free. Tested brands include: Evian, Aquafina, San Pellegrino.

Scott Muir, Managing Director of Waters Co Australia says:
“We have been warning customers and the public for many years, advising that aside from the ever growing issue of pollution associated with bottled water, that there were also significant future health issues associated with bottled water consumption, due to no standardised regulation on the quality of bottled water. 
In the past, we’ve seen revelations that many of the biggest bottled water brands are nothing more than filtered tap water, now the industry has been rocked by the recent expose showing micro plastics being in over 90% of the biggest brands, with contamination at quite alarming figures. Far from backing down or addressing the existing issues around pollution or health concerns, the bottle water industry is forecasting its unprecedented growth to continue globally.  
With bottled water selling at prices over and above the cost of petrol per litre, the only rational solution is to return to the tap and filter your water.“

Waters Co water filters have been in Australia since 1984, turning contaminated tap water into clean, fresh, healthy, natural alkaline mineral water for over 34 years.

About Waters Co Filters: 

  • Adds over 60 bio-organic trace minerals 
  • Removes up to 99.99% of known tap water contaminants including, bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • No plumbing or electricity required
  • Less plastic pollution
  • Cost effective compared to bottled water and most other water filters
  • Long lasting filters that offer the highest rates of removal
  • First filter company in Australia to offer lifetime warranty

Waters Co products are endorsed by medical practitioners, world champion athletes, high profile chefs, health and environmental bloggers, leading health researchers as well as legions of Waters Co users. Also receiving numerous formal awards and industry certifications. 

“In recent years there have been many companies 'jumping on the alkaline water bandwagon', none have been able to improve on or replicate what we have always done.” Says Scott Muir

“I have been practicing Naturopathy for over 20 years in that time my family & I have been using Waters Co Mineral Pots to help maintain good health. As a practitioner I have been recommending & supplying these systems since the 1980’s to my patients, friends & family. 
I have found many patient benefits linked to the introduction of these systems including: Better looking & healthier skin, relief from migraines, less fatigue, better moods & increased consumption of water due to the great taste, which eliminates many potential long term health issues related to dehydration.” - H. Barber N.D Vic
“We have been using a bio filter for a while now and my father simply CANNOT do without it.  I am aware of its ability to allow oxygen absorption in the blood and my father was a chronic asthmatic because he had worked in flour mills all his life, so his lungs simply don't function like they should.  His blood oxygen levels used to be around 80% but when last checked by a doctor were 95% of which the doctor simply couldn't believe.  I believe the products are great and will make a significant boost to your health." - Chris Summers Vic
"I have been using my waters bio pot 400 since 2005 to ensure the quality of my drinking water, whether I am connected to town water or tank water.  As a microbiologist and water quality researcher I am all too familiar with the potential contaminates water consumer may be exposed to.  While the majority of water consumers in Australia enjoy a level of water quality the many elsewhere would envy, others are living in towns where the water quality is so poor that water has to be trucked in.  With water testing for town water being based on population many regional and rural residents are drinking town water that may not have been tested for contaminants for several months.  Residents reliant on tank water often know full well what contaminants their water is exposed to and for many the health risks considered seemingly minor; "a few bugs is good for the immune system". This sentiment is most likely true, but with some studies showing tanks with more than 100X the levels of E. coli permissible in town water the risk to visitors especially the very young, the elderly or the immune compromised is not one I choose to take.
I chose the waters bio pot mineral 400 for several reasons, firstly I did not want the plastic waste that is associated with the use of bottle water, nor did I want to pay for water that is even less regulated than what was available from my tap.  Secondly, unlike many other products it is antimicrobial, a lot of the chemical only filters can become bacterial breeding grounds unless the manufacturer's instructions are strictly adhered to.  Thirdly, the 3 filter component makes the unit more economical as the initial filter keeps the particles that clog other filter types out of the main filter system.  This initial pre filter also plays a key role in helping people develop good user habits as the discoloration of the pre filter disc is easy to see when they filling up the reservoir and hence users are more likely to follow the appropriate steps to ensure that the unit is used appropriately. My unit has a glass reservoir because of my concerns around the leaching of chemicals such as BPA from plastic, especially if it is in a sunnier position such as a kitchen window; although as the Waters units are BPA free my choice of glass over plastic is perhaps more of an aesthetic one.  Finally, I prefer the taste of the water I get from my Bio mineral pot 400 over town or tank water."
- Dr. Andrea Crampton, Sub Dean Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Science, Charles Sturt University
WatersCo filtration products include:

Mini BMP Waterman 600ml $79.95
AceBio+ 1L Jug $169.00

BIO 400 5.25 Litre Bench Top $599.00
BIO 1100 11 Litre Bench Top $849.00
Therapy Shower Filter  $139.00

Waters Co are continuing to meet the market’s need by developing a new under sink filtration system that will perform to the same standards as bench top filters and will also be introducing a new filter jug that will offer a more affordable entry point.
Available online and through selected health food, organic and eco-friendly stores.
For more information go to www.waterscoaustralia.com.au or contact:
Scott Muir
Managing Director
WatersCo Australia
1300 799 099


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