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carbonTRACK chooses Birmingham as its headquarters to service the UK and launch into Europe

Announcement posted by carbonTRACK 21 Nov 2019

carbonTRACK will help with the UK’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050.

We want to contribute to the UK’s ambitious plan of ending its contribution to global warming by 2050 by bringing our technology and international experience to the UK” says Spiros Livadaras, CEO of carbonTRACK.

carbonTRACK is an intelligent energy management platform which connects and improves the performance of de-centralised energy assets.

There are some 800,000 installed PV solar systems in the UK, many are underperforming due to neglect since the tariffs were reduced. By retrofitting carbonTRACK, commercial, industrial and residential users will be able to bring their solar systems back to their specified performance”, says Spiros.”

carbonTRACK brings experience from the solar & storage energy markets of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA. carbonTRACK is installed in 2,300 residential sites across NZ as part of a Virtual Power Plant, aggregating 6MW of power. This can be supplied to the grid as flexible electricity in under 3 second. The UK also sees flexible electricity as a solution to grid constraints and ever-increasing reinforcement costs.

More recently, carbonTRACK was selected as the Platform supporting one of the stealth technologies that was unveiled at Solar Power International trade show in Salt Lake City a month ago. This is a ‘plug-and-play’ solar+storage+nanogrid solution from DR Microgrid, of Santa Ana, CA.

carbonTRACK orchestrates batteries and renewables, with the demands of the local site and the grid, to provide resiliency” remarks Spiros.

Winning the Clean Growth category of the UK Tech Rocketship awards validates carbonTRACK as uniquely innovative. Continuous innovation, however, is needed to match the needs of UK’s energy markets. These are rapidly evolving within a regulatory and technology landscape.  This is one of the main reasons carbonTRACK chose Birmingham for its UK headquarters. 

Birmingham has a concentrated presence and focus on energy innovation. With organisations such as Energy Systems Catapult, Sustainability West Midlands and various leading Universities there is expertise in the energy sector and a ready source of talent. Our ambitions include becoming a key player and employer in the region serving all of the UK and potentially Europe” says Spiros.

The West Midlands Growth Company, which supports investors locating or expanding in the region, worked with carbonTRACK as the company moved to Birmingham. carbonTRACK is now based at co-working location AlphaBIT, in the Alpha Tower.

David Fisken, Head of Business Attraction at the West Midlands Growth Company, commented:

carbonTRACK is a welcome addition to the business community in the West Midlands, which is home to a growing energy sector. The region has more companies specialising in energy than any other combined authority area in the UK.

We assisted carbonTRACK by introducing it to local networks and securing office space in AlphaBIT within Alpha Works, which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund. By locating in the West Midlands – with its skilled workforce, transport networks and cutting-edge digital infrastructure – I’m sure carbonTRACK will continue to thrive.”



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carbonTRACK is a technology company with a bold vision – to help enable a world where energy is consumed sustainably, shared fairly and empowers all people. It connects energy generators, energy distributors and energy consumers - delivering embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants and facilitating smart grids.

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