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Industry OneCARD™ Helps Businesses Ensure Employee Certification for Compliance

Announcement posted by Industry OneCARD 21 Aug 2020

Is your business complacent or compliant?
Company owners know that it’s essential that they remain compliant with employee training and licence rules and regulations. However, many business owners are unaware that under new WHS laws, companies can no longer insure against fines and non-compliance issues. Kareena Waters, Founder and Managing Director and the team of training administrators at Industry OneCARD™, provide solutions across multiple industries for employee training and licensing records.

Industry OneCARD™ provides an interactive platform and a data entry service for individuals and companies to manage licensing and training records via an annual or monthly membership subscription. 

Industry OneCARD™ members, experience streamline the recruitment process, and efficient onboarding by eliminating the need to request copies of documentation from multiple sources. Individuals no longer need to carry all of their qualification cards with them, as Industry OneCARD™ data can be accessed via any mobile device, cloud-based browser or embedded in their CV.

Constantly changing mandatory training, licences and qualifications make it extremely difficult for small business owners to ensure they are maintaining compliance. The training records management software available at Industry OneCARD™ is an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way for contractors, project teams, and small/medium enterprises to avoid costly fines. Services are particularly advantageous in high-risk industries that include healthcare, mining and construction, engineering and defence.

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, safety also means protecting an enterprise’s clientele. Many businesses have been forced to close for an extended amount of time and that can result in a company’s staff training matrix becoming outdated. Transitioning to a virtual team that provides data entry and full administrative support reduces overhead cost and can save up to 70 percent off administrative costs.

Industry OneCARD™ services are customized to the needs of the client, providing validation of employee competency and ensuring that employee training records are current with a cloud-based platform for security and reliability. 

If you think maintaining compliance is expensive try non – compliance! 

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